Chapter 2 Nosferatu

I was starting to lose my hope in Abraxis, since he hadn’t made contact with me for ten days now. Yes, I counted. Don’t judge me.

I regretted ever leaving during their fight—I wished now that I hadn’t been as hungover as I was; and that I could have stayed longer and listened, and maybe even intervened again. But that was in the past, and now I was pretty certain that Trisha had somehow managed to brainwash him into thinking I was the villain again to keep me out of his life.

If anyone ever needed a boot to the face, it was her; and that proverbial boot in her face was coming.

I was truly astounded when I received another text message during my lunch—and it was none other than Doby.

“Tonight, five pm. I’ll get you out of school tomorrow. Come party with me.” his text message read.

Hell yes I would party with my brother—and he was getting me out of school—I imagine probably because he wanted me to drink at least as hard as I had last time—though, that was on a weekend and I didn’t need to worry about school for two days. But if he was letting me skip…well, alright. You only live once—that’s the moniker, isn’t it?

I was incredibly surprised when I found out that his friend’s house was just down the street from Lauviah’s (also the mall); and I debated momentarily walking over and grabbing her, to see if she wanted to come party with me. I decided against it, however—this was time with my brother that I desperately needed.

Abraxis turned the engine off, and we sat there for a bit.

He looked over at me. “Look…about the other day…I meant to call you, but I spent the entire last week solid fighting with Trish…so, yeah.”

I nodded. “Doby, I sort of overheard the fight you had with her while I was outside…”

He swallowed nervously. “I’m still not exactly ready to discuss it…but if you could, I need a favor from you.”

I shrugged. “What is it?”

“This one is special. An old friend I used to hang out with in high school just got willed his grandmother’s house, and he’s got two rooms available. I’m prospectively looking to move in…I want you to scout it out, tell me what you think.” He admitted.

I raised my eyebrow. “So I’m not just here to party,”

“Yes and no,” he replied.

I shook my head. “I’m confused as to why you would be moving out, unless—”

He put his hand over my mouth. “No more. Not yet. Later, I promise. But not yet.”

I rolled my eyes, and nodded my agreement.

“Okay,” Abraxis got out, and I followed him to the door.

He knocked loudly; and I was reasonably surprised to see Belphegor, another one of my brother’s old friends, open the door for us. Belphegor was a lot shorter than my brother (though most people were, as he stood a whopping six-three), and sported sludge-green hair that looked like he had rolled around in bed before the party.

“Doberman! Hey brah!! Long time no see!” Belphegor slapped his hand, then pulled him into a hug. “What the fuck have you been up to?!”

My brother laughed a little bit. “Not much, just working…that’s about it nowadays.”

Belphegor led us indoors. Upstairs was relatively quiet, though I could feel the pulsing from the floor—the party was obviously centered downstairs. There was just the occasional person wandering to and from the bathroom, and a few noisy drunks in the kitchen mixing drinks.

“You still with Trash—I mean Trish?” Belphegor caught himself, then smiling goofily.

My brother shoved him. “For now,”

Belphegor looked stunned. “Whoa man, what the hell’s that mean? Last I remember you had dumped the entire wagon for her and all her shit.”

Abraxis cast me a glance. “Yeah, well, not anymore. I’m going back to the old me…but enough about that for now. We’ll talk later. Let’s mix up some fucking drinks. I’m going to get this one wasted tonight.”

Belphegor raised his eyebrow as he looked at me. “Wasted, eh? Special occasion, brah?”

Abraxis ushered me into the kitchen. “Yes. She’s going to graduate with honors, so she says. Maybe this will motivate her to keep her grades up through the end of her final semester and see that her college experience could be awesome, like this.”

I glared dully. “Seriously, if this is all some plot to get me to apply to college by the end of the year, you can forget that. I’m taking a well-deserved break from school, damnit.”

Abraxis returned the glare dutifully. “This isn’t a plot. This is you hanging out with me and the only fucking cool people in town. But yes, you really should apply for college. Have a couple of drinks, I’m sure you won’t say no then.”

Belphegor came back over to me, a blue drink in hand. “This is an AMF. It has a lot of alcohol, so I’d be careful with it if I were you, short stuff.”

“Dude, you know my family has issues with tequila.” Abraxis scathed at his friend.

Belphegor grinned. “Yeah, I know. You become blubbering sentimental idiots who can’t remember what the word ‘no’ means…But maybe she’ll be the only one immune to it, you never know. Either way, I think it’ll be funny. Besides she’s here with us, what could possibly go wrong?”

“Abraxis, chill out. We’re here to party. It’ll be fine.” I giggled, watching as my brother gave me an appalled stare-down after seeing half the drink was gone already.

Belphegor laughed. “Wow she can really gulp ‘em down. Must get that from you!”

Abraxis shoved him into the wall.

“I want another,” I asked, showing them my empty cup.

My brother went to stop him, but I gave him my best puppy eyes. He finally let his friend pass, and Belphegor made me a second AMF. I started to drink it down too; pfft, if this was drinking, it sure as hell wasn’t hard. My brother shook his head at me.

Belphegor laughed even harder as he watched me. “Alright, well, the party is downstairs. There’s a makeshift mosh pit and a stripper pole…Oh! And I hope you brought your swimsuit, since there’s a hot tub, too…”

I looked outside, seeing a bunch of skinny, slutty girls playing around in the hot tub. There was also a pool, but given the time of year, it was covered. I also noticed three dogs outside—two Dobermans; one red and rust, the second black and tan, followed by a little dachshund. So the owner liked dogs; that was good. Maybe this place wouldn’t be so bad for my brother after all.

I quickly followed them into the basement, still sipping heavily on my drink. The alcohol invaded my system all at once, and I watched in slow motion as a bunch of people moshed in the middle of the living room; Belphegor and my brother included.

Then something amazing happened. Our song came on.

Yes, my brother and I have a song! Shut up!

I set down my empty cup and ran into the middle of the pit as The Black Dahlia Murder’s song Miasma came on, and pulverized my brother. He only pushed back half as hard—since I’m still a frail little girl. Suddenly he and I were screaming (singing equivalent in our genre), and moshing, and head-banging, and people were rocking out to our personal anthem.

“Vampire Youth! Raise your cups to the ne’er waning moon; let its visage ring true! To the hearts cold and blue, we’re dying each moment free! We’re all animals here…flesh and blood, bone and dream…we’re just impulses here…just another piece of shit in the storm!” We all sang together, and everyone raised me up so I could crowd-surf among them.

Time slowed to a halt as I was thrown up and down within the crowd of screaming people. Over in the corner, amidst the fuzzy graininess of my sight, I made out someone sitting in a chair. He looked pretty pleased as he watched all of us, taking a drink from the beer bottle in his hand. I caught a second look—he was fucking gorgeous—piercing glacier blue eyes, jet black hair, and a silver vampire kiss glinting from the left side of his lower lip were all I could focus on. He was just sitting there in his chair, but acting as though it were more of a throne.

He smiled at me.

I fell; hard. I winded myself pretty good, too. I assume this physical action spoke of the metaphorical one—suddenly I had felt something for a guy that I pretty much had, well, never felt—it was even different from my feelings towards Abraxis, though, that’s an explanation best kept for another time.

Anyways, my brother was lifting me off the ground before I knew it, and blocking my view of the virile specimen. This angered me greatly, but I didn’t have time to think on it, since my world all of a sudden turned black. He was right; tequila really isn’t good for us at all.

I awoke upstairs, and I stared at the ceiling for a moment before I tried to move. My chest still hurt like a bitch, but I would get over it—or as I decided at the time, drown it out with some more drink. I sat up slowly, and found that the black leather couch I was on was probably the most comfortable sofa I had ever had the pleasure of passing out on.

My brother probably had taken my phone, that way I wouldn’t lose it. God knew he held his liquor way better than I ever could, and I damned myself for thinking I could have ever contended with him without embarrassing myself. Oh well; at least I had a wicked awesome story to tell everyone at school now—they’d all be jealous once they heard I got to party with my brother and his friends and drank so hard I passed out.

The clock on the modem alerted me that I had been gone for at least four hours; the last time I saw a clock it had been seven—and god only knows what time I actually blacked out. I shuffled into the kitchen, taking a seat and holding my head—everything was spinning around since I was still very, very drunk.

I was a lightweight, okay? Come on.

It appeared that the gods of luck had smiled on me that night—since aside from the people outside in the hot tub, the exalted, radiant, and now shirtless King of Basement and I were the only two upstairs—and he didn’t even know I was there. I managed to sneak up on him, somehow.

I watched him with open mouth, staring and (possibly) drooling as he waltzed around the countertops with cartoonish grace—seriously, he must have popped out of some Japanese anime or something; this was mostly because he was so tall; at least as tall as my brother. I continued to watch, convincing myself there was no way he was this perfect.

To be honest, I could have sat there and watched him the rest of the night if he hadn’t broken my concentration. It seemed he finally became aware of my presence, and he let out a deep, breathy laugh as he turned around to face me—and I fought to not make a face after I saw he was totally chiseled. Okay seriously, was he a golem made from one of those marble Greek statues? There was no way he was real. It wasn’t possible.

We locked eyes. “Finally awake, are we?”

My lips glued together. Well, that was the end of that, then.

A grin slowly spread across his face. “You look like you could use another drink,”

I nodded weakly.

“Here, it’s light. It’ll keep your buzz but won’t screw you up,” he set down an Appletini in front of me.

I took a couple gulps, which did instant wonders to my confidence. “Thanks,”

And just like that, the curse was vanquished; I could now speak to the incredible man-god-golem-greek-statue-anime-prince-thing that stood in front of me—and now stared at me. I took a few more sips.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before,” he mused, still looking at me as he tapped his finger on a bottle of Pendleton whiskey. “Who brought you?”

“Uh…oh, my brother did. Friend of a friend type…thing.” I stammered—damnit, he was still affecting me! I needed more.

“Your brother, huh? Do I know him?” He took my glass when it was empty, and refilled it, then sitting down from across me.

I shrugged. “I don’t know…I guess not. Anyone who knows him generally knows me.”

He scoffed at me. “Well, then, I guess, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance? Since obviously I don’t know either of you.”

“Yep, I suppose the pleasure’s all mine,” I smiled goofily; oh yes, yes it was.

“I’m Nosferatu, by the way,” he put his hand out on the table for a handshake, “but you can call me Nos…or you know scream it, whatever.”

I felt my face flush as I slid my hand carefully to meet his for the greeting. “I’m Kara,”

“Kara, huh? What do you do, Kara?” he asked me, then taking a swig from the fifth of Pendleton.

I gaped at him for a moment. “Well uh, right now…I’m still in school.”

He raised his eyebrow and looked at me. “School? What, you mean like high school?”

I nodded grimly.

He laughed. “Wow, okay…uh…how old are you?”

“Eighteen, I turned at the end of January.” I replied, sipping from my Appletini—I needed another confidence boost.

He sighed with relief. “Thank god, I was going to kick myself for hitting on a minor.”

Whoa—so his joke was a little more than a joke—no, that wasn’t right. There’s no way this glorious god-man-anime—Okay, okay, I’ll stop—guy was hitting on me. I downed the rest of the Appletini, feeling the waves of comforting warmth lapping at me, and reminding me I hadn’t eaten at all that night.

He laughed. “I guess it doesn’t matter, since all my flirting efforts with you are falling dead.”

I blushed. “Sorry, I’ve only really been with a girl before,”

He guffawed. “Wow, you’re a lesbian? Really? You ever kick a dude down and scream, ‘This is LESBOS!’? Cause I’d pay to see that shit coming from a tiny thing like you.”

I understood his reference, and threw it back. “Actually it’s lesbos, you don’t pronounce the ‘s.’ And no, I’ve not kicked a dude down, I don’t have the Sparta kick going for me, sadly. I’m too small.”

He laughed. “So you can quote South Park? Just my luck—I find the girl who gets my references and she only digs other women. Jesus, I’d love to meet the lucky girl who gets you,”

“No, no, no; I’m not a lesbian…I’m bisexual…but I’ve never had a boyfriend or anything.” I corrected him.

He gave me a surprised look. “You swing for both teams? Wow, way to surprise me again. And I cannot believe you haven’t had a boyfriend. Tell me you’re lying.”

I shook my head resolutely.

He leaned in. “So…you’re a virgin, then?”

I blushed and looked away, debating momentarily whether or not to tell the truth. I finally nodded, but I wasn’t looking at him when I did. “Yeah, I’ve only fooled around. No sex.”

“Wow…” he breathed. “Maybe this is the alcohol talking, but assuming you’ve got more awesome surprises in store for me, I think I’d like to be the lucky guy who takes you,”

I gasped, and looked over at him. We gazed at one another for a bit, but before either of us could say anything, I was interrupted by my brother’s hand coming in between us, slapping my phone down onto the table in front of me. We both flinched, and looked at him.

“Sup Doberman,” Nos said calmly.

“Nos, I gotta go for a minute. It seems Trisha has come home to find out that I’m not there, and she’s throwing a bitch-fit because she thinks I’m out cheating on her. If you’ll excuse me, I need to deal with my failing engagement. I’ll be back. If you could, make sure my sister doesn’t get too drunk in my absence. There might be hell to pay.” He looked over at me. “On both ends.”

Nos pressed his tongue to his cheek, giving me a glance before looking back at my brother. “Sure thing man,”

I shook my head, getting up and grabbing his arm. “No, you can’t leave me here by myself! You said we were hanging out tonight, Abraxis! This isn’t fair!”

He squeezed my hand, and removed it from his arm, not like there was much effort involved. “Look, I will be back, I promise. I’m not going to just leave you here…but I need to deal with this bullshit first. Okay? I’ll be back.”

And with that, my brother was out the door. I fell into my chair; wanting to cry.

I’m actually going to take pause here for a moment to explain my feelings for my brother. Yes, okay, on top of my bisexuality I have an incest-thing. But only for Abraxis. I don’t really have any way of describing it, it’s not like I feel this way for any of my other brothers—because I don’t. Abraxis and I were always just close—as far back as I can remember. Whenever the thunderstorm hit, it was his bed I ran to. If I fell down and got injured, he was the one who held me. When our parents were gone and nobody else paid attention to me, he did.

Abraxis and I were pretty much attached at the hip. In fact, he was my first kiss—look, we were little back then, and I guess we didn’t understand (or didn’t care, still not sure which one it actually was)—so yeah, it happened…and then some other stuff happened. It was just some petting, but I guess that still counts.

With that in mind, does it make sense now why I took the abandonment so hard? And I really did. My Dad put me through therapy for a while—and by therapy I mean he took me to fucking band practice every day to listen to him shred people’s faces off—so instead of feeling sad, I felt angry, and things became worse. To be fair, my Dad had good intentions; but being the front man for a blackened death metal band gives you a vastly different perspective on life.


Nosferatu was giving me a different look now—and I could see that after encountering my brother and realizing he did know him (and obviously his reputation)—everything he had said and thought was probably completely null and void now. And that was how big brother ruined every single potential relationship I could have had.

“You’re Doberman’s little sister,” his face still displaying his utter shock.

I hid my face in my hands. “Ugh, it’s horrible! God, when will he see—when will he just fucking leave her?! I’ve had enough of this shit! This was my night, damnit!”

Nosferatu pulled my arms away from my face; which was now totally stained with tears—and I didn’t even care. Forget sleeping with Nos, forget the partying—I just wanted my fucking brother back—and with Trisha still around, that would never happen.

He gave me a sympathetic look. “If it makes you feel better, half his stuff is already here, in his room. I’m going to give it another week, tops. It’s more than obvious that he’s done putting up with her shit.”

I mopped my face up with the sleeves of my hoodie. “It’s for real then? He is leaving?”

Nosferatu got up, and grabbed my empty glass to make me another Appletini. “Yes. He said even if he does—for whatever reason—choose to stay with her, he still wants to move out. So he’ll be here and not there, and therefore your banishment from her domain no longer counts. This is my fucking house, and I’ll let whoever I want in.”

He came back over to me, my Appletini and his bottle of Pendleton in one hand, the other reaching out to help me up. “Come on, I think you need a break. Let’s go watch some South Park or something,”

I stared up at him wearily. “You seriously still want to hang out with me, even after that weird spectacle he just made?”

He nodded. “I once had a little sister I was immensely over-protective of, too, you know. Besides, I’m not concerned—I kind of have him by the balls right now. His shit is in my house, he already paid rent, which I deposited and then spent on this awesome party—oh, and the real vice-grip—I haven’t made copies of the keys yet. So yes, again, it’s South Park time.”

I gave him a small smile, and took his hand. He led me to the west side of the house, where there were three doors. The furthest to the right was a darkened and mostly empty bedroom; but I could see had some boxes in it. This must have been my brother’s room. Next to it was the bathroom, and Nos was opening the door to the left of it—this was his room—the one facing the backyard.

I told him I needed to go to the bathroom, and he let go of my hand. As soon as I locked the door, I started to look for anything that might have belonged to my brother; and when I found the brush full of red hair I thanked the gods profusely. I brushed out the gnarled mess of black cherry hair—still damning myself for getting the weird mutation when both of my full-blood brothers had bright strawberry red hair and I was stuck with this. I managed to make it look good, I fixed what little was left of my makeup, and got rid of the spots on my face from crying. Oh right, then I actually peed—since I would be damned if we started to get intimate and I interrupted it.

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