In the hot morning sun beside the pool, Eric was put to good use by his mistress. As she, Wanda and Cherie basked naked, Eric was pleased to be of service to the three women; he was told to remain naked too and the women enjoyed noting his unhidden excitement as he oiled their shimmering bodies in the warmth of the sun. The women took great delight in allowing him to rub oil into their most intimate places, ensuring he made sure their nipples, pussies and assholes were liberally covered. They took great pleasure in noting his cock stiffen and bob as he was allowed to massage the slippery oil into their folds and puckers. He knelt down on a central pad in the shade, waiting their next command for drinks or a further oiling; the maids sauntered past, grinning and naked too, as they took a leisurely dip in the pool. The female members of the staff household loved it when male slaves came with the guests; they were encouraged to flaunt their temporary liberation from some of their more mundane duties, and ensure the males who attended were fully aware of it. This sublime humbling added to the male’s sense of humility and submission; this was not lost on Eric as the maids ordered him to provide drinks for them; his balls tingled with submissive pleasure as he noted one of the maids was the one who had caned and owned LeClerc with such satisfaction.

He had just returned to his place in the shade when Lola and Nanette arrived in her taxi. This was her last trip, having been up most of the early hours; an oiling from a slave would be perfect. The women greeted the two as they both stripped naked and asked Victoria if they could use her slave.

“Why of course! He needs to be kept busy today; I know he’s excited about seeing Marcel service me tonight, he must learn that he is permanently in service to womanhood from now on.” The woman laughed as they thought of Marcel’s most prominent feature with more than an element of lust. Lola looked sternly at Eric and clicked her fingers; his cock was now rigid as he began the task of oiling the beautifully olive skinned Lola, her supple and curvaceous body no stranger to the Mediterranean sun. She smiled with satisfaction as he carefully rubbed oil into her globular breasts, her nipples poking out excitedly as she was tended by an obviously submissive male; the wickedly dominant ruler of the household servants would ensure Victoria’s male knew humility.

“You make sure to lick my pussy and asshole before oiling down there; I’ve had a long night and need refreshing.” The other women and the nearby maids sniggered and watched with interest as he oiled down to her torso; she then lifted her legs and presented him with her sweetly perspiring cunt and asshole, both giving aromatic clues to the various excitements she had experienced during the small hours at the club. Eric’s balls tingled and pulsed with pleasure as he took in the delightful scent and taste of the golden-brown pussy; its inner pink flaps deliciously savoury with womanly essences. Lola was ready for a humiliating treat.

“I saw Marcel last night; he is so looking forward to fucking your mistress.” She looked to Victoria who grinned and nodded her approval.

“You know we’re going to film the whole performance so’s all of us can enjoy the fun; I can’t wait to see you suck his cock clean, I know the maids are looking forward to it; they don’t often get the chance to see a real man’s cock, they’ll be so jealous of you when you have the pleasure of licking him clean.” The women sniggered with satisfaction; even before the event, Eric was to be shown no mercy. His cock pulsed with a strange mixed sensation; he wanted it over and done with so he could watch the event with the humiliating taunts of the maids; he knew his mistress was looking forward to the actual event.

Lola’s freshly cleaned pussy bulged with satisfaction as Eric now sampled the savoury tang of her richly perfumed anus; his tongue eagerly probing the warmth of the dominant female’s asshole. The bronzed and assertive woman took the opportunity to taunt him as the other women and maids watched him service her asshole.

“I know you’re looking forward to sucking his cock for him when he’s done, you must consider it a real privilege as all the ladies here would love the chance to do that.” Eric’s balls tingled and the women laughed at his pending predicament as he thought of the task; it was going to be a strange and very humiliating experience, but he knew the act would reinforce Victoria’s sense of dominance over him and would further prove he was willing to do anything to please her. Her asshole nicely refreshed, Lola lay back and allowed Eric to finish oiling her legs and most intimate places. He was happy to perform the same duties for Nanette as the women chatted openly with Victoria about her being pleasured by a real man that evening; Eric was made to feel completely insignificant as he obliged the ladies with their mundane desires by the pool.

Victoria seemed to sense that perhaps this was all a little too strong for the male who had become her slave only recently, and ushered him over to share a drink with her; Eric was getting very hot, not being so well acquainted with the sun as were the French women, and she was anxious that he would be fit for the evening. Eric gratefully sipped the fruit cocktail as his mistress gave him a warm smile of encouragement, which did not help him conceal the excitement which had built up when he’d performed his earlier tasks; he bulged and tingled as he viewed Victoria’s ample breasts and thighs as the oil shimmered on her delicious naked physique. She noted his excitement and adjusted her thighs, allowing him a glimpse of her freshly shaven pussy. She put her index finger under his chin and whispered to him as the other women dozed in the sun.

You must be obedient and do as I say at all times; you know I find you special, which is why I’ve chosen you, but you must be made to know your place at every opportunity. I am finding my adventure with you most exhilarating, and I know you are getting a deep satisfaction from being owned by me too. What you do for me this evening will be very rewarding for me and I promise you will not regret it; it’s beautiful here in the sun, but the real adventure will begin when I get you home, which reminds me; you will accompany me to the leather boutique before we leave, I shall buy some exquisite accessories for you.” She leaned forward and gave him a warm and sensual kiss with her sweet red lips, making his cock achieve its maximum length; she giggled and sprayed some oil on it and massaged it in, leaving him very close to orgasm. He could not help but look disappointed when she ceased without allowing him to shoot; she smiled wickedly at him.

“Not now; don’t worry, you will shoot your cream in abundance tonight, I guarantee it.”

As evening fell, Eric was taken leashed to the bedroom and made to kneel naked by the bed as his mistress prepared for the visit of the stud. After applying a sweet smelling scent to her neck and torso, she sat at the edge of the bed and had Eric suck her toes whilst she told him how worthless he was, and how much she would enjoy having him watch while she was rigorously fucked by a real man. As the hour approached she was nicely aroused indeed, and Eric was erect and dribbling, having been verbally humiliated continually by his mistress; this would pale into insignificance in comparison to the humiliation he would face shortly.

With the bedroom door slightly ajar, Victoria’s pussy tingled as the doorbell rang. Dressed in just a full length black chiffon shawl which hid no part of her delicious body, she turned to Eric and gave him a stern sneer before disappearing down the stairs to greet Marcel. Eric’s cock pulsed as the minutes passed while he heard the murmurings downstairs of Cherie, his mistress and a deep voiced male, obviously exchanging greetings and niceties. His cock remained rigid, but pulsed equally as much in fear as anticipation as he heard footsteps ascending the stairs. A sneering Victoria appeared, leading a black male of about six feet four inches, who sniggered with contempt as he saw Eric kneeling obediently for his mistress like a pet dog. They stood close to the kneeling submissive as Victoria took great delight in first discarding her shawl and flaunting her naked body; her grey middle-class origins disappeared forever as she undid Marcel’s lower garments and gasped with a satisfied smile at his huge cock, which stiffened admirably as he viewed the elegant and mature white woman he would now fuck.

Victoria smiled down at Eric as she applied both hands to manipulate the huge black member with its glossy brown bell-end at least twice the size of Eric’s. Marcel sighed with lust as the delectable widow gracefully bent and sniffed at his bell-end before teasing it with her tongue, making its whole length bob excitedly. She turned to Eric with a wicked smile; her dominant streak now in full flow.

“Just look at the size of this beautiful cock Eric, I am so going to enjoy having Marcel fuck me.” She lovingly stretched her mouth about the generous organ and sucked with her eyes closed, making Marcel groan with pleasure. She opened her eyes and looked at the pathetic countenance of Eric as she slid her mouth clear of his bell-end; a globule of pre-cum stringing from his black cock to her lips as she did so.

“Come Marcel; I want that cock deep in my cunt now. We’re both going to have glorious orgasms and then we’ll have Eric clean up.” Eric was humbled beyond belief as he watched his smiling mistress lay back and spread the juicy cunt he so worshipped and had shaved smooth for her. Marcel wasted no time; foreplay was not necessary, just the size of his cock had excited her cunt to dribbling arousal. She pulled her legs back and smiled down at Eric with a look of utter contempt for him, and complete satisfaction with herself. She had made sure he was in a position to get the best display as her juicy cunt was eclipsed by the huge black pole of a cock which Marcel squeezed into her tight mature slit, stretching it to near splitting and making her moan with absolute ecstasy.

He felt totally inadequate as he watched Marcel’s black balls slap at the milky white ass of his mistress, then slowly retract as he got closer to excitement peaked. Victoria’s asshole clenched and dilated teasingly as her clitoris was perpetually pleasured by the huge girth of the sliding black pole.

Eric’s cock dribbled with jealous and submissive excitement as he heard his mistress sing out in sweet ecstasy as she indulged in the raw and carnal pleasure of the huge pumping cock. Eric wanted to masturbate now, as white streaks appeared down the length of Marcel’s cock as it slid back and forth relentlessly; he was beginning to come. He grunted and moaned as Victoria lifted her legs high and stared at Eric with her mouth agape, wailing as wave after wave of acute ecstasy pulsed through her body. Marcel pumped with fury as he groaned as though he’d been stabbed; such was the pleasure he basked in as he unleashed his balls and spunked for all his worth into Eric’s mistress.

After the two had grappled and convulsed in heaven for another minute or so, Marcel pulled his massive cock clear, and worked it with his hand as he pulled just clear of Victoria’s messy cunt. He grunted some more as he shot the remainder of his load down her juicy slit and around her excited asshole. Victoria, smiling and panting, lifted herself up and sneered at Eric.

“Get over here right now and suck Marcel clean!” Eric scuttled over with his cock erect and stiff; the two laughing at its puny size, diminutive compared to the pole he would now be forced to lick clean. Marcel knelt on the bed with his still erect pole, jutting out; slippery and cum covered. Ric faltered just for a moment. Victoria laughed and commanded once more.

“You get that cock in your mouth now!” Eric clenched the massive prick halfway down, and closed his eyes as he slid his lips over the huge bell-end and sucked at the salty, slimy taste. Marcel grunted as he pulsed a little more cum from his vast cock, just for Eric’s pleasure, Eric swallowed automatically as the warm semen dribbled to the back of his throat. Victoria was now in her element and her pussy was already buzzing again with fresh dominant enthusiasm; she had not realised just how much she would enjoy this subliminal act of submission.

“You open your eyes right now or I shall thrash you in front of Marcel too! I want you to look at what you’re doing and know that it is your place in life and it is I who has brought you down to this.” Eric’s cock stiffened to full rigidity at his mistress’s words; he was also ashamed. As he looked down the length of the huge cock and balls, he sucked on the warmth of the cock and realised he was enjoying this supreme act of submission; it made him want to come.

When Victoria and Marcel had decided the cock was clean enough, he was then set to cleaning his mistress; this he did with absolute relish; she held his head deep as he lapped at the salty morsels left by the huge cock. His own cock was fit to burst as Victoria and Marcel laughed at him as he licked her asshole clear of the blobs of hot cream. Eric looked pleadingly up at her and she pointed to her feet.

“You’ll mess on my feet and lick it up. Tomorrow you shall have the cane again for hesitating earlier.” Eric was in submissive heaven as he gratefully stroked his cock whilst Victoria and Marcel looked on. Marcel laughed heartily as Eric grunted in ecstasy and shot his meagre offering across his mistress’s feet and ankles. She smiled with supreme satisfaction as he lovingly licked her feet clean of his own mess. He was made to thank Marcel for fucking his mistress before the owner of the huge cock left, spent and contented.

Casablanca in the thirties was a cosmopolitan sprawl of adventurers and chancers from all corners of the planet; its Wild West feel drew many into its seedy society. The political climate to the north, mirrored by the eternal African turmoil to the south, only served to colour its atmosphere; generating business for the myriad of nightclub owners.

A welcome cool breeze blew through town, now the heat of the sun was spent; the palms waved gently as if to air their scorched fronds. The evening brought out a different hubbub of people from those who plied their business during daylight hours. Attractive young women glanced back and forth from dark corners; slender legs and tight dresses advertising companionships, and more, for the right price. All along the more popular streets, the colourful illuminated signs blinked and flickered on; the evening of all evenings promised by each one of them.

The Blue Oasis was already heaving, as was the Diamond of Africa opposite; both clubs were owned by women, who had become ruthlessly independent in the running of their businesses. Many men had tried to move in on them, by muscle or guile, many men had failed and some had disappeared.

Already hard at work in the Blue oasis was Karl; he had been one of those men, and now found himself owned by the phenomenal woman who owned the club; Dale Fontaine. Just eighteen months earlier, Karl had tried to move in and take over.

He found himself being mesmerised by Dale, a beautiful black woman, and was soon tricked into submission by her and the other women she associated with. He awoke one day to find himself her captive, and was taught to respect women as she and her feminine compatriots grilled him about his origins and intentions. Karl was to realise another side to his erotic psyche whilst this went on, and came to worship Dale. The fiercely dominant woman recognised this, and attracted by his good looks, decided he would be of use working for her. She decided to keep him as a toy, rather than dispose of him as she had so many other males.

Carl poured yet another cocktail as he looked through the smoky haze toward the small stage at the end of the club. The club was bustling as many people had come to see Sabine sing. The delectable redheaded woman warbled out yet another song; a full length dress split provocatively up one side, showing a very desirable thigh, clad with stocking and suspender.

Sabine would bring many men in, and Dale would no doubt pick one to ask up to her room tonight. She had not done so in a while and Karl was shameful about a semi-permanent erection. Dale had not humiliated him in a while, and she was overdue in doing so. He both hated it, and loved it.

A section of regulars looked toward the stairs and applauded as Dale Fontaine glided elegantly down the stairs from her rooms above. The lights reflected off her silky brown flesh, extensive amounts of which were on show, as she wiggled in a skin tight dress.

Her ample breasts were in danger of spilling out of the skimpy top half of the tiny dress. Eyes bulged in mimicry of the soft chocolate brown, silky breasts which heaved as she strutted purposely and formidably past her many admirers. She could feel them jostling for position behind her as they watched her glorious, and also ample rear, move sweetly and invitingly in the tight dress. Men were so childish, she thought, but fun to play with.

Dale said her hellos and blew kisses, then walked behind the bar to Karl. She could not deny she had a soft spot for him, but this simply encouraged her dominance as she knew he was submissive. Karl’s cock was now fully erect; he so needed to be close to her again, whatever the circumstances. Dressed like this, she must be in an erotically charged mood, surely? Dale stood before him and pursed her succulent lips. Karl’s cock pulsed as he viewed her moist dark lips.

“Well?” Dale stared at him with contempt; a look which brought out her feminine dominance superbly. He gulped as he felt his cock squirm in his underwear. If she did not use him tonight, he would be forced to go and relieve himself whilst memorising the look she now gave him.

“You look magnificent Madame Fontaine” he said, truthfully but subserviently, just how she liked him to respond. She smiled and pointed to a bottle on the ground shelf behind the bar.

“I think I’ll have one of those; immediately!” As he dropped down below the bar to reach the bottle, she lifted one of her feet. He immediately assumed a kneeling position, cradled her foot with both hands and kissed the toes which shone out at him from her golden high heeled sandals. The toenails were painted in matching gold, setting off her elegant brown feet perfectly. He looked up at her submissively and with a want in his eyes that she understood perfectly; she was the woman who had put it there for him.

She gave him another look of contempt, followed by a sneer of expressive dominance over the enslaved male below her. She pointed to the underneath of the bar itself.

“I think you’ll need that tonight; I need servicing by a real male, and you need to be humiliated.” He sighed with relief as he looked under the bar at the collar and leash which was kept there. It remained in this place except when he wore it for her, serving as a reminder to the permanence of his ownership by her. Dale took great delight in showing it to her female friends, and often taunted him with it. Though he felt shame as the women sneered and laughed at him on such occasions, he was grateful for the erotic charge it gave him. He would then sneak away and masturbate at the thought of their laughing at him. He was hopelessly enslaved by his own submission to all women.

Karl now served drinks and viewed the throng with much greater interest; one of these lucky males would realise their dreams tonight, even though they might find the circumstances a little strange, if they were not aware of Dale’s dominant nature and of her strange relationship with her Bar Manager. The chosen male was quite often aware of it though; he had on occasion been held on his leash by a prostitute, brought along with Dale’s permission by the chosen male, both watching Karl perform afterwards before leaving to continue a highly erotic evening together. Dale was always happy to accommodate any idea which would increase her pleasure and her slave’s humiliation.

His thoughts were scrambled somewhat, when, despite the attraction of the divine Sabine, there began an exodus by a largish section of their custom. Karl watched as members of the crowd spoke at each-other excitedly; Karl leaned over the bar into them.

“What’s going on?” he said, as the two pretty barmaids who had just arrived to assist were nearly pushed back through the entrance. A man putting his trilby on answered.

“Don’t panic monsieur, we’ll be back four our Sabine; just a quick drink across at the Diamond; Hope’s got her drinks at half-price for an hour!” Dale was not pleased but maintained her composure as she strode to the entrance; the crowd parted like the sea before Moses, as the supremely assertive woman’s presence ensured no-one was stupid enough to get in her way.

She walked out into the warm evening air as a good deal of her patrons scampered past, sheepishly. Across the road in the light of the arched entrance of the Diamond of Arica, smoking through a six inch long cigarette holder, stood Hope Danziger.

Hope was a match for Dale in every respect. She was also as superbly dominant and independent woman of about 45 years. Her milky white skin being the only antithesis of Dale, this equally shapely auburn haired vixen having disposed of as many hostile male, would-be usurpers; some of whom were rumoured to now occupy shallow graves out in the desert.

The desert was somewhere Hope often went riding on her white stallion, causing a stir amongst the local nomads, many of whom would have paid good money for the flame haired beauty with alabaster skin, if only they could find the man that owned her; they never would.

She also had a soft spot for Karl; who was presently viewing the situation through the crack in the open door behind Dale. Karl could not deny he found Hope extremely attractive. He often dreamed of being dominated by her also, and would watch the street outside, careful not to be seen watching by Dale, getting a nice erection on viewing the deliciously dominant women as she alighted from her steed; her shapely thighs and arse in tight white jodhpurs and thigh length boots, riding crop or whip in hand.

She often taunted him if she saw him, much to his delight, standing dominantly with legs apart and whipping the crop into her leather gloved hands; his cock would rise instantly on those sweet occasions. As the exodus slowed but continued, Hope smiled and waved her cigarette holder at Dale.

“Business is brisk tonight, isn’t it? The way things are going Dale, I shall have to borrow some of your bar staff. You tell that Karl, I’ll take him on any day; I know he’d love to work under me, and I have a nice comfortable bedroom he can stay in too.” Karl’s cock bulged at the thought, and he backed away slightly as he watched Dale tense and bristle briefly. She quickly relaxed and smiled back before turning and making an announcement.

“Double measures for the price of one at the Oasis for the next hour!” Hope smiled back at her, as confused drinkers went headlong into each-other in the drinking spree free-for-all. Though rivals, they had a sneaking admiration for each-other, but neither would admit it openly. Jazz music blared from the Diamond, whilst Sabine’s sexy voice pierced the air in the Oasis; it was a typical Casablanca evening, though Karl knew it would be a little extra special later.

As the evening wore on and the density of the cigarette smoke thickened, Karl continued to survey the scene avidly. He could not take his eyes from Dale for a moment, as she strutted her stuff, illustrating her exquisite body from one group to another; males of all descriptions ogling her with their tongues virtually hanging out. As Midnight passed, Sabine took to the stage once more and sang sultry love songs as the lights were dimmed. She smiled knowingly at Karl, and winked as Dale started to dance with certain individuals who had taken her eye.

Though Sabine was only 25 or so, she too loved to tease Karl; it came naturally to her. She had been recruited by Dale from the Venus in Furs club, in the red-light district; she sang there to the audience of strongly assertive females and the meek males who came to be taken by them. Dale was delighted to learn that Sabine had originally been a customer there, and her singing career had started by chance; she had a penchant for using the cane, and Karl had been introduced to her, and the cane, on her arrival at the Oasis. Sabine often took delight in assisting with Dale’s erotic rituals, and as she dolefully warbled out another tune and smiled at him full in the eyes, Karl had an idea she’d play a part tonight.

By one o’clock the crowd had dwindled and Dale had made her choice. She had chosen a huge black male in a grey business suit, down from Marseille. She whispered in his ear and he looked over to Karl and nodded his head, laughing. Sabine stepped down from behind the star shaped microphone and cuddled the man, daintily lifting one leg and curling it about his body provocatively. She then smirked and strutted toward Karl as the man took Dale upstairs. Sabine approached the bar.

“Leash; now!” the two pretty barmaids giggled as red-faced, he handed Sabine the collar and leash; the two carried on polishing glasses as he meekly followed the beautiful arse with leash swinging beside it to the stairs.

“You think of us when you’re having fun, won’t you.” Giggled the girls; even they taunted him with abandon. Shamed, he may have been, but his cock was rigid with anticipation as he followed the beautiful yet spiteful Sabine up the stairs.

Outside the main bedroom, Sabine had him strip naked and kneel, and took great delight in collaring him. She sneered as she tugged spitefully at the leash, ensuring he knew just who was in control of the situation. She then stripped herself and stood in front of him; her sweet ginger bush before his nose; the scent of her arousal was intoxicating, his cock stiffened with excitement. She put the leash between her legs and pulled from behind, bringing his face into the heavenly warmth of her sex.

“There, you give me a good licking whilst you can; once we’re in there, you’ll have to watch another man fuck your mistress as usual, so you’d best make the most of my pussy now. I want you to lick it nicely so it’s lubricated and ready for a nice big cock; not yours of course, you’re not worthy. After he’s pleased Dale he’s going to fuck me too, so you do your duty and make sure I’m ready for a real man.” As he duly lapped at her sweet scented pussy, she giggled with physical pleasure, and with the contentment at humiliating him in a new way. Though she wanted to orgasm as she tingled with pleasure at her sheer dominance over him, she was keen to watch the performance, by both stud and slave, so she pulled him away and led him into the bedroom.

Karl was positioned so that he would have a grand view of the proceedings to come; Sabine picked a cane from a parasol stand inside the door, taking great pleasure in marshalling him to the spot; she whipped his arse several times just for good measure. He heard chuckling as Dale and the chosen stud moved out of the shadows toward the illuminated bed.

They were both naked and Dale led the man to the bed by his huge cock. Karl looked enviously at Dale, as her gloriously supple body shimmered in the light, the beautiful brown tones and her delectably curved feminine features moved ever closer to the bed, where she would be fucked once again while he watched. Sabine cooed at the sight of the well-endowed beast she would sample later. She pulled Karl’s leash tight and teased his five or so inches with the cane. She tingled at his humiliation and taunted him.

“Just look at that cock, he must have at least 14 inches, and the girth; you can hardly see Dale’s forearm behind it, don’t you wish you had a cock like that? Yours is useless isn’t it? Just you watch how a real man performs; you know just where that cock is going to go don’t you?” She struck him with the cane to prompt a response from him, though the question did not really require answering.

“Yes Mistress Sabine, I wish I had a cock like that, and I know he will fuck Madame Fontaine with it.” He was truly envious of the huge black phallus he saw before him; he felt hopelessly inadequate and had only once been allowed to penetrate Dale; she had queened him whilst enjoying watching a large black friend facesit him; even then he had not been allowed to come inside her. She had taken his cock and taunted him whilst bringing him off between thumb and one finger.

Dale sat back on the bed and splayed her legs, smiling over at Karl. Sabine pulled the leash tight to make sure he paid attention to his owner. Though the huge circular fans in the ceiling wafted the air in the room, the humidity was particularly bad that night; he watched as beads of sweat trickled down Dales glistening inner thighs as she massaged the huge cock, which seemed to grow even bigger.

The huge bulbous glans lifted as his cock arched slightly when Dale’s succulent full lips half kissed and half sucked the glistening helmet. Her eyes looked straight into those of the pathetic kneeling slave before her. To think he once had the audacity to try to take over her business.

The black man was now getting over excited, and Dale let go of his cock as she moved back on the bed; the huge cock did not droop one millimetre and remained rigid, like a spear. The beads of sweat now dripped from one and all, and the scent of arousal permeated the room. Sabine giggled and pulled at the leash, one more taunt.

“Now we’ll see him fuck her; I bet you can’t wait.” He could not; as ashamed as he was, he was enjoying his submission to the women, and knew what was to follow; the true disgrace was yet to come. His cock pulsed and stiffened as Dale kept her eyes on him as she lifted her legs high and wide. Sabine held his head firmly, not that she needed to do so. He looked at her wonderful sex which dribbled sweat and juices down to her sweetly puckered anus, which looked very inviting.

The stud moved in and Dale sighed as he eased his huge cock into her; Karl watched as the head squeezed between dales jet black lips and the length of his thick member slid in for what seemed an eternity. Dale giggled with pleasure as he eased to the hilt. He drew back slowly, just the once; his cock now glistening and shiny, then began to glide back and forth rhythmically. Dale screwed her lips tight in an expression of sheer pleasure as the huge cock relentlessly massaged her tightly captive clitoris; her whole vagina became one big g-spot.

Sabine squatted next to Karl and repeatedly swatted the glans of his stiff little cock with the cane, whilst she commented on the splendid show before them. Dale felt the full erotic pleasure, as she saw the fine stud powerfully pumping, felt the constant ecstasy of the huge cock, and most of all; she witnessed the pathetic slave that she had crushed and dominated, waiting on his knees to be humiliated once more.

The stud moaned and his cock stiffened all the more, as he heralded his hot delivery; Dale’s legs stiffened too as the first heavenly waves of a superb orgasm began to ripple through her body, the sweat dripped from the stud as he began a deep throated moan and began to convulse and thrust in ecstasy, his huge black cock now oiled to perfection as it flashed back and forth in the heavenly throes of a satisfying orgasm.

He barked and Dale wailed with acute pleasure she was gripped by the full intensity of her orgasm; she still managed to eye her white toy and fully indulge her ecstasy as the stud spurted again and again as his formidable balls unloaded his gift to her. He slowly moaned to a halt and eased his lengthy cock from Dale’s moistness; his creamy white come dribbled from the end of his cock, down her cheeks and nestled in her sweaty anus. Dale recovered her senses shortly and shuffled her sleek body to the end of the bed and looked over to Karl.

“You know what’s necessary; get over here now!” Karl’s cock was fit to burst as he willingly went over to the superb black woman he was in complete submission to. He knelt before the gaping messy black sex before him; she grabbed his hair and had him survey every inch of the inside of her glistening and sweaty, silky brown thighs.

Sabine sat the stud in a chair and came over, cane at the ready, to ensure she got the full enjoyment of the session. Dale was more dominant than ever; she pulled his nose down to her oozing pussy, white come dribbled out as she flexed.

“You have a good sniff now; isn’t the smell of fresh come in your just fucked mistress’s pussy the best thing you ever smelled?” He was truly enjoying a deep inhalation of the mixture of ammonia and feminine excitement, when Sabine striped his arse with the cane; he jolted forward and sticky come went all over his nose and lips. The women laughed and sneered at him, Sabine pulled his head back and slapped his face; she wanted an answer.

“Yes mistress, it’s the best thing I’ve smelled, ever.” Dale was starting to tingle again already. She looked him in the eye and smiled wickedly with satisfaction.

“Now it’s going to be the best thing you ever tasted; Sabine will watch while you clean me, then she’ll have the pleasure of caning you whilst you masturbate at my feet when you’re done. I want you to think of the caning whilst you eat the come. Oh, there’s one thing I must do before you commence, you can start when I put my hands behind my knees.” She put her hand down to her gloriously sweaty anus and pulled it apart; the sticky globule of come, slid deep into her rectal passage. She giggled and put her hands behind her knees.

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