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Nadja Vladimirovna Petrova saw her target enter the office and her heart fluttered in her chest. He was handsome, like the photos in his file, but seemed much taller and more muscular than she had imagined. Seeing a man in a photograph is much different than seeing him in real life, no matter how accurate the photo.

She schooled herself and began the mental exercises she had mastered over the years which allowed her to control her physical reactions to what were usually unconscious responses. Before he finished approaching her desk she was in a positive, neutral frame of mind and ready to “meet” him for the first time.

“Good afternoon sir, may I help you?”

“Well I certainly hope so. A lady as lovely as yourself could be most useful.” He smiled and his craggy masculine face softened and she allowed herself to feel lust bloom inside. She was very adept at looking flustered and embarrassed. It was one of her specialties.

It seemed to work, because his smile broadened and his pupils dilated.

His eyes scanned her face and body taking in her fine, long blond hair, her green eyes and fined boned symmetrical face. Nadja was beautiful, that was why she had been chosen for this mission. Her face and body were sculpted perfection, her 5’7″ frame lithe, nubile and toned, with just enough flesh to keep her from looking too skinny.

“I’m here to see Mr. Blowfield.” He winked at her audaciously. She made herself blush and check her hair quickly, autonomic responses for females when aroused. She looked away at her book and then back quickly letting him see her being flustered and pleased with his attention.

“You must be Mr. Fischer.” Fiddling with her pen she pretended to be nervous while actually taking photographs of him.

“I must be.” He agreed. His suit was impeccable, his hair perfect and his body language utterly casual, no hint that he was a spy here to pry for information from her employer. His file said he was an incorrigible flirt, and he had a history of extracting information from females. Often they had gone out of their way to aid him in escaping death, or supplying him with information. He was cocksure and arrogant, so she was the bait to trap him once and for all.

So far it seemed to be working.

“I’ll tell him you are here.” She spoke in an excellent French accent, hiding her natural Russian, and as she spoke into the phone telling Mr. Blowfield his appointment was here she glanced up and down at her target flirting with him as subtly as she could.

“He will see you right away, Mr. Fischer. Do you care for any refreshments?”

“Depends on what’s on the menu?” He spoke dryly, just the slightest hint of sexual innuendo, and she allowed herself to receive the implication of his offer.

“We can get anything you desire, given some, very few limitations due to time and convenience.” She looked him square in the eye as she spoke, then glanced away quickly right at the end. Then back. She was playing the game as best she could and he loved it.

“Martini. Shaken, not stirred.” Then she opened the door for him and he brushed against her as he passed. Just the lightest of touches and she shuddered and let him feel her slight tremble.

Then he was inside and she left alone.

While she prepared his drink, as requested, she couldn’t hep anticipating the next phase of the plot, which in turn took her mind back to the beginning of this life. The life of espionage.

As a young girl in the Soviet Union, she and all children were screened for aptitudes in various skills that would bring glory to the Republic. Initially she showed promise in dance and so for three years, from five until eight she was sculpted as a ballerina. When she fell behind in those skills it was noticed she had a flare for acting and from nine until sixteen was trained in the dramatic arts.

At some point a member of the KGB saw her perform and pulled her out of her theatrical company and for one month she was assessed rigorously in a series of bewildering tests she had no idea the outcome of.

When she was done, drained and mentally exhausted, she was informed that she was being enrolled in the KGB.

Her life felt torn from her. For eleven years she had imagined a life of public adoration and accomplishment, and now she was informed she would be invisible, unseen and unknown. It broke her heart.

She was taken to a remote training facility in Siberia where she found herself in a dorm with fifty other girls aged sixteen to twenty. The fifteen or so other girls who had just arrived were all tearful and scared, but the older girls made them welcome and within days friendships formed and Nadja, for one, eased into this new life.

Then she had begun her training in weapons, martial arts and controlling her emotions and reactions. Nadja loved this work. The lack of public affirmation was worth the power and confidence these new skills brought out in her.

For two years she was rigorously molded into a perfect weapon. Starting her training with the other girls they had learned how to fight and use weapons. Then they were introduced to the one hundred or so young men in the facility and the training began again with the new differences in weight height and strength.

Then her spy training had taken a turn.

The week after her eighteenth birthday Nadja began her most difficult and specialized training of all.

The art of seduction.

The KGB were well aware of her lack of sexual experience, they had been watching her night and day for years. They had been counting on it.

Now she was initiated into the world of sexual espionage.

Nadja was told to masturbate and explore her passions. She was ordered to explore the things that made her most aroused and to bring herself to orgasm as often as possible. She was given every type of pornography to read, or watch or look at.

For the first time in her life she was indulged and pampered. She was given hours of the day to herself to pursue her sexual awakening. When she wasn’t pleasuring herself, which she found wonderful and delightful, she was taught to do her hair and make-up and given clothes to try on in the hopes of finding the very best ways to show off her body.

Nadja was a toned athletic woman; her training had given her lean, long muscles and a fit hollowed look. Now that she was ready they fed her more and plumped her up a bit. For over a year she was taught how to walk, to talk and to move in the most seductive ways. She still trained at weapons and hand to hand combat, but now she was given elocution lessons and taught accents as well as grooming and poise.

Yet her ongoing quest for the richest inner sexual life was beginning to wear on her. She found herself constantly getting aroused as she worked closely with her male contemporaries. Her sexual appetite grew enormous and she wanted nothing more than to consummate her desires.

As her nineteenth birthday came and went she was taught to control her passions.

Nadja was shown methods of meditation that enabled her to swallow her lust and transform it into a cold deadly focus. She was taught to expose her sexual desire in a cold clinical environment, ordered to masturbate in a classroom full of other trainees, a scientific lab and other random within the secret KGB workstation.

There were numerous high ranking agents there witnessing her embarrassing displays. Before long she was able to reach a full state of arousal and even achieve orgasm in these public performances. Then she was taught to turn her arousal on and off in faster and faster cycles.

By the end of her nineteenth year she could climax in seconds, or utterly shut off her sexual response in a fraction of that time.

At the age of twenty she was finally allowed to take a lover, but it was not a lover in the same sense any other young person would experience. She was paired with another young male agent and they were told to make love. They were placed in a room that had a large bed in the middle and there scientist and army officers observed them as they had their first sexual encounter.

The two young agents were both virgins and as the lights dimmed in the strange bedroom, the people behind glass merely said “You may begin.”

Nadja turned to her lover, a young man she hardly knew other than a face in the crowd, and they reached for each other and began to kiss. In moments it became passionate as they allowed their bodies, and the years of pent up sexual energy to swell.

He was a handsome man, well built, his body hard and toned from years of training, the same as herself. As the kissed their hands began to roam around each other’s sculpted bodies, exploring, hungry to at long last be feeling flesh in ways not designed for combat.

And yet Nadja was aware that this too was part of her training for exactly that. Combat.

When his hands found her breasts Nadja sighed and felt tension seep from her body. She relaxed against him, softening, urging him to continue. In these subtle ways she lured him into making love to her the way she wanted this first time to be. Gentle, caring and compassionate.

That was the plan she had worked out with her trainer.

Her lover began to kiss her neck and Nadja felt tingles all up and down her body as his lips and tongue tasted the length of her neck, her nipples ached to receive the same treatment.

The man’s hands caressed her breasts and then one went lower and began to massage her buttocks, pulling her sex to his. When Nadja felt his hardness pressed to her groove she almost lost her focus. Suddenly she felt more of a woman and less a soldier.

Pressing her sex to meet his thrust she grew warm and wet, her body opening for him even though they were still clothed.

Those clothes, t-shirts and army pants, suddenly felt more restrictive than anything she had ever worn. She reached for his shirt and began to pull it over his head eager to see his chest, to taste his skin.

Even before his shirt was over his head she was licking and kissing his rock hard abdomen, running her hands over his pectoral muscles and groping the meat of his chest. There was a mania to her actions that she was hard pressed to control. She felt the need for more contact with him, she needed to taste his flesh, to imbibe his smell and flavour and while he finished pulling off his shirt and then to remove her own she kissed and licked him all over the chest and stomach.

Pausing to let her shirt pass over her face she passively allowed him to strip her torso and then resume her exploration of his body with her mouth and hands.

When he removed her bra and exposed her compact breasts the air felt wonderful on her aching nipples. His hands pried her head from his chest and he lifted her face to kiss her mouth, their tongues grappling with each other, eager for stimulation.

Then his hands crushed her breasts flat to her chest and he laid his palm across her mounds , rubbing his palm on her sensitive nipples, she moaned into his mouth signaling her delight at being manhandled like this.

Then it was his turn to taste her flesh. His mouth moved down her neck and across her chest to her breasts. He moved quickly, licking and kissing her, but it took far too long before he had a nipple in his mouth and was sending electric pleasure arcing along her nerves.

After months and years of thinking about sex, imagining what it would be like, pleasuring herself in anticipation of this moment none of it prepared her for how good it actually felt to be here with another person.

Her skin warmed and every sensation was silky and special. She wanted to feel everything fully and take her time analyzing how it all felt, but in equal measure she wanted it to be faster, she wanted him inside her now, driving inward and filling her. She had never had anything bigger than her fingers inside her body but she ached for his never-seen penis in a way that went far deeper in her mind and body than any of her imaginings could have foretold.

As her lover moved his mouth back and forth from breast to breast she tangled her fingers in his hair and held tightly, torn between wanting him to stay there forever creating the tingling pleasure she felt and the compulsion to move his head lower to find out what else his mouth could do.

When he did move his mouth lower kissing down her taut stomach Nadja gasped for air, her body releasing tension as she was released from the tight grip of her lust. She slowed her breathing and eased into accepting this bliss, letting it flow through her rather than crush her.

When he began to undo her pants Nadja suddenly felt embarrassed. For years she had been seen naked by many people, observed in every intimate detail of her life, but suddenly she was shy about being exposed before this man. Somehow his opinion of her body matter more than anyone else’s ever had.

She allowed him to remove her pants, but she stopped him when he went to remove her panties. She reached or his pants and when he realized what she was doing he stood still and allowed her to take them off.

As she lowered his uniform she was mesmerized by his erection straining against the material of his boxers. Her face was less than a foot from it and it filled her view spectacularly. As he stepped out of his trousers and adjusted his stance his cock came even closer to her face.

Without thought she reached out and took hold of it through his underwear. It seemed enormous to her, it filled her hands and radiated heat to her chilled palm. She stared at the way her hand looked filled with manhood. Its length was greater than the height of her hand and as she wrapped her fingers around it as far as his boxers would allow. Nadja was stunned to realize that her fingers would likely not be able to reach all the way around him.

Needing to see it she pulled down his underwear.

Seeing a live erection for the first time was both thrilling and oddly mundane. It looked exactly like all the photos and videos she had seen, but this one was for her. She held the shaft and felt the amazing nature of the soft skin and heat. The rigid musculature underneath the silky skin was sending signals to her body making her tremble with desire.

Squatting in front of her training partner she gazed at his cock and stroked her hand up and down the length of him, mesmerized by his penis and all the subtle ways it reacted to her touch. Then after a few moments of exploration and discovering that her partner was also enraptured by her touch, she gathered the courage to begin licking him.

Taking her tongue and letting saliva gather on it she lapped at his head and tasted a man’s cock for the first time. It did taste differently from the rest of his skin in subtle ways and felt very nice on her tongue. Allowing her mouth to kiss his tip she kissed and licked him daintily all around the head and then moved her mouth along his shaft.

The intoxicating combination of sensation on her lips and the reactions she was getting from him made her squirm with pleasure. She was driving him wild by using her mouth on him. His hips quivered and bucked periodically as he tried not to thrust himself into her mouth deeper.

Understanding things were heating up for both of them Nadja opened wider and let him move past her lips and into her mouth.

Running her lips along the length of his shaft taking him into her depths she bobbed her head over him and enjoyed the sordid feeling of having him fuck her face. Focusing on the first three or so inches of his pole she slipped her wet embrace over his tip and the glans under the head and varied her pressure experimentally.

Nadja found that her lover enjoyed a faster pace and more suction and so she did that for a while to see what happened.

His breath grew shallow and faster. His hips bucked rhythmically and he reached down and took hold of her head almost but not quite taking control of the action.

Nadja opened wider and allowed more of him within on the in-stroke. She enjoyed being passive and allowing him to do the work and while she lapped and sucked on his member he humped in and out of her mouth and moaned his pleasure.

They were both aware of what the result of this was going to be and as she sensed he might actually be approaching climax she began to anticipate tasting his sperm. In the videos she had seen the woman seemed to enjoy the taste of cum a great deal so she began to grope his balls and stroke his shaft as it entered her mouth eager to taste his jism.

Before long Nadja felt her lover tense, his entire body grow rigid, his penis swelling in her mouth. His balls retracted and then his warm cum spurted into her mouth. The shot had far more velocity than she had anticipated and she flinched but held her mouth over him. Then more spurts shot into her mouth and she tasted sperm for the first time.

There was no way she could describe the taste accurately, the special chemical flavour both natural and foreign at once. Allowing her tongue to roam over his knob as she swirled the viscous fluid around in her mouth Nadja savored the tang of his cum trying to understand the flavour she now experienced.

Her lover grew too sensitive to her explorations and pulled his cock from her grasping mouth leaving her to fully sample his sperm.

He removed his underwear completely and sat on the bed catching his breath. Nadja looked at him, enjoying the view of his sexy body while swallowing his cum and finding she quite enjoyed the strange taste of it.

He reached for her and Nadja rose and climbed onto the bed as well.

Her lover kissed her breasts some more and then, his intention clear, he pressed her down and licked and kissed down her stomach to her pants. He then stripped her of her clothing and exposed her well-trimmed, sopping wet sex to his hungry gaze.

Prying her legs apart her lover lowered his face to her vulva and began to lick her all over, exploring her folds of flesh and then shocking her when his mouth finally found her clitoris.

His soft wet mouth was nothing like her fingers and she was thrilled by the sensation of his tongue lapping at her slick opening. As he sucked her nether lips into his mouth and slid his lips over her she lifted her hips and twisted and writhed trying to get his mouth where she wanted it, or away from too intense and intimate a sensation.

It was glorious.

After a few moments she felt the beginning tingle of an orgasm. In her mind she considered whether she wanted to continue this experience or if she wanted to hurry up and take him inside.

Just pondering being penetrated made her body shudder with need so Nadja allowed her years of training to push her orgasm to the forefront. She embraced her pleasure whole-heartedly as she climaxed from another person’s attention for the first time in her life.

It was glorious. Easily the best orgasm she had ever felt. Her body trembled and she burned under his mouth, each lick a delightful torment. She felt just then that she had the best job in the world.

When her climax subsided she reached for her lover’s head and pulled him from between her legs and kissed his mouth. This unnamed man had just given her a gift and she happily kissed him tasting herself on his mouth.

His body draped across her intimately she felt his erection press into her leg and she squirmed until she could wrap her legs around his hips and feel him pressed against her opening.

“Now.” She whispered and he maneuvered so that he was aimed at her slippery juncture. He took hold of his cock and pointed it at her pussy, then he slipped the head of his cock along the groove of her sex teasing her unwittingly as he tried to find the way inside.

Gently Nadja moved her hips until she felt him in the right place and he popped inside her opening. They both froze at the new sensation.

Then after a meaningful moment of eye contact he pressed inside her and she felt pried open by him. Her body had to stretch to allow him inside and Nadja relaxed her inner tension as her vagina was filled by him.

The heat and wetness allowed him easy access to her inner depths, her hymen long ago broken by her strenuous activities. As he eased inside her body she shuddered with the utter pleasure of being filled by another human being.

Once he had completely entered her they gazed at each other overwhelmed by the joy of it. She lifted her head and kissed him and they began to kiss as passionately while he slowly eased himself in and out of her soaking wetness.

Time had no meaning as they moved together, two supremely fit people trained to both explore their own pleasure and to be highly sensitive to another’s state of being. It made for amazing sex even for novices such as they.

Nadja relished the feel of his cock sipping in and out of her, and as she groped and kissed him her being felt alive in a way she had never experienced before. Every nerve seemed alive and she couldn’t stop touching him to feel more and more sensation. Her hands roamed over his shoulders, chest and back, she groped his ass as it flexed and clenched while driving his sweet cock deep inside her.

He in turn grasped at her breasts and kissed her face, neck and shoulders. Every-so-often they would make eye contact and smile with sheer delight at what they were doing.

Then once more Nadja felt an orgasm swelling within her body, the tingle of her clitoris and the hunger of her womb over-riding the simpler pleasures of her body. She now had need. The need to climax, to draw from him his seed.

More insistently she bucked beneath him and urged him to fuck her harder and faster. Sensing the change he did as she impelled and soon they were grunting and gasping as they both drove toward climax.

Getting there first Nadja held back the tide of bliss and waited for her lover. The moment Nada felt him tense and his cock swell inside her grip she released her hold on her orgasm and cried out her passion. Inside she felt the flush of her release and the hot flow of his sperm coat her insides.

Arching her back she strained to contain the amazing feeling of being filled by his jism while her body slavered to devour him, her pussy clenching tightly, clinging to him, milking him for his precious seed.

On and on her climax ravished her senses, her mind flayed by pure delight. Her body shuddered and every muscle grew taut with need as she clung to him holding him inside trying to receive every single drop of cum from him.

When at last her pleasure eased back enough to allow her control of her body once more Nadja dropped to the bed spent, and her partner fell across her damp torso as they lay gasping chest to chest, his face buried in her neck.

Far too soon the lights went on in the room and scientist approached and began to place sensors on them and monitor their body functions.

It was a shock to Nadja to be ripped from his embrace, but they grinned at each other as the swarms of officials began to ask questions and probe their bodies.

Once all the measurements were taken the two lovers were whisked away to their separate dorms and dressed.

Nadja was told she had failed in her objective, that the sex had been unfettered and far more heated than she had been told to do. They reminded her that she was supposed to lead the exchange not allow him to take over so much. Nadja was ashamed, but then they told her she had been expected to fail.

“Now your training will begin in earnest. We will teach you how to pleasure a man. You will be shown every trick humankind has learned in millennia of experimentation with sex. After we are done with you no man will be able to resist the pleasure you will provide. No matter what type of sex he enjoys.”

Nadja banished the memory as she entered her superior’s office and brought her current target his martini.

The men broke off their conversation as she entered. Nadja moved gracefully across the floor to Mr. Fischer’s side and handing him his drink. Her higher ups in the organization, which was no longer the KGB, had studied what was known of the women this man found most appealing, including his late wife, and she had been deemed the most likely type to attract his attention.

She had practiced emulating the movement of those ladies that had gone before her and she had adapted her own movements to match. As she bent over him to give him the martini she saw his eyes assess the size of her bosom, which had been enhanced by a push up bra to give her greater cleavage than she otherwise would have. He liked bustier woman than she.

“Your drink sir.” She murmured.

“Everything looks perfect from here.” He quipped and she blushed and straightened.

He tasted the drink and smiled in delight at the taste.

“Excellent mix.”

Nadja acted pleased and nodded to her boss and retreated out of the room. She had purposely made the drink a slight variation of the one his file said he liked best, so as to not tip her hand that she knew him.

Back at her desk she began to grow excited at the prospect of bedding this handsome charismatic man. His file had few details of how best he enjoyed his sex, very few of the women he had slept with either lived, or were available to them for questioning.

That was no problem however, her training was so extensive that whatever his pleasure she could achieve it. Her mind naturally went over the myriad ways she knew to please a man, her comprehensive training yeas before more than adequate to the task at hand.

After her first lovemaking session she didn’t see that man again for some time; however many other men were paired with her for detailed sessions of how to please a man.

First she had been taught a variety of ways to kiss. For weeks she was taught various techniques in kissing and partnered with men ranging from her own age through to eighty. Her future lovers would be many and varied so she was taught how to please them all.

Light feathery kisses, deep passionate kisses; with tongue, without tongue, sloppy and wet to dry and chaste she kissed dozens of men in all these ways. She was taught how to react to their style immediately and to engage her passion and adapt it to these various methods.

Nadja rather enjoyed the mental discipline required to latch her own desires to those of her partner. When a man kissed her lightly and delicately she banked her passion and channeled it deeply inside so that her sex would lubricate no matter how light a touch she was given.

Inversely when a man would aggressively kiss her, hurting her mouth and biting her lips she would release her hold on her passion and let it flare out and get her wet as she either responded in kind to his painful approach or passively accepted his painful attention.

Day after day new men were brought to her, and soon she had kissed every male in the entire facility, something like one hundred and fifty. After a month of only kissing, when asked, not one of her partners were able to state any reaction other than their belief that she enjoyed whatever style of kissing they used. She achieved perfect scores on kissing from all of them.

Next she was taught how to suck cock.

This took an equal amount of time and for a month four hours every day she sucked cocks ranging once more from her own age to men of eighty. She was taught to take control and suck aggressively, to lay back passively and let men fuck her passive mouth; she learned how to lick any level of pressure, to suck here or there, to pleasure the testicles, to ignore them and ever variation between.

Each man preferred his own way of being pleasured and Nadja learned how to read them all. She learned how to be terrible at it, to show a lack of experience, she learned how to be showy and confident, how to be shy and tentative. She learned to gag and hate it when that was required, and how to coax an unwilling member to life if the man was too old.

By the end of that segment of training once again she had been with every man in the complex. She swallowed gallons of sperm and grew to love the taste of all manner of men. She was bathed in sperm as many men loved to see her face defiled by their sperm. Nadja became a connoisseur of semen and could tell how healthy or unhealthy a man was by his flavour. She could tell if he enjoyed savory or sweet foods, and whether he ate meat or was a vegetarian.

By the months end she could pleasure any man to orgasm if he were physically capable and give even those unable to ejaculate the most pleasant of times. She achieved perfect scores from all the men she was told to pleasure.

Then she was taught the art of giving an handjob; how to use her feet to pleasure a man, how to use her breasts to get men off, and other less common methods.

Then she was instructed on how to copulate in a variety of styles. The entire kama sutra was made available and she studied extensively all 64 positions and she tried every one.

She was given lovers of every size and shape to perform these acts with and she was taught how to pleasure all manner of men. Beginning with traditional pleasure seeking copulation she was taught to please men in many ways, moving easily from one style of sex to another with the same man.

She was taught how to delay her pleasure, how to get off quickly and how to read what a man’s desire was regarding her pleasure.

The actual intercourse took months to study and by the end of the year she had mastered pleasurable intercourse with many men.

Here her scores were not perfect, but it was noted that her thin athletic body type was not uniformly pleasing to all men.

After she had copulated with every man in the facility and a few from outside; visiting dignitaries or KGB officers, she was taught to pleasure women.

Starting with one of her sisters in training, a pretty girl named Elena who had arrived here the year before Nadja, she was taught how to do all that she had done to those men, adapting her knowledge to women. A woman was much more difficult to please, but Nadja found she enjoyed this nearly as much.

Elena and Nadja were once more placed in the lab with a bed in the middle and told to make love. They started more tentatively than she had with any partner for some time, both feeling awkward in this their first lesbian encounter.

They hugged and kissed to start, both embarrassed by their inexperience, but soon the softness of female lips compared to men’s grew enticing. Nadja explored her partner’s mouth and found it to be extremely pleasant kissing a woman. More physically appealing if not more mentally exciting.

Soon their hands began to explore while their mouths teased and licked each other. Nadja groped Elena’s breasts, which were slightly larger than her own and she found loved the pliant feel of the tissue, so much more yielding than a man’s, even a flabby man’s.

As she kissed down Elena’s neck Nadja was thrilled by the smoothness of Elena’s skin and the elegant, delicate length of her neck. She missed the rough scrape of whiskers, but the softness was tremendously arousing as well.

From moment to moment there was much more give and take between the women. Where a man was either passive or aggressive, or passively aggressive, with Elena it was a shared journey to achieve arousal and then nudity. They pealed each other’s clothes off piece by piece, taking turns, neither completely leading nor following.

When at last they were both naked they tumbled onto the bed and entwined legs and arms, kissing and licking each other and pressing their bodies together in a smooth, silky embrace.

When she could resist no longer Nadja lowered her face to Elena’s nipples and began to suck the hard points of flesh. The feeling of a larger more responsive nipple was intoxicating compared to a man’s. Some men had very sensitive nipples but none as greatly so as Elena’s. The power Nadja felt as Elena moaned and squirmed under Nadja’s mouth was heady stuff.

When they rolled over and Elena returned the favour Nadja discovered why her friend had been so vocal, a woman’s mouth was softer and somehow more adept at evoking sounds from her. The lick and kiss of Elena’s tender lips made Nadja shiver with desire.

When the older girl moved lower and eventually placed her mouth on Nadja’s sex it was all she could do not to climax immediately. First however she wanted to experience the sensation of being eaten by a female.

Elena’s attention was more focused on all round pleasure, rather than oriented on Nadja’s orgasm as so many men were. Instead the older girl lavished Nadja’s entire vulva with thorough attention and she soon had Nadja sighing with delight.

At long last, when Elena focused on Nadja’s clitoris, Nadja found that she was so far gone she had no will to halt her climax and she exploded in a fabulous release. Her spirit soared out of her overwrought body and her mind deluged with impulses too numerous and explosive to pin down.

When at last she returned to herself she kissed the bringer of pleasure deeply and smiled in anticipation of doing to Elena what she had just had done to herself.

Tasting another woman for the first time was far more intimate than she would have thought. A man’s sex was well presented, obvious and aggressive, but a woman’s was hidden and secret. A lover had to dive in, part her lips and search for her most sensitive part. This was invasive and after her explosive orgasm it felt rude.

But she leaned in and pressed her mouth to that soft pucker of flesh and began to lick both the thicker outer lips and the delicate folded inner lips.

The taste was almost a non-taste, but the hint of musk and the tang of odor, pleasant and natural gave her the sense of flavour beyond what her mouth actually tasted.

The softness of those inner lips, flesh, but like no other flesh of the body, was seductive. They felt so fragile that one wanted to play with them, pull on them with one’s own lips, to lick them and feel the stretch and give of them.

Then Nadja licked under the tiny hood covering that precious bundle of nerves beneath. As Elena tensed and shuddered Nadja felt impossibly naughty. Her power over Elena’s pleasure, the feel of the tight little bud, and the pleasure of flicking her tongue over it was wicked.

After a moment Nadja forced herself to relent and lick elsewhere other than the tiny bundle of nerves. She lowered her focus and delved into her friend’s open ring of muscles leading inside her vagina.

Poking her tongue as deeply inside as she could Nadja fucked Elena with her tongue tasting the stronger flavour of Elena’s nectar now that she sampled right from the source. The trickle of fluid was slippery and delicious, like no other taste she had found.

Using her tongue Nadja scooped the leaking spill from Elena and smeared it around the other woman’s vulva with the tip of her nimble tongue. Dancing her appendage around Elena’s sex Nadja drove her lover mad with delight tasting everything and teasing the spread woman pleasantly.

Then after a time Nadja began to focus more and more on Elena’s clit and inch by inch brought her friend to orgasm. When at last Elena let go and began to cum Nadja poked a finer inside her lover and curled it around to touch the inner wall and attempted to find the elusive g-spot. On Elena it was small and hard to find but as her friend was already cumming it hardly mattered.

Still licking and sucking on Elena’s clit Nadja fucked her friend with a finger and her mouth and made the other woman spasm with bliss.

When they had both spent themselves the doctors once more arrived and tested them and monitored them in the same old routine.

For the next few weeks Nadja was only given woman to sleep with. She learned much about her own body by pleasuring the bodies of other women.

Her preference was for women built like herself, but soon she found she could enjoy sucking the nipples of any breast, the variety of flavours of woman’s vaginas pleased Nadja, and the softness of their skins was ambrosia.

Another month and she had mastered bringing a woman to climax as well and had done so to each woman on the base, some sixty five women.

Then she advanced to kinkier types of sex. She was taught to be submissive and how to endure a beating, whipping, spanking and many methods of masochistic pleasure. Nadja was forced to orgasm over and over while tied in awkward or painful positions. She was flogged while being made to cum. She was tortured with clamps, electricity and burning wax. Her body was twisted, groped pulled and prodded in painful ways for months to ensure she could achieve pleasure from these torments.

As her twenty second birthday came and went she had discovered a deep rooted delight in being humiliated by a lover and forced to suffer for his gratification. She tied her pleasure to whomever was being her master at the time and sought to achieve his or her goals, whatever they might be.

Then she was given the opposite role and taught to dominate men and women. She did all the same tortures to them and found a new thrill in being in control and hurting others. Her skill set was now enormous and she could bring a partner to climax whether through torture or pleasure. Her confidence grew and she spent hours practicing the many ways of sexual congress she had learned.

Next she was taught how to perform anal sex confidently and comfortably. It took little time to adapt all she had learned to this new form of sex, and even this too she grew to love. There was now no method of sexual delight she couldn’t find some measure of delight in. she could orgasm in bitter cold without even touching herself. She could hold off an orgasm indefinitely when told to. She was in total control of her body’s sexual response at all times and she felt like a titan of sexual knowledge.

Nadja’s skills in languages, science and literature were honed as well. Her abilities in combat, cooking, scuba diving and all manner of vehicular manipulation were equally perfected.

And so it was that by twenty three years of age Nadja Vladimirovna Petrova was at last a perfectly trained spy in the art of seduction and sexual espionage.

The intercom on her desk buzzed pulling her from her reverie. She pressed a button and asked “Yes sir?” into the device.

“Our meeting has concluded, please show Mr. Fischer out.” There was an icy chill to Mr. Blowfield’s voice so she knew things had grown tense inside, as they were supposed to.

“Right away sir.” She replied and quickly rose to open the door. She pulled the door just as Mr. Fischer stepped to it and he passed through glancing at her with a pleased look on his face.

“What else will you open for me?” he asked cheekily and passed her far more closely than he had to, the back of his hand brushing her thigh.

“Mr. Fischer.’ She chided in an embarrassed tone.

Fischer went and sat on her desk blocking the leg well. “I don’t think your employer likes me very much.” He stated. She walked over and appeared uncertain as to what to do.

“Mr. Blowfield is not a gregarious man.” She returned as neutrally as she could.

“I would think having such a charming secretary would improve his disposition immeasurably.”

“Perhaps it does. Who knows how cranky he might be otherwise?” Nadja allowed herself to hover near her chair, hesitant to sit so close to her conversation partner. She saw him register her hesitation.

“It is amazing what a calming effect woman can have on a body. I find myself feeling rather tense after my meeting with Blowfield. I could use some soothing. Might I ask you to accompany me to dinner tonight?”

“How presumptuous of you sir. I may already have plans.”

“I have no doubt you do, but for the sake of your boss, and our future relations, it might be best if you joined me tonight. If we can reach a measure of …harmony… would that not in turn inform both our relations with your master?”

“I-I suppose it might ease some tension.” She could feel a palpable charisma in him. She felt it pressing against her being, willing her to do his bidding. Trained to respond she adopted a submissiveness that matched his aggression. Not too much, but like dancers feeling out the first few steps they blended desires together in a tentative flirtation.

“I’ll send a car for you. Will you give me your address?”

Nadja wrote down her address underneath her chosen name Desiree Labelle.

“Desiree Labelle… hmmm seems appropriate, I desire you and you are lovely to look upon.” He took the paper from her and their fingers touched, his warm and strong her’s cool and delicate. “I look forward to tonight. Dress formally.”

And he swept away his stride confident and quick.

Nadja was going to enjoy this mission.

Her first mission had been terrifying.

Every time she went into the field of war she recalled the feelings of her first mission. She felt it grounded her in the stakes of this job, reminded her of her vulnerability. It wouldn’t do to deceive herself into thinking she was perfect at this.

As of her first mission she had still never killed a man. She had been training to do so for ten years now. At twenty six she was a perfectly honed killing machine. She was an adept weapon’s master who could kill with everything from a rolled up newspaper, to a pencil, any gun, edged weapon or explosive.

Her mind was highly trained to process risk, assess a victim’s state of mind, read body language, anticipate attack, and minimize exposure.

She was beautiful, deadly and calculated and yet she was still a novice in the field having as of yet no missions completed.

The first mission she was given was to eliminate an American agent who had discovered a project that her country was setting up in the Middle East. The American appeared to know he had stumbled onto something and was being extremely cautious. Another Russian agent had tried and failed to eliminate the American, so the man was on his guard, hiding.

At this point in the Cold War things were tense and overt elimination had to be avoided at all costs. She was in Libya as Gaddafi was angling to take the country and become a pro-Russian element in the Middle East, a necessity for the oil starved Soviet Republic.

Her handlers in the KGB insisted that she be deployed to draw the man out and get him killed by a mob of anti-American zealots.

Lying on the balcony of her hotel room she felt vulnerable and exposed. In this Islamic country her attire was a religious crime punishable by stoning. She wore a tiny string bikini smaller than what most women would wear in a progressive country at this time and she felt naked.

Her room was low, on the first floor and anyone in any of the many buildings towering above her in the bustling capitol of Tripoli could have seen her laying there. But most importantly the American was thought to be facing down over her from one of the floors above in the adjacent building.

Her transistor radio played American music and every-so-often an American DJ would talk about the war in Vietnam or comment of the latest sporting events going on in the States. The voice would also sneak intel to her via coded messages regarding the perimeter set up around her.

Her target had been spotted and was peering out of a curtain at her. A sniper could have ended things right there but that would have tipped their hand alerting the Americans of their involvement in Libya.

Instead Nadja sat up, looked around for any observers and then removed her top baring her small, perfectly formed breasts.

She then began to rub suntan oil on her lightly tanned skin, caressing her breasts a little bit longer and more erotically than necessary.

She felt certain she had his attention now.

Soviet scientist had long ago done studies that proved that men made poorer decisions when influenced by feminine visual stimuli. Not restricted merely to the influence of women, even the idea of women, images of women or simply the smell, clothes, hair of a woman and any concept associated solely with the feminine.

That had been the genesis of her division in the KGB and was now being practiced by her. Nudity and accessibility should draw this man out if anything would, his mind would no longer assess the risk of exposure as being as dangerous as it had been.

She remained laying there topless for almost an hour before the voice on the radio informed her in code that her target had withdrawn some minutes ago. She dressed in a light summer dress that was scandalous for Libya but sweet and flirtatious for America and she relocated to the café below for some food, acting the tourist.

This went on for three days.

Each day she wore less and less while sunbathing. First topless, then lowering her bottoms over her buttocks, then on the last day pulling them off altogether. She began to play with herself as she lay fully exposed.

Behind her sunglasses she could see dozens of men standing on balconies above her watching her vulgar display. Her music played loudly covering the cat-calls and curses she garnered. She only knew it was happening because of her comrade on the radio.

The American came out onto his balcony for the first time and craned his neck to see all the people gathering both on the balconies above and the street below. Nadja was in serious trouble from the angry Islamic locals.

Finally a pounding on the door of her hotel room penetrated the din of her radio. She stood and put on a robe to answer the door. An angry hotel manager told her she must leave. Behind him other men from the hotel stood ready to evict her.

As quickly as possible, and with no small amount of legitimate fear, Nadja packed under the watchful gaze of six hotel men. She put on her thin summer dress in the bathroom and was escorted aggressively from the hotel.

On the streets below an angry crowd had gathered, stirred up by local soviet spies. The mob was aggressive and ready for anything. Nadja allowed herself to be herded into the middle of the mob and as they hissed at her and called her foul names in their native tongue she staggered about pretending to be terrified and bewildered.

No-one had touched her as of yet, but her fearful demeanor and unwillingness to leave would incite them soon. Her bare arms and legs and plunging neckline as well as her obviously bra-less breasts were going to enrage the Muslims.

Then at last her ploy worked and the American came to her rescue.

The big dark haired man pushed through the crowd and took her arm. She screamed a real scream when she felt his grip and when she saw who it was she hesitated.

“I’m an American. Come on let’s get you out of here.”

“Where?” she shouted over the mob in her American accent.

Here was the crux of her part of the plan. She needed to get the crowd to kill him. The difficulty lay in Nadja getting out alive.

“Let me take you to the embassy.”

“I don’t know where it is.” She cried.

“This way. C’mon.” He took her arm making it plain he was going to lead her.

She turned and behind the American’s back she gave a man on that side of the encircling crowd a locally rude gesture that meant he was a homosexual, one of the greatest insults to the conservative religious men here.

Anger erupted all around that side of the mob. The man she had gestured at lunged for her and pulled her loosely bound hair. It hurt, but not terribly. He let go right away, but Nadja reacted as if he were still holding her and pulled that direction falling to the cobbled street and unbalancing the American.

She dropped her suitcase as she fell and freed up her arms to catch her fall. The American turned back seeing her on the ground and taking in the enraged faces of the men behind him. He was white with fear and for a moment Nadja thought he would flee.

Then he bent to help her up and as he did so she reached for him and lifted a leg. She planted her foot in his midsection and flipped him over her body sending him into the midst of the angriest part of the mob.

The men behind the front row only saw the American suddenly on the ground among the men immediately before them. A frenzy began as these men perceived a threat and attacked the American.

They rained down blows and kicks and he grunted and tried to protect himself. He used martial arts to take out multiple attackers from his prone position but the mob numbers had grown too great and his attacks further enraged them.

As Nadja pulled a hijab from her otherwise empty purse and attempted to don it, she retreated from the pummeling the American was taking. Men hit her and pulled on her clothes as she tried to cover herself.

She became embroiled in a tug of war over her disguise and as the American struggled to save his life she realized she too was in real peril as more of the crowd turned to face her.

The American stopped moving and Nadja was not covered as she had planned. Screaming faces surrounded her, bloodlust in their eyes. Thinking quickly she thought of the only thing that might halt them from beating her to a pulp too. She reached down to the hem of her flimsy dress and lifted it over her head bearing her body to the religious fundamentalists.

As she hoped the men pulled back from the sight of her nudity, the unclean woman an affront to their eyes.

In the scant seconds she had to live before rocks did to her what fists and feet had done to the American she ran. As the mob parted trying not to touch her she saw before her a scooter tipped over on the street where a man had dropped it to join the riot.

Picking it up Nadja straddled it, her naked thighs parted wide, her sex pressed to the cracked plastic seat. Starting it up she aimed it right into the thick of the crowd. She had to be absolutely sure the American was dead.

Driving into the press of men she scattered them with her speed and nudity. Before her the American lay still on the road a pool of blood forming under his head. Aiming the scooter at him she drove over his skull crushing it flatter and sliding in the wet fluid of his life force.

Then she fled through the streets of Tripoli riding naked on a stolen scooter.

She didn’t look back to see if anyone pursued her she rode as fast as the crowded streets would allow, aiming for a bazaar she had visited on her first day.

The market was massive and the rows and rows of stalls would shield even a naked blonde woman for a few moments.

She nearly caused another riot when she sped into the throng of shops and milling shoppers. She let the scooter go and allowed it to run into a press of jewel shops spilling precious trinkets all over the dusty street.

A teeming mass of looters immediately bent to scoop up the spilled wealth and in that confusion Nadja crawled to a rack of hijabs. While a woman screamed at her Nadja dressed in a black covering and shielded her nudity at last.

Once dressed she was able to steal some sunglasses and mingle with the crowd. Within moments she had disappeared into the confusion and any pursuers were lost.

She had made her first kill.

It had been a close thing, her escape far from assured and other missions like that had forced her to realize the lack of care the Soviets had for their agents.

And so when Blowfield had approached her a couple years later and asked her to come work for him she had agreed. She had subtly said her goodbyes to her few friends and then with Blowfield’s help she had faked her own death and disappeared.

For the last three years she had been working with Blowfield aiding him in his organization’s aim of controlling the world through manipulations and a weakening of the major powers leaving a vacuum for them to fill.

Now it was her aim to kill the man most responsible for impeding those aims.

Dressed in a nearly transparent sequined evening gown that had spaghetti straps around the neck and a peek-a-boo centre to show off the swell of her breasts down the centre she was essentially naked while covered from ankle to collar bones.

Her nipples poked out the material and the dark of her areola were just visible behind the sequins. He back was bear down to the the middle and her hair cascaded down to cover the expanse of bare flesh.

Her subtle makeup made her face glow with health and seem flushed with excitement. She was the height of Parisian elegance and sex appeal. More than beautiful enough to catch any man’s eye.

Yet when she saw her target it was she who felt weak in the knees. He looked so handsome in his tuxedo and his animal magnetism caused her stomach to flutter as he kissed her wrist in greeting.

“My dear Desiree you look ravishing.”

“You look very handsome yourself Mr. Fischer.”

“Call me James.” He grinned.

They ate a light dinner and drank a fabulous wine she had read about in his file but never tasted. Subtly he probed her about her employer and she answered distractedly, playing the role of a woman being seduced and not wanting to talk about work.

It seemed to her that any woman who was in fact innocent would hardly notice his investigating her boss. Nadja played as innocent as she could, while maintaining the idea that her character was intelligent yet not initiated into the secret organization behind the front Blowfield hid his true ambitions behind.

He took her dancing and his hands on her body as they whirled around the floor made her yearn for more. She informed James that she occasionally traveled with Blowfield, but that he never took her when he went to his Asian holdings. She longed to see Asia, she sighed. She teased him with information masquerading as a jealous employee.

Nadja, trained to do so, could sense when James was getting the information he wanted. She used that same training to feed him the knowledge that she was more than willing to go to bed with him soon. Overlaying all her manipulations she kept herself consistently sexually aroused. In fact he made it very easy to be squirmingly horny.

Occasionally she felt his erection pressing into her belly.

“Oh James.” She sighed when he did so purposefully. She pressed back and enjoyed the size implied by the bulge there.

“Shall we continue this elsewhere?” he whispered into her ear.

“Yes, please.” She cooed.

As soon as the door to his suite was closed her target was slipping her dress off her body, the nimbleness of his fingers getting her even more aroused. Already she had been pleased to intuit through his behaviors that this man drew pleasure from giving a woman pleasure. She read in his actions a dominant man who reveled in his desirability to woman. The file had said he lost his parents early and had been raised by his aunt just as he reached puberty.

Somehow he had fixated on pleasing women, she suspected because of the aunt. Whatever it was, she perceived in him an insecurity with women that he battled by overcompensating in his need to seduce any woman he wanted. For him the conquest and complete satisfaction of a woman was a powerful totem that he used to buoy up his low self-esteem.

That all meant that tonight as they made love she was free to give herself over to pleasure and allow herself to orgasm as often as she liked. The more she did the better he would feel and the lower his guard would be.

As he kissed his way down her neck and then to her breasts she trembled with passion. His mouth was so good. He kissed better than any man she had ever been with. It would appear that he deserved his reputation as an excellent lover.

As he took her nipple in his mouth she whimpered. It was involuntary, his perfect application of pressure, moisture and heat sent a shock of bliss from her breast right to her clitoris.

An eternity passed as his mouth ravaged her breasts. Time had no meaning as he brought new facets of pleasure to her that went beyond anything she had learned in her years of training.

Gaping, moaning and sighing she clung to the door-frame as she almost staggered under the delightful onslaught that was his worship of her breasts.

His skill lay in the pure joy he took from tasting her breasts. His utter love of the female form- not just hers, this was in no way personal- came through in every lick and kiss. He was a connoisseur of breasts.

Her assessment of him was that he wanted to be the one to end this, so she leaned back against the door and submissively endured what amounted to pleasurable torment. No doubt that was his wish. He wanted to master her and force her to succumb to his skill.

She happily did so, slowly, achingly she slithered down the door as he ravished her breasts with his hands and mouth.

Then when she was seated he pulled her legs and slid her along the hardwood floor. His mouth lowered and even here he made her purr with contentment as he gave homage to her flat toned belly. His lips and tongue consumed her soft flesh and dove into her belly button making her quiver with lust.

Then, as her body tensed with impatience for the ecstasy it now anticipated, he placed his mouth on her sex.

Even as he began his first few expert licks Nadja allowed herself to cum. Her body wound as tight as a bowstring arched back and her legs opened as far as they could. Her arms pressed back into the floor sending her breasts skyward, her head twisted back and forth as her mouth opened in a silent scream.

Pleasure more intense than anything she had yet encountered thrashed along her nerves and scourged her body with lashes of tingling gratification. Her brain shorted out, thought scoured from her skull and the emptiness refilled with rapture.

On and on this deluge of delight washed over her drowning her in a sea of euphoria. He would not lift his mouth from her opening, refused to release her from the iron grip of his benevolence. Torturing her with his mastery of cunnilingus he enraptured her, enthralling her with his tongue.

She was utterly subjugated by his skill and her being was wracked with elation writhing around the floor seeking escape from the unstoppable gift of his tongue.

At long last he tired of chasing her across the floor. It ended just before she was defeated and forced to end her pleasure using her training in shutting off her climax. She had been gathering her scattered awareness and was preparing to end the torture when he stopped.

The effort of so many orgasms left her spent and damp on the floor her chest heaving from lack of air, her throat raw from screams she didn’t remember uttering.

Her enemy left her limp and newborn-weak on the floor as he stood and took off his jacket and tie, unbuttoning his tuxedo shirt and gazing down at her.

Nadja was barely able to focus on him towering above her, and he seemed to be gloating as he undressed himself. Her mouth was dry and her head spinning as if she had been drugged.

When he pulled off his pants and underwear her dry mouth suddenly filled with saliva as he exposed the most beautiful cock she had ever seen.

Her experiences were many and varied. In her years of training and of service since she had encountered over two hundred penises of all shapes and sizes; from massive to miniscule. She had seen erections that repulsed her and ones that made her crave them, and yet none had been as aesthetically pleasing as his.

It was big, but not massive; perhaps seven to eight inches long and thicker than her wrist. The head was a gorgeous shade of dark pink, looking healthy and perfectly in proportion to the length and girth of the shaft.

The shaft itself was veined in a delicious mix of bumps and shadows giving an air of both strength and vulnerability. There were neither too many nor too few.

Early autumn and the first of the cool air made its presence felt in the neat two storey house on the quiet suburban street.

Kate had just returned home from dropping the kids off at her parents for the weekend in the first step in the seduction of her husband leading up to their tenth wedding anniversary on Saturday.

She carefully locked the house and began to make her way up to the large bathroom on the second floor, grabbing a bottle of Chardonnay and two glasses on the way.

As she passed the front door she removed and dropped her light jacket onto the plush carpet. This was followed by her blouse in the hallway and her skirt at the foot of the stairs. Halfway up the stairs she wrapped her black lace bra around the banister railing and she draped a pair of stockings over the handrail at the top of the stairs. She knew Mike would follow this trail with great anticipation, as he had only today returned from a one week trip interstate and would be ready for a night of love making after being separated for such a long time.

Kate paused at the bathroom door, clad only in her red satin g-string. She could feel the moisture between her legs as her own sense of excitement gradually built. She slowly rolled the damp panties down her long smooth legs and gently placed them at the doorway, ensuring the very noticeable wet spot was prominent for Mike’s attention.

She then closed the door, placing the wine and glasses in a prominent spot near the bath. She poured a generous amount of bath salts into the bath tub and began to run a nice hot bath to relax in. While the bath was running she stood in front of the full length mirror and studied her 34 year old body with a critical eye.

She had always been athletic and had looked after herself with diet and exercise. Her shoulder length brown hair was shiny and thick and surrounded a face that, whilst not classically beautiful, was attractive with a sensuous mouth, slightly upturned nose and deep brown eyes. Her gaze fell to her tanned 34C breasts which still stood firm on her chest, the light brown nipples standing erect due to the combined cold air and sexual tension. Her eyes continued their downward travel, over her smooth, brown stomach to the trimmed thatch of soft hair leading to her sensitive vagina.

Kate spread her legs slightly and arched a little to reveal her now quite wet pussy lips which had parted like the petals of a flower in anticipation of receiving Mike’s rock hard penis. She turned around to study her firm arse and was pleased with overall attractiveness of her body, which still commanded attention on the topless beach she frequented in the summer months.

She turned off the taps and tested the water with a toe. Finding it to her satisfaction she slid under the bubbles and luxuriated in the warm feel of the liquid washing over her cool body.

She knew Mike would be home any minute and began to gently play with her body in anticipation of their love making. She arched her body slightly so that the still erect nipples showed just above the layer of bubbles. She gently massaged each breast and tugged playfully at the erect flesh before raising them to her mouth and giving each a lick and a nibble which sent slight spasms down her entire body.

With one hand still massaging her soft breasts the other began a journey down her stomach to her pleasure garden, unseen under the copious bubbles. She ran a finger down both sides of her pussy, which caused a small involuntary jerk, before taking the outer lips between thumb and finger and massaging gently. She could feel them puffing up slightly and her sense of excitement rose to a new level. She deliberately avoided her swollen clit and lightly stroked just inside her wet cunt. She wanted to maintain the tension and keep her first orgasm for when Mike was providing the pleasure.

She smiled in dreamy anticipation when she heard the car door then the front door open and close. Mike called out: “Kate, where are you. I’m home and ready to race you upstairs and screw you all night.”

Kate didn’t move, waiting for him to find her discarded clothing.

Mike called out again as he moved into the house: “Kate, are you hid…….” His sudden silence indicating he had found her jacket or blouse and would now be following the trail to paradise.

Mike suddenly started whistling and then called out from the bottom of the stairs: “I think you have lost something and I know exactly where you are. You can’t escape my love stick and I am coming up to beat you with it.” He recommenced whistling as he climbed the stairs and Kate was suddenly short of breath and her body tingled as the next episode of her plan began.

He stopped whistling when he reached the bathroom door and Kate heard an appreciative groan as he found her panties. Kate could see the door in the mirror and watched intently as it slowly swung open and Mike stepped through, completely naked, with her G string draped over his erect seven inch cock, hiding it from her view.

Kate said: “Hullo lover. I hope you have been saving yourself because I am so hot tonight.”

Mike removed the red material to reveal his hard cock and large cum filled balls. As he moved towards Kate she noticed how his shaft moved from side to side, as if trying to sniff out her pussy juices which were mingling with the bath water in copious amounts

She had not turned around and Mike leant over her from behind, gently massaging her shoulders. His large, strong fingers worked their way down to her breasts and erect nipples. Cupping each breast in his hands, his fingers gently squeezed and pulled the large nipples in a way he knew would excite Kate.

She slid down into the bath, holding his hands in place on her breasts. This forced him to bend over and kiss her full lips on her upturned face. Her arms wrapped around his neck as their tongues met. She sucked his hot tongue into her mouth and sensuously worked her lips along it.

As their tongues encircled each other, Mike’s fingers squeezed Kate’s hot breasts ever harder in excitement. Kate lowered her arms allowing her soft fingers to gently run over the back of his neck and down his strong muscular back to the top of his tight ass cheeks. She gently squeezed the two taut globes as he was squeezing her two taut globes.

Kate knew that Mike had not masturbated since their last love making session and this meant that his testicles would be heavy with hot sperm. This also meant that he would not be able to hold back for too long but he would not take long to again become erect. Kate had decided that she would first do something that she had not done since their very early days – she would suck him off.

Reluctantly taking her tongue out of his hot mouth she pulled his ass towards her. This made him release her aching breasts and pull away from her searching lips as he slowly stood up.

Kate arched her back slightly as her head rested on the edge of the bath. She continued to pull Mike towards her until he stood directly above her flushed face. All Kate could see was his huge cum filled balls and his thick cock thrusting into the air.

Her tongue darted towards his balls, which were only inches away. As it licked at the bottom of each one Mike stiffened and let a soft moan escape his lips. Lifting her head slightly, Kate took one sack into her mouth and gently sucked which caused his purple-headed shaft to jerk in response as if seeking a warm pussy to bury itself into. As she released this ball and gently nibbled the tight skin he took her head in his hands and moved her experienced mouth up towards his cock.

His tight scrotum rested on one cheek as she continued to nibble the area where his penis joined his cum factory. She could smell his male odour, which excited her even more. She had forgotten the smell of a man and how soft his stiff rod could really be on her hungry lips.

Her wet mouth slowly moved along the ridged channel on the underside of his straining cock. As her lips sucked and nibbled their way to the purple head Mike was straining to hold back the torrent of cum welling up in his balls. Kate reached the back of the circumcised head and nibbled at the join to the shaft then flicked her tongue along the bloated ridge which lead to the ultra sensitive head. His cock was so stiff that she could only continue along the underside while remaining in the bath. As she neared the soft tip she felt her chin go damp with precum which was dripping from the glistening opening. Her tongue again flicked out and tasted the salty liquid before parting the large entry in an effort to lick him dry.

This caused him to stiffen his whole body and she knew he was not far from releasing his built up tension. Kate continued sucking the underside of the swollen cockhead, which jerked up and down as if attempting to escape its tormentor. As Mike began moaning in ecstasy Kate moved her mouth rapidly up and down the reddened shaft, from the dripping tip to the swinging balls.

Suddenly Mike stiffened and Kate felt his swollen balls lift towards his cock as they began to pump out his love fluid. She felt the thick cum travel along his shaft and saw the first strand explode from his enormous cockhead. As it flew towards the bath she raised her body out of the water and felt the hot sperm land across her trimmed pussy fur and over her engorged pussy lips.

Three more of the sticky strands added to the first and others landed over her soft belly and quivering breasts as his initial rush slowed. With her head again resting on the bath edge she could see that the spurts had slowed and the remaining cum would continue to drip onto her tits and neck. Moving her head forward slightly she caught one thick drop in her mouth and moved toward the now softening cock which he held in one hand. Her tongue licked at the white fluid still flowing from the opening before her mouth enveloped the hot flesh. As she proceeded to suck him dry her hands ran over her body spreading the thick juice over her taut nipples and into the folds of her wet cunt.

Mike ran his closed fist along the length of his now half-erect cock and squeezed the last of his creamy juice into his wife’s sucking mouth. Fascinated by the sight of his cum spread over her body Mike withdrew his penis from Kate’s soft lips and gently kissed her, tasting some of the cum still lingering in her hot mouth.

Kate swallowed his offering and then swung around to kneel in front of him. She took his softening shaft into her mouth until her lips stopped at his wiry pubic hair and slightly swinging balls. She milked him dry before releasing his soft cock and stood up to embrace him in another erotic kiss. She pulled him hard up against her, feeling the heat from his reddened phallus warming her stomach just above her swollen clit and his cum spreading over both their bodies in their passionate embrace.

Their tongues intertwined while their hands explored each others body, Kate lightly scratching his back and Mike massaging her arse cheeks. They reluctantly separated and Mike nibbled on one of Kate’s ears as he whispered: “I needed that and now it is your turn to enjoy my tongue and mouth while I let my cock recover for more action.”

Kate trembled in anticipation and breathlessly cried: “Don’t take too long to get to my love garden because I can’t wait much longer and I want to come over you as you did to me.”

Not needing any further encouragement Mike worked his way down her neck to her tanned breasts and the large swollen nipples. While his fingers alternately massaged one breast and toyed with the erect nipple his tongue licked the other and gently bit the smooth, soft flesh.

With Kate now moaning in ecstasy he gently pushed her to the end of bath and made her lie on her back across the small shelf under the heat lamp which she used to keep her tan in winter. Mike pulled her slightly forward so that her feet and legs were in the bath but her upper body was splayed across the shelf.

He knelt in the still warm water and raised one of her feet to his mouth to suck and nibble on her toes. He then brought the other foot to his mouth and while giving her toes a mouthwash pushed back slightly so that her legs were spread wide apart.

In this position he could now see her reddened pussy which was dripping love juices into the bath water. He studied the outer lips which were parted to reveal the inner flesh and the pink entry to her centre. Each slight movement of her body caused the lips to slightly open or close, as if beckoning him to plunge his hardening phallus in to the hilt. At the top of this wanton arrangement stood her erect clitoris, jutting out from its small hood like a mini cock.

While tempted to fuck her immediately Mike knew that he could extend both their pleasure by using his mouth and fingers to bring her to her first orgasm for the evening.

He released one leg and began kissing his way up the other towards the soaked cunt. He paused to gently kiss behind her knee and to allow himself to get a closer look at this erotic sight while considering his next step. He decided to tease her slightly and ran a finger lightly along the flesh next to her pussy up to her brown pelt, down the other side and along the skin between pussy and arse.

As he started for a second time Kate moaned and raised her arse so that his teasing finger lodged into her wet cunt. Mike moved the finger slowly up and down between the swollen lips which caused Kate to writhe even more and call out: “Mike, please suck me off. I can’t stand it any more!”

In response he nibbled his way along her inside thigh until his tongue was licking the edge of her pussy lips. Removing his soaked finger he ran his tongue along the bottom of her cunt, tasting her love juices as they ran down her arse crack into the bath. As his moist finger toyed with her puckered arsehole he kissed his way along the entry to her cavern which caused her to buck and push herself against his mouth. Her breathing had quickened and he knew she was close to cumming, so it was time to push her over the edge.

He moved his mouth to the stiff clit and sucked it between his lips. His finger entered her arse at the same time and Kate screamed in ecstasy as she came for the first time. Mike released her pulsating clit from his mouth and began to squeeze and rub the still stiff mini cock with his other hand. He then began sucking and licking her pussy until Kate again screamed out as her body tensed up in another orgasm.

Mike continued fucking both her holes with his fingers until her orgasm subsided. He knew that she was now ready for more and let his fingers slide from her pleasure holes. Moving his mouth to her dripping pussy he flicked her swollen lips with the tip of his tongue causing another small jerk from Kate in response. His experienced tongue parted the swollen lips and searched between the many folds and crevices, licking out her flowing juices. As he continued to tongue fuck her wet cunt she began to gently move her hips, forcing her hot pussy into his face.

Kate began moaning as she headed toward another orgasm. Her humping increased as Mike inserted a finger to join his tongue with both moving in and out at an ever-increasing rate. Suddenly Kate screamed in ecstasy and lifted her hot body into Mike’s face. Knowing that this was the time to keep her at a peak Mike withdrew his tongue and ran the tip over her swollen clit. Kate writhed in pleasure as his tongue circled her mini-cock while he inserted two more fingers into her wet pussy. While his fingers pushed up inside her cunt searching out her pleasure spots his mouth covered the top of her hot cunt lips and sucked her throbbing clit into his mouth. Kate’s entire body stiffened as his tongue licked the swollen piece of flesh trapped between his sucking lips. She grabbed his head, pulling it tightly into her soft body, while pleading with him not to stop.

After a number of climatic jerks her body began to relax and she allowed him to release her sensitive love bud. Removing his fingers from her soaking wet cunt he slowly kissed his way back up her body while his hands gently massaged her swollen breasts. He stopped on his way to give each nipple a gentle suck and continued kissing his way up her neck to her parted lips. They gently kissed with a soft passion as Mike lowered his body onto Kate.

His cock had swollen to its full length and came to lie along her soft belly while his balls tumbled over her sensitive clit. Mike moved his body down while their searching lips remained locked together. Kate wrapped her legs around his hips, which brought her still dripping cunt up to meet his hard rod. He felt his soft balls fall away from her body as the length of his shaft was encased in her soft pussy lips. His cock head lay across her clit and Mike moved slowly back and forth, fucking it into life again.

Kate began to move in time with Mike, soaking his hot shaft in her juices, which poured from between her soft lips. Suddenly arching her back, her pussy wrapped itself around his cockhead and her legs pulled him deeply into her. She allowed him to slowly pull his cock almost out before forcing him to enter her right up to his balls. This continuing motion caused his shaft to rub along her clit making Kate increase the tempo of her pussy sliding over his hot rod.

Knowing she was about to cum Kate forced Mike to stop deep inside her, trapping him between her strong legs. As the tension continued to build inside her she rotated her pussy around his straining cock so that her clit rubbed against his wiry hair. Suddenly she convulsed in ecstasy, screaming in release as her pulsating cunt sucked at the engorged head of the pleasure tool inside her. Her body spasmed in pleasure as she felt his cockhead expand and fill her cunt with his hot creamy jism.

Mike half collapsed onto Kate’s soft body as the last drops of cum were squeezed out of his slowly softening prick by her still sucking pussy. Uncurling her legs from around his body she slowly began to slide back into the bath. Cupping his arse with her hands she forced Mike to stay where he was as she slid under his sweat covered body.

She felt his now soft penis slide out of her soaked cunt and give her clit a final tingle as it slid over her pussy hairs and up her soft belly. As she slowly sank into the tepid water his cock left a trail of cum along her body until it fell into her hungry mouth. Kate cleaned the source of her pleasure with her tongue before allowing Mike to join her in the now cool bathwater.

Mike poured another glass of wine while Kate ran some hot water, knowing that she would be able to get him hard enough for one more fuck in their pleasure tub before too long.

With the water now warmed, Kate took her glass of wine and sat between Mike’s legs lying with her back against his chest. As they drank in silence Mike gently fondled Kate’s breasts, keeping her nipples hard in anticipation of more fucking. She could feel his soft cock lying along her arse crack and knew she would need to use all her talents to get it hard again.

Pulling Mike into the middle of the bath she turned around to kiss him deeply while sitting on his lap, with his shrunken cock nestled along her arse crack. As their tongues wrestled with each other in ecstasy, Kate slowly and gently moved her body back and forth, rubbing her hard tits along Mike’s strong chest and her soft arse cheeks along his still limp member.

Kate lifted herself off his lap so that her breasts covered Mike’s face. His lips sucked the soft flesh into his hot mouth while Kate fed him first one large nipple then the other. While Mike feasted on her hot flesh his fingers gently rubbed along the engorged folds of her spread cunt as she kneeled above his hard body. As his fingers slowly squeezed the wet lips, parting them for further entry, she felt the excitement beginning to build again.

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