I have everything I want…almost. My name is Sophie White I’m 34 years old and have been married to my husband, Archie, for seven years. Recently we’ve been trying to conceive. Tonight we were going to try again.

“Sophie? Lovey, where are your?” called Archie as he entered our Putney Hill flat.

“In the kitchen, Archie,” I called back from the back of the apartment. “Go into the dining room I’ll brink you a cocktail.”

“Thanks, Lovey.”

I heard a chair leg scrape on the hardwood floor as Archie pulled it from the table. He exhaled a relaxing sigh. He seemed glad that his day as a project accountant with the British Bank of Commerce was finished.

“Tough day, Darling?” I sauntered into the room carrying a tray with a whiskey sour on it.

Archie’s mouth dropped open at the sight of my attire. I was wearing a string of pearls around my neck topless. My hard nipples jutted from my huge breasts that swayed with each step I took. Around my waist was a white apron and under that was a white suspender belt from which white fishnet stockings were attached. I wore white pumps and a gold ankle bracelet that matched my honey brown hair.

I sat Archie’s cocktail on the table and kissed him deeply. My tongue probed for his and tussled with it. His hand reached instinctively for a breast and he squeezed it lovingly. He tried to pull me down on his lap but I resisted.

“Supper is ready.” I said simply and walked back to fetch our meal.

Archie chuckled and slapped my bare derrière, “Naughty girl, no knickers.”

“Darling!” I gasped rubbing the rising welt on my arse. I was sure I would have a red hand print on it. I brought back two plates of liver and onions with boiled potatoes.

Archie caressed my still stinging buttock as I set his plate in front of him.”I can hardly wait for dessert,” he smiled at me.

“Tonight is the night, Darling.” I looked over my shoulder watching Archie scrutinize my wiggling bum.

I said between bites, “My Basil Body Temperature is at its optimum. It’s the 13th day since menses so my hormone levels should be peaking.”

Archie smiled, “You really want a baby, don’t you Lovey?”

“Yes, I do.” I nodded, “I just didn’t think it would be so difficult to make one. I’ve always wanted to be a mum.”

“Those lovely breasts should be able to support twins,” he chuckled.

My nipples harden that much more under Archie’s lustful gaze. He had such lovely eyes, a pale blue that seemed to penetrate my soul. At 39 his hair line had begun to recede but his eyes could still make me blush.

As we ate Archie relaxed. He told a hilarious story about his bank superior looking for a loo on a construction site. “What a Joey,” cackled Archie slapping the table. “I’m glad he isn’t going to Norwich with me.”


“A fortnight, I’ve got to do an audit of Hadrian Construction. They’re the ones building the Norwich Distributer Route.”

“I saw that on the telly. Don’t the Greens have their knickers in a twist about that road?”

“Bloody tree-huggers are adding to the cost of construction.” He pushed his empty plate back and said, “Great supper, Lovey. Now, what of dessert?”

I scooted back from the table and rose to my feet. I untied the apron and let it fall to the floor. I followed Archie’s eyes as they migrated from my swaying breasts to my exposed cunt. My hips swung from side to side as I sauntered around the table.

“I have a nice custard in the kitchen or ….” I pushed Archie’s empty plate back out of the way and sat on the table spreading my legs, “… or you can nosh on a hot muff pie right here. You choose.”

His piercing blue eyes looked into my eyes and then into my neatly trimmed pussy. His head dipped between my thighs and his tongue darted between the folds of my gushing gash. His tongue lapped at my cunt, like a kitten with a saucer of milk. I leaned back and purred with pleasure.

Archie reached up and took a heavy breast in his hand and began to knead it. He gently pinched a nipple and I yelped. He franticly darted his tongue against my clit. He worked two fingers into my soppy snatch. His tongue and fingers worked in tandem to drive me to the edge of orgasm.

I grasped the back of his head and pushed more of his face into my mound. I squeezed my legs together and howled when Archie jammed his thumb up my arsehole driving me over the brink. My eyes rolled back and white light tore thru my brain. The muscles of my cunt contracted around Archie’s fingers.

While I panted for breath Archie sat back in his chair and undid his trousers. I lowered myself on to his rigid cock. My quim quivered with delight as it was penetrated by his pulsating pecker. I kissed him tasting my own nectar on his lips.

I slowly began to slide up on his shaft. I hesitated for a moment before gliding back down on it. Archie groaned when I topped out almost letting his cock slip from my cunt. He moaned with relief as I glided back down. I teased him for awhile and then picked up the pace.

One of my nipples disappeared into his mouth and he sucked on it hard. He gripped my buttocks which helped to steady me as my pace became more frantic. I felt his cock get thicker and begin to twitch. I knew he was close so I ground my crotch on his cock until I could feel his hairy balls tickling my arsehole. I stuck my tongue into his ear and whispered, “Cum in pussy, Darling.”

His blue eyes rolled over white. He gritted his teeth. I could feel his cum coating the walls of my cunt. I held him tight fully seated on his cock as he emptied himself into my waiting womb.

I sat on Archie’s cock post-coital and kissed his neck. I murmured my love over and over. His squidgy cock slipped out of me. I got up pinched my labia together and walked bow-legged out of the dining room.

“Let’s go to bed Darling. I’ll clean this mess up in the morning.” I said as I hobbled upstairs to our bedroom.

Archie did up his trousers and followed me up the stairs toot sweet. He stripped as soon as he hit the door of the bedroom. Then he joined me on the bed. He kept himself in shape. His body wasn’t beefy nor was it pudgy either. He lay on his back. I kissed him and our tongues wrestled. He found one of my tits and began to squeeze it.

I kissed his neck then his chest and belly. I grabbed his still wet cock and ran my tongue down its length. It tasted of my nectar and his spent semen a bit on the salty side. I giggled as it hardened immediately. I sucked the proud helmet of his pecker into my mouth and darted my tongue into his piss slit.

“Oh my,” gasped Archie clutching at the sheets. Soon I was bobbing my head on his cock like a banshee. I rolled his balls in my hand like they were dice. I teasingly relaxed my throat and swallowed his entire cock. His curly pubic hair tickled my upper lip.

“I’m going to cum.”

I quickly spit out his willy and scolded, “You better not.”

Archie groaned with disappointment. I rolled onto my back and spread my legs for him. “Fuck me Darling.”

He rolled on top of me and penetrated my pussy in one movement. He began thrusting into me with reckless abandon. He pounded me hard for several minutes before arching his back and burying his cock into me. His cock once again spurt cum into my depths.

I loved the rapture look on his face as he orgasm. I wrapped my legs around his ass and hooked my ankles together. The pressure of Archie’s pubic bone on my clit sent me over the cliff. I howled as my orgasm racked my body with delight. My cunt contracted around Archie’s cock like a wet glove and attempted to milk the last drop of cum from his cock.

Archie kissed me and rolled off of me. He whispered, “I love you, Sophie.”

“I love you too, Darling,” I said as I snuggled up to him and fell asleep. I dreamed of booties and bassinets.

Two weeks later I was sitting at our bedroom window watching it rain. I was crying and had a heating pad tucked against my tummy. I watched Archie as he sprinted around puddles on his dash to the front door. He had spent most of the week at Norwich doing the project audit. I felt guilty because I hadn’t fixed supper but I couldn’t I was too fagged.

“Sophie? Lovey where you are?” he called.

“Up here!” I called back.

Archie had stopped to fetch a towel and was drying his hair as he padded up the stairs in his stocking feet. He took one look at my tears and the mascara that trailed down my face, “What’s wrong?”

“My womanlies,” I spat disgusted. “You’re not pregnant?”

I shook my head negatively and wailed in frustration.

“I’m sorry Lovey,” he said as he crossed the room. He hugged me close. I sobbed into his shoulder. He stroked my hair and patted my back. It was comforting in the warmth of his loving embrace.

“Now will you go to the reproductive specialist?” I whimpered.

He kissed me lightly on the lips and said, “Of course, Lovey.”

Two weeks later I accompanied Archie to Doctor Rashid’s office. I had sought out his help over a year ago. After a thorough physical exam he taught me about Basil Body Temperature and how to keep an Ovulation Calendar. Archie so far had resisted going to the doctor… until now.

The doctor’s fat nurse smiled judging us when we checked in at the front desk. We followed her waddling backside into an exam room. She ordered Archie to strip and handed him a gown before briskly leaving the room.

Several minutes later she returned and took Archie’s weight and blood pressure. Then she poked him none too gently in the arm with a needle and took a couple vials of blood. She handed him two specimen cups and told him to fill them up.

Archie looked at her bewildered. She chuckled and her jowls shook like jelly, “Piss in one and wank-off in the other.”

I took Archie by the hand and led him down the hall to the WC. He stepped in and closed the door. I could hear a wiz sound as he filled one cup with urine.

He whined thru the door. “Piss in one, I’d like to piss on you, you fat flecking slag.”

“Darling! Don’t throw a wobbly.” I said.

After a bit he poked his head out of the door, “I got one full of piss but I’m having trouble with the other.”

With a smile I pushed past Archie and said, “I thought you might have trouble with your John Thomas. Why don’t I help you?”

I closed and locked the door. I smiled untied my overcoat and hung it on the back of the door.

“Blimey!” gasped Archie.

A broad grin covered my face as I turned back around. I was pleased that Archie was smiling back at me. I was wearing a three piece “Naughty Nurse” costume which included a sheer crop top which covered yet completely revealed my big breasts and hard nipples. My outfit had a white mini skirt that didn’t quite cover my bum. I had on a white thong with white thigh-high stockings stuffed into white heels and a white nurse’s cap resting atop my honey brown hair.

“I understand you’re having a problem with your penis, Mister White.”

Archie’s gown was tented with an erection and he moved to fondle me. I smacked his hand and said, “Please Mister White let’s keep this professional. Now let me see your todger.”

He chuckled and pulled his gown above his naval to reveal his erection, “Yes, Nurse Goodbody, whatever you say.”

I began stroking his hard cock running my hand slowly the length of his willy. I cupped his balls and rolled them like dice. After teasing Archie’s genitals I said, “Everything seems to be in working order, Mister White. You just need to manipulate your penis until you ejaculate.”

“This place is so clinical, there’s no inspiration. The smell of disinfectant is overwhelming, its killing me stiffy,” whined Archie.

I pinched one of my nipples through my sheer white boob tube and asked, “You don’t find me inspiring?”

“You’re blooming inspiring, Lovey,” he choked as he began fisting his cock.

I raised my mini skirt and hooked my thumbs at the waistband of my thong and quickly ripped it down my legs. I handed it to Archie and said, “Perhaps you’ll find the fragrance of my knickers a bit stimulating.”

He brought the thong up to his face and inhaled deeply. He immediately began flogging himself with breakneck fury. He growled with desire.

I kept my skirt raised and put a foot upon the toilet. I ran a finger through my trimmed thatch of pubic hair down to my clit and then through the wet slit of my labia. I penetrated my cunt with a finger. I rapidly fingered myself while pushing my palm against my clit. I moaned in ecstasy.

Archie’s eyes gleamed with lust as he gawked at my cunt. His rapid fire manipulation produced results. He spurted a stream of sperm into the specimen cup. His face was red and beads of perspiration made his features glisten.

Soon I joined Archie with my own self-induced orgasm. I pulled my nipples and jammed my finger far up my cunt. I pushed hard against my exposed clit an electrical charge of pleasure coursed through my nethers and exploded in my brain. I bit my lip to keep from screaming in orgasmic delight.

Once we had come back down to earth from our climatic heights I put my coat back on. We exited the loo and went back to the exam room. Dr. Rashid joined us he asked a few questions concerning the frequency of intimacy and the length of time intercourse lasted.

Poor Archie suffered through Dr. Rashid’s physical examination. With a gloved hand the doctor roughly gouged Archie’s testicles and commanded that he turn his head and cough. That indignity was followed by the doctor ordering Archie to bend over the exam table. Archie gritted his teeth as the doctor’s thick finger invaded his bum to check his prostate. The exam completed Dr. Rashid said he would give us a ring when all the test results came back from the lab.

Once back in our automobile I said to Archie, “Sorry…Dr. Rashid seemed… a bit rough.” “Too right, bleeding Asian I’d love to box his ears.”

“Perhaps if you don’t have to return to the office, Nurse Goodbody could help ease your suffering,” I offered as I opened my coat once again revealing my costume. I spread my legs wide to expose my quim.

Archie sped from the cark park and into traffic while chatting on his mobile. He rescheduled his afternoon appointments while weaving in and out of traffic. We arrived home in record time and fortunately in one piece. We dashed for the door giggling like teenagers skipping school.

I ordered Archie to bed. I giggled at the thundering clattered of his footfalls as he charged up the stairs. I hung-up my coat adjusted my see-thru boob tube and went into the kitchen to fix Archie a whiskey toddy.

Archie had left a trail of clothes from the door to the bed. I sauntered to the bedside and handed him the toddy and said, “This should sooth your suffering a bit.”

“A bit,” he replied gulping down the warmed whiskey and lemon juice.

“What seems to be the problem Mister White?” I asked as I lifted his wrist and pretended to take his pulse.

He threw back the covers revealing his nudity and said, “I’ve some swelling that just won’t go down.”

I gazed at his hard cock, “Yes it seems a bit enlarged.”

My hands fondled his willy and balls. I ran a finger-nail down the length his shaft. It twitched. I said, “Perhaps I can remedy the problem by drawing off the distress.”

“Please do.” Archie forced my head down towards his cock. I teasingly licked his piss slit a couple of times before taking his tool into my mouth. I bobbed up and down on his cock continuing to stroke it with one hand. I felt Archie slide a digit into my slit.

He began to finger me to the rhythm of my oral ministrations. He pressed his thumb against my hooded clit. An electric charge surged through my cunt causing me to gasp. Archie grabbed me hips and maneuvered my hindquarters around until we were in a sixty-nine position. His tongue scurried in and out of my quim in concert with my bobbing on his cock. He bit lightly on my exposed clit.

I spit out his cock and rose up on my hands and knees until I was squatting above Archie’s face. I howled like a dog as pleasure shot from my crotch and burst in my brain. My eyes rolled back and I fought to stay conscious.

When I was done with my climax I slid off Archie’s face and slipped down his torso. My wet labia left a snail trail of clamminess to mark my passage. I gripped his hard cock rose up on my haunches and fed it into my hungry hole. I slid down his shaft until I was firmly seated on his cock in what the Yanks call a reverse cowgirl position.

I began to rise and fall on Archie’s cock riding it like he was Thoroughbred on a fox hunt. I pulled my nipples and diddled my clit while maintaining an ever increasing tempo of cock- jockeying.

Archie must have felt my cunt begin to contract around his cock because he suddenly jammed his middle finger up my arsehole saturated with seepage from my snatch. I fell down fully seated on Archie and climaxed with howl.

“Aww…cunt…cum…cumming,” I stammered thru jagged breaths. Lights of red, yellow and white went ballistic in my brain.

This time as my climax subside I simply slid off of Archie onto my side with my head at the bottom of the bed. Archie gave me a moment to compose myself. Then he flipped me on my back spread my legs and mounted me.

I gasped as his hard cock once again penetrated my soppy snatch. My labia clung to his cock like a hot wet velvet glove. I patted his ass as he began to pound my pussy like a jackhammer. His pubic bone was tantalizing my super sensitive clit. I began to babble incoherently as he machine gunned my cunt with his marvelous cock.

Archie buried himself in me and I felt his cum showering the walls of my cunt. I contracted my muscles around his cock as he emptied himself into me. I smiled as he growled with pleasure. It seemed his entire weight was on my clit. Again I wailed as I climaxed, a burst of white light detonated in my mind with each breath.

I wrapped my arms and legs around Archie as he collapsed on top of me. Finally spent and soft he rolled off of me and whizzed, “Thanks nurse, I think you took care of my swelling.”

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