cum shot

It was then that the wave of guilt washed over me. I should have said goodbye right then and there. I should have pulled up my pants, tucked my dick back into my undies, told her it was a big mistake and gone home to my wife.

If Shannon agreed never to talk about it…. it could, NO, would remain a secret.

That’s what I should have done, but I didn’t.

I was caught up in the thought of my rock hard dick inside this cute little pussy. All day long dirty thoughts had flooded my day dream, my hands in her hair as she sucked my cock. The look in her eyes as she sucked my balls & her warm firm tongue poking inside my arsehole.

This was all a bee’s dick away from becoming a reality.

I couldn’t walk away, so I moved behind her and started nibbling on her neck.

“I want you to fuck me with your mouth Dean, to put your tongue in my beautiful little pussy and make me cum all over your face. But first I want to lick your fingers and taste my pussy.”

Softly and slowly I slid the flat of my palm across her stomach and down towards her beautiful little honey pot. When I reached my destination, I slipped my fingers insider her; Shannon gave a whimper and her cunt clenched hard around the two fingers currently curling inside her. As I continued to lick all over her neck and tickle her cunt with my fingers, her juices poured out, beginning to run down her inner thighs.

I took two steps back bringing Shannon with me, before removing my fingers from their new favourite place. Shannon whimpered in unhappy protest. I ignored her protest and simply grabbed both of her hands and placed them on the counter in front of her, effectively forcing her to bend over. When she began to protest and turn around, I grabbed her by the hair on the back of her head, leaned over and whispered, “Be a good little girl and stay.” Shannon whimpered, loving it. She nodded. She was rewarded with a squeeze of her beautiful arse cheek.

Shannon felt me drop to my knees behind her and nudge her feet further apart, exposing her luscious lips to me. I ran a single finger along her slit, collecting some of her juices just like I would a completed tub of ice cream — I couldn’t waste it! Abruptly, I stroked each of her bum cheeks and gently spread her apart. Shannon grabbed tightly to the countertop for balance as she went up on tippy toes. Without warning, I leaned forward and ran my tongue from her puffy lips to her cute little brown rosebud. Shannon gave a lusty gasp “MMMMM that’s nice keep going, eat my little bum bum!”

Ignoring her cunt (for now), I leaned in and began to vigorously eat her arse. I began with several long, thorough laps of her entire bum crack, pausing minutely every time I passed her tight little hole. Shannon was squirming, trying to get me to give her more. I complied with her silent demand and began lapping at her arsehole, flicking back and forth and rimming it before forcefully fucking her bum with my tongue. Shannon relaxed allowing me to push my tongue further into her sweet tight little hole. I spent several long minutes’ tongue fucking her, pushing in as far as I could and swirling my tongue around. Shannon was grinding her cute bottom onto my face as she moaned and groaned, begging incoherently for more. When I pulled back from her arse I noticed a little puddle between her legs where her juices has fallen. My dick throbbed at the sight — I was proud, knowing I’d gotten her so excited.

“Oh please don’t stop. Please make me cum, I need it so bad,” Shannon begged as she rotated her hips in my face. I acquiesced, sliding two, then three fingers into her drenched pussy, meeting little resistance. Slowly I formed a plan. I would continue to finger fuck Shannon as she whimpered and sobbed from pleasure – as soon as I felt her approaching orgasm I would pull out.

And pull out i did.

“No!” Shannon moaned, but her protest turned into a smile and I positioned my tongue in front of her so that I could lick her firm little clit. Shannon swung a leg over my shoulders forcing my head back. She slowly sank down onto my face. My mouthy opened wide. I clamped my lips around her swollen pussy and shoved my tongue into her hot little pussy. She grabbed my head and ground her pussy hard against my face as I licked, sucked and slurped her sweet nectar.

I suckled hard on the little button; flicking it with my tongue. While my mouth was glued to her throbbing cunt I reached up with both hands and began to stroke and caress her nipples. After several moments of this play, I felt Shannon’s clit get incredibly large and hard moments before she tossed her head back and panted out her orgasm. I released her nipples and grabbed onto her hips to hold her in place as I continued to suck her clit, milking her for every last drop of cum that flowed from her beautiful pink cunt. Finally Shannon begged me on a sob,

“Enough, baby, I can’t take anymore.”

“You sure do know how to eat pussy. I bet Beth just loves your tongue, doesn’t she? I’ll have to compare notes with her sometime. Now we’re going to fuck.”

I should have stopped things right there but my brain was frozen. Shannon slowly squatted over my cock and guided the tip to the lips of her swollen pussy mound. She held my meat in her opening, moving it back and forth along her slit and across her clit. She finally let go and sank down on my shaft. I watched it slowly disappear into her body until it was stuffed all the way up her inside her. The line of infidelity had been crossed.

She held me deep inside her belly, moving slowly back and forth and using her well trained pussy muscles to squeeze my dick. She finally lifted up my length until my knob was barely inside her pussy, and then came crashing down, impaling herself on my pole. She did this again and again, holding me deep inside her pussy to milk my cock each time she impaled herself on me.

“Oh fuck Dean this feel good… aaaahhhhh… your cock feels so good in my pussy… ooohhhhh… that’s it… screw me……”

Rubbing her clit hard against my pubes, Shannon had another orgasm. She dropped to her knees and propped her hands by my head. Her tits bounced in my face as she continued to ride me. I sucked a nipple in my mouth. My hands cupped her creamy arse cheeks and guided her fucking motions. My forefinger found the tight nub of her asshole. It was already lubricated and my finger slipped deep inside.

“Oh god yes… put your finger in my dirty little bum… oh god… oooohhhhhhh… that’s it… mmmppphhh… AAAAAHHHHHH…”

The woman was a sex machine. She kissed me hard and ground her pussy against my cock as pussy juices dripped down my hairy balls onto the floor. After catching her breath she stood and squeezed her tits.

“Get up here and fuck me. Fuck me hard. Rip my pussy apart. Hurry…”

She was doing everything she could to bring out the raw animal instinct in me and it was working. I popped up off the floor and threw her against the wall, slamming my body against hers in the process. Her teeth bit my lower lip and drew blood. My hands grabbed tightly onto her arse cheeks and lifted her off the ground. She threw her head back and wrapped her legs around my body.

As soon as my cock found the juicy folds of her pussy, I thrust hard and jammed my meat deep into her pussy. At the same time I bit into the side of her neck. She let out a loud shriek and dug her fingernails into my back. I slammed my cock into her again and again, driving her body up the side of the wall.

“Shove your cock in my pussy… harder… ah… yes… ooohhhhhh… deeper… oh fuck…. Mmmm… fuck me… fuck me… ooohhhhhh…”

Shannon’s gasps and screams were out of control as her body was wracked with a continuous series of orgasm. My fingers were slimy with pussy juice that poured from her pussy and dripped down my hairy balls . My throbbing meat pushed deep into her belly and slammed up against her cervix each time she impaled herself.

Her tight pussy twitched and squeezed my cock as she rode me. Her screams were out of control. Filth continued to spill from her mouth. My middle finger found the rim of her asshole and easily pushed inside. I buried it to the knuckle and dug it around inside as my cock continued to pound her pussy.

“Yeah… that’s it… shove your finger up my arse.”

Her fingers clawed at the skin on my neck and dug into my scalp. Her heels dug into the cheeks of my arse. My cock knifed up into her belly each time she slammed her pussy down its length. She was having one orgasm after another. Her moans and squeals were loud and out of control. Pussy juice was flying everywhere.

My hairy balls were about to explode. I had never fucked anyone this hot in my life, not even during my wild college days. Just as I was almost there she stopped moving with my cock buried deep in her pussy. Her well-trained pussy twitched against my meat. She put her tongue in my ear and whispered.

“You haven’t fucked my arse yet. You weren’t going to cum in my pussy and then leave were you? You promised to fuck me in the ass.”

Shannon lifted off my cock and dropped to her knees. Looking up at me, she quickly gobbled my entire cock into her mouth and down her throat. She teased me to the brink of orgasm and then backed off. She looked up at me with my swollen meat in her hand. She must have had a tube of lubricant with her because it was all over her hands and she was greasing up my shaft.

“Patience, Dean . Good things in life are worth waiting for… and my arse is really good. I want to make sure that you fill me up with lots of good thick gooey cum. Are you ready to fuck my ass, Dean?”

It was a rhetorical question. She stood and faced the wall, putting her hands against it for support. She spread her legs and tilted her arse in the air. The creamy white round spheres were as smooth as a baby’s skin. In the crevice splitting the two halves I could see her tight little brown asshole just above the swollen plum of her pussy. The fleshy folds of her pink lips peeked out from the gash down the middle.

I guided the purple knob of my dick against her sphincter and pushed. At first nothing happened. I felt her push back against me and suddenly the head of my cock was inside her. I worked my cock deeper and deeper as she rotated her arse back against me. I looked down and watched the entire length of my cock slowly disappear into her body.

“Ooohhhhh… that feels so good. Your dick is so nice.. Have you ever fucked Jill in the arse? I think you should, Dean . I think you should go home and fuck her little bum hole… but not before you finish with me. I want it hard and fast… nothing gentle.”

I pulled it out a little and pushed back in, then a little more and a little more. It was tight… tighter than anything I had ever fucked before. Shannon squirmed and rotated her arse against my prick. I looked down between her creamy cheeks and watched my meat move in and out of her sphincter.

I reached around and cradled her boobs as my cock hammered her bum hole. She moved one of my hands down to her pussy & gasped when I rubbed my fingers rapidly across her clit. My cock was hammering her arse as pussy juice dripped from my fingers.

“On the couch; finish me on the couch.”

She sat down and spread her legs. I looked into her deep green eyes and guided my swollen bell end up her tight bum.

“That feels so good” she said “I’ve been looking forward to this part” Our eyes stayed locked together as my cock easily slipped into her little brown rosebud. She panted the words “fuck me” over and over.

Somehow I saw Shannon in a new light, I realised how pretty she really was with the red hair framing her face and her pouty pink lips covering perfect white teeth… oh, and I had my dick up her bum.

This time she used her own fingers to rub her pussy. My cock hammered away at her asshole as we continued to look hungrily at each other. Shannon could tell I was close by the desperate look in my eyes.

“Cum on me, not in me Dean, go ahead baby”

My cock swelled inside her tight bum as cum started to surge from its length. My mind went blank. Blood rushed from my head to my groin. Every ounce of energy was concentrated in my hairy balls as I pulled my dick out of her bum and started to wand it enthusiastically; hot sticky cum exploded and splattered across her arse & back. I continued spewing cum onto her body until I was completely drained. I collapsed forward onto her lifeless form. Our lips met and we slowly kissed in the afterglow of our shared union.

As my breathing returned to normal I felt my dick deflate like a popped balloon.

Birthdays are often unusual events. Some of them you can remember and some of them you can’t. One thing most of us share in common is that we usually have at least one person in our lives that tries very hard to make our birthday memorable. Without a doubt the most exciting and certainly the most memorable of my thirty birthdays came on a warm September evening just a few months ago.

It was a Saturday and the day began for me like most others. I retrieved my morning paper from the porch, poured a cup of coffee, and turned on the local sports channel to get a preview of the day’s college football schedule. Less than a page and a half through the newspaper the phone rang. It was Amy the girl I’ve been seeing very seriously for about ten months.

Amy is a beautiful girl, 27 years old, five foot eight inches tall, with raven black hair that softly flows over her shoulders to the middle of her back. Her well-proportioned body features include a firm natural pair of softball ball sized breasts and a slender waistline that quickly tapers to a smooth round ass. A shapely pair of well-toned legs accent her gorgeous torso.

In short she is one of the hottest women I have ever been with. Amy is one of those independent type women of the new Millenium. She’s secure, strong emotionally, and has her own place, a spacious condo on the nice side of town complete with a fireplace and outdoor hot tub. The amenities are the fruit of her labor as a hardworking respiratory therapist at two area hospitals.

“Hey lover. Happy Birthday!” she said, in her best sexy voice as I answered the phone.

“Hey baby, how are you?” I replied, happy to hear her lovely voice.

“I’m horny, real horny!” she softly moaned after a brief hesitation. She then burst into a playful giggle. “If you don’t have any plans for your birthday, I’ve got a special evening planned just for you” she offered.

“Sure Baby, I’m all yours” I quickly returned.

My groin began to stir with anticipation.

“Great! Be here around 4 O’clock and I’ll handle the rest!” said Amy. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse. We exchanged small talk for a couple of minutes then ended the call. After we hung up I was left wondering what to expect. Would we go out or stay in? Whatever we decided I’m sure it would be a fun evening.

When I arrived at Amy’s condo she met me at the door with a deep wet kiss. She was wearing a thin white cotton tank top cropped to just above her naval and white compression shorts.

Her outfit did very little to conceal the fact that she wasn’t wearing any under clothes. She grabbed me by the hand and led me inside. A small but sturdy rectangular table with a pink cloth draped over it was positioned near the fireplace.

In addition the furniture was arranged in an unusual fashion. Before I could ask about the subtle changes to her living room Amy pushed me back onto her leather sofa and straddled my lap facing me. I gently placed my hands on her waist and softly kissed her on her cherry red lips.

“I’ve got a birthday surprise for you like you’ve never had before if you promise to do everything I ask you to without any questions.” she said seductively.

How could I refuse? Her large round tits were pushing against the almost transparent fabric of her tight clingy top. Her impressive pair of eraser sized nipples surrounded by dark areolas slightly bigger than a quarter, perfectly framed by small white triangles of untanned flesh and hovering just inches from my face were indeed very persuasive. Reluctantly I agreed.

“Everything?” she asked again.

“Yes, everything.” I whispered.

As we kissed she started unbuttoning my shirt. My hands began to wander across the cheeks of her hot little ass. I reached down between her widely parted legs and placed my right hand on her inviting crotch.

Amy kept her pubic hair neatly trimmed in a narrow strip about two inches wide and cut short. Short enough to allow the succulent pink lips of her steamy snatch to become clearly visible when she stood up straight and naked.

The dense bristle of her well-manicured bush pushed through the thin material of her ultra-thin shorts creating a tingling sensation against the palm of my hand as I rubbed her warm moist crotch.

She rubbed her chest against mine until her top rolled up beneath her armpits allowing her awesome tits to dangle freely in front of my face. I grabbed her right breast with my free hand and began to kiss and suck softly at her dark swollen nipples.

Almost instantly her soft bulging mound began to grow damp against my palm. Flushed and already starting to breathe heavily, she pushed me by my chest back against the sofa.

“Stop!” she barked. “That’s enough for now, I have to start getting you ready” she said.

Ready I thought to myself, ready for what? Amy stood me up and stripped me completely naked right there in front of the sofa. She remained clothed however, which made me more than just a little curious.

After gently stroking the underside of my partially erect cock, she led me into her huge luxurious bathroom which even has a bidet. She pushed me back until my naked ass cheeks came to rest against the edge of the cold marble countertop of her large vanity.

She spread out a large white towel on the floor beneath my feet and then knelt in front of me shaking her head from side to side as she thoroughly examined my semi-flaccid member, which measures just shy of eight inches in length when fully erect.

“This will never do.” she said in a very serious tone.

“What?” I inquired with some confusion.

“All this hair.” she said. “It will have to go!”

“What?” I replied again nervously and much more emphatically.

What did she mean have to go? Was she talking about shaving my cock? Removing the hairs that I’ve had since puberty? In only seconds my questions were answered when Amy reached into one of the three vanity drawers to my left and retrieved an electric trimmer like a barber uses.

She commanded me to hold still, as she plugged it into the wall outlet.

“Everything Baby!” she reminded.

She gently pulled on my cock tightening the loose fleshy skin areas around the thick base. The trimmer was set at the shortest setting possible. I wanted to stop her but after all, a deal was a deal. Besides I was already planning my revenge for her birthday just before Christmas. Soon my groin sported a trim that would make a military haircut look like thick shag carpet.

When she was finished Amy scooped up the larger clumps of my dark brown pubic hair that had fallen to the floor between us and placed them in a jewelry size zip-top bag just as if she had planned it that way.

Standing upright, she leaned over and grabbed a huge handful of shaving cream from a hot lather dispenser. I expected her to cover my crotch with the warm foam and finish the job she had been threatening to do for months. Boy, did I ever get a surprise.

Instead of placing the lather on my crotch Amy began rubbing the warm cream all over my fuzzy chest, covering me from my neck to just below my belly button. She then wet a triple edge razor and began removing all the hair from my chest and abdomen.

“Does that feel good?” she asked, taking her time around the sensitive area of my nipples.

I closed my eyes, gently bit my lower lip and nodded yes.

Before she began shaving my cock she sucked it until it was fully erect.

“A hard cock is easier to shave.” she said, stroking it up and down with her soft warm hand. I thought I would explode right then but she slowed with her strokes delaying what seemed like the inevitable. She pulled the skin on my nut sack tight and began to remove the hairs from across my delicate balls. Damn, what a turn on!

After what seemed like an eternity, but was really only about an hour or so, Amy had completed her self appointed task.

I stood there naked in front of her, shaven from my chin to my toes with only the hair on my head and my mustache remaining.

Even the hair in my armpits was gone. It was obvious when she stood up that she had really enjoyed her work. The crotch of her shorts was now visibly wet and her nipples looked painfully taught.

My cock was hairless and my legs were smooth. Even the crack of my ass had been shaved clean. I have never felt so naked in all my life. She led me over to the shower door and turned on the hot water. I played with her ass as she leaned in and checked the water temperature.

When it was just right, Amy pushed me into the shower and quickly stripped down to join me. I couldn’t wait to sink my cock inside her hot tight box. Unfortunately it seemed that Amy had other plans.

I could feel my cock beginning to grow rock hard as I watched her naked body step beneath the gentle spray of the shower. I was almost hypnotized by the sight of the warm water droplets cascading across her firm tan body.

After wetting herself down, Amy started fondling my balls and we began to embrace. She had a new bar of soap in one hand and my rapidly growing cock in her other.

“Here, you do me first.” she said, pausing long enough to hand me the bar of soap.

“I’ll do you first.” I teased pushing her shoulders forward as I prepared to enter her from behind.

“Not yet!” she said pulling away. “I want to be last.” she added. Amy was now acting really strange.

“Last?” I whispered more than a little confused. What the hell was she talking about?

She had never ever turned down my cock before. Once again however, a promise is a promise and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would be balls deep in her tight heavenly wetness.

Amy moaned softly and groaned with excitement as I enthusiastically washed every inch of her firm sexy body. She pressed her smooth tender ass against my throbbing cock while I washed her chest.

I took my time with her tits, gently washing them in circular motion occasionally running her sudsy wet nipples between my fingers. The thick soapy lather trickled from her breasts down across the flat silky plain of her abdomen.

My large soft hands chased the flowing lather down to her sacred honey hole. She shivered with excitement the first time my fingers plowed through her neatly trimmed landing strip and cupped her smooth swollen mound.

Amy cooed softly, closed her eyes and elevated her right foot to the seat in the shower stall which allowed me better access to her waiting crotch. Soon my fingers were working up a different kind of lather. Amy began to squeeze her tits as I continued to fondle her slippery wet cunt.

Washing Amy’s beautiful body was a labor of love. I felt like her personal slave. I didn’t realize at the time just how prophetic that thought would become. My soapy fingers methodically rubbed her growing clit and eagerly probed at both her hot wet holes.

I soaped up the smooth hairless crack of her ass with my free hand and was preparing to explore her all but forbidden anal region when her entire body began to softly shudder.

I knew instantly that her untimely tremor was the onset of her orgasm. Amy put her hand over mine and pushed it roughly against her mound shoving my two fingers deeper into her soaking twat. She began rapidly pumping her hips and her breathing became very erratic.

“Oh God-d-d-d! I’m going to come!” she cried. The tip of the middle finger on my left hand was firmly pressed against her quivering asshole.

Her eyes closed and her mouth opened as she went loudly over the edge. I wrapped my arms around her waist when she began to wilt onto the shower floor. Her tanned muscular legs no longer had the strength to support her.

Together we sat on the shower floor with the warm water pounding against our tangled wet bodies. I caressed her breasts and kissed her softly on the lips until she began to regain her composure.

“Oh Fuck! That was intense.” she said, giggling as she brushed back her dark wet hair from in front of her face. Her normal breathing rhythm soon returned and Amy had me stand up and she remained on the wet shower floor kneeling before me.

The shower spray danced off her shoulders and back. She began stroking my hard throbbing cock with her right hand as she cradled my fully loaded testicles in her left.

In less than an instant I was ready to go. Amy kissed the swollen pink head then ran her tongue along the entire length of my shaft all the way down to my balls.

Her hot breath flowing across my tightening sack was almost enough to make me shoot right then and there, but I managed to hold off. It wasn’t long after Amy took more than half of my ready cock into her mouth that I wasn’t able to wait any longer.

“A-h-h-h-h Fuck!” was all I could muster as I began blasting stream after stream of hot cum deep into the back of her throat. She choked for a moment but kept pumping my pulsing rod with her right hand, milking my shaft to get as much of my huge creamy load as she could from its surging head.

I trembled uncontrollably while she siphoned the last few drops. I couldn’t pull away as Amy had my ass cheeks pinned firmly against the cold tile wall.

“We need to get all the loose hair off your body.” said Amy as she stood up. I fondled her breasts and kissed her neck as she lathered me up. Unlike my shrinking member, her nipples were fully erect once again. Her tits swayed softly back and forth as she lathered me up. I played with her ass while she soaped up my shoulders and back.

“Maybe now you won’t come so quickly later.” said Amy as she lathered my thighs.

Upon completion of my very erotic wash and rinse, we grabbed a pair of large absorbent towels and retreated to the confines of the master bedroom.

A wooden armchair with four long strips of velvet fabric draped across the back was curiously positioned near the end of the bed facing her dresser and a TV/DVD combo which sat on top of it. Amy briskly dried me off and directed me to lay prone on my back in the middle of the bed.

As soon as I playfully assumed my submissive position in the middle bed, Amy hopped on top of me again straddling my waist, and facing the majestic headboard of the bed which is adorned with several drawers, doors, and brass.

She leaned forward and grabbed a pump bottle of moisturizing lotion with a tropical scent, the type that smells like banana and coconut.

I squeezed her ass cheeks as she went for the lotion, smacking them twice just to watch her tits jiggle when she jerked. She eased back over me with the lotion and began pumping the cold creamy lotion onto my chest and the rest of my naked body.

“This will help soothe any razor burn that you may have.” she said, rubbing the lotion onto my chest until it started to disappear. Soon she was massaging the cold creamy white liquid onto my baby smooth balls and the freshly shaven base of my spent cock. Her gentle hands coated every inch of my manhood with the soothing lotion.

After my front side was done she flipped me over and completed the same delightfully relaxing treatment to my backside. Amy then brushed my hair, sprayed me all over with some new cologne she had bought to surprise me, and then hoisted me from the mattress back onto my feet.

“Now, sit down right here.”, she gestured patting the back of the uncomfortable looking wooden armchair. I did as she instructed.

“Put your arms here and spread your legs.” she commanded patting the arm of the chair. When I did she began tying me to the chair with the strips of soft black velvet fabric.

Soon I was sitting confined to the cold wooden chair totally naked and completely at her mercy. Once she had me where she wanted me, she straddled my restrained arms and slid her smooth silky thighs forward across my forearms until her tits were once again just inches from my face.

Placing her hands on the back of my head she pulled me to her breasts.

“Suck my nipples.” she whispered.

Eagerly I rolled my head to one side, then the other, searching for her hard fleshy treats. I licked and sucked them one at a time as Amy moaned softly. My cock was beginning to show new signs of life, but before I could get hard again, Amy pulled back, slid off my lap and walked towards the dresser.

“What the fuck?” I asked her.

“I want you to watch these for a little while.” she teased. “No sound though because I want you to here what’s going on in the other room.” she added pushing in a DVD and turning down the sound. It was a porno movie. She kissed me on the lips, fondled my dick one last time, and then left the room.

“I have to make some special punch for our guests.” she said as she pulled the door to within three inches of being closed.

“Guests, what fucking guests?” I inquired.

“Behave for now, I’ll be back for you later!” she giggled from beyond the door. There I sat helpless, watching porno with a growing hard on, while she planned to entertain.

What the hell was she up to? Who was she going to entertain? And how long was I going to be here like this? I could here her making punch in the kitchen as I watched some blonde bimbo being gang banged by three young studs.

Then I could here her in the bathroom with the blow dryer going. She put on her makeup, although she needed very little, and returned to the bedroom.

“I have to find something appropriate to wear.” she said tossing a pretty black halter dress with white poke-a-dots onto the bed, Amy then bent over to grab a pair white three-inch leather pumps from the closet floor, flashing her still naked ass directly at me.

The inviting inner pink lips of her pussy jutted from her freshly shaven folds like the coin slot on a candy machine. I felt like a kid without a quarter sitting there all bound, helpless and boned.

“I hope you like what I got you for your birthday.” she said as she continued to rummage through the closet. “You’ll just have to be patient though, because I have some things I must take care of first.”

She closed the closet door and turned to face me, “O.K.? she asked. I obediently nodded yes. What else was I going say?

She slid her way into the dress that barely covered the cheeks of her ass. She lifted the dress revealing her bare bush.

“What about panties?” I asked.

“I don’t need any.” she replied gently spraying between her breasts and her lower abdomen with an atomizer of expensive sweet perfume. She lowered the dress, tied the halter straps behind her neck and slipped on a pair white three-inch pumps just as the doorbell rang.

“They’re here.” she said, patting me on the shoulder reassuringly as she left the room.

When the front door opened I heard the sound of another woman’s voice. “Hey honey, I’m sorry I’m late.” the voice said.

“That’s O.K. I’m running a little behind too.” said Amy very apologetically. “Can I help you set up?” she added.

“Sure.” the other voice said. “Let’s get the rest of the stuff from my car”. Stuff, what kind of stuff? I wondered as I watched a pair of bisexual babes working over a double-headed dildo on the tiny screen in front of me.

I sat patiently enjoying the lingering scent of Amy’s intoxicating perfume as it floated about the room. When the women returned to the house there were three distinctly different voices.

The doorbell rang again and again. Now there were four voices then five. Soon I lost count of the number of different voices I could here. I could tell they were all women though and not a man in the bunch anywhere, except me.

As I sat helplessly in the bedroom as the noise level in the living room grew. I began to pay more attention to the conversations taking place outside the door than watching the ravenous sex that was taking place on the screen in front of me.

One woman began to complain that she and her husband didn’t have sex any more. Another joked that her boyfriend had a six-inch tongue and a two-inch pecker, and all he wanted to do was fuck. It was soon clear from all the giggling that Amy had added something to the punch.

Not long after the small talk began an older more authoritative female voice took control of the room. She sounded as if she was giving some sort of sales pitch.

Over the next couple of hours the noisy level increased dramatically. Through the mayhem I occasionally heard words like nipples, see through, crotchless, and G-spot. Suddenly it hit me that I was listening to a “Lotions & Notions” party in progress.

For those unaware, Lotions & Notions is the name of a company that sends a hostess right to your home to demonstrate and sell sexy lingerie, lotions, potions, vibrators, and latex novelties in private to you and your friends. My suspicions were confirmed when I heard a loud buzzing noise like that of my electric razor on high followed by several horny giggles. The realization was both good and bad.

It meant that Amy would probably be very horny and wearing something sexy, maybe my birthday present, the next time I saw her. It also meant that the next time I would see her could still be hours away. About an hour after I realized what was taking place. I heard a few guests beginning to leave. They left slowly at first, then two or three at a time. Soon the number voices I heard were down to around five or six.

I was beginning to squirm as the hard surface of the chair was beginning to hurt my ass. That’s when I heard the bedroom door open. I could still here voices in the living room. My greatest fear was that one of the women had been looking for the bathroom and she had stumbled into the bedroom by mistake. She would find me naked, hard, restrained, and watching tasteless pornography. The embarrassment was almost unthinkable.

When I looked over my shoulder, to my relief, I saw Amy leaning against the doorway. She was wearing a cupless silk corset, crotchless lace panties, a garter belt and stockings, the white pumps, and a shear waist length cover up with matching colored fur around the edges, the neck, and the sleeve cuffs, that really didn’t hide anything. Her entire ensemble was powder blue. Her sexy tan lines were nicely highlighted by the sexy silk and lace.

“Hey birthday boy, are you horny yet?” she asked, running her index finger around the edge of a long stemmed wineglass.

“You look good enough to eat. Why don’t you let me up and I’ll do just that.” I bargained.

“I’m going to let you up and you are going to eat me, but I’ll tell you when.” said Amy loosening the ties that bound me to the hard wooden chair. I stretched and rubbed my ass after I got up from the chair.

“How much longer until your party is over? I can’t wait to get my hands on you.” I asked.

Amy pulled a medium sized wooden box from beneath the bed and simply replied; “This party is just getting started.” She then pushed me over to within a foot of the wall and placed my forehead and hands against it.

“Spread ‘em!” she teased obviously a little intoxicated. I obliged her as she began to frisk me, reaching between by legs from the backside to caress my balls.

Next she pulled my left arm down from the wall and put it behind my back. I was taken totally by surprise with what happened next. I heard a ratcheting sound and felt cold steel tightening around my wrist.

“Hey! What the hell?” I asked as Amy reached for my right arm.

“You promised!” reminded Amy as the second cuff snapped to a close. She continued to take control and pushed me back onto the bed.

She retrieved a pair of three-quarter inch wide, black nylon dog collars from the box and attached one to each of my ankles. Then she connected them with a two-foot long piece of medium sized chrome chain.

She ordered me to sit up as she grabbed the next item from her box of tricks, a one-inch wide black leather collar which she placed loosely around my neck. She attached a four-foot long chrome leash with a leather hand loop at the end and stepped back.

“We’re almost finished.” assured Amy, grabbing one of the ties that had bound me to the chair for the last four hours. She carefully folded it over and over until it was about four inches wide. She the hopped on the bed behind and blindfolded me with it.

“Hey I can’t see shit!” I told her.

“Good”, she remarked as she pressed her tits firmly against my back. She then ordered me to stand up. Last but not least she wrapped me with a white knee length terry cloth robe and tied its belt around my waist. “Are you ready?” she asked as I heard the door open.

“Ready for what?” I asked unable to hide the concern in my voice.

“Come on.” said Amy roughly, placing one hand on my shoulder and the other on my ass. She led me down the hallway into the living room where I could still hear the conversation of several women.

The chains clanked together as I nervously short-stepped my way down the long hallway. My mind raced and my body trembled as I wondered what was next. The room got completely quiet as Amy led me in.

“O.K. ladies, here it is.” said Amy. “I promised all of you that were brave or drunk enough to stay some special entertainment. I want you to meet Rob. Today is his birthday. Normally he’s my lover, but tonight he is simply my sex slave.”

“Do we get to watch you two do it?” Asked one of the female strangers a bit nervously.

“Not exactly.”, said Amy as she yanked the top of the robe partially open, revealing my hairless chest. “Rob and I are going to do it later, and you are all welcome to watch if you like, but first he’s going to service each and every one of you.” said Amy.

“You mean?” a young voice started to ask.

“That’s right, tonight he is your sex slave too and he is going to make you all come.” said Amy quite casually.

“I’ve never done anything like this before. In front of everybody?” asked one of the women in a trembling voice.

“It will be fun.” assured Amy. “He can’t see any of you. He can touch you, he can smell you, he can taste you, and he can talk to you, but he doesn’t have a clue about who you are. He is going to make each of you come before he earns the right to satisfy me. If he comes before I come, he will suffer the dreadful consequences”, said Amy in a very stern voice.

“Can we make him…..” one of the women started to ask. “You can make him do anything that gets you off.” interrupted Amy. “Anyone that’s not comfortable can leave now or if you’re a little shy, let one of the others go first.” It didn’t take much more coaxing before the entire room was in agreement.

“Great!” said Amy, “Why don’t you all strip down to a level you’re each comfortable with and then come over and introduce yourselves to Rob.” instructed Amy.

Intertwined with plenty of giggling, I could hear the unmistakable sound of clothes being peeled off and hitting the floor. My cock began to grow with anticipation. The women were still a little reluctant to relax and let go.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this.”, said one of them.

“Oh my God, are those real?” gasped another.

“Yes.”, replied a second voice very emphatically.

“Didn’t it hurt?” asked the first voice again.

I assumed excited by the conversation that one of my birthday presents was sporting a set of breast implants.

Soon every woman was as naked as she wanted to be. I guessed there to five total including Amy, who had just stepped around behind me. As the women assembled in front of me in what I learned later to be a semi-circle, Amy reached beneath my robe,

“Happy Birthday Baby.” She whispered. “You better save your load for me.” she added, squeezing my ass extremely hard and licking my ear.

I got the message everybody else was supposed to come before I got to.

Amy untied the belt, which held my robe together. It gapped open slightly at the front.

“Ladies say hello to Rob.” prompted Amy as she pulled off the robe from behind me and let it fall to the floor.

My freshly shaven and fully exposed cock began to grow immediately. The thought of being bound naked and forced to have sex with a group of strange women was making me hot.

One by one each of the women walked over to me and said hello in their own unique little ways.

The first surprised chick walked up and pressed her bare breasts against my chest, kissed me softly on the lips, and squeezed my partially erect penis.

“Hi Rob, my name is Miranda.” she said softly and then just walked away.

A moment later, a second made her presence known by squeezing my ass cheeks as she whispered in my ear.

“Hey Rob, my name is Kim.”, You’re going to suck my clit, and then do me doggy style.”

By now my cock was stiffer than a Ponderosa Pine. The third woman’s voice I recognized as the more authoritative one from the party, probably the hostess.

She stood at my side, rubbing my ass with her nylon-clad thigh. She raised her slip, and pressed her soft fuzzy crotch against the side of my thigh.

“Hi Rob, my name is April, and I’m going to ride that big cock of yours like a rodeo bull”, she said sucking softly at my ear lobe and squeezing my stiff cock.

I found the fourth and final female to be the most intriguing of all. The first thing I felt was her right hand at the base of my cock and her left-hand cupping my balls. Then her warm wet lips enveloped my throbbing member. She bobbed her head up and down three or four times making a strong sucking sound when she finally pulled away.

“Rob my name is Diane, and you’re going to eat my pussy until I come all over your face.” she said seductively then kissed me on the lips.

The introductions were barely over and I was almost ready to dribble on the carpet. I stood there with my dick in the air for a moment before a soft hand traveled up my chest and grabbed the leash that dangled from my neck.

“Come on baby its Kim, we’ll go first.” she said reassuringly. She led me to the sofa and instructed me to get down on my knees. She stood in front of me and grabbed my head pulling it towards her tummy.

I kissed her navel then ran my tongue down across the elastic band at the top of her silk panties.

“You are eager to please me aren’t you slave.” she teased. She lowered the chain and I heard her settle back onto the leather sofa. The chain grew tight again as she began to pull me towards her. I expected the chain to pull me to her waiting lips or naked breasts.

Kim had other ideas. My mind was reeling! I was about to have sex with a woman I didn’t know, couldn’t see, and wouldn’t even recognize later if I passed her on the street.

As the chain drew me closer my cheeks met hers. My face was being drawn into the warm inviting crack of her waiting ass. I couldn’t even see it happening. She was apparently down on her knees on the sofa facing away from me; her elbows probably resting on top of the back cushions.

The chrome metal leash glided quietly across her silk covered crotch like a snake in the grass drawing me closer to my first erotic assignment of the evening.

Soon my lips came in contact with her pungent bulging crotch; my nose was pressed firmly against the partially covered pink puckered ring of her asshole. The narrow strip of silk at the rear of her thong panty was keeping my hot tongue from her waiting snatch.

Her skimpy underwear didn’t cover the stray hairs on the outskirts of her swollen pubes or around her tender blossom. I tugged at them with my teeth and tongued along the elastic edges of the slippery fabric that barely hid her hungry holes.

After several long wet lashes of my hot tongue the crotch of here panties quickly became soaked. As I continued to lick her a slender pair of fingers with long hard nails slid past my tongue and tugged her bothersome panties to one side. At last I had been given access.

The first full-length stroke of my wet tongue grazed her hard clit then sped upward along the edges of the moist meaty lips in route to a stopping point beyond just beyond her asshole. She quivered and moaned with excitement.

Just the feel of my hot breath made her ass cheeks quiver against my chin. Soon my face was buried deep into her hairy twat and my tongue was busy exploring the wettest parts of her womanhood.

The combination of her sweet juices and my saliva clung to the ends of the hairs surrounding the tasty lips of her twat, like a light rain clings to the pedals of a spring flower. Her breathing became broken and soon the slender fingers again met my probing tongue.

Again the fingers were of great assistance. This time pulling back the meaty hood that covered her hard swollen pink clit.

“Suck it!” she whimpered.

Placing my lips around her love button I began to suck, gently at first, the gradually increasing the intensity. She was grinding her hips against my face and chin in and writhing with pleasure. Her juices were smeared across my face like oils on a canvas.

“Fuck me, fuck me now!” she begged. I stood up and stepped blindly towards her elevated ass.

I eased forward eagerly searching for her wet socket in the darkness. The first gently thrust of my hips pushed my pre-cum dripping cock across the right cheek of her ass. The second pushed through her thick patch of pubic hair bumping her clit as it went. She gasped with delight.

I knew it wouldn’t be long before this girl would be coming like the British. Suddenly a warm hand gripped the shaft of my cock and gently pulled it towards Kim’s gapping snatch.

“It’s me Rob, Miranda.” a voice said with a warm wet kiss that partially covered my lips.

The head of my cock pressed against Kim’s parted pink lips. I slid it in slowly, just the head at first. I could feel her groin muscles tighten around it. Her pussy was hot, ready and well lubricated. Within three to four strokes her pussy had swallowed my entire eight inches.

I picked up the pace. Soon my balls were banging against her tender clit while the head of my cock pounded against her cervix. She grunted every time my lower abdomen slammed against the wet fleshy cheeks of her hot rippling ass.

“I’m going to come!” she screamed as her body tensed. She pushed her ass against my cock taking as much of it inside her dripping twat as she could.

“O-h-h-h! F-u-u-u-c k!” She yelled. Her entire body shook as she climaxed. I continued deep stroking her pussy slowing the speed a little on each stroke until my dick finally slid from her well fucked hole.

“Next!” said Amy from a location somewhere across the room.

“That would be me.” said Miranda pulling me by the leash across the room towards where I thought the fireplace was. She pulled me to the edge of the sturdy cloth covered table and hopped on top of it.

She must have been on her knees facing me. She kissed me deeply on the lips through all of Kim’s sticky juices, slipping her tongue into the back of my throat while she pumped my glistening and slippery cock with her right hand.

Miranda then slid herself to the edge of the table and dangled her legs over the side from the knees down and lay on her back. She pulled me to her. I leaned down and began kissing her belly. I worked my tongue up her slender frame until I reached her chest.

Miranda didn’t have huge breasts. They were actually pretty small. What I found however when my tongue reached her breasts was indeed a shock. The girl had a brass hoop dangling from each of her nipples.

She said it made her small tits more sensitive than I could ever imagine. I didn’t have to imagine long, she squealed with excitement the first time that my tongue floated across her hardware adorned hooters.

Miranda wrapped her long slender legs around me. Her ankles were locked behind my ass. As she slid across the table towards me, my ready cock bumped her shaven crotch.

“It doesn’t look like hair will get in the way here.” she giggled before she pushed my face down between her wide spread thighs and into her soft smooth slit.

The first thing my lips encountered was another brass hoop.

“Don’t tell me let me guess, it makes your clit more sensitive?” I asked.

“No I bought it for an old boyfriend but we broke up before I had a chance to give it to him. So I had to put it somewhere.” Miranda began to squirm as I flicked my tongue lightly against her clit.

Her slick nicely decorated pussy was already wet after watching me deep stroke Kim’s hairy sex hole on the couch.

“I want you inside me.” she said grabbing the edge of the table to properly prepare for my penetration. She pulled her legs back until her knees pressed against her chest. I felt her ankles drape over my shoulders. She reached for my cock and parted the elongated lips of her slippery pussy with its already sensitive head.

“Give it to me stud!” she yelped, “Make me come!” I entered her rapidly, with one deep thrust she took half of what I had to give her. On the second thrust she took it all balls deep inside her.

“How’s that bitch?” I asked as if I had her where I wanted her.

“Shut up and fuck me slave.”, she said roughly delivering a stinging open handed slap to the side of my face.

She draped her ankles over my shoulders, clenched her teeth, and prepared to ride it out. I could feel the ring through her clit sliding into and out of her well-lubricated orifice with every following thrust I made.

Realizing that it had to be pulling on her tiny clit, I decided to slow down and lengthen my strokes some to try and drive her over edge. Within seconds of the change in tactics Miranda began to moan. Soon she was pounding the tabletop with her left hand signaling to the world her impending orgasm.

As I was fucking Miranda I realized that I needed to pace myself. I had two more women after her before I could taste the pleasures of Amy’s forbidden fruit. If I come now, I’d likely miss all the fun.

Miranda sat up threw her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. I raised upright with her clinging to me lifted off the table. I arched my back and Miranda once again guided me in. My hands cuffed behind my back made some things very difficult.

Miranda slid slowly down the length of my cock kissing my neck as she went. I stepped towards the table and tried to sit her down so that I could balance her ass on the edge. It allowed me to take slow deep strokes. Her forehead pressed against my chin as her juices flowed across my balls.

When she was ready to come, I thrust my hips upward and stepped back from the table. Her back arched as she came. She left fingernail marks across my chest before she collapsed, breathless, and legs parted on the tabletop.

“Who wants the next ride.” asked Amy obviously prompting April.

“I do!”, said the oldest woman in the group. “But I need him flat on his back, can we undo the cuffs?” she asked.

“I think we can make that work.” said Amy. I gladly sat down in the middle of the room and the bothersome cuffs were removed. I was told to place my arms straight out to my sides. Kim and Miranda were instructed to sit on my arms and hold them down.

April straddled my waist facing me and slid her soft warm ass back across my belly. She lifted her slip, reached back and placed my firm wet cock between the cheeks of her ass. Not at a penetrating angle, but straight up in the air between her cheeks.

She then leaned forward, to kiss my nipples. Her large hanging tits brushed across my stomach long before her eager wet lips reached my chest. Her large breasts were soon pressed firmly against my now sweaty flesh.

Miranda and Kim were busy adjusting their hold on my arms. They each straddled an arm between my elbow and wrist then softly sat down.

The sensation of April’s hot tongue swirling against my nipples and the sexy feel of her thigh high stockings brushing rubbing against my sides quickly brought my penis back to a fully erect state. She leaned back sliding her right hand down its slippery shaft until her fingertips could squeeze my tightening balls.

I was so horny by then that I had to fight the impulse to shoot my wad all over her ass.

“Are you ready to go stud?” asked April, grabbing the leash before she mounted up.

She stood above me swinging the leash from side to side. She then squatted over my groin. Reaching between her legs, she lifted my granite like pecker to an upright position, and slowly began to ease her way down onto its entire length.

As April prepared to get rowdy on top of my building geyser, a new voice came into play.

“I can work with this too.” said Diane. “Do you mind?” apparently asking April.

“Not at all, I’ve never played doubles before.” joked April as she raised and lowered her hips up and down on my well-greased pole. I couldn’t see Diane but I knew what was going to happen. I felt Diane’s ankles press against my shoulders as she knelt above me facing April.

The scent of her hot needy pussy made my nostrils flare. She began rubbing my chest with her hands as she lowered her warm moist crotch onto my waiting face.

It was the second time that evening I found my nose pressed between the ass cheeks of a strange new lover, and my tired but willing tongue began once again probing uncharted vaginal territory.

Having Diane sit on my face was really a blessing, in more ways than one. As my tongue parted hidden but tasty folds of her salty slit, my thoughts also focused there. I grew more desensitized to the rhythmic churning in my groin as April’s ass cheeks slapped against the tops of my thighs.

Finding it increasingly harder to breathe, I tilted my head back and darted my tongue into the damp darkness of Diane’s muff. I could hear here sucking air as I plunged in deeper and deeper. What a bargain! I thought. I can get two for one this way and finally reach the warm tight confines of Amy’s treasured hole.

Soon Diane was forcefully grinding her marble sized clit against my chin. She placed her left hand upon my chest and braced herself.

The warm slippery nectar from Diane’s dripping snatch was soon dribbling down over my cheeks and pooling upon my upper lip. Even her asshole wasn’t exempt from its molten flow. When her ass cheeks began to spasm against my forehead, I knew she was close.

April was still riding my cock like it was a dime store pony ride and she had a pocket full quarters. Diane’s free hand flowed down across her mound tugging back the pink fleshy folds that concealed her huge super sensitive clit.

It wasn’t long before Miranda and Kim also got back into the act. Miranda was the first to slide her hot wet ass back along my arm until her pussy reached my hand. She was still very wet, and my middle finger slid easily into her hairless opening. Slowly she began to rock forward then back.

“M-m-m-m.” escaped from Miranda’s lips as she began moving up and down.

“I’m almost there.” teased April never missing a stroke. Kim must have seen the joy on Miranda face and quickly repositioned herself to allow me access to her wet hairy bottom.

Kim wanted something more. She allowed me to dip my middle finger in her honey jar only long enough to get it drenched with her fluids. Then she slid slightly forward up my arm until all I could reach with the slippery clit stroker was her pink tender asshole.

“Oh yeah, go ahead do it baby,” she said reaching behind her to placethe tip of my finger to her tightly puckered ring. My mind was racing a mile a minute. It was hard to breathe and there was so much going on I could hardly concentrate.

As soon as I eased into Kim’s tapered opening her ass muscles gripped my finger like a Chinese finger trap. I placed my thumb against her clit and she began to rock.

“I’m getting closer.”, said April in a broken voice. Diane was already there. She was humping my face so hard I was afraid she would break my jaw. With two loud screams she went off like the space shuttle then collapsed on my chest facing April who had placed her hands behind her ass on my thighs and was leaning back to try and change the angle of my tired cock inside her.

“Are you going to come now?” Diane teased April.

“I’m so close.” whimpered April still slamming her ass up and down, impaling herself onto my cock.

“Here maybe this will help.” said Diane, sliding down my torso dragging her firm breasts across my sweat covered body. I was still gasping for air when Diane pushed April’s legs farther apart and pressed her hot tongue firmly against April’s swollen trigger and my piston like cock.

“Oh God! Oh Fuck! I’m going to @#+’*….” She never got to finish. She was already there.

April impaled herself down hard on my rod one long and final time. She shook and shivered then wiped her brow. When she lifted up, my falling cock grazed Diane’s face. She grabbed my cock and placed its sore but sensitive head between her lips. That prompted a quick response from Amy who had been quiet up until then. I wondered in fact, what she had been up to. I found out later.

“Sorry girlie girl, if he gets to come, it will be in my pussy and not in your mouth.” commanded Amy quite possessively.

Diane swirled her eager wet tongue around the head the reluctantly pulled it from her mouth.

“I need a break.” I pleaded. My face was glazed, my hands were sticky, and my dick felt like it had been slammed in a car door.

“I’ll give you a couple minutes and then you and I have some unfinished business. And don’t touch the blindfold!” said Amy.

Miranda handed me a small glass of the infamous punch. It was the first thing to cross my palate other than hot wet pussy in over an hour.

My dick went limp as I sat in the floor still blindfolded with my forearms across my knees.

“O.K. Baby, its time.”, beckoned Amy as she returned to the room.

“Here Amy, lie on the ottoman.” said Kim as she pulled it to the middle of the room.

Finally, I had made the cut. It was time for the final round. My only question was if my putter would hold out? Amy assumed a spread eagle position on the leather ottoman while Diane led me across the room on my knees, smacking the leather handle of the leash across my slightly rug burned ass.

“Stop.” said Diane squeezing my shoulders. They slid the ottoman and Amy’s hungry twat closer to me.

“What’s wrong doggy, not hungry?” Asked Diane as she grabbed my hair and pushed my face firmly into Amy’s muff before I could answer. The lace crotch opening pressed against my lips.

“I know what it is,” said Kim, lets get rid of these panties. I was pulled back by my hair so that Diane and April could wiggle the crotch-less lace panties from Amy’s inviting ass. I could hear them as they brushed across her powder blue garter and stockings.

I reached out with my hands blindly and found that Amy’s sexy legs were already high in the air, her heels pointed towards the spacious cathedral ceiling. It sounded like Diane was gripping one of her slender ankles while April was hoisting the other.

Amy’s legs were parted like the bunny ear antenna on grandma’s old black and white TV. I kissed the insides of her gorgeous thighs methodically working my hot tongue in the general direction of her neatly manicured bush.

Bracing my hands flat against the floor I pressed my lips squarely to her short bristled mound. The scent of her sweet perfume mixed nicely with the aroma of her excitement.

Amy tensed as I slid my tongue up between the darkened pink lips of her pussy until it reached the shrouded folds that concealed her hard aching clit. Her fingers gently stretched the succulent wet tissue that had been hiding the tasty morsel back across her pelvis.

Her rigid clit stood out like the headlight on my Harley-Davidson, just screaming for attention. I discovered later, she had been stroking herself the entire time that I was servicing her friends.

I took her pleasure bulb between my lips and mouthed it gently, occasionally applying firm pressure to it directly with my tired tongue. Amy’s juices began to cascade down between the cheeks of her ass onto the ottoman and her thighs began to quiver against my temples. She was close.

I closed my mouth slightly, allowing only enough room for Amy’s bulging clit to be drawn in between my teeth. I placed my lips against the moist meaty tissue of her mound and began to suck.

My hands cradled Amy’s lowers ass cheeks while my thumbs struggled to keep her slippery lips spread open. Droplets of her freely flowing fluids began to overflow reservoir that formed against the thin tender pink ribbon of tissue between her pussy and asshole.

Without any warning I began sucking quite hard and quite long on her rock hard clit. Amy thrust her snatch against my face and her legs slammed against the sides of my head as she screamed. April and Diane quickly yanked Amy’s legs wide again easing their vise like grip on my head.

Amy’s hands were still clutching the hair on my head when the tension in her body began to ease. It was the second time tonight I had made her come.

Now she was ready for a good old-fashioned fucking. My cock was hard again but tender, and extremely dry. Noticing my dilemma, Diane offered to lend me another hand and a pair warm wet lips. Pushing Amy’s left leg further towards the ceiling; Diane leaned down and for the second time that night took the extremely sensitive head of my cock into her talented mouth.

She swirled her mouth loosely around my cock realizing how sore it had to be by now. Her saliva trickled slowly down over its growing shaft.

After running her experienced tongue along the underside of my cock from it’s reddened opening which was beginning to emit stringy droplets of per-cum, down to my balls. Diane gently kissed each tender testicle and then grabbed the base, aligning it for easy entry into to Amy’s hot sweet hole.

I heard rustling noises once again and felt bodies gathering around me as I prepared to enter my horny lover for the first time.

I heard Miranda gather Amy’s roaming hands and pulled her arms above her head. It seems now that Amy is also a sex slave. I slowly eased the entire length of my throbbing cock into her precious box. She shook with pleasure.

I imagined how her tits would be floating back and forth across her chest like the water lilies on a gently wind rippled pond. Amy groaned as my balls touch her trembling ass cheeks for the first time.

My hands gripped her legs at the creases behind her knees. Diane and April released their grip. Amy’s feet were free and in no time her high heels were pressed against my chest. I felt a soft hand stroking my right ass cheek. It was April.

Seconds later Diane followed suit, gently caressing my left cheek. It seemed everyone wanted to get a better vantage point for the money shot. Despite an occasional twinge of pain my cock was holding up pretty well.

Amy’s pussy had never felt so good, so hot, or so wet. Perhaps it was her excitement level or maybe it was the fact that I had to earn the right to please her. I found my rhythm and hit my stride, pounding her sloshing hole like the handle of an antique butter churn.

I could tell my baby was again nearing orgasm. I maintained my steady pace trying to extract some redemption for the teasing I had received earlier in the day.

I concentrated intently on trying not to be the one that ended our evening of fun. A soft pair of lips and warm breath caressed the back of my neck.

“Oh yeah, fuck her baby, make her come!” whispered a low sexy voice. It was Kim, she had dropped to her knees behind me and straddled and my right leg. I could feel her hand sliding beneath my outstretched arm until it reached my chest. My excitement began to grow as she began to play with my nipples

Soon Kim’s average size hard nippled tits were pressed firmly against my back. They were an offering I hadn’t sampled during our earlier doggy style romp. Her left hand traveled down my back until it reached the smooth and sweaty crack of my ass.

The river of perspiration only seemed to excite her as her hand plunged deeper between my cheeks stopping briefly at my asshole then continuing until her fingers reached my balls.

My scrotum began to tighten with excitement as Kim gripped my balls with her fingers like a tennis pro holds two balls in preparation of an impending volley. She nestled her thumb between my flexing ass cheeks.

All of the sudden Amy wasn’t the only one on the verge. My pumping pace increased. Kim’s fingers kneading my balls had almost brought me to the brink. I had Amy’s legs pressed open wide.

I sensed my own orgasm building, when Amy’s entire body savagely tensed. She screamed uncontrollably, unable to escape the torturous pleasure that was ravaging her from head to toe. Sweat rolled heavily down the side of my face as I warned everyone of my own regretful impending release.

“Pull it out I want to see you come!” begged Miranda still tightly holding on to Amy’s fully outstretched arms. As much as I tried, I couldn’t escape the inevitable.

My pulsing cock sprang violently from Amy’s well-satisfied twat only to be grabbed immediately by Diane’s eager right hand. She stroked it vigorously as if she was shaking a can of whipped cream, and perhaps she was. Just as my orgasm hit, I felt Kim’s thumb plunge suddenly and deeply into my ass

I screamed out loud as uncontrollable bursts of my hot creamy cum began to fly about aimlessly. I could only gasp for air as I released my entire load. I could feel it splatter about my belly and imagine it coating Amy’s trembling body. Still unable to see I had no real idea where the contents of my balls wound up.

The final pulsing streams began to trickle from the battered opening of my extremely sore penis and flowed slowly across Diane’s now gently coaxing fingers.

She lowered my slowly shrinking love muscle letting it come to rest against Amy’s well coated tummy then stroked my empty balls with her cum coated fingers. I sat back on my calves despite my still shackled ankles, dragging my still dripping cock through Amy’s sperm covered fur patch.

“Was it good for you?” I gathered the strength to joke, before reclining flat on my back.

“Now can I take off this blindfold?” I asked.

“No!” replied the entire room simultaneously.

“Come on we need another shower.” prompted Amy hazily as she tried to coax me from the floor and guide me down the hall.

“Great party Amy!” yelled Diane “We’re going to get our shit and go ahead and leave now.”

“Thanks you guys, I’ll call you all later.” replied Amy as she ushered me still blindfolded through the bathroom doorway.

“Yeah, thanks!” I added teasingly.

Amy and I slipped under the warm spraying massage of the shower for the second time. This time there was no foreplay or sex, just the gentle touches of two very satisfied and very exhausted lovers. After our shower we cuddled up naked on the sofa and began to chat.

“Happy Birthday, baby.” she whispered running her index finger down the center of my chest.

“Thank You Sexy, you’re the greatest.” I said with soft kiss to her forehead. “Where did you find these women at?” I asked. Amy began to explain that Diane; Kim and her all worked together at one of the hospitals.

April was the party hostess who had stuck around only because she’d had too much punch to drink. Miranda was Amy’s neighbor from a few doors down.

“Girl talk at the water cooler will never be quite the same again, will it?” I asked.

“No it certainly won’t.” replied Amy with an evil grin.

I squirmed to become more comfortable. When I did, I felt a cold wet object against my shoulder. I reached back to find a leopard print thong with the crotch and butt floss portion still wet. I tossed them at Amy.

“Those are Kim’s!” she laughed retrieving them from the throw pillow. “Looks like she had good time.” she teased, placing her hand on the dampened portion of the crotch.

“What were you doing while I was doing your Friends?” I asked.

“Oh Shit!” said Amy jumping from the sofa and running to the entertainment center across the room. “I almost forgot about this”, she said opening one of the doors on the center that concealed her VCR. She hit the stop button, then rewind. She came back over to sofa and sat down.

“Were you recording something?” I asked her in disbelief.

“Kind of.” she replied mischievously. When the tape stopped rewinding, she walked over and pushed the play button.

The scene was of her living room. I suddenly realized that Amy had taped the entire evening.

“Where did you hide the camera?” I asked.

“Over in one of the darker and less conspicuous places near the Stereo.” said Amy. The camera had been taping since before the first guest or in this case April the hostess had arrived. I watched attentively while as many as fifteen or sixteen different women filtered into Amy’s living room.

I scanned the tape trying to determine who my mystery partners had been. The suspense was fucking killing me. I fast-forwarded to the point where Amy led my blindfolded ass into the room and where the introductions began. I was blown away by what I saw, and I began to ask questions while we watched the women strip.

“Who’s this, which one is that?” I asked. All the mysteries unfolded as the tape continued to play.

The first horny bitch I was able to recognize was Miranda. Her brass nipple rings were a dead giveaway. Miranda was by far the most “unique” of all the women. She was a tall slender girl relatively young, probably in her early twenties. She had short bright pink hair, with the tattoo of a butterfly on her right ass cheek. She was a cute girl but wore lots of brightly colored make-up. I tried to recognize the other women by the sound of their voices.

April was the next to be identified. She was the hostess with a little too much to drink. She was a well-dressed auburn haired lady, I’d say in her mid to late forties. She was very attractive and I’ll bet she was a total knockout ten or fifteen years ago. She was however, clearly self-conscious about her body. Initially she only stripped down to her black nylon stockings, red lace slip and bra. She even seemed somewhat apprehensive at first.

By far the most experienced of any of my presents, April certainly knows how to ride a dick. Her large breasts were supported nicely by her under-wire bra, but settled to a point much lower once her bra was removed. Her buttocks were a little thicker than I think she was comfortable with and her tummy had a few extra bugles, the obvious remnants of childbirth. The thing I remember about her the most was the amount of thick soft pubic hair that covered her entire crotch.

Only two mystery faces remained on the tape. They were a cute little Asian girl wearing a leopard skin thong and a statuesque vixen with long curly red hair and a figure skater’s physique. Since the redhead was already naked, I was able to surmise that my lover who was wearing the thong was Kim, my little back door girl with a thing for anal insertion.

“I work with these two chicks.” said Amy pointing at the screen. “That was Diane on the right and Kim on the left.”

I was right. Kim was just over five feet tall and extremely pretty. Her features included a flawless complexion; average size funnel shaped tits with small dark brown nipples and a nicely shaped ass that didn’t have a wrinkle or a fold out of place.

I could see now why she focused so much sexual energy on her ass. It was by far her most impressive physical attribute. Her straight black hair was slightly curled under just below her ears.

Diane was also something special. Her tall athletic body included a pair of firm larger than average breasts, smooth tight abs that sloped down and disappeared beneath a moderately dense layer of fiery red pubic hair located between a pair of the shapeliest legs I’ve ever seen.

She had long beautiful curly red hair that sensuously covered her shoulders, fair skin and just enough freckles to give her an almost innocent parochial type look. She was without a doubt the sexiest of Amy’s four surprises.

Sophia has wanted to know when Kevin was coming back over. We have been having so much fun with Miranda and Riley that I didn’t realize she was missing having another cock stuffed in her. It has been several weeks since he has come over, but with the opening of two more of Kevin’s erotic stores, he has been busy. Riley and I were with him when he opened his first and no one works harder then Kevin.

So to get my sister’s mind off of things I decide to take her someplace special. I spoke to Kevin this past weekend and a special integration of one of his new stores is the installation of a glory hole room. Kevin invited both Sophia and I to try it out and afterward help Sophia with her need for his cock.

So we take the twenty-five minute trip to the next town where Kevin’s new store is. I slip away as Sophia browses the store. Even though she is under age, Kevin didn’t care, I mean hell we’re both far older than she and we have both fucked her. He assures me that the booth is ready and he has some guys lined up for us.

I find Sophia easily enough and take her to the room. We slide in and I close and lock the door. Sophia takes a seat and after a few moments she asks, “What now?”

I smile at her and say, “We wait until someone goes into the other side.”

We don’t have to wait long until someone enters on the other side and pushes his semi-hard cock through the hole. I wink at my sister and she quickly gets on her knees in front of the glory hole and takes the cock into her mouth.

As she sucks the throbbing cock, I pull out my own cock and start stroking it. Real quickly, the guy on the other side starts bucking his hips and Sophia pulls away and starts stroking his cock. Soon, he is cumming and the first shot flies over her shoulder. Sophia frowns at this, but continues stroking the guy. The next few streams come out weakly and onto her hand. She lets go of his softening cock and the guy pulls back out of the hole and leaves.

Sophia looks up at me, still frowning and says, “That was a little disappointing.”

I laugh and say, “Not all guys out there can do a good job you know.”

“Yeah I guess so,” she says looking at my cock in my hand.

She moves forward and seizes my shaft with her hand, which is still sticky with cum from the guy, and puts me into her mouth. While she sucks on me, I pull off her shirt, revealing her breasts with their hard nipples. I caress and pinch her nipples while she sucks my cock and toys with my balls.

When another man enters the other side I pull away from Sophia and look over at the hole. The man’s eye is visible on the other side, peering at us. It disappears, only to be replaced by his cock. Sophia kneels in front of the wall and takes his cock between her lips.

“Are you going to suck down his cum?” I whisper into her ear.

She makes a Mmm hmm sound and she bobs furiously on his cock.

Eventually, the guy starts thrusting his cock in and out of Sophia’s mouth. She keeps sucking, but increases her speed while reaching up to play with his shaft. A few minutes later, she squeals and pops his cock out of her mouth. I see her swallow his first rope of cum and then I watch the remaining streams of cum go all over Sophia’s chin and breasts. She is smiling and breathing heavily the entire time.

When he pulls his cock away and leaves, Sophia looks up at me and grins. “Now that was a lot better.”

Her face and breasts are sticky and glisten with sticky cum. The tip of her tongue slides out and licks at the mess on her chin. Then she reaches up and rubs the cum into her breasts.

“You look great,” I say as I continue to stroke my cock.

“Want me to finish you off?” she asks.

I shake my head. “I’m going to fuck you while you suck off the next guy.”

She smiles and stands up, sliding her shorts off and kicking them out of the way. Of course she didn’t have on any panties, so her clean shaved pussy is revealed to me. We embrace and kiss passionately for a few minutes until we hear the door close on the other side.

I pull the only chair in the room over and sit on it with my cock sticking up into the air. As the other guy’s cock slides through the hole, Sophia lowers her pussy onto my cock and then leans forward and takes his cock into her mouth.

We develop a rhythm with Sophia gently thrusting back and forth on my lap while she sucks hard on the new guy’s cock. I run my finger down her ribs, squeezing her breasts. I run my hands over her stomach and down to her clit. I start rubbing circles on it while my cock pumps in and out of her tight little pussy.

I hear a moan before she sits up and allows the guy to finish cumming onto her stomach and thighs. When he withdraws, we stand up and then she sits down in the chair and takes my cock into her mouth. My cock almost immediately pulses and I shoot two thick globs of cum into the back of her throat. She swallows quickly before pulling away and directing the last of my spurts across her breasts and stomach.

A knock comes at our door and on the other side is Kevin’s voice. “Can I come in?”

Sophia jumps to her feet and quickly unlocks the door. “Come in, come in.”

Kevin is already stripping off his clothes as he steps through the door. Once he is as naked as Sophia he reaches for her. He squeezes her breasts and slides in to kiss on her neck. In those few seconds I strip off my clothes, my cock jutting straight out with a renewed energy. It bobs slightly as I step behind her. I run my hands down her side and onto her ass.

I slide my hand to her inner thigh and fingers directly into her pussy. Sliding them back and forth, they are immediately enveloped in her wetness. Sophia bends forward slight and I slide two fingers inside her.

“She is totally wet and ready Justin,” I say.

Kevin smiles at me and I pull my fingers from her pussy, sliding them backward between her ass cheeks. I then grab her hips and guide to the floor. Sophia gets on her hands and knees and spreads her legs apart. Justin looks at her pussy greedily and grabs his cock with one hand. I hold my sister’s head gently and put my cock right at her mouth. As she opens her mouth to let me in, Justin parts her pussy lips with his cockhead, sliding it up and down a couple times between her slit.

As Kevin slides his cock in Sophia, she groans around my cock. Kevin matches her groan with of his own as he slides halfway into her. Grasping both hips, he slides back out and then pushes back all the way in. He starts to rock back and forth quickly, going deep into her. The impact of his hips pushes her forward onto my cock, so it goes almost to the back of her throat.

Kevin’s hand moves from her hip and slides around her side as he reaches for her clit. He finds it quickly and starts to rub and from the sudden jerk from Sophia, I know it probably gave her the boost she needs to orgasm.

She starts to jerk and shudder as his fingers slide over her clit rapidly. Sophia starts to rock her hips up as Kevin increases the rhythm of his thrusts. The position of her hips, I can tell, makes his cock center perfectly on her asshole. With the almost of pussy juices and cum between her ass cheeks and on his cock, it make it possible for him to slide right into her ass.

He thrusts forward and his cock slides in halfway. Sophia jerks forward again and my cock slides to her throat and keeps going. To my surprise, she swallows my cock and it slides partly down her throat. She jerks back from my cock just as Kevin thrusts forward again and his cock slides all the way into her ass.

Sophia slides her fingers across her clit as Kevin begins pumping her hard and fast. The slap of his hips onto her ass pushes her even further onto my cock. She swallows me again as I push forward with perfect timing and bring her nose all the way to my stomach. Then her orgasm breaks as Kevin fills her bowels with his hot cum. The sight of it makes me cum as well and with my cock slid down my sister’s throat, I pump my cum straight into her stomach. I pull back just as the last spurt comes out so that Sophia can have a taste of it, just as she likes. With Kevin still press tight again her ass, she cannot move back off of my cock and one more spurt escapes my cock to hit her mouth which she greedily swallows down.

I fall to the floor, pulling my cock from her mouth. Kevin falls a bit on Sophia with his cock still buried tightly inside her ass. She half collapses to the floor and Kevin flops to the side with his cock making an audible pop sound. We lay here panting when Sophia says, “My god, I have never had an orgasm like that before.”

I smile as I look over to Kevin as he has the same smile on his face. Sophia lays back with her eyes closed, her fingers slipping back over her clit.

“I hope you boys don’t think you’re finished with me.”

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