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If you read Parts I, II, III, IV, & V jump to the text just after the stars.

As stated at the beginning of Part II, this would be best read as a series; however if this is your first look at the Sally’s series, the following summaries will provide enough background to begin here.

Summary—Part I

After 22 years my wife found my porn collection and dumped me. She was a powerful attorney and wanted to destroy me. She even went to my employer and told them about my fetishes, demanding they fire me.

Our office manager, Olivia Laraway, was in the meeting and had hidden interests similar to mine. She began a four month process of watching me and putting plans in place. At today’s sales meeting, I needed to quell a rumor of being panty-boy (albeit true). Olivia took the opportunity to say Bravo and ask me out for drinks.

She selected Sally’s—a notoriously gay establishment. We talked for hours and had torrid wet sex in one of the private booths. Our waitress, Kim—a close friend of Olivia’s, shared a few moments of kink with us as well. Olivia asked me back to her place and this is where Part II kicks in.

Summary—Part II

As we left, Kim asked if she could stop by Olivia’s after her shift at Sally’s. Olivia played a bit of a tease game before saying yes. She was sure if Kim should join us since this was our first plunge into erotic play together.

Olivia came from wealth and owned a country estate—appointed for kink. Our kink began with wet fun under a full moon in front of her villa. We left our clothes at the entrance as a sign for Kim. Inside Olivia was giving me a tour and had just finished with me in the ‘Flogging’ room– where using the tools of the trade I confessed my love of cock and anal sex.

A very important factor because Kim had just arrived…

Summary—Part III

Kim, Olivia, and I had torrid sex until the sun came up. It was an erotically wild evening since both Kim and I had cocks. Part III is wall to wall sex. It ends with a plan to meet at Sally’s that evening for the Thursday night bash.

Summary—Part IV

Olivia and I wake up to Anna. Anna and Friedrich are her lifestyle staff. Anna gives Olivia a morning orgasm which triggers her first pee of the day as both she and Anna release on me. We then shower and dress in fine intimates and apply enticing cosmetics. The rest of the day is spent by the pool in a wet foursome sharing all of our nectars.

Summary—Part V

After receiving Anna’s cleansing enemas and machine induced orgasms, we prep for Sally’s: Olivia was in rubber and I had a more fem look. Sally’s was jumping and I met Keith, a hunk of a man. By coincidence his wife, Kelly was with Olivia. We went to watch their action but took the long route and came across a torrid scene with Master, Madame and Nicole; leaving us hot and in need.


The end of Part IV….

Master continued to ejaculate. The long streams were now drips which he flicked onto Madame. A few final strokes and it was over. Nicole’s orgasmic contractions were so great she discharged both eggs onto the floor. Madame collapsed and lay quivering with Master’s cum covering a good portion of her torso.

Master stuffed his softening cock back into trousers and zipped it shut. He straightened his tie and the rest of his clothing. Reaching into his pocket, he removed a small key and unlocked Nicole’s handcuffs. He turned, picked up his glass and left.

Nicole moved slowly to the floor and crawled between Madame’s legs and up her torso. Along the way she used her tongue to scoop up Master’s cum. Nicole body slid over Madame’s and when their mouths came together, her tongue pushed Master’s cum into Madame’s wanton mouth.

Keith and I needed to find an empty booth quickly…

………… be continued…..


Sally’s Part VI

The small gathering of voyeurs who were watching the action began to disperse. However, I lingered with Keith a few minutes more. Nicole and Madame’s snowballing of Master’s cum was intensely hot. I knew the feeling, the taste, the smoothness of tongues moving between mouths and I wanted to experience it again—right then.

I blurted out “Let’s find a booth;” which was more of a command than a suggestion. My lust filled voice was louder than normal. I am not sure if it was subconscious or not, but it did catch the attention of Madame and Nicole.

Madame turned her head towards me and said, “Stay. Please join us in our booth.” The two women broke from their embrace and reached out to us; Nicole extending a hand to Keith and Madame’s hand to me. Our aroused state gave us no option but to accept. We took their hands.

Nicole led Keith to the far left side of the booth where Master sat a few minutes earlier. She wasted no time; pushing him onto the cushion and kneeling between his legs. Her hands began to unfasten his belt and pull down his fly. Her mouth still glistening with Master’s cum and Madame’s saliva hungrily devoured his cock once she freed it.

I was bit jealous because Keith’s dick was going to be mine. The look on his face told me it was too late as the naked Nicole buried her nose into his groin. His cock was down her throat and she wasn’t giving it back until it was empty.

Madame had other plans for me. Pushing me with her nakedness to the other side of the booth, her mouth and tongue found mine. The taste of Master still lingered and I lost myself in her passion. Madame’s hands began to fondle my puffy nipples, making me weak in the knees. Using one arm to hold me, she sucked my tongue and pinched my nipple between her nails. My moans filled her mouth.

Although I heard Keith’s moans from across the booth, my attention was completely on Madame’s actions.

With her own soft moan she broke from our kiss, holding me in her gaze. Both hands were again playing with my nipples as she began to speak. “When I saw you standing there with these puffy nipples pushing against your blouse and your pink heels jutting out, I knew I had to have you.” She affectionately squeezed them this time.

Her mouth went back to mine, kissing me with a passion and tenderness women innately posses. Allowing myself to melt into her, my feminine side took over. My cock was rock hard yet my mind had crossed over. I was becoming Madame’s lesbian lover.

Our hands roamed each other’s body; mine across her smooth skin and Madame’s over my blouse and jeans. Our eyes were closed; our mouths opening and closing, consuming each other as our tongues erotically melded. I could feel her nipples brush mine sending sparks up and down my spine. Her mound was rubbing against the leg of my jeans where the head of my cock was trapped.

Another pair of hands broke our trance. I looked up and saw a spent Keith trying to recover while a hungry Nicole was kneeling next to us, trying to remove my pants. Madame stepped back giving Nicole better access. As she pulled them down, my pink thigh highs and matching crotchless panties were exposed—as was my hardened seven inch shaft.

Nicole helped me shed my pants by removing my heels as I stepped out of the jeans and then placing them back on my feet. She tossed my pants on the bench next to her clothes. I was surprised—pleasantly by the way—as my cock was being ignored. Instead, Nicole let her hands caress my legs and ass while she stood.

Madame untied my blouse and unfastened the buttons as she whispered into my ear, “I am so horny and hot for you.”

Her tongue bathed the inside as her warm breathe surrounded it. The prolonged arousal was overpowering me. This had to be close to an out-of-body experience. Her fingers were now, skin on skin, with my swollen and wanton nipples.

Nicole’s mouth brushed against mine and I turned towards her opening mine with desire. She pushed her lips onto mine, swirling Keith’s cum into my mouth. Without hesitation I lapped the salty mixture from her tongue. Madame licked at our lips where some had leaked out.

Lowering her mouth to my nipples, she coated them with the captured essence. Her hands squeezed my chest to make my areolas and nipples bigger. Sucking and biting them drove me wild with desire. I needed more.

Taking my hand, Madame placed it on her dripping pussy. My fingers began to crawl over her lips combing and colleting her juice and rubbing it across her clit. Madame let out a moan and stood upright, arching her mound onto my hand; losing herself in the pleasure.

With our mouths still entwined Nicole guided me to my knees in front of Madame. Softly she turned my head to Madame’s box. My mouth willingly covered the front of her mound and the upper part her lips, capturing her clit in the process.

Licking and sucking all around it caused Madame to shudder with a mini-orgasm. Grasping my hair, Madame wildly took a step back throwing herself on the bench. Opening her legs as wide possible, she jammed my mouth back onto her pussy

I was on my hands and knees lapping Madame’s beautifully smooth cunt, savoring her thick dripping nectar. Two hands spread ass cheeks apart and a warm mouth went over my anus. While I sucked Madame’s folds, a tongue coated and probed my bud. I assumed it to be Nicole until her body slithered between my open legs and her mouth found my cock.

In a lustful daze I looked around. Keith had rebounded and was stroking his cock back to life. Others had joined us in the booth. I saw three people, one being Olivia. The tall small breasted bartender dressed as the Indian princess was there along with another woman who had to be Kelly. But who was working my ass if Nicole was sucking me?

Turning, I saw Kim’s face buried between my cheeks. As I learned later, the staff gets one hour play breaks on special nights and they came to find me—find me they did indeed.

The others joined in. Kelly took Madame with a deep French kiss; caressing her flat chest and nipples. The Indian princess and Olivia stood on each side of Madame and were slowly masturbating. They began to rake my back with the nails of their free hand.

My mouth went back to Madame’s hole. I licked her every nook and cranny. Her moans were muffled by Kelly’s mouth. She drove her grinding hips harder over my face. Olivia and the princess’ pussies were beginning to squish as their frigging built. With Nicole sucking and stroking my cock for all it had, I knew I wouldn’t last too much longer.

Kim’s mouth left my ass and was replaced with the tip of her cock. Oh yes, I wanted this and relaxed my asshole. The tip of her shaft easily slipped into my clean passage and Kim wasted no time pushing it completely up my ass. I was going over the edge as Kim began to fuck, her cock gliding over my gland.

The booth filled with moaning and panting as one orgasm set off another. Olivia and the princess’ cunts exploded, showering my head, Madame’s pussy, and each other with their nectars. This sent Madame into the throws and she began a series of contractions shooting waves of her juice into my mouth, much akin to a man’s orgasm.

Kim blasted her white goo up my brown passage. I could feel the warmth splash against my walls. With a loud groan I lost all control and emptied myself into Nicole’s hot and wanton mouth. I wasn’t sure if Nicole came or not because for the first time in my life, I actually passed out after an orgasm. I have no idea how long I was gone.

When I came to, everyone was sitting around me softly caressing my body which was still clad in my stockings and panties. They were all smiling knowing how intense my orgasm was. With gentle hugs and kisses they welcomed me back.

Keith showed up with a tray of drinks—a great idea and much needed. I was moving rather slowly, sitting on the floor leaning on the seat and Nicole. Savoring our drinks, an easy conversation ensued. I learned Madame’s name was Trisha and as I suspected, she was Nicole’s mother and Master (Jim) was her father. They said he was lost somewhere in the crowd. They were old friends of Olivia’s.

Lying above me on the cushion, Kelly introduced herself by giving me with a gentle kiss on the top of my head and a slight pinch of my nipples. I loved it and my cock jumped thanks to the Viagra. The Indian princess was Catherine, but she went by Cat.

We recounted the scene and how it all transpired. Olivia said it sounded so hot and was disappointed she missed it. Trisha mentioned there was always Saturday and one never knows what they will dream up by then. Kelly looked at Keith and told him they were invited to ‘Olivia and Brad’s Party’ on Saturday. It made me feel good to be included so quickly into Olivia’s world.

It was nearly midnight and Keith and Kelly needed to get home as they had younger kids. Kim and Cat needed to get back and Olivia asked Kim to make sure Kelly picked up their invite before they left. We all exchanged kisses and I copped a feel of Keith’s shaft. It was a bit of a let down not getting to suck him, but as Trisha just said, there is always Saturday and one never knows.

Olivia, Trisha and Nicole said they’d help ‘put me back together.’ We went into the ladies lounge—no one cared. It was very large. There were people showering and others tending to other needs. We just washed our faces, used the bidet and dried off. Sally’s even provided stacks of towels for such events.

I could see the three women talking as I reapplied my make up. Trisha asked if I would like to make a little adjustment to my outfit. She walked over with Nicole’s short pleated skirt, commenting on how it would compliment my legs, heels and stockings while giving me the look of an (not so) innocent school girl. Nicole was already in my jeans and looked pretty good. Thank god I was thin.

Even though I wore stockings and panties all the time, this was a first for me and I found it very exciting. Wearing the short skirt rejuvenated the tingle in my groin. Knowing my cock was swinging freely in crotchless panties was heady. After retying my blouse and making a few touch ups, the ladies told me I looked hot. I was ready for more.

Olivia took me by the hand and asked if I would stay with her for the rest of the evening telling me it was going to be very special. I smiled saying I’d like nothing more. We left the lounge area with the look of a rubber skirted dom and her tartish sub.

Our first stop was to our booth. Although the crowd had thinned, those who remained were engaged in various activities, giving the atmosphere a more erotic feel; something had changed. The music had turned seductive; movements were more clandestine; and moans of passion broke through from random directions. Olivia said only the ‘true followers’ were left. It sounded a bit odd but I didn’t give it a second thought based on the past twenty-four hours,

Olivia asked me to have Kim make two ‘specials’ for us as she needed to pick something up from a friend she saw. I smiled my okay and made sure my ass swayed as I went to the bar. When Kim saw me she gave me a wanton look. She already had the drinks prepared. Leaning in for a kiss as payment for the small shots, she told me to enjoy—”for tonight is going to be very special.”

I returned to the booth and Olivia was waiting. We toasted in a rather pagan way as she entwined our arms while we drank. Olivia then turned and took something from the cushion. It was a collar and she fastened it around my neck. Using the small leash clipped onto the front, Olivia led me onto the empty dance floor.

“The Principles of Lust” by Enigma began to fill the room. Only Olivia and I danced but all around us people were watching. Olivia’s style was slow, seductive, and in rhythm to the music. As we moved she used the leash to lewdly pull my mouth onto hers for a wild, impassioned kiss. Our display of exhibitionism was becoming hotter. There was a definite charge in the air. I was very turned on by the stares from the crowd.

Olivia then pulled me into her pressing her torso against my back. She began to ‘fuck me’ to the beat of the music while her hands roamed my breasts and crotch. All eyes were on us and the crowd started to close around us.

My excitement was showing as I ground my ass into Olivia’s rubber clad pussy. Taking hold of the front of my skirt Olivia began stroking my cock with it. It was as hard as ever. Olivia momentarily released it and gestured to the crowd to join us.

Men and women started moving towards us in various seductive and erotic forms of dance. Bodies pressed into us. Hands groped my cock and Olivia’s ass. Random mouths would encase ours for a brief but steamy exchange of tongues. Each pinch of my nipples made me harder, hornier, and my movements more suggestive. I didn’t know if it was the ‘special drink’ or me, but lust was now in command.

At the end of the song Olivia took hold of the leash and spun me around. Speaking slowly but with total control she said, “It’s time.” Her eyes were spell-binding as she held the leash tightly near the collar. She gave the crowd a look, turned, and pulled me off the floor towards our booth.

The music remained intoxicating with low tribal drumming and chants. The lights in our booth were on high. A woman wearing a richly dark, feathered mask was removing her clothes. As we approached I saw a flogger on the seat cushion. People had gathered around the booth as the seductress stepped from her clothing.

Olivia led me into the booth. I was facing the woman as Olivia removed the collar and tossed it onto cushion behind me. She kissed me deeply, biting my tongue and digging her nails sharply into my back.

It ended abruptly. Olivia walked behind me and pressed her body into my back. Her hands began to roughly fondle my nipples while she spoke slowly into my ear, “Tonight is the first of three rituals which will bind us together as one. Do you accept?”

Both of us knew the answer. We had already pledged ourselves to each other and whatever it took to become one with Olivia was my desire. I shook my head as I whispered, “Yes.”

“Then repeat after me so the Priestess and all gathered can hear your words” Olivia went on. As she spoke I repeated her words.

“Dear Priestess…” Olivia began to unbutton my blouse.

“My dearest Olivia Laraway has asked you here tonight to begin the binding ritual which will bring us together as one.” My blouse was now open and Olivia let it slip from my shoulders.

“My name is Brad Williams and I wish to be bound together with Ms. Laraway.” Olivia’s hands had removed the skirt and my panties. She was now rolling the stockings down my thighs.

“I ask you Dear Priestess to begin your binding ministrations.” My shoes and hose were gone. I stood naked before the Priestess.

The Priestess spoke calmly. “And what say you Ms. Laraway. Do you wish to be bound to Mr. Williams?”

Olivia stepped from behind me and said, “With my entire body, mind, heart and soul.” Her words sent a warm feeling through me. The sexual nature of her words and these acts kept my cock erect.

“Mr. Williams, remove Ms. Layaway’s clothing” the Priestess commanded in a steady voice.

I proceeded to remove Olivia’s garments in the same manner she removed mine. Her pussy was dripping through her crotchless rubber panties. I wanted to suck up every drop but the aura around us told me “No.”

Once naked the Priestess had us embrace–torso to torso. She instructed us to wrap our arms around one another as tightly as possible. We were to place our heads on each other’s shoulder and stay in that position until told otherwise. My cock was pressed into Olivia’s lower abdomen. We were so close I could feel her juices trickling down my thigh.

The Priestess circled us three times while reciting an incomprehensible chant. On the fourth circle, the straps from her flogger snapped across my back. It wasn’t overly painful but it still made me twitch. Olivia held me tighter. The flogger struck us time after time. Its blows were not punishing but rather stimulating.

Author’s note: This series is devoted to my wife, for whom it was originally written. It is both a history of our sexual life as well as my means of sharing our fantasies, with alterations to names and times to protect our friends, but both the fantasy and reality are/were spectacular enough to warrant sharing with others.

**This is a stand-alone story**. As it stands, it is the sixth in the series. This one differs from the others in that it is entirely fictional, describing a fantasy I had of my wife. Enjoy.


There she was again: my beautiful wife, sucking another man’s cock. Slowly taking him in and out of her mouth, her moaning muffled while she closes her eyes and speeds up her tempo. I watch as his breathing shortens and he leans his head back; her eyes open and she looks briefly into my eyes before looking up at his face. She takes him deep twice more before leaning back on her haunches with her mouth open, smiling, cupping his balls with one hand and lightly stroking with the other. The man is overwhelmed, and cums in long ropes into her mouth and on her face. She leans in, still smiling and softly moaning as his convulsions taper off, and sucks the last few drops from the tip of his cock. Adding it to the copious amount already in her mouth, she swirls it around as she looks back at me, finally letting her mouth hang open as she slowly pushes the load out with her tongue, and I watch as the cum flows down her chin, onto her perfect breasts…

I snapped out of it and returned to reality, looking around to see if anyone noticed my mental absence. These midday fantasies were getting out of hand; I was sitting at my desk in the middle of a high-traffic office with no cubicle to hide behind. Fortunately everyone else was in the middle of planning our next training evolution and hadn’t noticed my vacant expression and lack of production. Or maybe everyone just expected to that from me, har-dee har har. Either way, time to get busy before someone looked up from their own desk and started asking questions, and meanwhile I hoped no one asked me to retrieve something for them in the next ten minutes, because flight suits don’t hide erections very well.

I made it through the rest of the day without incident and published tomorrow’s flight schedule with reasonable efficiency, leaving me time to hit the gym before going home. My fantasy from earlier was largely forgotten, at least to my conscious mind, but I certainly felt some energy to burn off after four straight days of bitch work and no flying.

Pulling out of the parking lot, I floored it down the street to get away from the hangar before someone found something more for the New Guy to do before going home for the night. I can’t really turn my cell phone off in case something serious comes up, but I can at least beg off on most shit by proximity after 5 o’clock. The feeling is like when you are racing to catch a light before it turns, and you are in that zone where if it turns yellow you will run the red light but only just.

I whipped into the parking lot and pulled into a spot near the back. I grabbed my duffel bag and headed into the gym. I changed out of my flight suit into shorts and a sleeveless tee (a small concession to my vanity) and headed into the weight room. I was surprised to see it was deserted, then remembered it was Friday–people with social lives have much better things to do than go to the gym on a weekend night.

Right. That would not include me.

After this boring week my energy level was high, and I was able to push a little more weight than usual. I’m not a meathead, but my profession requires fitness, and I keep myself about where I was playing 2nd Base in college: strong but quick. Even after completing my sets, however, I still felt like a hamster in a cage, so I made my way over to the treadmills. The room was still empty, so I started one of the machines and took off my shoes. I never really enjoyed running until I discovered going barefoot, but I respect that some people get weirded out by running without shoes or socks on public equipment. But if no one is here to see me do it, did it really happen?

I was cruising at a good pace, more or less tuned in to ESPN on one of the wall TVs when I felt a presence at my side. I glanced down at a pretty strawberry blonde smiling up at me.

“Hey, Captain, I saw you come in earlier while I was in the basketball gym,” she said, smiling up at my while she wiped down the treadmill next to mine.

“What’s going on, Kendra? I didn’t think anyone else was here.”

“Oh, you’re ignoring me? I’m no one to you? After all I’ve done for you?”

“And what have you done for me, sweet Kendra? How have I wronged you in ignorance?”

“Don’t be cute,” she pouted and started counting off with her fingers, “I say ‘Hi’ to you every time you come in, I make sure all the machines are clean, I even emptied the place tonight so you could have it all to yourself.” She gestured to the empty weight room.

I laughed. “Oh, this was your doing? The weekend had nothing to do with it?”

She stood with her hands on her hips and gave me a defiant look of ‘prove I didn’t.’ I noticed her polo was unbuttoned and could almost see her cleavage. It was quite alluring.

“Speaking of which, why are you here and not out teasing the crap out of some frat boy?”

“Hmph. Maybe because I’d rather tease you, Captain.” She wrinkled her freckled nose at me and turned, walking with a little bounce in her step that immediately drew my eyes to her fabulous ass, clad in tight cloth shorts that extended all of two inches past her buttcheeks.

All of the sexual energy from earlier came rushing back, and my mind was overwhelmed with images of those shorts around her ankles, her polo on the floor, me coming in from behind…I made it another quarter mile before it got to be too much. I stood with my feet to the sides, willing my little scout to calm down. After five minutes I gave up, and I threw on my shoes and quickly made my way out to the front. Kendra was behind the desk and looked right at my crotch as I passed. So much for discretion.

I tried to be casual as I threw the towel into the basket next to her. “Well, that’s it for me, have a good weekend.” I walked into the locker room to retrieve my bag.

I took a quick drink from the water fountain and made my way back to the scale. I took off my shoes and shirt, and after a short debate dropped my shorts. I’d never done that before when weighing myself, but in the back of my mind I knew the only other person in the building was Kendra, and I felt a little thrill in stripping down to my boxer briefs.

I half turned to kick my shorts off to the side and saw her standing in the entryway. I froze for a second, then stood up straight and returned her frank appraisal. Something in the way her eyes set kept me from saying anything.

She was leaning against the wall with her arms crossed, clearly mulling something over. Finally, her mind found its course. “Y’know, I flirt with you all the time, wear sexy little shorts for you, volunteer to work on Friday nights because I know you’ll be here, and make it a point to leave at least one sexually suggestive hint every time we talk. I can see it is having the desired physical effect” –she looked pointedly at the tent in my underwear– “but I still haven’t had the intended…consequences.” She pushed herself of the wall and slowly sauntered toward me.

“Now, I’ve seen your cute little wife in here with you, and even spoken with her when she has been in here by herself. She clearly doesn’t mind that I flirt with you; I’m even starting to think she enjoys it. But,” she was now standing before me and looking up into my eyes with her light blues. I could definitely see her cleavage now. “Up until now I couldn’t really decide if I wanted to keep it just a game or actually follow through. I enjoy flirting with you, making sexy comments and unbuttoning my shirt for you; you’re a good-looking guy and fill out that flight suit very nicely…but I’ve never had a thing for married men.” She reached up and traced a finger down my arm, following it with her eyes. “But maybe…maybe I want to…” She said this last part quietly, almost to herself. Her finger reached my wrist and paused, unsure of where to go. My eyes were locked on her face while my nerves registered every cell of her fingertip. The hesitation drew out for a second, then her finger softly moved to my hipbone and slowly traced above the elastic band. Her hand stopped above my crotch, and my now fully-enraged penis strained against the boxer briefs to spring up into her oh-so-close grasp. With her eyes fixed on my offering she started swaying back in forth, as if dancing to a tune in her head, her hand floating just beyond contact. At last she looked up, still swaying, toying with me as a smile spread across her face.

“Yes, I think I do. So you need to find out, Captain, if your sexy little wife will share you. Because I want to play.” With that last word, her finger dropped between my legs and then quickly ran up the underside of my dick, causing me to involuntarily shudder and take in a quick breath. Her smile broadened and she blushed slightly.

“Oh yes…I do indeed,” she said breathily, then turned and quickly walked out, her ponytail bouncing and ass swaying.

When enough blood returned to my brain a couple minutes later, I gathered up my clothes, dressed, and walked out to my truck as if in a daze. I made it all the way to my driveway before I realized I had forgotten my duffel bag.


I walked into my house and made a beeline for the back office, where I could hear Tori moving things around. Her current project was rearranging the closets in the house, and I walked in on her moving a box of sewing supplies. She was wearing yoga pants and a teal and black sports bra, and her black hair was tied up in a ponytail. She put down the box and stood up, smiling to me.

“You were distracting me again, today,” I said, cutting off her greeting.

She tilted her head to the side, then smiled as she realized what I was saying. “I see…what was I doing this time?”

“You were giving some other guy a blowjob. It was very sexy.”

” ‘Some other guy?’ No one we know?”

I hesitated for a second before shrugging. She caught the pause, however, and verbally began moving in as she physically did the same. “Are you sure it wasn’t someone we know? Arick, maybe?”

She stood in front of me and began running her hand over my untouched yet much-abused cock. She caught the twitch when she mentioned my boss’ name.

“I see,” she said in mock seriousness. “Were you so distracted you had to excuse yourself?”

“No,” I replied, my breath getting short.

“Oh, good, this is all mine then. What was I doing?” she asked as she slunk to her knees, pulling my shorts down as she went. She started kissing my rock-hard member through my underwear.

“You were deepthroating him while I watched. You were obviously enjoying it, and he sure as hell wasn’t putting up a fight.”

“I should hope not…I would give him my very best. Would you like me to do that for you right now? Show you my best?”

I brushed her cheek and took a grip on her ponytail. “I’ve been waiting for it all day.”

“Keep telling me about it while I…” she expertly freed my cock and dropped my underwear to the floor before slowly taking the head of my penis in her mouth.

I sighed deeply and lolled my head back; Tori knows how to give head, plain and simple. She paces herself, uses her tongue, and loves to play with my balls. Wonderful multitasker.

“You were on your knees in front of him, humming and licking his balls, tickling the side of his legs with your fingers. As he got close you pulled back and jerked him off,” I had to pull her off before I came. “You stroked until he came on your face and in your mouth.”

“Hmmm, that does sound hot…was that it?”

“You looked at me and started drooling the cum on your breasts and rubbing it into your nipples.”

“God, you do have elaborate fantasies at work. Does it make you want to come home and fuck me?”

“What do you think I’m in here for?”

“I thought you were going to help me move boxes.”

Feigning annoyance, I stood her up and pulled down her yoga pants, along with the little thong she wore underneath. I pushed her back onto the loveseat and began returning the favor she had recently paid me.

Early in our relationship Tori discovered that I am a silent lover. I never realized it; I am always so focused on getting the girl to orgasm that I subconsciously muted myself so that I could better listen for the subtle nuances in my partner’s voice that indicated I was succeeding. At first she found it odd, but once she understood my intentions she happily filled the silence with dirty talk, both to enhance our pleasure and explain in words rather than intonations what I should do to push her over the brink.

“So you want me to suck Arick’s cock? You do? Licking up and down the shaft, fondling his balls, putting my lips around the head and taking it down my throat? Would that turn you on?”

We could both tell by the other’s more frenzied movement that the fantasy was revving us both up quickly. She continued while I added a finger to my oral ministrations.

“I’d want him to cum in my mouth the first time. Then–oh, God, right there–then, I would lie him down and sit on his face until his cock starts getting hard again, then 69 with him–use another finger, Dam–OH! Yes!–then I’d turn around and mount him–”

At this, I picked her up and flipped her around so she was kneeling away from me. I grabbed her waist and lined myself up, then pushed until I sank in to my hips. The tight wetness of her snatch enveloped my cock, and I began rhythmically thrusting in and out deeply.

Her breathing became vocal and she took a minute to get accustomed to my intrusion before her dirty mind picked up again. “I’d want you to come over and stand by me so I could suck your cock while I ride him. Would you want to double-team me with your boss, Damon? Would you want me to blow you while I fuck him?”

“Yes,” I growled, “I want to see you fuck him.”

She started playing with her clit. “Harder, fuck me harder, Damon…I would ride him until he came in me, then suck you off until you came in my mouth. Then I’d walk over to Nikki and share your cum with her…”

Mentioning a cum-swapping kiss with my boss’ hot wife was far too much for my long-suffering sex drive to handle, and despite my best efforts to get Tori to cum first, I built into a hard, powerful climax and finished deep in my moaning wife. The strength of my uncontrolled thrusting brought her around, however, and she was soon milking me as her vaginal muscles spasmed around my cock.

I pulled out as she collapsed on the couch, and I sank down next to her. She rolled over and stretched out with her head in my lap. Her breasts, flattened by the sports bra, nonetheless looked enticing, especially when her green eyes finally reopened. They looked incredibly exotic next to the teal and black.

I grinned down at her deferentially. “I didn’t realize Nikki was in the fantasy, too…I’m glad you saw her standing in the room.”

“Of course she was,” Tori answered. “She wouldn’t leave Arick to be fucked by himself; she would want to be included. And I’d want her to be there, too.”

“Well, I certainly wouldn’t turn her down.”

Tori giggled. “I didn’t think you’d mind.”

I began playing with her belly. “Yeah, it was pretty blatant today. I was wrapped up in that daydream for at least five minutes.”

“Did you get caught?”

“No, thank God, but it definitely ramped me up for my workout this evening. You should have seen me, babe: I was huge.” I flexed my arm and gave her my best Blue Steel.

“I’m sure you looked great. Wish I could have been there to show you my approval,” she laughed.

“Kendra sure did.”

“Oh yeah? What did she say?”

I casually shrugged. Tori’s initial reaction had been what I expected: indifference. Kendra and I really did joke around a lot in front of her, so bringing it up was no big deal, but Kendra had certainly upped the ante this evening. I really didn’t know how Tori would take it…nor, I realized, did I know what I wanted it to do. But if there was even going to be a chance, I needed to handle this carefully. “The usual innuendo. Also, that she makes an obvious effort to flirt with me and you don’t seem to mind.”

“Of course I don’t; you know that. You flirt right back and I don’t care. You and I have never been jealous.”

“I know, and I love that about our relationship. But this,” I gestured to what we had just done, “was just playing out a fantasy.”

“Uh huh.” She intoned sarcastically.

I smiled back. “Mostly, anyways. And flirting is nothing; hell, it’s our favorite form of communication a lot of the time. But this time…well, she followed me into the little boys’ room.”

“Reaallly?” she asked, drawing out the word. She sat up and looked at me. “Were you naked?”

“Almost. I was in my underwear about ready to step on the scale when she walked in.”

“What happened?” Her tone was straight curiosity, a good sign.

“Nothing happened; she just made it very clear that she wanted to do more than flirt. But, she didn’t want to do it behind your back. She noticed that you don’t care about her hitting on me, and I think she interprets that as an invitation, perhaps? Either way, she told me to get your permission before she would do anything.”

“Before *she* would do anything?”

I frowned at her a little. “Tori, I’ve never cheated on you, nor will I.”

“So what would you call this, if I okay’d it?”

“If you said it was alright, would you feel like I was cheating?”

It was her turn to frown. “In the past we always just hooked up with friends. I knew they wouldn’t steal you away and that for both of us it was just sex.”

“Absolutely, which is what this would be. And while Kendra isn’t one of our close friends, a) you know it’s just about realizing the sexual tension between us, and b) we have the added impetus of being married, now. You’re stuck with me, woman, whether you like it or not.”

“But won’t you get in trouble at work for this?”

“Who am I going to tell? Who is Kendra going to tell? We have zero mutual friends, and we joined that gym to get away from everyone at work. Jesus, I sound like I’m trying to justify cheating on my coworkers. Look, don’t worry about that, it’s a non-issue. And you still haven’t answered my question. If you trusted me with your friends while we were just boyfriend and girlfriend, does being your husband carry a higher level of trust?” I paused as I thought over. “Wow, am I just being manipulative? I take that back. Basically, what is your gut feeling on this?”

That she didn’t answer right away more or less negated any instinctual reaction, but I stayed silent and watched her beautiful, thoughtful face.

“No…no, you’re right. I totally trust you. And I do like Kendra; she seems fun and harmless between you and me.” She looked back at me and smiled. “Yeah, go have fun. I want to know all about it. When do you think you will?”

“Well, she sort of scared me off and I left my work clothes there, so tomorrow night, I guess?”

“You came home that fast because you were scared? It wasn’t to wave this thing around in my face?” she impishly asked, reaching for my returning erection.

“When you put it that way, B-Cup…” I called her pet name as I reached for her namesakes.

“I do put it that way, because I want some more use out of you before I loan you out tomorrow. Now, I think Nikki was wearing black stockings with a garter…”


I knew Kendra started her shift at noon, so around two o’clock I called in to ask about my duffel bag. As I hoped, she answered the phone.

“Why, hello, Captain; I do indeed have your gym bag here; what are you going to give me in exchange?”

“How about permission?” I replied with inflection.

There was a pause before it clicked, then excitedly, “Really?! Okay, come by same time as last night; I’ll make sure the place is empty. God, I was thinking about you all night. This should be fun!” -click-

Tori had gone out for the day, and sitting by myself in the house watching the clock made the afternoon drag by at a glacial pace. I finally gave up on waiting and left an hour early.

I parked in the same spot and walked toward the gym, noting that it looked empty already. I was at first concerned when I noticed the “Sorry, Closed” sign, but tried the door anyway and found it unlocked. I peaked into the weight room and basketball gym; Kendra was nowhere to be found. I made by way toward the back of the gym to the pool but still couldn’t find her. I was about to leave when I noticed the sauna was steamed up. I slowly made my way over, debating how I should make my entrance; if it was someone other than her I’d have a hell of a time explaining my presence here. Fuck it, I thought. It could only be her.

It wasn’t. Well, it was, but not just her. She was sitting on a bench with her back to me, wearing nothing but a towel around her waist. There were hands reaching around from in front of her caressing her spine and shoulders. They were delicate, feminine hands, and very familiar.

The other girl mumbled something to Kendra, who looked over her shoulder and smiled at me. “Heya Captain, glad you found your way here…you weren’t supposed to be here for awhile yet, but I guess we’ll make do. Guess what I found out this afternoon?”

I inclined my head, hoping for a glimpse of the other girl, but I couldn’t see past Kendra or the steam. I was still gratified, however, when Kendra slowly turned around and faced me. Her breasts sat high on her chest, a full C-cup, with a few freckles like the ones across her nose. She placed her hands the bench by her hips and pushed up, accentuating her breasts and letting the towel fall a little lower down her torso.

“I found a beautiful brunette who knows just how to get a girl turned on. Can you imagine who it might be?” She pushed herself upright and made no attempt to keep the towel from falling to the ground. She worked at a gym and it was very clear she used her employee discount to the fullest. Her slim, athletic body was better than I imagined: gorgeous legs, a firm but touchably-soft belly, and beautiful breasts with rosy nipples that even in the heat were hard and ready to be suckled.

She walked over towards me and wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling my face into hers, softly kissing my lips–saying “hey, there” without words–before plunging her tongue into my mouth and pulling me tighter. I responded in kind, momentarily forgetting the other girl until I felt her hands tugging my shirt over my head.

“Keep kissing her while I undress you, babe.”

Of course it was my wife. The little vixen had ruined my plans, but I liked hers better, so I was willing to let it go. As if I ever had a choice.

Kendra had not let up her ferocity, and as soon as my shirt was off she rubbed her breasts over my bare chest, and after my pants fell she melded her body to mine, rubbing her moist skin all over the front of my body. Tori, after neatly folding my clothes by the door, did the same to my back, reaching around and fondling the side of Kendra’s breasts. I was overwhelmed by the sensation of so much female in such close proximity, and my cock probably grew an inch longer than it ever had in its existence as I felt two pairs of perfect tits slide and press themselves into my body.

Tori slid one of her hands down and languidly began stroking my throbbing cock. “Welcome to our little party, my darling. We’ve been looking forward to your arrival, but you’re early and it’s not your turn yet. Why don’t you sit down and watch for awhile?”

I mumbled incoherently into Kendra’s mouth, not really hearing her, but the words took meaning when Tori slid around my side and began focusing on Kendra. I could feel Tori’s face close to mine, and I opened the closer eye to see my wife tonguing Kendra’s ear. Kendra moaned into my mouth, then broke off our kiss to transfer to Tori. I watched, fascinated, as these two sexy Aphrodites aggressively kissed mere inches from my face, intertwining their tongues and switching their heads one way, then the other in an erotic competition for Sapphic dominance.

Without thinking about it I began grinding my pelvis into Kendra’s hips, which brought a smile to her face as she opened her eyes and briefly looked back at me. “Down, boy,” she said with a wicked lopsided grin. She pulled away from me and took Tori by the hand, leading her back to their bench. “Take a seat, Captain, while I take your wife.”

I floated more than walked over to the bench along the wall, positioning a towel for back support and settling in for the performance.

The girls were straddling the bench but still standing, once again locked in a kiss. Tori’s fingers were drifting up and down Kendra’s ribs while Kendra was tracing designs on Tori’s belly. I was surprised to notice Tori was still wearing her bikini; I could have sworn they were naked as they rubbed across my back. No matter; the black material added mystery to the setting. What would Kendra do once it was out of the way? I was dying to find out.

On the next upstroke Tori’s fingers glided inward, s-l-o-w-l-y dragging themselves along the top of Kendra’s toned stomach until it almost looked like she was palming Kendra’s breasts. Tori paused, feeling the other girl’s breathing heighten in anticipation, before continuing her delicate tracing up the underside of Kendra’s perky breasts to the nipples. Kendra flinched slightly, then renewed her kissing with more fervor and a smile as Tori fondled her tits.

Watching your wife kiss and touch another beautiful woman is something I would recommend to all, voyeurs and non-voyeurs alike. The eroticism of that moment, seeing my raven-haired wife cupping and toying with Kendra’s more-than-a-handful C-cups while kissing her and tonguing the side of her neck, was seared into my memory and has since been a source of inspiration for me in sex, in writing, in loving my wife. While there was much more to that afternoon, the vision of Tori’s dexterous attention and oral ministration to Kendra, not even pushing an “R”-rating, carried the most impact to my heart and psyche. I could never possibly love a woman like I loved my wife.

The rush of the moment (or perhaps the heat) left me somewhat lightheaded, and I took my cock in hand to bring myself back around. Kendra helped immensely by dropping a hand between my wife’s legs, and while I couldn’t directly see what she was doing, the way Tori began squirming dispelled any uncertainty.

“I think it’s about time I saw your body…fully,” Kendra said. Tori answered by reaching behind herself and unsnapping her bikini top, shrugging out of it and leaning back slightly on her hands and pushing her chest up to give Kendra unhindered access to my favorite breasts in the world. Kendra wasted no time and began licking and sucking first one, then the other. Her hand continued to work between Tori’s legs, and my wife’s body glistened as she swiveled her hips and licked her lips, watching Kendra go to work.

Without removing her mouth or hand, Kendra gently stood and leaned forward, forcing Tori onto her back. Still standing, she slid her mouth down Tori’s belly, eliciting a giggle when she paused to swirl her tongue around Tori’s bellybutton ring, finally bringing her tongue to a stop at the hemline of the swimsuit bottoms. I watched as Kendra rocked her hips, slowly brushing her nipples up and down my wife’s tanned thighs, still licking her waist teasingly and looking up at her face. Tori was almost panting now in the heat and in her lust, and without looking down, breathed, “Do it.”

Kendra smiled and began tugging the bottoms. Tori lifted her hips and off they went. Kendra took a moment to settle herself down on the bench, adjusting a towel beneath her and hooking her arms around Tori’s legs and reaching up to continue teasing her nipples. I repositioned for a better view; unlike the fingering, this was not something I wanted to imagine rather than see.

“Do it,” my wife said again, pleadingly, and after another moment of hesitation when she looked over at me, Kendra obliged. She started with a slow, full-tongue lap from bottom to top, and even in the sauna’s heat my wife shivered. Kendra did it again, then again, and Tori began moaning before Kendra brought her mouth down around her clit. Tori gasped, then seemed to melt into the bench as the red-haired succubus between her legs flicked and coaxed her clit into full stimulation. Tori moaned louder, and Kendra brought down her hand to join her mouth. Normally Tori needs to be warmed up with one finger, but in her current state and with the moistness of the sauna Kendra didn’t even bother and worked her middle and ring finger into Tori’s canal, quickly pushing in to the last knuckle. She began working her fingers in and out, and I was rather amazed Tori didn’t fall off the bench given how much her body writhed in response to Kendra’s manipulations.

I decided it was about damn time I got involved and made my way behind Kendra. I placed my hand on her elevated backside, running my palm down one tight butt cheek then up the other.

Kendra clucked and looked back at me. “Not so fast, big boy. You’ll get your chance with me soon enough; right now, I want to watch you fuck your wife.” With that, she unstraddled the bench and faced me. Reaching down, she stroked my cock a few times, then winked at me and stepped back against the wall.

“I want to watch you have sex before you do it with me,” she said and started sliding a finger up and down her slit.

I looked back at Tori, who was also fingering herself. “I want the opposite,” she smiled, “I want you to fuck me, then I want to see you with Kendra.”

I shrugged and grinned; I wanted them both, and could really care less about the order.

As ever, the fact that someone was watching me with Tori heightened every sensation. I was feeling her mouth on my cock, but at the same time almost seeing from across the room her mouth move up and down the shaft. Every detail of her face and her body–the stray hairs falling between her eyes, the way her nipples hardened when I pinched them, the delicate pose of her hand as it played with her clit–was brightened like everything had dimmed and her glowing body was the only source of illumination in the room. The narcissist in me wanted to perform for this audience, but more than that I wanted Kendra to see my wife as a supreme sexual vessel–just like I do.

I backed away from her mouth and took Kendra’s former position astride the bench. Tori was already softly moaning, and I lined up on her visibly wet snatch. With twenty minutes of foreplay that I was present for and who knows how much before that, it much less pressure than usual to slide myself in to the hilt on the first push. Tori grunted and convulsed, moaning deeply. “Ohhhh….fuck me, Damon, please.”

I bared my teeth as I ground my hips into her. Obviously I needed this as much as she did, but I was determined to keep the upper hand. Being outnumbered, it was really for my own safety that I keep the initiative.

“You got it, babe. Hang on.”

I reached under her knees, propping her legs up over my shoulders. Once situated, I began thrusting long and slow, pulling out almost to the head before slowly pushing in so deeply my pubic bone ground against my wife’s clit. Tori’s head rolled to the side as she alternated between moans and grunts of pleasure. I had a predatory smile on my face, an open-mouthed grin with furrowed brow as I focused on my wife’s pleasure, hunting for her orgasm with enthusiasm and relentless thoroughness. I had control, I was doing the fucking, but my wife’s sexual release was all I wanted, and I bore down on it mercilessly. I picked up my rhythm and added a resonance to my breathing, knowing that the rare aural indication of my excitement would add to Tori’s arousal.

“Oh, deeper, harder…ohmiGOD! Right there!”

I began dropping my hips on the inward thrust to drive the head of my cock into her G-spot, and was rewarded with almost 5 seconds of paralysis, where Tori couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe, couldn’t find any way to react to the sensations running through her body. I quickly dropped one of her legs to the side and stepped over it, pushing the other leg toward her chest as I leaned over her body. With my new position I could drive into her without resistance from her legs.

Before taking advantage of this, however, I changed pace by pulling almost all the way out and started lightly moving only an inch or so back and forth, giving her body a chance to recover from my initial efforts. Teasing her like this reset her libido, calming down the nerves and building anticipation. I knew she was ready for more when her eyes opened and her hand drifted down to her clit.

I took my cue and began driving into her body hard enough to move her steadily up the bench. The suddenness of my phallic assault had a cataclysmic effect on Tori: her hand began frigging her clit with abandon as her face winced into the deceiving expression of extreme pain/overwhelming pleasure and her voice jumped twenty decibels, losing all cohesion with words but bursting with obvious meaning–I had found what I was looking for.

I quickly reached up and pinched one of her nipples, and Tori responded by arching her back and pinching the other. Her body glistened with sweat, and the fluid from her orgasm practically flowed over my cock as it pistoned into her. Tori shuddered once, twice, three times, then went limp, gasping for air.

I slowed to a stop and released her other leg, which slowly fell to the side. I took over gently rubbing Tori’s other nipple and smiled fondly down at my wife. One down, one to go.

I looked over at Kendra, who was panting heavily and staring at my wife with unbridled lust. She quickly walked over to her and fiercely kissed her, taking advantage of Tori’s exhaustion to French kiss her with increasing frenzy. She finished by planting a massive hickey on my wife’s collarbone, then looked up at me.

“That was crazy. You looked so…angry?…but not really; just so–I don’t know, intense, I guess? Focused? Whatever it was, it was sexy as hell. You’d better do that to me, but not in here…I am WAY too hot. Help me with this one, I know where to go.”

“I’ll get her, lead the way.” I picked up Tori’s limp body in my arms and followed Kendra’s naked and wonderful backside out of the sauna.

The cool air of the hallway felt amazing, and served to bring Tori back to life.

“So, how was that for you? Was it okay?” I asked with exaggerated curiosity.

“Mmmm, I think you know. Did you finish?”

“No, that was all about you. Kendra is all about me.”

She smiled as she snuggled against me. “Give it to her. Hard. She’ll like it.” She looked up at me with a sultry grin. “I will, too.”

What little blood had left my cock in the interim roared back in and I picked up my pace. Tori giggled as I smiled and pinched her ass.

Kendra stopped in front of a door and smiled back at us. “In here, you two.”

She had chosen well: this was the Yoga room, and came replete with mats and a padded floor. This whole room was designed for acrobatic sex.

Kendra was already kneeling in the middle of the room, looking at me expectantly. “I believe that’s for me,” she said, pointing at the part of my body pointing back at her.

I put Tori down and strode assertively toward Kendra. “It is,” I pointed at her mouth, “Open up.”

I walked up to her, cock in hand, and grabbed the back of her head. With barely a pause I guided my dick into her willing mouth and began pushing in and out. Kendra responded enthusiastically, humming and licking and bringing her hands up to help. On the third stroke she deep throated me and started licking my balls.

I moaned. I wouldn’t be able to keep this up for long if she kept doing that. I pulled out to regain control.

Kendra smacked her lips and looked up at me. “Fuck my face.”

I blinked as several thoughts ran through my head. Tori and I rarely did anything rough, and I never found pleasure in watching rough blowjob porn, but seeing the fire in her eyes and understanding that this was for her, not me, made all the difference in the world. My focus returned, but this time without the smile. I wrapped her hair around my hand and cupped it behind her ear, placing my other hand on top of her head. Kendra saw the change come over me and her breathing quickened as I looked down at her.

“Open your mouth.”

Her jaw dropped instantly and I drove home without hesitation. I worked the head of my cock against one cheek, then the other, turning her head back and forth as I explored the room. Finally I pushed all the way in and held her there.

“Are you ready?”

She barely nodded and a moan escaped from deep in her throat.

“No teeth,” I warned, and clenched my fist around her hair for emphasis.

She nodded again, and I promptly began working in and out of her mouth. Facefucking was totally new to me, but with my wife’s suggestion to be rough coupled with Kendra’s request removed any second-guessing from my actions. A primal and selfish sexual drive took over; Kendra was indeed going to be all about me.

But it was still my goal to make her orgasm first. I looked down and saw her hands had fallen by her side. “Rub your clit and pinch your nipples. I’m not doing all the work, here.”

Kendra quickly complied, and her moaning became constant if regularly interrupted.

“So it turns you on to be fucked in the mouth? Is that it? To be used for my pleasure?”

All I got in return was a muffled “Mmhmm,” so I popped my cock out of her mouth and asked her again.

“Do you like to be used?” I asked in a clear tone, almost patronizingly.

She looked up at me and nodded. “I do…think you can handle that?”

I lightly slapped her face and plugged her mouth again. “Yeah, I think so.”

I started a rhythm of pushing and pulling, holding myself deep in her mouth for a couple seconds, and soon my tool was liberally coated in saliva, as was her chin. Watching it drip off her chin onto her chest was really turning me on; this girl was clearly into being dirty. I pulled out of her mouth and rubbed my slimy cock over her face. She half-heartedly attempted to get it back in her mouth, moaning the whole time. I pushed my cock up to her forehead, forcing my balls into her mouth. She sucked and licked them with gusto, lathering them as she had done with my dick. The sensation of her tongue sliding around my sac coupled with the sensitive underside of my dick rubbing up and down her face was incredible; to keep control I pushed her back onto the mat, forcing her down mostly with pressure from my groin as I straddled her and followed her down to my knees.

I slowly kneewalked back, sliding my groin down her torso, adding more spit to her cleavage and stomach. I leaned down and kissed her, licking and sharing a bit of the mess on her face. I could feel my cock throbbing on her stomach in arousal.

“Push your tits together,” I whispered forcefully.

She released her clit and did as she was told. I moved forward, resting my package between her lovely C-cups. Still holding her ponytail, I forced her head toward her chest as I started titty-fucking her. She opened her mouth willingly, taking in the head and swirling her tongue along the sensitive underside. Suddenly her hips bucked and she grunted. I turned to see Tori beside me, enraptured with the sight of my cock sliding in between another girl’s breasts. I saw the muscles in her shoulder working, and I turned and traced her arm all the way to Kendra’s pussy. I immediately pulled Kendra’s mouth off of my dick so I could process my wife fingering this girl.

Being tall, I have the perfect view of them in the rear view mirror of the car to see what my uncle and his daughter, my cousin, are doing. We are on a road trip to San Antonio for a vacation before Kayli and I go off to college. At this particular time I was asked to drive and my uncle slipped in the back seat with Kayli. I know about my cousin and her father having

I lean back into the front seat as I hear them kissing. I can also see my uncle has already fished out those big breasts of Kayli’s from under her shirt. My uncle’s hands look small on those big breasts as I watch him play with them. My hand slips down to my own pants as I watch him start to suck and lick at my cousins breasts.

I see Kayli give me a smile in the rear view and then my uncle raise up a bit. I hear clothes sliding down and begin my rubbing my pussy hard through my pants. Soon Kayli’s head goes down in the rear view mirror followed by sucking and slurping sounds. I slide my hands down the front of my pants. I don’t have any panties and as my fingers touch my pussy, I feel the juices that are already flowing from it. My pussy is smooth without the faintest hair. I am adamant about keeping shaved when it comes to hair.

I pull off to the side of the road and cut the car off. I then slowly turn a little in the front seat to get a better view. I end up turning completely around when I see that my uncle has his head laid back into the seat and his eyes closed. Low moans escape his mouth as Kayli sucks his cock. I slip two fingers up into my wet pussy as I watch her use her hand and mouth on his cock. I am fingering my pussy vigorously as I watch Kayli’s head bobbing up and down on his cock.

Kayli reaches under his cock and starts to play with his balls. She uses her mouth, tongue and hand on his cock while her other plays with his balls. My own juices are flowing freely when I look at his cock. I have to clamp my mouth tightly shut as I start to orgasm all over my fingers. My eyes go shut as my orgasm rocks through my body.

When I open them, I see that my uncle has his hand on Kayli’s head and he is helping her by pushing it up and down onto his cock. I look to him and see him looking right at me. He just smiles at me as he starts to moan.

“I’m going to cum baby,” my uncle yells out as he lets go of Kayli’s head.

Kayli has never been one to swallow cum and it seems nice that her father gives her warning. Kayli takes her mouth off of his cock and she pumps at it with her hand. I watch as my uncle’s cock seems to swell as it throbs in her hand. He moans loudly as his cock starts to spurt out blasts of cum. It shoots out in long, thick streams, falling back onto Kayli’s hand as she pumps on it.

I moan as I watch his cum shoot from his cock and as I dig my two fingers back into my own pussy. I have another orgasm myself as I watch his cum flow from his cock. I give them both that little, evil smile of mine before turning back around and sitting back down in the front seat. I start the car up and get back onto the road.

After a few hours of travel, the gas light comes on and we pull into a gas station with a small mom and pop restaurant connected to it.

“I have to go pee,” my uncle says. “You girls want some food while I’m out?”

He steps out from the car and looks at me with his lovely eyes as another smile comes over his face.

“Just something to drink, Daddy,” Kayli says from the back seat.

“I want a big hot dog,” I say to him, flashing him a sexy, little smile back.

As I watch him walk away, my pussy twitches. I turn to Kayli n the back seat and I say, “Damn girl, your Dad does have a nice, big cock and you sucked him so damn good too.”

Kayli just smiles at me and replies, “Now remember, Cynthia that is all you can do is just suck his cock. He’s all mine

Kayli just smiled and replied, “Now remember, Janet that is all you can do is just suck his cock.”

I know, I say as I will be happy with taking his next load into my mouth. Unlike my cousin, I love to swallow a guy’s cum.

I get out and pump the gas and just as I am getting into the car my uncle returns to the car with drinks and two hot dogs. He hands me the items through the window. I softly rub my hand against his as I take the bags from him. I cannot believe it when he smiles at me and he rubs his hand against mine when he hands them to me.

He gets into the back seat and Kayli leans up to get their drinks and my uncle’s hot dog. She gives me a wink as she takes the stuff from me. I know she is up to something. She turns and starts to hand the hot dog to her father and says, “You can only have this hot dog is Cynthia can have yours.”

“What?” my uncle asks.

“Cynthia wants to suck your cock, Daddy.” Kayli says.

“And you’re going to let her?” he asks. “I know how you are Kayli. You even get mad when your mother has sex with me.”

“It’s okay her sucking your cock, Daddy,” Kayli says. “Think of it as my gift to you before me and Cynthia go off to college. I mean all you are going to have is Mom, until I come and visit, but that is all you get.” She gives him a stern look before grinning slightly.

“Are you okay with this?” my uncle asks looking up at me.

I nod my head and Kayli says, “Hell yeah she is okay with it. You should see how she plays with pussy as I tell her what you and I do.”

“Kayli!” I yell as I turn red. “You didn’t have to tell him that.”

“Why not? It’s the truth,” she grins. “You can’t keep your hand off your pussy when I tell you how he had just fucked me or ate my pussy.”

“You tell her about it each time?” my uncle asks looking at his daughter.

“Of course,” she replies. “Cynthia and I have no secrets between us.”

“Well, I’m not going to pass up a blowjob,” he says as he smiles, looking at me.

“See, what did I tell you Cynthia?” Kayli says with a little laugh that makes us all laugh.

I crank up the car and pull away. My uncle and I eat our hot dogs; well Kayli eats most of his. I am lost in the front seat thinking about sucking on my uncle’s lovely cock. I am pretty sure he is going to enjoy what I am going to do to his cock. I know I sure as hell am going to enjoy it.

We cruise through several more towns, the car is almost silent except for the radio playing when Kayli suddenly announces, “I have to pee.”

“Me too,” I say as I have been holding it in for quite a while myself.

I pull off the nearest exit with a bathroom which turns out to be a rest stop. The place is completely empty when we pull in. Kayli and I get out of the car and head for the bathroom. The bathroom, like the rest stop is empty, so we both go into one stall. Kali closes the door and pulls her pants down and sits down. Her pee lands forcibly in the toilet. I guess she has been holding it in as long I have been.

“Now remember, you promised you would not try and fuck him,” Kayli says.

I know my cousin is super greedy with her father, but I didn’t realize it is this bad. “I know and I won’t do anything that you do not say is okay,” I say. “Now hurry up, Kayli. I have to go really bad.”

Kayli takes some tissue paper and wipes herself. She stands up and moves to the side with her pants still down. I pull my pants down and no sooner do I squat does my pee start to flow out. Kayli almost instantly sticks her hand down between my legs, letting my pee run over it.

Kayli runs her fingers against my pussy as I pee. I am waiting for her to stick her fingers into my pussy, but when my pee stops, Kayli pulls her hand back, wet with my pee. I am kind of disappointed when she does so.

“So you will do anything I say?” she asks.

I nod.

“Well then, lick your pee from my hand,” she says shoving her wet hand to my face.

I stick my tongue out, licking over her fingers. This is nothing new for us as we both have squatted over the other and peed before. We had got the idea from my brother, Mike, when he peed on me once when I was taking a shower.

‘That’s enough you little slut. It’s time for you to suck some real cock,” she says pulling her fingers from my face.

We return to the car and Kayli tells me to get in the back seat with her father. Kayli gets in the front seat on her hands and knees, facing the back seat. My uncle is all the way over on the other side of the car.

Kayli looks at me and says, Go ahead, Cynthia, you may kiss him to get into the mood.”

I look over at my uncle, who is looking back at me. I shake of my nervousness and lean toward him and he takes me into his arms. Our lips meet and we give each other a quick kiss.

“You can do better than that Cynthia,” Kayli says. “I have seen you kiss your bother during sex better than that.”

“Kayli!” I yell as I slide all the way over to my own side again, getting as far from my uncle as I can.

“Don’t be shy Cynthia. Look how much bigger his cock got after I said that.”

I shyly look over at the front of my uncle’s pants. Kayli is right, I can see his hard cock bulging from his pants, but I am still embarrassed by what Kayli had said. That is something between Kayli, Mike and me and not something that anyone else is supposed to know.

I turn re again as I turn away from my uncle. He moves over next to me and takes a hold of my hand. I turn to face him and I look into his eyes and then I lower my head.

“There is nothing wrong with that,” he says. “I spent the majority of my childhood having sex with my sister. Me and your dad both.” He starts to rub my hand lightly as he adds, “You should get your dad alone and I bet he’d take you too.”

This brings a smile to my face as my uncle brings his hand up to the side of my face. He brushes his hand against my face for a few seconds and then places his fingers under my chin, raising my head and turning it toward him. He leans in and he kisses me once more. As our lips touch, pure pleasure runs through my body. I can feel my heart start to race as I kiss him back deeply. I slip my tongue into his mouth and he slips his back into mine.

I reach over and run my whole hand all over the front of his pants. He leans back into the seat as my hand explores his cock. It feels so much bigger and so much harder than that of my brother’s. I can feel my pussy start to twitch as I feel his cock. As I squeeze his cock, I look up to see Kayli’s big breasts out. With one arm on the seat, she has her other running down the front of her body. I know she is playing with her pussy.

She moans slightly as I pull my uncle’s pants down over his cock and over his balls. His cock springs from his pants.

“Damn, that is a nice, big cock,” I say as my hand grabs it.

A slight moan comes from the front seat and I look at Kayli. She says nothing and just rubs against her arm that is down in front of her. I turn my attention back to my uncle’s big cock in my hand. I pump at his cock with my and run my fingertips over his cockhead. I am watching my own hand going up and down on his cock when I feel his hands go under my chin again. He picks my face up and turns it toward his face.

He leans down and I lean up as we once again lock into a kiss. My hand is still pumping at his cock as we kiss deeply. My body is on fire as I shove my tongue back into his mouth. My uncle’s tongue flicks wildly at mine as it enters his mouth. I break our kiss as I want my mouth around his cock, but as I do, he wraps one of his big, strong arms around me and pulls me back up so we are face to face again.

Our lips meet once again and our kiss turns into the most passionate, deep kisses that I ever have had. Deep warmth fills my body as we kiss and when he breaks our kiss, I go limp.

He looks at me and says, “Please suck on my cock.”

I don’t have to be told twice as my mouth shoots down onto his cock. I take over half of it into m mouth before I raise back up. I take my tongue and lick at his cockhead. I go back down onto his cock, bobbing my head up and down wildly on it.

“Mmm, yeah,” he moans lightly. “Suck it Cynthia.”

As I take his cockhead into my mouth and suck on it. I use my hand on the rest of his cock. I can feel his cock throbbing in my hand and in my mouth. I pull my mouth off his cock, pulling a big stream of his precum from it as it hangs on my lips.

Kayli moans loudly from the front seat and as I look up at her, his precum breaks from his cock and lands all over my lips. I use my hand on his cock as I lean forward, giving Kayli a deep kiss on her lips. Kayli licks at y lips, taking his precum from them. I leave Kayli and return my mouth to his cock.

I lick from the base of his balls, all the way up to his cockhead and then back down. I do this a few times, getting his cock coated with my saliva and then I look at him and give him that sexy, evil grin of mine. I go back down to his cock and take it all into my mouth. I work my mouth up to his cockhead, giving a deep, hard suck when I get there. I then work my mouth back down deep onto his cock once again.

I fell his hand go to the back of my head as he plays with my hair. I am soon moving fast and sucking it deep with my mouth. I feel his cock start to throb and it feels like it grows bigger in my mouth. I take my hand and rub his balls while I suck at his cock.

“I’m going to cum, Cynthia,” he says pulling my head from his cock.

I break my head free of his hand and go right back down onto his cock. I am not passing up having his cum go down my throat and into my stomach. I run my mouth up and down his cock as fast as I can while I suck at the same time. My uncle’s cock gives out a big throb.

His head goes back into the seat as his cock twitches and throbs in my mouth. Three or four heavy streams of cum blast deep into my mouth. I swallow some of it and the rest just lies in my mouth as I remove my mouth from his cock. I look up at him and he has a big smile set on his face. Once again, he places his hand under my chin and pulls my face up to his. Our lips lock into a deep, passionate kiss.

His tongue shoots into my mouth, hungrily lapping at his own cum that fills my mouth. That gets me so turned on and I have an orgasm right then as his tongue seeks out his cum. My own pants become wet with my juices. I break our kiss and look at him. I lick at my lips as I turn to Kayli. She is just breathing hard with her mouth hanging open, staring blankly.

“Thanks for the gift,” he says to his daughter. “And thank you Cynthia.”

He once again kisses me deeply on my lips and Kayli says, Okay you two, that’s enough. “Trade places with me Cynthia.”

Kayli gets into the back seat again with her father while I get into the front. The seat is soaking wet all over, so I have to put some napkins down, hoping to soak it up or at least dry it up some. I turn around to the back seat and say, “Thanks Kayli, I enjoyed that.”

She smiles at me and leans against her father. I start the car and pull away from the rest stop, getting back on the road for our trip. I look up into the rear view mirror after a little while and see that Kayli has fallen asleep, leaning against her father. My eyes find him as well, but he is not asleep because he has his eyes on me. I can’t help but smile.

He smiles back and whispers, “Thank you again.”

This is only the beginning.

I was stuck for cash, avoiding my landlord and everyone else I owed money which left me with very few friends. The friends that were left I held very dearly. Jessica, my best friend in the world, had been friends with me since nursery school when we were named ‘the gruesome twosome’. Jessica and I both left school at fifteen; she had a well-paying job to go to, and I went on to have a scholarship at an art college. For a while we lost touch but more recently when it was our birthdays she called me to meet, both of us turning twenty-one only days apart. We met at a local restaurant for a bite to eat and to catch up which turned into a three day bender ending in her lush, uptown apartment in bed together naked.

I woke up with a pounding headache and looking around I had no idea where I was or what the hell had happened until I saw Jess naked next to me.

“Jess……Jessica” I whispered as I nudged her leg.

“Jessica!” I shouted as a tall, naked black-haired guy walked in.

He put his finger to his lips signaling me to be quiet. I just sat there frozen, wide-eyed and naked as he came towards me. Jessica rolled onto her side, making more room in the kingsize bed as this unknown, naked man moved closer to me.

“Who the hell are you?!” I whispered in a raised pitch.

“You don’t remember?” he said with raised eyebrows, “I’m Luca, Jess’ co-worker. And you are Alyssa,” he smiled a million-dollar smile and kissed my hand.

I paused for a second to compose myself and smiled back at I guess what would be considered my new friend Luca. I moved over in the bed next to Jess and pulled the covers up over me as Luca sat next to me.

“You weren’t that modest last night, Ally. In fact you ripped the shirt clean off me!” I laughed.

“Oh My God, Luca, I’m so sorry, I don’t normally drink. Jess brings out the worst in me….”

“I heard that, bitch,” Jess slurred in a drunken slumber and went back to sleep.

Luca and I laughed really loud at her as she waved her hand about, telling us to go away and leave her alone. She never was a morning person. Luca got out of bed and went in search of his boxer shorts as I looked for something, anything, to cover myself. He was right. I tore his shirt clean off, only two buttons on the shirt remained and strategically positioned so I was covered completely. I wandered out of the bedroom into the living room just as Luca was putting on his boxer shorts. I’d never seen anything like it. He must have been seven inches flaccid; I didn’t dare to think how big he was when aroused.

“Coffee?” he chirped as he walked into the kitchen.

“Um…yeah..sure, whatever your having,” I mumbled, trying not to look at his cock through the tight boxer shorts.

I sat down at the window looking out across town trying to think what had happened last night or the nights before. I was actually dreading to ask. Luca came in and handed me a glass with an orangey red liquid in it.

“What’s this?” I looked at him as he sat very close to me.

“Whatever I’m having,” he smirked and drank the same drink.

I took a sip and almost choked on it. All I could taste was vodka and peach schnapps. I assumed there was some kind of fruit juice in it but not a hell of a lot.

“What the hell!? It’s like pure alcohol.” I coughed.

“That’s because 95% of it is alcohol.”

I shook my head and put the drink down. Luca picked it back up and handed it to me.

“Drink it. It will bring back all those memories you can’t remember.”

I looked at him through squinting eyes then raised eyebrows, “Ok……okay.” With that I downed the glass with closed eyes, and when I opened my eyes, Luca was even closer than before, planting a kiss on my open mouth as I gasped for air. He pushed me back on the sofa, laying me down as he lay on top of me, kissing me hard and fast. He was grinding his hips against mine in a circular motion with me knowing I had no panties on and only his boxers stopped us from fucking right there and then.

As he reached down tugging on the shirt buttons, loosening the shirt from my body, the memories started coming back from last night; a threesome and a girlfest the night before. Jess really did bring out the worst in me!

Luca was very talented with his tongue, knowing every place that should and would make a girl weak at the knees. He started by nibbling on my earlobes, then working down my neck to my clavicle. Then across my chest, tracing my areola and nipples with his tongue before sucking gently …every so often a little nibble; it was sheer bliss. He looked up at me as he moved down my toned stomach with his tongue, circling my navel, then stopping at my mound and looking up at me.

He lifted my legs onto his shoulders as he kissed up them, nibbling on my thighs and making me squirm. He reached out and gently parted my lips as he inserted his tongue deep into my pussy, then up to my pulsing clit. I let out a little yelp of pleasure, and I grabbed his hair as he began to lick my clit fast and finger fuck me hard. He inserted three fingers into my pussy and I swore he was a sex god as he made me squirt within five minutes of fingering me.

I started to squeal as I came hard and fast on his fingers and face. He just lapped up the juices as best he could. He looked up at me, his face soaking with my juices and all I could do was smile back like cheshire cat at him.

“Your turn Luca.” I smiled as I got up.

I took him by the hand and sat him on the sofa where he had made me cum so much. I straddled his legs, nibbling his earlobes, kissing down his neck, mimicking every move he had done to me exactly. I got down on my knees, taking his semi-erect, nine-inch cock into my very warm, supple hand, slowly stroking ’til he got harder. I moved up to lick the underside slowly, teasing him with my tongue stud as I twirled it around the tip of his almost hard cock. At eleven inches, I really didn’t know what I had let myself in for but since I started I figured I must go on. I worked my hands on the bulk of his shaft as I sucked on the top half, hitting the back of my throat until he was in my throat, fucking it. He was in control, pushing my head up and down on his cock as I gently rubbed his balls. I could feel them drawing up, knowing soon I’d have a stomach full of cum.

He pulled my head up and started to jack off onto my tits. I was wrong. He wanted to see his cum on me as he spurted four long streams onto my tits and stomach. I grabbed his cock after he came and started stroking and sucking the tip, trying to get every bit of cum out that I could before running my finger through the cum on me and licking it off my finger as Jessica came into the room.

“Lay back Ally,” she said.

I did as she asked and she started licking my stomach and tits, getting all the cum into her mouth. Then she kissed me, sharing the cum between us. I swear Luca was about to cum again just watching us.

I got up and went into the shower, trying to understand what had happened before Jessica and Luca joined me in the bathroom.

“Ally, will you join us in the living room when you’re done? I’ve left you some clothes in the bedroom,” she ended.

“Okay, give me five.”

I got dressed in the jeans and tight white tee shirt she had left for me and went into the living room. The two of them looked deep in discussion when I came in and sat down across from them.

“What’s wrong?” I quizzed.

“We have been talking, Ally, and I think you should know something about us…” they said together.

“Tell me then….” I was getting impatient.

“We’re in the adult film industry, you know, exotic pictures?” Jessica admitted.

“YOU’RE pornstars!” I shouted.

“Ally calm down! I’m still Your Jessie. We are only telling you ’cause we know you’re in trouble with money.” She sounded sympathetic.

“And?” I added.

“Well look around, this is what I’ve gotten from six months of work. I could get you in, IF you wanted. Luca says you suck like a pro.”

“You do, babes,” he piped up.

“WHAT! You want me to do porn, Jessica!” I said shocked.

“It’s not bad in anyway, Ally. We could do a double act…like we used to.” She grinned.

Luca looked on, shocked at what Jessica just said.

“The Porn Sisters, Ally and Jessie,” I said.

Luca and Jessica looked at one another and grinned; she knew I was up for it. All she needed to do now was to get me into the industry, the how being the difficult part. I became her groupie. Wherever she went, I went too. One day on set they needed a “fluffer” and I was nominated for my excellent oral skills by Luca, a recommendation couldn’t have came higher in the director’s eyes.

“And you are?” he quizzed.

“I’m Alyssa, Jessie’s sister,” I boasted.

“Well get to it Alyssa….”

He stood over me, watching along with ten other people as I performed oral sex on a random stranger who couldn’t keep it up for his partner. Needless to say he was hard and raging to go within two minutes, and I would have made him cum in another minute. I wiped my mouth and stood up to a round of applause, even from the director.

“So sisters, eh? Follow me girls.” He smiled.

As we followed behind him to his office, Jess grabbed my arm and mouthed ‘sisters!’ I nodded and smiled brightly. He opened his office door and gestured us both inside. Jessica and I stood in front of his desk while he walked around and sat down.

“Wow Jess, why’d you not tell me about your sister?”

“You never asked and she’s never shown an interest in ‘the business’ ’til a couple of days ago, Mack.”

I stood next to Jess smiling sweetly at Mack, hoping he would give me a job.

“I’m gonna’ have to see you naked, Alyssa.”

“Now? Ok…” I started taking my clothes off and stood before him in my girl shorts.

“Those too, and Jess I also want to see you next to Alyssa to see the comparison.” He grinned lewdly.

We both stood side-by-side, stark naked, holding hands. We were basically identical for not being sisters, 5’7 in height, 36D but mine were real, jade green eyes and long toned legs. Big difference was I was pale with long, curly auburn hair and a trimmed, curly bush, and Jess was very tanned with long poker straight black hair and no pubic hair whatsoever. We had matching tattoos on our left hips; me with the heart shaped locket with keyhole and she with the matching key and heartshaped keychain attached to it.

I heard Mack almost purring at the sight of us. He leaned forward in his leather chair to look closer at us.

“Well, I think I could use you Alyssa, are you willing to do this type of job?”

“Only if you call me Ally and I work with my sister ALWAYS,” I insisted.

“I can make that work. Get dressed and follow me.” He smiled an evil smile at me and nodded more than required.

It was the best job I could have asked for, working with my bestfriend pretending to be sisters doing something we both loved.

I got to my desk to find a bright orange donut and a small gourd on my desk. Next to it was a note. I opened it.

“Halloween Masquerade Ball” and the date on the weekend. I pushed it aside. I hadn’t had a date in months and wasn’t planning on going alone. I’d stay home and on the real Halloween, hand out cavity causing candy to the urchins on the street. Later in the day Noah from accounting walked by my desk. Then he walked back the other direction. A few minutes later back and forth again. I’m in marketing, the accounting people are never in our space. I stopped him on the fifth trip.

“Hey, Noah. Lose your way back to your cubicle?”

“Um, no, I was just, well, I …”

I’ve known Noah since he joined the company. He’s sweet, in a nerdy kind of way. He spends way too much time by himself and playing video games. When he has to talk to someone, especially women, it is a painful experience for everyone.

“Did you get the donut?” He gestured towards the not found in nature orange donut.

I nodded yes. Then he did it.

“You want to go to the Halloween Party in two weeks?”

I have a weakness for strong, confident men, men that are bad for me, and men with blue eyes. Noah did not fit any of those categories.

I also have a weakness for sad faces, and geeks. Not really a weakness, but I have a real hard time saying no. Noah fits in both categories.

“It’ll be really fun. The couple throwing the party is a lot of fun. It’ll be fun to get dressed up.”

The key theme of the party was clearly going to be fun. He looked pitiful, I did try to say no three different times and three different ways and still got nowhere with him. When I agreed, he gave out a happy yelp and I swear he skipped back to his cubicle.

That night I got online and started looking at costumes for the party. It is both easy and hard to come up with a costume when the theme is “fun”. I saw the usual ones of devils and Playboy bunnies. Then I looked at adult costume sites. They tended to be sexy nurses and school girls and pirates. Somehow I clicked on a site and it took me to a porn site and the sexy pirate was being fucked by a well hug guy wearing no costume. Somehow, I’ve gotten to where I am in life without ever seeing a porn video, but I sat glued to the screen watching the same clip over and over of the couple fucking. I clicked on anther link and then another, each showing me clips of other couples, not necessarily in costumes, but all having sex in a variety of places and poses. One particular blond was riding a tattooed guy and just having a grand time. Tell me that I have lived a sheltered life, I have, because I had never seen other people fucking. I always had thought of sex as a participating sport, not an observational one. But watching the videos was really getting me horny. I closed my eyes and slid my hand in my panties and touched my clit. Watching the videos had made it very sensitive, the feeling was wonderful, my pussy felt like it was on fire, and after a short time a moan rose in my throat and as I watched the clip again a rush of warmth gushed from my pussy and into my legs.

I decided that I was going to be a pirate.

That weekend, I had to do yard work around my house. Fall came early, the leaves were down, and my yard was covered by them. I was dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt and working on filling the bags. I was carrying some to the street.

“Hey Sunshine, let me give you a hand.” It was Paul, my new neighbor. He had moved into the neighborhood about six months earlier after his wife died. He had said that the old house, old neighborhood had too many memories and needed to start over. I’m not sure when he started calling me Sunshine, it started as a joke, but he kept with it.

Paul picked up two bags in each hand and took them to the curb and had another load before I got to the curb once. Tall, thin, muscular he really looks younger than 50 and he is nearly twenty years older than me. I stared at him as he walked by me. I thought about Noah, then Paul.

“Give me those bags,” Paul said, his laugh lines crinkled around his dark blue eyes. “Let me finish this, the beers are on you.” He started work on the yard before I had time to answer him.

I had the beers out and ready to pour when he got into the house. I had pulled together some items from my nearly bare refrigerator and threw together a spinach dip and had toasted garlic bread to eat with it. Paul sat down and an hour later we were laughing and working on the second six pack. He told me about his wife, who had died nearly two years earlier, and his kids who lived out of state. He showed me pictures of his grandchildren.

“No way are they your grand kids.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere,” he said as he put away the pictures.

“You’re too young for grandkids!”

He had gotten married at 18 and his son was born 2 years later.

“And why are you hanging out with some old guy instead of hanging with a guy your age?”

If I had known the answer, I wouldn’t be there in a pair of ratty sweats, drinking beer, with my AARP card carrying neighbor.

I told him about Noah and the party the next weekend.

“Sounds,” he paused for a moment, trying to choose the right word. “Hopeful.” He laughed. I swatted his arm as I went to get another beer.

“Tell you what. It’s late, I’m hungry, I’m a lousy cook, so let’s go out to eat. My treat,” he said.

“You did the yard, I should be buying.”

“I carried six bags of leaves. You bought beer. I’ll get dinner.”

I hadn’t had that much fun at dinner in a long time. We drank beer, ate tacos, had chips and fresh guacamole, and drank more beer. Fortunately, we were only a couple of blocks from our houses and we walked home at nearly midnight. Paul walked me to the door.

“I had a great time, Jen. Thanks.” He reached out and gave me a hug. I held him close, savoring the closeness. He turned and walked off the porch and back to his house.

And I was furious.

An hour later I was still awake and restless, turning from side to side in my bed. No matter what I did, all I could feel was Paul’s’ arms around me. I brushed my hand across my clit and got a shock through my pussy. I reached down and put my fingers on my clit and started to slowly rub small circles around my clit, gently grazing it at times, trying to slowing increase the pressure on it. I reached up and slipped my hand under my sleep shirt and rolled my nipple between my fingers. I slipped my finger into my pussy, and smeared my juices across my clit, my fingers slipped across my clit faster and faster, I slipped two fingers into my pussy, bringing out my wetness and smeared it across my clit. I started to move my hand across my clit, faster and harder, and I pinched my nipple hard.

It started deep in my pussy, a soft ache that rapidly filled my cunt with warmth, and then it spread across my belly and my chest and up to my face. I fell into the mattress and instantly fell asleep.

It seemed like every day Noah walked by my desk. He stopped walking by, and started trying to talk to me. It was hard at first, but eventually I got a rhythm going and I usually led the conversation. We talked about weather and football. We eventually got to making plans for the party and started trying to come up with costumes. He wanted to be something from one of the comic book movies, Captain America, or Iron Man but I eventually sold him on pirates.

It took me a week of going online, hitting the thrift shops, and honestly, nearly pulling out my hair before I had a costume. I finished it an hour before it was time to leave for the party. I was walking to my car when Paul pulled up in the drive.

“Whoa, look at you,” Paul said as he strolled across the yard. He had a big smile on his face. “You are one sexy wench.”

I blushed.

‘That Noah is one lucky guy.”

I asked him if he wanted to take me to the party. It was his turn to blush.

‘I’m not walking into a party with a smokin’ hot pirate and everyone asks why she’s with her father.”

“Every woman there would jump you so quick it would make your head spin.”

I walked up to him and grabbed him on the arms and leaned forward and pecked him on the lips. I turned and walked away to my car wondering what I had just done.

The poorly advised kiss on the lips was the highlight of the evening. I got to the party and eventually hooked up with Noah. I quickly realized that all of the talking we had done at my desk during the past two weeks had depleted the list of topics for the night. There were some people from the office at the party, but there were mostly a lot of people I did not know. There was a lot of liquor and some ill advised dancing. I am not a good dancer and Noah was worse. There’s something wrong with rhythmically challenged drunk people getting out on a dance floor. Someone slipped a slow song into the mix and before I knew it Noah had his arms draped around me as he hugged me close and we moved around in a tight circle. The song ended just as Noah was sliding his hands down to my ass.

“Would you like to come over to my place, I live right around the corner,” Noah said. I looked at him. He is neither strong nor confident. He does not have blue eyes. He does have a sad face and is a geek. I remained strong. I leaned forward; I kissed him on the cheek, and went home. Alone.

When I got back home, Paul’s light was still on. Common sense told me to turn and go home, something else walked me up the stairs and I knocked on the door. Paul pushed the curtain to one side and peered out, an initial frown turned to a smile.

“It’s a little early for trick or treating, even if you are the sexiest pirate on the street.”

I entered the house and we went to the den. I had never been in his house. It was spare and neat and nicely decorated. He had the television on and was watching a college football game being broadcast from the west coast. He offered me a drink, but I had had enough at the party to last me a long time. We sat opposite each other, and Paul went and got a beer for himself, and then sat next to me on the sofa. It wasn’t sexual, just two friends sitting around talking, but feeling him next to me was getting to me. I could feel his body heat, I could smell him, and occasionally his arm would brush against my arm. I was the model of restraint. And it nearly killed me.

I got home, still a little drunk and took a shower to wash away the remainder of the party. The hot water splashed on my body as I washed my hair and body. I thought about Paul sitting next to me o the couch. My hand rubbed over my breast, my nipples were very sensitive to touch as the slippery sensation of my hands rubbed them. I slipped my hand to my pussy and rubbed my fingers against my clit. The beer, and water, and the thought of Paul quickly hardened my clit and soon I was stroking it hard. I leaned back against the tile wall, my back pushed against the cool tile, the warm water spraying against me, and me frigging my clit as fast and hard as possible. I shut my eyes, saw Paul’s blue eyes and softly lined face. It started differently this time. It started as an exquisite ache deep in my pussy and then shot like sparks down my legs as I came quickly and hard. I took a deep breath and rested against the wall as the wave of warmth and pleasure left me.

The next morning I cleaned the house, scrubbed the kitchen floor, washed all my clothes, vacuumed the car, and cleaned my closet. When I’m frustrated, I clean. The evening with Noah was a bust and a waste. The evening with Paul was frustrating. In the late afternoon Paul called. He had just gotten two tickets for a basketball game. I was in.

The game was fun; I yelled and screamed, went with the chants for more defense and was a real homer for the local team. They lost, but the game was still fun. We made our way through the crowds, heading for the exit. It got real congested and I slipped my hand into Paul’s as we weaved between the masses. We held hands longer than we needed. In the car, I tried to answer a question.

“Was this a date?”

Paul laughed, and I suddenly felt silly. Silly because maybe this was just some fantasy crush on an uninterested guy.

It was just two friends hanging out.

“We’re friends?” He looked at me. “Dumb question.”

‘Jen, you’re a young woman, there are throngs of guys out there wanting to meet you. You don’t need to date some fossil. You can do better. Lots better.”

Two nights later, I looked out of the door and saw what would be the last of the trick or treaters walking away from the house. A few jack o lanterns till lit the night, but most porch lights were out. The Halloween evening was coming to an end.

I went to my bedroom and got out the pirate girl costume again. This time I put on my black Victoria’s Secret bra because it gives my boobs some cleavage. I debated wearing a thong, and decided a real wench wouldn’t wear anything. I put on the pirate girl costume and added some makeup: bright red lipstick, easy eye liner and mascara, some blush. I grabbed the plastic knife and the sack and headed out the door.

A moment before Paul looked through the door and flashed the light, I almost ran home. I thought I was being foolish, but then the door opened. “Trick or Treat, Matey. And I want both!”

I’m still not sure what came over me. I pushed through the door and grabbed Paul by the hand and lead him to his den. I stood in front of him, his eyes roamed up and down on my body. A smile came to his lips.

“You are one very sexy wench. But I gave all of my treats away.”

“Oh, you still have a treat that I want!”

I pushed him back onto the sofa and straddled him, the skirt riding up and my bare pussy rubbed against him. I leaned forward and kissed him hard, no pretense of subtlelty, and I slipped my tongue between his lips. He was hesitant for a moment or two, and then kissed me back, our tongues exploring each other. I held his face in my hands and kissed him, savoring the sweet taste of his lips, his smell, and the roughness of his late day beard.

I slid off him and knelt before him. I loosened the sweat pants and slid them down. I tugged on his boxers, freeing his cock. It was hard and pointing up.

“Yarrrrg, just the treat I wanted,” I said, trying to suppress a giggle.

I took his cock in my hand and licked the head, savoring the soft hardness against my tongue. I took all of him in my mouth and started to suck him, sliding his hard thick cock in and out of my mouth. He started to moan and I looked at his face, his eyes were shut tight and he turned his head from side to side. His hands grabbed my head and guided me up and down on his cock, adjusting my tempo. I slid my tongue around his cock as my head went up and down, savoring every stroke.

I could feel his cock start to swell, and he was trying to move my head away from it, but I kept sucking him. I spit on my hand and started to stroke that hard cock, my tongue lapping at the head. He gave a large groan and grunt and sent a large splash of hot cum into my mouth, covering my tongue and lips, I kept stroking him, sending spurt after spurt into my mouth. I held it in my mouth, swallowing a bit and slid up his body. I kissed him again, and he slipped his tongue into my mouth and lapped some cum back. We both swallowed and kissed again.

“Baby, that was just incredible,” he said.

“Take me to the bedroom. Now,” I hissed.

He lifted me in his arms and cradle carried me to the bedroom where he gently laid me on the bed. I started to unbutton my top, but he put his hand on mine and stopped me.

“I’ll get my own treasure,” he said, a grin appearing on his face. He took off his shirt and kicked off the pants and stood before me naked. His cock was now soft, but his body was grand, firm and muscled. My mouth was wet.

Paul sat me on the edge of the bed and knelt in front of me. He slowly unbuttoned my top, his blue eyes locked on mine. My skin puckered as he slid the top of my shoulders and I sat in front of him in the bra and skirt. He unhooked my bra, freeing my boobs, and he grabbed my nipples between his fingers as he leaned forward and kissed me.

The sensation at my nipples was exquisite as he gently pinched them as he kissed me. Our lips and mouths and tongues explored each other all the while he gently pinched and twisted my nipples between his fingers. The ache was incredible, and he broke our kiss. I frowned for a second and then he put my right nipple in his mouth and lashed his tongue across it. A jolt shot seemingly from my pussy to nipple and I arched my back, trying to get more pleasure from his tongue. Paul put his hand on my chest and pushed me back on the bed and kissed down my belly. He undid the snap of the skirt, pushed it aside, spread my legs, and exposed my naked pussy for the first time.

“Ahoy, mates, the real treasure,” he said in a pirate voice that made me laugh.

H lowered his mouth to my pussy and slid his tongue into me, the mere movement that sent a shiver up my spine. He probed between my lips with his tongue, teasing between the folds until the tip rested on my clit. He started to rub my clit with his tongue, up and down, slowly at first, and then faster and harder, starting with a great rhythm and increasing the tempo every few seconds. The pleasure was incredible, and a quick orgasm washed over me, sending sparks down my legs, and I barely had time to enjoy the true beauty of it before renewed his efforts by sliding one then two fingers into my pussy. He finger fucked me while licking my clit. The sensations were indescribable, and another orgasm started deep inside me. I grabbed his head, pulling his face hard against me, his tongue lapped at my clit and a moan started deep in my throat. My pussy felt warm then hot and a wave of heat spread across my belly, over my breasts and into my neck as my orgasms washed over me. I screamed out, much louder than I ever have, and the glorious sensation flooded me. I collapsed into the bed, breathing hard, my heart racing, and every ounce of energy drained through my pussy.

Paul climbed up on the bed and lay next to me. He leaned over and kissed me, and I tasted myself on his lips. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and I sucked it, and licked my slick fluids from his face.

“Wow,” I said.

“I don’t know if that’s a pirate word.”

We both laughed. He eyes gradually focused on him. My clit was still buzzed and my pussy tingled.

“That was a lot of fun.”

“Glad you enjoyed it,” he said.

I reached over and grabbed his cock. It was still soft, and I slowly started to stroke it.

“Sorry, Jen. Told you I was an old guy. It takes us a lot longer to go again.”

“Yeah, we’ll see about that. You want to see what a wench can do when she wants to be fucked hard by a beautiful cock?”

I kissed him chastely on the lips and slid my head to his cock. I put him in my mouth and slid him in and out while I stoked him. I love to suck cock, and have been told I’m good at it. I was not to be denied. My hand slid down and I slid my fingers across his balls, stimulating his cock and balls at the same time. His cock gave a little surge, but not enough.

“I’m really sorry, babe, but this is biology. It takes a while to recharge.”

I lifted his leg and turned it outward. I slipped my index finger into me and got it wet. And I inched it into his ass.

“Oh, oh my, oh babe, that’s good, oh my …”

I smiled as I heard him and then I took him in my mouth again. I slid my finger further into his ass, pushing against his prostate gland. When I did, his head surged and his cock filled my mouth. I grabbed him with the other hand and stroked him, and in a minute or so, his cock was hard.

I held onto him and crawled up the bed and I stared into his eyes.

“I want that cock in my cunt now. And I want you to fuck the shit out of me. Got it?”

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