crotch rope


None of this is real, and all participants are over eighteen. This story has extreme pain involved, but ends with all participants happy. If pain or forced activities bother you, don’t read this.

You have been warned.


In the werewolf part of town, it was fairly loud, but there was no one on the streets. Well, no one except for one very horny female werewolf in her early twenties, and a black van trailing behind her undetected. The female was heading to another club, wearing a skirt so short it was really a belt, and a crop top. She wasn’t wearing any underwear, so you could see her magnificently sculpted ass and round full tits clearly. It was obvious she was drunk, she didn’t sense or hear the van, and she couldn’t walk straight.

There were three men in the van, all rouges, horny and waiting for a girl like this. They zoomed up to the female and pulled her in. Immediately one drove away, and the others knocked her out. They both slipped on heavy duty gloves, and picked up silver handcuffs. Gingerly, they cuffed her to the car. The larger one pulled an email from his pocket. “So, it says here if we keep her around silver for long enough, she’ll turn back to a human. It says the process is very painful, but we can do as we wish as it is happening because she’ll be human.” He looked up for confirmation from the other two. They both nod, grinning sadistically.

Several grueling hours later, the four werewolves arrived at a large house; really it could be called a small mansion. Pulling on the gloves again, the smallest werewolf uncuffed the girl from the car and yanked her cruelly to her feet. He grabbed her by her hair and dragged her along with the others. She was whining and yipping, angry and frightened. They had answered most of her questions when she had woken. They had told her they had captured her, they were rouges; their names were, for the moment, Captain, the alpha and the largest, Roi, the smallest, and Chip, the driver. When she had asked why they had captured her, they had all taken a moment to grin at each other, and simultaneously, they all said, “Sex.” She had cringed and whimpered.

When the doors to the house opened, she had gotten to her feet. “My name is Samantha, thanks for asking.” She huffed. Her captors chuckled. They led her down several flights of stairs, so something that looked a bit like a torture room.

“Strip.” The one called Captain ordered. Slowly and reluctantly, she obliged. It didn’t take her long; after all, she wasn’t wearing much. She left her heels on. All three whipped out their cocks. She gaped at the size of them. Captain’s was well over ten inches, and was probably three inches thick. Roi’s was long and thin, and Chip’s was short but fat. Nice variety, she noted. “Blow me.” Captain ordered. Her eyes widened. She got down on her knees and crawled over to him, eyes level with his huge prick. She shoved his cock into her mouth, wanting it to be over with. He roughly grabbed her hair after a minute of unsatisfactory tongue work, and forced his massive stick down her throat, making her gag and choke. He groaned as her throat spasmed from lack of air. He pulled out of her, not wanting to cum just yet.

The other two repeated this, although it was much easier for Sam as none of their dicks quite matched his. The three men walked over to a wall that was covered in BDSM gear. They quietly whispered to each other, and grabbed several things. Samantha was still gasping for air, and she didn’t quite see what they grabbed, though she figured she would find out soon enough.

She was right. They had several lengths of rope, dildos, and anal plugs/beads. “On all fours,” They commanded. She dropped down immediately. First, a pair of hands help open her moist pussy lips, and smacked them viscously. Sam winced. A dildo was being run up and down her snatch, and lightly smacked her clit. This continued for a couple minutes, and by the time they stopped Sam’s cunt was a lake. The hands forced the dildo into her, and she found out of large it really was. Very large. It stretched Sam’s hardly used cunt lips wide open and slid past her g-spot, making her squirm. Next, they put cold lube onto her ass, making her gasp. “No, no, please, I’ve never done anything there, please, no!” She whimpered.

“Shut up!” Captain shouted gruffly. A string of cold beads were being forced into her virgin ass hole. Sam deeply suspected they were silver, along with the dildo that was heating up in her puss. She thought the string would never end, her ass felt like it would burst, there must have been at least ten beads of at least an inch in diameter up her ass, and they showed no sign of stopping.

After fifteen more beads had been inserted, they had finished with her brown eye. “One more thing honey and this will be very painful!” They sang with glee. A small string of beads was being forced somewhere Sam had never imagined, her urethra. It was extremely painful, and Sam would have passed out had it not been the extra pressure being placed onto her g-spot, making her cum over and over again, until the pleasure got overwhelming and she passed out.

Her reprieve didn’t last long, Roi tossed a bucket of cold water onto her, waking her instantly. Not giving her a moment to recover, Captain lifted her by her hair, and Chip tied a rope around her waist, leaving two feet on the loose ends, the knot just above her ass cheeks, closer to the small of her back. The extra rope was looped through her legs, pulled taught and tied to the other side of her waist rope. That left about a foot of rope in her front and two feet in the back. These were then fed into pulleys, which winched her up onto her tiptoes, with most of her weight on her most delicate region.

They pulled out more rope, and Sam whimpered. This was for her large and sensitive tits, Sam knew. Chip seemed to be the bondage expert here, as he tied them up. He wrapped the rope around her tits tightly several times, and then crossed them in the middle. With the remaining rope he went around the top and bottom of her tits once, then around her shoulders to create some sort of rope bra. Her tits were a deep red now. They looked at each other, and Sam knew they were communicating by telepathy. If all this damn silver wasn’t around her, she could hear them too. Roi went to the bondage wall and pulled out some sort of machine. It had too little suckers on the ends. Those were attached to her nipples and put on full suction power. Her nipples elongated into the tubes, and were stretched to almost an inch long. Sam groaned at the pressure.

“Hmm…” They teased. “Is little Sam feeling a little uncomfortable?”

“Yes, you fucking bastards, let me go!” Sam demanded.

“Oh! Someone’s feeling a little mouthy today. We should fix that.” Captain announced, grabbing a gag from behind him and forcing it into Sam’s mouth. “Got anything to say now, little whore?” He asked cruelly. Sam squirmed, and then gasped as it put more pressure on her nipples and crotch rope. She instantly stopped moving.

“We’re going out.” Roi announced. Someone flicked a switch on Sam’s dildo and it started vibrating furiously. She groaned in appreciation. “Don’t go anywhere.” Chip smirked at Sam, loving the comment.

Several hours later the three came back to Sam in the same position, but with cunt juice dried on her legs. She was asleep, and all her weight was on her crotch rope. Captain strode over and tugged the pulley roughly, angry she fell asleep. Sam jerked awake at the fire in her pussy, tears running down her face.

“New punishments tonight, bitch. You will regret sleeping.” Captain said, bristling with anger, making Sam cower away from him and his pain inflicting hands.

Chip quickly untied her, and rubbed her breasts back to life. However, he didn’t take out the anal beads. He ripped out the dildo and urethra plug, making her shriek into her gag, which he removed shortly after. He handcuffed her to the cot in the corner and gently told her to rest.

The three left the room.

When they returned hours later, Sam was awake on the bed, scared of sleeping again in their presence.

Captain was holding a large bag that looked full and heavy. He pulled out several chains, cuffs, and ropes. He tossed them on the ground and pulled out the gem on top. A massive butt plug. It must have been six inches around at the base, and it had studs all over it. She could sense it was made of silver and that in it of itself made her wince. Captain put cuffs on her ankles, and hooked a spreader bar to them, three feet in length. He then had Roi step on it, while he stretched her arms upward, and tied them to the ceiling hook. When Roi moved away, she was on her tiptoes. Then, Captain tied a rope around the bar, and tied it to a pulley in the ceiling two feet away from her hands. He pulled it tight, so her toes touched the ceiling. This allowed him access to her obscenely spread pussy and ass. Chip smacked her clit, erect and red. Sam yelped. Then, he pulled a medium silver speculum out of his pocket and forced it into her sore pussy. Oblivious to her yelps, he opened it as wide as it could go, about four and a half inches. Her pussy was stretched, and Sam was crying quietly. However, her juices were flowing out of her pussy and dripping onto the floor. Captain picked up the monster of an anal plug, and greased it in her pussy juice.

“Just this once,” He said gruffly, “I’ll lube it. Only because you’d never done anal, yet you dress like some sort of whore.”

“Maybe she’s a bitch,” Roi suggested. “Or a tease. Maybe she leads ‘em on and then leaves. Bitch,” He glares at her.

She protests, angry they won’t let her defend herself, when Captain slams the plug into her ass. She screams, and he grins. “It’s not even halfway Princess.” He slowly works most of it in, leaving the very end out, so her ass is stretched at six inches for longer than she had planned. He had more torture in mind for her, she knew. “Suck the rest of it in with your ass.” He demanded, pinching her clit cruelly and twisting. She hollered, and tried her best. It was obvious Sam didn’t know what she was doing, she didn’t get anywhere. Captain sighed and pushed it in. Used to the stretching by now, the effect of the silver was beginning to get to her. Her bones felt filled with lead, and her mind was fuzzy like a bad TV connection.

The guys noticed, and teased her about it.

Suddenly, Chip undid her feet and they abruptly fell to the floor. He then undid her hands, and she would’ve fallen, but he caught her just in time. A silver collar was clipped around her neck, with a chain leading down her spine, ending just above her brown star, with the plug protruding.

Roi was holding three clover clips, and Sam’s eyes widened, having experienced their wrath with previous boyfriends. One went on each nipple, and a chain was attaching them. With her muddled mind, Sam couldn’t for the life of her figure out where the third one would go. While she was thinking about it, he clipped it to her large and oversensitive clit. She screamed and screamed, but didn’t struggle. She knew that if she did, it would just get worse. There was a chain similar to the one trailing down her back attached to it, but it was shorter.

The chain down her back was clipped to a small hook on the plug Sam hadn’t known about, forcing her to either sit up straight, or choke. “Now,” Captain said. “This will hurt quite a lot. Bend over.” He told her. Sam tried and tried, but couldn’t force herself to do that. “Fine. Chip, bend her over until I say stop.” He complied forced her back to curve, choking her. Quickly, before she choked to death, Captain hooked the chain on her clit to the chain in between her nipples. Chip let her go and Sam straightened up. This pulled on her nipples and clit, making the clover clamps tighten.

Sam howled, literally. She had begun to turn human. Roi placed a silver chainmail bag around her head and tightened the bottom, so she couldn’t see anything. Sam’s pussy and ass began to tighten, bones shift, and brain change. Wolves have larger cavities to allow for larger cocks, and their bones were differently placed. The brain had to change so she wouldn’t shift. This process took about ten minutes, and Sam was screaming by the first two. The plug that was too big for her wolf ass was tearing her human one, and she now felt all the abuse she had taken during the last two days.

Even though her body ached and was in pain, Sam’s mind was clear. She knew now that this is what she wants; these men had turned her into a pain slut. She had never had orgasms as large as the ones they had given her, and she was looking forward to more.

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