I began the slow climb to Amy and I’s bedroom. The events of the day began to take shape in my mind. I realized that I had pissed my wife off. Her anger was apparent as I followed my wife and the two guys, Greg and Rob, up the stairs to our bedroom.

The day had started off innocently enough. Well, I say innocent, but I had thought of how this evening was going to end and it wasn’t supposed to be innocent, just not the turn of events that had just transpired.

It had all started three days ago when my wife’s boss, Rob, had called me to see if I was up for some shooting at the gun range. I was surprised to hear from him as Amy had told me that Rob had felt uncomfortable after our encounter in Orlando last month. While things had returned to normal for Rob, he still had seemed somewhat distant to Amy.

We talked about our shooting plans. Rob then asked me if I was uncomfortable with him.

I replied, “No. Are you uncomfortable with us?”

“Sort of…But I can’t get it out of my head.”

“What do you mean? The excitement, or the guilt?”


“Rob, we don’t expect you to participate anymore. You don’t need to feel guilt at all. Be involved with your life…make love to Rebecca…go to church…do whatever! Just don’t beat yourself up over it!” I said reassuringly.

“To be honest, I wanted to meet with Amy. I guess I am still curious.”

“That is out of the question!” I said firmly. “Amy and I do things together and only together. The night she stayed with you was our way of freeing her to explore her desires, nothing else.”

“I understand…I didn’t mean to have sex with her, just to talk.” Rob lied, more easily than he liked.

“If you still need to find out more about your curiosities and you want to do that with Amy, we all need to agree and talk about it.”

“Can we get together after shooting and just talk? I don’t know if I want to have sex, but, I want to talk about everything and just understand your and Amy’s feelings and then my own.”

I reflected on what Rob had said and I felt compassion for the guy.

“Ok, but it will just come up in conversation. Don’t say anything to Amy about you coming. We’ll see if we can’t just let everything happen naturally.”

Rob sounded relieved. “Sounds good!” How about Saturday, at around 1 pm?

“See you then!”

I knew I should have talked to Amy, but I thought it would be humorous to see her face when Rob showed up. Boy! Was I wrong!

Then yesterday, Greg called. This surprised me as Greg had been keeping a low profile since our first encounter and he had been friendly, but not wanting to get together with us. I allowed him the space without inquiry as I felt a little threatened by Greg. Greg is recently divorced and I didn’t want the specter of a relationship with Amy to loom over our exciting evening. When Greg called, he sounded very upbeat.

Hey…How is it goin’?” I replied to his affable hello.

Well…I’ve been thinking, it’s time we got together and just have fun. When are you free?”

I thought for a moment and almost didn’t invite him to my shooting event with Rob.

“Hey, I am going to the shooting range with a friend of mine. Wanna come?”

“I don’t want to impose…Yeah, sure.”

It didn’t dawn on me until a little later the awkwardness of the situation. Upon reflection, it was not my brightest moment.

I came home last night with full intentions of alerting Amy to my plans, just in case she wanted to bug out or something. I guess that little devil that watches over me for those weak moments got the better of me. Even this morning, it was still not too late.

And now, here I am walking up the stairs, following two guys that are going to fuck my pissed off wife in front of me and I am not even invited to participate. Under different circumstances, I would have probably been elated, now, I shudder at the coming consequences.

As I reach the top of the stairs, I suddenly become bold, wanting to take charge of the situation.

“Ok…this has gone far enough! Honey, I know you are pissed, but this is not the way to solve this. Why don’t we let these guys go home and we talk things through?” I said anxiously.

“Here is your options, HONEY,” she spat back, “Either you leave or stay and watch, cuz this is gonna happen whether you like it or not.”

Rob immediately said, “I can’t be here. This is not what I had in mind. I am going home!”

“Go ahead, go back to Rebecca.” Amy’s fury was building. “I am sure she wants to hear all about you and my husband’s,” and she glanced over at Greg, “and you as well, plans to have a little rendezvous with me tonight.”

Rob began to look at Amy intently, “you don’t mean that! You’re just pissed!”

“Why would I be pissed?” Amy asked. “Just because you all decided to treat me like a whore? You decided to pass me around like a bitch in heat? ” Amy’s anger continued to rage. “It’s apparent why there is a testosterone convention in my house! And you…” She whirled on me, “You are the worst! You set this up! I’m not your wife…I ‘m uh…uh…sex toy! Get out!” She ordered, “Get out!”

“I’m not leaving and this…this thing is not happening! Guys you need to go…Sorry”

Rob turned to Amy, “Amy, for what it’s worth, I didn’t intend for anything to happen…I just got caught up in the moment. I am very, very sorry” He bowed his head and left.

Greg pulled up his pants silently. Amy folded her arms across her bare breasts and watched as he finished dressing.

“Well? What about you?” She asked Greg with a small defiance left in her voice.

“If you’re looking for an apology, forget it! I didn’t come here with a preconceived notion about what would happen, I just wanted to visit your husband. YOU opened this door. Not him,” Greg motioned at me, ” or Rob. You made up your mind when you saw me standing there that we were here just to fuck ya. Not true. But if you said we could, we woulda, it’s that simple. Next time, don’t act like a bitch and you won’t be treated like one!”

Amy’s eyes became immediately stung with tears. Her shoulders slumped as the emotional outburst coupled with Greg’s stinging words left her drained and suddenly tired. Amy remained silent and buttoned up her blouse.

Greg then whirled on me, “You fucked up and you know it!”

Amy turned to me and said, “I’ll need some time alone.”

“I know. Me too.” I quietly responded.

I showed Greg out the door. Greg hesitated before he got in the car.

“I know I was harsh with Amy, and you fucked up, but I would hate to see something happen between you two. What you have is special.”

“I know…thanks!” I turned and briskly walked back into the house. The house seemed eerily quiet and empty.

I glanced upstairs and noticed our bedroom door was shut. I didn’t know if it was locked, I did know that I needed to leave Amy alone with her thoughts.

I sat in my recliner and began to process the events that had transpired. I began to ask myself questions like, “Are we over with?” “Is it too late” “Do I want to be married” “Do I want to continue our new lifestyle if she does?” “Does she even want to be married anymore?”

As the hours slipped into the wee hours of the morning, I realized that answers and sleep were equally elusive. I decided to take the bed in the spare bedroom.

I awoke late the next morning to hear Amy moving around in the kitchen. I got up quietly and walked into the kitchen. Amy stopped and leaned on a counter. She slowly turned to me. You could tell she had been crying.

“I allowed this all to happen. I should have stopped you the night we had with Greg. Greg’s right, I have been acting like a bitch in heat. That is not the way I want to live my life. Something needs to change.”

“I know,” I replied, as my heart was beginning to soften, “I pushed too hard on you. I simply wanted to spice things up, not make you feel cheap. I’m sorry!”

Amy sighed deeply, “I don’t know where to go from here. Rob is going to treat me differently. Work will never be the same. Oh God, I have really messed things up! Then there is us. Where do we go from here?”

“I don’t know. I do know I love you and I want to be married, no matter what. I am afraid that you might have different thoughts about that.” I looked at her as she moved nervously, biting her lip as she contemplated my words.

“I know you think this is all your doing, but it’s not. I planned and schemed as well.” She sighed heavily, “This will not be easy, but we got into this together, we will get out of this together. Are you in?”

“Yeah, I’m in.”

I started to take her into my arms, relieved that I was still married, but Amy stopped me, saying, “We need some rules! First, nobody, me included,” she pointed at herself, “pulls any surprises! Second, anything we do, does not include friends or work people. And finally, no matter what happens after this, we must both agree to everything including experiments! That means talking to each other.” She looked at me sternly, “Ok?”

“Ok, except,” I looked at her, “Are you saying that you still want to include other guys?” I asked incredulously.

“Yes, on occasion, after we have agreed on who and when, and, I can tell you “when” will not be soon!”

“What about…”

Amy cut me off with a finger to her lips saying, “Shhhh…all in good time. Right now, we need to take care of some business. Follow me.”

As Amy led the way to our bedroom, she continued, “It’s not like last night didn’t make me horny, ya know! And…I have something I want to try.”

My mind began to whirl and my dick began to rise.

Amy began to smile as she glanced over her shoulder. I couldn’t guess what she had in mind.

As we walked into the bedroom, I could see that Amy had prepared some things. On her nightstand was some oils and a lubricant. She slowly turned toward me and dropped her robe revealing her naked body. I still marvel at her beauty that seems innocent yet passionate.

Amy stepped toward me and helped me to remove my underwear. My cock was already hard. She bent her mouth to mine and kissed me long and hard.

Amy then looked at me longingly and said, “I am sorry too! I hope you like my peace offering.”

I swallowed and said, “Oh…I do!”

Amy then looked a little mischievous as she smiled and whispered in my ear, “I have been looking on the internet and I want to try something. I want you in my ass. Can you be gentle?”

I began to breathe hard and I said, “Sweetheart, I will be soo… gentle. Are you sure?”

I couldn’t believe it. This was like the Holy Grail. Amy had made it very clear, early in our relationship, the brown door was off limits.

Amy then said, “Yeah, I guess this is my best peace offering.”

Amy then bent up and kissed and put my hand on her breast. I began to fondle her breast gently then I began to apply pressure to her nipples. Amy moaned softly.

I bent down to take a nipple in my mouth.

Amy reached down to stroke my cock gently, as my cock oozed with pre cum in her hand. She then bent down and began to swirl her tongue around the head of my cock. I began to jerk a little as I was totally turned on.

Just before I couldn’t stand it any longer, Amy stood up then went to the bed. She reached for the tube of lubricant and motioned me to lie beside her. She reached for my cock, resuming the gentle strokes, as I began to finger her now wet pussy.

My finger easily glided up and down her glistening slit causing her clit to slowly appear and begin to quiver. I circled the very tip of my finger around her clit as Amy’s breathing became heavy and I knew she was ready to cum.

I then began to use my thumb to rub her clit, while my middle finger slid down to her anus and began to slowly circle her sphincter muscle. Amy’s moaning became more urgent as my thumb and finger began to work in unison circling and gently brushing her clit while my finger slowly circled the little pink circle of her anus.

Her anus began to pucker. Amy began the rise to orgasm and then began to quiver and twitch in throes of her orgasm.

I then reached over and squeezed a generous amount of lube in on Amy’s anal orifice. I began to massage her anal organ then gently inserted the tip of my middle finger a little in to her puckering hole. Amy began to moan and writhe as the she felt the tingle of the multiple nerve endings as they sent shots of pleasure.

As I slowly began to move my finger into her anal tunnel, Amy began to become anxious, constricting her muscles around my finger. I stopped and just let my finger sit as I continued to massage her clit.

Her pussy juices were flowing readily by now, as I slid my thumb over her clit and then inside her vagina. Amy’s moaning picked up intensity as her focus shifted from my finger to the activities of my thumb. I felt her anal muscles relax and I continued to push further in her anus with my finger.

As soon as my middle finger was in to the first joint, I began to slowly insert the tip of my index finger into the anal canal. Amy gasped and I thought she would tell me to stop. Since she continued to enjoy my thumb, I continued my slow, deliberate journey into the reaches of her anal cavity.

Amy seemed to sense that the initial discomfort had subsided and the sensual feelings from her anus were heightening her experience. Amy relaxed and began to wiggle her ass as both fingers slid completely in. I began to slowly, rhythmically move them in and out, while continuing my clitoral massage with my thumb.

My breathing was slow and shallow as I tuned into my wife’s deepest emotional center to detect the slightest hint of pain. Even a hint of pain would negate the sensual anal experience we were both enjoying.

I withdrew my fingers, wiped my hands on a little hand towel then reached for more lube. Amy’s eyes were closed as I maneuvered in behind her. She then prepared for me to enter her by starting to get on her knees and elbows, then, she stopped.

“I have a better idea! I read online that you should get on your back,” Amy directed. I complied and she straddled me at the waist and began to guide my cock into her ass. This was great. Amy could control the speed and depth of the insertion.

As the head of my penis touched her sphincter muscle she gasped.Amy then rubbed the head of my cock around her anus, gathering lubricant, then slowly put the tip into the anal tunnel.

Slowly, slowly she lowered herself down onto my penis as the mushroom slowly disappeared into her lovely ass. Her concentration was intense. There were little beads of sweat glistening on her upper lip.

Amy stopped as the thickest part of cock head was just at the opening. Amy almost lifted off then, she pressed down and my cock completely disappeared. After letting my cock sit for a couple of seconds, the shaft slowly disappeared and I found my whole penis buried deep into my wife’s beautiful, gorgeous ass.

Amy began to enjoy the fullness she found in her anal tunnel and began slow short strokes up and down. I had lubricated everything well, so as to minimize the discomfort.

I sit up to use my hand to play with her clit. Amy began to moan with pleasure as her strokes began to quicken and she urged me to massage her clit.

Suddenly, she began to convulse in orgasm, filling my hand with pussy juice as she rolled her eyes back into her sockets. Her tummy muscles were rippling as her orgasm peaked.

I maneuvered to get on my knees, bending Amy forward so that I could take control. I began to move my cock in and out of her ass in short quick strokes knowing that I was going to cum quickly. Amy began to cry out, “Oh cum Baby, cum. Cum in my ass. It feel sooo good…oh god this feels good!”

All of a sudden my back muscles tightened and I shot my wad deep inside as I buried my cock to the hilt. Amy looked back behind her with a loving smileas I showed my relief and pleasure. We rolled to one side as I left my cock inside her until it was completely limp.

I then kissed my wife, got up and ran a tub of hot water.

I asked Amy, “Are you bleeding or anything?”

“No. Maybe a little sore! It felt good, Honey. I didn’t know I could have that many sensations at once. A bath will be nice.”

Later, after our bath, we laid down together for a much needed rest. I reflected on the events leading to this moment. I reflected on the challenges, the mistakes and the excitement of our adventures.

I don’t know what the future holds for Amy and me. I do know that we love each other and we’ve grown as a couple. Maybe the wife sharing thing won’t happen ever again, then again, maybe it will.

OK, Well after my last email detailing to you all what a slut I had been a couple of weeks ago at the pub with Hubby’s friend, my hubby got so aroused by the responses and my eagerness to please, he organised surprise for me…. and as it turns out, “what a surprise!” He had always talked about seeing me used by a group of men, but I never really thought he would do it and we just spoke of it during sex as one of our fantasies. Well, no more and this is exactly what happened last Saturday night….

It was around 9pm when I got a call from my hubby, he was still at the pub after footy with his mates and he called to tell me he would be about another half an hour, BUT that he had a surprise or me and I should make sure the kids were asleep and I was “ready for him” when he got home.

He sounded pretty drunk, but horny as always, so I was expecting that he had bought a new sex toy, or a 3some / group sex DVD for us to watch whilst we fucked, so I was pretty happy about that and proceeded to groom myself and be fully prepared for when he got home.

I went upstairs for a quick shower and then put on a very sexy small short dress that I know hubby likes and some thigh high black lacy stockings, I glimpsed in the mirror and thought I looked pretty good, but also if he bought home any of his mates for post match drinks then I wouldn’t look to slutty and offend them.

He came in alone and as the kids were all asleep downstairs, he took me upstairs into our bedroom, which is very large and has another sitting room in it and a huge bathroom and walk in robe (his and hers). He told me to undress and hop on the bed which I did, slipping out of my skimpy dress and just leaving my thigh high stockings on.

He then bought out a small bag of cocaine….. (We don’t do it often, but when we do I LOVE it as the sex is INCREDIBLE just AMAZING on coke and always blows my mind). After we have cocaine we lose all of our inhibitions (if we have any left) and then I’m up for anything.

So we did a few lines and started kissing on the bed and hubby, as expected put a DVD on the flat screen which was all about 3somes, multiple men on single girls and gang bangs etc. We watched it for about half an hour, doing more lines as we watched and by now I was literally soaking wet, dripping juice from my pussy and dying to be fucked. Hubby kept on teasing, but he wouldn’t touch my cunt and was dragging it out like he was waiting for something. So at about 10 pm he went into the robe and emerged with the bondage cuffs and ropes again.

I was pretty turned on at the thought of being tied up and used again as it is one of my favourite things to do, and I laid on my back for him to do it, but he said ‘no’ and made me stand up at the side of the bed facing it and bend over.

He tied my legs to the ground, one rope on the head bed post and one on the bottom bed post and my feet were well apart. He then made me lean right over the bed and then tied my arms to the other bed posts so I was face down, spread eagled leaning over the bed with my arse and pussy in the bent over ‘doggy’ position facing the sitting area. He then reached into his pocket and bought out a blindfold.

Before he put it on, he let me have one more big line of coke, and then he blindfolded me and left the room. My head was spinning and I was high, really turned on, super horny and helpless!

About 10 minutes later, (seemed much longer!!) he came back in the room and started licking my cunt and fingering me from behind. It was so good and I felt my orgasm building and I was moaning and telling him I was his cum slut and I wanted to feel his cock in me now. He obliged by standing up and mounting me deep and hard and as he did I came straight away, and tried forcing myself back on his cock which seemed huge! As I did I opened my mouth to talk and without any warning I had a another cock rammed into my mouth making me gag and took me completely by surprise. I had no idea anyone else was in the room and I was shaking with surprise, excitement and shock wondering just who it was, how long had they been there… who was it?

I didn’t have any chance to ask as I was doing all I could to suck the cock in my mouth and again he rammed it into me and I just surrendered to it and became the whore he wanted me to. I tried as hard as I could to suck his knob, he was uncircumcised and big, and the guy behind me, who I thought was my hubby told me to suck his friends cock like a slut and he grabbed my hair and rocked my head up and down as I did……….. And no, it WASNT my hubby.

My head was spinning again, and I was still really high and in absolute heaven being fucked from both ends by 2 strange cocks, tied to my bed and being used. I lost count of my orgasms again, and had the time to catch my breath as they swapped ends.

As they got into position, I got to taste my own cunt juices on the guy that was fucking me, and when he was in my mouth I could tell he was HUGE and uncut also and tasted Devine. The other guy was then behind me and he spat on my arse and cunt and rubbed his cock up and down my crack, but when he pushed in, he pushed into my arse instead of my pussy and started fucking me like a slut in my arse. I really do like anal sex and especially when I’m on coke, so the feeling it gave me was simply amazing and I urged him on in between thrusts of his friends cock.

I was SOOOOOO wet by now I was still leaking juice and as I was concentrating on these 2 I felt a tongue darting in and out of my pussy.!! FUCK!!! how many guys are in here I thought and I got a bit concerned as hubby hadn’t said a single word yet, and I knew it wasn’t him eating my cunt as the guy that was had a beard and hubby doesn’t!!!

Well this went on for ages, they swapped many times, different holes all the time, from my arse to my pussy, in my mouth calling me a slut and a whore rubbing their dicks in my face my hair all over my body and not a word from hubby, who I sensed was sitting in the chairs in our room, as I could hear the camera clicking away in the background.

After I had yet another orgasm, I heard them all talking about where to cum on me, and then I heard ‘not in her pussy, I want it clean’ from yet another guy who wasn’t my hubby!!!!! OMG!!!!!

So the 3 guys then all got in front of me, grabbed my roughly by the hair and took turns fucking my mouth and shooting their loads on my face, my hair and blindfold and then some into my mouth. It was fantastic to taste all their cum and it was all over me and I just stank of it and the salty taste and smell made me cum again.

I don’t think I’ve ever cum that much before and I knew hubby was sitting somewhere with a hard on taking pics and planning on fucking me afterwards in my cum filled and splattered state.

So the 3 guys who were now all spent all got off the bed and I was unsure what was next, until hubby finally spoke up and told me to snort another line, (which he bought over to me on a plate while he held the straw). After I did as I was instructed I was high, very happy and very horny again.

On coke you can fuck for hours, and every time it’s like the first time as you are sexually aroused to the extreme and a guy can hold off Cumming for as long as he wants. Hubby usually takes a Viagra, and he and Chris have had some awesome sessions with me like this.

Well there I was , high and still tied up and my face completely covered in cum, so I was a bit nervous about what was next when I felt some really large rough hands on my arse and he slipped an finger into my cunt and my arse at the same time. I can tell you the whole time I was getting off on knowing how much this would excite my hubby and how horny it will be in reliving it over and over again when we fuck.

The guy behind me then spat (I think on his cock) and literally drove it into my well used pussy to its hilt, right up to his balls in one thrust and I screamed and then moaned uncontrollably while he continued to thrust his cock all the way into my cunt. I can tell you he was fucking HUGE, his cock completely filled me and touched the top of my cervix with every thrust and he was grabbing me so hard on my hips he has left marks on me… bruises.

He just kept on slamming his cock into me like a piston, It was like he was hate fucking me and I loved it. I felt a hand on my chin and I opened my mouth and yet another cock slipped into it. I could tell it was hubby as I know his cock so well and he was smooth and uncut and I started to blow him like he desires and deserves for giving me such an awesome surprise, so I kept on moaning like his bitch. He was calling me his cum slut and telling me how sexy I looked covered in cum and he was wiping his cock all over my face making me taste the other men’s seed again and face fucking me holding my hair in fistfuls in his hands as he drove into my mouth and throat.

I knew they guy who was fucking me couldn’t keep up the pace he was going for long, although he had done an amazing job so far, and after about 10minutes he started to drive even harder and faster and then finally he screamed out ‘I’m Cumming I’m Cumming’ and then I felt him tense up as he drove right inside me, touching the top of my pussy and I felt him spurting his load as deep inside me as anyone could and he began filling my cunt up with his load.

He stayed in me for a while as his cock softened, and as he pulled out my cunt, it made a popping sound as he was so big it stretched me out and then he swapped with hubby and made me lick and suck his cock until it was clean again. I could taste my own juices and my cum, as well as the salty flavour of this unknown guy who just fucked me better than anyone else had ever done before, and it was fantastic.

Hubby had withdrawn from my mouth and then he went behind me and started to fuck me furiously, in the cum filled mess that was my slutty pussy and then after just a minute or so he came inside me and added his cum to my strange lovers seed.

I heard them all leave and there they left me, tied up, still high and my face completely covered in cum and, another 2 loads leaking out of my pussy and running down my legs and onto the floor.

I could hear them all downstairs having a drink and talking, then after about 15 minutes they all left and hubby came back upstairs to talk to me. I still had my blindfold on and I have NO IDEA who these guys were or how I was just fucked and used by.

Hubby went around behind me and rammed his still hard cock into once more and as he fucked me he removed the blindfold and fucked me furiously again. He said I was full of cum and sloppy and stretched out, so he then put his cock in my arse and proceeded to fuck me till he shot his load inside of me again.

So I was now a true whore and cum slut, his whore and cum slut and I was totally filled with cum, in all holes. It was only then I was untied by him and made to stay on the bed all night and sleep in the wonderful mess they had created for me. It was just fantastic!!!!

I have asked MANY times for him to tell me who it was that he had fuck me, or show me the pictures but he always says no. He says that I will never know who had used my body, taking me in all my holes and emptying their sperm all over me like a slut.

Hubby loves the fact that I have no idea who they were and that I will run into them in my normal daily life without a clue, and they will be remembering what I looked like as their cum slut for the night for the night, looking into my pussy and they will be devouring me with their eyes again and again. I have to admit, the thought drives me crazy and I’m constantly looking at the people I know trying to work out if it was one of them…….. I’m always horny trying to work it out and don’t look at our friends the same way anymore. I’m constantly trying to picture them naked or listening to their voices to find a clue.

Hubby is either perverted or a genius…… perhaps a perverted genius at that.




I would like to thank handyandy666620 giving me the inspiration for this fictional story and the support he has provided me. For those of you that have read the first chapter, this is the second chapter and those who have read my other works this story is a departure from them. This story contains scenes of reluctance, lesbian sex, a cheating spouse, and by definition for some cuckold. If this story is not your type of story then I will recommend not reading it and if you have not read the first chapter, with the same title minus the Ch# designation then it might help to read it before reading this story. Finally I have placed this story in Loving Wives, instead of Group Sex or Fetish categories, because I believe this story best fit Loving Wives. In addition, the definition of a fetish is an object needed for sexual satisfaction and since this series does not focus on a fetish angle instead the story focuses on choice versus need, placing this story in fetish would be the wrong choice.


After disembarking from the boat we toured Amsterdam like students on their summer break exploring a new destination and we explored Amsterdam with a joyous glee that comes when exploring something new for the first time. Amsterdam has always been a destination for us to visit but we always had an excuse not to go. In my ways, this excursion felt as though Michelle and I was a new couple who were just beginning to date. I suspect that this feeling came about because it is something we talked about doing but never did, like many other things in our lives. Our day in Amsterdam was not hampered from the cold winds blowing off of the North Sea and the wind, as I look back, symbolises the changes that were to come.

While in the city we went into the Right Light District that is not far from the train station where the ferry transport takes you for the day and it is an easy walk. As a part of our day out in the Red Light District we went into sex shop and rented a two male threesome video to watch in a booth. The booth had a curtain with a chair and it was about the size of a photo booth. Watching a porno movie in a porno theatre booth was something neither of us has tried and we were like two clumsy teen-agers in the back seat of a car not knowing what to do. The movie made us both horny and as we were beginning to get into it we heard a knock from the booth next to us. Being new to the experience, at first we thought they wanted us to quiet down because we were giggling but moments later, the guy next to us slid his cock through the glory hole that was between us. We continued giggling to ourselves due to situation then Michelle looked at me for approval and I said, “It is up to my love.” After sliding his cock through the hole, she began to suck him and moments later we could see him shooting is load. We then heard him leave and we could see legs passing by our booth and at that point we decided to leave. This provided us with the high-point to our journey.

Arriving back from Amsterdam things began returning but it returned to a different normality. Prior to Amsterdam, Michelle was quite sexually passive but now she is more involved, sexually. Before, we would have sex, at best, once at week whereby I had to be the one that initiated it and now she is initiating. The new normality filled one void in our lives, the rocky relationship before we left for Amsterdam but I sensed that it created another, Michelle’s desire for having another cock in her. She did not tell me directly but I could tell because there was a feeling that something was missing that was not discussed. It felt similar to the time between our last encounter before our relationship closed and before John. During this time she was happy but it showed through her reluctance not have sex. It was not as though I did not please her because I knew I did please her. Instead I believed it was because she liked a variety of men fucking her and that is something that cannot be given in a relationship without opening it up.

Michelle coming from a proper traditional background had problems stating her desires because she always wanted to please others before her. For her, it meant denying herself the pleasures she wants in order to allow others to be happy and it left her angry, frustrated. She tried not to show it but it came out in order ways, particularly sex. Being with her for twenty years I knew this is what she was wanting and I knew the relationship had to be open again. In order to open up the relationship again, I knew Michelle would have to want to it too. We have gone through our periods of opening it up and then closing it, only to create more problems for us. Sensing her need to have another cock in her, I said to her, “You know it is okay if you want to fuck another guy again.”

“I know, but I don’t want to. We have kids, a family, and life together. I am happy and I do not want to change it”

“How come?”

“You are all that I want right now and I am not interested in it.”

“I get the feeling that you do but you are not comfortable saying it to me?”

“No, I have done it before for our enjoyment and if I change my mind you will be the first to know.”

“During the time of John, George, and Amsterdam you seemed the happiest in a long-time. It is like when we had open up our relationship and you could have other relationships with other men. I feel, as though this is something you need to be happy and I do not like seeing you miserable.”

“Maybe you are right in some respects, but this is not the time.”

With that said I left it, after being married over twenty years you learn there is a context to the message and I understood the context without asking further questions. It was about a month later I started noticing changes in her behavior. The changes when examined in isolation do not mean much but when examined in its entirety it suggests she might be having sex with someone else. First was taking a volunteer job at the local food bank and the increasing hours she volunteered. Volunteering, in my opinion, means taking a few hours one or days a week to support a cause you like; it does not mean the time devoted becomes almost like a second job. Next were the calls. A call would come in and Michelle would immediately hang-up the once she saw. I could not always hear the conversations but what I did hear was sexually suggestive. However, when I checked her text messages on her phone, I could not find anything incriminating. Then probably the biggest clue that really began to get me questioning what is occurring. That was when I noticed her panties were sticky with a rotting fish smell. I decided to confront her by asking, “Do you have a yeast infection? Are you ill?”

“No silly, why?”

“Because, I have noticed your panties have a noxious smell to them with some type of discharge.”

” I think it might be either from me ovulating or sweating. It is nothing to worry about. ”

Her explanation was lacking but I was not going to push the confrontation because I need to have more information. Then a few days later I found more evidence the beginning of her taking showers after returning for her volunteer job, at that point I decided to confront her about, “You known hun you have been acting a bit strange since taking that volunteer job.”

“Strange, what do you mean?”

“The increasing hours, strange smelling panties, secretive calls, and now taking a shower. If I did not know better I would say you were fucking another guy and not discussing it with me.”

“Sometimes things are best left unsaid, for now.”

“What does that mean?”

“Exactly what it means, you are an adult and you can figure it out for yourself.”

The fact she did not categorically deny my suspicions left me to wonder if she was having another cock and not telling me. Her elusiveness to the question aroused me and made me want to know more. Wanting to know literally became an obsession with me, I had to know. This time I decided to hire a private investigator to follow her to her volunteer job and to report back to me on what she is doing. I figured, it would be less risky if I hired someone and the fact she works in a seedy part of the city would not put my safety at risk. It took me a while before hiring Mark a private investigator works from his home and felt he would be a good choice since operating from his will keep Michelle from suspecting anything by giving me some cover while he investigated.

“What are you wanting to hire me for?” asked Mark.

“I am suspicious about my wife and think that she might be having sex with other men.”

“What have noticed so far?”

“There are suspicious calls, frequent showering, longer hours volunteering, and panties that appear to be cum stained.”

“It does sound as though something is occurring.”

“Is it only with this volunteer job or do you notice more?”

“Only with the volunteering job.”

“Where does she volunteer?”

“She works for a food back in the downtown area in a rougher neighborhood, that is why I called you instead of investigating it myself. To be perfectly honest with you I am not so bother if she is fucking other men; however, the fact she is being elusive about it bother me.”

“Okay, give me a few weeks and I will come back to you. Whatever you do under no circumstances are you to tell her you hired a private investigator and try to keep things as normal as you can with her. The less she suspects the easier it will be for me and the more information I can collect.”

“Not a problem, how much will this cost me? Once I am done we will work out a price together.”

I left Mark to do his investigating and I tried to get the thought of Michelle out of my head. All was going fine until Michelle said, “I had an interesting day volunteering an older gentleman, scruffy looking, and living by himself came in for some help.”


“Yeah, he seemed pathetic but at the same time he did not seem like the others that come through the place.”

“How so?”

“Even though he looked scruffy he really did not seem typical and in some way he was attractive.”

“Attractive enough for you to fuck?”

“I don’t know, maybe.” Michelle paused a few moments before she continued, “I thought I would speak to you and see what you thought. As you know the kids are getting older and will ask questions. So I need to be discreet and the less you know the better for all involved.”

“I can understand what you are saying.”

“In the past, I used to tell you about my experiences and if I go ahead with this one, I won’t. The less you know the less likely the kids will start guessing and it minimizes the chance that questions will be asked.”

“Do what you feel you need to do. However, I do ask once this ends you tell me the details when we have some time alone.”

“Alright, agreed.”

After that conversation with Michelle it left me to question, do I still need Mark since she has indirectly confirmed my suspicions? Regardless of her wanting to keep this quiet in order to insulate the children I want to know what is happening and with that, I decided I will let Mark continue his investigation. A few days later, I received an email from Mark:

Dear Andy:

I am continuing my investigation into your wife’s activities and I have come across some information you might be interested in knowing.

Can you give me a call?

Warmest Regards,


The email from Mark suggested to me that there was something going on and I could not wait to find out. I called Mark, “Hi Andy.”

“I received your email, what information do you have?”

“Are you alone?”


“I will send you a detailed report with photographs and video. In the meantime I can tell you, your suspicions about your wife are correct.”

“Go on.”

“Well in order to investigate, I decided to go undercover playing the role of someone who ran out of food and feeling sorry for myself. Usually, in the past eliciting a sympathetic response from a woman seemed a way to gain their trust.”

“How did it go?”

“Well, let me tell you about what happened, she if a bit of a sexual freak.”

“I already know that.”

“I came into to the office close to closing time, looking unkept, hair messy, poor hygiene, and dirty clothes with a hard luck story. My expectation was I would get some food and then sent away.”

“Michelle said they provide more than just food, I thought it was some religious nonsense where they cram religion down you in order to give you hope when you do not have. A lot of nonsense if you ask me, anyhow my apologies for digressing.”

“Quite alright, she told me to stay after they closed with the other guys that were waiting. She told me if I did then I would receive something special.”

“Did she say it suggestively? I know when she says something special in a suggestive way it is something more than a present, it is something sexual.”

“She told the other woman that she was working with that she will close and the other woman could go. The other woman was a bit hesitant to leave her alone with about five men but for some reason the other woman left.”

“What did you all do?”

“The office is quite small with a desk, an overhead florescent light and a few plastic chairs. Once the other woman left Michelle stripped for us, exposing for us her perfectly shaped breasts and her perfectly shaped body, in my opinion she looked heaven-sent.”

“You were working for me, what did you do?”

“That left me in a quandary, if I blew my cover it would ruin everything and I would not be able to report back to you. Based on my discussion with you, I chose to keep my cover and not to say anything.”


“She then laid on top of the desk spreading her legs for us and then I saw her glistening wetness and I became instantly hard.” At that point I could see Mark’s face becoming flushed and his speech started showing signs of a tension whereby he was not sure if he should continue.

“Michelle and I have had an open relationship where she had a few lovers and a few lasting more than a year. Nothing you say will shock me. Go, on what happened.” A few moments later it became apparent that Mark started to relax and he continue with what happened.

“She pulls open the top desk drawer pulling out a few vegetables, telling us that sometimes foolish people send them with their donations and because they perish very quickly that they cannot use them. She then tells us she hates to see food spoil and instructs them to use them on her.”

“I know she does have a thing for food play but we never really got into it.”

“She then tells us she wants to be fucked with the food but we cannot fuck her. If we want to cum, she tells, that we have to cum on her.”

“Did any of you participate or did it freak everyone out?”

“The food part of was a bit too much for me, I played with myself as others shoved carrots, horseradish, and cucumbers in her. I was the first one to shoot my load on her. Others caressed her, sucked on her breast, and she even sucked on a few cocks.”

“How long did it last?”

“It lasted about two hours. After we all came on her the first time we heard the keys in the office door and we began to panic.”

“What happened?”

“The other woman that was working with Michelle came back because she left her purse. She saw Michelle naked on the desk and all of us men naked too. We sat there embarrassed for a few minutes”

“Is she going to turn her in?” I asked Mark.

“No, strangely she undressed herself exposing her mature breasts and well toned figure for someone in their early 50s. I suspect it was due to seeing all of us naked and it turning her on.”

“Did any of the guys fuck her?”

“As the guys were re-cooperating she walks over to Michelle and starts passionately kissing her on the lips. Not losing a beat, Michelle kisses her back. A few moment later she works her way down her Michelle’s breast sucking them before eating out Michelle.”

“Did Michelle enjoy it?”

“She did not resist her advances if that is what you are asking. Then unexpectedly she climbs on top of Michelle and they are in a 69 position both of them eating each other out. Seeing that got all of us hard.”

“Did you guys just watch?”

“Fuck no, a few of us fucked Michelle and the other fucked her co-worker. It was quite hot.”

“Thanks for that, it explains a lot. How much do I owe you?”

“No charge that experience was well worth my time.”

I heard the door opening, “Hello, I am home.”

Hearing Michelle’s voice I knew I needed to hang-up quickly, “Send me everything, I gotta go.”

“Who were you talking to?”

“Just a friend.”

“Oh, just a friend. Huh?”


“You remember when we discussed me fucking other guys again and I said I need to keep things quiet in order not to tip-off the kids?”


“Well I would like to share an experience that I had.”

Hearing this from Michelle was unexpected and I paused before responding. I thought should I mention I know about her bukkake experience or do I stay quiet. Also, did she know who I was talking to on the phone? Does she know she was being followed by a private investigator? At least for the moment, I decided I will keep that quiet and wait to see where her experience goes, especially since what I heard from Mark made me hard and this might push me to the brink of cumming.

Nervously and slowly Michelle begins speaking as she does I can see the tension in her eyes, “As you are aware I have been coming home late from my volunteer job and there is a reason for it.”

“Let me guess, you have been fucking someone?”

“Well not exactly, it has been two and at one point it was five.”


“The five just came over me and I sucked a few cocks short of cumming, nothing more. In my opinion, that really does not count as being fucked.”

“Did they just cum on you or did they play with you too?”

“I did let them use vegetables on me to shove in my pussy. It felt weird but pleasurable. Actually having a cucumber in me made me cum but I would not want to relive that again. Anyhow, I really did not want to share that experience.”

I could feel my heart racing, my mind beginning to race, and I started getting rock hard feeling a bit of pre-cum dripping from my cock in anticipating of what she was going to say next.

“The experience I am going to share I am sure will make you want to cum instantly.”

“Really? Do tell”

“Remember when you asked me about my panties?”


“I could tell by the way you were asking the question you knew and I felt bad for not telling. However, I could hear the kids in the house and I had to make something up in order to keep this part of my life away from them.”

“I kinda thought that.”

“When you volunteer in a place like I do you can become emotionally attached to people and even though they are going through some tough times you develop an attraction for them. During my time there I develop an attraction for two guys.”

“I never saw you as someone who would fuck two guys without having me there or being attracted to destitute men.”

“Well neither did I, until it happened. One of them came in at about 13:00 that afternoon and he had been regularly hitting-on me as I was walking to my car in the dark at 17:00.”

“Hey, has been a while since I have fucked a great pussy like yours,” he would say to me as I left.

“I would ignore him as I went to my car. Then he started getting a bit more aggressive towards me and would push me against the car. However, once I try to leave he would allow me and since I was free to go I never reported it.”

“Come on baby, let me have a feel, all I am asking for is a feel. I am not asking to fuck you.” he would say.

“Then he got even more aggressive, by taking a beer bottle shoving me up my dress and trying to shove it into my pussy. The cold air on my exposed pussy lips did nothing to arouse me and made me want to fight back.”


My name is Rob, but my sissy name is Hillary Rose, a combination of the first name being a beautiful girl I went to elementary school with and the last, a sexy last name of a distant relative. I’ve been a sissy as far back as I can remember, maybe about the age of 11. I used to think to myself how sexy my sisters looked in their catholic schoolgirl uniforms, and I would often put them on, stockings, panties, bra, skirt, heels and all when they would leave them on the bathroom floor. Which eventually led me to “borrow” (without the person knowing) girls clothes from whomever and wherever I could. As I grew older, I amassed my own wardrobe, complete with wigs, breast forms, makeup, and all the lingerie, clothes, heels and toys a sissy could need. It was all behind closed doors, and thanks to the wonder of the internet I progressed from dressing whenever I could, to taking orders from men over webcam and eventually constantly looking forward to my next opportunity to please a man in person. Although I am sexually attracted to both, I could never bring myself to date men, only women. This led to hiding clothes from girls I lived with, and infidelity, whenever an online exchange with a man drove me to want to please him sexually. The story that follows is both a mix of factual events in my life and some fantasy. I may eventually post entirely factual stories of my sexual adventures, depending on how well this takes off. SO PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU LIKE OR EVEN IF YOU DON’T, IT WOULD ENCOURAGE ME TO DO MORE…. OR TO STOP…

Well, as I said, I’ve lived with a couple of girlfriends over the years, and had my hidden stash of clothes, toys etc…. One day my girlfriend, Kelly, a short 21 year old brunette, with a tight body, 34C cups, nice abs, and an ass that would make a gay man turn his head, was slated to work late, and head to her evening class at the local college right after, not due home till about 8pm. We had known each other about six years and had been dating about four, the sex life was almost non existent now, and we were really caught in a rut, both so caught up in life, me with work and trying to get onto the Fire Department, her with work and going to college. The monotony was almost painful; at this point we were essentially just roommates who fucked every couple of months.

Arriving home about 3pm from work that day, I figured I would have plenty of time to dress as Hillary and be a sissy cam whore for men on yahoo. I rushed into my apartment, a small 1 bedroom located immediately thru the main apt building door as you walked in from the parking lot, it was a dingy run down 3 story apartment building. Locking the door and securing the chain, as insurance, I turned on the computer (they were slow to power up back then) which was situated in the small kitchen/dining room you walked into when entering the apartment. I started stripping as I headed to the bedroom, so as to maximize my time as Hillary. Totally naked now, my body shaved all over (which I had achieved by telling Kelly that body hair disgusted me, she agreed) except for a little patch of hair I left just above my sissy clit, so that when tucked it had just the right amount of hair to add to the illusion, that I might actually have a pussy between my legs. I opened our shared closet, and pulled out a black sparkly, short dress that Kelly had, but had never worn in the four years we had been together. I undid the padlock on the footlocker that contained all of Hillary’s things, which Kelly believed contained valuable baseball cards, as fast as I could. Pulling out my black padded bra, black garter belt, black lace thigh high stockings, black lace thong, and my 7″ vibrating suction cup dildo. To finish off the outfit I grabbed a pair of Kelly’s black high heels from the closet floor. Dressing as fast as I could, I headed back into the dining room and placed the dildo on the table next to the computer, having only to attach my garters, and put on my heels.

I sat down and opened up my favorite messenger program. While waiting for it to open and sign on I completed my transformation in what I thought was one of my sexiest outfits yet. I entered a chat room, turned on my webcam and waited for the horny men to message and direct me.

In no time flat, I was both riding my dildo, and jerking my pathetic little 5″ slender sissy clit, giving the perfect camera angle for the maximum amount of 25 horny men the program would allow. Taking orders, doing everything from demonstrating my blowjob skills on my dildo to pissing in a cup, and everything in between, virtually anything that 25 horny men could possibly dream up for a sissy whore who was desperate to please, with the exception of blood and scat, even sissies have limits…

Having watched more than a few of my viewers shoot impressive loads, from their hard, mouth watering cocks, dreaming of their thick, delicious, smooth loads, sliding down my throat, I had my heels up on the edge of the table, the camera pointing down giving the viewers a shot of my black lace garters, my thong pulled to the side and me stroking my little prick while I’m burying all 7″ of my lovely fake cock, taking it up to the balls, bounce after bounce the cock slides deep in my sissy pussy, pounding my prostate. The top of my little excuse for a penis was now moist with precum, glistening in the light from above. Most of my remaining viewers were requesting I shoot my sissy juice.

I grabbed the shot glass I always use when masturbating…easy clean up… convenience should I become thirsty. I begin to feverishly stroke my tiny clit using two fingers, as I balance myself on the arm of the chair, giving me leverage to continue the glorious pounding my ass is receiving. I’m so close now, my balls tightening, so caught up in the moment, when I hear keys slide into the door….

“SHIT!” I think to myself, I jump up, hit the power button on the computer, as the door opens an inch its suddenly stopped in its track by the chain, my heart pounding out of my chest a mile a minute, as I run around the corner into the bathroom, trying not to let Kelly’s black heels click on the tile floor as I run, I drop the dildo in the chaos, quickly scoop it up and close the bathroom door.

I hear Kelly yell “ROB! ROB! WHAT’S GOING ON? WHY IS THE CHAIN ON?” Moving at lightning speed now, I take off the dress, then the bra, the garter, panties, stockings and heels all in one quick swoop…

“Where to hide it, where to hide it”… my mind racing, I open the cover of the trash can and jam it all in, throw on a pair of boxers left on the floor and run to undo the chain, hoping it was all quick enough to not arouse suspicion. “Hey babe, why are you home?” Trying to cover the fact that I’m out of breathe and my heart is racing…

“Class was cancelled, why the hell was the chain on the door.”

Thinking quickly… “I was taking a nap, wanted the extra security” looking her in the eyes, trying to see if she’s buying it, trying to read from her actions, see if she caught a glimpse of her sissy boyfriend running in a panic…

“Okay….” she said, skeptically. I think I’m in the clear… I sit down on the couch and turn on the TV, my heart rate slowing, regaining my breath. Kelly heads into the bedroom to change out of her work clothes.

Thinking to myself, “Did I lock the foot locker? I did… ok, I think I’m still good.” Kelly came out, wearing her typical yoga pants, and tank top that both hug her tight body and show off her tits and ass so well, she heads into the bathroom… not unusual, sometimes she did that after work…”I’m still good, why would she look in the trash” I thought to myself. The toilet flushes, the bathrooms quiet for what seems like an eternity, but in reality probably just a minute or two. The door opens, Kelly walks out, what’s that in her hand…Shit it’s her dress…

“What, the FUCK, is THIS?” holding up the dress, “and THIS!? ” Holding up the dildo she was holding behind her back…

Fuck, I’m busted…”I… I just do it to get off… it’s nothing…I’m sorry…”

“UNBELIEVABLE” she said, just one word, that’s all, and she headed for the bedroom, throwing the dress and dildo onto the floor of the bathroom on her way by before slamming the door.

Kelly was a hardcore Christian, brought up by god loving parents, who prayed before dinner every night, and went to church every Sunday. It was a miracle that I even got her to let me finger her tight moist pussy, after dating for only a year. It took a full two years of dating, me finger fucking her, and her jerking my little dick, before I was finally able to convince her to let me take her virginity. After the next two years of fucking, and eating her pussy, she never did anything else, no blowjobs, no lingerie, no kinky movies, she was straight vanilla.

I sat in the living room, a scared, broken, pathetic excuse for a man as I wondered what would happen next but I knew….I knew the dildo alone would be enough to make her end it. She thinks of a man with a dildo and her Christian upbringing, and straight edge parents have all but trained her to think faggot, never mind the girl’s clothes, no need to even consider that aspect, what added insult to injury was that it was her little black sparkly dress to begin with.

I walked into the bedroom, Kelly was lying on the bed on her back, staring at the ceiling with the most blank look on her face I had ever seen…”I’m sorry Kelly.” I said as I hung my head low.

“What are you gay? I can’t believe I’ve wasted all this time with you.”

I replied. “I’m not gay Kelly, I love you, and I just do this because it feels good.”

She laid there in thought for a second…”No, no your gay, no straight man would do this, we’re done, this was falling apart anyway, I want you out” She said.

“But babe…”

“No, we’re done ROB; I can’t believe I wasted my time with you.” She said.

She’s hurt, I thought, maybe it will pass, I packed up some things and headed to my parents a few towns over…I knew that was it, she arranged for me to get my things thru email when she wasn’t home, and I never saw her again. I pleaded thru email, but never received a reply.

When I got on the Fire Department just a few months later, I even thanked Kelly extensively, thru voicemails and emails for pushing me to achieve my dream of becoming a firefighter. Still no reply… life went on.

Living with my parents, really hurt my time as Hillary, so I progressed to finding men on the internet, for sex in person, and that meant I could be Hillary, I could be the perfect sissy I wanted to be, either at their place, a hotel, or outside, and I loved it.

My first time riding a dick I shot the biggest load ever, without even touching my little prick, and it was soft when it happened. Being like that, on all fours, getting fucked from behind, dressed like a slut, cumming as a hard cock is thrusting in and out of my ass. I felt like I was born to be a sissy, and to my surprise I was good at it.

I was better at having sex and pleasing men than I ever was with women. It just seemed to come naturally, all the married men would tell me I was better than their wives at sucking their dick, all the gay men would say I was better than their boyfriends.

The schedule I had at the Fire Department, gave me a few full days off a week, more than enough time to meet men, some regulars, some random strangers, and show them how good a whore Hillary is. But the new job wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, I mean I loved the job, and the time it allowed me as Hillary, but the people on my group were bad. It was more than hazing a new firefighter, it was hatred.

One firefighter in particular, Cheri, a cute, petite, brunette, great all around body, great shape like Kelly and sexy as hell. She had a little bit smaller tits than Kelly but otherwise, different face, same body, the exact opposite of what you would think a female firefighter would look like, very feminine. Being in a fire department that was 99% men, you know Cheri gets hit on regularly, and its so blunt sometimes it borders on sexual harrasment, but she doesn’t mind, she enjoys the attention. She knows she’s good looking and she’s a bitch because of it. All the other guys drooled over her, I didn’t like her attitude, so I refused to pine over her, besides I had all but stopped getting a hard on for women anyway, I was so caught up in being Hillary, perfecting my sexual skills and pleasing men I didn’t give her the time of day. Perhaps because of that, she seemed to have it out for me, more than the others. She would order me around, insult me, ignore me, make me look stupid, do anything she could to belittle me, as a result, I hated coming to work, I hated my dream job, I just looked forward to the next day off, to becoming Hillary and serving and pleasing men.

I had vacation time, being a new firefighter, turned out by the time I had earned it I needed to use it as soon as possible or I would lose it. So I took a week (two 24hr shifts) off, the 2nd day off I needed to head in to drop off some paperwork in the Chiefs mailbox. The station was empty, they were on a fire call, and I put the paperwork in the Chiefs mailbox and ran up to the bunk room to put some spare uniforms in my locker. The bunk room had one bed when you walked in, a wall of lockers and on the other side, 2 beds, 1 on each side of a desk. The one to the right of the desk was Cheri’s; she often put her backpack on the desk, and at the end of every 24hr tour she would change out of her uniform into civilian clothes before heading off to wherever she went. I couldn’t resist, I knew everyone was out of the station and would be for a while, besides I would be able to hear over the loudspeakers if they were returning.

I reached over, opened the zipper just a bit to peak, my adrenaline pumping now, my heart racing. Peeking in, I saw a pink satin bra, with black lace trim and a black bow in the middle, I turned away, questioning myself, was this right, should I be doing this… the urge was too strong, I opened the zipper fully, took out the bra, underneath was an equally sexy pink satin thong, with black lace trim and a black bow just over the crotch.

I sat down on Cheri’s bed, made up with her light purple sheets, the panties and bra next to me, again I thought to myself, “Do I want to do this.” I did, I couldn’t resist, I closed the door to the bunk room, it didn’t lock but I was good. I had the radio over the speakers as warning enough.

I stripped off my clothes, naked; I sat down on Cheri’s bed. I slid her thong on, over my smooth, freshly shaved legs; I stood up, so that the thong would fit snuggly into my behind. I sat back down, wrapped the bra around my waist backwards, and clasped the double clasp, putting the bra on just like women do, turning it around, and sliding it up to my chest.

“If I’m going to do this, I need to cum quick” I thought to myself, with the radio chatter I had heard the fire was out I had maybe 20 minutes tops before the guys checked for extension of fire, wrapped up the hose, and headed back.

So I thought if I needed to cum quick, I need something up my ass, I had learned from the past few months without Kelly, with men, that something in my ass when jerking my 5″ excuse for a dick would make me cum in no time. Thinking quickly I looked in the bag, Cheri had a hair brush, the handle, hard plastic and bumpy, looked like it would feel great in my ass, I sat back on her pillow as I did I got a whiff of her shampoo off coming off the pillow, it was intoxicating, I had smelled it before as she walked by, the smell of that, and look of my pretty pink bra, and my little dick under her panties made me hard almost instantly. I spread my legs on the bed, sucked on the end of the hair brush a bit and slid it into my fuck hole.

Sitting on Cheri’s bed, in her bra and panties, dildoing myself drove me insane, I imagined her, how she dominates me, how she belittles me, I imagined how I would fuck her pussy hard, so hard releasing my anger, shoving my little dick in her as hard as I could, how I would slap her as I fucked her for being such a bitch, I was shoving the entire brush in and out of my sissy pussy now, up to the bristles with each thrust, jerking my little dick with my thumb and 2 fingers furiously now, getting so close, my balls tightened, I panicked, I couldn’t cum on her bed, I looked around feverishly, luckily someone had left and empty cup nearby, I grabbed it, plowed my sissy hole a few more times and stroked my cock a few more, aiming my clit hole at the cup ready to shoot.

The door flew open “What the FUCK!” It was Cheri, little did I know she was never on that fire call, she had come in late that morning and missed the rigs heading out, she was milling about the station the whole time awaiting their return.

Busted, there I was again, flashing back to just where I was with Kelly almost a year ago. Frozen like a deer in headlights, there I was on Cheri’s bed, in her bra and panties, her hair brush handle fully in my fuck hole, my hand aiming my dick at a cup ready to shoot.

“Don’t let me stop you, you fucking faggot, might as well finish”

Of course as she was saying that she was pulling out her camera phone from her uniform shirt pocket, I was so close to cumming I went to remove the brush handle from my ass and the feeling of it sliding out made my cock start spurting stream after stream of cum into the cup as Cheri snapped away. I didn’t want to get it on her sheets, I was helpless until my cock stopped cumming. Finally after a few seconds it stopped, I quickly put the cup on the desk, stripped the bra and panties off and put my clothes on faster than I probably ever had in my entire life.

Cheri was blocking my exit between the lockers and the wall so I sat back down on the bed opposite hers, my head hung low “I’m sorry Cheri, please don’t tell anyone”

“Oh, I don’t know about that, this is too good, hahaha” she said with that bitchy laugh I had heard all too much in the previous months.

“Please Cheri”…

“You know what Rob?”

“What?” I said, my head hung low, staring at the ground in disgust of myself, pondering my future.

“Guess who I take night classes with, yeah that’s right, Kelly, she found out I was a firefighter and told me before you even got on what a faggot you were and that you were trying to get on here, I heard all about your computer, sissy faggot, jerk off session”.

Stunned, I had nothing to say, I just sat there, the same sick feeling in my stomach I had with Kelly, I thought I was going to puke…she must have noticed.

“You ok, need something to drink?”

She slid the cup of my cum across the desk… I just looked at her, and put my head back down….

“No, you’re going to drink it if you don’t want people to know Bitch”

So I picked up the cup, put it to my lips, looking at her again with a question in my eyes…”DO IT” she reasserted… down it went, that delicious, salty, creamy cum, sliding down my throat, the feeling and taste I had grown to love so much since Kelly, flash… Cheri had taken another picture…

“Get the fuck out of here homo, take my panties and bra too, and take my brush, I don’t want that shit now”

Shoving it in my pocket in case I bumped into anyone else on the way out I headed out of the station to my car and threw up from nerves. I had to wait a whole 5 days before coming back to work, Cheri could tell the world by then, she could spread those pictures around the department in no time.

The next week, I walked into the station, nervous as all hell, trying to act normal, as if nothing the week before had happened, I walked into the day room, where the Captain had the meetings every morning, everyone looked at me, and turned back to their conversations, of course the only seat in the room was next to Cheri.

4-The storm

The air was heavy and thick with the cloying humidity of a summer night. The birds had long since given up their sibilant chirping. Only the buzz of cicadas punctuated the night air. Black clouds hid the stars and moon making the darkness hang like black velvet. In the distance, the occasional flash of heat lightning gave promise of a violent summer storm. To paraphrase Shakespeare, the evening would bring a night of sound and fury.

Andre struggled to get to sleep. His fifth wheel provided adequate ventilation but the stillness of the night offered no cooling breeze. He lay nude, twisting and turning on the sweat-drenched sheets. His mood matched the night, dark with flashes of white-hot anger. The divorce had taken everything. He was left with this RV and a condominium in Big Bear California. He was travelling cross-country to his new home. His ex wife and best friend now occupied his home of twenty years.

Hot tears of rage, frustration, and humiliation streaked his face. His fist pounded the mattress in futile rage. He was too fucking civilized! He should have killed them both. He caught them fucking in his marriage bed and he had done nothing!

He swung his feet to the floor and sat up. He reached for the half-empty bottle of Markers Mark, poured a water glass half full and down it in a swallow. He picked up the blunt he had been smoking and relit it. The acrid smell of marijuana drifted about the room and out the screen windows.

Angrily he grabbed the bottle and walked out into the pitch-blackness of the night. He plopped his lanky frame into the fold up lawn chair that sat just outside the door. He took a deep drag on the blunt, letting the acrid smoke fill his lungs.

The campground was only partially full. A hundred yards to his left was a Class A motorhome. The family was comprised of only a 40ish couple. The husband was a big brash Irishman. He loved his whiskey and could tell tall tales all night.

John, the husband, had insisted he have a drink with them. Andre accepted the invitation with great reluctance. He was in no mood for socialization and idle chatter. However, the big Irishman’s bon homme was infectious. Despite himself, his host’s obvious zest for life lifted Andre’s spirits.

His wife, Lauren, was short, thin and mousy. She seemed to inhabit the eye of this hurricane of a man. She was the calm center, the real anchor of this gregarious Irishman. Physically, there was nothing outstanding about her. She defined petite at barely five feet and less than 100 pounds. She was as reserved as he was outgoing There was no memorable bubble butt, no sensuous lips in an otherwise homely face. She was ordinary. Her body was spare, thin. Her breasts mere bumps on her tee shirt.

Andre thought he detected something else. Beneath that bony frame, a heat, a passion seemed to emanate from her. When she walked by them as they drank, the air felt like it did before a storm, crackling with electricity. Several times, he caught her observing him. He felt a little uncomfortable, like prey that senses the presence of a predator.

The lightning flashed, illuminating the sky. He glimpsed a solitary figure sitting outside the RV. Andre took a pull from his bottle and then a toke from his blunt. He heard the faint crunch of footsteps on the pine needles. Jack was drunkenly aware of his nakedness. He struggled to his feet.

“Don’t mind me!” Lauren’s squeaky voice penetrated the gloom.

“Please excuse me, Andre stammered, I’ll go put some clothes on!”

“No, Andre, you are fine!”

He half turned, struggling to get into his fifth wheel and make himself respectable. He felt a visceral fear. At first his sodden brain rationalized, it was the fear of being seen naked talking to another man’s woman. Somewhere in the deep recesses of his mind, he realized the fear was more primitive then that. He was being stalked. A predator had him in its sights.

Lauren Anderson closed the distance between them. She entered his private space, causing him to take an involuntary step back. Lauren reached out and grabbed Andre’s flaccid member.

“I want to fuck; she said unabashedly, I want to be used like a cheap slut!”

Andre tried to step back but she held his cock tightly, almost painfully. She yanked on it several times.

“Look, Lauren, I’m not sure what is going on, but…!

“Sex! Mindless, no strings attached sex that is what is going on! Fuck me, plant your seed in me, and send me back to him!” Her head jerked in the direction of the motorhome


His words were cut off as she lifted the shapeless shift over her head. She stood naked in front of him. Her body was lean, angular but with the full hips of a mature woman. An almost transparent thatch of blond hair covered her labia. Her eyes never left his as she sank to her knees. A hot fire burned in them. A sudden night breeze, presaging the coming storm, carried the pungent aroma of her arousal.

Reacting to her scent, thousands of years of sexual evolution caused the blood to rush to Andre’s tool. It overwhelmed fear. It replaced common sense as the driving force in his life.

Lauren lightly kissed the head of Andre’s cock. Then her tongue licked hungrily at the slit. She held his swelling member in one hand while licking it root to tip like an all day sucker. In a slow erotic rhythm, her head moved down and in, then up and back. Loud slurping sounds filled the air as she allowed her saliva to build in her mouth and then trail unchecked down his shaft.

“What… about …John?” The words issued haltingly from his mouth. His hands hung loosely at his sides. The mix of booze, blunt and unexpected sex caused his head to spin.

She stopped, reached up, placed a hand on his abdomen, and pushed back into the chair. He rocked back, almost missing the chair. He sat with his legs splayed out in front of him and his head resting on the backrest of the chair.

“He is drunk and sleeping. For you, for now, I am your slut. I am the bitch you lusted after in your dreams. I am your ex wife who cheated on you and kicked you out. Take out your lust, your rage, and your need on me!”

She lithely moved forward on all fours. She settled between his legs, kissing the juncture where his scrotum blended into the beginnings of his ass. She leaned forward, forcing her face into the split that formed the two halves of Andre’s ass; her tongue wormed its way into that crack. She drew it down until it licked lewdly at his anus.

Lauren placed her hands on either side, separated his butt cheeks. He started at this crude action. He felt her tongue probing his anus, flicking it then forcing the tip of her molten tongue into it. Her head bobbed as her tongue violated him.

Despite the alcohol and reefer, his member now stood rigid and erect, bobbing expectantly in the stifling night air. A flash of lightning revealed Lauren’s sweating face as she licked her way back up his ass, kissing and licking his hairy balls, trailing hotly up his shaft. She spit on the head of his cock. For a moment, they both watched her phlegm trail down the blackness of his cock. Then her mouth engulfed his dick. It felt like a warm wet pussy.

Fear and lust gripped Andre. Fear that her mountain of a husband would catch his wife sucking a stranger’s cock, a Black man’s cock at that. He would inevitably blame the stranger. However, lust overlaid the fear. Lust that this force of nature called Lauren caused. His hips rocked up violently from the chair as she forced her middle finger up his rectum. He made a futile attempt to escape her anal invasion.

She choked as she took his cock down her throat. She gagged. Instead of retreating to catch her breath, she rose slightly and inhaled his member forcing it even deeper in her mouth pussy.

Still, her finger moved freely in his ass. At first in the classic in and out motion, then she turned her palm up as she found his prostrate. She raised her head from his engorged member. An almost simultaneous flash of lightening and roar of thunder illuminated her face, revealing a twisted mask of animal lust and need. Saliva, dripped from her open maw onto his rigid pole as she slowly moved her finger back and forth on his prostrate.

As the first drops of rain splashed on his forehead, Andre was startled to hear an animal scream filled the stormy night. The drumming of the rain on the pine needle covered ground partially muted this roar of passion. Overhead, the fir trees branches whipped about in response. The scream was long and mournful. It rose up and down the scale. A part of him realized he was the animal screaming in the night. His cry was forced from his throat. Lauren was drawing his seed and his cries with her skilful massaging of his prostrate.

However, she would not let him come. She maintained a tight painful grip on the root of his member, preventing him from coming. She would take him to the edge then pull back. He roared his frustrations into the night air. His hips pumped futilely up and down. Only his neck on the back of the chair and his feet on the ground balanced him.

“Are you a man, she growled over the fury of the storm. Can you satisfy a woman? Or is it only your need that must be sated?”

“WH…wha…what?” Lust clouded his brain and thickened his tongue.

“You watched, didn’t you? You did not rush in, howling in indignation. You watched your best friend fuck your wife, take her to heights you never could!”

He flashed back to that day.

He had left work early. Today was Anne’s birthday. A stop by the florist was definitely in order, And a box of those candies she loved so much… Turtles! He hummed to himself as he made the stops necessary to gather his offerings to his wife…his goddess!

The drive home was quick and uneventful. It was hours before the rush hour. In a scant few minutes, he exited the expressway. He tooled down the main street of his suburban village, past the mall with its upscale shops, through the surrounding commercial area with the auto body shops, and signs screaming out discount oil changes.

He turned into the long tree lined drive that led into his gated community. The guard waved amiably as his transponder opened the gate and admitted him to this upscale enclave set among the trees. The drive led into a circular drive that moved past private drives that led to the semi seclusion of the dwellings.

He turned into his drive. His long time friend’s car partially blocked his access to the attached garage. The sight faintly irritated him. An inner portion of him resented the fact that his free access to his home was blocked. He smiled quietly to himself at his silliness. Tom was a good friend. In the ten years that had lived in this community, Tom and his wife, Clare, had become fast friends. They often vacationed together.

He squeezed his sedan into the space next to Tom’s car. He realized that entering the garage was out of the question. Anne always parked on this side of the garage. He exited his car. He reached into the passenger’s seat and retrieved the candy and flowers. He walked around to the side of his home. He fumbled with his keys but finally worked the lock and entered the kitchen.

Andre was a little surprised that Tom, Clare, and Anne were not in the kitchen as they normally were when they visited. Then he recalled that Clare was at her mother’s. She and Tom had a spat. That seemed to happen more often lately. Sometimes the tension between them was palpable. It had strained the friendship between the two couples and particularly between Anne and Clare. They figuratively circled each other like female cats, sniping and spitting innuendoes.

He heard sounds emanating from down the hall. His abdomen fluttered. He moved down the hall toward their bedroom. Groans and a loud slapping sound wafted from that direction. The sounds were disturbingly familiar. He turned into the bedroom.

“Move you bitch, move! Back that ass up and take this cock!” Tom’s hand rose in the air and came down violently on Anne’s ass.

“Gimmee that dick you bastard! This is your pussy! Gawddammit use it!”

Andre stood transfixed. His mind struggled to resolve what he was seeing.


Tom’s hand smacked Anne’s ass again.

“Tell me what you are!”


“I’m a slut!”


Andre could see the bright red of his wife’s ass.

“What kind of slut?”


“I’m a cheating slut! I’m your cheating slut!”

As Andre stood frozen, Tom thrust hard into Anne’s pussy; she rocked back to meet his thrusts and they both started coming, bucking and snarling their obscene endearments.

“What the fuck is going on, Andre said weakly”


His head snapped as Lauren slapped him again. She had straddled the chair and mounted him. He could feel his cock sliding effortlessly in and out of her well-lubricated hole. The rain drove down violently on them. The thunder and lightning were almost continuous.

In a flash of blue lightning, he saw her raise her hand to slap him again. His hand darted up and grabbed hers. He held it tightly as his free hand swung up hard and rocked her head with a vicious slap.

“You cheating bitch!”

“Yes…yes, Lauren moaned her back undulating, I’m a cheating bitch!”

Her eyes closed, her hands moved to rest on his chest, her ass pistoned up and down, she was lost in the ecstasy of her lust.


She moaned as Andre slapped her hard across the face. The rain poured down turning the pine needle covered ground to mud. Andre rolled Karen off him and into the mud. He forced her to her knees. He rammed his black meat deep into her spasming pussy. He watched his ebony tool disappear into the pinkness of her hole. The mud flew as he smacked her skeletal behind.

“Why…why…why, Andre cried as he drove deep into her willing sex hole!”

The only reply was the animal mewling of Lauren punctuated by flashes of lightning.

He felt his seed filling his balls. His cock began to swell. Lauren felt him swell in her as cum moved up his cock.

“Please…yes…please…breed me…fill my womb!”

Andre came explosively, his seed spewing from him in a flood. His hard thrusts into her, forcing his seed deep in her womb matched hers, accepting it. Lauren felt his tool press hard against her cervix. As he collapsed on top of her, she raised one hand and felt her abdomen. She felt her feral heat wane, her need sated.

Andre rocked back on his knees. The driving rain partially cleansed the mud from them. He was exhausted. He rose, balancing himself on the lawn chair. He watched Lauren rise and walk naked toward her motor home in the lessening rain. The fury of the storm had been brief and violent. He turned and staggered up the few stairs into his fifth wheel. He passed out as he fell across the bed.

Andre woke to the bright sun streaming through the netting. The air smelled fresh and clean. The cleanliness of the morning air belied the mess of dried mud and pine needles he lay in. Wrinkling his nose in distaste, he stripped the filthy sheets from the bed and tossed them in the corner.

A quick inspection showed he was not in much better shape. Mud streaked his body. He slipped on some shorts and flip-flops, grabbed his toiletry kit and exited his camper. He spied Lauren’s mud covered shift in the mud. He pondered what he should do with it.

It did not seem appropriate to take it down to her and her husband. What would he say? Your wife and I fucked in the rain and she left her dress. He leaned down, picked it up, and tossed it under his camper.

With some apprehension, he began the walk to the communal showers. His path would take him by John and Lauren’s RV. John was a big guy and might take exception to his wife fucking a stranger. Then, he might have been in on it. Maybe this was their kink, to have his wife fuck strangers as they moved about the country.

A phrase popped into his head: Breeding Frenzy. They fucked like dogs in heat, the need to reproduce clouding all reason. He shook his head ruefully. I am over analyzing a great fuck, he thought!

He glanced up as he made his way through the sparse trees. The site where their RV had sat was empty! He stared blankly. He could see the impressions of the wheels in the saturated mud. They were gone! He could not recall them saying anything about leaving. However, he had been in a reefer and alcohol induced fog. He had been wallowing in self-pity. Maybe they told him and he could not remember.

Whatever! He continued on to the showers. He needed to shower, break camp and resume his journey to his new home. A new life awaited him in California.

This is a resubmission of a story I submitted under another name (Broderick Winston) some time ago. I decided to submit under my regular name at the instance of a friend. At any rate here it is.


“Who’s that,” I said, as we walked down the hall.

“Her? You can’t afford her,” said Marissa. “Besides you’ve got a date with a switch. So, let’s try to focus shall we?” she said.

“Yes, yes of course ma’am,” I said. For the price of $100 an hour, once a month for the past year, I had had the extreme pleasure of having my hide tanned real good by Marissa. Indeed, during that time, Marissa had been my exclusive date at The Chateau where she worked as a dominatrix.

Nevertheless, I knew all of the women that worked at The Chateau or thought I did. But, in that time, I had never seen the new mistress that had just passed us in the hall. She had to be new; like I said, I knew all of the other girls. Still, Marissa had always been my woman of choice to discipline me. Typically, up to two dozen hard ones was the norm and that usually with the strap. At any rate, I had decided that tonight I would move up in class; she was going to do me with the switch: a nasty little instrument with which to take the measure of a sub’s courage.

She led me into the room and switched on the light; it, the room, had an appropriately red decor. I stood in the middle of the room and waited for instructions.

She picked up the ball gag from the table across from me and brought it to me. “This will mute some of your screams as we get into the meat of your punishment, Charles. There will be no whining or begging for mercy today. You asked for the real thing, and now you’re going to get it. Get yourself up on the gallows, Charlie, and drop your pants down around your ankles,” she said. I did as she commanded.

The gallows was actually a raised wooden base maybe two-foot square and eighteen inches off the floor. Above it, a noose of inch-and-a-half hemp hung down about waist high, a noose whose other end ran through a heavy hook in the ceiling and over to another hook in the wall where it was loosely tied off.

“Hands behind your back,” she said. She immediately bound my hands tightly behind me with one of three strands of quarter-inch rope she’d gotten while I was mounting the place of my punishment.

Done securing my hands, she did the same with my knees and ankles. I was helpless and gagged. Whatever she was going to do, and I’d asked for no limits this time around, I would be helpless to do anything about it. I saw her go to the narrow supply closet across from me and take out two wicked looking switches. They were going to sting big time. Oddly, I wasn’t afraid. In fact, all I could think of was the beauty I’d seen in the hall when we’d come in: the one I couldn’t afford. My four-inch cock stuck straight out in front of me.

“Well, Charlie, last night some of the girls and I talked over what your sentence should be after you called and made the appointment. Glenda suggested fifty slow ones with the strap. But the others opted for a far worse sentence. That, after I explained to them that you’d requested a really harsh punishment. You’re getting the switch today, Charlie, and you’re getting one hundred not fifty. They will be slow ones so that you’ll have time to really regret your choice,” she said. I think I was shaking my head, but she was just smiling at me.

“Frightened, Charlie? You should be. It’s too late for you to back out.” She came close. She laid the switches down on the base I was standing on and wrapped my neck in a silken cloth, presumably to prevent me getting rope burns on my neck: I did have to work on Monday. Done, she slipped the noose over my head and around my neck, tightening it. Going over to the wall, where the other end of the rope was fastened, she took up the slack enough to force me up on my toes so that my head was bent slightly forward. I turned to see her walking toward me.

Picking up one of the switches, she walked around me wordlessly taunting me. I saw her raise her arm high. The switch cracked as it impacted by naked buttock eliciting a muted scream from the depths of me. Jesus it stung, and I had ninety-nine to go! My cock, which had been hard as a rock and sticking straight out in front of me, wilted like a flower in the desert heat.

My punishment continued. I was crying and doing my best to beg for mercy after the first twenty. She completely ignored me. I was going to get it this time and there was nothing that was going to save me. I was up on my toes and squirming like crazy. Each time I saw her raise her hand I tried to maneuver to reduce the impact; I was mostly unsuccessful. It was hell.

I couldn’t be sure, but I think after about number seventy-five she started to slack off on the cruelty of the blows. But even so, it stung like mad.

My chest hair was soaked from the tears I was shedding. Then, she was done. My punishment had taken forty-five minutes. She casually walked over to the utility closet and put away the switches. Turning and looking at me she smiled.

“Well, now we know what a wimp you really are don’t we stud,” she said, mocking me. She went over to the wall and loosed the rope allowing me to stand flatfooted once more. God was that a relief. I hadn’t cramped up, but almost.

Removing the gag first, she appraised me. My butt was black and blue and bleeding in a couple of spots. I’d be a week minimum getting over this one.

She came to me and played absently with my cock. “Hmm,” she said. “It’s coming back to life. Too bad you’re such a candy ass, or I might be tempted to suck your cock.” She was teasing me, but it was working. Even amidst the searing pain of my ass I was becoming almost hard once again.

She untied me, and told me to make myself presentable, and then she left the room. Getting down from the gallows, I pulled up my pants, and went into the adjacent bathroom to clean up my face and hair, the latter of which was soaked with perspiration. My gait was not steady, nor would it be for a while. But, at least I was able to control my urge to bawl.

Marissa met me in the lobby. “So, how was it stud? Sorry you asked for it?” she said.

“No, no. I needed it, but I won’t kid you. If you hadn’t gagged me, I would have begged you to stop. I mean it; that was really bad for a while,” I said.

“Yes, well that’s what punishment is supposed to be, stud. Remember that next time you ask for special treatment.”

“I will,” I said.


My butt was still plenty sore from my once a month session at the Chateau. But, apart from that I was fine. In fact fine wasn’t the word: I felt good, satisfied, and kind of giddy. Marissa really knew how to push my buttons. In any event, that had been Saturday last; this was Monday; I had a job aching butt or not.

Class over, I headed for the cafeteria a good little distance across the quad. But wait…

I guess this is the point in this write where I should introduce myself. My name is Charlie Wilson. I’m a Ph.D. and an assistant professor of History at Hickory State College. At my current age of thirty-six, I find myself in good shape, and still five-five and one-fifty: same as I was in high school all those years ago. Brown hair, brown eyes, and a face that is so average it really is actually forgettable. Regardless, I was hungry: the usual result when I don’t eat breakfast.

“Whatcha thinkin’ about Charlie?” said a voice behind me as I strolled along the walkway.

“Raine, I didn’t see you,” I said. Raine Morgan was my counterpart in the English department.

“I kinda figured that when you jumped like you did,” she said. She was giggling.

“Nothing just daydreaming I guess,” I said. “I’m heading over to the caf. I’m starving.”

“Okay, see you later,” she said, and she headed off. And, as she did, I saw her. No, not Raine, but the stunner I’d spotted at the Chateau two days before. She was standing in the student line looking to get breakfast. I stared for the briefest of moments, but apparently not brief enough; she caught me looking. She smiled; I looked down and moved to the adjacent side counter where the teaching staff got their grub.

I took my tray and meandered among the tables to the far side of the cafeteria. I tried not to look back, but I did anyway. That I was embarrassed would not begin to tell the tale. There was a big black guy sitting with her. Probably an athlete by the look of him: tall, well built, and smiling to beat the band. Well, and well he might, he was with the prettiest female in the place. I wondered if he knew where she worked on weekends.

A horrible thought hit me! What if she were telling him that one of the teachers here was a client! I kept my eyes, not too obviously, focused on them. He never looked my way. I guessed she’d not said anything to him.

I got up, dabbing at my lips with my napkin, and took my tray to the dump window and pushed it through. She literally bumped into me trying to do the same thing as me. She smiled. “Hi,” she said. I nodded and tried not to seem embarrassed.

“Hi,” I said. Well, it was a short syllable, and I was able to get it out without betraying the turmoil overwhelming my psyche.

“You needn’t be concerned, doctor Wilson. I’m not outing you. Just relax,” she said. I just swallowed—hard. She knew me. I nodded.

“Oh, okay,” I said. I turned and headed away, not wanting to get into a conversation. No, that’s isn’t right. I did want to get into a conversation with her, I was just too damn chicken to do so.

I had two more morning classes before I would be office bound for the rest of the day. The school was the academic home to eighteen thousand students. I figured that I might not be seeing her again, at least not so up close and personal, as had been the case today; and I was relieved at the thought. Well, that was my thought at the moment.

I hadn’t exactly thought about her all morning, as I had kinda pushed thoughts of her to the back of my mind. I plied my trade diligently during my 8:30 to 10:00 and 10:30 to noon classes. Lee’s strategy versus McClellan had its uses quite apart from its academic ones.

Noon found me once again on my way to the cafeteria. As I entered, I immediately saw her and she me. So much for my optimistic musings; she was smack in my path as I headed for the coffee urn. If I turned and ran, she’d undoubtedly deduce the reason why. I decided to just brazen it out. I went right by her table trying to not pay her any note. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the smirk: she knew.

My coffee poured, I had a decision to make. I made it. I pulled up in front of her table. “Excuse me miss, may I join you?” I said. She nodded in the affirmative and gestured with her hand for me to take a seat.

“Hi, I’m doctor Wilson, but you already know that, don’t you,” I said.

“Hi back atcha doctor, and I’m Megan Troyes; and yes, I know who you are, doctor. And, I know why you seem to be a bit nervous. But as I told you this morning, stop worrying. Everything’s cool.”

“Well, thank you for that. I was, I admit, a little nervous. I mean my position…”

“Doctor, you’d be amazed at how many others also have—fantasies,” she said.

“I guess,” I said. “You’re a student here then, miss Troyes?”

“Yes, part time. The out of state tuition is high. It kinda limits my options,” she said.

“How far along are you?” I said.

“I guess I’m a senior in terms of credits. Hah! twenty-eight years old and still trying to finish my B.A.” she said. I smiled.

We talked for some minutes. She kept giving me looks that were hard to read. I made a snap decision. “Miss Troyes…”

“Call me Megan,” she said. I looked at her.

“Okay, Megan, you can call me Charles or Charlie,” I said. She nodded. “Can I ask you, would you be interested in having dinner with me this weekend?” She started to laugh.

“With you? A professor?” she said. “I don’t know…”

“Oh, okay. I thought I’d take my shot,” I said. “But it’s okay. I don’t want to seem a boor.”

She studied me for a moment. “Sure, I’ll go out with you, professor,” she said, finally.

“Well—good,” said a very surprised me. She was already writing down her particulars.

We talked for some little time. I learned she’d essentially been an orphan from about age six. She’d been poor, and that more or less recently, but her part time job at the Chateau paid well enough for her to be getting along now.

As she talked I appraised her physical being. Tall, maybe five nine, and slim. Her hair was longish and light brown. Her features were delicate and marked by very large brown eyes. She had a bubble butt and small A-cup breasts—well, one can’t always have everything. In a word, she was beautiful.

What got me about her, though, was her personality. On weekends she was a strong willed mistress, but here, in the cafeteria, she was almost gentleness incarnate. I was forced to assume that her weekend persona was an act—interesting.

Regardless of anything else, I had a date with her. I wondered how it might go. I mean I was really wondering.


I was on time and she was ready. Weren’t women supposed to always keep their men waiting. Well, I wasn’t exactly her man, but I was her date. At any rate, I appreciated her consideration.

“You’re on time,” she said, “a good sign. Let’s go.”

“I’d thought to take her to a fancy dancy foodery and impress the hell out of her. But, she nixed that in favor of fun! We ended up at The inferno. And the owner’s name was fittingly Dante Bartolo, go figure.

The inferno was a piano bar and grill, with a sweet singing black girl who reminded me of nothing so much as Aretha Franklin when she was young.

We ate, we danced, and we talked, a lot. The elephant in the room never got a mention. I found out about her stepfamily as she phrased it. I told her about my brothers who lived back east. She had a hobby, watercolors; she loved to paint. She found out about my career in Education. Like I said, we talked. Then it was time to go home.

Walking her to the door, I actually wondered if I would get a goodnight kiss. Gauging the tenor of the evening, I was of a mind to doubt it. But, I was wrong. The kiss was a scorcher.

“Goodnight, Charlie. I had a good time. See you at school,” she said.

I’d been about to ask her for a second date just as she opened the door. But, in the background, I caught sight of the black man that I’d seen her with in the caf. It deflated me. “For sure,” I said. “Sleep tight.” She looked me askance.


I couldn’t get her out of my mind. My dreams had never been so kinky. And she wasn’t the only one I was dreaming about: her black lover got a lot of mention in there as well. Did I hate him? Probably. Jealousy will do that to a man. At any rate, I made the decision to try and get her out of my mind. I had no intention of competing with another man for the hand of even a woman like Megan, especially a man who was clearly a jock. No indeed, I had my pride.

I didn’t see her the next week, nor the next. And, no I wasn’t hiding from her. I just didn’t try and see her. I was sure she was around, and I guess I had changed my meal habits a bit, avoiding the caf where it had all begun. But then something happened that would be the catalyst for a whole lot of other things.

It was a Saturday morning, seven freakin’ o’clock Saturday morning! The doorbell from Hell rang and I reached for the gun I wish I had. Not finding one, probably a good thing, I got up, slipped into my robe, and headed for the front door.

I opened the door, and then my mouth—wide. “What the…!” I started.

“Name’s Daryl Radcliff,” said the tall well-built black man. “Got a minute?” I looked him up and down.

“I know you. You’re the guy who hangs with Megan Troyes,” I said.

“Hangs with her? No, not exactly, I’m her regular bull,” he said.

“Whatever,” I said. “What are you doing here?”

“She’s wondering why you haven’t seen fit to talk to her after your date a couple of weeks ago,” he said. I gave him a look that should have indicated that he was out of bounds, but he ignored it, he clearly didn’t care.

Gathering myself, “She wants to see me?” I said.

“Yep, that’s about the size of it,” he said.

“But, if you’re her guy, why would she want to be seeing me?” I said.

“Her guy? Again, not exactly. I’m her bull, like I said. I get to fuck her, often in front of her boy toys; she enjoys watching them squirm. What can I say; it’s her thing,” he said. I mean you might have figured that; she does work part time at the Chateau.

“Hmm, Daryl,” I said, “do I look like I’m interested in being one of her boy toys?” I said.

“Actually, yes, you do,” he said. I stood back and gave him the hardest look I could. We were still standing in the doorway.

“Well, forget you, Daryl,” I said, exaggerating his name. “Get off my property!”

“Whoa, whoa up there cowboy. I wasn’t trying to insult you. I’m just here to let you know, that if you might be interested in talking to our girl, that she is more than interested in talking to you with emphasis on the ‘more’,” he said.

“I’m no boy toy,” I said. “Yeah, she’s darn pretty and all. But, I’m the kind of guy that expects his girlfriends to be one man women, not toy collectors if you get my drift.”

“Hey, hey, you hardly know the lady if my info’s straight. Give her a chance. Who knows, maybe you can turn her into a one man woman or something close to it,” he said. I eye’d him.

“Close to it? What the hell is that, close to it?” I said.

“Hey, just call her. You can always walk if you’re really not into the stuff she thinks you’re into,” he said. He’d said them, the unmagic words; but what he’d said, or more, how he’d said them, was not tinged with arrogance or contempt. He was just delivering a factual message. I was still a little miffed by his boy toy comments, but take those away and the guy wasn’t doing anything all that reprehensible.

Was I hypocritical enough to deny what he was implying if not actually saying outright? No, no one could accuse me of being a hypocrite. Other things maybe but not that. I nodded.

“Okay, I’ll call her,” I said. He smiled.

“Good. Hope to see you again,” he said. He stuck out his hand, and we shook. Then, he was gone.

I had a lot to think about, consider. How much had she told him? Who was he exactly to her—a bull? Was I willing to be one among many just to have her sometimes, even special sometimes? No, she was mine or not mine, no in between. And, exactly what did she do at the Chateau. It occurred to me that I really didn’t know.

I’d thought about her all morning. It was almost lunch time. I gave her a call.


I was tapping the table top—nervously. She was late: twelve minutes late. I was about to take another sip of my drink when she startled me. “Charlie,” she said. Her drink was already poured and sitting on the table in front of me; I’d seen to that: I learned what she drank on our first date. I took the first sip of mine now as she took her seat.

“Hello, Megan. You startled me,” I said.

She smiled. “Yes, I can see that I did. I didn’t mean to. Sorry ’bout that, really,” she said.

“So how have you been?” she said.

“Okay,” I said. I decided to get to it. “Look, Megan, we had a nice time on our date. And, Daryl, your messenger, got me to thinking. But, I’m not sure…”

“Charlie, I know Daryl talked to you. I sent him to talk to you as you say. So, before you go off on me, give me a chance to say my piece. It’ll save time. Okay?” she said. I spread my hands in a reluctant ‘okay’ gesture, and she went on.

“Thank you.

“The Chateau? I work there part time. I’m not a dominatrix like your Marissa—and yes, she told me about your last visit there: kind of impressive, I mean one hundred!” I said nothing. “She likes you by the way. Anyway, I’m into dominating men and humiliating them and having them worship me: it’s a kick, but normally I’m not all into that ‘with a whip’ stuff . I do it, whip my clients once in a great while, but it’s not really my thing. Usually, at the Chateau, I get men that are purely desperate. Men who often are outright begging me to somehow get their wives to come and witness a session with me. I never do it. If they want their wives there; they have to bring them in themselves with no help from me.”

“Wait, wait, the men you do at the Chateau, they want their wives there?” I said.

“Yes, they’re mostly wannabe cuckolds. It’s a kick to role play with them. And over the last couple of years I’ve learned to like watching them squirm in their make believe situations. So much so, that, on occasion, not often, I’ve developed relationships with this or that man, and, well, cuckolded him.

“Problem is that in my situation the man never realizes till after the fact, what he’s become, and what he is to me. And, so, one hundred percent of the time, they shine me on and leave. Usually it’s not real pretty. Lots of name calling, lots of angst, jealousy, ire: well, I’m sure a man as intelligent as you can figure it out,” she said. I stared at her, hard.

“Let me guess. You want me to be one of your toys. But, in my case, I’d know about it up front. That about it?” I said.

“No,” she said.

“No? Then what?” I said. She settled back in her seat. She smiled at me. She watched me. She was clearly appraising my ability to accept whatever it was that she was about to lay on me.

“What would you say to a proposal of marriage?” she said. I could actually feel my brow knitting.

“Excuse me?” I said.

“I want to marry you,” she said. “I’ve thought about it, and, I think that we could both get what we want and need out of life. And, before you ask, yes, it will be a real marriage, and I would treat you very well.”

“Marriage? You want to marry me? You’d treat me good? A real marriage? We’ve been on one date. I’ve talked to you but one other time besides that one date.” I said. I could feel my face flush. I was tingly all over. Oh, and yes, my cock was rock hard. “And you want to marry me.”

“Yes to all of the above,” she said.

“Huh? Yes?” I really was too stunned, too confused to react in any meaningful way to what she had just said.

“Charlie, I know you need a little time to think things over. How about we meet here tomorrow and you can give me your answer,” she said. “Same time okay?” I think I was nodding. She rose, came around and kissed me, patted me on the head, and left. It was surreal.


Again, I was early. I guess that had to indicate where my head was at, and don’t say the obvious. This time she was on time, right on time.

“Hi,” I said. She smiled.

“How we doing?” she said, as she took the seat closest to me.

“Okay. I did do what you suggested. I did think over your proposal.”

“And?” she said. I got up, came around the table, and got down on my knees.

“Megan Troyes, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?” I said. She knitted her brow.

“Yes, Charlie, I will. But…”

“But?” I said. “You asked me…”

“You do understand what our respective roles will be, right?” she said. I swallowed.

“I think so. I mean knowing what we know; I mean about each other’s tastes,” I said. “I mean, you’d be the boss, so to speak.”

“Okay,” she said. “Sort of. You’ll still be the head of the household in most ways. But, Charlie, You will be, or rather will become—well—my cuckold. You do realize that, right? You really need to realize that.”

I was quiet for a full minute. “Yes, ma’am, I understand. I’m a little bit worried about what something like that might mean for me, but I guess, I will just have to take a chance,” I said.

“I can understand your concern, and we’ll talk again. And, Charlie, I think it would be good for you to have another, I mean really private talk with Daryl. Would you be okay with that?” she said.

“Sure, yes, I guess so,” I said. She smiled sweetly at me.

“Good,” she said. “Charlie, I think we need to go out on a date tomorrow. I mean we are engaged. I think you need to get to know some of what it is that you’re actually going to be getting—hmm—at least on rare occasions.” she said, and then she laughed out loud. She sounded as giddy as I was feeling.


I picked her up at seven. She was flat gorgeous: long tawny locks, perfect makeup, a black sheath with a plunging neckline that ended two inches above the knee. Heels that had to have been five-inchers at least. I was shorter than she was to begin, but with those heels on she was way taller than me. Her only jewels were a string of what had to be real pearls, not even any earrings otherwise. Fuck she was a class act. If I was going to be a cuckold, it was sure as hell her that I wanted to be doing it to me.

We headed for the Lucky Star.

“Nice place,” I said. “How did you find it; I mean it’s so out of the way.”

“Recommended to me, by one of—well—one of my former clients. It’s only the second time I’ve been in here, and the first was over a year ago,” she said.

“Well, I like it,” I said. We were shown our seats and even before the waitress and the water arrived the band started playing and we got up to dance. We danced twice. Both slow, and she melded herself against me. My peter was pressed into her leg, and I got one of those smiles that told me that she knew she had me.

“It’s pretty clear that you like me,” she said, as we floated around the dance floor.

“Guilty,” I said. “Can’t deny it.”

“No, that wouldn’t be too useful given the evidence.”

Returning to the table the menus were already lying there, and not ten seconds, after being seated, the waitress was there too taking our orders. We ordered drinks, and while we were waiting for them to arrive, we perused the menus. The rest of the early evening was spent drinking eating and dancing.

Twice after we had finished eating other gentlemen brazened themselves up enough to come and ask her dance. Both times she rose to go out on the floor with them. What was disconcerting was, not that she danced with them, but that she did it without so much as a glance in my direction let alone asking for my okay.

I bit my lip. I mean I was going to complain if she decided to dance with other men? I mean knowing in advance that I would soon be a knowing cuckold? I had to think that this, her dancing with other men, was the first phase of my training. I was soon confirmed in my suspicion when she returned after having danced with the second of the two interlopers.

“Not too upset with me?” she said as she took a sip of her wine. I slowly shook my head. I mean what else was I going to do.

“No, no, you’re the boss,” I said, “though I have to admit to being a tiny bit jealous.” She continued to hold her stem glass in front of her while tendering me an amused smile.

“That’s good,” she said. “You’re allowed to be jealous, just not obviously so. But, that was just a little testing of the waters. I am yours for the rest of the night, no more dancing with strangers. That said, take me out there and let’s show these other people how to fox trot. Okay?” She was already rising to go out on the floor. To my credit, I was only a nano-second behind her.

We arrived back at her place a little after eleven. “You’re staying here tonight, honey bunch. It’s Friday; you don’t have class tomorrow. Do you?” she said. I smiled. I was pretty sure that it was going to be a really good night.

“No, no classes for me on Saturday. A few profs do, but not me, not this term,” I said. “Actually you can have me any Friday or Saturday night that you wish.”

“Goody! We’re going to have a lot of fun,” she said. She stood back and looked me in the eye.

“Take off your clothes. I want to see you au natural,” she said. She made no move to undress herself. I hesitated, but began undoing my belt. Soon my pants were pooled at my feet. I began unbuttoning my shirt. She stopped me.

“No, your underpants first,” she said. “I think it’s kind of erotic seeing a man standing with his bottom half exposed and naked while his shirt is still on.

I said nothing, but I pushed my Hanes south and stood in front of her. My cock was pointing straight at her and she looked at it appraisingly.

“Hmm, not exactly tiny, not large, but not tiny. I’ll at least be able to feel you inside of me,” she said. I could feel my face flush. “Take off the rest now.” I did, and I stood naked and vulnerable in front of her.

She crooked a finger at me, turned, and headed for the back of the apartment. I followed like nothing so much as her pet.

As I entered her room, she was already kicking off her heels. Unhitching her skirt, it fell to the floor. Soon her snatch and her breasts were bare and her nakedness actually made my cock hurt.

“Well, don’t just stand there staring, bub, get over her and take me,” she said. I didn’t have to be told twice. She crawled up on the bed and turned toward me. “Charlie, in almost everything I will, as you said before, be the boss in our relationship. It’s what you want and need, and it’s what I want and need as well. But, when it comes to doing me, like now, you are the master. You have to master me, and make me yours. It’s nature, Charlie, so do me up good. Okay?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said. She smiled at my use of the term ma’am.”

Up on the bed, she spread her knees and pushed her butt back at me daring me to take her. I was so ready. I knelt between her legs and rubbed the tip of my penis up and down her labia; she was already becoming slick with her own juices. I pressed four inches of fairly thick rock hard flesh inside of her and slowly began seesawing in and out. She mooed.

“Pork me, Charlie. Don’t try and be nice to me; sock it to me—hard!” I followed her command. Soon I was banging her so hard that I was actually hurting myself. But, all she did was push back into me trying, I suspect, to get me deeper inside of her. I didn’t have the length, but what I did have was enthusiasm and something, what, rage! I wanted to satisfy her in the worst way. I’d never wanted anything so badly in my life. I needed her to like, no, love doing it with me. I had to get her off, somehow! I felt her stiffen; she’d made it! I knew it. She’d made it. I gushed inside of her painting the walls of her vagina with what I thought a sea of cum. I began to shrink from her. I fell forward onto her back trying to catch my breath.

I rolled off of her and lay exhausted on the coverlet. She lay face down. Her breathing was almost regular. We stayed quiet, lost in our own thoughts for a long moment.

“That was good, Charlie. I almost made it. Just a little more, and I would have been over the top,” she said. Her words deflated me. I was sure she’d made it, but I’d been wrong, maybe half a minute short of long enough. I wanted to cry. I’d given it everything I’d had, and I couldn’t do it for her. She sensed my disappointment. She rolled onto her side and looked at me.

“You did fine, Charlie. I’m going to see to your training so that, when I let you, you can do me good. Okay?” she said. I looked her askance.

“Huh?” I said.

“Your training, I’m…”

“No, no, I mean the other thing you said. You know, ‘when you’d let me’,” I said. She frowned.

“Charlie, once you are a cuckold, you will only get off on rare occasions and be able to fuck me even less. It is the lot of the cuckold, I’m afraid,” she said. “Charlie, it’s the way it has to be. I thought you knew that. But, if you can’t do it, maybe now is the time to find out. I mean before we’re married. No pressure, Charlie, but you need to know your place.” I knew she was right. I had known that, but hearing it made a deal of difference.

“How about before we’re married,” I said. Now, she smiled.

“You can have me as much as you want, Charlie, until I cuckold you. From now on until, well, until after our honeymoon at least. Okay?” she said. “I expect to be very well fucked in these next couple of months. Think you can accommodate me?” she said.

I was breathing hard, but not from exhaustion, from excitement. “Watch me,” I said. I flipped her over on her back and took her rudely, animal-like. She howled, but she was smiling broadly while she did it.


“I hear you weren’t half bad,” said Daryl Radcliff. I shrugged.

“She said I didn’t get her off. I guess, I really am not all that,” I said. He laughed. I frowned; he didn’t have to laugh at me.

He apparently realized he’d stung me a little. “Well, you’ll be encouraged to know that I don’t get her off every time either,” he said. “I mean not with my dick, maybe half the time if I’m lucky. But, I never let her down. My mouth finishes the job for me when I come up a little short,” he said.

“Yeah, well whatever,” I said. “So what’s going on? She said, no encouraged me, to talk to you.”

“Yes, I’m aware. She wanted me to kinda give you a pep talk: You know a little perspective of what life might be like for you after you guys get hitched,” he said.

“I already know all of that. Sex rarely, humiliation standard: that about it,” I said.

“Hmm, kinda yes and kinda no,” he said.


“You’ll more than likely have more than enough sex: the tantalizing variety if you get my drift. You’ll just not be getting a lot of time inside of her with your cock. As for the humiliation thing That’ll depend. There’ll be some of that depending on how you react to being seen by others—the bulls. If what they say and do doesn’t bother you all that much, then you won’t actually experience all that much humiliation. What you will feel, and this is the point at least to some degree of the whole cuckold scene, is jealousy. You will be all but eaten alive by jealousy. And, that, my friend, is what she, our Megan, gets off on. She will do her level best to drive you to but one very short inch from insanity and laugh at you while you squirm and cry and beg for some small show of favor. It’s what drove her other relationships into the ground.

“I will say, that I think she intends to do things a little differently with you. And, I don’t think she even knows herself how she’s going to work things out with you. But, I do know that she wants it to be a permanent thing. She does not want or need any more of what she’s so far had, and she will do whatever she needs to, to ensure that such does not become the case.”

“I’ve never been all that much into the cuckolding thing. Truth is, I’ve had almost no experience in it at all. I’ve mostly…” I started.

“Yes, I know, been into the discipline stuff,” he said. ” For her part Megan hasn’t been much into that except at the request of her cucks. Really, she has never to my knowledge shown much personal interest in it at all. You’ll get your bottom toasted pretty good, I’m sure, somewhere along the line; but a full blown lifestyle is likely not in the cards.”

I nodded. “I see,” I said. “It is kinda what she’s said to me in so many words.” His turn to nod.

“Well, for what it’s worth, I think you’ve got a heck of a good thing going on a number of levels,” he said. “Just don’t let her drive you completely over the top. She’s a wonderful woman and a superior piece of ass, but she’s still capable of doing things wrong, going too far: well, you get the picture. She won’t mean to, but it will happen probably more than once. When it does, just back off and go make yourself a stiff drink and wait for her to be regretful; that’ll actually be a good thing for you if what I know about her holds true.”

“How so?” I said.

“You’ll get to fuck her. It’s how she pays for her little mistakes without taking any particular responsibility for them. Women, most women, and our woman in particular, are not big on apologies. But, she and they are big on making it up to us poor suffering males,” he said. I smiled.

“Okay,” I said. “I get it.”


The canopy protected us from the dazzling brightness of the sun. The lay minister held a book, no not that book, but one that she, the reverend Sheila Brooks, read from.

“And do you Charles take for your wife Megan, to love, honor, and obey as long as you both shall live,” she said.

“I do,” I said.

“And do you Megan, take Charles for your husband to love, honor, and guide as long as you both shall live?”

“I do,” she said.

“Then by the power invested in me by the state, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss each other.”

And just like that I, we, were married and committed to each other. The minister, Sheila, was a close friend of Megan’s. She congratulated us, and we all, including the best man, Daryl, and the maid of honor, Marissa, led the way to the reception room where the thirty-nine guests and ourselves were to celebrate.

The party lasted into the evening. There was dancing and good food and lots of joking around. Sheila pulled me off to the side for a brief word.

“Charlie, the woman truly loves you. You need to get your head around that and never doubt it. You do that, and the two of you will be fine,” said Sheila.

“Thanks, Sheila, I appreciate your concern and your support. I think we’ll be fine. I don’t anticipate any problems,” I said.

“Yes, and there needn’t be any,” she said. “The only possible fly in the ointment might be Megan’s penchant for sometimes choosing poorly when selecting, well, you know. Remember you didn’t marry any of her future bulls. You married Megan. If you keep that in mind, and remember that those men, all of them, are merely a collection of blips on the radar screen of life; well, then, you’ll be fine.”

“Okay, and thanks again. I do appreciate your words,” I said.

The next two weeks were wonderful. The warm Mexican sun was fantastic. Sun and sand, and Megan in a bikini; god she was beautiful. And we fucked. We fucked a hundred times, or so it seemed. And then it was the last day, and I was scared. I felt like doctor Faustus at the end of his twenty year deal with the devil. She understood and tried to console me; she was only partially successful.

“It’s your fate, Charlie. You have to man up now and accept your fate. And, not to worry, you will still be my husband and no other. I will still love only you and no other, and those are absolutes. But, that said, now it’s my turn to get what I need out of our life together. It’s the reason I wanted to marry you, Charlie, because I knew you could loved me enough to give me what I need. Anyway, enough said about that.

“Our wedding vows are now going to be our contract with each other. We will both love and honor each other. But, you will now have to be obeying me and I will have to be guiding you. Okay, my man?” she said.

I slowly nodded my submission to her. She smiled benevolently at me. I just had to hope it wouldn’t be too long before I would be able to have her again. I needed her. I needed her bad. There was not the slightest shadow of a doubt that I always would.


“Tonight’s the night, Charlie?” she said. I didn’t have to ask her what she meant. I just nodded.

“I need to have you out of the house by 6:00PM. Okay?” she said.

“Okay. But, don’t you—didn’t you…” I started.

“Not this first time, Charlie. You will be here to watch and witness your cuckolding a lot, but this first time I need to be able to set things up with my bull. I will say that you’ll get a full report in the morning—and—well a little something extra to eat if you get my drift, Charlie,” she said.

“Okay,” I said. I was actually looking forward to the next morning. “So, am I supposed to stay away all night?”

“Yes. Will that be okay? I mean this is your, our, home. I won’t order you to not sleep in your own bed; but it would be more convenient overall if you came back say for breakfast. Would that be all right. Oh, and one more thing. No bull will ever sleep in our bed. We will be using the guest room only.”

“Okay. It’s okay, I’ll just get a room for the night. And, yes, I will be back for breakfast. Can I ask? Will he still be here when I get home?” I said.

“Probably not. He has to work. But, if he is, just be polite and forget that anything happened. He will be getting the same instructions. I know this is going to be hard for you in the beginning. I intend to soften the experience as much as I can. That’s why I am asking you to not be there the first time; it’s best. So anyway…”

“Yes, yes, okay. No problem. And, I appreciate your kindness,” I said. She smiled

“Kindness is going to be my middle name,” she said. “Well, except for Saturday mornings.” I looked her askance.


“I’ve done some talking, with Marissa. She’s clued me about you and her. So, every Saturday morning, at a set time, say 10:00AM, I’m going to spank you. And, I mean good and proper. Think you can handle that, stud?” she said. “I mean once a week instead of once a month?” She was smirking. I nodded.

“Yes, ma’am. I think so. I’ll try,” I said.


I watched her apply her makeup. She looked so beautiful. Shoulder length, curly brown hair. Porcelain complexion, dark eyes, ruby lips, no jewelry except for her pearl earrings and matching necklace. The dress she wore was a dark purple, short, and featured a plunging neckline. She wore no bra and only the skimpiest of panties. Her heels were three inchers also black. Her slim legs were bare. Her bull would not only be pleased he’d likely become as pussywhipped as I was and that in short order.

I was fully dressed, but on my knees watching her; she’d mandated that I be that way until she was ready for her visitor. I was being trained, as she said, and that just a little at a time.

“You’re beautiful, honey,” I said. She flashed me a smile of appreciation.

“And you’re wonderful to be doing this for me,” she said. “And, don’t you worry, you will not regret it. You can bank that.” I tried to smile, but my heart was in my throat. I wasn’t yet quite overwhelmed by jealousy, but close.

Finished, she leaned back against her vanity, her arms dangling at her sides. She looked, lovingly, at me. “You going to be okay?” she said.

“Yes. Yes, I’ll be fine. Anything for you,” I said. She looked deeply into my eyes, my soul.

“I am so glad I found you,” she said. “I did the right thing marrying you. I aim to make you one happy fella over time, depend on it.” Just then the doorbell rang. We both looked doorward.

“Come on, dear, on your feet. We need to go down and meet him together.”

I answered the door and she stood behind me a few feet to my right.

“Hi, I’m Michael,” said the well-dressed black man.

“Hi, I’m Charlie, this is my wife…” I started.

“Yes, we’ve met. Hello again, Megan,” he said.

“Please, come in,” I said.

“Michael,” said Megan, “I wanted my husband meet the man who was going to help me cuckold him. And, of course you to meet him too.

“Michael is going to fuck me tonight, dear, like we planned. Tell him it’s all right with you, please,” she said.

“Michael it’s fine with me that you fuck my wife and make me her cuckold,” I said.

“And mine,” he said.

“Yes, of course,” I said. “And your cuckold too.”

“You can go now, dear, I will see you in the morning. Okay?” she said.

“Yes, ma’am. In the morning. Uh—9:00AM?”

“That will be fine, dear. Goodbye.” She said this last while easing me out the door by the elbow. The door closed behind me, and I was alone and a little afraid. She’d been right not to ask me to stay and witness my cuckolding, my humiliation. I needed to get away, and I did, to The Inferno.

The Inferno had become our favorite watering hole. It was a little pricey, but, this was a special occasion.


The Motel 7 on Green St. was only a few miles from the house where Michael was doing my wife. I have to admit to shedding some tears. But they were tears of angst not loss or pain. I was fast discovering that being a cuckold meant worrying endlessly about how one would measure up when compared to one’s wife’s bulls.

I didn’t get much sleep, but I did finally drift off sometimes in the wee smalls. The sun woke me. It was almost 7:00AM. I showered, dressed, and went next door for a cup of coffee. I read the newspaper and killed time until it was time for me to go home. She’d told me that we’d have breakfast together, so I didn’t eat.

I was five minutes early. Parking, I sat in my car for a few minutes getting my mental act together. Getting out of my car I made my way into the house.

I could hear her humming in the kitchen. She seemed to be in a light hearted mood.

She was mixing what looked like pancake batter as I came into the kitchen.

“Hi,” I said.

“Hi, dear,” she said, presenting me with her cheek to kiss. “I haven’t brushed my teeth yet, so my breath isn’t the best.”

“Hmm, I don’t care,” I said. “I turned her around and kissed her hungrily.” She did taste kinda funny. She smiled.

“He’s still in me,” she said. “We’ll talk after we eat. And, I have a little reward for you because you are such a good guy.”

“Really?” It was Saturday morning. I wondered if it had anything to do with our 10:00AM appointment. I didn’t say anything. Quite frankly, I was hoping she’d forgotten about it. I was just too wound up to be bent over and spanked.”

“It’ll have to be after your spanking though. Hope you’re ready for that. Anyway, it’s time for us to eat.” She hadn’t forgotten. Well, I guess I knew she hadn’t.”

As we ate, she told me a little of her experience of the previous evening.

“He was pretty good. I’ll have him back again at some point. He took my butt too. I let him because he had length but wasn’t all that thick. I’ve pretty much shrunken back to normal size.” I guess that was important. I was hoping she meant so that I could have her and feel the walls of her pussy.

It was some half hour later, the dishes done, I was wiping my hands on a small kitchen towel. She looked at me and smirked.

“Honey, please go into the den and take off your pants, okay,” she said. “you can leave your shirt and socks on, but I need you butt naked.”

“Okay,” I said. I think my face was red because I could feel it flush. It would be my first spanking from her. I didn’t know, but I had to think it was going to be something to remember.

She’d already placed a heavy oaken chair, I’d not seen before, in the center of the room. I wondered when she purchased it, but in point of fact it didn’t really matter. The why was the only thing that mattered. And that why was that it was obviously purchased to facilitate my punishments. There were some strips of quarter inch rope laid across the seat. And, a roll of duct tape as well. I didn’t have to guess anymore; it was gonna be bad for me, at least for a little while, real bad. I tried to focus.

I took my pants off and just stood there waiting for her. She was a couple of minutes in coming, and when she did, she was topless. Her breasts, C-cups, hung down slightly and seemed to shake a little as she moved.

“Good, you’re ready,” she said. She retrieved a strip of the rope and came to me. “Hands behind your back,” she said. I did as she told me and felt her bind my wrists very tightly. Then, with the long end of the rope dangling floorward, she took it and raised my arms high up on my back while wrapping the end a couple of times around my neck. There was no way I was going to be able to protect my butt with my hands.

Working quickly she secured my ankles the same way leaving about a six-inch strip between them so I could hobble around a little, or so I surmised, as she might command. Next came the duct tape.

“Sorry about the duct tape, dear, but we can’t have you scaring the neighbors with your screams,” she said. “Marissa said you can be pretty vocal sometimes.”

“It’s okay,” I said. “She short shanked anything else I might have said by wrapping the tape tightly around my entire head effectively cutting off communication between us.

“Kneel up on the chair,” she said, “and bend forward so that you neck is over the back of it.” It was a small challenge for me to do it, but I managed.

She took the last of the dangling rope that she’d looped around my neck and tied it to the struts on the bottom of the chair. I was going absolutely nowhere.

“I’m going to give you fifty hard ones, dear. That will be enough for this first time. And, it will give me some idea of what your tolerance is. I don’t want to injury you unduly. But, I do want this to be memorable spanking. I mean it is your first spanking at my hands.”

I heard her moving around behind me. Walking around the chair so that I could see her, she now had two thin whippy switches, probably dowels, wrapped in black electrical tape. My eyes got big; I could feel them. It was going to sting real bad. She stepped behind me. She waited. It was so quiet. The tension was killing me.

All of a sudden I was seeing stars. The flesh slashing stroke to my buttocks was awful. Then there was another, and another, then another. She waited. I was squirming and snorting and trying my best to take a deep breath, but I couldn’t. It was maybe another minute before she resumed. The tears were already pouring from my eyes. She had to have seen them. I was doing my best to move my buttocks to avoid the lash, but it was no use; she was literally burning my butt and the backs of my thighs horribly with each swat. It was almost a half an hour later before it was over.

I’d been counting, but I only accounted for forty-three spanks; Still, I might have lost the correct count somewhere along the line. God knew it was hard for me to concentrate while she was doing me. She pulled a folding chair around in front of me and sat. She stared at me, a slight smile playing across her face.

She was so beautiful. Her naked breasts and face were shiny with a slight sheen of her perspiration. My butt was on fire, but the only thing that mattered to me was that I wanted to suckle on her breasts, her nipples, lick her aureoles. God how I wanted to!

She rose and came to me. She stripped the duct tape from me and I drew a desperately needed lung full of air gasping as I did so. Gasping that is between sobs.

“I’m going to untie you know, Charlie. And, when I do I want you to take the rest of your clothes off. It’s time for the good stuff now,” she said.

She untied me and led me by my cock into the bedroom.

“I haven’t bathed since last night and I have a bunch of Michael’s spunk still inside of my pussy and ass. You get to clean me out with your tongue. And, if you do a good job this first time; I will let you have me—in all of my holes. When I reward a man; I reward him big time.

To say the least, my inhibitions whatever they might have been a minute before disappeared immediately!

I fell to my knees in front of her and pulled her pants down. She was laughing so hard I think her sides were beginning to hurt.

I pulled her over to the bed and laid her down across it on her back. I pushed her legs apart and there it was: matted hair, dried spunk, on her inner thighs, and a gooey mess oozing from between her labia. I made a face and dove in. it wasn’t so bad. And, all I could think of was my reward. I worked on her for some long minutes when she began to squirt. I just kept at it until she said to stop. Then, she rolled over on her stomach and once again spread her legs wide. There it was her anus. She sure as heck hadn’t cleaned herself. There was some of the crusted semen residue and some of her own brown stuff dried in her crack. I licked and sucked and ate her out enthusiastically. Overall, I had worked on her orally, front and back, for maybe half an hour. She experienced or so I thought, hoped, at least three major orgasmic events.

Finally my woman pulled herself up, and spread her knees wide, and waited for me.

“Take me from behind, my husband, please. And don’t waste any time doing it.” I did what she said, and I think she made it once again. I rolled over and off of her and I fell into a semi-exhausted state beside her. She took a few desperate breaths, swung around on top of me, and took me in her mouth. It took some little while, but she got me hard once again.

“Now, my ass, big boy, take my ass like Michael did.” She lay flat on the bed now, legs once again splayed wide and waited for me to assault her. Looking at her little hole, I had the thought that she might need some lubrication.

“Honey, KY…” I started.

“On the night stand over there,” she said.


That first night, the night she first cuckolded me was good; I hadn’t been there; I knew what was going on, and she didn’t rub my nose in it the next day. She’d been right to run me off and make me come back the next morning. What I hadn’t seen could not be the stuff of my dreams and worries. No, it was very good.

The morning after sex was fantastic. I hadn’t expected it, and it was a wonderful gift to me. She had said that my having her would be a rare thing. Well, if that was her idea of rare, I was not going to have a problem going along with it. But, alas, the reality was that allowing me to have her was about to indeed become truly rare. Worse, even being allowed relief was about to become a rare thing.

It was a week and half later before she had another man, and we had not had sex during that entire time. I managed to survive sexually by employing my good right hand, often. She had caught me doing it twice and hadn’t said anything to me, but her look had been one of undeniable disapproval.

At any rate, back to tonight and my current cuckolding.

His name was Woodrow, Albert Woodrow. He was youngish, early twenties. He was tall, and he was hung, so Megan had assured me; I didn’t ask how she knew. The smirk on his face when she introduced him to me was more than bothersome. But, I bit my lip and endured it. It was part of the scene to be humiliated by her bulls and I knew it. So long as it didn’t reach destructive levels—destructive to my marriage to Megan, I could handle it.

“Charlie, I want you to be in the room with us tonight,” said Megan. “Would that be okay with you?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said.

“Good, go on up disrobe and stand by your chair. Okay?” I nodded and headed off. I was standing naked and vulnerable when they came. They were still dressed, but her makeup was smeared and her hair a bit askew.


He looked me up and down; the smirk was pure derision. Megan noticed. “Don’t be mean, Albert it’s what he’s got, and it’s enough for me. He’s my little man and I love him,” she said. He words would have made me feel better except for the little man comment; hence, it didn’t.”

“Yeah, right,” he said. They turned their attention away from me and back to each other. The kissing and the feeling up was kind of erotic. My pole was at attention for sure. Soon they broke apart and started to watch each other undress. He kept glancing at my four-inch dick and I knew exactly what he was thinking.

All were soon naked and he turned her around to face me and he wrapped his arms around her from behind and let his hands roam over her breasts, belly, muff and finally her slit. Her head was thrown back over his shoulder and her eyes were closed. He mouthed the words I really didn’t need to hear. “There is no way wimpy that you could possibly be satisfying this fine woman. Not with that.” he was nodding toward my little man.” She stiffened, straightened, and gave him a look that warned him he was going too far. He backed off and led her to the bed. She stopped just before letting him push her down on it and turned to face me.

“You can sit down now, baby, but don’t play with yourself. It’s not allowed tonight,” she said. I swallowed and sat. And, yes, wimp that I realized that I was, I was beginning to cry.

He rolled her over and forced her up on her knees, butt high, legs splayed wide. I saw his eight inch tool push into her. I swallowed yet again.

“Like watching me do your wifey sissy boy,” he said. My humiliation was complete. But, I kept my mouth shut.

“I asked you a question,” he said.

“Shut up Albert; you can be replaced,” said Megan. “I’ve told you once already. I mean it.”

“Okay, okay, I was just funnin’,” he said. Suddenly his face went gray as he neared a climax that I think surprised him. He began to fuck her furiously. He stiffened. Spit dribbled from the side of his mouth. I saw Megan’s eyes bulge out as he took her. Her rasping breath signaled her orgasm and he drilled her like a madman.

Finally they collapsed. Onto the bed, each beside the other. He rolled on his side and looked at me and smiled. “Are you crying little man. Well, don’t, I’ll give you lessons if you like. You know so that you can please this woman.”

“Get out, Albert, and don’t come back. My bulls do not insult or belittle my husband,” said Megan.

“Yeah, well with a puny dick like his, a little belittling would seem to be in order,” he said.

He dressed and he was gone. Megan beckoned me. “Come on my husband, time for your sloppy seconds. Yes, I’m letting you have me. I wasn’t going to, but that asshole made it necessary. In a way you owe him, I guess,” she said.

I moved to the bed and crawled onto it looming above her. Do I have to eat you first? I said.

“No, his cum is unworthy of you. Just screw me as best you can with your little weeny,” she said. She smiled. My cock was so hard it hurt. She spread her legs as wide as she could and I lowered myself and entered her. I could hardly feel the walls of her pussy, but I did my best. I rammed myself inside of her like what seemed a hundred times before I finally erupted.

“Jesus, honey, you almost made me cum. Jesus, and with that little tool of yours too. Wow!” she said. I felt kind of good. I guess. But, almost wasn’t good enough. Not close.

Over the next weeks and months she brought home a succession of bulls. One of them, some guy named Arthur, got into her head. They were lying on the bed after their third fuck. Megan had tied my hands behind my back and lashed my ankles to the chair’s legs to keep me from interfering: something I’d tried to do the time before because the bull that time had been so insulting to me that I couldn’t take it. I’d gotten up, grabbed him by the hair and hauled him off of her; after which he’d beaten the hell out of me. Hence, my bonds.

Megan had consoled me and nursed me back to full consciousness, and then made the decision that from then on that I’d be bound up tight to prevent me from physically trying to take on these guys, all of who were uniformly large and young.

We were eating breakfast and she was humming some tune I didn’t recognize. “Honey, I was talking to Daryl the other day,” she said. I raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, is he still around?” I said. “You haven’t mentioned him in a while.”

“No, he’s been out of town, but he got in the day before yesterday. He had an idea. I think it’s a good one. He said the reason you are having some problems with my bulls is because you’re not horny enough to take it. You need to be hornier is what he said,” said Megan.

“I’m horny. I am,” I said.

“Not enough, Charlie. Not enough to welcome the humiliation and jealousy that makes this kind of relationship go. You need to be climbing the walls. I blame myself to some extent. But…”

“But?” I said.

“Well, Daryl thinks that you are beating your meat before we have our little events,” she said. “Are you, Charlie? Are you beating your meat without permission?”

“Well, maybe sometimes,” I said. She knew I was lying.

“Charlie?” she said.

“Okay, yes. I need it to not go crazy with lust for you,” I said. She nodded knowingly.

“Hmm, well, I’m afraid I’ll have to do something about that, Charlie; I need you to be half crazy with lust for me. Charlie, I’m going to lock up your cock, so you can’t masturbate. It’ll be a little tough on you in the beginning, but you will be more than horny when you need to be from now on. Okay, Charlie?” she said. “And there are one or two other things that Daryl suggested that I’m considering that will heighten the experience, and that for the both of us.” I swallowed. I nodded my acceptance. She owned me. I was her cuckold and completely so.

“Okay then. I need you to stand up and drop your pants and underpants,” she said. “Oh, and leave your t-shirt on. I did as she instructed. She’d left me standing next to the dinette table while she disappeared into the service porch. She came back in minutes carrying a small box. She set it on the table and went to the broom closet and came back with something I knew only too well: her switch. It was the one she used to spank me with on Saturday mornings. We were four days gone since my last hiding. I was still pretty damn sore. I really didn’t want it again, not this soon.

“Honey, are you going to…” I started.

“Just enough to make your penis shrink. Okay. I need to fit the cage on your penis, and I’m afraid you’ll be too hard for that to happen; hence, a little encouragement with the switch.” I swallowed, and I mean hard. That thin little piece of rattan could do a number on a rhinoceros.

“See what I mean,” she said, looking down at my swollen member. “You’re erect!”

“But, I could…” I started to say jackoff, but she wasn’t having any.

“Bend over the table my little man,” she said. “Grab the edges and hold on tight.”

I did what she said and gritted my teeth so as to minimize the pain. It wouldn’t, of course, minimize anything, but the psychological benefit was undeniable.

The first swat was stunning. It drove the air from my lungs like a punch from a heavyweight boxer. Three stripes later my buns were on fire; I was choking and coughing on my own spit. The fifth one was actually cruel: I almost fainted; but it was the last one. I was crying; I couldn’t help it.

“Straighten up, Charlie. And turn around. She was in the process of moving a chair for her to sit on while she put the cage on me. I found myself standing not more than twelve inches from her. She slipped the small silvery tube over my cock and then attached that to two rings, also silver, with which she encircled my balls. A small padlock conjoined the assembly completing my sexual imprisonment. I was frightened. She tugged on the tube and drew a cry of pain from me. There would be no getting out of my cage without the key.

“Honey?” I said.

“You’ll be let out on occasion. I don’t want you to go crazy either. But, I will be the one dictating the when,” she said. “Does it feel okay? I don’t want you to actually be hurting from it. It’s supposed to be fairly comfortable, at least that’s what the advertisement said.”

“It’s okay, I guess. But, honey, I’m scared. I’ve never been denied like this. I just don’t know if I can make it for any length of time,” I said. She smiled.

“Exactly. I need you to be actually desperate on nights when I have a visitor. Okay?” she said.

It was a week later when Daryl reappeared. I hadn’t seen him in a while. It was actually a good thing for me. He was one bull that didn’t oppress me. I hoped he’d be staying awhile. It’d be a major improvement on the losers Megan and I had been dealing with for the past while.

We visited and talked about nothing and everything. It was nice.

“So, I hear she locked you up,” he said. We were on the patio. Megan had gone back inside to get some iced tea for us.

“Yes. It’s supposed to keep me ready for her, sessions,” I said. “She said it was actually your idea.”

“Hmm, yes, among other things. A cuckold has to be ready for anything; I mean in terms of the way he might be treated by this or that bull. Megan told me you actually got into it with one of them, some big guy?” said Daryl.

“Yes. It was not good. He just went way too far deriding me, so I had to do something,” I said. “Like I say, me going at him like I did was not good; I mean really not good! Now, she makes sure I can’t argue too much with them, the bulls.” He nodded his complete understanding.

“Here she comes,” I said.

“You boys good?” she said, setting the tray of teas down on the umbrella covered table.

“Yes, more or less getting reacquainted,” said Daryl.

“True,” I said.

We gabbed for some little time; then, I had to beg off. “You guys visit for a while. I have to get some yard work done,” I said. “Life isn’t just sex only.” The two of them laughed, and I headed off.

I did the front yard first; it’s always the easiest. When I did finally get to the backyard they’d gone inside. I knew it wasn’t for sex, or I would have been invited. I smiled; well, the guy was as close to a good friend that the two of us had among those who knew our propensities.

I was pulling weeds outside of the kitchen window, and I heard them talking.

“So how are you two getting along then, really,” said Daryl. I could actually hear her sigh.

“Okay,” she said. But, there was no enthusiasm in her statement.

“Really? I hear a but in there someplace,” he said.

“Yes, well, I got what I paid for. He’s a wimp right enough. I mean a total big assed, down and dirty, you better believe it candyass,” she said. “But, he’s virtually worthless in bed. And, really there isn’t even any ‘virtually’ in the mix either if it comes to that. He’s not even trainable; I’ve tried. I mean I do have my bulls; but it would be nice if I could get it on with my husband once in a great while and not come away feeling cheated. After the last experience we had with a bull, kind of a bad one: the way he kept downing Charlie; I had to send the guy on his way, and let Charlie have me as kind of a sop for putting up with the asshole as long as he did. I even faked a semi-orgasm for him; you know, to make him feel a little less down.”

“Well, if you feel that way, why do you stay with him? I mean there’s the standard of living and everything he brings to the table; but, is that enough for you to stay with him?” said Daryl. There was that sigh again.

“Yes, I guess so. He’s all right when it comes to most things, but apart from his serious lack of bedroom skills; he’s boring. Jesus is my husband boring. I mean he’s a college professor and everything, but you’d think he’d care about something other than that stuff he’s always plying his students with.”

“Boy oh boy do I hear a disaster coming if you feel this strongly now,” said Daryl.

I was sick. I had to get out of there. This wasn’t a scene we were playing; this was how she really felt about me, about us. She didn’t know it yet, but we were already done, she and I.

I snuck into the house and upstairs. I was able to pack enough stuff to carry me for a while. I’d have her served as soon as I could. I wasn’t one for hanging on to that which was already gone. I’d miss her on some level but my love for her was dead.

I was almost out the door when she caught me. “Charlie?” she said. She eye’d me suspiciously. Daryl was still in the kitchen doing something; I could hear him.

“I won’t be boring you anymore, Megan. I’ll put everything in motion. Goodbye,” I turned to go, but she grabbed my arm.

“Oh my god, you heard us talking didn’t you!” she said. I just looked at her without responding. “Jesus, how that must have stung you; I mean what I said.”

“It’s okay. I know I’m not much. We had a run, a fantasy, but I guess like all fantasies, it was never really real,” I said. “I mean when it gets to the point where it’s actually boring; well, it’s time to change up.”

“Charlie, I don’t know what to say. It was never you; it was me. If you’d be willing to stay, well, I’d be willing to try and make it up to you,” she said.

“I’m sure you would, Megan. But, making it up to me isn’t what this is about. What it’s about is your belief that I can never be any good; which of course equates with me not ever being able to make you happy. Megan, I’m not willing to be just another sucker who pays the bills and occasionally gets to have his cock sucked. I really really am not into mercy sex. If I’m as worthless as you say; well, that pretty much says it all.”

“Okay, Charlie. I just hope you and I don’t become enemies over this. I do like you, really,” she said. I snickered.

“Not love? I guess you never did, and, I guess you never could. Kinda puts the boff on this relationship, doesn’t it, I mean any relationship.” I turned and walked out.

I heard Daryl call to her from the kitchen, just as the door closed behind me.



I watched him walk out. I was torn. I really did like the guy and hated to lose him, and no it wasn’t all about his income or social contacts or any of that. It was, well, it was complicated.

I needed a husband who was, well, wimpy. I needed a man who adored me and who understood my needs. I needed a man, yes, who could afford me. And, Charlie fit all those criteria to a T. What I did not need Charlie for was sex. I could have all I wanted from men who knew what they were doing. Charlie, when it came to sex, was like the man, or boy, with two left feet on the dance floor. But, in Charlie’s case it was two left feet and a sprained ankle. He liked the one particular sexual niche, the spankings and the humiliation; I could give him that, and gladly; but, he was all but incapable of reciprocating. He just didn’t have it in him.

What I’d said to Daryl, and it was for his ears only, was true. But, Charlie had heard me. And, now he hated me. Get him back? That would be an almost hopeless task. Still, men were strange creatures. Stranger than we women in spite of all of the mythology to the contrary. There was always the very real hope that after a time crying in his beer and basking in his misery, that he would call or show up on my doorstep hat in hand. If he did, I would be very careful of his feelings and his pride and for a time at least, he would be one pampered sexual animal. Well at any rate, hope springs eternal.


I sat there on the barstool crying in my beer, or so the saying goes. She undoubtedly thought that I would be coming back before my shoes would need polishing. Well, she was going to be majorly disappointed. If I meant so little to her, as apparently was the case, I wasn’t going to stick around just to be used. Stupid I no doubt was, but I sure as hell wasn’t that stupid.

“Last call guy. If you want anything…” said the barkeep.

I looked over toward the cash register where the LCD display showed it to be almost 2:00AM. I was walking so I wasn’t in any danger of getting busted. Well, I hoped that that would be the case.

It’d been a bit over two months since I walked out. I’d gotten no calls from her, not even an email telling me to get lost or hurry up and die or any of it; let alone asking me to come back. So, that settled it as far as I was concerned. It was clear that she really didn’t give a damn whether I lived or died. I’d quite clearly outlived my usefulness. I smirked, only to myself, but it was a meaningful smirk. Mister micro-dick loser, me, was finally getting on with things. I kinda felt good about that, in a loser sort of way.

As I trudged home, I looked up at the sign looming in front of me. The Happy Traveler Motor Lodge. I saw a couple, a man, fiftyish and a young woman, maybe old enough to drink if she had a note from her mother, keying a door to one of the rooms off the courtyard. I almost wished it was me. I damn sure needed a little relief. I hadn’t gone back even to see Marissa: I was afraid I would run into my wife. I figured that she would at the least have gone back there if only to pay the bills since I wasn’t paying them anymore. I was horny as hell.


“I don’t know Daryl. I’m what, lonely. I need the guy around. I, I think that I love him,” she said. “Yuh know, I don’t think I really did at first. But, living with him, realizing how hard he tried to please me, more, realizing how hard he tried to understand me, not an easy deal; well, the guy’s a treasure. I have to get him back if I can.”

“Then go after him. You can get him back. Hell, you can get any man you want to do anything you want him to,” he said.

“Hah! I could only hope to wish that you knew what you were talking about, Daryl,” she said.

“Go see him. He’s still working at the college. He won’t be hard to find. Catch him at lunch or something. You can do it,” he said. She nodded.

“Yes. You’re right. I can do that. I just hope he’ll sit still long enough for me to make my pitch. He was pretty non-communicative when he cut out on me. Frankly, I really thought he’d be back. In my heart of hearts I was sure he was pussywhipped enough to beg me. But clearly, I hurt him bad enough to actually ruin what we had, what I thought we had,” she said.

“Like I said, stop yakking about it, and just go get him,” said Daryl.

“Okay. I will. I’ll try,” I said.

“Good,” said, Daryl.


I was in the instructors’ line waiting to get my coffee and sweet role,” when I saw her, and she did look good; she was talking to professor Macklin, who I knew had been her pre-Calc teacher a couple of semesters back; she’d mentioned him. I wondered if she was putting a move on him, or if she were here for what I was pretty sure was the other possible reason: to see me.

Did I want to talk to her? Of course I did. I needed to talk to her, but I also knew where I really stood with her. As far as she was concerned I was nothing more than a meal ticket.

Coffee and roll secured I headed for the back of the caf hoping not to be seen. But, of course, deep down, I knew that that was a foolish hope. She loomed over my shoulder; I sensed her more than saw her.

“Whaddya want Megan? This is where I work. I really don’t need any of this today,” I said. I was being, for me, surprisingly strong.

“Hi Charlie. I was here to get some stuff from records. And…” she started.

“What are you really here for, Megan?” I said. I knew, and she knew I knew, that there was damn little chance that she was there to get records; and, even if such were true, why would she make a stop in the caf where she knew I’d be grabbing my morning coffee. No, I knew why she was here, and it had nothing to do with records.

“Okay, it’s true, Charlie, I’m here to see you,” she said, wistfully. Well, being right had its upsides, right?

“And why would you want to do that knowing as we do what you think of me,” I said.

“Whew,” she said, tendering me a half smile. “Well that’s the whole shemoyghan, isn’t it” she said. “The answer Charlie is not simple. But, if you can cut me a little slack here, I might be able to sell you on, well, what I think will be a reason for you to come home to me.

“Really? You think that something, anything, you can say will undo what I heard that day?” I said.

“Yes,” she said.

“Hmm, you are definitely a glass half-fuller,” I said.

I was torn. Should I listen to her spiel or get the hell out of dodge. I couldn’t deny the two things that took hold of me right at that moment: one, I was curious; and two, she looked like a million bucks!

“Okay, I’m curious. Lay it on me, but I warn you; yours is very likely the impossible dream,” I said. She nodded and took a seat across from me.

“Charlie, first let me say that I am sorry if I hurt you that day,” she said.

“If you hurt me? Are you serious!” I said, not quite believing my ears.

“Okay, that I hurt you,” she said. “I did tell it like it was, I mean to Daryl. No, that’s not right. I told it like it like I thought it was, at the time.”

“Okay, so far my heart is still in ruins. So?” I said.

“Charlie, you are trainable. I know what I said. But, what I should’ve said was that you, and that’s you not me, were just so busy all of the time that training you was a non-happening. What was true, was that you aren’t much of a bed partner, but again; if I had the time to do it right, I know I could train you,” she said.

“Okay, maybe I could buy that. I am busy all of the time. That’s true. And, I have always been a fast learner. Yeah, I can buy that I am trainable. But…” I said.

“The stuff about you being boring, right?” she said.

“Yes. And, that is something that I do not accept, and will not allow you or anyone else to accuse me of. The things I say, the way I act are those ways that I have long nurtured and prefer to other modalities of behavior. So, yes, you considering me irredeemably boring is a major sticking point for me,” I said.

“Well, and you’re right. It’s just that I’m boring too; I mean to someone like you. Doctor Charles Wilson, you are so far beyond me intellectually that you are hard to understand sometimes. You don’t talk like other people. But, that’s the deal I want to make here. I will do my best to train you in my specialty; and you, well you can maybe train me in the ways that you’re an expert in,” she said. “Whaddya think.”

“I think you have come up with a solution with too many holes to be filled. I am not skilled enough in Psychology to get you to where you wouldn’t think me boring. So, no, Megan. It won’t work,” I said. “Goodbye.” I rose and walked out. She didn’t try to stop me.


I was going to miss her. I’d shut her down pretty hard. Our sex, the games, were somehow lost in the conversations we’d had, both on the day of our breakup and the one I had just walked away from. Megan Wilson was history. I got on with my life.

I was thinking about finding another dungeon-like place like the one I used to frequent, the one where Marissa worked. Just a place to feed my fetish. Yeah, I knew I had one. I couldn’t go back to the old place: too great a chance I’d be running into Megan. I knew if I saw her too often that I would succumb. No, I had to stay away from her at all events.


I was at home nursing a manhattan I’d made for myself. It was almost 10:00PM. I remembered the old commercial, “It’s Miller Time.” Well, I had my own version, “It’s Mellow Time.” Well, I wasn’t much of a beer drinker, too bloating. The doorbell startled me. I went to answer it.

“Daryl! What the fuck!” I said, being uncharacteristically crude. But, in my defense, he had to have been the last person in the entire world that I would have expected to see, especially at ten o’clock at night. But here he indeed was, and smiling like he knew something that I was not privy to.

“Can I come in?” he said. I stared. “Please.” I stood aside indicating that he should come in. Well, I liked the guy.

“Don’t get comfortable,” I said. “I can’t think of any reason why you and I should be talking at all let alone anything of length or importance.

“I understand,” he said. “But actually this, my being here, may be of some interest to you; and I’d add importance as well; but well, you can be the judge of that.” I nodded.

“You need to rethink your relationship with Megan,” he said. “She misses you big time, and before you ask, no, she didn’t send me here, and she doesn’t know anything about me being here.”

“Okay, since you’ve laid out your premise, go ahead extrapolate it,” I said. He laughed.

“What is that classroom-ese you’re talking?” he said.

“What do you want, Daryl? I was in the midst of a very nice kick-back evening until you shattered it with that damn doorbell,” I said.

“To quote the great one: ‘She wants you, she needs you, she loves you’,” he said.

“Really? I mean me? Mister boring, no damn good in bed, pretty much useless in general but good provider: I mean me?”

“Yes you,” he said. “Look, she was feeling down that day and a little, what, frustrated with herself. She really believes, sometimes that what she thinks and wants is always correct. Fact is she’s right maybe half the time. She really didn’t mean a word of it the way it came out, and believe me; she ‘thinks’ she did mean it, and that pseudo truth is killing her. The truth is she doesn’t and didn’t mean it, and she is going nuts trying to put it back together. That day she just let loose a flurry of feeling without using her head; she does that sometimes: well, she is a woman. You gotta come back and hug her and lead her to an understanding that what you two had and have if worth saving. And I’m not talking about the sex stuff; that’s just the icing on the cake. I’m talking about the commitment the two of you have toward each other as people and partners.”

“And, you expect me to believe that this isn’t just another ploy to get me to go back and be the bill payer,” I said.

“Look, Charlie, when you hug her and kiss her; I mean if you go back, don’t you think that a smart guy like you will be able to tell if she’s scamming you? She’s a good actress, I’ll vouch for that, but not that good. There is no way, she’ll be able to fake her feelings, her true feelings, with you paying attention; and you will be,” he said. He had me there.

Katie and I tried to get back to normal after her weekend with Tom, but we weren’t doing very well. Every time we made love together all I could see in my head was her being fucked by him, or worse, her being gangbanged by his poker buddies.

Katie tried to be understanding and supportive. She did everything she could do but I would only last for about 10 seconds before cumming so hard that it hurt. No matter what we did to prolong things, as soon as I thought about her weekend, I’d blow. We didn’t fantasize any more. If Katie had wanted to I would have tried but I think we both knew I’d just cum all over the sheets as soon as she opened her mouth.

She told me she loved me and that it didn’t matter. She asked me what the problem was but I was too ashamed to tell her. After awhile I guess she just thought that it was her and she started to withdraw from me. I tried to reassure her, I held her for hours, stroking her arm and telling her how much I loved her, but as soon as I was inside her I came. Sometimes I came before I was inside.

She asked me if it was about her weekend with Tom, if I’d fallen out of love with her. Her eyes were big and wet looking, she was just on the edge of crying as she asked me. She even started to apologize for being such a whore and asking me if I was going to divorce her, but I stopped her as soon as I could. I assured her that it was the opposite, that I loved what she had done, it was the best weekend of my life too. It was as close as I got to explaining, at least until later. I don’t know if she believed me or not, she just looked at me funny.

The only thing that worked was to eat her until she came first. My prematurity wasn’t such a problem then, as least she’d gotten hers. I even bought her a Sybian. She loved that in a big way. I thought I’d lost her to a machine, she was on it all the time.

I’d come home from work and hear her in the bedroom, even over the noise of the machine and from the front door, ” OHOHOHOHOHOH….NOW….OH GOD….” the machine would be turned down for a minute or two, just a low rumble, and then it would get louder and she’d start again. “OHOHOHOH…” I don’t know if she knew she was making noise. Her pussy was red and swollen all the time, I’d get a hard on just looking at her get out of the shower. It was then that I could see how puffy her pussy was. Her nipples had changed too, I knew that she pulled and twisted them as she rode her machine, I’d seen how hard she did that, and after awhile they became harder and longer, clearly visible through all but the thickest of her bras.

Eventually the novelty of the machine wore off some and she would just use it once every week or two. But she still loved it. I might as well have been on the moon for all cared while she was riding it. After she’d cum on the machine I could slip right into her, her cunt would be gapping and so wet that moisture was running down her thighs. It didn’t matter if I came right away or not, she was already so stimulated from the Sybian that she’d get off with me no matter what.

I knew I had to do something, our sexual relationship needed help and I wanted to see her get fucked again, but I didn’t want to lose her. It wasn’t until I stumbled across a website about the cuckold life style that any real idea formed. I read and reread everything I could find. I looked at all the pictures and I was so hard that I needed to pull my prick out of my pants, but I didn’t touch it. If I was going to propose this to Katie I needed to get used to not cumming, to not even touching myself. It just made me want to do it even more.

I was very interested in cuckolding, but not in feminization. I wasn’t going to get into wearing panties and being fucked in the ass by a dildo. I wasn’t opposed to being humiliated though, in fact being humiliated had been exciting last time.

The first thing I did was to buy a cock cage. I spent a lot of time on research and found what I hoped was just the right one. It was the wire type so that my cock could be touched, in spots, through the wire. It would allow me to expand some, but not get fully hard. My cock is not really small it just needed training I guess. Of course, it could be locked. That was essential. It also came with a leash that clipped on the bottom.

Sexually I had become submissive to Katie I realized. She decided when we would have sex and if I’d eat her or if she’d use her new toy. Fortunately she hadn’t gotten pregnant from her weekend; after all we knew she couldn’t get knocked up by me. Also she kept her pussy completely bare. Rather than shaving she was going in for regular waxing.


I found Katie in the kitchen, flipping through a magazine. “Can I talk to you for a minute?” In spite of our sexual problems we were still best friends and talked all the time. I think my question surprised her, maybe even scared her a little.

She carefully closed the magazine, and looked up at me with very big eyes and a serious expression, “of course honey.”

“Katie, I know that we’ve been having problems in the bedroom, and I know that it’s my fault, I’m ready to tell you the truth.” I began.

“Oh Jimmy, its fine, I’m happy…” but I wouldn’t let her finish.

“No. It’s not, it’s not fine Katie, and I know that you’re not happy. At least you’re not happy with our sex life, but I think I have a solution.” She just looked at me with an ‘oh shit, here it comes’ look on her face.

I put the cock cage on the table between us, along with a bottle of lotion. “Katie,” I began. “I loved being cuckold by you when you were with Tom.” I don’t think she could have been more surprised.

“…cuck….cuckold….?” She stuttered.

“That’s what it’s called honey, when a husband’s wife sleeps with another man then he’s a cuckold. But it’s not a bad thing.” I emphasized because this wasn’t going well yet, but I was sure it would.

“Jimmy, I didn’t mean to cuckold…what do you mean it’s not a bad thing. It sounds pretty bad to me.” She was confused, now was the time for me to move.

“Katie, the reason I’ve been cumming so fast is because every time I remember the sight of you fucking Tom, or think about those guys using you, I get so existed that I can’t control myself. It’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen, it’s my fantasy. I want you to do it again.” I finished the last part fast, she was already starting to talk.

“Do you still love me?”

“I love you more than life itself.” I said, and then continued to tell her how important she was to me, frankly I said every loving and supportive thing that I could think of. I might have recited poetry in there somewhere, I’m not sure. She was smiling when I finished.

“So, you want me to fuck other guys again?” She asked.

“God, yes! Please Katie,” I was actually on my knees as I said this. I put my head in her lap and looked up at her, “I’ll do anything.”

“OK…OK…” she said as she patted my head. “Now sit up and tell me what this thing-a-whatever is.” Of course I sat up like a dog, but she just pointed to my chair, instead I stood up.

“It’s a cock cage,” I began. I dropped my pants and underwear to the floor. “It goes on my cock so I can’t use it.”

“Can’t use it, we can’t fuck?” She was shocked again.

“I can’t fuck,” I said emphasizing the word ‘I.’ “But you can,” this time emphasizing the word ‘you.’

She looked confused for a moment, and then her eyes cleared up. “Oh,” she said.

“In fact you can fuck all you want. I only have a couple of simple requests,” I said.

“OK,” she was playing with the cage now. Turning it in her hands and looking at the lotion with a question in her eye. “What are they?”

“I haven’t got it all figured out but first of all: you’re in charge. You decide who you’re going to fuck and when,” I thought that was an excellent place to start.

“You also decide when I wear the cage and when I don’t, except I’ll need you to take it off me once a day so that I can wash.”

“Sounds reasonable,” she said.

“When I have the cage on you can treat me anyway you like,” I continued. “In fact, I liked it last time when ….well….when you kind of humiliated me. It made me want you and love you even more than I would have thought possible.”

She was looking at me with big eyes again. “You thought I humiliated you? And you liked it?”

“Yes, I loved it. When you called me while some guy was fucking you and I could hear everything that was going on. That was humiliating and I loved it. I knew that you were being….well…’taken care of’ better than I could take care of you,” I said.

She was nodding her head up and down, taking it all in. “I think I understand. Jimmy, I found it exciting too,” she was blushing. “Talking to you, knowing that you knew that some other guy was…inside me. It turned me on even more, so I guess I get it.”

“Next, please don’t fall in love with anyone else,” I was pleading now.

She jumped up from the table and hugged me. “Oh honey, I love you, nothing’s going to change that.”

“As long as you understand that it’s just sex, like your toy,” I said. She blushed a little more at the mention of her toy, probably wondering if the rest of this conversation could wait while she got off on it.

“You also decide if I get to watch or not, or even if you want me in the room. For that matter you get decide where you get fucked,” I just given her complete control of my sex life. As though I had control before.

“Let me show you how it works,” I said. I put some lotion on myself and then put the cage on, first the ring around my balls and then the cage itself. I closed the latch and handed her the brass lock that I had purchased. Katie leaned over and careful threaded the lock through the latch at the top of the cage, and clicked it shut.

“Oh no, do you have a key?” she looked a little worried.

That’s when I slipped the gold chain over her head so that the key rested between her breasts. She held the key up and looked at it, then carefully inspected the chain. The fact that it was gold was points in my favor.

Next I handed her the leash and showed her were it connected to the cage. Again she carefully connected the leash and then gave it a hard pull so that my cage was right in front of her face. She thought that might have been the funniest thing she’d seen or done in years.

“That’s it,” I said. “I’m your cuckold, you’re completely in charge of my next orgasm, if you let me have one.”

“I’m wet,” she said standing up and lowering her jeans and running her finger along her slit. “I’m so fucking horny seeing you like that and there’s nothing you can do?”

“Not a thing. I won’t even watch if you want me to leave,” I replied. My cock was trying to grow, the cage was jumping up and down in front of her.

“How does this make you feel?” she asked looking up at me.

I thought for a moment before I replied. “Happy, submissive,” I think that took her by surprise.

“Submissive?” she asked.

“Yes, you’re completely in charge of my sex life and yours. I feel incredibly excited to find out what happens next and tremendous relief that I belong to you.” I hoped she understood this.

She kissed me. I could feel her bare pussy, at least a little, through the gaps in my cage. “Set up my toy, you’re going to stand in front of me so that I can watch you try to get excited.”

The next half hour was unforgettable. Katie rode the machine long and hard, pulling and twisting her nipples, squeezing her boobs. The whole time my cock was straining inside the cage inches from her face. I was groaning almost as much as she was. She took the entire cage into her month at one point, and I could feel her lips and tongue between the wires. I don’t know how many times she came, but when she was finished she looked at my cock one last time, grabbed my leash and pulled me into the bathroom.

“Clean my cunt,” she said. “While I finish getting ready so we can go out.”

I dropped to my knees and started licking her from the back as she leaned over the sink. Her pussy was incredible, red, swollen, throbbing. She stopped what she was doing only long enough to cum again.


That night I took her out to eat, it was a new experience wearing the cage but I found that it wasn’t uncomfortable and the bathroom stops were fine as long as I sat down.

Well it wasn’t uncomfortable until Katie put her mouth to my ear, poking me with her very visible nipples, and said, “I’m not wearing underwear and I’m not fucking you tonight.”

“Do you see that guy that been stealing little glances at me all night?” She continued. I had noticed him, he’d made me very jealous and very excited.

“Watch this,” she said licking my ear and spreading her legs so that her pussy was on full display for him. I could see him out of the corner of my eye as he did a double take and then stared at my wife’s pussy.

“I know that he’s watching,” she whispered to me. “And I think I might cum again just from letting him look. Tell me that’s humiliating for you,” She started breathing harder and her fingers gripped my arm hard as she came, just from being looked at.

“I love you, and loved what you just did,” I said meaning it. “And I love being your humiliated cuckold.”


It wasn’t until a few weeks later that things really got interesting. Katie was always at her most horny when she was ovulating and had been drinking. I know, you’re probably thinking:”she gets hornier?” Oh yeah.

Jonathan was an employee of the company I work for but he was officed in another city across the country. It was my job to escort Jonathan and make sure that he made it everywhere he was supposed to go since we had been working together on a long distance project for some time. I knew him pretty well and liked him. He was a straight shooter and very dependable. He was also African-American. Physically he is about was tall as I am at 6 feet, but more solid.

Unfortunately his hotel reservations got screwed up and there was some big deal going on in town so the administrative assistant could not find other accommodations for him that weren’t at least two hours of driving away.

I made a quick call to Katie, being a teacher she had the summer off and was lying by the pool, asking if she minded if a brought home a co-worker to use our spare bedroom for a couple of nights. She said that was fine and that she’d make reservations for dinner for the three of us somewhere. That’s the part where I, or actually the company, pays for lodging somebody in our guestroom.

I’ll save you all the back-and-forth about not wanting to put us out because, eventually, Jonathan agreed. When we arrived at the house Katie was out by the pool in your smallest two-piece, bikini-like swimsuit. She looked incredibly hot, her nipples were poking through the thin material of the top and the bottom barely covered her pubic mound.

I introduced Jonathan and Katie’s eyes got wide and she cocked her head to the side and smiled as she shook his hand. Jonathan was almost speechless and that handshake didn’t seem to end. They greeted each other holding hands, and when the handshake ended it was like they were reluctant to part. Katie’s hand just slipped slowly out of Jonathan’s, her fingers caressing him until he was finally out of reach. The whole time they were looking into each other’s eyes and smiling. My cage was jumping in my pants.

Once we were in the bedroom, getting ready, Katie was on me. Standing there asking me questions about Jonathan and insisting that I play with her pussy while I answered. She was dripping wet and then I remembered the drink glass by the pool and the fact that Katie had just started to ovulate.

“He has big hands,” she was almost cumming. “Do you think he has a big cock?” She was humping my hand now.

I knew if she came she’d just get hornier, so I really concentrated on her pussy until she was gasping in my ear.

“Do you think he wants to fuck me?” she gasped. “I’ll bet he does,” pant … pant…pant…”I’ll bet he’s playing with his big cock right now thinking about me,” panting louder, “oh god…I’m going to cummmmmm…..”

She was still flushed when she walked back into the bedroom in her dress sometime later. She’d worn underwear, after all it was a company thing and Katie can be school-teacher proper.

Dinner was something else. We started off with drinks and then had some more drinks and finally had a few more drinks. Jonathan and Katie spent the entire evening talking to each other and every time I looked it appeared as though they were sitting closer together, even though we were at a square table.

Katie had her elbow on the table and her chin resting on her knuckles, leaning into Jonathan, as they talked. At one point he was sitting the same way, like they were on a date, their fingers almost touching. Finally Katie got up to go to the restroom.

Shortly after she left my cell phone rang, the caller I.D. said that Katie was calling me.

“Tell Jonathan you need to take this somewhere quieter and come over by the bathrooms,” she ordered.

Well the restrooms were in a separate alcove out of sight of our table, so I excused myself from Jonathan saying this wouldn’t take long but I was having trouble hearing. He nodded that he understood, no big deal, so I walked toward the restroom area with the phone at my ear.

Once I turned into the alcove Katie was there, grabbing my hand she pushed it up her dress and onto her very wet, very swollen, very dilated, and very bare cunt. “Oh god, Jimmy. I want him sooooo much…I want to fuck him right now….do you think the waiter will mind?” She was holding my hand still while her pussy humped against it.

I thought that question was probably best left unanswered, so I just said, “What happened to your panties?” She pulled my hand out from under her dress and slipped a pair of dripping micropanties into my palm.

“They’re too wet to wear,” she said. “He’s going to fuck me tonight, Jimmy. And you’re going to help or you’re never getting out of that cage.” She looked very stern and very serious. The cage was starting to hurt I was so excited. I could feel the band around my ball tighten as I tried to harden. I loved it.

When we left the restaurant Katie offered to sit on Jonathan’s lap in the front seat so that he wouldn’t ‘be lonely in the backseat by himself.’ At first Jonathan was courteous, if not of Katie then of me. Katie was facing the door, so I couldn’t really see much. I could hear her whispering in his ear, but not the words. It looked like his hand was on her leg, but I couldn’t see well enough to be sure.

The next time I looked Katie was kissing him, quickly at first and then for a longer time. I heard her gasp and stole a quick glance to see that his hand might have been under her dress, her head was back so I could see that her eyes were closed and her mouth was open.

When we got to the house Katie quickly reassembled herself and more or less staggered inside with us following. She offered to make us drinks but I said I’d do it. I lingered in the kitchen and family room getting ice and mixing everything together, I wanted to give them time. When I returned they were sitting on the couch kissing and caressing each other. Katie had her legs over Jonathan’s lap and her hands on each side of his face as they kissed. Jonathan was using one hand to caress Katie’s bare leg under her dress which the other hand was holding the side of her breast.

I deposited their drinks on the table in front of them and sat down before they noticed me. Not that Katie seemed to care, but Jonathan looked a little embarrassed. Katie just continued kissing his face and neck until she finally gave a big sigh and looked over at me. Resting her head on Jonathan’s chest she gave me a heartbreaking smile of happiness. Her white hands stood out in stark relief against the black skin of Jonathan’s face, and Jonathan is very black. Wesley Snipes black.

After sipping from our drinks for a few minutes as Katie alternated between kissing Jonathan anywhere she could reach and resting her head on his chest, she announced that she was going to bed. She didn’t even try to keep her legs together as she swung off of Jonathan’s lap and I could clearly see the shining wetness of her pussy. She gave Jonathan a long hug, slowly rubbing herself against the large bulge in his pants.

Once Katie left the room I turned to Jonathan and said, “Katie and I have an ‘understanding.’”

Jonathan looked at me with in confusion and asked the obvious questions, “an understanding?”

“Yes,” I answered. “She can do what she wants with whomever she wants and if I’m lucky she might let me watch.”

“And you’re OK with that?” Jonathan was taken a little back by this.

“Best thing to ever happen to me,” I said. “She’ll probably come to your room later for some innocent reason. To see if you need anything, or if you have enough towels, but really it will be because she wants to sleep with you.” Jonathan was watching me intently.

“All I ask is that you don’t hurt her feelings,” I continued. “If you don’t want her or you’re in a committed relationship, turn her down gently. Otherwise, have fun.” Just talking about this, offering my wife to another man, was making my balls ache. From what I’d seen I thought the possibility of him turning Katie away was remote, but I wanted to give him an out if he needed it.

“Ahh…ok man. You wouldn’t shoot a brother would you?” he asked in half-jest. I handed him Katie’s sodden panties, it was a replay of what I had done with Tom. It had worked then and it worked now. Jonathan ran them through his fingers feeling the wetness before looking up at me.

I just smiled at him. “You’re safe with me, but Katie may use her body to kill you.” He thought I was kidding. He learned.

Jonathan headed off to the guestroom and I went to the master bedroom. The doors to the two rooms were close but they were out of sight of each other.


Katie was waiting for me in our room; wrapping her body around me she said, “I love you and I’m so damn horny. Oh Jimmy, if he doesn’t fuck me I’m going to ride the Sybian all night and keep both of you awake with my howling. Do you know what he did in the car?” She stared at me as she asked the last question.

“He played with my pussy on the ride home, he was fucking me with two fingers and rubbing my clit at the same time, I could feel his cock under my ass. It’s huge! If you’d have taken two more minutes to get here I would have had an orgasm.” She looked at me and said, “He might have had one with me.”

“I left a wet spot on the front of his pants,” she continued. “I could see it when we got into the house. That’s one reason I had my legs on his lap, to hide it so he wouldn’t be embarrassed. But mostly I just wanted to feel him against my legs.”

Katie was wearing a white nightgown that I’d never seen before. It was made of some sheer material that hung from her shoulders by straps and continued, more or less, straight down. By more or less I mean that it also hung from her nipples, which were hard points sticking out at a slightly upturned angle. The material clearly showed the swelling of her breasts which looked at least one size larger than normal. The gown stopped at mid-thigh and, just to be sure, I pulled up the hem to see that she wasn’t wearing anything else.

“What to do I do now?” she asked.

“Go to his room and ask him if he’s comfortable and needs anything from you. That simple,” I answered. With a smile she turned off the light in the bedroom and was out the door, leaving it open.

The feeling of uncertainty combined with intense jealousy was almost overwhelming. I found myself breathing rapidly as sweat formed on my forehead. I wanted to stop her; I wanted to watch him fuck my wife senseless. Although it was more likely that he would end up senseless. It was the smile she gave me that clinched it. She had smiled uncertainly, as though to ask, ‘are you sure? Once I’m in his room it will be too late, I’ll never be the same again and never fully yours again either.’

Had I not been caged I would have climaxed at that moment. I had never been that close to an orgasm before without being erect. I knew that it would have been the strongest one I had ever had. The feelings of excitement and dread ran from my thighs to my chest. My muscles were knotted and my heart raced in my chest. I sat on the bed trying to catch my breath, as fast as I was panting I couldn’t get enough oxygen. I was frantically kneading my cage through my pants wanting release yet happy in the frustration that I felt. I was a mess.

I heard her knock on the guestroom door and open it. When she stepped inside she asked Jonathan if he was comfortable or if he needed anything from her. I heard him say, “Oh I thought you might be the escort I ordered for tonight.”

“I am,” said Katie. “I’m your entertainment for the evening. Wow, is that big cock for me?” Whatever else might have been said was lost in the sound of bodies colliding and very loud kissing. The next words I heard were from Katie. “I want to suck your cock, Jonathan. I’ve never seen one so big before, and it’s not even hard!”

A moment later I heard Katie again, “oh yes… yes….oh Jonathan….” The wet sound of her lips, “you taste so good I wish I could get more of you into my mouth.”

“Play with my balls, Katie. Yes like that. Oh I like it when you suck them. You’re kind of a slut aren’t you Katie dear?”

Katie answered in a shy voice, “I’m your slut tonight.” I know that Katie loves dirty talk when she’s really turned on. “I’ll even be your whore if you want me to.” This was the start of long night for Jonathan. When Katie starts talking like that it means that she’s totally forgotten about me or anything else. She’s only thinking about her own needs and pleasure. It was her way of signaling that the limits were off, anything would go.

My heart broke in my chest and my cock almost tore my cage apart as it tried to break through the wires. It had been a long time, since before her lost weekend that Katie had talked that way to me. In one way I really had lost her, but in another way we were closer than ever. We were each giving the other what they wanted. It was an intimate sharing that was even closer, in its own way, than sex with each other.

“Ohhhhhh….ahhhhh…..yessss….” the sound of Katie’s moans brought me back to reality.

“You like having me eat your slut pussy, don’t you,” Jonathan asked.

“Oh yes, oh please don’t stop,” Katie replied.

“Don’t stop what?” Jonathan teased.

“Eating my cunt, please eat your slut’s cunt!!!”

Here it seems like everything is happening very fast but in reality 30 or 40 minutes of kissing and, I assume touching, and generally making out again had gone by. Except for the wet sound of Jonathan’s mouth on Katie’s pussy, everything was quiet as I snuck down the short hall so that I could peek into the guestroom.

I knew that the hall floor wouldn’t squeak and that I would be able to see a side view of the bed from the reflection in the mirror over the dressing table. Who the hell has a dressing table in a guestroom? We do, and a well positioned one at that because neither of them was likely to be looking at the mirror and able to see me peeking in from the dark hall.

I was shocked by what I saw. Not the sight of Katie lying on her back on the bed with her legs pulled back to her chest exposing and spreading her pussy, I expected that. Not even the sight of Jonathan kneeling on the floor next to the bed so that he could eat her. It was the sight of his cock bobbing as he worked on her. It was huge. Uncircumcised, about as long as Katie’s forearm, and thick, much too thick to fit into Katie’s little pussy, I thought.

I stayed just long enough to watch Jonathan get to his feet, line up his cock with her opening, and start to slowly ease it inside of her. Pulling out and pushing slowly back in so that his cock would be wet with her juices and her cunt would gap wider with each stroke.

Katie starting howling with the first contact, “oh god…..Jonathan….you’re so big….go slow….oh yes….more…more….ohhhhhhhh fuuuuuck meeee…..” with that he pushed about half way in. Katie was throwing her head from side to side, her mouth wide open in a silent scream as her hips pushed upward trying to get even more of that massive prick inside of her.

I crept back to our room, Katie hadn’t given me permission to watch, as I heard her screaming, “FUUUUUUCCKKK MEEE JONATHAN…..HARD…..HARDER…FAST….OH FUCK ME FAST….FASTER….ALL THE WAY INSIDE….OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH……..MAKE ME YOUR WHORE……”

I listened to them fuck for a long time after that, lying on my bed, until I finally drifted off. I was awakened around 3:00 in the morning by the buzzing of my cell phone, I looked at the caller I.D. and was surprised to see that it was Katie calling me. I didn’t say anything when I answered, which was smart, because it was Katie asking if I wanted to face share.

I tapped yes and the next thing I saw was Katie throwing her leg over Jonathan’s hips in a reverse cowgirl position. She must have propped her phone on the chair in front of the bed so that I could see her. Jonathan, of course, was lying down with his head safely behind Katie so he couldn’t see a thing but her backside.

Katie waved Jonathan’s massive cock at me smiling broadly. His cock extended higher than her belly button and was so thick that she couldn’t close her hand around it. I watched transfixed as she first raised herself and then, after first rubbing his cock over her swollen clit, lowered herself slowly onto this unbelievable pole.


My cage was jumping and pulling at my balls so hard that it hurt. Precum was dripping out of me and I was afraid that I was going to have a full orgasm. I almost did when Jonathan joined the conversation.

“This is my cunt isn’t it Katie?” he said. “Your cunt belongs to me now doesn’t it Katie?”


He raised her slightly and started long-fucking his cock into her from below as Katie’s mouth flew open in a silent scream. She was supporting herself with her hands on his knees but I could see his entire length pulling out and then slamming back into her.

“You’re my black cock slut aren’t you Katie? Tell me, say it” he continued.


Katie’s pussy was stretched beyond what I would have thought possible. If I fucked her now she wouldn’t even feel me, and I wouldn’t feel her. But if she was Jonathan’s slut I was still hers, and I was counting on that and her promise not to fall in love with anybody else.

Jonathan said he was going to cum and Katie immediately responded, “CUM INSIDE ME….SHOOT INSIDE ME….SO FUCKING DEEP…..I WANT TO FEEL YOU CUMMING….”

I looked up again as I heard her scream, both from the phone and from the door, “I’M CUUUUUMMMMING…..OH MY GOD…OH MY GOD….I’VE NEVER CUM LIKE THIS….IT WON’T STOP….OOOHHHHHHHH PLEASE…I CAN FEEL YOU SHOOTING….” I couldn’t tell if she was asking please let me stop cumming or please keep it up.

I watched as Jonathan’s massive balls started to constrict and he shot his cum deep inside my unprotected wife. I could hear both of them moaning as his sperm flooded her. His prick must have reached to her uterus. I don’t know how she got it all in there.

Soon Katie was leaning back, showing me the river of white running out of her pussy, around Jonathan’s cock, and onto the bed. She was smiling, knowing that she was breaking my heart and driving me crazy with my need for her, all at the same time.

“I can’t remember the last time I came while my husband was fucking me,” she said looking straight at me through her phone. “Thank you….thank you….thank you…,” she continued as she turned her head to kiss him. I couldn’t breathe, my heart seemed to stop beating. Katie hasn’t been able to come while we were making love? She’d hurt me, and yet I knew it was true. She needed more than I could give her.

She jumped off him, his big cock flopping against his thigh, and turned the phone off before he saw what she had done, but not before I saw how distended her pussy was. I can’t describe it, she was huge. Her boobs looked swollen too I noticed. Katie doesn’t have small breasts, a little larger than normal maybe, but now they looked even bigger.

I must have fallen asleep again because the alarm went off just as Katie crawled back into bed with me. She was flushed and smiling, something sticky and white on her face and in her hair. She took my hand and put it on her cunt so that I could feel her wetness. She was gapping open and as I touched her she sighed and ran her hands over my cage. I could feel the softness of her fingers through the gaps in the wire as she started to stroke the cage as through it was my cock. It felt wonderful and at the same time it felt frustrating.

Finally she turned away from me and fell asleep. My cock was aching as I got out of bed to get ready for work. My balls felt heavy and I now knew what the term ‘blue balls’ was all about.


During the day Jonathan disappeared into one of the unused offices for a while. I thought he might be taking a nap but apparently he was also making some phone calls. When we arrived back at the house that evening Katie was dressed to go out.

She looked like one of the backup singers in the old Robert Palmer music video “Addicted to Love.” Her dark hair was pulled back into a severe knot at the back of her head, her lips were painted bright red, and she was wearing a slinky black net dress that I’d never seen before. It clung to her body so that I could clearly see her breasts wobbling and her nipples poking through the knit fabric. Her legs were bare and she was wearing very high heeled black shoes, I’d never seen them before either.

She looked amazing, I don’t think I’d ever seen her look so beautiful and so hot. She was stunning and I was knocked back a step or two. I wanted to stand there and admire her at the same time that I wanted to rip her dress off and fuck her silly, even though I knew that wasn’t in the cards. In fact, knowing that fucking her wasn’t in the cards was the thing that made me feel that sweet combination of jealousy and want that I loved and needed. It put me on a sexual high that was incomparable to anything before. I had no doubt that without the cage I would have climax because of my mixed and heightened feelings.

Her time in the sun had given her face a light tan that, along with her flawless skin, made her look perfect. There wasn’t wrinkle or freckle on her face, the skin looked so smooth and soft that I could lose myself just looking at her. Her eyes were big, bright and deep, like they always were, but tonight was special. Tonight it felt like she was looking deep inside of me.

I knew that he belly was flat and that her soft breasts stood out from her chest and begged to be squeezed. There isn’t a straight man alive that could resist them. He hips flared out just the right amount leaving a slight gap between the tops of her thighs through which you could see her labia. Of course, you couldn’t actually see all of this through the knit dress she wore but you could see enough to know that it was there.

Katie watched Jonathan disappear down the hall and into the guestroom. I watched Katie while my heart was aching from wanting her so much. I’d had her all to myself until her ‘awakening’ and now I didn’t have her. I was just a bystander to her sex life. I hated it and I loved it. I hurt from the loss of her and my cock hurt in its cage from what I had gained by sharing her.

“Jonathan and I are going out tonight honey, there’s some dinner in the microwave for you” Katie explained. “You have my permission to peek tonight when we get home,” she giggled as she said the last part. My heart leapt in my chest.

Just then Jonathan came walking into the living room having changed and looking ready to party. “Don’t wait up for us honey. I don’t know when we’ll be home,” Katie said as she kissed me goodbye and they headed out to her SUV. I noticed her giving the keys to Jonathan before they were out the door that connected the kitchen to the garage.

I was completely humiliated. I had just watched my beautiful wife walk out the door, on a date, with a black man. Worse, I knew that he was going to fuck her tonight and that I wasn’t go to. That she would do things for him, say things to him that she’d never do or say for me. The feelings were very intense, more intense than any single sexual experience I’d ever had.

I changed my clothes, ate dinner, watched some TV, walked around the house wondering what they were up to. I kept looking at my phone to see if Katie would call me like she did last night. She did call one time for a few seconds. It looked like she was holding the phone under the table, her legs were spread wide and her pussy was visible. So was the very black hand that was caressing her thigh and pushing her dress up higher. She hung up before I could fully grasp what I was seeing.

Finally I gave up and went to bed keeping the phone next to me in case she called again.

My imagination was running wild so I had a hard time falling asleep but I must have dozed off because I woke with a start when the garage door went up. The hallway was in deep darkness but I had left lights on in the living room. As I listened by the bedroom door I heard several male voices and one distinctive female voice as a group of people walked into the livingroom.

Katie sounded excited, anxious, and a little bit drunk. I could hear them talking but not the words, there was a lot of male laughter. I started to creep down the dark hallway and as I moved the noises started to make more sense.

“Let’s get the dress off this bitch,” said one male voice.

“Want me naked huh?” Katie responded. I could hear the sound of her dress being unzipped.

“That’s all you’ve been wearing all night?” another voice asked. “Hell, if I’d have known that we’d have fucked you in the car.”

“But I want more room than that,” said Katie. “Oh god, I want that cock….”

As I peeked around the corner I could see Katie on her knees in front of a very large black man. His cock, which wasn’t as big as Jonathan’s, was hanging in front of Katie’s face as she licked him from his balls to the head of his prick. There were two other black men as well as Jonathan; all but Jonathan were getting out of their clothing as fast as they could.

Katie was naked except for her shoes, the black dress had been thrown into a corner. Her hair was not as severely knotted as before and her bright red lipstick was smeared. Naked on her knees she was even more beautiful than before she left the house. Her breasts were heaving from excitement as she sucked and licked her nipples hard. She was moaning as she worked. Her tiny hands dwarfed by the large cock she was holding to her mouth.

Soon Katie was surrounded by semi-hard black cocks. The size of their cocks varied quite a bit, one was slightly larger than the one Katie was worshiping, and one guy was average size. Katie went from cock to cock, sucking, licking, and groaning, using her hands to stoke the cocks that she was not sucking on.

I got around to unpacking our stuff the next day. I unpacked Mom’s in her bedroom. I didn’t know quite where she kept all her different clothes, but I thought I’d better try my best, it was all I could do for her, give her a tidy clean home on her return, whenever that was going to be. It would make me feel like a good boy and hopefully keep my mind off worrying about her, which didn’t entirely work.

I did wonder why she had so many rather sexy items of underwear. There were various kinds of things you only see in adult sex shops etc, as well as the more everyday things. Some had been worn on the holiday of course. The erotic clothing was kept in a separate clothes bag in her case. As I put them in the wash, looking at the labels to try and get it right, I noticed one pair were solied more, with what I could have sworn was dried sperm. I dismissed it, telling myself it was probably just some discharge for some reason, or spilled cream from coffee in her hotel room or body lotion or something. There was no way she could have been with anyone, I had been with her all day every day. Except of course at night when we were in separate rooms. I was sure she wouldn’t anyway, she was a respectable woman. Very attractive admittedly. Some might have called her a MILF, but she was very demure in dress and habits normally.

At the very bottom of the case, I found a folder. It contained, surprisingly, essays she’d been writing. I knew she was doing a course under a female psychologist at the hospital she worked at, about human behavior and the history of the country we’d gone to. I remembered meeting the woman a couple of times, she was a tall brown skinned foreigner with long black hair. She had seemed somehow offhand, cold and domineering although she was an attractive woman. Dr. Shangwal was her name, I think she was mixed Asian and Middle Eastern. Mom wasn’t a complete prude despite her nice, sometimes slightly Victorian manners, and I remembered us jokingly calling her Dr Shagwell!

These particular essays were about democracy, human sexuality and the psychology of torture in that country. It seemed mostly professionally presented, dispassionately and objectively describing cases and examples. However, reading on, I discovered descriptions of some of the instruments used in modern times, including a thing called “The Picana.” My heart began to beat harder in my chest as I read that it could resemble a souped up cattle prod, but was modified, designed more for human torture, as it could inflict greater pain than the cattle prod, but with less marks on the body, and so less evidence of maltreatment of prisoners.

I was more disturbed to find a note penned by Dr Shangwal. It said, “The contact in that town is a young man who holds market stalls. You may get some information from him on current goings on by the police there, but I think he may want something in return!” A suggestive smiley accompanied it, of a smiling face and a doodle of an erect penis!

The shattered pieces of this jigsaw were beginning to come together! “Oh, no!” I thought. “MOM! NO, MOM! Surely you didn’t?”

My cock was already hard, throbbing erect in my summer shorts, betraying my own feelings to my logical mind.

The phone rang. I ran downstairs, hoping it was her again, reassuring me everything was all right still. There was a few seconds of silence when I picked it up, then suddenly a brutal whipcrack and “OOOOOOUUUUAAAARGH!” Then a loud buzzing sound, and “HOOOOOOHH, NO!” Then a long drawn out wail. “GGGRRRAAAAAAAH – HUUUUUAAAARRRGH!” A woman gasped and sounded like she was hyperventilating, then the call clicked off.

I fell into the chair, shaking with shock. Surely it was my college friends winding me up, the bastards!? They’d done pretty bad wind ups before, and I’d confided in one of them that morning on the phone that she’d been held back and I was worried about her treatment.

Then again, what if it was her? What the hell were they doing to her? I went back to sorting out her stuff upstairs but my concentration was wrecked. I got my cock out, and pressed her sexy underwear to my face. I found her slippers too. I didn’t know if she ever guessed I used to wank into them. As always, they smelled of her, the sweet sexy scent from her bare feet and the talcum powder she used.

All the things that could be happening to her whirled around in my head. Images floated into my mind of her being whipped, scolded, slapped, electro tortured, shagged, sodomized, led round on a leash. What were they doing to her? MOM! OHHH, MOM!” I thought, as I cum into her undies, bra and slippers, again and again, blushing in my shame and uncontrollable desire to know.

Mom didn’t call again. There were no more strange calls with noises either. However, two days after I found the essays, a letter came. Postmarked from that country, first class international carriage, with the stamp of the regime. Inside was a postcard, with no letter of explanation. Mom’s handwriting was easy to recognise, she wrote that she was all right and again not to worry. She said she wasn’t at the police station now, they’d let her go. She wouldn’t be home yet, there were things and agreements she had to sort out, and they were keeping her under scrutiny until they were satisfied. She said she’d write at least once a week if they’d let her, to let me know she was fine. I took it that the mail being sent in an official envelope like that meant they were taking care of her.

I was glad she was writing as the weeks turned into months. I’d have gone out of my mind without that reassurance, slim as it was. I still worried, naturally. I didn’t see why the cards would always be sent in official envelopes. When I’d come home from college I’d find myself unable to concentrate on T.V. and I’d sit there with my mind turning over the events that holiday. I’d had no idea it was anything more than a normal holiday. We’d been abroad before without any problems.

I sought out a couple of new internet friends from any websites and social networks I could, in the town where we’d gone to stay. I mentioned my Mom was there at the moment. I described her in as much detail as I could. Attractive, cheerful and maybe a touch sweet like many mature western mothers and with a magnetic friendly but quite cultured and respectable way about her. She would show herself to be a good honest soul, helping anyone she could and if they asked about she’d probably be helping people in need and teaching some first aid.

I asked them to do me a favour and try to find anything about where and how she was. They knew nothing much, from what I could understand of their attempts at English anyway, and the translation tools didn’t improve it much. I did get reassurance from one person that she was indeed no longer held at the station. That was an enormous relief. So she was free and just dealing with whatever remained before heading home, as she said on her postcards.

Out of the blue, Dr Shangwal’s secretary called me one day. She said I needed to come in to the hospital to see Dr Shangwal, and as it was confidential it had to be in a private meeting. Puzzled, I went as she said.

“Hello Bob!” The foreign psychologist as I tentatively entered her room. Like a doctor’s surgery, it was quiet, almost stifling in its contrived peace. She began in the way they do when encoraging familiarity. “Can I call you Bob!? I nodded. She went through the usual smalltalk, then breached her subject. As she sat at her desk typing into her computer, she began. “How is your mother, do you know?”

I said I thought she was dealing with some official tangles and was delayed abroad.

“Hmmm.” she said. “As you know, Ann is doing a project for me. This is very important to her, it gains her necessary qualifications, and afterwards I can get her much better jobs. Among the work I’ve set she’s had some amount of choice, but mostly I decide. She’s been there six months now, and I think her project should be complete. I feel it’s time to resolve these diplomatic glitches.” She smiled at me without emotion in her beguiling dark eyes.

Then she went on, “I do several types of work here. One thing I do, is counselling. I work for the government in some capacities. I have done work abroad too, counselling victims of all kinds of stress and ordeals. We are concerned here because you must be very worried about Ann. I have – “

She broke off as the phone rang. An agitated voice babbled on the line, then she quickly got up and excused herself, saying she was sorry to make me wait but there was an urgent matter at the other wing of the hospital. She closed the door and her footsteps hurried down the silent corridor.

I thought hard. Government? Victims? What the hell was going on? I listened for a minute but no sound was heard. Nobody about. I decided to glean anything I could from the doctors’ computer screen.

I went around to the other side of her desk. Dr Shangwal had opened a very official looking site, something of an internal password protected thing, for professionals with access to certain foreign affairs. It was undoubtedly a foreign site, but she had left herself logged in. I couldn’t understand the language and symbolism, but I saw a menu option for the English version. I was risking things by doing this but I had to press the button, as sites usually don’t translate names, and the name heading the page was Ann (Mom’s surname.)

My heart beat faster as it changed to English. Listening intently for anyone approaching the room, I read haphazardly. The first item I saw was titled “ARREST SHEET.” I clicked on it. I heard my own voice gasp.

It was a translated arrest sheet, just like it said – with photos.

The page showed a logo at the top, with the country’s insignia, and “MINISTRY OF JUSTICE.” Another official seal at Mom’s name, and lower was the general Seal of the Regime.

Placed between the name and the description below, were four photographs of a naked woman, blindfolded. She was hancuffed and photographed in different positions. It was undoubtedly my Mom. That same hairstyle and body shape. Except I’d never really seen her unclothed. I took in my Stepmother’s nude handcuffed form. Her breasts, mature and quite firm, with large areolae. Her bare back and peachy bottom were shown in the lower photo, where she was cuffed behind her back.

My hands shook and I felt overcome with fear and shock, but a strange morbid fascination drove me on. Opening other windows, I discovered what had been held from me. It was true, she wasn’t in the police station now. It was far worse than that. She’d been officially charged with several offences and comandeered by higher powers, and transferred to a secure military base!

Now I heard the sound of Dr Shangwal’s heels echoing in the corridor. Damn, I had no time to discover more and get the current news on her. I fumbled but just about closed the extra windows and changed it back to the original language, pretty much how it had looked when she went out. Despair and longing and terror reached unbearable heights in me as I went back to my seat.

I’m a good actor but I couldn’t conceal my hands shaking as I sat there, and I barely heard what she said as she continued. My head swam. She probed me about life with Mom. Had her problems being “caught up in red tape and delayed” caused me much stress? How close were we? and various more invasive questions. I didn’t know why she needed to know those. No wonder she wouldn’t talk over the phone. She touched on my sexual feelings and fantasies. I normally wouldn’t anyone anything like that, doctor or not, but somehow I felt compelled to. Something was odd and overpowering about her.

She concluded “You will be pleased to know I am now in a position to secure your mother’s release and return home.” She eyed me in a way I found uncomfortable when she added, “She will need to sign some papers, for confidentiality and assurances of her not taking action because of what’s happened, and here are yours, sign here please. This is that you undertake to vouch for her and agree to the terms.”

The papers she presented were in a foreign language. I signed anyway, all I wanted was her return. I had no idea what the documents actually said.

I couldn’t wait any longer, I blurted out, “Has she been tortured?”

She smiled at me, a cold smile with serious eyes. “We’ll have her home soon.”

As she ushered me out she laughed as if my question was a joke. Shangwal was a patronising bitch but I saw no point in pressing her to open up on anything.

Three days later I finally picked up Mom at the airport and drove her home. I was an emotional reunion, and we both got slightly tearful. To hug her again, smell her perfume, hear her loving voice was wonderful. She seemed all right. We cooked dinner together and I asked no strange questions.

She asked me for a foot massage that night, something she’d not done before. I blushed as I cradled her sexy feet and ran my fingers over them. She said she was exhausted and her feet were in need of some TLC. As I ran my thumbs up her soles, I noticed she had hard pads of skin at the balls of her feet beneath the toes. I wondered what had caused that, maybe just the rougher life she’d lived while in custody. It somehow turned me on to feel them. I didn’t know how I was going to get around to all the qustions I was burning to ask. It wasn’t the right time, if ever.

I felt a lot better now she was here safe again.

In bed that night in my dark room, I felt safer and less guilty to let my mind run over events and let myself get the horn. My secret shameful feelings came easier to the surface. I went over things again, at least all of what I knew. There was a strange vinegary kinkiness about the whole thing. I wanked like crazy!

Days turned into weeks and months. It all went back to normal.

Spring was in the air and I was off college, with Mom at work one day, when I got a message on my cell phone. A video clip. I froze at its title.


It brought everything back and more, with a stark shatteringly cruel reality! I felt my heart thumping as I ran up to my room and shut the door.

After I composed myself, I played the clip sent to me. It was a compilation of 3 short scenes. It began with the words “SAMPLE. INTERNATIONAL COPYRIGHT. DO NOT REPOST. ” An image of my Mom’s arrest sheet, the same one I’d seen on the private site that Dr Shangwal had accessed, followed. My heart thumped and my feelings of guilt, fear, and shame mixed with building arousal all came back.

The first was Mom in the police station. She was clothed, in the same attire she’d been arrested in, standing handcuffed behind her back before the desk of the presiding officer. He was asking her questions in good but accented English. Two other officers, the ones who arrested us, stood each side of her. The person filming seemed to be female, I heard her voice saying “Answer the questions!” in a strict tone.

Mom was asked why she was taking pictures of the police and their equipment. They had her camera on the desk. Mom answered, “No strange reason, Sir! Just holiday snaps and things for my studies!”

“Really?” He was unconvinced. He nodded to the men flanking her.

“OHH! OOOHHH!” She exclaimed loudly as they took hold of her and tore open her dress. The buttons popped and exposed her lacy bra, which they tore open, leaving her bare breasts on show. They pointed out a few red patches on her skin, then grabbed her boobs, mauling them and rubbing their thumbs over her nipples.

“Love bites on your neck and chest? Seducing our young men folk, you Jezebel?” he snarled.

“No! I have some insect bite hives! I love your country! Everything about it! I want to help!”

“I am sure you do!” he said. “Commit her!”

She was marched out of the room with her boobs exposed.

This must have happened while I was escorted to the hotel to get her things she’d need. It wasn’t hard to guess that.

The second clip was some of the scene I had seen part of from the barred window. I nowadays think of it as the bum swabbing scene! I still even now shudder with horror and disgust yet masochistic arousal to recall it. This clip was of course closer and clearer, to mine and Mom’s eternal shame. She stood there nude, vulnerable among the three officers, as the tallest one’s hands roved over her body, and her hands, now cuffed in front of her, tried to cover her modesty. One shot even zoomed in on her anus twitching as he rubbed it with the cotton swab.

There was more than one reason for zooming in. I realised they had noticed a finger of hers had slipped inside her vulva. It could be seen from her rear. “Oohh! Oohh! Ohh!” She exclaimed in indignant shock as he did the invasive and humiliating thing I had seen a moment of. The officer watching barked at her to keep still. He remarked she had a red mark on her bottom too. They wanted to know if that was a hickey as well.

The third clip revealed to me, on this fateful day, that at least some of my fears were well founded. The scene I’d dreamed about in booze fuelled delirium was not, after all, my imagination. She was stark naked, hung by her wrists and on tiptoes. Again, this was much clearer of course. There was a rack of batons, whips and canes and implements of several kinds. Her interrogator held up a short baton with a metal end. He let it crackle into life near her chest. She shuddered.

“You know what this is, don’t you Ann, my sweet innocent project maker, here to study! What is it?”

“Picana, Sir. It’s… used for human torture.”

“And why is that? Tell me why!”

“It leaves less marks but gives more pain, Sir.”

“Exactly. There will be little evidence to speak of upon you by the time you are sent home. If ever. The sooner you talk and tell us what we want to know, the easier your life will be and you can be released.”

He went on, “Tell me where you think we are going to apply this device on your body.”

She hesitated, and the guard behind her snarled. She jerked in shock as the bullwhip was lashed viciously across her bare pale buttocks with a resounding reptilian hiss and crack.

“OOOOOUUUUAAAAAARRGH!” She screamed out, her mouth open and eyes wide.

“Tell me where you think it’s going to be used on you!”

She replied, and was asked “Where else?” after each part of her.

“Breasts, Sir.”

“Back, Sir.”

“Legs, Sir.”

“Feet, Sir.”

“Bottom, Sir.”

“Vagina, Sir.”

She was right about all of them! Short flashing images followed of her being alternately whipped on her ass or back, and zapped with the device in all of those places. Her passionate screams and pleading echoed around the station.


The clip concluded with the words “Part 2, at the Base, Now also available. See Ann’s torments intensify!”

I sent a text in reply, asking who it was. There was no reply that day.

I don’t know how I kept up the facade when Mom came in, all chirpy and full of jokes about her day. I think I can sometimes run on auto pilot. I had shut down emotionally, I was numb. It was true, certainly what I’d dreamed, and was much worse in harsh clear sharp focus.

She brought up Dr Shangwal as she began preparing the evening meal. I cringed and shivered. It almost broke my pretence.

She said she had some homework again, and she’d better get on with it after dinner. She went to her room early. I went to bed.

Yes I played the clip again, with my headset. Couldn’t stop myself coming now I was alone. I came several times. How could she keep such awful secrets from me? Was she deeper and more complex than I’d ever fully guessed? I fell back exhausted and dozed.

Suddenly something came to my mind. The clip had said “Do not repost.”

Posts were things that happened on the internet. Was this where the clip was from?!

This story is my attempt to create a cuckold story series. I wanted to create a realistic, long-term cuckold situation that accurately captures the best of the lifestyle, while still acknowledging the challenges and risks. This story includes real life situations and experiences. The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

The sun was setting on a warm Friday night when my wife and I pulled up to the curb.

I shut off the engine. “Wow. What a nice place he has here”. I said looking over the grounds and at the house.

The home was set back from the street, but it was clearly large and beautiful. I could see the Spanish style architecture and meticulously manicured grounds. A brick path that was softly lit by small lights, wound around several beautiful oak trees before finally ending at a courtyard gate. A man was waiting at the gate. He smiled and waved at us, obviously preferring to wait at the gate.

My wife smiled and waved back to him. She checked her makeup one last time. “Collin just bought it last week. He said he liked the overall style and floor plan of the home; but it was the large lot and privacy that really sold him on the home. He has a total of 5 acres, although a good portion is actually behind the house”

“Well I am officially impressed”. I muttered under my breath and then offered. “You look amazing honey. Have fun and call me when you need me to pick you up.”

“Thanks babe, I’ll do my best to check in with you this weekend.” She said as she slid out of our convertible and closed the door. “I’m not sure what Collin has planned, but he mentioned we’ll have a full weekend. He also asked me to dress sexy, so I think we’re going out later tonight.” Her eagerness to leave the car and start her weekend with Collin was obvious.

“Well, you definitely look sexy. Damn Sexy. Are you sure you don’t want me to bring you some clothes or anything? You didn’t bring anything with you?” I was secretly hoping I would get to see her this weekend. Even if it was just to drop off some clothes.

“No Baby. Thank you. Collin said he has taken care of everything and he’s taking me shopping tomorrow, so I’ll be fine.

She smiled at me one last time, her eyes bright with excitement and then started up the path way to the house. She was dressed to impress tonight. She wore a lacy top that clung to her breasts and showed her ample cleavage. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so her nipples were clearly visible underneath the thin fabric. Her skirt was tight fitting around the waist, but flared towards the bottom. The skirt ended an inch or two below her ass and showed off her nicely muscled legs. The skirt swayed a little as she moved away from the car walking slowly up the path, deliberately taking her time, towards Collin. Her high heels clicked softly and her short skirt swayed as she moved sensuously along the path. She wanted Collin to have a good long look at the woman who would be spending the weekend with him. Collin’s smile grew larger as he enjoyed the view.

I watched her until she reached the gate and stepped in to Collins arms. They kissed intimately before Collin put his arm around her and steered her through the gate. Taking a deep breath, I started the car and pulled away from the sidewalk.

“Holy shit, what have we started?” I asked myself. “Where will it end?” I didn’t have an answer. I wasn’t sure I wanted the answer….

I need to back up and start at the beginning. My wife and I have been married 16 years and we have a great marriage. We’ve got good jobs and we’re in good shape financially. Our two kids (both girls) are doing very well in school and on track to attend college on scholarships. We fit the typical suburban couple stereotype….almost.

My wife, Nicole is a knockout. She is 36, latin, with light skin, silky brown hair and expressive, captivating brown eyes. She is petite at 5’0 and has the same body she did at age 25. Her chest receives a lot of attention, and it should, because she has natural D cup breasts. She doesn’t think they are her best feature, but most any guy that sees her would disagree. It’s easy to see when she’s aroused, because her small nipples get very hard and are easily seen through her clothes. Nicole has a small waist and flat stomach, courtesy of the local gym, where she works out 4 to 5 days week. Her legs are shapely and well-muscled. Nicole has consistently worked hard to look good and her effort shows.

I’ve always struggled to keep up with Nicole physically. I’m in my early 40′s as well, but have the traditional spare tire and average build. I have blonde hair, that is receding rapidly and green eyes. I’m the typical out of shape, suburban white guy, who stands 5’6″ and is constantly fighting a growing spare tire. I’m not fat or completely out of shape, but I’m not in the same kind of condition as Nicole. She gives me a hard time about my belly sometimes and I know she loves to look at the muscle-heads at her gym. She also enjoys the attention she receives from them, when she works out.

She gets hit on all the time at the gym. One time we went to the gym pretty early in the morning and I went to the locker room to use the restroom. When I came out two black men had joined her at the squat rack. The two guys were clearly athletes, with very muscular bodies and little body fat. One was behind her, holding her hips and she lowered the weights and completed her repetitions. The other was standing just to the side of her, his eyes fixed on her chest. They both had big smiles on their faces and were giving Nicole all kinds of encouragement.

Nicole finished her set and continued to talk to the guys. She was smiling, laughing and clearly enjoying the attention. I started to walk over when Nicole saw me. She smiled, said something quickly to the two guys and walked towards me. They watched her walk away and then looked at me and smiled…not in a nice way. I asked Nicole about it, but she just waived her hand and said they offered to spot her, so she took them up on it. When we left one of the guys made eye contact with her and held his hands up to his ear in the universal “Call Me” sign. Nicole blushed and smiled.

Nicole and I married young and we had kids early in our marriage. Our sex life was completely average, until the kids got older and Nicole had time to work on her body. Today our sex life is very active and it’s Nicole who initiates sex in most cases. She is almost insatiable. While we have sex several times per week, Nicole would prefer more. I try to keep up with her and she always tells me “don’t worry baby, you’re a good lover”, but I can tell she wants more in the sex department. We’ve watched porn movies together and Nicole always mentions the size of the guy’s cocks in the movie, especially the black men. Her preference for interracial porn movies is obvious. It was while we were watching a porn movie that Nicole suggested we try new things to spice up our sex lives.

We decided to visited our local strip clubs and Nicole was even offered a job at one. The manager was insistent that she could make very good money. Nicole was clearly tempted, but declined. We had a great time at the strip clubs, but they got expensive quick and our jobs require that we keep a low profile.

We also discussed swinging and after a lot of back and for we agreed to visit one of our local swingers clubs. As I look back on the night we visited the swinger club, I didn’t realize how big a change it would make in our marriage. Would I do it again? I honestly don’t know. It was fun, but it completely changed our marriage.

Nicole enjoyed the club…a lot. The dress she wore would have stopped traffic in the busiest intersection. It was a tight, shiny black dress that fit her perfectly. Her tits were almost overflowing on top and the bottom of the dress ended at mid-thigh. She wore matching high heels, that she laughingly called “Fuck Me Pumps.” She bought everything specifically for that night. We were both nervous as we arrived at the club. Nicole wore an over-coat over the dress when we walked in from the parking lot. When we entered the club, we were pleasantly surprised at how nice it was inside. I swear the guy behind the counter literally started drooling over Nicole when we walked in the door. He actually came around the counter and helped my wife with her coat. My wife smiled graciously, thanked him and we paid and entered the club.

We walked into the club and looked for an open table. I saw a lot of heads swivel in our direction. As we walked through the club, I felt invisible. People openly checked out Nicole, while simultaneously dismissing me. Men and women both appraised her as she walked through the club. We had just found a small table and sat down, when she was asked to dance by a single guy. This surprised me, because I didn’t realize single guys were allowed in, but he explained that another couple had sponsored his membership to the club. It was also Friday night and this club allowed ‘approved’ single males to entrance on Friday nights.

My wife quickly accepted and they disappeared onto the dance floor. I stayed at the table and started mixing a drink for my wife and myself. The club was a BYOB club, so we had our own liquor. As I nursed my drink, I looked around the club. It was a nice club and there were different sections that included a pool table, a sunken area with couches and chairs that were arranged in a rough circle. There were a few hallways that led to other areas of the club and I guessed that those hallways led to the ‘play areas’ that the guy behind the counter mentioned.

The club played a wide variety of music, but the DJ kept coming back to slow sensual music that allowed couples to really get to know one another. I mean, reeeaaallly get to know each other. It was early, but there was still a lot of tits and ass on display, especially on the dance floor. I couldn’t see Nicole very well, as the guy had led her to the opposite side of the dance floor. I did catch a few glimpses of Nicole dancing very close to the guy and clearly enjoying herself.

Nicole finally came back to our table alone and flushed and breathless. Her nipples were almost poking through her dress. The last few songs had been slow, so she wasn’t breathing heavy because of the dancing. Her eyes were bright and I could tell that she enjoyed dancing and was already having a good time.

“I thought you got lost out there. I was going to send a search party and maybe call 911.” I added sarcastically as she sat down. It was a poor joke and she didn’t smile.

“Well what did you think was going to happen? Besides, you really don’t like to dance and I do.” She sat down and grabber her drink, spilling some on the table. She finished her drink in 2 swallows and thrust her glass at me. I made her another one, not quite as strong as the first. I wanted her relaxed and happy, not drunk and pissed.

“You’re right honey. Please don’t be mad, I’m just a bit nervous. You stayed out there a little longer than I anticipated and I felt a little neglected. I’m sorry.” I handed her the drink and took her hand. “I want us to have fun tonight, so feel free to dance as much as you want.”

She took a sip of her drink, leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. “Are you sure? Because it’s been a while since we went dancing and I don’t want you to be upset if I dance a lot. I really feel like dancing and having some fun tonight. So you’re sure, you’ll be ok if I dance a lot with other men tonight?”

“Absolutely. I put on my most reassuring smile. “Actually, I was kind of turned on by watching you dance with him. You looked hot and he was clearly into you.” She loves compliments and this one worked. It also happened to be true.

She smiled and shrugged her shoulders. “He was nice, but not really my type. He offered to show me around the club, but it’s early and I want to dance. We have plenty of time to check out the club.” She finished her drink and looked up over my shoulder.

I heard a strong, deep baritone voice behind me. “You are absolutely gorgeous and that dress really compliments your figure. May I join you two?”

The voice came around from behind me and I got a chance to see the speaker. I stood up and realized that he still towered over me. I’m 5’6″ and he was at least 6 inches taller and built like an athlete. He was a very well-dressed black man with sharp, expressive eyes. I estimated his age at mid to late 40′s and his eyes were fixed on my wife as he moved towards her. She stood up as he approached, smiled widely and extended her hand.

“Hi. My name is Collin. I noticed you on the dance floor and I had to come over and meet you. You are an amazing dancer.” My wife smiled up at him and made no effort to take her hand back.

“Well thank you Collin. My husband and I don’t get out very often and I really miss dancing”. He finally broke eye contact with my wife and turned to introduce himself to me.

“You must be her lucky husband. It’s nice to meet you as well.” He finally dropped my wife’s hand and shook mine.

“Hi Collin, my name is Nick and yes I’m the lucky husband. Thanks for coming up and introducing yourself.”

I wanted to be gracious and he seemed like a genuinely nice guy. It must take courage to approach a couple in a swingers club and since Nicole was almost devouring him with her eyes, I motioned to the empty chair, next to my wife. “Why don’t you join us?” Collin didn’t need to be asked twice and immediately sat down. We were at a small round table that had 3 chairs, so when Collin sat down, we were able to carry on a conversation pretty easily, despite the music in the club.

Collin looked again at Nicole, who was still smiling at him, and started the conversation off. “Is this your first time at this club?”

“Yes.” Nicole nodded. “Is it that obvious?”

“No.” Collin shook his head and explained. “It’s not obvious at all. In fact, this is my first time as well. The couple that invited me here tonight are VIP members and they mentioned that they hadn’t seen you here before, so I thought it might be your first time.” Collin was good about speaking to both of us, even though Nicole received the majority of his attention. Nicole was enjoying the attention Collin was giving her. Collin shared a really funny joke with us and Nicole put her hand on his arm as she laughed and kept it there. The next song was kind of loud, so Nicole leaned towards him so she could hear him speak. Collin noticed and smiled.

“Nicole, would you like to dance?”

“Yes, I would Collin.” Her reply was out of her mouth, almost before Collin stopped speaking.

Collin glanced at me and smiled apologetically. “Do you mind Nick? I know I’m supposed to ask you first.”

I smiled and nodded. “That’s fine, you two kids have fun.” I was surprised at how Nicole had reacted to Collin. She had always said that she didn’t really find black guys attractive, but Collin had clearly changed her mind. I couldn’t take my eyes of off them as Collin led my wife to the center of the dance floor. There were a lot people dancing, but since the dance floor was large, there was plenty of room. Fortunately, I had a really good view of Nicole and Collin the entire time they were on the dance floor.

Their mutual attraction was obvious. The first song was slower song that Nicole really liked and she moved close to Collin as she danced. She danced with her back pressed against his chest and she leaned back into him and moved her hips sensuously. I saw her move her hand over his groin, slowly, up and down and then she looked up at him, surprise showing on her face. Collin smiled and placed his hands around on her stomach and pressed her ass into his groin. It was erotic and they moved as though they were glued to each other. Collin’s hands moved lower and he caressed Nicole’s hips and ass. They danced that way the entire song and towards the end, Nicole moved Collin’s hands over her breasts. Collin took that opportunity to learn that, yes, her breasts were real and they were spectacular!

I was mesmerized as I watched them dance. The contrast of their skin tones was very striking and sexy. It was such a turn on and I was painfully erect. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed watching them together.

The song finally ended and the DJ transitioned to a faster number. Collin and Nicole separated and started really showing off some moves. Let me tell you something, Collin can dance. He kept up with Nicole easily and was showing off some real skill on the floor. I’ve heard that women associate dancing with sex and Nicole was clearly giving Collin very high marks for dancing. Several other couples on the dance floor had stopped and were watching Collin and Nicole. When the song ended, they received a small round of applause. Nicole blushed and Collin smiled and waved.

I got up to use the restroom after their applause-winning performance. Nicole and Collin stayed out on the floor and continued to dance. It was obvious that they both enjoyed dancing and each other’s company.

There was a small line outside the men’s restroom, which was no surprise, because the men’s restroom was little more than a closet. It only had two urinals and one stall, so it filled up quickly.

As I walked back, I saw Collin kissing Nicole at our table. I stopped in mid-stride. Whoa! I felt myself get instantly hard again. It was extremely erotic for some reason, to see my wife kissing another man so passionately.

Collin had his hand on the Nicole’s cheek as he kissed her. It lasted for a while and it was an intimate kiss. As the kiss broke, they were both a bit breathless and Nicole leaned her head on his shoulder and continued to hold his hand. I finally got my feet moving again towards the table and they looked up at me as I approached.

I smiled as I sat down. “Hey, get a room you two!” They smiled at me. Nicole took her head off his shoulder and moved her chair closer to me.

Collin leaned back a bit and took a breath. “Whew. Nick your wife is intoxicating! I hope you don’t mind my kissing her, but I couldn’t help myself.”

My heart was beating in my chest and I took a breath before I responded. “Collin, I’m a bit surprised, but I don’t mind. You two have really connected tonight and I can see that Nicole really likes you. Honestly, it was kind of hot, you two look good together.”

Nicole smiled at me. “He is such a good dancer honey. I had so much fun dancing with him. Collin was also telling me about his recent move to San Antonio.” She was talking quickly and it was obvious Nicole didn’t want to start analyzing the kiss or her attraction to Collin right then.

Collin picked up the conversation easily and continued his explanation. “I moved to San Antonio recently for business and some very close friends invited me out with them tonight. We’re just friends, but we’ve known each other for well over 20 years. We all started out in the military and even though all of us left the military long ago, we still keep in touch. I wouldn’t normally have come to a swingers club, but since I’m new here I thought it might be fun.”

We all started to relax a bit more and I made drinks for everyone. It turns out that Collin and I both like Single Malt Scotch, so I poured each of us a glass. “What business are you in Collin? Do you mind if I ask?”

Collin looked a bit embarrassed at this point and paused. “No, I don’t mind at all Nick.” “I’m sort of a retired, Financial Advisor.”

“Sort of?” I asked confused.

“Well, I used to run my own company. I had a firm that specialized in financial planning for individuals with large incomes. I had a very unique clientele and I was fortunate enough to have done very well for myself. I received a great offer from one of the large brokerage houses to purchase my firm and I jumped at the opportunity.”

I was struck at the humility Collin displayed as he described his success. Collin looked at Nicole and smiled again. “Now I’m back in San Antonio, which is where I grew up, until I joined the military and I’m a bit bored. I no longer have a company to run. I don’t need a job at this point, so I have a lot of time on my hands.” Collin sighed. “I’m way too young to start playing golf all day and while I have hobbies, I miss the challenge of running a business. It may sound strange, but, I really enjoy helping people manage their finances. It’s something I’m good at and I miss it.”

Nicole and I were both impressed. Collin spoke with passion about his work and it was clear that he missed it.

He looked at both of us. “What about you too?” What brings you to a swingers club?”

Nicole answered him and I continued to nurse my glass of Scotch. “We wanted to see what a swingers club was like, even though we’re still not sure about actually “swinging” with other people. I also love to dance and I read the online reviews of this club and it said that had really good music and a large dance floor.” She looked at me and I could tell she wanted me to take over.

I set my glass down. “Nicole’s right, we both wanted to see what a swingers club was like and it’s pretty cool. She’s also right that I will dance with her, but I’m not very good.” I smiled at Collin. “So I shuffle my feet and try not to embarrass myself.”

Collin smiled at me and nodded. “Cool. So what do you guys do for a living?”

“Insurance.” I replied. “Nicole and I both work for the same insurance company. We’ve worked at the same company for a while and they pay really well, especially for San Antonio.” Nicole nodded.

Collin listened politely, but kept stealing glances at Nicole, while I spoke. He looked at his watch and grimaced.

“Nicole, Nick. I need to get going. I know we just met, but I have an early Tee Time tomorrow morning. I’m playing golf with my attorney and I need his help in setting up my new business. Unfortunately, it’s not something I can cancel, otherwise I would. I’m really enjoying myself tonight.”

Nicole looked really disappointed, but tried to hide it. “I’m having fun too Collin. Are you sure you can’t stay a little longer?” She leaned towards Collin, exposing almost all of her breasts.

Collin clearly enjoyed the view and he leaned forward and kissed Nicole again. It was a soft, lingering kiss. Both of them wanted more, but Collin broke the kiss and leaned back.

He sighed. “I’m sure Nicole. I do need to meet with my attorney and it’s hard to get Tee Times at this course, although I’d love to meet with you two again.” He looked at both of us. “Why don’t we have dinner next week?

He reached into his wallet, took out a card and scratched something on the back. He smiled at Nicole and handed me his card. “Here’s one of my old cards and my personal email and cell number are on the back. I’d really like to meet with you again and get to know each other better.”

One look at Nicole and I knew we’d be seeing Collin next week.

“Sure thing Collin.” I said. “We’ll check our schedules and email you a good day and time to meet. We’ll suggest some restaurants as well.”

We all stood and Collin hugged Nicole. As they drew back, Nicole put her arms around Collins neck and kissed him again. “Hmmmm, that was nice.” He murmured after the kiss broke. They separated and Collin reached over and shook my hand.

“Nick, it was nice to meet you. Take care of this beautiful lady.”

“Yes Sir. That’s always my first priority. It was nice to meet you as well, drive home safely Collin.”

We stayed for a little while longer and Nicole danced with a few other guys. The energy that we had felt earlier, seemed to have left with Collin. It seemed pretty clear anyway that she was only half-interested in dancing, now that Collin had left.

On our ride home from the swingers club, I asked her opinion of the club and of swinging overall. Nicole pursed her lips. “I love you and I don’t want to swing with random couples we meet in a club. That just doesn’t interest me”.

“Well what does interest you? You seemed to really like Collin, but he’s a single guy and I thought you were interested in being with another couple.”

She stared out the window for a few minutes before turning to me. “Do you really want to know Nick? Honestly now, do you really want to know, because I love you and don’t want to hurt your feelings.”

“Yes Honey. I love you too and I absolutely want you to be happy sexually. I would very much like to know what interests you and if I can make it happen I will. Please tell me.”

Nicole took a deep breath and dived in. “Ok. I had a discussion with one of the ladies at the gym a while back and it really made me think. They’re about our age and her husband is out of town a lot on business. They’ve worked out an agreement, almost an open marriage, where she has a boyfriend.”

“Wow.” I managed. “How does that work?”

“Well, they love each other and don’t want to divorce, but she needs more sexually than he can provide and she doesn’t want to cheat on him. Her husband also likes the idea of her getting fucked by another guy and it really turns him on. He loves to masturbate when she tells him the details of when and how they fuck.” She smiled at me. “Occasionally, he gets two watch them.”

“How long has she had a boyfriend?”

“She’s had two boyfriends over the last 5 years.” Nicole continued. “It’s not what you think. She doesn’t jump into bed with every guy at the gym. She was with her first boyfriend for 3 years and it ended because he got transferred out of state. She has been seeing her current boyfriend for almost two years and its working great. Her boyfriend is now a part of their family and he frequently stays the night and she will spend the weekend with him sometimes.”

I cocked my head sideways and looked at her out of the corner of my eye. “Are you sure her husband is ok with this arrangement? I mean, come on, what is he getting out of it”.

“Baby, he gets everything out of it.” She insisted and began counting on her fingers.

•First, he gets to keep the wife he loves dearly in his life and their marriage stays intact. That’s important to both of them, because they do truly love one another.

•Second, he gets to ensure his wife is happy and satisfied sexually. He also knows that she’s not out at bars, finding and sleeping with random guys.

•Third, he gets to watch or hear about all of their sexual encounters, so he also gets rewarded sexually as well. Plus he still gets to have sex with his wife.

•Finally, he has a close friendship with his wife’s lover. They do all the guy stuff together and it works great.”

“There is no cheating because they discuss everything as a trio, no risk of diseases and all of them can maintain their privacy. That’s difficult to do when you go to a swingers club, that’s open to the general public. So you see their arrangement works great for everyone involved.”

We rode in silence for a while, both of us staring out the windshield, lost in our own thoughts. I wasn’t sure what to say or how to react. I could tell my wife was serious and it was brave of her to even have this conversation. I certainly didn’t want to upset her or hurt her feelings. Tread carefully Nick, I thought to myself.

I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. “Ok. So it sounds like you’re interested in pursuing this type of arrangement or lifestyle. I’m going to assume that you’re talking specifically about having a boyfriend for you, rather than a girlfriend for me. Correct?”

Nicole reached over and put her hand on my arm. “I’m honestly not sure. I am interested in having a boyfriend, although if you want to have a girlfriend, I understand. The bottom line for me Nick is that I love you and I don’t want out of our marriage. We both want to spice up our marriage and this might be a good approach.” She squeezed my arm affectionately.

“Nicole, I don’t want a girlfriend. Heck, I’m apparently not satisfying the woman in my life now, why would I want another woman that I wouldn’t satisfy?” I added sarcastically.

“Stop it Nick!” Nicole snapped. “You know that’s not true. You do satisfy me when we have sex…’s just that I would like sex more often.”

“I get it Honey. I’m sorry I was just trying to lighten the mood. Do I have to make a decision right now or can we talk about this some more?”

“Of course we can talk some more.” Nicole said, grinning slyly. “But all this talk of boyfriends and girlfriends has made me horny baby. Watch this.”

Nicole slid her dress over her head and threw it in the back seat. She wasn’t wearing a bra and I could see her nipples were very hard. She cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples.

“God, that feels good. I’ve been so horny all night.” She moved her hands down to her panties and rubbed her pussy softly. Her panties were soaked. “See baby, I’m all wet. I need to take these wet panties off.”

She slid her panties down her legs and tossed them in the back seat with her dress. Completely naked now, my wife continued to rub her tits and pinch her nipples, moaning loudly. Her nipples were very sensitive. She spread her legs and put both of her feet on the dash. I reached over and fingered her pussy and she moaned even louder.

“Mmmm…that feels good baby. Isn’t my pussy wet? Would you like to fuck my pussy tonight?” she gasped. I could tell she was close to an orgasm, as she put her hand over mine and started to push my fingers harder against her clit.

“How about if my boyfriend comes over and fucks me tonight? Would you like that?” She asked? “I’ll bet you’re hard right now, just thinking about it.”

She reached over and grabbed my cock, which was hard as a rock and making a tent out of my slacks. She laughed softly, “ooohh, look who’s turned on? You like the thought of another man fucking me don’t you?” She continued to thrust her fingers in her pussy, really massaging her clit now. I had to move my hand back to the steering wheel, so that we wouldn’t crash, but she didn’t notice.

Nicole’s breathing was very heavy and she was moaning almost consistently now. She was using both hands now to get herself off. One was pinching her nipples, while the other was busy working her clit. She came with a shout and her hips came off the seat. Her orgasm lasted for several seconds and she finally flopped back in the seat, gasping for breath.

Once she caught her breath, she smiled at me. “Wow that was really good. See I told you, you were a good lover.”

I laughed, “Honey, I barely did anything. I tried to help, but I had to keep my hands on the wheel. We passed several cars and a few semi-trucks, so I’m sure they got a little show.”

“Nick, you were so accepting of our conversation that I got very turned on thinking we could discuss it further and it may happen for us. You’ve made me very very happy tonight and I’m going to make you happy now baby!” She smiled and leaned over to unbutton my slacks and lower my zipper.

My wife has always said I’m good sized, but at 5 ½ inches, I’m pretty sure I’m below average. I’ve seen guys in the locker room and I know I’m on the lower end of the size spectrum. Although my wife has never commented that she wants a bigger cock, I can tell sometimes that she wishes I could push farther inside her.

She took my hard cock out and licked the top for several seconds. “Ummm, I like your pre-cum baby, it tastes good.” She continued to lick the head of my cock for a while. I moved my hand from the steering wheel and placed it on the back of her head, pushing gently.

“C’mon baby, stick all in your mouth.” I encouraged her.

She laughed and continued to just lick the top. “Patience baby. I’m going to suck your cock so good, you’ll give me anything I want.” She murmured.

She started to take my whole cock in her mouth. God if felt good. She was able to easily take my entire length and I had never caused her to gag.

It didn’t take long for me to cum and it usually doesn’t. Within 3 minutes of her taking my entire cock, I was cumming in her mouth. She swallowed it easily and leaned up to kiss me on the lips.

“You taste good baby, as always. When we get home, I’ll suck your cock again, or you can fuck me, if you want.” She said as she ran her fingers through my hair. We both knew that wasn’t going to happen. I rarely came more than once and it took several hours for me to recover enough to get hard again.

“Thank you Honey, let’s see how I feel when we get home. You were amazing tonight though and I think you’re beautiful and sexy.” I said sincerely.

We pulled into the driveway of our home without saying anything more. Truthfully both of us were tired and after checking on our girls, we went right to bed. The thought of my wife with another man though, kept me from sleeping peacefully.

I dreamt of my wife getting fucked by another man for the first time.

I woke the next morning with a nice headache, courtesy of the Scotch I drank the night before. I turned over and saw that Nicole was still sleeping and looked absolutely gorgeous. I stared at her for a while and thought about our conversation the night before.

I was seriously conflicted. The idea of my wife being with another man made me jealous, no question about it. I’d be lying though, if I didn’t admit that I was equally turned on by the idea. I wasn’t sure if it was the taboo nature of her being with someone outside our marriage or the vision of her being fucked by another man. These thoughts ran through my head like they were cars on a NASCAR track going around and around.

Finally, I came to the conclusion that seeing Nicole happy and satisfied is more important to me than my jealousy. I would do anything for my wife and as long as we were careful, this could help our marriage. Besides, I would be getting something out of it as well and I was really turned on by the whole idea.

I got up to make coffee and start breakfast. I handle most of the cooking in the family and enjoy it. I decided to make French Toast this morning, because it was Nicole’s favorite, as well as our two girls.

About 30 minutes into making breakfast, I felt two arms around my waist. Nicole nuzzled my neck and kissed my cheek.

“Good Morning honey, thanks for making breakfast. Mmmmmm, French Toast, my favorite.” She smiled at me. “You’re a great husband and father, I love you very much.”

“Awwww. That’s nice to hear honey. I love you too”. Breakfast is almost ready, why don’t you call the girls and we can get started on our Saturday.”

Breakfast went well and the both girls had plans with their friends for most of the day. Being teenage girls, their plans involved shopping, boys, and more shopping. They promised to keep their cell phones with them and stay out of trouble. Our girls have always displayed good judgment. We’ve also been blessed that they also have very good friends, so we’ve not had to worry about a lot of the issues that affect other families. Boys are still a constant worry and our girls get the normal amount of attention, but so far their focus has been on sports and their education. Aside from the normal school dances, we haven’t had to worry about dating or steady boyfriends. Yes, I’m grateful for that and yes I know it won’t last.

The girls left the house in a whirlwind and I started sorting the laundry for the family. As I was sorting the clothes in the laundry room, Nicole came in to help.

“So, do you want to continue our conversation from last night Nick?”

“Hmmm. Which conversation do you mean honey? The one at dinner? Where we discussed refinancing the house? The one at the swingers club where you almost devoured that nice gentleman with your eyes? Or the one in the car on the way home, when you were naked?” I asked, with a smile.

Sarcasm is always on tap at our house, by the way.

I received the normal, “smart ass” look from my wife. “Duh, the one about refinancing the house, because that one turned me on soooo much.”

“Ok Ok. Yes, let’s continue the conversation where you got naked.” I laughed. “I was definitely paying attention during that conversation.” I ducked as she threw some laundry at me. It was her panties from last night.

“Seriously, yes, I think we should discuss this some more.” I acknowledged. “This would be a very big step, because you’re we’re not talking about a one-nighter with a swinger couple. This would be a long-term relationship with a steady guy. We have kids, jobs and a marriage to look after, so we need to tread carefully.”

I stopped sorting laundry and looked at her. We made eye contact, “Honey, I love you and I don’t want to lose you. I need you in my life and I honestly worry that this could be a situation where I would lose you. I don’t know how we get around that, but you should know that’s my primary concern.” I shrugged my shoulders and moved more laundry into piles.

“You’re right.” Nicole agreed and smiled at me. “I know I don’t say that often, but you are definitely right in this case. I think we should come up with some ground rules that help us keep focused on what’s important.”

I nodded emphatically. “Definitely. This has to be a situation where everyone is comfortable or it won’t work. Even if the sex is spectacular, if it’s not working for everyone, it’s not working at all. Agreed?”

Nicole dropped her laundry, stepped over and hugged me. “Yes baby. I definitely agree. Our marriage is the most important thing to me as well.”

I bent down to kiss her. “Ok gorgeous, what’s our next step? How do we go about finding a guy and moving forward? I don’t really want to go to the swingers club again. It was fun, but I’m just not comfortable in that atmosphere.”

Nicole looked at me. “Well, I was sort of thinking about getting in touch with Collin. Is that ok honey? We all seemed to get along last night. He was fun to talk to and a great dancer. He’s very handsome, well-built and successful. He’s not some online weirdo or flake.” She was looking at me intently.

I raised my eyebrows a bit. “Wow. I didn’t think you were attracted to black men. I know it’s not a racial thing, but you’ve always said black men weren’t your preference.” I smiled at her. “Is it the ‘size thing’, because you know that’s just an urban legend.” I assured her.

Nicole laughed. “I know. I know. Honestly, it’s just that most of the black men I’ve met have been so arrogant and aggressive, that it was a turn-off. I know a lot of women really like that ‘arrogant’ type attitude in black men, but I don’t and Collin wasn’t like that at all.”

Nicole cocked her head to the side and continued. “The one thing that really impressed me about Collin is that he was confident, but not arrogant. He’s clearly been very successful, but he’s modest about it. He has every reason to brag, but he doesn’t. When you were in the restroom, we got a chance to talk and he was charming, witty, articulate and funny. He’s unlike any other black man I’ve met, so yes, I’d definitely like to start with Collin.”

She smiled, almost to herself. “Besides, I definitely think Collin fits the ‘myth’ about black men. I got a quick feel of him on the dance floor and I’m pretty certain he’s ummm..well endowed.

I honestly didn’t know what to say. I picked up a sorted pile of laundry and put it in the washer. After adding the detergent and fabric softener, I grabbed a small cup of coffee and returned to help Nicole sort the last of the laundry.

“Honey, I’m not sure what to say about Collin.” Taking a deep breath, I continued. “I really like everything you’ve said and yes, I liked Collin too. He seems like a pretty cool guy and I like that he’s a professional, so we probably have a lot in common. He’s a Scotch drinker, so that’s another thing in his favor.”

Nicole smiled at me. “I know you like your whiskey, honey. So what’s bothering you?”

“Well, honestly he seems like just the kind of guy that would put our marriage at risk.”

Nicole looked at me surprised. “What?”

I put my hands out. “Just hear me out, please? All the reasons you just mentioned are true, but they are also the reasons that I can see you developing serious feelings for him. He’s handsome, wealthy, single, good-looking and fun to be around. Duh…..Call me crazy, but that’s someone who could come between us right?”

I glanced at my gorgeous wife, who was staring at the clothes she had in her hand. This was new territory for both of us and I was glad that she was taking the time to really consider what I’d said. My wife’s pretty awesome.

She picked up more clothes and put them in the washer. She came back and hugged me. “You’re right. This is a tough situation. I want to find someone who I’m attracted to and that means that there is an element of risk to our relationship. I don’t think there is any way to avoid that risk. The bottom line for me though, is that this whole ‘boyfriend’ idea is intended to enhance our relationship, not harm it. I think we should take it slow, talk a lot and trust one another to know when things are getting too far outside our comfort zone.”

She reached up and kissed me. “You do know that I love you right honey?”

I stared down at my gorgeous wife. “Of Course”.

She smiled at me and moved her body against mine and I immediately started to get hard.

“Good. All this talk about boyfriends has made me horny, let’s go do something about that right now. The girls are out of the house for a while, so let’s get naked.”

She laughed as I chased her into the bedroom. Once inside, she pushed me back onto the bed.

“Just watch”. She commanded.

She was wearing one of my work shirts over a white tank top and black skirt. She unbuttoned my work shirt and let it slip from her shoulders. She was braless and her nipples were hard and easily visible through the tank top. She rubbed and massaged her breasts and moved her hands down and under her skirt. She slipped her thong panties down her legs and let them fall on the carpet. She bent over, picked up her panties and tossed them to me.

“Am I wet baby?”

The panties were soaked and smelled delicious. My dick was hard enough to cut diamonds as I watched her slip the tank top over her head. She dropped her tank top on the floor and pinched her nipples. Her breathing was getting really heavy and I knew she was really turned on. So was I. She finally dropped her skirt to the carpet and moved on top of me. Nicole’s pussy was completely bare and it looked amazing. She had it ‘lasered’ smooth, so she didn’t have to shave. Her pussy was bald 24/7 and I loved it.

“mmmm, god I need you.” She moved up and straddled my face. “Lick my pussy baby, I want to feel your tongue on my pussy.”

Her pussy was very wet and tasted amazing. I loved licking her pussy and really made an effort. I thrust my tongue as deep as possible into her pussy and then flicked her clit She started to moan and buck on my face.

OOOHHH…GOD, that feels sooo good, baby..Don’t Stop!..You lick my pussy so good baby!! Mmmmmm…Yes. Don’t stop.”

She leaned back and stroked my cock through my jeans as I continued to lick her pussy. I moved my tongue in and out of pussy, before focusing on the clit. I grabbed her ass and to keep her from moving off my tongue and really focused on her clit.

AAAAAHHHHH..I’m cumming…Yes Yes yes yes yesssssss.”

I could feel her pussy spasm on my face as she came. I was so turned on and with her hands stroking me, I felt myself cum in my pants. I jerked suddenly and I was so embarrassed, but I couldn’t help myself. I felt the warm sticky cum coat my groin and soak my underwear. My wife looked at me and smiled.

“Did you just cum? In your pants?”

“Uhhhh. Yea baby, I did. What can I say, you really turned me on. I’m sorry.” I felt my face grow red and hot.

Nicole smiled mischievously. “You like this idea of me having a boyfriend don’t you baby.”

“Maybe….Ok Yes. It turns me on and seeing how much this idea turns you on, it makes me even more excited, so it builds on itself.” I shrugged my shoulders.

“Good, now go clean up and come back in here, I’m not done with you yet.”

Nicole moved off me and I stepped into the bathroom. I took off my clothes and my sticky underwear and shorts went into the hamper. I toweled myself clean and went back into the bedroom.

Nicole was lying on top of the bed, still naked, and rubbing her clit. Her back was arched and her large tits pointed directly at the ceiling.

“mmmmmmmm…I want you to lick my pussy some more baby, I’m still really turned on.” She motioned for me to get between her legs.

“I love the way you lick my pussy and if I get a boyfriend, I think you’ll be licking my pussy a lot more, won’t you baby?”

I murmured my agreement, as I focused on licking her pussy. I licked her pussy, until she came another 3 times. She loves oral sex and I’ve gotten good at it over the years. Honestly, I’m not boasting, I’m a really good pussy-licker.

The rest of the weekend went quickly, as we went about the normal busy lives of a suburban family. The work week started and my wife let me know that she left a voicemail and email for Collin. She let him know that we had time during the week to meet again and would like to see him for dinner or drinks.

Collin responded quickly with a phone call. My wife and I were sitting on the couch after dinner and our girls were in their room, texting or working on their homework. Nicole saw the caller ID and her face lit up. She leapt up to grab the phone and then rushed back to the couch.

“Hi Collin! Thanks for calling us back.” The excitement in her voice was obvious and I could just barely make out Collin’s voice over the phone.

Nicole laughed at something Collin said. “Absolutely, we do have time this week, just let us know when and where.” She kept smiling into the phone. “Thursday’s good and yes, we know that place. It looks nice, but we’ve never been, so we’d like to check it out with you.”

She laughed again and glanced at me. “Well what do you think is sexy and I’ll see if I have that in my closet.” Her smile grew larger as she listened to Collin. “Yes, I have a little black dress, doesn’t every woman? Mmm..I think I can find some thigh-highs and wear those for you as well.” She started to blush a little. “Anything else?”

I could definitely here Collin’s laugh at that last comment. I was getting hard, so I had to shift my position on the couch. Nicole looked at me, glanced down at my crotch and smiled as she continued to listen to Collin.

“ we’re all set for Wednesday and we’ll see you there. Thanks for calling us back and we’re looking forward to see you again.” Nicole smiled and laughed again.

“Take care Collin. Bye.” Nicole returned the phone and joined me on the couch.

“We’re meeting him on Wednesday at 7pm for a late dinner. He suggested that new steak restaurant we saw the other day, Carne. He’s so easy to talk to and funny. I think we’re going to have a great time, even if this doesn’t work out.”

She sighed and leaned back on the couch. “He wants me to wear a little black dress and thigh-high hose. I have the dress, but I’ll need to pick up some hose at Victoria’s Secret. Is that ok honey?”.

“Sure, get whatever you need honey.” I said and glanced away from the TV at Nicole. A small smile played across her lips as she focused on the television.

I was impressed. Nicole and I had tried to get reservations at this restaurant. I had even spoken to the manager of Carne and asked if they could make an exception and he flatly refused.

“Wow, he has good taste in restaurants. That steakhouse has great reviews and it’s hard to get reservations. I tried a while back and they said they were booked in advance for months. I wonder how he was able to get us reservations.”

Collin must have some influence or something to be able to get us reservations.

The next three days were a blur. Surprisingly, we didn’t talk about our upcoming date much and before I knew it, we were both getting ready. I slipped on some slacks, a nice shirt and a sports jacket. Bingo, I was ready.

Nicole on the other hand, well, she took a bit longer. She had taken a half day off from work and had the full spa treatment. She had her hair done, nails done, facial, the whole works. She looked amazing. Her skin was nicely tanned and she was practically glowing as I watched her get ready. We were in the master bathroom and I was sitting on the bathtub watching her.

Nicole was partially dressed. She had on a pair of lacy black thong underwear, her thigh highs and high heeled shoes. Her thigh-high panty hose rose to just below her ass and they had a lacy top to the. They really looked good on her firm legs.

Her tits were uncovered and looked great, as usual. I loved watching my wife when she was getting ready. I don’t know why, but it’s something I’ve always enjoyed.

“Like what you see honey?” Nicole was looking at me, by way of her reflection in the mirror. She was smiling.

I shook my head and came back out of my daze. “Of course baby. You look truly radiant tonight and I’m damn proud to be your husband.” I said truthfully.

“Do you think Collin will like what he sees?”

“Yes Baby. I think Collin will absolutely start drooling, when he sees you.”

“Good! That’s what I’m going for tonight.” She smiled and finished putting her lipstick on. She always ended with lipstick, so I knew she was about finished.

“Honey, go get my dress from the hangar and bring it in her.” I rushed into the closet and brought back the dress. I held it out to her and she stepped into it. It was one of those dresses that doesn’t go over the head. She zipped up the dress from the side and gave me a slow circle.

“Well, how do I look?” She asked.

I smiled. “For the record, that’s a question you really never have to ask, but I’ll answer anyway. I’m a bit speechless, but let me just say, that you look stunningly beautiful. I love you very much.”

She beamed at me. “Thank you honey. I love you too. Are you ready?”

“Yep, let’s roll.”

We arrived at the restaurant a short time later and used the valet for our car. We walked up to a snooty and bored-looking Maître-d and introduced ourselves.

“Hi, we are meeting a friend of ours tonight for dinner. The reservation should be under the name “Collin.” The Maître-d consulted his list and looked up at us. His manner changed immediately and he became very deferential and polite.

“Of Course sir. Your table is ready. Mr. Collin phoned to say he was running a bit late, but asked that we take care of you. Is there anything I can get for you, before we seat you? Mr. Collin mentioned you like Scotch and we have an excellent selection. Might I recommend our 21 year old Macallan?

I was shocked and Nicole looked at me in surprise. “Umm Yes.” I stammered. “On the rocks if you don’t mind. That would be great.”

The Maître-D bobbed his head. “Yes sir and would the lady like anything?” We serve excellent mixed drinks and we have a large wine cellar. We just received a new shipment of Far Niente Chardonnay that is outstanding.”

Nicole nodded her head. “Yes, I’d like a glass of your chardonnay. Thank you.”

The Maître-D turned his head and nodded to the waiter standing nearby, who disappeared like magic.

“Right this way folks.” The Maître-D waited a heartbeat before leading the way to our table. Nicole and I exchanged a confused glance before we followed him. We went through the restaurant towards the back. We climbed a small flight of stairs and towards a set of heavy curtains. The Maître-D pulled back the curtains, we walked through and stopped. There was a very beautiful view of the Texas hill country.

“Wow.” Nicole and I said at the same time. This was an exclusive restaurant, but we had just reached another level of privacy. There were a few other tables on this floor and some couches and chairs towards one side, near the huge windows. They were all empty. It was quiet and intimate and both of us looked at each other in surprise.

“Mr. Collin asked us to make this entire room available to him for the night. There won’t be any other guests here, so please enjoy yourselves here tonight. Michael is your waiter tonight and he will remain on the other side of the curtains. Simply call his name. Your drinks will be here momentarily, so please relax. Mr. Collin will be here shortly.” At that, the Maître-D left.

I looked at Nicole. “ummmmm Wow.” It was all I could manage.

Nicole looked at me and said. “Yea. Wow. This is a little intimidating.”

“Well, let’s enjoy the view.” I moved towards the couch and chairs, near the window. We had just sat down, when Michael moved through the curtains with our drinks.

He handed us our drinks. “Good Evening folks, if you need anything else, just call my name. When Mr. Collin gets here, I’ll let all of you know more about our menu and specials tonight.”

“Great.” I said as Michael retreated through the curtains.

Nicole and I sat in silence for a while, enjoying the view. I sipped my Scotch and man was it good. A 21 year old bottle of Macallan was out of my normal price range, so it was nice to taste a new Scotch. As good as it was though, I was only having one. I wanted to be clear headed tonight.

Nicole and I sat and chatted about the restaurant and wondered how Collin was able to arrange for us to have this entire room to ourselves. I was impressed and I could tell that Nicole was as well.

Collin arrived about 10 minutes later and despite my better judgment, I had ordered another glass of the 21 year old Macallan. It was awesome and I was halfway finished when Collin entered the room.

He approached us both with a smile. He moved towards Nicole first and gave her a big hug that lasted longer than normal. They finally separated and Nicole moved to Collin’s left side and slid her arm inside of Collin’s, so Collin and I could shake hands.

“I’m sorry I’m late guys. There was a traffic accident on the way here and traffic was being re-routed. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything I could do to get here faster.” He seemed genuinely concerned that we had to wait on him.

“Don’t worry about it Collin.” I assured him. “Nicole and I have been enjoying the view and I’m on my second glass of Scotch. This stuff is amazing.”

Collin smiled. “I’m glad you like it. I’m a fan of it as well, although it is pretty strong, so be careful.” He warned. “It tastes really good, but it sneaks up on you.”

Nicole jumped into the conversation and slid closer to Collin as she spoke. “Ok Collin, enough about whiskey. How did you get reservations at this place and how on earth, did you get them to reserve this room for you?”

Collin laughed. “Nicole, it’s a secret. I can’t divulge that kind of information.”

Nicole looked at him steadily. “You better confess mister or I’ll have to torture the information out of you.”

“Ok, ok, I’ll tell you, although I may want you to torture me later tonight.” He winked at her and continued. “I own this restaurant.” He said simply.

Nicole and I were speechless and we just stared at him.

“I’m sorry.” I managed after 30 seconds. “Did you just say you own this restaurant?”

Collin nodded. “Yes. I met the chef when I lived in New York and he was fantastic. He was working in a very nice restaurant and I found out he was from San Antonio. I was a regular customer at his restaurant and we became friends. When I sold my business, I asked him if he wanted to take a shot at opening a new restaurant in San Antonio. He jumped at the chance and “Ta Da” I’m in the restaurant business.”

Before Nicole or I could respond, the Maître-D entered the room and approached us. “Mr. Collin. The chef has indicated the kitchen is ready to begin dinner service.”

Collin looked at him sharply and then nodded. “Thank you. Let Chef know we’re ready as well.” The Maître-D disappeared quickly.

Collin looked at us and shook his head. “I’m not sure I like the way he handles customers. I’ll speak to the Chef later and we may need to make some changes.” It was clear that Collin had high expectations for his staff and that the Maître-D wasn’t meeting those expectations.

Collin motioned for us to sit down and we took our seats. The appetizers arrived within minutes and dinner got started. Nicole and I have been fortunate enough to dine in most of the nice restaurants in San Antonio, but the level of service at Carne was outstanding. The food was truly excellent as well. I could tell this restaurant was going to be wildly successful.

Collin, Nicole and I spent most of the dinner talking and laughing like old friends. Collin made an effort to keep me involved, but his focus was clearly on Nicole. I was on my third Scotch of the evening and I was feeling really good. Dinner finally ended with a dessert course that Collin and Nicole shared.

I excused myself and went to the restroom. I was feeling the scotch a little bit and wanted to splash some water on my face. When I returned, Collin and Nicole had their heads together and were whispering. They looked at me and Nicole reached over. “Honey, how is the Scotch? Are you doing ok?”.

I looked at her. “I’m good Honey. The Scotch is excellent and I’m really enjoying it. Dinner was excellent as well.” I’m fairly certain I didn’t slur any words when I responded although Nicole looked at me a bit funny and smiled.

“Great. Collin suggested we go to a nightclub nearby. They have a local band and a nice dance floor.” I looked at Collin and his face was neutral. Nicole’s eyes were bright and I could tell that she liked the idea of dancing some more with Collin.

“Let’s go then.” I offered. “I’m even feeling like dancing myself tonight. I’ve decided that I’m going to call in sick tomorrow and take Friday off.”

Nicole squealed and laughed. “Really? Great idea Honey, I’ll do the same. So we can get an early start to the weekend.” She excused herself to use the restroom and check in with her parents who were watching our kids.

Nicole returned shortly and let me know everything was taken care of with the kids. We could stay out and her parents would get the kids to school.

Collin looked at her and smiled. “Let’s go, then.” He rose from the table and moved to Nicole side and held her chair while she rose. Nicole smiled at him and I could tell she really liked his manner and the attention he paid to her. She excused herself and went to the restroom.

Collin called the waiter and let him know we were finished with dinner. It felt so weird not to have to settle the check, but Collin assured me that dinner was on the house. He also looked at me carefully and suggested that he drive to the nightclub. I agreed. I knew I was in no condition to drive.

Nicole joined us again and took Collin’s arm as we moved through the restaurant. I followed both of them, so it appeared that Nicole was with Collin. I was a bit surprised and a little hurt that she took his arm when we were leaving. I felt like a third wheel, even though it was exciting the way she held his arm and leaned into him as they walked. As we exited the restaurant, the Valet had Collin’s Range Rover waiting at the curb. I got in back, while Nicole and Collin took the front seats. We made it to the nightclub in a few minutes and were ushered to a private area.

I looked at Collin. “Did you arrange for us to have a private area too?”. Collin shrugged. “I spoke to the manager earlier today. It’s better than having to search for a table and it gives us more room.” I was once again impressed. Collin was smooth and seemed to think of everything

Marius rest his hand on his wife’s ass as he gazed at his cards. He tickled the base of her tail and she flicked an ear at him impatiently. It wasn’t the best of hands, but, it was his best in awhile. Luck wasn’t with him right now, and he was a bit in the hole already. Marius was far more used to his luck turning around, and this was a surprising turn of events for him. The ship swayed gently as it cut through the water, propelled by a strong wind. The lantern above them was affixed as most things where, given items the impression of stillness despite the motion.

The Mairead Ranger pushed the last of his chips– loaned chips– into the pile, even as Isabella gave him an admonishing glance. Save it for a later round’s ante, she would have said. Across the table, Yorin rolled a chip between his gold and brown fingers. The captain of the ship was a Mairead, the feline race they belonged to as well. He was a large man, and muscular, yet he smelled of cologne and his fur was beautifully groomed. He couldn’t have been more the opposite of the roughly groomed Marius– even his clothing was the opposite of Marius’s, made of fine silks and golden buttons, he was opulent but tastefully so.

They’d gotten passage, illegal passage, on this ship at the last minute, because Marius had screwed up their booking of a boat ride out to the islands. It was his own fault that they were where they were– the Captain was gracious enough to offer a game of poker, and Marius had been foolish enough to accept. Isabella played for awhile, but gave the rest of her chips– a portion of her savings– to him. The woman had figured he’d quit after he’d spent all of his chips. She was wrong on that mark, and getting rather annoyed because of it.

The well groomed Mairead pirate captain, his fur striped in the pattern of a tiger, continued to roll that chip and then pushed in another pile. “Seems you’ve run out of options, friend.”

Marius quirked his lip to the side, then said, “I have, um collateral?”

The others in the room laughed, a trio of Mairead pirates with a mixture of furs. One like a cheetah, lean like Marius and quite tall, named Ezon. Another, sitting in at Isabella’s right, was a white-furred Mairead with huge shoulders. Though he was shorter than Marius, he was much broader, bigger as a person and presence. His name was Irok. The third, named Volus, was the captain’s younger brother, similarly patterned though not nearly as majestic in appearance or personality. Instead he was quieter, but seemed clever, and tended to watch Isabella’s ass as it swayed by on the deck. Certainly, all the crew did, but he, especially. Indeed, a couple of times he even gave her a gentle pat, which Isabella let him get away with, simply because she didn’t want to make a scene.

Unlike the others, though, the Captain did not laugh. Instead he gazed at Marius with a gentle smile, and then looked to Isabella. His eyes roamed over her body as he considered the Mairead’s wife. He could smell her scent, so strong– she’d made the whole ship alive with her sexuality. The scent of her need, her arousal, it was constantly tickling at their senses. His especially, as he’d dined with the couple for the past two nights.

After a moment Yorin said, “I see your collateral right there. She’s quite beautiful, and worth more than the amount I raised you.. But if you wish, I wager her ass for this round.” As Marius blinked and started to speak, the Captain cut him off, while the men laughed a little, “I want her to sit in my lap. That’s all.”

Isabella’s ears quirked outward, and her tail lashed. Indeed, her first reaction was anger. Then the anger redirected itself, and she looked at her husband with one brow arched beneath her blue-black mane. “Well, why not? I’m sure your luck will turn. It always does, doesn’t it?” With a practiced flick of her wrist she squeezed the wineskin so that the stream of rich purple liquid landed deftly in her mouth. At the moment Isabella wasn’t thinking of the Captain, she was simply venting her annoyance with her husband.

In a sarong of teal silk, most of her adornment consisted of silver, sapphire, and lapis chains around her waist, her ankles, wrists, neck, and wound throughout her hair. Tiny bells chimed musically as she swayed or moved, a constant reminder of her presence. They were softer than her dancing bells, much too soft to be heard on a stage. In a quiet room, however, they imbued an unmistakeable enchantment to even the dancer’s smallest motions.

Marius quirked his lip to the other side and pondered the decision. Well, how else would he get the money back? Chance had to be with him, how many good hands could the other man have? He looked up to his wife, then smiled, “I’ve got it handled,” he said, and then said, “It’s a deal. I call.”

It was much to his chagrin when the Captain put down a full house to Marius’s straight. The Mairead’s white ears lowered to his head as he felt defeated, and looked up to his wife. “Um,” Marius faltered, trying to find words. Of course, the bet was already made.

“Indeed.” She gazed at him evenly, feeling slightly vindicated by his crestfallen look. Isabella rose from his lap and approached the Captain, pacing around the table with her tail undulating behind her.

Yorin held out his arm as he welcomed Isabella into his lap, his hand coming to rest on her thigh here he stroked gently. “Why welcome, my beauty,” he smiled gently. “I have seen Sapphires as pure as arctic snow and as large as a wild cat’s heart, and even they would be struck jealous at the sight of your orbs.”

Isabella preened at the flattery, though she seemed only now to be realizing that she was actually going to be getting even with her husband by flirting with another man… openly, aggressively flirting, as a matter of fact. She tossed her head to cover her sudden uncertainty, her mane spilling over the Captain’s shoulder and arm.

Ezon remarked, “I’m struck something at the sight of her orbs.” The men laughed, and Marius’s head lowered slightly, holding onto the end of his tail as one of his ears flicked back. Isabella merely rolled her eyes, one corner of her mouth quirking. She -did- have a nice rack, after all.

“Speaking of,” said the Captain, “There’s a matter of continuing the game. I’ll ante for you, and I’ll take a single wager. Should you win the next round, I’ll give you half of all the winnings on the table. If I should win, then I want *those* orbs to be free for everyone to admire– and all the rest of her beautiful furred body, resting so beautifully in my lap. Do you accept?”

Marius didn’t even think to ask Isabella, and simply charged ahead with the thought of winning back his lover’s money, “I accept!” Isabella’s mouth opened briefly, then she closed it, her eyes a little wide. She hadn’t thought he’d go this far, and her ears took a decidedly aggressive tilt, her tail lashing behind her as she leaned suggestively against the Mairead who held her so nonchalantly.

The hand played out quickly, as there were no rounds of betting. Isabella watched as Marius drew his cars, his attempt at a poker face failing. He took three cards. It was that bad. And when they laid down the hand, the Mairead Ranger stared as he found himself defeated again. The other men in the room cheered, a hissing laugh coming from the Captain’s brother.

Yorin’s hand came around to gently cup one of Isabella’s breasts as he remarked, “Now where is that fold, hrm, hm.”

Isabella reminded him, “It’s in the back, not the front.” But she was trying not to smile, and watching Marius as he gazed at her chest. Or more accurately, at the hand -on- her breast.

“Oh,” said Yorin as he grinned over Isabella’s shoulder at Irok, some private joke exchanged, “my mistake.” With that he helped slip the sarong around her body, the silk sliding over her silver fur inch by inch, revealing that the silvery-gray sheen of her fur gave way to a very pale, shimmering silvery-white around her nipples, and lower between her legs.

Now adorned only by her jewelry, Isabella looked at her audience, then struck a dancer’s pose. It was a proud, triumphant pose, and seductive in that way that only a woman truly confident of her own attractiveness and sexuality can be. She let them admire her a moment, then winked and settled herself back on the strong, wide thigh of the Captain. Her slit was moist, and she again reached for the wine.

“Try this instead,” the Captain offered her a sip of his rum. Isabella sipped, then took a deeper drink of it.

“Its very spiced,” she observed, swirling it, sniffing it delicately. Her nipples brushed the edge of the table as she leaned forward toward the bottle to pour a little more in the chased-pewter cup.

“And I’d love to taste just how spiced you are.” Yorin grinned and ran his hand over Isabella’s back, “Such a beautiful girl. Boys, I’ve had beautiful girls before, haven’t I?” They all nodded, “But none quite this beautiful, huh?” And they all shook their head. He continued, “This guy’s pretty old for you, isn’t he? You’re, what, 19, 20?” Yorin’s hand dipped down lower, a finger pressing into the crack of her ass.

Isabella’s eyes lifted at that, catching Marius’s gaze as he stared with wide eyes. “Ah.” A momentary stammer, unlike the usually polished bard. “Twenty one.” She stayed where she was, her hand on the bottle, leaning a little farther towards her husband. Then she put both hands on the table, as Marius leaned forward, pouring a little rum into the cup he hadn’t used, and gave her a sip of it. “Thank you,” she whispered, as he touched her face, his eyes saying many things he couldn’t give voice to… not here, not now.

The Captain pressed his finger tip into her ass as she continued to lean over, hands pressing on the table, “Such a tight little ass. I guess that comes to the next wager. I’d like to bet your wife’s ass again. This time, if you win, you get all the winnings.” His brother blinked, and even Irok frowned, but then they all smiled when the captain continued, “But if I win.. Isabella becomes the Captain’s girl.”

Marius was still staring in Isabella’s eyes as the captain fingered her ass, her hips jerking just a bit from the sensation. “Its a deal,” Isabella watched Marius, her pussy tingling with arousal, the scent of her juices perfuming the air. “All the winnings,” she said to her lover, pleadingly. “One good hand. You’re due -one- good hand.” He tipped the cup forward again for her to drink out of, then leaned down and kissed her on the lips, tasting the rum and her own delicious raspberry mouth. Isabella wasn’t sure that if he lost, she minded too awfully much… she didn’t want to be the sailors’ girl, but the Captain’s, well… just for a night.

Marius accepted Isabella’s decision, and really, he wasn’t sure he could tell her no at this point if he wanted to. So he helped Isabella drink a bit more of the spiced rum, tilting the glass till the last drop rolled between her lips, and then he sat back into his chair.

Isabella leaned back again, sitting on the Captain’s thigh, but this time with her legs spread on either side of it as she revealed her sex to the room for all to see. The Captain’s hand slipped between her thighs and rubbed at her slickness as she jerked a little and gasped.

The ranger exhaled and slowly dealt the cards. He watched as each one fell– and he was the only one watching, now, all other eyes were on the elegant fingers now delicately stroking the silvery pink of her slit. He was trying not to watch as his wife was violated, but couldn’t help glancing over, and seeing her parted lips, her breasts rising and falling as she breathed a little more quickly than usual.

Irok was standing next to the Captain now, and more importantly, next to Isabella. He cupped one of her tits in her hands and leaned down, to her surprise, pressing a kiss to her lips, his tongue slipping in briefly. She blinked and stared at him as Irok stood again, grinning at her.

Marius coughed and said, “You haven’t won yet!”

It was the Captain who said, “Go on, Irok. We have to finish the game. My dear, won’t you take my cards?”

“I will,” she agreed, and accepted the cards. She closed her legs, crossing her ankles and putting her knees together, and leaned over a little to take another sip of the rum. Isabella felt the Captain’s tail caress hers, winding around it, and felt a tingle deep in her stomach.

As she lifted the cards, Isabella took in a breath, then looked up and smiled at her husband. It was a weak hand she held, two pair, ten high. Marius could win. She’d have teased him, gotten him back, but they’d have their savings, and she wouldn’t have actually let a man other than her husband fuck her.

The captain called, and Marius laid his hand down. A pair, ace high. Yorin grinned, and Isabella’s ears fell, her lips pulling together petulantly as she reluctantly played the hand. She was now the Captain’s girl. She and Marius gazed at each other, both feeling helpless, a little betrayed, and strangely… aroused. The Captain’s hand moved to part her thighs, and she did, willingly, sipping at the Captain’s cup of rum as his hand parted the lips of her slit. She felt him press his finger at the entrance to her hole as he nibbled at her ear, and then the tip probed just inside. Isabella’s scent filled the room, and the other pirates laughed at Marius.

Yorin said to Marius, “Come on over here, boy,” speaking to the Older Mairead with a dark grin over Isabella’s shoulder. Marius hesitated, but then approached, and the Pirate captain said, “Lick her. I want you to prepare her for me– be messy, will you? I like my girls to be wet, so they can fuck my cock as hard as I want them to.”

Her mouth fell open, her eyes widening in alarm for a moment. Then her ears pressed to her head, which lowered a little.

“I’ll do it,” Irok stepped forward immediately.

“No Marius will,” Isabella answered, holding out a hand to her husband, pleadingly.

Marius gazed into Isabella’s eyes as he lowered to the ground between the spread thighs of both his wife and the dominating Captain. He leaned forward and gently flicked his tongue out at Isabella’s clit. He looked up to both faces as he tongued her clit, and watched as Ezon’s spotted hand came to rest on one of Isabella’s tits, squeezing and playing with it. A large white hand reached out to stroke the other tit.

Isabella gazed down at him, feeling helpless. Marius did too, it seemed, and all he could do is lean forward and tongue her, licking her slit with broad lapping strokes of his abrasive tongue. He lifted one hand to part the lips of her slit and lick harder, as she gasped and twisted, the sailors on either side of her pinching and twisting her nipples.

“Now that she’s well prepared,” said Yorin in Isabella’s ear as she writhed on his lap, “I want you to prepare me.” The other pirates laughed a bit and Marius hesitated in his licking of Isabella, leaning back to blink up at her. She could see he was pondering what to do, could he take them all on. But then the Captain said as his hand squeezed one of Isabella’s tits, “If you want my cock, you need to tell your husband to prepare me… And to guide me into you when he’s done a good job sucking my cock. Do it, my dear girl.”

“Marius, we owe him this, in fairness… please just do what he says. And after tonight, we’ll be wiser when we… make wagers.” She leaned down and quickly kissed her husband on the lips, tasting her own juices on his mouth.

When she rose, Marius leaned forward and put his mouth onto the Captain’s cock. Hesitating at first, then lowering his mouth, he sucked inexpertly but as well as he could. Volus knelt behind, pressing his finger at the base of Isabella’s tail, caressing her ass before pressing it in. The Captain fondled Isabella’s slit with maddening aimlessness as Ezon bent to kiss her, and Irok squeezed her tits in his big hands.

As she felt Volus press farther and farther, Isabella snarled, her ears flattening. All motion stopped at the ripping-cloth sound, and then the bardess looked at the Captain. “You said -your- girl,” she specified, “not -everyone’s- girl.” A challenge, a demand, and a plea, all at once. Isabella was not a simple ‘girl’ by any means, and could communicate volumes with her expressions and voice.

There was a brief silence in the room, the wet sucking sound coming to a stop. Isabella glanced down and saw Marius gazing up at her with a cock still in his mouth. He blinked once, and then drew off. “Isabella… He’s won you.”

The woman gazed down at him for a moment, then put her hand on the top of his head, “Finish what you were doing,” she said as she pushed his mouth down onto the captain’s dick. Marius’s eyes remained on Isabella’s as he bobbed again. Isabella’s hands held onto Marius’s head as she brought his head up and down on the dick that stuck up between her legs.

The captain said, “And I’m going to have a lot of fun with you. Tell your Husband to put me in you.”

Isabella didn’t hesitate, “put his cock into me, Marius.” She knew it should be her husband’s cock that she wanted, but right now, she guiltily -desired- the cock of the man whose lap she occupied, whose hands gripped her hips, whose fingers teased at the pucker of her ass. Desired it intensely.

Marius bowed his head briefly, then looked up to Isabella, “I won’t lose you again, Isabella.”

Yorin slipped a finger against Isabella’s clit again as Marius, holding the Captain’s cock with his wedding ring glinting off that hand, gazed into his wife’s eyes. The man said, “I see your husband is rather conflicted, but I have a hunch that you’re not… So I’m going to give you a choice.” said the captain, “Tell him you want to fuck my cock… Or don’t get any cock at all. I’ll give you your own room, but it’ll be over. So which will it be? Cock, or no cock?”

She gave a little whining growl of impatience, tired of the endless foreplay. “I want cock, give it to me, put his cock in me -now- Marius.” Isabella knew she shouldn’t, but knew she -did-, very much, and whether Marius liked it or not, she was in this man’s lap desiring his dick inside her.

Marius gave a nod, and at Isabella’s order, he stroked the captain’s cock one more time and then pressed it up against Isabella’s cunt with his left hand. They both watched as another man’s dick disappeared inside her tight, wet hole, she with a sigh of relief and a lusty look of enjoyment on her face as her cunt stretched to accommodate the thick shaft. “Yesss,” a low purring-growl, she shifted her hips, moving over slightly so that she was directly in front of the Captain.

The Ranger leaned forward and kissed at the union of both cock and cunt, his wife’s hand behind his head. Ezon grinned as he saw a flash of the woman’s wedding ring, and then he moved to her again. The Captain pushed her head forward till her lips slipped over the man’s dick head, reluctant to allow that violation. She let out a little moan of lust, though, as the dick inside her fucked upwards, so very deep. Her hips started to roll and her reluctant mouth became a bit eager. She suckled at the dick invading her upper lips while another stretched her lower ones. Other hands were on her, more respectfully now, fondling her breasts, stroking her fur or her face, pinching her nipples lightly.

Isabella pushed Marius’s head down, so that his mouth enveloped the Captain’s balls, encouraging them to cum inside her as he suckled and licked. She leaned back, the dick slipping out of her mouth with a pop. “Just let me… fuck…” Her mouth opened and formed an O as the dick inside reached places she’d never felt a dick reach before, and her claws dug into Marius’s head. “Oh, oh, -yes-.” She rotated her pelvis, feeling the angle of the shaft inside her change, the head within her stroking new depths.

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