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The next morning was typical for the two lovers in many ways, but this morning their early morning sex session that had become their custom had a little more tenderness than usual. It seemed both could feel the emotions still hanging in the air from the previous night. When it was over Katy made no attempt to rush away like usual. Instead she just laid there quietly treasuring the feel of him against her body.

Finally tired of the eerie silence Brandon spoke up, “You’re awfully quiet this morning,” he said, trying not to sound like he found anything wrong with that. She did not answer and he spun her to face him and looked her in the eyes. “Baby, what’s wrong?”

She hesitated and then said, “Please don’t hate me for asking this, but I have to.”

“Ask what honey?”

She took a deep breath and asked, “What you said last night, did you really mean that or were you just trying to get into my pants again?” Brandon was a little angry, but he hoped his understanding showed through more. The question was irritating, yet understandable. Katy had been taken advantage of so many times that she could not trust him when he was sincere.

“Of course I meant it, every word. I love you Katy Hemmings and nothing changes that.” Then after a pause he said, “That said I understand the question, I know you’ve been hurt and as well as we know each other we’re still new on the trust thing, but…”

She stopped him, “I know, I’m sorry, I just had to ask, I’m sorry I doubted you. It won’t happen again, I promise.” Then, after a pause she asked, “So what does a girl gotta do around here to get some breakfast?”

Brandon looked at her confused, “But babe, you usually…”

Katy narrowed her eyes and asked suspiciously, “You wouldn’t be trying to get rid of me would you? What’s the matter, do you have another date for breakfast?”

“Of course not!” Brandon said.

“Good, then you’re free to spend it with me, that is unless you don’t want to…”

She was messing with him and he knew it, but that did not make being on the full defensive any more comfortable. Thoroughly confused at both her sudden shift in attitude and her new desire to change the morning routine Brandon did his best to gather his thoughts and give an intelligent, if not the correct answer.

“Of course I’d love to have breakfast with you my dear, but, and please don’t take this the wrong way, don’t you usually have somewhere to be about now? You know somewhere that makes it possible for me to perhaps survive this cruise?”

Katy smiled, clearly enjoying this game a lot, and said, “Well, while that is true, it is the last day of the cruise and I’d like to have breakfast with my boyfriend instead of my parents for a change. As for surviving, it’s the last day. Daddy won’t try to kill you so close to the end of the trip. Besides, weren’t you all prepared to take on my dad last night for my hand? Or was that just talk, Brandon Metcalf?”

“Of course it wasn’t,” Brandon said, defensively thinking to himself that a day was still a long time to chance his survival. Still, the prospect of the entire day with Katy was very appealing. Knowing this could not be won Brandon smiled and asked, “Since it’s impossible to cook you something myself would you prefer to order it in or go out?”

“Oooh, in sounds fun. That way we can fool around a bit before…”

“I like the sound of that,” Brandon said, smiling.

“And then we can have a serious talk afterwards.”

“I like that less.” Brandon said, then added, “But I agree we do have stuff to discuss.”

As promised after placing their breakfast order they fooled around some more both in bed and in the shower. By the time they finished their shower, in which neither really got clean, breakfast had arrived.

After an enjoyable meal together they began discussing the future. Things they had discussed before, but now more in earnest. Obviously the relationship was too new and neither was quite ready to assume they would make it, but they felt they needed to iron out more specifically what each wanted out of life to see whether they would match up. They agreed on many things like that they wanted kids and that if possible Katy would be a stay at home mom. They did disagree on the number of kids, but Brandon figured it was a non-factor as it was Katy who wanted more and truthfully he would not object so long as she did not mind having them.

However the big issue was where to live as both were close to their families, but he was from Chicago and she from Connecticut. Not to mention he now had a great job awaiting him in Chicago. More than that though was the immediate issue of the long distance relationship. Being at such a crucial point in their relationship neither wanted to be separated from the other, but thought it was too much of a risk to move in so soon.

Katy suggested he take her dad’s offer for a few weeks, working for extra income until his new job was ready. It would give him pay for the time being and allowing him to be closer to her. Brandon thought it was an okay idea but did not like working for a man whose daughter he was involved with, especially a man like Tim Hemmings. He said nothing of this though to Katy, and although he suspected she knew he had withheld something from her she said nothing about it as she left for a scheduled day at the ships spa.

That day at lunch Jeff Martin, Brandon’s new employer, sat down next to him.

“You look like a man lost, Brandon. This would not happen to be remorse over accepting my offer, would it?”

“No sir, I don’t regret that at all. It’s a heck of an opportunity and I thank you for it.”

“I sense a ‘but’ in there somewhere.”

“Yes, Mr. Martin…”

“Please call me Jeff.”

“Very well, Jeff, it’s just that things got rather complicated last night for me and I’m trying to figure out what’s next. Not to mention the fact that I’ll need to find temporary work when I get home.”

The other man smiled and nodded before asking, “This complication would not happen to have something to do with Tim Hemming’s daughter would it?” Brandon must have looked surprised because Jeff continued, “Oh, don’t look so surprised. You two have been near inseparable since that dinner party the ship hosted for you. By the way if you think you have Tim fooled with all that skulking you’ve got another thing coming. Still probably smart not to flaunt your relationship with his daughter right in front of him.”

Deciding there was no use in hiding it Brandon admitted Katy’s plan. The other man chuckled and shook his head. Brandon again was confused and Jeff said, “Oh ,sorry about that. It’s funny how certain stars keep aligning for you two. Some couples have all the luck and it looks like you and Katy are one, or at least the universe is giving you two a fighting chance, what you make of it is up to you.” After a pause he continued, “But I digress. The reason for my amazement is just this morning an old friend out east reminded me I owe him one, an old friend who owns a computer consulting business desperate for a good programmer to fill in for a few months. He had two good ones but one left for greener pastures and the other went into labor last night which means he’s without a programmer for two months until her maternity leave is up. Given the fluid nature of his business he keeps a couple of places to house temporary employees.

“The way I see it if I give him your name it’s win win for everyone. I don’t need you until the end of the year, you get to be near your girl thus avoiding the pressure of long distances on a new relationship, and if this all goes well my friend might end up owing me one. If the relationship goes bad when the two months are up you can come home.”

Brandon pondered this and said, “Well it would be nice to have someone negotiating things for me so I can focus on the work, plus the thought of relying heavily on a man whose daughter I’m seeing was less than appealing. This way I can help out either on my spare time…”

“Or as part of a contract, the other reason I was thinking about sending you his way. If Harry is any kind of businessman, and believe me he is, he’ll probably be able to get contracts with a few of those guys who offered you work, including Tim. What’s more you’ll get benefits and protection from Harry’s firm.”

“Sounds like a plan Jeff, thanks.”

“You got a minute? I can set it up with Harry right now if you’d like.”

Brandon agreed and a short call from Jeff and Brandon was soon talking to a very happy Harry. As promised Harry offered him lodgings. Brandon would need to supply his own vehicle, but otherwise things were taken care of and he was to be paid about the same as what Jeff was giving him. As promised by the time the afternoon was out Brandon had a list of clients to work on, in addition to those Harry needed help with. It turned out several of the passengers who offered him work were plenty willing to negotiate with Harry, including Tim Hemmings.

That evening at dinner Katy was ecstatic to learn what had transpired. As there was a big dance that night after dinner in celebration of the last night of the cruise, the couple decided to drop pretense and go together. Katy wore a simple black dress but as always she looked amazing. Brandon had decided to break out a suit he had brought, which Katy commented on.

“I do like you in a suit baby; you should wear them more often.”

“Yeah well I only brought one. I didn’t even know if I’d need it tonight.”

“Mmm date or no date babe if you had worn this tonight you’d have been beating them off with a stick.”

“Is that right?” he asked, playing along.

She smiled and said, “Of course, why do you think I’m staying so close to you?”

“Oh, I thought that was because you liked me.”

Katy flashed a sexy smile before leaning in, grabbing his crotch and while massaging his hardening cock whispered in his ear, “Oh I do like you baby, my pussy is so wet right now I can hardly stand it.” Instantly his cock got painfully hard and feeling this Katy added, “It seems you want me too baby, but we can’t have you sporting that hard-on all night. Let me help you with that babe.”

Before he could react Katy had pulled away. In his daze it was a second before he thought to look for her, but her chair was empty. He was about to look around when suddenly he felt his chair slide toward the table a bit and he helped by scooting forward. He then felt hands undoing his zipper and seconds later two familiar hands fished out his cock and stroked it before it was engulfed by Katy’s warm mouth.

What little brain power Brandon had was in complete shock. Here they were in the middle of a room with hundreds of people and Katy was sucking him off under the table. Soon though, her skill began robbing him of all ability to think clearly.

Unfortunately at that moment one of the men he was to do contract work for approached the table. Katy took a little pity on him when she heard the man greet Brandon, but only a little.

“Ah, Brandon. good to see you. I thought I saw you with Miss Hemmings; is she in the bathroom?”

“Ah, yes,” Brandon forced out as Katy gave him a particularly hard suck.

“Well, while we’ve got a moment I thought I’d discuss the project a bit, at least until she gets back. Wouldn’t want to take away from an evening of young love.”

Brandon nodded and as the man talked about the project Brandon followed the best he could with Katy slowly torturing his hard shaft with her mouth. When the man wrapped up he smiled and said, “Well I don’t mean to bore you with work talk, you’re obviously under the spell of new love my boy. Enjoy.” With that he left and thankfully Katy was able to finish Brandon off.

When he finally came it was the hardest orgasm of his life. Not long after Katy remerged and sat next to him. She kissed him and said, “Wow baby, that was impressive, I half expected you to cry out while he was talking. I’d ask you to return the favor, but we both know I’d moan too loud, but just know that that amazing tongue of yours has a date with my dripping wet pussy.” Brandon nodded and the DJ announced the last dance of the night not long after. Brandon had recovered by then and gladly took his naughty date out for one last dance.

That night they retired to his room where they stripped off their fancy clothes before using the hot tub together one last time. Then as promised Brandon took Katy to bed and ate her pussy to several mind blowing orgasms before plunging his hard cock into her eager pussy.

His pace was hard and fast and Katy just moaned in ecstasy, her massive boobs quaking with each thrust from Brandon. When at last they had had enough Brandon exploded into her warm depths and she came with him.

However soon after it was apparent Katy was not finished and after coaxing him to hardness again she told him to lay flat. She then lowered her big soft tits onto his shaft and pressing them around the hard cock began to tit fuck him. Brandon loved the feel of her pillowy breasts against his hard shaft and despite his earlier orgasms it was not long until he coated the firm mounds in his cum.

Katy smiled and as he watched she raised her tits to her mouth and began licking off his cum the best she could and scooping it off where her tongue couldn’t reach.

Brandon watched the sexy sight in awe before the busty blonde settled next to him for the night wishing him good night as she went to drift off to sleep. However no sooner had her cute ass touched his cock then it somehow got hard again. Seemingly feeling the new development Katy looked over her shoulder and smiled at him as she wiggled her butt some more. Taking this as a sign Brandon lifted her leg and finding her still wet pussy entered her from behind.

He fucked her slow while massing her hard nipples and soft tits. It was not long until they both had one last powerful orgasm after which both dropped into a very content sleep.

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