I hardly got any sleep during the night, the words of the guard whose dick I had sucked playing on my mind, and when morning came I was still exhausted from the day before.

We went through the same routine as before, only this time I didn’t see Jeff and wondered what had happened to him. Again, straight after breakfast, we were all herded out to the waiting van but, as I was about to board, the guard stopped me.

“Not you today,” he said. “The governor heard about yesterday and wants to see you.”

I swallowed hard, wondering exactly what he had heard, and watched as the transport left for the quarry.

“Come on follow me,” the guard said as he began to walk back through the gates.

Struggling to keep pace with him we went along a few corridors until we reached the governor’s office, where the guard knocked on the door.

“Enter,” came the governor’s voice from inside the room.

The guard opened the door and I came face to face with not only the governor, but also the boss from the quarry.

“Ah Julez just who I wanted to see,” the governor said.

“Have I done something wrong sir?” I asked before glancing at the boss.

“No Julez in fact the reports I am getting from ALL the staff at the quarry are excellent.”

“So, if you don’t mind me asking, why am I here instead of on the van?”

“Because I just wanted to know what you thought about the work.”

“Well apart from the heat it wasn’t too bad,” I replied. “I’m shocked that no-one else had completed the job in a morning before.”

“Well boss here thinks you might have been taking the piss,” the governor said. “But I told him about your past and he finally calmed down.”

“So what happens now then?” I asked.

“Boss will take you back to the quarry and he will keep you a lot busier in future,” The governor said. “Don’t let him, or me, down though.”

“No sir I won’t,” I said.

“Good then you may go.”

The boss stood up and led the way out of the room and outside to his car. Looking at the vehicle wondered just how much money the staff were getting paid. It was a huge, jet black Hummer with chrome bull bars on the front and the image of a naked woman spray painted on to the hood.

“Get in Julez,” the boss said as he walked around to the other side.

Doing as I was told I sat in the passenger seat, next to him, and he started the car up. The engine roared and we were soon hurtling along the roads at almost 100, on the way back to the quarry. As we drove I almost dozed off and it was only the fact that the boss brought his hand crashing down onto my knee that stopped me.

“Tired Julez?” he asked as I sat bolt upright.

“Guess I still am from all that rock shifting,” I replied.

“Are you sure that’s the only reason?”

“Yeah why?”

“Oh nothing,” he replied but I could tell there was something.

We continued the drive when, all of a sudden, the boss pulled the car off the road and headed down a dusty road, causing me to start panicking.

“Where are we going?” I asked nervously.

“Don’t you worry about that,” the boss said. “We’ll be there in five minutes.”

I turned my head and started to look out of the window hoping to see some sort of sign that told me where we were heading, but there was nothing, just miles and miles of open countryside, and the further we went the more uneasy I became.

Eventually though the boss brought the car to a stop outside a small roadside café.

“Let’s get something to eat,” he said. “What they don’t know won’t hurt.”

I stayed where I was as he climbed out of the car, until he stuck his head back in and told me to follow him.

“You didn’t think I was going to leave you out here alone did you?”

“But I had my breakfast back at the lock up,” I replied.

“Trust me for what I have in store you will need as much energy as possible.”

Not liking the tone of his voice I just followed along and sat where he told me to, once we were inside. As I sat there, waiting, I stared towards the door and wondered if I could make it out before he came back. The only problem was that he had picked the furthest table from the door, and I would have to pass him to do so.

Just as I had made up my mind to risk it a large plate was paced down in front of me, covered with a full English breakfast, and the boss sat opposite me.

“I suggest you eat that,” he said picking up his own knife and fork.

I stared at the amount of food on the plate in front of me and was amazed. There were three sausages, three slices of bacon, two fried eggs, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, black pudding and a fried slice, as well as a plate of toast on the table.

“Come on Julez get stuck in,” the boss said watching me carefully. “Don’t worry I’ve not poisoned it or anything.”

He burst out laughing at his attempt of humour causing me to smile, and then I picked up my cutlery as well. We didn’t speak as we ate, and all I could think was that he must want me for more than just rock shifting to be treating me this well.

Once we had finished eating we had one more coffee before heading back out to the van, and continued our journey. The boss opened up as we spoke, telling me about The Quarry and how the new government thought it would, at least, half the crime statistics. Listening to him as he spoke I began to relax more, his company wasn’t bad, and he would occasionally come out with a joke as well.

“Not long now Julez,” he said as we turned off the road onto another dusty track. “If we go this way we can save twenty minutes driving time.”

I was looking out of the window as he said it, and didn’t notice him massaging his cock through his worn, dusty jeans, glancing at me as he did so.

As I continued to stare out of the window thoughts of the day before, the two guards I sucked off, images of Jeff through his cell bars all flooded through my mind, and I began to wonder if there was something more than just rehabilitation going on at The Quarry.

Suddenly the boss stopped the car and I felt his hand grip my thigh tightly. Turning to face him I was shocked to see that he had his cock out of his jeans, and was slowly stroking it.

“What the fuck are you doing!!?” I asked.

“Come on Julez surely you didn’t think your antics yesterday would go unheard of,” he replied.

I was listened as he spoke, but couldn’t take my eyes off his huge throbbing member, it must have been at least nine inches long and at least half as thick, and it really was the most gorgeous cock I had ever seen.

As I continued to stare at his hand, moving slowly along the full length of his hard shaft, I felt the hardness of my own cock inside my jeans throbbing.

“What do you mean about yesterday?” I asked feigning innocence.

“Something along the lines of you, two guards and a mouthful of cock that’s what,” the boss replied.

“I never had a choice,” I said. “Once they knew I was there they threatened to tell you I was trying to escape.”

“Why didn’t you just run and come to me?” He asked.

“Who would you believe a con or two trusted guards?”

“I’m sure something could have been worked out,” the boss said. “Unfortunately we now have a problem don’t we?”

“How do you mean a problem?”

“Well I can’t have convicts just going around sucking anyone’s dick can I?” Boss said. “Especially when they aren’t looking after the one person can make their life a living hell.”

Before I could say another word the boss let go of my thigh and placed his large hand on the back of my neck.

“However I also have the power to make life so easy for those that I choose to do so for,” he said smiling at me, his hand still wrapped around his hard, thick cock. “If you get my meaning.”

I knew exactly what he wanted, and normally I wouldn’t hesitate to wrap my lips around the swollen, purple, pre-cum covered head of his cock, but sitting in the truck alone I felt scared, and pressured. For all I knew I could suck him and he could treat me worse than all the others. On the other hand though doing it could get me away from shifting all those fucking rocks, day after day, and get me much easier work.

Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea I knew I had no alternative other than sucking his monstrous cock, I just hoped that he didn’t take long to cum, and lowered my head slowly.

“I knew you would see sense,” the boss said as I flicked my tongue over the end of him, tasting his pre-cum. “Mmm that feels so good Julez.”

Opening my mouth as wide as I could, to take his monster cock, I slowly lowered my head, taking inch after inch of his hardness into my mouth, until I couldn’t get any more in.

“That’s it Julez suck my cock,” the boss gasped. “Make your boss a very happy man.”

Struggling not to gag or choke on his size I soon got into a good rhythm, my head bobbing up and down quickly, only occasionally going to low and catching the back of my throat.

“Fuck yeah that’s it,” boss moaned breathlessly as I continued to suck his cock.

I sucked for all I was worth but it looked like the boss was never going to cum, and eventually he placed his hand on my head and told me to stop.

“What’s wrong?” I asked letting his cock fall from my mouth, my jaw aching.

“Get out of the car,” the boss said opening his door.

Wondering what was wrong with him I did as he said.

“My cock should be wet enough now,” he said as he looked at me.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“What I mean is drop your jeans, turn around and bend over the hood.”

“You’re kidding right?” I said shocked.

“Do I look like I’m kidding?”

His face had changed from one of pleasure to one that said ‘do it or you will suffer’

Realizing that this had been his plan all along I slowly undid my jeans and slid them, and my boxer shorts, down to my ankles before turning around and doing as he had asked.

“What a gorgeous white ass,” the boss said and I heard him take a couple of steps towards me.

I braced myself, and tried to relax my sphincter muscle as much as possible, as I felt his hands grip my hips. As the thick head of his cock came into contact with my tight hole I closed my eyes, and gritted my teeth.

Slowly the boss pushed against me, more pre-cum covering my hole, and after a few attempts the head of his cock broke through my defenses, causing me to yelp loudly.

“Good job no one can hear you yelping like a girl,” the boss said as he brought one of his hands crashing down against my ass cheeks.

“FUCK!!!” I called out. “That fucking hurt.”

“Stop whining like a bitch or I’ll really hurt you,” the boss said the tone of his voice scaring me.

Without warning he slapped my ass again as he drove forward, burying the whole of his cock deep inside me. Pain tore through my body and I thought he had ripped me open, yet the boss just proceeded to continue thrusting hard and fast into me. Gritting my teeth the pain gradually subsided and I soon found myself enjoying the feeling of the boss’s thick, cock driving in and out of me, and reached down for my own hard cock, and began to masturbate.

“Good to see you enjoying it,” the boss said as I wanked in time with his powerful thrusts.

“Oh yes fuck me,” I gasped the feeling of my orgasm beginning to grow in my body. “Cum with me boss.”

“Oh I will Julez believe me,” he said thrusting hard into me. “And I’m not going to be long.”

Gripping my cock and stroking faster than ever as the boss pounded, and slapped my ass, my balls tightening. Try as I did I couldn’t hold back any longer and letting out a loud moan, I started to cum Jet after jet of my white, milky liquid erupted from the end of my cock, and onto the front of the car as I felt the boss’s cock twitch deep inside me.

“Oh fuck Julez yes!!” He called out as he drove his cock, hard into me once again, before beginning to unload his own seed into me.

Each twitch from his cock caused me to cum more and soon we were both totally drained, the boss inside me and my cum coating the front grill of the car.

Finally he withdrew his, still hard, cock from my ass and turned me to face him.

“I think you and I are going to get on just perfectly Julez,” he said with a wink. “Come on get tidied up and let’s go the governor’s coming to The Quarry this afternoon.”

Once dressed we jumped back into the car, my ass sore from both the pounding and slaps that he had given me, and we continued on our journey, arriving fifteen minutes later.

I climbed out of the car to be greeted by one of the guards from the day before.

“Glad you could make it boy,” he said sarcastically. “We didn’t think you were going to come.”

“Believe me he will always come,” the boss said and the two of them burst out laughing.

“Right let’s get you to work boy,” the guard said and led me to join the others and yet another pile of rocks.

This pile didn’t seem as big as the previous days and I began to move them quickly, and efficiently, soon catching up with the rest o the cons that were busy doing the same.

Looking around there was no sign of Jeff, and I began to wonder what had happened to him, as he wasn’t at breakfast either. I assumed that he was needed back behind the prison walls, probably to keep the guards entertained, and wondered if that was what would end up to me now that I was the boss’s favourite cock sucking fuck slut.

Author’s note: Mostly true, the situation changed a bit to spice things up. While I didn’t sleep with “Kathy’s” mom (not for lack of desire, she was hotter than “Kathy”!), the motel event did actually happen.



It was the early 1990′s and I was 33, stationed in Savannah, Georgia. I’d been there for about four months and got a part-time job delivering pizzas, figuring that the extra cash would help and the time spent working would keep me out of the bars and out of trouble.

Kathy, my new girlfriend, worked there also. She worked at the same pizza store and we’d been dating for two months. Kathy was a 24 year old short little hottie with huge boobs, but not especially pretty. What she lacked in looks, though, she more than made up in body and personality. It was always great to hang out with her. We were about to take the next step in our relationship, meeting her parents, the next day. I hoped that hurdle was the last before I got into her pants.

It was a Thursday night, and the following day was a training holiday (ie, day off for you non-military types), so I volunteered to work the closing shift. It was about three minutes to closing and I had already cashed out when the phone rang. I gave Gary, the manager, a disgruntled look as he reached for the phone to take the order.

“C’mon, man,” I pleaded, “you can ignore it this one time. I’m ready to go home.”

Gary gave me a stern look and picked up the phone. “Thank you for calling [big pizza chain with mafioso overtones], may I take your order?”

I saw him jot down the order (yeah, no computers then) and I started making the pizza even before he hung up. After he did, I glanced up at the clock: 11:02 PM.

“You realize that I’m off, right?” I said.

“Just pay for the order with your tips and go home after the delivery,” he replied. “If they stiff you, I’ll reimburse you tomorrow.”

I checked the address. It was in “The Hood” as we called it. There were several places in Savannah that a pizza guy, especially a skinny white one like me, had to keep his head on a swivel or else someone would liberate all his cash, accompanied by bruises or some cuts. We’d had two drivers robbed in the last six months and normally Leon, a massively-built black guy that nobody messed with, delivered to this area. The irony was that for all his mean looks, Leon was probably the nicest guy anyone would ever have the pleasure of meeting. Unfortunately for me, he was off that night to study for finals at the college he was attending. I was going to have to make the delivery.

Twenty minutes later, I nervously walked up with the small cheese pizza and twenty-ounce coke in hand. The delivery address was a sleazy motel that I’d never delivered to before. I knocked on the door to room 3 and waited. It was on the ground floor and I was angled so that if the door opened and I saw a knife or a gun, I could drop the food and make a break for it.

When the door opened, I was more surprised than if there HAD been a knife or gun sticking in my face. The woman that answered the door was probably in her mid to late 50′s with salt-and-pepper hair cut into a bob. I could see that life hadn’t been kind to her, and her face showed years of hard living. She was a few inches shorter than me and a bit on the thin side. The truly surprising part was that she was wearing a full-length nightgown that was completely see-through.

Her tits were small and kind of flabby, and she had the “old lady pooch” of a belly. Other than that, however, she wasn’t too bad to look at. She had nice legs.

“Uh….pizza!” I stammered, averting my stare and looking past her and into the motel room instead. I noticed that there wasn’t a single light on in there.

She turned and walked to the back of the motel room, leaving the door wide open. With her back to me, I noticed that she had a really nice ass. She pulled some cash from her purse, then turned around and stood there as if she wanted me to come into the room.

I’m a Star Wars geek. I wasn’t surprised to hear Admiral Ackbar’s voice saying “It’s a trap!” in the back of my mind, so I wasn’t planning on walking into that room. I shoved the pizza box out in front of me and repeated, “Pizza.”

She gave me an exasperated look and simply stuck her hand with the money out. I glanced around the dark room and didn’t see anyone, so I gathered up my courage and walked into the room over to her. I took the cash and set the pizza and soda down on the desk next to her purse. I thanked her as I started to walk out, but I made the mistake of looking into her eyes.

The second my eyes met hers, I knew I was going to fuck her. I could see it in her eyes…pleading, yet triumphant. The sexual connection between us was such a shock that I stumbled and almost fell. As I regained my composure, she had walked over and closed the door. It was almost pitch black, the only light coming around the edges of the curtain from the streetlights outside.

My breathing was rapid as she walked up to me, then I felt her slowly dropped to her knees in front of me. Nimble fingers unbuckled my pants, unzipped my jeans, and fished my half-hard dick out of my pants. The sensation of her wet, soft lips sliding down the head of my dick was exquisite. I’m sure that the situation heightened my senses…the dark, the mysterious woman, and all that, but she had the best mouth that ever covered my dick.

I felt the head of my cock nudge against the back of her throat, then her mouth slowly slide off it. Her tongue ran itself around my cockhead before the whole length disappeared back into her talented mouth. One of her hands caressed my balls while the other ran itself up and down my belly under my shirt.

She was mewling softly as she hungrily sucked my dick faster and harder. I knew it t wouldn’t be long before my dick would explode in her mouth, and I told her, “Jesus, lady, you’re going to make me cum!”

She yanked her mouth off of me. “No!” she said in a loud whisper. “I need to get fucked hard.” She stood up, and in the dim light I saw her turn around, bend over the bed, and gathered her nightgown up around her hips. “Fuck me in the ass!” she commanded.

I was definitely wet enough from her mouth. I moved behind her, lined up my dick with her asshole, and slowly started pushing myself into her.

She obviously didn’t want gentle. She slammed her ass back into me and my cock slid smoothly deep into her ass. I heard her gasp in pain, but she didn’t pull away.

I immediately started to pump my cock in and out of her, but she hissed “Wait….wait…” It was difficult to keep from moving, to keep from twitching my hips and making my throbbing cock move inside her hot, tight ass. I was just about to give up and start fucking her hard when I felt her relax around my cock and heard her say, “Fuck me hard, honey.”

My hands grabbed her hips and I started pounding into her with abandon. With every thrust, she grunted in pain/pleasure. My thighs slapped loudly against the back of hers. I felt her hand brush across mine as it shoved it’s way beneath her, her fingers search for and finding her clit. She stroked it madly as I frantically fucked her.

“Unnngh….oh…..OH……..YESSSSSSSS,” she moaned. I could feel her asshole convulse around my pistoning cock as her fingers brought her over the edge to orgasm. It brought me to the brink.

“Fuck, baby!” I grunted as my cock throbbed deep into her ass. My cum exploded into her, filling her ass with sticky wet heat. It felt like it went on forever as she massaged me with the muscles in her ass.

Eventually I collapsed on top of her, exhausted. Even though it was short, I put all my energy into fucking her ass and it left me drained. My dick slowly deflated inside her, then popped out with a rush of my juices.

I slowly rolled off of her. As I laid there and caught my breath, I felt her stand. A moment later, the light in the bathroom came on and I heard water running. I watched as she came back from the bathroom, a washcloth in hand. Climbing on the bed next to me, she gently washed my dick with the washcloth, then tossed it on the floor and laid down next to me.

“Is there more?” she asked, softly. There was a hint of a smile in her voice.

“Yes, ma’am…uh, what’s your name, anyway?” I asked.

“Wanda,” she replied as she laid back on the bed.

“Nice to meet you, Wanda,” I said, rolling over onto my stomach next to her. I kissed a trail from her neck to her chest, ending up with one of her nipples between my lips. I licked it gently, then softly sucked it into my mouth.

“Ohhhh,” Wanda moaned. In the dim light from the bathroom, I could see her hand slip between her thighs again. She slowly stroked herself as I paid attention to one nipple, then the other.

As I said before, she had small, kind of flabby tits. It was obvious that they were sensitive, however, as she arched her chest up and pulled my head against her breast tightly with her other hand.

“You can bite a bit,” she whispered. My teeth instantly grabbed the nipple and gave it a quick, sharp bite. She rewarded me with a gasp followed by a long moan.

As I alternately sucked and bit her nipples, my hand slid down her belly and pulled hers out of the way. My fingers found her sopping wet pussy, and I quickly found the engorged nub of her clit. I bit down fairly hard on a nipple as I forcefully rubbed her clit. She gave out a cry, but didn’t pull me off of either. The rougher I was, the more she moaned.

“God, fuck me,” she moaned. “Fuck me now!”

I pulled my mouth from her tit. “Are you in a rush?” I asked.

“Yes….no…..I don’t know….God, put your dick in me, please,” she begged.

I bounced up and slid between her legs. Grabbing the back of her thighs, I lined up my dick with her pussy and shoved. She was sopping wet, and my dick slid effortlessly into her. She wasn’t very tight, but the heat radiating onto my dick and the warm wetness of her pussy was intense.

I had thoughts of making love to this woman, fucking her long and slow, making her cum again and again. However, I was so turned on that I immediately started pounding her hard. I was immediately rewarded when she came again, scratching my back with her nails and slamming her crotch up to me in time with my thrusts.

I continued pounding into her pussy. Her pure lust had turned me into a raging animal desperate to mate. I was fucking her hard, feeling like an 18 year old with limitless energy and stamina. I wanted to cum, cum deep into her incredibly wet pussy and fill it with my seed.

I heard her gasp another orgasm and dimly felt her fingernails pull more furrows into my back. I slammed into her deep and hard and held myself there as my cum boiled out of my balls and sprayed deep inside her. I came so hard that it made me shake.

Suddenly, my body reminded me that I wasn’t actually an 18 year old with limitless stamina. Drained, my quivering hands released her thighs and I slowly collapsed on top of her. Gasping for air, I felt her pussy give a few more soft contractions.

“Uh….” she said, her voice shaky, “you’re heavy.”

“Sorry,” I mumbled, using my last bit of strength to roll off of her. She immediately rolled onto her side, her head cradled in the crook of my shoulder.

Silently, we laid there together, both of our chests heaving. When I caught my breath, I gently started to pull myself away from her.

“No…..please stay,” she said. “Stay with me tonight.”

I thought about it for a moment. I didn’t have to work tomorrow, and I wasn’t supposed to meet Kathy until the afternoon. “Okay,” I said. I felt her relax against me, one arm tossed across me almost possessively.

I don’t know which one of us fell asleep first. When I woke up, both of us were on our sides and I was pressed up against her from behind. I had a hand full of one of her tits.

While she softly snored, I untangled myself from her, got up, and did my morning bathroom routine. Seeing the motel had a coffee maker in the room, I made a pot. The smell must have woken her up.

“Good morning,” she said from under the covers. “Did you make coffee?”

“Yes,” I smiled back. I poured her a cup (“one sugar”) and brought it over to her.

“Do you know when the last time a man brought me coffee in bed was?” she asked.

“Seeing as how I just met you last night, no,” I laughed.

“It’s probably been decades,” she said, taking a sip from her cup.

I raised my coffee cup in salute to her. “Here’s to the next time being less than a decade,” I said.

Both of us lit up a cigarette and she gave me her story as we drank coffee and smoked. It turned out that she was married with an adult daughter that lived at home with them. Her husband wasn’t all that spectacular…overweight, overbearing, and she hadn’t had sex in a long time.

“So, do you do this often?” I asked.

She blushed. “No, this is the first time. I’ve been thinking about doing it for years, but I finally worked up the courage.”

“This is probably the wrong part of town to pick up strange guys,” I said. “You could have gotten robbed, or worse.”

She nodded. “I know,” she said,” but I didn’t want to have an affair, I just wanted to feel like a desirable woman again. I needed it so bad that I wasn’t thinking straight.”

“So how did you get out of the house without your husband knowing?” I said, curious.

“I’m supposed to be visiting my sister in Rincon,” she replied. “They don’t get along, so he’d never call to check up on me.” As she talked, her hand moved between us and gently grabbed my dick. It instantly sprang into full hardness.

I set my coffee down and leaned over her. I kissed her, a full lover’s kiss that spoke of the desire that she was causing in me. She responded, pulling me down on top of her.

I made the slow, sweet love to her that I had intended to last night, then left her basking in the afterglow as I went home. On the way out, I grinned at the unopened pizza box on the desk.

When I got home, there was a message on my answering machine from Kathy, reminding me that I was supposed to meet her parents that evening. Honestly, I did feel a bit bad about the spending the night with Wanda the day before meeting my girlfriend’s parents, but I rationalized it as just a one-time thing. She needed it, and I definitely enjoyed it, but it wouldn’t happen again.

I did some stuff around the house during the day, then about 4PM I took a shower, dressed in “meet the parents” clothes, and headed over to Kathy’s house. She answered the door and let me in, leading me to the living room. Her father sat on the couch, engrossed in some show or other on TV.

There was an immediate dislike between us. He’d spent some time in the military, having been drafted in the 60′s and thought he knew everything there was to know from his short term of service. After about 20 minutes, I gave up trying to correct his misconceptions about military life and gave Kathy a pleading look: Get me out of here.

Kathy asked me to help her in the kitchen. Once in there, she said, “Dad will probably take getting used to.”

“No kidding,” I said. She seemed a bit irked when I rolled my eyes.

Where’s your mom?” I asked, sneaking a slice from the carrot she was slicing up.

“Oh, she went to visit her sister yesterday,” Kathy replied. “She should be home any minute.”

Something twigged my memory, but I couldn’t put a finger on it. Stealing a second slice, I asked, “Oh? Where’s her sister live?”

“Rincon,” Kathy said. The sound of the front door opening and closing carried over the TV’s volume. “That’s probably her.”

“Mom! We’re in the kitchen!” she called out. She completely missed my choking on the slice of carrot. I managed to cover it. Surely, it couldn’t be…..

The color drained out of Wanda’s face as she saw me standing next to Kathy. She didn’t recover as quickly as I had, and Kathy had to ask her, “Mom…are you alright?”

Wanda nodded. “I’m fine, Kathy,” she replied, her voice strangled.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you,” I said. I acted like I hadn’t just pounded her pussy, fucked her asshole, and filled her with load after load of cum the night before. She shook my hand, then quickly left the kitchen.

Dinner went fairly well, if you exclude Kathy’s father being an ass the whole time. Wanda was quiet at first, but when she realized that I had every intention of keeping our secret, she opened up some and by the time dinner was over she was fairly chatty.

After dinner, I really didn’t feel like sticking around and visiting any more with her folks. I really disliked her father, and I was afraid that either Wanda or I would let something incriminating slip. I suggested that Kathy and I go see a movie and we left. Wanda was smiling as we left, giving me a big hug.

As we drove to the theater, Kathy said, “I’m sorry about Dad acting the way he did. He’s always like that, unfortunately. But, at least Mom really liked you.”

“Imagine that,” I said, smiling inwardly.

Kathy snuggled up against me. “Yep. She even told me that you were a keeper.”

Smiling, I figured I knew exactly why she’d say that.

As work had been short of late I had been into town and signed up with a hand full of recruitment agencies offering temporary contracts to basically anyone who wanted work and wasn’t bothered about what it was or where it was. Unfortunately after wandering round town for hours I finally got fed up of dealing with the consultants and answering the same questions time and time again only to be told that if anything came up they would call me but they had nothing I could do right now.

Feeling annoyed and a bit down I decided I definitely needed to take some time out so opening up my phone I called a old mate who I knew worked through the agencies himself and arranged to meet him for a few beers in our old regular pub in town, around 5 pm I found myself sat in a corner waiting with a pint in hand my second already as I tried to drain the feeling of being completely useless from my system when my mate suddenly appeared and joined me before putting another pint down in front of me.

As we sat chatting the main reason for our meeting was soon apparent as he asked me “so what’s up mate?”

I explained the agencies seem useless mate, I can’t get work around here for love or money and I don’t give a shit what I do but I need money.

Quickly he told me I know one of the agents as I have been screwing her on and off for a few weeks I will sort you out bro. He wasn’t my brother but since we had met when I moved into the area we had always been best mates and therefore we were brothers, there was only one thing I hid from him and the world we lived in and that was my sexuality as a bisexual man I would have been beaten or worse on our estate.

Soon enough both of us were blind drunk again just like the old days on the usual Friday night pub crawl and as we both decided it was home time we staggered off to the bus station to get a KFC takeaway and fall onto a bus. Soon I saw the darkness of the Moor estate looming and remembered why I never ever got the night bus home alone as the bus ventured deeper into the estate.

Sure the Moor estate wouldn’t be considered bad by some but as night fell the crime rates soared and I personally knew of two lads who had been hospitalised walking to the local shop and back, it’s definitely not the kind of place you go letting people know too much just in case they decide to use it against you. I wasn’t a popular guy locally anyway and I never had been for one reason or another my face just didn’t fit and never had so it was good to have friends who lived on the estate.

As we stepped from the bus my mate shook my hand and as we separated I quickened my drunken pace to get back to my front door before I ran into trouble of one sort or another, minutes after I got in and flopped onto one of the big comfy sofas in the lounge my mobile rang and it was my mate just checking I got in as he hadn’t heard from me.

Telling him yeah i’m in no problems buddy, don’t forget to tell that little tart of yours to find me a job and as he chuckled he said no worries bro give me a day or two and I will get you something.

Before I knew it I woke still on the sofa as the movie I had been watching came to an end so I decided it was time for bed and without knowing it I dragged myself upstairs and collapsed still dressed onto my bed and fell into a deep drunken sleep, I must have been pissed as I woke with the sun blazing through the still wide open curtains and saliva running down my cheek where I had drooled in my sleep all over my pillows.

All of my indiscretions from the night before were now just drunken flash backs as I decide to crawl back downstairs to nurse my hangover with some dull television and that’s how I ended up for the next few days. Weekends were usually pretty quiet until Sunday when the football was on and this weekend my team was playing so I decided to invite the boys round for a few beers and the game on my big flat screen television.

As usual my best mate was in attendance as he supported the same team as me and with him he brought a couple of large bottles of cider and a short hung over looking blonde girl who I recognized from one of the agencies I had visited. As we all sat round she sat going on about how nice my place was and as I got drunk I couldn’t help but tell her it would be better if some agency consultants bothered to find people work.

As I looked across to my best mate he just sat laughing at the look of shock across her face and as he regained his control he said to the blonde bit of tart this is my mate the one who needs some work as soon as possible, instantly she recognized me and said you came in Friday didn’t you?

I replied yeah I did and you lot were no use what so ever just like the rest making it clear that no one messes me around and I don’t accept bullshit from people only interested in themselves and their commission.

As soon as I had finished she piped up I think I may have something for you, I will ring you Monday morning if you want to give me your number again, telling her you better not mess me around I wrote down my number on a scrap bit of paper and passed it over before refilling my pint glass with cheap strong cider and getting back to the game on television as my team went 2-1 up.

As soon as the game had ended and everyone went on their way I decided I could not be bothered to cook tonight so I just went off back to bed and watched a few movies before once again crashing out and sleeping like the dead. Unaware of the time and sleeping straight through my alarm I awoke around midday on the Monday and saw I had several missed calls on my mobile but as I had no phone credit left I couldn’t call anyone back and I didn’t get any more money for another two days so couldn’t top up either.

Fortunately it seemed my luck must have been in today because as I stumbled downstairs to make a coffee my mobile rang again and I recognized the number as one I had missed earlier in the day, answering it and trying to sound awake the girl on the other end said it’s the dumb blonde from the weekend I did say I would call you Monday. Suddenly snapping into life I apologized and said I was probably drunk so I do apologise I’m not normally like that, but as the words fell lifeless from my mouth she replied no worries I know the score with agencies.

Once we were on better terms she explained to me that she had a vacancy for a store assistant at a local home wares store on nightshift 4 nights a week with a decent hourly rate and if I fancied it she would set me up to start tonight, of course I jumped at the chance of any work so decided I would give it a shot and see if it was to be of any good to me so as soon as I agreed to take it on she gave me all the details of where it was and who I was to report to.

Thanking her for the chance to get back to work I hung up my mobile and quickly dialled my mate and thanked him also to which he simply said no problem bro anytime, he then told me stay on the right side of Claire too as she was a damn good fuck and would spread her legs for most of the lads who worked through the agency. Chuckling to myself I told him yeah no problem bro, maybe I will nail her sometime not letting on I actually preferred fucking cute looking gay or bi guys and tgirls and only ever a occasional bit of pussy if I fancied which was rare.

As the day passed by I did as little as possible to save my energy for working all night but soon found myself drawn to my favourite websites with lots of free she male porn on offer, before I knew it my trousers and pants were down as I sat and slowly got harder and harder. I hadn’t had a fuck in weeks so my sex drive was out of control again and within minutes I felt the first quiver of an orgasm racing through my body and finding its way out all over my tightly clenched fist.

As I sat and recovered my mind turned to I wonder if there is any fit guys or girls at this new job that I could maybe hook up with in more than a work mate kind of way, I mean I had plenty to offer a new job my own flat and car and a huge cock with a tight arse that loved cock. Pulling myself together I realised the time and as 6 o clock rolled round I chucked together some sandwiches and headed for my car and programmed my sat nav to find the store as it was on a large industrial area I wasn’t familiar with.

Soon I was well on my way and forgetting the time of day I had to struggle through rush hour traffic to the outskirts of town but as soon as I started to get close I felt nervous at who may be there or what I may have to do. Pulling up outside I cautiously wandered into the store and headed for the first member of staff I saw a pretty looking brunette in her 40′s I would of guessed but definitely fit and well worth a good seeing to if the occasion ever arose.

As the brunette led me off to the staff room to meet my supervisor I had to ask so what’s it like around here and her answer shocked me a little as I was told day shift is boring and the nightshift, well you will see. Asking what she meant it seemed she wasn’t going to let me into the secret just yet and pointed toward a heavily tattooed guy with a grade 1 crop in the corner and said that’s your supervisor have fun before turning and wandering off.

Wandering over I approached him and said “Hi i’m the new guy”, his response was kind of what I had expected as he turned and looked me over and said no shit didn’t think I had seen you before. I don’t know why but I kind of chuckled at his comment but he obviously was not the joking type in fact quite the opposite as he turned to me again and said you can work with that bitch you had your eyes on already, have fun and with that he wandered off.

Obviously new people round here were not popular and so I quickly left to go and find the brunette again and after wandering round most of the huge warehouse I ran into her coming to find me after the supervisor or more like thug had sent her. Finally I found out who she was as she stretched out a hand and said i’m Laura reciprocating her gesture I said i’m the new meat or Mike whichever you want to call me and as she chuckled gently she said Mike will be just fine for now.

Working with Laura was indeed a treat in itself watching her cute butt most of the night as she showed me the routine, I had to admit I had a semi on for hours and was gagging to drag her off somewhere quiet and fuck her brains out. As soon as we had started shift it seemed to come to an end as most new jobs do and I was now eager to do my next shift just to see Laura again and try to get to know her a bit better for obvious reasons.

Night after night we worked together and chatted about things as you do with your work mates but the more time I spent with Laura I felt there was something different about her, something different but kind of good and still enormously sexy too. The other thing that always became apparent was that not one of the other guys ever tried it on with her so I presumed she either had a husband boyfriend or maybe a girlfriend and that’s why they left her alone.

Around a week later I was working the normal duty along with my now good friend Laura and as the week got toward the end she caught me completely off guard and asked me so what you doing Friday this week.

I told her straight I wasn’t sure even though I knew I would be down my regular bar in town with the lads.

Instantly Laura said “well I kind of have these tickets to a gig in town and my friend has let me down so I wondered if you fancy taking me as we like the same music and all that adding I don’t expect anything for it just company so I don’t look like a loser.

I didn’t waste any time in saying yeah sure Laura I will take you and as I did I felt my cock begin to throb deep in my groin and my mind went into overdrive as I thought about taking Laura out and hopefully fucking her after if I got my chance.

As soon as we had arranged where to meet up and what time we exchanged mobile numbers and went back to our mundane daily duties of checking stock and loading up shelves with even more cheap rubbish that only a fool would buy.

Soon enough though Friday night came round and as soon as I stepped from the shower my mobile began to ring, picking it up it was Laura and the thoughts of bringing her back to mine and fucking her all night soon entered my head. Answering the phone with is that my sexy work mate Laura quickly answered well maybe.

As we got chatting she soon turned the subject to you think i’m sexy Mike? I couldn’t deny it I had a thing for her and just chatting to her was making my cock slowly stiffen at the though of her wet pussy wrapped round my thick 8 ½ inch cock pounding her in orgasm after orgasm.

Answering her Yeah I kind of like you Laura, you just seem the type I go for to be honest and to my surprise she replied yeah me too. I think you are kind of cute but in a good way and then quickly changed the subject again back to the band we were going to see that evening and how she had all of their albums if I ever wanted to drop round and see.

By now it was obvious we both liked each other and tonight was going to be amazing, I had been trying to get tickets to see the band playing for ages and every time I had missed out. Quickly I told Laura maybe I will come to yours first then and we can check out that collection of yours, wasting no time Laura agreed and gave me her address that I was desperately trying to remember as I stood naked lathered in soap bubbles with a throbbing hard on just from the thought of seeing Laura let alone getting to fuck her.

Making sure I looked good but suitable for a rock concert I grabbed my phone, keys and wallet and headed out the door.

Within minutes I had plugged Laura’s address into my sat nav and oh boy was I glad I did, as I worked my way through town passing the shops and bars and into one of the areas not so great estates. Driving deeper and deeper into the estate I was starting to think I really should have got a taxi as I half expected my alloy wheels not to be on the car when I came back out.

Suddenly my always sharp tongued sat nav said you have arrived and as I looked over Laura’s place looked quite nice considering where it was, giving her a quick ring just to make sure I had the right place Laura answered and as she did I saw the curtains pull aside and as they fell back into place I went to get from the car and Laura came running out to tell me to park on the driveway.

Pulling up onto the drive Laura stood in the doorway looking stunning with her long dark hair tied back and cascading down her spine, stepping from the car and walking towards the door Laura beckoned me to give her a cuddle and as I did she lent in and kissed me gently before breaking away and walking inside, as I followed her in I prayed she didn’t spot I was now packing a hard cock in my jeans for her.

As we got into the lounge I was suddenly confronted by another girl who was just as stunning as Laura but blonde with big breasts and a chubby but cute build. Laura told me to take a seat on her sofa and as I did the blonde said hi i’m Emma, reciprocating I said I’m Mike and instantly she said I know Laura has been talking about you.

Well now I knew she wasn’t gay or married so I had to ask Emma how she knew Laura, replying Emma said we are housemates, just the two of us here alone.

Last thing I wanted was to play with Emma too as she just didn’t do anything for me at all, just in time I thought Laura came back and made herself comfortable by my side. Wasting no time I put an arm round her pulling her tight against my side and as I did she snuggled tight into me and asked so do you fancy me then Mike?

I was going to waste no time and I told her I had fancied her since the first time I saw her and with that we were suddenly face to face and kissing more passionately than before, as we relaxed I noticed her mini dress riding up just enough to show her stocking tops off and with that I slid a hand up her thigh and as I did she began to slowly rub at my crotch well aware I was hard and ready to take her in front of her mate.

With that Laura stood up and set her tight mini skirt back into place and said well lets get out of here and go have some fun, presuming she meant that we should go to the concert I stood gave her a quick cuddle and took her hand leading her out of the door and towards my car.

Thinking it would just be me and Laura going to the gig I was surprised as her friend Emma came out as well, not saying anything I just thought she must have a ticket to come along and as I turned the key and backed off the driveway.

As soon as I could I hit the power button on my stereo system that I have filled with my albums from the band we were going to see, as I tried to concentrate on getting out of the estate Laura slid her hand onto my inner thigh letting me know exactly what she expected from me. Just the feel of her beautifully manicured nails running around near my groin was making me exceptionally aroused.

As we got into town again and found a car park I decided that as Emma had got a free ride then she could go get the parking ticket from the machine that I had made sure was a good walk from the car, as she stepped out I lent across to Laura and began to kiss her again as she gently rubbed at my rock hard cock through my flies.

I really wanted to take her but as she took a good grip on my manhood Emma reappeared and with that it was once again over, as we stepped out of the car Laura obviously was fed up with Emma being around already as she made a bitchy comment in her direction. Both Laura and me knew what we wanted and if her friend hadn’t of been around we would of ended up fucking in my car.

As Laura stepped round the car to come to my side I saw her properly for the first time, standing around 5’9 tall in her 5 inch stiletto heeled ankle boots with black fishnet stockings, a short tight black mini dress showing off her curves with a gorgeous pair of pert C cup breasts and her long hair now pulled from its hair band and let to fall free.

She looked amazing and I still couldn’t figure what it was about this stunning girl that kept all the guys at work away from her.

Wrapping my arm round her we walked down to the gig and at last on route Emma saw a few people she knew and decided to leave us together to enjoy our night, as she left Laura said to me I am glad she has gone, I want you all to myself tonight.

Before we knew it the gig had started and finished and we were heading back to my car, just this time it was me and Laura and there would be no interruptions. As we slid back into the car I leant over to her and kissed her gently but long before pulling away from her and telling her how gorgeous she looked, wasting no time Laura lapped up the compliments and blew me away as she said well your place or mine.

Not wanting to go back to hers and possibly run into Emma and her friends again I asked Laura if she would stay at mine with me, replying she told me either way I want you to fuck me and enjoy my body for your pleasure honey.

I wanted her so bad and as I leant in to kiss her again I felt my flies pulled down and Laura’s hand slipping in to massage my stiffening shaft again, I wanted her and as our tongues met she pulled at my belt so with my free hand I pulled my belt loose and undid my jeans just enough for Laura to pull my cock out.

As we continued to kiss Laura slowly massaged my thick 8 inches of meat but as I broke away from her she did just what I had been wanting all evening, wasting no time she lowered her mouth down to my throbbing cock and soon her pierced tongue and beautiful red lips were sliding up and down the length of my shaft.

I have always adored fucking older women and as she sucked me like a professional porno girl I was starting to loose control, not wanting to cum just yet I had to ask her to stop and as she pulled away she lapped up my pre cum from my now throbbing bell end and pulled back to put on her seatbelt.

We meet at the station, in true romantic style, it’s raining and it’s dark, I don’t have a jacket, so you put yours round my shoulders and we run over the road, laughing at me trying to run in heels we get into the restaurant, curled up in a booth in the corner, candles on the table and the rain bettering the window, you’re touching my hair and my face as you talk to me, my hands been resting on your leg for a while now an it’s slowly creeping upwards as you make me laugh harder.

I’m getting closer and closer to you as you tell me I have beautiful eyes. With the raining battering outside you suggest that maybe with the rain and all we should just get a room here. After a few more drinks, I agree and you go to book it, I meet you back in reception and you finally look at me properly in high black shiny heels, a little black dress and long cream mac.

As we get in the lift you look at my chest leaning against the back wall and walk over, opening your legs just enough to pin mine shut and against the wall you put your right hand on my cheek and tell me that you’ve been dying to do this all night, putting your other hand just behind me left hip you pull yourself into me and kiss me, you Tongue rolling over mine as you hold my head still to push your lips firmly against mine as you taste the wine off my Tongue, you tilt your head further till I moan a little as you pull away and gently bite my bottom lip as you move down to my neck, sliding your hand further up my back so you can feel my chest pressing against yours as you grind your pelvis into me letting me know that you’re already hard and that you want me, your hand slides down to my ass as your mouth travels to my cleavage, your Tongue desperately exploring the creases on the top of my boobs.

Just as your getting to where my skin meets my dress the lift door pings and opens.

You spin me round to walk out in front of you, you can feel you cock throbbing and as we walk to our room, you feel the horniness rush thro you and before you put the key in the door you use your pelvis to pin my up against the door, sliding you hand over the bare tanned skin of the leg you run it up the outside of my thigh as I finally let my hand fall to where your cock isno throbbing and straining against your jeans, I squeeze my finger together to wrap round the head and gently work your foreskin just slightly back a little, your pre cum helps me run your boxers over the head and down to the vein underneath that makes you lean back a little and purr with pleasure as your hand slides round my thigh and closer to my pussy, you can already feel the heat coming from my tight wet lips just starting to ooze with juices.

I reach round behind me and turn the key in the door; I walk backwards with my hand still on your belt buckle as I pull you into the room.

I take a few steps back from you and hold you at arm’s length as I reach round and unzip my dress, in one motion I let it fall to the floor and step out of it, I’m standing in front of you, black shiny high heels, black lace see thro thong, total shaved pussy and a black lace bra, you walk towards me and kneel down, lifting my right leg on to your shoulder you kiss the inside of my thigh, you can taste that it’s been wet and the juices taste sweet and creamy, you roll your tongue up my leg till you get to the seam of my thong and you lick along it with the point of your wet desperate tongue, you flick over where my moist pussy lips and pressed against the lace and start to suck the juices from the lace, tasting my dripping pussy lips and hearing me start to breath deeper with each lick, sliding you hand under my pussy you on to my ass, you pull you face closer to where I can feel your nose almost rubbing off my clit.

My hand running through your hand, its changed from running through your hair to pulling and tugging as I slide up on the desk and open my legs a bit further while you start running your finger underneath my thong, gently tickling the outside of the lips, I’m so wet that they practically part themselves as you run your finger over my clit and without teasing me you hook two fingers up inside me and flick right under my g spot, not on it but just so I can feel it, at the same time you stand back up and lean over me, your fingers still inside me, your face still wet, you kiss me as you lick your lips.

I’m pushing you back up with my nails running down your back as you take your fingers out and bring them to my mouth, you put your hand on my chest and hold my head as you slide the two fingers all the way into my throat.

As I taste my sweet juices off your dripping fingers, I undo your belt, and let your jeans fall to the floor, I slide off the desk and walk you backwards to the bed, you lying on your back, boxers almost ripping with the tension of your pulsing cock under them, I pull them down and start to lick the exposed head as I run my fingers along the top of the foreskin, at first I gently twist the top of the shaft, you’re already wet with white creamy pre cum oozing out, I work your foreskin back over the bulging head and I sink my head down till my nose is touching your stomach.

I hold you hard swollen cock deep in my mouth and clenching the back of my jaw to hold the head tight inside me. I can hear a gentle moan as you take hold of the back of my head and tell me that you want your cock in every one of my holes tonight and that you’ll fill each and every one with hot creamy spunk.

I start sliding my wet mouth up and down your hard shaft, catching the vein underneath with my tongue as I come up, I take you in my hand and twist my hand from the base of your cock up to where the head meets my mouth, your cock still wet from being in my mouth, I hold your foreskin back tight and squeeze my hand up and down licking the vein and swirling my tongue round the head and over your slit.

You’re getting so hot watching my blue eyes stare up at you as I suck your huge cock that you can’t wait much longer and pull my hair till my lips meet yours, your hard cock tickling my pussy lips, it would be so easy to slide inside my tight creamy cunt but instead you sit up, your cock trapped between your legs and the underside of my pussy, for a second I grind back and forth to move the foreskin on your even harder cock. You slide down the bed till your feet are on the floor and lift me by the hips till you can slide me back down on to your cock, in one move my pussy stretches and your hard cock swells as it tears my tight hole open, your head pushing it to its limit as you place me back down and still holding my hips you use me to wank off your massive hardon,

I’m leaning back to get you in even deeper and as you thrust really hard you get feel your cock head hitting off my back. I stand up, still inside me and hold me up against the wall as you keep thrusting hard into my tightening hole, you run your warm tongue over my hard nipples and suck them into a little bite.

You can feel my g stop with the head of your cock and you can tell that if you keep going like this, it won’t be long time I shower your cock with sticky cum but you’re not really to let me cum, not yet.

You lift me off your cock and kiss me so hard that you can feel my knees weaken, you spin me round and push me over on to the bed, lying on your side you pull me up beside you, your cock rubbing off my ass, I can feel you rubbing your hand up and down your shaft and its do wet with juicy pre cum that your rubbing it over my tight asshole, as your teasing me with you pulsing cock end, you reach round and rub just above my clit, I’m so wet that you almost slide inside me. You feel my hand come down to meet yours and I flick me finger firmly over my clit and circle my sweet pussy as you push your dripping cock into my ass, me pushing back against you as the head stretches my asshole to slide inside me I let out a really loud moan but whisper, “oh fuck me, yeah, right there, right there, fuck me so hard it hurts, oh my god, angel, that’s so fuckin good”

Hearing my talk like that makes you so much closer to cumming and you can feel your balls tighten as you pound my ass, pulling me by my hips, you spin over so you’re lying on your back and still in my ass your pulling my down all the way onto your hard shaft, me squatting over your cock so you can watch it sliding in and out my pulsing ass.

You feel the swell that tells you that you are about to cum, but not in my ass, you want to watch your hard filthy cock shooting creamy cum all over my body and make me cum at the same time.

You slide me off you cock and pull me to the edge of the bed, put my legs up and knees bend you slide three fingers inside my tight greedy cunt and start flicking so hard you can see my biting my lip, hard, your determined to make my squirt all over you, at the same time your wanking over my tits but you have other plans for you hot load of cum. As you flick your fingers so quick inside me, I start to buck my hips and rub my clit so fast that when the massive wet squirt of cum shoots out of me, it hits my fingers and soaks you chest, the feeling of my cum drenching your cumming cock, you shoot a load of cum into my waiting mouth, hitting my cheek and running of my chin, the next one hitting my boobs as you lurch forward with the pleasure of it, you’ve got one more and you slide your cock into my creamy soaked pussy, I’m pushing you away cause I’m so sensitive from cumin but you grab me by the hips and fuck me so hard that I scream your name and you unload a stream of sweet fucking hot cum inside my cumming pussy, you have to fight so hard to stay inside me, the pressure of the cummuing is pushing your cock out and eventually it wins.

Sending you collapsing on top of me as you put both hands on my face and look my in the eyes, pulling me closer you say, give me five minutes babygirl and I’m gonna fuck you senseless in that huge bath.

It brought it all back to me but I never guessed anything like this would happen. Anyway you may have read Carl’s first hand account of being caught with his pants down. Yea and that’s an understatement.

Anyway it was two years since I went on that biking holiday with Bobby and I had almost given up ever being able to fulfil what began that evening in the youth hostel.

But the sight of this young completely nude guy brought back all those feelings, like causing my cock to have problems finding space in my shorts But I had never seen Bobby really nude like that. The furthest I got was feeling him under the quilt.

This all happened so quickly. The four of us were out taking an early morning jog to keep fit.

It was no surprise this guy was embarrassed. Perhaps he thought no one would come down the tow path at that hour.

But wow what a body His bare bum got sort of highlighted as it was all white, where he had taken his pants off. It stood out in contrast to the light tan of his smooth thighs. Then as he jumped up you could see his modest biceps and pectorals. He was so youthful and boyish looking. It was the first time since Bobby that I had seen such a sexy looking young guy.

So there we were; a bunch of rough hulky Rugby players with this young nude when the scene got even more revealing. Hank, who was standing to one side as he got up, saw at first hand this creamy dildo or plug slip out of his bum slit. The poor guy, in his panic of hastily trying to find his pants had revealed a lot more about himself.

To be honest I felt immediately sorry for him at the time and I actually put my arm around him and told him not to be too embarrassed. I said something like ‘we were all human beings and anyhow we Rugby players are broad minded’.

Ian had already greeted him really casually like: “Hi Carl Good to see you about so early in the morning” He acted as if he found it all very normal. Because I had just joined the team, I didn’t realise they all knew him from school days. You would have thought they’d have made more out of catching a guy doing anal masturbation.

Maybe Carl had been tempting providence but anyway he was happy to accept Ian’s invitation to jog along with us. Brian Hank and I went ahead a bit while Ian accompanied Carl. But the comments and banter were getting hotter. Brian had said something loudly about not being ashamed to show your needs but it was audible to Ian who deliberately misunderstood ‘needs’. Perhaps he hadn’t seen that Brian was holding that dildo.

It was obvious he knew them quite well and seemed to relish the banter. Anyway he caught up with us and with his very brief shorts, tight sleeveless shirt, bare arms and shoulders, he so much reminded me of Bobby. I guess I had better quickly tell you what had happened between us that time.

It was our last night in a youth hostel and I had found Bobby in the top bunk with his head on his chin reading a book. We often discussed fitness during our weeks holiday and he liked to talk about his muscle tone. It had been making me excited because he had such an attractive and youthful body just like Carl but I had never got to see him in the nude. I still had this vision of his beautiful smooth firm muscles, his tight T-shirt and shorts which gave him such a good profile. But then I was far too shy to say or do anything about it. I didn’t consider myself gay and I couldn’t see that any one could deny how irresistible he looked.

As Bobby lay there his lower legs and calf muscles were bare where the quilt didn’t quite reach. I didn’t have to think of an opening remark for an excuse to touch him as he immediately started saying how he found lying on his stomach best to avoid cramp in his legs. That gave me my excuse Of course I began with his calf muscles and when I progressed up under the quilt to his thighs he just went on reading his book as if nothing was happening. His young legs felt so firm and smooth.

I don’t know what happened as I was shy but I just couldn’t help myself. My hand progressed beyond the crease at the top of his thighs. It was pure instinct that had me fondling his bare buttocks then, realising I had gone too far, I looked furtively at his face. All he did was smile back at me in a sort of inviting way. As I ventured my finger tips into his slit, I realised that my cock was getting raging hard. Honestly I had never thought of doing anal sex with him but it was like my own body which was telling me what to do.

But then alas we heard voices and others entering the dormitory. So that was where it had ended some two years ago and I could not get over a longing to go further. ‘Did he really want it?’ I had been asking myself. It was like I was the only person in the world with these thoughts and that I could never share them with anyone.

So to get back to the present, Ian started offering Carl the groundsman job at the Rugby Club. But I knew he and the committee had already turned down dozens of applicants and as far as I could see Carl hadn’t even applied for it .

We had slowed to a walk now and they had gone ahead slightly. “Will this be a first time for you then Sandy?” Brian asked casually.

“What do you mean?” I answered.

“What he means is” Hank had a coarse way of putting things. “Is this the first time you’ve stuffed your cock up a dandy boy’s asshole and given him a fucking good shafting?” .

“Hey keep your voice down he could hear us” Brian said.

“Anyway” I tried to reply steadily but feeling my cock responding to the hard talk, “I reckon he probably wants it anyway.”.

“It’s got nothing to fucking do with what he wants right? It’s what he fucking needs right? Hey you see his pretty buns under those panties? Well under there is a boy cunt just aching for a man’s meat Look you don’t know him do you? Well I’ll tell you he’s ripe for it, right up his fucking bum hole You see his ass is wobbling as we speak. He needs just one fucking thing and that’s to get gallons of fucking sperm and spunk spurted up his tight little asshole. Look at him He’s a beauty He’s gonna get it forced up him He won’t even be able to get his plug in, by the time we’ve finished with him, there’ll be so much fucking spunk oozing from his slit” Hank thumped me on my shoulder but was making us all get really hard. Brian was having to make adjustments under his shorts.

Ian and Carl had stopped so we all gathered round eager to offer Carl help with any machines that, as Ian suggested, might be too heavy for him..

It was a sort of mix of testosterone and team spirit but quite frankly I was dizzy with horniness At that point I could willingly have participated in a gang rape if Carl had tried to get away. It was like we were a team of hunters and he was our captive prey. But captive or not he was being lead like a lamb not to slaughter but as Hank put it ‘to give his boy cherry a fucking good seeing to’ we were going to ‘pump his bum up’.

“OK he’s been to college and learnt from books and got all clever and that but look at him He may be over eighteen but he’s still a boy If he’s going to be groundsman he’s going to have to be one of the team and that means not just helping him with machines but it means giving him the right tools for the job and he’ll get lubrication right where he fucking needs it”.

“Mind you I wouldn’t mind spunking between his buttocks what do you reckon Sandy?” There was a sort of pent up pressure in Brian’s voice.

By the time we got to the tool shed (aptly named as it happened) Ian was explaining about mowers. We all wanted to get to work on Carl but then as it turned out so did Ian. He faked an apology for interrupting Carl’s naked reverie back on the tow path. From then on all restraint was off.

In a team atmosphere like that you don’t think twice about stripping off and we were all getting naked as Brian invited Carl to come down and suck his hugely erect cock. We were used to seeing one another in the nude in the showers so our erections were no embarrassment. As Carl bent down to get at Brian, Hank went straight for his pants pulling them right down to his ankles and baring his bum which seemed even bigger and more enticing at close quarters. Ian and I lifted him so Hank could take his pants and socks right off from under his feet. Carl was now completely nude from the waist down and making no attempt to stop us getting at his boy cunt.

“Come on open his bum up he’s ripe and ready for fucking Oh yea just look at that” Ian the team captain was now taking the lead. They pulled his buttocks well apart so there was Carl’s cherry right there in front of our faces. That very part of Bobby I had longed to get at. Nothing else mattered at that moment except focussing all our attention on those pink star shaped creases of sensitive skin that came together to focus on that all important point of entry to Carl’s youthful body.

Brian was first to apply his tongue to the soft pink creases of his anus and as he did so I could see Carl’s hole opening. I went in to join him. Both our tongues tasted his mildly salty juices. His sphincter was relaxing more and more so we were licking him right up inside his pink boy cunt.

Hank was ready and waiting with a jar of cream which he wanted to apply to work into Carl’s asshole.

“That is what is called a ripe cherry all pink and soft and ready to be fucked” whispered Ian in my ear as Carl bent over a bit more. Ian had got this little glass pipette thing with a rubber bulb which he had filled with olive oil. He was teasing his anus with it and when he touched the rim of Carl’s sphincter his hole would open as if ready to receive some thing big. Then Ian would squeeze some oil just inside him to help lubricate his anal canal and internals. With such momentary glances of the interior of his bottom, I was getting to know Carl intimately and sexually before I even knew him as a person..

All the while we could see Carl sucking at the whole length of Brian’s rigid cock so Hank, who was getting impatient gave Ian the cream and went round the front to get himself sucked, but very soon he came back with his huge and I mean, it was fucking massive erection He seemed to have swelled after getting sucked and was near to orgasm when he pushed his hard knob hard into Carl’s juicy anal cunt. We had a close of view of the action. Carl was still bending over but the force of Hank’s body was pushing him over so he grabbed him around his hips and pulled him back against his rigid fuck pole. I could see Carl’s face wincing as Hank upped the pressure. His muscles bulged as he pulled Carl’s bum back on to his cock and his thick hairy thighs clasped on the fair skin of Carl’s slim legs.

His anal sphincter was being stretched to its limit by the sheer force of Hanks cock. Hank’s whole body seemed in a pent up state like a huge steam engine but as he repeatedly probed Carl’s cunt he seemed to be loosing control. His hood had just started to penetrate his sphincter when he suddenly lost it. You could see his huge pink member going into orgasm. From behind his large dangling scrotum to the tip of his cock the powerful rhythmic spasms between his massive hairy thighs showed Hank’s male equipment was in ejaculation mode. With his hood still just inside Carl’s cunt the pressure of the spunk ejaculation and its lubricating power suddenly forced him to yield. Hanks drove his still spurting dick down into the depth of Carl’s bottom. He forced his massive meat right down so it disappeared into this beautiful smooth boy bum. You could say this was ‘anal’ then closely followed by ‘rectal insemination’ in close up.

Carl seemed none the worse after taking such a huge guy right up inside him and then getting utterly ploughed These was semen all over his bum cheeks as Hank withdrew his huge slimy dick which hung from his broad hairy frame like a flaccid fire hose He seemed even more puffed after his exertions than Carl was.

His asshole looked like it was smarting from Hanks fucking. His sphincter would open then close tight as bubbles of slimy cum oozed from inside. Anyway in less than a minute Brian was burying his ‘steel rigid injector pump’ deep in Carl’s juicy cunt and believe me he was at least as big as Hank .

Brian’s penetration was really sexy to watch. His cock looked as big as Hank’s as he directed it along the base of his slit until he engaged with his cunt You could see Brian’s huge pink hood slowly being enveloped by Carl’s outer sphincter and then very gradually at first his huge meaty fuck pole started to enter Carl’s bottom. There was this huge hairy guy drilling his prick down as Carl was now in a position like a sprinter about to start a race but with his smooth lily white bum up and Brian’s huge cock now descending into the depths of his rectum. Now he was again getting what he really needed It was then that I determined that I was going to get Bobby over for the night. I was going to fuck him like this. Brian’s fuck pole had got slimy from Carl’s bum so well fertilised with Hanks sperm. It looked so much like a man’s working tool as he thrust its juicy length in and out of Carl’s asshole. As his boy cunt was being slammed, Carl was tossing his head from side to side in ecstasy. I was going out of my mind with excitement but I couldn’t help thinking of Bobby. So I resolved that any virginity he might have left was now at an end He was going to get it BECAUSE HE FUCKING NEEDED IT, even if I had to rape him and force my fuck up deep between those virgin buttocks I had once begun to feel.

On each up stroke poor Carl’s grossly stretched sphincter could be seen clinging helplessly to Brian’s shaft. Then it would be forced back in as Brian rammed his rod mercilessly up his ass cunt. Brian told me after that it was Carls’ tight hole gripping his hood that made him loose control. He had such a smooth sexy body you felt, once you got up inside him, like you just had to shoot. Brian was shouting out that Carl was a ‘pansy bitch’ then with his cock deep inside his bottom you could see his genitals ejaculating. The base of his shaft between his hairy legs and below his huge balls went into a sort of pumping action. There was no sperm wasted this time, every squirt found its target somewhere deep inside Carl’s rectum.

I have got to admit this too and I said I wasn’t gay but oh shit The sight of Brian’s hairy ass slit as he pumped Carl’s bum made me want to fuck him too. I had never felt like that about a guy before.

Now at last I was to get my turn. Carl’s bum was even more juicy and slimy now and his cunt was oozing cum down the back of his balls as he was still bent over. I was so pent up I didn’t let Carl suck me as I knew, if he did I, would loose control and shoot it all in his mouth. Anyway at that moment I noticed he was sucking Ian so I wanted to get in before Ian decided it was his turn.

Somehow though we were doing what we always did in a Rugby game. It is a team sport so naturally each player has his own task. I felt like I was going into a scrum while Ian was doing his usual Scrum Half job of collecting the ball. But it was actually Carl who ‘collected’ a mouth full of cum when Ian lost it and filled his cheeks with floods of his ejaculated sex fluids.

It was a big moment for me and I hesitated for a few seconds just watching his cunt twitching and opening in expectation of my cock. He was dribbling Ian’s spunk from the side of his mouth.

Now my dick isn’t quite as thick as either Brian or Hanks but it is a lot longer. I had read about anal sex but never before done it, so I knew I would be able to penetrate further up him if only I could get him on his back with his legs up. There were already more team members around who had heard us in the shed and came to investigate. These guys, all already in the nude, helped me get him out on the grass. It was a bit public, I mean anyone could have watched but I didn’t care, this was my moment and no one was going to stop me giving this pansy boy the fuck of his life The others held his legs up while I positioned my dick over his oozing cunt hole. In the end it was so easy I just slipped my raging penis up his lovely boy bottom. I say ‘slipped’ because he was so slimy and well fucked already and his cunt was well dilated by the others.

So as good manners require I then introduced myself, although I had already introduced myself rather more physically I looked down on his young smooth chest heaving as I began to probe him inside. “I’m Sandy by the way and you are a very pretty boy Carl. I have always wanted to fuck a boy like you so now I’m going to fuck you up your bottom right? And its like you don’t have much choice because, well you are down there and I’m up here on top of you” I said smiling and looking directly in his eyes. Carl giggled as if to provoke me. “I’m going to send my male sperm up your boy bum whether you like it or not” I don’t know if I actually said all that but that’s what I meant to say and he said something like it. ‘Go on then’ he replied in an impish sort of way. But once I started provoking his gland his was unable to manage any more comments.

I watched his eyes and his face closely as I pushed my knob into all his secret places inside that lovely boy bum. Oh how I loved him as I looked down on his helpless body squirming and his smooth chest heaving under my provocations. His cock had been flaccid until now but I began working it with my hand. I felt it swelling when I got to probing his internal genitals. The feeling in my cock of these sensitive parts of his body was driving me crazy. But I wanted him to experience the thrills with me.

His dick swelled even more as I probed his semen tubes and his sex gland. We were both near to climax when Carl started to get this massive rectal orgasm. I could feel it through my knock and it send me way over the edge. I squeezed his dick, it was doing spasms but the poor boy couldn’t ejaculate as I was so big inside him. My cock had squeezed and overpowered his tubes so he couldn’t get his spunk out.

In that last moment before I lost all control I began kissing him under the locks of his boy hair at the back of his ears, then on his cheeks, then finally on his lips as I felt my own spunk starting to spurt out of my raging cock. I felt the pressure of it as it flushed through my spurt hole and straight up his anal canal. I wanted to flood his rectum with everything I had. He so much needed it right up inside him It would put hairs on his chest and thighs. These were my intoxicated thoughts as I inseminated his bottom and nourished his youthful body. But in the my last few ejaculations I thought again of Bobby and wished I could be fucking him too.

Carl said sometime later that he preferred being fucked on his back as he could see the full naked bodies and muscles of the guys fucking him. He was complimentary about me and had been trying to kiss me all over while I was shafting him. But I had got to places inside him that I don’t think the others did.

I had fucked many girls but never a guy before. It was a new experience for me. His bottom was so hot inside and he seemed to have a way of clasping my prick that sent me wild as I was ejaculating. Carl said I shot more up him than anyone else. I felt really satisfied after doing him too. He was so sensitive inside. Oh how I wanted to do it to Bobby.

It gives you a special feeling when you fuck a fit young guy. Even though he is not rugged like we are, he needs that contact with big muscular guys to confirm his masculinity and nourish his manhood.

Anyway that wasn’t the end of it. With two guys holding his legs up, Carl got fucked by just about every other team member and some extras who were both aspiring young players as well as some middle aged guys. In fact he got one hell of a fucking and all the time he just lay there groaning as cock after cock drilled his bum hole and spurted more and more semen up his asshole. I just don’t believe he had never been done before it’s impossible. The guy can’t be telling the truth or if he is then he’s the biggest born cum-slut imaginable.

(This is part 7 of a series; you must read the other 6 parts first! Enjoy! )

I slid out from under my parent’s bed and tried to compose myself as best as I could. I knew both my mother and father would be off to work, but I still stayed as quiet as possible as I grabbed my crumpled clothes and snuck my way back into my own bedroom. I slowly crawled into bed and cuddled up under my covers. My body was sore from head to toe from sleeping under that bed all night. As I lay and think of last night I feel familiar pains and aches, some from my mother’s sexual acts and some just from simply sleeping uncomfortably. My asshole finally started to feel somewhat better from her favorite toy two nights ago. Even so my dick and my balls really have been taking a beating all week and it’s all hitting me now, I decided to take a quick nap before a nice shower. As I drift off I grab my phone and send my mother a simple text message that read, “…<3..."

I woke up about forty minutes later to the sound of my phone beeping. I grabbed it and seen two missed texts from Mom. “Aww… <3 to you too baby...can we finish this convo later, my hands are still trembling from the great orgasm your father gave me last night." I knew she was only saying this to get me upset and it worked, she loved to tease me and not admit how wet I make her. I figured I'd play along and humor her so I opened the next message. "Honey...why aren't you answering me, I'm still so horny from your daddy...c'mon talk to me!"

I decided to play her little game…”Sorry mom I was sleeping, I had a rough night last night and it sounded like you did too.” I started my day while waiting for her response, I grabbed some clean clothes and made my way over to the bathroom and ran my shower water. I needed the water hot today, hotter than usual. As I slid into the shower I felt all the muscle on my body start to relax. I ran the soap slowly over myself and just enjoyed the feeling as long as I could. As I let the water run over my face I heard my phone that was sitting on the closed toilet bowl go off. Just hearing my mom’s text message sent a rush to my groin and I felt my cock hang slightly heavier. My impatience got the better of me and I finished up my shower and rushed to my phone. I opened her message that read…”Yes honey, mom had a real rough night…I just never felt so full and loved. I felt like there was something new and wonderful inside me while I sucked your fat dicked father…xoxo.”

I stood there naked in the bathroom half wet, I flipped on the camera of my phone and with one hand held my cock from its underside in the palm of my hand and took the picture with my other hand. I sent her the picture and titled it… “New and wonderful?” I dressed and ate knowing she was working and it could take some time to get a message back. Finally as I set my dirty dishes into the sink I heard the phone beep and I ran over to it. When I opened the phone I became slightly flush once I realized it was a picture mail. As the picture downloaded I read the title…”Hmmm…in a meeting at work… Bye Babe.” Then the picture took over the screen. It was a weird angle but after much inspection I realized mom must have held the camera outwards and took the picture of herself. In the picture I had seen a black board, some chairs and people standing around her. I zoomed in on her body in the picture and that’s when I seen it, the slightest hint of a hard nipple poking through her tight red button down suit shirt.

I had the day off so I decided I’d get my daily sample for the doctor myself and drop it off now. I was pretty sure the pretext of my medical condition was gone now between me and my mother and I figured why waste more of her time going to the doctors and such. However I knew I’d have to see this out with the doctor so he and his office didn’t get suspicious or think all of this was in vein. After a quick an non dramatic session in the family bathroom I collected my sample and did what I had to do at the doctors. I tried my best to give positive vibes to the doctor and make him feel like I was doing much better. I jumped back in my car and sent mom a quick text…” Just dropped sample off, doctor’s happy I’m doing better…he said he will call when he gets some definite results.’

I lay on the sofa and watched TV till about 4pm and anxiously awaited my mother’s arrival. I Get this feeling right before I know I’m going to see her, it’s like my dick gets butterflies. I finally heard her car arrive, I quickly went face down flat on the sofa and slightly pulled my boxers down to show my ass to her. I heard the key turn in the door and that was the sound that got my dick at full length. I laid my head sideways so I could catch her reaction. As I stared at the slowly opening door mom walked in with a handful of grocery bags and immediately looked my way. I stared at her while I sported a big grin from ear to ear, But I slowly started to panic when I seen mom turn pale white and stomp over to me and drop her bags halfway towards me. As she was two feet from me all I heard from her mouth was…”Cum Fast!!!’

With that mom got on her knees and in frenzy grabbed my dick and jammed it in between the gap between the two sofa cushions. With both hands she grabbed fistfuls of my asscheeks and spread them as wide as possible. I felt the stretch of my asshole as she pulled them apart roughly. Before I could even ask what was happening she buried her tongue as hard and rudely as she could into my hole and licked every which was possible. I swear I think she tried to hit my prostate with her tongue, I realized there must have been a reason for all this panic and then I heard the car trunk slam. I started to hump the sofa in abandonment realizing my dad must have come home with mom. All this thinking and humping was going in slow motion but it couldn’t have been more than ten seconds and all the while mom never lifted her head to speak. The whole time she swirled and spun her tongue in and outside every part of my asshole. I totally loosened and relaxed my ass and felt her tongue sink in even deeper, her nose was pressed up against my skin.

I felt my orgasm approaching and kept my dick deep in the cushion gap. That’s when I heard it…”Hey I’m coming in with the bags!’ I realized this wasn’t my dad but my next door neighbor Danny. He must have seen my mom struggling with the bags and offered to help her. I was just about to cum deep inside the pillows when my mom and I both heard Danny cross the threshold of our front door entrance. Mom did one more deep swirl with her tongue then removed it with a plop sound. She sat beside me on the sofa, grabbed the fleece cover that was hanging off the back of the sofa and covered my important parts with it. I turned my head so I was laying face down and stopped my humping. My cock was so deep in the pillow and I felt the cum right at the at the tip screaming to shoot out.

“Sorry Dan, you know Phil…lazy as ever.” While saying this I felt moms hand Snake up my back thigh and search its way to my ass. “Oh you don’t have to tell me… I spend my whole morning trying to wake my two kids’ up.” Then “Ughh Mmmmm”…I moaned into the pillow as mom entered my ass with her pointer finger at the same time holding a conversation with our neighbor. “Let me just wake him up and send him to his room and then I’ll get you the recipe for your wife.’ With moms free hand she shook my slightly awake and kept the pretense of my sweet mom. “Phil baby… C’mon go up to bed we have company.” Her finger digging into my prostate with all her might was actually saying…”Cum in the sofa… and get the Fuck out before we get caught!” I did just what her finger asked me too. I started Cumming into the sofa and felt moms finger ease out of my ass; she must have felt the throbbing of my orgasm on her finger inside me. I was careful not to jerk or spasm, I let the cum flow freely from my balls into the sofa.

Once I was done Cumming I needed a few seconds for my dick to deflate before I could get up and walk upstairs. In the mean time I acted like I was slowly waking and seemed surprised to see mom and Dan. “There he is… hey kiddo your moms been trying to wake you.” Mom got off the sofa and stood next to our neighbor. I felt confident my dick was deflated enough so casually as I pulled the sheet off me I pulled my pants up.

I decided not to look at the sofa or my crotch and instead read moms face to see if we left any evidence. As I shook Danny’s hand and started to head upstairs I glanced at mom. She just finished her glance toward the sofa; she looked in my eyes then down to my crotch and back in my eyes. She lifted her pointer finger to her mouth, with a satisfied smirk said “Dinner will be ready in an hour…Hun.” …It was then I knew we were in the clear.

Being known as the office tease or slut doesn’t bother me, I enjoy sex a lot in all its forms so being known as promiscuous suits me fine as it means I get a lot of guaranteed action!

There was an occasion I remember well during a meeting, round a table of 7 people, my colleague to the right of me began feeling my leg. Most girls might feel this as an intrusion of privacy, I don’t, I love being fondled in inappropriate situations! Don’t get me wrong if I know the guy to be a creep I’ll brush him off but in most cases I’m all for some sexual groping!

My colleague, Scott, is a good looking, athletic guy. I knew he had a girlfriend but that was a minor detail and if he chose to feel me up and turn me on then that’s his prerogative! During the meeting his hand moved further up my stockinged thigh till it was at the top of my black stockings. During a part of the meeting where I was required to speak Scott un clasped my stocking and began to push it down my leg, knowing this would put me in an awkward situation at some point! I wasn’t annoyed, rather, very much turned on by this forwardly flirty behaviour!

As Scott moved his hand further up my thigh I spread my legs as wide as I could, giving him room to stroke my moist pussy through my lace knickers. He expertly rubbed me softly, locating my clit which was swelling under his perfect strokes!

The meeting came to an end and in effort to somewhat keep my decency and my job I stayed behind, pretending to sort my papers and notes. Scott left me with a wink and a smile. I redid the clasps on my stockings and fixed my tight pencil skirt which had ridden up. I had a quick feel of my pussy and right enough it was dripping wet!

Later, as I was leaving the office Scott came up to me and whispered that I follow him. I knew that this was going to lead to some sex and in the frustrated state I was in after the meeting I was gagging for a good slamming!

He led me into an empty office where he shut the door, pinned me against it and we kissed passionately. His hands were all over me, gripping my firm ass and feeling the curve of my back. It felt great and I was filling with lust fast! I dropped my bag on the floor and tried to undo his belt and trousers to free the swelling cock I could feel grinding against my stomach.

Scott pulled off my jacket as I took out his cock. I made to fall to my knees but as I did so he pushed me over to the desk and bent me over it. I looked over my shoulder to see him standing back admiring the view of me bent over the desk. Standing in my black high heels spread slightly apart, my long toned stockinged legs leading up to my tight pencil skirt, perfectly showing off the slight curve of my firm ass and my tailored blouse framing the curve of my torso. He was slowly stroking himself and his eyes were filled with lust.

He moved forward and sank to his knees to pushed his hands up legs, pulling my skirt up as he went. He then pulled down my knickers slowly and removed them from my feet. He then felt my ass with his strong hands, all over moving to my pussy lips and back round. Pulling apart my ass cheeks he kissed my ass and began to tongue my asshole. It felt so amazing, the nerves sent shocks of pleasure up my spine making me quiver with lust! Pushing two fingers into my pussy sent more shocks and really got my juices going!

As my asshole relaxed with his tongue teasing it Scott pushed his finger in and began to tease it wider! Once wide enough he stood up, spat into the hole and slowly but firmly pushed his sizeable cock into my tight ass. It sent me into a lustful daze! I could feel his every inch in me and with my asshole contracting he pushed harder and harder, heightening the pleasure!

Scott occasionally pulled out his meat to spit into the gaping hole, the cool of the natural lube sent shivers down my spine but in my aroused state it felt good! After what seemed an age of amazing anal, Scott pushing his large cock into my tight ass I could feel him grow even harder, this naturally felt even better bringing me close to a climax. Scott was obviously close too, telling my his groaning and swelling cock. All of a sudden I could feel the shots of warm spunk filling my ass. Scott his groaning immensely as he sent load after load of his hot cum into me. The feeling of this sent me into an orgasmic bliss, I screamed and bucked against him, pushing his meat further into me, making the orgasm so powerful!

Once Scott was done he pulled out his cock and watched me twitch in my post orgasmic state. I could barely support myself against the desk I was so weak. Once recovered I pulled down my skirt, adjusted my stockings and wiped up the spunk that was running down my leg with my knickers which I picked up from the floor. Scott smiled and took the knickers from my hand and pushed them into his pocket.

He left the office leaving me to ponder what just happened. Amazing anal in a colleagues office at work. What more could an office slut want!

This story is based on a true experience told to me by a friend represented by the Kelly character and how she was set up by an older woman with a huge black guy. I was always fascinated by the motivation for her to do so, hence the angle I have come at it from. I like to give the characters some background so stick with it until the naughty bits later on. How much I have enhanced for your pleasure,I’ll leave you to decide. Enjoy…


The minute I saw him my stomach somersaulted. It sounds like a cliché from a girly romantic novel, but it is the only way to describe what I felt as this gorgeous man entered the room for a contract meeting with me.

He was dressed immaculately in a beautiful suit and tie, crisp white shirt to perfect contrast to his dark black skin. I had never really seen black guys as particularly my thing, but Joseph was different. He was in his late 30′s, educated, well spoken, smiling and confident, not arrogant or flashy at all.

This was a different animal to the black guys my husband and I had encountered in London or on holiday in the sunny places we visited. I’m just not turned on by a six pack and a bad attitude. Joseph, or Joe as he asked me to call him had the six pack, that was obvious even under the threads, but he also had the intelligence I wanted from any man I was to take seriously.

That he stood at over six foot, clearly had a superb physique and sculpted features that gave him almost a perfect classical look may have been secondary, but having passed through my acceptance criteria in the first minute, I found myself drinking in these attributes as we went through our business.

Me? Despite my schoolgirl ‘crush’, he was never going to be mine – for a start I am married to Ian, a lovely man a couple of years younger than me. He is my second husband, a regular looking middle aged man with a decent job and a good companion and friend. Whilst not thrilling, it’s a good relationship and one I enjoyed and valued..

I’m also 53 years old. I have a good career and my job demands propriety. I’ve been a ‘good girl’ most of my life, doing what was expected of me and getting on. Sure, I am probably what you would call attractive for my age, a typical English Rose with delicate features, average sized breasts and a slim almost boyish figure and still blonde, even if there is a little grey mixed in with it. Not an obvious vamp, but pretty for sure.

As for my sex life, it had been ok. Two husbands kept satisfied, though increasingly rarely nowadays and a few other boyfriends when not wed. I’m certainly not a missionary only girl, but hardly a porn star either. I guess this all sums up why I just couldn’t imagine being with a man like Joe in any sense of the word. Mind you, it didn’t stop me looking and dreaming.

Over the course of our long meeting I found Joe a really interesting and articulate man. After the deal was concluded he offered to take me for lunch to say thanks for the deal. The couple of hours in the restaurant ended with us laughing and talking like old friends, me less the starstruck teen and back to the confident business woman I am. We parted with a promise to keep in touch and chat again. The ongoing contract would ensure we did. Our future meetings were always followed by lunch or dinner and a great chat – we had become good friends.

Shortly before I had met Joe, Ian and I had been on holiday in one of those all inclusive resort places in the Caribbean, a couple of weeks of sun and not much else. It was a little out of season, so the place was pretty quiet. After a week of starring into each others eyes, Ian and I were glad to make friends with a younger couple, Kelly and Andy.

He was a pretty dull guy for someone in his 30′s, a civil servant, liked a bit of golf, and seemingly not much else. He dressed well and was decent looking, which may have accounted for the pretty girl on his arm, but really other than that was an unremarkable man.

On the other hand she was dynamite – at first glance this thin blonde was nothing but a pinhead bimbo, every wife’s worst nightmare of the other woman. It was easy to see why my husband had been drawn into a conversation with her that lead to the drink that led to us sitting having fun at the bar. However, within the time it took us to down that first cocktail those first impressions had been totally overcome.

Kelly was a doctor who now specialised in minor plastic surgery. She swore blind she hadn’t done any herself, so despite being 35 years old, that figure, and my what a figure it was, was all her own. Boy could she talk, but it was interesting and fun. She had done stuff and had opinions she could back up. And all this in a package that stood on the most awesome slender legs to 5’2″, probably no more than a hundred pounds and with a fantastic and proudly displayed 34D rack pushing out that tiny bikini top. Being a woman I couldn’t help but notice how ‘buffed’ smooth she was and that seemed to continue to the bikini bottoms which rode smoothly over her pubic mound.

I could see Ian trying to sneak odd glances when he thought I wasn’t looking, but hey, no harm was being done. Andy was paying her no attention, happy to watch the big screen over my shoulder, so I don’t think Kelly really minded. She seemed more than able to cope. She clearly had no designs on Ian, her bar clearly set much higher physically judging from her own sly glances at the ripped and shorts clad waiters that buzzed back and forth with refreshments.

After the week we were firm friends and good to her word, Kelly kept in touch afterwards. As we got closer, she confided in me and I in her. It was great having such a young ‘gal pal’ to have fun with. She and Andy came to visit just a few weeks later and it was obvious from the word go all was not right with them.

It transpired that the holiday had been a bit of a make or break for them and it looked like it was broken. She asked my opinion and I tried to diplomatically tell her that she seemed to deserve something a bit better from her relationship.

The next time she visited, it was on her own. The confident Kelly bristled with energy and fun. When Ian had gone out and left us with the bottle of white wine and a ton of gossip to get through she told me so much about herself I felt like I was just getting to know her properly now.

Sure enough, they had split. She said the final straw had been when he caught her masturbating and had told her to stop as ‘it was disgusting’. I was pretty shocked at this – me and my other women friends never talked like this. I’m sure, like me, they all did do it, but to confess to it so bluntly was unheard of.

She conferred to me that sex was a big thing for her and that she needed to cum almost every day, so if sex wasn’t on offer, masturbation with fingers, pink rabbit’s and anything else she wanted was essential. Since the break up, Kelly admitted she had fucked a couple of guys on one night stands and begun what seemed a very promising friendship with benefits with an older married man she had known for years and trusted not to get clingy.

This was probably the most frank conversation I had ever had with another woman. She kept looking to me for acknowledgement that I understood, which I did, but not necessarily from the point of view of feeling the same way. Needless to say our conversation was getting naughtier and naughtier, before turning to the things which turned us on most.

The first thing she confessed to was enjoying porn. I was pretty prudish about it in reality, the thought of top shelf magazines and seedy shops not my thing.

‘Don’t be silly Maggie, it’s not like that now. It’s all online, so with the odd safeguard so Ian doesn’t know what you have been looking at, it is all here in the comfort of your own home. And it’s not all pictures of teens with perfect figures. I love the video’s and the stories too. Look I’ll show you’ and off she went to fetch her iPad.

Next thing I know she has shown me the site and all of the categories. Then she got up a couple of sites with videos of every type of sex imaginable and many I had never even considered. There was a massive number that catered for guys who liked mature women and it struck me that there must be guys out there that perhaps looked at me that way. Did Joe have those thoughts?

Joe? Why had I thought of Joe at that moment? Was it because I was so utterly turned on now listening to this fabulous young woman describe her sex life? It was probably a bit of both as Kelly had just said her favourite was the videos of the big black guys fucking innocent white girls and Joe was really the only black guy I knew.

‘Have you ever, well, been with a black guy?’ I asked Kelly rather timidly.

‘Oh yeah – have a ever. There was a couple of guys I fucked on my last holiday to the Caribbean and I had an Asian boyfriend for a year or so. The black guys are so primal when they fuck. I’m not keen on their attitude out of bed, but you don’t need a brain to fuck, just a nice big hard cock and plenty of stamina!’ she laughed.

It was now it came to me. I couldn’t fuck Joe, but Kelly could. She would then almost certainly tell all. I needed this to happen as I couldn’t imagine any other way of experiencing that beautiful man myself.

‘Would you like to try it again with a black guy?’ I asked her.

‘Are you kidding? I’m single and not looking for love, just lust and big black cock would be perfect to sort that out’ came the rather predictable answer.

‘Well, Aunty Maggie might just be able to help there. How about a date tomorrow night? Trust me he is gorgeous. I’ll tell you all about him in a minute. I’ll call him now, it’s not too late.’ And with that I called Joe to invite him for dinner to make up a foursome with Kelly the next night.

I didn’t really need to give her the big sell. It was clear the slut in her was well and truly awake and looking forward to meeting Joe, especially after I had laid on his qualities so thickly. I just had to hatch my own plan alongside the ‘date’.

A text to Joe later to say that he was welcome to stay if he wanted to have a drink gave him the flexibility to hang around and it would raise no suspicion with Ian as it was clearly Kelly being set up by me and anyway, he was used to me inviting work related people round at the drop of a hat. He loved hosting and it was always an excuse for a good drink.

As soon as Joe walked in, I could see that Kelly was putty in his hands. He maintained his usual calm and she went into a slightly flirty mode that all girls recognise when they see someone snaring a mate. Ian had met Joe briefly once before and knew he was good company, so soon the wine was opened and the conversation flowed.

A great night was winding up and I suggested to Ian that we knocked it on the head. He was a little tipsy and ready for it, but Kelly and Joe said that they would stay up a while if we didn’t mind. I knew my plan was working. Soon Ian was out cold in bed and having said I might use the spare room as I had a slight headache starting, he was left alone in our room.

The small spare was on the other side of the house, away from our master bedroom where they thought I was, right between Kelly’s room and Joe’s room. I crept in quietly and waited not wanting them to know I was in there. Sure enough, about half an hour later they came upstairs and both went into Kelly’s room.

‘Are you sure they won’t mind us doing this Kelly? Maggie keeps a good house…’ I heard Joe say. The reply shocked me to the core.

‘Listen Joe, Maggie wasn’t born yesterday. She knows how the world turns and that people fuck. Now why do you think she invited you over? To try a new Shiraz or to fuck her friend? So are you going to fuck me or what…?

There was a slight pause and a change in the tone of Joe’s voice that was unmistakable. ‘Sweetheart, I ain’t going to just fuck you, I’m gonna turn you inside out…’

And so it began. It sounded like the soundtracks to the porn clips we had watched the night before, gasps and slurps and grunts and mostly from Kelly the vocabulary of the harlot being fucked. So many ‘Oh God’s, ‘Fuck me’s and ‘So big’s that I lost count.

My imagination was going wild. I was lying on the bed, desperately trying to control my breathing so as not to be heard, one finger on my clit keeping me on the edge of an orgasm the whole time they were at it. When was I last so wet? I couldn’t remember.

The images going through my mind shocked me. The totally overwhelmed Kelly being torn open by Joe and his massive black cock, she a mere rag doll on his huge black weapon, cumming again and again as he brutalised her for her willingness and confidence in taking him on.

It was well over and hour before things went a bit quieter. The end of their fucking, and it sounded like he had really fucked her like she had demanded. I let my own orgasm slip out, a final sodden release. I couldn’t wait until the morning to hear all of her details that Kelly would surely confide. Then Joe’s voice.

‘That’s it, roll over. Nearly done. I’m going to use the bathroom and then I’ll be back for round two eh? You up for that little girl?’ A faint sound from Kelly seemed to acknowledge his words.

I heard him leave and head for the master bathroom on the floor below. I hadn’t heard the door to her room close and suddenly I was a passenger to my curiosity. I slipped on the short satin number I had gone to the room in and crept out of the door to peek into Kelly’s room. I needn’t have been so cautious as there she was face down and spread-eagled on the bed, tied with silks on each corner. More striking though was her pussy, at which I was staring. It was gaping open and cum was lewdly sliding from it – my God how big was Joe if he left her like this?

I nearly jumped out of my skin at what happened next. A big hand went across my mouth and the other under my satin and onto my pussy, in an instant one then two fingers hard up inside me. At the same time I was guided back to my room without almost a sound. ‘Joe?’ I heard Kelly say under her breath.

It was Joe and now he looked at me in a way no man has ever looked at me. ‘Enjoy the show did we Maggie?’ he said in a voice barely more than a whisper. ‘I knew you were in here, listening to me fuck the shit out of your mate. So now we have a decision to make don’t we?’

My eyes questioned him, but no sound emerged from me, just the breathing and the heartbeat of a woman in the midst of the highest sexual peak of her life. He took his fingers out of my pussy and rammed them into my mouth forcing me to taste my own cum. He was so in control now.

‘I’m going to go back in there and fuck that slut up the ass. That’s right, her tiny hole is going to accept this…’ at which point my head was yanked forward to stare down at the glistening black cock that had been giving Kelly such pleasure ‘…but before it gets all covered in her shit, how about you do what you know you really want to do and try some of my big black cock for yourself?’

He knew the answer, and in reality so did I – him pushing me to my knees to begin just added to the thrill. It was hanging down between his legs, a gentle curve shape and as I raised my hands to it, both could not cover it’s length. It musty have been 10″ flaccid and with width to match. It was magnificent and my mouth just had to take it in. It tasted and smelt of sex, hard wet sex. I stopped for moment as I realised what I was doing…

‘That’s right Maggie, suck your friend’s cum right off Joe’s cock. Doesn’t she taste so fine? Perhaps I’ll get you to try it direct later…’ he smiled at me and pushed it a little harder into my mouth. I’d never thought of fucking another woman before but here I was being told it might happen and I knew if he wanted me to, I would.

In a minute he was hard and pulled my hands above my head, lifting me up in the process. My satin was pulled off over my head and those two massive black hands began to wander across my body, my breasts, my arse and my pussy, testing, prodding and feeling as if weighing up whether to buy me or not.

‘Not bad at all Maggie, not bad. I’ve fucked some older white women before, but none as sweet as you.’ and with that he pushed me back onto the bed, spread my legs and lined up his huge cock at the entrance to my pussy. I was so wet from earlier that the first couple of inches were easy. Then I began to feel the girth and the size of his cock push more earnestly. His body weighed down on me, his mouth covering mine to suck the very breath from my body as we kissed. I was totally his.

Then the fucking began. Physically I was beyond ecstasy, mentally images flashed through my mind of his cock in me, his cock spewing it’s cum inside Kelly, of me with her, of us powerless to resist this man’s powerful sex taking us again and again. My first cum was almost instant, the second close behind.

‘Maggie?’ came the quiet voice. It was Ian. Shit. He was stood there bewildered and naked but with an erection sticking out as he watched his wife being impaled on this huge black man.

Joe was quick to react. ‘I’m fucking your wife, but look next door and there is a little something you can use to get rid of that. In fact, do me a favour and fuck her up the ass for me to loosen her up before I come in there to finish off – now fuck off and let us finish…in fact no, we’ll come and join you’. His voice went from commending to conciliatory in no time.

Ian’s curiosity piqued, he looked in the door of the adjoining bedroom and saw his ‘present’. ‘Go on honey, I don’t mind if Kelly doesn’t’ I said.

It struck me that in an instant Joe had figured the solution to the whole situation and what would have to be talked about in the morning, but for now I wanted to fuck him and well, why shouldn’t he try something new too? Both equally guilty meant both still equal.

As Joe and I walked in to the room, Ian was already tentatively touching Kelly’s pussy. She starred at me not knowing what I was going to say. I smiled and nodded gently at her giving permission that all was fine here. Her eyes closed again as she focussed on the fact she was required to fuck again.

Ian was being so reserved. Barely touching her you could see he was wracked with the decision he had to make. Joe made it for him, grabbing him by the cock with one hand and the other pushing him towards Kelly’s spread shaven cunt, for it was certainly that now, puffed up and stringy with cum. With one push Ian was in her.

‘Fuck her man, she wants it, needs it. Cover that cock of yours in my cum then do her ass’ barked Joe. Ian had never fucked a woman in the ass before, not even me, but here I was looking forward to watching him do it, covered in the cum of my black lover and having just had another man ram his cock into that ruined pussy.

Kelly’s head tossed back at he entry of another cock to her and no doubt the prediction of what was about to happen to her. I was picked up by Joe and skewered on his cock while he was stood up. At the same time he gripped my ass hard with both hands and let one of his forefingers snake into my ass. I couldn’t believe how easy he did it, but I was so wet there was no resistance, but the feeling- wow it was amazing. His finger was tracing his own cock inside me and in my mind I was suddenly being fucked by two men at once and I loved it.

My head was pitched on his shoulder, holding on for the ride. I could see and hear Ian pounding Kelly’s pussy. He was like a man possessed. ‘Are we going to try your ass too?’ Joe whispered teasingly in my ear as I held on. That was enough to send me over the edge again, the very thought of my virgin ass being violated by this enormous black tool was just too much for me, and as if to force the point home a second finger entered my rectum stretching me still further.

Things had gone from bad to worse that week. I’d lost my job on Monday and by Friday, my girlfriend had thrown me out. I’d been staying with a buddy but that couldn’t last long. I’d stopped by my ex girlfriend’s place and picked up the last of my stuff. On the way I passed Renegades, the country bar around the corner from her house.

I’d passed it a thousand times but had never been in the place. I’d heard there were always a lot of hot girls there, so I decided to check it out. Hot women and cold beer sounded like a winning combination.

It was early on a Sunday night, so it was a little slow at first, but things picked up quickly. By nine o’clock it was crowded, and the things I’d heard about the women were true. The place was loaded with fine looking country girls. Most of them in tight blue jeans and a few in cowboy hats. Most of the were friendly too. I spoke to a few and even the ones that shot me down were polite.

Then there was one that caught my eye from across the room. She was standing at the bar when I first saw her. It was her hair that caught my eye first. Strawberry blonde, the same colour as Annie’s. Annie, the girl that robbed me of my virtue at such a tender age; the girl that taught me about love so long ago.

Then my gaze flowed down her back to the most beautiful ass I’ve ever seen. Firm and round; strong. The ass of a real woman. And a great pair of strong athletic legs, wrapped tight in faded denim. As my eyes drifted back up her legs, she turned. My eyes locked for a second at the crease where her gorgeous legs met. I raised my eyes a bit more to be greeted by the a pair of the most beautiful breasts . Her blouse was open several buttons, revealing just enough cleavage to drive a guy crazy. It was obvious that this woman had all the right equipment and knew how to use it.

I raised my eyes up to her face. We made eye contact and she smiled at me. The way the light struck her eyes, I could see from across the room that they were green. They shown like emeralds. There was something about that smile. I thought she winked at me , but I’m not sure. I had to talk to her. I made my way to where she stood, but by the time I go the bar, she’d disappeared into the crowd.

I ordered another beer and asked the bartender about her. He told me they called her Star. Just then I spotted her again. And just as before, she’d disappeared before I could get to her. This went on for almost an hour. Until we both just happened to approach the bar at the same time. We nearly ran into each other. She smiled that smile at me again and I was tongue tied.

“I’m Drew,” I finally managed to say.

“And I’m Star,” she replied.

“Yeah, I know.”

“You know?”

“He told me.” I said, nodding toward the bartender.

“Oh, Billy told you, eh?” she said and then stuck her tongue out at Billy. “What else did Billy tell ya?”

“Just that they call you Star. Is there more I should know?”

“Is there more you want to know?”

Billy set us up with a couple Lone Star beers and I said, “Sure, I want to know everything; everything there is to know about you, Star.”

Star looked at Billy, ordered two more beers and said, ” I don’t think he knows what he’s in for, does he?” Billy put the beers on the bar and walked away laughing and shaking his head. There were a lot of wannabe cowgirls in Renegades that night, but it was obvious that Star was not one of them. She was the real deal all right; as real as a summer’s day is long.

Star dragged me to a corner booth, and by the time we’d finished our first beer, had told me her life story, in three hundred words or less. I felt like I had known her my whole life.

“Your turn,” she said. We started our second beers, and I told Star the story of my life in less than two hundred words. It was if we were lifelong friends.

I’d told Star all about losing my job and all about my breakup. Before the night was over she’d offered me a job and a place to stay. She owned a ranch in Loxahatchee She raised horses. I told her I didn’t know much about horses and she said that didn’t matter. She said she had another guy that worked for her, Joe, and he could teach me a lot. A twinkle came to her eye when she said it, and the corners of her lips turned up in a sly smile. Oh, those gorgeous lips. I didn’t think much more about it. Her eyes flashed and sparkled a lot as she spoke. And it wasn’t the first time I’d seen that wicked little grin of hers that night. It was as if some dirty little thought had crossed her mind. I could only hope she was thinking what I was thinking.

“Well hun,’ she said, “we really need to get goin’. Five AM comes awfully early. Some of us have to work for a livin’, don’t we?”

I followed her out to her ranch. The guest house wasn’t ready so Star told me I could stay in a guest room in the main house. That was just what I wanted to hear. We walked in and I followed her up the stairs. That beautiful ass of hers was right at eye level. Swinging back and forth. She was driving me insane. Star was the sexiest woman I’d ever seen. She was naturally sexy. She didn’t have to try.

She showed me to a small room, turned on the light and waved her hand out to present the room. I looked at the room and then back at Star. It seemed like time stood still as we gazed into each other’s eyes. I thought for a second I was hypnotized. I thought I heard her saying something without moving her lips. I couldn’t make out what it was she was saying, but I liked the sound of it. It sounded very sexy. Everything about Star was sexy.

Just as natural as could be, I reached out and wrapped my arm around Star’s waist and pulled her to me. Our faces moved closer and a little sigh escaped her lips just before mine were pressed against them. Her lips were plump and soft. I kissed first the top lip, then the bottom. She parted them slightly and let my tongue slip into her warm mouth. My tongue found hers and they danced. Twisting and writhing in our mouths. We kissed as if were long lost lovers, who hadn’t seen each other in years. There was an urgency to it; as if we needed to make up for lost time. My hand glided down her back to that marvellous ass of hers. Her jeans were so tight that my hand slid smoothly across it, cupping the cheek of her ass.

She pulled me into the room and to the bed. Before I can speak, she began to rub the front of my pants.

“Let me take some of the pressure off”, she says.

Firmly, she places one hand on my chest and begins unbuttoning my shirt while pushing me backward, never ceasing to rub my ever hardening cock beneath my pants. Her ministrations weaken me, and even though I lean to being more aggressive during sex, I find myself submitting to her motions more and more. Her hand slides down my now bare chest to undo my belt, then my pants, which fall to my ankles. Simultaneously, I step out of my shoes and the slacks, and allow her to remove my shirt and shorts. She guides me to the bed and, in my state of helpless lust, allow her to manoeuvre me as she saw fit. I stare directly into her eyes, mine being heavy lidded as she continues to control me through her deft pulls, twists, and strokes of my cock. With her free hand, she begins to undressed. Her skin is beautiful; soft and smooth.

I admire her body as mine writhes and sweats under her control. She has beautiful muscle tone. She sits between my widespread legs, continuing to stroke. Her other hand slides under the elastic of her thong and removes it. I see it as it springs free. She has a cock. My eyes lock upon it and stare. It is definitely a cock, as hard and erect as my own. I try to react, but she is too quick. Her hands grab my wrists and hold them to my sides, her legs pivot on top of mine, locking me into position, and her head goes down and she takes me into her mouth.


I protest.


Deep inside, I know it is to no avail. If with the simple use of one hand she is able to all but control me, I knew that I was already too far gone. Her lips and tongue slowly, yet thoroughly began to drain me of my resistance. My mind raced. Dazed, I tried to make sense of what was happening. Attempts to push her off were a waste of energy.

Her hands and legs had me pinned. Even if that were not the case, the act of her licking, sucking, and tasting me made me unsure if I wanted to be released, yet I continued to try. She had been controlling me orally for over 20 minutes, and my strength had been drained. She knew well what to do. Several times I felt an orgasm about to explode, yet she sensed it and redirected her focus onto a less sensitive area until the building explosion subsided.

“Stop……stop….stop sucking me…I…..”

Even my verbal protests began to weaken.

“No….stop…..stop suc……ahuhhh…uhhhh…”

My words are reduced to gasps and moans as she deliberately induces such intense pleasure that words can no longer be formed. Now in a state of submission, I try to move my hips to force an orgasm, yet her control persists unabated. Her teeth now joined the fray, and gently nibbled and bit to keep the explosion at bay.

When she saw that neither my mind nor body were able to resist, she changed position. With movement that seemed to take place in slow motion, she grasped my wrists and moved upward across my body, raising my hands over my head and positioning her hips over my throbbing and pulsating cock. Ever so slowly, she lowered her self and took me into her arse. Once I was entirely within her, she began to ride. She paced herself at first, and then began to hump and buck with intensity. My hips moved in tandem with her motion. I glanced at her eyes and saw the deep satisfaction of victory. She ground and rotated as I thought only a pussy could; to the point that she felt comfortable is releasing my hands and began to massage her breasts. I watched her, mesmerized.

Over time, it was obvious that she was reaching the same state to which she had brought me. Moans and whimpers escaped from her lips, and her skin now glistened with sweat, beads blending into streams which followed her rich curves. With only control left at my disposal, my gripped her hips and forced them up and down with a greater force.


She moaned. Soon, it was clear that neither of us could go much longer. Her body had submitted to my cock as my cock had submitted to her. We burst together, waves of incredible intensity rushing again and again. Even when the sensation subsided, and my orgasm completed, I continued to rock her until each of had cum several times.

I had lost count when I noticed how limp she had become; her body now moving only on instinct and sensation, her eyes rolled back so that the whites could be seen. I looked down at her still erect cock, and began to pump it furiously. She gasped and moaned. Soon, she was cumming from both ass and cock, forcing still more cum from my body. Not to be outdone, she slid one hand under my cock and squeezed and massaged my balls. We both came with the last of our strength and our fluids. She collapsed on my chest, our bodies heaving with exhaustion. I passed out, not sure who had taken who, or even who had submitted; yet deep inside I knew.

It was a good thing I was drunk, I don’t think I would have been able to sleep waiting and wondering what videos would be in my inbox. The sunlight peeked through my blinds and I sat up immediately and grabbed my laptop. I opened the email account to find that there were 4 videos waiting for me. I decided that my computer screen wasn’t suitable for viewing these mind control movies. I went to my living room and hooked my display to the big screen. With a cup of coffee and a joint at my side I was ready for viewing.

I downloaded all four, and noticed that the one from Shay was almost 45 minutes long. I started with the 3 shorter videos from Andy.

The first video from Andy started to play. The first 30 seconds was nothing but a floor and wall shot, while the operator was fumbling with the camera/phone. The bathroom décor was familiar. This first video was from one of the bathrooms at the wedding venue. My commands were working sooner than I thought. When the camera operator finally got the filming figured out. The scene displayed the camera operator’s legs spread wide while sitting on the toilet. The top of Andy’s blond hair was being held like a reign, while she ate feverishly at the pussy in front of her. This video had the shortest time duration out of the three. The camera operator began to scream and moan, then she dropped the phone, it landed face up on the floor and I caught a glimpse of the receiver’s face, it was Shay, Matt’s girlfriend. When the scene was quiet, Andy leaned over the still filming camera to shut it off. The picture of her with shiny girl cum all over her face almost made me shoot my first load of the day.

With a cup of coffee gone and my joint half smoked, I started the second of Andy’s videos. This video had no lag time. The operator knew how to work the camera. From the first second, I could see Andy on her knees in some dirty bathroom stall. The camera operator was in more of a relaxed position than Shay was in the first video. This lady had her ass at the edge of the toilet bowl and both her feet on the handicap railing on each side of the toilet, giving me a great view of the pussy gobbling. The camera operator began to talk to Andy in a quaint Texas accent. “You straight women love this pussy! Don’t feel bad girl; you’re not the first ‘straight’ women to eat this pussy. Yeah that’s it. What a good little whore.” She grabbed Andy by the hair and ripped her up, “Tell me that my pussy is the best you’ve ever eaten.”

With pussy juice smeared all over her face Andy cried, “I love eating your sweet pussy, it makes my cunt quiver.” With that said, she buried her face between the country girl’s thighs and proceeded to finish her job of making Texas cum. This next part surprised me.

“Here it comes sugar! The Texan began to pant heavy and more quickly. At the last moment, she ripped back on Andy’s hair and held her inches from her pussy. Released with a high-pitched scream, Texas shot a large amount of thick women cum onto Andy’s face and exposed cleavage. The video ended with Andy licking her face clean.

The third video from Andy was by far the best and longest. This video showed the same bathroom stall as the second video, but from a different angle, filmed by a third person. The scene showed Andy in the same position as before, but she has her face buried between a tan set of legs. The angle showed Andy from behind. It gave a horrible view of Andy devouring cunt, but a great view of her on all fours. After some moaning and groaning, the camera operator spoke. “I told you this bitch was good at eating pussy. She made me cum fast.” It was Texas again. Texas began to narrate for the camera. “Let’s see how much this girl like eating pussy”. Coming into view was Texas’s hand. She reached down and pulled the bottom of Andy’s dress up and rolled it over her waist to hold it up. “Damn!, you have to see how wet this girl is, just from eating pussy.” Texas zoomed in on the saturated gusset of Andy’s small g-string. Even with the poor lighting of the bathroom, the light was shining from the wetness that has accumulated there.

Texas slowly stroked the wetness between Andy’s thighs. Andy’s head poked up from the tan thighs and started to moan. With a quick pull of Andy’s hair the woman sitting on toilet yelled, “I’m not done with you yet.” Texas released Andy’s dress and decided to get a closer look at Andy’s eating habits. As Texas zoomed in the tan legged-lady began to cry out in pleasure. “Yea that’s it almost done bitch!” With a loud sigh the tan lady was done. Or I thought she was. “Make sure you get this on tape, she’s going to love this.” She once again grabbed Andy’s hair and lifted her a couple of inches away from her pussy. “OPEN WIDE BITCH, YOU LOOK THIRSTY!” Yellow piss began to stream from her pussy. As the stream got stronger it began to hit Andy in the face and run down her chin, between her tits, and finally absorbing into her dress. As the tan lady’s piss stream subsided, she finished by saying “You are right, she is a good pussy whore. Thanks bitch!” The video finished with Andy sitting on her knees, makeup smeared, hair knotted, and soaked in pussy juice and piss.

I couldn’t handle it anymore; I shot my first load of the viewing day right into my coffee cup. I needed to regroup and get ready for Shay’s ass fucking adventure. I went to the garage and rolled myself another joint to prepare for the next 45 minutes.

I opened Shay’s video. She followed every word of my instructions. When the video began, I could see her bath mat lined with many different objects. A few I could immediately identify: large tub of Vaseline, mostly empty wine bottle, and a beer bottle. The lighting at first was horrible. Shay flicked the light switch on and assumed her position in just her sopping wet translucent panties. As she got herself comfortable and into the right position, I glanced over at the rest of the objects on the mat. There was a hair brush with a smooth tapered handle, a carrot, and a cucumber. My cock snapped back to position at the sight before me. She slowly rolled her panties down her large round ass, just enough to reveal the sticky mess between her snatch and the gusset of her panties. She paused before rolling her small undergarment further down her milky thighs. The viscosity of her juices amazed me. Her cum seemed to ooze from her sopping wet pussy.

She didn’t waste any time. She reached for the jar of Vaseline and scooped a three-finger handful out and smeared it all over her brown eye. She starts with her pointer finger and slowly circles her starfish. With one fast, assertive motion, her whole finger disappeared into her hungry ass. She slowly slides the grease-covered finger in and out of her tight virgin ass a few times and removes her finger. She grabs the carrot and smears it with another fistful of her chosen ass grease. Leaning now on her side-cocked head and shoulders, she reaches back with her right hand to locate and guide the tip of the carrot to her waiting asshole. With the tip of the orange vegetable piercing her asshole, she applies pressure and slides the 8″ carrot almost all the way in on her first attempt. Dissatisfied with something, Shay rips the buried carrot from its dark hole and tosses it in the tub. She grabbed the hairbrush and without the use of Vaseline, she lined the tip of the handle up and pushed the slightly larger handle into her hungry ass. Again just after a few hard deep strokes, she rips it from her ass and tosses it in the tub. She grabs the beer bottle and puts a handful of lube all over the exterior. She re-positions herself facing the camera, squatting over the upright beer bottle. I can see her dripping pussy, her swollen lips, and her butterfly tattoo that seems to be flying out of her snatch. She positions the neck of the bottle at the opening of her sphincter, and began to lower herself onto the bottle. The bottle was a microbrew bottle; the neck was short and girthy. After some re-aligning, Shay managed to get the neck of the bottle into her stretching asshole. Although she could only get the neck in about 2″ it was really stretching her wide open. She held the base of the brown glass dildo and rode the neck for a good five minutes, never once touching her dripping pussy.

Shay stood up and discarded the beer bottle into the trash and reached for the wine bottle. The bottle seemed to be a Chardonnay of some sort, with a long tapered handle, perfect for stretching. She assumed the same position as with the previous bottle and made quick work of getting the opening of the bottle lined up with the opening of her starving ass. With ease she slid a good 8″ down the neck, stopping to softly run her fingers up along her swollen pussy lips until she found her rock solid clit. With her fingers covered in juices she made small fast circles around her clit, while she lowered herself further onto the wine bottle’s neck. She must have had 9.5″ or green glass in her rectum. The diameter of the bottle’s neck was at least the size of a silver dollar. I would have loved to see the look on her face, but unfortunately the camera angle only showed Shay from the waste down. She stayed at this position on the pole for what seemed to be ages, rubbing furiously at her clit. Her cum, clear with almost a hint of white, was flowing from her pussy and forming a puddle on the floor beneath her. Her moans began to quicken and her screams got louder, but just before she came, she stopped her fingers and slid off of the bottle.

This was it, the grand finale. She grabbed the huge cucumber and began to roll it in the cum puddle on the floor. When it was lubed enough, she got into doggystyle position and backed up real close to the camera. Shay began to push the oversized object into her ass. I could see her arm straining to penetrate her sphincter, but her ass was resisting. With a loud yelp of pain, the cucumber broke through. Shay pushed the cucumber in about 6″ and stood up, squeezing her butt cheeks to keep the monster lodged in her ass. With some whimpering, she re-adjusted the camera angle to look down into the tub, I could see the first discarded ass toys lying near the drain. Shay crawled into the tub and with one hand reaching behind her keeping the cucumber firmly in place; she wiggled up the wall, feet first. Pausing for a moment to get her balance, she used one hand on the edge of the tub for balance and used to other to push the vegetable further into her ass. She held this position for what seemed to be an eternity, and then a small trickle of yellow piss began to split her glistening lips. The piss turned from a trickle to a river. The piss river was splashing Shay directly on her small b cup tits. With some body contortions, the piss was hitting Shay’s face and long blond hair. She opened her mouth and swallowed some salty nectar. I could see her elbow working back and forth, an obvious sign of her ramming that pickle in and out of her stretched asshole. When the piss stopped her hand that was being used for balance attacked her pussy. She quickly buried three fingers into her honeypot, all while ramming her ass with the large pickle. She began screaming, “OOOHHH, OOOO, YESSSSS, FUCK THAT PUSSY JACK!” With that command her pussy began squirting huge globs of girl cum all over her chest, since she was still up against the wall. When she came down from her orgasmic high, she rolled down the wall and shut the camera off.

With two more loads emptied into my coffee cup, I saved these videos in a secure, password-protected file on my hard drive. This blond bitches are mine forever now. Not too bad for the first field trial.

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