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This story could have gone into either the non-consent / reluctance or into the transsexual / cross dresser category. It contains explicit description of a non-consensual encounter between a transsexual and a straight man. If this is not your thing please pick a different story. I am happy to receive feedback, positive or negative, about the characters or story construction, but not about the subject matter. This is written for the people who are into that, not those who aren’t.

If you are still with me… enjoy.


I see my target sitting at the bar, sort of on the edge of one of the groups of sales reps. He has a beer but he is not drinking as fast as the others and he looks around nervously from time to time.

I have a preference for the more slightly built man. He needs to be taller than my five foot eight in heels but I don’t like the fat or muscle bound guys.

Slowly I start to walk in his direction.

I stop and check myself in the mirror. I am wearing the deep red dress tonight, and it looks great against my dark chocolate coloured skin. My luxurious shoulder length straight black hair is brushed out and gleaming. The dress is low enough at the front to show I am not wearing a bra, and it also proves that my tits are proud and firm without support. I carry a small black handbag and wear only some simple gold earrings and my wide gold choker as jewellery. No rings, to show I am not attached and no watch to show that I don’t care about time. My fingernails and toenails are the colour of my dress.

I look great.

The man looks around again and his eyes meet mine. I hold his gaze for a moment and then he hurriedly looks away. I see him nervously rub his ring finger. Good.

No matter what city I am in I always go to the places where the salesmen stay. This is where I almost always find what I am looking for.

The bar is a u shape, so I stop at the opposite side to him and order a drink. In the mirror I see his head turn to me again, taking in my shape when he thinks I can’t see him. I lean forward, as if I want to say something to the barman and I know he is staring at my thighs.

I prefer a married man, it can prevent complications, but I don’t like the brash, loud drunken type. I want a man who is really nervous about cheating, even though he is hundreds of miles away from his wife. I want a vanilla man, one who thinks that having sex doggy style is kinky.

I want a man who I can lead, not one who wants to lead me.

I sip my drink, and carefully watch the man in the mirror. He is still looking around the room but his eyes always linger on my ass. So they should, I have spent countless hours at the gym making sure I look perfect.

I’d say he is in his early to mid thirties. He has sandy blonde hair, cut neatly but not styled. He wears the businessman’s uniform of dark trousers, a white business shirt and a tie. A jacket to match his pants is on the back of the chair next to him. His face is nice, not ugly but also not particularly handsome. A normal face.

He has just about finished his beer now, and he stares at me for a while and then starts gathering up the money on the bar in front of him. It is time.

I wait until he is concentrating and then I take my drink and walk over to him.

“Pardon me,” I say, in my sexy husky voice, and he jumps.

“Uh, yes?” he stammers. Up close he is quite cute. Blue eyes and lips that look perfect for kissing. Or even other things. But I can’t get ahead of myself yet.

“Aren’t you Steve, Linda Mariano’s brother?” I ask. His eyes that had brightened fade again.

“Sorry, no,” he says, stumbling over the words.

“Oh, I feel so silly,” I say, staring at him, “you do look like Steve.”

“Don’t worry,” he says, finally getting his tongue working, “I have one of those faces that seems to look like a lot of people.” I laugh quietly and take a sip of my drink, trying to look awkward. He keeps looking at me as I do. I’m close with this one, I can sense it.

I have a very high sex drive, I have ever since I can remember, and at least twice a week I go looking for relief. Usually I am successful, but why wouldn’t I be? I am attractive, I dress well and I pick my men carefully.

I can see he is wondering if he should stay or leave now.

“I’m so sorry, oh by the way I’m Savanna,” I say.

“Hi,” he replies, “I’m Ray. Savanna is a really pretty name.” I smile gratefully at him. Yes, I think, this one should work.

Right on cue the bartender turns up, and he looks at Ray.

“What are you drinking Savanna?” Ray asks.

“Just Chardonnay, but I still have most of a glass, you go ahead,” I reply. He shrugs and orders a beer.

“What do you do Ray?” I ask leaning in toward him as if to hear him more easily. It gives him a good view down my cleavage.

“Oh, I just sell tools,” he replies, and I grin.

“That must be interesting,” I say leaning even closer, “I love a man who knows his way around his tools.” Ray blushes. Got you, I think.

We stay at the bar and chat while Ray has three more beers and I have one more glass of wine. I flirt with him and soon he starts to flirt too. I touch his hand with mine as we talk, and I sensuously stroke the back of it. I time it carefully so that our drinks are finished at the same time. He looks at my glass and then at me enquiringly.

“No thanks Ray,” I say with a giggle, “I think I am a little too tipsy already.” He smiles.

“Are you staying here?” I ask.

“Yes,” he replies, and I lean right in and whisper into his ear.

“Have you ever had a black girl?” I ask, sensuously trailing my fingers slowly down his chest.

“Uh, no,” he mumbles, his eyes wide.

“Then why don’t we just go to your room and fuck,” I purr. He stares and then nods dumbly.

Got you.

I giggle and stagger a bit as we leave the bar, carefully watching to see how steady on his feet Ray is. He has had four beers in the time I have been at the bar and I have two small glasses of wine. As I hold onto his arm for support I can feel he is rather unsteady himself, that’s good.

A lot of jealous eyes follow us out. If only they knew.

We stagger to the lift, and he pushes the up button. I nibble his ear lobe.

“You are so sexy,” I whisper. I can clearly see his erection straining at the front of his pants. He just moans.

The lift arrives and we step in. There is nobody else in it and he presses the button for the third floor. That’s good, we will have a bit of time. As soon as the doors close I press him against the wall with my body and I kiss him. Hard. Momentarily his mouth stays closed, as if he is having guilty second thoughts. I reach down and squeeze his cock through his pants. He moans and his mouth opens, allowing my tongue to explore. I rub his cock as I kiss him, and I am happy, it isn’t so big that it will make my mouth hurt.

Our tongues dance, they are the overture of our lustful ballet.

The door opens and we break apart as an elderly couple waiting for the lift stare at us disapprovingly. Maybe they don’t approve of mixed race relationships, maybe they don’t approve of public passion in a lift or maybe they might just be jealous because Ray is hard and I am beautiful. I don’t care.

We giggle and stagger down the corridor and Ray stops at room 307. I hug him from behind and reach around for his cock again as he fumbles for his swipe card.

The trick at this stage is to keep them on the back foot. I need to set the scene and he needs to be washed along with the current. The next bit is critical to my plan.

“I am going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before,” I whisper, and he whimpers. I have definitely picked a good one here.

Ray finally gets the door open and we go in, kicking the door shut again behind us. I turn him around and kiss him passionately again. He is an average kisser, probably hasn’t had a lot of practice. I feel his hands on my tits, squeezing a little too roughly. I pull my mouth off his.

“Gently Ray, they are delicate,” I say, and he obediently softens his touch. We stay like that for a while, and I feel his hard cock pressing against my groin, then his hands start to head down.

“Hang on,” I say dodging him for a moment, “I need to use the washroom, why don’t you get naked while you wait?” He grins a silly grin and reaches for his tie.

“Turn the TV on loud Ray, I don’t want the neighbours to hear us,” I say, and then I reach down.

“I want this present unwrapped when I get back,” I say, squeezing his hard cock again.

“It will be,” he promises.

There is only one door that can be the bathroom so I go through it and lock the door behind me. I look in the mirror and quickly fix my hair. Then I put a thick layer of lipstick on. That is important. But then I do the most important thing. I shrug the dress off my shoulders, I get a small bottle from my bag and then I use the little swab attached to the inside of the lid to put a little dab of the liquid on each of my nipples. I put the dress back on and try not to rub the liquid off.

I’m ready.

I flush the toilet and walk out. Ray is sitting naked on the bed, but he is covering his groin with his hands. He is starting to look a bit uncertain again.

“Unzip me please darling,” I say, walking quickly to him, turning and squatting down. I feel my zip being drawn down, and I turn away as I feel one hand grabbing my ass.

I drop the dress and his eyes open wide as he stares at my bare tits. He looks impressed, and well he should be. I lean toward him and his mouth opens to receive my nipple. I take his hands in mine and I guide them to my tits as I present the other nipple for sucking.

I can see the head of his cock is wet with his excitement. I let go of one of his hands and I reach down for his hard shaft and I squeeze. He moans.

“Lay back darling,” I say pushing him gently, “I want to suck you.” He moans in anticipation.

“Condom or bareback?” I ask, reaching for my bag which is now on my dress. His eyes open wide.

“Bareback?” he stammers. I thought so.

Forgetting the bag I push him back until he is lying on the bed with his legs over the side. I move them apart and kneel between them. I grab his cock and squeeze it again. He is about six inches long, and not too fat. He is circumcised and his cock bends slightly to my left. It is a nice cock.

I carefully check it for any sores or suspicious marks, but he looks clean.

Ray has now put a couple of pillows under his head so he can watch. Staring into his eyes I move my mouth to his cock and I lick the salty liquid from the head. It tastes so good. He moans as I drill my tongue into the tiny hole. He moans in anticipation.

“I bet your wife doesn’t do this for you, does she darling?” I purr and I see the guilt on his face. I wait for a reply, just blowing gently on the end of his cock. He eventually realises I’m not going further without an answer.

“No,” he admits, “she says it’s dirty.” I grin. He is definitely so vanilla, and married. That is good to know.

I like the married ones, they have more to lose and are less inclined to make a fuss after I have finished with them.

“I’ll show you dirty,” I say in my sexiest voice.

Then I get down to sucking cock.

I like sucking cock and I have had plenty of practice over the years, so I like to think I am one of the best around. First I open wide and slowly lower my mouth right down to the base of Ray’s cock. I avoid touching it with my lips and just run my tongue firmly down the length of it. I only need to deep throat the last inch or so, and that is no problem for me. I hear Ray moan again as my throat grabs the head of his cock and my lips firmly encircle the base. Pressing hard with my lips I rotate my mouth around Ray’s hard cock. When I finally lift my head back off there is a circle of scarlet lipstick around the base of his cock. It is my brand, and my nervous little vanilla boy is now mine. Soon enough he will find out just what that means.

Ray’s eyes open wide when he sees it, but I also notice a bit of glazing too.

It is a fine line to choose how much of my special liquid I put on my nipples. I want my target to be compliant, but I don’t want him to pass out. I have to balance the effect of any alcohol he has consumed. I think I have got Ray about right.

With a loud slurp I return to sucking Ray’s cock.

I almost always use only my mouth on a guy’s cock, lips tongue and throat should be enough. Sure my hands get busy later on, but not on his cock. I am glad Ray chose bareback, not only will the direct contact make him cum quicker, but I can also tell how close he is by the discharge. I realise I haven’t got a lot of time with Ray so I get into it quickly.

I try hard to make eye contact as often as possible when I am blowing a guy. It turns them on and I can monitor his progress too. Ray is loving this, perhaps a bit too much, so I quickly free up a hand to cup his balls. They are a reasonable size and like a lot of blonde guys they don’t have too thick a cover of hair. As my mouth fucks his cock his moans are quiet but almost constant. My hand lets go of his balls and moves lower.

With long scarlet fingernails I lightly scratch his perineum. He shudders in ecstasy. Then I gently rub the pucker of his tight little asshole.

“Not there,” he says, trying to wriggle away, and I lift my head off his cock.

“Relax honey,” I say, “you are going to love this.” He looks unsure but I deep throat him again and he groans. When I run my finger across his asshole again he shudders but doesn’t pull away. What a good little vanilla boy, I think.

Soon Ray is really close. His pre-cum is steadily oozing from his hole as I suck him hard and lightly rub his ass.

“Wait,” he gasps, “I still want to…” Again I lift my head.

“We’ve got all night sweetie,” I purr, “let it go now and you will still get a fuck later.” I drop my head over his cock again and he stops fighting.

“Will… you… swallow…?” he gasps, and I nod. It really does save a messy clean up. I feel him tensing up and I take him deeply into my mouth yet again. As he cums I push a finger into his unsuspecting ass and he squeals.

He cums even harder on the next spurt and I know this taboo thing turns him on, even if he doesn’t want it to.

I swallow every drop, and there were a hell of a lot of drops. I ease my finger gently out of his ass and he trembles.

“Was that the best blow job you have ever had?” I ask, and gasping for air ne nods mutely.

That doesn’t mean a lot to me, he could probably count all his blow jobs on one hand.

“Do you want to return the favour before we fuck?” I ask, squeezing his softening cock to show him how useless it now is. I see him consider.

“OK,” he finally says, and I smile and stand up.

This is the moment of truth.

I stand in front of him for a while as he admires my perky tits and my glistening ebony skin. I am only wearing my jewellery, my black satin underwear and my stilettos now.

And some tape.

I slowly lower my underwear but I bend my knees and squat down as I do. He tries to struggle to lift his head but can’t find the energy. Reaching between my legs I silently rip off the tape and let my cock free.

Some would call me a ladyboy, some would call me a shemale, some would call me a transsexual, but in my judgement they are all wrong.

I am a gay man, and I like having sex with men. Sure I look like an incredibly pretty woman, but that is my bait, it is what I use to lure my prey.

Ray would never have taken a man to his room for sex, but Ray is the sort of man I like to have sex with, so I disguise myself.

The reason I still think of myself as a man, despite the fact that I live entirely as a woman, is that I am a top, not a bottom. Men don’t fuck me (I tried it and just didn’t get into it), I fuck them.

I stand up and watch the shock on his face as Ray realises what is between my legs.

“No,” he gasps, “it can’t be.” He tries to move but he is too slow and I jump on him, pinning him to the bed. It’s time now for me to take control.

I don’t have any enormous body strength, but I can whip most guys. Growing up as a pretty black gay boy in a tough neighbourhood wasn’t easy. I needed an edge and I got it from karate. I was a black belt before I turned seventeen and the thugs soon learned to leave me alone. Sure there are just so many I can take on at a time, and I did get a couple of bashings early on, but I sought out each attacker while they were on their own and I showed them the error of their ways.

Eventually everyone just left me alone. Well, the straight ones anyway.

Some men put up more of a struggle than others. Ray is pretty normal.

“Come on Ray,” I say, my voice now showing a hard edge, “time to return the favour.”

“No,” he gasps, “I’m not gay.” I know that, and that is why I chose him.

“You promised,” I say firmly, “it’s time to deliver.”

“No,” he says again shaking his head and struggling feebly under me.

I let go of his left hand and slap him heavily on the side of his face. The noise is loud. My cock has been growing since I released it and the violence sends another surge of blood to it. I love to be in control.

Ray is dazed by the heavy blow, and he shakes his head feebly.

“It’s like this Ray,” I say menacingly, “you are going to suck my cock, like it or not. If you resist, or if I feel your teeth at all the next punch will break that pretty little nose of yours. If that doesn’t work I’m going to work downstairs so your inhibited vanilla wife will never have anything to do with you again. Do we understand each other?”

Ray is crying. I love it when they cry, they look so… vulnerable.

I get off the bed and grab Ray’s hands. I pull him up into a sitting position and he is looking at my cock now. I don’t have a big cock, just a little shorter than Ray’s but thicker when it is hard. Right now it is hard.

“Please… no” he begs.

“Be good or else,” I say, and I drag him by the ears until his lips touch my cock head. When he doesn’t open his mouth I twist his ears harshly and he cries out in pain.

I push my cock into his mouth, and he splutters.

Most guys are resigned to their fate by this time, but I did once have one who bit my cock. He spent three months in hospital and there are still some injuries he will never recover from.

“Suck it,” I command, and Ray sucks weakly as his tears continue to flow. It’s time for some real incentive.

“If I am still hard in twenty minutes, I am going to fuck that tight little ass of yours,” I say.

Ray struggles even more, but I still have hold of his ears so he can’t escape my cock to say anything.

It is still pretty obvious that he does not like that idea all that much.

I can see our reflection clearly in the mirror on the wall and it turns me own. My little vanilla white boy sitting there with my black cock in his mouth.

Ray starts to work at sucking me off now. He does not want the consequence of failure. I grin and watch.

“See Ray,” I taunt him, “you really are a good little cock sucker aren’t you?” He squirms in protest.

For a while I let Ray set his own pace and he does a reasonable job, but then I also start to give him instructions.

“Use your tongue Ray,” I demand, and he does.

“Suck it down deeper Ray,” I demand. He tries and fails, so I just shove and he gags.

“Watch those teeth Ray,” I warn him and he quickly complies.

“Ten minutes Ray,” I say and he renews his efforts.

“Play with my balls Ray,” I demand and he reluctantly does.

“Gently rub my ass Ray,” I demand, and he does that too.

I just love a reluctant but obedient vanilla boy.

“Five minutes left Ray,” I say, and now I set the pace. I start to fuck Ray’s face, jamming my cock deep into his throat and pulling it out again over and over. He is coughing and gagging and the tears are streaming down his face again. After a couple of minutes I feel my orgasm approaching.

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