cum swallowing

This is part two of a story originally posted here on September 2, 2011, involving a near-immortal man who calls himself John Smith, and a young woman he re-names Azelia after he takes her as his life-mate. They are members of the clan of Us, a race of beings somewhat like vampires. They exist by feeding on the sexual fluids of their victims, rather than blood. The do not kill; they seduce their victims into allowing them to feed on the product of their loins. Enjoy.

* * * * *

The insistent ring of the bedside phone woke me. I moved Azelia slightly so I could reach the annoying thing.

“Hello?” I said.

“Good morning, Mr. Smith. This is your ten o’clock wake-up call, as you requested. Would you care for breakfast, sir? We would be happy to bring you a tray,” the cheery female voice said.

“Thank you for calling. I shall make my decision about breakfast in a bit.” I hung up the phone.

“John? What happened last night?” Azelia said, blinking the sleep from her enchanting green eyes.

“What do you mean, my love?” I asked.

“You sat in my station at the bar last night, ordered a Virgin Mary, and,… I don’t know,… swept me off my feet, I guess.”

“I tend to do that. It’s much more civilized to make a woman want to be in my bed. None of Us makes anyone a victim. We entice them to be willing participants. You’ll come to understand that, darling.”

“Who are,… well,… Us?” Azelia asked.

“That’s hard to explain. I am Us. You are Us, now and forever more. It would be good for you to meet other members of the clan soon. Now that I’m here, I’d like to re-establish friendships with a number of Us and introduce them to my new life-mate,” I answered.

“What are these people like?” Azelia asked, rolling on her back, giving me a wondrous display of her sumptuous breasts.

“Not much different from mortals. We have to re-invent ourselves every once in a while, change with our environment. It’s essential when you’ve been around as long as I have. Don’t you think I would have trouble blending in as a lute player at the court of a medieval duke?”

“How old are you, John?”

“I was born on the day Joan of Arc burned,” I answered.

“I didn’t pay attention in history class,” Azelia said. “When was that?”

“The thirtieth of May, 1431.”

“Oh my God, so you’re, let’s see, almost six hundred years old!”

“My dear child, I’ll have you know that it will be a number of years before I begin my seventh century,” I admonished her.

“I always thought I’d like to be with an older man for my first time, but I wasn’t thinking of someone over five hundred years older than me!” she giggled.

“You said last night you’re twenty-two, didn’t you?” I asked.


“That’s how old I was when I was ‘made’ into one of Us. I took my first life-mate two years later, so my physical aging stopped at that time. When Alexandra was killed, I began to age again. How old do you think I look?”

Azelia turned and propped herself on her elbow to study me. “When you first came into the club last night, I thought you were about twenty-five. Looking at you when I waited on you, I thought you might be a year or so older than that, but there was something in your eyes,…” she said.

“You knew! You knew about the importance of the eyes. Tell me what you saw in mine.”

“You looked like an old soul. Full of mystery, secrets, and passion. I was drawn to that. And then your eyes got,… I don’t know,… more intense. I felt like I was losing my will or something. I wanted you. I was aroused by you, and there was nothing I could do about it.”

“That’s what we do. Maybe you’ve heard stories about vampires ‘glamorizing’ their victims, mesmerizing them, taking away their free will. They do it so they can kill. We do it so we can drink the sexual essence of a new partner. You’ll learn to do this. From what I saw in your eyes last night as I was feeding from you, it will be easy for you to learn to bewitch your way into someone’s pants.”

“Or panties,” Azelia said, blushing. “I’m still not sure I can just go up to some random guy and offer him a blowjob.”

“Or panties,” I agreed. We were going to have a lot of fun, hunting as a team.

“Are you going to teach me to hunt?” she said.

“Of course, lover, but I suspect it will come naturally to someone like you.”

“I think I’m going to need to feed soon,” she said, running her hand down my body and laying it possessively on my manhood.

“Need to, or want to?” I asked.

“A little of both,” she giggled. “I’m also hungry in the old way, like I always was in the morning. Why is that?”

“A peculiarity of our race. We experience the Hunger that is exclusive to Us as well as the hunger that a mortal feels when his belly is empty. That was one way we could fit in with the mortals when the vampire hunters roamed, back when I was living with the Duke and Duchess. Those zealots with their mallets and stakes completely ignored anyone chomping on an apple or a leg of lamb,” I chuckled.

“You know what I could eat?” Azelia suddenly exclaimed, sitting up in bed.

I swear in the name of The One Who Sees All, her breasts were the most beautiful I had ever seen. “What?” I asked.

“A full Irish breakfast!”

“Yes! Toast, farl, soda bread, or potato farl? Which would you like?”

“Potato farl is my favorite,” Azelia said. “How do you know about that? You have an American accent. I’m surprised you know what potato farl is.”

“I spent my youth less than a four-hour carriage ride from this very spot. Do you like mushrooms with your breakfast?

“Yes, and Barry’s Tea,” she laughed.

“Barry’s isn’t bad, but it’s not as good as the original Assam tea we used to have at the Duke’s castle. There was a strange little man with an ox-cart. The head cook would choose his own blend, right there in the courtyard. Ah, well. Would you like to go out, or should I have breakfast delivered?”

“Let’s have breakfast here,” she said. “I don’t have anything to wear except my clothes from last night. I don’t want to walk around in the morning dressed like that. I really need a shower, too.”

“I’ll call room service, and have our meal delivered. Should we say forty-five minutes?” I asked.

“It won’t take me that long to get in and out of the shower, John,” she said, looking a bit hurt.

“It will if I fuck you first.”

Just before she took me in her mouth, she said, “Tell them to give us an hour.”

* * * * *

We were both dressed in our hotel robes when the server arrived with our breakfast. We were relaxed, enjoying the afterglow of a quick feeding, satisfying sex, and a hot shower. I said to Azelia, “Watch this,” when I answered the knock at the door.

A plump old woman greeted me and pushed a cart into the room. She was certainly not the kind I would ever choose to feed from, but I wanted to show something to Azelia.

As the server set out our meal, I moved so I could see her face. I willed her to look in my eyes, which she did several times. Each time, her lined cheeks flushed, and on the third glance I smelled her. This was probably the first time she had been wet in years, poor thing.

I heard quiet rumblings of the Hunger from Azelia. Stealing a look at her, I could see her nipples beneath her terry-cloth robe. Her lips parted, and a soft moan escaped them.

The old woman must have heard her. She looked Azelia’s way and almost dropped the teapot. With a shiver and an embarrassed look, she hurriedly finished serving our feast. After a quick, “Thank you and good day, sir and madam,” she fled.

As soon as the door closed, Azelia started to laugh. “What did you do to her, John?”

“Just a bit of the charm of the clan of Us, my dear. You have it. The poor old biddy didn’t get really wet until she made eye contact with you.”

“That was the coolest thing! She was so turned on! Do you think she understood what was happening to her?” Azelia asked.

“She certainly knew she was aroused. One look at your chest told her you were aroused, and that only made her hotter. Don’t worry, darling. She won’t say anything. She’ll probably just walk around all day with a guilty look on her face. Now eat your breakfast before it gets cold.”

As we feasted, Azelia asked me more about the clan of Us.

“We do what we can to adapt to our surroundings. Some of Us are entertainers, scientists, explorers, or artists, although most of Us keep a low profile. Many are comfortable enough financially that we don’t work regular jobs.

“What do you do? Do you work?” she asked.

“I inherited a sizable holding of land and money from my parents. Good investing has allowed me to live well, using my talents as a lute player and singer as my visible means of support,” I answered.

“Do you still play the lute?”

“Hardly anyone still plays the lute, my dear. But I’ve always been good with stringed instruments. I’ve played the violin in orchestras during the Renaissance, the string bass in blues bands in New Orleans during America’s Great Depression, and electric guitar during studio sessions with some of the greats of rock and roll.”

“Doesn’t the fact that you don’t age create a problem? Don’t people notice?” Azelia asked.

“They do, sometimes, if you stay in one place too long. The lives of many of Us tend to be somewhat nomadic. That’s one disadvantage we have. You, for example, could go back to work at Copper Face Jack’s and blend right in, but if you stay there too long, people may wonder why you don’t seem to get any older.”

“I don’t have many job skills,” Azelia said, “and I like being a barmaid, at least for now.”

“Then that’s what you should do. Besides, hunting at a place like that should be very easy for you.”

“I guess so,” she giggled. “I already get guys a couple of times a week who write their phone numbers on napkins or ask me to go home with them.”

“Splendid. Now you can take them up on it,” I said.

We finished our huge meal and were enjoying the last of the Barry’s. “I don’t have to work tonight or tomorrow night,” Azelia said. “What would you like to do?”

“I think your training should be what we focus on first. I propose we get dressed and go explore the city. There are hundreds of places we can go to feed.”

“I don’t want to go out for a day on the town in my barmaid clothes. I should go home to change.”

“I think you look stunning as you are,” I said.

“Oh! What happened to my robe?” Azelia squealed when she realized she was naked.

“We have certain magical powers,” I replied. “I got the urge to see your nude body, so I willed the robe off you. Let’s see, yes, I know what you should wear.” Instantly, Azelia was clad in tight khaki shorts, a navy polo shirt, and sensible walking shoes.

“How did you do that?” she exclaimed.

“I told you — magic.”

“You forgot undergarments,” Azelia said.

“No I didn’t. I didn’t want you to wear any.”

“But my breasts will move around, and you can see my nipples!”

“I know. We’re going to practice your hunting skills today. There’s nothing wrong with using your physical attributes to assist you. Let’s go,” I said, exchanging my robe for casual walking clothes of my own.

We took the lift to the lobby. I could hear the young woman behind the desk talking to a male co-worker, and realized that hers was the voice on the phone earlier. She seemed to be finishing her shift.

“Do you see her?” I said to Azelia, indicating the young woman.

“The slender blond behind the desk?”

“Yes. Do you find her attractive?”

“She’s beautiful. I would kill for a lithe body like that.”

“Would you like to feed from her?” I asked.

“What? How?”

“With your natural talents and the charm of Us. I’ll help you get started,” I said.

We waited until the young woman walked out from behind the desk, and then followed her down a corridor.

“Excuse me, miss!” I called.

She turned to look at us. “Hello. May I help you?” she smiled.

“Hopefully, Janet,” I said, making a show of reading her name tag. “My wife is interested in learning more about your spa facilities.”

“Oh, of course,” she said. “Follow this hallway to the end, and make a left just before the exit door. The spa, pool, and exercise rooms are in that area. You’ll find literature about our services at the entrance to the facility, and there are attendants to assist you.”

“Would you mind showing us?” Azelia asked. She fixed her emerald eyes on the blond, and I could hear Janet’s breath catch in her throat.

“Not at all,” she replied. There was a hint of the nipples on her small breasts hardening under her tailored uniform blouse. “Please follow me.”

As we walked, Azelia whispered to me, “I can smell her.”

“Yes, my love, I can too. Let’s see what you can do with her. Use your eyes and your charms. You may be surprised at what you can accomplish.”

We followed our prey down the hallway, watching her trim, firm ass move in the pencil skirt she wore. When we got to the door to the spa area, she stood to the side to allow us to enter.

“Here we are,” she said.

Azelia looked straight into Janet’s eyes. “Would it be too much trouble for you to show us around?”

“No trouble at all, Miss,” she answered in a soft voice. There was color in her cheeks.

We followed her through the door. Azelia grinned at me as she sniffed the air. I could hear the Hunger in her.

“Could show us the changing rooms?” Azelia asked, touching Janet on the arm and fixing her gaze.

The blond shuddered slightly, her nipples now obvious, her aroma filling the air. “I would like that very much,” she breathed.

We went into a room lined with small, enclosed stalls guests could use for privacy while changing clothes, and a bank of lockers and compartments for storage.

“Are you cold?” Azelia said to the blond, gesturing at her hard nipples.

“No, Miss, not at all. In fact, I think it’s rather warm in here. It’s just that I’m so,… I feel so,…”

“Aroused?” Azelia asked.

Janet blushed visibly. “Yes,” she said under her breath.

“Maybe we can help you with that,” Azelia said, motioning toward one of the stalls.

“Maybe you can,” the girl whispered, unbuttoning her blouse as she moved toward the enclosures.

Before I latched the door, Janet was down to her bra, thong, and hold-up stockings, standing against the wall of the cubicle, a mixture of lust and bewilderment on her pretty face. Azelia pulled off her shirt and wriggled out of her shorts to stand naked before us.

“Will you take me from behind me while I lick her?” Azelia asked me.

“Would you like that?” I said to Janet. “Would you like to watch me fuck my darling while she licks your wet cunt?”

Janet shivered as though she were deathly cold. Her little nipples were straining against her bra, and a droplet of syrupy clear moisture dripped from her thong-covered slit. The perfume of her pussy was making me very hard, and very Hungry. I had to fight with myself to remember that Azelia needed to do this on her own.

I said, “I think I’d like to watch. Maybe I’ll just support our new friend while you do what you want with her.” I moved behind Janet and undid her bra. She allowed me to caress it down her arms. Then I pulled her to me, nestling my clothed erection in the crack of her tight, slender ass. She leaned against me, and cooed softly as I fondled her little breasts.

“I’m so wet,” Janet whimpered.

“That’s good,” my life-mate grinned, as she pulled the thong down to reveal the girl’s clean-shaven slit. Azelia knelt before her and began to nourish herself while I squeezed our prey’s engorged nipples.

“Oh, oh, oh, I’ve never had a girl go down on me before,” Janet moaned. “I thought I was straight.”

“You may well be, but my Azelia does have certain talents, doesn’t she?” I said, rolling the girl’s hard nipples between my fingers.

“Yes, yes, oh God, yes!” she whined. “I think I’m going to cum!”

“Please do,” I whispered in her ear.

The willowy blond shuddered violently and then melted against me. I could hear Azelia murmur her pleasure as she rubbed her own clit while drinking the nectar the blond provided. The desk clerk remained limp against me as my beloved cleaned Janet’s moisture with her tongue.

When our prey had regained her composure, she said, “I’ve never done anything like that before. I’ll lose my job if anyone finds out. Please, don’t tell anyone, please!”

“Your secret is safe with us,” I assured her. “You should get dressed now.”

Quietly, the girl put on her clothes. As we left the enclosure, she said again, “I’ll be in so much trouble if anyone hears about this. What am I going to do?”

“You’re going to go about your day. I assure you, no one will know. In fact, you will only remember that you had an orgasm. You’re going to believe you were horny all through your shift, maybe for the man who took over from you, and you will assume that you pleasured yourself in the employees’ restroom before heading home.” I fixed my gaze on her and saw that she had accepted my story as her new version of reality.

Janet shook herself slightly, like she was trying to clear her head. “Through that door is the entrance to the pool, and to your left is the weight room. We offer massages, steam and sauna rooms, and aromatherapy in the rooms to your right, and beyond that is the beauty salon. Would you like me to show you those?” she said, a slightly bemused look on her face.

“No, thank you. You were on your way home. We appreciate your help,” I said.

Walking on slightly unsteady legs, Janet left the room.

“That was almost too easy,” Azelia laughed after the door had closed.

“You are a natural huntress! How did she taste?”

“Sweet, kind of a delicate flavor. I don’t feel the Hunger as much,” Azelia replied.

“Good,” I said. “You did well on your first hunt.”

“What do you want to do now, John?”

“Be a tourist. I haven’t been in Dublin in over a century. The city has changed. You can play tour guide,” I replied.

* * * * *

We caught a taxi in front of the hotel.

“Where to, sir?” the driver asked.

“Ask her. I haven’t been here for quite a while.”

“Where to, Miss?”

“I know! St. Audeon’s Church!”

“Very well, Miss,” the driver said as he put the car in gear.

“I thought we’d start with something older than you,” Azelia whispered to me.

“Very funny.”

As we walked the grounds of the ancient church, I could see most of the men and some of the women stealing glances at Azelia. She was enjoying herself, walking tall and proud, her bountiful breasts bouncing slightly with every step she took.

“Your nipples are hard, baby,” I said to her quietly, after we had passed a group of college boys.

“I know,” she whispered back. “I’m horny.”

“I could help you with that.”

“I’ll hold you to that, but I thought you wanted to play tourist,” she said.

“I want to do four things before we sleep tonight. I want to see a little more of the town, I want to buy you some clothes, I want to hunt with you again, and I want to fuck you silly.”

“Nice list. Let’s start with you fucking me silly,” she said, grabbing my ass.

“Miss, please, these are Church grounds,” a young man in a security uniform said.

Azelia turned to look at the officer. It was obvious he was looking at her breasts as she walked slowly toward him. “My eyes are up here,” she said when she was only a few feet from him.

When he first tore his gaze from my life-mate’s chest to look at her eyes, I could see his pupils dilate slightly. He didn’t know it yet, but he was going to provide my life-mate’s next feeding.

“Is something wrong, sir?” Azelia asked, getting closer to him. “I didn’t mean to offend anyone. Can you forgive me?”

The young officer appeared to be struggling to figure out what to say. Little wonder. Her breasts were against his chest now.

“Could we find a place to talk about the problem?” Azelia asked. Rubbing the tips of her fingers over the front of his uniform trousers, she breathed, “Is there some place we can talk about YOUR problem?”

“Miss, please, I’m on duty, and I’m a married man.”

“Does your wife suck your cock?” Azelia asked, staring into the young man’s eyes while tickling the outline of his penis with her fingernails. “I will, you know. It feels like a pretty nice one.”

“Follow me,” the officer said.

Azelia whispered to me as we walked, “I want you behind me while I feed from him.”

“My pleasure,” I replied.

The security guard led us to a door in a small building.

“Wait. Is he coming along?” the officer asked, pointing to me.

“Of course. He’s going to fuck me while I drink your cum. Do you mind?” Azelia responded, her eyes completely controlling the bewildered man.

“In here,” he said.

He led us into a small, neat office, apparently used as a duty station. Azelia guided the man to his chair, stripped off her shirt and shorts, and knelt between his legs. As she worked on his belt and zipper, I opened my pants to release my cock.

Azelia seemed to be in a hurry, but I managed to line myself up and begin easing myself into her wet, bruised pussy from behind, just before she took the officer’s erect penis into her mouth.

“Ooooh,” Azelia murmured around the defenseless man’s cock. She pushed her mouth down on him as I entered her, and then pulled back from him, forcing herself deep onto my shaft. “I feel so depraved,” she said.

“You’re getting there, baby. I love it. We’re going to have lots of fun together,” I said, helping her to find a nice rhythm of rocking herself back and forth between me and the other man.

“Oh, Jesus, Mary and Joseph!” the guard gasped. “I’ve never done anything this crazy before!” He was almost hyperventilating. “Gah, my God, I’m gonna cum!” He started bucking his hips hard at Azelia, driving her back forcefully onto my cock. Her pussy began to milk me, and I released into her as the man filled her throat.

The officer sat there, his uniform trousers around his ankles, as my naked Azelia licked the remnants of his semen from his wilting shaft. I had righted my clothes when the poor dazed man spoke. “Who are you people?”

“Please excuse my manners, sir,” I said. “I’m John Smith, born not far from here, but only recently returned from the United States. The young lady cleaning your sperm from her chin is my bride, Azelia.”

“I do hope we haven’t been too much of a bother,” she said. “I’m sure I’ve learned a valuable lesson about proper behavior in public. Are we free to go?”

The young man pulled up his trousers as he rose from his chair. “I’ve gone insane,” he muttered to himself. He cleared his throat as he buckled his belt. “It’s not worth the paperwork, as long as you conduct yourself like a lady. Otherwise, we might need to have another meeting.”

I smiled and shook the officer’s hand. “I’m sure we all enjoyed our chat. My dear, you might want to clean up a bit before you put your clothes back on.”

Azelia stroked her messy pussy with her fingers, licked them clean, and repeated the process, like a she-cat grooming herself. The look in her emerald eyes made me expect her to purr.

“Sir, Madam, I should get back on patrol. This has been quite the experience,” the security guard said.

As we walked out the door, Azelia teased, “You might want to watch me. Who knows? I could do something that will make you call us in for another discussion.”

He was smiling broadly as we walked away.

* * * * *

“Can we go out tonight, John?” Azelia asked as we walked past some shops in town.

“Of course. We need to practice your hunting skills.”

She grabbed my hand and pulled me to a bench. “I thought I did okay,” she whispered.

When I touched her chin with my fingertips, she resisted at first, but finally she turned to look at me with tear-filled eyes. “You did, my love, you did.” I cupped her pretty face in my hands, and wiped the moisture from her cheeks with my thumbs. “You did brilliantly.” I pulled her close for a tender kiss. “You even picked out your own prey on just your second hunt. I am very proud of you.”

“What’s the first thing I need to work on to get better?” she asked.

“Honey, I just think you’re not taking the time to enjoy this like you could.”

Azelia gave me a naughty smile. “I guess I really did attack that security guard, didn’t I? Well, he was only the second man I’ve had cum in my mouth. Between being nervous and feeling The Hunger, I just needed to get things done.”

“Where would you like to go tonight?” I asked. “Where would you like to hunt?”

“I wish I knew a way to get into one place, but you have to have a membership or be on some celebrity list to get in there.”

“Where is that?”

“On Adam Court off Grafton Street. A place called Lillie’s Bordello. You should see some of the people who go in there! There’s no way we can get in,” Azelia said.

“Have you forgotten about this morning? You didn’t take off your robe and put on these clothes yourself. We will get in. As I said, I’ve learned some magic over the years. Part of it comes from a healthy diet, you know. Yours will develop, too, over time.”

“What should I wear?” Azelia asked.

“What impression do you want people to have? Elegant or outrageous?”

“If we’re going hunting at a place like Lillie’s, maybe it should be a bit of both,” Azelia replied.

“Should we try over there?” I said, pointing to a shop across the street.

“Leather and Lace by Lilith,” Azelia read from the ornate sign in front of the shop. “I’ve heard of that place.”

The inside of the shop was lit by a myriad of small spotlights, painting the room with sharp areas of intense illumination, piercing the overall gloom of the place. We passed mannequins dressed in a variety of styles of leather garments, primarily black with splashes of intense color in fishnet, gauze, silk, or lace. Glass display cases showed a small collection of restraints, masks, tools, and toys, color-coordinated with the mannequins.

Azelia eventually chose a leather bustier, dyed the same green as her eyes, over a black leather mini-skirt slit nearly to the hip. The outfit was completed with black leather high-top boots and a black lace cape. With her auburn hair and fair skin, she looked delectably dangerous.

While Azelia was changing back into her street clothes, a young raven-haired goth-looking woman came through a curtain behind the counter. She was dressed in a black patent leather vest and black peasant skirt, both of which accentuated her slender figure. “Those are nice hunting clothes for a novice,” she said.

I could see it in her eyes. “Hello, clanswoman,” I said.

“We’ve never met, have we?” she asked.

“I don’t believe we have.”

“I was watching you and your playmate on the security cameras. She’s very attractive. Where are you from?”

“I was born and ‘made’ near here, but I’ve been living in America for a while. Azelia became my life-mate just last night.”

“I’m Lilith Byrne.”

“Aengus MacKenna. The Duke suggested my mortal name, John Smith.”

“The Duke? An older gentleman, looks to be about fifty, married to a slender blond woman about twenty years younger?” Lilith asked.

“The same! How do you know them?”

“My life-mate, Aiden, is the Duchess’ chauffeur. One of her serving girls ‘made’ him, and he took me as his life-mate the night the duchess bought her first motorcar, a new 1927 Rolls-Royce Phantom 1. I worked as a seamstress then. I own this boutique now.”

“Ah, here she comes,” I said. “Azelia, darling, meet Lilith Byrne.”

“Azelia, my sister, how are you?” Lilith, asked, taking Azelia’s hand in her own.

“Sister?” Azelia asked, looking at me in confusion.

“She is one of Us. Can’t you see it in her eyes?”

“Now that you say it, yes, I can. She looks like she feels The Hunger.”

“I do,” Lilith said. Gesturing toward the curtain through which she had come, she said, “Would you like to feed me?”

Azelia said nothing, but took my hand and followed the shopkeeper into the back room. It was sparsely furnished with a desk, some filing cabinets, and a king-size bed. In moments the three of us were nude.

Lilith was a slender woman, barely more than a teenager in her appearance. She had high, firm, moderate sized breasts, a flat stomach, and a wide gap between her slender thighs, in which her shaved, moist pussy dwelt. “Please, lie down,” she said to us.

Azelia had barely settled herself on the mattress before Lilith was between her legs. “Do you mind, sister?” Lilith asked. “I’m really feeling quite ravenous.”

“You’ll enjoy Azelia then, Lilith. She squirts,” I said.

“Really?” Lilith remarked, her chin already moist with my beloved’s juices. “Often, I have to work fairly hard to get a good feeding from a woman.” She bathed and probed my life-mate’s sex with her tongue, and reached for one of her nipples. “Are they sensitive, dear?”

“Yes,” Azelia moaned.

“Mine too,” Lilith said. “Aengus, don’t just lie there and watch.”

“Do you mind, Azelia? You’ll get used to it. It’s the way all of Us are when we get together,” I said, taking my position behind the shopkeeper’s slim hips.

Azelia managed to keep her eyes open, smiling at me, as she hissed, “Cumming.”

Lilith swallowed as fast as she could, but some of my life-mate’s nectar dribbled down onto her chin.

I pulled the small goth girl against me so she could feel my engorged cock slide over her buttocks to rest against the small of her back. “Where do you want it?” I asked.

“My ass, Aengus. It’s been a couple of days. My life-mate and I have been working long hours getting ready for the Duke’s party.

“When is that?” I asked, as I wiped some of Azelia’s juice off Lilith’s chin and lubed my cock with it.

“Next weekend. Now fuck me.”

I spit in my hand and worked some of it into Lilith’s pucker. Then I replaced my fingers with my cock and pushed gently.

“Fuck me!” Lilith hissed, forcing herself onto me. “Damn, that’s good!”

I wondered how my beloved would react. She had been a virgin the night before, but had taken to fucking quite well. Still, this was what mortals called “cheating.”

“You’re going to do that to me tonight when we go back to the room,” she said, lying beneath us. She was rubbing herself.

By this time, Lilith and I were copulating vigorously. We were pretty quiet about it, but I’m sure anyone in the shop out front would have heard the slapping sound her tight little buttocks made against my groin.

“Do you want my sperm inside your little ass, Lilith?”

“Ugh, ugh, ugh, please,” Lilith grunted, slamming her sweet, tight asshole down over my shaft harder and faster.

Azelia came first. She must have been mindful of our semi-public placement, because she crammed her fist into her mouth to stifle her sounds.

Lilith and I watched her, and then the shopkeeper arched herself up against me and orgasmed. The aroma of her, the rippling of the muscles in her lithe body, and the almost feline purr that died in her throat urged me to empty myself into her bowels. The force was powerful, the load was large, and suddenly, I was very Hungry.

As is the custom among Us, Lilith cleaned my used manhood with her tongue. She looked at my bemused life-mate and said, “It’s what we do. It’s only proper to clean up after yourself, at least when you’re with Us,” she said, resuming her tidying-up process. Soon, she turned back to Azelia, took one final lick from my ball sack to my piss-slit, and said, “There. Clean, and ready to re-use.”

“I’ve never sucked a cock with a girl watching before,” Azelia said, “but I have worked up quite a Hunger. Well, actually, I had never really sucked a cock before last night.” She moved next to Lilith and took my re-hardened member in her hand. “Our new friend could feed you, John.”

“I would love to,” Lilith said.

I grasped the slender girl and rolled her onto her back. Lifting her by the hips, I moved her so her slender thighs were resting on my shoulders and attacked her bare little pussy. Azelia positioned herself and resumed sucking my dick.

Properly fed, we cleaned up in the small bathroom she had back there, and then chatted as we dressed. Lilith asked, “Where are you going to wear your purchases?”

“Lillie’s Bordello. John says he can get us in,” Azelia said.

“Oh, going to try a little star-fucking?” Lilith smirked.

“Her choice. Personally, I don’t go for the stars,” I said. “I’ve had a number of royalty, wealthy, beautiful, well-known women over the ages, but lately, they’ve become so plastic. Give me a barmaid or a simple, honest, natural girl any day. They taste better.”

“Often true,” Lilith agreed.

“How can I tell a good one? I don’t want to drink from just anybody,” Azelia said.

“Don’t worry, sister,” Lilith said. “It’s really no different from deciding which boy you would dance with at a school social function.”

“I’ll help you, baby,” I said.

“It was good to meet you, Aengus,” Lilith said, escorting us back into the main shop. “I’ll tell the Duke you’re back in town.” Turning to my life-mate, she kissed her on the cheek and said, “Enjoy yourself tonight, my dear, sweet-tasting Azelia.”

* * * * *

We enjoyed a quick shower back at the hotel. I conjured up a dark silk suit for myself, double breasted, tailored, pinstripes. I always enjoyed the clothing style of the Italian and Sicilian men who brutally accumulated wealth and power in the United States during Prohibition. Working in their clubs had paid well, both in money and pussy.

I walked behind my lover. “How do I look?” I asked.

She was sitting at the dressing table in the suite, finishing her eye make-up. She had used heavy black eyeliner, applied in a feline shape, similar to an Egyptian stripper I had once feasted on. She was blending green shadow high on her eyelids, an exact match to her eyes and her as-yet-unlaced green leather bustier. She hadn’t seen me change from my bathrobe to my “gangster” look.

“Oh! All you need is a violin case!” she laughed.

“Too cumbersome. I might have a shoulder holster and a switchblade or two on me, though.”

“The only weapon I’m interested in is the one in here,” Azelia said, rubbing her hand lightly over the layers of silk covering my manhood.

“It’s time to go hunting,” I said. “May I tighten your laces?

I knelt before her. At the bottom, I made the garment snug. As I moved upward, each tug on the laces shimmied her luscious breasts. I stopped just below her nipple line, and tied a neat bow.

“That’s awfully low, John. My boobs are almost falling out.”

“I know.”

In the taxi on the way to Lillie’s, Azelia asked, “How are you going to get us in?”

“There are a couple of different ways I can use.”

“Like what?”

“I can put our names on a guest list, if there is one. I could always teleport myself inside, but I wouldn’t be able to bring you along that way. That’s a skill we’ll have to work on for you. If all else fails, I’ll convince the doorman to take a break to get his cock sucked.”

“What, you’ll use me?” Azelia asked, blushing a little.

“Actually, I was thinking of just getting a girl in the queue to do it. It wouldn’t be difficult. Look how easy it was to get the hotel clerk and the security guard to give you what you wanted.”

We arrived at the club, and I paid the driver. As Azelia exited the cab, I was glad once again that I had convinced her to not wear panties.

There was a small line of couples and groups waiting to be admitted. A few faces looked vaguely familiar.

“Look,” Azelia said, nudging me. “Is that, um,…?”

“I think so. Hard to tell with the glasses. She looks like she’s ready for a stint in re-hab again, doesn’t she?” I remarked.

“Since when is she seeing him?”

“I wondered what kind of people we would find here. Listen carefully, honey. Even though we are immune to all human disease, some things are still just nasty. Coke-whores are pretty high on my list of nasty things. We can do much better than the likes of her,” I admonished.

“Assuming we can get inside.”

“We will. Just look sexy and important. I’ll take care of the rest,” I said, taking her hand and moving toward the doorman.

“John!” Azelia hissed. “That man has a gun!”


“Fourth couple in line, the guy in the gray blazer,” she whispered.

“I don’t see it,” I said.

“I smell it. It must be in his jacket. My grandfather had some hunting rifles. I can smell gun oil, but it’s been fired since it was last cleaned. Recently, from the odor. My God, my nose is sensitive!”

“All your senses will heighten, but I thought concealed firearms were illegal here?” I said under my breath.

“They pretty much are. Not too many people have certificates,” she said. “Our club would never let him inside.”

“You just gave us our tickets through the door, my dear.”

“What do you mean?”

“We’re going to walk right up to that bouncer and you’re going to tell him,” I said, pulling her with me.

I guided her to the biggest, meanest looking man there.

“Get in line,” he said. “At the rear.”

“Sir, look at me,” Azelia said.

He did, a grin trying to ruin his severe expression as he looked at her cleavage.

“Look at my eyes, please,” Azelia said.

His pupils dilated ever so slightly when he did. She moved very close to him, and used her shawl to hide her fingers caressing the front of his trousers. “There is a man in line with a concealed gun. Short brown hair, gray blazer. That’s not allowed, is it?” she cooed. “I just want to have some fun tonight. I don’t want to be in any danger.”

She finally removed her hand and her eyes from him, releasing him from her spell. It took him only a second to recover. He said into his Bluetooth, “I’ll need some help out here taking some asshole down.” To Azelia he said, “Miss, you and your friend should go inside now. We’ll handle this. I’ll check on you later to make sure you’re okay.”

Azelia smiled at him, causing his eyes to lock with hers briefly again. “I think I’d like that,” she purred.

Two bulky men in dark suits moved quickly past us as we entered the building. We could hear some raised voices behind us as the doors closed.

The music in the club was loud. The band was some screamer/punk/death metal band called “No System.” I caught the reference right away when I saw the little goth girl playing xylophone and keyboards. Her pink and black hair reminded me of the girl in the band LeStat sang with in the movie, “Queen of the Damned.”

She happened to look my way, and she froze for a second. I could see her pupils dilate, and the nipples on her smallish breasts come alive under the black-sequined tank top she wore.

Azelia touched my arm. “Oh my God, the drummer,” she said into my ear.

I smelled her aroma when I saw where she was looking. He was also sporting the video look with a shaved head, a chain-mail t-shirt, and a spiked collar. A full left sleeve of ink completed his visual statement.

“Would you like him?” I asked.

“I think so. I’ve read about this band. He and the keyboardist are together.”

“That’s convenient. With your permission, of course, my darling, I’ll be feeding from her later this evening. Her eyes accepted that already,” I said. “Let’s find a table and order drinks.”

A young man was there instantly. I ordered my Virgin Mary, and Azelia asked for a Mojito. As soon as the waiter was gone, she said, “Something smells odd about him. Stale, almost like mildew.”

“That doesn’t surprise me,” I said. “Your nose is very sensitive, my dear. Our young waiter is a blood-sucker. I noticed a woman in line, too. Her nostrils flared when we made eye contact. Stay away from those types. They taste terrible.”

“Can they harm Us?” she asked.

“They won’t. They usually don’t kill anymore; just feed and reproduce. We have something of a pact with their race, a mutual non-aggression agreement. They leave us alone and don’t compete with Us for prey. Our blood makes them ill, so they don’t feed on Us. We’ve been grudging allies in the past against the vampire-slayers and the Others. The old teachings say many a vampire burned fighting alongside Us, and our Clan made similar sacrifices.

We have just finished lunch and carrying on a casual conversation when Sophia asks, “Have you had fun this weekend big brother?”

I nod, a little thrown off by the question, as if it hasn’t been obvious enough.

Sophia glances down at my crotch which has been hard the entire time we have sat at the table eating and talking. “Does thinking about fucking us make you hard?”

“Fuck yes it does,” I groan.

“Then cum on the table for us,” she says.

Kayla giggles and licks her lips. I smile and remove my hard cock and wait, but neither of them move to touch it.

Sophia shakes her head and says, “We’ve done enough for you. This one is for us. Stroke that cock, we want to watch you masturbate.”

I remove my shirt and push my shorts to the floor. My cock stands almost straight up and my balls hang gently. I wrap my hand around my throbbing shaft and both women gasp.

Stroke it,” Sophia commands.

I grin and start slowly sliding my hand all the way up and then back down. My cock aches and I wish I could be inside one of them. The women grin as my hand squeezes and pumps. In front of me I have two beautiful teenagers starring up at me with intent lust, rubbing themselves and licking their lips each time they glance at my cock.

“Pump that fucking cock,” Sophia orders.

I stroke harder, burning with desire.

“Stroke it, stroke that beautiful cock,” Kayla adds. “Oh, cum for us.”

My cock is bulging as the pleasure up and down my shaft is unbearable and my cum rushes upward from my balls. I lean forward and my cock splatters sticky, white cum all over the table. I quiver with pleasure as my orgasm overcomes me. Thick ropes of cum bursts out and each woman moans deeply as I smear the table. My cock tingles with pleasure and the final splatters of sticky cum drip out. My load is enormous and Sophia and Kayla look at each other in amazement.

“That should do it,” Sophia says.

I settle down into my chair and watch these to beauties lean in, flicking out their tongues to start licking and slurping up my cum. When the table is cleared they look up at me with little globs of cum smeared on their lips and they lick it up hungrily. Then they embrace each other, kissing passionately. They quickly pull off each other’s clothes, only breaking their kiss when they remove their shirts.

Sophia moves down and sucks hard on Kayla’s perky nipples. I slip around behind Sophia to her exposed ass and pussy. Kayla stops Sophia and says, “Fuck her ass for me.”

Sophia grins at our cousin and moves to bend over the table in front of Kayla. She braces herself by her elbows and wiggles her sexy ass at me. She turns her head to me and says, “You better fuck me good.”

I nod as Kayla slips around next to me. I gently spread my sister’s ass, displaying a soaking wet pussy and her asshole. Kayla starts rubbing herself when I say, “Get it wet for me.”

She leans in and stretches her tongue out. Sophia exhales and her asshole clenches at the touch. Kayla begins to slowly lick the outside of Sophia’s tight hole. I watch as it moistens with saliva and Sophia begins to moan. Kayla’s tongue is nimble and it dances across Sophia’s ass and teases her twitching hole.

“Mmm, fuck yes,” Sophia cries. :Keep going.”

Kayla pushes her tongue down. I watch as Sophia’s asshole parts and accepts our cousin’s tongue. Kayla is tongue fucking her now, wiggling her tongue inside to stimulate the walls of Sophia’s ass. The more Sophia cries the faster and deeper Kayla probs. The sight is truly amazing. Kayla has her face buried in Sophia’s ass as her tongue works feverishly and I nearly cum as I watch Kayla push in to her limit.

Out of breath, Kayla pulls free and Sophia wiggles with pleasure. Kayla looks up at me and asks, “Is that wet enough?”

I nod and stand over Sophia ready to penetrate her. Kayla reaches up and takes me in her hand and begins guiding my cock to Sophia’s asshole. The tip reaches the slick hole and Kayla releases her grip. She holds her face very close, right under me, and watches as I push in.

Sophia screams as I open her ass. With pressure it gives way, stretching and swallowing me. Sophia moans and grunts and Kayla makes little sounds of pleasure. My swollen cock slides deeper and deeper until I feel that familiar bliss of being completely buried in her ass. Her tight asshole is hot and welcoming. Sophia’s ass feels ready for a firm fucking.

Moving in half strokes, I begin rhythmically fucking Sophia’s tight ass. The pleasure is intense as her ass clenches around me and devours my cock. I push her open with each thrust, causing Sophia to scream and Kayla to moan loudly.

“That is so fucking hot,” Kayla groans. She reaches in, gently sliding her fingers around my slippery shaft as it plunges in.

I clamp a hand on Sophia’s shoulder and push her head down, angling her ass higher and allowing me complete access. I still pound hard and each thrust lands me deeper and deeper. Sophia grunts as Kayla uses her hands to spread Sophia’s ass open to me.

“Fuck her Justin,” Kayla urges me on. “Fuck the shit out of her ass.”

I slam even harder into Sophia and moan as my orgasm approaches.

“Cum all over that fucking ass!” Kayla cries.

Sophia’s gripping ass massages me to orgasm and I pull out sharply. Sophia moans and clenches as a thick load blasts out of me, exploding against Sophia’s ass. Kayla reaches her hand up and cups it just below Sophia’s pussy to catch any cum that drains from off. My hot cum drip down her asshole and down into her pussy lips.

I shake the final spurts of cum from my cock and step back, admiring the mess I have made. Kayla dives in and buries her face between Sophia’s cheeks and begins devouring Sophia’s cum soaked asshole. She hungrily gathers in my cum, digging her tongue into Sophia’s ass. Sophia is overwhelmed and breathless. Kayla’s face is smeared with sticky cum and she looks gorgeous.

Kayla finishes by carefully licking Sophia clean all over before sucking down the thick pool of cum that has gathered in her hand before sucking out what remained in my swollen, but softening cock.

When it is all over, the girls head for the shower and get ready for Kayla to go back home. She reassures us that she will be back next summer and that she’ll stay even longer. I can’t wait, but until then I still have my little sister to keep me going.

Author’s note:

This is the second last chapter of this story. I intend to wrap it up in the next chapter. The next chapter will also contain an epilogue of this story. Your feedback is of utmost importance, so please keep letting me know of your opinion.

As soon as the last chapter is written, I’ll begin work on my other unfinished series. I thank you for your patience.




Recap: On the night of a Christmas, a young girl is waiting for Santa Claus in her bed-room. She suspected that the Guy dressed as Santa is her Daddy. It turns out she was right but what is surprising to her when Santa starts masturbating in front of her. She is turned on and she invites him to bed. He warns her that he is her dad and asks her if she still wants to go ahead. She consents and they end up making love. After they are done, she gets worried that they might get caught by one of her two brothers or her Mom, but Daddy tells her to trust him and tells her to follow him. It turns out that whole of the family is sexually involved with each other. The mother and her two sons are having a three way in the living room. She joins in and has sex with her brothers and her Mom also. All of them are bisexual. Her brother urinates in her mouth which she drinks up gladly. After everything calms down, her mother asks if she wants to know what is going on. . . . . .


I was more than eager to find the beginning of the story. Dad began to narrate: “Well baby, you know all about the story of us getting married we were an ordinary couple for 6 years of marriage. Sam and Joe were already born. We were quiet happy. Until one day I found clear evidence that your Mom was cheating on me. I was heartbroken but I decided to hear your Mom’s part of the story.”

Mom smiled at him and began, “Your father is a real gentleman. He did not make a scene out of it at all. He politely told me about the evidence he had found about and asked what I had to say about it.

“I must say that the evidence was very concrete. Your father had left the city for a conference. He was to be away for a week. My other lover had brought a handy cam and he tapped us having sex. He was not visible himself because he held the camera but I could be seen doing everything he asked for. We watched that video on the TV and made love in front of it. Then your father called and told that he was coming early. My lover had to leave in a hurry and he forgot the tape in the cassette player. The next day your dad discovered the tape. With the date stamp on the video; there was nothing left to prove.

“Now, I must mention that your father must be very hurt at that time. He had always been supportive of anything I did. He even once asked me that if I was sexually satisfied and that if I was not, he could arrange for that. Of course I refused his offer but you get the point here that he loves me too much to let me be unhappy for any reason. He wanted to know that why I had decided to cheat instead of taking him into confidence. I had my reasons. You see the guy that I was sleeping with my Brother Mark.

“I was exposed already I decided not to lie and make things worse and told him everything. I told him that how we were close since childhood and how when we grew up, we together discovered the changes in our body. We always had been good children, good at studies and good at sports too. But we had a darker side and we were in love with each other. Not the regular brotherly sisterly love; something much more vile and sinister.

“Throughout high school we did not date anybody because we were satisfied with each other. I wanted to be a Programmer as I had seen the potential of this field and I knew my talents. Mark wanted to study Accountancy. We had to take admission in different colleges. We had to live apart for the first time in our lives and it was killing us.

“I was the stronger one in the relationship but Mark did not know how to move on. I told him that he has to move on because no matter how long we stretch it, it had to end one day. I started seeing other guys and stopped taking Mark’s calls. I thought I was doing him a favor too and he will move on sooner or later.

“However, Mark could not move on. He was heartbroken. He began to fail courses and had to drop out of college. When I knew that it had happened, I tried to contact him but he did not respond to my calls.

“I passed out of college and started working. I met your father and fell in love. At the night of our wedding, I received a call from Mark. He congratulated me but he sounded very weak and sad. I told him that I wanted to see him. He promised me that he would come. Your dad and I left for I honeymoon in Europe and when we returned I invited Mark home.

“He was handsome as ever and his blue eyes pierced through me as always. He was financially down and was working at a liquor store. I asked your dad to give him a job and a place to stay in the city. He arranged it immediately. I knew that I was playing with fire by having him too close but I did not care. I had realized that I loved him as much as I loved your dad.

“I waited for a few days to let him get settled and then one day I went to his apartment. He opened the door. None of us spoke anything. We just moved forward and kissed passionately. After a long kiss he swept me off my feet and made me lie on his bed. In no time we were both naked he was fucking my pussy with great pace. I was back heaven. We made love for almost four hours and Mark probed all my orifices like old times. Then I got up to leave. I was about to leave when Mark called from behind, “Sis, Aren’t you forgetting something?”

“I turned around and he was holding his limp cock in his hand. I instantly knew what I had forgotten. It used to be my favorite thing when we were young. I had forgotten to drink his piss. I immediately moved to the bed and placed my mouth on his dick. I sealed my lips so that nothing would be spilled. I gave him the signal that I was ready and he let it go. I had forgotten over all these years that how much I used to love urine. It all came back in a second as I swallowed quickly to keep up with the flow. Mark finished pissing and I kissed him again on his mouth and thanked him.

“I came home to find your Daddy already there. I took him by the tie and dragged him to the bed. I was so happy to find my brother’s love again. I fucked the brains out of your dad that night. From then on, I led an average cheating wife’s life. I would be a model wife for your dad but whenever I got the chance I would call on Mark and had raunchy sex with him. Right till the day we were exposed.

“So Now I was waiting from the verdict from your dad and to be honest, I did not hope for one in our favor. He had an unfathomable expression on his face. His eyes were directly looking into mine but I could not decipher a message. Then my eyes fell down and what they saw instantly lightened my mood.

“Your dad had a bulge in his pants. He was turned on by the idea of his wife sleeping with her brother. I was much relieved. I knew how to go on from there. I freed his cock from his pants and kissed it. Then gave it a gentle lick and then kissed it again. Between kisses and sucks I said, “Baby, I love only you as a husband. But you have to know that Mark is a part of my entity too. Please accept our relationship. I promise I won’t hurt you baby.”

“Your dad’s reply was music to my ears. He asked, “how come you’ve never drank my piss?”

“I kissed him on the lips and explained that I thought he would not like it as many of the guys that I had dated were freaked out by piss play. You dad told me that he had no objections to the relationship on only one condition that we did it in front of his eyes. I took the deal immediately. I immediately called Mark and told him to come to our house as soon as possible.”

Mom took a pause here. I realized that it was already 3 in the morning. I had been up all night but still did not feel sleepy. Joe however had fallen asleep with his head in Mom’s lap; while Sam was also looking sleepy.

Dad took over the narration now.

“Poor Mark did not know that why had we called him. He rushed here and found the main door unlocked. He ran in and blasted open the living room door. Where an immaculately beautiful scene waited for him: I and your Mom were both naked. I was sitting on the couch and facing the door. Your Mom was sitting on my lap with my dick in her ass and she was also facing the door. Mark was stunned by this display but your Mom told him that it was okay and he better join us quickly.

He took a moment to realize what was being offered and then he literally tore off his clothes. As he got out of his pants, his dick was already hard. He came forward and stood in front of us then he bent his legs a little and in one push, buried his dick deep inside in your mother’s pussy. It was so fucking hot. I was totally lost in the moment of pure lust. Mark leaned forward and kissed your Mom on the mouth. Soon three of us had a steady rhythm going and we both were fucking your Mom like crazy. As your mother felt our dicks working her insides, she could not hold long enough before a ferocious orgasm hit her. She let go Marks mouth as her head and body were arched back in the height of pleasure.

“At that Moment, I realized that Mark’s face was just a few inches away from mine. His eyes were filled with savage sexuality and he was sweating. I can imagine that my condition would’ve appeared to be same to him. Then suddenly he moved forward and placed his mouth on mine. I had never been involved with a man till then; but at that time it felt the most natural thing to do as I parted my lips and let his tongue inside my mouth. I must say I enjoyed my first guy kiss very much and I immediately got thinking that we could go further.

“At that Moment I felt Mark’s body began to shake as he evidently came inside his sister. He never broke our kiss but he pulled out of your Mom. I was still a long way from coming. Then Mark made another astonishing move. He got down on his knees and brought his mouth near his sister’s ass and then stuck out his tongue so that he was licking my shaft as I moved it in and out of her ass. That was an incredible sensation that took me over the edge and I blasted in her tunnel.

“It all calmed down. We all were tired but nobody wanted to stop. We shared passionate kisses with each other and in no time both of us were hard. I wanted to take your mother’s pussy this time but mark had other ideas. He brought his cock near my mouth. I did not hesitate even for a second to take it deep in my mouth. I began to suck it the best way I could. Your Mom later told me that she had another orgasm just by watching that scene. She got on the ground and began to suck my cock. Mark soon exploded in my mouth and I did not spill any of his love juice.

“I too exploded in your mother’s mouth moments later. At that very instant, I felt that my bladder was getting full. I had to pee. I announced this to them and Mark said that he wanted to take a leak too. My eyes lit up at that. I looked into your mother’s eyes and she could read in my eyes what I wanted her to do.

“She lowered herself and took my limp dick in her mouth. At the same Moment, Mark came up to my face and offered his limp dick to me. I gladly took it in my mouth. As soon as I let go of my stream in your mother mouth, Mark’s stream hit my mouth. I did not go into the analysis of what to make of the taste; I just knew that I had to swallow it. I finished first. Your mother had done a good job of swallowing my piss. Mark was still going on. Your mother announced that she wanted some from her brother too. So Mark pulled out of my mouth and offered rest of his piss to his sister.

“It was a unique experience. I was surprised at myself for what I had done. But at that moment, we all knew that there was no turning back from here. We began our bisexual threesomes. What was astonishing even to me was the fact that I merely was not allowing Mark to have sex with my wife; in fact I was also getting physically involved with him. It wasn’t long before he was behind me and fucking my ass. And despite the pain, I was urging him to go on.

“All three of us became lovers and we did not only have threesomes. There were times when your mother would walk in from office and find me fucking Mark’s ass. Everybody was happy. That was the time when you were born. I must say that none of us is sure that who was the father and I’m sure you won’t mind either.”

I gave him a laugh acknowledging that I did not care either. I might’ve been the daughter of my own uncle. Wow! I loved the idea. I was still fingering myself like crazy and this thought took me to the umpteenth orgasm of that night.

Sam and Joe both had fallen asleep. Mom and dad were looking sleepy too. Mom asked if it would be okay for us to continue the story at breakfast. I agreed and we got up to leave to our rooms. Mom and dad gave me separate passionate kisses and then we left for our room.

Lying on the bed, I thought about the events of the past night. I was still thinking it might’ve been a dream. I thought about what it meant for the future. It was like I was invited to a hunk buffet where I can choose all I wanted from a collection of three hunks. The idea that the hunks are my brothers and father was really the turn on here.

It was already dawn. Though my legs were weak with all the orgasms I had, I was still not sleepy. I forced myself for a little rest and closed my eyes till I finally drifted off to sleep.

I woke up only a couple of hours later. My legs felt strong again and I was not hung-over at all. I could still feel my brothers’ and dad’s cum dried on various places on my skin but I decided not to clean up. I just walked up to the mirror straightened up my hair and checked my boobs. I was quiet happy with my body and decided to not put on any clothes.

As I left the room, I was hoping that I would receive a warm welcome from the family but I was disappointed to know that everybody was still asleep. I checked the parent’s room first. They were fast asleep. I moved out to the living-room. There on the mattress, Joe and Sam were sleeping. Though they were still asleep; I could tell that they had woken up since I had last seen them. That was because of the fact that I could clearly see Joe’s limp cock still buried in Sam’s ass. I was thinking what should do when Joe stirred up and opened his eyes. He stretched his arms a little as he sat up and his dick came out of Sam’s ass with a plop sound.

When he saw me, he smiled and opened his arms for me. I ran to hug him. His muscular chest felt so hot against my soft boobs. My nipples instantly got hard. I sat on his lap while kissing him. I could fell his wet limp dick touching my thigh.

“It is a relief that you are finally in on the secret. It was so painful not having the permission to enjoy this lovely piece of rack when it was inches away all the time.” He said pinching my right nipple.

I slapped away his hand and said, “You could have said a word and you wouldn’t have to wait that long. In fact I’m very angry at you. You should’ve told me. I’ve always been your best friend.”

“I know sis. I’m sorry but dad was very strict about the age of consent thing. But I must say Sis, you are worth the wait.” He said kissing me again. We kissed passionately until I could feel his dick becoming hard under my thigh.

“I think your baby needs attention.” I said holding it in my hands. I slowly licked the length with my tongue and then began to suck it. I was sucking it while I was holding its base with my hand.

At that Moment I felt movement behind and then I heard Sam’s voice, “Good morning Sis!”

I looked up and saw that Sam was smiling at me. I lifted my head and kissed him. He was already bearing the morning wood and he was stroking it. I told him to lie down with Joe so that I could work on both dicks at the same time.

They both lied down facing me. I climbed over their thighs and lowered my head at their dicks. I began to suck them alternatively. I would suck on one dick and stroke the other with my hand. Soon I could see that they were fully hard and ready to fuck. I straddled across Joe and in one quick motion, took his dick in my pussy. He grabbed my hips and began to move me up and down his shaft. Sam got up and came behind me. He spat on his dick and placed it at my anal opening. I pulled my hips apart so that he would not find resistance. He gently inserted the tip in my asshole then after watching that I was comfortable he let rest of it go in just one push. I let out a yelp of surprise but I was not uncomfortable. Soon my brothers had found a rhythm and were ploughing me at both ends. I had never been stimulated like that before in my life. I had a roaring orgasm just before Joe emptied his balls up my womb. Joe stayed in me as Sam had not yet finished. He was fucking my ass with great pace. Right then I had the urge to swallow his semen. But before I could open my mouth to announce it, he was already emptying his load in me.

They let me go and all three of us lied down along each other. Joe asked, “Did you enjoy it Sis?”

“You bet I did. However I wanted to swallow your cum so that’s a shame.” I replied looking at him.

He chuckled and replied, “Well if you want to swallow, I bet Sam still got my sperm up his ass from last night, haven’t you Sam?”

Sam got up and said, “Only one way to find out.” Saying this he squatted over my face and placed his asshole right above my mouth. I was a bit taken aback at the Idea of stale cum and that too from somebody’s anus but the hesitation was momentary. I soon saw a thin yellow liquid making its way out of my brother’s rectum. It smelled awful too but at that point I was way past any concept of inhibitions. I gladly accepted it in my mouth swallowed it. It did not taste all that bad. He had quite a load stored in him and it took us a few minutes to finish.

“How was that?” they both asked in unison.

“Not bad, I guess.” I replied.

“Not bad! You just called my favorite drink ‘not bad’.” Joe said as if I had literally offended him.

We all began to laugh. When we stopped laughing, I asked Joe, “So Mom Dad told me the part where they got involved with Uncle Mark but what’s your story?”

“Let’s see. Well, I was a normal child all through my childhood and had a normal sex life as a teenager. Mom Dad told me that they did not want to ever include me or any of their children in their games. But when I began to grow up, Mom began to develop feelings for me. So Uncle Mark gave the idea that when I got of age, the idea will be presented to me and it would be my own choice to accept it.

“Of course, if you think of that now, they were taking a big risk. If I freaked out and told the authorities, they would be locked up for a good period. Yet they took the risk.

“Mom thought that presenting the idea in mere words would be a 50-50 chance of acceptance; however, if they presented a practical demonstration, it could be a situation with better odds of acceptance.

“So they worked out a plan and waited for my 18th birthday. Almost a week after my birthday, I came home from school. They had decided to execute the plan. As they heard my car pull into the driveway, they arranged themselves. As I walked into the living room this is what I saw. Dad was sitting on a couch with his dick in Uncle Mark’s ass and on top was Mom with Uncle Mark’s dick in her ass. My mind stopped working at that moment. I could not even blink an eye for a few seconds. The three of them continued their affair and ignored me completely. After some time, when I regained control of my mind and body, I could not decide what to do. I did the only reasonable thing and doubled back on my tracks and ran away.

Many battles lie ahead for Lyden. The fallen will fall again as Lyden goes up against his most dangerous foes. Many will die as these two titanic forces meet.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Chapter 33

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Varun and the Outsider

“You now have all the tokens you need,” Gaia whispers to me. “Now it’s time to face the Outsider, and your death.”

The lead weight that fills my stomach is enough to make me nauseous. I want to sick up. I want to go to my room and just go to bed, forgetting about all the troubles in the world. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to go up against either Outsider, Aldol and its new ally, and likely lose one or more of my friends. I’ve already given up too much. All of the blood, sweat, and tears. Lisa’s life, though I can’t directly tie that to Aldol. All of it seems to weigh me down in this one moment. It’s too much, I want to scream. I never asked for this!

“Everyone gather around,” I croak past a throat that doesn’t want to cooperate. I have to repeat myself to be heard over everyone else, but this time they look at me. Once again my voice flees as numerous eyes look to me expectantly. What am I even going to say to them? How about, thanks for everything you’ve already done, but now I need you to put yourselves at risk while I try to live long enough to take out the light monsters. Monsters that have made my life nearly unbearable.

Thankfully I have these friends with me to help me through.

Looking into Brooke’s loving eyes, Becky’s intelligent ones, Sheila’s trusting gaze, and even Areth’s excited ones, I know I can’t tell them that I can’t live past the final battle. None of them will understand the necessity. I have to die, so that there can be peace.

“Lysa,” I say, facing my daughter. I have to swallow the sudden lump in my throat as her mother’s eyes regard me. “I can’t thank you enough for the gift of these swords.” I gesture to the hilts with invisible air blades.

“Oh don’t be so formal!” Jennifer yells, and there are a few titters of laughter around the room. I can’t help but smile, glad that some of the tension has seeped away.

“You’re right,” I tell the woman whose chest could almost rival the Empire State Building for grandeur. “Now that we have these weapons, and the talismans we need, it’s time to take the fight to Aldol. I, for one, am tired of running from the Outsiders. It’s time we take the fight to them, and show it that these are our worlds. Prove to those creatures that we’re not going to idly sit by while it seeks to destroy everything we hold dear.

“All of you have already made sacrifices in one form or another,” I say. I can’t help but notice the looks exchanged between Emmet and Alloria, nor how the elf rubs her stomach. I hope those two can cope with what they did. I also don’t miss Areth rubbing her behind. “We’ve lost friends, our ways of life—”

“Lost weight!” Jennifer announces, and I nod to her point. The woman had once been overly obese, but now has the body any woman in the adult industry would kill for. I still wonder how that happened. I’ll have to look into it if I ever get the time.

“Some of us have even lost our sanity for a bit,” I say with a smile, before adding, “or maybe that was just me.” There are more laughs than I think the joke deserves, but I’m still grateful for them. I get a few odd glances from those that weren’t around for my episode with Muramasa. “Regardless, we are here today to prove that no matter what the adversity, the Outsiders cannot win!”

I’m surprised by the volume of the cheering that suddenly erupts as I finish my speech, until I realize that most of it is coming from outside.

“I hope you don’t mind,” Gaia says, gliding forward, “but I went ahead and broadcast your words to every place that had ears to listen, through my earth. It seems to have boost their moral. They’ll need it.”

“Then they’ll know we’re coming,” Becky says worriedly.

I pull the short brunette into a tight embrace, her head resting on my sternum. “It already knew,” I tell her. Turning to the dark skinned Pillar of Earth, I ask, “Any idea where the best place to attack will be, or where the monster is?”

The corners of Gaia’s lips dip down, and I already know I’m not going to enjoy her answer.

“The Pillar of Fire is already engaging the Myrmidons in her lands. She doesn’t have the loyalty of her subjects as TanaVesta did, and she’s being hard pressed.”

“Angela’s in trouble?” I gasp, grabbing the grip of Murasame. “We need to help her!”

“Not so fast,” she warns, and I have to tamp down my anger at the rebuke in her tone. “Varun is also under assault. It seems the Outsider’s friend has influenced him enough, that he is laying waste to his own subjects. Both threats must be squelched if our worlds are going to survive.”

For only a second I’m tempted to say Varun can go to hell for all I care, but I know Gaia is right.

“Why don’t the Outsiders control you?” Becky asks. I swallow a curse, as I realize I’d never considered this.

“It’s the nature my mind, as well as that of all Pillars, takes that can protect us. Don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying your minds are weaker,” she tells the short brunette. “The very nature of the power we possess, changes us. Only if our minds have been weakened, as Varun’s was by TanaVesta, can the Outsiders gain purchase and control. Or when we are new to our powers.” She nods to Lysa, who is wearing her amber colored glasses. “I don’t know how it took control of the previous Pillar of Fire, but Angela and Lysa should remain safe as long as they wear those glasses.”

“What about the Pillars of Light and Dark?” Becky asks next.

Gaia laughs softly before answering. “They are even older than I am. Neither one will be susceptible to the Outsiders. That’s why Aldol had to work through TanaVesta at first, to weaken this world, instead of just commanding us to commit suicide. Its power can seem absolute, but some of you know it can be fought.”

I glance at Becky, hoping she doesn’t still feel bad about how Aldol had controlled her and almost killed me. From the steely determination in her eyes, I see her mind is working through other things, assimilating what the Pillar of Earth said.

“You might be surprised to find that Marchosias is fighting against the Pillar of Water,” Gaia adds in. I have to stop myself from swearing. I still hold a grudge against the demon for what he subjected us to in his nightmare world. “Also, many of the denizens of Darkness have come forward to fight for the Outsider in both realms. The Outsider has either lied to them, or is manipulating them towards its goals. Some of them relish chaos and fight for their own reasons.”

“Do you have any good news?” I snap, irritated more and more as things seem to be getting worse.

“We’re alive, and still able to fight,” Lysa says. I turn to my daughter, eyes wide as I realize how much like her mother she just acted.

“You’re right,” I tell her, trying to hold back tears of pride. Whether it’s from the time she spent in my mind, or some supernatural ability of hers, she knows how I feel. I don’t mind the blustering wind as she hugs me tightly.

“Gaia,” I state, turning to face the woman, “can you send some of your forces to buttress Angela?” She nods, and I smile, though there is no mirth in it. “If there are any that can help Marchosias, send those to him. I hate that monster for what he did, but as long as he’s fighting on our side, I’ll support him.”

“We should go help Marchosias,” Brooke says, indicating Ondine and Arethusa. “We can act as your eyes and ears there.” She pauses for just a moment before a twinkle enters her eyes. “That is, if you’re okay with that, General Snow.”

General Snow?

“I don’t think—” Thomas begins to argue, no doubt about staying with Ondine, but I cut him off.

“Remember what my father taught you, Thomas,” I tell him. “If there is a way for them to take you safely into their domain, go with them. Otherwise I could use your military expertise back here.” My father had told him that Ondine was the type of woman that needs to know her man is there for her, supporting her, not stopping her.

My old coworker looks from me, to Ondine, and back, before swallowing visibly. “I didn’t make it very high in the ranks before getting out of the service,” he states, “but I’ll help out however I can.”

“Thank you,” I tell him, before turning back to Gaia.

“We’ll go help your succubus,” Jennifer pipes up before I can say anything. “Come on, old man,” she elbows Jewkes in the ribs. “If you perform well enough, maybe I’ll let you get a better look at these tits you can’t stop staring at!”

From the police captain’s face, I can’t tell if he’s looking forward to the prospect, or unhappy about getting busted. Of course, he’s also married, so who knows.

“Blue,” I turn to the dragon sunning herself on the balcony, “go with them, and keep them safe.” The dragon snorts in response, smoke coming from her snout, but stands up and waits for them. The randy woman and the hook-nosed man each pick an air blade from the pile to add to their rifle and shotgun, and then climb onto the dragon’s back.

“I hope that’s your hilt poking me in the back,” Jennifer laughs. Before Jewkes even has a chance to respond, they’re off. I really hope I see them again.

I turn to look at Becky, Sheila, Emmet, Alloria, and Gaia. Sheila has been so quiet, I’ve nearly forgotten about her. I’m torn for what to do next.

“If we can take out the one in Water’s domain first,” Becky says, coming to my rescue, “can we use that against the fire ants?”

“The realms are on opposite sides of this world,” Gaia says. “But that one should be the weakest one.”

“Then I’ll head there first,” I tell the room.

“I wish to go with you, Master,” Sheila says subserviently.

I look into her brown eyes, and hate that I have to turn her down. “I would take all of you if I could, but you won’t be able to breathe under the water. Stay and help the efforts here. I want all of you to wear the Blublocker glasses Jewkes gave you.”

“As you wish, Master,” she says in a way that sounds more like, “But I still want to go.”

“I have summoned some Rocs to get you there,” Lysa says. “They will be the quickest way to fly. Even faster than your dragon form.”

“How are rocks going to fly?” Thomas asks, confused.

“You’ll see,” she says with a soft laugh I hope he doesn’t hear. Already I see the enigmatic ways of the pillars starting to come forth in her. A moment later, we hear a loud screech outside, and two massive birds land on the balcony. The two large avian creatures barely fit on something that Blue was able to rest on comfortably. Their wings are easily large enough that I wouldn’t be surprised if they are capable of lifting elephants into the air. “These are rocs,” Lysa says unnecessarily.

“Gawk later,” I tell the man, trying to hide my smile at his reaction. “Gaia, can you set Thomas up somewhere, where he can watch both battles?”

“I can’t see most of what’s happening in the water,” she tells me. “But I can show him what I can see.” She waves her hand in front of her. The floor shifts, changing into small representations of hills, and mountains. I can make out TanaVesta’s, or rather Angela’s, mountain peak in one rainbow shaped area. Creatures are moving around, also in miniature, and I realize I’m looking at the entirety of Fire’s domain. Across from that is an oppositely bent rainbow strip. This one has fewer creatures on it, and I can only guess that most of Varun’s forces are swimming, where Gaia can’t see them.

For but a second, I see a bright spot in Water’s half of the map, and know it must be the other Outsider. Even though I know it won’t be there by the time I arrive, I still rush to the back of the nearest Roc and hop on.

“Thomas, Gaia, I leave everything in your hands. Becky and Sheila, please offer what help you can. Lysa, please take care of yourself. Emmet, Alloria. . . . Please try not to kill each other.” I don’t wait for a response as Areth lands on my shoulder. The other two mermaids climb onto the other Roc, and we take off. We hold on tight to each other, as the massive birds take flight.

Even when flying in my dragon form, I don’t move as swift or as smooth as the Rocs do. In less time than I would have thought, and definitely not enough time for me to get mentally prepared, the huge birds begin circling in the air, skimming just over the water.

“Areth. . . .” I trail off, not sure what to do with the fairy. I don’t dare send her to Marchosias, considering his anger with her before, but I don’t know if she can breathe underwater, either.

“I’ll take care of that big meanie demon,” she tells me. “He can’t scare me, now that I’m free to be with you.” She gives me a chaste peck on the cheek, and then a not-so-chaste nibble at my earlobe. Despite how odd her words seem, I understand. With her maidenhood broken, yet still free to move about, the demon can’t hurt her. At least, he’d better not!

“Take care of yourself,” I tell her. She zips up to give me a another quick peck on the cheek, but I turn my head in time for her whole face to land between my lips. As she splutters, I tell her, “I love you.”

Her whole body glows for a few seconds, before she flutters away. Before she’s out of earshot, I hear her yell, “You’d better survive down there, dolt! There are some perverted things I want to do to you when we’re done!”

Despite myself, I blush as the two mermaids regard me. It doesn’t help when Brooke adds in, “Damn straight you’d better survive. There are more than just a few perverted things I want to do.”

“He does seem rather good at them, doesn’t he?” Ondine muses a moment later.

I dive into the water before I see Brooke’s imagined scandalized face. Thankfully Ondine wasn’t touching any earth, so I know Thomas hadn’t heard that through Gaia.

I create my dragon’s tail to propel me through the water, and open my lungs to the water, as I did last time I entered this domain. I haven’t been swimming enough to get used to how weird it feels at first, as the liquid fills and cools my chest, slowing my breathing. I ignore it, swimming for the spires of Varun’s castle below us. I marvel at how just a short time ago, I couldn’t stand to be in any water deeper than my knees, but now I’m swimming to the bottom of a massive ocean.

The only warning I have is Brooke’s gasp, before something bites painfully into my tail. I spin around in the water, and see something that looks like a cross between a great white shark and a crocodile. That’s all the time I have for impressions, as I see the thing open its jaws, revealing numerous rows of sharp teeth, and prepare to bite me again. I’m able to move my appendage away in time to avoid the chomp and grip Murasame, ready to draw my sword out.

Brooke beats me to the kill, her blue wavy blade invisible in the water. In less time than I can think, the monster’s shark-head is floating away from its body.

“That blood is going to draw a lot more of those,” Ondine says. I realize that both mermaids are topless above their long fish’s tail. Turning, I see that my tail is bleeding profusely from the bite, mixing with the blood of the croco-shark creature.

“Since the tail isn’t really a part of you, can you heal it?” Brooke asks.

Shaking my head, I say, “No. If I were to change the tail, my rear end would just end up with the wound.” Then something Gaia had said occurs to me, when she warned me about going up against Aldol. I might not be able to absorb the Outsider’s energy safely, but what about the ambient energy in the water? Can I use that to close my wounds?

Closing my eyes, I concentrate, trying to pull the energy of the water into me, to heal the damage. Gasping, I open my eyes and shiver. The water around me turned into a thin layer of ice! I’ll have to remember that, and be more careful, I think as I break myself out of my little cocoon.

“I didn’t know you could make ice,” Brooke says, shocked and rubbing her arms to keep warm. Both mermaids’ nipples are hard as a rock in the cold water.

“Let’s go,” I say, giving her a warm kiss to get her moving. We don’t have the time for me to explain why pulling energy from the water turned it to ice. I was never good in physics class in college, anyway.

The sounds of battle greet us long before we reach Varun’s castle, even in the almost murky depths of the water. Lights flash as two groups magically battle one another, and swords clash as others are wounded and dying.

“Where would Varun or the other Outsider be?” I ask Brooke, but it’s Ondine that answers.

“They should be in the main courtyard.” Looking at Thomas’s girlfriend, I still have to admit that the Blublocker glasses don’t do her justice. Both women are beautiful in their own right, but the glasses almost add a comical air to them. Not the image we want to have going into battle, but better safe than sorry.

“Lead the way,” I state, waving my hand.

As we get closer, I pull Murasame free of his scabbard and immediately feel more confident.

Careful, son, Shemhazau’s voice fills my head. If you wound anyone with me, you’ll gain their powers.

And I should be careful about that? I mentally ask him back.

What if their power drives them to constantly kill or harm those around them? Also, I don’t know how well my sanity will hold up, as I continue to fight Muramasa and Masamune for dominance. Every kill you make, might make it harder for me.

I hadn’t thought of that. For just a second, I’m tempted to re-sheath the blade, but I keep him out. Murasame is my best weapon right now. I’ll do my best not to make my father’s existence any worse than it already is, but the fate of two worlds is resting on us. Like I said before, better safe than sorry.

Whatever you do, don’t use it on Varun. Not only will that transfer all of his power as the Pillar of Water to you, but it will most likely kill you. You’re not completely aligned with water as an element. That will also make it impossible for anyone else to become the Pillar of Water, for his mantle will become useless.

In other words, I need to be careful!

A group of mermen are guarding the water between what I think might be the courtyard and where we are now. Upon seeing us, they rush forward, ready to meet our attack. We’re outnumbered, three to five, but we don’t slow as they come on.

I hear Ondine’s name mentioned from the opposing side, and realize they must recognize her. My hope that this means they’ll let us pass is dashed, when two mermen attack me. Even with the skill Marchosias gave me in his nightmare world, added to what my sword imparts, I’m hard pressed to defend myself without killing them. My parries are slowed by the water, making things even more difficult. They have no skill or finesse in their attacks, simply hacking and slashing in an attempt to get through my impervious defense. Their movements aren’t hampered, and I wonder if it has something to do with them living and training in the water.

One of my attackers stiffens, and a moment later boiling air pierces the other man’s chest. Looking past them, I see Ondine pluck an air dagger from the first one’s back before pulling her longer blade free of the second one’s chest. As she sheaths her blades, I marvel that her blades had been invisible while out of the water, but very noticeable while under the water, whereas Brooke’s is now invisible down here.

Speaking of Brooke. . . . I turn in time to see her wiping her blade on one of her attacker’s tail, cleaning it off.

“You fought well,” Brooke compliments the other mermaid. “Once this is over, you should apply to be an assassin.”

Ondine laughs, shaking her head. “I wasn’t always this good, and they underestimated me.” I wonder when she gained the extra skill. Has she been practicing? “Besides, I don’t want to use one of those blades. Plus, I only had to take out one. Unless you count the two that Lyden couldn’t handle.”

The women laugh at my expense for a moment. I let them. Goodness knows there will be little enough chance for laughter for the next little bit.

* * *

The three of us are breathless as we finally reach the courtyard. It felt like every time we turned around, there was another group ready to attack us. Where are all of the creatures fighting on our side? Luckily none of us have been seriously injured, only Brooke and Ondine are sporting various scratches. Nothing has been able to break through Murasame’s defense, despite the hardship of fighting underwater.

The sight of ten mermen surrounding a huge seahorse statue and a glowing colorful ball of light pulls all thoughts of previous battles from my mind.

The mermen shout when they see us, but I notice that none of them are carrying swords.

“Spellcasters!” Brooke shouts out her warning as one of them lifts a hand, aiming his open palm at me.

A ball of light shoots across the intervening space, too fast for me to dodge and strikes me square in the chest.

The force of the impact knocks me back . . . a couple inches. I look down at my chest, and smile as I remember that I’m mostly immune to magic. The look on the other merman’s face is priceless as he stares wide-eyed and open mouthed.

“KILL THEM,” a massive voice bellows. I swear the water shudders at the sound. Looking up, I see that what I’d taken for a statue is in fact Varun. He’s noticed us. The colorful light next to him is flashing in the way I know the Outsiders communicate.

I turn to Brooke and Ondine, worried that they might fall under the thing’s control, but they smile at me behind their glasses.

“That’s weird,” Ondine states. “It feels as though I should be able to understand it, but it’s all garbled.”

“Welcome to my world,” I tell her.

A column of force interrupts any further talking as it slams into us, and immune or not, I’m still forced backwards. The two mermaids seem to be in worse straits, and I curse myself, remembering that they aren’t immune to magic at all.

Well, if I can absorb external energy to my own uses, can I absorb this spell? A moment later, the spell fizzles out, and the three of us right ourselves.

“Your magic is useless,” I yell to the mermen, hoping to let them flee.

Then I notice the glow behind their eyes. They have no choice in what they’re doing.

Using my tail for propulsion, I speed forward, using the power I gained from absorbing that last spell to move even faster.

A dome springs up around the group. I slam into it, rebounding away. I curse my stupidity.

An idea occurs to me, and I pull Murasame from my hip, bringing the blade down hard on the barrier. It shatters like broken glass, and all ten mermen collapse with it, knocked insensate by the backlash of power.

Only Varun and the Outsider stand before me.

The Outsider flashes again, and I can see Varun growing angrier as he towers a good ten feet above me.

“I CAN’T! HE IS IMMUNE TO MY POWER,” the large seahorse shouts in response to whatever the Outsider told him.

Somehow I can sense the Outsider turn to regard me as Brooke and Ondine swim up to my back.

“How did you know that would break their shield?” Brooke asks me quietly.

“Because my sword absorbs abilities and powers. I didn’t think it would—Oomph!” I grunt as a bright light slams into my chest. I’d have gone flying—swimming?—if the mermaids wouldn’t have caught me. As my vision clears, I realize I’m struggling just to breathe. There is a hole the size of my chest, burned out of my shirt. The Outsider’s laser hadn’t hurt me, so much as its impact had, knocking the breath out of me. Why can the Outsider still affect me, when other magic can’t?

Looking back up, I see that the Outsider has fled, leaving us to deal with Varun.

The seahorse is obviously panicked, as he starts throwing various spells at us. Unfortunately for him, I easily absorb them, regaining my breath.

“Stop it, Varun!” I command the Pillar of Water. “You’ve lost. If you don’t want to die as well, then give up!”

He doesn’t quit, however, and seems to only grow more frantic.

“Brooke, Ondine, get out of here,” I tell my companions.

“You can’t kill him,” Brooke states, fear choking her tone. “Lysa and Angela are still too weak. Killing Varun will only weaken this world more.”

“I’ll meet you on Marchosias’s island,” I state, refusing to look at her. “Get her out of here, Ondine.” My voice leaves no room for arguments and the two mermaids flee.

Varun tries to attack them, but I block all of his efforts. The seahorse focuses on me again, and finally stops throwing spells my way. Instead, he physically attacks. The creature swims ten feet taller than I am, and is easily more powerful. His curled up tail lashes out at me, but with all of the power gained from his spells, I easily sidestep it. Reaching out, I grip his tail in my hand. Even at the end of it, I can barely get my hand around the tip. No dirty jokes here, please. I can feel the tiny bones that comprise the flexible appendage break and shatter under my powerful grip.

Varun screams, but I refuse to let go. Instead, I concentrate hard, pulling in all of the ambient energy around the Pillar of Water, but not from the Pillar himself. The seahorse’s screams grow more ragged as first frost, and then ice, begins to form on his shiny scales. Cold surrounds me, but I do my best to ignore it, as the ice thickens, trapping the creature within.

I don’t know how long I stay there, drawing in power and locking Varun in the ice, but when I finally stop, my arm is encased in the frigid ice up to my elbow. A solid wall of frozen water extends from one end of the courtyard, to the other. Immobile, but somehow I sense he still lives, is Varun. The absurdity of trapping the seahorse in his own element isn’t lost on me, but hopefully this will slow him down enough for me to take care of the light monster.

“I don’t know if you can hear me,” I tell the crazed creature, “but I want you to know I’m not your enemy. That other creature was. When I’m done with it, we will see about you.”

With those ominous words left in the air, I use the smallest fraction of the strength flowing through my limbs to break my arm free of the ice that goes up to my elbow.

Turning, I speed-swim out of the courtyard, moving as fast as I can. This place is freaking cold!

I run into Brooke and Ondine as I leave the castle, and scowl at them for not getting away.

“Before you get mad,” Brooke cuts me off before I can speak, “we stopped because it looked like that other creature went for the island, and we didn’t want to—Oh!”

I don’t waste any time, grabbing each woman around their naked waist and propelling us through the water. With all my gained energy, we make great time. When I see the ground begin to slope upwards, I aim for the surface. I break through with enough force to go airborne, and quicker than the speed of thought, I transform into my dragon form, absorbing the women with me, and sending out a shockwave as I pull in air around me to make up my mass.

Water droplets drip from my wings as they catch the air. I can see the beach on the island, and realize that the rain has stopped. Is this because I locked Varun up, or did he die in that ice cube? I shudder to think of the consequences of the latter.

I don’t have time to consider it further, as I see Areth and Marchosias in his snake-tailed, winged wolf form fighting along with a group of determined Grindylows. Slowly pushing them down the beach are towering Cyclopes, swinging huge clubs and throwing boulders. Why are the Cyclopes fighting for the Outsiders? With only their one eye and at this distance, it’s impossible to see if they’re being controlled.

“I hate when you take me out of the fight like this,” Brooke says, but I ignore her. She’d become a part of me when I transformed.

I bellow out a roar, enraged that anyone would dare attack one of my women. When I land on the beach, the Cyclopes stare at me for a brief moment before raising their weapons and coming for me.

I can see that Areth is yelling something, but can’t hear her over the one-eyed monsters coming for me.

Any powers I need to worry about when killing them? I ask my father, with the mermaids listening.

“Is that why we had to kill all those other mermen back there? And here I thought you finally sucked at something,” Ondine teases me.

No, son. Unless you count it an ability to be big, ugly, and great at tinkering.

“You could stand to be a little less attractive, Lyden,” Ondine jibes. “I really think you’re too good looking for your own good.”

“I think he’s just the right kind of good looking,” Brooke comes to my defense.

Good, I think, in reference to my father’s words. I tear into the front line of the beasts. With each swipe of my powerful claws, I feel myself growing stronger. Their clubs bounce harmlessly off my scaled hide, and even the boulders only bump me about, without causing any damage. With each blow of my claws, the monsters go down, until the remaining ones flee back into their cave. Well, some flee, some limp, and one crawls back to their home.

I look around, not even breathless after my exertions, trying to find the Outsider.

“Lyden!” I hear Areth scream in terror. My blood grows cold at the sound.

Turning my head on my long neck, I see Marchosias still in his animal form, the golden fairy between his teeth.

“LET. HER. GO!” I telepathically order the demon, but when he looks at me, I can see the glow behind his eyes. “IF YOU THINK THAT CONTROLLING HIM WILL STAY MY HAND, YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I WANT TO KILL HIM,” I think at the controlled demon.

Marchosias blinks, and I see the glow fade from his gaze. A second later he yawns in confusion, looking just like a dog, and Areth drops from his mouth. When she hits the sand and doesn’t move, fear courses through my large body, immediately replaced by rage.

“Don’t do anything foolish,” Brooke admonishes me, but I block her out. In fact, I change back to my human form, just so I don’t take her into this battle.

Naturally, I forget to form my clothes.

Marchosias takes one look at me, Murasame already in my hands, and howls as he flees. That’s okay. He’s not my target right now anyway.

“Brooke, Ondine, look after Areth. I need to put someone’s lights out.” The North Pole has more warmth in it than my tone does right now.

Closing my eyes, I carefully pull in energy from around me. Will this work? I’m still getting used to this new ability. Or is it an old ability, with a new twist? I’m able to sense a greater pool of power further inland. I don’t hesitate before super-speeding in that direction.

When I catch up to the Outsider, it has two Cyclopes and one Grindylow guarding it. The three creatures charge me, heedless of their own danger. By the glow in their eyes, I know they’re not doing this of their own free will. Only the Grindylow survives, as I strike him in the back of the head with the grip of Murasame. Two one-eyed heads go rolling past me, however.

“Give it up,” I tell the light creature. “You cannot win this.”

This time, I’m anticipating the bolt of light that spears from the thing. It almost seems like child’s play, as I step to the side, leaving my two-toned blade in its path. I hear my father’s screams as the Outsider’s energy flows into my blade, but I try to ignore it. The attack lasts less than a second. I point the blade back at the creature, willing all the new energy out. At first nothing happens for a few seconds, and Shemhazau’s voice continues to scream in my head. Then there is a wrenching sensation from my gut, and light balls up at the tip of my katana-like blade. It elongates and soon I see that it has taken on the form of a small dolphin. Quicker than thought, the dolphin powers forward, swimming through the air. Its nose pierces the center of the Outsider. There is a puff of acrid smoke, and then nothing.

“Really?” I ask, feeling underwhelmed. That was an awesome killer move, and all I got was a puff of smoke?

I turn and move to sheath Murasame, but freeze halfway. My stomach sinks as I look at my blade. It’s no longer chrome and midnight black colored, but a very dull gray color. “Dad?” I ask the sword, willing it to answer me. “Shemhazau? Answer me!” Tears spring to my eyes as silence greets my request. Maybe it’s just dirty, and he can’t speak through it, I think. But as soon as my thumb touches the dull blade to wipe it clean, it crumbles to dust.

In my rage to destroy the Outsider, I destroyed what was left of my father as well. The grip that once belonged to Murasame falls from my nerveless fingers, but my knees hit the ground first. Despair threatens to overwhelm me. I had known my father for a short time, and it wasn’t enough. Sure he had embarrassed me, and at times I’d thought he was annoying, but now that he’s gone, I realize just how much I loved him. And now I have killed him twice.

“Lyden!” Ondine’s voice screams out. “We need you!”

They need me? Why, so I can get them killed as well?

“NO!” I scream at myself, reaching to get out of my despair before I fully succumb to it. “No more! No more of my friends will die today.”

I rush back to the beach, and find what I at first think is a bunch of demons in Marchosias’s form, until I realize they’re just overgrown wolves. Brooke and Ondine are standing over Areth’s inert form, doing their best to hold them back. Three already lie dead at their feet, but already I can tell that the two mermaids are growing weaker. Blood seeps from a nasty scratch on Brooke’s pale arm, and I see a dark stain marring Ondine’s side.

Before I can move forward, Marchosias is at my naked side.

“Those are werewolves, generator,” he warns me, crouching down and getting ready to pounce. From the direction of his snout and where his snake-tail is pointing, I know he’s not about to attack me. “Beware their bite.”

The demon moves like lightning, streaking across the ground. I’m not far behind him. I take just enough time to drop to all fours and transform into a dragon, using the sand below me for mass. Part of me can’t help but wonder at how easy it’s become for me to change forms. I no longer even feel pain when I transform.

My talons are back to their normal brown color.

Even without my father augmenting them, they are terribly sharp, and rend the wolf flesh easily. One tries to bite my foreleg, but Marchosias’s tail sinks its fangs into the beast’s neck before it can reach me. I ignore the fallen monster as its mouth begins to foam and it goes into its death convulsions.

I’m able to return the favor a moment later when a werewolf leaps for Marchosias’s back, while his tail is killing another wolf. My tail sweeps out with enough force that I hear ribs break on impact. There is a sickening thud when the monster’s head slams into a tree.

Without warning, I’m left with no one else to attack. What few werewolves remain are retreating back into the forest.

“Change, pup, or I’ll rip your fucking throat out!” the demon growls behind me. Turning, I unexpectedly see that he has a wolf held down on its back. A moment later it changes into a well-built man in his mid-to-late twenties.

My first thought is of the women, and I rush to them, catching Brooke as her knees give way beneath her. She’s covered in blood and gore, and I have no idea how much of it is hers, and how much is theirs.

“Did they bite you?” I ask, worried for her.

“Is Areth okay?” she asks weakly instead.

Despite my concern for the redhead, I turn to where Areth lies motionless in the sand. Only she’s not entirely motionless. Her wings are torn and bent at bad angles, but she’s breathing the slow breath of sleep.

With tears already filling my eyes, I turn back to the woman in my arms, and nod. “Good,” she whispers. “I just need a little nap, and then I’ll be ready to go some more.”

Her eyes close, and despite the pale color of her skin, she is breathing easy.

“What’s wrong with her?” I ask Ondine. I try to check Brooke over, but can’t see any terrible wounds.

“It’s her assassin’s blade,” the other mermaid responds wearily. “Every time she kills with it, she feels that death. I’ve heard that it’s supposed to make them colder inside. Deaden them to the carnage they’re sometimes asked to perform.” She plops down next to me and rests her head on my shoulder. I dearly hope that Thomas isn’t watching this right now. “She’s killed a lot today.” This last part is filled with a deep level of respect.

Why would anyone want to subject themselves to that? For that matter, why had Brooke? She was always so gentle while I was growing up, but she had grown up wanting to be an assassin. Remembering that she’d killed her old mentor with that blade and the sacrifices she’s made for me makes me respect her more.

“We’ll want to be getting off the beach soon,” Marchosias says. I look up at the demon, now in his massive human warrior form, and see that he has the naked young man tied up in vines.

“Our debt isn’t settled, demon,” I tell him, then wearily get to my feet. “Or should I call you Reverend Chilton?”

“No,” the too-attractive man chuckles deep in his massive chest. “AnnaBelle has done a great job of taking over for me.”

I shake my head at his words. “Lead on. I’ll follow.”

I see him glance at my naked hip, where Murasame once sat, but he says nothing. If this is a trap, I’m too worn out to avoid it. I lean over and gently lift Areth, placing her on Brooke’s blood spattered stomach. I’m sure the pixie won’t appreciate it, but I don’t care either. Lifting Brooke up into my arms, I follow after the demon and his prisoner.

“Why were you pretending to be a reverend, anyway?” I ask as we trudge through the sand.

“A demon can’t want to do some good?” he asks me, and I shake my head. “Well, I was. I understand why you hate me, but I strive for balance. I do a lot of harm, so I try to do a lot of good as well.” He chuckles again and then adds, “And being this good looking tends to get me into the pants of a lot of religious women.

I wonder if AnnaBelle ever slept with him, but I can’t picture it and keep the thought to myself.

Apparently he has a back door into his cave, because we don’t pass the place where the Cyclopes live and work. When I realize that we could have taken this way out the last time I was here and avoided the trouble with the one-eyed beasts, my ire grows, but is quickly snuffed. Who cares? What’s done is done.

The demon’s lair is just as crowded as I remember, but he clears a spot on a large bed, where I can lay the two slumbering women down. The sheets get covered in gore, but that only makes me smile. I know it’s petty, but that’s all I have in me right now.

Ondine stumbles her way to a chair, and is soon snoring.

“Touch it!” I hear Marchosias growl. Turning I see one of his glowing ball traps floating between him and the other man.

“Fuck you, demon,” the man spits in Marchosias’s beautiful face.

For his part, the one-time preacher only smiles. “Touch it, or I will personally visit your sister. Trust me when I say she won’t enjoy my attentions.” I wonder why Marchosias doesn’t force the man to touch it. Does it have to be touched of their own free will?

“You can’t harm her,” the man sneers. “The Daughters of Respite killed her when we were children.”

Marchosias waves a hand, and I see the picture of a little girl form in front of him. The image slowly ages, until I gasp, recognizing the very plain looking woman.

*Author’s note-This belongs to me. I hope you enjoy, this is my first story in the Gay Male genre but I hope it suffices. This will be posted on under xxxArtemisDawnxxx and under ArtemisDawnXXX on a different site. -_-*

‘…’ thoughts

I have always been confused of my sexuality. It was one of those things I used to lie in bed and think about, wondering if there was something wrong with me. I grew up in a small town right in the track of what people call, “The Bible Belt.” I was taught from an early age that homosexuality was a sin, and throughout my 18 years of life, I was always right in front of the crowd bashing any queer that walked into our towns clutches. But through it all, there was that voice in the back of my mind saying…’What are you doing Bobby? You’re just like them.’ I never acknowledged that voice.

Until he came. Liam.

It was our senior year, and I finally turned 18, and I couldn’t wait to get done with high school and head off to college with my football scholarship, it gives me a free ride as long as I keep a B or better average. I have a good life, proud parents, a future sports career, and a hot girlfriend who I plan to marry. All in all, it’s the best I could think of, other than that nagging in the back of my mind.

The nagging, the constant nagging, noticing boys in the locker room after practice, and the fact that the attraction to my girl seems to be fading fast. I want to be with her, if for any reason than just to be normal.

I don’t want to be a faggot.

Class is about to start now, it’s in the middle of the day, just before lunch, everyone is eager to eat and get out of class. The teacher walks in and scans the classroom, we’re all silent. Salt and pepper hair, slim but slightly muscular, his mouth quirks up to the side slightly before he speaks.

“Class we have a new student, this is my son Liam Dickinson.” We look to a door and a boy walks in. I have to keep my mouth from dropping open when I see him, short dark brown hair, he’s tall, almost as tall as my 6’6, he has a lanky build. His face is chiseled, a slight cleft in his chin, high cheek bones and full pink lips, a slight blush rising on his cheeks. His most startling feature are his bright lavender eyes.

My girl, Angela, who is sitting a few rows up is also ogling him. She looks back and me and sees me staring, I haven’t taken my eyes off him since he entered, and when I look at her she’s looking at me strangely.

‘Fuck. I hope she doesn’t think anything.’

“Do you have any questions for Liam before we start.”

A few people raise their hands, and Liam points to one boy up front. “Why did you just start your senior year? It isn’t like you just moved here.” We all look at Liam, and I stare at his perfect mouth as he starts speaking, his voice is soft but deep.

“I was home schooled since middle school when we moved here, I decided to come back this year to celebrate my last year.”

Another hand was raised and Liam took it. “Why did you start to get home schooled then, why not earlier?”

“That’s when I started having problems with my classmates. They found something out about me that they disagreed with, then we moved here, but my mother decided to home school me so another incident wouldn’t happen.”

Angela tentatively raised her hand and he pointed to her. “What kind of problems happened for you to have to move and be home schooled?”

Mr. Dickinson shoots a look at Liam, and Liam glances at him and shrugs.

When Liam looks back at us he had a new light about him. “Well, my “problem” was,” his voice is dripping in sarcasm as he speaks the word “problem,” “is that I’m gay.”

His voice lingers longer than it should, the class gets real quiet, and a dark veil shadows his Father’s eyes as he looks down and sighs deeply. “Does the class have anymore questions for Liam?” He asks quietly, when no one answers he gestures to the seat for Liam to sit. It’s the one right next to mine.

Everyone looks at him as he makes his way to his seat, he sits quietly and class begins.

*** I enter my room after taking a shower. It was a long first day, and tiring, and I have a heap of homework to do before I can even think about sleep. Its already 9, and I’m exhausted.

I groan as I pull my bag onto the bed, I sit there in nothing but my boxers as I pull out the books and papers I need. ‘Its gonna be a long night.’

So. Very. Long…

*** I wake up, sweat dripping off of me and a horrified expression on my face. ‘What the hell was that?’

My books surround me, some on the floor from where I kicked them off when I fell asleep. My hands come to my face and I wipe off the sweat. I sit there and wonder what the hell made me dream that.

I was in my room alone doing my homework, when I decided to lean back and stretch, all of a sudden the book in my lap is replaced by Liam. He’s there caressing my bare thighs, my boxers on the floor, as he smiles up at me, my hard cock waving in front of his face.

I smile at him and grasp his hair and moan as he runs his tongue up my shaft slowly. One hand drifts down and cups my balls gently, before he goes and sucks on onto his mouth, the other hand now running his nails gently on my thigh.

“Oh please baby, suck on it…” I groan as he continues teasing my sensitive testis. He then runs his tongue slowly up, going to the head, he gives me a little wink before he plunges down fast, taking my whole 7 inch length into his mouth, going down his tight little throat.

He swallows around me, bobbing his head, going back to where my head almost leaves his throat before plunging back down. His tongue swirls around my shaft, as he protects it from his teeth. One hand is squeezing my nuts, while the other is stroking my chest.

“Shit, I’m about to cum.” I scream at him and he picks up the pace, swallowing me down frantically before I can’t take it anymore and I explode.

The first two shots go directly down his throat, the next into his hot mouth, and the rest on his face and chest as he pulls back off me. When I’m done, his mouth is still bulging with cum, and his face is covered in it and dripping down. Some is in his dark hair, one eye closed, the other looking at me with bright, seductive eyes as he swallows my load and smiles. I lean forward and kiss him passionately my hand traveling down to his…

And that’s when I woke up.

My dream, no nightmare, or is it a dream…? I don’t know, but while a reminisce, I stroke the hard-on I woke up with, and when I realize, I can’t stop, I’m to far and I want release. Thinking of Liam sucking me off got me this way, and I try to shake it off, trying to think of Angela doing it instead but Liam keeps drifting back. ‘Is he that skilled in real life.’

The thought of finding out sends me over the edge and I muffle my scream with my hand as I shoot my jizz across my bed, some landing on my books.

My face is bloodshot as I clean up my load, putting my sheets into the hamper and getting clean ones, and wiping the cum from my books. “I’m not attracted to him.” I say over and over, but the back of my mind knows that this mantra is feeble.

*** Every time I see Liam in class I always think about the dreams I have the night before, they keep progressing, him sucking, me sucking, thankfully we haven’t fucked though. I’m afraid to sleep because of the dreams, but I eventually pass out and dream the things I keep fearing.

Then one day at the end of school, I see a crowd of students surrounding something in the parking lot and cheering. I walk over and go to the front of the crowd, expecting to see some freshman getting pounded on by a senior. Instead…

Liam is surrounded by 5 guys, and another guy holding him with his hands behind his back, and on his knees and the others kick him with all their might in his stomach and groin.

He’s screaming with pain, and I see some teachers pass, but they do nothing. ‘How can they ignore this?’ Because he’s gay…’ The sympathetic part of my brain screams.

“Hey Bobby, wanna join?” One of the guys yell at me, a friend from the football team, Mark. I’m about to agree when I look at Liam. He’s looking at me, desperation in his eyes, eyes that are telling me to please help him. I shake my head at Mark and he shrugs. “Fine, more of this fag for us.” He says and turns back, rearing his leg to kick him again.

Everything goes in slow motion, I run and tackle Mark onto the ground, then getting up and going after the guy holding Liam.

“Bobby, what the hell are you doing? Are you protecting this faggot?” He says as I help Liam to his feet, I see he’s grateful. “Are you a queer too Bobby?”

My head snaps back to him. “N-no, I’m not.”

He laughs. “You’re a fucking faggot aren’t you. All this time, I wonder what Angie will think.” I feel anger boiling in me, anger at Mark, anger at me and especially anger at Liam.

I feel it building up to a crescendo. “Faggot!” Mark screams, when I turn and punch him full in the face. He falls to the ground and I straddle his waist and start punching his face repeatedly. “SHUT THE FUCK UP! I’M NOT A DAMN FAGGOT! I’M NOT GAY! YOU’RE THE QUEER NOT ME, YOU AND HIM! EVERYONE BUT ME!”

It takes all the guys who were beating on Liam to pull me of Mark. Everyone stares at me quietly. Then I see Angela, a look of horror on her face. I try to go to her but she turns and runs to her car. The crowd then disperses, Mark’s friends helping him away. I hear footsteps behind me.

“Thank you.” Liam says quietly.

I turn my head in his direction, I can only imagine how my face looked, but he immediately backed up, a look of fear on his face. “Fuck you.” I say quietly and walk away.

*** A few weeks after that incident, the whole school now thinks I’m gay, and that me and Liam are a thing. No one listens. I’ve lost everything, all because I helped that fucking homo. I hate myself even more due to the fact that the back of my mind is happy about it now, saying I’m starting to accept my homosexuality.

It makes it worse because everyday Liam tries to talk to me, making everyone glare and laugh. Angela looks at me with hate and sadness. I was going to marry her, I loved her…didn’t I?

“Bobby…why won’t you talk to me, you defended me, and now you act like I don’t exist.” Liam says softly to me. I glare at him. “I hate you, you fucking queer, that’s why. You ruined my life because I felt sorry for you.

He stares at his desk and says quietly. “I didn’t ask you to help me.”

I fall quiet, but I don’t want to listen to his truth, or the truth in the back of my mind. ‘You’re falling for him Bobby…’

I clench my fists to were the knuckles turn white against the strain.

‘Fucking faggot.’

Later that day, a the end off class I go to my locker to switch notebooks. When I get the one I need, a guy with his hood pulled up and over his face grabs it and runs down the hall heading down the stairs. I give chase, yelling for them to give it back, I chase him to the bottom where he turns to the right and goes behind the stairwell. He has no where to go behind there, he’s cornered. Stupid freshman.

As I corner him he drops the book and pulls back his hood. Its Liam.

“What the fuck? Liam…?” His name rolls off my tongue like honey and I stop talking. He puts his hands up in surrender. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t think of another way for me to talk to you alone. You don’t want to go near me and I know you don’t anyone to see us talking either.”

I feel anger boiling. “You’re right, I don’t want to fucking talk to you, I’m just going to grab my book and leave, you’re lucky I don’t beat the shit out of you.”

He smiles slightly. “You’ve already had that opportunity and you didn’t take it. I don’t think you want to hurt me…in fact I think you like me…”

My face gets hot. ‘Does he know…?’

“Lies. Everything you say, just lies. I don’t like you, I hate you, no loath you, I wish you’d die you gay ass fuck.”

He drops his hands and walks slowly over to me. “I think you do like me…Bobby, and I…I like you too, and I want to thank you for rescuing me before.” He closes in and before I can react his lips press to mine.

They’re warm and soft. He presses slightly closer, he smells so good, and his taste is divine, like some kind of fruit. He wraps his arms around my neck as he deepens the kiss, and his tongue starts to enter mine.

My fist goes back and I punch him with all my might. He falls to the floor clutching his jaw, he has tears in his eyes as he looks up at me. I just stare at him, breathing heavily, before I turn and run, leaving my notebook, and a heartbroken boy.


Liam hasn’t been to school since then, I heard that he’s been sick. After the first week, which was spent avoiding question on why my “boyfriend” wasn’t there, it got quiet and they started leaving me alone.

Than one day, I see a note attached to my locker. It’s been the norm since I fought Mark, notes calling me gay, and giving crude descriptions of what me and Liam “do” together.

I open is carefully and I’m surprised. It’s a note telling me to come to 567 Cherry Blossom Avenue. No name or anything, and I don’t know who lives there, but some part of me feels as if I know and that I should go. I shake my head and throw it away.

*** I keep receiving the notes, everyday, and still haven’t figured out who they are from. I’ve decided, I’ll go so I can figure out what this about.

*** I walk up the walkway to the big colonial, surrounded by beautiful flowers, trees and shrubs. It smells fantastic. There is no car in the driveway…is anyone home?

I go and ring the doorbell, and I hear distant footsteps before the door is opened.


“You came.” He smiles at me, those beautiful lips quirking upward. He’s wearing nothing but a towel and his hair is wet. His bare chest is a sight, muscular, but not scarily so. I’m more muscular than he is.

“Why the hell did you ask me here Liam?” I’m shuddering as I stare at him…he looks so…

“I wanted to say sorry, and to spend sometime with you, to get to know you.”

“Oh fuck this.” I turn to walk away and he grabs me. “Please.” He says softly, I feel a need to protect him and I step closer to him. ‘Why…why does he look so…hot?’

“Liam, I.” I say softly. “I can’t do this with you, it’s a.” He cuts me off. “Sin? Not everyone believes like that you know. I don’t, I believe everyone is equal, no matter what. That there isn’t a deity above cursing us into “hell” just because we love someone, no matter who it is.” I stare at him transfixed…’Not a…sin. How can that be…doesn’t God damn faggots…Homosexuality is…’

“God wouldn’t damn his most precious creation just because he or she loved that of the same gender, love is love, doesn’t matter with who it is with. I may not believe in your God, but I believe he wouldn’t do what the Bible says he does with so called “sinners.”

He pulls me in the house with him.

“Bobby…I love you.”

I stare at him. Love? How can he love me, after I treated him like I did. Tears come to my eyes and he wipes them away.

His lips find mine again, they were just like they were the last time, only this time, I let him. He wraps his arms around my neck again, and mine go around his waist. Such soft skin. ‘Can he love me?’

We pull away, that’s when we notice that his towel dropped, and my mouth follows it.

His dick is glorious, about the same length as me, and almost as round as a soda can, the head is a light purple with all the blood rushing to it, he looks delicious.

I feel tightness in my pants as my own erection grows when I see how embarrassed he is. ‘He didn’t plan this…but I want…’

He goes to cover himself and I grab his hand before and he looks at me surprised. “What are you…?” He starts to ask before he gasps as I grab his shaft. I smile at him and ask coyly, “Don’t you want me?”

“I don’t want to force…” I silence him with a kiss and stroke his shaft slowly. He starts moaning and gyrating his hips, then he pulls back. “Follow me.” He says quietly and turns around and I follow. He takes me to his bedroom, its covered in artwork and it appears to be his. His bed is huge, along with a flat screen on the wall and more furniture here and there. I see another door close to the far left hand corner. ‘Bathroom?’

Before I can ask, he kisses me deep and starts unzipping my pants. My heart starts to race with nervousness and want. I’ve had sex before, but never with another man, just with Angie. My heart skips a beat for Angie, I hurt her, just because I was afraid to come to terms with myself, but here, in this moment, I’ve never felt happier.

He pulls out my cock and her cheeks deepen in color, he’s so cute, and I want to take him here and now, but I also wanna go slow, if just for his sake and not mine. He pushes me back onto the bed and he falls on his knees in front of me. ‘Almost like my dreams…’

He gives me a small smile and gently runs his tongue across the head. A tingling sensation shoots through my spin and kidneys and I let out a soft gasp. He runs his tongue from the base to the tip, repeating the process over and over, going faster each time. My hand goes to the back of his head and I grip his hair tightly and he moans when I do, going even faster in licking me.

I’ve had Angie blow me before, it was pretty good, but I ended up just jerking it and blasting it on and in her mouth, but Liam was different, there was a finesse she didn’t have, plus, she wasn’t…well HIM.

Just then, after one final lick he takes me in quick and all the way until I hit the back of his throat. A short scream escapes as I grasp his head with both hands now, forcing him deeper. He starts bobbing his head quickly, running his tongue in circles around my shaft. Its soft, wet and warm, his teeth gently scraping every now and then sending electric jolts up my cock and into my brain making it go blank.

I feel myself getting closer, and I feel him shimmy my pants the rest of the way down and he starts massaging my balls. They tighten against my body as I start reaching my peak.

He goes faster, taking me down completely down his throat, swallowing around me spasmodically. He keeps me there, but keeps going up and down fast, getting me to were he can take a breath, and then shoves me back in.

Just then I feel a moist finger near my ass. He gently strokes it, then slowly pops his finger in to the first knuckle. My eyes clamp shut as I shoot jet after jet of my cum into his mouth. He takes it all with pride, swallowing down ever last drop. He pulls back, smiling.

I look at him in a daze, then lean forward and crush my lips to his. He moans, and I moan with him. I taste my cum, salty, and a bit bitter, but actually good.

I pull him up on the bed with me and straddle him. I quickly take off my shirt and go back to kissing him. I feel my cock hardening and it start to press against his. Our dicks rub together as we passionately kiss. I feel precum leaking out of me in globs and mixing with his. I can see that it’s covering his pubic mound, and some of his lower belly.

I into his eyes, unsure of what to do. He smiles at me. “Go into the bathroom there, in the medicine cabinet is a bottle of lube, go get it.” I nod and climb off him, giving him a kiss before I go. I go to the bathroom, finding its almost as big as his bedroom, a huge tub that has to fit at least 8 people, and a shower off to the side. I go to the cabinet and search, its in behind a bottle of peroxide, and I grab it and go back to Liam.

I stop short when I see him, his face is towards me, his mouth open in a pleasurable “o” and his eyes are heavy lidded as he lays with his ass in the air and his face in the pillows. He’s stroking his cock and I see precum leaking and making a stain on the bedsheets.

“You know what to do now right?” He asks jokingly as I walk over, uncapping the lid. I climb on the bed and get behind him, putting some lube into my palm, I put the bottle down and dip a finger in the goo. I touch it gently to his ass and he shivers.

The story you are about to read is fanfiction and in no way do I take credit for the characters that are present within. This is based off of the established video game Mass Effect and the setting therefore belongs to its developer, Bioware. That being said, regardless of whether you are familiar with said franchise you can still easily enjoy the story!

- – - – - – - – -

“Damn it… what is it now?” I ask to no one in particular as I hear the familiar beep at my cabin door signifying to me that someone is requesting to enter.

I’m currently waist deep in reports on the status of the war against the reapers that I’ve unsuccessfully been trying to complete for the past few hours. I take a deep breath and stand up from the desk to make my way over to the door. Being Commander of the crew does have certain responsibilities and so I suck it up and say, “Come in.”

The door slides open with a hiss and out steps Liara from the Normandy’s crew elevator and without a word she makes her way up to me with a slow sultry walk. Right away it’s obvious what is on her mind from both her stance and that look on her face.

“Liara this isn’t a good time… I’ve got a crap load of work to do.” I say to her with an exasperated tone as she puts her arms around my shoulders.

She presses her lips against mine, kissing me softly before pulling back. “Mmm… what makes you think you have a choice?” She whispers in my ear.

Her arm snakes around my back until her hand is resting on my ass, giving it a squeeze, and I can feel her excitement through the material of her pants as she presses her hips against me. One feel of what she has hidden between her legs, grinding against me, and all of my resistance flies right out the airlock. My tense expression softens and my muscles loosen. She is looking at me and a smirk forms on her lips.

She knows she has won.

Liara motions with her eyes and places a hand on my shoulder, pushing downward with gentle force. I never could resist her and drop to my knees without further effort from her. She has her hands on her hips as she watches and waits for what’s expected of me. We have done this many times and she has just kind of naturally taken up the dominant role in our relationship without us really verbally discussing it with each other. Being the Commander of the Normandy and having an incalculable amount of lives weighing on your shoulders every day is a ton of responsibility, to say the least, and it has come as an enormous relief letting Liara take control.

Licking my lips I reach up and unfasten her bottoms. With almost an explosive force, her member springs out of the constrains of her clothing before me. I always find myself mesmerized every time I see it. Her blue-hued ten-inch monster is twitching in front of my face and leaking with excitement. I waste no time and grab the base of her cock with my hand to steady it so that I can take the head into my mouth. “Mmmmm….” groaning now with lust for her I suck on the thick flesh and start slowly sinking deeper onto her pulsing shaft as my tongue swirls around, coating it with saliva. Liara places her hand on my head and applies slow steady pressure, forcing me to take her ever deeper. The inches continue to sink into my now well trained mouth and before I know it I can feel the head pushing at the entrance to my throat.


Regardless of my training I always gag after taking her thick dick so deep into my mouth. Calming myself and steadying my breathing, I take a moment and then swallow the head inside. My hands are supporting myself on her thighs as she continues to push down on my head, so many inches of her cock now lodged inside me. Then the sinking stops as my nose crushes against her stomach. She simply holds me there as all ten inches of her member rest deep inside me. My airway is cut off but I don’t fret. Liara lets go a minute later and I pull back to gasp for air.

“Good boy, you’ve got me all nice and wet… now you know what’s next.” She says to me and motions with her finger toward the bed. I smile up at her and stand giving her cock a quick squeeze with my hand. I walk over to the bed and she follows close behind me. I turn around and briefly let out a gasp of surprise as I’m suddenly shoved backward onto the bed on my back. I can’t help but let out a laugh and look up at her.

I can tell that Liara is in no joking mood right now as her lust is about to boil over. The look in her eye lets me know that I need to get ready to hang on for a wild ride. She quickly climbs onto the bed and grabs me under the knees, spreading my legs and pushing them up against me as she crawls on top of me. She groans loudly as she crushes her lips against mine and forces her tongue inside deep.

“Mmmm… ahhhh!” I moan and then gasp out loudly as I suck on her tongue. Being quickly assaulted by the powerful sensation of her swiftly thrusting her saliva coated cock balls deep inside my eager ass. She lets go of her grip under my knees in order to support herself, pulling her cock out of my stretched hole to the head and then thrusting into me again hard, eliciting another loud moan of pleasure, and faint pain, from my lips. My legs wrap around her thighs and my arms around her back, fingers digging into her skin, as she sets into a steady rhythm of pounding the hell out of me. Her heavy ball sack is slapping repeatedly against my ass as we rut like wild beasts on the bed. Her aroused nipples are hard little nubs grinding against my chest and my own cock is painfully erect and grinding between our stomachs as we fuck. My eyes start to roll back in my head as I let the sensations fill my world.

Liara finally pulls her tongue out of my mouth and looks down at me, both of us breathing hard as she continues to pound me. Her eyes fixated on me as she watches the expressions of ecstasy run across my face. She is experiencing pleasure too but for her it is more dulled as she has experienced such sensations for many years before. Even though Liara is still a child in the eyes of the Asari, one-hundred and eight is still more than a lifetimes worth of sexual experience as far as a mere human is concerned. Sex with an Asari is the ultimate experience of pleasure for any human as their several lifetimes worth of sexual knowledge, and superior telepathic abilities to deeply connect with any mate, easily overwhelms any man or woman.

That is exactly what is happening to me now and I am a gibbering and groaning mess of ecstasy as she fucks my senses into oblivion. She knows that my pleasure is quickly building to my climax and as soon as she has the opportunity she gets my attention and locks eyes with me, preparing to make use of those telepathic abilities of hers, to meld out beings into one. I ready myself for what is to come and focus on her eyes, which have now become solid pools of shimmering obsidian.

“Embrace eternity…” she speaks just above her breath.

And then it happens… our bodies become as one. Our sensations are shared and amplified a thousand fold. There is suddenly an overwhelming ecstasy shooting through every nerve in my body. This is something that her own body has become quite accustomed to but for me it is as if I have briefly died and gone to heaven as my whole body sort of locks up and goes slack at the same time. Fireworks are shooting off inside me across every inch of my being and I can do nothing but ride the tidal wave of mind numbing pleasure.

“Fffuuuhhg… ahhhhg… uhhhh” Only the smallest of grunts and moans escape from my writhing body as I’m currently incapable of forming anything more coherent. Liara looks down at me with content, happy to be bringing her lover with such satisfaction, as I start to finally come down from the sensations of the connection. I’m still completely out of it and hardly notice when she pulls herself from out of the depths of my bowels and straddles across my chest. She is still on the verge of exploding over the edge of her own orgasm and my senses finally come back to me right in time to feel her gripping on to my head tight and holding me steady as she jerks her cock in front of my face.

“Ahhhh!” Then with moans of her own Liara releases and sprays my face with her abundant seed. She continues to stroke furiously as the strands of her cum cover nearly every inch of me. I simply close my eyes and bathe in her ejaculate, still breathing hard and trying to gather myself from the earlier experience. With a final gasp and stroke of her withering cock my now exhausted Asari lover collapses beside me on the bed.

“Now that was much better than some boring reports wasn’t it?” She asks as she looks at me and smiles at the sight of my drenched face. I grin back at her and nod, silently thanking her by kissing her softly. Now totally and completely exhausted from both our coupling and the tiring reports earlier I can’t help but allow my eyes to slowly droop closed, falling into a deep sleep. Liara kisses my forehead, tasting some of her own seed, and wraps an arm around me, sighing happily. She runs a finger down her stomach and licks up some of the spent cum that I myself released as she thinks to herself.

“Hmm I wonder if I can get him to delay his work another day for some more fun tomorrow?”


The story you are about to read is fanfiction and in no way do I take credit for the characters that are present within. This is based off of the established video game Mass Effect and the setting therefore belongs to its developer, Bioware. That being said, regardless of whether you are familiar with said franchise you can still easily enjoy the story!

- – - – -

Here Shepard, take this sissy as more thanks of my appreciation of the help you’ve given me. Since I have owned him with my cock from the moment he stepped into my club I now give him to you to use and abuse as you see fit.

Aria laughs in my face after her statement and I simply lie there and hold my hands over my face in shame. Shepard nods and thanks Aria briefly as she then stands up before me and reaches down to offer me her hand. Looking up at Shepard in awe I hesitantly put my hand into hers and she closes her fingers around me. With a quick tug she has me back up on my feet next to her. She’s about 6’1 and with me only at around 5’4 I have to look up into her eyes. Shepard places her arm around my waist and then slowly starts leading me back into the main floor of the club. Aria gives a last smirk before turning her attention back to the goings of the club. Her withering prick slithers back into its slit and she then casually buckles back up her pants before resuming her indifferent relaxed posture.

I feel like I’m on cloud nine as I can’t believe that I’m being escorted through the club in the arms of my biggest hero. As we walk I can’t help but keep glancing up at her to study her features from up close. Admiring her impressive form. She truly is incredible and I feel so insignificant being held against her muscular and toned frame, which has been developed from years of strife and combat. My feet are on auto pilot as I allow her to take me wherever she wants. After squeezing past a number of individuals in the crowded club we arrive at the more secluded bar in the back past the dance floor. This more secluded area seems to be more wild than the rest and there is an obviously drunk, but still very scantily clad, human woman dancing on top of the bar suggestively, giving some guys of various races below a free shot up her very short skirt. Glancing about some more and there are a few different couples fucking up against the walls. And of course there is the nearby dance floor that is swarmed with dozens of people all huddled close together.

Shepard brings us up to a gap in the bar and makes a motion toward the bartender who starts mixing up some drinks for us. Looking to my right I can see a Quarian in a suit with a purple color scheme slumped over the bar, sipping her beverage from a straw. I’m fascinated by her and take a few lingering glances as I’ve never seen a Quarian this close in person before. She finishes her drink and then glances over toward me but then she looks right past me.


The Quarian seems to know the Commander and calls out to her with a very heavy, alcohol influenced, slur.

Mmm, who’s the cutie you have with you?

As she says this she reaches up to run a glove covered finger across my lips. The drink seems to have gotten her a bit frisky, but that just raises more questions in my mind, because it isn’t exactly possible for her to satisfy any desires due to the fact that her entire body is covered in her enviro suit.

You still conscious Tali? I figured from all those shots you’ve been downing you would be passed out on the floor by now. Oh him? He’s a gift from Aria. To use and abuse I believe were the exact words. Don’t mind her she always gets a little horny when she’s drunk, and a bit mean as well.

Shepard introduces the two of us with a bit of a smirk on her face, apparently amused at the state of her friend.

Yeah well she isn’t the only one.

From behind Shepard comes the voice of another woman and, after the Commander turns to face her, I can see that she is quite a sight. She looks to be topless but it is difficult to tell because her skin also appears to be covered over every inch with intricate tattoos. She also has a very punk hairstyle, with her head shaved except for one patch down the center that has grown out and is hanging down somewhat across her face in a sort of lazy mohawk. Scars can be seen mixed in with her tattoos and overall her appearance is very intimidating, though that also just turns me on just as much. Just like with Shepard, there is a very violent beauty about her that has me head over heals in lust. There is a sheen of sweat across her body and it looks like she has been out on the dance floor for hours. She walks past Shepard and up to me. Leaning down she grips me by the back of the head and forces our lips together, sliding her tongue deep into my mouth causing me to react with bulging eyes at the bluntness of her actions.

All that bumping and grinding on the dance floor has got me hot as hell right now. I need something inside me.

The tattooed beauty says, then reaches down and grabs my package, fondling my erection and sizing me up in her hand.

Shit, not sure I’d feel anything with this thing. And from the way you seemed to be enjoying yourself when you were over with Aria you probably would rather be the one getting pounded, am I right?

My face turns bright red at the insult to my manhood and the fact that she also knows about what happened, but that only causes my prick to throb in her fingers.

Keelah Jack, get a room! You’re in a public place, and put a shirt on!

Says Tali with a bit of a slur. Though at the same time, despite her words, I can also feel her to my side running her fingers lightly up and down my back.

That’s not stopping these other people from fucking their brains out. Come on Shepard, help me out here!

Jack exclaims then loses interest in me and starts clinging on to Shepard, who doesn’t put up much resistance as her horny friend latches on to her and starts kissing along her neck and grinding her knee between her legs. I am also confused as to why, because of my inadequate size, that she thinks she will have more success with the Commander over me. But I quickly see why as once again my eyes widen for the countless time tonight when a visible bulge starts to protrude from Shepard’s dress due to Jack’s grinding actions with her knee. She looks over toward Tali and I and smirks when she sees that I’ve noticed her cock. Tali is hovering drunkenly over my shoulder and whispers in my ear.

Her and Aria have very similar tastes when it comes to sex… actually quite a few members of the crew do as well. And speaking of Aria… I saw you with her earlier also. It was quite a show from over here.

The frisky Quarian now has her hands on my ass as she speaks. And I start to wonder if there’s actually anyone in this club who still hasn’t seen me choking on the sadistic Asari’s meat before. As if Tali knew I was thinking about it, she slips one of her covered fingers into my mouth and I instinctively started sucking on it and coating it with my saliva, before catching myself. She pulls it out of my mouth and giggles a bit in my ear, before letting out a drunken hiccup.

Shit! Enough teasing already, fuck me!

Proclaims Jack as she continues to try and get a reaction from Shepard. The Commander then lets out a grunt of lust and grabs hold of Jack, spinning her around and forcing down the vulgar punks pants around her ankles at her boot covered feet. Then without hesitation she reaches down and pulls her dress up over her head in a swift motion and tosses it onto the bar behind her. Immediately I can see my hero’s body in its full glory. Still clad in her heels, every other inch is now on display as she doesn’t appear to be wearing any bra or panties. This is a moment I had been fantasizing about for as long as I can remember and I savor every moment. My eyes slowly glide over every detail of her body. Following the path of the glowing scars of her implants throughout her body, my eyes trace from the muscles in her well formed biceps all the way down to her calves. Taking the time to pause at her C cup breasts with erect nipples, well toned and not ‘too’ masculine but still visible six pack abs, and of course her throbbing and standing at attention, easily nine inch, cock with sizable girth. That meat between her legs is something I never expected to see but I’m certainly not complaining. She very much is the warrior worthy of saving us all and truly a sight to behold.

Jack is so turned on I can easily see her practically humping back against Shepard with lust. The Commander then grabs her by the hips, lines up her prick, and violently thrusts into the tattooed bitch to the hilt, in what seems to be her pussy due to the angle because I can’t really see, causing her to moan out in heat.

The sexual aggressiveness of Shepard is startling and I stand transfixed on the spectacle as the Commander wastes no time and immediately gets into a rhythm of pounding as hard as she can, causing Jack to moan out loudly in pleasure as she is violently taken. I let out a moan of my own as I feel my own member being squeezed. Tali has her hand down the front of my pants and has started stroking me. Leaning my head back against her shoulder I turn my face to look into her concealed eyes behind her helmet, and even though I can’t see her face I imagine her looking back at me with an expression of lust. Then I groan and reach down to grab her arm in my pants for support as I feel her other hand squeeze its way down my pants along my ass and slips her saliva slicked finger into my puckered asshole, taking me by surprise before I can offer any resistance, not that I would have.

I gaze into her faceless void with an eager look as she pushes and prods around my depths until I tense up and let out a moan. Now having located my male g-spot, she then pushes into it harder and picks up the pace on stroking me. Being manhandled by this alien woman who is covered head to toe is definitely unique, but so is the fact that she is fucking me with her finger. And either she knows what she is doing, lucky, or I just don’t have great stamina because I quickly find myself on the edge. With a last push into my prostate I tense up and reach back to hold her by the hip for support as I once again explode inside my pants for the second time tonight. She was gradually working my cock out into the open to really work over my cock, but her finger in my ass was apparently all the stimulation I needed and she lets out a giggle as she realizes what has happened. Tali then whispers in my ear

Wow you really enjoyed that. I think you may be the one.

The Quarian then withdraws her hand from my pants and wipes off my semen on my shirt as she then makes a motion with her wrist causing her omni-tool to flicker to life. With a quick few motions of her wrist and fingers I can tell she has activated some sort of program but don’t notice any different displays appear above her arm to signify what that might be. Then she speaks into my ear again.

You have no idea how frustrating it can be seeing all of you other races touching and grinding and fucking each other like this in the open and not be able to experience any of it yourself because of being trapped in this suit of mine. So a while back I bought this new program on a crazy impulse. It cost me quite a few credits but I thought it was a good idea at the time.

Confusion spreads through me as I feel something starting to prod against my lower back. In surprise I push away from Tali and look down at her waist to see the distinct orange glow of an omni tool projection appearing. There is no mistaking the form of the simulated cock that has generated from between her legs. She then reaches out and slowly takes my hand and brings it to her dick. I find myself instinctively swallowing as to my surprise I am able to wrap my fingers around a physical shaft, and not just passing through a holo projection. Soldiers on the front lines have been known to use disposable omni blades against their enemies, but that type of technology is much less frequent in the hands of the public, but I’m certainly not complaining. Tali lets out a sigh of pleasure at the contact as well.

Mmm it’s been too long. That feels great! I have an implant that compliments this program. It sends all contact directly through my nervous system so that it feels as if this little solid projection is actually a part of me.

Giving it a few more experimental squeezes and seeing Tali flinch in response is all the proof that I need that it functions perfectly. When I first bought this thing I didn’t realize that males of other races were so hesitant when it comes to this type of pleasure. And since I’m what you humans call ‘straight’ I haven’t had the chance to break it in yet. After seeing you I’m thinking that might change. So what do you say?

Having been staring at her artificially throbbing cock as it mimics her arousal level the whole time while she spoke it takes little effort to come to a decision. Without saying anything I simply turn around and start to undress. I unbuckle my pants and let them fall at my feet before bending at the waist, presenting my ass to Tali for the taking. I can see Shepard and Jack going at it before me. The Commander has Jack bent over at a ninety degree angle, one hand is on the back of her neck holding her down in place while the other is keeping her two arms pulled back by the wrists, leaving her more vulnerable. Jack’s face is so flushed and dripping with sweat that she looks like she has climaxed half a dozen times already, but the Commander still looks to be pounding away at her with the same aggressive pace since she started. I am amazed by the control she has over her stamina. Then I turn my head to look back at Tali.

She is now walking up behind me and stroking her glowing omni dick. If I could see her face I would be willing to bet credits that she was licking her lips at the sight of me. To my surprise she doesn’t start lining up with me right away, instead she starts shuffling me into position right next to Jack and takes her spot standing next to Shepard, putting her hand to the back of my head and forcing me to bend down at the waist until I’m eye level with Jack. I then realize she wants to make even more of a spectacle of the situation by fucking me alongside the Commander in the same position. Pulling back my arms so that I am restrained I finally feel the tip of her synthetic dick pushing against my hole. Her alcohol addled mind then decides to throw care out the window and she quickly plunges into my ass, causing my skin to slap against her hips.

Oooh fuck!

I yell out in a mix of surprise, pain, and satisfaction. Being taken by a woman in such a way has been a fantasy for the longest time but when I pictured it in my head I certainly never imagined that it would turn out this way, being humiliatingly violated by a drunk Quarian in the middle of a night club alongside my biggest hero Commander Shepard. Tali is using my arms as her reigns as she picks up the pace and roughly fucks my ass with her simulated cock. She is now moaning out in pleasure as well as I’m rocked quickly back and forth. I look to meet the eyes of Jack who is being equally ravaged to my side. Without saying anything she simply gives me a nod, well as best she can as she is being slung around while Shepard pounds her, as if acknowledging and understanding and possibly sharing my own desire to be treated like a bitch and fucked senseless.

Yes that’s it! Take my cock you bosh’tet!

Tali is really getting into it and cursing out all kinds of Quarian words. I might have found the sight amusing if I were a bystander and not experiencing the bliss of the contours of her prick quickly sliding along my insides and stretching my walls first hand. She is forcing her cock across my pleasure button with every thrust and I can’t stop myself from moaning out at the top of my lungs in ecstasy at the sensations. The feeling of fullness is incredible and I find myself hoping that this horny Quarian fucks me all night long. My own prick is slinging back and forth beneath me and as the pleasure in me quickly peaks it starts drizzling a steady stream of my seed as I cum. The feeling is unlike anything I’ve experienced before and I suddenly go quiet, my eyes rolling back, as my whole body is rocked with ecstasy and my legs shake as I struggle to remain standing. The anal orgasm crashes through me and Jack, having another orgasm of her own, notices me in the throes and presses her lips up against mine as we are humped in rhythm and slides her tongue into my mouth.

I suck on her tongue instinctively as I come down from the mind numbing high. But Tali seems to not be quite done with me yet and continues to rape my ass. There is still a steady, but low, level of pleasure hovering inside me and I simply hang on to that sensation as I’m used for pleasure by the Quarian, who herself is now moaning louder and louder as she starts to approach an orgasm of her own. Tali’s voice starts to stagger and she leans over my back, squeezing my shoulders tight in her fingers, and lets out a final groan of ecstasy.


I can feel her form on top of me pulsing as she relishes in pleasure. Then she slowly starts to come down from her high, breathing hard as she adjusts. Without really thinking she stands back up straight and her omni-cock slips from my ass. The lack of support from her holding on to me causes me to lose balance and I fall forward onto the ground. I can hear Tali giggling with her distinctive Quarian voice but when I finally turn to look back at her she is now slumped against the bar. It seems that the alcohol finally caught up with her and she is out cold.

Ahhhhh fuck!!! Yessss fill me up….

There is more grunts and groans to my side and I turn right in time to see Jack and Shepard both crying out together as they orgasm at the same time. After sitting up my eyes are now practically level with Jack’s cock-filled pussy and I can see the Commander’s cum overflowing from deep inside her and dripping down onto the floor. There’s so much of it and I can’t help myself, because without thinking I crawl over and hold my mouth open beneath, catching the remaining drops as they leak out, landing on my extended tongue. Mmm I savor the taste as the flood of semen slows and finally stops. Shepard simply pulls out casually and backs up to lean against the bar to rest but Jack grips me tight by the hair and straddles me standing above, turning my head with a forceful tug and smothering her cum-slick cunt into my face.

Ahhhh fuck, I’m not done yet you little bitch… drink it all down and clean me up.

Jack’s words barely reach me as everything is a bit muffled now that she is above me and straddling my head, her thighs clenched tight over my ears. There is slight pain as she tugs roughly on my hair and twists her hips, grinding harder against me. I can feel her clit rhythmically fucking against my nose while my mouth is latched tight over the lips of her pussy. Shepard looks on in amusement as her aggressive, tattoo covered and sex obsessed, friend feeds me the seed that had filled her sex up just moments ago. My sight is blurred from the crazed woman’s arousal having totally soaked my face in her liquids and I can make out some more moaning as she is building herself up to another quick orgasm. She humps my face until she can’t take it anymore and finally groans out once more in ecstasy. Jack is a squirter apparently and I do my best to gulp down every drop of her juices, and a mix of the Commander’s remaining semen, as she cums all over my head and down my throat.

Mmmaah much better.

Jack lets out a final sigh before releasing her hold on me, causing me to gasp for air and collapse onto my back spread eagle on the floor of the club. She strides over to join Shepard relaxed against the bar. The Commander’s eyes are still on me as I catch my breath and regain my composure. I wipe my eyes and look up at her, the monster cock between her legs is still semi-hard and throbbing occasionally. Also after peering around the club briefly I notice that a circle of people had formed around us and quite a few people are watching me. My cheeks shine bright red in embarrassment and once again I find myself looking up to accept the hand of Shepard as she helps me back up to my feet. She turns to Jack and speaks.

“Sir, I’m going to need you to stand over to the side, please.”

“Is there a problem?” I asked, my stomach curling into a ball.

The agent looked at my passport again as she repeated, “Please, sir, just step over here,” motioning to a section of the floor which had been marked with tape and cordoned off with retractable queue ribbon.

I stepped into the square as requested while the tiny TSA agent with a bun of fiery red locks picked up my bag and tray of personal items off the conveyor belt.

“Where are you headed today, sir?” she asked


“Do you have business in Sydney, sir?” She was firm but courteous. All business.


“And what kind of business are you in?”

“Telecommunications. Listen, is there some kind of problem?” I was starting to get anxious. I had done nothing wrong, had taken this trip at least a dozen times in as many years, and had never had any problems. Why today?

“It says that you are headed through Bangkok. Is that right?”


“Well, sir the Bangkok airport has been closed since this morning.”


“Yes, sir. Apparently there is some sort of protest that has turned violent so nothing is coming or going into that area.”

“Shit,” I mumbled.

“What was that, sir?” she demanded, clearly agitated.


“Not at all. Gather your things, return to the ticket counter and straighten this out with the airline. Then come back here and let me know about your schedule.”

“What?! Why?!” This was ridiculous. What kind of police state is this, that the TSA needs to know my schedule?

“Listen!” I raised my voice. “I don’t know what you think…”

She cracked a smile, trying hard not to laugh apparently. She bit her lips, pinching them closed between her teeth as she looked at me, her shoulders starting to shake a little as she laughed.

“What’s so funny?” I asked, thoroughly confused.

“You don’t remember me, do you?” she asked, still smiling.

“Remember you from…”

She shook her head, still smiling. “Northbrook High, ’96.”

I tried to search for some recognizable feature. She sighed and rolled her eyes, handing me my passport. Making eyeglasses with her fingers, she said, “Picture me in cargo pants and no make-up.”

“A…priiiill?” I asked, unassuredly.

“You do remember!” She slapped my arm lightly, as if it were some sort of congratulations.

“Yeah. Kind of,” I nodded.

“Listen,” she said, digging a card out and writing on the back. “Here’s my contact info. Call me and maybe we can get a drink or dinner or something?” April looked uncertain

“Yeah, okay.” I remembered us being in a few classes together, but we were never close. She looked good, though, from what I could tell. Her uniform made her look kind of square, with the baggy blue shirt and dark cargo pants that covered her black boots. “I’ll let you know.”

“Let me know either way, okay. Don’t leave me hanging. Even if you don’t want to, call me and tell me, all right?”

I nodded and smiled. “Sure,” I said. She was cute. I would see if I could find her on Facebook and kind of dig up some more info.

She smiled and walked back to her post as I put my shoes back on and filled my pockets with my keys, wallet, phone, and change. Before I stood up to walk back to the ticketing counter, I looked over and she saw me, smiling and waving before turning back to wand the short woman with outstretched arms and bare feet.

“Yes, sir. I’m sorry. We just heard this morning about the Bangkok airport.”

“Well, I have to be in Sydney tomorrow. Can you get me there?” I was exasperated, but I also knew it wasn’t the young blonde’s fault and tried to keep my cool with her.

“Let me see….” She typed, paused, typed some more. “We may be able to get you there, but it will take you to Honolulu, to Seoul, then to Sydney, adding seven hours and… $300.”

“Of course! Dammit!”

“Sir, please watch your language.” She looked me dead in the eye as she demanded it.

“I’m sorry….Um, when does that flight leave?”

She looked again and said, “At 3:15.” That was four hours away.

“Let me call ahead and see what I can work out. Is there plenty of room to give me a few minutes?”

“Sure. It’s only two-thirds full.”

“Okay, thanks.”

I picked up my bag, stepped over to the window and set my bag down while I pulled out my phone. Scrolling down through my contacts I found Walt Folsom’s number and dialed.

“Foltec Solutions,” a friendly Australian woman answered, “Mr. Folsom’s office.”

“Adie, hi. Burton Hanks. Is Walt available?”

“Let me check, Mr. Hanks. Please hold.”

After about two minutes, Walt’s baritone voice with a thick accent barged into my ear. “Burt! How are ya?”

“Not good. My plane was supposed to pass through Bangkok, but the airport closed this morning due to riots or something. I can’t leave for another four hours and have to add several more hours to my trip. There’s no room for mistakes, so if there’s any delay on any leg of the flight, I’ll totally miss the meeting.”

“Oh, yeah? What do you need from me?”

“I don’t know. I can risk the flight and may be late or we can push the meeting to the next day just in case, or push it back even another day just to be sure. Or I can do the presentation over the network and not fly into Sydney at all.”

“I see…Look, I already have the board here this morning. They all flew in for this deal and we’re taking care of other business anyway. How do you feel about giving us a quick rundown over the network and meeting with us later this week, say Friday, late morning? That way we can get a general idea, go over the pricing and we can ask questions and possibly sign a contract on Friday. That would put us ahead of schedule if you treat us right.” He laughed as he said it, but he and I both knew the job was mine to lose. I’d been working with Foltec for fifteen years and we had a good rapport.

“Sure, that sounds great! Let me find the business suite here at the airport, set up my flight for tomorrow and I’ll call you right back.”

“Great. Call on my cell so we don’t have to bother Adie and I’ll go ahead and have IT set up the conference room for your presentation.”

“Thank you. I’ll call you back in a few minutes.”

We hung up and I set up my flight for tomorrow, which would put me into Sydney in plenty of time to land, rest up and make it to the meeting fresh. I went to the flight club that held my membership and asked about the business suite. Someone helped me set it up, creating a secure connection through their network, as I called Walt to let him know I was on.

For the next hour I had presented the package I was offering and took a few questions before expressing my gratitude and excitement for another partnership with the board. As I packed up my things, I decided to check up on April. I pulled out her card and sat down in the leather conference room chair. “April Barrett,” I said to myself, and shook my head, laughing a little at myself for being willing to do this.

I was in my mid-thirties, almost married once, but the relationship ended, and never really pursued any real relationships after that. Tracy was a heartbreaker. Well, she broke my heart at least. I don’t know if that was a habit of hers. Fortunately, business was good. After being cut back from a major telecom corporation, I decided to go into business for myself, offering cost-efficient options for start-up businesses. As a result, my business grew as those I partnered with grew. I outsourced the financial administration so I could do what I enjoyed: creating and selling. This kept me in the place where I still loved my job. I wasn’t rich by any means, but I was comfortable and I was happy.

I had started showing my age, so I realized I had better do what I could to take better care of myself. I joined the YMCA and competed in a few local triathlons, which kept me motivated to run, swim, ride my bike, lift weights, and do yoga. A side benefit to this kind of routine was that it kept me from being bored with exercise. As much as I worked to keep my body in shape, I couldn’t do anything about my hair. I didn’t mind the gray, since it started at my temples and worked outward from there, but I wasn’t a big fan of balding. Ultimately I decided to simply trim it short and not mess with it. Soon enough I shaved my head with a trimmer, but never going full bald with a razor. I came to like it and it looked good on me.

One of the things that kept business good for me was that I liked to learn and grow. I worked hard to stay on top of the latest technology and industry trends. It kept me knowledgeable, which also kept me competitive. The other thing that kept business good was that I liked people. Respect and courtesy were big in my family and I took it to heart. One of the things men liked about me was that I looked them in the eye, shot straight, and had a firm handshake. Women liked that I looked them in the eye, treated them as equals and with dignity, and still held onto some of the old fashioned skills of a gentleman. Businesses liked that I kept my word, met my obligations, took responsibility for my actions, and treated them with respect and professionalism.

I tried hard to think back to what April was like in high school, but I remember a name and face more than any specific activities she was involved in. As I said before, we were in a few classes together, but didn’t hang out. I opened up the browser on my laptop and went to Facebook. I did a search and was surprised to find a slew of April Barrett’s. I realized I didn’t know anything about this girl. I didn’t keep in touch with my high school friends so I had no way of knowing which April Barrett I was looking for. Fuck it, I thought. She wants me to call her anyway. I’ll start there.

I dialed the cell number on the card and got her voicemail. I wasn’t surprised, thinking she was still working. I left a message, telling her to call me. I would stay in the airport until she got off work, thinking it couldn’t be more than a couple of hours. It was already two o’clock, after all. For good measure, I sent her a text telling her I was in the business suite for my airline and to let me know when she got off work.

Stowing my bags with the concierge, I grabbed a giant soft pretzel and a Coke at the pretzel stand, watching planes take off and land for a few minutes before going back to the suite. I pulled out my laptop and watched a couple of streaming show episodes from a free service while I waited for April’s call. Just after four o’clock, my phone vibrated on the table. There was a text from April’s number saying, “Just getting out. I will change and meet you there. Fifteen minutes.”

Fifteen minutes later I was standing outside the lounge looking for the square-shaped, bun-haired redhead I had met a few hours before.

She never showed.

Instead, a stunning redhead with flowing red hair, slim-fitting jeans and a baby-doll faded green t-shirt walked toward me and called out, “Burton!” Her smile was the same as the agent who had offered me her phone number, but apart from that smile and her hair color, everything else was different.

I waved back. I guess. I don’t remember, really. I was too distracted by the tight little body and cute smile. “Hi,” I mumbled. When I returned my gaze to her face, I saw the corners of her mouth turned up slightly, obviously amused at my surprised reaction. “Oh…uh,” I motioned toward the door, pulling my card out of my pocket, “Would you like a drink?”

“Sure. But not here. I’m in the airport all the time. Let’s go someplace else.”

“Oh. Okay. Let me get my stuff.” I unlocked the door and she followed me in as I retrieved my bags from the host before exiting quickly. Her hands were in her pockets, her thumbs hanging over the sides, pointing toward her zipper.

“Where to?” she asked.

“I don’t really know. I live about three hours away and I only come to the airport.” I was kind of embarrassed about looking so clueless.

“All right. Do you want to drive or should I?”

“Again, I park in extended parking, so…”

“Okay,” she laughed, shaking her head, “Come on.” I followed her through a series of “employee access only” doors to a separate parking garage. She pulled a set of keys from her pocket and remotely unlocked the doors to a black Mustang convertible. With the press of a button, the trunk released and she lifted the hatch so I could place my bags in it. “You want to drive?” she asked as she closed the trunk.

“No, that’s okay.”

“Okay, then,” she shrugged. I followed her to the driver’s side and she gave me a funny look until I opened the door and stood back, keeping my hand on the edge of the window. She looked at me sideways and said, “Thank you,” before dropping into the driver’s seat. I closed the door and walked to the other side. She had it started before I even opened the door to let myself in. When I sat down, she smiled at me before backing out and driving us to our next destination. She had some music I didn’t recognize pouring from the speakers, apparently a playlist on her iPod, which was resting on the console in front of the gearshift.

She took me to a local restaurant with a bar, which had casual and after-work adults, but no children. Most of the clients were clearly dressed for work, which made April’s wardrobe look that much more casual. I didn’t like to travel in a suit, so I was still wearing a golf shirt and nice pants.

The drive over had been short and mostly quiet, but not necessarily awkward. She had to make a lot of rapid turns to weave through the lesser-traveled back roads, and I was looking at the unfamiliar landscape, occasionally looking back at April, not quite sure what to do from here.

As soon as we walked in, April waved and nodded to a handful of people before leading me back to a high table in the corner. “Man, I’m glad you called me, Burton,” she laughed. Her mannerisms were a little gruff and she reached into a bowl of unshelled peanuts, breaking one open before popping the two peanuts into her mouth, dropping the shell into a second bowl. “I really didn’t think you would. You know, it’s kind of sudden, we didn’t hang out in school, and all that.” She smiled. “But here we are.”

“Yeah. So you’re a TSA agent, huh?” Man, what a jackass question.

“Was it the uniform?” she asked seriously. “The uniform gave it away, didn’t it?”

“Sorry,” I laughed. “Stupid question.”

“Nah, it’s cool. Yeah, TSA. For about three years now,” she nodded.

“How’d you get into that?” I asked, reaching for a peanut after she withdrew her hand from the bowl. It was at that point that the waitress brought our drinks: two beers.

“I got a degree in criminal justice at State, then went to the police academy. I had just come out of the academy and was working as a beat cop when 9/11 happened. After about two years on the street, my sergeant ran for sheriff and won, asking me to come over as a deputy. I ended up working the county jail most of that time, but then when Homeland Security and the TSA started really amping up their workforce, I couldn’t resist. The pay was better and working the airport meant I wasn’t typically going to be getting shot at or spit on. I could handle the cursing and irritation, but didn’t like meth heads spitting on me and shit…sorry…stuff like that. Besides, as a cop there’s still a lot of down time, sitting around and stuff. On the line here, I’m always with people and it keeps me stimulated. It’s a good job. I like it.”

“Sounds like you’ve had quite a ride.”

“Oh, I could tell you a story or two,” she laughed.

“I bet.”

“So what about you? What are you going to Sydney for?”

I told her about my story and how I had started my own business. She asked tons of questions and I started to loosen up, enjoying her company more and more.

“See, that’s why I always liked you, Burton. You just do what you want and make it work for you. I always wanted that.”

“I didn’t know you liked me. We just had some classes together. I didn’t think you even knew who I was.”

“Really?” She sounded surprised. “Oh, yeah. I knew you. You were my high school crush, man.”

“I was?” I laughed at that. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I always thought you were a lesbian.”

“Yeah,” she shrugged. “I get that a lot. But I’m not. I may not be timid or especially feminine a lot of times, but I like a good fu…I like sex with guys as much as the next girl. I may be past my prime for marrying and having kids, but I would still like that.” She took another sip of her beer.

“So, you’ve never married, then?” I asked.

“No. Haven’t met the right guy, I guess. Had a few relationships, but nothing too serious. A lot of sexual relationships, some good chemistry, but ultimately not finding someone I would be willing to spend my life with.”

“I was close once.”


“Yeah. Real close. But it didn’t work out and looking back it’s probably for the best. I miss the sex, though. She was pretty amazing. Wild.”

“How wild?” April asked, idly twisting her beer bottle on the table.

“Pretty much anything. No water sports or anything like that, but a lot of other stuff.”

“Cool. I like ‘other stuff’,” she said, emphasizing the phrase “other stuff.” She looked me right in the eye as she said it. Her blue eyes were piercingly blue. Intense, almost glowing it seemed like. Maybe it was the light hanging down right over our table, but they seemed brighter than any I’d seen before. How did I not notice her in high school? Oh. Right.

“Can I ask you a personal question, Burton?” she asked.

“That depends,” I laughed. She wasn’t laughing.

“On what? That question was pretty straightforward. Yes or no?”

I swallowed some beer, afraid of what I was about to say. “Okay, sure.”

“How long has it been for you?”

“How long has what been?”

“Sex. Release. You know, when was the last time you got laid?” My, she was a dainty little flower, wasn’t she?

“I don’t know. Six months?”

“Six months?!” she exclaimed, trying not to laugh. “How do your nuts even fit in your pants? Damn.” She took another drink of her beer, smiling around the lip of the bottle as she did.

“I’m not blue-ballin’ too bad because…uh…well, nevermind.”

“No, it’s fine,” she said. “You don’t have to explain.” She wriggled her eyebrows as she slowly mimicked a masturbation hand motion.

“Hey, glad we could catch up, April. Nice to see you again.” I rolled my eyes and took a drink of my beer.

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry. If it makes you feel any better, I have to scratch my own itch most nights just so I can sleep. It hasn’t been six months for me, but it’s been long enough. If I don’t cum at least once a day, I’m climbing the walls.” She shifted in her seat a little bit.

I kind of didn’t know where to take the conversation from here. Going back to the topic of work would seem like an obvious bail-out, but continuing on our current path could make me seem desperate. Was April my type? Not necessarily. Was she attractive? Without a doubt.

“Listen. April, I know we had just talked about getting a drink together and catching up, but do you want to grab some dinner?”

She turned her head and looked at me sideways. “Burton, are you finally asking me out on a date?” she teased.

“I guess if you want to call it a date, that would be all right,” I laughed. I certainly hadn’t planned for it to be a date, but by definition it would certainly qualify.

“Okay, playing it cool. I get it. Sure, I’ll go to dinner with you.”

We chose a middle-ground chain restaurant where we could both go as we were and not feel out of place. The drive over and new location seemed to give us a natural shift in focus so that our conversations turned toward old mutual friends (or at least names we both knew), our families and stupid pop culture entertainment. This made dinner more bearable and allowed us both to be more lighthearted.

Over a sizzling plate of fajitas I was able to watch and listen to the April who wasn’t trying so hard, and my attraction for her grew. She was still a little rough around the edges, but her eyes sparkled, a smile seemed natural for her and she laughed easily. As dinner closed down, we were finishing up what seemed to be our last two beers for the evening. We were obviously both relaxed, but completely coherent.

“So,” she asked, “What time is your flight?”

“Not till 9:30 tomorrow morning.”

“Where are you staying?”

“Probably the Hyatt. I haven’t called it in because I didn’t think I would be staying overnight, but I should be able to get a room with no problem.”

She cleared her throat and looked at the table. “Well, my shift starts at 7 in the morning. If you want, you can stay at my place and ride in with me to work in the morning.”

Had she just offered me an invitation to spend the night with her?

“That sounds nice. If you’re sure.”

“Oh, yeah. Positive.” She tried to sound casual, but perked up a little when I accepted her invitation.

I paid the bill and we got back into her Mustang as she drove the twenty minutes to her apartment. The ride was kind of quiet, but we both made attempts at conversation. I think we both knew what was coming, but neither wanted to admit it.

Her apartment was a nice two-bedroom in a gated complex, and she told me about the amenities as we circled through the parking lot to her building near the back. She had a private garage at the foot of her building and after I picked my bag out of the trunk, she closed the garage door before squeezing past me in the confined space. I didn’t think the space was that small, but she squeezed her ass hard against my groin as she slowly made her way past me. She looked over her shoulder as she whispered, “Excuse me.” Our eyes met and I felt a spark. Her look was one of shy longing. Instinctively I placed my hand on her waist and stopped her for a second before gently pressing back against her.

“Tight fit?” I asked quietly.

“Very,” she breathed, her eyes smoldering before she cleared her throat and continued toward the door. I watched her ass freely. She really was in tremendous shape. I would soon find out why.

I followed her from the garage to the hallway and into the elevator that would take us to her third-floor apartment. She caught me checking her out while we rode the elevator, but neither of us said anything. Her breasts looked full and firm in her t-shirt and her stomach flat. Her arms were toned, but not bulky and her quads, hamstrings, and calves had beautiful curves that matched her ass in those jeans.

As soon as she opened the door to her apartment, she pointed to a hallway straight back and said, “Guest room is on the right. Bathroom in the hall.” As I made my way back to the hall, I noticed that her dining area had been converted to a gym, with interlocking rubber mats covering the floor, a chin-up bar mounted on the wall, and a stand with those adjustable-weight dumb bells in the corner. The wall had a poster of a workout schedule, but also another poster of grappling moves, holds and contact points.

“Krav Maga,” she said. “Israeli self-defense.”

“Oh. Okay.”

“Drop your bag off. I’ll change and show you a few things.”

“I don’t…”

“Oh, come on,” she laughed. “Don’t be a big baby.”

“All right,” I said as I walked to the guest room.

“Put on something comfortable,” she called out as my door closed.

In a couple of minutes we were both back in her home gym. I was in my standard evening t-shirt and gym shorts, and she had opted for a sports bra and tight lycra running shorts. Her physique was unbelievable.

For the next twenty minutes she showed me blocks, holds, contact points, and basic self-defense moves. I caught on pretty quickly, and she laughed every time she told me to try a move on her, but I timidly imitated the hold.

“Come on,” she laughed. “I ain’t gonna break.” Even though I would apologize after each move, she would smack my chest or shoulder and reply, “You’re doing great.”

“Well, you’re very good at this. How long have you been studying?”

“I don’t know. A few years. Some training from the academies, but I go twice a week to a class. It’s fun and keeps me in shape. Okay, one more move and I’ll give you a break,” she laughed, brushing a strand of hair behind her ear. “Get behind me and put your hand around my neck and the other arm around my waist. And don’t be shy,” she said, backing into me, pressing herself against my stomach. “Get a good grip.”

I did as she said and in a flash I was on the floor, a knot in my stomach and the only part of me she was holding was one of my thumbs, which had my arm twisted in a grotesquely painful contortion. I heard her laugh lightly as she released me and helped me to my feet. I obviously looked sheepish. I certainly felt foolish, having been beaten so thoroughly for the past nearly half-hour.

“How you feeling?” she asked, more sympathetically than I would have expected.

“A little humiliated,” I smiled.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that.” She walked to the refrigerator and grabbed two bottles of water and tossed me one. As we opened them, she sat on the couch next to me and said, “I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but working out gets me pretty worked up.” She took a sip of her water as she looked me in the eye. I took a peek and noticed her nipples poking through her sports bra.

“Well, uh…I wouldn’t mind a chance to regain some masculinity.” I took a sip of my water, smiling as I brought it to my lips.

“Then why are we still on the couch?”

“Because you scare me a little bit.”

“Does it turn you on?”

“Kind of.”

“You want to fuck me, don’t you?” she laughed.

“Yep.” I laughed in return.

“Come and get it,” she said, standing up off the couch and making her way to the hall. I was on my feet in a flash.

As I rounded the corner into her room, she stood with one hand on her hip while the other hand pulled her pony tail holder free. “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.” As I approached her, she had that crooked smile on her face as she eyed me over without a hint of shame. “I used to finger myself to thoughts of you all through high school.” I was standing right in front of her now and she was rubbing the front of her thigh as she talked. “I waited for you to ask me out, to a dance, prom…hell, just to sit next to me at a pep rally or lunch, anything. I had thought about asking you out, but figured you wouldn’t want to.”

“And here we are.”

“Here we are,” she breathed.

I was on her in an instant. Our tongues wrestled and I doubted she could escape my grasp now if she wanted to, which I suspected she didn’t. Our hands were all over each other. This was the first time I had ever wanted to touch April Barrett, but now I wanted nothing more. My hands cupped her ass and pulled her against my raging hard-on. She moaned into my mouth.

I pulled away for a second and reminded her, “It’s been a while. I don’t know how long I’ll last.”

“I don’t care. Just fuck me.” With that, our mouths reconnected. She stepped back long enough to yank her pink sports bra over her head. Her tits bounced free and quickly settled into their perfect place on her perfect form. The bright pink areola and nipples were on prominent display against her pure white mounds. I quickly found out that they were a perfect handful and I also discovered that she was sensitive in her breasts.

She pulled my head down with little resistance from me, forcing her nipple into my mouth. I sucked and licked and bit, drawing moans and cursing from her. She gripped my hair in her strong hands, refusing to let me leave, as if for some reason she thought I would. I alternated back and forth and suddenly stopped when I realized that as much as I loved her tits, that wasn’t what I really wanted. I stood up and shoved her back onto the bed, bringing a grunt, followed by a quick smile when she saw me undressing in a hurry. As I pushed down my shorts, my shirt on the floor, I said, “I can’t eat your pussy through those shorts.

I thought I was fast getting undressed, but I had nothing on her. When I stood up from pushing my shorts and underwear off my feet, she was already stripped naked and rubbing her pussy, her eyes ablaze. Those blue eyes burned with a passion I had never seen before. I don’t know if it was that she wanted me that badly, or if she just wanted to get laid that badly and I was just fortunate enough to be here for it. It didn’t matter; I reached out and grabbed her feet, quickly dragging her to the edge of the bed. She laughed when I did it, but her laughter was cut off when my mouth quickly covered her pussy. I immediately felt a hand on the back of my head, forcing me into a place I wanted to be.

After a day at work and a rigorous workout, she was hot and musky…and I loved it. I was used to women making sure they were clean as they would excuse themselves to the rest room in preparation for our time together, or maybe they would wave me off, embarrassingly asserting that they hadn’t cleaned up (often our passion would get the best of us and we would just jump on each other), so oral sex was off the table.

Not April, though. I quickly realized that it turned me on. She didn’t stink, wasn’t unclean, just musky and salty and I guess it appealed to the animalistic need in me. As I knelt on her carpet and pressed my face into her dripping, slippery, smoothly shaved cunt, she was growling her approval and demanding more from me. My own desire was dripping onto her carpet, I soon discovered. With a scream, April’s hips forced her against my face and she convulsed in mid-air for a short time before crashing back onto her bed.

“Holy shit,” she breathed. “That was fucking amazing.”

I stood up, giving her the first good look at my erection. I knelt on the bed to make my way toward her head for a blowjob, but she stopped me with her foot on my chest.

“No blowjob for you yet. I want to feel that cock in me. If you’re going to be quick, I want to make sure I get to fuck you. On your back.”

I lay on my back and she quickly straddled my waist, her perfect tits bobbing as she settled. She planted her feet so she was squatting over me, put one hand on my chest and curled her head so she could watch me pierce her for the first time. She didn’t even hold my dick in her hand. Instead she just aimed her hips, captured the head and slowly lowered herself until she was sitting on me.

“Damn!” she whined. “You feel good, Burton.” She lifted herself up and down smoothly a few times before dropping onto her knees and falling forward onto me. My hands cupped her ass and she ground herself onto me, pressing her breasts into me while we kissed. We were fully connected. She rolled her hips as she used me for her own pleasure, apparently stimulating her clit on my groin. As she worked, however, it stimulated my cock from every angle as her insides caressed me, especially around the coronal ridge.

“Oh my god, April. You feel amazing. Why didn’t I do this in high school?” I laughed.

“No idea, but I’m glad you’re doing it now,” she breathed. She began to gasp and forced her tongue back into my mouth, apparently building to her own climax. Mine was approaching more quickly than I had hoped, but I was looking forward to it anyway.

“Fuuuuu….!” she screamed, forcing herself down onto me, clenching at me from the inside. Her hips convulsed on me and she tried to control her whispered demands, but I could tell they were forced. Her lips brushed my ears as she whispered her staccato request. “Cum in me. Fill me up. Please, Burton. Cum in my pussy.”

She didn’t even get a chance to say anything else. With one hand on her ass, I held her in place, forcing the two of us tighter together, and with the other hand on the back of her head I held her chin to my shoulder. Gush after fiery gush forced its way out the narrow tunnel before breaking free into the heat of my first-time lover’s womb. She practically screamed in my ear, her breath hot on my neck. I don’t know if it prolonged her orgasm or forced another one out on the heels of the previous climax, but she came again.

She went limp on top of me, but I wasn’t having that. I rolled us over, knowing I was still hard, and probably would be for a while. I had only told her I would be quick; I didn’t even hint that I was only good for one time. I hoped she wouldn’t be disappointed.

When I rolled us over, she gasped, but was smiling. “There. I came in your pussy. Now I want you to suck me clean before I fuck you for real.”

“Oh, yeah,” she muttered breathlessly as she scrambled to her knees. I was in her mouth in an instant, listening to her moan around me, one hand on my balls as she supported herself with the other.

“How do you like the taste of our cum mixed together on my cock?” I demanded.

“MMMmmm,” she moaned, pulling off me just long enough to say, “I love it,” before forcing herself back onto me. I was still rock hard. I had always been that way, but it had become more difficult to do as I have gotten older. That’s part of my reason for taking care of myself: good blood flow for erection quality. April certainly seemed to appreciate it, and I was glad she did.

I grabbed a handful of her bouncing red hair, at the back of her skull and began thrusting into her mouth. She groaned and put both hands on the bed to balance herself as I used her mouth for my own pleasure. She looked up at me, looking straight into my soul. It was almost like she was daring me as her mouth curled into a smile around me.

I held her in place and pressed forward steadily, causing her to lurch and her eyes to turn red. I backed out for a second and she took a deep breath before I pulled her onto me again, pushing into her throat. Again she lurched, but a hand grabbed my ass and pulled me into her mouth. Suddenly the tightness of her throat gave way and the last inch of me disappeared behind her lips. She was such a whore. I thought she deserved to know.

“Fucking whore,” I spit, my words dripping with venom.

“MM-HMM,” she affirmed, trying to nod, but trapped on the meat lodged in her mouth. I pulled us both away forcefully.

“Are you a whore?” I demanded.

“I’m a FUCKING whore!” she replied with contempt.

“Take my cock in your whore throat!” I drove it back in with my full weight, pulling her onto me by the back of her head. Her tongue forced its way out to lick at whatever she could find. Her face was red, eyes dripping tears, but every time I would pull her away she would smile and demand more. I couldn’t believe this! If she wanted to she could kick my ass four kinds of sideways and yet here she was allowing herself to be used, even demanding that I abuse her. I had never seen anything like it.

I pulled out and pulled her up to me, wiping the tears from her eyes before pulling her for a kiss. The kiss was somewhat gentle and she eased into it. I don’t know, maybe I was trying to settle her down to protect myself or maybe I was worried about her somehow. Her arms went around my neck and as we kissed, I caressed her back and ass. That ass was perfect. Hell, her whole body was perfect. How was she still single?

I kissed across her face and ran my tongue along her ear. I whispered, “I want to fuck you again.” She shuddered and whimpered. “From behind.”

She nodded frantically, pulling away and said, “Okay,” almost out of breath. She was fast. She didn’t just get on her hands and knees to face away from me. She pressed her hips back at me and dropped her chest and face to the bed, making her look even more lewd. She brought her hands back and spread her cheeks apart, distorting the lips of her pussy, the glowing deep pink lips against her otherwise porcelain-white skin. “Come fuck me,” she said. “Drive that dick straight in.” She was calm, but obviously impatient.

I quickly settled in behind her, aiming my prick with one hand, while the other rested on her hip. I pressed forward quickly but smoothly, hearing a long moan escape from her lungs, ending with a muttered, “uh, god, yeah,” tacked onto the end of it.

I loved to watch a woman’s cunt embrace my cock. Always have. The contrasting texture, the open invitation of her pussy that somehow still seems to be invaded by the aggressive hardness of my member. And when I would pull out, it would almost seem as if her lips were begging me to stay, clinging to me, reaching for me. It’s an unusual and beautiful dance. And here I was once again, enjoying the opportunity with a stunning redhead, her full pink lips begging just as all the others had.

Withdrawing slowly I heard another groan as her labia pulled at me, streaking me with wetness. It wasn’t long before I was railing her in earnest. She was constantly talking, demanding, grunting, and as I worked harder or longer, her vocalizations increased and became more insistent. She was beginning to convulse a little and I was moving more easily as she became wetter. With both hands on her rump, I was plowing into her fully, pulling all the way out quickly until just the head was in her, and then slamming back into her until my balls smacked into her lips.

I couldn’t help it. It was right there, shiny and smiling at me. I moved my hand over just a little and pressed my thumb into her ass, watching it quickly disappear behind the wrinkled ring. “OH FUCK!” April screamed, her ass and pussy gripping me before her orgasm wrestled her to the mattress. She collapsed onto the bed, pulling off of me, I believe unintentionally, and I watched her involuntary contraction giving the image of her trying to hump the mattress. She had one hand under her, rapidly running across her clit and her other hand gripped the bedspread in her fist.

“Fuck, Burton,” she laughed, rolling over, still stroking herself. “You could warn a girl.”

“Okay,” I laughed. “Here’s a warning. I’m gonna fuck your ass before I cum in your mouth.” I moved forward and grabbed her ankles as I said it.

“You are, huh?” she said, not giving any resistance.

“Yeah. I am.” I grazed the head of my cock up and down her lips as she pulled her legs back some more.

“What if I don’t want you to fuck my ass?” she teased.

“Oh, you want me to. I know you do. You’re a fucking whore.”

She groaned as I pushed into her pussy, nodding as she said, “I am. I’m a fucking whore.”

She was dripping still and I was covered with her cum, a white creamy ring encircling the base of my shaft and a matching froth at the bottom of her pussy.

I pulled out and never lost contact with her as I pushed down on the top of my cock, picking up some of her natural lubricant on my trip downward. She gasped and her eyes closed when I brushed her backdoor. Without waiting for an invitation I pressed forward with a firm pressure, insisting on entering. She winked at me as I suddenly popped in.

“You bitch. You were locking me out,” I smiled.

“I had to keep some sense of control.”

“Are you done being in control now?”

“I’m done,” she smiled. “Come and get it.”

I buried myself quickly and smoothly in her tight ass, letting a groan escape as a flood of colors burst against the back of my eyelids.

“I told you,” she grunted. “It’s a very tight fit.”

“So tight.”

“You feel fucking huge. Damn,” she strained.

We began working in unison as I pulled out and pressed forward and she dropped her heels on my shoulders. This gave her one free hand to stimulate her clit and finger her pussy, and one free hand to play with her nipples. She was frantic in her movements, riding several orgasms, clenching me with her sphincter muscles as I steadily fucked into her. She continued to flood our union with juices as they ran down from her constantly leaking pussy.

I couldn’t take it any more. “I’m about to blow,” I belted out.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Chapter 04

Heading for Answers, Finding Trouble Instead.

“Well, it seems I needn’t have worried about you, after all,” a voice says above me.

My eyes snap open to see an unfamiliar woman in a jogging outfit, bleached blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail, and some of the longest legs I’ve ever seen leading up to a skin-tight pair of jogging shorts, standing proudly over me. Her midriff is bare below a sports bra that proudly shows off pair of decent sized breasts, and it’s very easy to see that her nipples are hard.

I attempt to sit up, and realize that I have a naked woman in each arm, and my crotch, soaked in our mixed juices, gives away what we’d been doing.

“Who. . .?” I ask, trying to figure out who this unfamiliar woman is. Looking outside, I see that the sun has set, and it feels like it’s late into the night.

“Have you forgotten me already? I talked to you just a couple hours ago.” A mischievous smile splits her lips, and for just a second the woman flickers and I can see Angela’s punk aspect, before she returns to her jogging persona. “I had to stop off for a snack, but it looks like you had the main course.”

“Angela,” I say, realizing that she can be the only person who could’ve gotten into my apartment, without the key. “Wait. . . . A couple hours? You’ve been gone for over a day!”

“Damn!” she stomps her foot. “I hate how time plays odd tricks while in the shadow realm. When I came out of my building and it was night, I’d just assumed it was the same night.”

“Did you find out what’s going on with me?” I ask, then go on to explain what’s been happening the last couple days.

She seems to grow nervous as I talk but finally shakes her head, saying, “I didn’t find out exactly what’s happening to you, but I’ve been hearing some things that I don’t like.” She hesitates a moment, looking to the still naked women, before continuing. “We need to go back to my realm, and discuss some things. I have a . . . friend . . . that may be able to shed some light on this, but she needs to see you first.”

“I’m sorry,” I tell the succubus, studiously avoiding looking at the two naked women. “I didn’t even think about how you might feel about me sleeping with other women.”

Angela gives me a funny look, glancing at the two again, before bursting out with laughter. “I’m a succubus, silly! It doesn’t matter to me that you’ve been with a few women. Honestly, with everything happening to you, I’d be surprised if you don’t get some every chance you have.” She smiles at me, to lessen the hurt of her laughter and takes my hand. “It’s a great stress reliever, and if you’re still drawing energy from them, then all I can say is be careful. If you draw too much at once, they’ll die.”

Shocked, I pull away from the supernatural being. Of course, I knew that was a possibility and that’s why I’ve tried to be so careful, but to hear it said out loud really drives it home.


I mean, I can really hurt someone. No, I need to be honest. I can kill someone if I’m not careful.

“Lyden, stop.”

Looking at the two women, I start to panic. Were they breathing? The last few seconds of our tryst had been intense. Did I killed them and didn’t even realize it? What kind of monster am I?


No, Becky is breathing, and they’d both been warm while we were lying together. Maybe I’ll have to go celibate. That’s the only way to make sure I don’t kill someone.

A sharp sting against my cheek brings me back to the present, and I find two very large, very angry, brown eyes boring into me. Once again I can see flames in the back of her irises, and I shudder in reaction from more than just the slap.

“Now listen here, Lyden. I know what you’re worried about. As long as you don’t take and take and take, and you let them rest, you’re not going to hurt anyone.”

“But how will I know when to stop?” I demand, pleadingly.

I see the fire in her eyes quenched by sadness, replacing the heat. “You’ll know. . . . You’ll feel them getting weaker as you continue. They may even pass out, but you’ll feel so alive . . . so powerful.” Her eyes close as she sits on a chair at my kitchen table. “I haven’t felt that way in a very long time. I’d almost forgotten, until we were together in my world.”

Feeling sorry for her, I walk over, squat down, and pull her into a hug. I can feel my shoulder growing wet as she cries. “Did you care a lot for him?” I ask when I feel her sobs lessen.

I’m not expecting her reaction. “Care for him?!?” There’s anger in her eyes again, but I can tell that this time its target is someone else. “I absolutely despised the man. He was a vile, evil creature, and . . . and . . . I killed him.” The last words, delivered in a whisper, allow me to feel the horror she still suffers from that act.

A glimmer of understanding starts to seep in. Whoever he’d been, she’d despised him, but somehow his death still weighs heavily on her conscience. I wonder if that experience may have been what led to her becoming a succubus. She’d told me that it had been from her own actions.

Then something else she’d said sinks in. “You felt the same after we had sex in the Shadow World?”

“Shadow World?” she asks, blinking to clear her eyes, and I realize that that’d been a term I’d come up with on my own. She gives a little laugh, before saying, “I like it. It fits. But yes, I’m still buzzing from the energy of our coupling. Normally I only take enough to sustain me for a day, but unless I have to expend a lot in a hurry, I’ll likely last a week or more. I haven’t felt this alive in centuries.” Standing, she faces me, and looks curiously into my gray eyes. “I still don’t understand how you survived? Especially since you received life-energy as well.”

Becky stirs and mumbles something, and Lisa cuddles closer to her roommate, disrupting Angela’s thought.

“We’d better go,” the succubus says and starts walking towards the door.

“Um, what about . . .?” I ask; indicating the two slumbering women.

“Oh, they should keep until we get back,” she says off handedly.

“And if we’re gone for days instead of hours?” I press.

“Hmm, leave them a note then.” I do as told and go to walk out the door when I realize I’m still stark naked. “Oh, for crying out loud, clothe yourself.” I turn to walk back in, but she stops me. “Try getting dressed mentally. Just think about the outfit you want to wear, and then think yourself into it.” She blinks, and suddenly, her jogging outfit changes color, demonstrating her advice. If I weren’t color-blind, I’d be able to identify what color it’d changed to. Something dark, but I can’t tell if it’s brown, green, tan, or something in-between.

Concentrating, I try to picture myself in a comfortable shirt and denim shorts. When I have the image in my mind, I try to apply it to myself. . . .

And wake up on the floor.

“Are you okay?” Angela asks worriedly.

I blink a few times, trying to get my bearings. Looking at my body, I can see that I’m dressed, but apparently it took a lot out of me. “Maybe I shouldn’t try that again,” I say, and I’m glad that at least my voice is steady.

“Yeah,” Angela says as she helps me to my feet. My legs are still a bit wobbly, but I manage to keep them under me. “I guess you don’t have all the same abilities as me, or are at least quite a bit weaker. Do you want to fuck and rebuild your strength?”

I think about it for a moment, but I really want to know what’s going on too. “Maybe later, if I need it. I think I’ll be fine for now.” My stomach growls, giving away the lie, and I quickly snatch a cold slice of pizza from the fridge, scarfing it down.

We walk out together, only to be confronted by Brooke again. “Oh, Lyden,” she says as we’re both not expecting to see the other. Then she blinks at Angela, and I wonder what’s going through her mind. She’d seen me go into my apartment with two girls, and come out with a different one. “And this is . . .?”

I open my mouth to speak, but the succubus cuts me off.

“I’m his girlfriend, Angela,” she holds her hand out to my friend, and I just stand there, unsure what to say.

Brooke stares at the hand, then back up to me. “Lyden, can I talk to you for a moment?” She looks to Angela and pointedly adds, “Alone.”

I can see worry in my friend’s eyes, and I wonder what has her so concerned.

“We’re kind of in a hurry,” Angela says, and tugs me down the hallway towards the elevator.

“We’ll talk when I get back,” I yell over my shoulder at Brooke, as we turn a corner and find a waiting elevator.

As soon as the doors are closed, Angela turns to me, and pushes me against the wall, her forearm against my chest. I’m still a little weak from the clothing debacle, and have no strength to resist her. “What do you know about that woman,” she asks me fiercely, and I just stare back at her in confusion.

“I, she’s, um, but, she’s a friend,” I finally splutter.

“Okay, but what do you know about her?” the fierce woman presses painfully against my chest, making it harder to breath.

“She saved my life when I was a kid, and she’s always looked out for me. Jeez, what’s wrong?” I wheeze, beginning to get worried.

Angela steps back, and tries to unruffle her smooth, tight jogging clothes. “Nothing,” she almost spits, letting me know that there really is something wrong. “Just . . . just be careful around her.”

I’m extremely tempted to ask what she means, but I see the fires in her pupils again, and decide to drop it. She can’t be jealous, can she? She hadn’t been about Becky and Lisa, but then again, those two aren’t in the same league as Brooke.

I wonder what Brooke wanted to say to me?

We stand in silence as the elevator descends.

The doors finally open, and I follow the quickly walking woman out and to the Orange Bubble. I’m tempted to give her the keys, after all, she drives faster than I do, but for some reason I want to have some control over things. The last twenty-four hours have been a whirlwind of activity, and I need to have something solid I can rely on.

Once again as we drive, the lights turn green, and the only time I have to slow is to make turns. The drive is in silence however, and I’m really getting uncomfortable as we pull into the parking garage of the building that leads to the Shadow World.

Just before we enter the elevator, Angela grabs my arm and turns me to face her. “Look, I’m sorry about back there. Just be careful around that woman, okay? She’s dangerous.”

“Sure,” I nod, still wondering about the succubus’s behavior, “but why?”

“Just do it,” she snarls, and I drop it. I don’t like this side of Angela. “Also, this . . . friend we’re about to go see. Be very careful with her too. She’s very powerful and could kill both of us in an instant if the whim strikes her. I wouldn’t take you to her, but she’s the only one I know that might be willing to answer what’s happening to you.”

“Sounds dangerous,” I remark, now regretting not getting more energy before leaving. I’m still feeling pretty weak.

“All dragons are dangerous,” she replies, as if that’s common sense. Well, I guess it rather is . . . if you’re used to dealing with dragons!

We get into the elevator, and she swipes her special card, before we begin our ascent.

“Any other pertinent info I should know? Like, oh, I dunno, are we going to see any ogres or goblins?” I ask, trying to cover the quaver in my voice.

“Maybe,” she says evenly. “We’ll have to travel a bit of a distance, but if we don’t bother them, they shouldn’t bother us.”

I gulp. I mean, what else can I do? Not go? I need to know what’s going on with me and why I’m suddenly getting these abilities. I never thought I’d be facing dragons, or goblins, or anything of a fairy-tale nature.

The elevator dings, and we step out of the oak tree, into the prairie field of flowers. Taking a deep breath, I can already feel my body slowly rejuvenating, as if jumping into a warm pool after a long day’s work. I actually have to blink, as it’s still day here, while it was night in my world.

“See that peak over there?” she asks, pointing into the distance. “That’s where we need to go. Shouldn’t take more than half a day.”

“How much daylight do we have?” I ask, hoping not to have to travel this strange land in the dark.

“We won’t be going through any night zones,” she says, then must see the confusion on my face. “Some zones, like this one, are always day, some always night, and some change similar to your world. Our path will keep us in the daylight.”

I nod, and breathe a sigh of relief. I have a feeling I don’t want to know what lurks in the all-night zones here.

We head away from the oak, and after walking for an hour it becomes apparent that I’m not going to make it half a day hiking, as weak as I am. Even as slowly as this place is rejuvenating me, I haven’t slept for what feels like days—not counting the short nap after passing out earlier with Becky and Lisa. All of my energy was sapped when I’d forced my clothing on, and I’m already exhausted.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to broach the subject with Angela, even if she is a succubus. What do I say? Excuse me, demonic creature of sex and lust, but I’m feeling a little low. Mind if we screw to build me back up?

“I was hoping you’d feel that way,” Angela says to me, turning and plastering her body to mine.

“Wait, what?” I ask, confused.

“Silly, succubae can read emotions and thoughts. That’s how we know how best to seduce our target or fill their minds with fantasies. Your thoughts came through loud and clear, and no, I don’t mind a quick fuck to build us both up.”

No further words are necessary as her lips press against mine, and I feel her tongue dip between my lips, demanding entrance. I open up to her, pulling her tall, thin frame to me. Her body feels very different in this form, with her larger breasts, taller frame, and no additional jewelry, than she had as a punk, and I wonder how many forms she might have.

“As many as I want to,” she tells me, still reading my mind. “Do you want me to go back to the punk?”

Feeling emboldened by her forwardness, I undo my denim shorts and drop them to the ground, displaying my raging hard on. “Does this answer your question?” I ask, allowing my turned on state to give her my substantial and inarguable response.

Her eyes sparkle as she drops to her knees, and quickly sucks my stiff wood between her warm lips, making me moan with the delight that her mouth is causing me.

“You did one of those girls analy, didn’t you?” She asks, and I realize I haven’t cleaned up from when I’d been in Becky’s colon.

“I’m so sorry,” I tell her, thinking that she’s disgusted with me.

“Don’t be,” she says. “I don’t mind.” And with that she swallows me back into her mouth and starts taking me down her throat. Her tongue does wonders as she licks around my shaft. I try to hold back as long as possible, but with four hundred years of experience, she soon has me firing off a volley of seed into her mouth. My knees buckle beneath me, and I collapse backwards onto the soft ground, but Angela’s talented mouth never leaves my member, and I realize I’m not softening. Must be another trick of the succubae. That, or something learned after four-hundred years of practice.

I realize that I actually feel a little more drained, until it dawns on me that I haven’t given her any pleasure.

“Lay back,” I tell her, “it’s my turn.”

She smiles, as she lies back on the soft soil and removes her tight biker shorts to reveal a glistening, bald, beaver. I dive in, hungrily, lapping up her already flowing juices, and nibble lightly on her labia. I avoid her clit, just sticking my tongue as deep into her as I can, and sucking in her inner lips, making her squeal in delight. Her overlong legs squeeze my head, and I know she’s enjoying what I’m doing.

This really pumps up my ego. I mean, how many men can say that they can please a four hundred year old succubus?

Me! That’s who!

Sucking in her labia, I use my tongue to press it against the roof of my mouth. My hands roam up her chest, under her confining sports bra, and finding her already stiff nipples, I begin rolling them between my fingers, enjoying the louder moans that escape from her throat.

Sensing her getting close, I switch tactics, and bite lightly on her clitoris. Her powerful thighs nearly crush my skull as her back arches and sweet nectar pours from her. I can barely hear her cries of pleasure through my muffled ears. The best part is that I can feel renewed life flowing into me, rejuvenating my limbs, and making me stronger.

I don’t wait, as soon as her legs loosen their grip, and dive up her body, aiming my thick log at her entrance. Kissing her forcefully, sharing her fluids, I thrust my hips forward, connecting us, and driving our pleasure to new heights. I moan as I feel her velvety folds enclose my cock, and ripple tenderly around my length.

Her hips buck beneath me in a desperate staccato, as I suck hungrily on her tongue. It doesn’t take long for me to be fully seated inside her wonderful canal, and unlike the last time we’d had sex, this somehow feels different. It almost seems like both of our organs are trying to properly accommodate the other, only to find the other constantly changing in return. I realize that this must be why both Becky and Lisa felt so comfortable around my member, yet Lisa had been a bit looser.

Angela breaks the kiss, and places her hand on the back of my head, while she moans into my ear, “Fuck me, Lyden. Oh, God it’s been such a long time since anyone’s felt this great.”

I lift the bottom of her sports bra, releasing her c-cup breasts, and tweaking a nipple in both hands, as I suck hard on her neck. I’ve never been one into leaving or getting hickeys, but this seems to set Angela off again, and as I feel her life energy flood into me, I have to fight hard to stave off my own orgasm.

She grabs my face, and pulls my lips to hers, kissing me deeply, but not in a sexual way. Physically I feel on top of the world, and as soon as she comes down from her climax, I roll us over.

Placing her hands on my chest, she plants her feet on either side of my chest, then lifts her pelvis up until only my tip is still inside her. Her eyes twinkle, as she looks deep into mine, before slamming her hips down forcefully. The speed and strength behind her movement would have crushed my hips a couple days ago. Today, however, I feel like Superman: completely unbreakable. She repeats her motion again and again, slamming down onto me, and I’m just able to match her pace, driving back up into her. The friction between our two bodies sends waves of pure distracting bliss through me.

I know I’m getting close, and there’s no way I’m going to hold off my ejaculation this time. I reach up to her bouncing, firm breasts, and pinch both of her nipples hard. Her pussy clamps down hard on me, and she stops bouncing and just shudders as her final orgasm takes her.

Like a cannon firing into a sweet valley, I fill her insides up with my seed. It feels as if I’m cumming for an hour, as her energy floods into me, and mine back into her.

Breathlessly, she hugs me tight to her body, as our minds come back to this reality.

“My my, what do we ‘av here?” A deep gravelly voice sounds above us. “Looks like we got ourselves a mid-day snack, brothas. And there ain’t nuthin sweeta than a succubus and her mate after they bin fucking.”

Looking up, I see three forms towering above us. I can just make out long tusks, and mottled green skin, before something strikes me painfully in the head and unbreakable or not, I black out.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Big thanks to Garbonzo607 for the awesome edits. Without his help, this story would have been a lot more lackluster.

It’s New York City, one of the largest cities in the United States. I work in this small law firm right outside of the city. My name is Lisa; I have brown hair and blue eyes. The way the guys look at me around here I take it I have a great looking body. I pretty much keep to myself and stay out of everyone’s way. The guy that I work for his name is Ben. He’s tall dark and handsome. I’m one of his secretaries. It was Monday morning and it was time to get up and go to work. I felt a little sexy this morning so I put on this white thin blouse that you can see my light pink bra. The bra was a half bra and when my nipples get hard they poke above the edge. I put on a short flowing black skirt so when I bend over you could almost see my bare pussy. I love to where my g-string with this skirt. My legs are tan so I didn’t have to where any pantyhose.

As I drove to work I could feel the cold leather of my car seat against my hot, warm pussy. I started to move my hips around rubbing my pussy against it. I looked down and I could see the wetness on my seat. I took my fingers and started to rub my clit as I was sitting there at a red light. There was a man in a car next to me just staring at me I took my fingers and put them in my mouth and licked my pussy juice off them. The man’s mouth dropped as I drove off. I kept rubbing until I cam all over my seat. I cleaned myself up and went into work.

As I was getting prepared for work Ben came out of his office and asked to speak to me and the other secretary. We went to his office as I was sitting there listening to him my pussy started to throb and quiver. I wanted to feel his hard cock inside of my pussy. I could feel the wetness oozing out from under my g-string. After I came to my senses I caught the end of the conversation where he was asking if I and the other girl could stay after work today to type up some papers for some clients. Of course I said I would. The other secretary who’s name is Lori said yes also. She has brunette hair brown eyes and a nice set of tits. One’s that you could lick and squeeze. It surprised me that I was thinking that way. I was getting wet just thinking about what it would be like be with her.

The day went by pretty fast. It was 5 o’clock and everyone else went home except for me, Lori, and Ben. I got up to go and get something to drink when I came back Lori was rubbing her neck; I told her I could rub it for her. I went up to her and started to rub her neck. As I rubbed her heart started pounding her breasts were moving rapidly and she started to moan. She told me that it felt really good. Her moaning was turning me on. I kept rubbing and I noticed my hands were moving slowly down towards her big round tits. She wasn’t stopping me. My heart was racing my pussy was throbbing. I could feel my wetness soaking my panties. I could feel her hard nipples through her bra. She started to unbutton her blouse. I kept on rubbing. She was rubbing herself all over she moved down to her pussy and pushed her panties to one side and exposed a well shaven pussy. She started to finger fuck herself. I couldn’t help myself but watching her and hearing her moan I made myself cum.

I moved to the front of her and knelt down at her feet. I took off her bra and started to lick and suck on her hard nipples. As I was doing that she took off my blouse and my bra and started to rub my boobs. Her hands felt so good. I slowly worked my way down to her pussy. It was soaked also. I started to finger and lick it slowly. Meanwhile Ben was standing in his doorway watching all of this. His cock was as hard as a rock and waiting to get invited to join. Lori looked at him and gave him that look that he was waiting for. He walked up to Lori and she unbuttoned his pants and exposed his hard cock. She started to suck it and rub it.

Ben lifted up my skirt and started to finger my wet, hot pussy. I was quivering at this time. I couldn’t wait to get a taste of his cock. Lori got up from the chair and laid down on the ground she told me to back my pussy up to her mouth. I did as she wanted me to. It felt so wonderful having my pussy licked and sucked by another girl. Ben came up to me and placed his hard cock in my mouth. I was in heaven and felt numb with excitement. While this was going on everyone forgot about the front door being unlocked and also about the client that was suppose to come by to pick up the papers we were suppose to be typing.

No one saw or heard the client Brad at the front desk. He walked in and admired what was going on. He stood there and caressed his hard cock that was growing inside his pants. Finally the moment that I was wanting for so long ever since I started working here was here, to feel Ben’s hard cock inside of me. I was told to get on all fours while Ben placed the head of his cock just inside my wet, wanting pussy. He kept sliding it in and out going deeper and deeper. I wanted to cum so bad but I was told not to just yet. It was hard not to because my pussy was burning. Lori was just sitting there with her pussy out in the open inviting our new client in.

Brad walked over and buried his cock in Lori’s pussy while Ben moved his cock from my pussy to my ass. I wanted to scream for joy. His big cock felt so good inside of me. As I watched Brad fuck Lori I couldn’t hold back anymore. I begged and begged to cum. Finally Lori told me I could and when I did it rained all over me and all over Ben. This was enough to push Ben over the edge he pulled his cock out and came all over my back. When he was done I licked his cock clean. I then turned over to Lori and started to rub her clit and finger her while Brad was fucking her ass. The feeling of his cock in her ass against my fingers in her pussy was wonderful. It must have been for her as well because she squirted all over my hand. My fingers in her pussy rubbing against Brad’s cock in her ass was more than he could take but before came, he pulled out and stuck his cock in my mouth filling it with his warm salty sperm. I swallowed everything he gave me.

We all got cleaned up, Brad got his papers and left with a smile and very satisfied with the service. Lori and I left and said same place same time tomorrow. I thanked her for the best time of my life and the most memorable. I left, went home and once at home I was thinking about everything that happened and as I lay in bed I fingered my pussy and made myself squirt all over my bed and sheets. Good Night

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