cum in mouth

If you remember me from my first story “Giving My First BJ”, my name is Susan, and if you read that you also know, I really LOVE cock!

My first story was about giving my first blow job. Like I said, after that experience I knew that I loved cock . . . and that I WAS a slut.

Not long after I also learned that I really LOVE cum too.

Like my first story recounted, after that first time I gave head to my boyfriend, I realized that I loved cock. By the next weekend we’d done the same thing three more times already in our private after-school make-out sessions. They all went pretty much the same. We’d kiss. He’d fondle my boobs. I’d rub his cock, and eventually pull it out. Then I’d kiss and lick it until I couldn’t stand it and then I’d pop it in my mouth and suck it until he would say “I’m gonna cum” and pull my mouth off of him as he’d spray all over. Each time it ended the same with both of us cumming, me during, and him after, I’d sucked his cock.

I still felt conflicted about what we were doing, after we’d done it, but I enjoyed it so much that I couldn’t stop myself. This guilt in the back of my mind also continued to make our little cock sucking adventures even more exciting, and feeling like a horny cock craving slut just heightened my own orgasms.

Anyway, We had a Friday and a Saturday date the next weekend, and as I coaxed the 5th load out of him for the weekend on Saturday night he first mentioned cumming in my mouth. By then I’d learned to gauge his orgasm by the throbbing at the base of his shaft, and would pull his cock out without even needing him to announce his pending jiz bomb. Anyway I was shuddering through my 4th or 5th orgasm of the night as I was amazed to be working on a 3rd load from him, when he said “Oh My God, Oh My God . . . in your mouth Suz . . in your . . Ohhh”

When we both ultimately recovered from our orgasms he said: “You know, sometime you’re gonna have to let me stay in your mouth when I do that.”

“Maybe I will” I responded, “if you are extra good or something” I added with a giggle.

At church the next day I couldn’t stop thinking about what we’d been doing, and what he wanted me to do. Sometimes it seemed gross, but it also seemed erotic. I’d tasted enough pre-cum and left over cum when I’d blown him again after his first orgasms, that I knew I didn’t hate the taste. It wasn’t going to be my request for a new flavor of ice cream or anything, but on the other hand, I’d eaten lots of stuff I thought tasted worse. Anyway, as I sat in the pew practicing what I’d later learn were my Kegel exercises, and thinking about letting my boyfriend cum in my mouth I was getting pretty worked up. Then I noticed that my mouth was watering. Oh My God, I was actually drooling, in church, thinking about my boyfriends cock cumming in my mouth. I started to pray for forgiveness, but couldn’t focus, so I gave in and began planning to make my fantasy (and his) a reality.

My boyfriend had to work Monday and Tuesday, so it was Wednesday before I could put my plotting in action. I’m sure had he known what I had in store for him, that he’d have called in sick . . .both days.

Anyway, after school on Wednesday he asked me if I wanted to go for a drive with him. Of course I accepted, and before long we were “parked” in his Corolla on the same deserted dirt road, that was sort of on the way home. As our kissing gave way to his inevitable pawing at my chest, I began unbuttoning my blouse. He reached back to unfasten my bra and before long I was laying back in his reclined bucket seat, totally topless, as his mouth devoured my boobies. I was wearing a skirt, but hadn’t put my panties back on after gym that day, so I was extra horny, knowing I was basically naked.

As usual, I reached for his crotch, and began rubbing his already hard cock through his jeans. After awhile, he reached down and freed himself, and I began giving him a hand job in earnest. Then he reached between my legs to reciprocate and I thought he was going to have a stroke!

I just gave him an evil grin and told him I’d been wondering how long my little secret would last.

Then he stopped sucking my boobs, and got real serious. Almost quivering, he asked if he could “try something.”

“Like what?” I tried to ask, but the question was obviously rhetorical, as he already had his face between my bare legs.

At first he just kissed up and down my inner thighs, as he pushed my skirt up to my tummy. Then he began kissing my hairy mound. As I relaxed a little I felt my legs spread and my lower lips part a little. Then his mouth was on me and I tensed right back up. He kept licking my lips and trying to drive his tongue between them and as I relaxed again, he was finally able to so.

Finally he put his tongue in my snatch as far as it would go and devoured me. I was pushing the back of his head but he was in all the way already. He quickly found my clitoris and flicked at it rapidly. I started to groan loudly and I was vaguely aware of a loan car passing by. I thrust my hips into his face and he bit and chewed on my clit until, I cried out “Ohhhh, Jeeessuuuuus, yessss.”

To his credit, he just kept going, licking and sucking my clit as I cooed “gooooood, sssoooo gooooodddd”

Then all of a sudden he sucked hard and wiggled his tongue on me and I just exploded. “uuummmmmm, yesssss. Oh My God, Oh My Fucking God, yessssssss” I hissed, as he ate my pussy and I came. Boy, did I come! I shook, I moaned and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

As I came down from the high of my first tongue induced orgasm, I literally begged my boy friend to “get up here and let me suck your cock.”

The leaky head of his hard cock was pressed against the back of my throat almost before I could finish my demand, and I actually gagged myself a little as I gobbled his shaft up.

My tongue kept rubbing against his shaft as I sucked him in and out of my mouth.

I was almost surprised that I was already feeling horny again. Maybe it was just that I couldn’t believe what I was about to do.

I knew he was extra horny and probably wouldn’t last long as I looked up at my boy friend while I obscenely puckered my cheek as as I sucked his throbbing erection.

“Oh Suzy. Oh Suzy. That’s so nice!” he cried.

That was all the encouragement I needed. I was determined to make him cum . . . in my mouth . . . right now!

Faster and faster my head bobbed up and down on his cock!

I could feel him getting close, so I pulled his cock out long enough to stroke it and say a few last little words of inspiration.

“Are you ready to cum for me stud? Are you ready to shoot your load in Suzy’s mouth? Is that what you want Babe? You want to cum in my hot little mouth?”

He just grunted and would have forced my mouth back on his cock if I hadn’t already been in the process of swallowing it whole. I bobbed up and down a couple last times and gently squoze his tightly shrunken balls as I felt his shaft begin to pulse and he was exploding in my mouth a second later.

Wad after wad shot out and I drank every drop. I loved the feel of it in my mouth. Pulsing, spraying, shooting volley after volley of hot sticky sperm against the back of my throat. Maybe it was my own orgasm that suddenly overcame me, as I slurped up his spurting shaft, but I was so wrapped up in the moment that I didn’t even really get to taste much of his cum. I just swallowed and swallowed and sucked and sucked. When my climax finally subsided I realized that I hadn’t felt his cum jet into my mouth for awhile. If he minded, he sure didn’t say anything.

Finally, he pulled my head off his cock and pulled me up and kissed me hungrily.

“Oh Suzy, you’re such a good little cocksucker,” he said

. . .and I believed him.

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