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With my first day of fucking complete, I couldn’t have been any happier. I had met a gay couple who had given me the best time of my life. Everything had gone so smoothly and I had been transformed into a cum hungry target of all their wants and needs.

The more I found out about my first two lovers, the better it got. Rick and Ken had been living together for about a year when they met me, and had a pretty conventional relationship with perhaps one hitch. Rick was strictly a top while Ken was basically a bottom who had yearnings to be on the other end. So it turned out he wanted more out of their relationship than Rick was able to offer. I see myself strictly as a bottom and this was where I would come in. It didn’t take me long to find out where I fit in and I was more than happy to be the man in the middle, or more precisely, on the bottom. They seemed really excited over the thought of a fresh new body to share. We talked about the ground rules and they seemed fine to me. They didn’t want me fucking around without them and if I had regular access to their tools, I saw no problem with that scenario.

When I told Rick how I had grown to love their cum they promised me there would be no problem filling my needs. When I showed my naivete by suggesting I had done all there was to do in our short time together, they just laughed and said I had a lot of learning ahead of me. I didn’t know what they were implying, but I promised to be an eager student.

Like myself, Rick and Ken were both divorced and they worked together nights at a local gay bar. Ken was also a male nurse during the day at a local hospital. I hadn’t been back to the bar since my first night of oral pleasure with the two of them, but they told me I was welcome anytime, and they would see to it that no one unworthy would bother me there. I sort of got the gist what unworthy meant, but let that slide, trusting their judgement and protection.

I got the impression that both my lovers had pretty tight schedules and I wanted to be a part of them as much as possible. I even told Rick I could come by the bar anytime he wanted for a quick mouthful. Seeing that Ken actually ran the bar and Rick worked for him, that most likely meant I would have to be willing to do Ken also whenever I stopped by.

I told him when there wasn’t time for more, I just wanted to re-live the feeling of him exploding in my mouth. I would save my pussy for the times we’d have together. So, here I was being transformed into a cock hungry slut with my main goal of having my throat filled with delicious cum. I t seemed I couldn’t get enough, but I was going to do my best to get as much as I could.

The next day I got a text mail from Rick at 5 p.m. that said, “opening bar now, all alone, come suck me.” Short and sweet, and I got a hard on while reading it. I dropped all I was doing, and as fast as I could, rushed to the bar, which wouldn’t open till eight.

When I got there, Rick was setting the place up for the evening rush, cleaning tables and putting furniture in its place. I latched the door behind me and went over to embrace him, holding his back with my left hand and sliding my right between the crack of his ass. As I began smothering him with wet kisses, he told me he didn’t have much time, which I understood, so I reached for his crotch and squeezed his balls. As we drifted over to one of the bar sofas, I reached in and felt his semi-hard member. With Rick standing and myself kneeling on the sofa, I hurriedly unbuckled the belt, undid his zipper and his cock emerged from his pants at just the right level. I opened wide and guided it into my salivating mouth.

I closed my eyes and slurped away, sucking and moaning loudly. I seem to have become a noisy cock sucker, making animal-like sounds and groans as I devoured his beautiful joy stick. I couldn’t help myself, it tasted so good and I had to express myself naturally. Rick gently held me by my head and we got into a steady rhythm. His salty pre-cum was intoxicating, and I was becoming light headed from the joy of the pleasure I was getting and giving. I reached down and fondled his balls while stabbing his cock head with my tongue. I sucked hard as his shaft went as deep as I could take it, then swirled my tongue around its beautiful head as it eased out.

I knew Rick was on a schedule, and I wanted this to go on and on, but I knew I had to get him to climax quickly. I yelled out, “Oh lover, you taste so good! Please let me drink your hot cum.” And, as I started squeezing his balls, he soon exclaimed, “Here it comes, baby,” and my reward squirted out in three hugh spasms. I drank it up like a starving puppy. It was so delicious it had me wondering why it took me so long to appreciate the joy of cock sucking.

As I was savoring my lover’s juices, Rick said, “Oh, hi fellas, didn’t hear you come in.” I looked up and there was Ken and another person. They must have entered silently while I was in the height of passion.They were both rubbing their cocks as they approached us and I saw there was work to be done if I wanted my rewards. I said, “Welcome, I…..” as the stranger’s cock went straight into my mouth.

Deja vu? This was just how I met Ken, and now his friend was doing the same thing.

Well, I didn’t have time to think, all I could do was suck away. Right off I could feel that he wasn’t as big as Ken or Rick, yet he was thicker. Unlike most Japanese who have thick, black pubic hair, he was shaved and sweet smelling. He actually tasted quite good and in the back of my mind, I was wondering if he would also taste different when he blew his wad.

Rick had gone back to preparing the bar for the evening rush and I was of the opinion that I’d better hurry before more people show up. I started sucking as hard and as fast as possible and could see the stranger was having a great time. I knew it wouldn’t be a long time coming for him, and Ken was still standing there holding his cock, so I reached up and grabbed it, too.

So, now, with a cock in each hand, I sucked the new fellow till he yelled and shot a load partially down my throat and partially over my face. I lapped it up and it did taste different! But as good as it was, he was finished and off he went without saying a word.

No problem with that, though. I took Ken’s massive cock and rubbed it all over my face , pushing the cum into my mouth as I sucked on his shaft. So now I had one man’s fresh cum and another man’s cock in my mouth. Probably some of Rick’s juice still there too! My mouth couldn’t be happier! I was overjoyed. And I knew in a short time, I would have another huge deposit to join them.

I didn’t waste any time with Ken. Here was my third cock in literally a matter of minutes and I was in a groove. The previous ejaculations had coated and lubricated my throat, and his tool slid in and out with the greatest of ease. The taste was incredible, and the anticipation of more to come drove me to faster and louder sucking. I guess I was improving in my technique since I hardly gagged at all today, I was taking Ken’s cock deeper down my throat and it was incredibly exciting.

Oblivious to my surroundings, I was having a wonderful time. While catching my breath, I told Ken to give me everything he had. I felt him growing a bit, he tensed up, and I was ready. I swirled my tongue around his velvet tip and felt the first gushes hit . My taste buds were rewarded with something impossible to describe. I backed up a little and then an explosion filled my mouth with his wonderful cum. Then the next one hit my face with a force that almost made me laugh! With a huge smile I jerked him off till I got as much seed as he had. Still with a mouthful, and now my face dripping with his cum, I rammed his cock back into my throat, forcing his meat down my palate.

Wow! What a feeling! My face was covered in cum, my mouth was full and I was about to polish off a meal like no other. I yelled in garbled speech, “Give me more, baby,” and sucked him, savored his cum and didn’t want to let go. What a wondrous feeling to have such a large tool in your mouth along with such a massive load! I ran my tongue over my teeth, over the roof of my mouth, and all over my lips. I could feel cum dripping off my cheeks and hanging on my chin. With my right hand, I scooped it up and slid it into my mouth. Ken seemed spent and backed up but I just sat there savoring the moment. His cum was so delicious, and there was so much of it! I insisted on sucking him more, and held him in my mouth, swirling my tongue around his cock head and slurping up his juices as he slowly grew smaller. I just didn’t want to loose that flavor, that feeling of such a weapon filling me up.

I guess it was good that the bar hadn’t opened yet or I might not have ever finished. I had just swallowed three loads, though when you consider Ken’s massive bursts, I could easily lay claim to four. And yet, I felt I could go on for more. Today, the taste of cum was all I needed to sustain me. Well, for today, anyway!

But, the fellas had to prepare for the bar business so I thanked them and told them I’d see them soon. Rick walked me to the door and asked me to come to his apartment the following day. It looked like I was becoming a member of a small group and with that thought, all my worries and cares were quickly evaporating. I bounced home and started counting the minutes till I would be spread eagled and screaming for my master to impale me. I knew it would be something new and glorious.

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