I hugged my trenchcoat closer to me and pulled down edge of my fleece cap down over my ears against the cold. It was the middle of the November and Virginia isn’t exactly tropical. I checked the address on the small card I had found in my coat pocket along with the note “Come and get your present” and realized it was the funeral home my cousin directed. I climbed up the small set of steps and reached out to knock on the door only to have it swing open at the first touch. The lights weren’t working, and I had the feeling I was meant to follow a trail of candles leading into the largest of the chapels. The heat wasn’t on, but the tiny flame atop each candle made it at least warm enough for me to shed my coat and cap. The chapel was covered in slowly melting wax; Candles covered the pews, the floor, even the wall had been adorned with them. The altar was clear, save for the open coffin and a naked girl chained to the crucifix behind it.

She appeared to be unconscious, hanging there by the leather binds on her wrists that were attached to a chain leading behind the top portion of the cross, and she was gagged with a length of black silk. As I approached I noticed she was quite exquisite. Long straight black hair falling half her height, framing her pale heart shaped face, accented the pallor of her skin. Her eyes were closed in sleep, but I could tell they were set wide on her face, big and lovely when they opened. Her nose was somewhat wide, the tip rounded close to her nostrils and I suspected it had been broken in the past. I saw her painted black lips were full and plush, even stretched around her gag. Her full breasts slowly rose and fell as she breathed, and the cold of the large room made her small tan nipples strain against her skin. I walked closer, smiling and taking off the rest of my clothes as I saw her neatly trimmed pussy peeking from atop her thighs.

She awoke just as I was about stroke her face with my hand. Her gray eyes at first looked confused; then after she tested her arms and attempted to speak, they were scared. I stifled a smile and asked “Are you my ‘present?’” She didn’t seem to understand, and tried to kick me. I caught her leg and clicked my teeth at her. “That’s no way to treat your new owner.” I tossed her leg back down forcefully “Show a lil respect.” I told her, trailing my hand up her leg, past her cunt, stopping shortly to play with the silver ring in her belly button before continuing to her lightly sagging tits. She moaned and turned away from me, clenching her eyes shut as if she was attempting to force me away from her. I smiled fully then as I pinched her nipple and rolled it between my fingers as she began to blush.

Her moans became higher pitched, even though they were muffled behind the silk in her mouth. I slid my other hand between her milky thighs, rubbing them as I traveled up. “That won’t do at all.” I mumbled when I realized her lips were nearly dry. I was almost too excited to worry about her comfort, but I didn’t want to hurt myself. I glanced around and noticed that whoever had arranged this beauty for me had left a tube of KY jelly on top of the coffin that stood in front of us on the alter. I let her leg fall and stretched her nipple as I pulled my hands away to retrieve the lube. I couldn’t hold back a grin as I poured some KY on my dick, stroking myself to fully coat it as I turned back to my gift. I hoisted her right leg high, took the tube then and pushed it partly into her cunt, and squeezed it, forcing most of the contents between her now gooey lips.

I moved closer, pressing my naked body against hers, kissing and biting the soft flesh on her neck as I dropped the tube of lube to the floor and pulled her left leg up and threw it over my shoulder. I positioned myself at the entrance to her hole, sliding my greased up cock through her slit before I pushed my dick into her slowly. She started shaking her head; trying to scream and rattling the cross she was chained to as I borrowed sluggishly toward her cervix. I stopped with my hips pressed against her pelvis to smack her face just hard enough to make her stop the struggle. “Be a good girl and I won’t make it hurt more than I have to.” I growled, pointing my finger at her. She glared hatefully, cursing me with her eyes, and then whimpered as I slid nearly out from her snatch and back in again.

My present was producing muffled screams as she deliciously squeezed my cock with her inner muscles. I relished how tight she was, feeling each fold of her tunnel grip and trace my crown and every vein as I worked my organ in and out of her. Imagine my surprise when her legs tightened around me, her moans escalated in pitch and volume, and her pussy spasmed around me and mixed the KY with a flood of her own juices. I laughed as her chest heaved and her head rolled against the carved wood she hung from.

After her orgasm subsided, she still moaned quietly, but now her head hung and her breathing was returning to normal. “Did my girl have herself a cum?” I joked and pounded into her pussy. I raised both of her legs over my shoulders, and she didn’t argue about it as I forced my tool farther inside her. Her fists clenched and strained against their bonds as I moved my hips faster, fucking her gash harder with each stroke. I grabbed the arms of the cross and pulled my entire body into the force of the pelvic intrusion. The over-sized crucifix was banging against the wall as I growled at the beauty beneath me. As she started screaming through her gag again, I felt her cunt convulse around my pole. I came inside her, still thrusting deep as she howled into the silk in her mouth. I grunted with the final thrusts that filled her with my seed, holding myself close to her as she came down from her own orgasm.

After we caught our breath, I backed away from her, sliding my not-quite soft cock from her and letting her legs fall. I kissed her on the cheek and let her down from the crucifix, then untied her gag. “One question,” I asked as she pulled the cloth from her face and rubbed her jaw, “what’s all this for?”

“Later” she told me with a smile as she pulled the manacles off of her wrists and the rubbed the sore joints. She kissed me and started walking into me, pressing her chest to mine and pushing me backwards. I hadn’t noticed where she was steering me until I was falling backwards in the open coffin. Before I knew anything else, I had been cuffed to the corners of the coffin by small rings that were hidden beneath the padding. “My turn.” She said as she stuffed the length of black silk into my mouth when I tried to ask what she was doing.

She climbed into the coffin on top of me, straddling my waist and pulling the lid closed over us. She slowly rocked herself back and forth, smearing her cummy cunt on my shaft. “Come on big boy,” She whispered and flicked her tongue at my ear “Get hard for me.” She started sucking on my neck, just below my jaw, still rocking back and forth, rubbing her bare breasts and sweaty body on me and grinding her gash on my cock. She moaned into my skin when she realized my dick was throbbing against her. My gift wormed her arm behind her to pull my rod level with her still dripping hole, then plunged herself down over it with a muffled moan from us both.

“Good boy…” her voice rasped after she released my neck and started pumping her cunt around my dick. I moaned around the silk in my mouth and tried to match her rhythm, but I heard her back hit the coffin lid. I felt sharp pain on my collar as she bit me. “Stop moving!” she barked. It was deafening in the close quarters, and I immediately lay flat and froze in place so she could settle back onto me. All I could hear was her husky breathing as she pumped herself on my shaft.

Then there was a mumbling. Someone was talking outside in the funeral home, but I couldn’t hear them over her quiet moans as she continued to squeeze my dick in and out of her pussy. I shifted my concentration, trying to hear anything they were saying but still couldn’t understand. There was a crunch, and a rattle and the coffin moved. I tried to yell but the silk shoved in my mouth kept it to a silent roar. “Scream all you want, they can’t hear you.” My present told me as her pumping kept its steady slow pace.

We were moving. I think in a van, I could feel our weight shift as we went around curves or made sudden stops. She never stopped her movements. Not that I was complaining about her tits sliding across my chest, her repeated kisses on my neck, or the tight tunnel sucking me deep inside her, but I was getting worried about where we were after I felt the coffin get drug out of the vehicle and dropped. Finally though, her movements got erratic as she started shivering and pumping herself faster on my cock. As her orgasm hit its peak, her moans became a deafening scream. I groaned and arched myself deeper inside her, spraying her womb with cream while we shook together.

Just then, before either of us had a real chance to catch our breath, the coffin lid cracked open and blinding light poured in on us. “Happy Birthday!” More than a few of my friends screamed as they uncuffed me and pulled me from the coffin. My present disappeared somewhere before I was even on my feet. Someone gave me a bathrobe, and I quickly covered myself. “How’d you like your present?” my cousin asked me, patting me on the back as I pulled the length from my mouth.

I smiled and blushed. “It- Um, she was great.” I answered sheepishly. I glanced around at the people at the party, making sure there wasn’t anyone I’d be embarrassed to see after raping a young woman. Other than my brother, whom I didn’t know knew I was into that sort of thing, they were all close friends, ex-girlfriends, or fuck buddies, nobody I was really worried about going ape-shit about what I got off on.

After about fifteen minutes of talking, drinking, and opening a few more gifts, I started to wish my first gift wouldn’t have left, and I set out to find her. After asking around, I found her in a spare bedroom where everyone had dropped their coats. She was still naked, leaning over the pile coats cursing whoever decided to put her clothes with the rest the guests. Her ass shook gently each time she tossed a coat aside, and that was enough to make me want her one more time. I cleared my throat loudly enough to catch her attention. She stood up and whirled around “Oh, it’s you, don’t worry about paying me, your friends took care of that.” she said, waving me off and going back to the pile of coats. “Besides, for a fuck like that, I’d almost do it for free.” I overheard her mutter to herself.

“Actually, I was trying to find you, to ask you what your name is.” I said, catching her attention again. “I’m really not the type to sleep with a woman without knowing her name.”

She looked at me sideways with a sarcastic smirk. “Oh, so you can rape them as long you don’t know their name?”

I smiled back and stepped over to her. “Well, if you wanna get technical, tonight wasn’t really rape.” I said as I placed my hands on her shoulders.” I pushed her down so that she was sitting on the bed. “Now maybe if I could get your name, this wouldn’t be either.” I joked; opening the bathrobe someone had given me earlier.

My present licked her lips and stared up at me. “You couldn’t rape me if you tried.” she grumbled and reached one hand up to roughly grab hold of my rapidly hardening cock and start massaging life into it. She leaned down and kissed the head, trailing her tongue across the slit before pushing her lips down over the shaft. She worked her warm mouth down my cock, still stroking the bottom half in her fist as she massaged the head between her palette and her talented tongue.

Name be damned. I pushed her back on the pile of coats and opened her legs to lie between them. Her cute little cunt was either still dripping from before, or had started again, because in one hard thrust I was filling my present’s pussy with dickmeat once again. She mewled and moaned as I fucked her now swollen pussy, grinding her hips up at me each time I fully penetrated her.

She wrapped her legs around the small of my back and pulled me to her; at the same time her nails were digging into my shoulder blades deep enough to bring blood. She was trying not to allow me to move, so could she bite into my collarbone to muffle another orgasm. I managed to push her away from me with a roar when her jaws broke my skin. I stood up from the coat we had already stained and grabbed her ankles, flipped her over on her stomach to avoid any more blood loss, and wrenched her legs open again.

Grabbing my birthday gift by her still shaking ass, I pulled her back to me and pressed her to the bed, or at least the jacket under it. With her legs still spread, getting to her pussy wasn’t a problem. This time as my cock reamed in and out of her, the headboard was banging the wall instead of the arms of a crucifix. Her inner walls still gripped my cock each time I pushed into her, convulsing with each cry that escaped her throat. My legs started shaking and I heard her beg “Roll me back over, I want to watch you cum.”

I backed off and let her turn herself with wobbly arms before I pulled her legs straight into the air, then folded them down, pressing her knees into her tits before I mounted her again- I wasn’t about to get bitten again. Her juices and mine were draining down her asscrack and onto someone’s coat, and I couldn’t resist dragging the head of my cock through the stream before plunging back into her snatch. She still managed to dig her nails into my shoulders as I plowed into her delightfully tight pussy. Her moans had now changed to grunts each time my balls slapped her ass. She pushed her hips back at me, slapping our bodies together and forcing my cock against the door to her womb.

Grunts became moans as our pace picked up even more. Moans turned into cries as our rhythm became erratic. Once again I felt her pussy grip hard around me; she writhed and finally screamed with me, staring back into my eyes, as I came again, grabbing her hips and forcing them back onto my cock as I emptied inside her. I let her legs down after my dick stopped twitching inside her, and we kissed each other, pecking occasionally as we caught our breath.

I pulled out letting a long stream of bodily fluid drip onto some poor schmuck’s winter coat as I rolled off of her and lay down next to her. She propped up on one elbow and leaned over to kiss me again, long and sweet and sucking on my tongue like I wished it was my cock. “No charge babe.” She jabbed and winked at me. She cocked her head for a second, and told me to get up. “There’s my damn coat.” she said after I sat up on the edge of the bed. Coat was an understatement- It was more like a black denim jumpsuit with a leather cape and hood. She fished around in the pockets and brought a business card. “Call me sometime.” she said, flicking it at me and turning to walk out the door as I reached to snatch the fluttering card from the air.

I found my robe and dashed after her, only to find my brother standing at the door with one of my ex’s older sisters. “Whoa there, bro.” he slurred. “How much did the extra time set you back? It’s you’re birthday after all.” he said, reaching for his wallet.

“Just buy whoever’s coat we ruined a new one.” I said and dodged around them to find her. She was gone, of course. At least there was still the card. ‘Val’s House Exotic. Clothes, Piercings, Tattoos and Gifts’ it read with Gifts in italics. I’ll definitely be paying a visit.

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