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What can I say… I married a “dick slut”… But, I knew this before I married her; it was one of those things that intrigued me about her. Before we were married, Laura had sex with about 32 guys and given blowjobs to 45+ guys; she’s not sure on the exact numbers. Most were during her college days (some of those were when her and a friend helped with recruiting star football players checking out the school). After college it was mainly boyfriends, but still had some one night stands… like when she took a guy she met at a bar out back for a quick blowjob. She had never done more than one guy at a time (though she has screwed two different guys in the same day on several occasions).

Laura loves giving blowjobs and likes to swallow. She has been very open with me about how much she really likes hard dicks, how she loves stroking and sucking them; especially big dicks… and she has sucked and screwed some big dicks (A boyfriend, Anthony, was the biggest at 11″ and as thick as her wrist) She has often stroked my dick while she verbally fantasizes about giving multiple guys blowjobs, giving a blowjob while being screwed at the same time or memories of past guys. These have been her main fantasies (giving me a blowjob with another girl was right behind though). And for 8 years these remained just fantasies.

I use to tease her that she should fulfill her fantasy about giving a few guys blowjobs and maybe reach 50 blowjobs, but said she wouldn’t. She would say that those days are behind her.

Well, my little dick slut wife has been awakened like never before. And now at the time of writing this she is on her way to screwing 100 guys and has given 185+ guys blowjobs/hand jobs. Here’s how it all started.

Let me start off by adding that Laura is a pretty woman. Though my wife is in her early 40′s, though she looks like she is in her 30′s. She has a cute face, is 5’5″ and weighs about 130 lb. She has a nice figure with nice firm 36 C+ boobs, gorgeous ass and creamy white skin that contrast her dark hair. Needless to say, she still draws attention; though she still denies that she does. She has a high sexual appetite that I’ve been fortunate to enjoy… and she loves to swallow my cum. OK now back to what awakened my little dick slut…

Last October we went on a 7-day Caribbean cruise. We have gone on a few cruises and enjoyed them very much. This cruise would prove to be different. After the second day everything was a typical cruise, we were enjoying the relaxing, carefree atmosphere and too much food.

Like we so often do, we shared fantasies to heat things up. My wife stroked my dick while she fantasized about giving two guys she’d seen on the ship blowjobs. During her fantasy, I told my wife how much the thought of watching her suck another man’s dick turned me on and that she could give someone a blowjob on this cruise if she wanted to. She closed her eyes, sucked my dick and every so often would tell me the images in her mind of her sucking the dicks of these guys while I watched her.

After great sex and we were lying there in bed, she asked me if I was serious. I had to think for a moment but then realized she was talking about my comment on her fulfilling her fantasy. I didn’t think she was too serious but thought I would see where this would go. I told her if she wanted to I was all right with her giving someone a blowjob on the cruise. She said that I would get too jealous and she didn’t want to hurt our marriage. I told her that after as many guys she has screwed and sucked in the past that I would not get jealous; as long as her heart was mine a blowjob wouldn’t hurt our marriage. “What if I screwed someone on the cruise?” She asked with a smile. I told her as long as I got to participate I wouldn’t mind. She asked if I was sure and I told her I was sure. We have had similar discussions before, but I could see she was considering it more this time, but I still didn’t think much of it.

On our 3rd night out we decided to go out to the pool. It was late and there were only a few people in the pools. We had a couple drinks and swam for a bit and then decided to hit the Jacuzzi. All of the Jacuzzi’s seemed fairly full with the exception of one. There were only two people in it. So that is the one we decided on. As Laura climbed in I noticed there were two guys in their mid to late 20′s and their eyes watched my wife all the way into the water.

We sat there quietly for a while and then Laura started up some small talk with the two guys. They were both on the cruise because of some network marketing vitamin thing. Sean was a decent looking guy and Brian was… as I later heard… really Hot! So we found out where they were from and that they both had girlfriends who couldn’t come on the cruise.

We talked and had a couple more drinks over the next half hour or so. Laura kept getting too hot (or so she would say) and would sit on the edge to cool down. Each time Sean and Brian didn’t even hide the fact they were checking out my sexy wife. Laura enjoyed the fact that they were looking at her and so she put on a minor tease for them. She got up to sit on the edge; this time taking her time, Laura adjusted her bikini top and bottom, pulling the material away from her butt more than needed exposing a little bit of her shaved pussy. Both guys smiled widely; she gave a little laugh leaned toward them and pulled her top to the sides to expose just the edges of her areoles for a couple seconds, then sat on the edge of the Jacuzzi adjusting her top.

That little show emboldened Sean and he commented on how lucky I was to have such a hot wife. Brian then said Laura looked hot in a bikini and that he’d pay money to see tits. She laughed and teased back by asking, “how much”? He grinned and said he’d pay $50 to see her topless. Then Sean said he’d pay $100 to see her totally naked. With that she winked at me dropped back into the water and untied her bikini top, showing them her boobs just above the water. Both guys were a little shocked that she had just flashed them. She let them gauche at her for almost a full minute while and then pulled her top back up. She put out her hand to Sean and said that that would be $50 bucks and then laughed and said it was on the house.

Knowing that Laura probably wouldn’t take it any further (but I knew she wanted to) I made the comment “damn, I wonder what she would do for $200″. She casually said, “I’d give them a blowjob”. They both looked bewildered. I figured she was just teasing but started to doubt myself when she sat between the two of them. Without saying a word she started to rub their dicks through their shorts. Instantly, both looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders and grinned. When I didn’t protest they both started rubbing on my wife. She was sitting with her shoulders below the water line but I could see their hands all over her body and squeezing her tits. She had their dicks out of their shorts so that she could stroke them. She looked at me and mouthed “thank you” and then went back to enjoying the two hard dicks in her hands.

After a few minutes she moved back from them and then went under the water and Brian had a big grin on his face. After about 30 seconds Laura came up for air and then Sean had a big grin on his face. She did this several times for each guy. Then Laura came up for air and went under again, this time I felt her tugging at my shorts and I received one of the best 30 second blowjobs ever. I could tell she was excited!

When she came up for air she ordered us to put away our dicks and said she would meet Sean and Brian in their suite in 30 minutes and give them a real blowjob. With that she fixed her top, grabbed her towel and left the three of us just sitting there stunned. As soon as she was out of earshot Brian and Sean started to comment on what had just happened. I told them that it has been a fantasy of hers to give two guys a blowjob at the same time and that it looked like she might be fulfilling that fantasy tonight, but added not to be surprised if she chickened out. They started to get out and go to their suite. I asked them what their suite number was. They told me the number and said that they hoped she didn’t chicken out and took off like a couple of high school boys.

When I got back to our cabin Laura was taking a shower and looked a bit nervous. She told me she really wanted to give them both a blowjob but was worried about me. I told her I was OK with it as long as she was. She grinned a sexy grin and said she was, but asked again if I was sure. I reassured her that not only was I sure but that I was totally turned on at the site of her stroking two dicks and her being touched by these two strangers.

A few minutes later she asked what she could do with them, I told her, “whatever you want babe”. With a smile, she asked if that included screwing them too. I told her she could do what ever she wanted as long as I was there to watch. She asked if I was sure and I told her with a big grin, “babe, what’s two more notches in your bed post,” then added that I was excited to finally see my little dick slut in action. She kissed me hard and told me she loved me.

My wife’s excitement grew and she told me how empowered it made her feel when she was stroking two dicks at the same time. How she has always wanted to do that. How she was so turned on to have a new dick in her mouth and how excited it made her with me watching. And how she couldn’t wait to suck 3 dicks in one night and that she just might screw all of us. Then with a wicked smile she said, “Sweetie, tonight your little dick slut is going to be a big dick slut.”

I took a very quick shower, got dressed and we headed on over to their suite. By the time we got there it had been about 45 minutes and Laura was still nervous especially when she debated on screwing them. She almost backed out at one time, but decided she’d only give them a blowjob. I remained quiet the whole time wanting this to be totally her decision, but hoping she would at least give them blowjobs. She squeezed my hand tightly when I knocked on their door.

They offered us drinks and Laura asked for her favorite, diet coke and rum. We chatted for a few minutes and both guys let my wife know how beautiful she was. Sean asked if she were going to give them blowjobs totally naked, then quickly added topless would be fine. The rum was relaxing Laura, she grinned and said, “I was planning on only letting you see my tits… if I get naked I might want to do more than just give you a blowjob.” Both guys looked at me for approval and again all I could do was shrug and say, “It’s her fantasy!”

Looking back at me and with a grin, Laura told me I could only watch… for now.

I saw the change in my wife as she took control and told both guys to sit on the edge of the bed. She turned up the music that had been playing and started to strip for them. She took her time removing her blouse and then pants. My wife was wearing a very sexy black lace lingerie and stripper heels that I hadn’t seen before (and later found out that she had bought them for a special night). She moved slowly in front of them and began removing their cloths. Before long she had both guys totally naked. She gave them each little lap dances and teased them, stroking their hard dicks. She gave me a little lap dance and I could feel the heat from her pussy when she put it up to my face. She teased me for a few more moments and returned her focus on the other two.

Laura went back to teasing her two new friends with her boobs and stroking their dicks. She slid her lace covered pussy over their dicks, then their faces. My wife slowly removed the lace material and was now totally naked in front of two strangers, except for her heels. She walked up to them and pulled them to her boobs. She had both of them suck her nipples and in no time they had their hands all over her body. That didn’t last long; she had them lean back on the bed and she dropped to her knees. Both guys were hard as rocks. Sean was by far the bigger dick, at least 9″ and thick with veins popping out everywhere. Brian was average.

Even though Brian was better looking, Sean’s dick won him major points and got most of her hand and tongue attention. “Did I mention that my wife was a dick slut and loves big dicks?” She says they are fun to play with and has had a few big dicks in the past (A boyfriend named Anthony was 11″+ and as big as her wrist). She was stroking and sucking both dicks for about 5 minutes when Sean said he couldn’t take much more. She went to stop but he moaned it was too late so she sucked him harder and faster and in 5 seconds he came. But to his surprise she swallowed his cum. When he finished she told him she hoped he had more where that came from and he reassured her there was plenty more in him.

Laura went back to sucking Brian and he reassured her he was good for a few rounds as well. Sean climbed under my wife and started to devourer her soaking pussy. He licked her pussy and played with her nipples, driving her crazy. She had her first ever orgasm with 2 guys at the same time. She sucked Brian really hard and he only lasted about 2 more minutes then announced he was going to cum. My wife continued sucking until he exploded and exploded and exploded. She could hardly swallow fast enough. When his jerking ceased and he collapsed on the bed he told her that she is the only one who has ever swallowed his cum and that she had just fulfilled one of his fantasies.

Now my dick was as hard as a rock and I was tired of waiting. I stripped down and put my hard dick in my wife’s face and she just smiled. She sucked my dick like she only does when she is real horny. I told her I wanted to screw her but she sucked harder and wrapped her arms around me. After watching my gorgeous little wife suck and swallow cum from two stranger’s dicks and now watching a stranger lick my wife’s pussy while she sucked my dick, I knew I wouldn’t last long. But I manage to hang on longer than she wanted and I got the usual tap on the leg letting me know it was time to cum, so I did. When I was finished she told me to behave because she was going to screw these guys.

Laura ordered Brian and Sean to lay the bed. She climbed on the bed and stroked and sucked both guys back to life, while she was sucking on Sean’s hardening dick, Brian took his turn licking my wife’s pussy till she came again. She got on all fours and told Brian that she wanted him to fuck her hard while she sucked his friend.

Without hesitating, Brain got behind my wife and slowly inserted his dick and for the first time in 9 years another man was screwing her. And for the first time ever, she was sucking a dick while being screwed and when she looked at me and I could see the lust in her eyes. She did her best to suck Sean while his friend pounded on her pussy into several orgasms. After a few minutes she pulled away from Brian, laid on her back near the edge of the bed and started sucking his dick and told Sean to screw her. She was so wet that his big dick slipped right in and he started to fuck her hard. Within a few minutes she was having another orgasm.

At this point I had had enough of just watching and climbed onto the bed, put my now hard dick in her face and my dick slut took turns sucking both our dicks while we squeezed her gorgeous boobs. Sean said he was about to cum and my wife got on her knees to suck his huge dick. In a few seconds he was cumming down her throat a second time.

Not waiting, I pulled my wife into position and stuck my dick in her wet pussy while she continued to suck Brian’s dick. She had a couple more orgasms and after about ten minutes of me screwing her and her sucking both guys, I exploded inside her.

Laura said she needed to rest and lay on the bed. A few minutes later she announced she wanted to take a shower and went into the bathroom. I put my boxers on, sat in my chair and the 3 of us sat there in awkward silence for a few minutes. I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV.

Laura came out of the bathroom drying her hair and totally relaxed being naked in front of us. When she saw the TV on she just laughed and made some smart remark. She sat on my lap and asked the guys if they were up to screwing her one more time. Both quickly said they were.

My wife told them to lie on the bed and began stroking their semi hard dicks. She stroked and sucked their dicks till they were hard again. Laura told Brian to lie down on his back and she screwed him from on top. He reached up and played with her tits while she sucked and stroked Sean again. Laura has this little twist, slide, thrust move and in about 10 minutes Brian was cumming inside her pussy.

When Brian finished she climbed off him and said she wanted Sean’s big dick inside her for one grand finale. Now I knew what she had in mind. And sure enough, she got on all fours and screwed Sean like a mad woman, slamming her ass into his hips as hard as she could. After about 5 minutes she told Brian to play with her clit. He hadn’t touched her clit for more than 45 seconds when she came as hard as I’ve ever seen her cum and her juices sprayed all over Sean’s dick and balls and drenched the bed. Yes my little dick slut is a squitter!

Not sure what had just happened, Sean started to pull away, but she ordered him not to stop, he put his dick back into her, she told Brian to rub and she went for a second wet and then a 3rd wet orgasm. After this Sean lost it and came deep inside her pussy. My wife collapsed and Sean fell next to her. After a few minutes she said she was going to take a shower. As she walked by she kissed me and said thank you again. Mean while the 3 of us got dressed while both guys went on and on about how freaking hot my wife is.

After a short shower Laura came out with only a towel on her head. She looked tired, but very sexy. Brian and Sean both commented on how gorgeous her body is and that they’d never been screwed like that before. She put on her lace undies and then sat on my lap topless while we all talked for a bit. Laura asked that they not try to find us again as this were just a one time deal. She finished getting dressed and kissed them each good-bye.

As we walked back to our cabin Laura was quiet and kept taking side-glances at me. Finally she asked if I was OK. I told her I was totally OK. I told her I could tell how much she enjoyed screwing 3 guys. She told me she REALLY did enjoy it and that she loved pleasing 3 guys at once. How she felt empowered knowing that all 3 of us wanted her.

We walked in silence for a few minutes and then Laura asked if it was OK for her to screw someone else on this trip. I was surprised… but yet not. I asked if she had someone in mind and she did. I asked if this were something she would want to continue doing when we got home. She grinned and asked if it was OK, because she was thinking about it. I told her I had one rule, I always had to be there. She said, “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

When we got back to the cabin I asked whom she had in mind. She told me about this guy she has seen several times. I had a good idea who she was talking about because I caught her staring at him the other day. But my wife always stares at good-looking guys so I didn’t pay much attention at the time.

Laura started talking about how much fun it would be to suck his dick till he came down her throat and then to screw him till he came in her pussy while she sucked my dick. As she talked about it, she pulled out my dick and stroked it. She had a couple, what she calls “mental orgasms”. She then screwed my brains out and we fell asleep in each other’s arms till almost noon the next day.

The day before our cruise was over Laura had tracked down the guy. It didn’t take my wife long and she had this guy following her back to our cabin. She wasted no time and was soon on her knees stroking, sucking and screwing his dick (though she was disappointed in his less than average sized dick). But she still had fun and had several orgasms while we were sucked and screwed by. By the time my Dick Slut Wife was finished, she had our nuts drained a couple of times.

My girlfriend and I had been dating for a few years, and the sex had gotten a little slow. We were still doing it a lot, but it just wasn’t as exciting as it used to be. Then one night, after a few drinks, that topic came up, and it turned out she was feeling bored with our sex life too. Even though I had been thinking the same thing, that is not something a guy ever wants to hear. We both agreed something had to be done. After talking a little longer she asked me what I wanted in the bedroom, and though I was reluctant to give a straight answer, she finally got it out of me. I told her I wanted to have a threesome with another girl, pretty standard fantasy for any guy. She must have been expecting that, because she didn’t have much of a reaction, not even the “Ew, gross! I don’t want another girl in our bed!” which is the reaction women typically give to that sort of thing.

Instead, she sat quietly for a second, then said, “OK, but I would have to have some conditions.”

I thought about this for a second, then asked “Well, OK, what are they?”

“Well, first of all,” she started, “there has to be something in it for me, too.”

“OK….Like what?” I asked. I didn’t know where this was going.

“Well, another cock would be a good start,” she answered.

“Hahaha” I laughed nervously. “You mean like a strapon, right?” I asked, knowing that wasn’t what she meant.

“No, like another guy, so I get to have some fun too.”

“That’s what I was afraid of,” I said. I didn’t know how to feel about that. Little did she know that I wanted the same thing she did. I had never told her, or anyone else for that matter, but I was a closet bisexual.

I don’t know exactly when it came about, but for many years I had been into guys, and especially into sucking cock. Around the end of high school I started playing with my ass, just a finger or two once in awhile when I was in the shower or jerking off. Over the last several years my ass play had progressed to where I now had a large toy collection, and would play my ass all the time, sometimes three or four times a week, sometimes a couple times a day. I loved it, and had everything from small butt plugs to foot long vibrators that I would ride for hours.

Then, while I was in college I got in a little deeper and decided I wanted to start sucking cock. I had fantasized about it for a long time. I loved getting a good blow job, and watched plenty of porn, and figured I had to give it a try. I went to a few hookup sites online, and spent months looking for a guy worth sucking. It finally worked out and I got to suck my first real cock. I still remember it like it was this afternoon, remember going up into this guy’s bedroom and getting my favorite deepthroat porn movie going on his computer. I was nervous as hell, my heart was going so fast it was about to burst out of my chest. Still not sure if I could get myself to go through with it, I kept my eyes on the video and slowly rubbed my cock through my pants, feeling my cock grow stiff, as my desire to feel a cock in my mouth became unbearable. I reached over and began stroking his cock through his gym shorts, feeling it grow and grow in my hand. My cock isn’t very big, but I’ve certainly seen my fair share in the movies, and this guy was huge – easily 8in, thick and rock hard. I stared down at his cock through his shorts and he stood up, dropping his shorts down to the floor and leaving his beautiful, stiff, shaved smooth cock swinging gently a few inches in front of my face.

He gently touched my head, pulling it toward his waiting dick. “Come on dude, you know you want this dick,” he said.

I took one more look at the girl on the computer screen and saw her smiling devilishly as she jerked the cock and flicked it with her tongue. I knew then i had to have a cock in my mouth, and looked over at the big swinging dick in front of me. I thought to myself, “Well, this is it,” and before I could second guess myself again I leaned in and took the head of his cock in my mouth. He let out a moan of “oohhhh god yeahhhh,” just like I would have if the roles were reversed. I cupped his balls in one hand and began working his cock in and out of my mouth, rubbing the bottom of it with my tongue while gently rubbing his balls. I took it deeper and deeper, pushing it to the back of my throat then pulling it all the way out and playing with the tip, before diving back down on it. He pulled back a few times, grabbing my hair and holding my head in place with one hand while using the other hand to slap my face with his cock.

I went at it for half an hour or so, doing all the things I always wanted girls to do to me when they sucked my dick. I licked up and down the bottom of his dick, starting at his balls and licking up to the head, then changing direction and swallowing his cock as deep as I could, all in one motion. We changed positions a few times, moving around until we found the angle where I could almost get his whole cock down my throat. He started to moan and buck his hips up toward my mouth while I sucked him deep and squeezed his balls. I knew he was about to cum and I wanted to take it on my knees, with him standing up to shoot it in my mouth. I tried to pull off his cock and tell him this, but right as I started to he grabbed me by the hair and shoved his cock down my throat. Surprised, I gagged and jerked my head back just as he let out his biggest cry of “HOOOLY SHIIIIT..AAAAHHHHHH TAKE THAT LOAD BITCH!!” I gladly did as I was told. I finally got the feeling I had been looking for for years, the feeling of a big hard cock exploding loads of hot sticky cum into my mouth. He squirted again and again, and I tried to keep it all in my mouth so I could savor the flavor and the feeling. As I felt the warm salty juice spread around my mouth I knew I had fallen in love with sucking cock and would have to do it again

I stood up and wiped some extra cum and spit from around my mouth while he laid on the bed. He looked up and said “Holy shit dude, that was the best blow job I’ve ever had.”

“Well thanks,” I replied, “I liked it too.”

“We’ll have to do it again sometime,” he said, still apparently too blown away to stand up off the bed.

“Well what are you doing tomorrow night?” I asked. Turned out he was available the next night, and I went back for a repeat. We did it the night after that too. I went from never having touched another guy’s cock to sucking dick and swallowing cum three days straight. I loved it. I loved pleasing him, knowing how good my mouth felt on his cock, and feeling how good his cock felt in my mouth. Unfortunately after that week our schedules didn’t work out for awhile and we lost touch. I lost his e-mail and we never met up again after the first three times.

Now as I lay next to my girlfriend in bed I began to feel like I might get to take a cock once again, knowing it would be infinitely better with her enjoying it too. Of course, I still hadn’t mentioned that we were going to have to share the other guy. The question was, should I tell her I wanted cock too, or just let the scene play out and hope she wanted to see me take cock as much as I wanted to see her go at it with another girl?

My mother and I went downstairs naked. It was only four thirty.

She had an easy, natural walk. Watching her hips sway, and the flexing movement of her ass cheeks, made me fully aroused and erect by the time we entered the kitchen.

Mom took a couple steps into the room before I put my arms around her from behind and cupped her large, heavy tits. At the same time, I began kissing the flesh of her neck and shoulders. My mother’s hands moved between our bodies and fondled my cock and balls. “Would you like dessert first?” she asked.

“Sure,” I answered, not sure what she meant.

Mom puled my hands away from her boobs and crossed to the fridge. She pulled open the door and removed from it a container of whipped cream. She held it up, so I could see it, got a towel from the sink and moved to the table.

Setting the whipped cream on the table, mom set two chairs about three feet apart. Then she put the towel on the table, sat down on the towel and put one foot on each chair. Her legs were widely spread, the lips of her pussy clearly visible.

She shook the container of whipped cream, turned it upside down and sprayed mounds of thick, white, whipped cream on her hairy mound and the lips of her pussy, all the way down to her ass..

Mom put the container down and leaned back on her elbows. She looked at me with a wide, happy smile on her pretty face. “Bon appetite.”

My heart was pounding as I stood between the chairs. I bent forward and licked my mother’s pubic mound, sucking the fluffy cream into my mouth as it smeared over my cheeks and nose. Crouching down, I moved my head between her thighs and licked her pussy’s lips, running the flat of my tongue over her thick, fat labia. I went back to clean her mound, licking and sucking the sweet tasting whipped cream off my mother’s pubes. Lowering my face back to her crotch, I licked her pussy’s lips, letting my tongue slide through her slit and into her cunt. My mother’s hips twisted and turned as she groaned and gasped with pleasure.

A mixture of melting whipped cream and my mother’s pussy juice dribbled down into the space between the cheeks of her ass. I put my hands on the back of her thighs, and pushed her legs back. Her hips rotated upwards, and her ass cheeks separated, exposing her tight, brown ass-hole.

“Oh, Matthew!” my mother called my name as I slid my tongue between the cheeks of her ass. I carefully licked up the melting whipped cream and the fluid that dripped out of her cunt, as my mother rubbed her clit. Without thought, I plunged my tongue into her rectum, making her squeal with joy. I tongued her ass hole, kissed and licked the smooth, slick flesh of her ass crack until she pushed my head away. “Stop, Matthew,” she pleaded, “I can’t take anymore.”

When I raised my head, Mom was breathing heavily, almost gasping for air. She sat up and placed a hand on either side of my face, pulling my head forward. She kissed me, hard and long, her tongue plunging deep into my mouth.

With her tongue and lips, she cleaned the cream from around my mouth and cheeks. Then she kissed me again.

“Lets switch,” she said.

As I sat on the table, my feet on the chairs, mom covered my rod, from base to tip, and my ball sack, with whipped cream. Then, with her tongue and lips, she cleaned me. Slowly, my mother licked and sucked every square centimeter of my cock and balls. She licked the under side of my tool as though it were an ice cream cone. She slid her tongue up and down the sides of my prick then cleaned the top with her open mouth. When she had most of the cream off my cock, she did my balls, sucking and licking my sack clean. And when she was done, she took my cock between her lips.

As she held it in her mouth, I could feel her tongue encircling the head. She pulled back, until her lips reached the ridge of flesh at the base of the crown, then plunged her mouth down on me again.

With her hand and mouth, my mother sucked and stroked my saliva covered cock. Instinctively, I reached out and held her head in my hands. “I think I’m going to cum,” I warned her.

“Uh-huh.” she said, hungrily sucking and licking the top half of my rod as her hand stroked the bottom half. Her other hand was cupping her crotch, fingering her own pussy..

I groaned and gasped as my cum spurted into my mother’s mouth. A tiny drop overflowed her lips but she easily kept the rest of my goo in her mouth as she sucked tip of the crown..

When my orgasm ended, Mom stood straight and with one finger, pushed the drop of cum at the corner of her lips into her mouth. She separated her lips so I could see the pool of pearly white cum, my cum, in her mouth, and then, with a wide smile, my mother swallowed.

She took my head in her hands and kissed me. When she let go, my mother said, “Now, go take a shower and get dressed. I don’t feel like cooking so we’ll go out to eat.”

I took a quick shower and put on a white T-shirt, levis, and running shoes. Mom came downstairs ten minutes after me. Her hair was still in a ponytail but she had put on eye liner and lipstick. She was wearing a pale blue, sleeveless blouse that had a low cut, ruffled neckline, exposing the tops of her bulging breasts and the deep, dark space between them. A blue denim, wrap around skirt encircled her hips and outlined her ass. On her feet she was wearing white, high heeled shoes.

My mother owned one pair of flat heeled shoes, running shoes, which she seldom wore. When she was home, Mom was barefoot. When she went out, to work or to shop or to run errands, she always wore high heeled shoes. Mom owned at least twenty pairs of shoes with high heels.

We went to a pizzeria a few blocks from where we lived. It was fairly crowded and as we walked in, every man in the room, and several of the women, looked at her. I could only imagine what they were thinking. I knew what I was thinking. I couldn’t wait to get home so I could fuck her again.

We sat in a booth eating pizza and drinking beer. My mother was drinking real beer. Because I was only nineteen, I had to settle for root beer.

As we ate, Mom and I talked about many different things, the weather, our jobs, my return to college, but nothing about sex. Though we didn’t talk about it, I couldn’t stop thinking my mother’s tits and pussy, her ass and legs.

It was eight thirty when we got back home. Mom slipped her shoes off at the door and walked barefoot into the kitchen. I immediately took my clothes off. When she came back into the living room, I was completely naked.

“Matt, what the hell,” my mother said, “haven’t you had enough.”

We don’t have to do anything,” I told her, “I just like being naked with you.”

She did not speak but her expression said she was giving in. She unbuttoned and removed her blouse, folding it neatly and placing it on the chair. She was wearing a white cotton bra that held her tits up and together. When Mom removed her bra, her bare, heavy breasts dropped but without sag or droop.

Finally, Mom took off her skirt. All she had on was a pink thong.

She crossed the carpet to the couch. “Aren’t you going to take off your thong?” I asked.

“No,” Mom answered, “Would you like to watch a movie?”

“I have some good porno films,” I told her.

“That’s what every mother wants to hear from her son,” Mom said with a stern expression. Then she smiled and said, “Maybe next time. I’m sexed out.” She put a DVD in the player and we sat down on the couch.

It was a strange, but pleasant feeling to be sitting there with my mother, both of us naked. It wasn’t long before I stretched out on the couch and rested my head on my mother’s bare thighs. Her huge breasts hung an inch above my face and I could not resist licking the smooth, firm flesh, then kissing and sucking it. Mom moaned pleasurably and I felt her hand on my penis.

I twisted my torso and raised my head, sucking a nipple into my mouth. Her breathing quickened as I sucked on her fat nipples and licked the smooth, soft aureolas, while pushing my face into the pliant mounds. Her hand encircled the shaft and began rubbing my hardening cock.

“You really want to fuck me again,” my mother asked.

“Yes,” I told her, “definitely.”

She got up, took my hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom.

“I want you to do something for me,” she said, “something special.”

“Of course,” I said, “what is it?”

“I want you to fuck my ass,” she said, “your father won’t do it for me. He won’t even put his finger in my ass.”

“I’ll do it,” I told her, “I’ll do anything you want.”

I followed her to the bed and she told me to sit down. She opened the bottom drawer of her night stand and withdrew a small bottle. My mother knelt in front of me, popped open the top of the bottle and squeezed a stream of thick, dark red goop onto the head of my cock. With her other hand, my mother smeared the lubricant over the shaft.

“Like that?” she asked.

“It feels good,” I told her, smiling.

“Now you do me,” Mom said, giving me the tube.

She stood up and turned around. Hooking her thumbs in the cord of her thong, she bent over, showing me her large, sexy ass as she slid the thong down to the floor. Moving her feet about twelve inches apart, my mother reached back and separated the cheeks of her ass. “Smear it over my ass hole,” she told me.

I squeezed lubricant between the cheeks of her ass and smeared the goo over her rectum.

“Inside, too,” Mom said.

I added more lube and pushed two fingers into my mother’s ass.

My mother got on the bed, on her knees, with her ass up high and her head and shoulders on the mattress. She moved her hands back and again spread the plump cheeks of her ass apart, exposing her shiny, lube covered rectum.

Kneeling behind her, I put the tip of my cock against my mother’s ass hole and moved my hips forward.

I was surprised by how easily my tool slid into my mother’s ass. She moaned softly as I pushed the entire length of my cock inside her. At the same time, I reached around her body to play with her dangling tits as I began slowly fucking in and out of her ass.

“Faster,” Mom told me, “fuck me harder.”

My cock slid in and out her tight channel. I moved my hands back and gripped her hips as I pounded in and out of her. She started gasping, breathing heavily and groaning loudly.

My orgasm built slowly, the pressure and heat growing more and more intense until I could not hold it any longer. Pulling my mother’s hips back, I held my cock deep inside her as my cum poured into her bowels.

We lie on the bed next to each other, recovering. After several minutes, Mom got up and went into the bathroom. I heard the water running and after a minute, she came back with a wet cloth. Sitting down facing me, my mother carefully cleaned my cock and balls.

“Your getting hard again,” Mom said, moving the warm cloth over my crotch.

“I know,” I said, “I can’t help it. You’re the one playing with me.”

“I’m cleaning you,” my mother corrected me, “and just so you know, I’m done. So, leave me alone so I can take a bath and go to sleep. You really wore me out and I have to work tomorrow. I haven’t had so much sex, in so short a time, for years.”

I sat up, put my arms around Mom’s naked body and kissed her. “Yes, mother.”

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