cum inside

Note: All characters 18 and over. Quick to the action.

I sat down at the kitchen table and waited for mum to start.

She had called me down from my room, interrupting my personal time. Or my furious wanking to whatever I found hot in the moment. I usually came as quick as I could, wanking more to release stress than to get pleasure.

As my dad said when they were looking for antonyms for patience and carefulness they just put my name down. I was the type of guy who skipped the talking parts of movies for the action. What did I care if I missed some emotional crap? I just wanted to see explosions.

Mum was standing next to the table with the washing hamper sitting on the table. I frowned at it. It belonged in the bathroom for mum to take to the laundry. As simple as that.

Mum huffed, looked up at me and looked back down at the hamper.

She was quite pretty and if I was honest with myself, quite a few of the videos I watched were incest. But you know not in real life. Even if mum was super hot.

Long brown hair to a slim waist. Dad still jokes that when I was born I came out with a loud pop because mum’s waist was so small.

Her breasts were barely a handful and she had a slight bulge on her tummy, but for her age she was smoking. What can I say, add the label mother to a fit good looking woman and they seem twice as good looking.

I rested my jaw on my hand.

“What is so important you called me here to stare at the hamper?”

Mum gave me a nasty look. She was quite the emotional woman and didn’t really know the meaning of moderation or restraint. Though I was worse. I had just been suspended from school for getting into a fight.

I told my dad it was for a mate over a girl and he nodded, clapped me on the back and that was the end of it for him. While mum had ferreted the truth out of me and other mothers to find I had kicked the shit out of a guy for calling my dad gay because he was married to mum.

You could never mistake her for a man, but she wasn’t blessed with a large arse or boobs. Her curves were gentle and she was more handsome than beautiful. Enough of my school friends lusted after her to prove she had sex appeal. But what guy didn’t lust after their friends mother’s?

My dad was a good guy, didn’t take things overly seriously so we got along pretty good. I didn’t mind kicking a guy’s face in to defend him.

I was thinking all this as she just stood there. I moved to stand and she finally reacted.

“Sit down and listen.” I followed suit. “I am sick of washing your dirty clothes. So I want you to be more careful.”

I blinked, this was a surprise. I specifically did some lesser chores so mum did my washing.

“You want me to do my own washing?”

“No, just don’t get it so… dirty.”

“How? By not wearing anything? You want to watch me walk around with my dick swinging?”

“James! No need to mention… that word.”

“What dick? Your the one who wants to look at it, no other reason for not washing my clothes.”

Mum groaned in frustration and gripped the hamper. I loved to mess with people’s word’s, turning normal conversations around till the speaker didn’t know what they were saying. Adding meaning to their words, that sort of thing. Or taking a vague statement and adding out of contextual meaning. There was a slight flush of anger on mum’s cheeks.

“No. Wear clothes for gods sake. But don’t get them dirty.” I opened my mouth, but she quickly added. “A special dirty. You know, so be careful.”

I frowned.

“I can’t remember the last time I shit my pants mum. I think I must have still been sucking on your tits. Or are you talking about piss? I was probably off your tits, but still wishing I could suck them.”


Mum practically screamed at me. Her face was flushed bright red. I was glad it was only the morning and dad wasn’t home until 6. I would tease her till about 4pm and then do some chores to cool her down. Just so when dad came home she wouldn’t be angry enough to tell dad.

“Come on mum you need to be specific.”

I stumbled over the word, I always half lisped it. Damn stupid tricky word.


I stared at mum.

“You want to cum or you want me to whip my dick out and beat it like a redneck beats his wife?”


“Oh so you want me to stroke my cock slowly. My, my, mum I never knew you were such a deviant. Surely the other mothers will be shocked at this revelation.”

Mum gritted her teeth and glared at me.

“No James you sick little fucker. I am talking about you creaming your underwear all the time. I think you are the deviant, you probably cum every time I bend over.”

I frowned and rubbed my chin.

“Well turn around and bend over and let’s see if I cum.”

Mum stared at me and I stared at her. I didn’t cum when she bent over, but my dick always twitched when I saw her tight body. She might not have had much in the way of curves, but her arse was shapely and pert.

I knew what the cum was from. When I finished wanking I often just shoved my cock back in my pants instead of cleaning it off properly. So the dregs of my orgasm would be wiped off on my underwear.

I twirled my finger and mum paused. She glared at me and turned. My jaw nearly dropped, she was going to do it. I had to calm down, this could lead to something good. Hell I couldn’t calm down at the best of times, I was going to get what I could.

I watched amazed as mum bent over, her small arse pushing out against her dress. My cock twitched and grew a little from the perverse nature of our conversation.

Mum looked around still bent over. Her face was still flushed, and she still looked angry, but her eyes twinkled in a way I couldn’t understand.

“Well filled your pants yet?”

“I’m pretty close mum, but in that dress I can’t really see much. Lift up your dress so I can see your arse properly and I will cum for sure.”

I couldn’t believe I had asked mum that, but damn I wanted it. It wasn’t in my nature to hold back, I usually said what I thought and had spent a lot of time grounded for it.

“I don’t want you to cum in your pants, because it is hard to wash out, smells bad and means I have to wash them by hand. Otherwise the other clothes would be stained.”

“So you’ve been rubbing your hands into my cum soaked underwear for years now?”

Mum didn’t say anything. I leaned forward and grabbed the hem of her dress. With one deft flick of my hand I had flicked the dress up over her arse. I nodded as mum yelped.

“What the hell did you do that for?”

“I told you I couldn’t cum unless I saw more of your arse. Usually I can cum when you are wearing your tight pants, but with a dress I can’t. This was the only thing to do?”

Mum stared at me, but she didn’t stand up or pull her dress down.

“You actually cum from watching me?”

I hadn’t actually cum from watching mum, but I had definitely thought about pumping her so full of cum that she leaked it from three holes. I told myself incest was good but not in real life, somehow that didn’t stop my imagination playing with mum.

I was now rubbing my fully hard cock through my pants. Mum wasn’t angry, she just stared as I rubbed harder and faster while staring at her arse.

It was small shapely, pert and most definitely a female arse. The soft looking pale skin and gentle curves were making my cock throb.

Her panties were just normal green ones, but the way they sat on her fantastic arse made them seem so sexy. Her butt was smooth, with no imperfections except a small mole on each cheek. I reached out and poked each one. Mum jumped but didn’t move.

I left my finger on the second mole as I awkwardly pulled my pants down with one hand and freed my cock. Mum’s eyes widened as my hard on popped up and stood straight up. I started to wank off properly while rubbing my finger over her arse.

I could see her pussy, softly defined through her panties. I stopped rubbing her impossibly smooth arse to pull her panties up so they slipped into her crack. More of her arse was exposed and her pussy lips pushed against her panties.

Mum gasped but let me lift her panties several more times until her pussy lips were split by the soft material. I started to trace my fingers along her wet folds. Mum bit her lip and groaned, she faced forward and grabbed the table for support. Her panties were starting to darken between her pussy lips.

I stood up behind her and pulled her panties down, now I used both hands to rub her arse and pussy. I lowered my face down and sucked her dripping pussy into my mouth. Mum groaned and pushed back on my face.

“No, not like this.”

I pulled back and gave her arse a little smack before positioning my cock at her pussy entrance.

“Don’t lie mum. You love it. Besides you’ll get used to having me inside all the time soon enough. And be glad I won’t be making my underwear dirty any more. I promise I won’t be wanking off again.”

Mum groaned as I pushed my cock into her hot slick insides. Her pussy pulsed a warm beat around my meat as I quickly thrust in, making mum huff.

“Geez, try and give me some warning.”

I shrugged and sighed in relief as I bottomed out in mum.

“I’ll try.”

I started to thrust back and forth as hard and fast as I could. Mum laughed and shook her head. I grinned and leaned forward to grab her breasts. She swatted my hands out of the way to unbutton her dress. I moaned deeply as I got my hands on her pert little breasts. They barely filled my hands, but mum was pushing them hard into my hands. Her stiff little nipples poking holes in my hands as I jack hammered into mum’s pussy.

Her insides were made of dreams. So tight it felt like her pussy was trying to squeeze cum from me, her pulsing walls slick and wet. She was so soft and juicy inside I could hear her pussy making slick sounds as I slammed my cock in and out.

Mum was grunting and moaning in time with my hard and fast thrusts deep into her. I was massaging her breasts while she continued to hold onto the table for support.

I gritted my teeth and picked up speed as my orgasm neared. Mum was moaning deeply and her pussy was getting tighter and tighter.

“Here’s your first load mum.”

I slammed my hips hard into her arse, just making the firm flesh jiggle as cum shot of my cock like a gun. My muscles clenched and all the energy in my body seemed to go to spurting cum hard into mum’s pussy.

Mum groaned and her already tight pussy collapsed around my cock and half crushed it in a velvety mush. Her muscles rippled along my cock as the last of my load oozed out.

Considering I wanked off several times a day I had shot a big load.

I moved to pull out but mum grabbed my arse and held me in her.

“Not yet buster. I know you. You put your cock back in and dirty your pants with our juices.”

I had actually been about to do just that. I grunted as I felt mum’s pussy squeeze my cock.

“There I squeezed out the last for you. Now take off your pants and go have a shower.”

Mum let me go and pulled her panties back on. Pulling them so they sat snugly on her sweet butt again.

“But you got to dirty your panties. Not fair.”

Mum’s juices had stained her panties and as she stood up I knew my cum would ooze out.

She turned around and tapped my nose with her finger. Her breasts were poking out of her dress, her stiff nipples pointing at me.

“No buts, just go and do it. And remember if you don’t want to be grounded for that fight you better help me around the house while you are home.”

I grinned and dropped my underwear and pants to the ground. But I didn’t leave. I pulled mum close and pulled her panties to one side.

She looked down as my cock went from soft to hard faster than a Ferrari. I pushed back into her pussy and humped hard into her.

Mum grunted, her arms reached around my shoulders as I grabbed her arse and lifted her up and down on my cock. She was so light I was able to lift her up the whole length of my dick before dropping her down.

She huffed every time I dropped her, while moaning every time I pulled her up. Her slick juices were running down my thighs and I thrust furiously in and out of mum. Her tight arse clenched and relaxed in my grip with each up and down motion.

Mum rested her head on my shoulder, nuzzling at my neck as her pussy clenched on my dick. She bit my neck as she orgasmed. I managed to hold off cumming a few seconds after mum cum.

I grunted and thrust extra hard into her pussy, pulling her down hard onto my cock as I came. I shot a few spurts of cum into her pussy and sighed.

Life was good.

I held mum up for a minute, letting her recover before she stepped away and pulled her panties back into place. I grinned and tweaked her nipples before leaving the kitchen.

Oh I would be helping mum all right.


Twenty minutes later I had showered and was ready to go again. I decided I needed to show mum just how I was going to help her.

I went into the kitchen and saw she was mopping the floor, some of our juices must have dripped down.

I moved behind her and grabbed her by the waist. Mum squealed in surprise as I lifted her up and moved her away from the slippery floor. I moved her around in my arms till she was cradled. She looked up at me and frowned.

“This is not helping.”

“Sure it is. I’m going to help clean you out.”

I carefully knelt down and keeping a firm grip on mum, moved her to her hands and knees. I held her shoulder with one hand to make sure she wouldn’t try to get away and moved my right hand to her panties.

I rubbed the smooth and damp material for a few moments, admiring the way mum’s body was put together. A very nice tight package I was going to enjoy.

I pulled her panties down and pushed my index finger into her pussy and moved my thumb to her clit. I pinched my finger and thumb gently making mum jump. She looked back, her face already flushed.

“You have to say ‘Mummy wants your cock inside her’.”

I was asking mostly just to see how much control over mum I had. Though the thought of mum asking me for sex was pretty hot.

“No way. I was right you are a deviant. And a weird little one at that.”

I frowned and increased the speed and pressure of my pinches. Pressing her clit with my thumb while my index finger hit the sensitive flesh inside her pussy.

Mum grunted but she didn’t ask for my dick. I slid my finger in and out of her wet pussy, my thumb running through her lips before tapping her clit again. I kept up the assault for a few minutes before my fingers started to ache. Mum was pushing her arse back on to my hand

I pulled the lube from my pocket and squirted some on her arse. Mum jumped at the cold gel on her arse and frowned at me.

“What was that?”

“Well we need lube if we are going to do anal.”

Mum’s eyes bulged.

“We are not doing anal and that is that.”

I slipped my finger up mum’s butt and she flinched. My finger slid in quite easily but mum’s tight arse gripped my finger hard.

I pushed two fingers into her pussy and alternated fingering her holes. Before long I had two fingers in her arse and three in her pussy. Despite fucking her pussy twice less than an hour ago, mum’s pussy was amazingly tight. She was scorching my fingers with her hotness.

Mum was really getting into it, pushing her hips back to fuck my fingers. She was constantly moaning and making little mewing noises as the pleasure built.

Her moans became deeper and louder as she approached orgasm.

“Come on mum, ask me for my dick. It is only polite to ask.”

Mum ignored me and rode through her orgasm, continuing to push back on my fingers as I fucked them in and out of her holes. My hands were starting to get tired, but I was committed to my course of action.

As well as being rash, I had the added attribute of stubbornness. Once I started I wouldn’t stop until I was tired, bored or just lazy. Mum seemed to have the same stubborn streak.

I kept up the fast fingering pace for as long as I could. At mum’s second orgasm I was only going half as fast. I barely managed to get her to cum for the third time, time and time again getting her close only for my tired fingers and arms to give out.

I let my arms drop to the floor and took in the intoxicating picture of mum. Her shoulders and head were resting against the floor while her arse was sticking up, her pussy pushing out like it needed to be fucked. Juices were leaking from her pussy down her legs. Damn it looked good.

“Ok mum, just ask. A few little innocent words.”

Mum was breathless, her pussy still twitching while she shuddered and groaned softly.

“No way. But if you beg for my pussy I will let you fuck me.”

I leaned forward and buried my face in mum’s pussy. She shrieked as her sensitive pussy now extra sensitive thanks to my fingering was enveloped by my hot mouth. She gave another more guttural yell as I sucked on her lips and mashed her clit with my bottom lip.

Mum came quickly as her charged pussy was mauled by my face. I put everything I had into getting mum off. Using my nose and chin to hit other parts of her pussy while sucking and licking on other parts. I wormed my tongue deep into her pussy and sent my tongue into an epileptic fit.

Mum was moaning, groaning and grunting as she mashed her pussy back onto my face. Trying to push her pussy harder onto me while her pussy drenched my face and neck with her juices. I could feel her hot tasty juices running down my chest.

I was sucking and licking up her juices as best I could, but she was flooding as orgasm after orgasm crashed through her. Each orgasm was made easier by the previous orgasm making her pussy even more sensitive.

I didn’t just limit myself to her pussy, bathing her tight butt with my tongue. I licked her crack, swirling my tongue over her rosebud before spearing my tongue inside and wiggling it around. For some one who had said no to anal mum was loving my tongue in her butt. She reached back and grabbed a handful of hair to guide my face between her pussy and arse.

Finally I fell back on the floor and lay panting heavily while staring at the ceiling. My arms were quivering while my fingers were clawed into knotted muscles. My whole lower face felt numb from the pain and I suspected I had pulled my tongue muscles.

I smiled as mum’s face filled my vision. Her face was flushed bright red, her hair was plastered to her head by sweat and she had a massive grin on her face. She looked great.

Mum licked some her juices off my neck.

“Mummy wants your cock inside.”

I weakly lifted my head to see mum was straddling my hips. She grabbed my cock, aimed it straight up and lowered herself down.

We both moaned deeply in pleasure as she sunk all the way down. Even though I had just fucked mum little while ago this felt even better. Her pussy was quivering from the orgasms I had squeezed out of her. All the pain and discomfort in my body was totally worth her madly pulsating pussy on my cock.

I started to thrust up as hard as I could as mum lifted herself up before dropping down with all her weight. Mum huffed with each impact, my dick being driven into her pussy as deep and hard as we both could.

Licking and fingering mum’s tight body had kept me constantly hard and on edge. I gritted my teeth as I tightened my stomach and hip muscles as I started to hammer into mum faster. Mum rested on my hips as I fucked into her pussy as hard and fast as I could.

Mum was moaning deeply as I grunted and locked hips with her. I gave a small thrust as I started to spurt another load of cum into her pussy.

Mum sighed as my hot load filled her pussy, my cock felt like it was melting in pleasure. I groaned one last time and relaxed back onto the floor. Mum leaned over with my softening cock still inside her. She licked some of her juices combined with my sweat off my face before kissing me deeply.

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