“Do you remember Olivia from the socials?” he asked as he knelt in front of her. “The one with the long black hair.” Julia wasn’t so good about remembering actual names of people. Instead, she remembered them by kink, by fetish, by scenes. She remembered the sounds they made when they were getting hurt or by the costumes that they wore. Every now and again, if one was especially attractive, she would remember what they looked like by description. Sergie waited for her respond but when she didn’t, he let out a soft sigh and glanced up at her. “You said she was so cute you wanted to keep her in a cage under your bed.”

Julia immediately perked up. “Oh, yes. I remember her. What about her?”

“Well, we’ve been talking a bit and we’re both kind of shy and quiet and we both have a lot of the same interests and I was wondering if it would be okay if I asked her out on a date,” he stammered.

She tilted her head to examine the boy that she had at her feet. He was thin and wiry, not unattractive but definitely of a certain “type”. That wasn’t what made her squint at him like he may have lost his mind though; below the waist, around his cock, he wore a solid steel chastity device. The device was locked and there was only one key in the world that would unlock it — the one around her neck. For most, dating was about taking someone out, showing them a good time, and hoping they could get them in bed after. Since that wasn’t going to happen here, she wasn’t entirely certain his angle.

“I know it sounds silly Daddy, but I’ve never really dated before and it’s not that I want to, you know, sleep with her,” he said sheepishly as he looked up at her, cheeks starting to flush. “I just want to ask her out, get dinner, and say we went on a date. You know?”

Julia looked back down at her magazine in her lap, considering his request. “Alright. But you have to buy her some kind of pretty jewelry to give her on your first date.”

“Really?” he sounded surprised. “Okay. Thank you, Daddy!” he said before leaning down to kiss the tops of her feet, one by one.

“Time for bed,” she said as she stood up, beckoning him to follow behind her. Once they were in his room, she tucked him into bed and kissed him on the forehead. “When will you be going on this date?”

“Saturday. I was thinking six o’clock.”

“Sweet dreams, Sergie,” she said as she let herself out of his room and his house.

When Saturday rolled around, Sergie spent the afternoon cleaning up his house. He made sure everything was neat and tidy the way that Julia preferred it. There were certain rules that he had to adhere to and he knew that she would be around the next day to ensure that he had followed all of her instructions. When the doorbell rang an hour early, he was surprised. As he opened the door, he started apologizing for not being ready on account of thinking their date was at six o’clock but was promptly silenced by a more familiar voice.

“Oh, Daddy!” But his excitement died down into fretting. “I didn’t know you wanted to see me today. Do you want me to call Olivia and cancel my date with her?”

“No,” Julia said as she pushed past him into the house. “I just thought that since you were going out, we ought to clean your chastity device.”

“Oh, okay,” he answered, closing the door behind her.

She led him up the stairs to his bedroom and pulled out the chair that they used for when they did this particular ritual. “Strip,” she instructed and he carefully removed all of the nice clothing he’d chosen for his date and laid it out neatly on the bed where it wouldn’t wrinkle. Then, he moved over to sit down in the chair as he knew he was supposed to do. From there, he felt her wrap the leather restraints around his wrists and ankles and felt pressure on his joints as she pulled his arms together to lock them behind his back and ankles to the legs of the chair. Next came the hood. This one was made of just thin spandex — enough that he couldn’t really see much out of it but not thick enough to impair speech or his hearing. Finally, she removed her necklace and unlocked the chastity device from around his cock, being very gentle about opening the cage and sliding the ring from his body. He gave an audible sigh of relief when he felt his body free of the contraption, but the breath was soon caught in his throat when he also felt her hand running along the length of his cock, warming him up, encouraging his erection.

Before he could enjoy it too much, she was gone. Behind him was the bathroom where she washed out the device thoroughly. She returned with a wash cloth and towel. She draped the cloth across the palm of her hand and stroked the length of his cock, cupped his balls in her hand, scrubbed behind them, and tried to get her fingers all the way to his ass, just to watch him squirm. After so many days in chastity, it was easy to understand why such little stimulation caused him to leak at the very tip of his cock, which elicited such a giggle from her that he couldn’t help but smile beneath his spandex hood. Toweling him off came quicker and was not quite as gentle. Then it was the waiting game. They’d spent many afternoons stuck at this phase, waiting for him to stop being excited about having her right in front of him, feeling her hands on his cock. They’d tried many different methods of dealing with it, from having to unlock him to have him do it to spanking his cock whenever it started to show signs of an erection. Today she was just going to let him fight it mentally. After all, she would have a great time explaining to his date that he wasn’t ready because she couldn’t get his cock back in the chastity device.

Eventually he was able to get himself under control and the very second that he did, he felt the steel slide up around his cock again. He felt the cage lock around it. He felt her leaning in to make sure everything was looking the way it should, that the device was securely locked, and that nothing was pinching. Pressing her hands into his thighs, she pushed herself up from her crouched position and began to look around the room.

“Where is the present that you bought for Olivia?”

“On my nightstand. It’s in the pink and green bag. I bought her a necklace.”

“You always do,” she mused as she walked to the night stand and pushed the tissue paper aside to see what kind of necklace he’d chosen. He usually had good taste in jewelry, assuring that he matched styles to individuals and never going for anything too mainstream. “This ought to do,” she said quietly as she picked the bag up. “Oh, would you look at that? Five til.”

Making her way over to him, she patted him on the head and grinned. “I’ll be back in a little while. You stay put.”

He wasn’t sure what to make of what she’d said or the fact that he was still restrained to a chair without any clothes on when his date was supposed to be there in five minutes. Surely she would release him, let him get dressed. He was certain she was just going to embarrass him a little, make him a little late, wait to see what he came up with to tell Olivia. But when he heard her leave his room, go down the stairs, he started to worry. When the doorbell rang and he heard her open that door and two voices carried through the empty halls, he started to get nervous. The only sound that could be worse than that would be two sets of footsteps coming up the stairs. Barring that, the sound of the door closing and not hearing anything. It was the latter that he received. His stomach dropped. The waiting game. This was not a new game for him.

In the still and dark of the bedroom, there was little else for him to do but worry and sleep. He did his fair share of both. Finally, he heard the door. As soon as it opened, he perked up. When it closed and there were no voices, he began to worry. The sound of footsteps hurrying up the stairs reassured him for a moment but he wondered what if it were someone other than Daddy. What would they think? What if it was Olivia? Would she laugh at him? Would he like it if she laughed at him? His cock twitched in the chastity device. Maybe. Maybe just a little bit.

Before he could lose himself in a world of fantasy, the hood was yanked off of his head and he blinked a few times, unused to any kind of light. His Daddy stood before him, looking quite pleased with herself.

“I had a great date, thank you. She really liked the present that I got her, but I don’t think it was pretty enough for her.” Without another word, she went to his closet and dragged out the kennel that they had used from time to time. Then, she reached into her jacket pocket and withdrew a folded piece of paper. From his desk she got tape, and she taped a picture of Olivia at the very end of the kennel, the part that was facing the bed. Going to his chair, she unlocked his arms and made sure he moved them slowly. A long drawn out sigh of relief came from him when the pressure was relieved from his shoulders. Next came his ankles, and he took the liberty of flexing his feet and pressing them against the floor. Before he could get too comfortable though, she escorted him to the kennel and put him inside. A small box containing her leftovers was shoved inside and then she closed the door and locked it. A bottle was hooked to the outside of the cage, the nozzle shoved between the bars so that he could drink at his leisure.

“Daddy, what if I have to pee?” he asked quietly. Sometimes she was sweet and would walk him out so he could. Sometimes though, sometimes she was just mean. The grin on her face gave him the answer he needed and he opened the box of leftovers and buried his face inside. He was starving.

Just in front of the kennel, but out of sight of Sergie because of the picture she’d taped up for him to stare at, she started to undress. “Olivia is just as gorgeous as you thought she was. When she laughs, her tits bounce just a little.” Just a little because she had small breasts, a selling point to Julia. As she talked, she crawled into Sergie’s bed and he heard the tell-tale sign of her rummaging in his nightstand drawer. There was a vibrator she kept in there for when she spent the nights. “Her laugh is so quiet and her smile so bright. It’s a nice contrast to all that long, black hair.” Now he could hear the familiar buzz from the toy that he had bought for her when she declared his cock “unsatisfactory”. “Which is as thick as you’d think it is. I know, because I ran my hand up in there, grabbed a fistful of it, and yanked her head back to give her a kiss. She almost melted into my arms when I did it.” Sergie had no doubt that she did. “In order to prevent her from falling, I had to shove her up against the door. My hand may have accidentally slid up her skirt some when that happened.” Her words weren’t coming out as smoothly as before. Her breathing was a little more labored. The buzzing of the vibrator was as insistent as she was on having an orgasm. “I may have left a mark on her neck,” she said breathlessly. Then, as the words fell away from her and she concentrated only on getting off, she offered one last tidbit: “I can still smell her on my fingers.”

Now would have been a great time to not be in chastity. His cock was pushing against the metal confines of the device. His arms and legs pressed against the metal confines of the kennel. Taking a deep breath, he could smell her in his room. He was hoping she wouldn’t make him wash his sheets in the morning. There was nothing he wanted more than to curl up in bed, his head where he knew she rested, breathing in her scent. “I’m glad you had a good time Daddy,” he said genuinely.

“Me too,” she answered before putting the vibrator back in the drawer. “Now, I want you to look at that picture of Olivia. I snapped it on my phone as she was driving. We were talking about you when she started laughing. I want you to think of something prettier to buy her for your next date with her. What you got her this time wasn’t good enough.”

“Okay Daddy,” he answered, but he doubted she even heard him. Her ability to fall asleep immediately after orgasm was amazing.

As the sun streamed in through the windows, Sergie could only think about one kind of golden stream. He knew that she wouldn’t be pleased if he pissed in the kennel but he wasn’t sure how much longer his bladder was going to allow him to hold it in. Earlier, he’d tried shifting around in his kennel, hoping that he would wake her. She might be upset for a minute but it was likely that she would take him out. When that failed, he started rolling around in the kennel the best that he could. Still nothing. He knew that she was capable of a deep sleep, especially when the sleep was orgasm induced, but surely she had to understand how badly he needed out. Surely he could convey this thought to her telepathically and she would suddenly sit up in bed. No such luck. He started counting. If he counted down from 100, backwards, and made it to zero without waking her, he was just going to have to piss all over the floor of this kennel. He’d just have to stay on all fours in it until she woke up. He’d have to take the pan into the shower with him and clean it up. He’d have to hope none of it would get in the carpet, or he’d have even more to clean. So he started from 100.




By the time that he got to 45, he thought every internal organ in his body was cramping up. Was the liver attached to the bladder at all? He was positive it was cramped. His kidneys were certainly not pleased with him. A spleen or two might even join in on the fight. As he wound down the countdown, the precious few left to speak in his head, he heard her shift in bed. 5! Now he wasn’t even sure he wanted her to wake up. At 5, he could certainly piss faster on his own than it would take for her to get him out of the kennel and take him out. A groan. Four! So close! He was positive that his muscles were starting to relax in anticipation of letting the flow free. Now he was positive she was awake and he knew he should stop but he was so close. Certain even his eyeballs were floating, he refused to open them. Feet hit the floor. Dammit! Two! Shuffling. One! Hands on the door. Oh sweet gods in the heavens, he wanted to just let loose and pee everywhere. The lock came off. He told his body it was a false alarm. It took forever to get everything clamped up, dammed up again. It hurt more to shut it down than anything and he let out a soft whimper.

“Mm,” she muttered as she rubbed her eyes. “Let me get your leash.”

Sweet Jesus in Heaven, he would follow behind her as obedient as any dog known to man. He would stay two steps behind and to the left perfectly, even down the stairs, if she would just let him crawl on all fours behind her without the leash. Where was it? Draped over the chair? Hanging from the closet doors? He couldn’t even remember where it had been put last and she didn’t sound like she was in any hurry to find it.

“How did you sleep?”

There were no words. If he opened his mouth, he was sure urine would shoot out it. Instead he groaned and whimpered and pawed at the floor outside of the kennel where the door hung open. He kicked a foot against the back of the kennel. He made the most pitiful sounds any human dog had ever created.

“Oh good, because you weren’t supposed to sleep at all.”

Eyes closed, head pulled back, he kept his neck presented to her perfectly so that she could clip the leash to his collar immediately. There was some fumbling. He felt like every time she missed the D-ring, she was directly jabbing into his bladder until it was a steady stream of whimpers coming from him. Then came the familiar tug. He exited the kennel and scurried across the floor until he ended up choking himself on the length of the leash.

“Oh, did you need to piss? Real bad? Is that what you’re trying to tell me Lassie?”

He froze. His head lifted and he looked at her with the most pitiful look he could manage and then hurried back behind her, striking a pose of immaculate obedience. Show quality. Head held high. Legs parted enough that anyone could see his balls hanging between them. Chest stuck out. Smug expression.

Now she laughed at him. That was the perfect way to signal just how badly he wanted something. Sergie was sweet, and well-trained, but he didn’t often actually do what she expected of him. To see him posed so perfectly behind her illuminated just how badly he needed to go. So she actually hurried. Not too fast. She didn’t want him to think that she was concerned he would pee all over the floor. Just enough that it wasn’t the typical leisurely stroll through the house that she did whenever she knew he wanted something real bad. As the sliding door opened and he shoved one hand through, she tsk’d him and he froze again. Cocking his head to the side, he opened his mouth and began to pant, looking to her, waiting for the cue.

“Okay,” she released him from the leash and watched him bolt into the yard. He never lifted a leg, because he’d been taught that such an action was too masculine for him, and instead squatted. Squatted and pissed a stream for so long she had considered timing it for a book of records. When he was finally finished, after he’d gained some composure, she let him back in the house.

“You stay down here and make breakfast. I’m going to go take a bath and get ready. We’re going to have guests today.”

As soon as he was given orders that contradicted his ability to remain on all fours, he started to rise, which meant he could speak again. “Yes Daddy.”

Breakfast was eggs, toast, sausage, and hash browns. He made only one plate and served it at the end of the table. When Julia came down fully dressed, the first thing he noticed was that she was wearing a low-cut shirt. Between her breasts rested the key to his chastity device. Again he was reminded that his cock was being restrained by metal, and not in a very kind way. She took her place at the table and he knelt on the floor next to her chair. When she was done eating, she mushed everything together in a fine paste and set the plate on the floor for him to eat from. When he was done, he stood and went to do the dishes. She said she had a few things she needed to finish up and returned to the bathroom.

Fifteen minutes later, the doorbell rang. Sergie was putting the finishing touches on the kitchen but scurried to the door immediately. When he opened it, he was greeted by a cheerful looking older man, with streaks of grey in his hair that matched his eyes. He stood a few inches taller than Sergie and several inches thicker than him, but he looked athletic. He offered a hand and Sergie shook it before figuring out who he was. “Devin,” he accused him.

The gentleman laughed. “It would seem so, yes. May I come in?”

Sergie moved out of the way to let him in. So this was the man he was spending so many nights on the floor for. Daddy had told him that anytime she spent the night with Devin, he had to sleep on the floor. Her reasoning had been that everything that he owned, she owned, on account of owning him. Since she was letting Devin spend the night with her in her house, and there was only room for one in her bed, Sergie had to sleep on the floor — despite living in a completely different house. Perhaps it was because she had hoped to one day have her whole poly family under one roof. Maybe it was because he’d been stupid and in a moment of weakness admitted to her that he thought it was hot. Regardless, he’d spent a fair share of nights on the floor thinking about all the sex Devin and his Daddy would have in the bed right next to him if they did all live together. A terrible, wonderful, painful thought for any boy in chastity.

Julia soon came down the stairs and Sergie watched as they lit up at seeing each other. In another moment, they were in a tight embrace, fingers wandering over the contours of bodies, mouths pressed together as if they were breathing as one. Now he really wondered what it would be like to be next to their bed while they were fucking. As they broke apart, Julia made introductions and then took Devin by the hand and led him upstairs. Sergie followed behind, unsure of what else she would want him to do.

Once inside the bedroom, Julia took the small bag that Devin had in his other hand and instructed Sergie to clean the bathroom. “Stay in there cleaning something until I tell you to come out,” she said sternly. “But leave the door open.”

The kennel had already been pushed back into the closet and in its place was the infamous chair. They stood in front of it, paying it no mind. For now, she was running her fingers over his shoulders, down his arms. As her fingers passed his, he caught them, gave a gentle squeeze, his eyes alight with amusement. Her hands went to his chest, spreading from his heart out to his sides and dropping her hands to his waist. Then she leaned up and pressed a kiss to his mouth. Their breath stopped together as she ran her fingers against the outside of his pants, right between their bodies. He tried to push up against her, to rub against her, but she kept him at bay. A soft whimper came from him, but he knew that he’d get more soon enough. She unfastened the button on his pants, slid the zipper down as slowly as she could, and then wrapped her hand around the warm steel that encased his cock as well. From between the slits of the device she felt the warm silken flesh of an erection try to press through. A soft laugh bubbled over into their kiss and she parted from his mouth, pushed his pants all the way down, and then pushed him down into the chair.

“Let’s get you out of that so we can have some real fun,” she teased him. The key to his device was carefully tucked in her pocket and as she crouched between his legs, she gave him a good view down his shirt. In order to make getting the device off easier, he had to tip his head back, think of baseball, and ignore the fact that she was intentionally stroking at the strips of flesh trying so hard to escape the device.

Once the steel was removed and set on the ground, she hooked her fingers at the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up as she stood over him. She tousled his hair, then took him by the hand, and led him to the bed. At first they just kissed, but then his mouth wandered to her neck, to the bare parts of her breasts. His hands were moving down her stomach and to her pants, where he silently asked permission to unfasten them and the gleam in her eye and the smile on her face told him all he needed to know. He repositioned himself so that he was sprawled out on his belly between her legs and pulled her pants down just far enough that he could get his mouth where he wanted it to be. He kissed through her sheer panties first, letting her feel the warmth of his breath against her already moist lips, and then he pulled them out of the way as well. When his tongue found her clit, she let out a low, deep moan. As his fingers probed inside of her, she started to breathe a little heavier. The combination of the both was absolutely divine, but when he pushed deep inside of her, pushed her clit deeper into his mouth, she thought she could die of pleasure.

From the bathroom, all he could hear was the sound of sucking and the sounds of his Daddy in pleasure. His cock was throbbing inside of the device. There was nothing more to clean. She had to have known it wasn’t going to take long. Now, he was just sitting against the wall next to the open door wishing he could stroke off to the sounds of her having an orgasm. The steel certainly wasn’t going to allow for that to happen though.

Because he’d been taught just how she liked oral, it didn’t take her long at all. Her fingers curled in his hair and she gave a quick tug right before she came, so he knew to keep doing exactly what he was doing. She pressed her hips up against his face and he let out a soft groan when she did. The vibration of his voice against her already sensitive pussy was enough to send her into orgasm. She came hard, holding him in place until the last of the pleasure washed away. When she settled back on the bed and opened her eyes, she released him so he could pull away from her body. He slid his fingers from inside of her and put them in his mouth, licking them clean. Before he could do anything else, she pulled him in for a kiss, running her tongue against his lips and breathing in her scent.

Before he moved away from her completely, he pressed himself up against her, letting her feel just how aroused he was. That smirk was on his face, the want in his eyes, and she couldn’t help but laugh. “Soon, Devin. Soon.”

Soon indeed. Moments later, the doorbell rang again.

“Daddy,” Sergie started, but he was interrupted with a firm ‘No’.

Devin crawled out of bed and put on his pants and smoothed out his hair before he headed down the stairs to answer the door. Julia situated her clothing once more and then pushed the bathroom door open to reveal the very horny boy squirming around on the floor, fingers tapping against his knees, teeth digging into his lower lip.

“Would you like to come out now?” she asked, a smile on her face.

“Yes Daddy!” he answered, leaning over to hug around her legs first.

“Alright. Take off all of your clothes and then go to the chair.”

For a moment, his face fell. Then he stood up and stripped as quickly as he could, folding his clothes neatly and leaving them on the sink. He walked over to the chair, his wrists going around behind the back of it, his toes pressing into the carpet alongside the legs of it. He knew this position well. Inside of his closet she retrieved the rope that was kept there and tied his wrists together, then to the back of the chair. She tied each ankle to a leg of a chair. With his legs spread wide, it was easy to see he was locked up. He hung his head, waiting for the hood, but it never came. Curious, he glanced up at her. “Not this time,” she said, glancing over to the doorway when Devin strode through again. He was wearing one of those smiles like Daddy often wore, the kind that said he was up to no good.

From the toy bag that he brought with him, Julia found the cuffs that Devin normally wore when they played together. Then, she withdrew the thick leather hood that was one of their favorite toys. He had to kneel in order for her to put it on with any accuracy, and accuracy was important as there was only one hole in the entire hood, meant to align perfectly with his mouth. Once it was situated on his head with all of the pads lined up properly, she stood behind him and started to lace. Because of this, she was able to get the hood very tight on him. The world to him was very dark and very quiet in this hood and that was exactly what she wanted. The loss of senses made him all the more sensitive to touch. One buckle came around his neck and held the end of the lace in place. Another came across the back of the head. Another across the top of the head. Four locks in total were needed to ensure that this hood was going nowhere. Four locks were needed to ensure he couldn’t remove his restraints. After another moment on the floor, on his knees, hooded and cuffed, she tugged on the D-ring of his collar and he shuffled towards her, towards the bed, and got up on it of his own accord.

He sat in the middle of the bed, disoriented for a moment. While he got his bearings, Julia stood right in front of Sergie and began to undress. Never before had he had the privilege of seeing her completely nude. She took off her top and undid her bra, revealing the large breasts that his key was often nestled between, the soft curve of her belly. As she slid her pants down, his eyes followed over her hips, down to her naked mound where he wanted to put his mouth, just like Devin had been allowed to do, down past her thighs and calves to her feet, to her toes, where his mouth belonged. He took in a deep breath and then looked up at her, adoration in his eyes. She didn’t linger for long though, not when she had a naked slave in the bed waiting for her.

Devin was pushed back against the pillows and Sergie was treated to a show as she pressed her mouth against his neck, against his shoulders, against his chest. Her lips caught one nipple between them and then the other. Her fingers were trailing over all of his exposed flesh, all of his scars, teasing in circles around his erect cock, though never actually touching it. She rubbed her face against his hip, dragged her fingers through his pubic hair, and the pressed the flat of her palm against the shaft of his cock, watching as he immediately lifted his hips into her, trying to get more sensation. A laugh came from her, one that she knew Sergie laughed, and she flicked at the head of his cock, causing him to recoil in pain. Soon enough though, she was kissing it better. Now he had to do his very best not to push at all, to lie perfectly still. If there was one thing that he had learned with Julia, it was that if he tried to get her to take more of him into her mouth, he’d go for a very, very long time without ever feeling it again.

Giving oral sex was just like a big game of tease and denial for Julia. She didn’t care so much about getting her victim off as she cared about making sure he was turned on. She drew lazy circles around the head of his cock. She pulled him in deeper to her throat and suckled him gently for a while. When she was really trying to arouse him, she would flick her tongue against that sweet spot under the head as she used her hands to stroke the rest of his cock. She switched from taking him deep into her mouth and slowly dragging up his shaft to bobbing shallowly on just the head of his cock while her hands did all the work. One was often cupping his balls, squeezing gently as she encouraged him down her throat. The gasps were muffled but there was still plenty of noise coming out of him and that was all she needed. When his whimpering and struggling to remain still finally gave way to a very faint, very subtle thrust of his hips, she was done, and pulled away. He protested loudly and Sergie couldn’t blame him. He didn’t even know his Daddy would do that kind of thing.

Hooking a finger through the D-ring on his collar, she pulled him where she wanted him, which conveniently was between her legs. When he was in a hood, things were always a little slower, a little more guided. One hand was put above her shoulder on the bed. The other by her hip. Her free hand wrapped around his slick cock and guided him to the warmth of her pussy and from there he needed no help at all. He drove into her as soon as he knew the way. Immediately her back arched and she let out a groan of pleasure. He drew out of her and stabbed at her again, already throbbing from the teasing of the day. She wrapped her legs around him to keep him from pulling out too far. Silky soft skin against his body, her hands against the scars on his back. She forced him to stay buried deep inside of her, her body pressed tight against his. Then, she tightened her muscles around his cock.

A muffled yelp came from him. Sergie could only imagine that if they had any of the same restrictions, he was currently yelling, “Please!” against the thick hood she kept him in.

“No,” she teased softly, assuring him he’d been correct in his assumption.

Then, she moved her legs and pressed her feet into the bed so that she could press her hips up against him, forcing him in deeper. He wasted no time in pulling out so he could thrust back into her, again and again. Each time, the same muffled sound could be heard from him. Each time, her ‘No’ got a little louder. The harder she pushed against him, the harder and faster he tried to fuck her, like if he could just jam his cock up into her cervix he’d press a magic button that would suddenly say ‘Yes’. He wasn’t entirely wrong — she just wasn’t going to let him get that far.

He slid his hands beneath her, pressed his chest down against her, turned his head so that his air wasn’t obstructed, ground her down into the bed, fucking hard and fast. Soon, all she could do was pant. Pant and groan and try to fight against him, although there really was no fight. All it would take was a flick against the hood. His requests strung together in one long line of muffled plea of denied orgasm. Her no’s turned into a soft kind of breathless laughter that verged on orgasm for longer than Sergie thought was possible for any human being to achieve until suddenly she shoved her hand up against his throat, caught him off guard, and flipped him over.

He had a full second to adjust himself, to make sure his ass was flat against the bed, and she crawled on top. This time she was nice and slow. She sunk deep on his cock and again Sergie could hear him begging, pleading for her to let him cum. Now she didn’t even bother to acknowledge his request. Now she was doing this just for herself. Two fingers slid down over her belly and disappeared to her clit, rubbing slowly as she rode him as casually as one could ride a man. Every now and again she would lean down, drag her hard nipples against his chest, whisper something that he couldn’t hear, that Sergie couldn’t hear, but the sparkle in her eye let him know that it was something awful, something wonderful, something that would make him cum without permission if he even heard it. No wonder the hood.

Finally, as she lingered on the brink of an orgasm for entirely too long, she put her hand over the mouth of the hood, blocking the one source of air that he had. His first reaction was always to panic, to try to suck in another lungful of air. It never worked. This game was not unfamiliar to him though. Both of his hands went to her hips and like before, he fucked her as hard as he could. This wasn’t a game of getting to orgasm; this was a game of getting to breathe. The details went something like this: get her to orgasm before she got him to pass out. The end. So he drove his cock deep inside of her. She pushed her hips back, trying to take him in deeper. He went as fast and hard as he could with no oxygen and she rocked against him in turn. Sometimes she would give him another breath, but only if it was her fault she wasn’t going to cum. As he was coming up on some of his last breaths, he finally cleared his mind and pulled one hand away from her hip, pushed her other hand away from her clit, and used his own fingers to manipulate the sweet nub of flesh into an orgasm. Fast and hard, the way she liked it. Forcing himself deep inside of her. Trying to use as little breath as he could. Outside of his hood, she was screaming in pleasure. Inside of his hood, all he could hear was his heartbeat. If he was going to go, this was the way to do it.

Just as he felt the world start to wash away from him, just as he felt his hips starting to lower for the last time, she moved her hand away from the hold in his hood and he drew in a deep breath. Sweet, sweet air. Air filled with lust and sex and sweat. Air that would replenish him, would reinvigorate him, which gave him the power to fuck her through her orgasm. Now all he had to do was make sure he didn’t cum. He fought it and he fought it hard. He wanted to. Sometimes he dreamed about it. Sometimes, it seemed as though taking an orgasm would be worth the punishment she handed out later. Except this time, he knew that she had something fun planned. Baseball. Grandma. Earthworms. Pain. Excruciating pain that she could deliver. That could kill an orgasm right there. Finally, when the spasms of muscles around his cock ceased, when the juices stopped flowing down and around his cock, his balls, he moved his hands back to her hips and just let them linger until she moved his hands for him.

Sergie was left speechless, breathless in his chair. Every slit in his chastity device was filled with purple flesh, his cock trying to burst through. He wasn’t even sure what he would do with it, it’d been so long since he’d had an orgasm, but he knew he wanted some of that. Any of it. Not even to fuck. To be fucked maybe. To be in the same bed as them. To hear her laughing at him. He wanted to be near them, while they were together, so that he could dart out his tongue and lick them up, clean them up. He wanted to taste the two of them mixed together and swallow it down, become as intoxicated on their lust as they were. But he was tied to the chair. He wouldn’t get anything like that. He hated it. And loved it.

Hooking her finger through the D-ring of Devin’s collar once more, she helped him to sit up in bed. Then, after climbing out of bed herself, she took him by the hands to guide him out himself. Standing up, she carefully walked him over to where Sergie sat. She lined him up right in front of him, took his arms behind his back, and locked his wrists together. Then, she pushed his ankles together and locked them together as well. He was unable to move. Unable to go anywhere. Unable to fight. Sergie looked to her, then to the semi-erect cock in his face, and without waiting, started to lick.

At first they were shy, quick licks. As the cock in his face began to twitch, he leaned in and nuzzled his face against the warm, wet flesh. He licked slower and then finally took the head of his cock into his mouth and sucked slowly, nervously. He tried to take more and more, tried to clean the taste of his Daddy off of him by just pulling him into his throat, but he just couldn’t. He pressed the side of his face against Devin’s hip and went back to licking. After a while, he buried his nose in his pubic hair and just breathed deep before he swirled his tongue around his balls, trying to lap up the last of the cream left behind. If Daddy hadn’t locked his ankles together, if he could have spread his legs, he would have gone so much further too. Eventually he heard the locks being released and Devin took a step back, his cock hard again, Sergie’s tongue reaching out for one more taste.

An absolutely precious sight, Julia thought.

Each cuff was unlocked from Devin. Each restraint removed. Each strap was unlocked from Devin. His hood was then removed. He stood there looking dazed for a moment and then looked to her, a silly grin spreading over his face. She leaned in and kissed him hard and he was quick to reciprocate. Before he could say anything, she curled her fingers around his hard cock and snickered softly. He simply shook his head and sought out his clothing.

“Yes, onto round two.”

“Round Two?” Sergie questioned.

Devin shot her a glance as he pulled his pants up and buttoned them, and then his expression matched Daddy’s. They both wore smirks. They both had such a shine in their eye. They were both awful and he couldn’t possibly imagine what they were up to.

Then, he left the room. Julia had found a robe to wrap herself up in and she was sitting pretty on the end of the bed.

“That, cuck, is why you have to sleep on the floor. There would just be no room for you in the bed when I spend the night with Devin.”

Sergie lit up. “Yes Daddy, I see that. Where did Devin go?”

“Oh, he went to get me something sweet to eat.”

Sergie nodded. Sometimes she liked sugar after orgasms, especially if she wanted to stay awake. He was trying to think if he had anything stocked in the fridge. Usually he did, because he liked to have things Daddy liked on hand, but he couldn’t remember specifically what he would have. Once Devin returned, he realized it was pointless to inventory the fridge. That’s not what she’d meant at all.

He had returned with a very willowy framed girl with dark raven hair and pale skin. Her green eyes were ablaze and the black rope that he had used complimented her body perfectly. There was a harness that accentuated her small breasts perfectly. Her arms were tied tight behind her back, forcing her to jut them out. There was rope that went down around her hips and spread her lips apart. That rope was the luckiest rope in the world right now, Sergie thought. There were decorative ties all the way down her legs. He was guiding her by her hair, pushing her forward, offering her to Julia. Before he gave her over entirely though, he spun her around to show off what he’d done: a beautiful rope corset through her long, dark hair. That would be able to stay in even if they, for some reason, had to untie her later.

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