(this is all based on fiction, everyone is made up and any character names are purely coincidental)


It was a pretty normal day at work. There wasn’t anything special worth mentioning except Tamara seeming to blush or feel awkward around me whenever we were in close proximity to each other.

Jacklyn would ask me if I knew why, and I would feign innocence. Both of these women had no idea that they have submitted to my personal desires and that I have had sex with both.

Thanks to a chance meeting with a random guy, I was given the ability to freeze time and do with women whatever I wish. They would do whatever I say and forget all about it whenever time unfroze.

In Tamara’s case, I let her remember the times I fucked her, but as realistic dreams she would get off to. I wonder how long she would go before acting out on her impulses.

I also recently started a strictly sexual relationship in real time with a sassy redhead named Tasia. She turned out to be a lot more controlling than I thought she would be, but I really didn’t care as long as I got to fuck that sweet pussy as many times as she wanted without having to waste a chance to freeze time. And for all the control she thinks she has, she had no idea the whole thing was actually my idea, a hypnotic suggestion I planted in her mind when I froze her in time.

I did realize my abilities to freeze time were running out. According to the guy that gave them to me, Rob, I could only use them 10 times, and I already used the first time with Lorena when I was introduced to them. After that I used it on my co-worker Tamara. Then I froze time to fuck my friends Ashley and Alex. Then I couldn’t help myself and took Tamara again, but also Jacklyn. If I counted right, it left 6 more chances and there was a place I really wanted to try my powers on.

My shift finally ended and I walked past Tamara, as I clocked out. She looked nervous but tried to keep working on her register. “Oh um… Josh… you start early shift tomorrow, don’t you? If you see the guys from the charity collection you can let them in to set up.”

“Oh.. um… yeah Tammy. No problem.”

Then I smirked and told her, “By the way Tammy, you look great in those jeans today… if you know what I mean…”

She blushed heavily, probably envisioning herself getting her ass fucked hard by me, “Um… thanks Josh… See you tomorrow, ok?”

“Yeah. See ya later Tammy.”

Before I turned to leave she tried to stop me, “Um… Josh…?”

I was curious, “…um yeah?”

I could sense her look deep into my eyes but her lips couldn’t find the words she wanted to say. She soon lowered her gaze and looked back at the register, “Um… never mind… Forget it…”

I said, “Um… ok?” and turned to leave. As I headed outside Jacklyn was posting up signs for the ½ off specials we have set for next week.

“I saw that Josh. She wants you, and I’m not talking about just going out on a date and holding hands.”

I continued to feign my innocence, “You really think so Jacklyn? I mean… I always thought I was way out of her league.”

“Maybe.. but I seen the way she’s checking you out. Just be careful if you guys hook up though. You know the rules about dating between co-workers and all that.”

I laughed nervously, “Um… yeah Jacklyn. I kinda doubt that’s ever gonna happen. But thanks for the heads up.”

“Hey ya never know. Tammy didn’t seem to the type to just wanna mess around either. Anyways, take care Josh.”

“Yeah, see ya ’round Jacklyn.”

I was surprised that Tammy almost asked me out. Jacklyn’s observations confirmed it. Maybe Tammy will be just like Tasia, someone I could have sex with without using my limited powers. I also wondered if Lorena continued to think about me. I was curious how she’d act the next time I run into her. Either way, it was time for me to hit the mall.

The mall was within walking distance from where I worked, and I needed a new pair of work uniforms anyways. I figured this time in the afternoon would be a good time to run into some attractive ladies to use my powers with. I had to fight the urge to not freeze time and fuck Tamara all day, so I was hoping to find someone to release my pent up lust on.

I stepped into the mall and already saw some cuties sitting at the food court going on about their daily lives. Just heading down to the store where I bought my uniforms made me walk past all sort of attractive women, all of them wearing some sort of outfit showcasing their amazing bodies. I even think the woman that rung up my purchase was kinda cute in her own way. I was overwhelmed and felt like a kid in a candy shop. I almost felt evil thinking of the possibilities. This was what having these kinds of powers were all about!

As I looked around, I noticed this cute blonde walk past me on the way to a DVD store. She has her tied in a short ponytail and wore a baggy blue sweater and a nice pair of tight black pants that clearly defined her nice round butt.

I followed her inside, admiring her sweet ass while she browsed through the music section of the store. This little cutie’s ass made my cock hard and I decided I’d start my fun with her.

After some browsing, the young woman soon left the store and walked to the clothing store right beside it. There were some tables with several boxes outside with some clothes on clearance, and she was leaning over to get a better look. I was pretending to be checking out the cellphones advertised on a kiosk right behind her while still checking out that sweet ass. I decided she was in the perfect position to take and muttered ‘Time freeze now..’

Everything around us stopped, and I was honestly surprised it worked without me saying it so loudly. I head for the cute blonde, still leaning over, and as if pulled by a magnet, my hand went right for her sweet ass. My cock got stiffer as my hands ran along the nice smooth roundness of her ass. I’m glad it was as tight as it looked, my middle finger was already teasing her hole.

“Man… you sure got yourself a sweet little ass….” I couldn’t help but say it, almost whispering it in her ear.

The girl suddenly snapped awake and was startled, “What the fuck?? Get your hand off my ass!!”

I forgot to tell her any sort of command. I guess talking to them wakes them up, so you have to be sure to tell them all your terms before you tell them to move. I had to think fast.

“Just relax cutie, keep your hands on the table and stick your ass out a little more.”

She panicked as she looked around and saw everyone frozen in place, “What’s going on? Who are you? Why is everybody standing still?”

I noticed she did set her hands back on the table and leaned over even more. I was hoping she was still able to follow my commands.

“Forget about them.. just focus on me.. I’m your friend Josh.. It’s alright, we mess around with each other all the time. You know I like that sweet ass of your baby…”

I noticed how she’d slowly relax and change her attitude, “Oh um… hey Josh.. you just caught me by surprise… what’s with all the people just frozen in place?”

My hand continued to rub and carress her ass, “Just ignore them… they’ll be fine… What’s your name cutie and how old are you? I’m so eager to fuck you… I just can’t keep my hands off you.”

“I’m Carol… and I’m 20…but you know that already… and you know I have a boyfriend… I let you touch me, but we don’t go that far…”

“I know Carol… we both decided we wanted it to take it that far… now pull down your pants, sweetheart..”

Carol still seemed every confused, but she quickly unzipped her pants and started to pull them down, showing me her tight white panties. “But… I’d never cheat on Justin…”

“It’s alright baby… we already discussed this before. We both go way back… before you ever met Justin… We grew up together and went through everything together… We promised each other that if we ever wanted to go this far… we’d do it… even if we already had someone…”

“I uh… I don’t know Josh… I honestly don’t remember us taking it that far… and you’re gonna fuck me in the middle of the mall?”

I pulled her panties down and started rubbing her pussy, “Your friend dared us to do it in a public place… Now c’mon… spread your legs a little more and let me see your pussy… And keep your hands on the table, no matter what.”

The blonde woman spread her legs more and showed her blonde little cunt. I didn’t want to take her dry, so I kneeled down in front of her and started licking her pussy. This startled her, but she wouldn’t leave her place.

“Josh… what are you doing..? Oh fuck….”

She shuddered as I drove my tongue into her sweet little cunt. I never ate a girl out from behind before, but perfection didn’t matter in this case. I kept focusing on licking her up to get her nice and wet for me. She suddenly started grinding her cunt against me, she was really enjoying it now.

“Oh fuck….. Justin never eats me out…. Mmmm… you must really want it bad, baby…”

“Really bad Carol… are you ready for it…?”

“I guess… I wouldn’t mind if you kept eating my pussy though…. That feels so good Josh…”

I stood up again and started unzipping my own pants, “I promise I’ll lick you good next time Carol.. for now let’s hurry and do this before we get caught.”

The blonde looked back and smiled at me as I pulled out my cock, “Oh wow… that’s real nice Josh… I’m glad we decided to do this…” She leaned over showing me that she was giving me full access to her.

I was so horny, I was eager to fuck someone good. I slid the full length of my cock inside her, nice and slow, but I wouldn’t stop until she took it all. She gripped onto the table as hard as she could as felt my thick rod take her whole.

“Oh…. Fuck…. Not all at once Josh… Oh my god…. It’s so big baby… Go slow on me…”

“I just can’t wait anymore Carol. I’ve been wanting you so bad for the longest time…” I grabbed her hips and started to thrust against her, making her taking it all each time.

The blonde moaned loudly, trying her best to make it easier on herself. She raised one of her legs on the table, trying to let my cock slide in and out of her without hurting her. My cock felt heavenly inside her. This random girl felt so nice and tight, and the rush of fucking a total stranger was making it feel even more intense.

“Ohhh Josh… yeah…. Mmmmmm…. I needed this so bad….. we shoulda fucked a lot sooner baby…”

Hearing her groans of pleasure just made that much better. She was completely into it now, her pussy was so wet, it was easier to thrust inside her now, even though she was small and tight.

Our groans would echo throughout the mall as I continued to pump into her sweet little cunt. The table was being rocked back and forth, and one of the boxes of clothes fell over, making a mess and loud slam sound. It didn’t stop us, not for a second. I kept fucking the living daylights out of this blonde little cutie giving each other the raw pleasure we both needed.

I could feel Carol breathing faster and harder, losing herself to the moment. She didn’t care what was going on around her anymore, or why people were standing still like mannequins. She just wanted to cum. And she wanted her best friend to help her do it.

“Oh fuck!!! Fuck that pussy baby!!! I’m so close!!! Make me cum Josh!!!”

I rocked her back and forth, slamming her against the table with each thrust. I felt myself getting close to, but I didn’t want to cum until I pounded that sweet ass. I fought back the urge for release as I felt Carol shiver and shake as she succumbed to her own orgasm.


Carol held onto some of the boxes, breathing hard as the wave of pleasure passed. She moaned as she felt my hard cock slide out of her.

“…You don’t have to stop baby….just keep fucking me until you’re done…”

“Don’t worry Carol… I’m not stopping yet…”

My cock was now nice and slick thanks to her wet little cunt, and her body would be a lot more relaxed after cumming. She knew what was coming when I forced my index finger up we ass.

“Whoa!!! What are you doing??”

“I’m just gonna fuck that sweet ass of yours… like we agreed to…”

“Bullshit!! I’d never agree to that! We can do whatever, but not that!”

She was starting to get up and tried to swat my hand away from her ass. “Just relax and let it happen Carol! You’ll like it, trust me!”

“No!! I don’t want you to fuck me in the butt like some cheap whore!” She was confused as to how she suddenly stopped resisting and laid back down on the table, her ass still up in the air and vulnerable to my finger.

“Just relax. You think I’m gonna fuck a girl with a sweet ass like yours without fucking her in the ass? It doesn’t make you a whore. Many people do that.”

“I still don’t want to do it… ow… stoppit Josh… your finger feels weird in there…”

She would still relax herself and let me continue to finger her ass. I could barely wait anymore, and my cock was literally throbbing now, but I knew I had to make it easy on her.

I felt her sweet little hole was used to my finger by now and decided it was time to take her. She could already feel the thick throbbing head of my cock rubbing up against her hole, a mixture of my precum and her own juices lubing her up.

“Oh my god… Don’t Josh…. just don’t! Look… I’ll suck your cock… I’ll suck it until you cum down my throat! I don’t care… I’ll even swallow. Hell, go wild and fuck my mouth… just don’t do this, please!”

It was too late to stop me. I just had to fuck this cutie’s sweet ass. I slowly pressed forward, spreading her virgin ass with my thick head. I could feel her wince as I slowly pulled back and started to fuck her with the head.

“Agghhh!! Oh my god…. I can feel it going in…” all she could do was hold onto the table and take it. She groaned as she felt my cock fuck her delicate virgin hole, slowly sinking deeper each time. I kept going at this slow pace until eventually my full length was buried deep inside her.

“Ow!!! Oh god!!! Oh my god!! It’s inside me!! Fuck!! It feels so big inside my ass!!!”

I smirked as he pressed my balls against her cheeks, “What do you think Carol? You took my full length up your ass… it feels so nice and snug in there, I could almost cum right now…”

“Oh my god!!! I.. I don’t know what to think Josh!! I can’t believe I got the whole thing up my ass… It’s so fucking huge…If you were any bigger, you’d break me for sure!!”

“I’ll be careful sweetheart. I want you to cum, not be in pain. Just relax and let me put all of it inside you. Oh fuck… you feel so good….”

I moaned loudly as I felt my thick shaft slide in and out of her ass. The feeling was unbelievable, I would pull most of it out and then shove my full length back inside her. Carol’s moans and groans of forced pleasure only got me harder and eager to fuck the hell out of her.

“Josh… oh fuck… I can feel it…. Oh fuck… oh fuck… cumming….. I’m cumming….”

I couldn’t stop myself. Losing myself to the pleasure, I rocked the blonde back and forth as I pumped her ass. After a few more minutes of mercilessly thrashing her ass with my pole, I could feel her body shake and convulse as her forced orgasm suddenly hit her.

“Uggghhh!!!! Oh fuuuuuuuck…..” She was in disbelief that her anal pounding had brought her to orgasm, probably a more intense one than she ever had with vaginal sex.

Carol whimpered weakly as I continued to pump her ass. I just couldn’t stop until I came inside her. The following seconds felt like hours to both of us as I finally pumped her once-virgin hole full of thick white cum.

I finally let her go and the poor girl collapsed, breathing hard and trying to regain herself. I pulled up my pants and sat by a nearby chair, also worn out. I stared over at Carol, trying to get back up. I could see her little hole, now spread open thanks to me. I’m sure it would close up whenever I unfroze time.

I wanted to fuck more and more women. I obviously couldn’t spend an eternity screwing every last female that happened to be in the mall at the time, but the thought was tempting. “You can just relax for a while there Carol. I’ll be walking around.”

The girl laid down, trying to catch her breath, while I continued to walk around. I went to the bathroom real quick and washed my cock. I didn’t want some girl sucking on it when it was just inside another girl’s ass. I then decided to head towards the food court since there were always cuties there. I didn’t expect to see a familiar face though.

I didn’t recognize her at first due to her different clothes, but it was Kylie, the girl I fucked a few days back. She was now wearing a light green shirt and loose fitting jeans, but I’m sure it was her. I still remembered her short dark hair and her lovely hazel eyes. Her friend Jessica wasn’t there, but she was sitting and talking with 3 other girls.

The first girl was kinda thick and wearing a slightly loose blue sports hoodie, but I could still make out her nice tits poking through. She was cute and had long long hair with it flowing down either side of her shoulders down to her tits. She had on a nice set of greyish-blue jeans and a very nice big round ass. I’m not saying this one was chubby, but she was a bit thicker than Kylie and the other slender girls. She was laughing at something and has her little iphone in her hand.

The second girl also had long black hair, but it only reached a bit below the neck. Unlike the first one, it would also go down her sides, covering her ears. She was also rather cute and was wearing a thin white shirt, opened up to show her tight red tank top underneath proudly displaying her impressive chest. She wore loose jeans shorts so it was hard to make out if she has a nice ass or not. I assume that with her nice long toned legs, she would, but I figured I’ll be taking off those shorts soon enough to know for myself. She was in the middle of sipping her soda.

The third girl was still standing, looking like she just arrived with her food and was about to sit down. She was adorable and had short hair that barely went to the back of her neck. She was wearing a light blue plaid shirt that still accentuated her small breasts and a nice tight pair of dark blue jeans. As I walked behind her I admired her nice round ass, her jeans barely able to contain them.

I couldn’t resist with this one. I reached out and grabbed her ass. My cock instantly started to throb as I felt her nice tight buns in my hand, but I was careful not to say anything this time.

“How nice Kylie, you came back for more and you also brought some extra friends for me to play with.” I thought to myself. I took a few seconds to decide how exactly I was going to do this with so many women at once.

I spoke directly to Kylie, “Alright Kylie, I want you to remember all the fun we had last time and continue being my friend. You’re going to help out these girls go along with whatever I want them to do, alright?”

Kylie nodded. I then looked at the girls, “Alright, what are you names ladies and how old are you all?”

The girl sipping her soda with the alluring red top released her straw and answered first, “I’m Kayla… I’m 21″.

The thicker one with the sports hoodie replied, “I’m Chelsea… I’m 20.”

The third girl whose sweet ass I was currently fondly jumped away from my hand, “I’m Karina… um.. 22…what the fuck?! Why is your hand all over my ass?”

I pulled her closer to me and forced my lips on hers, my hand once again caressing her sweet cheeks. She struggled, but it only made my cock harder and want to fuck her more. The others watched with surprise, though Kylie looked like it was something she was used to happening already.

I broke the kiss to answer her question, “Because Karina.. I think you have a fuckin sweet ass… and you make my fucking dick so hard… And I’m gonna be fucking you right up your sweet little ass…”

Her eyes widened as she tried to pull away from me, “Hell no. You’re crazy! Who the hell are you?”

Kylie was the one who responded, “He’s Josh… he’s a good friend of mine. He fucked me the other day way better than my boyfriend ever did. He’s cool.”

Karina was confused by her friend’s attitude, “He’s cool? This creeper just said he wants to rape me… what the fuck Kylie?”

Kayla seemed to shocked to say anything, her eyes looking at me widened and in fear, but Chelsea was quick to get up and respond already raising her fist, “Get the fuck away from her you asshole. Who do you think you are?”

I quickly took command, “I’m your good friend Josh, the guy you all fuck with Chelsea whenever you’re in the mood and your boyfriends aren’t available.”

Kylie collaborated with my story based on our first meeting, “Yeah… we fucked some time ago.. He did me and Jessica real good near that retail store.”

Chelsea looked at her friend, “What….? But I don’t remember ever…”

“That’s right Chelsea, I’m gonna fuck you, I’m gonna fuck ALL of you, just like we always do. And you’re going to obey and do whatever I say, do you girls understand me?”

The girls all nodded, even though Karina and Chelsea felt confused as to why they nodded too. Kylie seemed the most natural of all, already familiar with our little dance. Chelsea was obviously the kind to not take crap from anyone, and seeing her angry made her look even hotter.

“Alright Chelsea, since you’re full of so much energy, you’ll start things off. Come over her and get on your knees.”

Part of her seemed to resist, she still looked at me like she wanted to knock my block off, but she did come over to me. Karina stepped away, almost as if she was afraid of her too, but her tomboyish friend did stop short in front of me and got on her knees.

“Alright sweetheart, unzip my pants and show everyone what I got for them.”

She soon did so and yanked out my hard thick cock, making Kayla and Karina gasp slightly, and Kylie blush. Everything we did came back to her as her pussy tingled with the memory of how it felt to have me inside her. I could sense the defiance coming from Chelsea, but her eyes were fixated onto my cock.

I looked down at her, “You know what to do, you sexy little bitch. Get started.”

Chelsea gave me a look and took my cock into her mouth. I could feel it twitch and tingle in her nice warm mouth as she started to work her tongue around the head. “Oh yeah… that’s it… Get it all nice and hard… I can’t wait to fuck your sweet little cooch baby… but I’m even more eager to fuck your big round ass…”

I felt her stop and look up at me, my cock still halfway in her mouth. “You heard me… I’m gonna fuck all of you both ways. I can already tell it’s gonna feel so good being squished inside your tight ass hole, Chelsea…”

She continued to suck my cock and I called Kayla over, possibly the most adorable of the lot. I pulled her close and kissed her deeply, forcing my tongue into her mouth. There was some resistance, but I soon told her, “Don’t fight it… we’re all friends here… kiss me like you do your boyfriend…”

She stuttered, “I..I don’t have a boyfriend…”

“That’s alright Kayla.. I’m your boyfriend now… now I know you kissed guys before… someone as hot as you is no virgin am I right…?

She shook her head, “Yeah… I’m not a virgin…”

“Then c’mere and give your boyfriend some love.” I could barely speak as Chelsea was really working my cock, but Kayla soon leaned in and kissed me tenderly. She wrapped her arms around me and kept her lips upon mine, leaving my hands free to play with her tits. I reached under her top and soon yanked her bra off. Our tongues fought it out as my hands felt the warmth of her bare breasts.

I could feel my cock hit the back of Chelsea’s throat. She was totally into it now, losing herself to her own desires. Who knows what her deal was. Not enough from her boyfriend? No boyfriend? Virgin eager to fuck? She was driving me crazy with her cock-hungry mouth, but I didn’t want to lose it just yet.

I quickly pulled away, breathing hard as my cock was desperate to continue. “Fuck Chelsea… you really love to suck cock, doncha?”

She looked up at me, eager to swallow my dick, “You have a nice cock… I honestly don’t remember the last time we fucked.. but I want to ride you hard…”

“Sounds good baby…. Alright.. you girls start taking off your pants and lean over the table with your sweet asses in the air. Let’s see how much I can handle before I pop…”

The girls all obeyed and started unzipping their jeans and pulling them down. Soon jeans, shorts and panties decorated the floor as the four lovely ladies pinned themselves against the table, their legs spread and their eager cunts up on the air. I barely knew who to start with. I circled the table and checked them out.

Kylie still had that nice sweet ass I still remembered fucking… and her pussy was nicely trimmed too.

Kayla did have a cute little set of buns as well, they seemed as tight as her finely-toned thighs suggested. She was probably the smallest of the lot, but still very cute. Her pussy had some fuzz on it, but she probably wasn’t expecting a random fuck in the mall today.

Karina’s was a perfect sweet round ass, and it looked even better when bent over. She also had a slight trim on her wet little pussy. I was surprised she was already aroused.

Chelsea’s stood out the most due to her wide hips, big round ass and slightly thick thighs. Her cunt was clean shaven and almost dripping wet. My cock was more than anxious to rip into any of them, but Chelsea gave me the most attention.

I decided to start with Kayla for now. I got behind the adorable long-haired babe and reached between her legs, feeling how wet she was already, “Mmmm you ready for this cutiepie?”

She quickly nodded, “Yeah… give it to me Josh…”

She was also trying desperately to remember the last time we had sex, or met for that matter, but had to believe whatever I told her.

I helped her spread her legs a big more and she worked with me to help me fit my shaft inside her. I could feel her nice tight cunt grip me tight, enveloping me into her warmth. Kayla gasped and moaned lightly as she let me take her. “Mmmm that feels so nice Kayla.. you’re a tight little cutie, aren’t you..?”

Kayla smiled as she enjoyed having me inside her, “Mmmm yeah… tight for you baby… Mmmm… You’re so nice and thick inside me….”

I went nice and slow with her, letting her savour every second I was inside her, but being careful not to pop so fast. She started to work her hips with me as we started going faster, my cock taking her full each time. I noticed Kylie was moaning too, already playing with herself and eager for her turn.

I decided to pull out of Kayla and give Kylie what she wanted, slowly forcing my length inside my old friend. “Aggghhh…. Ohhh yeah… Mmmm… I missed you Josh…”

“Mmm you loved how I fucked you last time, didn’t you Kylie? You still remembered.”

She nodded as she spread her legs more, making it easier to take her from behind, “Yeah… you did me so good… We have to do this more often..”

I smiled, “Next time you see me, you’re going to remember the stuff we did, but you’ll think it was some kind of dream or fantasy. You’ll be so curious about it, you’ll ask me over to your place whenever you’re alone so we can fuck for real… alright?”

She moaned and whimpered as my cock spread her pussy with each thrust, “mmmm oh gawd… yeah… yeah… if I see you again I’ll beg you to fuck me baby… just don’t stop…”

I fucked Kylie’s sweet little pussy with a few more thrusts before going over to Karina. I grabbed her ass and slowly forced my finger inside her sweet hole. She gasped and grit her teeth but allowed me to do it. “Aghh!!! Oh fuck… not there Josh…”

“You just have such a sweet little ass Karina… it drives me crazy… I can’t wait to fuck your ass…”

She squirmed with my index finger deep inside her virgin ass, “Oh gawd.. no Josh… please..”

I pulled my finger out and forced my thick rod into her slick little love hole. She gasped as I took her full, burying my length inside her without holding back, though she was relieved it wasn’t in her other hole. “Agghhh…. Oh fuck… so big…. Is that all of it…?”

“Yeah… I just can’t wait anymore… I’m making you take all of it baby… Grip onto the table and take it hard…”

Karina let out little yelps and moans as I started to slam against her hips. I even loved how her ass felt when her cheeks slapped my hips as I took her pussy. The sensation was amazing and I just loved rocking her cute body against the table.

Chelsea seemed to be the most anxious and foul-mouthed of her friends, “Holy shit! Look at that! Yeah, fuck her hard! Make the little cutiepie scream! I wanna see you do that to me Josh. I like it hard like that.”

Karina didn’t seem to have as much resistance as her friends. In a few moments, she was already gasping for breath and her moans were getting higher in pitch. I felt close too, but I fought the urge to cum as I continued to rock the little cutie against the table, eager to make her cum.

“Aggghhh!!! OH fuuuck!!! I’m gonna cum… oh fuck Josh… it’s so good… so good…. AGGGHHHHH!!!!”

Karina shook violently as her sudden orgasm hit her hard. I quickly pulled out, panting hard myself. The girl held onto the table, gasping for breath and sweat sliding off her forehead.

Chelsea laughed, “Man, you’re such a pushover Karina. He just started. Bet your ex made you cum a whole lotta times a single night, huh?”

Karina looked at her friend and then at me as she tried to recover, “Oh god.. I miss Paul… but Josh… you feels as good as he did… I really needed this..”

I headed over to Chelsea and she already spread herself for me, raising her ass in the air for me, “MMM Give it to me baby… Give it to me good and hard like you did to her.”

I liked how eager she was. These powers were awesome. A woman could hate me one second, and be begging for me to fuck her the next. I gave her ass a nice slap, feeling how nice and firm she was. “Can’t wait for it, huh Chelsea, you horny little slut.”

“Only for you Josh… now c’mon… I want you to wreck my fuckin pussy…”

I personally wasn’t used to hearing women with such foul mouths, even during sex.. or at least the women I associated myself with.. but it was a bit of a turn on hearing Chelsea say it. I got behind her and could not stop admiring her big round ass, nice and thick, but still tight enough so it didn’t wobble. I moaned as I eased my thick rod inside her.

She moaned as she let me in, and just like she wanted, I forced my full length into her tight confines. The horny bitch took all of it without a problem and groaned as she started thrusting backwards against me. I also let out some moans, her tight cunt was literally forcing them out of me as my cock just felt so good inside of her. “Oh fuuuck… you are such a sexy little slut, aren’t you Chelsea? You love my cock….”

“Oh fuck… yes Josh…. I love your cock.. I fuckin love it… Make me your little whore Josh… just do it…”

“You’re so good… I want you to ask me to fuck you next time we meet… I’ll gladly give it to you anytime you want Chelsea. Any time you fuckin want!!”

“I will baby… I promise you I will!!”

I slapped her ass, making her squeal and started to slam hard into her. The thick tomboy loved it as my hips spanked her ass each time I rammed into her. She moaned happily as I ravaged her tight cunt, rocking her body against the table. I gave her ass a few slaps here and there, not really my thing but it seemed to turn her on more.

The others watched, getting more aroused as I fucked the hell out of their friend. Drinks and some fries would hit the floor as we jolted the table a lot harder than with any other girl. I really wanted to finish inside of her, but I didn’t want to end this just yet. I pulled out of her, leaving the girl panting and confused, looking back at me.

“What the hell… forget about them… just keep doing it with me.. I was so close.. don’t stop til I cum….”

“I’m not done yet Chelsea. Just changing it up a little..” Before she could protest I was already lining up my cock with her clenched asshole. All I had to do was push.

“Whoa! What the fuck Josh! Not there!”

“Yes… there. I know you’re a tough girl, you can take it…” I didn’t care about her protests and forced my shaft past her virgin hole.

“AHHH!!! Oh shit!!!”

“Don’t be dramatic there baby.. your sweet pussy made my cock all nice and slick for you. This is just the head…. Get ready to take it all.”

All she could do was brace herself as I continued to push and didn’t stop until my balls were rubbing up against her cheeks. She let out strange groans and moans and slight sounds of pain as she tried desperately to adjust the thick pole that impaled itself through her asshole. I didn’t care, I lost myself to my own desires and started to plow her ass much to her surprise.

“C’mon tough girl! I know you can take it! Let me fuck your sexy ass for all you’re worth!”

I slapped her ass again as I thrusted hard against her, rocking her against the table. I looked at the others, who were all surprised to see me take their friend anally. Her groans would soon turn to just heavy pants as it was hard for her to make any other sound.

“How bout it girls?” I asked as I continued to rock Chelsea’s ass. “Any of you ever got assfucked before?”

Kayla was quick to answer with a hell no. Karina blushed and also said no. Kylie admitted that I was the one that deflowered her.

“Don’t worry about it girls, I’ll get to you real quick.. you’ll see how it feels.. and you’ll love it like Chelsea does..”

Chelsea could only scream “OH FUCK!! IT’S SO HUGE!!! Take it easy on me!!”

“I thought you loved it rough and hard baby..” I didn’t stop ramming her ass for a second.

“It-it’s different!! It’s like your cock feels twice as big going in the other end!! Ow!!! Oh gawd, have mercy baby!!!”

I didn’t hold back and continued to ram into her. Her screams turned me on more and more. I reached out to my right and started rubbing Kayla’s asshole that made her jump. My left hand reached out and forced my fingertip into Karina’s ass. My cock was so fucking stiff and eager to cum, I didn’t need to hold onto Chelsea’s hips to keep it inside her at the moment.

Kayla and Karina blushed as they felt my finger bury themselves deep inside her, being careful not to hurt them.

Kayla groaned lightly, “Oh fuck.. you’re really going to…”

Karina blushed heavily, “Agghhh… it feels kinda weird Josh…”

“Just let it happen girls.. get yourselves adjusted to my fingers before I get to you…”

Chelsea moaned loudly as I continued to ruthlessly pound her hole, as Kayla and Karina made little awkward sounds while they tried to adjust to my fingers penetrating them. I soon couldn’t take it anymore, the savage pleasure of it all overcame me.

The battered tomboy could only brace herself as my cock suddenly shot its load deep inside her. The sudden jolt made me finger the other girls harder and deeper as I kept fucking my newfound lover, pumping her full of my seed with every thrust.

Chelsea hold onto the table as I finally finished and pulled out of her, as well as the other two girls. A bit of cum was dripping down Chelsea’s leg as her ass was now full of it. I couldn’t tell if she came or not, but I was still relishing the afterglow of having cum inside a cute girl’s virgin ass.

“How was that Chelsea… did you like having me fuck your ass?”

“I… I don’t know…. Kinda…?”

“Would you ever let me do that to you again?” There was a slight pause until Chelsea finally replied with “….kinda? Just… slower? Not so rough…?”

“That’s a good girl… get some rest.” I’d say as I rubbed her sweet ass.

I got behind Karina and started rubbing my cock up against her hole. She blushed heavily knowing it was now her turn. My cock has softened some after such a big release, but it was soon stiffening to the thought of ravaging this girl’s sweet little ass. She easily had the nicest ass out of the four, dare I say even nicer than Kylie’s.

Karina shut her eyes, “Please… take it easy on me… don’t go all crazy like you did with Chelsea…”

“Don’t worry.. I’ll try to take it nice and slow, cutiepie.”

I continued to rub her virgin entrance until my cock hardened to its fullest. Slowly and carefully I pressed forward and I could feel Karina tense up as she sensed the hard intruder forcing its way inside her. The excitement of deflowering yet another girl got me more and more aroused, and she just felt incredibly good as her hole clenched upon the head.

She groaned quietly and softly as I fucked her with just the head, giving her time to adjust. With every thrust more would sink in, and I noticed she would try her best to accommodate herself and make it easier on both of us. In a few moments she gasped loudly as my full length slide inside her.

“Ahhh… oh wow… is that all of it… oh fuck… all of it’s inside me… how did you make it fit…”

“Just take it nice and slow baby… and hey Kylie, Kayla.. start fingering your assholes… make it easier on yourselves.”

Both girls were shocked, but even more shocked when they hands seemed to have a mind of their own and reach back behind them. Kylie was the first to stagger as her own index finger violated her ass. Kayla whimpered softly as her middle finger started working her way inside her forbidden channel.

I thrusted nice and slow into Karina’s ass, and soon her light moans were joined by the moans of the other two girls. I pulled out of Karina and moved over to Kylie. “Remember me sweetie? You can stop playing with yourself now…”

Kylie braced herself, knowing it was her turn, “Yeah.. you fucked my ass last time…”

“Did you love it Kylie..? Having my thick cock jammed deep inside your ass?”

Kylie looked down to avoid eye contact, “You made me cum…. So yeah…”

I then slid my cock inside her, going slow and easy but not stopping until I took her whole. She moaned as the familiar feeling overtook her once more. “Oh fuuuck….”

“Mmmm… it feels so good… I’ve been wanting to fuck you again Kylie.. I’m glad I ran into you again… do you love how this feels baby..”

She moaned softly and almost whispered her answer. “Yes…”

“C’mon Kylie… we’re old friends.. let me hear you say it.. and be more specific…”

She moaned and said “I love it when you fuck me in the ass Josh… it feels so good… so fucking good..”

I gave her a few more thrusts and then went towards Kayla. Her gaze widened, she already knew what was in store for her. “I don’t know about this Josh… can’t we just do it… the normal way? I can roll on my back if you want…”

“Sorry Kayla, but I’m taking your sweet ass today… Like I said, I’m fucking ALL of you… you’re no exception..”

I slowly forced my cock into her sweet virgin ass, making her body tighten up as I forced her little hole open.

“Gaahhh!! It kinda hurts! Even with the fingering.. it’s too big!”

“Just relax and loosen up girl… let it take you… I’m not stopping until you took all of it.”

Kayla would try to relax and loosen up, and I’d thrust into her slowly, trying to work with her until she also felt the full extent of my shaft inside her.

“Agghh…. I can’t believe I’m taking all of it up my ass….”

“How does it feel for you Kayla?”

“It hurts… but it feels kinda good..”

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