cum eating

It happened a couple of years ago, at the end of the term in college when a bunch of us chipped in to get a couple of kegs and enough munchies to get us through the night. We knew each other and hung out together on a regular basis but I wouldn’t say we were all good friends. There was John – straight ‘A’ student by day but party animal at night except he couldn’t hold his booze, Peter – a fairly regular guy who always seemed to have a girlfriend but never for long, Janet – a very pretty girl who acted hot and slutty but from what I heard never went all the way, Denise – the opposite of Janet, ok but not great looking and a real slut, Debbie – another really good looking girl who just went with the flow, had a few relationships but nothing long term and myself, Dave – average looks, getting decent marks but working for all of them, not a huge partier but I enjoyed letting go once in a while. Dave & I shared a two bedroom apartment which is where the party was being held.

As usual when you get a bunch of guys and girls together there was a fair bit of sexual tension in fact I’m pretty sure that Denise had fucked both John and Peter and I’d fucked her a couple of times at other parties. That night wasn’t any different once the alcohol kicked in things got even raunchier when Peter threw a porn DVD on. I’m not sure if he was trying to gross the girls out or get one of them to bed with him but they were too drunk to get upset and too sober to fall for his advances. We all pretty much sat there watching them, drinking, making comments about either the acting or the script and at least for myself, getting hornier and hornier.

Things kind of came to a head (no pun intended) when the actor blew his load in the woman’s mouth and she made a big deal of showing it to the camera before swallowing. At that, Peter said, “oh ya, that’s it – swallow his cum”.

I’d never really seen Janet get pissed at anyone but she got right in his face, “That’s right, just another guy who thinks it’s cool to cum in a girls mouth but I bet you won’t even kiss your date after she sucks you off, let alone if you cum in her mouth!”

“Of course not – I’m not queer, why would I want to taste my cum?”

“Exactly, it’s ok for the woman to taste it but no guy is ever going to man up and taste his own cum!”

I likely should have kept my mouth shut but the alcohol wouldn’t let me so I said, “Don’t be so sure, just ’cause he’s paranoid doesn’t mean every guy’s the same way.” As soon as I said it, I wished I hadn’t ’cause both guys looked at me with a “what the fuck are you saying?” look but said nothing and Janet just said, “Ya right” and let it drop which was fine by me. As the night wore on, Peter and Denise disappeared with a not so subtle, “we’re going back to my place to fuck” as they left the apartment. Not too long after that John suddenly got up, went to the bathroom and we could all hear him puking his guts out. Being the only guy left I was nominated to go and make sure he was alive. Thankfully he’d made it there on time, hit the toilet and passed out on his side – cool!

When I came back to the living room to let the girls know he was alive but asleep, I heard them talking but what surprised me was they stopped as soon as they heard me coming. When I asked what they were talking about, Janet hesitantly said, “Debbie asked what I thought you meant by your comment earlier about guys tasting their own cum and I said you were likely just trying to get on our side but wouldn’t be any more likely to taste your own cum than the other guys.”

Now I’m sure I’m not the only guy that’s ever done or said something they normally wouldn’t but because they were a bit drunk, all the filters were gone and that’s just what happened. I thought about it for a minute, pulled out my wallet and threw a $20 on the table. “Tell you what Janet, you suck me off until I cum in your mouth and then we’ll kiss and I’ll take my cum from your mouth. If I do, you owe me $20, if I don’t then the $20 is yours.”

“Ya right, do you think I’m stupid? You’ll shoot in my mouth then tell me to keep the $20″

I thought about that for a bit and said, “Ok, then let’s up the ante and I put four more, $20 dollar bills beside the first one. There ya go match that, if you’re right and I don’t go for it, you get $100 for a bj and if I’m right, I get your $100″

She was pretty much caught and knew it so she tried to get out of it by saying she didn’t have any money. Surprisingly Debbie jumped in and said, “I’ll put up the $100 Janet, he’ll back out anyway so we can split his money between us.” Obviously Debbie wanted to see her go for it as much as I did because when Janet still looked unsure she said, “ok, never mind splitting it – if he backs out the money’s all yours and if he doesn’t you only have to pay me back half of it. Come on, I’m sure you’ve given a blowjob for free so here’s a chance to make some money.”

Debbie’s urging seemed to make the difference because Janet looked at me and said, “ok, if you’re willing to pay $100 for a blowjob then let’s go.” Now that she’d made up her mind she was obviously in a hurry to start because she pulled me in front of her on the couch, undid my pants and pulled them and my boxers down in one pull. I already knew I was hard but I don’t think she was expecting me to be fully hard or maybe just not that big. I’m not huge but when I’m totally hard it’s about 7.5″ long and 1.5″ across. I was pretty sure I even heard a bit of an intake from Debbie but when I looked over, her face didn’t give any indication.

I’d often wondered just how much real experience Janet had sexually and while she may not have fucked a lot of guys, from the way she gave head this definitely wasn’t the first time. She teased the head which was already really sensitive, slowly running her tongue further down my shaft each time. On the way back up, she’d nibble and kiss it and when she got back to the head she’d take it in her mouth and suck gently on it before going back to the licking.

Just when I was getting used to the feel of her tongue, she changed tactics and when she finished sucking on the head, she clamped her lips around the shaft and started taking more and more of me into her mouth. I’d known a few girls who could take the whole length in without gagging but they usually had to work up to it but not Janet. She just kept sliding down my pole like a hot knife into butter until her nose was right against my pubic bone.

Once she was all the way down, she paused for a couple of seconds and it felt like her throat was massaging my cock. Ever so slowly she pulled back again, took a breath and went all the way down again. She kept repeating it over and over, speeding up each time until her head was moving back and forth as fast as my hand when I jerked off thinking about a blowjob like this one. I could feel it building and figured I’d better give Janet a last chance out so I said, “if you don’t want a mouth full of cum you can quit and we’ll call it even.”

She pulled back just long enough to say, “No way!” and then plunged her mouth back down my cock. It was only another 10 or so strokes before I hit the point of no return and started cumming. My first shot was while I was all the way down her throat but as soon as she felt me cumming she backed off until just the head was in her mouth and held me there through the rest of my orgasm. When my orgasm was over she looked up at me with a ‘I’ll bet you won’t go through with it’ look on her face. Little did she know I meant exactly what I’d said earlier and not only didn’t I have a problem tasting my own cum, it was a turn on of mine.

I looked over at Debbie and said, “watch me win the bet”. With that, I knelt down in front of Janet and started kissing her and probing at her lips with my tongue. As she realized I was actually going to do it, she opened up her lips and my tongue slid inside where I could instantly taste and feel my cum in her mouth.

“Open up Janet,” said Debbie, “I want to see him lick the cum from your mouth!”

I figured I’d give her a real show so I knelt down a bit lower so my mouth was under Janet’s and pulled her head over mine so that as we kissed the cum flowed from her mouth into mine. As the last bit of cum dripped into my mouth I looked up at Debbie and her face was a mix of shock and what could best be described as lust. Her nipples were clearly showing against her T-shirt and her hand was massaging her pussy through the crotch of her shorts. When she saw me looking she pulled her hand away from her crotch but there was no doubting how turned on she was.

Janet on the other hand didn’t seem to be excited by it at all, I think me cumming in her mouth had sobered her up a bit. “Fine, you proved your point. Not all guys mind the taste of their cum, take your $100 and enjoy it, I’m going home.”

As she left, Debbie said, “It’s ok, she’s really competitive and just pissed that she lost. She walked out on me last week when I beat her at monopoly”

“Well, she might not have enjoyed it but from the look on your face, the hardness of your nipples and the way you were rubbing yourself something about this got you turned on – what was it? Did you like watching someone else give head, did you like watching me cum in her mouth or did you like watching me take the cum from her mouth?”

“Well, not exactly. It’s kinda weird.”

“Come on, it can’t be any weirder than watching you play with yourself while Janet let my cum run from her mouth to mine can it?”

She chuckled a bit at that and said, “Ok, I guess not. I was just…well….I love having a guy go down on me but what I’ve always wanted to try is to have a guy go down on me after he’s cum in my pussy but no guy has ever been willing. Watching you swap cum made me totally horny.”

As she finished, she looked at me like she was expecting me to call her a freak or something. “Hang on a sec.” I said as I got up, “I just want to check on John.” I looked in the bathroom and he was totally passed out beside the toilet. I called to him a couple of times, poked him, kicked his foot and got no response so I left him there and went to my bedroom, grabbed a DVD and went back to the living room. When I got back, Debbie asked, “What was all that about?”

“I just wanted to make sure he was still breathing and out cold enough that he wouldn’t wake up for a while.” As I answered her, I popped out the DVD that was in the machine and put in the one from my bedroom. On the way back to the couch I took her hand and said, “here, sit with me and watch this.” She looked a bit puzzled but sat beside me as I hit ‘play’.

As soon as the DVD started it showed a woman riding a guys cock and telling him to fill her with his cum. It wasn’t long before he did just that and you could tell he’d actually cum because when she pulled away from him you could see a couple of strings between his cock and her pussy. Any remaining doubt disappeared when she covered her pussy with her hand, moved up his body and as she moved her hand away she lowered her pussy to his mouth. As soon as her hand moved, two large globs of cum dripped into his open mouth and then her pussy was close enough that when his tongue came out he could lick the rest from her. They stayed like that for at least 5 minutes with her rubbing her pussy all over his face and him licking and sucking his cum from her until she screamed and orgasmed.

As soon as the scene ended, another one started. This one had a woman laying back over the arm of a couch while the guy was standing and fucking her with long, slow strokes. I knew the video’s quite well so I looked over at Debbie and her eyes were fixed on the screen, her nipples were hard and her fingers were stroking the crotch of her shorts again. She must have felt me watching her because she suddenly looked at me and pulled her hand away. I put one hand on her upper thigh and said, “It’s ok, they get me horny too!”

She smiled a bit at that and turned back to the movie just as the guy moaned, “oh, oh, cumming!” and started pumping into her. As soon as he was done cumming he dropped to his knees in front of her and buried his face between her legs. When his tongue made contact with her pussy, I could feel a shudder run through Debbie’s body and when the first glob of cum was pushed out and licked up Debbie moaned like it was her being eaten.

Taking a bit of a chance I moved my hand up her leg and toward her pussy. I could feel the increase in heat and was surprised to find that there was already a noticeable wet spot at her crotch. I wasn’t sure what her reaction was going to be but figured it was ok when she slumped down a bit in the couch and spread her legs further to give me better access. There were a total of 5 scenes on the DVD, each one with the same theme – guy fucks girl, guy cums in girl, guy eats his cum from girl. By the end of the third scene I had Debbie’s shorts unzipped and by the end of the fourth she’d helped me slide them down her legs so I had full access to her incredibly wet, smooth, pussy. Just as the last scene ended, her whole body tightened and I felt a noticeable gush of fluid against my hand as she came.

As the screen went blank, I looked over at her and said, “see, it’s not such a weird turn on at all and apparently we’re both turned on by the same thing. I’ve swapped cum with a few girlfriends after getting head but any time I’ve mentioned going down on them after cumming they all thought it was either too gross or too kinky to try.”

As she absorbed what I’d said, a smile started on her face. “So basically you wanted Janet to swap cum with you and even managed to make money doing it.”

“Hell yes, she talks a good show but almost never follows through and I really wanted to see her mouth full of my cum. To be able to taste it from her mouth and make $100 doing it was just an extra bonus!”

“So, what kind of ‘bonus’ would you need to eat your cum from my pussy?”

“Well, seeing as you’re already shaved smooth, if you’re willing to straddle my face with your pussy after I cum so I can eat you out, that would be bonus enough.”

“How about this then…John’s ok, you said he’s sleeping and hasn’t puked for a while. Why don’t we leave him there and go back to my apartment – Denise went with Peter to his place so she won’t be back until late tomorrow morning. Once we’re there, we can both get something we’ve always wanted.”

The grin on my face and the bulge in my pants was the only answer she needed – thankfully her apt. was only in the next building so we didn’t have far to go. We both knew exactly what was happening so as soon as the door was locked, we went straight to her bedroom and got naked. I’d always thought she was good looking, but man was she hot when the clothes came off!

Her skin was smooth and slightly tanned – seeing as it was winter and there weren’t any tan lines I figured she must go to a tanning salon. Her breasts weren’t big but the aureolas were over an inch across and her nipples were hard and stood out almost half an inch. She was all for starting to fuck right away but I pulled her over on top of me and told her I’d like a ‘before’ taste so I had something to compare it to. She eagerly agreed and I quickly found her knees on either side of my head and her incredibly tasty pussy against my mouth.

She wasn’t kidding when she said she enjoyed oral sex…as soon as my tongue touched her slit she came a little bit and when I licked her clit she almost exploded. I ate her through several more orgasms, some big/some small but eventually she rolled off my face onto her back and with a huge smile said, “that was some of the best tongue action I’ve had – now please fuck me!”

Fuck her I did! This wasn’t tender ‘I love you’ sex, we fucked in just about every position we could and I quickly found that her nipples were as sensitive as her clit had been and brought her to several huge orgasms by sucking on one nipple, squeezing the other and pounding her as hard as I could with my cock.

Even though I’d already cum earlier, I could feel another one building and when I knew I was getting close, I rolled back onto my back and told her to ride me until I came.

Ride me she did…long, hard strokes that brought me closer and closer to cumming with each one. I might have been able to hold off longer if she hadn’t started telling me how much she wanted to feel me shoot inside her and how turned on she was at the thought of bringing her cum filled pussy back up to my face so I could eat her again as the cum slid back out of her. Hearing that was all it took and I blasted my load into her. As soon as she felt me coming she pulled back a little bit and said, “I don’t want it so far inside that you can’t lick it out”.

As soon as I finished cumming, she slid the rest of the way off my cock, covered her pussy with her fingers and started moving up over top of me. Her pussy was at least 6″ away from my mouth when she pulled her fingers away and a string of our cum fell from her fingers into my mouth. The flavour was totally different than what I’d experienced swapping from someone’s mouth – much creamier, a little runnier and had a wonderful pussy flavour in addition to mine. When her slippery lips got close enough, I licked them clean and then focused on the cum oozing from her hole.

It was the first time I’d really seen a pussy that close after fucking it and it was much redder and more open than before sex. I lost track of exactly how many times she came as I licked and sucked her pussy clean but I from the satisfied look on her face when she finally rolled off, I knew we’d both found something we’d been missing. As she lay beside me, we kissed a bit and she licked the stray juices from my face, telling me next time she’d like me to save some of our cum and swap it back to her mouth.

We tried dating for a while but that didn’t work out – we quickly found the only thing we had in common was a love for cummy sex. It still worked out ok though – both of us dated others if we wanted but when either of us needed some hard, cum eating sex we got together and it was great. One of these days I’m sure we’ll find someone who we want to share the rest of our lives with but for now we’ve each got someone to share our cum with!

Waking the next day brought the flood of pleasant reminders of the previous night. Next to me were Lauren and Jamie, cuddled together in the spoon position. It was obvious this wasn’t the first time the ladies had spent the night together. That thought followed me to the spare bathroom for my morning duties and then into the kitchen to make coffee.

Finding what I needed to make a pot, I thought about Jamie and Lauren being lovers. They met during their first year at college; made their transitions together; choose the same career path, with the same design house; and rented this loft together. Who was I to barge into my sister’s life?

Still, the conversations indicated I was welcome and should never leave Jamie again. Lauren also made a point that she was part of this relationship. A wry smile crossed my lips as I silently chuckled to myself thinking, “When you make love to a woman all night and spend the night in their bed, it sort of hints at the start of a relationship. Even if the love making meant sucking a woman’s cock.”

While the coffee brewed, I did a quick pick-up of the clothing trail we left last night. I was such a ‘horn dog’ because I found great pleasure in fondling their intimates. The smoothness of bra cups is so erotic. It arouses me to think how lucky this inanimate piece of clothing is to cradle their breasts all day. I brought their panties to my nose and savored the musky scent left by their cock and balls. My cock was getting firm so I hurried up before I was fully aroused.

Slipping into the old pair of Jamie’s panties I wore to NYC, I couldn’t help but notice how tattered they looked in comparison to the ladies’ lacey intimates. They did say “new panties” were on my settling-in list. The image of picking out panties with the girls was very provocative. I knew I had to change my thoughts or I’d have a hard-on all day; although I probably would anyway.

Back in the kitchen, I surveyed the refrigerator and cabinets for some breakfast supplies. It was well appointed with appliances, dishes and utensils, but there wasn’t much in the way of food. No wonder the girls were so trim. I did find a pack of English muffins and made it my quest to turn them into a little morning treat for them.

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee filled the loft. I heard the girls stirring, and Jamie hollering out, “Do I smell coffee?” Her tone was that of being pleasantly surprised. Timing is everything. I just finished.

Half-and-half was transferred to a creamer and placed on the table next to the sugar. The muffins had been transformed into lightly toasted cinnamon-sugared delicacies with a touch of orange marmalade. Three cups of ‘jo’ were being poured when Lauren shuffled her way into the kitchen, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

She was naked and radiant. The morning light danced across her body. The cool air had her nipples erect, and jutting out from her beautiful natural Cs. Her hair softly falling about her shoulders gave her a “J-Lo’ look. The major difference: Lauren’s flaccid seven-inch cock hanging seductively from her loins.

With a bit of a coo, Lauren voiced her pleasure. “Oh Kevin, how sweet of you. God, you really are special. Thank you so much.”

She made her way over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. The ‘Good Morning Kiss’ she planted on my lips brought my cock to life instantly—her’s too. Breaking away she smiled and said, “It’s going to be a good day.” She took a muffin from the plate, giving me a mischievous look while taking a lingering glance at my pantied covered cock.

Jamie, also naked, entered the room and expressed similar sentiments. Lauren pointed out the little treat I prepared, making a big deal out something so simple. Jamie also gave me a special kiss.

It started with one hand on the small of my back, and the other delicately placed on my chest. Her lips softly said good morning; followed by Hello; then ‘hey brother’; ooohhhh; and into a passionate exchange of tongues and mouth munching. When we broke, her arms were around my neck and her stiff cock pressed next to mine through the panties.

She said, “We better enjoy breaksfast before it gets cold. Can I wear your shirt, Kevin? I’m a bit chilly.”

“Sure,” I replied. “Let me get you a clean one.”

“No,” Jamie shot back. “Give me the one from last night. It will have your scent.”

Heading into the living room, where I left the folded clothes, I caught a slight look of disappointment on Lauren’s face. I made sure to get the shirt I wore into NY as well as a clean t-shirt. The clean shirt was just in case she didn’t want my scent.

Lauren was thrilled at my thoughtfulness

The three of sat around the breakfast table chatting, enjoying muffins and coffee. The girls looked very sexy with my larger shirt covering their nakedness. I put on the t-shirt, which hugged my torso. Wearing panties and a t-shirt made me feel sexy too; although I’m not so sure I looked that sexy, but the girls didn’t complain.

The conversation centered on what we were going to do for weekend. With it being New York, there certainly wasn’t a shortage of things. The girls declared that this would be a shopping weekend since I wanted to go with a newer image, socially and professionally. The first order of business was to see what I brought with me from Chicago.

It wasn’t until we entered the guest bedroom that we remembered what was in the one suitcase. Jamie went to that one first, unzipping it on the bed and throwing the top open. Right on top were the dildo, her old panties, and her sketchbook.

Jamie picked up the dildo as if it was a sacred relic. She started to make little sounds of remembrance. You could almost see the memories flashing through her mind. There was a look in her eye telling us something wickedly erotic was brewing.

“So,” Jamie said in a sultry voice while gently rubbing her fingers along the dildo’s fleshy shaft. “It seems both of us learned to suck cock the same way.” She took a few steps towards me, turning the shaft upward as if it was becoming erect from her stroking.

Standing in front of me, she began to talk. However, her words weren’t directed to me; they were directed to the dildo. Her eyes were riveted upon it.

“Many years ago I sucked you.”

Jamie brought the head to her mouth and licked all around it.

“I’ve had you in my ass.”

She began to caress her face with the wet, fleshly phallus. Closing her eyes she continued.

“The pleasure you gave to me, I will never forget. I left you behind for a reason.”

Lifting her eyes, Jamie asked me in a direct, matter of fact tone, “Kevin, have you fucked yourself with my dildo?” Reaching into the suitcase, she grabbed a handful of panties and held them symbolically in front of me. “And have you jacked off in these?”

I got the feeling I was in trouble; the kind of trouble that could get very kinky.

Lowering my eyes, I nodded ‘yes.’

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t hear what you said.” Jamie’s voice was confident, yet sexual.

“Yes,” I mumbled.

“What are you saying ‘yes’ to? Was it ‘yes’ to having MY dildo up your ass or was it ‘yes’ to jacking off into MY panties?”

“It was ‘yes’ to both.” My voice crackled slightly.

“Oh….My…..God,” Jamie lightly tapped the head of the rubber phallus against my lips with each word. She let it rest on my lower lip for a moment before she slowly ran it down my chin and onto my chest. Using the head, she began to rub my nipples.

“You know what Lauren? It appears my brother is into cock and panties. I wonder just how perverted he is?” She gave me a coy glance and then looked beyond me to Lauren. “What do think about all of this?”

Lauren was in tune with Jamie. “I noticed the same thing at breakfast. When I gave him a simple ‘good morning kiss,’ he got all hot and bothered. That’s when I noticed these.” Lauren was now standing next to Jamie with her hands lightly rubbing my cock through Jamie’s old panties.

“Weren’t these YOUR panties from when YOU were a little girl?” she asked Jamie with a tone of mock discovery.

Jamie dropped the dildo onto the bed and brought her hands to her mouth, cupping it in mock surprise. Purposefully, she lowered her hands to my panties and began to gently run her fingers over them along with Lauren’s.

“Look Jamie! Look at his cock!” Lauren exclaimed. “He’s getting so excited. His little secret is out and it turns him on that we know.”

My cock was very hard and straining against the silky material as the girls raked their nails along my shaft.

“Does it turn you on to be a panty freak, Kevin?” Lauren asked. She was now standing upright with her hands on her hips. Jamie was on her knees, using all ten of her ruby-painted talons on my cock and balls. The look on her face was pure fascination.

Lauren’s question required an answer. I didn’t know the exact path this was going, but I was really digging it. With the air of a confession, I slowly mumbled, “It turns me on very much.”

Lauren continued her questioning while Jamie seduced my cock. Her mouth was inches from it, breathing warm air over it, adding to her nails’ stimulation. It was becoming difficult to focus on what Lauren was asking.

“Tell me why it turns you on.” Her question was simple but powerful.

There was true hesitation before I answered as Jamie was driving me nuts. I needed to try to ignore what she was doing. Gathering my thoughts, I tried to begin.

“Men are…. trained and groomed to be tough and without emotion….” Jamie’s lips were now kissing the outline of my hard cock. Her fingers lightly moving over my balls and rubbing against my asshole. “But true power resides in feminity…… Women are able to explore their softness and sensuality.”

Stopping to regroup, my voice started breaking between thoughts. “Women can express… ahh… their sexuality in many ways…..ohhhh……Intimates… allow their sexuality to be part.. of them…at all times……myyy godddd…..Having panties….hug my manhood….. is a constant reminder….. of the power of feminine…… sexuality.”

I thought I was going to cum on the spot. Lauren moved to the bed during my response. She slithered onto it and turned her torso towards me. Resting on her elbows, the shirt I gave her fell open and her legs spread, providing me a provocative look at her luscious tits and thickening cock.

Tossing her hair in her special way, Lauren questioned me again, “What is it about sucking cock and getting fucked that excites you?’

Jamie’s teeth were nibbling on my shaft by this time. Lauren could see the lust in my eyes. My legs wobbled a bit with each of Jamie’s bites. When her finger slipped under the gusset of my panties and snaked into my asshole, I nearly collapsed. My head drooped and jerked back up releasing a deep moan from my throat.

When I regained vision, there was Lauren lightly stroking her now rock hard cock. My glassy eyes caught hers and I licked my lips wantonly. She grinned seductively as she stroked her cock towards me. Still, she added, “We are waiting for your answer.”

Recalling the question was difficult. I had to regain my focus. When I did, only a few broken strands of conscious thought passed through my mind. I took a deep breath and attempted my answer.

“Having my cock sucked….feels…so….good.” Jamie was very close to proving it at that moment.

“The feeling around….my cock….when it is buried…. in….a….woman….is….incredible…. So…. If…. it…. feels…ohhhh myyyyy……”

I needed to pause and regain what composure I had left. “if… it…. feels…. so good receiving…. It should feel…..ahhhhhhh…. ummmmm….just as good…. giving.”

Jamie was too much. I buckled over, my hands catching myself on the bed. Jamie moved out of the way as I dropped to my knees at the side of the bed. Lauren wasted no time in sliding her body to the edge of the bed, her legs on either side of me, and her cock inches from my face.

“So,” she said in a provocative manner, “You love to suck cock. Well, here’s mine. Why don’t you show us just how much you love sucking cock.” It wasn’t a question, but rather a command.

The tip of her dick pushed deep into my throat as my mouth completely engulfed her. My nose buried directly into her abdomen. I started moaning and twisting my head around her cock. This sent a wave of shivers through Lauren causing her to release her own, deep moan.

Removing her cock completely from my mouth, I slapped it over my lips and face a few times and then started my next assault. I was out of my mind with desire. I sucked on her cock head, licked her shaft, massaged her balls, deep throated her, slapped her cock over my face again, and went back down on her. I was in a frenzy.

My fingers strayed to her asshole, and Lauren pulled her legs up to expose her brown bud. My mouth covered it. My hands continued to work her cock, but now my lips and tongue had a new center of attention. Lauren was opening and closing her sphincter around my tongue, capturing and releasing it. I was in heaven as I licked and savored the entrance to her ass pussy.

Suddenly, Jamie’s hand took hold of my hair and pulled my face away from Lauren’s ass; bringing me back to the reality that she was still “mad” about my taking her dildo and panties.

“It’s not that easy lover boy.” Jamie said with a sadistic twinkle. “Do you really think you can just come into town, and help yourself to our asses and cocks without making amends for your past transgressions?”

With those words, Jamie took her free hand and laid a crack on my ass cheek which stung like hell. I was a bit surprised, and she saw it in my eyes. She gave my ass another slap and broke out into a quick forced laugh.

“There is so much you don’t know about us, Kevin. I’ve got news for you brother; by the end of the day, your whole world will be rocked.” Jamie’s face was now inches from mine. I could see every word form and roll off her lips. “Lauren, redden his ass while I explain things to our little pervert.”

“With pleasure Mistress,” Lauren said obediently. This change had me wondering what was really going on. Lauren slid quickly from the bed, her erect cock brushed across my face as she moved behind me. Her first slap stung even more than Jamie’s. Both girls laughed as my body flinched.

Jamie let go of my hair and strode to the edge of the bed. I was on all fours as she lewdly spread her legs while taking a seat in front of me. Her cock was jutting out from her loins and although I wanted to take her down my throat, something told me not to touch her.

In a calm and controlling demeanor, Jamie placed her hand under my chin and lifted my head so that our eyes met. She wore a slight smile while her eyes examined my eyes and face. There was a look of detachment in her gaze. She moved her head as if she discovered something,

She glanced at Lauren and waved her other hand. Her gaze returned to mine. Fiery slaps landed on each cheek. Jamie waver her hand again, and again Lauren’s hands delivered their burning message. With a sigh of discontent, Jamie waved her hand multiple times, and Lauren’s slaps turned my ass aflame.

“Now, you are probably wondering what you did to deserve this?” Jamie’s tone was again matter of fact. “The issue isn’t what you DID, it’s what you DIDN’T do.”

What happened next surprised me even more. In a complete turn-about, Jamie brought her lips to mine in a tender kiss.

“I wanted you to find my sketchbook. I wanted you to wear my panties. I wanted you to suck and fuck my dildo.” Jamie paused and gazed into my eyes.

“I also told you I loved you, and that my door was always open. You knew I was starting a new life and that I’d never come back to Chicago. Did you get the hint? NO!”

Jamie waved her hand. Lauren’s slap never came. Instead, her lips kissed their way across my heated flesh.

“I was hurt and pissed off. When you told me you were moving to New York, I was filled with emotion. Lauren and I made plans for your seduction and punishment. Last night when we learned your secret, Lauren and I decided to move things along faster than planned and to fulfill a few fantasies right away.”

Another tender kiss was placed on my lips. Lauren replaced her lips with soft caresses from her hands.

“Today, I needed to share my hurt with you. I also wanted you to know that I still love you as I love Lauren. We had many a conversation before you arrived about the way this was going to work. And at this point, both Lauren and I are pleased with the man before us.”

Lauren whacked each cheek one more time, catching me off guard because Jamie did not wave her hand this time. When I jumped, Jamie gave a knowing smile and said, “And we also wanted to let you know, there’s so much more to sexuality than just fucking and sucking. As I said moments ago, we ARE going to rock your world.”

Jamie stood and offered her hand to me to help me up. Lauren moved next to me as I stood, pressing her hardness against my hip. Her breasts were against my arm. Her hands gently roamed my body; one along my back and warm ass, the other across my torso and cock. Jamie lowered her mouth to one of my nipples. She licked and sucked it. Her other hand pulled and pinched the other. My cock was regaining the hardness lost during Lauren’s spanking.

Once I was thoroughly aroused, Jamie removed her mouth from my bud saying, “It’s time to prepare your body for life with us.” Jamie and Lauren turned and began walking out of the spare bedroom. Both of the girls let my shirts drop to floor as their asses swayed away from me. They stopped and looked back over their shoulders. Lauren added, “Come, let’s clean that little ass of yours so we can do all sorts of kinky things to it.”

I followed them. A sly smile was on my lips, knowing that the day had just begun. I was very happy.


Lauren and Jamie led me through their bedroom and into their master bath. It was magnificent–warm and inviting. The first thing to catch my eye was the over-sized Jacuzzi against the wall to our left. Lauren began filling it with water and scented bath oils, while Jamie gave me the ‘nickel tour.’

The walls were a combination of tile and paint. The tiles– large, square earth tones tilted on a 45 making a diamond pattern– extended a bit more than half way up the walls. They wrapped completely around the bath, with the exception of the massive shower and the mirror over the sink area. Golden, wheat tone paint covered the rest of the walls.

Tastefully hung around the bath were stunning, full color, framed fashion prints. Jamie told me they were copied from their college and work portfolios. Also in the mix were actual photos of runway models wearing their designs.

The sink area was directly in front of us. There were two of them and all of Lauren’s and Jamie’s cosmetics, brushes, perfumes and other beauty items were neatly arrange. The mirror was at least four by eight feet. It provided a full, unobstructed view while making the room seem much bigger. Jamie caught me staring at Lauren in the mirror.

She turned to me and put a mock slap on my cock, saying “Dirty boy.” She had a look on her face saying, “Do I detect…?” My look was that of “I’ve been caught…..”

The shower was also tiled and took nearly the entire right wall. Jamie explained it was a spa unit with heat, steam, rain and “of course showers.” There were at least a dozen showerheads with multiple water valves. Some of the showerheads were attached to hoses and some were wall mounted. All looked adjustable.

Bench seating outlined the three functional shower walls, while the front was solid glass panels from the floor to ceiling. The center section included a large hinged door with another panel over it. Jamie said it is one of their favorite places in the whole house.

“After a hard day, it is so relaxing to just hang out there and let the world melt away.”

Lauren added, “It’s also a great place to get kinky, too.”

Jamie feigned aloofness by ignore Lauren, but turning to me saying, “Lauren can be such a little minx.” I turned my head towards Lauren. She was staring at me. Jamie seemed to make a mental note of this little exchange.

Continuing to look around, I didn’t see a toilet. However, there were a few doors in the room, two large and one smaller. The small one next to the sink area turned out to be the linen closet. Jamie opened one of the two larger doors and there was the toilet area.

It was unlike anything I ever saw before. There were three fixtures: two toilets and a bidet. All were flat-line European style and tank-less. The toilets faced each other against the right and left walls, while the bidet was between them but against the back wall. The walls, door and ceilings were covered with mirrors. There was a definite air of kink to the room.

We didn’t get to the third door, as the tub was ready for us.

Lauren and Jamie proceeded to pamper me by washing and shaving every part of my body. Only the hair on my head was intact. Throughout the bath, the girls explained how the absence of body hair increases ones erotic senses.

They proved it by dragging their cocks and balls over my legs, and rubbing their breasts over my chest as they worked. The clean, smooth feeling was definitely more erotic. Near the end of the bath, Jamie told Lauren to prepare three enema bags for the final cleansing. Lauren dried off and disappeared through the door Jamie hadn’t opened on the tour.

Jamie towel dried the two of us. I tried to help, but she pushed my hands away; telling me this was their way of showing how special I am to them. She then rubbed cream onto my skin, paying close attention to my recently shaved groin and ass. My cock was thick and heavy and Jamie looked into my eyes and bit her lower lip as she stroked cream over it.

With an air of seduction, she told me how much fun we were all going to have. She found it so erotic that we all have a mutual thirst for cum. She said this really turned Lauren and her on. My cock twitched in her hand.

Lauren reentered through the door with a rolling IV pole with three full red enema bags hanging from the hooks on the top crossbar. Jamie laid out a few fluffy towels and told me to kneel down on them with my ass in the air, chest on the towels, and my head resting on my folded arms in front of me. I could see Lauren opening a drawer near the sink and retrieving various items.

When she snapped a pair of blue latex gloves onto her hands, my cock jumped. Opening a bottle of lubricant, she squirted a generous amount into her palm. Rubbing her hands together, Lauren joined Jamie, who had moved the IV pole behind me. The girls explained how enemas are crucial for enjoying anal sex.

Lauren added the phrase “how true” bringing a chuckle from both. Lauren’s lubed fingers began rubbing along my ass bud, coating and relaxing it for what was to follow. It felt wonderful.

When her finger slipped past my sphincter, I let out a soft moan of bliss. Both ladies purred with pleasure. Everything about Lauren and Jamie was sensual. Never before had I met someone so in tune with my sexuality—let alone two women.

There was something about Lauren, however, that was capturing me. It started with her voice on the phone when she convinced me to stay with them weeks ago. And when she meet me at the door yesterday, my heart went ‘pow.’

I’m not sure if its irony or intimacy, but here she was preparing me for an enema. I was so aroused. My new life in New York was theirs to fashion, and less than twenty-four hours into it, I was already a new man.

Lauren worked her finger in and out of my ass, twisting it around as she did. A second finger was added to make sure my passage was well coated. My ass eagerly accepted it and her soft ‘oh yeah’ made my cock twitch a bit. The third and fourth fingers had me moaning and wiggling my ass in acceptance. I was wondering if Lauren was going to fist me, but Jamie made her stop, saying “Save the rest of your hand for later.”

The enema nozzle was the size of a small butt plug, and it slipped into my ass and into position easily. I heard the snap of the clamp and the warm fluid rushing into my bowels. Jamie was next to me caressing my back. She told me to let her know if I started to cramp.

This was my first enema and the truth be told, it felt pretty good. It was kinky. It was different. It certainly wasn’t going to be a once and done event for me. I was thinking how enjoyable this was, and how wrong it was to depict it as a ‘procedure of cruelty’. Then the cramps hit me.

The pretty good feeling turned into pretty painful. Jamie began to massage my lower abdomen telling me to relax. Her voice was soothing and so were her hands. The cramps dissipated and my thoughts turned back to the warm liquid filling me. My belly was beginning to swell and I felt an unnatural pressure inside. The girls coached me to relax, informing me that the bag was nearly empty.

“There you go….all gone,” Jamie’s voice was very ‘nurse-like.’ It was something I would expect to hear in a hospital. Removing the plug was interesting because I needed to push out to open my hole without releasing any of the fluid. Only a few drips escaped. The girls were pleased.

I rested for a few minutes before the urge to release overtook me. The girls guided me to the toilet room for a few private moments. Turning on the fan and dimming the lights, they told me to call them when I was done.

After I expelled, I waited a few minutes to make sure I was empty. It was indeed kinky to see myself in this position. I could only imagine what went on when the two of them needed to use the room at the same time.

Calling to the girls, Lauren came in and taught me how to use the bidet as a final cleanse. The spray of the water was incredible. It could be adjusted to a fine spray or to a penetrating stream; so many possibilities.

Returning to the bath area, I was surprised to see Jamie already on the towels, her ass in the air, and a white enema hose connecting her to a near empty bag. For some perverse reason, it turned me on. Lauren could sense my arousal.

“Isn’t it kinky? It’s so erotic to watch. The look of the white hose sticking out of her ass turns me on to no end. How clinical to watch the red bag drain into her hole”

My cock was nearly hard by this time. Jamie reached down and took it into her hand. She used it to pull me towards Jamie.

“Now I’m going to teach you how to remove the nozzle.”

We were both kneeling next to Jamie. Lauren was explaining the proper techniques to me. I could see how one could easily become ‘hospital-like’ in the process.

Toward the end of her demonstration, Lauren took my hand, and without a break in her instructions, she placed it on Jamie’s hard cock. For this, I needed no direction. I slowly and deeply stroked her. Jamie’s moans said it all. While I stroked, Lauren pulled the plug from Jamie’s ass. The only sign from Jamie was a louder moan as the widest part passed her sphincter.

I stopped stroking as Jamie flattened herself to rest for a few minutes. She looked up at me and asked, “What do you think?”

“Very erotic.” My answer was short and direct.

“I thought this would turn you on. Please help me up so I can teach you how to give Lauren an enema.”

Again, an unexpected twist. As soon as Jamie was standing, Lauren was on the towels with her ass wiggling in the air. She was a little imp.

Jamie retrieved a pair of gloves and the lube. Handing them to me, she explained they don’t always use the gloves, but sometimes they like to play ‘doctor’ during enema time. They were a bit snug, but I managed to get them on.

The urge was upon Jamie, and she moved quickly to the toilets, telling me to work Lauren’s ass until she returned. As the door closed behind her, Jamie hollered out, “See how much of your hand you get in her. After all, she nearly fisted you. And don’t forget the spanking she gave you. Lauren’s been naughty too.”

It’s hard to explain the feelings that were flooding me at the moment. I was so aroused, yet I didn’t want sex. Yes, I did want to sex, but I didn’t want to cum. It was such a wonderful, erotic, kinky, sensual, sexual feeling to have partners who reveled in prolonged play and stimulation. My cock must have gone from flaccid to hard and back at least ten times this morning.

On top of it all, this was happening while Jamie and I were reconnecting. If only I wouldn’t have been so timid back when. If only I would have taken Jamie’s hints. If only…..then again, would I have met Lauren?

Squeezing some lube into my hand, my focus returned to Lauren’s offered buttocks. Rubbing them together, I processed what Jamie said and quickly developed a line of thinking. Following Lauren’s technique, I rubbed along the crack of her ass, going over her bud and perineum.

My beginning statement was “Jamie was right, when she said I needed to be punished. I did hurt her, but do you know what I noticed?” As I asked the question, I slipped a finger into her hole.

Lauren’s reply “No, Sir” was accompanied by a little gasp when I entered her. I made a mental note of the use of ‘Sir’ in her answer.

Moving my finger in and out and around in her, I continued, “You seem to do everything just for your pleasure. For example, you knew last night I was wearing Jamie’s panties, but this morning you pretended this was a revelation.” A second finger joined the first. Lauren purred as she worked her ass and sphincter around them.

“You questioned me about sucking cock and fucking. Totally unnecessary. My sister, your lover, was hurting and you made me suck your cock and lick your asshole. Didn’t you?”

Lauren didn’t answer right away, and I wasn’t about to give her an extra second. Whappp! My free hand found her ass cheek. Her yelp told me she loved it.

“Didn’t you?” I asked again as my second slap found her cheek.

“Yes, Sir” she whimpered.

Without removing my fingers from her, I moved to a standing position, and straddled her, facing her ass. “Do you know what I think? I think you HAVE been naughty.” My hand was now going back and forth from cheek to cheek while a third finger slipped into her brown passage.

Her ass was starting to redden, but it didn’t stop her responding for more.

“You are right, Sir. I have been naughty. But may I tell you why, Sir?” Lauren was offering an unsolicited explanation.

I stopped moving my fingers but didn’t remove them. “I really didn’t ask,” was my curt reply, “So this better be good.” I went silent and motionless.

“Sir, Jamie told me all about you. From the pictures she showed me and from the stories she told me about you, I felt I already knew you. I developed feelings for you. I am so sorry Sir that you think this was only for my pleasure. It was truly meant for you and Jamie, Sir”

Her words stopped me cold. I felt like everything I just did was wrong. It was incredible how Lauren and Jamie could jump the line between fantasy and reality. Now all I wanted to do was to pull Lauren to me and tenderly hold her in my arms. But here I was, straddling her with three fingers up her ass and spanking the cheeks I wanted to caress. I felt so bad.

Lauren’s next phrase jumped the line again.

“Sir, may I have permission to suggest a punishment?”

Although I was blown away, I followed our roles. “I’m listening.”

“Sir, it would only be right if you gave me ten more swats, and for you to add more fingers into my asshole.”

Oh my god. Three seconds ago, I wanted to be her tender protector, and now I’m back to being the spank master. It was so erotic. As confusing as it was, I loved every minute of this.

“Ten plus one,” was my reply, “and I want you to count each one aloud.” Along with the first slap, I pumped her ass with one finger.

“That was the delicious first slap, sir.” Lauren’s reply told me she craved this. It also put me at ease for the rest of her punishment.

With each slap, I started pumping another finger. On the fourth and fifth slap, I added my last finger and then my thumb. Each slap brought a lustful, yearning ‘Thank you, sir’ form Lauren.

After the tenth slap, I moved behind Lauren and knelt between her legs. (The eleventh was being reserved for Jamie to administer.) I wanted to work my fingers deeper into her ass. Lauren was rocking into each push of my hand relaxing her hole for deeper penetration.

She was now up on her forearms in more of a fucking position. Lauren’s head was bobbing around, her hair swaying to and fro. Her grunting commands were fill with want.

“Yes…. mmmm…. Oh, yes…. God….. oh yeah… deeper…. Deeper…. I want…. Fuck me…… fuck my ass with your hand….. SHOVE it in me… OHHHHHH.”

My hand was at almost at its widest part in Lauren’s ass when Jamie returned. Placing her hand on my arm, she motioned for me to stop pushing. Jamie picked up the lube and dripped more onto my gloved hand while telling us how she heard our entire exchange. She also said that Lauren’s request for punishment was fair, but she heard only ten slaps. Jamie was now lubing the rest of my hand and a few inches past my wrist.

I explained how the last slap was being reserved for her to administer. Jamie smiled and gave me a sweet little kiss on the lips. “Thank you, Kevin. How thoughtful of you. Not like someone else we know.”

With that, Jamie placed a slap on Lauren’s ass that would tears to anyone’s eyes. Lauren screamed and called Jamie a bitch. Jamie gave a sadistic laugh and said,

“Since I only get one, I thought I’d make it a good one. Now let’s work that hand up the this young lady’s ass. Pull your hand back a bit so I can get more lube on it. You can never have enough lube when one goes exploring.”

Lube dripped onto my fingers and Jamie spread it around and massaged some into Lauren’s hole. She nodded for me to begin again. I pushed slowly and Lauren’s ass magically opened. The widest part eased past her opening and it felt like the rest of my hand was sucked into her.

Lauren head snapped back, releasing a powerful groan. “Ohhhhh…. Yessssss… Ohhh…. It…. feels…. Soooo…. Fucking…… good…… Ohhhh……” Her head dropped back down.

Jamie whispered in my ear to take it slow but to ‘keep fucking her…..”

Stepping in front of Lauren, Jamie went to her knees offering Lauren her cock. Lauren’s mouth opened at once taking Jamie’s semi-hardness into it. Jamie’s hips rotated moving her cock in and around Lauren’s mouth. Lauren was resting on her hands, allowing herself to be fucked from both ends.

My hand was slowly moving in and out of Lauren’s ass. Pulling back to my fingertips and then pushing in gently to the widest part, allowing the rest to slip in naturally. Once inside, I slowly turned my curled hand back and forth before repeating the process. Lauren’s mouth was full, but her murmurs and ass were asking for more.

Jamie started pinching her own nipples and squeezing her tits. Her cock was moving rapidly in and out of Lauren’s mouth, burying itself to the base of her lips. My cock was fully erect, I was so turned on. Reaching beneath Lauren, I found her hard cock dripping with pre-cum. I began stroking her.

When Jamie saw me stroking Lauren, she crooned. “Yes, Kevin. Jack her off. Make her cum. Better yet, jack her off in my mouth.”

Moving under Lauren and into a sixty-nine position, Jamie opened her mouth as a target. Lauren buried her face onto Jamie cock, pumping and sucking her cock like a mad woman. Leaving my fist in Lauren’s ass, I worked it over her prostrate while I stroked her shaft towards Jamie’s mouth.

It only took moments for Lauren to cum. Thick waves of cum shot exploded into Jamie’s waiting mouth. Jamie opened and closed her mouth with every spurt making sure the cum covered her entire mouth and lips area.

I could sense Lauren was physically drained even though cum continued to shoot from her cock. Easing out of her ass. Lauren collapsed next to Jamie, leaving Jamie with an enormous hard on.

Peeling the glove from my hand, I planted my mouth onto Jamie’s, remembering how our mutual thirst for cum turned her on so much.

Our tongues danced together, pushing Lauren’s cum between us. I slid my body next to Jamie’s and started stroking her cock. Sucking as much of Lauren’s cum as I could, I moved to Jamie’s cock and began sucking it, using Lauren’s cum as a lubricant.

The warmth from my mouth and Lauren’s cum sent Jamie over the edge. On my third sucking stroke, she exploded. Keeping the head of her cock in my mouth, I used my tongue to smear each her spurts over it. Jamie was literally shaking with her orgasm. My mouth was a cavern of warm cum and Jamie’s cock was bathing in it.

Raising my eyes, it was obvious both ladies were spent. Even though I was still very hard, I found a great deal of satisfaction in their orgasms. I kept gently sucking Jamie’s cock until I swallowed all of her cum.

Moving between the two motionless ladies, I used one of the towels that freed itself, and softly wiped Jamie and Lauren clean. They both murmured ‘thanks.’ I wasn’t sure where were going at this point, but I did notice Lauren’s enema bag was still full.

I leaned over to her and kissed her softly on the cheek. Whispering, I asked if she still wanted her enema. She gently nodded her head in affirmation and mumbled, “please.”

Her body was in a natural position so I coated the nozzle with some lube. I figured there was enough lube in her passage to allow the nozzle to pass. Still, l took things slowly. It slipped into place easily and I released the clamp.

The rushing water brought her back to life. Her moans were pleasurable but without the lustfulness of before. Looking over at Jamie, I was struck by how much I missed her. I kissed her gently on the cheek and whispered softly in her ear, “I am so happy to be here. Thank you.”

Jamie smiled and said, “I’m happy you’re here, too.” Reaching out, she wrapped her arms around my legs, pulling her body into them. I smiled back and fondly stroked her hair. She opened her eyes, and blew me a little kiss. I sent one back to her.

Lauren was moving. The bag was nearly empty. Jamie came back to life and slowly sat up. She looked at Lauren, and with a smile said, “Not quite the way we planned it, was It?”

With a chuckling retort she added, “No. but no complaints from me.” Lauren reached up to close the valve on the empty bag. She looked me in the eyes, saying, “He’s a keeper.” She placed a soft kiss on my lips.

The urge was upon her. Standing up, she said she’d meet us in the shower. Heading to the toilet she called out, “Don’t think we forgot about you, Kevin. That shower works miracles.”

I helped Jamie pick up everything. I followed her through the fourth door. Jamie told me the room was their secret design center. Since they entertain a lot, they don’t want others in the industry to see their work.

They purposely had it built behind the kitchen, bath and bedroom. The only entrance was through the master bath. Jamie also said if their boss knew they were designing on the side, they’d get fired.

Pushing the IV pole into the room, she also said it keeps certain things out of view. “No one needs to know our business, either sexually or professionally.” I certainly understood, because no one in Chicago had a clue about my kinks.

We weren’t in there long, but I did see a number of dress mannequins with designs in various stages of completion. I also surveyed the area where Jamie pushed the pole. There was a wand vibrator and some rather large anal beads on top of a chest of drawers. “So this is where they store their kink,” I thought to myself.

Jamie caught me eyeing the toys as we left the room. With a bit of bounce in her voice she told me, “I think you’ll like what’s in those drawers.” Back in the bathroom, she pointed out the laundry hamper and where the lube went.

She asked me to get three big towels from the linen closet and meet her in the shower. Jamie went to the shower and turned on its steam function. From inside, she motioned me to place the towels on the towel bar attached to the door and to come in.

Using one of the hand-held showerheads; Jamie sprayed hot water over the benches and walls. “Make yourself comfortable. Time for a little steam bath.” I moved to the far side of the shower and took a seat, resting my back against the corner wall and stretching one leg out along the bench. The other was on the shower floor.

My legs were open, my semi-aroused cock dangling free. Jamie looked at it and then at me. With a quick flick of the wrist, she gave it a spray. We both laughed.

The steam started to seep into the shower. Jamie remounted the showerhead and moved onto the bench next to me. She scooted her back up against my chest and rested her head near my shoulder. She was stretched out along the bench, using my legs as arm rests. I wrapped my arms around her just under her breasts. Jamie placed her other hand on mine and looked up at me for a kiss.

The building steam felt great, and a few minutes later, you couldn’t see the bathroom through the glass. The door opened with a ‘whoosh’ as Lauren joined us. She sat on my other side and wasted no time in joining our kissing. The passion was building again.

Jamie flipped over so her breasts were against my chest. Her kissing became a craving. She worked her tongue into our mouths. Her fingers went to my nipples. At first, her nails did a slow dance across them, but as the fervor of her kissing increased, her nails followed. Taking each nipple between her nails, she pinched them. The pleasure was painfully arousing.

Lauren was kneeling next to me, licking and sucking on my ear. Her tongue bathed it and snaked all around it. She kept telling me how she was going to lick my asshole before she fucked me.

I was rock hard when Jaime went to her knees on the floor. She pulled my legs open and took hold of my cock. Her first move was sucking each ball into her mouth. The feel of her tongue on my hairless sack rocked me.

Lauren’s nails replaced Jamie’s on one nipple, and she started sucking the other. I knew I wasn’t going to last long, since I’ve been aroused since breakfast. Both Jamie and Lauren knew it too.

Jamie brought my cock back into her mouth and worked it marvelously. Her hand was twisting the shaft on every stroke, while her head moved up and down on it. She kept a constant vacuum on my dick. Her middle finger had worked its way into my clean ass and was urging my prostrate to release.

Lauren’s mouth returned to my ear, but her nails continued tormenting my chest buds. Her words did me in. With that sultry, lusty voice, she drove me over the edge. “Blow it. Shoot that wad. Feed your sister your goo.”

I felt my balls contract. Jamie pulled my cock from her mouth and used both hands to pump me. She was aiming my cock at her face. The first blast sprayed onto her lips and chin. Spurt after spurt erupted, covering her cheeks with my warm cream. She kept stroking my cock until I could take it no longer. It was my turn to be shattered and I slumped back against the wall.

Jamie climbed back onto the bench next to Lauren. She pulled Lauren’s face to hers and drew her into a deep, cum coated kiss. Lauren licked every stream from her face, and feed each tongue-full lick to Jamie. Their acts were deliberate and slow; they were putting on a show for me. Their eyes turned to mine from time to time to make sure I was watching them.

Even though I was literally spent; the look of these two beauties swapping my cum in the warm, foggy steam kept me mentally aroused. When they brought their coated lips and tongues to me, there was no way I could resist. I melted into them.

When my seed was gone, we laid back and let the steam do its thing. To say we were all relaxed would be an understatement. Lauren was right when she said this shower works miracles. Jamie finally turned off the steam and we took a group shower; each of us washing the other.


This was the first time I every washed a cock other than my own. It was wonderfully different and erotic. The flaccid feel of another’s shaft is unique. I found it to be incredibly sensual to have their thickness moving and twisting freely in my soapy hands. It felt even more intimate than sex. As we all know, the owner of a hard cock would allow most anyone to touch it, but in a non-aroused state, it’s a different matter.

The shower was amazing. I was the first one out of the shower. Lauren was squeezing the excess water from her hair, while Jamie realigned the toiletries on the shower bench. I picked up one of the towels and did a quick wipe down on my legs. Wrapping the oversized Turkish around my waist, I went back to the linen closet for a few more towels.

Being so drawn to the girls, I wanted the drying off process to be unrushed and affectionate. I wanted to pamper them. Lauren stepped out of the shower and I greeted her with an open towel.

I took my time, lovingly patting her dry. Her body felt divine. There was more to this than drying off. I was developing deep feelings for her. I wanted her to know that with each touch. When she was dry, I slowly wrapped the towel around her, tucking it closed in the back. Grabbing another towel, I wrapped it turban style around her hair.

Turning Laruen towards, I gave her a very tender and loving kiss. Lauren melted into my kiss, putting her arms around my neck while I pulled her closer. Our mouths said it all. This was more than a threesome with my sister and her lover. We would have stayed like that for hours, if not for Jamie’s voice saying, “Hey love birds.”

This caught both Lauren and me by surprise. We blushed. It wasn’t as if we didn’t know what was happening; but it took Jamie vocalization of it to make us consciously aware of what was happening. Lauren gave me a peck on the cheek and quickly moved to the sink area. I think Jamie’s words scared her.

The whole time I was drying Jamie, she had this little grin on her face and kept looking into my eyes, searching for something. Every time I looked into hers, I could read her question, “Are you falling for Lauren?” I tried not to look at her and pretended not to notice, but my eyes and smile belied the façade. When I finally wrapped the towel around her hair, I gave her a kiss and said, “The answer to your question is ‘Yes’.”

Jamie eyes grew wide and her mouth opened wide in silent delight. She hugged me quickly as if congratulating me. Jamie knew Lauren was sweeping me off of my feet.


Getting ready brought everything full circle.

The girls took me back to the guest room and proceeded to empty my suitcases on the bed. Their comments about my clothes were so ‘catty,’ so fashion diva-ish. Picking up one of my shirts with two fingers and holding it in front of her as if it was infested; Jamie went into a mock Valley-Girl voice saying, “Like where were you born?” and dropped it on the floor. We all split a gut laughing. I must admit, it was pretty ugly.

They determined nothing was salvageable, even Jamie’s panties.

While they rummaged through my things, Jamie poked my ass with the dildo, saying she wanted to watch me fuck myself. Lauren’s quick, ‘I want to watch too,’ kept us laughing.

They did eventually find an “acceptable outfit to wear in public—for the final time.” It was sans intimates. Lauren said they’d be replaced soon enough.

The girls retreated to their bedroom, telling me they would be ready in forty-five. I was ready in ten, so I cleaned up the kitchen. Looking at the clock it just a couple of minutes past ten in the morning. What a great start to the day. I made a fresh pot of coffee while I washed and dried the few dishes and utensils. Remembering how the girls drank their coffees earlier, I poured Jamie a cup with cream and sugar; Lauren just cream—the same way I take mine.

Carrying them to their room, I hollered, “Knock, knock. Fresh Java.” The girls told me not to come in. Instead, two arms extended from behind the door and eagerly accepted the cups. Sincere “Thank You….You’re the best” were shouted back to me. A smile crossed my lips as I went back to kitchen.

For the first time in a couple of days, my mind drifted to work. I thought, “Funny, how the catalyst for bringing me to New York hadn’t crossed my mind the last couple of days.” Since I had some time, I grabbed my laptop from my briefcase in the guest room, and went back to the kitchen to boot it up.

While it went through its start-up, I took a couple plastic garbage bags and packed up my ‘old’ clothes to donate, placing them by the door.

Luckily, the girls had unsecured WiFi so I could log in and do a quick check of how things were going at the new office, as well as how my investments were doing. I was pleased things looked good. I checked a few indices and the markets looked stable and logged out. Things were fine.

The clicking of the girls’ heels caught my attention as they joined me in the kitchen. They looked HOT. Both were wearing tight, skinny jeans: Lauren in the traditional dark denim, Jamie in jet black. I wasn’t sure who looked hotter.

Jamie wore a white half sleeve blouse with ruffles in the front. Six buttons extended upwards from where it was tucked into her jeans and from there the ruffles took over. They flared open exposing the smooth skin of her upper chest, her braless bosom hidden behind the ruffles.

Thin black trim adorned the edges of the ruffles, as well as the sleeves and open collar. The blouse was tied together seductively with a white bow of thin fabric attached to each side of the collar. One pull of the bow and the blouse could easily open and fall from Jamie’s shoulders.

The black trim complimented Jamie’s smoky black eye shadow, black-black liner and mascara. Her baby blues jumped from the contrast and were framed exotically by the blonde bangs of her pageboy cut. Jamie’s ruby red lips were enough to drive any man or woman wild. They color matched perfectly with her nails.

Topping off her outfit was a thin spaghetti style belt strung through the belt loops and tied loosely in the front. The straps, dangling in front, were capped with silver. One’s eyes were naturally drawn to her loins. On her feet were six-inch black, open-toed stilettos. The red toenails said it all….what a woman.

Lauren was every bit as beautiful, but more subtle.

Brown leather riding boots rode up her jean clad legs to just below her knees. Leather spur straps wrapped each ankle where an antique brass ring joined them to the sole on the outside of each boot. A hunter green, long sleeve turtleneck hugged her shapely torso. The way it formed around her breasts was alluring.

A buckskin vest, matching perfectly with her boots and belt, tapered to her waist. The bottom of the vest followed her belt line where her sweater met her jeans. Lauren’s belt had an antique brass Southwest style belt buckle. Red and blue turquoise along with black opal stones formed a floral design. Her dangling earrings were the same design and complemented her flowing, deep auburn hair perfectly.

Soft green eye shadows with black mascara brought sparkle to Lauren’s hazel eyes. Her lip color was pink and she wore it well. The soft earth tones of her blush produced a look of pure class. There was a yearning building for Lauren within me; unlike that for Jamie.

Jamie told me she made a few phone calls and we were all set for shopping.

“The first stop is to our stylist, James. He’s a genius with hair and will give you that New York look instantly. Then we’re off to Madame Chloe’s.” Both girls gave me a knowing purr.

Lauren added, “She carries the finest lingerie at reasonable prices. She specializes to those of us with panty fetishes. And the way it’s presentation is soooo erotic”

I could only imagine what the ladies were wearing at the moment.

Lauren continued, “Then you and I will go shopping for a new wardrobe, because Jamie need to finalize plans for tonight.”

My smile triggered theirs. “Should I even ask about the plans? I do want to let you know that whatever they are, I’m covering the expenditures.”

Both girls started with the ‘that isn’t necessary’ line, but I held up my hands asking them to stop.

“Please, I’m not trying to be a jerk. This is something I want to do. You’ve taken me in for few days, so it’s the least I can do. And don’t forget, I’m on an expense account for thirty days.”

The phrase ‘expense account’ softened their stance and they relented.

“So may I ask about the special plans?”

Jamie said they were having a ‘Welcome to New York’ get together in my honor that night. Taking a credit card from my wallet, I gave it to Jamie. “Since we have the same last name, no one will think twice if they ask for ID.”

Jamie asked how much credit was available. I got the feeling hers was maxed. I soft sold things by saying there was plenty.


James’ salon was jumping. The stylist and nail techs all knew Lauren and Jamie. James seemed like a great guy. He wasn’t effeminate, but rather, a stylish man. It was obvious the girls were special to him by the way they greeted one another. I could tell he had a thing for Jamie by the way he kept asking for her opinion, as well as the soft touches he kept placing on her arm.

Jamie was enjoying the attention, and doing her fair share of flirting. She moved closer to James when he was showing her something with my hair, allowing her hand to touch his arm. I didn’t say anything, but inside I was digging watching my sister coming on to James. All of this was through the mirror of course.

I could also see Lauren in the mirror. Our eyes would meet and linger. I am not sure what Lauren was thinking, but I was thinking what a fantastic woman she was. Cupid’s arrows were on the mark.

Jamie’s phone rang while James was finishing my ‘style.’ She moved towards the door to take the call. It didn’t appear to be a call she wanted to take. At one point in the conversation, Jamie’s lips tightened and, staring at the ceiling, she stomped her foot on the floor. Then she changed her look and gave the phone a fake smile while saying ‘Yes, yes.”

She disconnected and glared at the phone with the same tight-lipped anger. Lauren went over to console her. Jamie was going off, and Lauren listened sympathetically. When Jamie finally settled down, they had a quick conversation.

By this time, both James and I were watching in the mirror.

Jamie came over to me and told me she had to go into the studio for a few hours. Her boss, “the witch,” wanted her to make a few changes to their latest design. It was the same design that delayed her the previous night. The shopping trip was going to be just Lauren and me.

“I wanted to go to Madame Chloe’s to see her presentation so much.” Jamie protested. Her pouting was very sexy. She got over it quickly saying, “Well, the bitch isn’t going to ruin my day.”

I was disappointed also, but the sudden reality of having time alone with Lauren made my senses tingle. I tried not to let either emotion show. I told Jamie I understood. She kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear, “Look at it this way, you get time with your new girlfriend.” Jamie could always read my mind.

James got a ‘lip’ kiss while Lauren and I got the cheek version. On the way out the door, Jamie said she’d still take care things for the evening. James said ‘See you later—looking forward to the evening.” Jamie smiled at him, mouthing ‘me too.’

My hairstyle was actually very cool. It was a professional look with a bit of spike. I liked it a lot and so did Lauren. She said it made me look powerful.

The cab ride to Madame Chloe’s was a bit different than the pawing ride home from the restaurant the previous evening. I was looking out the window at all the people; drinking in New York. Glancing over at Lauren, I saw that she was staring at me. I smiled and told her how beautiful she looked. Her smile lit up the cab. I took her hand in mine and she slid next to me resting her head on my shoulder.

I asked if James and Jamie were a ‘thing.’ Lauren’s answer was interesting. “Well, they were always attracted to each other, but I think things are about to change for both of them.” I wasn’t sure why things were ‘about to change.’ Lauren said it was a long story and waved my inquiry off without further comment. I dropped it, knowing that time has a way of revealing all.

When the cab pulled in front of Madame Chloe’s, I was a bit in awe. The front awing bore the name “Sentiment Intime” which Lauren told me meant ‘Intimate Feeling.’ The scantily clad window mannequins had my cock stirring. I was expecting more of a department store.

Madame Chloe personally greeted us as we entered the shop. She was a robust woman. I guessed her age to be late forty, early fifty. She had large breasts and a thick, curvy body. Her blonde hair was pulled into a bun. Her business suit was stylish, yet professional. Her perfume was heady.

“Bon Jour, Mademoiselle Lauren” Madame Chloe’s accent was distinct. “And zees must be Monsieur Kevin.” She gave us both a ‘MuWah..MuWah.’ “I am so sorry Mademoiselle Jamie cannot be wiz us today. She did call to tell me.”

Madame Chloe led us through the shop. The lingerie around the store had my dick twitching. It was so sexy to see women touching and caressing the various fabrics without the slightest built of embarrassment.

They were holding bras up to their chest and looking at themselves in the mirror, turning this way and that for different angles. I even saw one woman coming out of the dressing room wearing only a bra and matching thong. I tried not to look, but….

Lauren also saw me, and mumbled, “Pervert.” I sheepishly smiled. She took my hand and gave it a little squeeze telling me it was okay.

We entered a private section of the shop, passing through a set of large double doors and into a short vestibule with a similar pair of doors at the other end. Madame closed the set behind us, and then pushed open the set in front of us, unveiling an opulent French sitting room.

It was very feminine. Everything in the room exuded the ambiance of the decadent age of France. The room had full-length swivel mirrors positioned throughout. Tables, chairs, and love seats were placed in a half circle around an ornately woven carpet.

About ten feet from the open end of the circle stood a set of large, elaborately carved, wooden screens. They appeared to be concealing a wall entry. The feeling in the room was formally hedonistic.

Madame Chloe led us to a fainting couch. The one armrest design and tapered back ensure a level of intimate coziness. Madame motioned for me to take the armrest position with Lauren leaning against me. It was a natural and delightful movement to place one arm on the rest and wrap the other over Lauren’s shoulder. She snuggled in.

Madame clapped her hands twice, calling, “Francoise.”

A young woman, wearing a completely see-thru black ensemble emerged from behind the wood screen. My heart skipped a few beats as she approched. Madame Chloe gauged my reaction. “Ees zer any other room een zee house where one can better explore zees zings zen a Boudoir?” Madame exited around the other end of the screen.

The top of Francoise’s ensemble was a simple bib of sheer material. It hung loosely from her torso and covered only her front, doing nothing to conceal her small breasts. Her nipples however, were quite large, probably caused by her stud piercings. The bib was sewn onto a black satin choker that hugged her neck, and into a band of the same material at the waist.

Flaring from the waistband was a skirt of the same sheer material. It barely covered her mons, with its thin fluffy, black down. The contrast between it, the material and her milk white skin was arousing.

Her legs were thin; and each stride provided a clear view of the delicate folds nestled between her loins. Black, 8 inch, stiletto heels adorned her feet. These were more than ‘fuck me’ pumps; these screamed ‘kink.’ Her makeup said the same.

Long, thick, jet black lashes flowed from her eyelids; each of which was outlined with a thin black line. Under the bottom was a bold streak of light purple shadow running the length of the socket. The same light purple radiated from the tear ducts to crease of the upper lids. It then blended into cobalt blue shadow; all confined beneath the brow bone.

Her eyebrows, like the rest of her hair, were jet black. Like Madame’s, Francoise’s hair was pulled into a bun. This kept one focused on her eyes as well as her matching light purple lips. To say her unabashed sexuality was arousing would be an understatement.

Francoise carried a large card in her hand. It out to be instructions about the process as well as a list of complimentary beverages. Although well acquainted with ‘Sentiment Intime,’ Lauren read the card with me. Francoise stood dutifully before us.

There would be a coordinator to record our purchases. When we saw something we liked, we were to motion to the coordinator. Sizing would be done at the end to ensure the proper fit for the items purchased.

Lauren lifted her eyes to Francoise.

“Oui, Mademoiselle?” Her accent added to the eroticism.

Lauren order sparkling water with lemon. Our server shifted her eyes to me. “Monsieur?” I ordered the same.

Francoise left with a simple, “Très bien,” taking the card with her.

The movement of her ass swaying away caused both Lauren and I to cast lingering looks. Lauren lifted her head towards mine. In a whisper she asked, “What do you think so far?” The question did not require an answer, but I whispered one anyway.

“Interesting. I’m not sure what she is into, but whatever it is, I’m interested.”

As she was leaning against me, Lauren lifted her right arm until her hand softly touched my right cheek. She pursed her lips and gently kissed my left cheek. Lauren purred “It gets better.” I think she notice the quick jump in my loins.

Madame Chloe reentered a few moments later along with the coordinator and Francoise. The coordinator took a position on a chair across from us. She was a dark haired woman of medium build, dressed in prim and proper business attire. She crossed her legs and opened her notebook to record our purchases.

Francoise pushed a small cart carrying our waters. She circled behind couch and positioned the cart near the armrest. Tilting my head up, I thanked her. She said nothing. However, she did drag her nails across my arm as she walked away. This caught Lauren’s attention. With a hint of mockery, she whispered ‘tramp.’ I didn’t have time to chuckle, for at that moment paired couples dressed in matching ensembles entered from behind the screen.

Madame Chloe began to elaborate on each item worn. Every detail mentioned was seductively demonstrated. The first item was a blue satin girdle with garters and an open gusset. It was being worn by both the man and the women, although the man’s girdle was without the garters. When Madame said the open gusset design allows for easy access to “zee intimate offerings,” the woman slinked her way to the sofa, with the man following closely.

We could easily see her hairless pussy. Stopping a few feet in front of us, she turned towards the man, her back now to us. Spreading her legs shoulder width, she bent over bringing her eyes, level with the man’s loin.

Her ass cheeks spread open, exposing her pink nether hole; her pussy lips glistened with her nectar. Without the slightest hesitation, she reached into the man’s gusset and pulled his cock free. He wasn’t completely hard, but her hungry mouth soon had him fully erect.

My cock grew on its own. Lauren needed to reposition herself a bit, pressing her arm against my shaft as she did. Both Lauren and I nodded to the coordinator. Madame Chloe knew how to make a sale.

By the end of the presentation, we nodded yes to high cut briefs, low cut briefs, full briefs, open bust bras, nursing bras, waist cinchers, bustiers, torsettes, and various style of boy cut shorts, from satin to lace, from smooth to ruffled. We ordered bikinis and thongs, along with numerous pairs of hose including self-stay and those requiring garters.

Every item was provocatively modeled and every feature was highlighted by the use of hands, mouths, tongues, pussies, and cocks. I thought I was going to lose it whenever the nipples were exposed. Nipple play drives me wild and watching them being licked, sucked, twisted and pulled had me rock hard.

The fact that I was without underwear made my erection even more noticeable.

Each time I adjusted, Lauren would give my cock a knowing push. Jamie pulled arm from her shoulders to her tummy, keeping her hand on top. When something aroused her, she would let out a barely audible gasp and squeeze my hand. This was turning her on as much as it was me.

Madame Chloe said there was a little surprise. With a clap of her hands, all the models returned. However, their garb was no longer the sensual intimates, but rather the stark boldness of rubber, latex and leather. They wore hoods and masks; carried crops and whips; and were attached to collars and chains.

Madame Chloe announced that she was holding a special showing next Saturday for her new line of different intimates. It was going to be held at a private club in Manhattan. The cost for the show was $1,000 per person and included food and beverages throughout the evening. There would also be special rooms for those desiring closer, more personal demonstrations.

Both Lauren and I squirmed with this display. We glanced at each other. The look I saw in her eyes was panicked desire. It was clear Madame Chloe hit on one of Lauren’s deeper kinks. I could feel her body tingle. She was in a frenzied state.

Her eyes showed fear, want, craving, desire, passion, and that glassy look of kink. This really turned me on. Lauren was looking at me for approval. She wanted me to make a decision. Calmly, I looked at the coordinator and nodded, holding up two fingers. We were officially on the guest list.

It took a while after the models exited for Lauren to regain her composer. My cock had retreated to a somewhat flaccid, but thick state. Lauren stood first. I could see a flood of thoughts going through her mind. “You didn’t need to buy the invite for next Saturday.”

Standing, I replied, “You’re right. I didn’t.” My response was direct and to the point. There was a newfound command in my tone that surprised me. “But I wanted to.”

“This is a dark side to you that has your deepest desires; your deepest wants and your deepest yearnings. I saw it this morning when you suggested your punishment. I was very aroused. I was very turned on. Your passions ignite mine. I want that. I want that very much.”

I offered Lauren both of my hands. She took them in hers. Her touch was soft, sensual, and electrifying. Pressing her body into mine, Lauren gave me a gentle kiss. Nothing more needed to be said.

The coordinator politely coughed, saying “Pardon, It eez time for zee sizing. Follow me s’il vous plaît.”

I needed to strip in front of the room full of models, who just happened to be naked also. Lauren’s sizes were on file, so she got to watch. The models’ attitudes were casual, which put me at ease. Still, there were a few who looked at my cock–both men and women.

The seamstress worked quickly, saying my measurements aloud in French while the coordinator made note of them.

Madame Chloe approached us with the invoice. Lauren asked her if she could select a pair of panties for me to wear home. Madame declared, ‘but of course!” She had the coordinator help Lauren since she was going to assemble our purchases anyway.

I slipped into my pants showing some degree of modesty. It also allowed me to retrieve my wallet. I examined the invoice and was in shock. The items were practically free and the amount for next Saturday read ‘gratuit.’

Looking at Madame, I gave her the ‘I don’t understand look.’ She explained how Jamie and Lauren helped her start the business and for that, she will be eternally grateful. Madame also conveyed that she has never seen Lauren so aglow. “You must a special man.”

I am sure I blushed, but I made it a point to tell Madame that Lauren is a very special woman.

Handing her my credit card, I did inquire about getting four tickets for next Saturday. I explained if Lauren wanted to go, I am sure Jamie would also. The fourth was if my hunch about right about James, Jamie just might be bringing him along.

Madame’s reply of “aucun problème” was very gracious. When she returned with my card, she handed me four invites, all in separate envelopes. I signed the sales slips just as Lauren returned with a gorgeous pair of lavender, lace trimmed, satin boy shorts.

I needed to strip down again to put them on. They were a perfect fit. Both Lauren and Madame gave a little “Ooh La La” while copping a feel of my now pantied ass. Their roaming hands made it difficult to get my pants back on, but I really didn’t care. I was in heaven.

Our bags were ready at the door. Exchanging ‘Au revoirs’ and kisses, Madame Chloe said she would see us later. I got the distinct feeling this get together was going to be quite a bash. We hailed a cab and Lauren gave the driver the address of the next stop.

In the cab, Lauren’s phone rang. It was Jamie. During their conversation, Lauren reported in a sexy tone, “Very turned on.” She looked me while she spoke those words, and blew me a kiss. There was a little pause and she said, “Hold on, I’ll ask him.”

“Kev, do you like champagne?”

“Love it!” was my response. I liked that Lauren called me ‘Kev.” That made me feel special.

She relayed my response to Jamie and then added while looking at me, “I’d assume a good brand.” Her head was nodding; asking me if she was right. I gave her a confirming nod. “Is Veuve Clicquot okay?” I mouthed an “Oh yeah.” Lauren smiled and said “Go for it babe.”


Wardrobe shopping was fast and furious. Lauren knew exactly where to go. We were out of the mainstream and using her contacts in the industry; shopping behind the scenes. The prices were unbelievably low. Some items were even complimentary. Lauren called them industry perks.

We went from casual to business to formal (yes a tux). Tailors did alterations on the spot when they could, or promised to have the item in a few days. We hit it all, even jewelry. I bought a reasonably priced Movado watch. As Lauren put it, “it’s functional, tells time, and looks classy. You already have investments. You don’t need one on your wrist.”

Most of my purchases were to be delivered. Lauren said it’s so much easier and the delivery fee is reasonable—free, another industry perk. Still, we took along enough to get me through a couple of days. The clothes I started with were in a probably already in a dumpster somewhere.

Lauren put together a wear as you go ensemble as we shopped, and it was incredible. The shirt was a pumpkin colored linen, with barrel cuffs. Lauren rolled them inward for a rugged look. A pair of tan, Italian wool slacks was complimented by a black, alligator belt. It matched the black suede loafers perfectly.

Up to then, I always thought socks were socks. That was until Lauren had me buy a pair of black cashmere socks. My feet were in heaven. I purchased many pairs in various styles and colors.

Completing the outfit was a lightweight, black, sweater. It had with bars of color and texture knit into it. It gave me a very contemporary and Lauren taught me ‘the model,’ around the neck wrap. “This way people see both your shirt and the sweater.”

I looked in the mirror and had to admit I was a new man. I really looked good. Lauren smiled her approval. What made all of this special were the lavender, satin boy shorts hugging my cock and balls.

Looking at Lauren, I opened my arms to her. She tossed her hair in that special way and walked into my embrace. Gazed into her eyes, I could the magic, the chemistry between us.

In the past, there were times when I thought I might have met the girl of my dreams. However, the feeling I had with Lauren was unlike anything before. This may sound stupid; but I knew I was falling in love. Although I only knew her for a day, our level of intimacy and understanding of each other far exceeded relationships that were months old

I kissed her gently and whispered, “Thank You.”

Lauren stayed in my arms for a few moments and then kissed me back. She whispered, “You’re welcome.” A tear rolled down her cheek. I wiped it away. We smiled and gave that little chuckle which needed no explanation. I could tell Lauren felt the same.


It was only 4pm when we finished. Lauren and I decided to walk part of the way back to their place. She said we were close to SoHo with its interesting shops, cafés, and bistros. We had shopping bags, but nothing that prevented us from holding hands as we walked.

Lauren was right; there were many cool shops to browse around. We stopped in a small jewelry shop, owned and operated by the designer. Her work was very stylish. Lauren fell in love with a sterling silver necklace with black onyx inlays. There was pair of stunning amethyst and gold chandelier earrings I thought Jamie would love.

When I showed them to Lauren, her comment was, “Oh my. If you buy those for Jamie, she’ll burst out into tears.” That settled things for me. However, Lauren was the one with tears in her eyes when I purchased the necklace as well.

“Seriously Kevin. You don’t need to buy me a necklace. I see things every day that I love. It’s part of my job.”

I handed the package back to the jeweler. “Maybe Lauren is right.” There were two stunned ladies staring at me. With a devilish smirk, I said I was kidding. The jeweler laughed and Lauren gave me a little punch on the arm calling me a ‘meany.’

I asked Lauren if I could give the necklace to her at the same time I gave Jamie her earrings. Lauren said ‘of course.’ As we continued walking, Lauren took my hand and said, “You are a very thoughtful and considerate person. Jamie was right when she told me ‘I’d love you.’”

The statement didn’t go without notice.

When I saw a wine and cheese café, we had to stop. I love those places. We nestled into a small cozy table on the patio.

We enjoyed a superb glass of merlot along with warm brie over toasted, white peppered, slivered almonds. The baguette was baked that day and so delicious. I could resist licking Laurens fingers when she feed me a coated piece of bread. Lauren picked up on my sexual innuendo.

Our conversations were numerous. One of them was about their careers. The design house where they worked was ‘okay,’ but limiting.

Lauren explained that somewhere along the line you need a break to make it in the business. She and Jamie were good, in fact very good. The owner knew it and kept demanding more and more from them. What this does is drain you of your creative juices, thus hurting your drive to start your own line. Even if you did develop a line, shopping for a backer would land you on the street if your house got wind of it.

Still, she and Jamie worked clandestinely in their back studio trying to develop a line good enough to launch them.

We eventually talked about past loves, and Lauren spoke of broken hearts and bones. The single guys who thought they were hot, often freaked out when they learned they were t-girls. Even if physical intimacy hadn’t occurred, they often wound up with a black eye or a swollen mouth.

Then there were the married guys. Lauren explained these were nowhere relationships heading south on the fast lane. In reality, they just turned out to be curiosity seekers.

Lauren wasn’t gazing into my eyes when she told me this. She was staring into her wine as if viewing her past in its darkness. I could feel and sense her hurt. Reaching over, I placed my hand on hers, which brought her eyes to mine.

“I’m not that type of guy.”

She looked up, gave me a smile which displayed her hurt, and softly mumbled, “I hope not.”

My hand was still on hers, but there was an awkward silence.

“Lauren, I sense frustration. I can’t being to understand what you and Jamie have been through. Nor can I correct any of the wrongs others have done to you.”

Lauren placed her other hand on mine. Her head however, was turned away from me. Memories were coming back; memories that hurt. Still, she held my hands as she remembered.

“What I can do, is speak to you from my heart. Growing up with Jamie taught me a lot. I watched our dad treat her as a ‘persona non grata.’ I never said this before, but he was an asshole. Mom tried, but she didn’t have a clue. But, she at least tried.”

“There were many kids at school I did battle against to protect my sister. No one could see past her feminine ways to learn what a wonderful person she really was. Believe it or not, that hurt me.”

Lauren turned her head back to me, giving me a little glance then dropping her gaze to her hands.

“Once we got to the point in life where we were making our own decisions, Jamie’s direction was clear. Mine wasn’t. I struggled. At first, I thought I might be a closet homosexual, because I was turned on by Jamie’s drawings and panties. Turns out, sex with men is just sex with men. I was drawn to the feminine.”

My thoughts were pouring out. The truth is always easy to recall. I kept going.

“Over the years, I dated a number of women. I even considered getting married. However, something was always missing. Deep down I probably knew what it was all along; but it took my knocking on your door, and walking into your arms for me to realize it.”

In the past, whenever talks focused on relationships, I became guarded because I was harboring a secret. Now, that secret was gone. My guard was down. I was free to open up. I took both her hands in mine. Looking into her eyes I continued.

“Lauren, I’m thirty years old and I’ve been around the block. What I am about to say, I never said to anyone before…… I Love You….. and If you give me the chance to prove myself, you’ll see just how true my love for you is.”

Tears welled in her eyes. Lauren’s whole body began to tremble. Tears flooded down her cheeks. I moved my chair beside her and grabbed a napkin to wipe them away. Lauren cried for a while, releasing the demons of the past.

Finally, Lauren mustered enough control to speak. Tears were still flowing as she sobbed, “Kevin Drexel, don’t you ever hurt me because I Love You too. I knew it the moment I laid my eyes on you.” Lauren flung her arms around me and I embraced her. I started crying too.

We kissed. It wasn’t passion. It wasn’t lust. I was the tenderness only found in love.

Eventually we started laughing and collecting ourselves. I waved down our server for the bill. Paying it, along with a tip, we left arm in arm with our packages in tow.

It took me a week to make that phone call. One week filled with nights of sniffing her panties, tranny porn, and furious masturbation all culminating in me greedily lapping up my cum like a cat with a saucer of milk.

The phone seemed to ring for an eternity before a voice on the other end picked up.


“Hi, this is… I met you last week at…”

A laugh echoed across the phone line before she replied, “Is this my naughty little cum slut from the dressing room? I was wondering when you would get up the nerve for round 2. When are you free sweety?”

“Umm, now I guess?” I took a deep breathe as nerves of excitement shivered through me.

“Perfect, here’s my address I’ll see you soon.”

She hung up with a click and I raced up the stairs and jumped in the shower. I shaved myself all around my cock and ass remembering how sexy her throbbing cock and sexy tight ass was smooth and shaven and I wanted to return that favor. It took me less then 30 minutes before I was showered and dressed and racing towards her.

It was just before ten when I pulled into a large apartment complex on the outskirts of Atlanta. I punched in the gate code she’d given me and stepped from the car having to slide my hard cock under my belt so it wouldn’t stick out lewdly. I knocked on the door and was rewarded quickly when my blonde haired vixen opened the door with a smile. She was just as stunning as when I’d first met her. This time she was dressed in a spaghetti strap black top that made those gorgeous tits look even bigger and tight white sophies where I thought I could see the faint outline of her beautiful cock tucked between her legs. Her toes were painted just as her nails, bright red.

I entered her apartment and she greeted me with a sensual kiss, her tongue darting between my lips and rolling around my tongue while she sucked gently as if she was trying to tease the tip of my cock. She broke our kiss first and took my hand in her soft feminine one as she lead me silently into the bedroom. Once inside she walked me to the front of the bed and dropped to her knees and without saying a word fished my aching cock from my jeans, letting them fall to the floor.

Her lips wrapped around my cock and she instantly went to work on my prick as if it was the last one she would ever suck. She was moaning and slobbering around my thick pole with two fingers wrapped around the base jerking it into her mouth as the other was on my ass forcing me deeper down her slick hot throat. My cock was pulsing I was so turned on. I’d been fantasizing about this sexy woman doing everything and anything to me that I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. Through a deep moan I told her she needed to slow down or I’d cum and she just stared up at me while the entire length of my cock vanished into the confines of her mouth. It was pure ecstasy as she slurped and ran her tongue over me. I picked up pace and began humping her mouth in earnest. If she wanted me to cum she was going to get a mouthful. As I began pounding into her throat I felt a finger run the length of my shaft, drenched with spit, then disappear for a moment before I felt it’s wetness press against my back door. I tensed for a second before relaxing and giving in to its touch. Every time I rocked in and out of her mouth I could feel her finger pressing harder against the virgin confines of my asshole. I pushed back against it hard this time as I pulled back from her mouth. There was a burning desire inside me. I wanted her finger in my ass, I needed it and with that last push I felt it slide inside me. As her finger slid inside my tight ass she pulled her mouth off me and told me to turn around leaving my aching cock yearning for release as it bobbed in the hot heavy air. I stared down at her almost begging her to finish me but finally I relented and turned bending over the bed and presenting my ass to her.

I heard rustling behind me as she took off her clothes and then was delighted to feel something soft and wet sliding over my puckered hole. Her tongue was alternating between tracing circles around my rosebud and trying to snake its way up those dark confines. I pushed back against her face and she gripped both of my cheeks hard as she buried her face in between them. And then her finger was back, except with a friend this time. I could feel two pushing against my now wet hole. I pushed back against them in an effort to relax my ass and was greeted with the a jolt of pain followed by a new sense of pleasure as the digits cleared my ring and worked themselves to the last knuckle. My cock twitched, precum undoubtedly oozing from the tip, as she began to slowly finger fuck my asshole. After I grew accustomed to her fingers I began to want more and started rocking back and forth, impaling myself on her hand as it flicked over my prostate.

“You are my naughty slut aren’t you?” she asked.

“Yes, ohhh god yes I fucking love it!” I moaned back.

“My little slut is sick of these fingers isn’t he? My little slut wants to get fucked by a big thick lady cock doesn’t he?”

I moaned as she forced her fingers into my ass hard. “Yes please, ohh please give me that!”

Her fingers fucked me quickly one more time and then they were gone, leaving my feeling empty and wanting. Fortunately I didn’t have to wait long as I felt her hot thick 7″ pressing against my ass. I turned back and looked up at her. Her naked tits swaying slightly as she pushed gently forward.

“You’re going to love this.” she grinned and with a jolt forced the tip into my ass. I tensed and over the next few minutes began to slowly adjust as she eased her way in and out of my ass till I had grown accustomed to having it’s full length sliding slowly in and out of me. She was right. I did love it and I wanted more. I began to push back, fucking myself on her long thick rod. I could feel it pulsing inside my ass and I would squeeze it hard as she would slide it in loving every inch of it. We were both moaning now as I could feel her balls slapping against mine, my cock hanging forgotten between my legs as I was lost in lust with the cock buried in my ass. It was the most erotic thing I’d ever done. I was so hot I wanted her to keep pounding my ass all night.

And she did continue pounding me like this for a few more minutes before pulling out and climbing on top of the bed. She lay there on her back, slowly stroking her gorgeous cock as it stuck wonderfully up in the air. I could see her soft heavy balls dangling there and as I climbed up towards her I stopped and sucked each one relishing in their taste before I mounted her reverse cow girl. I could feel every inch of her cock stretching and sliding deep into my ass before I bottomed out on her balls. I sat there still for a moment just enjoying the full feeling of her thick love stick buried deep within. Then when I couldn’t wait any longer I began bouncing up and down hard. My own cock slapping against me smearing my precum across my stomach. Her hips were thrusting up against me, smacking hard against my ass as she grabbed my cock and began to jerk it hard. I was in ecstasy. That big cock plummeting in and out of my ass with her hand stroking me. I had never been so hard. I couldn’t take it any longer and my ass squeezed hard on that throbbing dick inside me while my cock jerked and launched the first shot of cum shot across my chest. At this point my eyes closed and I was on the verge of blacking out as my dick continued to rocket shots of cum all over myself. As my orgasm subsided I grudgingly eased off her that magnificent cock and onto my back. My cum was sliding down my chest and I eagerly scooped it up and dribbled it into my mouth, swallowing greedily.

“Look at you, you nasty cum slut! That’s so sexy.” She said rising and standing over me stroking her hard shaft as she watched me eat my cum. I scooped the last bit onto my finger and sucked it deep into my mouth as if I was sucking her hard cock. I stared up at her. The taste of my own salty thick cum still fresh on my tongue. I wanted more, I wanted hers. I got on my knees and engulfed her rigid pole taking it to the hilt. She moaned and fucked my mouth. I loved that big dick in my throat, hot and throbbing it’s flesh tasting so musky and salty. I rolled my tongue over it and pulled to the tip sucking swirling my mouth and lips around it as I jacked her off. It was then her cock started pulsing and her pace picked up. I sat back on my heels.

“On my face, I want it on my face.” I said as I stared up at her and opened my mouth. My tongue wagged back and forth as I continued to jerk her hard cock.

“Ohhh yes” she screamed as the first torrent of spunk shot forth and landed across my tongue. I could feel the heat as the second shot across my face then another and another with the last few dribbling into my mouth as she jerked her thick pole dry. She bent down and sucked her cum off my face, saving it all up in her mouth before leaning in and emptying it into mine with a sexy cum filled kiss. It tasted even better than the first time I’d sucked her sticky sweet nectar into my waiting mouth. I swished it around savoring the taste before allowing it to slide down to my stomach.

“You are so sexy when you act all slutty.” She said as she bent over and kissed my cheek.

I laughed. “You and your big cock are always sexy.” I said as I lay there exhausted and sore from my first, but definitely not my last fucking.

So the other night I put out an ad looking for a hot cock to come over and pound me. I got many responses but one stood out to me because it was an e-mail from two guys wanting to gangbang me. I always wanted to be double teamed by two hot cocks so I really got horny thinking about it. I responded to the ad, but after not hearing from these guys right away, I chickened out and decided to go to bed. I thought to myself “What the hell am I doing? I usually don’t just randomly see guys just for fun…and they want me to drive to them? I must be out of my mind!” I put my phone on the charger and decided to call it a night. That’s when I got this text message:

(If you come here) I call the shots. If it’s soft and pushed to your mouth, you swallow it. If it’s hard as a rock and it’s pushed between your ass cheeks, you’ll take it up the ass. And if it’s throbbing hot and you’re kneeling at my feet, you get a facial, and then you’ll clean my cock with your bitch mouth. Understand now? If any questions just call and ask. Meanwhile head this way.

I was so turned on I said “Screw it! I’m going!”, and decided to head that way. Before I left I remembered one of the guys said he liked costumes. I flipped through my closet and decided on choosing my slutty cop costume, complete with matching police cap. I changed into some black lace panties before slipping on the costume, then stepped into my black ankle-strapped stripper stilettos and walked out the door.

When I arrived, one of the men was outside waiting for me. He escorted me in where I met the other. The three of us hung out for awhile while we got intoxicated. One of the guys asked me my preference in adult films, then proceeded to put some transsexual porn on. Each guy took turns sitting by me on the couch, rubbing my legs and along my panties as my skirt slid up. Before long they convinced me to move to the middle of the couch so both of them could touch me.

I became horny really quick as I was pretty intoxicated at that point as well. I dropped to my knees. I wanted cock in my mouth. One guy already had his pants off, the other took his off quickly.

Cocks were fed to me one by one for awhile. My knees began to hurt from the tile floor. I stood up, but the sight of the cocks made me horny, and I bent at the waist and began to suck cock again.

One guy came behind me as I was bent over sucking the other guy. He pulled my lace panties to the side and spit on my hole before he began to finger my tight little ass. Standing bent over in my heels, my legs began to shake. I moaned loudly as I sucked that big cock and was fingered.

Before long they asked me if I wanted to go to the bedroom because there were toys up there. I agreed and up the stairs we went.

In the bedroom was a swing. It was constructed of a metal frame with a leather swing attached by chains to all four corners. It didn’t take long for me to be on it. Soon I was on my back, sucking one cock and getting pounded by the other.

For six straight hours I was fucked in the ass while sucking cock. Each guy switched off so they never got tired. When both cocks were soft, they used toys to fuck my mouth and ass. We changed positions several times but my favorite was on my back on the swing, my ankles locked in the air to the back chains while my wrists were locked to the front. I enjoyed every minute as these men used me and I moaned like never before.

After six hours they wanted me to come so I got on my hands and knees and took the biggest cock from behind. He pounded me hard as I came harder than ever before.

I came in my hand and pulled it to my mouth as I began to lick it the cum off my fingers. I sucked them until it was all gone then swallowed my come like a good girl.


If you liked my story, which was very true, I love reading comments.

I hope you enjoy the kink.


We bet big. To the winner, anything goes for the weekend and the loser must comply. I thought I had it in the bag, but she won. And now I was fucked. Literally. She had plans and the day was due.

Lilla popped up in bed bright and early and pumped her fists in the air. “Yay! Come on, dude! Wake up!”

I pulled a pillow over my head and moaned. I was a little hungover. Lilla had waxed me from top to bottom and stem to stern last night and I drank white wine to shield the pain of having all the hair on my body below my neck ripped off by a strip of wax. She would only let me drink white wine, saying it was a proper ladies drink.

“Honey! Get up! We have a big day ahead of us. I need to get started on your hair.”


“Your hair, silly. I need to do your hair. No self respecting woman is going to be seen in public with that mop you have.”


Lilla laughed. “Surprise! We’re going on a road trip, sweets. I have hotel reservations a few hours away. It’ll be a blast!” Lilla threw the sheet off, popped onto her knees and straddled me. She leaned down, her glorious red hair framing my face. She wiggled her crotch on me and said, “Okay, sport. Today’s the day. Ooh, you feel so soft and silky. I bet it’s weird with no body hair, huh. I like it. I bet you do too. Now get up and let’s get going!”

I was hard and tried to maneuver Lilla so I could fuck her, but she laughed and squirmed away saying, “I don’t think you’ll be fucking me this weekend,” and skipped into the bathroom.

“Oh, man,” I said and rolled out of bed.

We had a light breakfast then Lilla shooed me to the bathroom to “shit, shower and shave that face to the bone,” and to use one of those “fleet thingys,” as she called it. I did all that needed doing and called for Lilla.

Lilla was a master of makeup and hair and all things girly. She took off the rubber band that held my hair in a small ponytail and fluffed me. “I’m so glad you grew your hair out for me. You didn’t even balk just once. I’m sure you were hoping I’d win another bet so you could be a girl again. I’m sorry, I mean a woman,” she said “a woman” in a deeper, husky voice and giggled and went to work.

She gathered my hair and snipped it and clipped it here and there, stood back to look and worked on me some more. She put shiny things in my hair and plastered it with goop. After awhile she undid everything, made me rinse it and then she blew it dry wielding a brush and moving my head this way and that.

“Your dick is hard.”

“You’re naked and you’ve been flashing your tits in my face. Of course my dick is hard.”

“Nuh uh. You’re thinking of how beautiful you’re gonna look and how I’m gonna fuck your sweet little bum. See! You twitched!”

“Ugh. Just get on with it.”

“And…there.” Lilla spun me around and it wasn’t me in the mirror. Rather, it was and it wasn’t. My shoulder length light brown hair was now blond with highlights and was parted in a line starting above the middle of my eyebrow and the bangs flowed naturally across my forehead to end just below my eye. The ends about my shoulders and neck were feathered and curled and the look was utterly feminine and sublimely sexy. Like I’d just been fucked and wanted to be fucked again.

I shook my head and my hair flowed lightly across my shoulders and settled. I couldn’t believe it. “Jesus, that’s amazing, Lilla.”

“Isn’t it! Fucking A, hon. I know you have more than a bit of that androgynous look to you, drew me to you and all, but shit! I had no idea it would turn out this good. And we’re not even done yet! I can’t wait to see you made up. Here.”

Lilla turned me back around and went to work doing that makeup magic she does so well. “Just a little light day makeup. We’ll get you all slutty tonight,” she said and giggled. She plucked and shaped my eyebrows and did a little of this and a little of that with a small brush and a pad. Lipstick.

“I can’t believe I’m letting you do this,” I said.

“Oh hush,” Lilla said and scooped some precum off the end of my hard cock and fed it to me. “You might not believe it but your wiener does and I think he likes it.” She deftly worked on my eyes until she was satisfied.

She looked at me and gave a low whistle. “Damn. If you look this good now you’re gonna be stunning when you get decked out, doll. A mankiller.”

“What.” I started to turn and look at myself in the mirror.

Lilla stopped me. “No, no, not yet, sweets. I want you to get the full effect.” Lilla gave me a pedicure and painted my toenails a light cinnamon color, her favorite. She gave me a manicure, put on very high quality fake nails on me and painted them the same shade as my toenails saying, “This color is just fabulous. Goes with anything, babe.”

She wagged a finger at me. “Promise me you won’t look in the mirror. I have to get something from the bedroom.”


Lilla padded out and I was tempted to sneak a glance. As I started to turn Lilla yelled, “No looking!” I didn’t and she was back with a box.

“What’s in the box?”


“The Hurley’s,” I said with resignation.

“Bingo, baby! And not just the Hurley’s but the new, improved Hurley’s. Ooh, there were so many new ones on that website. I was sorely tempted by the Madonna’s, the Thora Birche’s, the Tyra Banks’s. And the Angelina Jolie’s, oh my god, to die for! But in the end, once again, I just had to go with the Hurley’s. Thirty-six C funbags, cupcake. Do you know I read somewhere they did a poll and hers were considered the best boobs ever. Or something like that.”

“Do tell.”

“Yes! And now you have them! Isn’t that brilliant? Get it? Brilliant? Because that’s how they talk in England and Liz is…”

“I get it.”

Lilla laughed. “This is so awesome. Here, have a boob.” She took one out of the box and handed it to me.

It was shaped as I remembered. The base extended beyond the breast form. The sides and bottom of the base followed the shape of the breast until at the widest point, moving toward the top, or shoulder edge, it tapered only slightly and the base edge was only slightly rounded at the top. As Lilla had explained to me before the base was wider at the top than regular breast forms were to look more realistic and hang more naturally, even if the wearer stood on his head, for whatever odd reason that might happen.

I held it. It was flesh colored, of course, and the cover felt almost exactly like skin. It was soft and jiggled like the real thing. The areola was sized somewhere between a quarter and a fifty cent coin and the nipple mid-way between soft and erect.

“This thing is amazing. What makes it new and improved?”

“Fuck all if I know. According to the website it has a significantly improved breast fluid viscosity and density matrix interaction leading to a far more realistic experience. They did a blind comparison, you know, real versus fake and guess what?” She said “Guess what,” again when I didn’t say anything.


“People couldn’t tell the difference!” Her eyes were wide and she was leaning toward me, her heels off the ground. “I mean, isn’t that insane!”

“What do you mean they couldn’t tell a difference? That doesn’t make sense.”

“They said there’s a huge range in titty shapes and tata feel. Like some big ones are firm, some are medium and some are even hangers.”

“What’s a hanger?”

“You know, ones that are mostly skin it seems. You know, hangers.”

“If you say so.”

“I do. Okay, babycakes, let’s get these puppies on you.”

I turned it over and saw a pad and remembered the clamp’s subtle caress and its bite. “They improved the clamp system too. See, no clamp anymore. It’s held there by adhesive. You can tell me if it’s improved or not,” she teased. “Amazing shit, truly amazing.”

“Whatever.” My heart was beating a little faster.

Lilla cleaned my chest with alcohol, dried it, put adhesive on the back of the breast and on the small pad that would be attached to my nipple and areola. She pulled the pad out a little from its recessed position and I noticed the nipple sucked in some as the connecting string tugged it from behind. As before, I stood silently while she glued the pad to my nipple and areola. She eyed me, getting it level, and voila! I had a boobage.

As Lilla put the other one on me I asked, “Do they come off the same? With a shower?”

“Oh! That’s the best part, sweetie. They have a new adhesive, a breathing adhesive, they call it, and your tits can stay on up to a week without having to take them off. All part of the new matiterial. Crap, that joke sucked. Anyway, all part of the new design.”

“Sooo, how does it come off?” I said.

She held up a bottle labeled ‘Breast Remover.’ “Great. Just as long as it doesn’t take my skin off.”

“Not to worry. Okay, let me blend the edges.” Lilla went back to work on my new tits. “Jesus, this is way better than before. These edges are tapered so sharp and thin it hardly needs touch-up. Especially since they’re feathered a bit, too. Man-o-man.”

“Here, put these on. Then you can look.” Lilla handed me a pair of lacy, rose colored tanga panties.

I took them and looked at her. She was standing there naked in the brightly lit bathroom, smiling, bouncing on her toes, her hands clasped together under her chin.

I oriented them and leaned over slightly and my hair flowed sensuously over my skin. My breasts swayed naturally with my movement and my arms grazed them as I reached down and my cock twitched. I stepped into the panties and pulled them up my long, smooth legs, the beginnings of a feminine wriggle already surfacing. I tucked myself down.

Lilla was staring at me. Silent. Eyes wide, a look of amazement on her face.


Lilla put her hands on my shoulders and turned me around to face the mirror. My jaw dropped. A pretty blonde was staring back at me. Me, but not me. Me as a woman. Not a guy with makeup on, but…a woman. The person in the mirror could walk into any room and no one would think twice about gender. I took measure of myself.

Lilla’s makeup wizardry had actually made my face pretty. Sexy, feminine blond hair with highlights. Slender, toned body. And killer tits. My shapely thirty-six C breasts. I looked them over carefully, caressed them. Unlike last time, the color of my breasts was exactly the shade of my skin. I couldn’t tell where the edges of the base ended and my skin began. The inside edges curved gracefully up towards each other near the top. The outside edges rounding out a bit past my slim torso, out and up and back in. From the top my breasts sloped down, out, back in, where the bottoms curved slightly back up to meet the base. My new and improved Hurley’s.

And then we remembered to breathe.

“Holy shitski, hon. Who the hell is that hot blond?”

“How’d you get the Hurley’s to match my skin?”

“I sent a digital photo.”

“Oh, that’s what that was for.”

“Yeah. They couldn’t guarantee, but…”


“Yeah. Who’d'a thunk.”

I just stared at the lovely woman in the rose colored tanga panties. I turned to the left, to the right. I got a mirror and looked at myself from the rear. I was attractive. I liked the panties and how my bottom looked in them.

Lilla snapped out of it first. “Got-damn!” She poked one of my boobs and it wobbled then settled like a real one.


“C’mon, girlfriend! Let’s get you dolled up and get on the road. She took me by the hand and led me into the bedroom. On the foot of the bed were clothes.

“Okay, okay,” Lilla bounced up and down on her toes. “Put these on while I get dressed.”

“Stockings? During the day?”

“Oh yes, dearest. They’re the sheerest of the sheer. Very lightweight. Not that you really need them, of course, but it’s a feminine touch and I don’t want you to forget for even a moment.”

“Like that’s gonna happen.”

“So don’t just stand there. Put them on.”

I sat on the edge of the bed and picked one up. It was so very sheer there was really no color to it. I found the opening and quickly gathered it up with my fingers, surprised at how quickly the skill came back.

“Sweet,” Lilla commented.

I reached down, my arms grazing my breasts, a slight tingle on my nipple and I loved the feel. It felt so delightfully feminine to feel my breasts on my arms. I pointed my toes with the cinnamon colored toenails and wrapped my foot in nylon. I pulled it up and the stocking flowed up and up and up my smooth leg. My cock thickened. And when I let go of the second stocking, pulling it up almost to my groin, I was straining against my pretty, lacy rose colored tanga panties.

“Hmm, Houston, we have a problem. Tell you what, dear,” Lilla said as she stood me up and peeled off my lacy panties, “lean back against the headboard and I’ll rub one out for you. Can’t have you tenting those pretty panties all day now, can we.”

I leaned back on a pillow as she suggested and Lilla settled in next me and I put my arm around her. She stroked my stiff cock, ran her palm over the head and I shivered at the intense pleasure. Lilla stroked me and rubbed me and she talked.

“You have such a nice cock, hon. Look. It’s so big in my tiny, delicate hand. A big cock that fills me up. Fills up all my holes, hon.” Her hand felt like velvet, her touch soft and hard. “A perfect cock for me. And for you. Are you remembering what it feels like? In your mouth? Your lips wrapped around your cock. Sucking it. Giving me pleasure.” She stroked me faster and I moaned. “And in your ass? Filling you all up over and over? Again and again and again?” Lilla stroked me and when I said, “I’m there,” she dove down and put the head of my cock in her mouth and jacked me and I came. She rose up and we kissed long after my love was gone.

“Mmm. That was nice, Lilla.”

“It was, wasn’t it. No sense wasting perfectly good man juice, I always say. Besides, I didn’t want to mess your tummy all up. Alright, let’s get this show on the road.”

I got out of bed, put my panties back on and picked up the dress Lilla had chosen for me.

“It’s a ribbed v-neck tee dress. Do you like it?”

“I guess.”

“Well, silly, put it on.”

“No bra?”

“Oooh, you are getting into this. You want to wear a bra-a,” she sing-songed

“I…no…I…I mean, isn’t a bra standard? You want me in all this other stuff. Aren’t you going to have me in a bra too?”

One fist on a hip, her other finger wagging at me. “Can’t fool me, missy. You want to wear a bra. But here’s the thing, she bounced to her knees on the bed and said, “I did think about it. But then I thought, ‘Well, why not just go braless and let the girls fly free.’ How can you get anymore feminine than that, really. Feeling them shift and shake, drawing all that attention. So I skipped braland.”

“Oh shit,” I said.

“Here. Trade those pretty panties for this,” Lilla said and handed me a delicate lacy thong that matched my nails.


“I want you to wear this thong on the ride.”


“Do it and I’ll tell you.”

I peeled off the lacy tanga panties and slipped on the thong, working it up my legs. I tucked myself in and held out my hands and cocked a leg like, tada!

“Smoking,” she said and approached me. She reached behind me and yanked the thong up some, seating it firmly against me. “You feel it, muffin? Deep in the crack of your ass, on your little hole back there?” I nodded. “See, I want you thinking about that back door. The one that I’m gonna tap tonight.” I gulped. “Okay, so put on that dress, dude!” she said and slapped my ass.

I slid it over my head, got my arms in the holes and pulled it down, shimmied my hips and straightened it. It was a chocolate color. Three inch wide shoulder straps. Deep cleavage and came to mid-thigh. Cotton.

“Wow. Gotta say, cupcake. You’re a looker. Go check yourself. Wait! Here, put these on first.” Lilla pointed to the nightstand.

I walked over, enjoying the feel and flow of the dress on my skin. I couldn’t help but feel pretty, sexy even. I picked up the thin, silver, bangly bracelets and put them on. I dipped my head to one side and clipped on one dangly earring, then did the other side and saw Lilla smile at me. I put on a silver necklace, the thickest part hung just above my cleavage. “Rings?”

“Yes. And that one goes on your ring finger. It keeps most of the men from flirting with you.”

“Lilla, I’m not sure…”

“Ah, ah, ah, now. Don’t worry your pretty little head off. It’ll be just fine. Trust me,” she said and began to dress herself in khaki shorts, a white sleeveless blouse and sandals. “Here’s your sandals.” She held up a pair of simple, strappy sandals that complimented my dress. “I don’t think we’ll need heels for the ride.” I put them on and she said, “Now let’s go see.”

In the mirror I saw a perfectly lovely woman. I turned from side to side and was amazed to see the image turn with me. I felt my hair sway and caress my neck and shoulders, the earrings tug on my lobes, my breasts shift and settle, the delicate tinkle of my bracelets. So feminine, so sensual. I flicked my hair back in that way women do and said, “I cannot believe that’s me.”

“Me either,” Lilla said quietly, then she whooped, pumped her fists in the air and yelled, “Fuckin’ A, hoss, saddle up!”

In the garage we put our bags in the car and Lilla tossed me the keys to the Audi convertible and said, “Shotgun!”

I snatched the keys out of the air, my breasts swaying with a delicious tug on my nipples and my cock twitched and I said, “Uh uh. No way. I am not driving out of here looking like this.”

“But sugar bun, you look fantastic!” she smirked.

“Give me a break!” I said and tucked my hair behind an ear, noting the delicate tinkle of my bracelet and the sway of my earrings. “I am not driving through the neighborhood. If anybody sees me I’d just die!” I blushed.

Lilla smiled and said, “Spoken like a true woman, dearest. Tell you what, I’ll drive out, top up, and we’ll swap when we get out of town. Fair enough?”

“I guess.”

Lilla backed out of the garage and hit the button to close the door. She laughed when I bent over and put my head on my lap and tried to disappear as we drove out of the neighborhood. Lilla stopped outside of town and we exchanged places. She gave me a pair of feminine sunglasses to put on. I put the top down and we were off and on our way. The wind in our hair, the music blaring, riding toward who knows what.

My skirt rose high on my thighs and I felt the thong against my rear. My breasts jiggled as we drove and the constant gentle tug on my nipples was akin them brushing against the fabric of my dress and it aroused me. My arm pushed against my breast as I held the wheel with a manicured hand. I felt so feminine and alluring as the men who passed us looked us over and the wind swirled up my dress and caressed my thighs with a faint promise of things to come.

“You know, honey bun, there are so many combinations of girl clothes I really wasn’t sure what to go with.” Lilla turned in her seat toward me. “Skirt and blouse combinations are fun. Corsets and jeans. And bras are tres sexy, especially taking them off. I simply adore bra and panty combos and saw the cutest things for you. But I decided to keep it simple for our first foray.” I glance sideways at her and she giggled.

We arrived without fanfare and I was a nervous wreck walking toward the clerk at the check-in desk. A few of people were milling around. Or coming and going and I felt pretty and feminine and tossed my hair back. Without thinking I walked differently, more gracefully, more poised somehow. The clerk didn’t bat an eye when as he handed us the key card to our room with a single king-sized bed, but I could feel his eyes on my firm rear shifting under my clinging dress as we walked to the elevators.

“See, chicka, I told you he wouldn’t notice anything. Nobody will.”

“What if I have to talk?”

“You’ll just have that whiskey voice thing going on. All the trannys do,” she said and laughed.

“I’m not a tranny.”

“A shemale.”

“I’m not a shemale.”

“A chick with a dick.”

“Stop already,” I said laughing as we approached our room. I slid the card, the light turned green and we were in.

Once in the room Lilla turned to me and hugged me. She kissed me lightly and said, “This is so weird feeling, but I like it.”


“Your tits. I’m used to pressing flat against you. Now your hooters are in play.” I laughed.

We unpacked and there wasn’t a manly item in the room, razors notwithstanding. It was late afternoon so we had an early dinner at a nearby bistro. We both ate light. My heart fluttered anxiously whenever I noticed a man looking at me, looking me over.

“Don’t worry, sweets, I won’t let them fuck you. Even though that’s what they want to do. They just want to take that cute little dress off of you and make sweet love all night long.”

“That’s not helping.”

“You’ll get used to it. I get stared at all the time. I’ve learned to like it, mostly. So will you. Especially tomorrow.

“What?” I said, taking a sip of wine.

“Oh, nothing. We’ll talk about it later.”

“Ahh, man,” I said. Lilla giggled.

After dinner we walked back to the hotel, arms linked, just a couple of girls out for a stroll. Nobody paid us much mind, but I was aware of the eyes looking me up and down as they passed by. I was shocked to discover that I didn’t really mind, it sort of grew on me, even. I was another person and that person was already learning to like men’s eyes on her, and the way it made her tummy quiver.

Back in the room Lilla said, “Okay, girl, here’s the drill. You go shower up and do all that stuff you know you’re supposed to do, including the you know what’s.”

“Yes, dear,” I said and headed toward the bathroom. I took off my chocolate colored ribbed v-neck tee-dress, sandals, sheer stockings and wriggled out of my thong. I took off my jewelry, ran the water and stepped into the shower. I soaped up, washed myself and my cock swelled as I washed my breasts. I bent over to wash my feet and my breasts hung upside down with me, amazingly naturally. These beauties were a marvel of engineering.

I called Lilla when I was out. I was drying myself with a thick white towel when she waltzed in, handed me a glass of champagne, smacked my rear and said, “Nice ass, I think I’m gonna hit that. Tap it. Get me some!” and giggled when I shook my Hurley’s at her.

Lilla took over and coifed my hair, putting a sassy little curl in the bottom. She giggled and played with my clit, she called it, while she made up my face and did my eyes in a slightly darker shade for the evening. She painted my nails a lovely burgundy color and handed me a pair of matching lacy tanga panties. Matching lipstick. As I put on my dangly earrings and bracelets, feeling more feminine by the second, Lilla commented we should just go ahead and get my ears pierced, to which I demurred.

On the bed was a dress. Lilla was excited about it and said, “Oh, darling, isn’t it glorious! It’s a burgundy halter dress. Microfiber, so it will just cling and shimmer on you! And look! A brilliant elasticized empire waist! It’s fantastic! And your nails, lips and panties match. Every woman should be so coordinated. Here, put these on first.” She handed me sheer black thigh highs.

I sat on the bed and went through the ritual again. My cock thickened in my pretty, lacy burgundy tanga panties as I gathered the stocking in my fingers pointed my toe and felt it whisper up my leg to end just below my balls. I let the other stocking float up my leg and Lilla handed me a pair of black, open toe sandals with an ankle strap. Four inch heels. So sexy and alluring.

I stood and picked up the dress, a thin slippery material, like liquid cloth. My heart beat faster, my panties tightened. I slipped it over my head and it felt sublime against my hairless skin. It draped and settled and fit me perfectly. The empire waist was just below my breasts and was about three inches wide and gathered or pleated or shirred or whatever the look was called. The material covering my breasts began at my sides and met in the middle of my chest, rising from the empire waist and narrowing for a lovely, delicate knot at the back of my neck.

Lilla gave a low whistle. I felt so utterly feminine looking at myself in the mirror. Turing from side to side the dress flowed gracefully. The material was ever so comfortable. I wondered if I’d be embarrassed by my nipples showing.

Lilla had dressed in a black bustier, flirty back skirt, black nylons and shoes similar to mine. A white flower was in her hair. She called for a cab, handed me a small burgundy purse and we left. I was surprised to find my self feeling so lovely and desirable as we descended the elevator and walked through the lobby to the street entrance. We got in the cab at the portico, told the elderly man the address of the club and he merged into the traffic.

I whispered to Lilla that I was really, really uncomfortable because I was, well, engorged. Lilla smiled and patted my cheek and said, “Poor baby.” Then, “Hey Mr. Cab Driver, how long have you been driving a cab?

“Going on thirty years, now,” he said in scratchy voice, looking at us through thick smudged glasses in the rearview mirror.

“I bet you see all kinds of things.”

“That’s right honey, I done seen it all in this cab. Ain’t nothing surprises me no more.”

“That’s good. So I guess this won’t be a first,” Lilla said and before I could react she had raised my dress, pulled down my panties and took me in her mouth. I moaned and held my dress up with one hand and her head with the other as she sucked me and jacked me hard and fast and quickly worked me to orgasm. I came in her mouth and she tucked me back in and smoothed my dress down and sat back with a satisfied smile.

“All better?” she said.

I blushed and nodded and tried to make myself invisible.

“Ha! Well, I guess I truly have seen everything now,” the cab driver said and shook his head from side to side.

We arrived and exited the cab, paid the driver. He said, “Take care, ladies,” and pulled away with a wave, leaving us in the parking lot. I looked at the building and saw ‘Lipchick’ racing by over and over on the marquee.

“Lipchick? So, what kind of club is this, Lilla?”

“A fun club. Come on.” She grabbed my hand and we cha-cha-ed our way through the maze of cars to the entrance. Me toe-heeling it, like Lilla had showed me, then made me practice in a pair of pretty lacy green panties and matching bra.

The door opened up to release an explosion of noise and light. Thumping club music and lasers, a glitter ball casting off diamonds of light. Dance floors and tables, a stage at one end of the large room and a bar at the other. A mix of people, straight looking and obviously gay, the men outnumbered by the women and everyone sitting, talking, dancing, drinking.

“A drag club?” I said.

“Yes! It’s perfect!” She smiled and punched me on the arm.

We paid the cover and made for the bar where it was somehow quieter. When it was our turn a tall, skinny, bald black man wearing a skintight fuchsia sleeveless shirt and thick rimmed glasses said, “Hello ladies, I’m Tyler your barman. Let’s see, you must be X and you’re Y,” he said pointing to Lilla then me.

Lilla squealed and clapped and looked at me then Tyler and said, “Goody! How could you tell?” she asked.

“Well, to be perfectly honest, and you want that in a bartender, mostly because of the way you’re dressed and the kind of place this is,” he said, spreading his arms as if to embrace the club. “But honey, between you me and the Appletini and Cosmo I know you’re going to order, I saw you on the street, be truly hard to tell. Truly hard. The operative word being hard.” He winked at me and I blushed and Lilla giggled.

“You, Miss Precious,” he said and pointed a finger at me from beneath his chin, “are one fine piece of ladystick.” I blushed again. “I mean you are nothing but spectacular! What a bo-day! And look at you rocking that Charlize Theron hair’ra thang, though yours is fuller and thicker…”

I looked at Lilla and said, “I thought it looked familiar.” She beamed.

He put the back of a hand next to one side of his mouth like he was telling us a secret, “…and better looking, you ask me…and, hmmm.” He cocked his head to the side, put an arm across his chest, rested his elbow on it and tapped his chin with a knuckle. He stared at my chest. “May I?” he said, reached out and cupped my breasts and squeezed them, hefted them. I looked at Lilla, my eyes wide with surprise. She had a huge grin on her face. “Hmmm, feel too real to be implants,” he talked to my breasts. He looked at Lilla. “Let me guess. Are those the Zeta Jones’s? Maybe the Brinkley’s?”

Lilla squealed and I blushed, again. “No! Terrific guess though. Those puppies are the Hurley’s!”

“Ahh, the Hurley’s. Outstanding choice. I’ve been meaning to get a pair from that site. How do you like them?” He looked at me.

I shrugged and my breasts swayed slightly and I felt the femininity within.

“No seriously, what are they like, mate?” He mixed our drinks as we talked.

I looked at Lilla, then back at Tyler, “Well, as far at fake tits go, they’re state of the art. They’re comfortable and move really, really naturally. And the edges are practically invisible. Fantastic, really.”

“Outstanding! I’m going to quit stalling and order some straightaway. Well, ladies, you’ve been grand. And since I got to cop a cheeky feel on the Hurley’s, here, on the house for the prettiest girls in the house.” He gave us a small bow.

“Thank you, kind sir,” Lilla said with a small courtesy and gave him a big tip.

“Thanks,” I said, taking my drink. “Oh, and when you order, make sure you spring for the nipple attachment option.” I winked and shook my tits at him. He threw his head back and laughed and Lilla howled. “Outstanding! I will, mate, I will!”

Turning to find a table Lilla said, “Where did that come from?”

“I dunno, just came out.”

“Well, keep it up, girlfriend.”

As we scanned the room for a table we noticed a woman nod, then shake her head and the two people she’d been talking to walked away. There were two chairs at the table. Lilla and I approached her and her partner, an attractive looking woman with sandy blond hair. The beautiful raven haired woman was dressed in a purple corset with gold threads swirling throughout and a black skirt. She had a red flower in her hair. The pretty, flat-chested woman with her wore a skimpy but tasteful little black dress. They were drinking white wine.

Lilla said, “Hello, My name is Lilla and this is Liz.” I glanced at her, eyebrows raised, and she shrugged. “Are these seats taken?”

The raven haired woman smiled brilliantly and said, “Hi, I’m Marion and this is Joanna. Please join us,” and gestured for us to sit.

“Thanks,” Lilla said with a little dip of her head and we sat. Lilla and Marion seemed to hit it right off and chatted like they were old friends.

“So Marion, Joanna is not really a Joanna, right. Are you? You are gorgeous, by the way,” she said and waved a hand toward him. He shook his head slightly and smiled and I knew he felt the tug of earrings and the caress of hair across his neck and shoulder. She nodded and looked back at Marion. “This is our first time doing this out of the house.”

“Second time ever,” I said for some reason.

Joanna smiled and said, “It can be nerve wracking and exhilarating at the same time.”

Marion said, “Joanna has been pretty much fulltime girly for awhile now. I like her that way. Though I like her big cock too much to ever let her go full girl.”


“Hush now, Joanna. You know you like it when I gush about your cock. And how much you like cock,” she said with a loving smile.

“Marion! You’re embarrassing me!”

“Nonsense, there’s no shame in a girl being hungry for cock.” Looking back at Lilla Marion said, “He so loves being fem. I love it too. We even took a trip to a tropical resort not long ago. It was wonderful. Joanna was so lovely in her bikinis and beachwear. So sexy.” Marion ran her fingers through Joanna’s hair and she leaned into the caress.

“No way!” Lilla said. “That is so awesome!” She looked at me and said, “We should totally do that.”


She looked at Joanna and said, “Was it awesome? Did you like it? Could anybody tell?”

Joanna laughed and said, “Oh my god, it was spectacular. I don’t think people could tell. I mean, I’m flat-chested and my voice passes for smoky-sexy, but who knows. It was excellent fun, though. Beyond thrilling. Isn’t that right, Marion?” Marion smiled knowingly and nodded, her eyes twinkled.

We chatted and drank and the show finally started. An array of drag queens and kings cavorted across the stage singing show tunes and they were ribald and campy as expected. We enjoyed ourselves and Lilla’s hand on my thigh or across my shoulder, sometimes tugging on my halter and jiggling my breast or fiddling with my earring, kept me ever so aware of my delicate femininity. Among this crowd I began to feel comfortable, relaxed. I was surprised when the thought occurred: I wanted Lilla. I wanted her in me.

The show ended and it turned out that Marion and Joanna were staying at the same hotel as Lilla and me so we took a cab together. Looking back, it seems as though Marion and Lilla maneuvered us so that Joanna and I sat next to each other, squeezed tightly together in the middle of back seat. I was acutely aware of Lilla’s hand caressing my thigh, of Joanna’s leg pressed firmly against mine, of her subtle perfume. The atmosphere in the back of the cab was thick by the time we arrived at the hotel. I brushed thoughts from my mind.

As the cab drove away we entered the lobby and said our goodnight’s with hugs all around. We agreed to meet for cocktails after dinner tomorrow and headed to our separate rooms.

The door had barely closed when Lilla pushed me against it and attacked me. She kissed me roughly. She mauled my breasts and my nipples sang. “God, you’re so sexy. I’m so fucking wet. You’re beautiful. I’m going to fuck you so good.” I moaned into her mouth.

Lilla led me to the bed. There, she kissed me tenderly, nuzzled my neck, rubbed my ear with her fingers. She untied the halter on my delicious burgundy microfiber dress and reveled in my breasts. I lifted and presented one to her, to my Lilla, and her mouth closed on me. She licked and bit and nibbled and pulled and it felt so real. Lilla pushed down on my dress, pushing it over my hips and it pooled on the floor, forgotten as she kissed me and toyed with my breasts.

Lilla laid me on the bed. She disrobed, slowly, her eyes hungry. She stepped into the harness and put on her cock, the big, thick cock she was going to fuck me with. My breathing quickened and I felt vulnerable in my pretty lacy burgundy panties, stockings and heels. I was aware of my pretty blond hair with highlights flared out seductively on the pillow. The tug of my dangly earrings, my breasts that had settled a bit to the side. My manicured nails and four inch high heels.

She inserted one end into her pussy, adjusted the straps and looked at me in her stockings and heels. “You know why a real slut wears fuck-me’s with ankle straps?” Her voice was thick. “So they don’t fall off when she’s getting fucked. You have ankle straps so you must be a real slut, I guess. A cock hungry slut, no doubt. I’m going to fuck you now. With your cock, the one I made with that kit. Have you been thinking about it? Getting fucked with your own cock? Or were you thinking about other cocks tonight. At the club. Were you thinking about all those women at the club and what was under their skirts? Peel those pretty panties off, darling.”

I lifted my rear and pulled them down, lifting and bending my legs and taking them off in that oh so ladylike way. I was hard. Lilla caressed me, dragged her nails over my body, put her thumb in my mouth. Kissed me. Rolled to her back and nudged me downward. “You know what to do,” she said.

I tucked my hair behind and ear and took her into my mouth. I swirled my tongue over her head, took her deep and back out, used my hand on her, my bracelets clinking delicately. I sucked her cock and her cock was huge in my mouth. Her hips rocked. I sucked her cock and moved it on her mound and inside of her. I sucked her cock like I wanted my cock to be sucked. I wanted to please her and when she grabbed my hair and stiffened and moaned I was proud.

Lilla eased me back up and kissed my bruised lips. She worked her way down my body, kissing, nibbling, pinching, biting. She took me in her mouth, that molten paradise, then released me and blew air across me and I shivered.

Lilla prepared me. She licked my rear, my delicate flower, and I opened for her. I became loose. I fantasized about lubricating, becoming wet with arousal. I was ready and there was Lilla, poised above me, my legs in the air, wanting nothing more than this moment, for Lilla to make love to me. I almost wept with desire.

Lilla pressed forward and I tilted my hips to better accommodate her, to draw her into my body. Whatever she wanted I would do. Lilla pressed in and I felt my rings stretch, the sweet pleasure pain of entry. I was so wet and my Lilla was going to fuck me like I needed to be fucked. Then she was in and I rolled my head back and I moaned and pulled her to me and kissed her.

“Such a good girl,” Lilla softly said and rocked gently in and out of me. I felt so full, full of Lilla, of her cock. So full of love.

Lilla was on her knees and elbows. Our breasts rubbing, she was giving me long, slow strokes and I heard myself moaning. Lilla fucked me and it went on forever and I lost myself in the sensations.

“On your knees, babe.” I did as she wanted and she was behind me. I arched my back and pressed back some. “Mmm, eager. I like that.” Then she was in me and I was full and felt her hips on my rear. She ground against me in a circular manner. Stopped and stayed buried. “Such a good girl, you take it so deep”

Long, slow strokes. Out, then in. Empty and wanting, then full and complete. “Did you like Marion, dear? Joanna?” Long, slow strokes. “I did. Are you thinking about Joanna, dear? About her cock? I am. I wonder what she’s packing. Do you? Do you wonder what it would feel like? In your hand? In your mouth?” Long, slow strokes.

“Oh, god,” I whispered.

“Yes, I thought so. Imagine if it was Joanna behind you instead of me. Fucking you with a real cock. A hot, flesh and blood cock. Would you like that?”

“Oh, Lilla,” I gasped.

“Just imagine that it’s Joanna riding you,” she said and grabbed my shoulders and bucked into me hard and fast, fucking me, making my hair snap and my earrings yank and my breasts sway and my nipples sing. Fucking me hard and I felt her hands and her cock and her hips and I dropped my shoulders to the bed and reached back and grabbed my ass with my burgundy nails and held it wider so she could get deeper and I moaned and cried out.

When she finally stopped, deep inside of me, my mind slowly reeled back from the narrow focus on my hole, of her pounding me, her sweat dripping on my back, my hole being ravaged, and I realized she wanted me on my back. I rolled over and my legs spread. I sought her out and pulled her to me. I grabbed her cock, positioned it and pulled her into me with my hands and legs and moaned as she filled me with her love.

Lilla ground against me. Her mouth near my ear. “You want to be with Joanna, darling? You want to know what it’s really like? Get a little lesbian action? I’ll let you. All you have to do is give me a sign.” She fucked me with long, slow strokes. “It won’t even be cheating, will it. Because I’ll let you do it. I’ll give you to her if that’s what you want. I can even make you do it. I can make you be with her. I won the bet and you have to do what I say.”

I’m lying on my back, with my wrists and ankles tied to the bed. My Mistress is standing over me and I have a perfect view of her gorgeous wet pussy and arsehole. As I look down between her legs I can see her beautiful tits swaying as she pounds my cock. The Femdom hour is nearly up and after four days of not being allowed to even touch my cock I’m finally going to be allowed to cum. Or so I think.

Mistress drags her nails up the underside of my shaft, bringing a hiss from my lips as I saviour her delicious torment. I love the feel of her nails on my cock and balls and the need to cum is suddenly even more urgent than before. But Mistress has other plans, and as usual, it’s all my own fault.

You see, during the last month I told my wife/Mistress about a blog I’d been reading concerning ‘Male Chastity’, and how hot I found the idea of her controlling my orgasms. At first Mistress was a bit unsure and even a well thought over explanation didn’t really seem to convince her, but it seemed Mistress had overcome her reservations (perhaps after reading how the writer of the blog warns her male readers to be ‘careful what they wish for’ as in her experience women tend to overcome their initial reluctance rather suddenly and often get rather more enthusiastic about the concept than their partners had envisaged!). Whatever the reasoning, Mistress had decided it was time for me to experience it for myself.

“Are you getting close slave?” she asked, rubbing my cock firmly with one hand, while reaching back between her legs to rub her pussy just inches from my face.

“Yes Mistress,” I moaned, staring up at her fingers twitching between the moist folds of her delicious cunt.

“Good, but don’t get too excited because I need to ask you something first.”

She repositioned herself on her knees between my legs. She began stroking me again with her right hand while using her left to squeeze my aching balls.

“Oh these feel nice and full slave, I don’t really need to ask if you followed my instructions about not touching your cock, because I know you wouldn’t disobey me, but tell me anyway, I like to be reassured.”

“I followed your instructions to the letter Mistress.”

“So you haven’t touched your poor aching cock since Wednesday?”

“No Mistress.”

“And you DEFINITELY haven’t cum?”

“No Mistress, definitely not.”

“Good. Because if I do allow you to cum, I want to there to be a good quantity for you to swallow. Do you promise me there will be a good quantity for you to swallow slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good, but first slave… I have a question for you, well, more of a challenge really. I know you’ve been reading that blog on the internet and I wondered if you might want to try that for yourself?” Having read enough of the blog to know that blithely saying ‘yes’ to a request like this was a recipe for regret, I was cautious in my response.

“Possibly Mistress.”

“Possibly slave, what sort of answer is that, I thought you liked the idea of me having total control of your cock?”

“I do Mistress, it’s just that…. I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew.”

“I see slave… and how much do you think you can, er, chew?”

“Erm, well, maybe ten to fourteen days Mistress.”

“I see….well, that sounds reasonable. I know the desperation doesn’t really kick in for at least a week, and that’s without me teasing you, and I will be teasing you slave, you know that don’t you?”

“I hope so Mistress.”

“You hope so? Hahaha, oh slave, you are going to regret those words, so very much!”

Mistress bent down and ran her tongue over the head over my cock a few times.

“Well, okay slave, I agree to your proposal of ten to fourteen days….but, it starts NOW. I know you haven’t cum for four days already, but I make the rules, and besides… that means you’ll start feeling the ‘benefits’ by Wednesday or Thursday instead of wasting a full seven days waiting for it to kick in. Of course, that does mean that you might end up waiting a little longer than you thought overall, but I’m sure you don’t mind really…you live to please your Mistress after all, isn’t that right slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Mistress leaned forward again and took the head of my cock into her mouth, her tongue flicked around the head and I felt my hips moving slightly as she teased me. She raised her head.

“How does that feel slave, to be so close, but to know that you can’t cum unless I say so.”

“Frustrating Mistress…but I love it.”

“We’ll see if you still love it in two weeks won’t we slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Hmm, there is an alternative slave, which you might like to hear….”

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress.”

“…I could let you cum now, BUT there’s a catch.”

Mistress sat up straight, her hands placed flat on her thighs.

“If you want to cum now you can, but what I will do is…I will go and get dressed in my normal clothes and then I’ll come back in here and untie you. Then you can kneel on the floor and jerk yourself off into your hand and lick it clean. And that’s what you’ll be doing for the next two weeks too slave. Maybe every day, maybe every other day, maybe less, maybe more, whatever takes my fancy. But there’s one thing you CAN be sure of slave, I won’t so much as touch it until the two weeks are up. Do you understand slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good, do you have any questions slave?”

“Err, yes Mistress.”

Mistress raised an eyebrow

“Ask away slave.”

“What happens if I cum before you allow me to Mistress?”

“Then you will have failed my test slave and I will not be happy.”

“Am I allowed to touch my cock Mistress?”

“No, although I can’t for the life of me think why you would want to, it’s going to be hard enough for you without making it any harder.”

“Will I have to lick my cum up when I eventually cum Mistress?”

“Only if you cum without permission.”

I couldn’t think of any more questions and after another minute or so Mistress asked “any more questions slave?”

“No Mistress. Not that I can think of right now.”

“Good slave.”

She waited a few more seconds and then continued “….so, have you decided which it is to be slave?”

“Whatever pleases you Mistress.”

“Oh that’s a very good answer slave… although as I’m sure you know which one I wanted you to choose I’m almost tempted to make you do the other one… Hmm, it would be so deliciously humiliating to make you jerk off in front of me like that wouldn’t it slave?”

My cock twitched as she asked me the question, and I answered with a dry throat.

“Yes Mistress.”

“There’s a twisted part of you that would love that isn’t there slave?”

“Yes Mistress. If it pleases you Mistress.”

She smiled warmly and ran her fingertip very, very softly up the underside of my straining length.

“Hmm, I don’t know, now that I’ve got it into my head to spend the next two weeks teasing you and making you ache for release, it seems a shame to give that up….”

Her finger reached the tip of my shaft and she circled the head with it, her tongue flicking across her lips as she made her final decision.

“Of course we could toss a coin….but, no….I think I’ve made up my mind.”

She curled her fingers around my cock and started to stroke it with hardly any ‘grip’ at all, it felt amazing, my cock was so fucking hard and I was already aching to cum, I was almost wishing she would chose the second option, but deep down I knew what I really wanted.

“Tell me when you are close slave, I don’t want any accidents.”

“Yes Mistress,” I breathed.

She continued her stroking, light as a feather, but even so, within a minute I was feeling the unmistakable beginnings of orgasm.

“Getting close Mistress,” I managed to gasp.

She let go immediately, her eyes focussed on my cock as it twitched in the air, my chest rising and falling as I breathed deeply.

“You’re going to get a lot closer than that before the week is out slave. I’m going to have you ‘one stroke’ from cumming, and you’d better learn to hold it back, because if you

don’t, I will let go faster than you can say ‘ruined orgasm’. Do you understand slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“And then, of course, I’ll have to think of a suitable punishment slave. Could be a sound paddling for your backside, maybe a week without any release except for having my strap-on buried in your ass every night, I’m sure you’d come sooner or later ….or maybe I’ll just make you start over.”

My jaw was trembling as I listened to her speaking.

“Thank you Mistress.”

“One more thing slave.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“I’m going to give you a safeword, which is ‘RED’. If you say it, I will ask you to repeat it, if you don’t then I will ignore it, if you do repeat it then the game will stop. If this happens I will not expect you to ask me to play this game again, do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“That doesn’t mean we won’t play the game again, if it pleases me. But if you ask me then it will be put back until such time as I feel it appropriate. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good, slave.”

She climbed on top of me and crouched over my twitching meat, rubbing the head gently up and down her wet pussy lips. Then she let go and my cock sprang back against my stomach. She leaned forward until her face was right next to mine and whispered in my ear.

“Do you have any idea what you’ve started slave? Your poor balls are going to be so full, you will be literally begging me to let you cum…”

She gently started to slide her dripping cunt up and down the underside of my still twitching cock.

“…but you’ll still get to make me cum, of course. I’m sure your desperation will make you an even better pussy licker than you already are. I mean… who knows, maybe if you do a truly exceptional job, maybe, just maybe I’ll let you cum a little sooner?”

I felt my balls start to churn and I knew if she didn’t stop this immediately this game would be over before it had even begun.

“Getting close Mistress.”

She moaned as she rubbed her lips against my cock a few more times.

“Very close Mistress!!!” I pleaded.

She lifted her pussy away from my twitching shaft, and studied my face as I struggled to maintain control, even after the contact was broken. After a few seconds she sensed I had regained control.

“That was more like it,” she purred as she reached down between her legs and stroked her clit. “Now I’m going to untie you and you’re going to eat my pussy and make me cum again.”

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress.”

(to be continued)

In Through the Out Door

By: crimson175

Author’s Note: This is a work of fantasy, and depicts explicit consensual, if somewhat kinky, sex between monogamous adults. If this subject matter offends you in any way, please stop reading now. Any resemblance to actual persons is entirely coincidental.

Part 1

Having children can take its toll on a couple’s sex life. When the kids were younger, they could be put to bed at a decent hour and usually got to sleep soon enough to leave their parents at least some time for nighttime adventures. As they got older, they started staying up much later in the evening, leaving far less time for my wife and I to spend alone.

We don’t get to set aside time for ourselves nearly often enough – generally a couple of times a month, at best. By the time the house settles down and we can sneak off to bed, it is usually quite late, and my performance sometimes suffers from exhaustion.

On a recent weekend, my wife arranged for the kids to spend the night at friends’ houses so we could have some rare time alone together.

After dinner, she suggested I take a hot bath and relax, hinting I might need the energy for later. On my way out of the room she told me not to forget to shave and gave me a sly wink.

On the rare nights when I take a bath rather than showering, I often take the time to carefully shave my balls, leaving them completely smooth and hairless, especially if I think I may get lucky that night. This leaves my scrotum extremely sensitive to the slightest feather touches and makes my slightly below average sized dick look a little larger.

Obviously, she had picked up on my habit and its timing, and was giving me a not-so-subtle hint that tonight was my lucky night.

I washed up and carefully shaved my scrotum, taking care not to nick the sensitive skin, and laid back to soak, feeling the tension melt out of my muscles in the hot bath water.

I began to really relax, luxuriating in the hot soak. My penis was partially engorged from handling it during the shave and I reveled in its feeling of heaviness while looking forward to the workout I hoped it would soon get. I heard the door slowly swing open and reflexively covered myself as I shifted to face away from the door.

“Relax, silly,” my wife said as she slipped in. “We’re all alone in the house tonight, remember?”

I relaxed and let my hands fall back to my sides in the water as I said “Sorry, force of habit. You know how the kids are about walking in without knocking.”

“I just came to check on you,” she said. “Are you all cleaned up?”

I nodded in the affirmative and she asked “how about your shave? Are you nice and smooth?”

I told her I was and she said “Let’s make sure. Stand up and let me check.”

I steadied myself and stood up in the tub, facing out toward her. I love being naked with my wife, but I felt strangely uncomfortable standing before her nude and wet, as if for inspection, while she remained fully clothed.

“That looks so cute all hairless like that,” she said. She reached forward and cupped my balls in her hand. “Nice and smooth,” she continued. “Now turn around.”

I turned to face the wall, placing my hands against the tile to steady myself. I felt her hands part my ass cheeks and she said “Naughty boy. You forgot to shave your bottom.”

I occasionally shave around my asshole, but not often, since it’s very difficult to manage without cutting myself.

“Well, kneel down so I can take care of that for you, since you can’t seem to do it yourself,” she said.

I got on my hands and knees in the tub and she spread shaving cream liberally into the crack of my ass. She pulled a cheek aside with one hand while she carefully maneuvered the razor around my puckered hole with the other. Her deft movements left a delicious tingle through my loins. When she finished, she splashed some water over my ass to rinse away the shaving cream and said “There, smooth as a baby,” and gave my butt a playful slap before drying her hands with a towel.

She handed me a towel and left the bathroom without another word.

I dried myself thoroughly, brushed my hair and teeth, and put on my underwear before turning out the light and slipping into the bedroom.

When I entered the bedroom, I found the dresser light on and my wife under the bedsheet up to her neck. “I wondered if you were coming to bed,” she smirked.

I went to my side of the bed and slipped under the sheet and scooted over next to her. When I reached to put my arm around her, I was surprised to find nothing but bare skin. My wife almost always goes to bed in either pajamas or sweats, so this was a rare treat.

I snuggled up close and gave her a deep kiss as I started running my right hand over her bare skin. I took my time squeezing and stroking her legs, thighs, butt and tummy as I kissed her ears, neck, face and lips.

I took one corner of the sheet and pulled it down, baring her to the waist. I drank in the sight of her lovely, mature breasts. Her light pink nipples and half dollar-sized aureoles contrasted beautifully with her milky skin. Her 34C mounds no longer defy gravity, but I still find them as arousing as when we were insatiable teen lovers. The breeze from the ceiling fan caused her aureoles to crinkle slightly.

I rubbed my hand across her breasts and her nipples hardened against my palm. I lowered my head to her right breast, flicked my tongue over her nipple and drew it between my lips as I squeezed her left breast in my hand. She leaned her head back and moaned softly as I stuck my tongue out flat and licked from the crease at the bottom of her breast until my tongue flicked off her nipple at the top of the stroke, enjoying the clean, slightly salty taste of her skin.

I alternated kneading and sucking on her breasts with stroking her thighs and tummy. She started squirming impatiently as I slowly moved my wandering hand closer to her sex. When I finally slid my hand between her thighs and rubbed my palm lightly across her mound, she parted her knees to give me unfettered access and tilted her hips to press her mons into the palm of my hand.

I took my time, keeping my touch feather light on her mound, and stroking into the creases where her thighs meet her groin. I paid close attention to her squirming and soft cooing to guide my actions.

When I finally let a finger slide up her slit, she parted her legs farther and I felt the dampness of her outer lips. I continued to tease her slit and mound lightly with my fingers as I nuzzled her neck and nibbled on her ear.

After a lengthy tease, when I placed one finger at the bottom of her slit and pressed lightly, it slipped in to her steamy wetness easily. At this point, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face forcefully toward hers. She planted her lips on mine and forced her tongue into my mouth in a passionate french kiss. I felt a delicious tingling sensation as her tongue slid across my lips and I sucked it hungrily until we both had to pull back, panting breathlessly.

I teased her opening with just the first inch or so of one finger, swirling it around her lips and lightly rubbing the top of her open channel. Her natural lubrication felt like warm oil, and allowed the rough pad of my fingertip to slide smoothly over the inside of her tight pussy.

Soon her hips started moving almost imperceptibly and her pussy lips started clutching at my finger. She nibbled on my ear and breathlessly whispered “Eat my pussy – now!”

Despite her desperate need, I wanted to maintain my slow, teasing pace. I started kissing and licking my way down her body, savoring her milky skin and raising goosebumps along the way, but I must not have been moving fast enough for her, because she placed her hands on my shoulders and pushed me toward her damp center.

When I got there I looked up along her body to see she had her head back and her eyes closed, breathlessly waiting for my oral attention. She shuddered and moaned softly as I stuck out my tongue and pressed it flat against her mound, licking across her slit and all over her outer lips.

I avoided diving for her center and lavished attention on the outside of her mound, licking from the junctures of her thighs and mons to her labia and kissing all over her mound. After no more than a minute of this treatment, she growled “What are you waiting for? Eat me!”

I parted her lips with my fingers and dipped my tongue into her hot pussy, repeatedly licking from the bottom to the top of her slit, pulling back just before I reached her clit. I then stuck out my tongue and pushed it as far into her channel as I could, and started thrusting it in and out rhythmically.

As she got more and more into my oral stimulation, she placed both hands on my head, pulling it tightly into her crotch while her hips ground her pussy into my mouth. When I finally let my tongue flick over her clit, she twitched as though she had been hit with an electric shock and hissed “Yessss,” and pressed my mouth even harder into her mound.

I repeatedly flicked my tongue lightly over her clit as she tensed more and more, climbing rapidly toward her first climax. As my tongue started to tire of the rapid movements and slowed slightly, she breathlessly whispered “Suck it.”

I wrapped my lips around the hard nub of her clit and drew it in, engorging it even more than it already was. I sucked hard, flicking across it occasionally with the tip of my tongue, causing her to jerk convulsively.

While I sucked on her clit, I placed the tip of my index finger against her slit and pressed it in deep with one stroke, eliciting a deep sigh. I started rhythmically pumping it in and out while I kept up the suction and flicking on her nub. At the same time, I put light pressure against her puckered anus with the tip of another finger, but didn’t press it in.

She gasped “Bite it.” As I bit down lightly on her clit, her whole body tensed, raising her hips off the bed. Her eyes were shut tight, and there was an almost pained expression on her face as she allowed her climax to take over and her whole body began to shudder. I held the suction and kept flicking my tongue lightly across her clit until she began to relax, then lightened my contact as she came down from her climax.

I kissed and licked lightly over her outer lips and the tops of her thighs as she caught her breath. When my tongue came near her clit, she pushed my head back and said “stop, too sensitive.” I went back to kissing her mound lightly while she recovered.

I kept up my light kissing to keep her excitement up until her breathing returned to normal, then she handed me a pillow and raised her hips for me to slip it under her ass.

With her butt propped up off the mattress, she drew her knees up to her chest, gave me a wicked grin and demanded “eat my ass.”

I’ve rimmed her before, and judging by her body’s reactions she liked it, but usually I have to either prod her into it, or just go for it. This was the first time she had told me to do it without me suggesting it first.

I grabbed a cheek in each hand with my thumbs together at the edge of her crack and pulled them apart to expose her puckered anus. It is a light pink color with just a few soft hairs around it. As I held her cheeks apart, the soft pink opening twitched slightly, giving the impression it was winking at me. I finally lowered my mouth and and licked the length of her crack. When I flicked my tongue across her asshole, she let out a sigh and said “Mmmmm.”

I worked her the rubbery flesh of her hole with my tongue until it started twitching open and closed, then forced the tip of my tongue into the tight opening.” I couldn’t reach more than a half inch or so into the tight ring, but I kept up the rhythmic tongue-fucking until my jaw tired, then lapped at the outside until she relaxed. I knew she didn’t come from the rimming, but I hoped it had at least notched up her excitement for the fucking I was about to get.

I slid back up her body and pressed my chest against her soft tits as I nuzzled into her neck. I knew she wouldn’t want my tongue in her mouth when it had just left her asshole.

She ran her hands over my back and ass as we cuddled, cooing and mmming while she calmed down. After a couple of minutes, she rolled me off of her and said “I need to go to the bathroom, don’t go anywhere.” As if I would even consider it.

I laid back and caught my breath to get ready for the action yet to come. I listened idly to the sounds coming from the bathroom while I lightly rubbed my package over my underwear to “fluff” it up, enjoying the feeling of heaviness in my semi-hard member. I heard the trickling sound of her peeing, followed by the toilet flushing and the sink running as she washed her hands.

When the sink turned off, I waited expectantly for her to come back so we could get back to the serious fucking I knew was to come, but she didn’t come out right away.

Part 2

A few minutes later when the bathroom door fully opened, I looked up with a smile to see her silhouetted in the doorway. She doesn’t have the body of a supermodel. In my opinion, she’s much more desirable. Bearing a few children has given her fuller curves in all the right places. She reminds me more of a fertility goddess than the Venus de Milo. The soft halo created by the backlight in the doorway completed the goddess-like effect of her appearance. As she stepped out of the backlight of the bathroom door and started toward the bed, I caught a sight that took my breath away. Hanging between her legs was a thick, eight-inch rubber cock suspended from a black leather harness fastened around her rounded hips.

She walked up to the bedside and reached for my hands, pulling me to a sitting position and cradled my face in her soft breasts.

I nuzzled in her abundant tits, tonguing and kissing her mounds and stiff nipples as she hugged me tightly to her body. In this position, both of my hands were free to roam over her back, shoulders and backside as I nursed at her breast. After a couple of minutes, she took me by the hands and pulled me to my feet beside her. She pressed her hardness against my thigh and kissed me deeply, nibbling and tonguing my lower lip as she cupped my underwear-encased balls in her hand.

She finally broke the kiss and said “Pull down your underpants.”

I pulled my bikini briefs over my hips, dropped them to my ankles and stepped out of them, and she took my partially-engorged member in her hand, stroking it to life. As she rubbed my engorged organ, she moved my right hand to her hard rubber appendage, and moved it up and down the shaft, encouraging me to stroke it just as she was doing mine.

As we stroked each other, I closed my eyes and luxuriated in the sensation of her talented fingers working their magic on my organ. At the same time, there was a strange excitement to stroking another dick. I had, of course, fisted my own many times over the years, but this felt different and somehow taboo.

“Mmmm,” she said. “Look how much bigger and harder my dick is than yours.”

I opened my eyes and looked down at the contrast between my modest 5 1/2″ penis and her much larger rubber tool as we slowly stroked one another.

“Do you like it?” she asked.

“Mmmmm,” was all I could manage in reply.

“Suck it,” she demanded in a hoarse whisper.

“Hmmm?” I responded.

“Come on baby, suck my dick,” she urged breathlessly, as she placed her hands on my shoulders and nudged me to my knees in front of her.

I knelt at her feet and continued to stroke her dildo as I regarded it at eye level. I noticed that the harness had a plug attached that was firmly planted in her pussy, so she would be filled as she wore the harness. “Put it in your mouth,” she urged.

I finally succumbed to her lustful prodding and leaned forward to swirl my tongue tentatively around the head. As I did, she tilted her hips forward with a slight moan and slid her shaft past my lips, filling my mouth. My lips were stretched tightly around the invading tool, allowing them to feel each ridge and vein as the realistic dildo slid in and out of my mouth.

At that point I decided to go with the moment, mimicking the best blowjob I could imagine. I worked over the head with my lips and tongue, paying particular attention to the underside, where I knew it would be most sensitive if it were real, all the while continuing to stroke her length with my hand. Eventually, I bobbed my head down the shaft, taking about half of it in my mouth before returning to the head.

As I repeated my movements, I gradually started to take more and more of her tool into my mouth until I nearly choked. When I needed a break to breathe, I would take it out of my mouth and slide my lips and tongue up and down the bottom and sides of the shaft so she could watch.

As I got used to the size, I was gradually able to fit more of her fake cock in my mouth until the head pressed against the back of my throat and my nose nearly met her stomach. At this point, she placed her hands on the back of my head and began lightly thrusting her tool into my mouth.

She continued the face-fucking motion until her legs started to tremble in an apparent climax. As she shuddered through her orgasm, she buried her dong in my throat until I couldn’t breathe and had to pull back, dizzy.

When I caught my breath, she took my hands and helped me to my feet. “You did such a good job sucking my big hard dick, you deserve a nice reward,” she said. She turned me to face the bed and pressed forward on my back, bending me over the side of the bed until my chest pressed against the mattress.

She took my cheeks in both hands and started kneading them roughly. When she ran her fingers up and down my crack, she set off a delicious tingling up my spine.

“Up on your knees,” she urged. I put my knees up on the edge of the mattress, but kept my head down so I could watch her between my legs.

She reached over to the dresser and picked up a tube of lubricant, squeezing it liberally over the fingers of her right hand and put the tube beside me on the bed. I felt the fingers of her left hand pry my cheeks apart as a finger rubbed the rim of my puckered anus.

“Are you ready?” she asked. Before I could answer, I felt her slide her index finger in smoothly until it was buried to the hilt up my backside. She left it stuffed all the way in, wiggling it slightly for a moment while I adjusted to the intrusion before she started pumping it in and out in a sawing motion, pressing against my prostate. The tingling sensation from my center outward to my balls was exquisite.

After a while, she withdrew her finger and added more lube before pressing a second finger up my butt with the first. “Such a cute little bottom,” she said as she plunged her fingers deep into my core. “Are you enjoying this yet?”

“Mmm hmm,” was all I replied. Not very eloquent, but it was enough to let her know what she was doing felt good so far.

My partially erect member drooled a steady stream of pre-cum on the mattress in front of me as she sawed her fingers in a relentless in-and-out motion. The whole time, I watched the fake dick swinging between her legs.

“I think maybe you’re ready now,” she said as she withdrew the invading fingers from my stretched hole and wiped them off on my cheek. She picked up the tube of lube and I watched anxiously between my legs as she lubed up her fake dick, stroking it’s enormous length obscenely while I watched.

“Did you like sucking my big dick?” she asked as she continued smearing the lube over her shaft.

“Mmm hmm,” I answered.

“Do you want me to put my big, hard dick in your tight little bottom?” she teased.

“Mmmm,” I responded, a little apprehensively.

“Tell me what you want,” she demanded.

It all began with a phone call for lunch. The venue was a restaurant set where private conversations could be had with little intrusion of others overhearing. The place was specifically chosen by Jared. Jared had thought about this meeting for months. He calculated in his mind the fantasy of how it would play out and allow him to not only attain a very deep friendship but also capitalize on the submissive feelings he had always held within.

Peter was an acquaintance of Jared’s spouse. Jared had an intuition that Peter was reluctant to express his feelings to Jared’s spouse and family. This worked well in the plan of ensuring that level of trust amongst each other. Since Jared’s initial introduction to Peter Jared wondered of Peters inclination for the same sex. Jared became more and more convinced as time went on and knew if there was ever a chance of mending his needs with what he felt might be Peters needs the timing was now.

Jared set the lunch meeting up. Peter came in and they both ordered. Jared and Peter found a booth at the end of the restaurant which was near the bathrooms down a smaller section away from the front of the restaurant. Jared and Peter had small talk and then Jared asked Peter what he did last weekend. Peter said that he had gone to a local restaurant and Jared knew that was a known gay hangout. Jared took advantage of the conversation and took the step to reach out to Peter. Jared had never talked to Peter about his feelings for submissive desires but he decided to take a shot at it.

Jared said you know Peter I wanted to talk to you specifically alone for a reason. Peter said I figured you wanted to talk to me about something. I want to share with you my personal life but I have trust that you keep it between just you and me. I have never shared anything like this in my life and I need someone to talk to outside of my spouse. Some things I can talk about with my spouse but what I want to talk to you about I think someone like yourself can only understand. Peter said ok you can trust me and anything you want to say is not going to shock me.

Jared then said Peter I have a real unique relationship with my spouse. I submit to her in regards to playing the submissive in the relationship. She loves it and I love it. I have always been attracted to women and so I really don’t think that I am gay outside of the submissive desires. Jared then asked Peter if he should go on and Peter said absolutely. Peter said well I have a desire to be dominated and I love using dildo’s on my ass. I have done dildo play for many years and I take a 8 inches of a 12 in 2.25 in wide dildo easily. On top of anally playing with myself my spouse jacks me off once a week. I will jack off typically on food and then consume the food and cum. I love the taste of my precum but also my cum. It is the dominance in her jacking me off and me eating it because she thinks it is gross that makes me horny.

Jared said to Peter that you are probably wondering why I am tell you all this. Peter said absolutely not. You have probably figured out by now my interest in men. I said I figured and I know it is hard to talk to people about that. I feel trapped myself in that I wanted to reach out to you in regards to confiding in a relationship of trust that we can talk with each other. Jared said to Peter can I be frank in my desires in how I was hoping this lunch can go. I then proposed to Peter that I was thinking of purchasing a Slave trainer dildo machine. I told Peter that it was expensive and if this is just a phase I would love to resell it to some of his friends. Peter said that probably would not be a problem. I said my desire would be that over lunch I would get strapped into it on all fours and for an hour strapped in this machine required to suck Peters cock while getting my ass pounded by the machine. Peter would have all my clothes and have me locked in this machine where I was at his mercy. Peter suggested that some night he could also invite his friends over to watch and Jared said that would be fine and if they are disease free participate in getting their cock sucked. Jared then told Peter that he really liked dildo’s in his ass only and doesn’t have any inclination to sex with a man other than submitting to blow jobs and Jared then took two fingers and stuck them all the way down his throat to show is ability to deep throat with little gag reflex.

Peter then said to Jared well I am going to have to run but you go ahead and order the machine and I am more than happy to cater to your needs. I then said well can you do me a favor to ensure that you are serious. Jared then said Peter when was the last time you jacked off. Peter said it was yesterday. Peter then said I can’t jack off right here. Jared then finished his drink and said you could cum in this cup for me. I would love to taste your cum. Peter then took the glass and walked back into the men’s restroom and locked the door. He took out his cock and masturbated directly into the cup. The whole bottom layer of the cup was coated in his thick cum. Peter came back and set the cup on the table and Jared lifted the cup to see the thick cum and tipped the cup all the way so the cum poured out onto his tongue into his mouth. He swished it around and then licked the cup and said that was good. I so much can’t wait to deep throat you and taste more. Peter and Jared left for the afternoon and started communicating more regularly eagerly awaiting the opportunity to get together again.

To be continued…

Note: A story about adult sexual activity intended for adults. Everyone in this story is over eighteen. While the events in this story are based on true experiences some names have been changed and times have been compressed for this format. The events took place prior to the epidemic of STDs and HIV virus. Always practice safe sex.


Marlene’s birthday was coming up and I had to have some special surprise for the occasion. Of course there would be dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, a birthday cake, and a nice gift but those were the things she always got. I needed something really special to top off her special day.

Her birthday was on Thursday so that meant no late night partying because we had to work the next day. I made reservations at The Columbia restaurant, ordered a small birthday cake, and purchased her present the week before and was all ready except the special surprise. I had to give that more thought; she loves adventures and mystery.

On Thursday morning I gave Marlene her birthday present, a framed painting by local Florida artist, Henry Gates. Henry was known for his paintings of turn of the century, back-bay Florida homes and bayous. She was thrilled and covered my face with kisses.

After work we played around in the shower then got dressed up to start our evening on the town. Marlene wore a thin, red, knit dress and sandals with straps that wrapped around her ankles. Her beautiful, perky, B cup breasts did not require a bra for support so a bra was not part of her attire; she did, however, slip into a pair of matching, red lace, bikini panties. We were set to go.

The music and our food at The Columbia were outstanding as usual; we played a little “footsie” under the table throughout our meal. Marlene was floating on air by the end of our meal and I was sure she would love the special surprise I had planned for her.

Before we left the restaurant Marlene excused herself to go to the ladies room but before leaving the table I leaned close and whispered, “Slip your panties off and bring them back to me.”

She smiled and walked away. I ordered a drink and waited for her to return. When I saw her returning I quickly finished my drink and waited for my earlier request to be fulfilled. She honored my request and slipped the small, red lace fabric to me; I lifted my linen napkin to my face to conceal the bright red, lace panties as I lifted them to my nose to inhaled her aroma before quickly moving them to my pocket;I took her arm and guided her toward the door.

In the car she snuggled close and wrapped her arms around mine. My hand moved to the smooth skin between her thighs; her legs opened slightly to give me access to the thick patch of silky pubic hair hiding the juicy lips of her cunt.

She sat up and looked surprised as I pulled into the parking lot of our favorite adult theater.

“Hummm, this could be interesting.” She said with a coy smile.

“What, not even popcorn for my birthday?” She said as I purchased tickets and passed right by the concession stand.

I hugged her close saying, “Your hands will be much too busy for popcorn my darlin.”

“I like the thought of that.” She replied as we pushed aside the heavy curtain and stepped into the dark theater.

We stood just inside the door as we waited for our eyes to adjust to the darkness. On the large screen down front a glistening pussy was being worked on by a flickering tongue while loud moans and sighs resonated throughout the theater. My hand moved over the soft fabric of the dress covering her now panty less ass; her hand moved over the crotch of my slacks and gently squeezed my swelling cock.

There were only about a dozen people scattered around the theater. There was one man in the middle of a row near the front, and two rows behind him another man sat near the middle with a man and woman sitting behind him; everyone else was scattered from side to side and along the back rows.

“This is your special birthday surprise. See the two men sitting in front of the couple? You go down and pick a seat by one and I’ll come down in a few minutes.”

“Are you serious?”

“Sure, I know how you love an adventure.”

Marlene gave me a quick but passionate kiss then moved slowly down the aisle. She went all the way down to the row with the guy sitting closest to the front then looked back toward the man sitting in front of the couple before making her decision. She backed up a few steps them moved into the row in front of the couple. By then I had moved down to the aisle seat two rows behind the couple.

Marlene moved to the seat beside the man, smiled at the couple behind them, and sat down.

Without acknowledging the man on her left she crossed her left leg, pulled her hem of her dress down towards her knees like a lady, and rested her hands on her legs. The stranger beside her kept turning his head to look at her then turned back to face the screen; Marlene continued to stare at the pussy being eaten on the screen.

The stranger moved his arm to the arm rest separating him from my wife; there was no doubt that he was going to make a move to touch her. Even in the dim light from the screen you could see that he was anxious about what to do.

He finally got up enough nerve to move his hand enough for his fingers to rub along the side of her covered thigh. Marlene looked at him stoically without giving him encouragement or discouragement. His fingers continued to move with short strokes along the side of her covered thigh for a few minutes before she moved her hands from her leg to her lap. Her dress, no longer held in place by her hands, slid up her thigh exposing it to the touch of the stranger’s fingers.

The stranger opened his mouth to wet his dry lips and to get oxygen to his rushing brain. I was certain he was thinking, How lucky can a guy get? The scene on the screen changed to a woman’s lips wrapped around the head of some guy’s cock but Marlene still focused on the screen action as the stranger placed his hand on her bare thigh.

I moved down to the aisle seat on the same row and only four seats from the action going on between my wife and the stranger. The couple behind them was also paying close attention to what was going on in front of them instead of the screen. I wasn’t sure how far she would let it go but it was her birthday and she had my blessing to go as far as she wanted.

As the stranger’s hand got higher on her thigh Marlene uncrossed her leg and left a slight opening between her knees. The stranger took advantage of her movement and let his hand slide to the inside of her thigh. I knew he must have been truly amazed at the smoothness of her long legs; I always was.

I decided to move beside my birthday girl to enjoy her special surprise with her. The stranger’s hand had to be up to her downy soft patch of pubic hair judging from the height of her dress. I reached over and slid my hand to her right thigh and opened her legs a bit more. The stranger leaned forward and looked at me as if to say, this in my territory, but I wasn’t having any of it.

Marlene focusing on the new scene of an engorged cock thrusting in and out of a wet glistening pussy slipped down in her seat and opened her legs wider. The stranger quickly took advantage of her open invitation and cupped her complete cunt in his hand. Her eyes closed and her breathing increased as she let pleasure over take her body. Her nipples pushed against the thin fabric of her dress.

The center two fingers of the stranger’s hand disappeared in the thick patch of pubic hair and his hand began to move up and down her pubic mound. Marlene moved each of her hands to the crotches of the two men sitting beside her; one was her husband but one was a complete stranger.

The stranger and I both fumbled to quickly open the zippers of our pants to give Marlene fingers access to our already hard cocks. With a little effort both cocks were uncovered and her hands wrapped around them; mine cleanly circumcised the stranger’s completely uncut. Her hands began to move slowly up and down both erect shafts.

I moved my hand over the smooth inside of Marlene’s thigh while the stranger continued to fuck her with his hand; his fingers deep inside and the ball of his hand pressing against her vulva and clit.

Suddenly and a hand moved across her shoulder and into the top of her dress capturing one of her nipples. I turned to look back and saw the man behind us sitting on the front of his seat with his arm across Marlene’s shoulder, the lady beside him smiled at me as she massaged his crotch. I returned her smile knowing how much Marlene loved having her nipples stimulated during sex.

With one stranger playing with her rock hard, sensitive nipples another stranger finger fucking her cunt, and having two hard cocks in her hands Marlene’s hips began to move slowly. Squishing sounds of her cunt being finger fucked could be heard during the pauses of the screen sounds. Soon the moans and grunts on the screen were mixed with her moans and grunts and could be heard around the theater. Her head began to sway from side to side; her hands holding the two cocks moved faster. The stranger with his fingers in her cunt increased his pace; Marlene’s hips bucked faster. We were all close to one of those earth shattering orgasms.

The woman behind me had her head in her partner’s lap bobbing up and down on his cock as his fingers pinched and pulled Marlene’s nipples. Another man moved behind the couple and leaned forward in his seat and ran his hand up the woman’s skirt. The woman did not miss a stroke on her partner’s cock as she adjusted her position to give an unknown and unseen stranger access to whatever orifice he was seeking to invade.

Marlene gave up as her body was racked by spasms and let out a scream of pleasure that was somewhat masked by the sounds on the screen. I doubt that anyone in the theater mistook her sounds though. Several people applauded her success.

The stranger finger fucking my wife let out a loud sound as spurts of white liquid began to shoot out of his cock. I decided to surrender to the pressure which had built up in my balls and let go of my load of hot liquid. The first two spurts landed on the back of the seat in front of me and began to run down. The third one didn’t make it as far and fell to the floor; the rest spilled over Marlene’s hand.

The man behind us gently removed his hand from the top of her dress. She looked at the messy goo on her hands then moved them to her mouth and licked them clean.

Marlene patted my leg as I was putting my cock back into my pants, “It’s getting late, and we need to get home.” She said.

I took her panties out of my pocket and handed them to her, “You need to put these on.”

She stepped into her panties from her seat then stood up pulling them up her long slender legs. Everyone behind us was treated to a nice view of her sweet ass as she adjusted them over her hips.

She turned to the people behind us who put their activities on hold as she thanked them for their assistance and wished them a great adventure.

The evening was not over I still had a small cake with a candle at home for her. Marlene snuggled up close to me on the way home and thanked me several times for her wonderful surprise. As soon as we pulled into our carport and got out Marlene moved to the front of the car, raised the back of her dress, and then placed her hands on the hood, “Do I get a birthday fuck before the clock strikes mid-night?”

What do you think I said?”

Chapter 5 – Lower Your Defences.


Author’s Note

Many thanks to my amazing editor – T Boy. You are a diamond in the rough my friend.


John’s eyes opened to see the deep red light of a dying off summer day. It passed through the open window and onto the bedroom floor, where he had played with Anny earlier this morning. They had spent the day in his room, only Anny heading out to find food occasionally. They had made love many times and relaxed for the day as John started to get his strength back. Their last copulation had caused them both to doze off in a warm naked embrace.

They were spooning each other, with John as the big spoon. John stared along Anny’s body, enjoying the curves as he went; her beautiful feet, her legs, her womanly hips that were just the right proportion to give her a real feminine look that he loved. Her waist, her arm; which draped sleepily over her breasts as she slept on her side.

Her hair was behind her ear, so he could see the outline of her cheek as she faced away from him. He nuzzled his head against her cheek and gave her little butterfly kisses to try and stir her awake. She eventually stirred, and rolled her head over to meet his kisses with her lips. They shared another long amazing kiss. John had never felt such a connection so quickly to a woman… he could feel himself falling in love with this girl.

“Good morning sleepy head,” John whispered into her ear after their kiss broke, his mouth continuing down her cheek to play with her ear.

“Mmmm, more like good evening I suppose.” Anny replied with a sleepy smile.

“I suppose we should go downstairs and see how everyone is doing down there.” John said reluctantly.

Anny responded by rolling her whole body over to face him, kissing him again deeply, and forcing him onto his back as her hips mounted over his. John’s cock starting to rise up into the crack of her ass. Anny rolled her hips out and down to bring the head of his cock into her, and started slowly lowering herself down.

“Mmmm,” was all John could muster, “Or we could not…”


After another nice slow love making session, they eventually found some clothes and headed down to see the others. Merry and Skye were in the kitchen surrounded by all the food they had, looking as if they were planning out rations. Tom was in the lounge room at the dining table with maps, paper and pencils drawing plans.

Anny went into the kitchen to see if she could help there, while John joined Tom at the table.

“Hey man,” Tom looked up and greeted John as he sat down across from him, “Have a good day up there?”

John just smiled and replied, “Almost as much fun as you it seems; what are you planning?”

Tom scurried through the papers and brought up a map of the local area. It was an aerial photograph that his father had commissioned from the airport in Port Macquarie 10 years ago. It showed the local area almost wide enough to see John’s River town.

“This is where we are here,” he said pointing to the location of the house, “And my property next door. I’ve marked out the other homesteads that I know of, and thought we could extended our supplies if we raid all the farmhouses around. We might even find more survivors.”

John looked it over and agreed. Tom pulled out some different paper which he had been drawing the house and the land around it. He had drawn an outline of where the Walker proof wall should go. It went right around the bottom of the hill that the house stood on, including going right past the creek line.

“I was thinking that we should build it against the creek, so that if the buggers trap us in, we can still drop buckets on ropes down in the creek for water.”

It was a good design; an eight foot high fence around the entire hill, about 200 meters in total length. Around the top of the wall was an elevated foot walkway so that they could see down to the bottom of the wall on the other side.

“Put in plans for a gate where the road comes up to the house, and it looks to be a good plan, my friend.” John said with a smile.

“Ah yes, a way in and out would be helpful.” Tom added with a soft laugh and a smile, realising that his plans kept them very safe, with no physical way in or out at all.

They would need a tractor to do the moving of the trees, and it would still be a lot of work, but with John’s know how in the timber industry it should work fine.


A month of hard work passed and the wall was more than three quarters complete. The men cut down trees with axes in the morning and afternoons, opting not to use chainsaws for the huge amount of noise they created. They had brought back an old tractor from Tom’s farm, which they used only during the middle of the day, to drag the fallen trees to the construction site.

Over that time they shot a couple of Walkers that would come to the noise of the tractor, but with the women helping as lookouts when they were using it, they always saw them in time. It seemed that the low population density of the area was helping keep away the hordes of dead that the cities must surely contain.

On days when they would need some rest from cutting down massive trees, the men would head out to the other properties to find supplies. They were not sure where all the occupants of the farms had gone, but there was no sign of struggle at any of them, and plenty of canned goods in the cupboards.


“Look out mate, here she goes.” Tom called out as he stepped back from the tree that it had just attacked with his axe.

They had used all the large trees that were in view of the homestead, so they had started down the other side of one of the hills. The men ran in the opposite direction the tree was falling, as it gave a mighty crack and groan as accepted its fate and came down to earth.

It landed with a loud ‘thud’, and bounced a few times before coming to rest. The men knew the drill, once the tree had settled. One would start cutting it to length, while the other cleared the log of branches.

As John was cutting the branches off; he suddenly stopped as he felt something was wrong. The bush had quietened to an uneasy silence. Tom noticed that John had stopped still, and ceased his work too. No sounds at all, no birds, no breeze, nothing.

Rising screams broke the silence; female screams.

The men took off up the rise towards the house. As the house came into view they could see Anny running back into the house, and slamming the front door closed. Skye had been cut off from retreat to the house, and was running up the hill towards where the men were with complete terror in her eyes. Behind her were two Walkers, their hungry screams calling out over the valley as they abandoned their attempts to get Anny, and had turned their attention to Skye.

“Come on!” John called out to Tom, as he grabbed his axe tighter and started down the hill.

Tom was right beside him as they ran down to meet the terrified Skye running as fast as she could towards them, tears streaming down her face and sobbing uncontrollably. Tom took her into his arms and yelled to her so she would understand the importance; to sit down where they were and not to move. Skye fell to the ground on her knees where Tom pointed, and held herself as she continued to crying uncontrollably. John and Tom gripped their axes tighter again, and headed at walking pace down the hill.

“I’ve got the one on the left.” John commanded, Tom acknowledged that he would take the other on the right.

As they approached their new foes, John could see what had put the horror into Skye. The Walker that he was squaring up against was a big man, his intestines hanging out his stomach; low enough that he would occasionally trip on them. He was covered in blood from head to toe. His eyes were crazed, his mouth giving out ravenous snarls which showed his jagged teeth. He quickly looked to the other Walker, and he was of slightly smaller stature and missing an arm at the shoulder, but was just as horrible and dangerous.

John and Tom picked up the pace into a slight jog as the closed in, and raised their axes. John started a war-like scream, which Tom added his voice to. This would be a fight of life or death.

John reached his Walker first, his weeks of experience cutting down trees with the axe paid off; he slammed the blade into the Walkers forehead. It split open, as the blade sunk deep into the beasts’ brain.

A slight gargle of pain rose out of its throat, as the Walker sunk to his knees. John was put off balance as his axe buried so deep into the Walkers head, that he could not recover it in time before it fell onto its back, pulling the axe from his grip.

John recovered his footing and turned to see Tom meeting his foe with a double handed sideways swing of his own axe, which met the Walkers neck with such force that it cut his head clean off. The men spent their evenings sharpening their axes ready for the next day, and today it had definitely paid off.

Tom sidestepped out of the way as the Walkers’ as its body completed the step that it had already begun before being decapitated, then fell in a heap to the ground. The Walkers head rolled over to John’s feet, its face was still ‘alive’ and looking up at John with gnashing teeth and rage.

John headed down to his victims head, put the soul of his boot on its chin, and worked his axe free of its skull with a few see-saw actions. He then turned back up to the second Walkers lonesome head, and smashed it open with the blunt end of the weapon.

Tom took off back up the hill to retrieve Skye, who had already started down the hill carefully; tears streaming down her face, after she had witnessed the attack’s completion. They met, and Tom dropped his weapon and greeted her with a hug big enough to lift her off her feet as he tried and console her.

John took deep breaths as he calmed down, as he scanned the rest of the property; he could not see any more Walkers. When Tom and Skye joined him again, they headed quickly up to the house to check on the others.


A week later, the final tree fell into place in the wall. The local Koala population would be thankful that their tree cutting down was now at an end. The boys had made a fine art of using the tractor as a dead weight, and hoisting the trees vertical with ropes and pullies. The people that built Stone Hedge would be proud of their efforts.

As the tree reached up to complete their newly protected farm and land, they all cheered. Anny raced up into John’s arms, and Skye into Tom’s. The two pairs had really hit it off together over the last couple of weeks, and Merry was happy as could be. The new walls were impenetrable and would bring some much needed security to all their minds and lives.

The men had brought back about a dozen chickens, and a few lambs on their journeys out to other properties, which were now living happily in the yard. Merry declared that she would prepare a chicken for dinner tonight to celebrate. There was another round of cheers from them all; the chickens started looking slightly worried…


Warm cooked chicken and veggies from the garden, warm smiles and conversation, and cool wine for all filled the dining table as the group enjoyed a little excess food and drink for once. John had pulled out a few bottles from the basement and they were all enjoying themselves, knowing that they were safe behind their new wooden fortress. They could make as much noise as they wanted for once, without fear that any Walkers would be knocking on their front door.

They talked about old times, where they grew up, and their families. Only happy memory stories were allowed this evening, they had already spent a lot of time worrying and fretting about where their families would be now.

Merry was the first to call it a night. She tried to head upstairs, but was a too bit wobbly from the wine she had downed. The couples giggled encouragingly to her as she attempted the stairs, gripping the handrail tightly as she waved back towards them that she was fine! Eventually she accepted her state and chose the downstairs bedroom to crash in. Not drunk at all! Ha!

The evening was a nice warm one, and the four of them where only wearing shirts, the men in shorts, and the women in above knee skirts. John was across from Anny, and Skye was by her side. He glanced over to the two women past his wine glass as he downed more of the tasty beverage. The candlelight flickered across their bodies, showing they were both covered in a fine layer of sweat, which was making their small shirts cling to their bodies.

The two were definitely at least tipsy, and were giggling at each other. They would put an arm around the other occasionally and laughing, rosy red in the cheeks from the wine’s effects. John and Tom were very happy with their efforts, tired and sore, but their efforts had been worth it just to see the increased looks of ease in the women.

They all decided to head to the couches in the corner of the lounge room with the remainder of their drinks so they could relax. The men relaxed lazily into a couch each and the girls on the floor near their feet. Tom picked up his guitar that was beside the wall, and started playing casually. The women were leaning against each other as they closed their eyes to relax and enjoy the music washing over them. The tune changed to one that sounded kind of Spanish in flavour, faster and spicier than the previous song.

Anny turned her eyes and looked straight into John’s, who was melted against the back of the seat by now with relaxation. She gave him a sly smile, which he returned to her, understanding that it meant she was feeling in the mood. He could see her pause in thought for only a second, then she turned to Skye, picked up her chin with her hand, and the two started a long, hot kiss.

John couldn’t believe it! His eyes opened more and more to sink in the view, and his hand slapped out to reach Tom’s strumming arm, causing him to mess up part of the song, but to also help him turn his attention from the guitar to the two women making out in front of them. The women stopped once the music stopped with a devious smile towards the two men.

“Hey, don’t stop the music!” Skye said towards Tom, who started the Spanish number again hoping that it would charm them back into action.

“Looks like they enjoy our little show,” Skye continued as she turned back to Anny, “Let’s see if we can do a bit more for these hard working lads.” She grinned and pulled Anny to her feet with her.

Tom’s playing increased in raunchiness, his playing trying to coax some more intimate moments out of them. The two women picked each other up and started to dance together to the hot music and night. They were grinding against each other, moving around, kissing here there and everywhere on each other’s bodies with giggles and passionate smiles.

Anny moved behind Skye, who was facing towards the men. Skye continued to grind to the music against Anny behind her, as Anny wrapped her hands around her waist and started to slowly lift her shirt towards the ceiling. Skye looked into the eyes of the men in turn as her shirt came up freely, and eventually leaving her in only her skirt, her breasts coming into full view.

John had not seen Skye like this before; sure they had all been so close in this house all together, but had not seen her naked breasts. The way that the light danced over her exposed skin was just as provocative and tantalizing as the way the two women were moving now against each other.

“For the love of God, don’t fucking stop playing that guitar.” John called out to Tom, not for a second moving his eyes away from the show that was playing out before them. Tom was open mouthed, needed no encouragement to keep playing.

Skye broke her gaze with them and giggled towards Anny as she kissed the back of her neck, and moved her hands around from behind to underneath her breasts. Anny pushed them up slightly while giving them a nice long massage with her hands. Skye was a little shorter than Anny, but her breasts were just fantastic, that perfect size for getting a good handful which Anny was demonstrating nicely. They didn’t stop moving to the song being played the whole time.

Eventually the two started kissing again, as Skye started to turn back towards Anny. Something was whispered to Anny, who blushed slightly as Skye maneuvered herself behind Anny. They were going to repeat the show with Anny as the main attraction by the look of it. The pair kept up their dirty dancing, with Anny swaying her arms towards the ceiling. Skye reached down to the bottom of Anny’s shirt, and lifted it so very slowly.

John knew what a treat they were in for, but Tom struggled to focus on playing the guitar, and the amazing exposure of Anny’s body coming into view. Anny didn’t have a bra on either, as her shirt passed over her breasts they bounced free to their natural lying place. The shirt continued its journey north, and then off onto the floor.

Anny moved her hands behind her so she was rubbing Skye’s back; Skye brought her hands around Anny’s front and began a slow sensual massage across her stomach, and up to her breasts.

John was raging hard by that point, and couldn’t help himself to open his fly and take himself out, it didn’t matter to do this as the only person that hadn’t seen his cock in the room was Skye and he was sure she wouldn’t mind at this point. Tom glanced over to John and cursed him; he couldn’t do the same, as he had to continue playing the guitar so the women had something to dance to!

Anny and Skye turned to each other, side on to the boys, and continued their kissing and fondling. Their breasts squishing together; John could see their nipple hardening with the friction. Eventually the girls broke their drunken making out haze and turned to the men. They smiled to see John relaxed back into the seat still, slowly massaging his cock. And poor Tom there, mouth open wide and clearly struggling to keep playing.

Anny whispered into Skye’s ear, they both smiled and laughed at what was said, and then headed for their men. Skye reached Tom first, she went down onto her knees, pulled his guitar away, and unzipped his pants. His cock sprang free; clearly the women’s show had the same effect on him that it did for John. Skye wasted no time in taking command of his cock with her hand, and downing it into her waiting mouth. Tom let out a relaxed groan as he reclined into the couch as she went to work on him.

By that time Anny had made it to John, and was down on her knees too. She looked up into his eyes with the naughtiest of looks; her face was blushed with red from the wine, heat, and stimulation from the dancing. The candlelight continued to dance across her face and body, as she grabbed his cock and helped it into her waiting mouth.

The feeling was absolutely amazing.

She started sucking just on the tip of his cock as tightly as she could, then relaxing her mouth to dive her mouth down onto it, then back up again to repeat. She took it out of her mouth and let it rest in the middle of her face as she licked lavishly around the spot where his cock and balls met; God that one felt amazing! She headed lower and started taking turns sucking each of his balls into her mouth and licking around them with her tongue, while working his cock with her hand; then started the whole experience again from the start.

He looked over to the other couple. Tom had his head back on the couch with his eyes closed. Skye was giving him just as much enthusiasm as Anny was putting in for him. Hazy endless time passed in this amazing way. The alcohol helped make the time stretch longer, and for John to last longer against Anny’s amazing talents.

Anny eventually released John’s cock from her warm mouth with a soft ‘plop’ and turned to the others, “Let’s head upstairs shall we?”

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