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Cliff woke up to the pitter patter of rain hitting the tent. He rubbed his eyes and rolled to one side to see if his camp mates were awake. He looked over at Cory and Lee who were not only awake but were fucking slowly. Their two-man sleeping bag was open and their naked bodies ground slowly together. They were facing away from Cliff but he could clearly see Cory’s cock sliding in and out of Lee’s perfectly shaped ass. Cory had his hand draped over Lee’s hip and he was stroking Lee’s cock. Cliff watched for a few minutes and as he did his cock stiffened into an impressive erection.

Cliff saw the lubricant on the ground near the sleeping bag and retrieved it. He applied an ample amount to his rock hard cock and then he quietly moved over to the two lovers. Cliff lay behind Cory and he pressed his body against the cute brunette. Cory sensing Cliff’s presence stopped fucking so that Cliff could enter him. Cliff eased his cock into Cory’s asshole and Cory moaned as he was penetrated. Cory then resumed fucking Lee as Cliff fucked him.

“Cliff’s awake,” Cory whispered.

“Oh good,” Lee whispered in reply

Cliff didn’t have to move that much as the fucking motion of Cory caused his ass to slide back and forth on Cliff’s cock. Cliff watched as his cock moved in and out of Cory’s shapely ass and he was still in disbelief that he was participating in gay sex or at least bi-sex. It had only been two days since Cliff had his first bi-sex with Cory and Lee. He had not touched their cocks nor did he have interest in doing so, however he loved fucking both of them and he liked getting his cock sucked.

“I’m going to cum,” Cory announced in a soft voice.

“Oh good,” Lee uttered equally softly.

Cliff felt Cory’s sphincter tighten around his cock as Cory emptied his balls into Lee’s receptive ass. Both Cory and Lee liked cumming when they had a cock in their ass and Cliff liked it when they came while he was fucking them. Cliff went right on fucking Cory as Cory stayed in Lee’s ass.

“Oh, I feel it,” Lee cried out acknowledging that Cory’s semen had filled his rectum.

“I’m right behind you Cory,” Cliff whispered as he felt his balls tighten.

Cliff drove his cock deep in Cory’s hot curvy ass and unleashed a torrent of spunk into his poop chute. Cory moaned as his rectum was filled to overflowing with Cliff’s load. Cliff had volcanic like ejaculations and both Lee and Cory loved receiving them. Cory clenched and unclenched his sphincter milking Cliff’s cock. When Cliff pulled out a stream of semen ran out of Cory’s asshole and trickled over his buttock.

“Do you have something left for me?” Lee asked teasingly as he knew that Cliff could cum four or five times a day.

Cliff stroked his still hard cock and replied, “You know I do.”

“Cory, get on your back so I can fuck you,” Lee directed.

Cory rolled over, cum still oozing from his asshole, as Lee moved into position. Lee smiled when he saw Cory’s cum dripping anus and he aimed his cock at Cory’s entrance. Lee eased his stiff dick into Cory’s ass and it went in easily as it always did particularly after Cliff had fucked it. Lee waited for Cliff to enter his ass before he began fucking Cory. As before, Cliff did not have to move much at first. Lee thrust his hips back and forth and his cock disappeared and re-appeared in Cory’s ass. Lee’s motion moved his ass back and forth on Cliff’s big cock.

Cliff stared at Lee’s ass in admiration. Lee had a beautiful ass and it was one that was designed to have a cock in it. It was beautifully shaped, hairless and flawless. Cory had a nice ass too but Lee’s was more feminine looking. Still now that Cliff had his first bi encounter he loved fucking both their asses. Cliff had always liked anal sex but he never thought that he would be fucking two beautiful gay asses. In the past two days Lee and Cory had convinced Cliff that oral and anal sex was as good with guys as with girls. As he looked at Lee’s marvelous ass, Cliff felt he could easily be fucking a girl in the ass, that’s have much Lee resembled a girl from behind.

Cliff’s thoughts were interrupted when he felt Lee’s sphincter tighten around his cock. Then Lee stopped moving as he ejaculated into Cory’s ass. Cliff stopped moving too and he relished in Lee’s sphincter clenching and releasing his cock with each spurt of semen that he shot into Cory’s ass. Lee then collapsed over Cory and Cliff moved with him. Cliff drilled Lee’s hot ass as Lee’s cock softened in Cory’s ass and slipped out. Lee’s and Cliff’s combined semen dribbled out of Cory’s ass and coated his buttocks. Lee knew that in a few seconds that he too would be dripping both Cory’s seed and Cliff seed from his ass. Cliff stiffened and fired a massive load into Lee’s asshole flooding his rectum. Lee moaned with each blast that shot into him. Lee still could not get over the loads that Cliff could continually generate; he was a cum-producing machine.

Cliff collapsed on top of Lee and the three of them remained still until Cliff’s cock softened and slipped from Lee’s ass with an audible popping sound. A river of semen ran out of Lee’s ass over his balls and on to Cory’s soft cock and testicles. Cliff moved away first and rolled over on his back. Lee then moved off of Cory and lay beside Cliff who was now between Cory and Lee.

It continued to rain steadily and Lee said, “We’ll we won’t get much done to day so we might as well fuck all day.”

Cory chuckled and replied, “Sounds like a plan.”

Then Cory and Lee moved down to Cliff’s cock where they took turns sucking it. When Cory was sucking Cliff’s cock, Lee was sucking Cliff’s balls and then they would trade. Cliff got hard again but it would be a few minutes before he was ready to cum. That was fine with Lee and Cory as they enjoyed sucking and playing with Cliff’s cock and balls. Cliff put his hands behind his head and relaxed as the other two enjoyed his body. The rain wasn’t going to let up that day and Cliff knew he would be fucking those hot cute asses a few more times. What a great way to spend a rainy day in the woods!


Cliff had just completed his sophomore year at a Minnesota college and he had signed on for a summer project. The Forest Preserve had asked for volunteers to clear trails and clean up camp sites around the boundary waters. Cliff was an outdoor type and he had spent a number of summers canoeing around the boundary waters near the Canadian — Minnesota border.

The volunteers were organized into teams of three or four and given specific geographic areas to work on. The project was expected to take at least three weeks but not all the teams would work that long. The teams were outfitted with the required tools, food, drink, equipment and maps. Cliff was assigned to work with two other young men named Lee and Cory.

Lee and Cory were built much slighter than Cliff who had the rugged outdoor look. All the girls that Cliff dated liked his 6’2″ 195 pound muscular body. What they liked even more was his cock that was over 5″ around and approached 8″ in length. Lee and Cory could have passed for brothers. Lee had blonde hair and Cory had brown hair like Cliff. They looked to be about 5’7″ or 5’8″ and Cliff was sure that they didn’t weigh more than 160 pounds.

Lee and Cory were friendly and Cliff was sure that they would get along. He hoped that they could pull their weight in the wilderness. He didn’t know at the time but it would be more than their weight that would be pulled over the next two to three weeks. The teams were made ready and Cliff’s team loaded their canoe and they headed off for the first site. They would set up camp in one area for a few days, work on the trails, portages and camp sites and then move to another location.

After a few days at the first site, Cliff was impressed with the work ethic of his two partners. They broke camp and packed the canoe to move on to the next site. When they arrived at the next site Cliff watched Lee and Cory as the three of them set up the tent and camp site where they spend the next several days. Cliff felt that there was something different about them and as he watched them from behind he finally figured it out. They both looked very much like girls from behind.

Lee and Cory both wore their hair long over their nape and ears. They had shapely legs which were displayed between their boots and short shorts. The shorts were tight and they both had curvy asses. Lee’s ass was curvier than Cory’s but they could both pass for girls form behind. Cliff kept working but he kept thinking about Lee and Cory and he wondered if they might be gay. He didn’t care as long as they kept to themselves and did their work.

That evening in the tent Cliff noticed their sleeping bag for the first time. It was a two person sleeping bag more designed for couples than guys. Cliff had not paid attention to it before that night but now after seeing it, he suspected that they might be gay. Cliff got in his own sleeping bag that night and he had trouble getting to sleep. He kept thinking about Lee and Cory possibly being gay and he wondered if they would try to have sex together. A few days later Cliff would have his answer.


The three of them had been in the wilderness for a full week and they had arrived at their third campsite. Leaders of the project had stopped by and dropped off more supplies and food that would last them another week. The three of them put in a full day and they were exhausted after dinner and hit the sack early. They had made sure the fire was completely extinguished and that there was nothing around to attract bears to their site. The food was freeze dried and packed in biodegradable bags. Everything could be burned so that there would be no trash or food remnants left over.

Cliff stripped down to his undershorts and tee shirt and crawled into his sleeping bag. He noticed that Lee and Cory just wore undershorts. They said good night and Cliff dozed off quickly. Later around midnight Cliff had to pee. He rolled over and began to get out of his sleeping bag when he heard Lee and Cory in their bag. Cliff could not make out their whispers but he saw that they were both on their left sides facing away from him. Cory had his arm draped over Lee’s body and his hand was moving. Upon further inspection Cliff noticed that Cory’s hips were moving against Lee’s body.

“Holy shit, he’s fucking him,” Cliff thought to himself.

Although the sleeping bag still covered their lower bodies it was obvious that Cory was fucking Lee and he was also giving Lee and hand job. Cliff lay still and watched them even though his bladder was about to burst. Cliff wished that the sleeping bag would slip away from them so he could get a better look. Cory picked up the pace and then his body stiffened. He hugged Lee and buried his face in Lee’s neck. Cliff knew that Cory had cum in his partner’s ass. The two lay still for a few minutes and Cliff decided that it was a good time to get up and pee. Cliff was surprised when he realized that he had a piss hard-on which he tried to conceal as he crawled out of his sleeping bag.

Lee and Cory looked over their shoulder when they heard Cliff get up. Cliff looked at them and said, “Sorry if I woke you I have to take a piss.”

Lee and Cory nodded and Cliff left the tent. He was curious enough to stop outside the tent and listen. Cliff heard Lee say, “Shit that was close. I need to get off, hurry before he gets back.”

Cliff was tempted to look back in tent to see what they would do next but he decided against it. Instead he walked over to their designated latrine spot and took his piss. All the while he wondered if Lee was fucking Cory or if Cory was sucking Lee’s cock. Cliff could not hurry his piss as his bladder was full and by the time he returned to the tent Lee and Cory were apart in their sleeping bag. Cliff crawled back in his sleeping bag and lay awake for quite sometime. He contemplated what to do about Lee and Cory. He was surprised that he was so curious that he wished he could see them in the act. He decided to keep his mouth shut for now and not let on that he knew they were having sex.


Cliff, Lee and Cory were working on clearing a trail of underbrush and deadfall. It was taking longer than expected to clear the trail so Cliff decided to go back to the camp site and bring the food to the work site. “We’ll eat here. I’ll go and get some food and bring it back,” Cliff said.

Cliff headed for the canoe but he realized that he had left his map with his pack, he returned to where Lee and Cory were working when he heard Cory speak. “Good he’s gone, now let’s suck each other.”

Cliff stopped in his tracks and then peeked through the bushes at Lee and Cory who were naked except for there boots. They lay on their sides and Cliff watched as Cory took Lee’s cock into his mouth and Lee followed Cory’s lead. The two of them sucked cock and they relished the feeling of the soft mushroom heads in their mouths. They took the cocks as deep in their mouths as they were comfortable with doing as they made love to each other. Cory grabbed Lee’s ass cheeks and held them as he sucked Lee’s cock. Cliff noticed that Lee copied every move that Cory made and soon they were both sucking cock and fondling each other’s ass.

Cory moved a finger between Lee’s ass cheeks and tickled his anus and again Lee did the same thing to his lover. Lee felt a surge pass through his loins and his testicles tightened signaling that he was about to cum. Then he felt his cum travel from his scrotum through his cock and blast into his lover’s mouth. Cory just held on to Lee’s ass and swallowed Lee’s load as it shot into his mouth. Cory then rubbed his lover’s balls as he drank down every drop of Lee’s cum. Lee was in ecstasy as he always enjoyed ejaculating into Cory’s mouth.

Lee had stopped sucking Cory’s cock briefly as he savored the moment of cumming in his lover’s mouth but then at Cory’s urging he resumed sucking Cory’s cock. Cory shot his load shortly thereafter and flooded Lee’s mouth with cum. Lee did just as his lover had done and swallowed as fast as he tried to capture every drop of Cory’s cum. He pulled Cory’s cock from his mouth and closed his eyes as Cory’s cum shot all over his face. When Cory had ceased shooting, Lee took Cory’s cock back in his mouth. They continued to hold to each other and suck each other in the 69 position. They were both so turned on that they remained hard. They could have cum again in each other’s mouth but Cory wanted to fuck. They had no idea that they had been observed by Cliff.

Cliff had never seen anything like it. He had never seen anyone else have sex much less two guys. He had watched porn but not gay porn. He realized that his own cock was hard and he was tempted to free it from his shorts. Cliff kept watching and listening to the two cute gays.

“I’m going to fuck you Lee,” Cory whispered, “And then I want you to fuck me.”

The two beautiful boys separated from their 69 position and Cory told Lee to get on all fours. Lee did as he was told and positioned himself on all fours. Lee looked back over his shoulder with excitement at his lover. Cory played with Lee’s ass a long time as he loved fingering his lover’s bung-hole and caressing his shapely ass. Lee stayed hard throughout the ass fucking foreplay and at one time he thought that he might cum again. It was just then that Cory told him to turn over. Lee lifted his legs and placed them on Cory’s shoulders as Cory directed.

“I love to watch the expression on your face when I fuck you,” Cory said in a raspy voice.

Cory placed the head of his cock at Lee’s ass and pressed forward testing the asshole. Every few seconds Cory would push inside Lee and then pull back out stretching him a little wider each time. It was quite a turn-on for Cory watching his beautiful cock between Lee’s raised and spread legs. Cory’s next thrust was with a purpose and Lee felt the surge as his lover’s cock pushed passed his sphincter.

“Oh yeah,” Lee groaned.

Cliff subconsciously removed his cock from his shorts and stroked it as he watched the two lovers. Cory remained inside Lee and did not move allowing Lee to adjust to his cock. Lee wrapped his ankles around Cory’s ass and pulled him deeper. Cory stopped once again and remained still for a moment and waited for Lee’s reaction. The feeling of pressure was replaced by desire and Lee rotated his hips and arched his back to get Cory further inside him.

Lee’s body opened up to his partner and he felt Cory’s cock stretch him open. Cory’s cock slid in and out of Lee slowly until he had finally buried all 6+ inches in Lee’s ass. Lee could feel his lover’s balls resting on his ass. Lee couldn’t believe what a wonderful feeling it always was to have Cory completely inside him. Cory pulled out a little and then he stopped and pushed back inside. The feeling was fantastic and Lee began to rotate his hips again. Then Cory pulled almost all of the way out and then plunged inside fucking his lover senseless. Lee moaned in response to Cory’s pounding and they began to make love. Cory leaned over him and Lee wrapped his legs around him, hooking his ankles together and they began rocking and moving beautifully together. Lee was being fucked again and he loved it.

Cory was fucking Lee hard and he reveled in each thrust. Lee looked down and watched his balls and erect cock bounce around as Cory fucked him. Lee soon felt another buildup in his balls. Cory began to moan louder and louder, and fucked harder and faster. Lee felt Cory’s cock swell in his rectum as Cory rose up on his knees. Lee knew that he was close and he began to pump his own cock with his hand. Cory grunted and Lee felt hot cum fill his ass. Lee pumped his cock harder in search of his own release. When he came, he shot his own cum all over his chest, abs and pubes. Cory had filled Lee up with his seed but he remained hard and continued to fuck Lee’s ass. Cory pushed his cum around in Lee’s ass and some of it escaped and wet the tarp. Due to Cory’s horniness and his youthful recuperative powers he continued to fuck Lee until he came again. Lee’s asshole was overflowing with cum.

Cory collapsed on top of his lover and then they kissed. Cory lay on top of Lee with all of his weight resting on him. Lee wrapped his legs around Cory and he reveled in the feeling of the cock growing soft inside him. They stayed in each other’s arms for a long time and no words were spoken. They just held each other, kissed and ran their hands over each other. Cory’s cock softened and slipped from Lee’s ass and it felt like a plug had just been pulled from Lee’s asshole. Cum ran out of Lee’s ass onto the tarp and he felt the cool air caress his dilated asshole.

“Lee I want you to fuck me now. Are you ready to fuck me?” Cory asked.

“Oh my God, yes!” Lee gasped.

Cory got on all fours and handed his lover the lotion. “Put plenty of that stuff on your cock and in my ass.”

Cliff was incredibly excited and confused. He continued to jerk off as he watched the twosome. He was trying to prolong his ejaculation as he wanted to watch them some more before he came. He tried to imagine what it would be like to fuck Lee and Cory. He had fucked girls in the ass before and he wondered, “Could it be that much different, especially with Lee and Cory who looked so much like girls on all fours.”

Lee knelt behind Cory and he began to caress his lover’s beautiful ass. Lee loved it that Cory’s body was delicate, hairless and flawless. Cliff couldn’t believe how much Lee and Cory looked like a girl from behind with a shapely curvy ass in the air. Lee put an ample amount of lotion in his hands and rubbed it all around Cory’s bung hole. Then Lee inserted first one finger then two fingers preparing Cory for his cock. As he sawed his fingers in and out of Cory’s anus Lee was getting turned on by the thought of burying his cock in the shapely ass. He moved closer to Cory and lined up the head of his cock with Cory’s anal opening and began to ease it into to him.

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