A Note to Readers: This story deals with fetishes and taboo subjects including cuckolding, interracial sex, and incest. It is fiction, of course. If you find these subjects to be personally offensive then don’t read this story.

Tyler sat up in bed next to his wife, unable to get back to sleep in the early dawn. Beside him, Monica lay sleeping naked on her stomach, the blanket shrugged off down to the swell of her buttocks. In the breaking light of dawn, Tyler could just make out the ornate black spade tattoo that was centered just above the crack of her gorgeous ass, a gift from her black master, Ron. Well, not quite a gift. Ron had instructed Monica to get the tattoo, but ever the dutiful husband, Tyler had accompanied her to the tattoo parlor, waited while she selected the tattoo she wanted, and watched as the artist had skillfully inked his petite redheaded wife.

The artist had smirked when Monica picked out the design, an unmistakable sign of a wife gone black, publicly proclaiming her preference. When he finished, Tyler paid for his work in cash and thanked him. “Doing a whole lot of these lately,” the tattooist had said. “Lot of young wives getting them.” He’d paused and then added, “Mine’s one of them.”

Tyler had smiled and nodded. “I know what you mean – seems like it’s happening everywhere. My wife sure loves it.”

The tattooist smiled ruefully. “Mine just can’t seem to stop. I asked her to, but she told me if I truly loved her I wouldn’t make her quit. I didn’t want to risk it, so I told her it was cool. We still fool around, but there’s just no question what she prefers,” he’d said. “Besides, it’s not like she’s the only one. Half her married friends do it too. Sometimes I think there’s a black cock revolution going on here.”

A black cock revolution, indeed. In less than a year, Tyler had watched as his 18-year-old wife went from being a faithful fiancée to a married slut with an apparently unquenchable craving for big black cock. Not that he blamed Monica. Their bull, Ron, was an incredible fucking machine – handsome, ripped, and packing over 11 inches of thick black cock seemingly capable of going all night. Monica wasn’t normally able to take Ron’s lovemaking that long. Usually, by the time he’d pumped his third big cum load into her stretched-out pussy she’d either have passed out from her orgasms, or ended up so limp and fucked out that there wasn’t much point in trying for cum load number four.

As their cuckold relationship with Ron had evolved, Tyler and Monica had given him a key to their condo along with the authority to visit at will, day or night. On average, the big man dropped by two to three times a week, mostly in the evening when Tyler was also home. Ron had explained that he particularly enjoyed using white wives in front of their husbands, a fact the husbands seemed to enjoy as much as their wives, Tyler squarely among them. When Monica had expressed concern about hurting her husband’s feelings, Tyler had immediately reassured her that she needn’t worry. In fact, Tyler had conceded that nothing he had ever experienced came within shouting distance of how aroused he got watching his wife taking on her black lover, an admission Monica had shared with her sister, Elaine, and their mother.

Tyler had had to get used to Monica’s easygoing and open attitude about their involvement in the lifestyle. She hid nothing from her sister and mother, and was increasingly open with their friends and coworkers. When Tyler had expressed reservations about his wife’s candor, she’d declared that “There’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. I’m incredibly lucky – I get all the black monster cock I can handle, and I have a loving husband who’s amazingly supportive. I’m just blessed to have the best of both worlds, and I like to share my blessings with my family and friends, and let them know they can have it, too.”

In that regard, Monica had no need to encourage her older sister to do likewise, since it had been Elaine who had first introduced them to the lifestyle. The sisters were plotting to introduce their mother to it as well. A petite, vivacious redhead, she shared their infectious good humor, impish sense of fun, and – Monica insisted – their interest in black men.

“She’s always asking questions about it – what it’s like, whether black guys are bigger and better in bed, how our husbands react – stuff like that,” Monica had said. “A couple of weeks ago, she told us that she’s made up her mind to try, but she’s not really sure if Dad would be okay with it.”

“Has he said anything about it one way or the other?” Tyler asked.

Monica blushed. “Dad told Mom that if Elaine and I were addicted to bbc, then it was good enough for her. He said he figured it was just a matter of time before she tried, so as far as he was concerned, the sooner the better.”

She paused, seeming to struggle with her thoughts. Tyler waited for Monica to continue. “You remember when I went over a week ago? Dad pulled me aside and told me I should set Mom up with Ron. He made me promise to talk to him.”

“What do you think about it?” Tyler said. “Could be really intense if you ask me, either good or bad.”

“Ever since Ron started fucking Elaine, he’s been after me to set him up with Mom. Calls it a white family ‘trifecta,’” Monica replied. “Every time he talks about it, he says he wants to breed all three of us at the same time so we can walk around with swollen bellies and give birth to black babies together.”

Tyler’s cock tented his pants. He made no effort to hide his response. Monica laughed when she saw him. “I guess there’s no need to ask what you think of that idea,” she said, and kissed her husband. She squeezed his big cock through his pants. “Since Ron started fucking Elaine, he’s also been talking to me and her about a threesome – Elaine, me, and Ron.”

Tyler sat up. “Oh yeah? What do you think about that idea?” he asked.

Monica frowned. “Honestly, I don’t know. It’s not that I mind Ron fucking Elaine, not in the least. It’s just . . .” Her thoughts trailed off.

“Just what?” Tyler probed. “Don’t worry, I’m long since over being shocked.”

His wife laughed at his comment. “I know you won’t get shocked. I just don’t know what I think about doing a three way with Elaine,” she said. “I could handle being in the same bed and sharing Ron, but he’s made it abundantly clear that he’s going to insist on a full contact threesome.” Monica looked at Tyler intently. “Elaine’s my sister, Tyler. Full physical contact even with Ron there is really pushing the envelope out about as far as it can go.”

“What does Elaine have to say about it?” he asked.

“You know Elaine,” Monica said. “She’s a stone freak. The kinkier it gets the more she likes it, and doing the nasty with her sister – and a hung black man – gets her motor running, big time. She’s all for it.” She paused, briefly, and then went on. “Elaine’s been proselytizing about the virtues of black cock fucking to Mom for months, and she keeps saying that once Dad sees her fucking Ron their only regret will be waiting so long to go black.”

With that, Monica had kissed her husband, turned out the light on the bed stand, and quickly fallen asleep, leaving Tyler to ponder the brief conversation. Despite Monica’s alleged misgivings, he had no doubt that Ron would end up taking both sisters to bed together. Paul, Elaine’s husband, had confirmed as much, acknowledging that his wife did whatever Ron wanted with little hesitation.

Tyler knew the same was true of his own wife – the black spade tattoo was one example; so were the silver barbells piercing her nipples and the similar bar vertically piercing her clitoris. Ron had simply “suggested” Monica get pierced and two days later she’d come home from the piercing parlor, proud of her new ornaments, just as she’d been delighted with her black spade tattoo.

Tyler shook his head. He loved his beautiful wife with all his heart and he knew she felt the same way. They were soul-mates. He delighted in pleasing her, in making her laugh; in holding her close while she slept. He’d never regretted a single moment they had shared together. And yet, and yet. And yet, notwithstanding his passionate devotion, he accepted her infatuation with black men as her primary sexual partners. Accepted? Hell, he embraced the lifestyle with as much enthusiasm as Monica. The truth for them was that being a black cock cuckold couple was a two-way street. It wasn’t just that Monica clearly preferred Ron’s monster cock. It was also that Tyler accepted how right it seemed for his tiny redheaded wife to prefer it.

For the two of them, there was a freely acknowledged admission of the sexual superiority of big black cock – or at least of the one belonging to Ron. Neither Tyler nor Monica subscribed to the extreme views of total racial superiority, but when it came to the relative excellence of hung black studs in the bedroom, there was just no denying it. Tyler was well endowed – very – and an attentive and generous lover. He’d never had any complaints about his performance, quite the opposite.

But when Monica had taken black men into their bedroom, all that had changed. This was an unassailable truth with Ron, whose effortless prowess with Tyler’s wife was simply a fact. Sexually, Monica was completely under his sway. She simply climaxed more frequently and far more intensely with Ron than she had ever done with Tyler, and the more she did it, the more she wanted it. Ron was just that much better at fucking Monica, and Tyler accepted this without rancor. If Ron wanted Monica and Elaine together, that was fine with him.

As for pregnancy, well, why not? Their lifestyle was definitely not a secret, and in their social circles, couples seemed to fall into one of two categories: those who’d gone black, and those who were in the process of going black. He and Monica had always planned on having kids while they were young, anyway.

As for Elaine, her husband Paul had confided to Tyler that they were ready for it. “Elaine’s only waiting to see what happens with Monica and her Mom. If they’re both willing, we’ll try to time it so it happens pretty much simultaneously,” he’d said. “If not, we’ll go it alone.” Tyler was certain Elaine and Paul would definitely not be alone, it was simply a matter of timing. As far as Lisa, their mother, who knew? Ron could be very persuasive. Very persuasive indeed.

Unbeknownst to Tyler, Monica and Elaine had already set up an introductory meeting between Ron and their parents, scheduled that very afternoon. Both daughters accompanied their paramour to the family home for the meeting. Tyler had tagged along, but Paul – Elaine’s husband – had opted out.

It was awkward at first. Lisa was anxious to meet the man who had cuckolded her sons-in-law. Her husband, Jack, poured drinks with a deliberately heavy hand, hoping the alcohol would undo the nervous tension. After a couple of drinks, the tension began to fade. “Good lord,” Jack finally said, “it feels like we’re meeting a future family member.”

Ron smiled. “In a way, you are. And guess who’s coming to dinner.” The ensuing laughter finally broke the tension. “So, Jack, Lisa, what would you like to know? Ask me anything you want, you won’t offend me.”

“Ah, so, I guess you must be pretty experienced with white married couples,” Jack said.

Ron nodded. “That I am. I’ve been bulling for white couples since I was in college. Older couples at first, but now I like to break in young marrieds. And the occasional first timers like you and Lisa,” he said. “I only play with white married couples, and have done so from the start.”

“Why’s that?” Lisa asked. “I mean, isn’t that kind of a limited field?”

The handsome black man shook his head. “Not at all. It’s wide open and growing by leaps and bounds all the time. I never have to advertise my services – it’s all referrals by word of mouth from satisfied couples like your girls and their husbands, and you can believe me when I tell you that my dance card is always full.”

Jack took a long swallow of his drink. “What’s in it for you? I mean, this isn’t exactly a normal hobby, is it?”

Ron gave the older man a long, hard look. “This isn’t a casual hobby at all. I take it very seriously. I keep myself in top shape and I work hard at it. I hit the gym six days a week, whether I feel like it or not. I watch what I eat, I don’t smoke, and I drink in moderation. I do this so I can deliver what married white couples expect: a ripped, rock hard, razor sharp black experience that I can guarantee will take their wives to places they’ve never dreamed of.”

He paused, then smiled and visibly relaxed. “Sorry about that. It can be hard meeting white couples’ fantasies, so I have to work hard at it. No offense.”

“None taken,” Jack replied, and tipped his drink in salute.

Ron nodded back and continued. “‘Normal’ is a relative term. The fact that your lovely daughters are both happily married and both happy to have me take them in front of their husbands is outside the mainstream, but to them, it’s become a ‘normal’ part of their lives. And from my experience, the lifestyle is becoming more in the mainstream every day.” he said.

“Now as to what I get out of this, there isn’t one simple answer. I like to think I’m in the business of marital fulfillment – helping white couples push the boundaries of their relationships to maximum satisfaction. I can pretty well guarantee that your wife has never, ever been filled, fucked, and satisfied like she will be with me.” He smiled at Lisa. “If you have any doubts, just ask your daughters. Or better yet, ask their husbands.” Monica and Elaine both giggled.

Ron continued. “So at least part of it is in deconstructing the traditional concept of marriage, and there’s no more basic way of doing that than by bringing a huge black dick into the bedroom and into a white wife’s pussy. It’s marital liberation, and though it may seem like it’s more for the wife than the husband, in my experience it’s just as liberating for the men” he said. “Though the flip side of that is that I also get off taking white couples down to their most basic primal urges – letting the jungle rule of the alpha male usurp the conventions of marriage. You’ll see what a total slut your wife can be – with the right guy, of course, and that guy happens to be me.”

Jack swallowed. “What are your requirements?” he asked.

Ron smiled. “They’re pretty straightforward. First and foremost, I only play with couples when the husband is fully aware and supportive. Second, I’m very selective about the wives I bed. Your girls are a great example: very pretty, very fit, and young. Third, once we start, there’s no backing out. It doesn’t matter if you think you might want to change your mind. Once you’re both committed, Lisa’s going to get the fucking of her life whether you have second thoughts or not. Fourth, you have to be present for at least the first couple of sessions. The girls and their husbands can watch, too, but that’s optional. Oh – and you both shave yourselves bare and stay that way. Finally, I ride bareback – no condom. I’m tested regularly and like I said, I’m very selective about partners, so there’s never been any cause for concern on that front,” he concluded.

“Well, I guess Lisa and I have some talking to do,” Jack said.

“No, we really don’t, sweetie,” Lisa said, smiling archly. “You know perfectly well that after we talked last night we both agreed to take the plunge if we liked Ron, and I definitely like what I see and hear. There’s no backing out now.”

Jack smiled uneasily, nodded, and then swallowed the rest of his drink. He crossed to the wet bar, added more ice to his glass, and poured another two fingers of single malt.

Lisa stood. “I’m going to take a shower.” She looked at Ron. “I don’t need to shave since I had a full Brazilian wax yesterday.” She sashayed out of the living room and headed upstairs.

Tyler rose from his seat on the couch and started toward the front door. “Give me a call and I’ll pick you up later,” he said to Monica.

“Where do you think you’re going?” his wife replied. “I think Mom wants an audience and you’re part of the family.”

Jack opened his mouth as if to protest, but thought better of it. “In for a penny, might as well be in for a pound,” he said, and sat down.

The two girls excused themselves and headed upstairs to help their mother get ready for her adventure, leaving the three men sitting awkwardly in the living room. Tyler finally broke the silence. “Look, Jack, I’ll leave if you want me to go. It’s hard enough the first time without having an audience.”

The older man shrugged. “It’s okay. I guess the ladies are in charge, so let’s just go with the flow and see how it works out.” He turned to his son-in-law. “Don’t you find it hard watching Monica making love to another man?” he asked.

Tyler shook his head. “It may sound hard to believe, but it’s by far the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s kind of humiliating at first, but that’s part of the arousal, too, and you get used to it. I wouldn’t dream of asking Monica to stop, not that she’d even consider it. The only warning I can give you is that once you start down this path, you won’t be coming back.”

A moment later, Elaine came back downstairs. “Ready,” was all she said, and turned around to head back to the bedroom. The three men followed her. Lisa lay on her side facing the door as the entered, her head propped up on her hand. She was naked.

Tyler looked at his mother-in-law closely. A redhead like her two daughters, Lisa was, at just forty, in great shape. Her hair was cut to shoulder length, framing her face, her dark green eyes gleaming brightly in the dim light. She had the same snub nose as the two girls, but her lips were fuller and her face slightly rounder. At five feet five inches, she was also taller than either Monica or Elaine, but weighed perhaps 115 pounds. Her small breasts, perhaps 32b, Tyler thought, showed little sag. Her stomach was admirably flat and toned, showing clear evidence of regular workouts. Her hips, though rounder than her daughters’, were slender. All-in-all, Tyler thought, his mother-in-law was a knockout.

The girls had arranged four chairs next to the bed as a viewing platform, and Tyler sat in the one nearest the door, followed by Monica, then Elaine, and finally Jack. Ron stood at the end of the bed and slowly disrobed, his eyes on Lisa the entire time. When he reached his boxers, he slid them down his muscular legs slowly, teasing her. The boxers finally fell to the floor, and Lisa gasped.

“Oh my god, your cock’s incredible! It’s huge,” she said, mesmerized by the smooth black snake that dangled in front of her. Without taking her eyes off Ron’s cock, she reached out and took it carefully in her hand. “Good, lord, Jack. He’s bigger soft than you are when you’re completely hard.”

Lisa, leaned forward and tentatively licked the head of the huge black cock, then opened her mouth and slipped the head in, swirling her tongue around the glans. After a few minutes, the cock began to swell, and Lisa slid more of it into her mouth and began slowly sliding up and down, taking as much as she could without hitting her gag reflex. Her eyes widened as she felt Ron becoming more erect.

Ron turned to Tyler and issued instructions. “Tyler, strip off and get over here,” he said. When Tyler hesitated, Monica gave him a gentle shove. “You heard him, honey. Get naked.”

Tyler stood and removed his clothes, revealing his own toned body and ample cock, already starting to stiffen. Then he crossed to the bed, uncertain what was next. Ron had Lisa sit on the edge of the bed, with her feet on the floor, while he stood next to the redhead, his cock at her mouth level. He motioned to Tyler to get down on all fours. “Get that pussy good and wet, cuck,” he instructed.

Tyler did as he was told, moving forward until his mother-in-law’s bare pussy was in front of his mouth. He started tonguing her clitoris and licking the already moist slit, reaching up to cup Lisa’s buttocks in both hands and pull her forward. “That’s it, baby,” he heard his wife proclaim, “eat her pussy just like you do when you’re sucking Ron’s cum load out of mine.”

Lisa groaned for the first time as her son-in-law’s tonguing began to arouse her. At the same time, she held Ron’s now-erect cock firmly by the base and, relaxing her jaw, slowly pumped her mouth up and down over the glistening shaft. Timing her down stroke with her breathing, she was able to take more and more of the huge cock into her mouth, and then slowly, carefully, down her throat. Run grunted as she worked. “Holy shit, look at Mom working that cock,” she heard Elaine exclaim. “How much can she manage?”

For his part, Tyler was working his mouth and tongue up and down and over Lisa’s pussy, now dripping wet with his saliva and her own lubrication. He could feel her tremble and shudder as his tongue worked into her, and knew she was aroused by his efforts. Though he could not see it, he could hear the wet sounds of his mother-in-law as she worked the huge black cock with her mouth.

Much though he was reluctant to, Ron knew he needed to slow Lisa down before she buried his cock completely down her throat and forced him to blow his load. He wanted it to go slower, but the woman was giving him one of the best blow jobs he’d ever had. He looked down at Tyler’s head moving up and down between Lisa’s legs. “Hey cuck,” he said, “why don’t you use something other than your mouth on your mother-in-law.” When Tyler looked up in surprise, Ron said, “I want you to open her up with your cock. Fuck her.”

Tyler didn’t need a second invitation. He stood between Lisa’s outstretched legs and positioned his big cock so the head was lined up with the opening of her now-soaked pussy. With a forward thrust he pushed into her. To his surprise, he slid his considerable length completely into her with one push. Lisa groaned and wrapped her legs around him, pulling him in as far as he could go as her son-in-law began to pump his big cock in and out of her.

Lisa looked over at her husband. Jack was watching intently, a dazed look on his face. “He’s pretty big, sweetie,” she said, “and he knows how to fuck.” The she looked at Tyler. “Have you fucked Elaine, too?” she asked. He nodded. “Well, Jack,” she said, “your son-in-law’s fucked both of your daughters and now he’s fucking me, too. Guess that really makes you a cuckold,” she laughed, and then moaned loudly as Tyler’s big cock pumped into her.

“Whooo Hoooo, sweetie!” Monica yelled in encouragement. “You better fuck my mom real good. Go get that sweet pussy!”

Ron looked at Monica. “Why don’t you use that mouth of yours over here instead of running it off?” he said. The petite redhead chuckled, walked over to the black man, dropped to her knees and took his huge cock into her mouth, sucking it enthusiastically.

Jack’s head was spinning. First he’d seen his beautiful wife suck a huge black cock down her throat. Now he was seeing his son-in-law pounding his big cock into his wife’s pussy, while his youngest daughter was enthusiastically kneeling next to her husband and blowing the black bull. Never in his wildest imaginings had he ever contemplated such a scenario. He stared in appalled fascination and then realized his own erection was tenting his pants.

Tyler had grabbed Lisa’s butt and was pounding her as hard as he could. He could feel her pussy getting wetter and hotter as he did so, and her groans and moans were coming regularly. He looked to his right, where his own wife was greedily sucking on Ron’s huge black cock. As he did so, he realized that the black bull had, sexually at least, taken over the entire family – both daughters and their mother – and had in the process turned all three husbands into willing cuckolds. It was mind-boggling. It was also incredibly hot.

Suddenly, he felt Lisa’s pussy clamp down on his cock, hard, squeezing him like a velvet vice grip. “Cumming, I’m cumming,” she groaned and he found he could hold back no more. With a long moan of his own he buried his cock to the hilt and shot spurt after spurt of his hot seed deep into his mother-in-law’s womb as she clutched him tight.

His climax complete, Tyler withdrew slowly from Lisa’s pussy. Instinctively, she rolled her hips up so as to keep his cum inside her. Tyler sat on the floor, his back to the bed, as he caught his breath. As he did so, Monica led Ron by his cock so that he was between her mother’s legs. Then she reached forward with her left hand and, using her thumb and forefinger, spread Lisa’s pussy lips apart, while guiding Ron’s massive cock into the opening. Lisa gasped as she felt herself stretch like never before and the monster cock, aided by the copious amount of Tyler’s cum, begin to push into her.

Monica dropped to her knees in front of Tyler, and took his still stiff cock into her mouth, tasting the mix of semen and pussy juice that coated her husband. As she sucked, his cock became fully erect once more. She paused and stripped, straddling her husband so that she rode him facing away, and began moving up and down on his big erection, giving her father and Elaine a clear view as she rode.

Above them on the bed, Ron was still easing his massive black cock into Lisa’s pussy. The MILF gave little gasps of pleasure as the invader pushed ever deeper, stretching her slowly and filling her as she had never been filled before. She had her legs open and up, with her heels just touching the handsome man’s shoulders, trying to open herself to help him mount her completely. Ron began to slide his cock out and then back into her in a slow and careful motion, trying not to force the issue. As he did so, Lisa at last began to relax enough to take him, and with a grunt he pushed his entire massive length into her now-engorged pussy.

“Oh, fuck, baby, fill me up with your incredible black cock!” Lisa panted. “I’ve never felt anything like this in my life. No wonder my girls are total sluts for your bull cock!”

She began to fuck the muscular stud back, feeling her pussy stretching even more, all the while conscious that her husband’s gaze was riveted on the spectacle unfolding in front of him. With the suddenness of a lightning strike, Lisa felt her pussy spasm as an orgasm slammed through her.

“Oh my god, I’m cumming!” she wailed, and felt her climax ripple up her spine and back again. It seemed to go on and on. Even as she climaxed, her lover picked her up and sat down on the edge of the bed. Then, her orgasm over, he gently turned her on his cock until she was riding him while she faced her husband.

At the same time, Tyler picked up Monica and sat on the edge of the bed next to Lisa. Jack watched, slack-jawed, as his wife and daughter brazenly fucked their men in front of him. Elaine stood up and began to strip. In a moment, she stood naked and then crossed to the bed and dropped to her knees in front of her sister and brother-in-law. As Jack watched in complete astonishment, she leaned forward and, pressing her mouth to Monica’s pussy, began to lick her sister’s clitoris. Monica gasped, then groaned and closed her eyes, reaching forward to put her right hand on the back of Elaine’s head, pressing her older sister’s mouth closer still, feeling the tongue flicking quickly across her now engorged clitoris.

Lisa groaned loudly and leaned back against Ron as his thick cock stretched her to her limits. He cupped her buttocks in support as she rode up and down, her pussy squelching as she did so. Fuller now than she had ever been in her entire life, she abandoned herself to her lust, fucking Ron like she was a porn star filming a video.

She turned and looked to her right where her youngest daughter was in an identical position, riding Tyler’s cock. Instead of being shocked by the sight of her older girl going down on her younger sister, she felt a thrill of perverse enjoyment run through her. Ron had managed to break down their family conventions in their entirety, and the possibilities were limited only by their imaginations. From what she could see, her girls were very imaginative. So, she knew, was she.

Lisa gasped as she felt another orgasm begin to travel up her spin. This one seemed to unroll like thunder, crashing up and down and driving her to pound Ron’s cock into her pussy even harder. She began to grunt as she felt her vaginal muscles contract, pulling the big black pole still deeper inside her. She looked at her husband from under lust-lidded eyes.

“Look at me, Jack. I’m cumming again on Ron’s huge black cock. I fucking love his dick, baby. Now I see why our girls went black and aren’t going back, and I’m not going back, either!” With that, she gave herself over completely to her orgasm, shaking and shuddering on the beautiful black cock that was driving her to new heights of ecstasy.

Next to her, Monica began to gasp and moan, and she knew her daughter was about to join her in orgasm. As if in answer, Monica groaned aloud. “Fuck, oh god, eat my hot cunt, you little slut. I can’t believe you’re actually sucking my pussy and it feels so goddam good. I’m fucking cumming so hard . . . ” she wailed, as her orgasm slammed into her.

When at last she came down from high, she gently slipped her husband’s cock out of her pussy and held it out for her sister. Elaine needed no encouragement, climbing onto the bed and straddling her brother-in-law’s cock just as her sister had done. In one motion, she buried his cock to the hilt, turned to her sister and pulled the younger girl to her knees. Monica never hesitated, burying her face between Elaine’s legs and eagerly licking the wet pussy while her sister rode Tyler’s cock.

Elaine chuckled. “I knew you’d do it, it was just a matter of time,” she said.

Next to Elaine, Ron had changed position, putting Lisa on her knees so she was still looking at her husband, then mounted her from behind. Restraint was gone. It was clear the pretty MILF could take his cock pretty easily, though he took care not to be too rough with his cock. He knew his own orgasm was approaching, and he slapped the redhead’s ass lightly, grabbed her hair in his right hand, and pulled her head back toward him. Lisa groaned in response.

“You like that, baby? You like it a little rough?” he asked.

“Yessssss,” she hissed in response. “Fuck me hard baby, and treat me like the married white slut I am.”

Ron pumped into her harder, holding her hair with one hand and slapping her ass, hard, with the other. Lisa groaned when she slapped her, so he did it again, and then a third time. Each time he did it, she pumped back harder against his cock.

“You like my big black cock, don’t you, baby,” he said, pulling her head back toward him. It wasn’t a question.

Lisa moaned. “I love your huge black dick. Fill my pussy up with cum, just like you’ve done to my two girls, and show my cuckold husband what a real man’s cock can do to a married wife’s pussy.” She looked across at Jack. “Oh, baby, I’m so glad you wanted to get cucked by a big black dick. Ron’s the best fuck I’ve ever had, and Tyler was damn good, too. You better get used to my pussy being used by other men,” she giggled. “I guess it must run in the family.”

Elaine felt her own orgasm starting, spurred on by her sister’s agile tongue and her brother-in-law’s big cock as it pumped in and out of her while she rode. She grabbed Monica’s head and ground it harder still into her crotch and began to cum. As her pussy spasmed on Tyler’s cock, she felt it grow harder and hotter and begin to spurt wildly into her.

At last, the two of them stopped moving, and Elaine lay back, spent, on top of her brother-in-law. His erection slowly diminished and his cock shrank, finally slipping out of her well-fucked pussy. Tyler scooted out from under her, and she lay on the edge of the bed, with her legs spread apart and her feet dangling down. Her pussy gaped open, and she felt Tyler’s sperm begin to slip toward the opening. Monica never hesitated, leaning forward and burying her face in Elaine’s pussy once more, eagerly slurping her husband’s semen out of her sister’s sloppy wetness. When she was done, she leaned over the bed, bent down to Elaine’s face, and kissed her full on the lips. As she did so, Monica’s lips parted, and the mouthful of hot cum slid into Elaine’s mouth, as they kissed each other wetly.

Spurred on by the brazen display the two sisters were putting on, Ron felt his cock harden still more, and knew he was about to climax. At the same time, Lisa’s pussy began clamping spasmodically as yet another orgasm ripped through her, and she started grunting in pleasure. Ron thrust himself as deeply into her as he could reach and started spurting.

“Oh, god, Jack – I can feel Ron’s huge black cock squirting in me like a fire hose. It’s amazing!” she cried out, as jet after jet of hot semen gushed into her. There was so much of it that it began overflowing and running down her thighs. Ron awkwardly turned her around so her pussy was facing her husband, and then slowly withdrew his massive cock. Jack sat, stunned, as his wife’s pussy gaped open obscenely and gobs of thick white sperm spilled out and dripped onto the bedspread.

“What are you waiting for, daddy?” Elaine asked. “All the cuckolds in this family clean up our pussies once Ron’s finished cumming in them, and you’re not going to be an exception. Now get over hear and start eating all that cum before it’s wasted.”

As if in a trance, Jack crossed to the bed, sank to his knees, and lowered his mouth to his wife’s sloppy pussy. The whole family indeed. Changed forever, and who knew what perverse pleasures lay ahead?

As he licked and cleaned, he realized that Ron had moved to the other side of the bed, where his daughters were. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see that Monica was already busily sucking on the massive black dick, which looked as hard as it had been when the bull had first mounted Lisa. Ron had Tyler lie on his back, with his head just at the edge of the bed, and then had Monica straddle her husband in a sixty-nine.

Elaine propped up Tyler’s head with a pillow so he was close to his wife’s bare pussy, held her sister open, and guided Ron’s big cock into her younger sister’s opening. The big man pushed forward, burying his length inside Monica, who groaned loudly as he did so as her husband began earnestly licking her clitoris from below, while the dark black cock pumped slowly in and out. At the same time, Monica began to suck Tyler’s erect cock, swallowing as much as she was able.

Jack realized he’d pretty well emptied his wife’s pussy of sperm, and leaned up and kissed her, allowing the copious cum load to run down into her open mouth. Lisa made little mewling noises in her throat as she swallowed.

“Get naked,” she whispered to her husband, who stood and stripped quickly, sitting next to her on the bed. His wife began to slowly stroke his painfully hard cock. “Poor baby needs some relief,” she said.

Jack’s cock was by no means small, measuring a good eight and a half inches when fully erect. He heard a giggle to his right and realized Elaine was standing next to them. “My goodness, daddy,” she said, “I had no idea you were so well equipped. You certainly make Paul look small in comparison. Mom, I’m jealous of you,” she giggled again.

Lisa jiggled Jack’s cock at her daughter. “Then help yourself, sweetie,” she said, her voice thick with lust.

Elaine hesitated. “I don’t know . . .” she said, her voice trailing off.

“Oh for heaven’s sake, Elaine,” Lisa said. “You and Monica both cuckold your husbands with that immense black cock that’s pounding your sister’s pussy right over there, while her own husband is licking her. You’ve watched your brother-in-law fuck my pussy and cum in it and you’ve watched me go black. And to top it all off, both you and your sister were happily eating each other’s pussies without batting an eyelash. So drop the demure act and give your poor father some relief.”

Without further argument, Elaine clambered on the bed, took Jack’s hard cock in hand, and straddled him, guiding him into her wet pussy as she did so. She pushed down and felt him slide into her in one easy stroke. She grunted as she ground herself down against his pelvis and began to slide back and forth on his cock. “Feels good,” she said, and closed her eyes, giving herself over to the sensations.

Uncertain what to do, Jack tentatively put his hands on Elaine’s hips and pushed her down, helping her move back and forth. Elaine moaned and leaned forward.

“Don’t be shy, daddy,” she said, “we’ve already crossed the threshold, so you might as well fuck me good and hard. I’m just sorry Paul isn’t here so he can watch you cuckold him.”

With that, Jack started pumping harder into Elaine’s now wet pussy. His head was spinning. He couldn’t believe what he’d seen and now done in a single afternoon, but it was far too late to stop now. Elaine was right – their entire family had crossed over all boundaries and entered the realm of the perverse. And, he had to admit, Elaine felt absolutely wonderful as she rode his hard cock.

Across the bed, Ron was pretty well pounding Monica’s pussy, while Tyler licked and slurped as best he could on his wife’s stiff little clit. It didn’t take long for the little redhead to reach her limit, and with loud moans and groans she came hard on the monster cock that was stretching her. She gamely tried to suck her husband’s big cock, but when Ron thrust forward, Monica nearly choked as Tyler’s cocked was forced down her throat. Still she kept at it and could feel her husband getting harder and harder as he became more aroused. Monica looked toward the other side of the bed. The sight of her older sister riding their father’s hard cock filled her with lust, and she knew it wouldn’t be long before she’d fucked her dad as well.

Monica shivered as she realized there wasn’t the slightest doubt at all that Ron would impregnate all three of the women in her family. They were all fertile and, she suspected, all eager to feel their bellies swell. Once they quit taking birth control and got their cycles in sync, she expected Ron’s massive black cock and huge loads of cum would make short work of it. They’d be the scandal of the neighborhood, and she didn’t care a bit. In fact, the idea gave her a thrill. It would be good advertising for other white couples, and she suspected more than a few would take the black cock plunge. Good, the more the better, as far as she was concerned. The thought abruptly gave way to an orgasm, and she ground her pussy down on her husband’s face as she shuddered and jerked, feeling Ron swelling inside her as she moved.

Things were going even better than Ron had planned. He’d already taken all three of the women in the family in front of their respective husbands. He was still surprised by how readily these white guys gave up their wives to black men, and how easily they seemed to make the transition to the cuckolding lifestyle, but no matter – it was enough that they appeared to enjoy it. Better still, he hadn’t even had to persuade the two sisters to get intimate with each other. They’d been only too happy to go down on each other and had obviously enjoyed the experience. And then there was Elaine, bouncing around happily on her daddy’s cock. Told to do it, no less, by her mother. Man, the women in this family were just out there, and that was fine with him.

The big black man was nearing his own climax as he pumped the petite redhead’s pussy, and he could tell from the vaginal squeezes she was close to another orgasm herself. As Ron thrust into her, Monica’s muffled moans grew louder and louder until she started shaking and shuddering and he could feel her squeezing his cock rhythmically. It was enough to send him over the edge, and he shoved himself in as far as he could go and spurted into the lovely redhead’s pussy again and again.

Property developer Jerry Blake gets his new projects through the local government approvals process quickly by bribing a local official. But now Federal and banking officials are probing the bureaucrat’s bank accounts for the money trail.

So the method of bribery had to change: no more cash. Jerry’s wife came up with the idea of her being the bribe and her first evening of work to influence John is only one hour old, resulting in John’s premature cum.

Chapter Five

John Reid had surrendered to slumber perhaps even before his cock spilt the final drop of his cum into Brittany’s eager clutching vagina. She lay there, wide awake and sexually frustrated, weighed down by the man on top of her. ‘Just as well he’s not a 200-pounder,’ she thought, guessing that with his thin build, he was probably around 150 pounds.

With his climax, John’s cock had shrunk and she felt it gradually slip from within the confines of her warm body. She could feel his and her juices trickle down over her perineum, sliding between her arse cheeks and pooling on the bed beneath her.

With John’s uncontrolled and premature cum, she lay there beneath his body, still wanting so much more. This moment had not been in her planning as she had thought out the likely scenarios of what might happen on this strange night. Fortunately, she had only had 24 hours to think about it since convincing Jerry that she had to do it.

She had slept well last night after her husband agreed to her contribution to their business plight. He had been exceptionally horny, a point which did disturb her. But on the other hand, she took full advantage of it, and with the number of orgasms she had enjoyed in bed with Jerry last night, her sleep was deep and peaceful.

With needing to be at the hotel by just after 5.30pm, her day had been busy, shopping for sexy underwear in the morning and doing a few chores around her home in the afternoon. Nevertheless, there had been long moments where she had stopped to daydream the likely outcome of offering herself to this man.

Somehow not cumming had not been one of them. She was so orgasmic with her new husband that she had come to expect that all sex was like that. Although if she had stopped to think back to her twenties, she would recall that two of the four or five guys she had had, before meeting up with Jerry, had struggled to satisfy her adequately.

No, her daydreams through the afternoon had been more about the anticipation of John’s size (not too big she hoped) and his technique (would it vary from Jerry’s) and his wants (was he a fetish man and if so could she accommodate him — nothing too weird she hoped). She had also considered the embarrassment of rejection, although she knew she was attractive (many — including Jerry — called her beautiful). ‘Surely he would have to be gay to reject her,’ she had thought, ‘although perhaps a guy very happily married and monogamous might also say no thanks!’

Now her thoughts were on whether the rest of the night would bring pleasure for her, or if she would be obliged to take the vibrator in her purse into the bathroom and finish herself off. Was it that he wasn’t any good in bed, or perhaps he just hadn’t had it for a while and her hot body was too much for him? She decided she wanted to like the latter option. If so, she would take up the challenge and prolong him long enough next time to satisfy her too.

Then darker thoughts took over, was this to be her punishment for having sex with another man, even though her husband had condoned the arrangement?

She must have lain there awake for at least half an hour. She occasionally looked across at the bedside clock, John was done by 6.30 and she saw 7.00 tick over. But somewhere after 7, she too drifted into a fitful dozing, but only after managing to half roll him over so that they were on their sides facing each other.

Her sleep was so light that the minute that John stirred, Brittany’s eyes opened too, seeing the man staring back at her. “What, what is it?” she asked, unnerved by his stare.

“Nothing really, I was only reflecting on how lucky I am to be in bed with such a beautiful woman. Guys like me just don’t get to do it with girls like you.”

“I’m nothing special, I’m a living breathing woman, much like your mum or your sister or your … err, your wife. I’m sorry, I don’t know if you’re married or not.”

“No I’m not … I was, but it didn’t work out for us.”

“Oh I’m sorry John, do you mind if I ask how long it is since you two broke up.”

“Eighteen months, she pretty much cleaned me out, you know, having to pay for her to raise our daughter. That’s why I started taking the bribes, it seemed like easy money. I’m probably stupid because I will likely get caught, and then where will I be. But I need the money.”

“I am sorry I am not money, John.”

“Hey, don’t get me wrong. You have come along just at the right moment. I tried dating a few times after the marriage bust-up, but none of those went beyond a couple of dates. I haven’t had it with a woman for … err, I don’t know, maybe a year. You mightn’t understand … I mean, being the receiver, not the doer, but the feel of having my cock inside a real hot woman after all this time. It was… God, I can’t describe it. That’s why I came so quickly. You’ll probably think it’s a guy thing … you know, some lame excuse about not having had it for a while and that’s why I can’t hold my cum back. But I’m sure I can be better, can we do it again … I mean, like tonight?”

Brittany had come here feeling this was only her duty to be with this man to help her husband’s business stay afloat. But now, she felt such compassion for this man, he seemed to be a battler and life had knocked him down a few times. She leaned forward and kissed him full on the mouth, the way she had wanted to kiss the first time, with lips still closed, but using the tactile touch of their lips to tease and arouse. “Sure John, whenever you’re ready, we can do it again. Just take your time, don’t be too eager.”

It must have been her words, and maybe the kiss too, but she felt his cock surge between them and it prodded her smooth belly. He obviously wanted to go on with the kissing and she let him take over. She let his lips persuade hers to part and she let his tongue into her mouth, welcoming it with her own, meeting his and twisting around in a sensual welding of their tongue tips. She felt his cock stiffen more and she lifted one leg up, wrapping it over his hip, her heel behind his knees.

One of her hands roamed down and she took hold of his erecting cock and slid it back into the welcoming open slit between her legs. He pushed it forward and back and she enjoyed the sensations, hoping that this would have a better outcome. While her task here was simply to see that John enjoyed himself so much with her that he would pass her husband’s property development, she couldn’t see why she shouldn’t get pleasure too from what was happening in this bed.

So far so good, his cock-head was sliding over her clit on each thrust back and forth between her legs. Their kiss was progressing favourably too, her body was beginning to tingle. But abruptly, his cock pulled away and she couldn’t help but cry out breathlessly, “No, that was nice, don’t stop.”

“I’ll be back,” he told her and she felt his lips at her neck, kissing her with passion, his mouth sliding down onto the smooth natural curve of her perky breasts. He captured a nipple and that made her happy again, telling him so, “Oh yes, that’s alright, I like that, I want that.” His tongue swirled around the nipple, his lips closed over it and sucked firmly, “Harder, yes harder, oh yes!” Her hands folded around his head, hugging him to her breast. “The other one too, do it to both of them,” she urged, and he did, devoting a lot of time and swapping between her two aroused orbs.

She rolled onto her back, bringing his body over on top of hers once more, feeling good now, surprised that she could feel this much passion in the arms of another man, a complete stranger that she had only just met. ‘He doesn’t even know my name,’ she thought shamefully as his mouth devoured her breasts, then she felt him manoeuvring in between her legs again. ‘Oh dear, here we go, am I ready enough? Is he fully stiff? Will he be able to last this time? No, don’t think about all that, just let it happen, block out the apprehension, just go with how good it feels.’

His mouth was back at hers, ‘This is good, yes please, more kissing, oh yes, more tongues. Oh my God, there it is at my opening, it feels big again. Oh yes, that’s good, very good … slowly, yes that’s nice.’ She felt his fingers fiddling with his cock, adjusting his point of entry into her. She was pleased that he seemed calmer, more in control now. Maybe he had been a good lover, just the separation had knocked the stuffing out of him.

This time he eased his cock-head more gently and slowly into her hot wet cunt. Only an inch or two, then he gave short stabbing little thrusts that had his tip hitting her g spot on the roof of her passage and she loved it, “Oh yes John, that’s the spot, oh right there, oh more of that.” Brittany eagerly thrust back up at him, delighting in the little pulses that were coming from deep inside her. “Yes, this is better, feeling good John,” she breathlessly told him.

She wished she could stop talking, but that’s what she was, a talker in sex. She liked to express what she felt. But she didn’t want to put him off, she didn’t want to take the control away from the man … she was now confident that he was capable of bringing pleasure to her body.

He changed the pace, suddenly thrusting all of his length deep inside her, taking her by surprise. She had been enjoying the rhythm of those short stabbing thrusts and was feeling positive that she could get off on them. But now this, she would have to quickly have her body adjust to the new rhythm. But she soon realised that it was okay. This was even better, now his thrusts were hard and driving, filling every inch of her and straight away the pulsing was even stronger inside her. What had been little ripples of nice feelings were becoming big waves of great feelings.

A climax was coming on her quickly now, her body was not going to let her down … and John was not going to let her down. The pulsing became a throbbing and was now just below the surface of her emotions, on the verge of releasing her body from all the tension of this encounter. Strangely, at this moment just before orgasm, she briefly thought of her husband, Jerry, what would he be doing right now? Was he missing her? Was he jealous? Would he still be warm and loving to her when she arrived home from this night of sex and passion?

And then Jerry was washed from her thoughts as John’s hard driving cock pushed her willing body over the precipice and she exploded in wave after wave of rolling crashing spasms. Her tight cunt grasped John’s cock in a series of clutching, gripping pulses that threatened to unleash his own release. John struggled to hang tough as her cunt clamped on his thrusting cock. Somehow, with incredible willpower, he managed to resist the powerful pull of the body beneath him as she experienced a satisfying orgasm that left her panting and gasping for breath.

Undaunted, he pushed on, not letting up with his hard thrusts, they were drawing enormous reaction from her body. Brittany wasn’t too sure where the waves of the first one began to ebb and the second one crashed over the top, one just morphed into the next. She hung on grimly, her legs wrapped around his body, her heels digging into his arse cheeks.

“I can’t take any more,” she screamed out, “cum now John, cum for me.”

“Yes you can, you’ve got more in you,” and he pressed harder, even though he felt his balls now tightening, knowing that his own release was imminent.

“No, no more,” she screamed in his ear, clamping her lips on his neck, her arms and legs clinging to his body, hanging on while his cock ravaged her insides. “Oh yes, oh yes!” she screamed out once again as more rolling waves swept over her. Somehow through the haze of her continuing orgasms, she sensed that he had stopped, his cock wedged hard inside her. Again, she felt his spasms but there were so many juices swirling around inside her that she couldn’t feel his cum blasting within her this time.

At least, the raging hard fuck had ceased. ‘Be careful what you wish for,’ she thought, reflecting on how she had pined for release after he failed her the first time. But now he had come back with a vengeance, he had brought her to multiple orgasms and she was delirious with the pleasure her body had enjoyed.

“Oh fuck, that was great!” were the first words she heard from John and she opened her eyes to look up into his. She saw his face reflecting the positive after-glow of a man who had just got his rocks off for the second time inside a beautiful woman. She knew that it was her body that had brought John so much delight … and now she too had been fulfilled by this erotic experience. She was so surprised how good it had been after that first time … she wondered if it would change her. After their first fuck, she had lain there in bed beneath his spent body, looking forward to going home to Jerry … to have her faithful husband bring her the satisfaction she craved at that moment. But now, this man, this stranger until two hours ago, had crafted out a succession of orgasms for her body, the like of which she struggled to recall having experienced before.

“Oh man, you are something else, great body and a great fucker. You’re worth every dollar that Jerry pays you. I can’t believe that I’ve got four more nights like this with you.”

She laughed, “Thank you for your enthusiasm, I enjoyed it too. I don’t know how you turned it around so well from the first time, but this time, you were great. You did it, you were the one to make me cum like that.”

Where the first time John had fallen asleep on Brittany even before his cock had stopped pumping, now he was alert and wide awake, propping himself up on his straightened arms, gazing down admiringly on the beautiful woman to which his cock was still attached. “Hey, are you hungry, we didn’t have dinner. How about I call room service?”

She was amused by his bubbly enthusiasm for fucking and laughed again, “Yeah sure John, that would be nice.”

“I would like to order, but I can’t bear to take my cock out of you, so you might have to wait until I deflate enough to fall out of you.”

Brittany liked him, it would seem he had battled, but he still kept a good attitude. He was happy and bubbly.

“Oh damn,” he said, “I think my hunger has taken over from lust,” and she felt him ease his semi-stiff cock from her passage. More of their juices leaked from her and she thought how damp this bottom sheet was going to get.

John got up off the bed and picked up the Room Service Menu and they each selected something nice. When he ordered, they told him that it would be 45 minutes. He reported that back to the woman in his bed. “We’ve got time to have a shower together, you said we’d have one later, remember. Come on, let’s do it now.”

“What if they deliver the meal earlier?”

“They won’t, come on, no excuses, let’s wash some of the sweat off our bodies.”

She let him pull her up out of the bed and be dragged reluctantly into the bathroom. “Just a minute,” she said, “I better take these off.” She was still wearing the stockings and garter belt. She unclasped the garters, rolled the stockings down and unhooked the belt from around her waist.

John meanwhile, had turned on the warm water and tested it. When he saw that she was nude, he tugged her into the shower stall, picked up a cake of soap and began lathering up her body. She let his hands work on her breasts until the nipples stood up proud and hard. He combined sucking on one of them while his hands worked on the other breast.

She wanted to do something good back to him, but he held the only cake of soap. When he seemed to tire of stroking and kissing her breasts, his hands moved down over her belly and his soapy fingers delved into the crevices of her vulva. She swooned from the touch of his fingers on her most intimate parts and she leaned back against the wall as her legs went weak.

“Here, your turn,” he told her, handing over the soap and she pulled herself off the wall and using the soap, began genuinely washing his chest. He pulled her in tighter, her breasts mashing against his chest and her hands were forced to go lower, grabbing hold of his cock and lathering it up.

She felt his soapy hands slipping down her back and over her arse and then, to her complete surprise, the fingers of one hand delved down between the smooth slippery cheeks, pushing all the way to her sensitive anal ring. Jerry had never touched her there and she was startled by the intimacy of John’s probing finger. She didn’t want to seem prudish, but this was something new to her.

Instinctively, she clenched her arse cheeks tightly, but all that did was trap his fingertip that was pressed firmly right on her anal ring.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

She felt embarrassed, “Nobody’s ever touched me there.”

“Really, I am surprised, given the sort of stuff you do.”

‘The stuff I do, what’s he talking about?’ she puzzled, then it occurred to her that since she had earlier suggested that she was a high price call girl, he might just have believed her.

Her first reaction had been that it was dirty to have him put his finger there, but then she decided that with all that soap around, nothing about her body could now be considered dirty. She felt she was being childish in holding back, she unclenched and his middle finger softly circled her tight anus, “That’s better,” he told her.

Her own soapy hands still held his cock, but their manipulation had slowed. She extended the coverage of her hands to his balls too. She let her head flop against his shoulder as she felt that finger now pressing gently at her tight anal opening. ‘Oh my God, can I do this? Should I let him go on?’

She was pleasantly surprised how it wasn’t painful, at least not yet, so she felt it was silly of her to stop him. His finger’s pressure became a little firmer and she subsequently cried out, “Ohh!”

“Shush, I won’t hurt you, just relax.” She felt his cock growing once again under her soapy manipulation of his cock and balls, then that finger managed to suddenly push in past her tight sphincter, inserting all the way to the first knuckle up inside her arse.

“Ohh!” she exclaimed once more, burying her head in his shoulder so he couldn’t see her face, but helping his access by spreading her feet further apart.

“Are you okay?” he asked, concerned.

“Yes!” she whispered quietly, “I’m okay, it’s just different.” Feeling him moving that digit around inside her, she admitted, “Actually, it’s not too bad, I think I like it.” She wriggled her arse around on the finger that had now pushed through to the second knuckle.

“Maybe we’ll try my cock next week,” he suggested.

He felt a tensing from her arse at the mere suggestion of anal sex, “I don’t know, that’s something altogether different.”

“Not that different, just a bit bigger. Lots of people do it,” he encouraged.

Her experimentation had gone far enough for her now. She suggested that they better end their shower so that they were dressed and ready when the meals arrived.

She didn’t want to put her dress back on, knowing that it would be coming off again when they had more sex that she now realised was inevitable. So she got back into bed, now totally nude beneath the covers. John put his shirt and trousers back on, only so he could open the door and sign for the dinners and a bottle of wine. Once the waiter had left, John shed his clothes once more and the two of them sat at the small table in the corner of the room, both stark naked. He had remained half-hard since she had fondled his package in the shower.

They took a long time over dinner, both enjoying the anticipation, knowing that they were only prolonging the inevitable. At any moment, either Brittany or John could say to the other one, “Okay, let’s do it again now!” and it would happen for sure.

Eventually, the meals had been eaten, the wine bottle was empty, just a sip remaining in their glasses, John led the way, stretching his hand forward toward her on the small table, “Are you ready for me again?”

She smiled warmly and placed her hand in his, “I thought you’d never ask.”

He stood up and when he came out from under the table, she could see that his cock was proudly erect again, “Umm, you do want it, don’t you?”

“I haven’t had this much sex in one night for years,” he confessed, leading her to the bed. He pulled the top sheet up over the very damp bottom one, “We’ve made a bit of a mess of this one.”

He pulled her into his embrace beside the bed and they kissed just as they had earlier. Slower now, just a touching of lips first, then their mouths opened, accompanied by the entry of a tongue, she was the aggressor this time, taking the battle into his open mouth. They rubbed bare body parts together and their hands roamed over their backs. She felt his fingers go into the cleavage of her arse again, but this time, unmoistened, he was content to lightly trace feather-like over the incline of her smooth cheeks without touching her anal ring.

Gently, John eased Brittany onto her back on the bed, leaving her legs hanging over the side. He dropped to his knees and she sensed what she thought was coming. “Oh goodness me, you’re not, are you?”

“Yes, I thought I would,” he said to her with a smile as he knelt beside the bed and his face came down between her thighs that he was pushing apart. His mouth began planting tender kisses on her bare inner thighs.

“This is supposed to be your special night, but you’re making it mine. I don’t know if I’ve got anything left in me,” she told him.

“Well, let’s see if you have, eh.” His face slid closer to the tops of her thighs, planting little kisses all the way up. Then his face hovered right there and she craned her head to be able to watch his mouth closing in on her vulva.

Brittany felt it — his tongue, that is — almost before her eyes visually recorded him going down on her. She let out a girlish squeal as his tongue slid upward inside the channel of her outer labia lips. And then when his lips closed over her budding clitoris and his tongue painted the little bud, her arse humped up off the bed and she screamed out, “Unnngggghhhh!”

For the next five minutes, his tongue licked and sucked on the very core of her sexual being. The waves, gentle at first, began lapping furiously, but each time she thought she was close, John would pull away and she would be left dry humping, her mouth muttering obscenities at him, “You bastard, let me cum!”

On just one of those teasing stops to the flow of her build-up to orgasm, he surprised her even more by rolling her over onto her stomach, and then planting soft love bite kisses on the smooth globes of her arse cheeks. She was unsure about him having his mouth so close to her arse, but she really called a halt when his tongue slid deep into the cleavage between her arse cheeks.

“No John, not there … please, don’t lick me there. It’s dirty, I’ll never kiss you again if you stick your tongue in my arse.”

He may have been heading there with his lips and tongue, but now she would never know, because he responded to her threat and took his mouth elsewhere. But not before he had pushed to discover the next frontier, “A truly great arse, I want it, you know. You promised me four more nights with you … well, I can tell you this, on at least one of those nights, my cock will be in your arse. Believe me!”

Brittany shivered at his words, she was fearful of the unknown associated with anal sex, which her husband had never even suggested. She had to concede that she was curious, but actually doing it filled her with apprehension. “I don’t know, we’ll see, John,” was the only commitment she would make.

He rolled her over onto her back once more, pushing her whole body toward the middle of the bed with his face once again down between her thighs and his tongue snaked out to lave her as intimately as he had done before. This time, he let her cum without stalling and she responded with a powerful orgasm that saw her hips lift completely off the bed, just her feet and shoulders holding her up.

Her satisfaction complete, John climbed up higher on the bed, slipping his knees between hers and positioning his cock at her entrance for the third time tonight. She raised her legs and held onto her calves, holding herself open for his entry and he obliged, sliding his cock in slowly, again working on her g spot with his tip for a short time.

She let her calves go and her legs wrapped around his, holding him inside her as he began fucking this woman for the third time tonight. “How can you keep getting it up, John?” she asked as he pumped his hard cock into her.

“I don’t know, this is more than I’ve ever done it in one night. I’d say it’s your doing. If you weren’t such a great looking chick and good at fucking, I would never have got it up again.”

“Ummm! I’m sure not complaining,” she told him, the quickening of her breathing conceding how he was arousing her yet again. “Aahh! Feeling good, John!”

“How long are you staying tonight? Are you here all night, or do you run off like Cinderella at midnight?”

She was panting loudly now as her body responded to John’s hard deep thrusts that were hitting her clit at just the right angle. “Oh, I … unngghhh! I don’t know, I … err, I don’t think I … unngghhh! I don’t think I can stay all night. Unngghhh! I should get back to Jerry, he’s … err, unngghhh! He’s all on his own and I don’t know how he’ll handle this.”

John had built up quite a steady rhythm, which was what was getting Brittany off. But his thrusts stopped abruptly at her mention of Jerry’s name, instantly cutting off her impending orgasm. “Christ, don’t stop!” she screamed at him, her hands circling his back and pulling hard on his arse to urge him to maintain the momentum. Her eyes flew open, her lower body crazily humped up at him, attempting to maintain his stimulus to her special parts. “God, what are you doing? Just keep fucking me!”

John was wide-eyed, staring back down at her as she tried to focus her lust-driven vision on the man above her. “Did you say you should get back to Jerry?” he asked, and hearing him mention her husband’s name, Brittany suddenly realised what she had said. All night, she had perpetuated the myth that she was some high-class call girl. Now, in the euphoria of another imminent explosive orgasm, she had slipped up and mentioned going home to Jerry. The waves of pleasure had died abruptly and she was left hanging, much like the first time tonight, but for a different reason.

“Do you live with Jerry?” he was asking.

Brittany stared up into his eyes, remorseful that she had broken his trust, “I’m sorry John, I should have admitted when I arrived tonight … Jerry is my husband. My name is Brittany.”

“What? You’re Jerry’s wife. Wow, that’s wild. Hey, you’re a hot sexy babe for somebody’s wife!”

“I’m sorry, John, I’m really sorry to deceive you. We talked about call girls and you thought I was one, and I just went along with it.”

“That’s okay,” he told her, but she could see his facial reaction. His head looked to be spinning at this revelation.

“It doesn’t have to change things, John. I might be Jerry’s wife, but I am doing this with you, because I want to be here. This was my idea to help Jerry, and to help you.”

Overcoming his initial shock, John had very slowly started to pump his cock into her again. Her pending orgasm had died away when he had stopped moving altogether, but she was pleased to feel the resumption of movement and she answered back on his thrusts with her own hip movements. Gradually, a fresh rhythm was developed as he fucked in and out of her body, building up the pace and eventually restoring those pleasant rolling feelings deep inside her body.

Neither had said a word since he was startled by her revelation of who she really was. But now her breathing and her sensual murmuring indicated that he had brought her back on heat. “Oh yes John, feeling good again … ummm! Ooh yes, like that too. Oh yes, I like it when you do it that way.” She was panting loudly, her breath coming in short gasps, her body starting to tremble … and then she exploded in jerking spasms as yet another orgasm overtook her.

She knew that he hadn’t cum despite her being lost momentarily in the euphoria of her release. She opened her eyes to look up at him curiously, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong, I just decided to take a rest.”

“Have you had enough?”

“Oh God no, I could keep doing this all the way to dawn. I haven’t ever had this much sex in one night.”

“Well why not go on then.”

“I think we both realise that if I cum again, that will just about be it for me for the night. I can’t see me cumming more than three times, if I can even get to that. But when I do cum, you’ll go home to Jerry and I’ll be left here alone in this hotel room, or I’ll go home to my own poky little apartment.”

“It can’t go on forever, John.”

“No, but it could go on until at least sunrise. I don’t have to be at work until nine.”

Brittany had hoped that she would be out of here by the early hours of the morning. She was eager to get back to her husband, see how he was coping with a long lonely night at home, probably thinking about her constantly, perhaps worried about how she was getting on with this unique experience. She thought about how she could reason with John, keep him happy and satisfied without staying all the way until morning.

John was still hard, his cock wedged deep inside her. She figured that getting him to cum one more time might be the key to ending this soon. “John, you’re a bit heavy, can we roll over?”

He happily complied, rolling them both over, still joined intimately. Now she was on top and she manoeuvred her body around so that she could sit up on him, her knees coming up alongside his chest. “John, we might need to compromise. Can you have some compassion for Jerry. I had to talk him into letting me do this. We’ve only been married for three months, he wasn’t too keen on having his new wife go and have sex with another man.”

She looked across at the clock, it was just after midnight. “I’ve been gone nearly seven hours, he’s at home alone, probably worried sick about me. He doesn’t know you that well … doesn’t know you like I do now. For all he knows, you could have hit me or raped me, or who knows what. I would like to get home to him soon, assure him I’m okay and that I still love him … even after having such a nice man as you.”

“Very nice, very touching, and I do understand. But hey, this is my one lucky break, I haven’t had many in life. You have promised me five nights with you and I have agreed to stick my neck out for Jerry one more time. I could get fired; I could go to prison. You and Jerry would say nice caring things about how you feel for me, but that’s it, you two wouldn’t do anything else for me. Now to me, a night with you is a whole night, Jerry’s just gonna have to get used to it.”

Brittany fought back her emotions, she was now seeing a different side to this man. At first, he was so grateful, but raw and out of his depth. Then he got his mojo back and made her feel really good. But it seems that since she revealed that she was Jerry’s wife, John has become less caring, resentful of all that Jerry has — such as her — and cynical toward her. She realised that these five nights might be harder on her than she first expected.

She tried to stop the tears, but she couldn’t. At first, just one or two welled up in her eyes and they trickled down over her cheeks. She lifted a hand to wipe them away. “Oh come on, don’t cry honey,” he said, “shit, damn women and their emotions. I’m not holding you against your will, I just suggested that our night wasn’t finished. Fuck, you’re on top, if you wanna go, just lift off and get out.”

Her tears had become a sobbing, but she quickly brought herself back under control. “Yes, I could do that, couldn’t I?” she almost yelled at him, “But you would probably go back on our deal, John. Jerry and I need this so badly, our business really is in jeopardy. I can’t take that risk that you wouldn’t go through with the approval. I will stay, but only until five. I’m not walking out of here in an evening dress when it’s daylight.”

“Tell you what,” he suggested, his own compassion returning, “I’ll make another deal with you. We both know that if I cum again, I would probably never get it up again tonight. For God’s sake, I’m over forty now, I don’t have the stamina to go all night. I reckon I’ve held up well until now. So if you can get me to cum a third time, then you can go, how’s that?”

She wiped the back of her hand across her face once more, clearing the last of the tears and she managed a smile for him. “That sounds fair, John, you’ve got a deal.” She immediately lifted her body upward, causing his cock to begin to slip from her rising body. But when only the head remained enclosed by her body’s warmth, she plunged back down over it again and was delighted to see the look on his face that told her that he really felt arousal from that. She continued with a series of similar up and down movements. He really did look to be enjoying them and she wondered if she was going to get him to cum.

The trouble was that she was trying so hard that her strenuous lifts followed by plummeting back down on his shaft was doing even more for her own arousal. Soon, it was she who was gasping and panting breathlessly and then one more powerful orgasm rocked her body and she slumped down on him, her breasts mashing against his chest, her head in the crook of his neck.

They slept for a while in that position, his cock still inside her. She was comfortable in the position that her body had slumped into. John was happy, he just appreciated the closeness and warmth of a beautiful woman.

When she stirred from her slumber, she checked the clock … 2.30. She lay where she was for a moment, her thoughts on Jerry. They hadn’t decided on a time, but surely he would be getting anxious by now. Should she try calling him? She was tempted, but what if he was asleep? It would really startle him to have the phone ringing at 2.30 in the morning.

She felt the need to pee, ‘It must be the wine,’ she thought. She was able to lift up off John, his cock’s erection had faded and his tip had just been resting at her entrance. Her feet were a bit unsteady when she stood, she figured that it must have been having them spread around this man for most of the night. The room was dark but she managed to feel her way to the bathroom. She flicked the light on in there, flooding the hotel room with a shaft of light from the open door. She looked back at the bed to see that John had woken too, obviously from the beam of light entering the room. He was staring at her. She gave him a little wave, calling out “Nature calls, I’ll be back.”

When she saw her reflection in the bathroom mirror, she was dismayed, and distracted from the original purpose of her visit to the bathroom. “Oh God,” she exclaimed loudly, possibly loud enough for John to hear outside, she had only pushed the door to, not closed it. She had seen her face, the make-up streaked by her earlier tears, her normally well coiffeured red hair was a mess from rolling around on the bed during their intense fucking.

The bathroom door swung open behind her and John stood there in the doorway, as naked as she, “What’s the matter?” he asked.

“I just saw myself in the mirror. My God, I look quite a sight. What must you think of me now?”

“You’re still beautiful,” he complimented and stepped up behind her, wrapping his arms around her. She could feel his limp cock slot easily into the crease of her arse.

“Thank you, I appreciate it, but I can see what I look like. I better do something with this face or there’s no way I’ll tempt you into a third cum.” She laughed to show that she was half joking, not wanting him to take offence that her single-minded pursuit was now getting him to finish so she could go home. “Oh dear, as nice as this closeness is, my love, I forgot I have to pee … and urgently now.” She pulled out of his arms and spun around to sit on the toilet, looking back up at him, expecting him to leave, “Err, do you mind?”

“What, mind what?” he said, holding his ground, standing just two steps away.

“I have to pee, John, usually I do it alone.”

“Not this time, sweetheart,” he said, his eyes watching her, admiring her near perfect breasts, peeping down into the intimate folds between her legs, now partly hidden by her seated position.

“Oh damn, men!” she muttered and brought her hands up to cup her face in a gesture of embarrassment as the tinkle of her pee in the bowl became the only sound in that small bathroom.

He was content to watch her in silence, “There’s something sexy about a woman peeing,” he told her just as her last drops hit the water in the bowl.

“I cannot understand why, but then men do have some crazy hang-ups,” she told him with a look of annoyance, standing up and tearing off some paper. She gave herself a wipe and discarded the paper in the bowl. “Are you happy, was that good for you?”

“Yeah, this good!” he said, using one hand to hold up his cock that was now half hard again.

“You’re joking,” she said, amazed. “What, from watching me pee?”

“I guess so,” he said, giving his cock a couple of firm strokes to ensure its rigidity.

She turned back around to face the mirror, “I’m sorry, I am going to have to do something with this face,” she said. “I cannot stand myself looking like this, even at three in the morning.” She turned her head to face him, “Can you be a darling and get my purse, it’s on the bedside table.”

John returned to the darkened room and found her purse, brought it to her and she opened it to get her make-up. Brittany bent over the vanity and washed all of her previous make-up off, preparing to start again, “I can’t believe that I’m doing this at this hour of the morning. I should be home in bed.”

John ignored her hint that she should be leaving. He was more interested in standing behind her, his eyes attracted to admiring the perfect curve of her arse cheeks. She sensed that she might be in trouble when she felt his fingers back there, tracing where her cheeks curved in to form a dark recessed crease that led to her anus. “No John, not that, not now!” she said commandingly, wanting to discourage him quickly.

“I can’t remember ever seeing a better arse. Have you ever done that, have you ever had a man’s cock in there?”

“No I haven’t!” she answered defiantly, trying to get in quickly to discourage him before his carnal thoughts developed.

“I have … a couple of times, it’s brilliant, believe me.”

“Yeah, maybe for the guy,” she said as she used the towel to wipe away the water and any remnants of earlier make-up.

“Well yeah, I can only tell you what it felt like from my side, but shit, it was incredibly tight. It was just so hard not to cum the minute I got in there. Hey, there you go, you want me to cum so you can go home … well, that would do it. I’ll have you here, right now. Shit, if only we had some KY.”

At his mention of KY, Brittany glanced across at her open purse on the vanity. She could see the tube of lubricant that she had brought with her, she hoped he didn’t see it too. “John, I told you before that I would think about it, that’s all, no promises.”

The next memory that unconscious Camilla was reliving, in an out-of-body vision, was ten years before her incubi gang-bang predicament in the Montreal aquarium, when she was twenty-seven years old. One night in Toronto in mid-September, she and Cameron were at home, getting dressed and ready to go to a party held in a wealthy banker’s large house.

Camilla had had her hair cut to go down to the bottom of her neck, and she used Nigrovum to change her blonde hair to a light brown; she also psychically changed her eye colour to brown, out of a wish for a different look that night. Her complexion was changed to tawny, and the rest of her body had its original colours. Not bothering to put on any underwear, she just wore a low cut, sparkly silver dress and black high heels. The front of the dress showed off a generous amount of cleavage, and the low-cut back came down a millimetre or so above where her anal cleft began. Her face was made up like a prostitute, as usual, and red nail polish covered up her black nails.

Cameron, also with black nails, paler skin, and blacker hair, wore a black tuxedo; he and his wife were hoping to find a lover–male or female–to heighten their pleasure after the party. They drove 8-year-old Eros to Emily’s apartment to sleep over for the night. At Emily’s open front door, Camilla bent down to kiss Eros good-bye–though she didn’t need to bend very much, since he was an unusually big boy. Curious, he looked down her cleavage.

“Sweetie,” she gently chided. “Nice boys don’t look down their mommies’ dresses.”

“Sorry,” he said, looking away. “Do you really have to go?”

“Oh, it’ll only be for tonight,” she said. “You’ll see us tomorrow.”

“I’ll miss you, Mommy. Cameron can stay away, though.”

“Baby, I don’t like it when you talk about him that way. He’s your daddy; accept him.” She looked firmly at him.

“OK,” he said reluctantly.

“OK. Be good, and we’ll come and get you first thing tomorrow.” She kissed him on the forehead, which he enjoyed despite the ‘latency’ of his desire; then she straightened up and turned to face Emily. “OK, Emily, he’s all yours.” Eros started walking into her apartment.

“Bye, little buddy,” Cameron said to him. The boy said nothing. Cameron looked down at his shoes with a pout. Emily closed the door with a frown, feeling sad for Cameron. He and Camilla walked sadly toward the elevator. “He still hates me.”

“I’ll talk to him tomorrow,” she said as they got in the elevator.


They arrived at the banker’s house about thirty minutes later. As they walked around the large guest room, moving through a sea of people and hoping to find a suitable partner for their bed, Camilla saw Ted Weinstein.

“Ted! Hi!” she said, shaking his hand.

“Hi Camilla; good to see you again,” he said. Turning to the man he had just been talking to, he asked, “Have you met Paul Shaw?”

“No,” she said, looking at the tall, silver-haired, fifty-something man, and thinking him ideal to help her husband indulge his Candaulism with. “But you’re the host of the party tonight, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am,” Paul said.

“This is quite a mansion you have here,” Cameron said.

“Thanks,” Paul said. “Being CEO of the Toronto headquarters of the Bank of Montreal makes it possible to live this way.”

“Oh?” Camilla said. “Did you know a Patrick,…oh, I don’t think I ever learned his last name. He used to work in your bank, in First Canadian Place. But he died about nine years ago.”

“Blond, good-looking, in his late thirties?” Paul asked, already knowing exactly whom she meant.

“Yeah, that sounds like him,” she said.

“Patrick Shaw,” Paul said. “My younger brother.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry for your loss,” she said.

“He’d have gone far in our company, but he often questioned the morals of how we make our profits.”

“I see,” Cameron said, himself doubtful of the morals of big bankers.

Stay and chat with Ted, Paul mentally told Cameron. “I’m gonna chat with your wife a while, and you’ll forget all about me.”

Coming out of a brief daze, Cameron looked at Ted and said, “So, Garth Van Duyne won in the federal election. Isn’t that amazing, the first Green Party Prime Minister?”

“It’s unprecedented,” Ted said. “And since I supported him, I have every confidence he’ll lead the country in the right direction.”

“Come with me, Camilla,” Paul said, noting Cameron’s being oblivious to him. “Let me show you around my home.” Finding him very attractive, Camilla went with him out of the guest room, and away from all those people.

He took her up to the third floor, and into a large, more or less empty room. He left the door wide open.

“Why’d you bring me in here?” she asked. “There’s nothing to see here.”

“There doesn’t need to be anything in here, for our purposes,” he said, standing before her. He used his psychic powers to make her dress suddenly fall off. Before the now-naked woman could react, Paul seized control of her mind, making her barely able to move, except very slowly. She just looked at him with a dazed expression, her eyes and mouth agape. His eyes poured all over her body, ogling her tits and pubic hair, which he ran his fingers through. “So this is what the naked–well, Nigrovum-altered–body of Camilla Mennon looks like,” he said. “Camilla Fox, I should say, since you married that wimpy lump of a man. Still, his surname works well for you, since you sure are a fox.” He took her by the shoulders and turned her around so he could see her pretty round buttocks. “Very nice.” He patted them.

He then used his psychic powers to make her slip her feet out of her high heels and slowly walk around the room, allowing him to see her nakedness from all angles. She noted the wide-open door in terror, fearing the scandal of someone seeing her naked there, especially fearing that Cameron would come up looking for her, and find her in a sexual situation with Paul, all without Cameron’s consent or involvement. After all, we must remember that her swinging with her husband was supposed to be a controlled adultery, and her publicly exhibitionistic days were supposed to be long gone.

Paul had put a psychic barrier all around their section of the third floor, drowning out the screams of fucking that would soon be heard within it, and ensuring that no one would interfere; still, he wanted her to be frightened enough to think they might be heard and interfered with. Indeed, he was blocking her own psychic abilities to the point that she didn’t even know his barrier was protecting them from being caught.

Next, he made her get down on the floor on all floors, with her legs spread out so both her pussy and asshole were showing. She was facing the door, terrified that someone would walk by and see them. He knelt behind her and took off his shoes, pants, and underwear. He aimed his hard cock at her vaginal opening and slowly slid inside; though she was scared, her pussy was wet with the excitement of being terrified.

He pushed his cock all the way in, and when the tip poked against her A-spot, she let out a high-pitched squeal: “Ooh!” After a few more pokes, she gushed out some come.

As he continued fucking her pussy, he mentally communicated the following: The whole time period when you were teasing, and later fucking, my brother, I could feel your lust energy all over him whenever he was in the same room with me at the bank. Since your reputation has preceded you in many more cities than you would care to know, and since I wanted your lust-energy spread among my employees, to make them more obedient to my will, I psychically enticed a female bank teller among them, the slut of the staff, to lure Patrick into having sex with him one night. Camilla screamed in whistle register and came again, then Paul pulled his soaking wet cock out of her cunt and aimed it at her asshole. He used Nigrovum to lubricate the orifice and her rectum thoroughly, then he slid his cock inside slowly. She just moaned softly at the feeling of the widening of her asshole, and looked out that doorway, desperately hoping no one would come by and see them.

After Patrick’s sexual encounter with the slut bank teller, her nymphomania was combined with yours, Paul continued as he thrust his cock in and out of Camilla’s asshole. That tramp was soon fucking every male employee, and me, too. Of course, while the effect of Nigrovum made the others all my slaves, helping me steal from the masses and make a ton of money, I–knowing how to use Nigrovum’s power–was able to convert your lust-energy into an energy of ambition, which is what all of us ‘masked men’ do. My power grew, and my staff, not at all knowing how to use the power, are now unquestionably compliant. Our bank now makes twice what it did before in profits, though the media keeps that all quiet, than to Ted’s influence.

Camilla could only helplessly stare in terror at the wide-open door three feet in front of her, and hope her squeals weren’t loud enough to draw attention from the other guests. He pulled his cock out of her ass after another two or three minutes of ass-fucking, then got up and went over to stand beside her. He turned the kneeling woman around to face him, so when she blew him, her face, in profile, would be visible from outside the room. He pushed the tip of his cock against her opening lips, and she–always under his psychic control–took his cock in and began caressing the shaft with her lips and tongue.

Thanks again for your help in getting us Greens voted into office, he psychically told her as his cock went in and out of her salivating mouth. Prime Minister Van Duyne is happy beyond words to be finally controlling the whole country, and you don’t even know you helped us, since we always had you in a trance whenever you voted, or mentally prodded other people to vote for him. You didn’t seriously think that all the boundless power of Nigrovum would be only yours to manipulate, did you? A mere girl? Our people were exploiting this power long before you even knew you had it, though we had far grander goals than just to have an endless string of sexual conquests. Our men in Vancouver were using it even when you’d thought your seduction of Mark Grisham was all your doing. They, far more than you, were psychically making all that fucking happen with your elementary and high school teachers, and for the same purposes as my getting my brother to fuck that slut bank teller. I’m just curious: do you still think you’re a goddess? Don’t make me laugh.


Since Cameron had been having sex with Camilla for a couple of years now, he too had lots of Nigrovum in his blood; and he could vaguely sense the sexual excitement–and fear–his wife was feeling.

“Excuse me, Ted,” he said to the media man, who had been deliberately stalling him with verbose conversation. “I want to go look for my wife. Where is she?”

“Oh, I’m sure she’s in good hands with Paul, don’t worry,” Ted said, trying to keep from snickering at what he knew was really happening in that room on the third floor. “But if you want to go find her, I understand.”

“Thanks. It’s been nice talking to you,” Cameron said. “Bye.”

“Bye,” Ted said. I’d love to be a fly on the wall and see your reaction to what Paul’s doing with her, Ted thought with an eerie grin.

Cameron left Ted, found the stairs, and went up to the second floor, sensing that he was getting closer to wherever Camilla was, but still not getting a clear enough psychic signal as to where exactly. He kept looking around.


Camilla was aggressively and frantically sucking on Paul’s cock, hoping to speed up his excitement and make him come soon; maybe then he would finally release her, and she could get dressed and return to her husband. She had her wet lips tightly wrapped around Paul’s shaft, and her tongue licked, flickered, and vibrated against the sensitive underside of his cock. She looked up at him with a slutty look in her eyes, hoping that would turn him on more, while hoping no less that her husband–whom she sensed was coming up and looking for her–wouldn’t catch her with Paul. She gently shook his balls in her hand.

Finally, Paul was about to blow: he pulled his cock out of her mouth and came all over her face. It hit her on the nose, in her right eye, on her left cheek, on her lips, and on her chin.

“Thank you, Camilla,” he said as he went over and got a handkerchief out of his pants. He wiped her come off his groin area, then licked it all off the handkerchief. “Don’t want to miss a single drop, not a single microscopic black egg, right Camilla? You are definitely as good as your reputation informs us. I’m sure I’ll get much more powerful now with Nigrovum coming directly from you, who have developed your own talents with it. Now, those talents are mine.” When he finished drying himself off and licking the handkerchief off, he put his pants, underwear, and shoes back on. “OK, baby, get back on all fours.” She was mentally forced to obey.

He got behind her and began licking all her come off her pussy. He sucked it all off her labia and clitoris, then stuck his tongue as far inside her cunt as he could reach; he used Nigrovum to lengthen his tongue so it could reach all the way to her A-spot and lap up every drop of her come.

She was getting excited again, but also increasingly afraid, for she could sense Cameron finishing his search of the second floor, and his plan to go up to the third floor and search there. She mustered all her will to counter Paul’s blocking of her so keep her own desire under control, so she wouldn’t come again, and further lengthen this dangerous sexual encounter.

When he’d finished lapping up all her come, Paul psychically shortened his tongue to its original size and pulled it out of her pussy. Then he got a small jar and scoop out of his left blazer pocket, and shovelled all her come, which was in a blob on the floor between her legs, into the jar.

When he was finished scooping it all up, he put the jar and scoop back in his blazer pocket, got up, and said, “Good. That will be of invaluable use in our rituals. Thanks again, Camilla. You’ve been so helpful to us.” He then put his hand into his right blazer pocket and pulled out a grotesque mask, like those worn in ancient Greek comedies, just like the ones the Satanists wore in the mansion on Grouse Mountain in Vancouver. He put the mask on the window sill. He left the room, leaving the door wide open and giggling to himself. She just looked over at the mask and tried to gasp in terror, but couldn’t, for she was still under Paul’s psychic control.

Suddenly, she felt herself forget who he was, what he’d said to her, and what he looked like; now she was even more scared. Still with her mental block, she tried to get up and reach for her clothes, but she could move only very slowly. She sensed Cameron approaching the stairs leading up to the third floor.

As Paul went down the stairs to the second floor, he saw Cameron coming up. “Excuse me,” Cameron asked him, having been made by Paul to forget having met him. “Have you seen my wife by chance? She’s a short, young woman, with short, wavy light brown hair, and wearing a silver dress?”

“Well, I think I saw a woman of that description up on the third floor somewhere, though I don’t think she was wearing a silver dress,” Paul said, passing Cameron and making him forget that second meeting with Paul. He also removed the psychic barrier, so Cameron could freely enter every room and eventually find Camilla.

Bent over, Camilla desperately tried to put her dress back on as fast as she could, which was still extremely slow. Paul’s come was still dripping off her face and onto the floor, and she sensed her approaching husband. At that point, she had only her feet in the dress, and it was pulled up to her knees; her bare ass was pointing at the wide-open door.

Cameron walked by the room, looked in, and saw her. “Camilla,” he said, unsurprised to see her naked, since he’d sensed her sexual excitement from before; he also sensed her fear. “What happened?”

Suddenly, she could move normally again, since Paul had finally released her. She quickly pulled her dress up and put on her shoes. Getting some tissue out of her purse and wiping her face with trembling hands, she said, “Cameron, I can explain.” The sight of the mask on the window sill made her already-racing heartbeat seem to double in speed. “The man who just went downstairs forced himself on me. I never consented to the sex with him, I swear.”

“What man?” Cameron asked. “I don’t remember anyone.”

“Honey, he made you forget,” she explained, having got essentially all of Paul’s come off her face, with most of her makeup. “He made me forget who he was. You know that psychic power I have, the one I passed on to you and to Eros? Well, other people have it too, and not just my former lovers. Bad people have it.”

“Who?” Cameron asked. Never angry about his wife having sex with another man, since his low self-esteem made him almost welcome further cuckolding, Cameron was now getting worried from the fear he sensed in her.

“Remember the story I told you once about masked men in a mansion? Well, look at this.” She handed him the mask from the window sill. “Those bastards must have come here from Vancouver and found me using their psychic powers. I thought Candice and I had killed them all, but we were wrong, apparently. They must want revenge for our killing their friends. He was saying something to me as he was raping me, but he made me forget it all; all I know is it was terrifying to hear. Anyway, I’ll bet their numbers have grown, and I’ll bet they use this mansion, and maybe other ones, to continue their Satanic bullshit. All those times that I’ve been terrorized at York, being masturbated to orgasm, right in my classrooms, or forced to get naked and fuck in front of my classmates? It must have been the masked men. I’d always thought that it had been the incubi who used to torment me in my dreams; maybe it’s both the living and the dead masked men. Who knows for sure. I don’t remember who I was just with, but this mask tells me a lot. They’re so bold with their power, those masked bastards; they’re even telling me it’s them.”

“Can’t you do anything? Can’t we do anything?” Cameron asked.

“I’ve tried putting up psychic barriers, and they work for a while; I won’t be attacked by them for several months, but they’ll break through eventually. What do they want? I never listened to Ravinder’s and Daddy’s warnings, because they sounded like just a bunch of crazy conspiracy theories. Were they right? I don’t know. Sometimes I try to communicate with Dr. Singh and Daddy, but I get blocked. Before I thought it was the incubi blocking me; maybe it’s been the masked men. Again, maybe it’s both–I can’t be sure.”

“What will we do?”

“Cameron, we’ve gotta move; as soon as I get my doctorate, which should be next year–fuck, that’s so long to wait!–we’ve gotta leave Toronto. Hopefully, those Satanic bastards, if it’s them, won’t find us. Maybe the ghosts’ psychic power is enough to produce a mask out of thin air. If it was the ghosts who made me get naked and fuck in front of my classmates, I guess anything’s possible. But then again, the idea that it’s living masked men sounds more believable, if much scarier. Anyway, we’ve gotta make really strong psychic barriers to protect us in the meantime. We’ve both got to make those barriers together, to make sure they’re as strong as possible. Then, as soon as I get my PhD, we’re leaving Toronto.”

It all started online… I was seeking a domme to serve and after having terrible luck, I found exactly what I was looking for. A Goddess that I could worship and that would treat me like garbage.

We started by having chats, she seemed very nice at first, asking me my limitations and what my likes and dislikes were. She started getting my trust and I started opening up a little more. Then she started getting demanding. She demanded that I send her a online tribute of $300. Then the next day she demanded $700. After she saw how serious I was, we decided to meet in person for lunch and a shopping trip. She lived in New York, so I drove 10 hours to meet her. She told me that if I was a good boy, she would allow me to stay at her place that night. So we met at a local restaurant, she was stunning. 5’9”, skinny, nice breasts and gorgeous ass, and she knew how to turn me on, skinny jeans, with a low cut shirt, and heels. Just beautiful. So we talked for a while, we actually had fun, she was very flirtatious. Then we went shopping. We went to all of the major stores, and of course I carried all of the bags. All in all, I spent close to $3,000 just that day. That’s when she knew I was hooked. So we went back to her place and when I walked in, she had me bring all of the bags to her bedroom and lay them in front of her bed. Then I had to come back to the living room, where she instructed me to strip. She was very impressed by the size of my penis. She had me go to the kitchen to get her an Iced tea. When I returned, she instructed me to get on my knees and start worshipping her feet.

She told me that if I was to become her slave, I would have to sign a contract, be locked in chastity the entire time with no release minus cleanings, and I will be required to become her domestic slave. She told me that if that is what I wanted, I was to go to the dining room and get the black box that was on the table. If it is not what I wanted, I was to put my clothes on and leave. Well of course I went to the dining room and grabbed the black box. She laughed as I brought it to her. It contained the contract and the chastity device. She instructed me to lock myself in the chastity device and sign and initial on the contract.

I was then told to go to her bedroom, and put away everything that I had bought her and put the new pairs of shoes and boots neatly in her large walk in closet. I did it quickly. She came to inspect my work. She was satisfied, but decided to grab the belt off her waist and give me a beating of a lifetime. She told me that I would get it three times as bad if I were ever to screw up and not do as I’m told. She then told me to go to the bathroom and go under the sink and get the small bucket and get a new toothbrush out of the cabinet. I filled the bucket half water, half soap. She told me that I will now be cleaning the kitchen floor on my knees with the toothbrush and that I have two hours to do so. I will be allowed an additional hour, but for a punishment. I worked quickly and efficiently, and I was done in 2 hours and 10 min. Because I only went 10 min over the allotted time, I was instructed to scrub the half bath floor, then I would be allowed to go to bed, but I was to tell her when I am done.

About an hour or so later, I crawled into the living room and told my Goddess that I was all done with the floor. She was happy. She then told me to follow her on my knees to her bedroom. When we got there, she told me to go into the center of her closet and lay on my stomach on the floor. She then grabbed about 6 double grommet belts off of the wall, and tied my hands behind my back very tight, then did the same to my ankles, knees, elbows, and then put one big one around my shoulders and then the other around my waist, holding my arms to my back. She then grabbed a length of rope and tied me up in a hogtie. I was instructed that I will not be sleeping, but instead will be licking clean all 14 pairs of her new shoes. I was to get each sparkly clean but I was not allowed to tip them over, and if I was, I would not be untied until after she comes home from work. I definitely did not want that. So I got busy and I didn’t even know what time it was, but I stayed awake all night and cleaned my Goddess’ shoes. I got down to the last pair when my Goddess woke up and found that I was not done. She grabbed a pair of her panties, stuffed them in my mouth, then grabbed duct tape and wrapped it around my head a few times and gagged me so I couldn’t speak. She told me she would be home at 5pm, it is now 8am. She told me that if I urinate, I will be receiving a VERY severe punishment that she wasn’t hoping to use on me so early.

By the time she arrived home, I was struggling to keep it in, but I somehow managed. She saw how bad I was struggling when she opened her closet and untied me very quickly and let me run to the bathroom. I think I peed for about 5 minutes straight. She was actually really nice, she allowed me to put clothes on, and sit with her on the couch, it was great. She said that she wanted to test me and I passed with flying colors. She actually fell asleep on me and laid on my leg and I brushed her hair with my fingers. She loved it. It sounded weird, I barely know this woman, and I felt like I was falling in love, and it seemed like she was really comfortable with me being around.

The next day was back to normal, I spent my morning between cleaning the kitchen and worshipping my Goddess’ feet. She had the day off today. By lunchtime, she instructed me into the bedroom. She told me to lay on her bed and spread eagle. She then tied me down very well with rope. She decided that she was going to tease the hell out of me. She stripped down to her bra and panties and started rocking her ass and pussy on my chastity belt. She got really hot and flipped around and made me start eating her pussy and her ass until she got multiple orgasms. Then she decided she wanted my cock. So she undid my chastity belt, slipped on a condom, and told me that if I cum, then she was going to put my chastity device back on and superglue the lock shut. I struggled to not cum, and god knows I was leaking precum like crazy, but she had about 4 orgasms and then collapsed on top of me. She actually gave me a very passionate kiss and then laid next to me. about 5 min later, she took off my condom and inspected it. She saw that there was no load, but she made me eat the precum out of my condom, then put the chastity belt back on. Then she released me.

Something came over me, but I actually asked her if we could cuddle, and she said yes, and she laid her head on my chest and i played with her hair, and we just laid there naked, talking for almost 3 hours. Talked about our deepest secrets and just random stuff. I actually kissed her multiple times and we made out for a good 20 minutes straight. She said that she had never felt like this about any sub she’s ever had. I agreed. I asked her if she would be my girlfriend, and she said yes. I was so happy, she was a beautiful perfect girl and was exactly what I was looking for. I unfortunately had to go back home the next day, so we just spend the day together, I took her out to dinner, and we had fun. I was able to return 2 days later.

While I was gone, we spent the time texting and talking on the phone. I came back and was welcomed with a warm embrace and a big kiss. I brought her a gift, a nice necklace. She was very happy and surprised. She of course put me right to work. I vacuumed, dusted, cleaned all the windows, washed her car, did her laundry, and make her lunch. After lunch, I was to change the shower curtain, clean both bathrooms, change the sheets, make the bed, and do the dishes. After everything was inspected, and my Goddess was happy, I made her a delightful dinner for two, and then she led me to the bedroom. We cuddled for a bit and we made love, and this time i was allowed to cum, and then she decided that I was going to be tied up at the foot of her bed and was to worship her feet all night. So she got out the belts and tied me up really tight just in reach of her feet.

More to come…

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