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Somewhere in the back of her mind, Chrissy Newman had always known that she had, on some level, used her attractiveness to gain an advantage in her professional life. She would never freely admit it to herself, let alone anyone else, but deep down she knew that being young and flirtatious had helped her greatly in building her business.

At only 27-years-old she had managed to build her successful boutique marketing agency into a legitimately profitable enterprise, thanks in most part to her business savvy, but with some timely assistance from a little extra leg here and there or the occasional seductive glance. Things were going well — the money was good and she was starting to enjoy the fruits of her labour, the finer things in life — a flashy little sports car and a pricey condo with a waterfront view to start.

But then the recession hit. The economy went in the toilet and her clients cut way back on their marketing expenses. And no matter how much she wiggled her ass, signing new accounts was getting harder and harder. Prospects were drying up fast, but it was not until one of her best customers told her that they were considering cutting their quarterly spend with them by 50 percent that Chrissy started becoming desperate.

Almost immediately she began a full scale sales assault on the vice president of marketing of her big client. She knew that if they slashed their budget that significantly that she would be in serious trouble. Repeated emails and phone calls went unanswered and had her fearing the worst. Luckily for her, after almost two torturous weeks, she finally received the long awaited phone call from Mr. Steven Perry.

Her good fortune continued when he informed her that he would be in town for a few meetings at the end of the week and could squeeze in a dinner meeting with her. A face-to-face meeting was even better than she had hoped for. Rather than pleading her case on the phone or via email, in her desperate state she would have no problem resorting to her flirtatious ways to convince him to pull back on the proposed budget cut. They set the dinner for the restaurant in the five-star hotel he would be staying at during his brief stop in town.

When the day finally arrived, Chrissy took the afternoon off work and gave herself ample time to prepare for the meeting. She started with a manicure and pedicure at her favourite spa and then a quick stop at the Victoria’s Secret across the street to pick up the most flattering push-up bra she could find. Then she headed home for the final touches and to put the whole package together.

She put on the black lace bra and matching panties and admired its handiwork in her bedroom mirror. Victoria sure knew what she was doing — her breasts looked fantastic and the plunging front showcased an incredible amount of cleavage. She added a pair of sheer black stockings and then wrapped a black corduroy pencil skirt around her waist, which created a fabulously sleek and sexy silhouette. A pair of four inch red stilettos finished off her lower half and then she began the finishing touches on the upper.

Grinning to herself at how her outfit was coming together, she selected a vibrant red French cuff shirt that stretched to conform to her shapely body. She purposely only did up a few of the bottom buttons, allowing her new favourite bra to do its magic and show off her accentuated 34Cs. It was not too much of a leap of faith to assume that most any man would appreciate the view, even an older, married man such as Steven.

Finishing off her look for the meeting, she applied a nominal amount of liner and shadow to her sparkling eyes, a light sweep of blush to her near perfect complexion and then painted her thin, kissable lips a soft cotton-candy pink. To complete the look she ran her fingers loosely through her blonde-brown hair and shook out her natural curls, letting the tight, super-shiny corkscrew curls tumble down onto her shoulders.

She was ready.

Chrissy knew that her meticulous preparations were having the desired effect right from the start of the dinner meeting. She arrived a few minutes late — on purpose — so she could watch his eyes as his gaze followed her as she walked into the restaurant. As she made her way towards the table, he immediately rose to greet her. They shook hands and he closed in for a kiss on the cheek, which she gladly accepted, taking the opportunity to press her bosom against his chest ever so slightly. Just a little taste, she thought to herself.

“Hi.” Steven said softly as he pulled away from their brief embrace, his breath warm against her cheek. “Chrissy, you look wonderful.”

Not that she needed the confirmation, but hearing him validate her assumption that he had been checking her out as walked in made her smile to herself. Her confidence in being able to manipulate the situation to her advantage was already growing.

“Aw, thanks Steven.” She replied in the sweetest, most genuine voice she could muster. “So do you.”

It was only a half lie, she figured. He was by no means a classically handsome man, but it was not as if he was hideous. She guessed that he was in his late forties, and she found him a little too tanned for her liking, but his olive complexion did seem to work for him, as he complimented it adequately against his white linen dress shirt and blue pin-striped suit. The crow’s feet wrinkles around his dark brown eyes showed his age, as did the salt and pepper grey throughout his close-shaven hair.

The pair engaged in some typical small talk as they had a glass of wine and she could definitely feel his stare lingering on her throughout their conversation. Once their meals came they began to talk a little business as they ate and she could sense her position strengthening by the minute as he continually glanced back at her as if hoping for eye contact. By the time dessert arrived, they were finally into the specifics of their meeting.

Chrissy offered up her best sales pitch as to why his company had to resist the urge to cut their marketing costs, and their spend with her in particular. She was articulate, well-informed and on point throughout and, of course, threw in plenty of flirting and subtle innuendo the whole time. After awhile it seemed as though she was truly swaying his decision in her favour. When the meal concluded and the waitress brought the cheque, she jumped at his suggestion to head up to his room to look over some numbers.

They arrived at his suite on the twentieth floor and they entered an elegant room with a beautiful view of the cityscape. He turned on some music and made his way to the mini bar, offering her a drink. It was at that moment that the light bulb finally flicked on and it occurred to her that he might think they were up there for more than going over some financials. Her speculation quickly began to appear accurate as he handed her a glass of wine and began to speak.

“I know things are tough for you right now,” he said with a knowing smile that insinuated much more than his words. “And I’ll be honest, you have made some compelling arguments for us to reconsider cutting our budget.”

She nodded as he continued.

“I really do feel like we work well together,” he added as he removed his suit jacket and tossed it on the desk chair. “Don’t you?”

“Yes, of course.” She agreed, her stomach in knots as the uncertainty of the situation continued.

“Good,” he replied, loosening his tie as he paced around the room. “And I think that if we move forward with our current expenditures, we should work even more closely with one another.”

“Oh…” she said softly, looking down as his not so subtle insinuation sunk in.

“I would very much like to develop our working relationship,” he continued, raising his eyebrows as he saw the realization in her eyes. “Do you think that would be something we could do if we renew our contract with you at the current level?”

She stayed silent for a moment as he continued to stride around the room. Her face went flush red and she began to tremble slightly. She took a deep breath.

“I suppose.” She whispered as he circled around her, surprising herself with her words.

All of a sudden she felt Steven move in close behind her, his body tight against hers. She could feel his hot breath through her hair as he spoke.

“I do like to mix business with pleasure Chrissy.” He whispered as he pressed his nose in the bed of curls behind her ear.

“But your wife…” she mustered in contention as she felt him press against her harder, his pelvis forced against her ass.

“Don’t you worry about that honey,” he answered as his lips found her neck and her gingerly touched them to her flesh. “Unless it turns you on to be the ‘other woman’ as you fuck a married man.”

He continued to alternate between kissing her neck and nuzzling into her hair, while his hips slowly began to gyrate as he continued to press his pelvis into her. She was speechless, though she was uncertain whether it was from the audacity of his actions or the apathy of hers.

“Tell me Chrissy,” he whispered in her ear between kisses. “Tell me if you’re willing to make this business partnership work.”

Steven was going to make her say it.

“Yes.” She replied softly.

With her affirmative answer, he quickly turned her around to face him, a devilish grin across his lips. A hand swiftly wrapped around the back of her neck and pulled her in. He kissed her deeply, forcing his tongue into her mouth and pulling her towards him at the same time. It was a brief, but intense lip-lock, and as soon as he broke it he stepped back and set to work.

“Take off your clothes.” He demanded, his eyes indicating that it was more than a request.

She could feel her eyes well up with tears for a split second as turned sideways and began to unfasten her skirt. It slid down over her legs, exposing her stockings that went up to the middle of her thigh, held there by its own tightness, no garters.

“You are fucking beautiful,” he complimented as he nodded in approval. “I am going to enjoy working closely with you.”

He slowly began to walk move around her, looking at her from all angles. Chrissy felt like a common whore, stripping for his pleasure and could not help but notice when he reached down to adjust himself slightly to compensate for his growing excitement. Surprisingly, she felt a slight sense of arousal in knowing the effect she was having on him.

Steven was now behind her and she squeezed her eyes shut and let her head drop backwards a bit, her full bodied curls flowing down her back as she unbuttoned her shirt. Grabbing the collar with both hands, she took a deep breath and pulled it wide, exposing her hard working push-up bra. Even though he was not facing her, she could feel his eyes watching her intently. As she opened her eyes, she turned her head and could not help but give him a sly grin. She slowly peeled the shirt off one shoulder, then the other.

“Now the bra,” he directed, continuing to circle around her, his eyes inspecting her from head to toe.

Her lips quivered ever so slightly as she reached behind her back and undid her bra. It fell to the floor and her full, luscious breasts bounced free as he watched from the corner of his eye.

“And finally…” he pressed as he moved back behind her.

Without a moment’s hesitation, she obediently began to push her panties down. Bending over to remove them, she gave him a full view of her nicely formed ass, before he made his way back in front of her just as she kicked her underwear off and stood to meet his gaze.

“On your knees.” He ordered, his words and tone humiliating her even further.

Slowly she sank to the floor as he stepped towards her, only a zipper standing between her face and his throbbing cock. Chrissy watched as he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, letting them fall to his knees. Lowering his boxers, his cock sprang forward. He was bigger than she anticipated and her eyes could not help but widen when she saw it.

Taking his dick in his hand, Steven started rubbing it all over her face. She squeezed her eyes shut as he slapped her cheeks with its swollen head, all the while chuckling in amusement at her powerlessness.

“Open it,” he insisted as he ran the tip of his manhood across her lips.

She barely had her lips parted before he pushed his cock into her mouth, just a bit at first, but then deeper and deeper with each rapid thrust of his hips. A hand made its way to the back of her head as he started pumping into her. Her eyes began to tear up as she tried not to gag from his unrelenting face fucking.

“Play with those tits baby,” he told her as he pushed deeper down her throat. “Pinch those nipples.”

He alternately smiled and flinched with pleasure as she dutifully obliged, her hands moving to her bosom and eagerly tugging at her rapidly hardening nipples.

After several minutes, he pushed his dick deep down her throat and stopped, watching her struggle not to gag as his face hardened and his neck began to strain. She figured his release was imminent and prepared herself for the wave of cum that was no doubt about to be unleashed. Her eyes popped open with surprise as he quickly pulled out of her mouth.

“Get up,” he ordered, tapping his swollen cock on her face several times as he spoke. “On the bed… on your hands and knees.”

As she stood, she looked into his eyes with a bizarre mix of indignation and arousal. She crawled onto the bed and positioned herself as he had requested. Her pussy lips poked out from between her legs and he could see them glistening with an unmistakeable sheen of moisture.

“I knew you’d enjoy this baby,” he said with a smirk as he reached out and extended a finger, lightly tracing along her swollen folds.

Biting her lip, she tried not to show her arousal as her juices began to flow from her cunt. She stifled a moan as she fought the growing pleasure between her legs.

“I always knew you were a slut Chrissy,” he chuckled as he pulled his hand away and admired her body laid out before him. “And now I’m gonna enjoy fucking you like one.”

Steven quickly undressed and tossed his clothes aside before situating himself on the bed with her. Positioning his rock hard dick at the opening of her snatch, he rubbed the tip against her puffy lips. Her pussy was almost dripping in anticipation as he slid the head into her soft folds.

“You wanna be fucked like a slut, don’t you?” He whispered calmly as he slowly coated his shaft with her juices. “Tell me that’s what you want.”

She moaned very softly as he slipped more than half of his manhood into her slippery cunt.

“Well?” He asked, withdrawing his cock up to its head. “Is that what you want?”

“Yes,” she breathed, barely loud enough for him to hear.

He thrust his dick back inside of her and her pussy instinctively tightened around it like a vice. Groaning involuntarily, he shoved the last few inches of his hard rod into her as he felt her cunt muscles release and re-grip his shaft.

“Say it baby!” He demanded, a hand crashing down on her ass with a powerful slap. “Tell me how you wanna get fucked!

Chrissy turned and looked back at him, her hair strewn across her face, but her eyes staring through her curls and into his.

“Fuck me,” she submitted as she shifted slightly, moving onto her elbows and lifting her ass further up. “Fuck me like a slut.”

Steven rocked his hips back and then forward, burying his cock in her as she moaned in approval. He started a steady rhythm and she quickly began to rock back and forth to meet his motion. Running his hands over her smooth ass, he took hold of her hips and pulled her hard onto him with each thrust.

“That’s it baby,” he encouraged as one hand reached around to her pussy and began playing with her clit. “Show me what kind of a little whore you really are.”

Squealing with pleasure, she threw her head back and arched her body as he simultaneously buried his dick deep in her fuck-hole and rubbed her sensitive bud with his fingers.

“Yes!” She cried out as he manipulated her engorged clit. “Fuck me!”

With his other hand he reached under her and took hold of one of her dangling tits. He squeezed her flesh hard and then took hold of a perky nipple in between his fingers. She moaned long and hard as he pulled on it.

“You like that slut?” He asked as he continued to pound into her cunt. “You like those fuckin tits played with?”

She could only groan in response, and he swiftly removed his hand from her nipple and reached up and wrapped her mane of curls around his palm.

“You like it rough bitch?” He growled, pulling back on her hair.

“Yes!” She submitted as he pistoned in and out of her. “Fuck me hard!”

He could sense that she was close to cumming and he yanked hard on her hair and plowed deep into her, still rubbing her clit with his fingers.

“You’re gonna be my slut.” He whispered in her ear. “My personal little fuck-toy.”

She could not take any more. Her body shook and she screamed out as she orgasmed. Her pussy spasmed and her tits swung wildly as she exploded.

He could feel the cum churning in his balls, but as much as he might have enjoyed emptying his load into her warm cunt, he had other plans for his release.

Moving quickly, he pulled out of her and flipped her over onto her back. In a flash he positioned himself on his knees beside her face as his hand moved in a blur, racing along his shaft. He watched as her eyes widened at the sight of him stroking his meat in front of her, and he could not help but smile as he saw her instinctively open her mouth a bit and lick her lips as if she was waiting for a stream of his sperm to hit her tongue.

“Oh you are a fucking whore,” he mused as he worked his cock hard and fast. “Beg for my cum you little slut.”

“Gimme your cum,” she almost pleaded as her hands roamed over her breasts and kneaded her flesh. “I want your fucking cum.”

He could feel his cock hardening by the second and watched as the head turned a deeper shade of red.

“You want me to cum on that pretty face bitch?” He groaned, his explosion looming. “You want that whore?”

“Cum all over me!” She begged, her eyes transfixed on his dick. “Cum all over you slut.”

With that he felt the heat boil from his crotch and his cock twitched, the first jet spraying her lips and outreached tongue. The second string hit her cheek and down her nose. A third shot into her pretty curls and forehead. Finally he let the final drops land on her tits. He could not believe how much he had cum. She was a mess.

Chrissy still had her lips parted and he just could not resist. He quickly grabbed hold of the back of her head and fed his cock back into her mouth so she could clean off what was leftover.

“Now you’re my slut.” Steven announced triumphantly as he watched his new fuck-toy licking and sucking all the cum off his cock.

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