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So much stuff was going through what was left of my mind I had no feelings, just stuff. My body was numb. I knew it was cold, but I didn’t feel cold. In fact, I knew it was night, but it didn’t feel like any time in particular. It could have been noon on a sunny day. I couldn’t focus on much of anything, other than my heart beginning to slow down from a race pace.

One thing I knew was that it was silent, dead silent.

Though a moment ago there were some guys about to kill or capture us, now there was no sound. Simone, my girlfriend of two months had disarmed and knocked out both of them in just seconds. Then she took one’s slick motorcycle to chase a third guy who had raced away in a car around the corner. I thought I heard in rapid succession gunshots, a crash, and an explosion.

All of this was on a continuous loop in my mind. No matter how much I wanted to shift my focus to the now dead silent city street around me, I could do no more than replay the recording in my brain.

A sharp knife at my throat. A gun at Simone’s head. Two big, dark clothed guys in hoods, one looking vaguely familiar, the other at least a foot taller than I.

Both of them were now out cold: One most of the way across the street, the other right in front of me. I thought I could see the latter breathing and assumed the giant was too. As far as the guy who’d peeled out, well, who knew?

I was only concerned about Simone. She’d run across the street after beaning the tall guy, hopped on his motorcycle, and taken off after the third guy. But, after all the noise around the corner, everything was silence.

She’d told me to stay put, but I feared for, well, pretty much everything.

Was she OK? Did the guy get away? Did he hurt her? What about the two guys here? Were they about to get up? What should I do? Should I call the police?

Nothing made any sense.

Who was Simone? Until the last couple of minutes Simone had been a 22- or 23-year-old (You’d think I could remember which, but she’d told me and I immediately forgot because I’d been staring at her tits. Now I was embarrassed to ask. I still wanted to know what size bra she wore, though. But I digress.) woman who went to my gym. She said she’d left her hometown when she was 19 and bounced around until winding up here earlier this year. She hadn’t gone to college, but was thinking about applying to our local community college. She was extremely smart, extremely well read, and learned things quickly, never forgetting anything.

She was also a few inches taller than I, had short blond hair. She was slender and pretty with high cheek bones, blue eyes, and she had the largest breasts I think I’d ever seen. They sat high on her chest and would have looked to anyone like they were store bought.

However, I knew they were 100% real. Oh, and she also loved, or maybe more clearly was obsessed with semen. She didn’t just have the ability to deep throat, she enjoyed and even got off on it – or actually on anything that would make a man come for her so she could taste it, play with it, and ultimately drink it to achieve her own climaxes.

What I had never known was that she was Superwoman or Lara Croft or some other female superhero. Moments ago she’d just put down two guys who must have each had 90 or 100 pounds on her – and they’d both been armed!

And now she was gone, having told me to “stay put.” Should I go in search of her around the corner?

Another thing that surprised me was that I didn’t hear any sirens. No police, ambulances, nothing.

That was about all I knew at that moment.

I just had those things racing around my brain. Not much else was happening up there at the moment.

“The rest is silence.” I began to try to remember who said that, but was having a hard time. Not three minutes ago, we were verbally sparring with movie quotes, the latest from Crocodile Dundee.

Now, I’m thinking about Shakespearean tragedy.

I was still blankly staring at the oddly familiar looking guy, still out like a light, when I heard the soft sound of someone running, but wearing soft-soled shoes. Turning to look in the direction of the sound I realized I was looking down the dark and silent street at the near corner.

Just before I saw who it was I was overwhelmed with sudden fear. What if Simone was hurt or worse? Should I call the police? Should I have called them a minute ago, right after Simone left to follow the third man? (You see, I thought to myself, The Third Man? I’m back to movie titles with the number three in them!)

Then a figure came running around the corner. The figure was Simone.

Words suddenly left me. When she got to me she matter-of-factly asked, “You OK?”

I wanted to say some kind of witty remark – or even something caring – but nothing came to me. She’s suddenly Ms. Action Figure and I’m speechless.

“Nothing like this has ever happened to me before – in all my life,” I said candidly.

“I know, I know,” she said, hugging me. “Marilyn Monroe.”

“Huh? What?” I asked her, walking with her across the deserted street to retrieve her smartphone.

“That’s the line Tom Ewell’s character (I think the character’s name is Richard something.) says in The Seven Year Itch. I suppose I should say, ‘Really? It happens to me all the time.’ That’s what she says.” (She said that in a great, breathy, innocent Marilyn voice imitation.)

“How can you be…? I mean… You’re acting like nothing special just happened. How did you? What happened to the motorcycle? Who were…” I said to her, the incredulity obvious in my voice, as she nonchalantly grabbed my arm and began walking back in the direction of her apartment.

“It’s OK,” Simone said simply. “Don’t worry about it.”

I began to say something to her, but she put a finger against my lips, shook her head no, and said “shh.”

We walked passed the dark storefronts, offices, and warehouses, back to her place in absolute silence. I kept expecting to hear police sirens, but there was no sound. The winds had dropped, as did the temperature, now surely around freezing.

I had a million questions, but she was distant as we rode the elevator in still cold – bordering on icy – silence and entered her apartment.

“I know it’s late, but I’m wide awake,” she said to me, cupping my crotch. “I don’t know if it’s adrenalin or what. How about you?”

My surprise at her expression of desire – especially after the day and night we’d had – made me vulnerable to any minute manipulation.

“Why don’t I start a fire?” I suggested, momentarily forgetting the myriad of questions as my blood began to breathe life back into my dick.

As I was getting kindling into the fireplace I heard her speaking on the phone. Her smartphone was on the kitchen counter where she’d left it with her keys and she didn’t have a landline. It was past one and I was surprised to hear her calling someone so late.

I was also surprised that she had another cell phone, one I had never seen.

I could have just chalked it up to another of the evening’s mysteries, but, as I sat there on the sofa, if it was at all possible I became even more curious about her.

Pouring myself a spot of Cognac was just the thing to enhance the warmth of the crackling fire I’d started. Attempting to relax on the sofa, I picked up the remote, found some nice, peaceful classical music, and waited for her to return.

She came in and sat down next to me, her hand sensually stroking my groin.

“I know he’s worked hard all day, but I was wondering if he’d like to inspect my esophagus. For medical reasons, of course!

“Plus, I’d love some semen and, maybe, you wouldn’t mind jerking off in my mouth.”

Looking at her bright blue eyes and her lovely face, I couldn’t say a thing. Of course, I wanted more sex, but I also wanted to understand at least some of what had happened this evening: This evening when Simone went from being a surprising woman to a super woman.

“You don’t feel like jerking off, do you?” she asked me. “OK. I understand. You have a thousand questions. I wouldn’t think anything else. But, how about a little intimacy and then we can talk.” She paused, still caressing my jeans. “I need it,” she added.

Standing up to pull down my jeans, my cock just popped to attention, very happy at being freed from the confines of my jeans and boxers and obviously unperturbed at the evening’s events.

With accustomed relish, Simone was slobbering (in a good way!) all over it immediately. I began to think to myself that I was probably smelling a little ripe if you get close enough, but she didn’t seem to care. All of the aroma was either from her, me – or maybe a little from Consuela. Gee, that mini-orgy at the marina suddenly seemed like days ago, but in fact was only hours ago.

Hours ago? That had to be a mistake. It must have been days ago. The encounter at Little Jimmy’s was – now that I think about it – this afternoon!

What a day!

Realizing I should be paying attention to the tall, thin, cute blond still clad all in black, I looked down. No wonder my reverie had been interrupted: Simone had my entire cock deep in her throat and was aggressively licking my balls with her tongue.

No matter how many times she’d done that to me I couldn’t get over the incredible feeling. It was as though there were two women working on my… No, two women adoring and adulating my cock.

This had the effect of my feeling another orgasm in the works. But, it wasn’t a certain feeling! It was an iffy feeling. I think my peter might have just had all the fun it could in one 24-hour-period and it might need to get some shut-(one)-eye.

Again, though, Simone proved me wrong. She began to move me further into her mouth and throat. I didn’t think it was possible, but it wasn’t just her nose that was pressing up against my body. I could feel her upper lip tightly against my skin as well.

In fact, I think for the first time, she seemed to be in a little discomfort. Not the kind that would make her gag or throw up, but she seemed almost desperate to make me come. It could not be very comfortable having your lower jaw opened so wide – and for such a long time – but she kept at it while rubbing the area behind my balls with one hand and pushing me forward with her other hand on my butt.

All the while, her tongue and maybe her lower lip kept swabbing at my balls like it was an ice cream cone.

Whatever it was she was doing, it had the desired effect. I was now ready to come and she appeared to want it more than I did. She was in her own world, moaning and even grunting a little, on her way to her unique orgasmic pleasure.

When I come inside a woman I never know how much I actually shoot. I know how many times it feels like I’m shooting, but after a day filled with lots of orgasms, I had no idea how much business I was doing – at the business end of my dick.

My first few shots were deep in her throat. I knew that because her lips were still firmly attached to the base of my cock as I was coming. Surprising myself I continued to come for at least seven or eight spurts. Somewhere in the middle of those, she moved my cock out of its deep place and at least some of my semen shot in her mouth as just the head was left in there by then.

She continued to lick around the head and it was exciting to see her tongue licking it as cum continued to spew out and land on her tongue and her lips, just to be scooped up and moved around her entire oral opening.

Watching yourself come in a woman’s mouth has got to be one of life’s most incredible pleasures. Doing it with a woman who truly wants your cum and is getting off while you are, like you’re actually the one doing the pleasuring, is something rare. Surely it was unique in my experience to give a woman so much pleasure just by letting her give me a blowjob.

Eventually we both came down from our respective highs and collapsed back on the sofa, staring at the beautiful fire, feeling nothing but satiety.

It was then I heard one of her louder gulps as she swallowed what was left of the load I had just given her. The sound alone made me shiver with excitement. Was it possible that I could get hard again, right after coming?

I looked down to see the back of Simone’s head resting on my thigh as she too seemed to be staring at the fire. Next to her and actually resting against her forehead, my cock was completely soft. The shiver of excitement obviously had not reached that far down.

Regardless, I knew I’d sleep well tonight.

* * *

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