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This is real story and I cannot believe that I was so stupid to take such a risk. It could be end of my career at best and jail term at worst.


This story goes back to 1986, did happen in then communist ruled Czech Republic and needs bit of introduction first. I was 25 and just ended five year long relationship, just about three weeks before wedding because I found she was cheating on me. Shortly after that my company sent me to a week long training in Brno. First thing I have noticed was woman from another organisation. She looked really well and me being single, started flirting with her from the very first moment. The training was very boring since I already possessed all the knowledge and I spent most of the first day helping this woman, Vera, and flirting with her. During the day, I learned that she was 35, married with two small kids and under normal conditions I would step back. At that time, I did not fuck MILFs. But somehow, after those five years, I needed to prove myself that I was still good enough to “pull it” in one day. And God, I did pull it. Luckily we were all accommodated in the same hotel and I had week of hottest sex I could imagine and my room remained unused for the whole week.

Two weeks later, I was going to the next part of the training in another, smaller city and Vera was going to be there again. I could not wait to see her again. You cannot imagine how disappointed I was when I found that she was in different hotel than I was. At this moment I have to explain that during that era, it was nearly impossible to sneak to another hotel and to visit someone. It was risky, but probably less risky than what did happen first evening.

If I recall correctly, it was in November and it was cold outside. There might have even been little snow around. After spending the day in training, flirting with each other and having quickie in toilets during lunch break, we were walking towards our respective hotels, cuddling, kissing and groping each other at every opportunity. We had to walk through the city park and that is where things started to hot up. It was dark and we could not see any people around, so we were enjoying each other as far as our warm clothes allowed us.

Finally, it came to her finest skills, blowjob. Kneeling in front of me, she took my dick out of my trousers and started doing what she was really good at. I was horny after all day of flirting with her and after all the groping on the way and it did not take long and I blew my load into her hot mouth. As always she managed to swallow everything.

She then lifted her skirt and I found that somehow she managed to get her panties off while sucking me. I eagerly repaid for her blowjob, eating her pussy until she was screaming in her first orgasm. She then bent over something, lifted her skirt and demanded me fucking her pussy. Being young stud as I was at that time, I obliged and started fucking her pussy from behind. It was cold and dark and I still did not notice where we were and what it was she was bent over. Only when I left load of my hot cum in her hungry pussy, she screamed in another orgasm and we both fixed our clothes, I was to find out.

Blue strobe lights suddenly appeared and siren sounded. Police patrol was going through the park and they must have spotted us. I was shitting myself with a fear — fucking married woman in public was enough to get into troubles. But as the police car approached us and I saw where we were, I was just trembling with fear because at that moment, I have realised that when I was fucking her, she was bent over leg of statue. Generally, I would not worry, but in this case, the statue was of the communist hero, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. That would be desecration of national symbol and could mean end of our careers at least and easily we could find ourselves in jail.

Luckily, they have not seen what we were doing and they just checked our personal documents, warned us that park will be locked in thirty minutes and left. Interestingly, we were lucky even more and few minutes later she was in my hotel room. We spent whole night fucking and we both were very late for the next day of training.

Shortly after this training we met again. She was falling in love with me and wanted to leave her husband and marry me. I have ended the relationship as quickly as possible and have never ever seen her or heard from her again.

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