Fairy Tales are Overrated

Ethan released my wrists while he was still fully seated inside me. I hadn’t realized how much I wanted to touch him until that moment. Then my fingers were weaving into his hair and running over his back as if my life depended on it.

He started to rock his hips to move inside me and I hissed.


I nodded. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, baby.” Ethan eased out of me and shifted his hip onto the mattress, flush against my side. He swung his leg over my hip and tucked me into his chest, enveloping me with his arms. “This is just as good.”


Ethan chuckled and kissed the top of my head. “Okay, you’re right. But I’d rather you enjoy it with me than be wincing in pain.”

“That doesn’t sound very Dom-like?”

“Why not?”

“Aren’t you supposed to like inflicting pain?”

Ethan laughed and squeezed me almost painfully. “I do. Sometimes. Not like that, though.”

I wanted to ask him more about it but I chickened out. I wasn’t sure I was ready to talk about that just yet. I was really starting to like him and I was afraid he’d say something that might scare me. I knew he sensed it, too. I got the feeling he was taking things a lot slower than he usually did.

“What did you think of your first clitoral?”

“I thought you’d broken me down there.” Ethan chuckled and kissed my temple. “No, seriously, you were amazing.”

“You were the one who did it, not me.”

“What do you mean?”

“I just helped you to get where you wanted to go.”

“I’ve never done that before in my life, Ethan. I swear.”

“Shhhh, don’t get upset. I understand. All I’m saying is that you deserve most of the credit. Why is that so hard for you to accept?”

“I don’t know, because it doesn’t feel that way to me. You were the one who ordered me to come.”

“Yeah, but that was just timing. You were about to go on your own.”

“It was your voice that tipped me over the edge.”

Ethan nuzzled my hair as he spoke. “Mmmm, I’d love for that to be the case someday.”

“That’s how it is in all my fantasies about you.”

“It is?”


“Damn, Grace. You’re making me hard just talking about it.” Ethan ground his pelvis into my backside to prove his point. It sent a tiny shockwave of arousal through my body.

I tried to turn my focus on less stimulating topics. “I had some questions that popped into my head earlier but I can’t remember now what they were.”

Ethan stilled his hips and readjusted me in his arms to better converse. “Something about what we were doing?”

“No, more like about Domination/submission in general. How that works.”

“What we just did, what I plan to do this weekend with you, is simply called ‘topping’.”

“How is that different than dominating?”

“Well, it’s not when you put it like that. But when you refer to D/s or M/s, you’re really describing a relational pairing. A type of relationship.”

“What are you saying? That we’re not…?”

“No, stop that. Of course we’re in a relationship. It’s just not a D/s one. Yet, anyway. That sort of interaction takes time. And I’m not sure that’s something you want.”

“I’m not sure I know what it is.”


“Is it like having written agreements in place, and rules, and things like that?”

“It can be. It doesn’t have to be that formal. Most D/s couples I hang around just know what their boundaries are without having to put them on paper.”

“How is that different from any other type of relationship, then?”

“Sometimes it’s not, I guess. Every D/s coupling is different. The common thread through all of them is that in one or more aspect of their interaction is the understanding that one party is Dominant while the other is submissive. That may just be prevalent in the bedroom, or it may encompass all aspects of their life, including the household and even work.”

“I thought it meant that the submissive always has to do what the Dominant wants.”

Ethan chuckled, “I wish.” I twisted my neck to scowl at him. “I’m just kidding, stop your frowning. Actually, that wouldn’t interest me in the least.”

“Then what does interest you?”

Ethan took a few moments to think. “I have to be in control in the bedroom. I don’t think I can even function any other way.” He paused a few seconds before continuing. “I feel more comfortable when I’m the one driving our activity as a couple. But that doesn’t mean that we only hang out with my friends, or do what I want.

“I like to push my partner past boundaries, if you haven’t figured that out already. Occasionally, that will involve some physical discomfort.”



I held my breath, afraid he was going to continue.

“Does that bother you?”

“A little.”

“Then we won’t talk about it.”

“But what if that’s a deal-breaker for us?” It was the single irksome thought that had been creeping around the back of my mind since we first started seeing each other.

“It won’t be. Anyway, talking about it isn’t going to solve anything. I can’t possibly describe to you the experience because it’s dependent on the situation and your state of mind at the time. I will say this, though. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do.”

“So, you won’t whip me?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“But you just said…”

“I said that I wouldn’t do anything you didn’t want me to do. When the time comes, you’ll want it. Mark my words, Grace. Just as sure as I’m lying here with you, there will come a time when you’ll beg me for it. And if I’m very lucky, you’ll do it out loud and not in that busy head of yours.”

“I don’t think I’m wired the right way for that. What if I never get to that point?”

“You don’t have to be an all-out masochist to want to be whipped. Not all sessions are punishing. I know a lot of women who orgasm from being sensually flogged. I think you’d really get off on that.”

“You do?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Now you have me curious.”

“And so it begins.”

I growled at him and pretended to try to free myself. He just chuckled and tightened his grasp until I stopped moving. We stayed in that position sharing a comfortable silence for several minutes. Then another nagging question prompted me to speak. “Was that okay for you?”

“Yes. Of course it was. Why do you ask?”

“Well, because, you know, I couldn’t keep going and everything.”

“Oh, baby, that’s fine. I told you not to expect it to be perfect the first time. We’re just getting started.”

“I know, but I don’t want to disappoint you.”

“Oh, God Grace, is that what you think?”

I shrugged.

“You are far from a disappointment, baby.”

Ethan’s whole demeanor seemed to change and I felt so guilty that I’d tainted our post-coital cuddle with my own insecurities. I was carrying some baggage. I knew it. But that didn’t change anything. I couldn’t help feeling the way I did.

We both sort of fell into a pensive state. Each in our own thoughts. This time it was Ethan who broke the silence. “Grace, baby?”


“I want you to go to the bathroom and run a hot bath. I think it will help with the soreness.”


“There’s a washcloth next to the sink.”

“Are you coming with me?”

“I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

“What about these?” I held out my wrists.

Ethan unbuckled the straps of each cuff and set them aside. My heart sank when he did it. “This is temporary. I’ll put them back on after your bath.”

“Are you going to tie me up again?”

“Probably not tonight. But I want you to wear them, anyway. As a reminder.”

Ethan tilted my head and kissed me deeply, plunging his tongue into my mouth without hesitation. His hand slid up my stomach to cup my breast as he did so and I gasped in his mouth.

“Now, go.”

His kiss sent my senses reeling. It took me a moment to get my balance when I stood.

I padded to the master bathroom and headed straight for the tub, stopping the drain and turning on the water. It was only then that I realized I was completely naked. I’d been so stunned by his kiss it hadn’t dawned on me. I walked to the door and peered out to the bed. Ethan wasn’t there. I started to close the door and stopped myself. It seemed like such a prudish thing to do. He told me he was going to join me in a few minutes. It’s not like he hasn’t seen you naked, Grace. You were tied to his bed, for God’s sake.

A heated flush crawled up my neck and face as I tried to process the reality of my previous situation. I was so excited when he was doing it that it never dawned on me to be embarrassed. My hot cheeks are proof enough of my embarrassment now. I glanced around the bathroom for a mirror. There was none. Oh, surely there’s one here somewhere.

I swung the door halfway closed and checked behind it. Nothing. Isn’t that the strangest thing?

The bathtub was filling quickly. I felt the temperature and decided it would do. I shut off the faucets and snatched the washcloth from the countertop before stepping into the tub and lowering myself into the water. I was definitely sore. I immediately soaked the washcloth and went to work gently cleansing the sensitive tissue. I wanted to do it before he showed up. There were some indelicacies I wasn’t ready to share, yet.

I still wasn’t sure how this was all going to work out with us. Everything I’d read, the interviews and research I’d done, seemed to describe more extreme D/s agreements. I couldn’t quite picture Ethan trying to control everything I did. On the other hand, I looked to him for direction. And not just in bed. On our dates. In our conversations. We talked about my work and I asked for his opinion on things. Is that the same as a D/s relationship? Somehow I didn’t think it qualified.

It felt natural to just let him lead, though. And I wasn’t giving up anything. At least it didn’t feel that way. I tried to recall if I felt anything different when I was tied up. When he was clearly topping me. Other than being immensely aroused, I couldn’t recall anything. It was amusing to me that at no time did I even view what we were doing as different. But it was different. What we did wasn’t anything like the sex I’d had with Robert. It was better. Way better.

I thought about the stories I’d written. Some of them, not all of them, had BDSM elements in them. But writing about nipple clamps, butt plugs, spankings, and bondage wasn’t the same as capturing the essence of the lifestyle. I still had so much more to learn. And I knew that the only way to do that was to live it.

“Hey, baby. How’s your bath?”

I glanced up when he entered, surprised that he was wearing a pair of shorts. His hair was wet. “Good. Are you going to join me?”

“No, I took a quick shower. I brought you a bottle of water.”

I tried to hide my disappointment, but I must not have done a very good job. I’ve never been known for my poker face.

“Grace, I’m trying to give you the space you need to process all this. I don’t want to overwhelm you. I’m not pushing you away. Just the opposite. I’m afraid if I press you too hard, you’ll run. You understand what I’m saying, baby?”

I nodded, “I think so.”

Ethan kneeled beside the tub with a concerned expression. “I need you to trust that I’m not going to leave you.”

Tears stung the corners of my eyes. He’d hit the nail on the head. I was already looking for signs that he wanted out without even realizing it. “I’m sorry. It’s hard for me.”

I was barely managing to hold back the flood.

“I know it is. After our talks, I was expecting this. It’s okay. I’m not going anywhere.”

Once again, I felt like such a basket case. How many more of these little episodes am I going to have? How many more will he tolerate before he changes his mind?

Ethan picked up the folded towel that was sitting next to the sink and opened it up. “Come on. You’ve had enough time to soak.”

I nodded and lifted the plug to let the water drain before standing up. I stepped out of the tub and into the towel he held open for me and then let him dry me off.

All of a sudden I felt very drained. I couldn’t keep my eyes open as he swiped the towel over every inch of my damp body. In such a short span of time I’d cycled through so many emotions it just wiped me out.

Ethan tossed the towel over the side of the tub and then led me back to his bedroom. I lifted my chin and smiled enthusiastically in an effort to appear perkier than I was. I suspected that Ethan was younger than me, and I guessed that the girls he played with were young and eager, too. They probably go all night without tiring. It was a damned annoying thought that made me feel inadequate in whole new ways.

Ethan sat me on the bed and fastened the cuffs around my wrists. “What side of the bed do you usually sleep on?”

“I’ve moved to the middle, I’m afraid. No sense in staying on one side when there’s no one on the other half.”

Ethan chuckled. “I couldn’t agree more. We’ll just have to share the middle.”

When he’d finished buckling the cuffs he patted the pillow indicating I should lay down.

“I need to turn off some lights and check the front door. I’ll be back in a second.”

I listened while he did exactly what he said he was going to do. I secretly wondered if he realized how important it was to me that he did that. I wondered if all jilted women had the same need.

Ethan returned a moment later. He shucked his shorts and crawled under the covers, immediately sliding to the center of the mattress and tugging me toward him. We shifted and adjusted, finally settling into a comfortable spooning position.

His voice was a soft whisper at my ear. “Are you comfortable?” I nodded. “No unwanted memories for you?”

It took me a second to realize what he was asking. Robert was the furthest person from my mind. “No, not at all. Robert didn’t spoon.”

“How could he resist, with this body?” His question was obviously rhetorical. After a few seconds of silence I heard him mumble. “Some guys are clueless.”

I don’t remember anything after that.


A cramp in my left calf woke me up. I flexed my foot to make it go away, then I became aware of the weight holding me face down on the mattress.

Ethan was draped mostly over me, with his head resting between my shoulder blades. No need for restraints. I couldn’t possibly escape this.

I felt a hot, wet tickle down my spine and quickly realized that he was drooling. The first thought that came to my mind was how cute I thought it was, followed by the realization that if it were me doing the drooling, I’d be mortified.

I lay still, allowing the fog to lift slowly. The ambient light told me it was morning, but I had no clue as to the time. And for once, I didn’t care. I had no other commitments. And I was content.

After several minutes of unfocused thinking I began to stir ever so slightly. My muscles and joints were nearly numb from being trapped in one position. As they reawakened, I became aware of the rocklike object pressing against the back of my thigh. I wasn’t positive it was an erection, at least until a moment later when Ethan stirred and removed all doubt. He was unbelievably hard.

Ethan groaned and pressed his hips against my backside. His need was evident and it ratcheted up my own desire a notch. I wondered if I was ever going to get used to this beautiful man wanting me.

“Reach up and grip the headboard for me.”

His gruff command send a wave of fresh arousal through me the likes I would never have imagined. I quickly obeyed.

“Don’t let go.”

I gasped as I felt the hot gush deep within me. His instructions were arousing me beyond reason.

Ethan’s hands moved over my body freely, caressing my skin, squeezing my buttocks and reaching beneath me to grope my breasts. After a few moments of exploring, he focused his energy on kneading my buttocks. He lifted his hand and delivered a quick slap across one butt cheek.

I yelped and tightly gripped the bars of the headboard. He repeated it again, obtaining a sharp clapping noise with the blow. The sound was more alarming than the feel of it.

I’d been spanked before. It was in my college years. My first taste of kink. It wasn’t what I had expected at the time. I’d had numerous fantasies about being spanked and it just didn’t come close to that. I just figured I wasn’t cut out for it like some girls.

But this, this was something different. Maybe because Ethan already turned me on so much. Or maybe because I was holding onto the headboard like he’d ordered me to do … I don’t know. But there was definitely something other than my butt cheeks heating up.

I arched my back to more fully present my backside to him. Ethan’s hand stilled and then reached between my thighs to finger the wetness that was beginning to pool there.

“Damn I want to lick your pussy. But not unless you’re going to come while I’m doing it. We’re going to work on that today, baby. Are you too sore for me to fuck you?”

I gasped and shook my head. “No. Please…” I couldn’t think of anything I wanted more.

His palm continued to come down hard on my buttocks, one blow after another. “I want your ass good and pink when I do.”

Each slap was beginning to reverberate through my sensitive, swollen pussy. I thought it might drive me mad. “Please fuck me, Ethan. I can’t stand it.”

Ethan growled and yanked apart my thighs. A second later I felt the head of his cock easing into my opening. There was a pinch of pain but it quickly dissipated as he slid farther inside me.

“God your cunt feels good, baby.”

I’d never imagined that such a confession would excite me, but my own pussy betrayed me with a spontaneous contraction. There was something indescribably sexy about the way it sounded.

“I want to feel you come around my cock.”

I shook my head. “Don’t wait for me.”

There was a sharp sting on my hip, accompanied by a loud clap. He’d slapped it hard.


I waited for an explanation for the punishing blow, but he offered none. He merely started rocking his hips.

He lifted one of my thighs higher on the mattress to gain a better angle for a deeper thrust and then began to pump in earnest. He released tiny grunts each time his dick slammed into me and the sound of his raw voice unraveled me unexpectedly.

“Oh, E … E …” I couldn’t get out his full name between thrusts as he pounded me even more furiously as I came. And then a few short moments later, he joined me.

“Fuck.” Ethan’s muscles locked in place, his pelvis fully thrusted against me as he unloaded. “Fuck, baby. Fuck.”

I couldn’t understand why he was still cussing. He was clearly finished ejaculating. I lifted my head and turned my face to the side with a questioning expression.

“You’re milking my cock dry.”

I frowned, still not sure if that was a bad thing or a good thing.

“It’s unreal. Fucking amazing.” Ethan collapsed onto my back, heaving and sputtering in a weak cough.

It was far from the romantic interlude I’d been taught I should demand from sex. It was better … I came. With him inside. It wasn’t the first time it had happened, but it was the quickest I’d ever come.

And it dawned on me just how overrated fairy tales really were.



Any tension I might have felt as a result of really not having a single clue what to expect next was gone; or at least had been dissipated by our morning session.

Ethan went to the kitchen to make coffee while I got cleaned up and dressed. I sort of expected him to tell me what to wear and everything, but he didn’t. So, I pulled on my shorts and oversized tee and walked into the kitchen. His smile as I approached told me I’d chosen the right clothes. They were the same ones I’d be wearing if I were at home without him. Comfortable.

His arm outstretched when I was a few feet away from him and I stepped into his embrace. It was all so natural.

After a few moments of kissing, he pulled away. “Thanks for indulging me earlier.”

“Indulging you? What do you mean?”

“I shouldn’t have spanked you like that without talking with you about it first. You put off all the right signals. I forget that all this is new to you.”

Signals? “I’m not sure what you’re talking about, but that wasn’t my first time being spanked.”

“Still. It was a conversation we should’ve had beforehand.”

“Well, don’t beat yourself up over it. I enjoyed it.”

Ethan nodded. “Yes, I know. That doesn’t excuse my behavior, though. It’s important that you acknowledge that I have realized my mistake and intend to remedy it.”

I nodded. “Okay. How are you going to remedy it?”

“We’re going to spend some time talking through some things today. I want to understand you better.”

“Sounds reasonable. Although, I’m pretty sure I told you everything about myself this past week.”

“That’s just the surface stuff. For starters, I want to know what’s behind your aversion to cunnilingus.”

I instinctively flinched when he said the word. Then I could feel my cheeks heating up. Ethan observed me with an amused expression on his face, complete with that annoying smirk of his. It was just too early in the day for that sort of talk.

“One of the things you’re going to have to get used to, Grace, is that I’m direct. If we’re going to be intimate, then we need to be able to talk candidly about things. There just isn’t any other way. We can’t afford to hide details that might hurt us later when we’re playing.”

I nodded. “I understand. I’m just not used to it, that’s all.”

“I realize it’s been awhile since you’ve opened up to a man. I like that, actually.”

“No, Ethan. It hasn’t just been awhile. My husband and I never talked about things like that. I’m pretty sure he never said that word in my presence. Ever.”

“Oh. Really? Okay.”

“But I want to talk about things with you. It’s important; I agree.” I took a deep breath and continued. “That particular act has never done anything for me.”



“Have past lovers tried to get you off and been unsuccessful?”

I scrunched up my face in thought. “Not exactly. I mean, the few times that it’s come up, it wasn’t to get me off as much as to just get me ready enough to do other things.”

“Okay. I think I’m picturing the drill. Did the guy like it?”

I shrugged. “Not particularly, I don’t think. But I wasn’t expecting him to, either.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t know. Because…” I scrunched my nose and shook my head. “…It’s just …”

“Obviously you’ve never tried it if you’re making that face.”

I shook my head and frowned at him.

“I’m not suggesting we go out and get a girlfriend for you or anything. But, I think if you had some idea of what it tastes like, you’d change your mind. Do you like peaches?”


“How ’bout baked potatoes?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“Just an idea I have. In the meantime, I want you to understand something. I love the way you taste. I would’ve stayed down there for hours last night had you not been so uncomfortable with it. There are days when I literally crave it, Grace. So, you don’t have to feel the tiniest bit uneasy that I might be doing that out of obligation. In fact, one of the real benefits for the bottom in these situations is that the top does what they want, not what the bottom wants.”

“You stopped last night because that was what I wanted.”

“No. I did not. I changed my course because I didn’t feel like working through it with you at the time. We will be revisiting this today and throughout the rest of the weekend. I’m not dropping it, Grace.”

The forcefulness in his voice sent a chill down my spine. A good chill, apparently, because I could feel my nipples hardening. I swallowed hard and nodded.

“You hungry?”

I nodded again and smiled.

“You have your choice of Pop Tarts or cereal.”

I chuckled and covered my mouth quickly.

Ethan grinned at me and shrugged. “I’m a bachelor. What do you expect?”

“It’s fine.”

“I know it’s fine. I can’t believe you just laughed at me.”

“Are you going to take me over your knee again?”

“Again? This morning wasn’t punishment. I did that for my own enjoyment. Anyway, to answer your question … no, of course not. We haven’t agreed to certain behaviors that will lead to punishment. And if we did, that would certainly not make the list. How boring would it be if you couldn’t even laugh at me or if you just agreed with me all the time?”

“I’ll remember you said that.”

Ethan seemed to ignore my challenge, setting a couple boxes of cereal on the counter and the box of Pop Tarts. Then he pulled the milk from the refrigerator.

“I’m curious about your experiences with spanking.”

It’s like he’s talking about the weather. “I, uh, tried it with a guy in college.”

“Oh, yeah, the same guy you tried bondage with?”

“Yep, that’s the one.”

“Was that when your likeness of spanking started, or was it before that?”

“I’d read about it. It made me sort of hot, so I wanted to try it. But I didn’t really get into it when we did it in college.”

“That’s surprising.”


“You were into it this morning.”

I covered my face with my hands.

“Don’t do that, Grace.”

I pulled my hands away. “What?”

“Don’t be embarrassed about it around me. If you want to be that way around other people, that’s fine. Whatever. But not around me.”

“I’m not embarrassed, exactly. I just got so …”

“Horny. Needy. Yeah, I know. I loved it.”

My brain was trying to make sense of the fact that he liked me that way. It wasn’t how I was raised to act.

“Why is that so hard for you to believe? I’d like to think that you want me as badly as I want you.”

“I do.” I shocked myself at how quickly I said that.

Ethan smirked. “What’s the harm in letting me know?”

“I don’t know. I guess there is none, if you’re not going to think of me, you know, badly.”

“You mean, like a slut?”


“Well, I might. But, not in a bad way. More like my slut. Eager for me.” Ethan pulled me toward him. “I like the sound of that, actually. Do you?”

I was amazed by how much I liked the sound of it. Not of being called a slut, particularly, but of being called his. I nodded.

“I’ll never call you that name in public, Grace. Nor will I ever think of it in derogatory terms. Okay?”

“I appreciate that.”

“But I might call you one next time you arch your back like a cat in heat.” Ethan grinned and pulled me to him for a playful kiss.

I forgot to blush.

While we were finishing breakfast, Ethan began to talk about plans. “Is there anything you want to do today?”

I shook my head and frowned.


“I thought you said you liked to decide what we do as a couple.”

“I do. I will decide. But not without your input. I need to stop by the grocery store today to pick up a couple of things and then we can decide on dinner, too. And today they’re having some mega sale at that book store that’s going out of business. I thought you might like that.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Yeah, there might be a few geek manuals I can pick up for cheap. Other than that, the rest of the day is open. What would you be doing if you weren’t with me?”

“Oh, gosh, I don’t know. Probably laundry and housecleaning. Painting my toenails, maybe.”

“Let’s pick up some polish while we’re out. I’d like to watch.”

I held my wrists out in front of Ethan. “Do you want me to…”

“No. You’re only wearing them now because I get a kick out of seeing them on you. But that’s private.”

“If I wasn’t here, what would you be doing today and tonight? Would you go to the dungeon?”

“No. I don’t go alone. And if you weren’t here, I’d just be fiddling around on my computer. Probably playing games until all hours.”

“Ethan, should I have a safeword?”


“Then why haven’t you asked me for it?”

“We haven’t needed one, have we?”

“No, I guess not.”

“Okay. So, when the time comes, I’ll ask. And if I don’t, just bring it up. If you feel uncomfortable with anything, just tell me and I’ll stop. You don’t need a safeword for that. Just communication. But if we ever play a non-consent scene, then it’s definitely required. And when I whip you, I’d like to work out a progression of signals.”

“You seem awfully confident that I’m going to agree to that.”

“That’s because I am. Come here.”

I took the two steps over to where he was standing. He removed the cuffs and my wrists felt light and bare. I rubbed where the cuffs had been.

“Is your skin raw?”

“No. It just feels funny without them now.”

Ethan smiled and rolled his eyes. “I can already see that I’m setting some kind of precedence. Come on, let’s go.”


We shopped and talked as we strolled down sidewalks and across parking lots. We did all the usual things that couples do. We bantered over silly things and laughed at each other’s jokes. We held hands and stole kisses at all the appropriate moments. I thought we garnered sidelong glances from a few people, probably wondering what the heck we had in common.

I still didn’t know if we had enough to base an entire relationship on, but we had enough for that point in our friendship, anyway. Only time would tell.

Almost from the moment we reached his place, things shifted. It was so subtle, I wouldn’t have even noticed except I was watching for it. I was missing the more commanding Ethan.

He reattached the cuffs on my wrists and claimed my mouth in a demanding kiss as if he’d been denying himself that privilege for hours. The effect was intoxicating. I held onto his arms to keep myself upright.

Lord, how he turns me on.

“I’m going to bind your wrists behind your back.”

I nodded, still breathless from his kiss.

“Take your shirt and bra off for me, baby.”

The way that simple command and endearment rolled off his tongue … That level of sheer sexiness should be illegal. I didn’t think twice about doing it. In fact, you would’ve thought my shirt was on fire, I removed it so fast.

Ethan clipped the cuffs together behind my back and grinned at me. “Are you feeling adventurous?”

I bit my lip and whined. “I’m not sure.”

“Oh, I have to do it now. Don’t move.”

He left me standing in the doorway to the living room. I could hear him rifling through a drawer and then walking back to me. He held out his palm to show me what he had.

“Just for a few minutes this first time.”

I blanched and took a step backward. The door stopped me, making a loud noise as I drove it into the stop with my bound arms.

“Oh, please. Come back here and stand in front of me.”

My feet moved before my brain could stop them.

“Now, hold still. These clamps have adjustable screws.”

I hissed as he started to attach the evil little nipple clamps. It wasn’t out of pain as much as anticipation of pain. When he finally had them attached, they felt interesting. Heavy. A little like he was playing with my nipples.

“There. How’s that?”

“It’s okay. Good, actually.”

“They look amazing.” Ethan leaned over and swiped his tongue around the perimeter of the clamped area.

It sent an electric pulse straight down to my sex. “Oh!”


“You can leave them on for awhile if you want.”

Ethan laughed more heartily than I’d heard him the entire time I’d known him. “Oh, that’s funny. Do they make you feel all tingly down below?”

I scowled at his playful suggestion. He knew exactly how they made me feel.

“I need to fix something in the kitchen. Come with me.”

As I followed him, Ethan turned around to walk backward for a few strides, grinning wickedly. I couldn’t resist the opening. “You’re pretty proud of yourself, aren’t you?”

Ethan chuckled and tilted his head. “And you’re pretty cocky for someone who’s bound and clamped. Better watch it or I’ll attach a chain to those clamps and lead you around by it.”

His threat was empty and I knew it. Not that I doubted he might do that at some point. I could feel he had an agenda that he wasn’t going to let me derail him from. If I’d known what it was at the time, I might’ve tried harder to distract him.

He popped two potatoes in the microwave and then began slicing a peach on the counter. He’d bought a small frozen lasagna at the store but it remained in the freezer.

“What are you making?”

“An appetizer. Sort of.”

About the same time the peach was sliced and on the counter, the microwave sounded its alarm. Ethan speared the spuds with a fork and dropped them on the counter. Then he sliced them open like you would if you were fixing a baked potato. He buttered both of them fairly heavily and then walked around the counter to where I was sitting.

His lips were on mine in a heartbeat. His hands cupped the undersides of my breasts and with every caress I could feel the pull of the clamps on my nipples. Every move was a fresh shockwave to my sex causing me to moan in his mouth.

He moved one hand to my shorts and began to unfasten them. Then he slipped his hand into my panties to cup my sex and curl his finger inside me. He moved the thumb of his other hand over my clamped nipple. The direct stimulation was shocking.

He removed his hand from my shorts and broke our kiss so that he could suck on his wet finger. The tangy aroma met my senses but I must’ve been too distracted to care. Or I simply accepted it because he was so into it. I’m not sure which one it was.

“The taste is so unique, it’s hard to describe. The closest I can do is try to recreate it for you. Stand up.”

I slid off the barstool and Ethan led me to the edge of the carpet. He tugged at my shorts and then pulled both my shorts and panties to the floor. He helped me balance as I stepped out of them.

“I want you on your knees. I’ll help you.”

I tried to appear as graceful as possible, which was difficult given that I was anything but. He was infinitely patient about it though, guiding me slowly to my knees.

I felt naked on the floor. It felt wrong.

“Just be patient a few more minutes, baby.” Ethan caressed my cheek and it settled my nerves a bit. Then he walked to the kitchen to retrieve the food. I could hear him doing some last minute preparation before he returned, but I couldn’t see what it was.

Ethan set a bowl on the floor in front of me. It appeared to be one of the baked potatoes he’d prepared a few minutes earlier.

“Sit back on your haunches and spread your knees. In a few moments I’m going to remove these clamps. But I promise you’ll wear them again. I like how they distract you.”

Ethan’s eyes feasted on me for several seconds and it warmed me from head to toe. His expression was a mixture of hunger and bliss and I knew that I could become addicted to seeing it. I was sure of two things in that moment. One, that no one had ever looked at me like that before. And two, that I would do anything he asked me to do.

He dropped to his knees next to me and began caressing my skin. My stomach, my arms, my breasts. He worked his way up my thighs and lightly caressed my spread labia with his fingertips.

I whispered, “Ethan…”

“Shhh. I know what you want, baby. But I want something, too. More than anything right now.”

His fingers were tracing the lines of my flesh as he spoke. It was positively maddening.

“Lean forward and eat. Let your face fall into it. Don’t worry about the mess. We’ll have fun cleaning it up afterward.”

“I don’t think I’m hungry.”

“You don’t have to actually swallow any of it. Just taste it.”

He removed his hand from my pussy and allowed me to fold forward. My sensitive nipples swayed against the carpet as I got settled and I seriously thought it might make me climax. I had no idea how close I already was to doing so until that moment.

The first taste surprised me. It wasn’t exactly a buttered baked potato as I had thought. It had a slightly tangy flavor to it. Peach? It didn’t taste like peach, but I knew he’d sliced one and that would explain the tanginess.

It didn’t taste bad. It was warm and soft on my tongue. Fleshy and buttery and tangy all at once.

Ethan stroked my arms and hair as I worked on the food before me, becoming more aware by the second of the point he was making with the whole exercise.

“That’s what you taste like to me, Grace. As close as I can get to it, anyway. Is that bad?”

I shook my head.

“It’s good enough to eat, isn’t it?”

I swallowed a mouthful and nodded. Then I felt his fingers beneath my breasts. He released both clamps at once and a heated rush of throbbing pain attacked my nipples. I screamed through gritted teeth. A few moments later, after the initial rush of pain, the throbbing in my pussy intensified. Suddenly I needed to come. Badly.

“Sit up, Grace.”

He was between my open thighs before I could get my bearings. His tongue mercilessly assaulting my hard, sensitive clit. All I could think about was how badly I needed to come. He held me in place and continued a relentless rhythm across the same spot. Over and over and over. I was floating at the heavenly sensation.

And then just like before, everything started to unravel at once. Thousands of shards of glass exploding outward. I screamed. I cussed. I called his name, or I didn’t, I’m not even sure. My mind was total mush. And once the final convulsions left my body, my muscles were mush, too.

Ethan scrambled to wrap his arms around me and keep me from teetering. “Easy, baby.”

He unclasped my wrists and pulled me forward so I could straighten my legs and lay on the floor. He never stopped holding me, though. And once I was on my back on the carpet, he was on top of me, kissing my face, my lips.

A few seconds later, it felt like, he was inside me. His gorgeous hips were between my splayed thighs in the most vanilla position of them all. With a few twists, maybe.

Ethan yanked my wrists over my head and pinned them as he thrust inside. I lifted my knees and met his pounding. A heavy line creased his forehead. His eyes were dark and he was growling with every buck.

“Come for me, Grace.”

I groaned and tried to focus harder. I wanted to please him, but I didn’t know if I could. That sort of thing had never really been in my control.

And then a thought occurred to me. It’s not your choice. He has control.

Ethan’s fingers moved to my sensitive nipple and pinched. It was the final tip I needed. The reminder that he was in charge. I yelled out my climax and this time Ethan joined me, growling and grunting as he slammed his pelvis into me for two finishing thrusts.


Turning Point

I should be ashamed of myself.

That’s what I kept thinking, anyway. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that I’d eaten out of a bowl on the floor. Naked. And then allowed Ethan to go down on me. Why did I agree to all that?

The birds-eye mental images I had, like photographs taken from the attic, were torturing me. Lewd. Unladylike. Shameful. Whore.

I’d brushed aside the guilt for too long and now it was choking me. Feeling the rough carpet fibers against my back, I couldn’t help but feel like the cheap slut my husband had been fucking. I could still clearly remember the email I’d uncovered describing such an interlude. All hurried sex on the living room floor. Our living room floor, no less.

He cheated on me for this exact thing. It didn’t matter to him what promises he broke. Maybe if I’d learned how to be a slut sooner, he wouldn’t have had to cheat on me. He could’ve fucked me just like this.

I couldn’t breathe. I pushed and squirmed to get up.

“Grace, are you alright?”

Ethan quickly rolled to the side and watched in horror as I scrambled away from him. Don’t look at me. I’m hideous. Air. Breathe. I fought to suck air into my lungs.

Thanks to estragon, copy-editor. I hope you enjoy this quick, yet steamy read. ~ Red

They had both had an exhausting and emotion-filled month. Things were said and each had begun to question their role in the other’s life. Over time, though, and through countless tears, they had finally come back to the same page. The conflicts that had threatened to destroy them were resolved, and their love for one another had once again conquered those that had hoped to destroy them.

He called her down to the playroom and she’d come willingly. The high backed chair had been placed a few feet from the bed. The ankle restraints, as well as the neck restraint, were already attached to the polished wood. Their silver padlocks picked up the light that flooded the room. Her heart skipped a beat as she saw Master waiting for her to join him. Obediently she disrobed and crossed the space that separated them.

She reached the chair and sat down. The cool temperature was a contrast to her hot skin. She said nothing as he bent down and tethered each ankle to the front legs of the chair. Her pulse raced when his gentle yet firm and powerful fingers pressed her neck back. The leather strap hugged her throat, blanketing the nylon collar and tag that proclaimed her as his. A small silver padlock was fastened around the front clip of the restraint. It was heart shaped and lay against her flushed skin. Another restraint was added to her waist. It was pulled tight and she was asked to test her bindings.

True to his request, she did just that. The restraint around her neck allowed just enough movement to permit her to turn her head to the left or right. Her hands were still free, so she tried to escape, yanking at the lock on her throat as well as the one on her waist. She twisted her legs, flexing her ankles and feet against the thick ties that bound her, seeing if those bore a hint of weakness. When they were both satisfied, he pressed her wrists together; her palms faced one another. He wrapped the final restraint around her wrists, and locked it with the final padlock. There was a small amount of freedom allowed her, to wiggle her fingers and close and open her palms.

He stepped back and disrobed. Her breath quickened at the sight of him walking toward the small refrigerator/freezer in the corner. There were only a few things that he kept in the small dorm-room appliance. One of those things she knew was ice, a favorite plaything of them both. He opened the door, reached in and pulled out what he wanted. She licked her lips in anticipation as she watched him, her eyes full of wonder.

When he turned around, in his hand was a small paper cup. He peeled away the paper, exposing a thick chunk of ice, which he set on a nearby table. Then he picked up a lighter and walked around the room, lighting the wicks of several strategically placed candles. When he was done, he flipped the switch on the wall, shutting off the lights, and faced her.

Candlelight flickered across their nude bodies as he walked toward her. By the time he reached her side, his cock was fully aroused. She turned her head and came face to face with his jutting shaft and spongy tip. Her pussy tightened and her mouth began to water. He was just a mere inch or so away from her lips. She ached to taste him. The tip of her tongue darted out from between her lips, moistening his pink flesh. A whimper slipped out when he handed her the chunk of ice.

“A new game, pet,” he said.

She swallowed the lump in her throat and felt the well-known sign of budding frustration in the depths of her abdomen. Her lower lip trembled. He knew how she loved new games.

“You need to free yourself. Frozen inside the ice are the keys to the padlocks. The one on your throat, the one on your waist, and the one,” he smirked and chuckled softly, “the one on your wrists. Your ankle restraints are just buckles, no locks, so you will find those easy I am sure. This one,” he touched the heart shaped lock on her throat and this one,” he flicked the one at her wrist, “not so much.”

“Open your fingers and palms,” he said. She did as he’d commanded and the chunk of ice was slipped into the cradle her hands created. “You’re to rub the ice over your body, melting the water, freeing the ring of keys. Once you have them free, you can unlock yourself, then my dear one,” he cupped her right breast and tweaked the nipple, “you may worship my cock.”

A groan of pure carnal lust poured out of her. Her sex throbbed and moisture eased from her sex, settling on the chair. “Thank you, Master,” she whispered.

He leaned down and kissed her lips; his tongue sought hers and they danced a slow and teasing dance of seduction. He rubbed her nipple with his thumb and forefingers, teasing the pink pearl until it was aching for another kind of touch. Master knew what she needed and so he settled between her legs, and began to suck, bite and tease the tip of her breast, while she began to melt the ice.

She brought the chunk of ice up to her neck, where she rubbed and caressed her skin, that was growing more flushed and heated as Master sucked and drew her nipple between his teeth. She bit down on her lower lip, chewed on the inside of her mouth and gasped when he shoved one finger into her tight pussy and began to fuck her.

Her muscles tightened beneath her, and for a moment she forgot her role in this game. She quickly resumed moving the cube, ran it over her shoulders, down her breasts, and awkwardly rubbed the top of the left globe. Cold trails of water slipped and slid down her body; shivers danced up and down her spine, making her tremble. Master lapped at the water that she sent spiraling down the curved paths between and around her breasts, her stomach, her mound.

She moaned and writhed under him. His tongue traveled down to her pussy, where he teased her clit. He flicked and pushed at it with the tip of the wet muscle, drove a second finger into her opening and told her how much his cock ached. He told her how he wanted to taste her cum and how much of a slut she was.

Her legs were open, as far as she could manage, straining against the ankle restraints until her calves ached, and her chest rose and fell as he began to fuck her feverishly with his mouth and fingers. She bucked and pulled at the restraints. Her hands moved faster, she ran the cube across her abdomen; more cool liquid slipped down her body. When it hit her sex, he drank it before lapping at the inner walls of her pussy. Her eyes were clenched tight as he brought forth a shuddering climax from her. Amidst drinking her nectar, he ordered her to continue.

“Move it, we haven’t all night–for this game.”

The ice was much smaller now. Her heated skin had melted the ice quickly. She rubbed it across her lips, sucked on a small corner, drank the life-giving fluid and tasted a small hint of metal. Excitement shot back and forth inside her mind as she realized she was closer to freedom than she’d realized.

Master looked up and smiled. He rose to his feet and once more made his way to her side. His cock was hard, swollen and appeared angry with need. She saw his hand come up and his fingers wrap around the engorged flesh. He stroked himself; she turned and opened her mouth. He chuckled softly. It dawned on her and showed in her face that she knew she could not reach that which she craved.

She held the cube between her palms and pressed it against her pussy. A gasp of shock followed by a sigh of pleasure filled the room as she cooled her hot sex and watched Master tease her with his cock.

He rolled his fingers over the head and gathered his pre-cum, offering it to her hungry tongue. She took it, slowly at first, just a small taste. Once she savored it he offered her another drop. This time she made no move to deny herself. She drew his finger into her mouth and sucked greedily, until she felt she’d cleaned the digit properly. He withdrew his finger, leaned in and ran his cock along her cheek. “Don’t do it,” he warned her, having seen the desire in her eyes. “Don’t you dare make yourself come before that ice melts,” he said, before slapping her mouth with his cock, and walking away.

She watched him walk away. He sat down on the edge of the bed and watched her. His hand touched his ball sack, while the fingers from his other hand stroked his rod. Master wantonly displayed himself, knowing that she desired nothing more than to suck and drink the fluids boiling up for her.

The cube was hard to hold now. Its size was greatly diminished, so she was forced to concentrate not only on the cube, but also on the metal she could now feel with her fingers. She rubbed the cube up and down her slit; the water sent chill after chill over her hot flesh. A moan, followed by a low grunt, were signs Master needed to hear, and she had no problem giving them. The act of watching him touch what she wanted to worship, while fingering herself with the ice and rubbing her clit with the tips of manicured fingers brought her to the edge of release.

Her panting and moaning filled the room, and when the keys slipped free of their icy cage, she held them in one fist as tight as she could, shoved the rest of the ice into her channel and hissed in pleasure as it began to dissolve at a speed much faster than before. She rubbed her clit, while watching Master stroke his cock and roll his testicles back and forth between his fingers. His gaze was intense, and he controlled her desire with a look that told her how badly he wanted her at his feet.

When she came she shook violently; her head was thrown back and her mouth open to drag in the gulps of air her lungs craved. Stars danced behind her clenched lids as she shook against her palm; the teeth of the keys dug into her fingers as she held them in a death-like grip. When she came down from her orgasm, it was with a foggy haze. Her master cleared his throat, and she moaned softly. It took her a few seconds to comprehend that she was still locked and unable to reach him.

She gave herself a mental shake and pulled herself back to the task at hand. It took her eyes a moment to adjust to the lighting, after her earth rattling orgasm, but when she was able to focus, she noticed the three keys. They were each similar in some ways, but also different. Their sizes differed, but not their color. She picked one and slipped it up to her fingers, held it tight and bent her arms so she could touch and play with the lock at her waist. When she felt confident in her task, she pushed a key into the hole and turned it.

A chuckle erupted from Master’s lips, followed by, “Lucky girl.”

The first key she chose had been the right key for that lock. The click of freedom was heaven to her ears. She tucked the keys back into her fist and with the fingers of her other hand, she wiggled the padlock free. It fell to the ground and she glanced at Master.

He no longer stroked his cock. She could tell he was interested in how she was going to free herself. His watchful gaze was both comforting and nerve-wracking. She took a deep breath and picked one of the keys. Her eyes darted toward Master as she tucked the keys she didn’t want to use into her mouth and kept the one she wanted to try between her teeth. He eyed her knowingly; she knew that he would aid her if it became necessary.

Pride drove her onward. She brought the lock up to her mouth, pushed and prodded the key against its hole until finally she was able to line up the tip of the key with it. A quick mental prayer was sent to the heavens as she turned her wrists, held tight to the key and waited for the knowing click. When it did not come she grunted a curse; Master chuckled.

Using her tongue, she maneuvered another key between her lips. She glanced at Master again; he nodded his encouragement. She repeated the process, this time gaining her reward. The lock gave and she sighed in contentment and relief. The keys were taken from her mouth and tucked into her fist. She used her tongue, fingers and teeth to slip the lock free; it clattered to the floor. She then used her teeth to pull at the leather that had been wrapped around her wrists. When it began to become looser, she was able to pull her hands apart.

She smiled wide when she’d won the freedom to move with more ease. Master shared her grin, and he chuckled at the joy in her features. It took her several tries to free the lock on her neck, not because the keys did not work, but because her heart was pounding with excitement and she found it hard to concentrate, often forgetting which key she’d already tried. When her throat was free she quickly bent down and released her ankles.

Her gaze shot to Master’s crotch. His hard-on was still evident and her lust was still thick and heavy between her loins. She quickly dropped from the chair to the floor and crawled to Master. He opened his legs and held his cock out to her. A whimper followed by a purr rippled past her lips. When she reached his side, she began to do exactly what they both wanted.

The tips of her fingers trailed up and down his rod as she gazed longingly at him. She nuzzled her cheek against his inner thigh as she looked at his smooth balls and swollen rod. Her hands caressed the skin of his shaft; a breath of air blanketed his testicles as she wiggled herself further between his legs. He petted her hair, toyed with the curls and caressed her cheek. Adoringly she looked upon him, and then she began to worship him.

He watched as she laid her head against his thigh, and her fingers slowly trailed along the underside of his balls; when she touched them, he shivered, groaned softly and sighed in contentment. She smiled, looked up at him and pressed a kiss where her fingers had brushed. He said nothing, nor did he move to encourage her. She had won her reward and so he allowed her to bask in it.

She licked at the soft, smooth flesh, pushing the spheres back and forth with a knowing touch. Her lips brushed across the underside and then she began to deliver long sensuous strokes with the flattened muscle until he was softly cursing. A soft giggle slipped past her throat, as she maneuvered herself up to her knees and dragged her tongue up his full length.

One hand lay behind his cock. Her knuckles grazed his abdomen as she held him within her loose caress. She rolled her tongue around the mushroom head, then down along the ridge, before tracing the largest engorged vein with the tip of her tongue. His fingers no longer petted her long curly locks, but by now had become wrapped tightly around the silky strands. He pulled her hair slightly, allowing her to feel the pleasure he was receiving from her tender ministrations.

She smiled against his shaft and quickly made her way up from the base of his cock to the head again, once more choosing a vein to follow. She reached the tip and played with the small opening, until she opened her mouth fully and engulfed the swollen head. He grunted long and low. She purred around the head, sending shock waves down the rod and forcing the sensations of a thousand needles to radiate through his spine.

Her head moved left and right, as she slowly worked her way down his member, licking, sucking, and stroking with her tongue and fingers. When she had all of him in her, she looked back up into his eyes and grinned around a mouthful of cock. She bobbed up and down, twisting her hand back and forth, while feeling the blood course through his veins. She moaned, felt the wetness of her sex between her legs and fought the urge to dip her fingers inside. She knew the rules.

Instead of disobedience, she gave him discipline. She brought him close to the edge, then stopped, only to repeat the process over and over again. All the while she maintained eye contact, watching his face, reading his expressions and knowing when to pull back and when to deep throat him. When it was time, she knew by the color of his eyes and the way his lips pulled back in a grimace of lust.

She relaxed her jaw, dropped her shoulders slightly and took a deep breath to calm the beat of her heart, all control over herself given to him. Both fists were full of her hair as he began to fuck her with abandon. He controlled the speed and depth. He set and maintained the tempo he chose, and when he came, he showered her throat with his seed.

Her tongue worked vigorously to swallow the offering, until she was sure she had emptied him. She never once looked away as she drank him in. When he pulled her up, she showed him the last mouthful of semen, before obeying his command to drink it. She savored the last swallow, and she reveled at the look in his eyes, when he told her to rise and feed him her pussy.

With both hands I grasped her hips and shuffled into position behind her. Straight away I placed my cock against her cunt lips. This was a fabulous moment. I had control of Beth. I was about to force her to commit her first truly adulterous act. She had wanted a stranger to take her, to force her, and now I was about to fuck her as she was trapped on the bed on her hands and knees.

I slowly pushed against her cunt lips and then her entrance. My cock was like steel against her softness. She felt tense. I knew it was anticipation and excitement. There was no need for me to wait. I shoved forward and felt her cunt swallow the head of my cock. Beth buried her face into the bed and moaned loudly. With two firm thrusts I was deep inside Beth’s cunt. She gave up a deep, loud groan.

First I gave her cunt a few slow thrusts to adjust to the sudden intrusion. Beth’s married cunt felt very pleasant wrapped around my cock. I was feeling an extra pleasure at being the one to penetrate Beth as she experienced her first new cock in so many years. Perhaps later I’d make sure to take my time and enjoy it.

But first I was going to slam her cunt. Beth could get gentle sex at home with her husband if that’s what she wanted. I was going to give her a proper pounding. Doggy style was the perfect position for this, leaving her vulnerable and totally accessible. Beth wanted to be a slut with me and I was determined to treat her just the right way.

I pulled back and then thrust home in one long stroke. I did it again only this time I thrust harder. I felt her cervix as my swollen cock bottomed out in her tunnel. A couple more times and I was starting to punish her cunt. It didn’t matter to me if she was ready for force or not. I left her to grunt at the force of my thrusting as I went hard and deep, my skin slapping against hers and my balls swinging against her clit.

Her noises might have been a sign of pain but more importantly they told me that Beth had forgotten about her normal, everyday life. This was a magic moment, her first full act of adultery! She was being forced, abused and fucked and doing it all willingly. Positioned behind Beth I could see the flesh of her arse cheeks jiggling with the impact of each thrust. It was a delightful sight! Her tits were still pressed against the bed but my cock hardened still more as I thought of how they’d look once they were swaying and bouncing from my assault.

Despite having her face pressed into the covers I could hear Beth’s sounds, her gasps and grunts as I fucked her hard and fast. I wondered what was in her head right then. Was it shame or elation? Was she thrilled to be taken brutally or was she afraid of being hurt? The only sure thing was that she was being fucked hard and her body was feeling things she’d never experienced in her life.

‘You are mine,’ I announced above the sound of skin slapping on skin. ‘Right now you belong to me and I can fuck you the way I want to. You’ve waited a long time for this and now you’re going to be fucked properly.’

‘Oh Master’ she cried into the hotel mattress. It sounded like a muffled shriek. ‘Master, fuck me hard. Fuck me hard.’

I kept pumping into her, increasing my pace and making sure to ram deep. I wanted Beth to feel my cock deep inside her body and her soul.

‘You were a good little woman. Now you’re a slut. Now you obey me and let me use your body.’

I could hear Beth mumbling, trying to answer me. I reached down and grabbed some of those soft brown curls. I yanked her head back. Beth cried out in pain and surprise as I thrust still faster into her cunt. I yanked her hair still harder. Was it too much? I held tightly to her hips and her brown curls to give me the leverage to really pound the helpless Beth.

As excited as she was, as willing and happy, I knew I would make Beth sore by the end. She’d have a whole week to recover for her husband. My hips were banging into her arse cheeks and the air was full of the sounds of our fucking. Skin was slapping against skin and my balls were banging against her clit with every thrust. Her grunts sounded pained and I released her hair, letting her head fall back to the bed.

‘Use your safeword little slut.’ My slamming strokes were grinding her face into the bed covers. It was another wonderful lesson in how to mix pain and pleasure and Beth was a very good student.

‘Use your safeword or I’ll fuck you until you cum’.

‘No…please Master…oh.’

Beth was making all the right noises. It sounded like pain each time I slammed into her, the pain of lust and desire and the need for release. She was being seriously fucked for the first time in her life and I just knew that she would go on taking everything I dished out.

It took all of my self-control but I held off my own orgasm while I punished her wet, married hole. My reward was the noise of an approaching orgasm — hers.

‘You are a sweet little wife for your husband.’ I knew that would burn her with guilt. Beth didn’t want thoughts of her husband brought into our play. But I had decided I liked that element to her submission. It made the next bit all the more powerful. ‘Now you get to be the slut you want. Now you get to cum all over my cock.’

She was loud now, her cries short and sharp. She wanted that orgasm desperately. I decided to give her that final little push. Again I grabbed a handful of hair and yanked hard. This time she lifted her shoulders and I knew those big tits were shaking and bouncing as I fucked her with as much force as I could manage.

I had to raise my voice to be heard over the sound of our fucking. ‘You are a slut. You’re letting me fuck you like a dog. You’re a little doggy for my cock’.

And then she was cumming, erupting. I watched as her hands tore at the bedding and she pulled herself tight against the cuffs and the rope. I even felt the way she tried to push her hips back so my cock would plunge even deeper into her. Did she ever behave like that at home?

I continued to fuck Beth hard and she kept on cumming just as hard. It was a delight to find the good little wife was so multi-orgasmic. Each time she let out a string of short sharp shrieks. I quickly released her hair to let her head drop to the bed. Beth howled her release into the mattress as her cunt gripped my shaft. She was a cheating wife but right then it was triumph than shame.

Her powerful release had thrilled me as well. But after a few massive orgasms I slowed my thrusting. I didn’t want the abuse to go too far this first time. Instead I gave Beth some space to sink into her own private reverie, feeling the ebbing of her orgasms and the sensation of her cunt fucked raw. I listened to her breathless sounds, muffled by the bed. I watched her shoulders rise and fall as she panted through her recovery. I didn’t just watch though, and gave a few more slaps to her still reddened arse. This was my little treat, a little something extra for myself as her Master for the day. Beth was so deeply ‘in the zone’ that she didn’t even flinch at the stinging blows on her butt cheeks.

But I didn’t let Beth rest for long. This day was about exploring her limits — all of them. So before she could get her breath back I was out of her cunt and turning her onto her back. It wasn’t easy with the restraints and her half out of her mind.

Innocent Beth felt suddenly freed and her thoughts came tumbling out. ‘I can’t believe that,’ she panted loudly. ‘I’ve never felt that before.’ The look on her face was one of slight delirium.

‘Glad you liked it. Looks like you can take as much as I can dish out.’

‘I want you to fuck me more. Please Master, make me a slut.’ But I was determined to take my time and to use and abuse her in my own way.

‘You already are a slut,’ I reminded her. ‘Now open your legs wide like a slut should.’

Beth was hot and wanting still more. She complied instantly with my new instruction. Without warning I gave her another slap, this time directly on her luscious, soaking cunt. The effect was immediate, her body jumping at the sudden pain. She moaned nicely. This time I was sure her reaction was one of pain. So I did it again.

‘Master, I am very sensitive. I am really swollen down there.’

I slapped her again, a little harder.

‘Master, please…’. This time I noticed her starting to close her legs. That was pleasing, too. At last I was starting to find some of her limits.

‘Keep them spread wide,’ I growled. Beth’s wrists were still cuffed and tied to the bed. There was no escape and she knew it. Beth uttered a small sob and slowly obeyed.

As her legs parted I grabbed the flogger. Beth was a novice so she still had no way of really knowing what was going to happen to her. It was a delicious moment for me as I stood there with the once innocent wife and mother spread wide, open and available to me.

The first few strokes of the flogger were light. Beth moaned softly in protest but I kept going. I slowed a little and increased the power of my arm. Each blow on her cunt brought a small grunt of protest from deep in her throat. Beth was staring at me wide-eyed. She’d not anticipated that she would be treated this cruelly. She didn’t know whether she hated it or loved it.

I was enjoying the sound of the leather strands slapping against her sensitive skin. I knew she was swollen and sensitive. I knew this wasn’t totally enjoyable for dear Beth. But I was determined to introduce her fully to this new world. Beth had given me control and I was making the most of it.

‘Take it my slut. Take this punishment for me.’ Beth tried to nod her acceptance. She was still willing to be abused, still eager to please. ‘I’ll reward you soon enough. You give your cunt to me totally and I’ll eat you to as many orgasms as you can stand.’

I didn’t count but I decided she’d had enough once I was past twenty. Beth could take more. But I had promised her a reward and I was going to enjoy it almost as much as she would.

Straight away I was between her thighs. Her cunt lips were wonderfully swollen just as she’d said. They had been rather neat and small before they’d been abused. I noticed how red they were. There was an extra heat coming from her as a result of the flogging. Her flaps were so engorged with blood they enveloped her hard clit. And she was wet — so very wet!

I could wait no more and lowered my mouth onto that luscious, sopping cunt. She groaned loudly, betraying her lust for still more adulterous pleasures. Her ‘just fucked’ cunt was soaking and squishy as I went to work on her. I latched my lips and my tongue onto Beth’s clit and carefully sucked that little nub into my mouth. Beth’s body jerked suddenly and her legs straightened a little. She really did love oral.

So I drove tongue between her folds and penetrated her hot, gushing hole. It seemed like Beth came straight away. Her response was another shriek. Face up this time she was even louder. I licked along the length of her slit and sucked and licked on her clit. She shrieked again and this time I knew she really was cumming. I made a mental note to flog her cunt more if there was a next time.

I kept working on her cunt and her hole. Beth was pouring her cunt juices straight into my mouth, her body thrashing and pulling against her restraints. There was no doubt Beth was cumming. Her shrieks were so much louder now she was face-up so I quickly tried to fashion a crude gag with a towel. Not classy I’ll admit but I didn’t want anyone complaining or busting in on us.

It occurred to me how much puppy would enjoy watching Beth perform. I knew I’d enjoy the chance to show her off myself. But for the moment I just kept working at her clit and her hole as she thrashed about on the bed, huffing and puffing. Then I thrust my tongue deep inside her hot, open hole and probed around. Again Beth’s body jerked against her restraints. So I gave her a few long licks from her anus, up her slit to her clit. Her third orgasm arrived quickly and I knew she had lost all control over her body.

Beth was thrashing so hard that my attempt to muffle her noises had failed. The towel was long gone and I just had to hope there were no other guests in the adjoining rooms at that time of the day. It was so worth it, though, to hear the sounds of this once demure wife as she threw herself into her first experience of being a cheating slut.

As hard as it was, this was my cue to change-up the play once more. Beth had wanted to be punished. I knew she’d get tired eventually from all those enormous orgasms but I needed her to have the energy to take still more beatings. So I pulled away from her cunt, promising myself I’d have more of that before the night was done.

Without letting Beth gather herself I pulled her onto her side and pushed her legs so that her knees were near her chest. Once more her holes were exposed. More importantly, her big round arse was stretched taut and her flesh was available for still more punishment.

Quickly I found my favourite paddle, a nice heavy leather job. Perfect for both the pain it gives and the sounds it produces on bare skin.

‘Here we go again my little slut,’ I said softly to Beth. ‘You are learning that pleasure comes with pain. I like to give you pleasure but its important that I give you pain.’ Beth was still somewhat lost in her retreating climax. She did her best to focus on what I was saying. Her eyes tried to signal her acceptance. She was being pushed close to her limits. But I was sure she could take just a little more harsh treatment.

‘This is your punishment for being so dirty and wicked and enjoying the things I am doing to you.’ Beth tried to nod and then she let her head fall to the bed. I even saw her body relax a little. It was a post-orgasmic reaction. But Beth was also showing she was ready for her punishment. This was her darkest fantasy and she wanted to experience and to savour every bit of it.

With Beth on her side I had ready access to one cheek and a tricky job to get the other one. No matter, I delivered the first hard blow to her waiting arse. Beth hardly made a noise but the room was filled with the sound of hard leather against her flesh.

There was no need this time for a warm-up so I continued with the beating. It sounded wonderful. I took careful aim and began to pound on both her arse cheeks, first top and then bottom. I used steady strokes and gave her plenty of force. It was meant to be painful, a punishment and a validation. She was the helpless dirty slut she’d dreamed of.

With each slap of the heavy paddle Beth writhed a little as seemingly her entire body reacted to the abuse. Her flesh jiggled and her huge tits moved nicely for me. I didn’t have a number in mind so I just went on beating her. What I wanted was to make her arse glow with heat once more. A bruise or two would suit me as well. Beth never once complained or protested even though it was clear the beating was painful. In truth she didn’t know what to do.

Again and again I brought the heavy paddle down on her bottom. I swung my arm back each time, counting silently as her full cheeks turned red under the assault. Beth had never known this kind of pain or known such a humiliation. It brought home again just what she’d allowed herself to become. I know Beth’s stare never left my face, that strange look on her face showing she was angry at being beaten and yet daring me to give her more. I wasn’t concerned with that. She was mine and a beating was what I had chosen for her.

After twenty each cheek of her nice round arse had turned a glowing red. My little slut had performed so well for me. The harsh paddling would ensure the good little wife would remember, for a long time, the price of truly being a slut.

So it was time for a respite. Beth was still a novice and the idea was to have her wanting to come back another time. Finally I put down the paddle and climbed on the bed to undo the rope. Beth sighed with relief as at last she lowered her arms. The cuffs came off next and by then I could hear that her breathing was almost back to normal.

At that point I cuddled her a little and even stroked her face softly. I wanted her to know she was safe, despite everything she had experienced on this day.

‘Well done Beth. You are quite a slut and a very good submissive’.

‘Thank you Master.’

‘I am very proud of you. Such a wonderful performance for your first time,’ I went on. ‘But you didn’t use your safeword. You know I expect you to use your safeword any time you need it. And that was a pretty heavy spanking.’

‘I know. I remembered my safeword. I didn’t think I needed to use it.’

‘So what do you think of the paddle?’

‘It hurt and I didn’t like it. Do I get to choose what you use to punish me?’

‘I’m watching you carefully little slut. I know what works best and what takes you to your limits. I know what to use for fun and what to use for punishment.’

‘Yes Master.’

‘After all, you are my slut. At least while we are together. You give me control. I can choose to pleasure you or to punish you.’

Beth now seemed a little concerned with what she had said. ‘I don’t want you to stop using the paddle Master. I know its not my choice.’

‘Well the good thing is that you know what is really feels like to be punished and to feel used and abused.’

‘Yes, Master. And it is exciting to be experiencing all these new things.’

‘I enjoyed giving you a taste of the paddle. So it will be my choice. If it hurts too much you must use your safeword. I want to punish you but not to damage you.’

‘I didn’t want you to stop. I said I wanted to be punished. I really meant it, Master.’

‘That’s not the end of it yet. I will want to punish you some more before the night is done.’

‘It hurt but it seemed like a good hurt,’ she went on. ‘It was more intense than I had imagined. The punishments really hurt sometimes, especially the paddle. I didn’t like that pain.’

‘You knew I was going to hurt you. You knew that your punishment would be real and not just a fantasy any more.’

‘I liked the fact you were doing it to me. You were so focussed on me and my whole body felt alive. It was exciting to watch you do that, Master. I never thought of wanting it to stop. It was like I needed more.’

We cuddled and talked some more. Then my own lust got the better of me and I partook of her tits, massaging them and suckling on her nipples. With a little encouragement Beth even learned to hold her tits so they could be sucked properly, offering them to me in a way she’d done for no man before. It was very sexy and she was very sexy. Her huge tits were a wonder to behold and I was sure her husband had never made as much fuss over them as I would. Beth seemed a little uncomfortable at first but soon she was relaxing and smiling and enjoying the attention.

She was a bit of a mess at this stage but I decided to leave her that way. There was no need to tidy her looks for me. Beth was no longer a good wife but a dirty slut, used and abused and left on a bed thousands of miles from her husband. The sweaty, just-fucked look suited her rather well. So I peeled off the condom and went to grab a shower leaving Beth to relax for a while.

When I got back from the bathroom I was feeling extremely horny! I’d managed to keep my self control for a long time. Now was the time to let go and to test my new slut a little more.

‘Do you like having a new cock to look at?’

‘Hmmm.’ A smile. ‘Yes, I do Master.’

‘You like looking at it? Touching it? Sucking it? Being fucked by it?’

‘You are big. I wasn’t expecting that. I didn’t know if I’d like it bigger.’ A big grin. ‘But I do like it.’

‘Your first new cock. A cock you’re not married to. Suck it.’ I moved in closer. ‘Suck it like a good little slut, like my personal bitch.’

Straight away Beth did something I knew she’d hardly ever done. She climbed off the bed and went to her knees in front of me. I guessed that this was what she’d wanted to do at that party all those years ago. She wasn’t letting the chance slip by again. Beth wrapped her hand around my thick shaft and plunged her mouth over me. I happily fed my cock into her greedy mouth. I wanted to fuck her madly but instead I let her explore.

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