Note: This story is intended to stimulate both the body and the mind about our gender roles and the objectification of women. Positive comments and constructive criticism are appreciated. Thank you for reading!


“Ohhh yea that’s it bitch, suck it…Look up at me, yeaahh that’s hot…Ooo I’m gonna cum. Do you want me to cum in your mouth? Ohh your such a slut…oh shit here it comes…uhhhhhh MMMMMmmmm yesss…ohhh fuck you love it don’t you? Swallow it for me babe, show the camera how much you love my cum.”

I look up at the camera, swallow and moan.

“Wow you are unbelievable. Now say bye to the camera!”

I smile, wave to the camera and say “bye!” Before the camera turns off I rub some of the cum off my face with my fingers and then seductively suck on them.

“Mmm you are so sexy babe, that’ll be a hot vid for sure.”

She runs her hand threw my hair and slowly pulls my head back between her legs. I softly lick her pussy, cleaning away any cum that was leftover. I can tell she is already loading the vid onto the J screen. Sometimes I worry about what she does with those vids. She says they are just for our enjoyment, to spice things up a bit, but she spends so much time in sync on the link. Despite my worries I continue pleasing her, massaging her legs and holding her ass as her thighs tighten their grip around the sides of my face. I know I should trust her, she is my wife.

This all started about a year ago, after I caught Jeanette masturbating while watching pornography on the link. At first I didn’t confront her about it, but quickly it began affecting my self esteem. Why was she fantasizing about other men? Was I not attractive to her anymore? As I started to feel worse I began to reject more of her sexual advances, which in turn made her increase her use of porn. Finally I couldn’t take it any longer and I confronted her about it.

“Is it that you don’t love me anymore?” I said.

“Nooo honey, of course I love you. It’s just that ever since we got married two years ago I feel like our sex life hasn’t been as good,” Jean replied.

“What do you mean?”

“Well when we were dating we were making love almost every day, now I am lucky if you are in the mood once a week,” Jean continued.

She was right, our sex life had diminished since our marriage. We began dating 5 years ago, at the time I was 20 and Jeanette was 22. We met at the Genetic Resequencing Agency (GRA) in Sacramento, California, where we both worked as technical assistants. I was attracted to her instantly, her intelligence and great sense of humor won me over. Back then Jean was a shy woman, kind of a nerd you might say, but eventually she worked up the courage to ask me out.

We were both virgins, and I wanted to wait until marriage, but Jeanette kept pressuring me and I was afraid of losing her. If my parents ever found out they would’ve been ashamed. My mother probably would’ve punched Jean in the face! The sex was great though, Jean was and is an amazing lover…when she wants to be. When we were dating she would make love to me so tenderly and attentively, but since our marriage it feels like she just wants to “fuck” me. So I told her how I felt.

“Honey, you know I respect you, you are my husband and I know you aren’t just an object. I would much rather make love to you then watch this stuff,” she said, “Maybe we can find a way to make things better.” With that she kissed me passionately and took me to bed.

Our sex life really changed after that day. Some days she would be the caring and amazing lover that I wanted, and other days I would submit to her fantasies. I became determined to please her, I would wear the sexy outfits that she liked around the house and in the bedroom, and I tried my best to emulate those porn stars that she watched on the link. When indulging her fantasies, I would let her use me as a sex object. She would always to talk dirty to me, and eventually I got used to it. I would strip dance for her and let her play with my body. I performed oral sex on her almost daily, she loved standing over me and having me on my knees. She usually climaxes on my face or in my mouth, and although I don’t care for the taste that much, I eventually got used to that too.

Her main fantasy involved the hover camera. At first I was uncomfortable the idea, but I know women are visual creatures, and home made vids stimulated Jeanette. I don’t like it when the camera focuses in on my face during sex, but Jean loves to see my reactions.

I suppose I should be happy that her fantasies are relatively tame. Some of the other husbands who I hang out with tell me some scary stories about their wives’ fantasies. My best friend AJ, his wife Jessica was pestering him about having a threesome. AJ was, of course, totally against it. He doesn’t want to share his wife with another man, plus he is uncomfortable with the idea of touching or kissing a man, which is part of his wife’s fantasy. In order to shut her up, AJ suggested that if she wants a threesome, why not with another woman? Jessica naturally found that idea disgusting and wrong, and soon stopped bothering him about the subject.

Luckily for me Jean has no interest in that sort of the thing, though on special occasions I have let her enjoy the attention of me and a hologram of myself or two at the same time. Sometimes she enjoys having holograms of me kiss and suck her breasts while I eat her out. Other times she likes to have me on my knees licking her pussy and clitoris as she is standing, while my hologram kneels behind her and licks the bottom of her pussy and maybe rims her out.

I have not yet had my wife and a hologram of her at the same time, though Jeanette says she would love to do a “gangbang” or “bukkake” vid. The idea of it kind of grosses me out.

So that’s how I became my wife’s part-time “slut.” Our marriage definitely improved in my aspects. Jeanette became romantic and often surprised me with gifts and other treats when she came home. Our communication improved significantly, Jeanette started linking in with me while at work, telling me about her day and how much she missed me.

We are even are considering having children now. Nowadays pregnancy is relatively effortless and pain free for women. As men we are taught at a young age that during pregnancy that it is a husband’s greatest honor and duty to fulfill our wives’ every need during those nine months. With modern medicine, labor is painless and pregnancy symptoms are almost completely absent. Most women work all the way up to their due date and even go back to work the day after giving birth. The difficulty of having children now is mainly limited to the decisions involving what gender you want, and what level of genetic engineering do you want for the child. Jeanette I am sure wants a daughter, but I would love to have a son.

Either way, I would absolutely love nothing more than having children with Jeanette. I have been feeling a bit unfulfilled ever since I quit my job at the GRA two years ago. Jeanette wanted me to be a traditional househusband and we didn’t need the extra income from me working. As a matter of fact Jean was making nearly double my salary at the agency even though we held the same position! At the time I wanted to sue the GRA for discrimination, but Jean didn’t want me to make trouble for her.

So I stay at home and clean up, and I usually go out via my avatar on the link and get whatever groceries and other items we may need. There were some shops nearby that I could go to in person, but I enjoyed traveling on the link and seeing new places. When I go out I always dress conservatively, which Jeanette loves about me. I guess it’s true that saying “Every woman wants a gentleman in the street and a freak in the bedroom.”

I am often disturbed by the revealing clothing that I see men wearing in public. Even young men now, teenagers, are wearing revealing clothes. I understand it though, the objectification of men dominates the public domain now, commercials, billboards, and all of the programming accessible via the link. I often see strip clubs and I can’t help feeling sorry for those men.

There are no positive male role models for young boys. Men become celebrities solely for their sex appeal, and their fame is often boosted by raunchy behavior. Sometimes I have deep reservations about raising a son in this society. I felt the pressure when I was young too, but my parents raised me well so I had no self-esteem issues or want for attention.

Society wasn’t always like this. Most historians point to the early 21st century as when the balance of power between genders began to shift. While certainly even the most modern countries of that time were male dominated, there were signs of future change. Women began graduating from college and graduate school in higher numbers than men, and as a result began earning more and dominating business and other professions. That domination extended to politics in the mid 21st century, when more female presidents and prime ministers were elected. The terms of these first female heads of state were resounding successes, with economic gains and less violent foreign conflict. People became more inclined to vote for women for our highest positions. As a matter of fact, here in the good old USNA (United States of North America) we have elected 31 female presidents in a row dating back to 2246.

Without a doubt the biggest change occurred with the onset of genetic engineering in the early 22nd century. At first government limited engineering the elimination of genetic disorders. Eventually certain traits that made men (and a few women) violent or predatory were eliminated before birth, the result being that rape, pedophilia, domestic abuse, violent crime, and the need for police, prisons, and militaries was practically eliminated. The elimination of these things relieved a tremendous economic strain, and led to an era of prosperity and cooperation on Earth.

The usage of genetic engineering on unborn children continued to expand with the creation of the Genetic Resequencing Agency in 2251. Women saw their relative physical weakness to men as the last straw of inequality and demanded a solution. Geneticists at the GRA devised one, involving increased bone and muscle strength for women without appearing muscular and maintaining femininity. Soon women were engineered to be as tall and strong as men.

Historians agree that by around 2275 humanity had achieved gender equality, but it was not to last. Women, now in positions of power, began to believe they were superior to men. Though at first this feeling was not widespread publicly, this sentiment grew steadily. During elections female candidates argued that men should not be let back in power, as evidenced by the prosperity under female lead governments. The population was inclined to agree and women stayed in command. I myself must admit that even I would feel weird voting for a male candidate today, though men do hold some seats in the congress.

Eventually women began using the GRA as a tool to advance their superiority. Women are now generally taller and stronger than the average man. My wife is 6’1 and I am 5’9 for example. This is fairly common.

Finally the most significant change has been cultural. Men are judged foremost by their looks, and women by their achievements. Women are now the initiators when it comes to dating and proposals. As parents we try to protect our sons from bad influences more than we do our daughters. Sexually, men are taught to guard their virginity against sexual advances from women, and men who have multiple partners are referred to as “sluts” and “whores” and are looked down upon. Women, on the other hand, are expected to have sexual conquests and the more partners they have the more likely they are to get a high-five from their friends.

In marriage women also began to take the lead. At my wedding, as is tradition, my mother walked me down the aisle where Jeanette was waiting for me. Our friends and family were all there, some in person, and some via avatar. It was a beautiful day. I received many compliments on my tuxedo and how handsome I was that day. I took my wife’s last name, which is now also tradition.

Now it is the year 2398 and society is almost completely female dominated. Looking at the history of mankind I can’t say it’s a bad thing, though I often feel it is unfair. Sometimes I feel like a hypocrite, quietly rooting on men’s rights groups while I submit to my wife’s desires.

As Jeanette begins kissing me in bed and touching my body in bed I moan and weaken my defenses. Tonight is her night for enjoyment and I want to please her. I am wearing the black thong that she loves, along with some cufflinks on my wrists and straps around my thighs. She is, of course, completely naked during sex. She crawls on top of me and begins kissing her way down my chest and stomach. She has the body of a goddess, sensual curves and smooth skin, though her body type is typical of women who underwent genetic engineering. With a look of fiery passion in her eyes she rips the thong off my waist, and puts my throbbing member in her mouth. She will usually perform oral sex only for a minute or two before she “fucks” me. I groan deeply. I can hear the hover camera floating about the room, and I can see it is focused on my face.

“Are you ready babe?” Jeanette asks. Before I can respond she moves up and gives me a French kiss. I can taste myself on her mouth but it doesn’t bother me.

“Ohhh yes honey,” I respond. I continue to lie on my back knowing that my wife will probably want to “fuck” me in the missionary position. Sometimes she is in the mood for “man on top” but usually she likes missionary.

“Beg for it then honey, beg for my pussy,” Jeanette demands as she mounts me and teases me by letting the tip of my erection touch her wet vagina. I try to pull her down on to me, but she quickly grabs my hands and pins them down above my head. I playfully struggle for a few moments before I give her what she wants.

“Ohh yes please honey, give it to me, my cock needs your pussy so bad,” I reply, hoping desperately that will be enough to please her.

“C’mon babe, you know what I want you to say.”

“Ohhh God, fuck me! Fuck my cock honey! I’m your slut, please fuck me with your pussy,” I beg. I can tell from the satisfied look on her face that I am fulfilling her fantasy. Instantly she lowers herself on to my rock hard member and leans down to kiss me.

It is difficult for me to kiss her in this position since Jean is taller than me, so for the majority of the time in missionary position I usually kiss and suck on her breasts.

She is “fucking” me hard and fast, her legs wrapped around mine and her arms still pinning my hands over my head. Her supple, D cup breasts bounce up and down near my face as I try to give them the attention they deserve.

“You like the way I fuck you, don’t you slut? Yeeaa that’s it, suck my tits while I milk your cock with my pussy,” she says as she continues bouncing up and down on top of me. I moan in response as I continue sucking on her breasts. The pleasure is coursing through my body, but part of me wishes she would slow down so that it would last longer.

“Uhh yes Jeanette fuck me like the slut I am.” I am really playing into her fantasies now and its having its effect, her breathing has picked up and her face is flushed. She lets go of my hands, which is basically the signal for me to hold her ass while she makes love to me.

“Ohh yea bitch, hold my ass while I fuck your dick,” she replies. I groan loudly and kiss her neck. She then holds her self up with her arms and tilts her head back giving me access again to her breasts. I can tell from the look on her face that she is reaching climax.

“Uhh I think I’m gonna cum. Where do you want me to cum slut? Do you want me to cum all over your cock or on your face?” she asks. I would much rather her orgasm on my penis, but I know what she wants me to say.

“Please, cum all over my face! I want to taste your cum in my mouth!” With that her muscles tense and she quickly lifts off my member and mounts my face. She furiously rubs her clitoris in order to induce orgasm. I dutifully stick my tongue inside her pussy and moan.

“UHHHHHHH Ohhhhhhh yeaaaa…take that cum bitch. Look up at me slut, ohhhhh yea, thatta boy.” Her juices squirt on my face, as her cum flows freely into my mouth. I try not to gag as the amount of juice is almost overwhelming, the increase in female ejaculation was another pro women’s empowerment idea of the GRA.

For the second time that day I swallow and moan, and wave bye to the camera. Jeanette rolls off me onto the bed, exhausted. I quickly clean up in the bathroom and then lie in bed beside her. Although I did not reach orgasm, I am very excited that I pleased her so greatly.

“Was it good for you honey?” she asks drearily, her eyes struggling to stay open.

“It was wonderful sweetheart, thank you.”

“Okay, well tomorrow I am going to make slow and sweet love to you, don’t worry,” she says.

“I know you will,” I reply and I give her a quick peck.

“I love you,” Jean says as she turns to cuddle with me.

I roll over in bed facing away from her and she spoons me. She holds me close, and playfully strokes my still hard penis. Soon she drifts off into peaceful sleep.

As a lie in bed with my amazing wife, I can hear the hovercam power down. I can’t help feeling a little ashamed about the way she dominates me. Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife, she is a great provider and will be a great mother to our children, but I feel like I am contributing to the cycle of objectification and subjugation of men. I imagine God, what would she think, looking down on us from the heavens. Often I think maybe if men had treated women better, as equals, a long time ago, that maybe women today would be satisfied with equality instead of superiority, and that the world would be a better place.

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