Cathy must have looked in on me earlier because there was a message on my bedside table when I awoke, telling me that she had to go out but would be back shortly to check up on me. Easing around the bed, found that moving my legs still brought on unpleasant aches and pains around my bottom region, so I just laid back and tried to find a position that was comfortable.

I had remembered going to the toilet earlier on and felt a lot of pain in my anal region then. Although I could urinate OK, the moment I tried sitting down onto the toilet seat and trying to relieve my bowels, brought on a severe burning inside of me like I was chafed and red raw.

Even trying to wipe his semen that had been inside of me and must have oozed out while I slept, leaving me slippery and messy caused me intense pain. So I simply tried my best to just dab the paper onto the gaping opening to try and clean up the mess.

I recalled how Cathy had helped me into bed last night and bless her, must have put a pair of panties on me back then, so that when I’d woken up earlier and felt them damp and sticky I’d tried to change them and I remembered then that I’d had to take my time then as moving my legs around the crotch area brought on pain.

I’d gingerly taken those ones off and carefully put on a fresh pair, tipping some talcum powder in the gusset to try and help ease the rawness down there.

By around 10ish, I simply needed to try and rid myself of the dirty, unclean feeling I felt about myself after last night’s episode and although still feeling very sore, I felt that a shower might help me in that respect. Shuffling into the bathroom and turning on the shower, I let it run and adjusted the water till it was warm, then slipping off my nightie and easing my panties down to around my knees (before gravity did it’s work and they fell to the floor) stepped into the shower.

The warm water hitting my back seemed to soothe me and it was only when I moved my legs slightly apart and that water started to run into the crack of my bottom that I gasped and flinched, realizing that that was a big mistake. I felt the burning sensation of the hot water running down onto my tender and raw anal area.

I worked the hot and cold water taps till the water was only slightly warm and slid back under the water stream. The stinging effect on my anus was still there, but it was now at least bearable. I reached my arms around to soap my back and wash myself but screamed out in pain and quickly stopped as I felt the burning sensation of the soap suds trickling down onto my bottom opening.

Dropping the soap, I moved the shower head around me to get the shower stream to wash away the suds to try and stop the burning pain. I’m not sure how long I stood there, showerhead on hand, all the while, tears seeming to stream from my eyes. As hard as I tried, I simply couldn’t clean away the feeling of dirtiness and of being cheap. But then again though, how could a shower do that for me anyway?

I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a bath sheet around myself and with the tears still flowing down my face, gingerly and with very short steps walked back into the bedroom and sat back down carefully on the bed.

It must have been about half an hour later that, still sitting with the damp towel wrapped around me, I heard a knock on my door that startled me back to awareness. Still weeping, I shuffled slowly out to see who was there. The knocking started again before I got there, but more forcefully insistent and I heard Cathy call out, “Nikki, are you there? Are you alright honey?”

I opened the door and my face must have told the story, because Cathy stepped through the door with someone I didn’t recognize and quickly closing the door behind her and proceeded to hug me protectively whispering soothing things words.

“It’s alright Nicole, I won’t hurt you honey. Relax Nikki, it’s alright to cry, come on honey, and let it out sweetie.” I simply just broke down entirely, my body trembling and shaking, whimpering, tears streaming down my face, sniffling and sobbing, melting further into the warm comfort and safety of her arms. She kept holding me and guided me back towards the bedroom soothing me with soft words of endearment and eased me back down onto the bed.

I recall her turning round to this strange woman and venomously muttering that if she ever got her hands on the mongrel bastard who did this she’d cut his prick off and stuff it up ‘HIS’ arse. A short time later Cathy went outside with this stranger and after a short time they both came back into the bedroom and Cathy introduced the stranger to me.

“Nikki, this is my friend Anne and she’s a doctor. I asked her around because I was scared that that mongrel you went out with last night might have hurt you.” Anne came over and reassuringly taking my hand told me that when I was ready, she’d like to examine me to make sure that I wasn’t hurt anywhere.

Cathy was still holding onto me for support and started rubbing my back through the towel with a slow circular motion. It was starting to relax me and I tried to hold back the tears, as I blubberingly thanked both of them.

Anne and Cathy went outside to the kitchen and came back a few minutes later carrying a tray with 3 cups of tea, a towel. Sipping the tea seemed to help me regain some of my composure because the tears and sniffling stopped.

Taking a deep breath seemed to help me steady me down and bring me back to reality. Dr Anne asked Cathy to let her have some privacy while she examined me. I quickly told Dr Anne that I wanted to have Cathy nearby and could she remain, to which Dr Anne reluctantly agree to, with a reply along the lines that Cathy could stay as long as she didn’t, interfere or say a word.

“Nicole,” asked Dr Anne. “Can you please take your towel off and lie down on your back on the bed honey?” While I did this, Dr Anne put on some rubber gloves and then carefully and lightly placed the towel they’d brought in with them over my genitals in such a way to allow me the feeling of modesty for the examination. “That’s it honey, try to relax while I examine you more closely” she cooed. “Tell me if it hurts, when I press down on anywhere” she reassured me.

With that, she gently eased her hands over my chest and using her fingers started to gently press down over the front of my body and slowly worked her hands all the way over the front of me to down just past me knees.

The shaking of my head, brought gentle steady “that’s good” remarks from Dr Anne and she quietly told me and Cathy, that at least HE hadn’t appeared to have hit or punched me, because she couldn’t see any signs of bruising or the like.

“Nicole, I know you’ve been through an ordeal honey, but I need you to roll over now onto your tummy and part your legs a little for me,” As I rolled over, shyly trying to keep the towel covering my modesty, Dr Anne said in a soothing gentle voice. “That’s it darling, just relax. Just like before, let me know if you feel any pain when I press down anywhere.” And with that, she started at the back of my neck and worked her way down my shoulder blades, around my kidneys then down to my legs and knees, all the while staying well away from my bottom.

“Nikki, I’m now going to touch you down around your bottom honey. But if you say stop, I’ll stop right away, until you say that it’s alright for me to continue. But I really do need to examine you thoroughly, so just try to relax yourself and let me know if I’m hurting you, alright.”

With that she gently slid her hands down my back and eased my bottom cheeks further apart to look very closely and at the same time very lightly brushing her finger over and around my opening, while gently working a finger inside of my anal rim. I started involuntarily tensing up and she immediately stopped and removed her hand saying, “I’m sorry honey. It must be very sensitive down there for you, but apart from a few small fissure tears, some chafing and bruising around your anus you won’t need any stitches, thank god. Nicole, I’m just going outside to get my medical bag and find some ointment to rub onto your bottom.” With that, she nipped outside for a moment.

Cathy bent over and asked me with urgent intensity, if the pig had raped me or hit me. I shook my head and told her that he didn’t really hit me, except he kept slapping me hard on the bottom. I went on saying that it was just that he got very horny and wouldn’t stop or slow down but it had been so nice the first time he did it, I told her, but then later on when he tried to do it again and started to make me feel sore he simply wouldn’t stop, even when I started crying. Cathy quietly cursed as she listened to the words rushing out of me in anguish.

“Cathy? How could someone that seemed to be so nice to me, suddenly need to hurt me?” I asked her. “When we use to do it, did I ever hurt you when I fucked you in the arse?” Dr Anne had just walked back into the room and must have overheard the end of my question.

“No Nikki” Cathy said. “You never hurt me, but then again you were always gentle, and even when you were desperately frantic, you always made sure that I was nice and slippery down there. You weren’t big, but boy oh boy you sure made up for it with vigor” she smilingly told me. “I felt that you always left my ‘back door’ well and truly open and I ALWAYS walked around funny afterwards,” she told me with a friendly smile, hoping that this might make me feel better, instead of feeling that I had been made to feel cheap, used and violated.

Dr Anne, then spoke in a more friendly tone and told me that she wanted to ease the pain and needed to rub some cream around the anal area so it wouldn’t hurt any more. And with that, she squeezed some ointment onto her fingers and started to rub the cheeks of my bottom.

“This is an anesthetic ointment and will numb the area. You’ll need to do this every 4 hours or so for the next few days,” She told me. She then applied the ointment rubbing the outside of my cheeks to start with and in a few moments the cream seemed to be working as I was beginning to feel an easing of the pain. Then she told me that she was now going to start to rub the cream closer to my opening, but she’d do it slowly and let the cream take effect before getting too close to my anus.

It took her about 5 or so, and she was very careful. Dr Anne then asked Cathy to reach into her medical bag a get her a tampon. Cathy rummaged in the bag and handed her one. Anne then coated it with the ointment and proceeded to slowly ease it up inside of me.

Apart from the embarrassment I felt at having had the doctor have to do this to me, it didn’t appear to hurt.

Dr Anne smiled at me and said “I’m finished down there now, Nicole.” The ointment must have been working because I was visibly starting to relax my body and start to become less rigid.

“Right” Dr Anne said in a more business like tone. “Now we still need to clean you up down there and make sure it’s sterilized and clean. This antiseptic, might sting for a moment she warned.” But when she dabbed on the cotton wool wipes, I didn’t feel anything.

“I’m also going to have to give you a penicillin injection and we’ll need to take some blood as well and get the sample analyzed for any possible diseases,” Dr Anne stated.

“I know he didn’t use a condom” remarked Dr Anne, “because there’s dried semen traces still inside of you. You know, you really were foolish for not making him a condom, don’t you,” Dr Anne told me firmly.

I started to tear up and blubberingly tried to explain that Greg had gone and got tested 3 months earlier and had been abstaining since then.

“Rubbish” Dr Anne growled. “When can you believe what a man tells you, hmm? Anyway”…She resignedly sighed. “The damage may have already been done. You’re going to suffer a terribly emotional time now waiting for the results to come back, don’t you?”

She then looked me in the eyes and asked sincerely if Greg had raped me or not. I told her that NO, he hadn’t initially raped me and that I had been more than a compliant participant, which made Cathy sharply retort that, maybe I ‘had’ been willing the first time, but certainly ‘not’ the second, she hissed.

Dr Anne seemed to change her attitude to one of a gentle and kindly person who was simply trying to help me when she stated that, what I needed now…was a good bubble bath soak. Then she asked me if I felt well enough to get up and take a bath. I slowly started to raise myself from the bed, and gingerly put one foot on the floor. The pain didn’t seem to be down there anymore, and I started to visibly relax my body.

“That’s the cream taking effect. Feels better down there now, doesn’t it?” Dr Cathy asked me. I smilingly nodded and started heading towards the bathroom to run the bath.

“It’s not a nudist colony around here you know! Cathy called back to me. “Don’t you think you’d better put a nightie or something first?” Se handed me one from out of the drawers and I popped it over me while still gingerly walking to the bathroom to start the spa-bath, before then returning to the lounge room and rejoining the pair of them sitting down. As I sat, admittedly with a little bit more restraint, feeling the tampon inside of me we all drank some fresh tea and chatted about how things would go from here.

Dr Anne advised me that, by law, she had to report the incident, but that she would tell the authorities that the victim did not wish to name her offender or to pursue the incident any further. She was however, concerned about the fact that he was not wearing a condom, but I told her that Greg had shown me the health clearance certificate about a week ago, and I believed him when he’d told me that he had been abstaining since he took the tests. Dr Anne sighed and said that for my sake she hoped he’d been telling me the truth, because she told me in a chilling voice “STD’s, especially HIV or herpes, weren’t fairytales… they were nightmares.”

“Anyway, let’s keep a positive line of thought going. So which name do you prefer to be called, Nicole or Nikki?” Dr Anne gently asked me.

“I prefer Nikki, Dr Anne” I told her.

“Well then Nikki it is” Dr Anne said. Her tone of voice changed and she spoke to me kindly but with firmness hidden behind her tone. “Now then” she started. “You’re to abstain from anal sex for the next 3 months to let your bottom heal up and NO other types of sex for the same period. I’ll also need you to visit a special clinic later on today or at the latest by tomorrow for a check up. Here’s the phone number and address of a clinic which is nearby your place” she said handing over a business card. Tell the doctor who examines you that I’ll fax over the results of the blood tests to their offices as soon as I receive them.”

Continuing on she said …”I’m not quite finished with you yet either, because I’m possibly going to have to give you another injection before I leave, but you’ll need to do an anal douche to clean out any semen left inside of you first, OK.”


After I’d finished the “2″ douches, Dr Anne had ordered me to do another one, just to make sure I was ‘sparkling’ clean ‘back there.’ She then told me she also debating in her mind as to whether I might need that second injection before she left.

When I asked her what it was for. She paused thoughtfully for a moment and then smilingly told me, I might need an extra ‘booster’ shot, but she wanted to see if I suffered any adverse reactions to the penicillin shot first.

Afterwards the 3 of us sat around talking for awhile. Dr Anne told me that I should consider her a confidential friend and call her Anne from now on. Apparently, so I learned later on, it was part of a recognized rehabilitation process to get the victim of a rape to try to discuss with someone they trusted, what had occurred. With that she asked me to try and tell her what had happened to me last night.

Just as I was about to start, Anne turned to Cathy and sternly warned her not to interrupt or say anything at all, because she’d known Cathy long enough to know all about her too, so she could never be one to criticize anyone.

“Remember David, Cathy…hmm.” Anne threateningly remarked.

I didn’t for the life of me know who David was, but Anne knew and Cathy’s face went pale and she seemed to become far more docile and demur as she sat back quietly to listen too.

With that out of the way, Anne asked me to begin and so I retold her all about the previous night, starting from when Greg had called over for me, to my getting into the car, to the restaurant, to the dinner itself, then the ride back to his place, the sex, and finally, how I felt about what had occurred last night.

She was a good listener and knew how to gently draw out the facts by occasionally interrupting the flow with pertinent questions and did it in such a way that as ashamed as I felt at what happened, it was almost like a weight being lifted from my shoulders, finally telling someone else.

When I’d finished retelling everything and answering Anne’s probing questions, I sat back, head in hands and broke down weeping unashamedly. As quick as a flash, Anne was beside me firmly holding me in her arms, quietly telling me, again and again, that it was over now and finished. No one else would ever need to know.

In tears, I hugged her and suddenly felt cleansed as if a burden had been taken off me. I liked and trusted this woman and I’d now look upon her as a friend indeed. Cathy came over and joined in a group hug that finally made me start to smile and laugh softly while quietly thinking, that these 2 people didn’t look down on the life that I led, or on me or what had been done to me for that matter.

All the time she’d been here, Dr Anne had called me Nicole, regardless of my obvious male body. She’d treated me like I was an innocent ‘female’ rape victim even though ‘I’ thought that I’d encouraged Greg into doing this to me.

Anne eventually let go of me and said that she had to leave now and could Cathy drive her back home, but asked Cathy if she would come back to keep me company after dropping Anne off and to stay with me for a while.

Anne then asked me in a friendly and sincere tone of voice, if I enjoyed dressing like a woman and would I seriously consider wanting to live like one. I nodded my head vigorously and gushingly told her that I was far more happy being a woman then I was being a guy always wished I’d been born a woman.

At which point Cathy piped up and said, “Anne, if you’d seen how she was dressed yesterday, you wouldn’t need to have asked that. Believe me when I tell you that Nikki was dressed like she was going out hunting for bear and looking forward to it…crotchless panties and all! And to think, that all those years ago, we might have actually married one other?”

Anne looked confused, until Cathy told her it was a long story, best left for the drive back home to her place. “Anne, you’ll simply never believe it” Cathy remarked.

Anne winked to me, smiled and then told me, that as I didn’t apparently seem to be suffering any adverse reactions to the penicillin injection and that she thought it mightn’t be a ad idea to be safe more then sorry and that she was going to give me another, booster injection. She picked up her case and led me back into the bedroom, where upon she closed the door and instructed me bend over lift my nightie and ‘smile.’

While I was doing this, she opened the case and extracted a needle and filled it from a vial, and proceeded to inject me in the fleshy part of my butt. This injection, she told me, may feel a little bit warm at first, but not uncomfortably so. She was right; I did feel a warm rush sensation in my bottom but not unpleasantly so.

I stood up, gently rubbing where she’d stuck the needle and followed her back outside. Anne then told me, she’d give Cathy some prescriptions to hand over to me and to make an appointment to see her at her surgery sometime in the next two days, without fail.

You might want to read earlier chapters for a semblance of context. On the other hand, you know what you’re in for here. I hope you enjoy the kink, baby.


“I’ve got an idea for a tattoo for you.”

Marion said this to me one evening after she showed me her new tattoo. Four lines of some ancient and exotic text on the back of her left shoulder. I traced them with my finger and said, “What does it say?”

Marion handed me a sheet of folded paper. I took it, unfolded it and read. What I saw brought tears to my eyes and a welling of love for her. Her tattoo was a testament to her deep love for me, her devotion to me and her lifelong commitment to me. I wiped a tear with a manicured nail and hugged her. “I love you with every fiber of my being,” she said.

I led Marion up the black wrought iron spiral staircase, past the playroom, to our bedroom. I peeled off her sumptuous black cowlneck dress, peeled off my tangerine jersey one piece, revealing my cobalt blue sheer lacey bra, matching garter and stockings and tanga panty, and lay her down on our high thread count sheets, her raven hair splayed radiantly. I lay next to her, kissed her and our tongues danced. I kissed her cheeks, her eyes, her neck. I kissed my way to her perfect breasts and kissed and nibbled and bit and twisted her nipples beneath her sheer black bra and when I moved lower I knew well of the lingering pleasure-pain she felt.

I kissed my way down her flat tummy, kissed my way lower and lower, my hands fluttering along her stockinged legs, her thighs, and up but never touching her there.

My earrings and necklace swayed and tugged as I spread Marion’s legs and nuzzled her sweet pussy through her black lacy cheeky panty. I kissed and sucked and chewed her through her fabulous panty before finally peeling it down her long, lean legs. In that practiced move we had so often choreographed, Marion lifted her rear then gracefully held her legs such that I whisked off that small lace material and tossed it aside, eager to return to my love.

I licked and nibbled her bare pussy and was rewarded with her moans and her fingers entwined in my hair, guiding me, as if that were necessary. I licked her ass and felt her smile as I pierced it with my tongue and heard her moan. I made her come and removed my panties and crawled back up her lean body, kissing and nibbling until my tongue was again in her mouth and my cock deep in her cunt.

Marion cradled my head in her hands and told me she loved me and pointed her high heeled toes toward the ceiling and we rocked together in perfect harmony, the sound of feminine material rustling as I made gentle love to my sweet, sweet Marion.

Afterward, as we lay together, our limbs entangled, enjoying the afterglow. Marion said, “I’ve got an idea for a tattoo for you.”

I like the look of tattoos but never really considered one for me, although it wouldn’t be out of place on my job. I wrote code for a tech startup that had become wildly successful and I was proud to be an integral part of it. In fact, there was talk of an IPO, and if that happened we’d be rich and set for life.

I’d met Marion at work. She ran the marketing arm of the small firm. She was in her late twenties and I was in my early twenties and she seduced me, told me she’d had an erotic dream about me and for once I didn’t run away. Skinny ole’ me. Of all the studs and players she could have she chose me. And took me on the ride of my life.

She loved lingerie and our first time together she had me wearing her camisole, which came surprisingly easy to me. I figured I was thinking with my cock, telling myself I wore sexy lingerie to have access to Marion’s world class body and sweet pussy, that I donned dangly earrings, bangly bracelets, lovely necklaces and strappy high heels because I was just a horny, lucky guy. But I grew to like it, finally admitting to myself that I liked the lace, the nylon, swishy microfiber dresses. I liked being made up, I liked being a slender, toned woman, I liked my shoulder length hair, one and one-half inches below my shoulder at the ear, flicking across my flesh when I walked, turned my head or was getting fucked by hard cock.

I’m bi and Marion brought that out in a big way one wild weekend and it’s been full throttle balls to the wall since then. Me to the wall as well. She’d shackled me and flogged me and caned me and blindfolded and beat me while men fucked me and I loved it, god help me, I loved it.

“I would do anything for you Marion. Anything,” I said softly, “If you want me to get a tattoo for you I will.”

“That’s my good girl,” she said and kissed me tenderly.

It was a painful time. What I thought was going to be a tribute tattoo similar to Marion’s was not to be. I spent a lot of time in what I’d come to learn in the playroom as subspace while getting the tattoo.

Marion took me to a tattoo parlor. I wore black cargo shorts, lacy pink boyshorts and matching bra, white running shoes with pink accents and a cute white sleeveless blouse. Dangly earrings completed the ensemble. I was made up and looked smashing. Marion was taking me out in public more and more and I was getting braver. With my androgynous looks I pass easily as a pretty woman when made up. Men check me out with hungry eyes, some women too.

I sat in a chair and Marion introduced me to Lou, of Lou’s Tattoos. “Here’s the concept, baby, it’s going to be beautiful and you will look even more gorgeous.” I was nervous and became more so as she described what she had in mind.

“I’m not so sure, Marion.”

“I am, baby. I want this. I want this for you, for me, for us.”

I didn’t respond.

“I got ink for you, to show my love for you to the world. You know love you and have your best interests at heart, don’t you?”

I didn’t respond and looked at her.

“Answer me.”

I nodded.

“Have I ever steered you wrong? Haven’t I always done right by you?”

I nodded.

“Then you’ll do this for me? For us? For you?”

I nodded and she said, “That’s my good girl.”

The high end tattoo machine hummed, the needle bit, the endorphins released and the work began.

In our master bathroom one morning I looked at myself in the full length mirror. Marion stood nearby, leaning against the wall wearing an absolutely stunning deep plum colored sheer lace babydoll with a crisscrossing ribbon back.

“Absolutely magnificent, baby, absofuckinglutely exquisite,” she said.

I turned and twisted, my thick, silky, sandy blond hair with highlights grazed across my shoulders, tantalizing me, subtly reinforcing my femininity. I traced parts of my tattoo with a manicured nail, one and one-eighth of an inch past the tip of my finger, and couldn’t believe it was me, that I had done it. But she was right, it looked magnificent and sexy.

“You know, I tend to get wet whenever I’m around you, but seeing you with that tattoo I swear, I positively drip.”

My tattoo, my body art, my ink. On my right hand, my dominant hand, what Marion calls my cock hand, the hand I most frequently use to reach for cock, the hand I most frequently use to guide cock to my mouth or my ass, my pussy, the tattoo began.

Looping around my middle finger was a thin line, geometric in pattern. The line came to a point just behind the knuckle on the back of my hand and from there spread out in a v-shape up and connected around the other side of my arm and from those lines was an explosion of color and shape in complex geometric designs, fractal inspired.

My tattoo enshrouded my arm, came over my shoulder, to my chest where complex squiggles made their way across my chest, below my clavicles, in a graceful descending-ascending arc before crossing to my left shoulder, making its way up and over where again the design exploded down my side, spreading over some of my back, spreading over some of my front, trailed off at my hip, more graceful, complex squiggles across my lower back, too graceful to simply be considered a tramp stamp, around my hip where again it exploded down in colorful fractal inspired configurations. Around my hip and upper leg, licking out to my groin, my cock. The tattoo trailed off is such a way as to flow naturally into flesh, the colors lighter, less intense until it was no longer there.

The overall appearance was surprisingly tasteful, balanced, elegant even. It was fucking stunning. Marion moved behind me, looked over my shoulder at my, our, reflection and talked. “Mmm, I may have said this before, baby, but a tattoo is tres sexy. A tattoo borders on the taboo, especially on a pretty woman. It signifies a certain sexuality.” She rubbed my arms, hugged me, reached down and stroked me, fondled my cock in her manicured hand and my cock thickened.

She stroked me and talked. “A tattoo on a beautiful woman holds out a certain promise to men.” I moaned as she stroked me with her small, cool hand. “A promise of disinhibition, that she’ll do anything, that she’ll put her mouth anywhere.”

Marion talked as she reached into a drawer while I stared at my tattoo, my cock hard. “I’m glad you talked me into getting a lower back tattoo similar to yours, you’ll like it, maybe more than men will like it. And they do baby, I can tell.” She returned to where she had been, stroked my cock and I felt wet coolness at my rear. She pressed blunt hardness against me and I moaned as she opened me up, as my rings parted and I accepted her dildo, welcomed the fullness back there.

She stroked the dildo in and out of me and stroked my cock and I saw us reflected in the mirror and I moaned. “That’s you, isn’t it. You’ll put your sexy little lipstick lips anywhere, won’t you, baby.”

She fucked me and stroked me and images flashed through my mind; a man filling my garter framed ass, the tattoo mesmerizing him as he took me; a man staring at my glorious tattoo while he fucked me, rocking into me, looking at my sheer bra and sexy tattoo and wondering what else I would do to please him; a man watching my tattooed cock hand stroking him and wondering if I’d lick and tongue his ass. Marion stroked me and I moaned shamelessly and rocked back against the dildo in her hand and I moaned and clenched and came and Marion raised her hand to my mouth and I licked her fingers clean.

I took off Marion’s lovely deep plum colored sheer lace babydoll with a crisscrossing ribbon back, led her to our shower where we were tender with each other and reaffirmed our love.

For weeks Marion would do glorious things to me in the playroom and bedroom. She’d suck me, finger me and fuck me with dildos and her strapon, but wouldn’t let me lick her or fuck her and I wondered what I had done to lose that pleasure.

Then one Saturday morning we were sitting on our buttery soft brown leather couch drinking coffee and reading the paper. A sailboat race was underway on the deep, wide river outside of our big bay winder overlooking the shimmering water and sleek boats with sails that fluttered then snapped taut, filled with wind.

Marion said, “I’ve got a little surprise, baby.” She shucked her sage colored silk robe revealing her lithe, toned body and perfect breasts. She tossed a throw pillow on the floor between her small manicured feet, smiled and said, “Assume the position.”

I peeled off my own almond colored microfiber robe and kneeled between her gorgeous thighs. She was aroused and I could smell her sweetness. Her eyes gleamed, her lovey face framed by her glorious mane of raven black hair. She raised her rear slightly, signaling me to peel down her mango colored lacy boyshort as I’ve done so many times.

Marion tucked my shoulder length hair behind my ears, swaying my earrings, and drew me to her. My eyes widened in surprise as my mouth was pulled to her bare pussy and I licked her and metal clinked softly against my teeth. I licked her and pleased her and she talked between gasps and moans.

“You like it? I thought I’d surprise you. God it feels good. Can’t believe I waited so long.” I licked and flinched and chewed and bit and sucked and gnawed and she was speechless and grabbed my head and pulled me and hunched into me and cried out and came and I kissed her down there, she tasted so very sweet.

Marion pulled me up and leaned into me and I held her in my arms, her head on my shoulder as the boats sailed on. “Surprised?” she said.

“And how! I wondered why you were hiding yourself. I thought I’d done something and you were punishing me.”

“Oh no, baby. If you’re being punished you’ll know it. And why. So what do you think?”

“Looks sexy. And you came so fast! Was it partly the piercing? Coming so fast?”

“I think so. I walk around turned on all the time. God, if I’d only known what it was like I’d've pierced my hood way sooner. It’s amazing.” I laughed and tucked my hair behind an ear with a manicured nail.

“You know me; I have an idea for you, too.” My heart raced. “You know I’d never ask you to do anything I wouldn’t do. Mostly, anyway,” she said and grinned. I was nervous, but Marion hadn’t let me down yet. Even the massive tattoo, I liked. “I have a friend coming over this evening, baby.”

Even after all I’d been through with Marion, I was anxious when the doorbell rang. Marion answered it in a lovely emerald green microfiber pant suit and black high heels with toe cleavage. Very sexy. She had me wear my almond robe, black thigh highs that were shorter than normal, ending about six inches above my knees, and strappy black high heels. She had done my hair and made my face and our guest saw an androgynous faced man made pretty, saw a startlingly attractive slender bodied woman, average height for a man, made taller in heels.

Marion made introductions and said, “Paco has the hardware I’m thinking of for you, baby, and he’s such a sweetheart. He said he’s willing to show you all about it. Isn’t that right, Paco?”

He nodded. He was average height, stocky, muscular and heavily tattooed. He wore chinos, boots and a tight black t-shirt. His hair was short.

“Paco makes me smile, baby. He’s a bit unconventional for an attorney and he’s unusually quiet for a lawyer. Isn’t that right?” Marion smiled at him and he grinned back.

“Drop your robe, baby. Show Paco your ink.”

I untied the robe, slid it off my shoulders and let my hands drop and held them slightly behind my midline and let it flutter down and pool at my high heeled feet.

Paco raised an eyebrow. He circled me, appraising me, taking his stock of me, of my tattoo. Back in front of me, he put an arm across his chest, rested his other arm against it and held his chin in his hand. He nodded and said, “Lou?”

Marion smiled and said, “Yes.”

“Hmnph. Outstanding design. Superior craftsmanship. Outdid himself. A fucking rockstar.”

“I love it too. He’s done few of yours hasn’t he.”

Paco nodded. “He’s my guy. Expensive.”

“But worth it. It’s amazing. Because it’s so gender neutral, it looks more masculine when she’s wearing male clothes and more delicate against women’s clothes. It’s brilliant!” Marion said.

Paco nodded and said, “I got a thing.”

“Right. Baby, will you do the honors?”

I tilted my head and knitted my brows. “Undress him. You don’t expect him to do it all by himself, do you?”

I blushed and approached him and reached out to lift his t-shirt. “Pretty,” he said and I smiled.

Paco was muscular, hard. I couldn’t help it and ran my manicured hands over his pecs and Marion said, “Slut,” and I laughed and blushed and Paco smiled. I fumbled with his belt, undoing his pants and he took my face in his hands, pulled me down to him and kissed me, his tongue hard and soft, insistent. Marion said, “I assume what happens here remains under client-attorney privilege,” and Paco chuckled into my mouth.

I pushed his pants down and he urged me to my knees saying, “I got a thing.” My eyes widened as I stared at his cock, at the metal piercing his cock. A horseshoe shaped piece of metal pierced the underside of the head of his cock and my heart beat faster.

“It’s called a Prince Albert, baby. You like it? I think you will. You’ll give so much pleasure, you’ll see. Go ahead, take his cock in your hand, in your mouth. You’re going to see. Paco, tell her how it feels.”

I kneeled in front of Paco and my mouth watered and he said, “Feels great,” then, as I took him in my cock hand, “That’s right pretty little one, suck my cock and take off my pants.” I took his semi-hard cock into my soft mouth, careful of the metal on my teeth. His cock hardened in my mouth as Marion watched me suck cock. I fumbled with and worked Paco’s pants and sucked his cock and took off his pants and sucked his cock with the Prince Albert piercing, my tongue swirling.

“She’s good,” he said to Marion and pulled me up and kissed me, turned me and bent me over and I put my hands on the back of the buttery soft brown leather couch to brace myself. Paco yanked my lacy indigo thong down and I stepped out of it and my cock thickened.

I felt cold lube on me, a thick finger in me and I moaned and Marion said, “You’re in for a treat, baby,” and then Paco pushed into me and familiar and welcome sensations back there thrilled me and I moaned and I opened and he was in and that metal felt odd and when it pressed my spot I almost came the pleasure was so unexpected and pronounced. Over and over and over that extra bump of metal, that extra thickness seared my senses and sent me into rapture, senseless spasms of passion and joy rippled through me as Paco fucked my ass and thrilled me with his Prince Albert adorned cock.

Paco fucked me and sailboats raced on the river and in front of the window he fucked me and I moaned and groaned and warbled and shouted and shivered and clenched and came on that glorious cock while Paco grunted out his pleasure behind me, into me, into me, into me.

He hammered into me over and over and flesh slapped and I was delirious and my knees buckled and I slumped and went limp and my head and arms and torso dangled down, my hair and earrings flicking and snapping with Paco’s thrusts and he held me up with strong, calloused hands and pounded relentlessly into me as I dangled helplessly.

A surge of powerful thrusts smashed into me and Paco grunted and came and held still, deep inside of my throbbing ass. He gently withdrew and gently lowered me to my knees my torso on the couch and my breathing slowed and I caught my breath. Marion cleaned Paco with a warm washcloth. Paco stroked my head with a ringed hand and said, “You’re good, babe. I’d stay, but I got a thing. Later.”

I was a wreck. I could only flap a hand in his direction and nod into the couch while Marion saw him out.

On our buttery soft brown leather couch Marion held me, cradled me in her arms, my head on her shoulder and she said, “Wow, I think he had you coming in record time. Amazing.”

“Oh my god, Marion. Oh my god, I’ve never felt anything like it, ever. It was heaven.”

“Maybe similar in a way to my clit hood piercing, you think?”

“I don’t know, but oh god, I hope for your sake, Marion. Boy I hope so.”

I wore a sweet chocolate brown rope halter dress that ended mid-thigh, matching slingback shoes and ochre colored tap pants. My face was perfect, my silver necklace and dangly earrings were darling and my bangly bracelets clinked as I opened the door to Lou’s Tattoos. Lou looked at Marion, then me and said, “Sup, girls,” and nodded his head toward the back room.

Marion and I entered the private back room and saw Louise, Lou’s daughter, a slender, perky, petite woman with spiky black hair. She had multiple piercings and tattoos. She wore tan cargo shorts, a camo colored tank-top, and heavy black boots. “Hi!” she said with a broad smile. Her eyes lit up and she said, “You are so pretty! Both of you! Okay, so who’s here for the PA?” We laughed and I raised my hand and Louise said, “I know. Just kidding! Take off your pretty dress and panties.” I disrobed and Louise led me to a chair with a disposable paper sheet on it. I sat down.

This is my very first story I’ve ever written. I’ve been an avid fan of Literotica for a long time and wrote this a few years back, but was afraid to submit it for a plethora of reasons, mostly fear I think. The story is semi-autobiographical with a ton of embellishment, because you know, no ones real life could ever be this good. I’ve been trying to work up the courage to submit it for a while and after a few failed attempts to have a volunteer editor take a look at it I finally just said fuck it and decided to go for it. Feel free to leave any feedback you like, but please be gentle as it is my first time and hopefully my writing will improve with time. If you are an editor and wouldn’t mind editing my future contributions (as I hope there will be more) please feel free to let me know. I know its kind of long, but hopefully you’ll find it worth the effort. Enjoy!


Ever since I was a child I had always fantasized about being a girl. Every chance I got I would sneak into my moms closet and try on her panties, slips, nylons and dresses. The feel of the sheer silks and nylons against my skin would drive me crazy. When I hit puberty and discovered the joys of masturbation these two activities seemed to combine perfectly. So much so that while jacking off dressed as a girl I would fantasize about being sexually used by men. Eventually I felt I needed a real life person to place my desires onto. Not wanting to pick anyone that lived close by, as these strange feelings might grow stronger and create awkward situations, I happened to pick one of the only people I knew in real life that lived far away, my cousin Dale. For years I had all sorts of fantasies about having sex with him while I was dressed like a girl. Some were hot and raunchy, like I would be his little prostitute slave and suck his cock and take it up the ass like a good little whore. Others where sweet and somewhat “innocent”, like we were newlyweds and having our wedding night together.

Dale, the son of my aunt Lilly and uncle Dan, was blond with blue eyes with great broad shoulders and at 18 my rural cousin was a strapping example of manhood. At six feet tall and about 185 pounds he never seemed to have any problems getting the girls in his small town to take notice of him. While we were both the same age, mine was a different story entirely. With brown hair and eyes I was five foot five and 125 pounds sopping wet if I was lucky. Living in the city and going to such a large high school I don’t think there was a single girl in my senior class who actually knew my name.

Several times a year, usually vacations from school, my parents would drop me off at my aunt and uncle’s house. They lived on a farm outside a small rural town about four hours from the city, and just as I would go to their house to visit occasionally Dale would also come stay with us at times. Because we had a small house, we had always shared my bed when he would come to visit, but despite this I had never had any of my “other” feelings come up when he was over. Last year Dale had come down from the farm to stay with us for a few days. As we were lying in bed the first night, talking, he rolled over and looked me square in the eye. “Jim,” he said. “would you suck my dick?”

My heart jumped in my chest! Was one of my deepest fantasies about to come true? Did he really want me to suck his cock? I had to play it cool. What if he was just fucking with me? What if he told our family I willingly gave him a blow job? I could be turned into the family “faggot” in no time and endure a lifetime of harassment and ostracism. I looked at him as calmly as I could. “I’ll suck yours, if you suck mine.” I replied.

To my delight he agreed and said he would go first. We set up a five minute timer on a wrist watch and the one receiving would tell the other if he was going to cum as neither wanted it in our mouths(well I did but I didn’t want him to know that, at least not yet).

We stripped off our underwear and I was delighted to see Dale’s cock for the first time. It was soft still but about six inches long and appropriately thick and looked absolutely huge compared to my five inch erection. I started a timer on my watch as he went down on me, and although it felt good I just couldn’t enjoy it as I was so eager to get his manhood into my mouth. After about 3 minutes I stopped the watch and reset it and told him the time was up.

He rolled over and I crawled down and hovered my head over his crotch. He was starting to get hard but still wasn’t fully erect, but even so it was growing and now was around eight inches. I gingerly placed one hand around his balls and the other at the base of his shaft and raised it towards my eagerly waiting mouth. Slowly I began lick the tip of his rapidly swelling cock and in no time it was fully engorged and rock hard. Now it was proudly standing tall at nine and a half inches. The only thing missing, I thought, was me dressed up as his little cock sucking whore.

I took the swollen purple head into my mouth and began running circles around it with my tongue as he closed his eyes, leaned back and softly moaned with pleasure. I slowly began working up and down the shaft, trying to get more and more of it into my eager mouth, but it kept bottoming out at the back of my throat four inches in. My own little boner was now erect and aching. Feeling the warmth of his throbbing cock sliding in and out of my mouth and through my lips was electrifying. I picked up the pace and pumped his meat into my waiting mouth with reckless abandon, gagging slightly every time it hit my throat. I was in heaven! I licked and slurped my way over every possible inch of that glorious pole completely oblivious to everything else but his cock in my mouth. Time must have flown by because it seemed like only thirty seconds later the watch beeper went off. By this time I was just too hot to stop. I kept sucking on his pole like my life depended on it, even though he was telling me the time was up and I could stop now. He tried to pull me off, but I was having none of it. In fact the feeling of his hand on the back of my head just made me hotter and more determined. I was getting my reward and no one was going to stop me. After fifteen seconds or so he realized I wasn’t going to quit, so he just leaned back to enjoy the ride.

I was stuffing my face with his rod while I massaged his balls with one had and stroked the base of his shaft with the other. I popped his tip out and licked it eagerly, lapping up the leaking precum, then quickly sliding it back in to my waiting mouth where it repeatedly hit the back of my throat making me gag each time it did, but I didn’t mind. I couldn’t get enough of this hot rod and wanted to deep throat it with every fiber of my being, but lacking the experience I had to content myself with the 4 inches or so I could easily fit into my mouth.

I’m not sure how much longer I was there stuffing his cock into my mouth but I eventually felt his balls tense up. Again he tried to tell me to pull off, telling me that he was cuming, but I kept at it. His whole body tensed and spasmed as he flooded my mouth with his hot spunk. This sent me over the edge as well and I exploded all over the top of the sheets as I eagerly swallowed as much of his load as I could, but some still leaked out of my mouth and down my cheek. I stayed there till I was sure I had gotten it all and his dick started going soft. When I finally pulled off his cock he was looking down at me and I knew my secret was out.

“That was awesome!” he said.

“Thanks.” I replied somewhat meekly.

“Where’d you learn to do that?” he asked.

“Ummm… no where really. Just kind of seemed natural I guess.” I told him, trying to guard my answers.

“C’mon. You mean to tell me you’ve never done that before? I think skill at that level takes some practice. You’ve been sucking other guys cocks, you little faggot!” he exclaimed.

“No, no, no! This is the first time I’ve ever done that! I promise! Please don’t tell anyone else!” I pleaded.

“I don’t know man. I’m not sure I can keep this a secret, you being a cocksucker and all.” he smiled at me.

“Hey.” I replied. “You sucked my dick too! Don’t go telling anyone or I’ll say you’re the same.”

“Fuck You!” He hissed. “You blew me like a pro for a good fifteen minutes then swallowed my load and came all over the bed without even touching yourself! I think that makes you way more of a faggot than I’ll ever be.” He had me right where he wanted me.

“Please!” I begged. “Please don’t tell anyone! I’ll do anything! Please just don’t say anything!”

He paused for a bit then said “I think I’d be willing to keep it our little secret….. on a few conditions.” His lips pulled into a tight little sneer.

“Ok… well… what did you have in mind?” I asked nervously.

“Well, for starters I want a blow job pretty much any time I ask. No questions.” he said sternly.

“Ok.” I said sheepishly “What else?”

“You don’t say nothing to nobody. If you ever mention this to anyone, not only will I deny it, but I will kick your everloving ass the next time I see you and tell the whole family that you’re a gay ass little queer. Got it?”

I nodded. At least it sounded like he was as scared as I was of the family finding out about our sexual liaison, so I thought we were both good on that point. “Anything else?” I asked.

“That’s all for now.” he said. “I’ll let you know if and when I want to add anything to it.”

And that was it for the night. He rolled over and went to sleep. I was left there to lie in my own wet spot with my head buzzing about what had just happened. It took me a while to drift off, but I eventually did, and when we woke up the next morning we both acted like nothing ever happened. We went about and did all the things we usually did, like going to the mall, visiting the music shops, hanging out at the corner store, drinking cokes and eating candy bars.

When it was time for bed that night we both stripped down to our underwear and got into bed. We just kind of chatted about nothing in particular for a while till he was sure my parents were asleep. Then he looked over at me, pulled the covers down and stripped off his underwear. His cock was hard, and he started slapping it gently against his stomach.

“You know what I want.” he said.

I was aching to suck his beautiful cock again, but I really wanted to be dressed as a girl when I did it. I wanted to be used as his little girlyslut. I decided to go for broke.

“Do you mind if I do something first?” I asked.

He looked a little puzzled. “Like what?” he said.

“Well since you didn’t seem to have a problem with me sucking your cock last night I was hoping there was something else I could do to make it a little more… interesting.”

“I don’t know.” he said looking a little nervous. “What did you have in mind?”

I laid it all out on the line for him. I told him how I loved to dress up in girl’s clothes and that I had fantasized about being treated like a real girl by a man. I explained that was why I sucked his dick, because I had fantasized about being with a man for a long time. I told him that if he let me suck his cock while I was dressed, that I would do anything he asked of me. Absolutely anything. At first he wasn’t quite sure about the whole thing. I think he just wanted to get his rocks off and go to sleep, but after some pleading on my part, he agreed to at least see what I looked like all dressed up.

I took my hidden stash of girly stuff out from underneath the bed and quietly slipped into the bathroom. I quickly jumped into the shower and made short work of shaving the hair off of my body. After drying off I made a hasty change into my sexiest outfit. It was a black bustier and matching panties with black fishnets. I had a couple small falsies I placed into my bustier and put on a long, curly black wig. I attempted to do the best slutty makeup look I could with my limited experience and quietly slipped back into the bedroom. Dale was starting to fall asleep when I came in, as his eyes were closed and his dick was almost completely limp. When he heard me close the door he opened his eyes and I’m pretty sure he liked what he saw as he did a double take and his cock instantly got hard. He sat up in bed and subconsciously he reached for his now erect dick and began stroking as I did a slow turnaround to let him see all my goods.

“Man, you look hot!” he said.

“Thanks.” I said in my softest voice and giggled a little.

I gently crawled on the bed on all fours and gingerly took his cock from his absently stroking hand. He was so excited, he already had precum leaking from the tip. I looked him in the eyes as I softly licked it off and whetted my lips with it leaving a small streamer still attached to his now throbbing head. He moaned softly as I put it in my mouth and started stroking the shaft with both my hands. After a bit of this I was determined to get as much of his shaft into my mouth as possible. I slowly took in as much as I could till it hit the back of my throat. I let it sit there for a while as my muscles relaxed enough to allow an extra inch. I continued to do the same thing till I started gagging or needed a breath, then pulled off and started all over. With some patience I eventually got seven inches of his throbbing manhood down my gaping maw. At this point I looked up into his eyes and started fondling his balls while rotating my head around his shaft. This was all he could take as he suddenly unleashed a torrent of hot jism. With his cock halfway down my throat already I just had to relax and let the sweet spunk stream down into my belly. I pulled his cock out of my throat when it felt like he was done and proceeded to lick him till he was nice and clean then I rolled over to the side of the bed. He was still breathing hard and had his eyes closed.

“So was that Ok?” I asked.

He smiled. “Oh my fucking god yes! You looked so hot going down on me! I’m surprised I lasted as long as I did. Good thing you were going nice and slow or I would’ve cum after three seconds! Man I’ve never had a girl suck my cock like you did.”

I’m sure I blushed a little when he talked about me like I was a girl. I’d never felt more feminine in all my life than I did at that point, and it felt great.

“Have you ever had girl suck your cock before?” I cooed.

“Sure. Plenty of times, but never like that. That was even better than some of the fucks I’ve had.” He replied.

“You’ve fucked girls before?” I asked incredulously. I hadn’t even seen a girl’s real tits before, except in porno’s.

“A few.” he said. “You mean you haven’t? Well I guess you wouldn’t, looking like that.” He laughed to himself a little. “No matter. I’m going to add a new condition to our agreement. You’re to dress up any time I ask you to.”

“But wait!” I started to complain. “You can’t make me do this when anyone is around! What happens if I get caught?.

“Don’t worry.” he said. “I won’t make you do this when we’re at risk of getting caught. I don’t want to be seen being blown by a guy in drag any more than you want to be outed.”

The feminine feeling was starting to wear off after that last statement and reality was beginning to set in. Well at least I’d had another fantasy realized. With a little luck, I thought, maybe I could coax him to going a little further next time.

Over the next year I would dress up and blow Dale every time he came down to stay with me, or I went up to stay with him. I eventually got very good at deep throating him, and could keep all nine and a half inches of him securely down my throat until I ran out of breath or he came. I tried dropping subtle hints about wanting him to screw my brains out, but I think he was too afraid of actually putting his dick in another mans ass, however womanly it looked. Maybe he thought that it would push him over the line and he actually would become a fag, which may have been one of his greatest fears. It certainly had been one of mine, although when I was dressed as a girl I didn’t feel like a man anymore, so those fears gradually starting fading away as I thought of myself more as a woman at least while I was dressed.

Spring break came and I was hoping to be able to lie low at home and do my usual loafing around my bedroom, playing games, sleeping in, dressing up and wacking off when no one was around, but when I got home from school on Friday, I discovered my parents had made plans of their own, that hadn’t included me. So after a drive into the country I was unceremoniously dropped off at my aunt Lilly’s house with a suitcase and a sleeping bag, while my parents drove off to enjoy their vacation. I hadn’t even had time to secretly pack my stash of girly stuff so I could have some fun while I was here. Well at least I was up here with Dale, so maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Normally aunt Lilly didn’t mind me coming over on vacation because she would have time to plan a few things for Dale and I to do and we would pretty much entertain ourselves. This time however I think she was a little pissed at my parents for dumping me on her with little to no notice and she wasn’t shy about showing it. Upon my arrival she curtly told me to drop my stuff off in Dale’s room and get ready for dinner. She said Dale was out taking care of a few things on the farm and would be in shortly, then after dinner we were to get ready for bed because they were headed into the local town about 30 minutes away for a night of dancing they had planned weeks ago. I did as I was told and by the time I had washed up and came to the kitchen table Dale was already sitting and waiting for me. He gave me a halfhearted grin as I sat down, and both of us began eating in silence as neither one of us wanted to anger Lilly any more than she already was.

We were about halfway done when my aunt and uncle walked in, dressed in their dancing finery, and proceeded to tell us what was to be done after the meal. We were to clean the dishes and put them away. After that we were allowed to watch TV for no more than 2 hours till 9 o’clock then brush our teeth and go directly to bed. We both nodded in agreement and they walked out, got in their truck and disappeared down the long, dusty driveway.

Once they were gone I immediately opened up and began talking to Dale asking him questions about school and life on the farm expecting him to do the same, but he didn’t. Instead he just gave me one or two word responses, never cracking a smile. I thought maybe I had pissed him off too somehow so I just shut up and finished dinner. By the time we were done eating, I was really bummed out. My last holdout for having fun was slipping away and it looked as if I was in for one long and boring spring break.

As I got up from the table to clean the dishes, I heard a knock on the door. Dale immediately got up and walked over to answer it as I went to cleaning the table and washing the dishes. Although I couldn’t see anything, I could hear Dale talking to another guy at the door and immediately wondered who it was and what they were doing here. I heard the door close and turned around to see my other cousin Jay walk into the kitchen with Dale.

Jay was the son of my aunt Betty and lived not too far from Dale. He was about the same size as Dale at 6 feet and 175 pounds with brown hair and eyes, but a year older. The two of them would hang out all the time but Jay was clearly the alpha dog of the duo. When I was alone with Dale he was downright civil and even a little in awe of my city street smarts. He would ask me questions about music and computers, places to go and hang out, because there was none of that in the rural community where he lived. However when they were together and I was there on vacation they took every opportunity to torment me nonstop. They would poke fun at my slender frame and small stature and call me girly boy and things of such nature. Clearly, I feared, that was to be the case tonight.

“Well look at the little girly man doing the dishes. Maybe you should be doing that barefoot, Jim.” said Jay as he sneered at me. Dale just snickered behind him.

“Very funny Jay. What the hell are you doing here?” I asked.

“I should be asking you the same thing.” he replied. “Dale and I had big plans for tonight, and now you show up unannounced to screw up the works.”

“What did you guys have planned?” I inquired.

“We were gonna have a little private party here with a couple of girls and play some Drink or Dare.” he said.

“Drink or Dare? Whats that?” I asked.

“Its like Truth or Dare, but less truth and more drinking.” said Dale over Jays shoulder.

“And usually some heavy petting and possibly some sex, but now that you’re here its looking less and less like that will be happening. Thank you very little.” quipped Jay.

“Maybe Jenn and Lucy have a friend they can bring over? Give them a call and see if they know anyone else willing to come.” said Dale.

“Guess its worth a shot. Hmmm… who knows girly man, you might even get lucky tonight.” replied Jay.

Jay picked up the phone and dialed. Someone answered and he proceeded to tell the situation and asked if they knew anyone else willing to come out on such short notice. After he hung up, Jay came over to me as I was finishing the dishes.

“Let me tell you how this is going to play out tonight. Dale and I have been planning this night for a long time. Jenn has the hots for Dale and I think she wants him bad. Since she’s leaving for college in a few months this may be her only opportunity to hook up with him. Now I’ve had my eye on her best friend Lucy for a while and finally convinced her to come party with me tonight as long as Jenn and Dale would be here. This should have been a sure thing so if you screw this up for either of us or get us caught by our parents, were both gonna make your life miserable. Got it?” I nodded and he went on.

“Good. I should just exclude you from the game, but I don’t wanna look like a dick in front of the girls, so consider yourself lucky tonight. So let me explain the overall rules to Drink or Dare. We all sit in a circle and turns go clockwise. On your turn you pick someone, anyone, and ask them Drink or Dare. If they choose to drink, its a chug of beer and a half a shot. If they choose dare, you get to pick something for them to do. If they decline to do the dare then they have to drink and they loose their next turn. Refuse to dare or drink three times and you’re out of the game completely. No more drinking or hanging out. Game over. You’re done. Got it? Oh, and you can’t be chosen to drink or dare twice in a row. Now I managed to secure a case of beer and a bottle of tequila for tonight’s festivities, but I’m worried that might not be enough for six people now so I’m planning on putting you out of the game as soon as possible, girly man. Don’t be angry when you have to go to bed early while we’re still having fun.” he grinned.

“Ok. Whatever.” I said rolling my eyes.

“All right.” said Jay. “The girls will be here in about a half hour. Dale and I are going to shower up and get ready. I need you to go out to the tool shed behind the house and bring in the beer and tequila I stashed out there. There’s an ice chest in the garage for the beer and a card table there too. Set everything up in Dale’s room in case his parents get home early and we need to clean up fast. His back door should work fine as a hasty escape route for the girls and I if it comes to that. Hopefully not though. Last time aunt Lilly and uncle Dan went dancing on a Friday, they were out till 3 am and came home completely smashed.”

Jay and Dale walked off to get washed up, while I set about getting things ready. Card table with six chairs set around it. I cut up some limes and set out a couple of shot glasses and some salt. I put the beer in the cooler on ice and set out some disposable plastic cups I had found in the garage. I had just cracked open a beer when I heard a gentle knocking at the back door. I opened it up to see two gorgeous girls standing in the doorway. One was tall and absolutely stunning with wavy, strawberry blond hair, green eyes and beautiful d cup breasts. The other had more of a Betty Page look and was slightly shorter with straight, jet black hair, dark eyes and beautiful breasts of her own although about c cups. They both smiled at me a little halfheartedly and the shorter one said “You must be Jim. Jay and Dale’s cousin?”

I gulped hard and stammered “U… um… yea. They’re getting cleaned up. Th… they should be in in a few minutes. Uuhhhh…. can I get you a beer?”

“Sure.” they both said in unison and walked to the card table and sat down.

I went to the cooler and pulled out two beers and poured them into a couple of plastic cups. As I walked over to hand them their drinks the taller one said “I’m sorry but we couldn’t find anyone else to come over on such short notice.”

“Uhh… thats Ok. I wasn’t really expecting anything anyway. I didn’t know I was even going to be here till a few hours ago when I left Springfield.” I said.

“You live in Springfield?” asked the taller one, her eyes perking up.

“Umm… yea. I go to Springfield High.” I said.

“That’s so cool!” she squealed. “I got accepted to State University this year so I’ll be moving there in a few months. I can’t wait! I want to go to Eric’s Bar and Grill and hang out on 4th street and just party down… o and study too I guess.” She must be Jenn I thought to myself, which would make the shorter Betty Page-esque one Lucy.

“Nice. You know there is a cool little place not far from 4th street where some of the younger crowd that can’t get into the bars yet hangs out. If you like I could tell you how to get there?” I said.

“That would be sweet of you. I’d like that” she replied

Just then Jay and Dale walked into the room smelling like they just bathed in Aqua Velva. It was a bit much for me, but I guess the girls liked it as they instantly got up and walked over to them and gave them hugs.

“Hello girls!” said Jay. “So nice of you to come tonight. Just the two of you?”

“Sorry Jay.” replied Lucy. “Everyone else we called had plans for tonight.”

“That’s ok. No loss on my account.” said Jay. “Jim on the other hand is a different story entirely. By the way, Lucy and Jenn this is Jim, our girly man cousin.”

“Yes, we’ve met already.” said Lucy.

“Well alright then. Are you girls ready to play some Drink or Dare?” he said.

“That’s what we came for.” replied Lucy.

Dale and Jay went over to the cooler, pulled out a couple of beers and poured them into cups while I stashed the extra chair back in the garage. When I came back the seating arrangement had already been established. Jay and Dale were sitting next to each other flanked by Lucy and Jenn leaving me the last seat between the girls. So the order of the game was to go Lucy, Jay, Dale, Jenn with myself last. Everyone had full cups and the shot glasses were ready with half shots of tequila. Lucy started the round.

“Jay.” she choose. “Drink or dare?”

“Ummmm… Drink.” he said. He reached out and slammed a half shot of tequila and chased it with a gulp of beer. “Ok, my turn. Uh, how about Jenn. Drink or dare?”

“I’ll go with drink too I guess.” she said as she reached reached out and licked the side of her hand and proceeded to sprinkle some salt onto it. She then picked up the tequila shot and a lime wedge and deftly licked the salt off her hand, poured the shot down her throat and bit into the lime all in one smooth motion.

Dale was next. “Jim.” he said. “Drink or dare?”

“Umm dare I guess” I said. I didn’t want to get too drunk right away I thought, but I instantly regretted that choice. Jay looked over at Dale with an evil grin and it was clear to me they had cooked something up while they were showering.

“Ok. Drop your pants and show everyone your cock.” he replied.

“What?!?” I stammered. My face started to flush at the mere thought of showing my meager penis in front of these two gorgeous girls.

“You heard me.” he said. “Its either that, or drink and lose your turn.”

“I’ll take the drink.” I said as I poured myself a half shot and quickly downed it followed by a swig of beer.

“That’s one ding for Jim. Ok Jenn. Your turn.” said Jay.

“Dale.” she said. “Drink or dare?’

“Why drink of course!” said Dale as he did his shot and gulp of beer.

“Jim is out this round so its back to you Lucy” said Jay.

“Ok. Jay again. Drink or dare?”

“I’m going with drink again.” he replied. His shot and gulp went down in a flash.

Jay’s turn. “Alright, girly man, drink or dare?”

“I think I’ll go with drink this time.” I did my shot and chaser.

Dale’s turn now and he chose Jenn. “Drink or dare?” he asked.

“Drink again I guess.” she said and as she finished her drink it was now her turn. “Jay, Drink or dare?”

“Well I’m gonna have to say… drink!” Again shot and gulp went down in a flash.

Finally it was my turn and I was aiming to get some revenge on Dale. “Dale, drink or dare?” I said as I gave him the evil eye.

“Dare.” he replied without hesitation. I’ve got him now I thought. I’ll do the same thing to him he did to me. “Ok. You drop your pants and show everyone your cock.” I said smugly.

“Ok.” he said and stood up. Wait, he wasn’t supposed to actually do it, I thought. But he undid his belt and trousers and pulled them down with his underwear to just above mid thigh. When his huge cock flopped out both girls stared in awe. Lucy finally said “So it is as big as the girls in school say.” After ten seconds or so he pulled up his pants, fastened his belt and sat down looking at me with a sly grin on his face. That one had totally backfired on me. Not only was he not embarrassed to show his stuff, but both girls now were a little excited and ready for more.

The next three rounds were all about the same. The girls chose the guys, my cousins either chose the girls or me, I would choose either Jay or Dale and we all just chose to drink. Patterns were being established and it was clear that Dale just wanted to get Jenn drunk and loosen her inhibitions. Jay was obviously trying to get me out of the game while trying to get Lucy drunk as well, and the girls just wanted the guys drunk for whatever reason. Jay or Dale started trading off on which one would choose me on one round or the other in order to get me drunk quicker and with my small stature and low alcohol tolerance it wouldn’t be too hard. Then it would just be them and the girls. At least with them sitting next to each other they couldn’t pick on me twice in a row in the same round.

At the start of the sixth round everybody was feeling somewhat buzzed, especially me. Lucy again picked Jay, but this time he chose dare. She told him to drop trow and show us all what he had which he willingly did. This was my first look at Jay’s cock and it didn’t disappoint. He was soft but still had five nice thick inches. Clearly not as big as Dale, but still something to be proud of and his big goofy smile was proof enough of that. After two more rounds of just choosing drink again, Jenn opted for dare on the eighth round as I think she was buzzing pretty good. Since it was Dale’s turn he said she had to show her tits. She stood up and pulled up her shirt and bra in one swift motion and those beautiful melons fell out in front of us all. All the guys just stared at first and I’m pretty sure my mouth was wide open, this being the first time I’d ever seen a real girls tits before. Jay nudged Dale’s elbow and said “Man! Nice rack!” We all nodded in agreement as she pulled down her shirt and bra and sat back down. We finished the round with the usual choices and drinking options.

In the ninth round Lucy chose Jay and he drank. Jay chose me and I drank, but Dale chose Lucy and she chose dare. This was her first dare, but instead of making her flash her rack like I expected, Dale dared her to give Jay a lap dance. She agreed and stood up while Jay pushed away from the table to make room for her. She backed her ass up to him and sat in his lap while she wiggled around. Then she got up, turned around and sat down straddling him face first and pulled his face down into her tits as she bounced them around and ground on his lap at the same time. After a few minutes of this she stopped, got up and returned to her seat. Jay, again with a goofy look on his face, pulled back up to the table and the game went on. Jenn chose Dale, he drank. I chose Jay, he drank.

Tenth round now was just starting and I was buzzing really hard. I knew I wasn’t going to make it much longer if I continued to just drink. The guys on the other hand were doing just fine as far as I could tell. Having fifty pounds on me and much higher tolerances for alcohol as they drank pretty much every weekend allowing them to continue to imbibe with few visible effects. We all agreed to take a piss break and the girls headed for the indoor restroom while the guys and I went out back to pee behind the tool shed.

“So how you feeling, girly man?” asked Jay as he slapped me on the back while we pissed. “You gonna be ok? Or should we put you to bed now? Ha ha!”

“I’m doing fine.” I lied, having nearly fell over when he slapped my back. “Don’t you worry about me.”

“Ohhhh… Ok. You’ve only got two skips left so choose them wisely. And don’t spew inside the house. If you gotta hurl, try to shoot it out the back door. At least that way we can hose it away later.” he replied.

“Whatever.” I said, zipping up my pants and gingerly making my way back to the bedroom. The girls took a bit longer to return from the restroom, but when they did we sat down and prepared for the next round. Again, Lucy started it off. I think the girls had come up with some sort of plan in the bathroom because when she choose Jay again and he opted for dare, she looked at Jenn with a devilish grin.

“I think its time for my lap dance.” she said and slid her chair out from the table. Jay sheepishly got up and began to fumble around her in an awkward kind of hip thrusting, semi-dancing, stabbing motion. After a minute she stood up and grabbed his hips from behind and started grinding him and slapping his ass. This was more than he could take as he stopped “dancing” and returned to his chair.

“Awww… that’s it?” said Lucy as she smiled at him. “That’s ok. We can finish that later.” Jenn giggled a little at this remark.

It was Jay’s turn now and he chose Jenn this time instead of me. She picked dare and Jay dared her to let Dale suck on her tits. She kind of smiled as she got up and walked over to Dale’s chair and straddled it so they were face to face. She then stripped off her top and unhooked her bra with one arm behind her back and deftly removed it and threw it to the floor with her top. Dale then proceeded to go to town on those magnificent boobs. He licked, slurped and nibbled his way across every square inch of those gorgeous tits while kneading and squeezing on them with his hands. Jenn just leaned her head back and closed her eyes while softly moaning the whole while. It went on for about 5 minutes while Jay and I were just kind of enjoying the show. Lucy though was getting impatient and started clearing her throat loudly to let it be known that time was up. They both snapped out of their little worlds and Jenn got up off Dale and put her bra and top back on. She was clearly turned on as her nipples were like hard, little diamonds poking through her bra and shirt.

Dale’s turn now, and he choose me. I was buzzing hard and really needed a break from drinking so I decided to pick dare. Dale said to drop trow again and show what I had. Being pretty buzzed now I just figured we had all seen each others parts(excepts Lucy’s) so what the hell. I stood up and pulled my pants down. Both the girls looked at my small member and kind of giggled. Jay and Dale just had huge grins on their faces figuring the girls laughing at my small pecker would be the end of my game, but I was so buzzed I didn’t really care. I pulled up my pants and sat down to continue playing. I’m pretty sure this threw the guys for a loop as they looked at each other a little funny.

Jenn picked Dale next and he went with dare. Jenn dared Dale to strip down and do a dance ala “Wild Boys”. Dale happily agreed and began dancing as he took his cloths off. He stripped off his pants first and then his shirt, twirling it around over his head as he gyrated in front of Jenn. He got up close to her chair pulled his underwear down and wagged his schlong around in front of her face as she sat there a little mesmerized as she smiled. After a few minutes he stopped and put his clothes back on while Jenn applauded him for his effort. The round ended with me picking Jay and him drinking.

Eleventh round now and we were all really buzzed. Lucy picked Dale this time and he chose to drink. Jay now picked me and I chose to drink this time, pouring myself a very small shot and acting like I took a big swig off my beer. For Dale’s turn now he picked Lucy and she opted for dare. Dale just kind of grinned for a few seconds before he spoke.

“I want you to pull out Jay’s cock and give him a hand job.” he said.

Lucy scooted her chair over closer to Jay and proceeded to unzip his fly and fish his cock out through his underwear. It only took ten seconds till he was out and fully erect at a good eight inches. She proceeded to rub her hand slowly up and down his shaft never taking her eyes off his cock. After a minute she spit in one hand and then used it to lube up his cock and started rubbing even faster. After another minute she spit in the other and swapped hands again picking up speed. Jay just leaned back and closed his eyes. This went on for another two to three minutes till Lucy stopped and tried to shove his now swollen meat back into his pants in a futile effort. Jay opened his eyes and kind of laughed a little then stood up and tucked his raging boner back into his pants, zipped up and sat back down.

Jenn’s turn now and she chose Dale again. Dale picked dare and Jenn dared him to finger her pussy with her clothes still on. She was clearly turned on now and had big plans for Dale. He got up and walked over behind her chair and carefully slipped his hand down the front of her dress and into her panties where he gently stroked her young, wet pussy. Moans of ecstasy escaped her lips as he moved his fingers over her tender mound. She began writhing in her chair, stroking his arm and hand as it moved around in front of her. After a few minutes Dale withdrew his hand, while Jenn kind of slumped over in her chair for a few seconds before regaining her composure. The round ended with me picking Jay and him drinking.

The twelfth round was starting now and things were getting steamy as sexual tensions were building up in the room, well at least between the other guys and the girls. Lucy picked Dale now as I had just make Jay drink and Dale chose to drink as well. This seemed to be Jays round to pick me and I chose drink again and faked my way through another small shot and faux chug. Dale’s turn and he chose Jenn and when she opted for dare, he dared her to give him a blow job. I think he was a little surprised when she accepted. She got down on her knees in front of his chair as he undid his pants and pulled out his cock. It was fully erect now and it surprised her a little as I don’t think she knew how big it really was when she saw it flaccid during the second round dare. She started by kissing on the head a little and licking it up and down for a bit. Finally she opened her mouth and engulfed the top two inches while an audible gasp escaped Dale’s lips. She bobbed up and down on the tip for a bit, but Dale’s body seemed to twitch every 10-15 seconds or so. He looked down at Jenn with a slight frown on his face after about a minute or so and said “Easy with the teeth there Jenn.” She pulled off, a little embarrassed and apologized and went back too it. But again after another minute Dale started jumping a little. He reached down and pulled her off and said “That’s good for now.” I think she wanted more as she was pretty hot by now, but she stood up and gave a little grin as she returned to her seat and Dale put his member back in his pants.

As it was Jenn’s turn now she picked Jay and he chose dare. Jenn dared him to finger Lucy with her clothes on, as Dale had done to her. Jay happily got up and and walked behind Lucy, who looked a little nervous. Jay put his head down and started kissing gently up and down her neck as his hand slowly snaked down her body, stopping ever so briefly on her tits. Lucy relaxed a bit and closed her eyes as his hand proceeded down her front and into her panties where he began exploring her fleshy folds. She let out a soft moan and grabbed the edges of her chair as if she was going to fly out of it. Jay continued for several minutes till he figured she had enough, then withdrew his hand, sniffed it, frowned a little as he wiped it on his jeans and returned to his chair leaving Lucy still trembling and looking a little embarrassed. For my turn I then chose Dale and he drank.

Thirteenth round in and it was Lucy’s turn. She was fairly drunk and aroused now. She picked Jenn and Jenn opted to Dare. “I want you to wrap your tits around Dale’s cock.” she said. Jenn was a little taken aback at first, but agreed and removed her top and bra and knelt in front of Dale’s chair as he pulled his cock out of his pants. Dale grasped his cock from the base and held it out as Jenn wrapped her lovely globes around his stiffy. There were still three inches sticking out of the top of her cleavage and she put her lips down and started sucking on his throbbing head. Dale let out a moan and started pumping his rod up and down through her tits and into her mouth. Jenn accentuated this by squeezing her cans together and rubbing them up and down in sync with Dale’s thrusts. Dale reached forward and grabbed the back of Jenn’s head held it in place as he picked up the pace coming out of the chair a little each time he thrusted, but this only lasted for about thirty seconds when Dale abruptly stopped and pulled Jenn’s head off his dick with a little yelp. “Damn girl! Easy with those teeth!” He said.

“I’m sorry Dale.” replied Jenn “I don’t have a lot of practice sucking on a real… I mean a cock.” She stopped and her faced turned a little red. She got up and put her bra and top back on while Dale was frowning as he put his cock back in his pants.

Jay’s turn now and he chose Lucy. She picked dare as an sly grin passed over Jay’s face. “I want some of that action Dale got. I dare you to give me a blow job.” he said.

Lucy’s face turned bright red but nodded and knelt down in front of Jay’s chair. Jay started to undo his pants but Lucy stopped him and gently pulled down his zipper and wrestled his dick out of his underwear and through his fly. She stroked him up and down till he was hard and then put the tip into her mouth. Jay moaned and rolled his head back as Lucy began bobbing up and down on the shaft. She slurped and sucked for a minute or two then Jay reached down as Dale had and grabbed the back of her head as he thrust upward shoving more of his cock into Lucy’s mouth than she could handle. She gagged and tried to pull off but Jay forced her head back down as he pumped his cock in and out of her mouth. She really started struggling and gagging now but Jay wasn’t letting up. He was looking down at the top of her head now still plugging away at it like nothing was wrong. After about twenty seconds or so Jenn yelled at Jay to stop and he let go of Lucy’s head. She came off his knob and was trying to catch her breath as Jay started to apologize. Lucy looked up at him, clearly pissed off. “Don’t you ever try that shit with me again!” gasped Lucy.

“I’m sorry.” pleaded Jay. “I guess I got carried away, but it felt so good I couldn’t stop myself. Really, I’m sorry. I promise I won’t do it again.” Lucy calmed down some and seemed to catch her breath as she sat back down.

Dale’s turn now and it was his turn to pick me. I was pretty drunk now and wasn’t ready to drink so I opted to dare. He said he wanted me to strip naked and masturbate in front of the girls. As drunk as I was I still didn’t feel like humiliating myself that badly so I passed and drank anyway. “Only one more and you’re out.” grinned Jay.

It was Jenn’s turn and she picked Jay who opted for dare. “Ok big boy. How bout a little payback? I want you to go down on Lucy.” Jenn looked at Lucy and gave her a little nod while Lucy smiled and turned back to Jay. He looked a little shocked, but after a few seconds he frowned and said “I’m not gonna do that. I hate doing that. I think its kind of gross.”

“Gross?!” shot back Lucy. “What do you mean gross? You’ll happily have a girl go down on you, but when you’re asked to return the favor, you refuse because you think its gross?”

Jay looked a little embarrassed, but said “Yea, I dunno. I just hate the… you know, smell and… taste, sort of.”

“Pfft… that figures.” said Lucy. “Typical guy. Well I guess that’s a drink and one ding for you.” Jay just looked down as he took his drink.

For refusing the dare I had to pass on my turn and at that Lucy stood up and said she needed to use the rest room and everyone agreed to take a break.

As the girls went to the restroom again the guys and I stumbled to the back of the tool shed to relieve ourselves. When we returned to the bedroom and sat down to wait for the girls return, Jay started in with me.

“Two down and one to go. I think you’re going out this round girly man.” he said.

“Whatever man. You have one now so you’re catching up.” I replied.

“I may be catching up, but I think you’re going to be throwing up. Ha ha!” he laughed

“Shut up dude. At least I’m willing to go down on a hot chick when she asks, big man.” I snorted.

“Fuck off you little pussy!” he spat back. “What the hell would you know about pleasing a woman? You’re still a virgin!”

I didn’t really have a reply for this one but luckily the girls came back in the room just then. They sat down and we started the game again. The room had a decidedly different feel now. We were all still pretty liquored up, but the sexual excitement had been dialed down and replaced with an air of animosity.

Lucy’s turn now and she chose Dale. He opted for the dare and Lucy just smiled. “Ok,” she said “You’re going to go down on Jenn.” Jenn’s face lit up at this and started to pull up her dress in preparation, however Dale just shook his head and poured himself a shot. Jenn looked pissed off now and pulled down her dress while giving Dale the evil eye. Lucy snickered and said “That Figures!”

Since Jay and Dale both refused they has lost their turns and it was now Jenn’s turn. She turned to me and said “Ok Jim. Lets see how much of a girly man you really are. I dare you to go down on Lucy.”

I looked over at Lucy who looked back at me, then smiled and nodded. “Ok.” I said. I’m pretty sure this took everyone by surprise, especially Jay as I could tell by the look on his face. I got down in front of Lucy’s chair while she pulled down her panties and raised her dress while spreading her legs. As I got in close the sweet scent of her pussy was intoxicating. I dove in without a second thought. Placing my forearms on her thighs I was able to spread her lips and hungrily started lapping up and down, diving my tongue in and out of her pussy. She moaned with ecstasy and started bucking her pelvis toward my face while I licked up and down. When I reached the top of her lips I started sucking and discovered her clit which popped into my mouth. I gave a gentle little nibble at which she let out a scream and grabbed the back of my head forcing it down hard onto her gyrating pussy. She was clearly enjoying this as I sucked and nibbled her little soldier. She pushed my head in and bucked harder and harder till she tensed up and closed her legs around my head squeezing it with her thighs. She let out a loud moan as her whole body quivered for thirty seconds and juices flowed from her pussy. When she was done she relaxed her leg lock on my head pulled it back with her hand as she looked down on me and smiled.

“Oh. My. God! That was good!” she exclaimed. “You’re not a girly man. You’re the girly’s man!”

“Uh, thanks.” I said as I got up wiping my face off.

“No, thank you.” she replied as she pulled her panties back up.

As I sat back down I could clearly see that Jay was fully in pissed off mode. If looks could kill, my body would have been in pieces on the floor. Dale was staring in a bit of awe at Lucy still. I think it was the first time he had ever seen a girl orgasm before. It certainly was my first time. Jenn was smiling at Lucy with a slight earnest look on her face, while Lucy was glowing from her orgasm still.

So for my turn I chose Dale and he drank.

Beginning of the next round and Lucy chose Jay again.

“Get down on the floor big guy. I’m gonna ride your face!” she said.

“I already told you I don’t like doing that stuff.” he whined.

“You don’t have to eat me.” she replied “I’m just gonna rub my pussy all over your face.”

“No way!” cried Jay. “I’ll just take the drink.”

“Hmmm…. I’m beginning to wonder who’s the real girly man here.” she laughed as she looked over at me. I laughed with her a little till Jay shot me an angry look. With both Jay and Dale refusing their dares last round they were both skipped, so it was Jenn’s turn and she picked me and I chose dare. She looked at me and said “I want the same thing Lucy got.”

Dale’s face turned from puzzled to shocked as the revelation hit him. His chance for nookie tonight had pretty much just disappeared as I lowered myself in front of Jenn’s chair. She stood up and dropped her panties as she flung her dress over the top of my head and sat back down. I assumed the same stance on her as I had Lucy and proceeded to go to town. Her pussy was even sweeter than Lucy’s which I hungrily devoured. I tried to repeat all the same moves on her I’d done on Lucy, but had a harder time finding her clit. When I did it seemed smaller than Lucy’s, but caused the same reaction. She too reached down and forced my head into her muff with reckless abandon. I’m not sure how long I was down there, but my tongue was getting pretty tired by the time Jenn finally started cumming like a mad woman. Her’s lasted more than a minute all the while she was grinding her pussy against my mouth. When she was done she released my head and slumped over in her chair for a few seconds while breathing hard. I came out from under her dress, stood up and again started to wipe my face off, but Lucy grabbed me from behind and spun me around.

“Here, let me help you with that.” she said and proceeded to kiss me deeply on the lips while letting her tongue slip out lapping up Jenn’s left over juices around my mouth. I was so turned on now my little boner was raging in my pants. I’d never had this much action from girls in my life and it was driving me crazy.

Lucy and I sat down and both girls and I regained our composure before I took my turn. When I looked around the room again, Jay was still ragingly pissed off still while Dale had a look of puzzled dejection on his face having witnessed his second female orgasm at my hands (or mouth) and an almost three way between Jenn, Lucy and me. Jenn was still glowing from her orgasm and Lucy was getting turned on again from having licked Jenn’s juices off my face. For my turn now I picked Jay again. He had two dings on him now so he couldn’t take any chances picking dare and refusing so he opted for drink and did so.

Now it was Lucy’s turn and she decided to pick me. I certainly wasn’t in the mood for drinking so dare was the only choice. “Well since you were nice enough to scratch my itch, I figured I could return the favor. I dare you to let me give you a blow job.”

Well I wasn’t about to refuse that one. Lucy knelt down in front of my chair as I pulled my pants and underwear down around my ankles. My little guy was still erect from all the action I’d had on the past two turns and was standing at attention just inches from her face. She started by placing gentle kisses up and down the length of the shaft before proceeded to wrap her ruby lips around my pecker. Flicking her tongue around the head at first she then explored the slit at the top. Slowly at first she engulfed the length of my cock and held it there for a few seconds before bobbing back to the top then returning back again to rest her chin on my nut sack. She did this several time while picking up the pace eventually bobbing up and down on my little guy for all she was worth. She really was going at it, stopping occasionally to kiss the head and lick the balls. Gently taking one ball then the other into her mouth and circling it with her tongue. I was moaning in ecstasy. This was the first time I’d had a girl even touch my cock let alone give me a blow job. She could have been biting on it like chewing gum, but I was so buzzed and turned on it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. It certainly didn’t take very long till I was ready to blow my load. I didn’t know how she was going to react so I tried to blurt out through impassioned panting that I was cumming. She pulled off and continued to stroke with her hand while aiming it at her mouth. It only took her a couple of strokes and I shot a stream of jism straight into her mouth. She kept her mouth open and continued stroke as I shot stream after stream into her waiting mouth till I was almost spent and she closed the distance and took the remaining spurts with her gorgeous mouth around locked around my spasming cock before she pulled off. It took me at least thirty seconds to come back to my senses and pull my pants up.

It was Jay’s turn now and I know he wanted me out but since Lucy and just chosen me that was out. Instead he chose Lucy and she chose dare. “I’ll… uhh… eat you out now…um if you want me too.” he stammered. This was an obvious attempt to get back in her good graces, but she wasn’t buying.

“No thanks. I’ve already had mine. I’ll take a drink instead.” she said coldly as she took a shot and a slug of beer. Jay was steaming now. It was obvious that Lucy wanted nothing more to do with him. At this point he couldn’t have cared less what the girls thought of him.

He looked over at Dale. “Please put this fool out of the game for me.” he said gesturing at me.

Dale turned to me and said to choose. I was in no condition to drink still so dare was the option I took. Dale just smiled and said “Ok. I dare you to dress up like a girl for the rest of the night.” I was floored! Jay started laughing and reached over and slapped Dale on the shoulder.

“O man! I never woulda though of that one! Great idea!” he chuckled. “How fitting for a girly man to actually dress up like one. Or you could just skip and be done. Ha ha! Got you now, dipstick!” he howled.

I just sat there in stunned silence thinking about what I was going to do. If I refused I was out of the game and no more action, but if I agreed my secret would be out and Jay would have no qualms at telling the family that I was a crossdressing faggot, most likely leaving me ostracized and ridiculed by our entire family. As I sat there, mind reeling, Lucy got up, walked over to me and completely floored me again. She stepped behind me, put her hands on my shoulders and while looking at Jay and Dale said “I bet you would look like a hottie all dressed to the nines. You’ve got the perfect body for it. C’mon. Jenn and I will give you a hand.” I couldn’t even say a word as Lucy took my hand and stood me up and led me too the bathroom with Jenn following.

When we got to the bathroom Jenn closed the door behind the three of us. Lucy instructed Jenn to run some water in the shower while she began rummaging through the drawers and cabinets looking for various implements. She found some shaving cream and a razor and told me to strip down and get into the shower and wash everything from head to toe. As I did as I was instructed I heard someone leave the room and shortly after Jenn peeked her head into the shower. Normally having a raving hot redheaded girl look at me while I was naked and showering would have freaked me out, but I was so drunk and had already seen and tasted her girly parts so it didn’t affect me at all.

“You done yet? Lucy wants me to shave your legs and anything else that might be too hairy.”

“Well I’m almost finished.” I said as I rinsed off the last of the soap. “You tell me. What part of me might be too hairy?” I raised my arms and did a spin in the shower to show her my entire body.

“Wow. You have hardly any body hair at all. This shouldn’t take much time at all. Just a little touch up on the legs and armpits. You a swimmer or something? It looks like you’ve shaved recently.” She asked.

I must have turned bright red because she just kind of smiled and said “It’s OK. You can tell me. You’ve done this before haven’t you? I mean dressing up like a girl?”

“Well yea. I’ve been doing it for a while actually. My god I can’t believe I’m actually talking to someone about it. Other than Dale that is.” I was so drunk I didn’t even think about what I’d said till it was too late.

“You’ve dressed for Dale before?” she blurted out.

“Oh shit! Don’t tell him I said anything please! We promised each other that we wouldn’t tell anyone a thing about it. He’d kill me if he knew I told anyone!” I said.

“What? Promised each other you wouldn’t tell anyone he knew you dressed up? That doesn’t make much sense. Why would he care if you told anyone? What else have you two been doing while you were dressed up?”

“Ummm…. well nothing really. Please, I promised him I wouldn’t say! He’ll kill me!” I pleaded.

“He broke his promise already though when he outed you in front of Jay. Besides I’m not going to tell anyone except maybe Lucy, and I swear we won’t let anyone know. C’mon! I’m dying to know what you two did!” she squealed.

“I… I don’t know.” I stammered. “He could out me to the family and make my life hell. I just cant deal with that kind of humiliation.”

“I don’t see why not. They humiliate you all the time anyway don’t they? Look what if I told you a juicy secret about Lucy and I? Would you tell me then? I promise it will be good. We might even give you a demonstration.” She smiled and winked at me.

“A demonstration?” I asked a little puzzled. “What kind of secret are we talking about?”

Just then Lucy came back in the room with an armload of clothing, accessories and a duffel bag. She heard the last thing I had said and looked up immediately and asked “Yes. What kind of secret are we talking about?” She looked at Jenn with one eyebrow raised.

“Well Jim already told me this wouldn’t be the first time he’s dressed up in girls clothes and that Dale already knows he does it. I just know that there is a juicy secret about Dale that he’s reluctant to spill, so I told him I’d share one of our secrets if he shared his.” said Jenn. “Maybe a demonstration would help to loosen his lips?”

“Well I guess it couldn’t hurt. In fact I’m pretty horny right now thanks to him so I guess its the least we could do.” Answered Lucy as she put her stuff down and approached Jenn. They reached out and pulled each other close and kissed passionately as I watched dumbfounded from the shower. My cock sprang to life almost immediately as they continued to kiss for what seemed like five minutes with their hands caressing each others bodies as they kissed. When they stopped Lucy looked over at me and smiled as she saw my raging boner and slack jawed gaze.

“So now you know our little secret. How about sharing yours?” she walked over and gently began stroking my throbbing cock. “I promise we’ll make it worth your while. What do you say?” pressed Lucy.

The feel of her hand on my cock had me mesmerized and she knew it. I would have said anything at that point if she would have kept stroking me. She pulled her hand back and said “C’mon! Spill it! I promise we won’t tell anyone.”

“OK.” I sighed. “I’ve dressed up for Dale before… and… and given him blow jobs too.”

Lucy and Jenn looked at each other and smiled. Lucy then turned back to me and said “Really? How many blow jobs would you say you’ve given him?”

I thought for a second and said “I dunno… I guess about a dozen.”

“Do you like sucking his cock?” she asked.

“Well.. yea! You’ve seen it! Tell me that schlong isn’t a thing of beauty.” I gushed.

“Very true.” she agreed. “Has he ever fucked you with it?”

“I wish. I think he’s afraid its going to turn him into a fag.” I said.

“If you’re only blowing him when you’re dressed as a girl then I don’t think he should be worrying about being a fag. I mean you’ve both been with girls before.” She said.

“Yea… well. He has.” I said under my breath.

“Huh? What was that?” Jenn asked.

“Ummm… uhhh… I… uhh… I said that he has.” I repeated a little louder. “Unless you count tonight that is.”

Lucy’s eyes perked up at this. “So you’re still a virgin, huh? Unfortunately, oral does not count against virgin status. However Jenn and I may be able to help you with that if you’re interested.” Her hand had returned to my still erect cock now and was stroking it again. “But first we need to get you dressed up. Jenn, take care of his hair while I figure out his, ahem, or her wardrobe for the evening. Come to think of it, we’re going to need a new name for you too. Any ideas Jenn or did you already have something in mind Jim?”

“Well I’ve been calling my other self Tiffany.” I replied.

“Tiffany, huh? I like it. It’ll go well with you’re new blond wig.” said Lucy as she pulled a wig and clothes out of the pile of stuff she brought in. Jenn by now was lathering up my legs and smoothing out all my rough patches. By the time she was done removing all my excess hair Lucy had everything lined up on the bathroom counter. I stepped out of the shower and dried off. Jenn handed me a bottle of lotion and told me to cover my entire body in it. After my skin had soaked up all the lotion Jenn sat me down on the bathroom counter and put white, thigh high stockings on me. She then had me stand up and handed me a pair of satiny white panties and instructed me to put them on. Then she made me turn around and she wrapped a white satin bustier on from behind and began lacing it up while Lucy started working on my makeup. Jenn pulled tight on the laces to get a nice hourglass figure, but being so small it didn’t seem to take much or bother me at all. Being pretty drunk everything seemed to be flying by like in a dream. Falsies were put in, dress went on, stockings clipped to garter belt, wig went on and was fixed up. In no time flat they were both finished. Lucy had me turn to face the mirror and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Staring back at me was this hot blond with a cute white cocktail dress, blond hair and come fuck me makeup on.

“Oh my god…” I said almost in a whisper. “I’ve never looked this good before. I…I can’t believe that’s actually me!” I twirled around to get a better look from all angles while the girls watched. I put my hands on my hips to feel my new waistline and smiled at the thrill of feeling so feminine.

“Wow! She is hot! Nice job, Lucy!” Said Jenn as she watched me admiring myself in the mirror.

“Thanks, but you helped too. Besides, I just put the finishing touches on. She’s got the bone structure and figure already there. We just needed the right accessories to bring Tiffany out. You’re right though… she is fucking hot!” sighed Lucy. “In fact, I think I want a piece of that!” she said with an evil grin. With that she reached out and grabbed me, pulling me into her and kissing me fiercely, forcing her tongue down my throat as she stroked and rubbed my girlish figure all over. She was getting me so hot, my little boner was straining in my panties, and subconsciously I lifted one leg off the floor just like girls do when they are kissing someone passionately. After a minute of Lucy kissing and caressing me and tugging at my clothes, Jenn broke the silence.

“Save some for me.” she said with a fake hurt tone of voice. Lucy broke off her kiss and Jenn turned me around and began kissing me, but not like Lucy did. Jenn’s kissing was more passionate, less forceful, like she was the one being submissive, whereas Lucy was the one being dominant with me. I responded by grabbing Jenn and feeling her all over as Lucy had done. Stroking her breasts through her top, rubbing her pussy through her panties and squeezing her sweet ass cheeks. With each stroke and fondle she would coo and sigh, eventually reaching down and stroking my cock and freeing it from the restrains of my already precum stained panties. She continued to stroke it for a minute, then pulled down her panties and sat on the bathroom counter, spread her legs and pulled me in close to her. She reached down and guided my cock as she aimed it for her wet, waiting pussy and when it touched, it was like an electric shock went through my body. Just the feel of her soft, moist pussy lips against my cock head was heaven. She rubbed it up and down a couple of times while she moaned and wrapped her legs around my waist. Then she locked her feet behind my back and pulled me into her hot, waiting pussy with one swift motion as she screamed out loud. If I hadn’t been drunk and had already cum once, I would have dumped a load in her right there, but I didn’t and she used her legs to continue to make me pump in and out of her. It felt like nothing I had ever experienced before. Her pussy was so hot and wet it felt like there was a fire around my cock, a good fire. After a minute she grabbed my wrists and placed my hands on her hips. I grabbed her waist and started pumping away like it was second nature, like I had been banging girls all my life. Jenn released her foot lock from behind me and spread her legs out, moaning with pleasure as she reached down and began rubbing her clit as I continued to bang away at her. This whole time I was so engrossed in Jenn I hadn’t bothered to look up or see what else was going on. Suddenly I felt Lucy lift up my dress from behind me and pull my panties out of the way, then the cold smear of something on my bunghole. This completely caught me by surprise as I had totally forgotten about Lucy in the heated frenzy of banging Jenn. I looked up suddenly and through the mirror I could see now that Lucy had put on a 7 inch strap on dildo, and was preparing to fuck the shit out of the hot blond that was screwing Jenn. Oh, wait! That was me!

I stopped humping Jenn as I watched Lucy line the tip of her cock up with my ass, engrossed in what was about to happen. Lucy looked up and saw me through the mirror.

“Have you ever been fucked in the ass before Tiffany?” she asked. I shook my head no. “Don’t worry.” She said as she smiled at me. “I’ll be gentle.” And with that she began rubbing the tip of the dildo on my lubed up bunghole.

I must have had a worried look on my face because Jenn grabbed my shoulders and pulled me down to her. “It’ll be Ok.” she cooed. “She’s really good at this. Take my word for it.” With that she began kissing me passionately while Lucy started working the tip of the dildo into my ass. It took a bit of work to get the tip in and when it finally popped in there was a few seconds of searing pain. I grimaced and pulled away from Jenn a bit, but the pain didn’t last long and Lucy made sure to wait till I was comfortable again before trying to push anymore of the dildo in. Slowly, inch by inch, and over the course of a couple of minutes she steadily pushed more and more in until her pelvis was touching my ass cheeks and all 7 inches of her cock was buried inside me. I was now stretched out and ready for a fucking. Lucy gently pulled out almost all the way, leaving only the tip in then deftly stuffed it back in my ass. The sensation was overwhelming! She did it again and all I could do was stand there bent over Jenn, with my cock still in her pussy and revel in the sensation of Lucy’s dildo in my ass. She continued to pump that cock in and out of me, gaining speed each time she did. Lucy now had her hands firmly on my hips and was starting to put some force into each stroke, which in turn was causing me to pump in and out of Jenn. Jenn began moaning anew and pulled me close and started kissing me again. I tried to get into a rhythm of humping, but with Lucy now pummeling my ass I couldn’t seem to get synched up so I just let her momentum carry me through into Jenn who didn’t seem to mind at all. After a few minutes Lucy really began slamming into my ass and I started to moan with pleasure.

“Oh god yes.. yes… Uh.. Oh….fuck me hard!” I heard myself say from somewhere, not really realizing it was me that had said it. I look up and through the mirror I could see the threesome taking place there on the bathroom counter. Jenn spread eagle on the counter top with the blond, I mean me, on top of her and Lucy pumping me from behind. Lucy saw me admiring the view and leaned forward, pushing me down into Jenn. She then reached around me and began rubbing Jenn’s tits through her top with one hand while she grabbed the back of Jenn’s hair with the other pulling her head back. Jenn’s eyelids opened suddenly, but her eyes rolled back into her head as she began bucking up against me and screaming while Lucy continued her assault on my ass, and thus mine on Jenn’s pussy. Jenn only lasted a few more thrusts and I could feel her squeeze my cock with her pussy. Lucy let go of Jenn’s hair, stood back up and gave me one more hard, long thrust sinking her strapon all the way into my ass, while at the same time Jenn reached around me, hugging my body to hers as she began convulsing in orgasm. This was all I could take and I came, spurt after spurt, into Jenn’s sweet pussy while she moaned, quivered and breathed heavily in my ear.

Jenn and I laid there on the counter top for at least a minute as we caught our breath then I felt Lucy pull the strapon out of my ass and begin washing it off in the sink. I felt a little empty on the inside now without 7 inches of dildo inside of me, but I was still basking in the after glow of my orgasm and first time real sexual experience with two of the most beautiful girls I’d ever seen. Three including myself.

“So not bad for your first time, huh Tiffany?” Lucy said as she dried off the strapon and put it in her duffel bag. “And you got a twofer. Not only did you lose your guy virginity, but you lost your girl virginity as well! I think that was a job well done. Don’t you Jenn?”

Jenn was still slightly in a daze but released me from her post orgasmic hug and cleared her throat. “Uh… Oh absofreakinlutely! I think that was one of the best experiences of my life so far. Tiffany, you were the best. I can’t believe how hot you are! And to have you inside of me pumping away while Lucy was fucking you… unbelievable!” As I stood up my legs were a bit wobbly and I had to sit down on the toilet lid to get my bearings back. My ass smarted a little when it touched the seat.

“Ouch….Uh… thanks.” I said a little unsure of what just happened.

“O don’t worry honey. First time always hurts and the pain is only temporary. Besides its totally worth it if you enjoyed yourself. You did enjoy yourself didn’t you Tiffany?” asked Lucy.

“Um, yea. I did enjoy it. Thoroughly.” I said a little bewildered. “I guess I’m just not sure where to go from here. I mean I just had the best sexual experience of my life, and don’t get me wrong I’m extremely grateful to you girls for that, but now that I’ve had a taste I’m gonna want more. I mean, am I a fag now, or what? I still like girls, but the thought of having a boy fuck me like Lucy did really turns me on. Where do I find someone who’s willing to do that to me? Are boys even going to like me in that way?” I guess I must have been on the verge of tears, because both girls came over and knelt beside me.

Jenn put her arm around me. “Oh sweetie, don’t you worry. I think you’ve been given the wrong idea of what a fag is and what boys really want. You’re no more of a fag than Lucy and I are lesbians. Sure we’ve had sex together, but we still like having sex with boys too. Bisexuality is nothing to be ashamed of. Why not enjoy both sides of life rather than restrict yourself to one team or the other. I’m sure you’re probably just a little overwhelmed because the feminine side of you has had more stimulus in the last 15 minutes than you’ve had in your entire life. Trust me. Most boys, deep down, are really only concerned with one thing and that’s getting their rocks off. And with the way you look right now, you won’t have any problem finding boys willing to fuck your legs off if that’s what you really want. Probably even some girls too.”

“And I think…” Lucy chimed in “we’ve got two prime examples waiting for us out there right now. I’d be willing to bet we could get both of them to fuck you before the night is over. Probably even both at the same time, if you want them to.”

I gave a slight grin. “Hmmm… that sounds like it might be fun. I don’t know though. Jay is kind of a jerk, and I doubt he’d be willing to fuck me. Especially if Dale knew about it.”

“You just leave that to us.” said Lucy. “I think we might be able to change his mind. Dale on the other hand will probably be an easy target. Especially as hot as you look and as drunk as they are. I bet they weren’t even smart enough to stop drinking while we were gone. I have a feeling we’re all going to have our way with both of them tonight. I’ve got an idea. Lets get cleaned up. Jenn, you and I are gonna get changed into something a little more risque then let me touch up Tiffany’s makeup then we’ll go out there and have ‘em eating out of the palm of our hands!”

We all got cleaned up. Lucy led me back to the counter and touched up my makeup. When she was pleased with the result she went back to the duffel bag and pulled out an outfit each for her and Jenn. Lucy’s was a black leather bustier with matching gloves and black stockings. Jenn had a red babydoll with matching panties and shawl which was almost entirely see through with red stockings. After we were all set, Lucy and Jenn conferred in hushed tones about what strategy they were going to use for the rest of the game then we all walked back to the bedroom together. As we walked through the door, Jay and Dales jaw’s both dropped to the floor as their eyes widened to the point of disbelief. Three pinup girls had just walked into their drunken vision and they were sorely unprepared. We all sat back down in our respective seats and prepared to begin the game again.

“OK… you boys ready to start?” Lucy started. “As you can see, Jim has completed his dare and is now fully dressed as a girl. Now it would be wrong to be calling a girl as beautiful as this by a boys name, so for the rest of the evening you shall refer to her as Tiffany. Understood?” Both Jay and Dale just nodded dumbly, still staring at me with mouths agape. I could feel their eyes looking me up and down, devouring me with their drunken, confused lust. “So I guess that makes it Jenn’s turn. Ok Jenn, go for it”

“All right. Jay, drink or dare?” said Jenn.

“Umm… dare I guess.” said Jay, a little unsure.

“Hmmmm.. OK. You look a little horny over there. How about a blow job then?” asked Jenn.

“Sure thing!” Jay smiled . He began to undo his pants.

“Whoa there big boy. Hold on a second. I’m not through yet.” Jay stopped at this and gave Jenn a funny look.

“We know you have a hard time controlling yourself and can get a little grabby so we’re going to tie your hands behind your back and I think we’ll blindfold you for good measure. Still willing?”

“As long as I’m getting my dick sucked, you can do whatever you want to me.” grinned Jay.

“You said it, not me.” said Jenn, but the statement went right past Jay. Jenn looked over at Dale. “Dale, do you have any rope we can use? And maybe a handkerchief?”

“Umm I think so. Hold on a minute.” Dale got up and half stumbled to the garage to look for some rope. He came back with a length of nylon rope and a red handkerchief which Lucy took from him.

“Nylon. Good choice.” Lucy said. “This should feel good on his skin.” Lucy walked over and stood up Jay. “OK, off with your shirt.” she said. Jay dutifully removed his shirt and threw it to the floor. Lucy then turned him around and true to her dominatrix appearance she tied his hands behind him with the rope in a quick, efficient knot. She then took the handkerchief and folded it up so it would completely cover his eyes, then wrapped it around his head and tied it in a knot. When she was satisfied it would stay in place she grabbed the knife used to cut the limes off the table and cut off the excess rope binding his hands together.

“You know what, lets do this on the bed OK? That way you’re a little more comfortable.” Jenn said.

“Anything you say!” replied Jay. Lucy led Jay over to the bed and turned him around. With his back facing the bed she gave him a little shove and he fell backward onto the bed face up, with his hands still tied behind him, but his feet still dangling over the edge of the bed.

“Hmm… well, we’ll need to take your pants off. Jenn want to lend a hand?” Lucy undid his belt and pants and both her and Jenn pulled them off his body. “Underwear too.” she smiled as she pulled them off as well. Jay’s cock flopped out, already hard in expectation of a set of lips being wrapped around it. “Lets try this too, just for good measure.” she knelt down and quickly before Jay realized what was happening she wrapped the rope around his ankles with his socks still on and tied it into a secure knot. She then quickly took the excess rope and quickly went up to just below his knees and did the same thing again. Jay frowned a little bit and struggled upon finding his legs bound up.

“Hey, what the hell are you doing?” he yelped.

“Relax. You’re fine Jay.” said Lucy.

Jenn walked over to the bed, sat next to Jay and softly began stroking his dick. He immediately stopped struggling. “You’re going to get a blow job. You said we could do whatever we wanted as long as you were getting your dick sucked. Remember?”

“Uhhh yea well… do you have to tie my legs up though?” he replied.

“Well Lucy gets a little overzealous with the rope sometimes. I find it one of her more endearing qualities. You might too eventually.” said Jenn. She motioned for me to come over to the bed as she stood up but continued to stroke Jay’s erect member. I crawled onto the bed over his legs and got ready to take over from her.

“You ready for your blow job Jay?” she said.

“Am I ever!” he exclaimed

I took his throbbing cock from Jenn’s hand and began stroking it myself. I lowered my head over the purple tip and breathed on it hotly before closing my mouth around it. Jay shivered with ecstasy and a low moan escaped his lips. I slurped up and down Jay’s shaft trying to work more and more of it into my mouth and down my throat till finally his pubic hairs were touching my nose and his balls where on my chin. Jay grunted and began to buck up and down as best he could with his limbs tied which wasn’t very much. I pulled off and went all the way down again and held it there as he groaned with pleasure. Then I just started ramming his cock down my throat with reckless abandon. Up and down, up and down, over and over gaining speed, stopping only to catch my breath.

While this was going on Lucy walked over to Dale who had returned to his seat to watch the spectacle and knelt down in front of him. Dale smiled as Lucy pulled out his swollen cock and started stroking it. After a minute she stood up and led him by the hand over to the other side of the bed. “Would you like a blow job too?” she asked him coyly. Dale nodded in agreement. “OK , but you’re going to have to be trussed up like Jay if you want it. Still interested?” Again Dale nodded emphatically. “Oh goody!” Lucy squealed. She quickly began tying Dales arms behind his back. “Well we don’t have another blindfold, but this might work.” she pulled a pillow off the bed and removed the dark brown pillow case and put it over Dales head. “Yea. That works nicely I think” she said and pushed him back onto the bed next to Jay and trapping his hands behind him. Lucy then stood up and went to her duffel bag and pulled out a ball gag. “I think we need some music to set the mood.” she said as she walked over to Dale’s stereo and turned it on. County music began to twang out of the speakers as she turned up the volume. Lucy then walked back to the bed and crawled up to Jays head. Jay had been moaning and saying to Jenn (who was actually me) how this was the best blow job he’d ever had. Jenn bent down and whispered in my ear not to let him cum yet so I backed off when I thought he was getting close and pulled his cock out of my throat. He was obviously a little disappointed as he frowned a little and lifted his head trying to peek through the blindfold to see what was going on. Just then Lucy jammed the ball gag into his mouth and quickly fastened it behind his head. He began to struggle and tried to scream through the gag, but the music was covering the noise he was making. Lucy motioned me over to Dale, and I took to sucking his beautiful cock without further prompting.

My wife’s control over me insures that I have no secrets from her no matter how depraved my hidden desires. She delights in my need to live under her feminizing control. As part of my training, she has ordered me to confess my prior deviant acts to the world. In this series, I confess my past experiences as a panty thieving college cross dresser. I have changed some of the names, but the rest of the confessions are, sadly, true.

As indicated in a previous story, “Wife in Control Ch. 3″, I discovered the pleasures of wearing my sister’s panties, pantyhose, ballet tights, and other soft and girly things as a teenager. These panty pleasures culminated in my moving into her old room as an eighteen year old high school senior and playing in her panty drawer and closet on a daily basis. I relished the pleasures of that year rubbing my rock hard cock with her body lotion, while admiring my pantied ass and legs softly covered in the various hues of the pantyhose and tights she left behind when she went off to college. It wasn’t that I wanted to be a girl or saw myself as trapped in the wrong body. Instead, I coveted the opportunity to wrap myself in her femininity. My sister had a sweet, feminine beauty that I adored. I enjoyed the feeling of simply wearing her most feminine lingerie, hosiery, and even the occasional dress almost as much as the orgasmic rush of pulling my cock over the band of her pantyhose and jacking off while pointing my hose covered toes in the air. Wearing her feminine clothes gave me a certain intimacy with her that was as addictive as it was difficult to explain. Outside of this kink, I was a very aggressive hetero young man who was relatively successful in my pursuit of the girls in my affluent and somewhat sexually conservative social group.

In 1986, I graduated from high school and headed off to college at SMU in Dallas leaving behind my special relationship with the silky contents of my sister’s panty and hosiery drawers. Other than occasionally pilfering a pair of panties from the dryer in the dorm laundry to jack off in when my roommate was out of town for the weekend, I suppressed my urge to frolic in women’s “unmentionables” as my grandmother called them. Instead, I turned my attention to chasing the girls I encountered on the SMU campus. SMU has a very wealthy student body, and the coeds were very beautiful, fashionable, and well maintained. The daddy’s little girl syndrome was alive and well, but there were also many very cool, fun young women who were as smart as they were beautiful. I was an all American looking guy and pledged a top fraternity, so I was around some of the most beautiful and accomplished women on campus on a daily basis. While I had some sexual success and was great friends with many of these beautiful sorority girls, I never connected with any of these women on a long-term romantic basis. In short, I was a good friend and a fun date. I had a lot of short term flings, but nothing serious.

My sophomore year, I lived in an apartment with three other guys, so my life was more of the same. I was a good student, but I had a great time as a typical wild fraternity boy, although I would like to think without the douche bag and asshole connotations. I kept my fantasies of playing in the panty drawers of those cute sorority girls to myself and did not act on them. At the end of my sophomore year, however, that old itch resurfaced.

Right after we finished exams, one the girls who was a “good friend” invited me to come to her hometown to be her escort for the weekend of a charity ball. Lauren was a tall, attractive girl, but we did not have a sexual connection other than a few drunken make out sessions. She wanted a fun date without the drama of dealing with a boy she did not know well. I was happy to oblige in return for free drinks and a fun party. I stayed in the guest room of her parent’s luxury condominium in downtown Houston. There was a cocktail party on Friday night before the Saturday night ball. She looked beautiful in a short cocktail dress with sheer hose and pretty black satin pumps (keep in mind this was the late 1980′s), and we had a great time without the pressures (or the pleasures, unfortunately) of romantic entanglement.

On Saturday, while she was out shopping with her mother, I went to take a shower in the bathroom shared between Lauren’s room and the guest room. As I undressed, I noticed the familiar sight of the leg of a pair of pantyhose hanging over the side of the waste basket. Lauren’s pantyhose had a small run in them, and she had thrown them away. Knowing I was alone in the house for a while, that old urge came over me. I sat on the cold marble floor of the bathroom and put on the pantyhose, pulling them carefully up my legs. They were very luxurious sheer to waist pantyhose and felt great on my legs as I pulled them high up my above my waist.

In a rush, those old familiar feelings returned as I admired my legs covered in the silky, shiny, evening hose. As I stretched out my legs, I could feel the cold marble floor on my ass through the sheer hose. After savoring the feeling of my hose covered legs for a few minutes on the floor. I reached up on the vanity and grabbed a bottle of Lauren’s body lotion. I squeezed the floral smelling lotion into my hand, pulled the waist band of the hose down to expose my now hard cock, and began to stroke my cock. It was incredible. I thought of Lauren in her pretty dress wearing these very same pantyhose just a few hours earlier. I imagined wearing the dress and her black satin stiletto pumps. The feeling of experiencing her femininity and the beauty of her hose covered legs by wearing her pantyhose was incredible. As I stroked myself, I leaned forward in the sitting position so my asshole came in contact with the cold marble floor through the sheer pantyhose. I pushed my sphincter out to maximize the contact with the floor and rock my body so my hose covered ass slid back and forth on the marble floor. The pantyhose and the sensation of the cold floor on my asshole drove me over the top. I spurted powerfully in my cupped hand as I came violently, shaking while I continued to stroke my cock through the end of my orgasm. I was spent, but I knew, like an addict, my suppressed fetish had been reawakened.

When I arrived back in Dallas after the weekend, my roommates had already moved home for the summer. Still buzzing from my rediscovery of the joys of pantyhose and alone in the apartment, I went on a search mission. I walked to a large apartment complex near my place that was popular with female students and entered the laundry room after surveying the area to make sure no one was around. I quickly checked the machines and soon found a treat. In one of the dryers, I found several pair of white string bikini panties and a mesh hosiery bag containing a pair of white pantyhose. While I had always been an honest person and would not normally steal anything, the excitement of my reawakened fetish overcame any sense of morality. With my heart beating faster from the rush of potential discovery and the naughty thrill of playing in the panties and stockings, I quickly grabbed a pair of the panties and the white pantyhose, shoved them in my pocket, and rushed home.

Safely locked in the apartment, I breathlessly undressed and pulled on the panties. They were made of real silk, which I had never encountered before, and felt very tight as they cupped my cock and balls in feminine softness. I was so turned on that I almost fell down as I hurriedly pulled on the white pantyhose and pulled them up my legs. They felt incredible on my legs and around my ass and cock. I admired myself in the mirror, posing like a hot young sorority girl. Crazed with lust, I walked to the kitchen area and grabbed a knife. I pulled the panty hose and the panties down to my thighs and cut a slit in the pantyhose and the panties, splitting them from the crotch panel backward a few inches. I pulled the panties and the pantyhose back up and pulled my cock and balls through the slit. I was rock hard as I grabbed some lotion off of my dresser and climbed on the bed. With my legs stretched out in front of me, my lower half looked like a sexy young woman, except of course for the stiff cock sticking up from the crotch of the pantyhose. I crossed my legs and rubbed them together enjoying the feeling of my silky legs sliding easily across each other. I was in pantyhose heaven as the girlish feelings I remembered so fondly from my sister’s bedroom came rushing back.

As I began to rub the lotion on my cock, my eye caught my umbrella sitting against the door frame. It was broken, but I had not bothered to throw it out. Eyeing the wooden handle of the large golf umbrella, I had a particularly depraved idea. I stood up and walked across the room, further titillated by the sensation of my hose covered feet sliding on the carpet as I walked. I grabbed the umbrella and brought it over to the bed. I rubbed a large amount of lotion over the wooden handle, which was about 6 inches long and was thick with four raised knobs to form a natural hand grip. I turned over on my knees with ass pointing to my wooden headboard. I reached back and ripped the hole in the crotch of the pantyhose wider to expose my asshole. Propping the tip of the umbrella on the headboard, I reached between my legs and lifted the well-greased wooden handle through the slit in the pantyhose and the panties to rest it against my asshole. Returning my hand to my cock, I pushed my panty covered ass back against the umbrella handle forcing the first knob on the end of the handle into my ass. It hurt at first as it forced open my sphincter, which had apparently forgotten the experience of my early anal adventures in my sister’s room. Soon the fire subsided as my asshole relaxed to accommodate the invasion.

I began stroking my cock with the lotion and pushed back on the umbrella handle impaling my ass further over the next two knobs. Then, I started rocking back and forth on the umbrella handle which caused it to rub against my prostate as the last knob stimulated the rim of my asshole, stretching it open each time I rocked back. It felt incredible. I felt an orgasm building up inside of me and surrendered to the intense dual stimulation of my cock and ass. I stroked furiously as I rocked back and forth, fucking myself on the umbrella handle. My ass contracted around the handle as my orgasm seemed to sweep over me in a wave launched deep within my bowels. With cum spurting uncontrollably on the bed, my entire body shook with exquisite pleasure with each successive orgasmic wave. Spent, I slid the umbrella handle out of my ass and fell to the bed. As I lay on the bed in the stolen panties and pantyhose, the post orgasmic lull exacerbated my feelings of guilt over my theft, and I promised myself I would not do it again. I threw the umbrella and the panties and the pantyhose in the dumpster behind my apartment and went to bed.

The next morning, I awoke horny once again and sad that I had not saved the evidence for one more wearing. Before I had a chance to stroke myself to relieve the urge, Lauren called to see if I would help carry a few of the heavier items as she moved out of her apartment to go home for the summer. She was a good friend, and her parents had spent a lot of money on me the past weekend so I readily agreed.

Lauren lived with 3 other girls in a house off campus, but was moving out because she was spending the fall semester in Europe as was the tradition for many wealthy SMU coeds. Two of her roommates had already moved home for the summer, but her third roommate, Leslie, was going to summer school so she had just gone home for a couple of weeks and had not moved out. Leslie was a beautiful 5’7″ blonde girl with a tight athletic body. I did not know her that well. She had the reputation of being a rich bitch, but Lauren said she was just quiet. Whatever the truth of that debate, it was undisputed that she was smoking hot. She was still head over heels for her boyfriend from high school who went to another college so she never went out, sadly depriving me and my fellow male students of her beauty and her body.

I arrived at Lauren’s house as she was packing up boxes and began carrying her stereo and some furniture out to a trailer that she had rented. After I made a few trips, she announced that she needed to go to the store and get some packing tape. She told me just to stay there and watch her place for a few minutes so she did not have to lock up. In my horniness, my remorse from the night before faded, and I decided to take a quick look around. Laurens stuff was mostly boxed up and the first two drawers of her dresser were empty when I hurriedly opened them, my hands shaking with excitement and sexual adrenaline.

The third drawer was filled with shorts and t-shirts which was no help at all. The fourth drawer, however, contained her aerobics clothes. My heart thumped with excitement as I ran my hands through the spandex leotards and tights in various colors. My fear of getting caught since Lauren knew I was here alone overcame my desire to pilfer the entire drawer so I quickly grabbed one of two pairs of shiny black Lycra tights and shoved them in my pocket.

Knowing that Lauren would be back in a few minutes, I moved quickly into Leslie’s room. She had only left to visit her parents the day before so the scent of her perfume and various lotions and powders lingered. Fighting the intoxication of the feminine surroundings, I opened her first drawer, which was her panty and sock drawer. The drawer mainly contained cotton bikini panties in assorted colors, which did not scratch my particular itch. I did, however find a pair of white satin string bikini panties and shoved it in my pocket without taking the time to examine them. I found feminine knee highs and ankle socks to be very sexy and would have loved to take several pairs, but had to hurry. I quickly grabbed a pair of white ankle socks decorated with black polka dots and put them in my pocket.

My hands shook as I opened the next drawer and realized I had found her lingerie drawer full of slips and bras and assorted wonderfulness. I lifted three rather ordinary slips to discover the mother lode. I found a white body suit made of very heavy lace that stretched in my hands. It looked very expensive because the lace was so heavy it was opaque. The exquisite body suit seemed much too fine for a college student and must have been a gift from her boyfriend. I shoved the body suit into my pants and raced to the car to hide my feminine finds.

I shoved them in the center console and returned to the living room of Laurens house breathless from the erotic excitement of my horny heist. I was just in time as Lauren arrived home. I raced to finish helping her load the trailer because of my eagerness rush home and model my illicit intimates in front of the mirror in a flesh flogging fashion show.

After we finished loading, I sped home and ran inside as quickly as possible. I stripped down and eagerly pulled the shiny black tights over my feet and up my legs to my waist. I pulled the white lace body suit on and put my arms through the straps. The body suit was firm and heavy, giving a girdle like feeling of support and control. I then put on the ankle socks, which were particularly thin, silky and feminine. I stood to admire myself in the full length mirror by the bed. Madonna was just becoming a superstar, and I loved that my outfit resembled her lace and spandex look of the moment, just like a trendy girl. My stomach tingled with the butterflies of taboo arousal. I moved to the bed and, lying on my back, stretched my legs toward the ceiling. The black tights looked like black liquid poured evenly over my legs. They felt even better as I rubbed my legs together and enjoyed the feeling of the smooth texture. I was about to explode. I grabbed a pair of scissors from my desk. I unsnapped the crotch of the body suit, pulled the tights down to my thighs, and cut a slit in the panel at the crotch of the tights. I quickly pulled the tights up and snapped the crotch of the body suit. Moving back to the bed, I grabbed some lotion and a towel. I jumped on the bed and pulled my now raging hard on through the hole in the crotch of the tights. I moved the crotch of the body suit to the left and pulled my cock and balls through the right side leg opening so that the crotch of the body suit was smooth against my pubic mound beside my cock.

Squeezing the lotion into my hand, I reached my hand around my cock and began a long term relationship with the tights and body suit. After smoothing the lotion on my cock slowly and smoothly at first, I was soon stroking my cock at a fevered pitch while I held my legs in the air, admiring how lusciously feminine the tights and the dainty socks looked on my legs and feet. I imagined how hot they looked when the girls from school wore them around campus. I fantasized about how hot Leslie must have looked when she wore the body suit and imagined her sexy body in it as she wore it for her boyfriend. Stroking myself toward orgasm, I thought of how hot and nasty I would be as Leslie wearing this outfit. How I would let my boyfriend unsnap the crotch, pull the tights down to my thighs and pull my tights encased legs over his shoulders as he entered me, filling me with his cock. An orgasm rocked through my body as I pointed my toes in the air like I imagined Leslie would as she came with her cute sock covered feet pointed over the head of her boyfriend as he thrust into her and pushed her over the edge. I quickly grabbed the towel beside me and spread it across my waist as my orgasm hit me hard and the contractions from deep inside me pushed the ropes of cum out of my cock and onto the towel. Breathing deeply, I moaned with the pleasure of each contraction, milking my cock until it was spent and beginning to soften.

As I settled back on the bed, I basked in the wonderful feeling of my newly acquired clothes. I knew that my addiction was back stronger than ever and my naughty ways were here to stay. As packed to go home for the summer that same day, I made sure to pack the body suit, tights, and ankle socks thinking of the pleasure that they would bring me, but unaware that they were just the start of my girly collection.


I stumbled upon Literotica by accident one day, a few weeks after my transgender partner of 4 years, and the love of my life, died of an accidental drug overdose. Still out of my mind with grief, I found the TG stories on Literotica to be such a healing essence that I became completely enthralled by them. Because writing and editing have been an important part of my life, I wanted to try to give back a little bit. This is my first effort, it describes some of my college life, and how I was able to eventually transition. I have ‘enhanced’ much of the narrative, including ‘punching up’ the sex scenes, changed the names of everything, etc. But for all of that, what’s here is still the essence of what really happened. Believe it, or not.

This is chapter 1, there is a lot of back-story here so there isn’t as much drugs, sex, and rock & roll, but this will increase through the next several chapters, so enjoy… Joscelyn

It was shaping up to be one gorgeous march day, spring seemed to be breaking into our dull boring winter and I was so sick of grey ugly days, that I only wanted to cheer it on. The sun was warm and bright on my face as I walked through the parking lot and along the quad toward the arts building. Unfortunately the heavy backpack I carried, stuffed with the books and materials I needed for classes, reminded me that I probably wouldn’t be outside much to enjoy it.

After graduating (barely) from high school my parents had given me two options, I could go to one of the three colleges that had offered me scholarships. They were all music scholarships that gave a very limited amount of the needed tuition, so I’d end up working at burger joints at night to make up the difference. Actually most of my friends were in the same boat, but that grinding 24/7 workload would probably not have any kind of good outcome for me. All work and no play meant Jack would probably flunk out, for one reason or another. My second option was the local community college, but either way I was ‘going’ to college! Because we were still ‘involved’ in Vietnam when I was making this decision, going to college became mandatory, then if I was drafted, I could claim a college deferment and at least not be shipped off to that hellhole immediately. Hopefully I’d be drafted just as we sign a peace treaty with North Vietnam, so I might even miss it altogether. In any case, it was off to the community college for me, to try and get an education of some kind or another.

I was always on the thin side and about normal height at 5’9″ just a week after my 18th birthday. Mom always described me as ‘lanky’. I was terribly self-conscious about my lack of body hair, especially on my chest and face. Because I was a natural blond, even the hair I did have barely showed, so I tried to make up for it by growing the hair on my head as long as I could. So far I’d been able to grow it a few inches past my shoulders, which fit in great with my music gigs. After all, most rock musicians wore it long at that time to show their ‘rebel spirit’, or at least I could convince everyone, including myself, that was why I was doing it.

Of course, my mother hated long hair, but surprisingly Dad backed me up, reciting something about how Norman young men in the middle ages, just after the battle of Hastings, rebelled against their elders by wearing their hair long like the English. Sometimes my Dad’s love of history really rubbed off on me! The girls I dated seemed to like it long too, but mostly because it pissed off their parents, I was often used as a dating ‘bad boy’. They called me ‘cute’, when I would have preferred ‘handsome’. But I took what compliments I could get, as I knew my body would have to develop a lot before girls would admire my ‘handsome’ features. I did inherit my dad’s blue eyes, which became a lighter shade of blue when my pupils would dilate, giving the impression of lighting up when I became angry or excited. While my chest and arms had average muscles, my hips and legs appeared bulked out and hard, as if chiseled from stone, due to playing goalie for six years on the school’s varsity soccer team.

Because of the lack of development in my upper body, along with the long blond hair, I was sometimes taunted in high school about my feminine appearance, I had the term ‘sissy’ thrown at me so often that I ended up in more fights than I can remember. It’s also why I still get angry just hearing that term used in normal conversation. But after getting my nose broken twice, and earning my varsity letter from soccer, I’d finally managed to gain some grudging respect from my schoolmates. What they didn’t know, and I would never have admitted even under torture, was that while I was very attracted to women, I also felt an intense longing to be one myself. In fact, in my dreams, I’m always female, even my ‘wet dreams’ are always lesbian orgies! Ever since the age of four I’ve felt that I should have been born as a female and these recurring dreams only reinforced that feeling when I reached puberty.

At the age of six, on my very first day of first grade, my teacher divided the room into girls on one side, boys on the other, and of course I’m sure you can guess which side I went to. The laughter of my new classmates brought me the very first sampling of the humiliation that comes with taking action on the feeling of being the wrong gender. When my teacher sent me home with a note, my mother lectured me that such thoughts were ‘perverted’ and must be fought against.

And so I did, although mostly I just tried to ignore them, I hid my true feelings for the next 10 years. My natural attraction to females, and not males, made that easier for me than a couple of my male classmates. Because they were gay, and only attracted to males, the ridicule they dealt with was awful. I’d inevitably stand up to whatever bully was attacking them, which almost always ended badly, getting myself in even more fights and eventually breaking my nose for the third, and hopefully last, time. You would think once I’d reached puberty, all those male hormones would have blown any effeminate thoughts or dreams right out of my head. Instead I found myself longing for a more feminine appearance, and so I began indulging my cross-dressing fantasies.

Now, after 4 years of experimenting between my mother’s and sister’s closets, as well as a few pieces I’d acquired on my own. I was desperate to go out in public, to really be seen and accepted as female. At least part of me was, the rest of me was horrified that I might actually go through with it and be ‘made’ as a cross-dressing male. That fear of discovery was so overwhelming that just the thought of it could produce beads of sweat running down my face. There was no sexual titillation involved for me when it came to the humiliation of being discovered, it was nothing but the pure terror of seeing a lifetime of work building this facade of masculinity, come crashing down around me.

I had worked so hard my whole life to be seen as all male, I could ID any car you could point at, and even give you its year and how well it was running. My nails were always dirty and I worked summer jobs at local garages and machine shops. Racing cars was inevitable, starting out on local dirt track ovals and drag strips, and then finally SCCA competitions, and even an NHRA Alcohol ‘Funny Car’. I would take dares from just about anyone for just about anything, the rougher the better and I could curse like a gob-smacked sailor while doing it. But I just couldn’t avoid getting that ‘feeling’. It would completely overwhelm me sometimes, and then suddenly I had no resistance. I had to have that feeling of femininity, even if it only provided the shell of being female, I had to at least try to achieve that. Like so many that feel they are the ‘wrong’ gender, and certainly at this point in time for me, I was deeply conflicted.

Because of the Christmas holiday, the pressures of my second term classes, along with other, more recent demands that I’ll explain later on, it had been several weeks since I’d attempted any cross-dressing, had sex, or even masturbated. The ‘urges’ were starting to get pretty strong. It always seemed so funny to me, when I would hear people claim that being gay was a chosen lifestyle! Hah! Who would ever choose to deal with all of this crap? But now that I’d thought of it, once again I was asking the same old question, was I gay? As I dismissed this again for the billionth time, I found myself walking through the front doors of the arts building, reminded of my first day of college.

It was in this building, where I’d first started college last fall while registering for first term classes, that I met Andy Goldmann. He was as loud and boisterous as I was quiet and shy. He came up to me with the old line, “Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?” Eventually we realized that he must have seen me at one of my old rock band’s concerts. As I said, music was more than just a hobby for me, and I’d managed to get a couple music scholarships. Being first seat trombone on the number one high school stage band in the state got me noticed, and I had been in several local rock bands as well. I’d started out on drums, but moved to keyboards once I could afford them.

And it wasn’t long after we met that Andy had one of his ‘foolproof’ plans pop into his always-scheming mind. Eventually I would learn that his foolproof plans were those that even a fool would stay away from! But this time I listened to him, and his plan actually sounded logical, so I told him we should give it a try. Once a year, at the beginning of the fall term, all of the college ‘clubs’ would have their annual elections for club officers. One of these was the Music Club, which just so happened to also be the most popular club to get elected to. Andy figured that between my experience with contracts that were used in the music business, and his ability to fund our election campaign due to the fact he was rich, or to be more specific, his dad was rich, we should be able to win. What I found out as we campaigned, was that the Music Club was so popular because it took care of scheduling and signing all of the performers that would be appearing at the college for the coming year. They had a huge budget for getting top-notch talent, along with the budget for the college’s local radio station.

As he had promised, Andy paid for posters, flyers, and bumper stickers, so that our names were eventually plastered on everything and anything that could possibly be seen by a member of the voting school body. He even bought the services of a professional jingle creator and had professional sounding ads running 24/7 promoting us on the school’s radio station. He had also already decided who would be president (him), and who would be Veep (me), but I never liked publicity anyway, and frankly didn’t think we had a chance in hell of winning, so I didn’t mind being second banana.

Next thing I knew, we were ‘in’, as they say, and we were in it big. We had won in a landslide, and it turned out that we had a cool 3 mil in concert money to allocate for the year. Of course, we had a teacher advisor that we had to have sign off on all of our ideas, but she was pretty cool. So we were going to be having a grand old time in college this year! Think about it for a second, tell any college-aged female that you can get them backstage to meet David Bowie, or Elton John, or Carlos Santana, and then ‘not’ get laid. Yeah, it was impossible, and eventually we had a queue of groupies, or ‘club members’ to select from, it was something like teenaged nirvana.

As my mind returned to the present, I vaulted up the main stairway, three steps at a time as usual, to our second floor Music Club offices. I see two girls run giggling out of our hallway towards me. When they saw me, their eyes became saucers and both let out a surprised yelp, then one of the girl’s yelled back to me over her shoulder as they passed me going down the stairs, “I think he’s got her trapped, you’d better hurry!”

Then they fell back into their giggling and ran out the doors that I’d just come in. My first thought was, ‘I wonder who his new target is’ as I remembered Andy’s penchant for chasing groupies he imagined to be virgins. Then I realized I better get this situation under control, our advisor had already given dire warnings about ‘one more incident’.

When I reached the office door it wouldn’t open, there seemed to be something jamming it from the inside, only allowing it open about an inch or so. As I tried to figure out a way in, I suddenly heard a girl scream, and instantly found the upper body strength, propelled by my legs, to push the door completely open.

Now that I was in, I saw a tall girl with blond hair, but could only see her from the back. She was trying her best to keep the front office desk between herself and Andy. He had obviously been chasing her around the desk and they were both gasping for breath and seemed to be at an impasse. On the small side at about 5’6″, Andy had longish black hair and looked for all the world like one of the hobbits in Lord of the Rings. However, you could tell by the lump at the front of his jeans that he was big in ‘other’ areas, in fact, overly excited in that area at the moment.

“Andy,” I began, looking straight at him while trying to sound just as frustrated and pissed-off as I felt, “What the hell are you doing, trying to get us thrown out of here?”

Then as the blond turned her head to look at me, I quickly shifted my gaze, and realized it was that very pretty new club member who had begun helping me last week with some of the office tasks, named Melissa. I had met her in some of my classes and knew we were both about the same age. She was pretty close to my height, and with her 4″ stiletto heels, she appeared to tower over Andy. She had that classic Nordic beauty, with long blond hair, blue eyes, and silky opaque skin, only now her hair was a tangled mess and her pink flowered shirt was pulled out of her close fitting black jeans.

Conflicting emotions began surging through me. Andy wasn’t chasing some groupie around a desk, he was attacking a girl that I really cared about damn it! Well, I guess I really hadn’t told her yet how much I cared. But after all this craziness, and with that frightened look on her face, I’d probably never see her again anyway. Then, as if reading my mind, once Melissa saw the fully opened door, she left the protection of the desk, circled behind me to the doorway, and made her escape.

For some reason Andy’s smile had only grown bigger from the moment he saw me, seeming almost relieved that I was there he replied, “Sorry Jack, but I just ‘had’ to do something! You’ve been grumpy as hell lately…”

Shaking my head in utter frustration I said, “What the fuck does…” but was cut off.

“And ya know Melissa?” Andy continued, “Well she’s been telling me she wants to get to know you better.” His hand was now casually brushing away stray hair from eyes that seemed to be twinkling with mischief.

I also abruptly noticed Cindy, Andy’s latest full-time companion, sitting in a chair on the other side of the room, grinning like the proverbial cat that just ate the canary. Cindy was just a little taller than Andy, with curly auburn hair and green eyes that seemed to look straight through you. Like Andy, her size belied her strength, and she was very quick witted. Her dark hair matched her olive complexion, making a very sexy combination. One odd thing was her age, as she certainly acted older than most first year college students, yet she looked quite young, if I had to guess I’d say around 25, but for all I knew she was the same age as we were.

Just then I heard the door shut behind me, but it was the unexpected snitch of its lock that made me quickly turn on my heel. I thought Melissa had taken the obvious escape that I’d provided and was surely long gone. Instead I found two beautifully manicured hands starting to unbutton my shirt, then raised my eyes to gaze upon two gorgeous pools of pale blue looking back at me, I was close enough to smell her perfume and watch her bite her glossy red bottom lip as she continued disrobing me.

“You… have… the most beautiful eyes,” she whispered, “and my friends call me Mel.”

I gulped long and hard as there wasn’t anything more for me to say, I’d been conned, this whole crazy thing had been set up for my benefit, or rather my embarrassment, and I was now too stunned to even move.

Jumping up to shut the blinds on the window of the front office that looked into the hallway, Cindy then moved over next to Andy, and also started disrobing. During all of this, Andy had been laughing at the results of his latest foolproof plan, while pulling off his own clothes. Once Melissa had gotten my backpack and shirt off, her hands caressed my chest, stroking my nipples as they both became erect instantly. She then took a couple steps back and with my undivided attention finished unbuttoning, then removing, her own shirt, throwing it over a nearby chair. I gasped at the sexy black underwired bra with little pink ribbon between the cups that supported her C cup sized breasts. The large areolas provided a backdrop to the hardened nipples just peaking over her lacy bra cups.

She quickly stepped out of her black patent pumps, just long enough to peel off her jeans and reveal some incredibly stunning black fishnet pantyhose with attached crotchless panties. Something was definitely catching up with the whole situation down near my own crotch at this point. After Melissa, or Mel as she now wanted me to call her, had her shoes back on, her own quick glance at that area of my anatomy produced a lustful grin.

With this encouragement she minced up to me putting both arms around my neck and seductively asked, “see anything you like?”

There are times when you have to suspend your role of being a ‘gentleman’ and just go for it, this seemed to be one of those times. As much as I might have wanted to sort this whole thing out logically, my male hormones overrode all logic and rang the engine room for ‘full speed ahead’. My abstinence timer had expired, and my body wasn’t giving my brain any more time to consider how surreal this all was.

Our lips collided, with my head tilting one way, and hers the other, then our tongues did battle in and out of each other’s mouth. In the meantime, my hands found the clasp for her bra, instantly removing it and heaving it on top of the filing cabinets. Then I dropped my hands down to her ass, each one grabbing a cheek of that beautiful bubble butt, and pulled as if I was never going to let her go. In response her legs encircled my midriff and we kissed like that for several minutes. When we came up for air, I saw Andy and Cindy just disappearing into his office, with Cindy winking at us, and Andy giving a ‘thumbs up’. The best I could do was acknowledge with a head nod.

I flipped off my shoes, unbuckled and unzipped my jeans, letting them drop, along with my black cotton briefs. Stepping out of both I carried Mel, as carefully as I could in the circumstances, over to a medium sized sofa that was also a futon and quickly pulled it out with my foot, turned around and sat back on it with her long legs still encircling me. She then pushed me back, so I was lying down and she was kneeling on top of me. As she started to bend over to kiss me, I instead began to blanket her body with small kisses, starting at her neck and then moving to her incredible breasts, I started pinching her right nipple while I sucked on the left, making her moan, then switching around to attack the left with my fingers, and soothe the right with my tongue. For several minutes I swapped my technique between her lovely mammaries as she held and caressed my head with both hands.

Author’s note: Some of the sexual behavior chronicled here is patently unsafe. I really hope that the story makes your dick hard (or pussy wet, for my gentle female readers), but use some sanity when you’re out in real life.

As usual, there’s truth mixed with fiction, but mostly fiction. And much thanks to Leopold for editing!

Chapter 5: Back Home

The next morning, we were ready to head back home. It had been a long weekend of self-discovery and a drastic change in our relationship. I discovered that I truly enjoyed sex with men, and Debby had become more dominant and aggressive.

Debby allowed me to dress in my male clothes for the trip, except for panties, and she even let me drive. I thought that perhaps she had relaxed a bit about the whole Jack/Elizabeth thing. However, after we had packed up the car and locked up the beach house, she looked at me critically and said, “Those clothes don’t really become you, Elizabeth.”

There was silence the first part of the drive home. I was lost in my thoughts, wondering how life was going to be when we got back. Debby was in a thoughtful mood also, but I couldn’t glean her thoughts from the expression on her face.

We had just entered Atascosa County when I felt her hand on my thigh. I glanced over to her, but she was watching the scenery go past. I reached down and squeezed her hand, then brought it up to my lips and kissed it. She turned to me and smiled, then leaned up against me. She was almost the old Debby.

Her hand went back to my thigh as I put my arm around her, driving with one hand. She started stroking my leg, then her hand went to my crotch. She started gently squeezing my dick through my panties.

“Poor baby,” she said, “you didn’t get off much this weekend, did you?”

“No, not really,” I said, thinking that I had taken more loads of men’s cum than I had produced.

Her fingers found my zipper and pulled it down, then fished my hardening dick from my panties. Surprised, I shifted a bit to give her better access. Her head dropped down and she engulfed my dick with her mouth.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she groaned as her mouth backed off my shaft, leaving only the head between her lips. Her tongue swirled around it, driving me crazy. My free hand rubbed her back, then slid up to her neck. I was feeling very needy, and one of her incredible blowjobs would fill that need nicely.

She sucked my cock as I drove, and it was difficult to maintain my concentration on the road with her mouth doing such wonderful things to me. I could tell she was getting turned on by her moans and groans.

She was sucking hard, trying to pull the cum from my balls into her mouth. Her hand tried to get to my balls, but they were firmly tucked into my panties and she couldn’t get at them. Instead, she grabbed my shaft and started stroking it in rhythm with her sucking.

It was too much. My cock erupted in her mouth. I hadn’t gotten off recently, so it felt like I was pumping gallons of cum into her mouth. She choked, recovered, then slowed her sucking as my throbbing cock slowed and stopped.

She pulled her mouth off me, then moved up to kiss me. With my head almost sideways, my eyes on the road, our lips met and she pushed my cum from her mouth to mine. Without even thinking about it, I accepted it and swallowed the entire load.

She broke the kiss then kissed my cheek, leaving a wet sticky spot of cum on it. She helped me tuck myself back into my panties, then snuggled up against me.

“Feel better?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I grinned. “I love you.”

“I love you too, sweetie,” she replied, pulling my arm around her again. We stayed that way until we pulled into the our driveway.

After we had unpacked the car, Debby told me to get dressed. Confused, I said, “But I am dressed.”

She gave me an exasperated look. “Get out of those horrid clothes and get into something sexy,” she commanded.

“Do I have to?” I said, whining just a little bit. “I kind of thought Elizabeth could take a break for a while.”

“Yes, you have to,” she said firmly. ” Elizabeth is here to stay.”

Reluctantly, I put on the nightgown that I had worn before. Debby smiled at me and told me how cute I was in it, then led me to the bedroom. She stripped and lay on her back on the bed, her legs spread.

“Be a good girl and make me cum,” she said.

I knew she wanted her pussy licked, and I quickly crawled between her legs. Her aroma was heady…she’d gotten turned on and wet in the car when she was sucking my dick, and, as my tongue found her pussy lips, I felt that she was still wet.

“Mmmmm, I love your tongue on my pussy, Liz,” she murmured as I slid my tongue up and down her slit. I circled her clit, and her hands shot out and grabbed my head, crushing my lips against her pussy.

“Ahhhhhh, yesssssss,” she groaned, her hips bucking up and down, smearing her juicy pussy against my face. My hands went around her thighs as my dick throbbed against the bed.

“Yesss…Yesssss…YESSS!” she screamed, as her pussy convulsed against my mouth. Her hot juices flowed across my face, into my mouth, and dripped down my chin.

She slowly released me, and I quickly climbed on top of her before she could object. My dick was raging hard and I wanted to bury it in her pussy.

“Liz!” she exclaimed as my dick slid deep into her pussy. I ignored her, slamming my dick into her again and again. Her legs went around me and her hands slid between us, her fingers finding my nipples and pinching them hard. I suddenly understood why she liked her nipples abused when she was horny…it felt fantastic.

I didn’t last long, between the urgent lust that was built up in me and her treatment of my nipples. I pushed myself into her deep, straining hard against her, as my dick unloaded shot after shot of heavy, thick cum. It felt like my dick would explode if I came any harder.

I slowly rolled off and laid in a gasping heap next to her. My hand reached out and grabbed a handful of ample tit. “Still want Elizabeth now?” I croaked. I was a bit smug, since I knew she loved having my dick in her.

“Yes,” she said, firmly. “I love your big clit inside me, but it’s still ELIZABETH ‘S clit.”

I deflated, understanding how determined she was. Jack is dead, long live Elizabeth , I thought. She sat up and looked down at me.

“I love you,” she said, “and I hope you know that I love you despite everything you might be thinking. I love you as Elizabeth , too. I’ve never felt so excited as I do when I see you in a slinky dress or a nightie. I loved watching you take Jeff’s cock in your mouth and your ass. I know you loved it too.”

Slowly, I nodded. “I did, but I didn’t expect all this.”

She patted my chest. “I didn’t either. I didn’t realize how hot it was, you being a woman. And a cock-hungry woman at that.”

She leaned over and kissed me. “You promised to be Elizabeth whenever I told you. Well, I’m telling you that I want Elizabeth full time. The only time I want to see you in men’s clothes is when you go to work, but, as soon as you get home, you’ll change.”

“What about…” I started, but she cut me off.

“I’ll tell you what to wear, if a situation comes up and you’re unsure,” she said.

We spent an hour laying out some ground rules, but every time I objected to something or tried to reassert my masculinity, she steam-rolled over me. The end agreement was everything she wanted, and little of what I wanted.

As if to prove her point, she got up and went to the closet. I watched silently, as she took all of my male clothes except two sets of work clothes and piled them on the floor. My underwear drawer was next. Socks, jeans, t-shirts followed. As I watched, she got several garbage bags and stuffed all of my clothes in them.

“Get dressed,” she said. “We’re going shopping.”

“As Jack or Elizabeth?” I asked, really worried she’d say ” Elizabeth .”

“Jack, since you don’t have any Elizabeth clothes that are suitable,” she said. I put on the clothes I had driven home wearing.

We spent over five hundred dollars buying me clothes and jewelry at the mall. She was brazen about things, daring anyone to say anything when she held clothing against me. I almost rebelled when she handed several items to me and told me to try them on, but a quick slap on my ass (in front of a red-faced, shocked saleslady) reminded me of who was in charge.

The ultimate humiliation was when we stopped at a kiosk on the way out, and she had my ears pierced. She selected studs with little hearts on them for me.

The next morning, she laid out my clothes for me. On top of my slacks and polo shirt was a lacy set of panties. I got dressed, kissed her, and went to work.

She’d been firm about leaving the earrings in. Luckily, they were gold and small, and only noticeable if someone got close. My cubicle at work was towards the back of the office and I quickly walked to it, avoiding anyone. Nobody seemed to notice.

The day went pretty well. There were only two people working on the project I was on: Me, and my immediate supervisor, Mike. Mike was an aging bearded hippy in his mid 50′s, and what hair he had left on his balding head was pulled back into a pony tail. He was prone to say whatever popped into his head, and his irreverent remarks about anything and everything caused problems with the management. The company kept him because he was a remarkable engineer, but he got assigned long-term projects that didn’t require him to interact with anyone, especially clients. His manner probably explained why he was still single, too.

The situation was perfect for me. As the sole person working directly for Mike, I didn’t have to interact with anyone else. I finished my day, and left the office as quickly as I’d entered. When I got home, Debby had an outfit ready for me, and I changed back into Elizabeth .

Several days went by, and I was becoming more comfortable wearing the panties and the earrings at work. Then, I got caught. About mid-afternoon one day, I knocked my pen off my desk and it rolled back under it. Bending over, I tried to grab it, but it was just out of reach. I pushed my chair back, and got down on my hands and knees. As I grabbed it, I heard Mike’s voice behind me.

“Jack….are you wearing PANTIES?” he said. I realized that in the position I was in, my pants were tight against my ass, outlining the panties perfectly. I stood up, banging my head on the bottom of the desk in the process, and turned around red-faced.

He peered closer at me. “Earrings, too? Wow.”

“Keep your voice down,” I said. “Nobody needs to know.”

“Sure, dudette,” he laughed. “Hey, live and let live is what I say. It is kinda hot, tho.”

I did a double-take. I expected ridicule, but when I glanced down at his crotch, I saw that he was getting hard.

“Can we just keep this to ourselves?” I pleaded.

“No problem, mum’s the word,” he said, smiling. “Are you into dick, too?”

Dammit, he was too loud. “Can we talk about this somewhere else?” I asked.

“I was thinking the same thing,” he said, leering at me. “Why don’t we knock off early and go have a beer?”

“Ok,” I replied quickly. Anything to shut him up.

I shut everything down in my cubicle and followed him out. We got in his car and he drove off. He didn’t say anything on the drive, and I kept quiet myself. I was still in shock over being discovered, and my heart was racing.

He surprised me by heading to his home instead of a bar. I followed him into his house.

Plopping down on the couch, he patted the spot next to him. As I sat down, he said, “So, what’s up with the girly stuff?”

I explained the whole situation….how it all started with a desire to see Debby with another woman, our agreement that she’d see me with another man before I got to see her with another woman, the trip to Rockport, the clothes, how Debby had gotten very dominant, how Elizabeth was born.

He sat back and smiled at me. “So, you ARE into dick, then.”

I nodded, my face red.

“I want to see them,” he said, grabbing his dick through his pants and stroking it.

“See what?” I asked, confused.

“The panties,” he replied.

I stood up, unbuckled my belt, and dropped my pants just a bit. Only a peek of the very pink panties with red lace trim was showing.

“All of them,” he said, grabbing my pants and pulling them down to my ankles.

“What the hell,” I thought. I kicked off my shoes, socks, and pants, then pulled my shirt off. I stood before him wearing only the panties and the earrings. Jack had disappeared. Only Elizabeth remained.

“Nice,” he said, running his hand across my ass.

“I didn’t know you were gay,” I said, enjoying his attention and especially his hands on my ass.

“I’m not gay,” he said, “I just like to fuck.”

Knowing Mike the way I did, that made perfect sense. “Like blowjobs, too?” I asked, slowly sinking to my knees.

He didn’t respond, just unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out. It was about 6 inches or so, and nicely shaped. My hand curled around the shaft as I bent over and licked the tip of his cock.

“Hey, no teasing,” he said. putting his hand on my head and pushing me down gently.

I looked up at him and winked, then slid my mouth over his cockhead. Slowly, my mouth slid down his shaft. I let it nudge up against the back of my throat, then pulled my mouth back off of it just as slowly.

My tongue twirled around his cockhead a few times, then I gently sucked it. I know he wanted it back in my mouth fully, but I teased him mercilessly by starting to take him deeper, then pulling back and working my mouth on the head. I wanted to get him super horny and ready to burst.

I was incredibly turned on myself. This situation was unexpected, and the whole idea of my boss’s cock being available to me was hot. The more I sucked, the more I wanted him.

I took him deep into my mouth again, then looked up. His cock throbbed as he looked down at me, my eyes looking longingly at him with my mouth full of his hard dick. His eyes stared back, open wide, and his mouth was hanging open.

I slowly pulled my mouth off of him, and stroked his cock with my hand.

“Please fuck me,” I said in almost a little girl voice.

He stood up without a word and yanked me to my feet. Grabbing my hand, he pulled me into the bedroom, then pushed me down on the bed. I quickly pulled my panties off and tossed them onto the floor, then lifted and spread my legs. My hungry asshole waited for him.

He quickly grabbed a bottle of lotion and spread it all over his cock. Without pulling his clothes off, he put my legs over his shoulders, lined his cock up with my ass, and shoved.

God, it hurt so wonderfully. My ass screamed, but my hands went to his hips and pulled him, trying to get him as deep as I could.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” I chanted with each of his thrusts. His cock was a piston, slamming into my ass, pushing me further up on the bed from the force of it. I moved my ass up to meet every one of his thrusts.

“Holy fuck, what a tight ass, Jack” he said, breathlessly. My leg slipped off his shoulder and he quickly grabbed it and put it back without missing a beat.

“Elizabeth,” I moaned, my eyes closed in bliss. “Call me Elizabeth, call me a bitch, call me a cock hungry whore.”

“You ARE a whore,” he said, his hands grabbing my tits painfully. “Take my cock, bitch” He slammed his cock into me harder with every word.

I moaned loudly as his tempo increased. I wanted his cock, I wanted his cum, I wanted him to treat me like the cunt that Elizabeth was.

I opened my eyes and looked up at his face to see him staring, red-faced, at mine. He gave one last mighty shoved that banged the top of my head into the headboard of his bed, then let out a grunt as his cum shot out of his cock to coat the inside of my ass.

I wiggled my ass, trying to milk every last drop of his cum out. He strained against me, then suddenly relaxed and collapsed on top of me, my legs slipping off his shoulders and down his sides.

He laid on top of me, breathing hard, as my hands stroked his balding head and back. He shifted, and I felt his cum dribble down the crack of my ass as he pulled his cock out. He rolled off, laying next to me on the bed. I got out of bed.

“Where are you going?” he said, breathlessly.

“Be right back,” I promised. I found his bathroom, and came back into the bed with a warm, wet, washcloth. Kneeling on the bed next to him, I slowly cleaned his cock off, showering it with kisses in the process, then tossed the washcloth on the floor and laid down with my head on his shoulder.

“That was awesome,” I murmured to him.

“No shit,” he replied. “I want to fuck you again some time.”

I knew Debby would like that too, so I invited him over to my house the next night. He agreed, then we got out of bed and got dressed. He drove me back to the office so I could get my car.

Before I got out of his car, I turned to him and said, “Uh….promise me that you’ll keep your mouth shut about this?”

He laughed. “Sure, no problem.” I looked around to make sure nobody could see, then leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on his lips.

“Thanks, Mike,” I said, smiling.

“You’re welcome…… Elizabeth ,” he grinned.

I got out of his car and quickly got into mine. I rushed home to tell Debby about the incredible fuck I’d just had, and that we were going to have company tomorrow.

How my story begins. I always fantasized about being a slave to a mistress, either bound or feminized.

I always searched the internet looking for a mistress that could help me explore some kinky things and help me make some of my fantasies come true. Living in Central Jersey and being married with 2 kids I didn’t get to play much. My wife is very conservative, especially when it comes to sex. A blow job is a stretch with her and bondage, dress-up or using toys is rare. For some reason she doesn’t seem to really enjoy sex, me I’m always looking for action.

But I digress; I started corresponding with a Mistress D on a fetish lifestyle web site I found, her profile said she was into a switch mistress and enjoyed forced feminization, CBT, Bondage, etc. The usual thing you see on the web sites for mistresses. She also was bi-sexual and was into “switching players”, and expression that I had never seen before.

After a few months of exchanging emails, me telling her my fantasies and her controlling my excitement at times, she agreed to meet with me as she put it “see if I deserved to serve her in person”.

We agreed on a Thursday session, she sent me her address with directions and instructed me to arrive at her address at 8:00 am. Being new to this I thought it odd for such an early appointment, after all I though most sexual activities occurred in the evenings. Still to me that appeared to be very early, but what the hell since this was the first time I was going to serve a mistress I didn’t know what to expect. Looking at her address and the directions she gave me I figured it would take about an hour for me to get to her place.

I left my house early, kissed my wife and “went to work” as usual. I got off the State Highway at an exit near her town which was about a mile from her address at 7:15. Not wanting to appear too anxious I stopped at a Starbucks and had a cup of coffee to kill 30 minutes. Leaving Starbucks I navigated through a nice residential neighborhood turning onto her street I was getting nervous. Arriving at her address at 7:55 and rang the doorbell.

Mistress D answered the door wearing a very fluffy pink robe and black thigh high boots. She asked who I was, I answered as she instructed ” I was her slave and there to serve as she desired”. She smiled and let me in, I handed her the “GIFT” that we agreed upon as she led me to the kitchen area. Smiling she asked me if I’d like a cup of tea. Not waiting for a reply she poured a cup of tea and put it in front of me. Telling me to drink it, it’ll help relax me. With her watching me I sipped my tea. She then said “drink it we don’t have all day”, so I did. I took a big gulp of the tea; she smiled and said she was going to get changed and that should I relax and not be so nervous. Take my coat off and hang it up in the closet.

I started to feel very relaxed and was feeling very horny, my thinking that it was me actually going through with meeting a mistress. I sat at the kitchen table and finished my tea as she returned wearing a black corset that pushed her gorgeous breasts up in the half cups exposing her large nipples, black sheer stockings and at least 4 inch high heeled bright red shoes. Looking at her I couldn’t help but get excited, her perfect breasts pointing right at me and with her exposed smoothly shave crotch my cock was rock hard. I was feeling a little light headed as she suggested that we begin. She instructed me to take off my clothes, place them on the chair and follow her to her play area. I removed all my clothes and followed her down the stairs to the basement. Reaching the bottom of the stairs I saw she beauticians’ makeup table with two chairs.

Telling me that if I was to serve her as her slut I needed to dress the part, she went to a small cabinet and took out a corset, walking over to me she wrapped the corset around me and began pulling it tight. I could hardly breathe as she said this will give you a nice curvy shape. As she tightened the corset around my midsection, it pushed my chest out. She finally stopped tightening it and tied it off, leaving me taking shallow breadths. Then she took my hand and led me to a small bathroom with a shower in it, she said that first thing we need to do is to make me presentable. She applies some lotion to my legs, around my cock, balls and ass stroking my hard cock as she did this. After she finished rubbing onto my legs she told me raise my arms, as she coated my arms, underarms chest and back with the lotion, she then told me to lower my arms. She then told me to wait here as she stepped out of the room to make a phone call. Standing in the shower stall with this lotion all over my lower body, everything started to tingle, she returned about 15 minutes later and said “time to rinse”. Not knowing what to expect, she turned on the shower and told me to get in. As the water started cascading over my body my hair was coming off with the lotion, looking at her in shock she laughed and said I told you we needed to make you presentable didn’t I. As the water washed away all the hair below my neck leaving me leaving smooth all over. Instructing me to turn around she sprayed my ass and more hair washed down the drain. She then told me to spread my legs and hold put my hands against the wall leaning forward bending at the waist. She then took a tube and stuck it up my ass, pouring warm (what I thought) was soapy water up my ass. Laughing she said “this mix make my insides as clean as the outside”. I was then told to sit down and shit out the liquid, she flushed had me stand again, bend and more “water” pumped up my ass, after doing this three or four times (I lost count) I was very light headed and as she said all nice and clean in and out. After having me dry my legs off with a towel and rub some moisturizing lotion on my legs, ass and around my balls she lead me out of the bathroom and to a makeup table. She then pulled out a chair that was on casters, in the center of the chair a dildo stuck straight up; she took a tube of this lubricant and squeezed a good amount on the top of the dildo. Smiling as she stroked the dildo, she said I should take my seat.

Still feeling a little light headed and extremely horny I moved over to the chair, turned around and lowered myself slowly onto the dildo. She started laughing and pulled me back onto the dildo, driving it into me in one motion, making sure that the dildo was all the way in. She then took what looked like a seatbelt and wrapped it around my waist securing me to the chair. Rolling the chair to the table she told me to put my hands on the table and to insert my finger into what looked like gloves with the fingertips cut off. As I slid my fingers into the gloves I noticed that the gloves were secured to the table. She then took a metal (what looked like a C clamp) and put it over my wrist and into guided it into a couple of holes in the table, pushing down on the clamps they clicked into place locking both my wrists to the table with my fingers stretched out flat. She then smiled and said that NOW we will begin with my transformation.

She sat opposite me and started applying fingernail tips over my fingertips and then poured some clear liquid on them telling me that all sluts need to have nice long nails. She then proceeded to apply makeup on me. She picked a deep red stain lipstick and said that this lipstick would be the perfect color for me. Applying the lipstick she then leaned over and gave me a deep kiss. Smiling she suggested that she highlight the edges around my lips and told me shut my eyes as she finished up with my lips and applied eye makeup. My lips tingled from the lipstick, she told me to relax and make a wide “O” with my lips pushing them out so she could finish up with the pencil lip liner. As I did this she pushed a 2 inch penis gag into my mouth, I felt something against my lower lip as she pulled a cord over my head securing the gag in my mouth. My eyes shot open looking at her. The penis gag in my mouth was complete with balls that pressed against my lower lip. How am I supposed to use my safe word with a gag in my mouth I wondered? She laughed and said that now the fun begins.

Walking around the table she took some lotion and rubbed it on my chest, as she did this she told me that all good sluts need to have a nice pair of tits. Telling me that the lotion was a moisturizer that will help loosen the skin on my chest she walked over to a cabinet and got what looked like a hard clear plastic bra with tubes coming out of the tips. Inside the bra cups were needle in each cup, she came over placing the bra over my chest and securing it in the back and over my shoulders. Taking the other ends of the tubes she inserted one tube into a pump of some kind. As she did this she explained that she wanted me to experience being a real slut and that she wanted me to get “real” tits quickly. The bra cups with the needles would inject saline into my chest , taking a quart bottle of saline she hung it on to a hook next to the makeup table letting the liquid drip into the needles in the bra cups. She pressed a button on the table and a pump started sucking my chest into the bra stretching the skin. As my new “breasts” expanded the needle pushed into my nipple and she then opened a valve on the saline line it started flowing into my chest. Laughing she said not to worry that anything she does to me will only be temporary and that this is only the beginning and not to get too comfortable. She had more to do before my transformation was complete.

Rubbing some lotion on my cock she slipped a cock ring over my cock, with a vibrator on it, another ring was pulled through my balls and a sleeve was pushed over my cock, the sleeve also had a tube coming out of it that went to another pump. The pump had a tubes attached to it one came from my cock the other went to a small bottle she held up and hung on a rack next to the saline liquid. Another tube ran from the bottle she pushed into the back of the balls attached to the penis gag in my mouth. Pressing another button I then felt my cock being sucked, after a few moments being so horny I started to cum I saw the cum getting sucked into the small bottle and the liquid mixing with my cum start to flow into the balls attached to penis gag in my mouth as the gag started to get larger in my mouth almost gagging me the penis gag then started to spray liquid into my mouth. She had this smile on her face and said: “Don’t worry sweety, like I said nothing is permanent”. She explained that my body would absorb the saline tits over the next few days and that the liquid being mixed with my cum would not only tighten my vocal cords giving me a nice high feminine voice but also keep me horny and willing to so anything for at least several hours. She continued explaining that the tea she gave me had drugs in it, a mixture of Viagra and Ecstasy along with a little herbal stuff to make me horny and very open to any suggestions made. The idea was to keep me hard and horny for the boys to play with for the next few hours. I looked at her in a panic; she laughed again and pushed another button causing the dildo in my ass to pulse up and down. As she walked over to a big screen TV on the wall I came again spraying more cum and drugs into my mouth. She turned on a Transgender domination movie and said that I should enjoy the movie until company arrives. She then went upstairs for a few minutes leaving me there with pulsing dildos in my mouth and add, my chest being sucked and filled with saline and my fingers getting long fingernails.

After what seem like forever I came for probably the sixth or seventh time, she walked down the stairs pulling a wraparound red dress over her corset and holding my wallet. She tool out my driver license and said that she’d be back in a while with my wife. Still feeling light headed she started to turn off the toys. Removing the bra with the needles from my now “C” cup tits she tweaked the nipple I moaned.

She then told me that the saline mixture had female hormones along with some other “FUN drugs” In it, making my new tits very sensitive, she rubbed them again as I came again. She then turned off the cock sucking device and removed it and the cock rings from my still hard cock. She laughed saying that the drugs will keep me hard for the next few hours, but not to worry that she had some friends coming over that I could use me for entertainment and that I would be very satisfied when they were done. Unstrapping me from the chair she has me stand, my ass stretched from the dildo in my ass, she then tells me to put on the high heel shoes and to lock them on. The doorbell rings, I’m told to go upstairs and answer the door. Dressed like a hooker, Naked wearing high heels, long bright red nails a blond wig makeup a very stiff cock and TITS I go upstairs. She follows me and as I answer the door she introduces me to these three guys. She tells me to entertain them, telling the three guys that the video is all set to record, and to make it good.

They all three say “YES MISTRESS” together. I’m lead to a bedroom, the three guys strip and tell me to bend over the edge of the couch as one shoves his cock in my ass the other puts his cock in my mouth. For the next few hours, I’m pounded by cocks. Being made to suck cock after it’s been in my ass, lick their asses and every time I cum, they have me lick it up.

As Mistress leaves she tells me that she will be back soon and that my wife will be joining her. Saying that since I had told her that my wife didn’t like sex with men, maybe she’d prefer women and she was going to help her learn how to satisfy a woman and they would be back in a few hours.

I was left there being fucked silly by the three guys as she left the house laughing. In less than 3 hours, I’m turned into a stoned, horny shemale with tits, getting fucked and sucking cock for a video that’s being recorded to a computer. The worst part is I’m so horny I keep cuming and sucking more cock and I was enjoying it.


Mistress D had transformed me into a slut and turned me out to entertain her friends as she leaves to go to my house.

Mistress D puts my address into her GPS and takes a back with some toys with her along with some “special” homemade cookies and brownies. She pulls up in front of my house, fixes her coat and goes to the front door. She rings the doorbell, my wife answers and mistress tells her that her cell phone went dead and her car stalled. Asking if she could please use the facilities and make a phone call. My wife Mary being innocent, lets her in and hands her the portable phone. As she comes in mistress notices that my wife has her girlfriend and her 26 year old daughter with her, they are having coffee.

Mistress pretends to call a car repair service, she asks my wife what the address is and she relays again pretends to relay the information to the car towing service, as she hangs up she says great they’re going to be about an hour before they get there.

My wife offers her a cup of coffee and introduces herself and her girlfriend Donna and her daughter, Laura to mistress. Mistress says she would love a cup, and she has an idea. She runs out to her car and returns with the box of cookies. Telling my wife that she was going to a meeting and since she’s not going to make it they may as well enjoy the cookies. Mistress then asks her where the restroom is, handing the cookies to my wife. My wife takes the cookies places them on the table and shows her the restroom, down the hall. As mistress goes into the restroom, my wife opens the cookies and puts them on the table. As she puts them on the table, the three take a brownie, as soon as they finish one they take another. Saying that these are really good cookies.

A few minutes’ later mistress returns with her coat over her arm looking at the three women at the table. She asks if they’re enjoying the cookies, they say yes. Mistress takes her coffee and sips it sitting down; she offers another cookie to each of the three women. The three now glassy eyed women start fidgeting in their seats. Mistress then says that it’s a little warm in here, do you mind if I make myself comfortable. Mistress then stands and unties her wrap around dress taking it off, revealing her corset, stockings and boots. Her nipples are sticking out and her smooth pussy is moist with anticipation of what’s to come.

The three women stare at her, getting aroused, she asked if they like what they see. The three nod yes without moving from their chairs. Have another cookie and then we can have some fun mistress suggests. Each of the three takes a cookie and devours it, staring at mistress. Mistress opens her bag and takes out three eight inch dildos and says that we’re going to play a game. The first one to put the dildo in their mouth all the way in wins, the only thing sticking out should be the base and the balls; she only has two prizes so they’d better not cheat. She places the dildos in front of the women and tells then that they can begin when they are ready. Laura takes the dildo and slides it right down her throat without even a slight gag, mistress laughs and tells her that she’s done this before. She then tells her to hold it down her throat; mistress takes a cord and wraps it around her head holding the penis down her throat. Telling her to get up and mistress will give her, her prize in the next room. Mistress tells the two older women, Mary my wife and her girlfriend Donna to keep trying and that the winner should tie it off with the cord on the table. She’ll be back for the second place winner in a few minutes; she has to give Laura her prize.

She leads Laura into the living room, still gaged with the dildo down her throat, she takes off her blouse and pants, removes her bra but leaves on her underwear. She opens her bag and takes out a couple of vibrating eggs, she slips two of them into Laura’s’ wet pussy, and slips a small vibrator plug up her ass, adjusts her underwear and puts wrist cuffs on her behind her back having her cross her arms behind her back she then clips the wrist cuffs to nipple clamps that are dropped over her shoulders. As she lower her hands behind her back, she pulls her nipples up. Smiling she asks the Laura if she’s comfortable, the 25 year old is not but nods. Now let me see ” mistress says” that she’s almost ready. Leading the 25 year old back to her mother Donna who now has a dildo down her throat.

Mistress smiles as they walk in, the two women at the table seem concerned that the young girl is being hurt, but mistress says. Don’t worry about her, she’s having a great time aren’t you sweetie? The girl moans as mistress turns on the three vibrators (2 in her pussy and the plug in her ass). She drops to her knees and moans pulling her cuffed wrists tugging on her tits. See mistress laughs saying that “she’s having a ball”.

Now Donna you seem to have won second place. Mistress tells her to raise her arms, and mistress pulls her blouse and bra off. Telling Donna to get up mistress opens her pants and lowers them taking off her underwear also. Donna (my wife’s girlfriend is now naked in the kitchen with a dildo tied down her throat as her daughter is busy Cuming from the three vibrators buried inside her. ) is told to have a seat and slide forward, mistress secures her ankles to the back legs of the kitchen chair, her exposed pussy at the edge of the chair taking her arms, she cuffs them behind the chair back.

My wife Mary in the meantime is still working the dildo into her throat, finally getting in. Mistress says about time you downed that dildo. She removes the dildo from my wife’s mouth and tells her to strip. She removes her clothes without question. Mistress tosses a pillow on the floor in front of Donna and tells my wife to kneel and to get her girlfriend off.

How my secretary found out I’m a bi TV and how me and my TV friend educate her into some of the more zany aspects of TV sex.


As I laid back against the wall of the toilet with my nylon-clad thighs spread wide and my erect cock jutting up lewdly from between them, the wooden door in front of me slowly opened to admit the guy from the stall next to mine.

“Oh yessss!” the guy hissed quietly, slowly wanking his rigid cock and bolting the door behind him as he took in the erotic sight of me lying back in front of him, me now totally exposing my sexy undies to his gaze, “That’s nice — very nice!”

“Hi, I’m Suzy!” I smiled in a low voice, “What would you like to do to me?”

“I’d like to… fuck you — and then watch you sucking me off!” he replied.

“Mmmm! D’you want to fuck me lying on my back, or doggie-style?” I asked.

“Just like you are now — on yer back!” he replied, “With yer legs up and over my shoulders, so’s I can push my cock deep inside you.”

I reached down and took hold of my nylon-clad legs behind my knees, and pulled them up to my chest — squashing them against my 36b hormone induced tits.

“Like this?” I smiled.

“Yeah… exactly like that!” he grinned.

He stepped forward and positioned his knob-end up against my puckered ring before slowly easing the purple bulbous end of his cock past my sphincter- muscles and easily sliding it inside me. Having been fucked many times before, I’d taken the trouble to dilate my sphincter-muscles by using a dildo on myself, and also liberally lubricating myself with some KY gel before coming out that evening.

“Christ, that feels good!” he gasped as he slowly sank all the way into me so’s he pressed his pubic hairs up against my ass, “Nice and tight!”

“It’ll feel even better when you start fucking me!” I breathed, “Slide that beautiful cock of yours in and out of me and don’t stop until you’ve filled me with your cum!”

He placed my legs over his shoulders and did as I said — sliding deep and powerfully into my suctioning ass with his hot cock!

“Oh yeah… fuck me! Fuck me and fill me, you bastard,” I whispered hoarsely.

He laid over my folded body — slamming his rigid cock into my willing ass and gasping for breath with the effort of thrusting into me!

I quickly reached down and unbuttoned my blouse — flinging the material aside before undoing the clasp of my front-fastening bra — the two lacy cups snapping apart to lie limply at my sides and totally exposing my now naked tits to the guy’s gaze!

“Ohhh… spurt your hot cum deep inside me!” I urged him as I caressed and squeezed my firm tits with my hands, “I want to feel your cock throbbing and jerking inside my ass as you spurt your thick and creamy spunk deep inside my guts!”

I’d learned in the past that ‘talking dirty’ to a guy that was fucking me, soon had him coming and increased the lust he was feeling as he pounded into me!

Sure enough, a few moments later he gasped that he was getting very near to coming and that I’d soon be feeling him emptying the sticky contents of his balls deep inside my guts — just as I’d wanted! A few seconds later I felt his cock harden and swell even more than it was already — a sure sign he was about to come!

“NOW!” he gasped suddenly, “I’M COMING… NOWWWWWWWWW!”

I could feel his cock jerking deep inside me as he spurted his cum into me — him no longer sliding all the way in and out of me, but now fucking his throbbing cock into me with short, sharp thrusts and gasping out loud and in time with each spurt!

He then slowed to a stop and laid over me, fighting for his breath before slowly pulling out of me and standing between my splayed thighs.

His semi-hard cock was now dangling between his thighs and slowly dripping cum before I quickly sat up and sucked the cum-coated knob-end into my mouth — saving the precious fluid and swallowing it down!

“We don’t want to waste any of your gorgeous cum — do we?” I grinned as I pulled off him and licked my lips as I looked up at him.

“Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty more for you to drink!” he grinned back at me, “Just you wait and see!”

I grinned broadly at him before I sucked his cum-coated cock back into my mouth and ‘deep-throated’ him — his cock once more beginning to stiffen and grow larger.

He stood before me and slowly ‘face-fucked’ me as I leant forward and wanked on my own rigid cock — his own cock now rapidly growing in my mouth so’s I couldn’t easily deep-throat him any more.

“Here, let me toss myself off into your mouth!” he said, taking hold of his now rigid cock, “I want to watch my cum spurting into your mouth and then you swallowing it!”

I slowly slid off the toilet seat to kneel in front of him before upturning my head, so’s my open mouth was directly facing his swollen knob-end.

“Is this okay?” I asked him.

“You just stay like that, and I’ll direct my cum right inside your mouth!” he replied.

“Shall I keep my mouth open until you’ve stopped coming so’s you can see your cum lying inside before I swallow it?” I asked.

“Yeah… Yeah, that’d be great!” he grinned.

His fist rapidly slid up and down the length of his rigid cock and his face contorted with the effort of him wanking on his hard cock. Then it changed and he told me he was getting near to coming and for me to get ready for his second load of cum!

I dutifully opened my mouth as wide as I could and he pointed his purple knob-end directly at it — a thick spurt of thick and creamy cum suddenly jetting from the end and landing on my tongue before being quickly followed by another, and another!

In all there were five good spurts of his thick and creamy cum now resting in my open mouth, and so I raised myself up and proudly showed him the load I now had there.

“Swallow it… slowly!” he said quietly, “Then show me your empty mouth!”

I closed my lips and rolled back my head before swallowing his cum and letting him see my throat moving as the slimy load slid down to my belly — only then did I look back at him and open my mouth wide to show his cum had gone!

“Beautiful!” I grinned, licking my lips clean of cum, “I could drink that forever!”

“You’re a horny bitch — I’ll say that for you!” he grinned, “And a great fuck!”

“Thank you. I hope we meet up again — real soon!” I smiled.

“Mmmm, you can bet on it!” he smiled before he turned and walked out of the stall.

I left the door unlocked and tidied myself up before settling back for a ciggy and waiting for another cock to suck or get fucked by.

Before I continue with some more of my experiences as a bi transvestite, I’d like to tell the reader a little about myself and my background, so’s you can have a mental picture of me when I’m describing some more of the things I’ve done in the past.

Although I call myself Suzy when I’m dressed as a woman, my real name’s John.

I live alone in a very large house on a landed estate — inherited from my late mother and father after their untimely and tragic death in a road accident three years ago.

I have over twenty general staff that help me run the estate and see to the everyday needs of caring for 3,000 acres of woodland, rolling moors and hillsides, with one estate manager who is in overall control and who is directed by me in estate matters.

The main incomes are from the shooting rights of the estate, the three tenanted dairy farms, and from the overall forestry management.

As far as the house is concerned, I have two housekeepers that cook, clean and run the house for me, and a secretary called Anne that deals with the business side of things with me. She is the one I spend most of my time with in my office — and it has to be said that we’ve become very good friends as well as co- workers. She deals with the legal stuff and farms it out to my solicitors and accountants after I’ve made the decisions and passed them on to the various workers. (She also makes an excellent cup of coffee!)

Now more about my personal life…

I’m 25, very slightly built with long dark brown hair that’s tied back during working hours in a short pony- tail. This means that I can have my own hair done in a feminine style when dressed as Suzy — something that now only takes me half an hour to do.

After taking a course of female hormones, I now have a pair of firm 36b tits with perky nipples that fill my bra-cups beautifully, but aren’t too prominent during the day when I’m forced to wear a shirt and jacket.

Because of my position on the estate and my standing in the shooting fraternity, I keep both my bisexuality and my intense passion of wearing women’s sexy undies a closely guarded secret — the only other person knowing both of my bisexuality and love of wearing feminine things, and also who I am in everyday life, being another trannie called Michelle.

‘She’ frequently visits me when everyone’s gone home in the evenings, and we have had many sexual escapades together, sometimes us walking around the estate together whilst dressed in our sexy stuff and with us usually ending up in the woods, where she gives me the best fuckings I’ve ever had!

The reason is, that she has the most fantastic cock and truly massive knob-end I’ve ever seen on a cock in my life — really big and bulbous! As if that wasn’t enough, she can come six or seven times in one hour — each ‘come’ having enough thick and creamy cum to nearly fill a teacup! Michelle would rather fuck than be fucked — the exact opposite of myself — so you won’t be surprised when I tell you that I’ve walked all the way back from the woods hundreds of times with her cum still oozing from my gaping ass, with loads of it still dribbling down my nylon-clad thighs when we’ve walked through the front door of the house!

To satisfy my lust for wearing women’s clothing and sexy undies, I have a massive collection of clothes and undies secreted in the walk-in wardrobe of my bedroom. These mainly consist of many styles and colours of sexy basques, lacy bra and matching suspender-belt sets, various styles of nylons and several wigs, along with many styles and colours of skirts, tops, and blouses — a great deal more than most women would have at home to choose from! Of course I have to clean and press everything myself so’s my housekeepers don’t see them!

I had my first bi encounter when I was 13 and walking in the same woods I use today.

It was a hot summer’s evening and I was watching one of the workers. We got talking about things and he asked me if I had a girlfriend? I told him I hadn’t and we talked in more depth about sex and obviously, shagging. Things really took off when he pulled out his seemingly massive cock for a piss! Because I’d never seen a fully grown guy’s cock, my eyes were riveted to it, and he noticed — him then asking me if I’d like to hold it for him? I eagerly took hold of the rigid tool and felt my own cock starting to stiffen — much to my surprise and embarrassment! He noticed that as well and asked me if I liked what I was doing, and the feelings I was experiencing?

I admitted I did like it, and of course one thing led to another with me soon squatting down in front of him and eagerly sucking his cock for him as I wanked him!

He soon shot his thick load in my mouth, and it seemed the most natural thing in the world for me to swallow my first mouthful of cum — much to his delight!

Needless to say, I was up in the woods almost every day from then on for my daily drink of his cum, and things soon developed to where we went deeper into the woods one day, where I got my first fuck, with his cock spurting deep inside my ass!

It hurt a little for the first few seconds the first time, but it was made easier and less painful by the liberal amount of ‘Vaseline’ he ‘happened’ to have with him that day!

From then on I was fucked almost every evening that summer and was firmly hooked on having a guy spurting his thick and creamy cum deep inside my ass!

One weekend when he wasn’t working, I tossed myself off and imagined I was being fucked by his massive cock, by pushing the toilet-brush handle in my ass — a poor but necessary substitute for the real thing!

And because in the past, I’d frequently raided my mum’s undies drawer and worn her bras and panties to have a wank in when she and dad were out during the day, my love of undies intensified in the weeks to come, as I imagined myself to be a woman that was getting fucked by a guy as I laid back on the bed wearing nothing but mum’s bra and panties, with a courgette or carrot from the fridge wedged firmly up my ass!

When I told him what I’d been doing at the weekends, he asked if he could see me wearing my mum’s undies when I next came up for a fuck?

My heart was beating madly as I made my way up to the woods the following evening, not only in anticipation of a good fucking, but also with knowing what I was wearing underneath my clothes for the first time outside my bedroom, and especially because I was going to let someone see me wearing them before they fucked me!

He asked me if I was finally wearing some sexy undies for him and I parted my shirt to show him my mum’s black bra underneath. His eyes nearly popped out of his head and he quickly led me to our spot in the woods where I stripped of and proudly stood there, wearing nothing but a black bra and panties!

“Fucking beautiful!” he breathed as he stroked the empty lacy cups of my bra and felt the rigid shaft of my cock through my panties. He immediately undid his pants and took out his rigid cock before telling me to get down on all fours! I wasn’t quite sure what he meant because I’d never been fucked this way before and had always laid on my back while he fucked me.

“I want to fuck you like the horny bitch you’ve become!” he said as he guided me into position, “Now just hold on while I make you nice and slippery!”

I felt him pull my panties to one side and apply some ‘Vaseline’ to my ass, and then felt his rigid cock sliding all the way inside me — his balls pressing against my ass and his knob-end butting up hard against the inner walls of my ass!

“Oooo yesssss!” he breathed softly as he gripped my hips and started to fuck his cock in and out of my ass, “Now you not only feel like a woman, you actually look like a woman that wants a good fucking!”

He must’ve been really turned on by fucking me in my sexy black undies, because he soon came — violently! And instead of pulling out like he normally did, he left his cock inside me and gave me another great fucking — straight after the first!

It was as I suddenly came and spurted my own load of cum onto the ground without even touching my cock, that I realised how turned on I’d become whilst getting fucked and wearing mum’s sexy undies, and how turned on other guys got as well!

“If I buy you something else to wear for me besides your mum’s bra and panties, will you wear them for me?” he asked quietly as we lay back to recover.

“Of course I will!” I replied, “What is it?”

“Two things actually… a black suspender-belt, and some nylons!” he replied, “Now seeing you wearing those will be a tremendous turn on for me!”

“Mmmm, and for me as well!” I replied, with a tickle running through my guts!

We sucked and fucked all through that summer and the next, until dad dismissed him for bad timekeeping. I was devastated to say the least, because I’m sure it was him that made me what I am today. He insisted I always took the part of the woman during our fantastic sex romps together, and enhanced my love of wearing women’s undies by telling me how sexy I looked in them and explaining to me how my whole personality changed from being that of a horny young lad to me becoming a lusty young slut when wearing them!

From then on I frequently wore my stuff under my everyday clothes and got a real kick out of me knowing how I was dressed when walking through the town or nearby park, in search of guys to fuck me and to share my secret with them.

In an effort to meet up with guys that wanted me to suck them off or fuck me in my undies, I often went down to this park and sat on a bench by the river of an evening whilst wearing nothing but my bra, suspender- belt and nylons under my lightweight raincoat — the front of which I strategically left partly open, to let anyone that looked close enough see how I was dressed underneath!

I’d had various levels of success by trying this hit and miss method — sometimes not scoring all week, and then scoring three or four times in one week and getting someone’s sticky cum inside me — from one end or the other!

A considerable benefit also being that I learned from some of the guys about many other places where I could meet guys that’d be more than interested in fucking me whilst wearing my stuff — two places mentioned most being the toilet block in the Corporation Park at the other end of town, and a quiet lay-by about 5 miles away.

The lay-by was out for the time being because I was still too young to drive, but the toilets gave me many good fucks from the guys (and women) I met there — Michelle being one of them nearly three years later!

I was standing outside the toilet block and having a ciggy in the gathering gloom one evening, when I saw the figure of this woman walking towards me. She smiled and said hello as she passed me to go inside the toilets, and I returned the greeting.

I was immediately struck by her beauty — and even though I only got a fleeting glance of her as she passed by, I decided that I’d go and sit in the stall next to hers and peep through the glory-hole to get a sneaky look at her sitting on the loo if nothing else!

My heels ‘clip-clopped’ on the tiles as I walked across to the stall next to the one with the door closed, and I went inside — leaving my door unlocked as I usually did.

I removed my coat and leant back on the wall with my legs spread wide and my cock lewdly jutting up from between my nylon-clad thighs as I gently wanked it.

I was just about to lean forward and look through the hole, when I noticed some movement from the other side!

So, she was having a crafty look at me and what I was doing, was she? Well, let’s give her something to see, I thought to myself.

I slowly stood up and moved to stand directly in front of the glory-hole before leaning back against the partition and spreading my legs as I started to slowly wank myself!

A few moments later I saw her watching me intently as I blatantly wanked myself, and then plainly heard the jingling of what I assumed to be her charm bracelet, as she squatted there — obviously strumming and rubbing her clitty!

I then saw a beautiful pair of red lips push up against the hole and her tongue licking them — an obvious sign that she wanted to suck me off!

So I edged towards the hole and pushed my cock forward — parting her lips and slipping into her hot mouth! As I thrust my hips back and forth, I felt her sucking on my throbbing cock and making my cum rise rapidly from my balls. A few moments later I was emptying my sticky load into her suctioning mouth!

I was surprised with the speed at which I’d come because I can usually make it last for several minutes — even when I’m really excited.

It wasn’t until I thanked her and she pulled away, that I took a quick look through the hole to see she was dressed only in a lacy white basque, white lace-top nylons, and white high-heels. And as she sat down on the seat, laid back and spread her knees apart, I got the surprise of my life! She was in fact a ‘he’ and had a truly magnificent thick cock jutting up from between her nylon-clad thighs, surmounted by the biggest knob- end I’d ever seen! It resembled a very large closed-cup mushroom, and was crowning a thickly veined shaft about the size of the cardboard tube from the inside of a kitchen-roll!

What happened next made me determined that I’d got to wait for her outside…

I watched her lick some dribbles of my cum from her lips, as she spread her legs wide and take hold of that magnificent cock — her white suspenders stretching taut and pulling away from her thighs. Then she closed her eyes and started to slowly wank herself — her fist sliding up and down her shaft and slowly gathering speed as she flexed and relaxed her nylon-clad legs. Then she seemed to take a really deep breath and hold it as a massive spurt of unbelievably thick and creamy cum shot from her massive knob-end — arcing high in the air to land with a soft ‘splat’ between her legs!

No sooner had that first astounding spurt of cum left her knob-end, than another, and another, and another, and another, quickly followed, until she’d spurted about a cupful of really thick and creamy cum onto the toilet floor! What I would’ve given to have had load spurted up inside my ass!

She then simply let go of her cock, and let the rest of her cum slowly ooze out of her now shiny and purple knob-end, to slither down the underside of her shaft — the thick, opalescent fluid forming a gooey pool on the sack of her balls that was about the size of one of my ‘normal’ ejaculations! Determined not to miss her and to see about me arranging a meeting with her, I slid on my coat and went outside to wait for her!

It was another ten minutes before she finally opened the toilet door and ‘clip-clopped’ out and across the tiled floor.

“Hi there!” I said as she exited the toilet block, “I hope you don’t mind, but I just watched you have a wank in there and was amazed with your beautiful cock and beautiful knob-end, and also how much spunk you came! So I was wondering if there was a chance me and you could… get together sometime, and maybe find a more… suitable place for you to spurt your cum?”

“Thank you! We can get together right now… if you’d like?” she smiled broadly, “I can come five or six more times like that, before I’m finally empty!”

“What…? You can come another five or six more times… and there’d still be as much cum as you came just then?” I asked her incredulously.

“Sure!” she smiled, nodding her head, “Each time I came, there’d be just as much, and it’d be just as thick, as the last time! What’s more… I can come all of that in an hour or so — but the downsides are, I can’t hold it back, so each wank or fuck I have, only lasts about three minutes, and not everyone can take my cock inside them!”

“How about we give it a try?” I grinned rather assertively, “I’ve got plenty of KY gel with me, and I’m more than willing… if you are?”

She gave me another smile and then pulled open her coat — to reveal that her cock was still as hard, and as large, as when I’d first seen it!

“How about you wank me and suck me off right now — then you’ll be able to feel the size of it for yourself and also see if you think you can take it?” she suggested, “But don’t forget how much cum there’ll be!”

I looked round to check all was clear — then dipped my head down to her rigid cock!

I had to stretch my mouth wide open to accommodate that fantastic knob-end — my lips thankfully closing behind it and gripping onto her rigid shaft! I then clasped my hand round her cock and slid it back and forth — her foreskin sliding easily over her shaft and making the job easier for me.

As my fist rapidly slid up and down her thickly veined shaft I felt her knob-end swell even more in my mouth, and I readied myself for the sudden gush of spunk I knew she was going to spurt down my throat! Again, she held her breath as her cum raced up her shaft, the massive load erupting in my suctioning mouth!

I quickly swallowed it and was instantly rewarded by six or seven more thick and creamy massive gushes of cum — all of which I managed to swallow without gagging!

“Hey, you did very well!” she said as she looked down at my face, nestled between her taut white suspenders, “Not many have been able to take it all without choking!”

I didn’t reply straight away, instead I sucked the remnants of her load from her still rigid cock before pulling off her and standing up.

“Thank you!” I smiled as I wiped my lips clean of cum, “I’m Suzy, by the way!”

“Michelle!” she beamed as my hand dropped back to her cock and idly wanked it.

“Well Michelle, shall we find somewhere a bit more private and see if I can take this beautiful cock of yours in my ass?” I suggested, “There’s a good place behind those rhododendron bushes over there that I sometimes use!”

“Mmmm, an al fresco fuck! I like those!” she grinned, “Yeah, why not?”

We walked over to the thick bushes — both of our erect cocks slapping against our nylon-clad thighs, and I led her round the back and through a gap in the foliage so’s we were completely hidden from the outside.

“We’ll be alright here!” I told her confidently, “I’ve been fucked many times whilst bending over this branch — but never by such a beautiful cock as this!”

The bush was almost hollow inside and I squatted down as she placed her coat over a branch and lovingly kissed the tip of her knob-end — licking of a small drop of cum that was still nestling there.

“Well let’s hope you get fucked over it once more tonight, Suzy!” she replied in a hushed voice, “Perhaps even more than that!”

“Mmmm, I hope so Michelle!” I told her truthfully, “I really do!”

I gave her knob-end a final kiss before turning round and bending over the low branch and spreading my legs wide apart so’s she could get right in between them and sink her entire length into me.

As I settled down onto the branch I felt her smear some KY gel around the puckered entrance to my ass and then heard her putting some more on her cock.

“Okay… ready?” she asked — the tip of her massive knob-end pushing against my ring, “I’ll take it very slow, and you let me know if you want me to pull back, okay?”

“Okay!” I replied, bracing myself for the biggest cock I’d ever taken, “Once your knob-end is inside, you should be able to slide your cock inside me easy enough!”

She slid her knob-end up and down a few times to lube us both up, then started pushing her monster mushroom- like glans into my protesting ass!

I knew I was in the hands of an expert when I felt her push hard inside me and then pull back a bit before pushing hard again — each time dilating my sphincter- muscles and easing that massive bulk a little further inside me.

“Push it a bit harder and then hold it inside me to let my sphincter-muscles dilate!” I told her, “Then you should be able to ease it right inside me with one more push!”

“Okay!” she whispered, “Here goes!”

She pushed quite a bit harder and then stopped with her knob-end wedged partly inside me to let me open up a bit, then applied some more pressure!

As I felt her slide almost imperceptibly a little deeper into my protesting ass, I braced myself and pushed back at her and felt her glorious knob-end suddenly slip a few inches into me — my dilated sphincter-muscles closing tightly round her thick shaft!

“Oh yessssssss!” I gasped, “Jesus, that feels fucking beautiful, Michelle!”

“Oooo, you’re telling me, Suzy!” she gasped, “Let me just leave it where it is for a moment, and then I’ll slowly push it all inside you!”

My rigid cock was literally throbbing and felt as though it was made of iron as I gently moved back and forth on her rigid cock only an inch or so — the flange of her knob-end stretching the inner walls of my ass as it slid back and forth inside me!

I then felt her reaching round and undoing the buttons of my blouse, then skilfully undoing the clasp of my front-fastening bra — the two lacy cups snapping apart to hang limply by my sides before she cupped each of my firm tits in her hands and rolled my erect nipples between her fingers and thumbs.

“Christ! I didn’t know these were real tits Suzy! I thought they were falsies!” she gasped, “Oooo, you lucky bitch!”

“They’re because of some hormones I’ve been taking!” I replied softly.

“Mmmm, they’re beautiful!” she cooed, “Much better than my falsies!”

“Yeah I know!” I replied, “I can actually feel you playing with them — nice!”

“You ready for me to slide all the way in Suzy?” she asked a few moments later.

“Mmmm, I am… but don’t take your time Michelle — push your entire length all the way inside me in one go, so’s I’ve got everything you have deep inside me!”

I felt her hands cupping my firm tits and tingling nipples a little harder and then felt her sliding all the way inside me until her pubic hairs were pushing up against my ass!

“Yessssssss!” I gasped, my head now thrown back, “Oh my god, yesssssssssssssss!”

“Jesus… I’m all the way inside you Suzy!” she gasped, “Oh yessssssss!”

“Fuck me Michelle!” I pleaded, “Ram that fucking cock of yours deep inside my ass and fuck me like you’ve never fucked anyone before!”

Her hands dropped to my hips and she held them firmly as she pulled back and then slammed forwards again — totally impaling me on her massive cock and monstrous knob-end! Then she pulled back again and started to frantically fuck her monster weapon in and out of my squelching ass, her nylon-clad thighs slapping hard and loud against my buttocks with every powerful and vicious thrust into me!

“Fuck me you horny bitch!” I growled as the lust soared through my body, “Shag the fucking ass off me and fill me up with your thick and creamy cum!”

“Christ, you’re fucking hot Suzy!” she gasped, “I’m nearly coming already!”

“Come, you cunt!” I hissed back at her, “Slam that spurting cock of yours deep inside me and fill my belly with your thick cum! C’mon… fuck me — harder!”

She was literally pushing my whole body back and forth with the ferocity of her thrusts into me — and I was loving every ass-fucking second!

“NOW SUZY!!!!!” she suddenly gasped, I’M COMINGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!”

Her left arm suddenly wrapped tightly around my waist, and her right arm crossed over my tits and held tightly onto my shoulder, as she pulled herself as deep and as hard into my ass as she could — her thick cock swelling even thicker as her massive knob-end spurted it’s first thick and powerful jet of cum into my guts!

“FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!” I begged her as I felt each powerful spurt of her cum hitting my insides, “FILL ME WITH YOUR CUMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!”

Her whole body violently humped and then slammed against my back with every spurt she blasted into me, and her hips viciously thrust hard against my buttocks as she spat and shot jet after jet of her thick and creamy cum into my willing ass!

“OH MY GOD… OH MY GOD…!” she repeated over and over again!

Such was the amount of cum being spurted into me, I swore I could feel my belly swelling with it’s bulk — something I was to find out to be true, a little later on!

After what seemed minutes, Michelle slowed to a stop and rested over me — her still massive cock jerking weakly deep inside my guts, and her gasping for breath!

“Can I… fuck you… again… right now, Suzy?” she gasped into my ear, “Please?”

“Oh yesssssssssssssss Michelle! I want you to keep on fucking me, until all of your cum is inside me!” I implored, “Keep on fucking me and filling me until you’ve no fucking cum left inside you! I want it all — except for the last bit! I want to lie back and feel your cum oozing and dribbling out of my ass as you toss yourself off into my mouth so’s I can drink your last load!”

“Oh yeah…!” she gulped, “That’d be good!”

With that she slowly started humping her still rigid cock into my cum-filled ‘cunt’ once more — viciously impaling me on it just before she came each time again!

After nearly an hour and five more tremendous fucks later, Michelle told me she’d only one more load left, and did I still want her to toss herself off into my mouth?

“It’ll be the perfect end to a perfect evening!” I told her truthfully as my guts gurgled loudly in protest to the sheer amount of Michelle’s cum they now contained, “You pull out of me and let me hold your cum inside me until we can lie down on the grass outside, then you can kneel over my face and fill my mouth with the last load of your thick and creamy cum while your other loads drain from my ass!”

“Mmmm, that’ll be nice, Suzy!” she said softly, “Here goes!”

I felt pangs of regret and a tremendous ‘vacant’ feeling, as her still erect cock slowly slid out of my cum-filled ‘cunt’ with an audible squelch and plopping sound — me quickly placing a finger over my gaping ass to hold her cum inside me!

We then crawled outside and fell on the grass — my belly swollen and distended so’s it bulged alarmingly under the lacy arch of my suspender-belt — filled to overflowing with the cum that Michelle had fucked into me over the last hour or so!

“Are you sure you can you manage another wank, my darling?” I asked her as she teetered above me — rigid cock in hand.

“Oh yes!” she grinned wickedly, “But I’ve… a special request first!”

“Oh, and what’s that?” I asked.

She was silent for a moment before she finally answered…

“I… I want to… share some of my last load of cum with you!” she answered somewhat embarrassedly, “Would that be… ermm… okay with you?”

I knew exactly what she meant… and I also knew why she was embarrassed about asking me! In order for her to share her cum with me, it meant that I’d have to transfer half of my last mouthful of cum, when… we kissed!

“Nothing would give me greater pleasure, Michelle!” I replied softly as I stroked her nylon-clad thigh, “And to help you feel more at ease…” I reached up and held behind her head — pulling her down until our lips met and we kissed each other with a passion reserved only for two people that meant a lot to each other!

It was long and sensuous — and as our lips finally parted and she slowly drew away, I pulled her back once more and kissed her longer and harder than before!

“I expect one of those, every time we meet from now on!” I told her as I held onto the back of her neck so’s our lips were almost still touching, “Okay?”

“Okay!” she whispered before lightly kissing me once more, “Every time!”

She then knelt upright and directed her bulbous knob- end at my open mouth as she started to toss herself off, her fist rapidly sliding her foreskin back and forth along her gnarled shaft. Within a minute I was treated to a flood of cum! Spurt after spurt jetted into my mouth with me swallowing until the spurts started to weaken.

Only then did I save my mouthful of thick cum, and move my finger from my still gaping ass — a deluge of Michelle’s cum spluttering and oozing from it as she leant forward to receive some cum for herself.

We held onto each other’s cocks and kissed passionately as her cum continued to flood from my grossly dilated asshole, my guts gurgling madly as they slowly drained the cum that they held onto the cool grass between my nylon-clad thighs!

“Can we see each other on a regular basis Michelle?” I asked her quietly, “I really feel we can be good friends and lovers!”

“I was going to ask you the same thing Suzy!” she smiled, “I’ve never enjoyed sex so much with anyone before in my life — even with my wife!”

“Does she know you’re bi and a trannie?” I asked.

“She’s known for a long time and accepts it totally!” she replied.

“And she won’t mind… us?” I asked further.

“No… she’ll be glad I’ve got someone on a regular basis — she’s fed up with having to change the sheets or mop the floor every time we fuck!” she giggled.

Both of us still giggling, we fell back and had a ciggy whilst my guts drained and Michelle regained her strength.

As I laid back and drew on my ciggy, I was most surprised at how natural it felt to kiss Michelle — another guy. I’d never kissed another guy before, but kissing ‘her’ seemed to be the most natural thing in the world for me to do! Perhaps it was because he was both dressed and acted like a woman, and therefore, because I’d this image of a woman in front of me, it made it so much easier, I don’t really know? All I can say, is that I felt absolutely no embarrassment whatsoever, and that it seemed the right and proper thing to do in the circumstances. Strangely, I’ve no intention of kissing any other guy — and would feel very uncomfortable doing so!

Me and Michelle have remained firm friends and lovers since then and have both had our own partners and shared many partners together.

It was a year after I first met her that I passed my driving test and got a car, which meant I didn’t have to rely on Michelle to drive me up to the car park I mentioned earlier, and could drive up there to meet other guys when she wasn’t available.

Mum and dad were still alive of course, and it was very difficult for me to get out of the house until I got my car — Michelle only coming up for a good fuck when they were both out for the day. These last three years, Michelle has spent loads of time up on the estate — mainly at the weekend when the staff have gone home.

So now you know a little more about me, I’ll tell you of some of the more notable things that’ve happened to me as Suzy, some when on my own, some with Michelle, and some with others — as you will soon find out!


It was just after 6pm on a Friday evening and I was getting ready to go out, having arranged with Michelle to come round so’s we could both go up to the car park and then come back home where she would stop the night with me. I’d left Anne in the office to finish some paperwork and told her to lock up before she went home.

I’d taken a shower and was sitting at my dressing table wearing only a black and red satin suspender-belt and black lace-top nylons as I put on my makeup in the mirror.

I never wore panties, because I loved the added thrill of knowing that there was only the skimpy piece of material of my skirt that hid my cock from the world — plus the added bonuses of ‘accidentally’ flashing my cock when I sat down, and also feeling my cock and balls swinging free beneath my dress or skirt and the breeze blowing over them as I walked along! There were also many times when I wore only my undies under a coat when walking through the park — but more of that later!

My hair was still up in rollers and I’d just applied my foundation as I leant forward to apply my eyeliner — something I’ve always found very difficult to do, but well worth it with the effect it gives.

Perhaps it was because I was really concentrating on getting both eyes to match that I didn’t hear the bedroom door open…

“John, I’ve just finished those papers and…! Oh… sorry!”

I quickly turned to see Anne standing in the open doorway and saw the look of total astonishment and surprise on her face as her voice trailed off when she saw me sitting there topless — wearing only a suspender-belt and nylons!

“Oooops!” I grinned at her — rather foolishly.

“I’m… I’m sorry!” she blurted, “I… I didn’t know you were… busy!”

She quickly turned to leave and I called after her…

“Anne! It’s okay…! Come back a moment… please!” Realising it was too late to try and hide the way I was dressed and what I was doing, I called her back in.

She slowly walked back into the room and stood there with her mouth open as she took in the sight of me sitting there in my undies and applying my makeup, and also stared through the open doors of my illuminated walk-in wardrobe at the many bras, suspender-belt sets, basques, and other items of clothing that was hanging up inside.

“Please… come and sit down Anne!” I said, getting her a chair to sit on and totally forgetting that I was now flashing not only my naked 36b tits to her, but also my suspender-framed cock as well!

When I saw her looking down between my nylon-clad thighs, I instantly realised what she was looking at and tried in vain to cover up my cock and exposed tits with my hands — finally doing so by grabbing my ivory satin robe!

“I’m s-s-s-so sorry John!” she stammered, “Please forgive me!”

“What have I to forgive you about?” I replied quickly, “It’s me that should be asking you to forgive me for upsetting you! You weren’t to know… and I should’ve locked the door, or something! Anyway, it’s too late now to try and hide anything, and I guess I owe you an explanation!”

“That’s alright John!” she replied shakily, “You don’t owe me an explanation — and I’m not upset…surprised and curious maybe, but not upset! It’s just that you told me to let you know when I’d finished that paperwork you’d left me, so’s you could sign it and fax it through to the solicitors!”

In my haste to get ready, I’d forgotten all about that, and took a deep breath as I walked over to her, to try and explain things and ask her to keep quiet about what she’d just seen.

“Well it’s no good trying to hide anything!” I began, shrugging my shoulders.

“You’re… not!” she replied with a grin as she nodded her head forward.

I looked down to see my robe had fallen open when I’d shrugged my shoulders, and both my suspender-framed cock and naked tits were now totally exposed again!

“If you want to look feminine, you’re going to have to realise that a lady doesn’t go around flashing her bits and parts all the time to innocent people!” she said, almost managing to suppress a giggle, “And that eye- shadow is wrong for that colour of foundation! You need a russet eye-shadow — or something with red or brown in it!”

I was gob-smacked! She’d only just walked in and found her boss wearing women’s undies, and here she was now explaining makeup to me!

“Hmmm, I’ve always wanted to see a guy wearing women’s undies!” she grinned, “And if it’s any comfort, I think you look really sexy in them!”

“So you’re… you’re not upset or anything?” I asked incredulously.

“Upset? No! I might even be able to give you some more makeup tips!” she replied.

“Thanks!” I grinned back at her, “I’d appreciate that!”

“Hmmm, at least I now know where to come if I want to borrow some undies!” she joked, “Look how many you have — you must have twenty times more than me!”

She walked forward and stood gazing into the open wardrobe at my undies like a child let loose in a sweet-shop.

“You’re welcome to borrow any of them.” I told her, “Have a good look and see!”

“Hmmm, we’re the same size as well!” she said as she held a basque up to her and admired herself in the full-length mirror, “Hey… these are really nice!”

“Try some on if you want!” I heard myself saying, “Unless you’ve got to go home?”

“No, I shouldn’t — besides, you were getting ready to go out!” she replied.

“Awwww, that’s okay!” I smiled, “A friend’s coming round, but she’s not due round for another hour or so, and we’d no firm plans about going out anyway!”

“She?” Anne repeated, “So she presumably knows about you wearing?”

“Well… actually, she’s a he — and he wears as well!” I confessed.

“Hmmm… interesting!” she smiled wistfully, “Tell you what… if you let me try on some of these… I’ll do your hair for you and you can tell me all about you and this he or ‘she’ that’s coming round — deal?”

“Okay, it’s a deal!” I smiled.

She immediately busied herself with getting my brushes, combs and hairspray from the dressing table drawer and asked me to turn round to face her.

“Okay… now tell me all about this guy or ‘woman’ you’re meeting later!” she said as she hitched up her skirt slightly and straddled my nylon-clad knees, “I want to know all about her, and what you usually do together!”

“If I did that, I might shock you!” I replied somewhat bashfully.

“So, shock me!” she replied matter-of-factly as she removed the hair rollers from my hair, “I might shock you later when I’m trying on some of your undies!

“I can’t see how… but okay, I’ll tell you!” I said resignedly.

As she combed and brushed my hair, I told her all about Michelle, how we’d met, what we liked doing together and how I’d become interested in wearing women’s undies as a boy, and even what’d happened up in the woods with the guy.

“And what did you feel like, that first time with that guy?” she asked as she sprayed some hairspray on my hair, How did you feel — being… fucked?”

Hearing her saying the word ‘fuck’ instantly made my cock jerk and I could feel it starting to stiffen as I explained to her.

“It made me feel very… feminine!” I exclaimed, “And felt sort of… right! Now I come to think of it, it felt like the most natural thing in the world to do!”

“And was this, because you were wearing some sexy undies at the time, or didn’t they pay any part in it?” she enquired further in a soft voice.

I suddenly became aware that I’d a massive hard-on and that my erect cock was now lewdly poking out through the folds of my robe for all to see!

“I… I think they made the feelings more intense, but the feelings were very strong and deep-rooted anyway!” I replied slowly.

“Mmmm!” she smiled — almost ignoring my answer, “Well that’s about it for your hair! Now, who’s a pretty girl then?”

I smiled bashfully at the word ‘girl’ and felt my cock jerk again!

“Just pass me your eye-shadow from the dressing table will you, and I’ll do that as well for you while I’m here!” she smiled broadly.

I turned and picked up the eye-shadow and passed it to her before she eased my head back to apply it.

“Did it… bother you — me calling you a girl just then?” she asked quietly.

“No… not really — I… I just wasn’t ready for it, that’s all!” I replied truthfully.

“Well it looks like you’re ready… for something!” she grinned, pointing downwards and between us at my erect cock with the eye-shadow applicator.

“Oh… that!” I replied embarrassedly, “Sorry about that Anne, I can’t help it!”

“Hey, that’s okay, it tells me that what we’re doing is turning you on! And I simply love those tits! Are they hormones or implants?” she replied.

“Hormones.” I replied, “They also soften the voice and round the hips I believe?”

“Hmmm, I’ve heard that as well!” she said, then added quietly, “You can touch me if you want y’know, John — I won’t bite, and I know you’ve been dying to!”

As if to substantiate what she’d said, she hitched her skirt up a bit more, settled down slightly, and then every so lightly moved back and forth so she traced the gusset of her panties several times over my extremely sensitive knob-end before lifting off me again. My hands immediately strayed to her naked thighs and I traced my fingers up and down them before stealing to the insides and repeating the strokes.

“Mmmm, that feels… nice!” she cooed, “Don’t stop, it’s turning me on!”

“I’ve no intention of stopping.” I breathed, “It’s turning me on as well!”

“Mmmm! I’m sorry I’m not wearing anything sexy like you have in your collection, but I wasn’t expecting anything like this happening to me!” she said, “It’s been quite a while since I’ve worn any stockings — or sexy underwear!”

“So you like wearing that sort of stuff as well?” I asked.

“Mmmm, yes!” she smiled, “It has exactly the same effect on me as it does on you and your friend, Michelle — it makes me feel really feminine… and sexy!”

She was obviously giving me the all clear, so I slowly slid my hand up the inside of her thigh and curled my finger under the elastic of her pantie-leg — intent on stroking her pussy and maybe fingering her!

“Mmmmmmm, that’s nice, John!” she breathed, “Pull it over to one side for me!”

My finger hooked once more round the elastic and I pulled the material away from her pussy before forcing it over to one side.

As soon as I did so, she moved her hips forward and manoeuvred around with her hairy cunt brushing my knob- end until she found the entrance to her cunt! Only then did she slowly lower herself down so’s my cock slid all the way inside her hot cunt!

“Ahhhhhh, that’s better!” she breathed, “Much better!”

“Oh yessssssss!” I breathed back as I gripped her hips and moved them back and forth so’s my cock slid in and out of her cunt, the tiniest amount!

I still had my eyes closed and by head back as I felt her hands holding the sides of my face and her lips closing on mine!

Our tongues explored each other’s mouths and our kiss became more passionate, our embrace much tighter now as she slowly lifted herself up and down so’s my cock slid in and out of her cunt and she steadily fucked herself on it!

“Christ, I’ve needed this for so long, John!” she whispered against my lips, “It’s been ages since I’ve been with anyone!”

“Mmmmmmm, if you’ll let us, Anne, me and Michelle can soon put that right for you!” I whispered back at her, “And boy… could Michelle put that right for you?”

“Oh, and why’s that?” she asked, pulling away slightly but still riding my cock.

“Ermm… I’ll let her tell you and show you, when she comes!” I smiled before kissing her once more.

“Now what could that mean?” she mused, “You’ve got me thinking now!”

“All will be revealed when she arrives!” I grinned, “And I do mean… all! Now, come on, go and try some of my undies on while I fix us some drinks, otherwise you’re gonna have me coming before I’m ready!”

“Mmmm, we wouldn’t want that!” she laughed as she slowly stood up and pulled off my throbbing cock, “And I could sure do with a drink!”

She straightened her skirt as she stood up and back away from me, then leant forward and sucked my cock into her mouth, sliding her lips up and down it’s entire length before pulling off and smiling at me.

“Just thought I’d give it a bit of a clean! We can’t have your robe getting covered in my juices — can we?” she said.

“You mean your cunt-juices?” I grinned wickedly to see if I could embarrass her.

“Yes, that’s right John — my cunt-juices!” she grinned back.

With that she walked towards the wardrobe and stepped inside.

“You don’t mind if I close the door a bit while I’m changing, d’you?” she asked, “A girl’s gotta have a bit of privacy!”

“No, not at all!” I smiled, “But can I just quickly get a skirt and a blouse?”

I went inside and picked a short fawn cotton skirt, and a carmine satin blouse, before giving her a quick kiss and heading back to the dresser for my lacy black bra — getting a wolf-whistle from Anne as I left the wardrobe!

“Cheeky bitch!” I called back to her.

“John, where d’you keep your panties? I can’t find any!” she called as I fastened the clasp on my front- fastening bra.

“I don’t use them!” I called back, “Neither does Michelle! We find they just get in the way and we’ve found it feels much sexier to go without! Besides, it makes it a lot easier to flash at people if you’re not wearing any!”

“Hmmm, I think I’ll try going without then, and seeing how it feels!” she replied, “It sounds like fun!”

I was sitting down and fully dressed and sipping my drink when she called out that she was nearly ready and could she do her hair and use some of my makeup when she came out? So I told her to use whatever she wanted and to treat everything as her own. A few minutes later she opened the door of the wardrobe and stepped into the room, wearing a frilly red top and a dark blue side-vented skirt that just covered the stocking-tops of her black lace-top nylons!

“Well… what d’you think?” she asked, posing in front of me so’s her black suspenders and stocking-tops showed as she twirled round and her skirt flew up.

“Wow! Very nice!” I smiled, “And perhaps this should prove to you that I’m telling the truth?! I uncrossed my legs and splayed my knees to let my cock free so’s it pushed up the front of my skirt so’s she could see it and my black undies underneath!

“Mmmm, it does!” she grinned, “And perhaps this’ll prove to you that I meant it when I said I’ll try going without panties!”

She spread her feet and lifted up the front of her skirt to expose her beautifully hairy cunt! It was literally covered in a thick dark carpet of her pubic hair and I could just see her outer cunt-lips peeping through it!

“Oh yessssssss!” I gasped at the sight of her hairy cunt, “Just how I like them!”

“You were right about it feeling far sexier by the way! I feel like I’m more than naked under here — if you know what I mean?”

“I know exactly what you mean because I feel exactly the same way!” I smiled.

“It feels… naughty!” she replied, “Yeah… naughty! No, lets see about doing something with my makeup and hair!”

As she sat down to tart herself up, I wandered over and stood behind her, my hands straying to her tits and being delighted to find they were nice and firm.

“Is that a gun in my back, or are you just glad to see me?” she asked me in her best Mae West voice.

“You should think yourself lucky it isn’t Michelle that was standing behind you!” I told her, “You’d think it was a shotgun — or more like a blunderbuss!”

“Oh… so she’s well-built, is she?” Anne asked as she dusted her cheeks with my compact and then brushed on some lipstick and lip-liner.

“Let’s just say that her … ‘attributes’ go further than that!” I smiled, “You’ll see.”

“My mind’s working overtime, trying to think what you mean, you bugger!” she laughed, “I can’t think what you’re on about! Tell you what though… this bloody makeup’s the best I’ve ever used! It must’ve cost you a bomb!”

“Feel free to come up here and use as much as you want!” I smiled, “And to wear whatever you want of mine as well!”

“That’s very kind of you John.” she smiled, “Thanks!”

I felt a tickling feeling run across my belly, knowing that Anne would perhaps soon be wearing some of my sexy undies and clothes — and that they’d be turning her on!

“Right… finished!” she said a few minutes later, “Well… will I do?”

“Oh, will you ever?” I breathed, “C’mon, lets sit down and have a drink.”

“What are some of the more sexually daring things you’ve done, Anne?” I asked her as we settled down with our drinks.

“Hmmm!” she mused, “Not much really… although I’ve been fucked outdoors a few times! And I brought myself off in a cinema once! Oh yes, and I once sucked a guy off on the back seat of a bus! What about you?”

“Ohhh, the same sort of things — and …some others!” I grinned, “Me and Michelle might share some of our more daring things with you one day perhaps — that’s if you want to anything to do sexually with us? I mean, you and me have ‘messed about’ a bit this evening, but that might be as far as you want to go — I don’t know!”

“I’m not promising anything John, but lets see how I feel when Michelle comes and take it from there, shall we? I might surprise even myself, and join in fully with both of you, or I might not — I’ve never been with two guys… sorry… ‘ girls’ before!”

“Well I can tell you this…nobody’s gonna force you to do anything you don’t want to do this evening — and that’s a promise, Anne!” I told her sternly, “You do only what you want to do, and nothing else! And if you do go all the way, and then never want to with us again — that’s okay as well!”

“Ahhh, that’s great John, thanks!” she smiled, reaching across and touching my knee.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way Anne, and neither would Michelle!” I replied, “And speaking of which… I think that’s her car that I can hear, pulling up outside?”

“Oooo good! Now I can find out what’s so special about Michelle!” she grinned.

A few minutes later Michelle walked into the room.

“Hi Michelle, this is Anne, my secretary!” I smiled, “I might’ve mentioned her?”

Michelle was wearing her usual shoulder-length blonde wig and a skimpy flared printed off-the-knee dress and looked her usual stunning self.

“Oh hello Anne, glad to meet you!” Michelle smiled, “Yes, Suzy has mentioned you!”

“Hello Michelle, John’s told me all about you — well, some!” Anne smiled.

“Oooops, sorry Anne, I forgot to tell you that I call myself Suzy when I’m dressed and made-up!” I explained.

“Suzy…? Hmmm, that really suits you!” she replied, “I was wondering about that earlier actually — with Michelle being called… Michelle!”

“Well, we were somewhat busy with other things!” I laughed, “Anne accidentally caught me dressing earlier… so I’ve told her all about you and me, and what sort of things we like doing together.”

“And are you okay with that, Anne?” Michelle asked her.

“Perfectly….! Why not?” she replied.

“Ahhh, that’s good!” she smiled, “Now we can relax and be at our ease!”

“Anne was telling me earlier that she hasn’t been with anyone for ages, and I told her that you’d be the one to put that right for her!” I explained as I gave her a drink, “I mentioned to her that you had some special… ‘attributes’ but didn’t tell her what they are. So I’ll let you explain to her, as she’s dying to know!”

“Yeah, c’mon Michelle! Suzy wouldn’t even give me a hint!” Anne laughed, “I told her it had been a very long time since I’d had some cock, and she told me that you’d be able to put that right for me!”

“Well, I suppose that’s true — in a way!” Michelle blushed, “I suppose what Suzy’s referring to, is that I can come six or seven times in rapid succession!”

“And…?” I coaxed her.

“Oh yes, that! And when I do come, I come an enormous amount — not just the first time — I come an enormous amount, each and every time!” she explained.

“And…?” I coaxed her again.

Michelle looked across at me with a quizzical look…?

“Show her!” I smiled, “Y’know!”

“Oh yes! I see what you mean, Suzy!” she replied, “Ermm… I think I should show you what Suzy’s on about — rather than try and tell you, Anne!”

Anne was sitting forward with her glass and smiling sweetly as Michelle stood up.

Then her face changed to one of disbelief and total amazement, as Michelle slowly raised the hem of her dress right up to her waist, to completely expose her beautifully thick cock, and it’s truly massive knob- end!

“Fucking hell!” Anne gasped in total surprise and sheer admiration, “Jesus Christ!”

“Like it?” I asked her.

“I… I’m fucking sure I’m going to!” Anne finally managed to gasp, “But I’m just wondering if I’d be able to? I mean… look at the size of that fucking knob- end!”

“Well if Suzy can — I’m sure you can, Anne!” Michelle told her as she lowered her dress and sat back down, “You can find out later if you want?”

“Oh yes, Michelle — I want!” Anne gasped, her head now shaking from side to side in total disbelief, “Christ, do I want?”

“I thought that because Anne’s joined us, we’d not go to the car park?” I suggested to Michelle, “Perhaps a ‘walk’ through the park later on might be a good idea?”

“You mean after here?” Michelle asked.

“Mmmm, yeah!” I grinned, “There’s a double bed over there — and a nice ‘walk’ through the park later on as it gets dark, might round off the evening?”

“Hmmm, I agree!” Michelle smiled.

“And do you get really hard every time, Michelle?” Anne asked, still trying to comprehend the special attributes and hidden qualities of Michelle’s cock!

“As hard as an iron bar!” I told her, “Each and every time!”

“Fucking hell!” Anne breathed, “This is gonna have to be seen, to be believed!”

“And tried!” I added.

“Oh yes — definitely tried!” Anne repeated, quickly nodding her head!

“Can we have another drink before we start please, Suzy? Then I think I should let Anne have a ‘test- drive’ — before she dies of curiosity!” Michelle laughed.

“Of course!” I smiled, quickly getting up and refilling our glasses.

For the next five minutes as we drank our drinks, Anne asked Michelle about herself and if it was really true that she could come so much in such a short time?

Michelle joked that if Anne was going to think about sucking her off, she’d better like the taste of cum — because she had plenty in store to give her!

“Let’s just say that more than one boyfriend has called me a cum-slut!” Anne replied.

“Right Anne!” Michelle smiled, “Get those clothes off and get on the bed with me and Suzy — and we’ll see just how much of a cum-slut you really are!”

We all quickly stripped to our undies and dived on the bed — Michelle congratulating Anne on the thickness of her bush and telling her how a thick bush turned both me and her on whenever we saw one on a girl!

“Right!” I smiled at Anne, “Who d’you want where?”

“Can I try Michelle’s cock first and suck you off as well, Suzy?” she asked, “Then I’d like to watch Michelle fucking you while I lie back and wank myself!”

“Whilst you’re rubbing Michelle’s thick and creamy cum into that deliciously hairy thatch of yours?” I smiled as Michelle knelt behind her.

“Mmmm, you’ve guessed it!” she grinned back mischievously.

I quickly slid underneath her in the ’69 position’ until her hairy cunt was no more than an inch above my face, Anne taking a sharp intake of breath as she felt Michelle’s massive knob-end stretching her cunt-lips apart!

“Ohhh yeahhhhhh!” Anne sighed as Michelle’s knob-end slowly slipped inside her cunt and she lowered her head towards my cock, “This is gonna be some fuck!”

Anne moaned softly as she sucked my cock into her mouth — Michelle easing her thick shaft into her cunt so’s her thick pubic-hairs seemed to tightly grasp Michelle’s shaft as she pushed her entire length into her!

“D’you like that Anne?” I asked her as Michelle then started to rapidly fuck her cock into her squelching cunt, “D’you like the feeling of Michelle’s massive cock and knob-end sliding up and down in your cunt while I watch you both, real close?”

“Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!” she moaned on my cock as she rocked back and forth on the bed with Michelle’s massive cock thrusting into her.

“And when Michelle’s finished coming inside you, will you sit back on my face and force her cum from your cunt so’s I can drink it all down as she slides her cock into my ass and starts to fuck me?”

“Mmmmmmm!” she moaned urgently, “Mmmmmmm!”

“Yeah, and it’ll add to the load of my cum she’ll already have in her mouth!” Michelle laughed, “Because a lot of it will have oozed out of your cunt after I’ve come inside you, Anne!”

She was correct! Two minutes later I was slurping noisily on the surplus cum as it oozed past the tight seal of Michelle’s cock and Anne’s stretched cunt-lips — Anne moaning and groaning loudly on my cock as she violently orgasmed at the feel of Michelle spurting so much cum up her cunt!

As her orgasm receded and she quietened down, Michelle told Anne that she was going to pull out of her, and for her to keep her fingers over her cunt so’s she could squeeze it out of herself and let it drop into my mouth as she wanked herself!

“Yeah… don’t worry… I will!” Anne gasped as she pulled off my cock.

I watched intently as Michelle slowly slid her still rigid cock out of Anne’s cunt — her cunt-lips trailing along Michelle’s shaft and her finger poised ready to seal her cunt when she felt Michelle’s massive knob-end pulling out of her.

As Michelle’s knob-end slowly pulled away from Anne’s cum-coated cunt-lips, a thin string of cum remained fixed to them — effectively tying them together as a bead of cum oozed from Michelle’s cock and fell onto my lips. The elastic string of cum then suddenly broke as Anne slid a finger over her hairy cunt-lips and looked down at me as she positioned herself over my gaping mouth. With a broad smile she slowly and deliberately slid her finger away from her puffy and distended cunt- lips and then held them apart — a thick glob of Michelle’s cum then slowly oozing from her inner-lips before it landed with a soft splat on my extended tongue.

Biting on her bottom lip as she bore down with her cunt-muscles, a thick and viscous stream of Michelle’s thick and creamy cum suddenly shot from her cunt — nearly filling my mouth and making me rapidly gulp it down!

A look of surprise and joy swiftly flashed across her face as her guts gurgled loudly and she forced another large wad of thick cum from her drooling cunt.

“Fucking hell… I’ve never seen so much cum before!” she hissed as she watched me swallowing her latest sticky load in my mouth, “Look how thick it is!”

I was just about to tell her there’d be plenty more for her if she wanted it, when another massive slug of Michelle’s cum slithered out of her hairy cunt — the last bit of it accompanied by a frothy load that hung from her inner cunt-lips like an opalescent chandelier, as it stretched down to settle on my lips while I drank down her last batch.

It was then that I felt Michelle’s massive cum-coated knob-end gently easing itself into my puckered ass — Anne’s eyes widening with delight as she watched the thick shaft slowly disappearing inside me and she continued to drain her cum-filled cunt into my cum- smeared mouth. She then lowered her hips down and bent forward so’s her cunt-lips were pressing against my own lips — Anne eager to watch up-close, a guy actually being fucked for the first time in her life!

“You won’t be able to see me coming inside Suzy’s ass.” Michelle told her as she rapidly thrust her rigid cock in and out of my distended asshole, “But as I start to come, I’ll let you know, so’s you can hold onto my cock and feel it pulsating!”

“Mmmmmmm, I’ll look forward to that!” she replied as she wiggled her hips and then squeezed another large slug of Michelle’s cum into my mouth, “And then I want to suck you off so’s you come in my mouth as well. I’m dying for a taste of your cum!”

As usual, Michelle started to come within two minutes and told Anne to squeeze his shaft so’s she could actually feel him pumping his cum deep inside me.

She expressed her delight at feeling his throbbing cock and I was rewarded by another mouthful of cum as she tightened her cunt-muscles and squeezed out the last of Michelle’s load into my mouth!

I could tell she was almost empty by the bubbles her cunt blew and the way it ‘farted’ when she tried to squeeze out some more of Michelle’s cum!

Having let me lick her hairy cunt clean of cum, Anne finally climbed off me and watched Michelle slowly pull her still rigid cock out of my distended ass — Michelle inviting her to suck her knob-end clean so’s she could taste a sample of her cum!

“Like it?” Michelle asked her as she licked the smears of cum from her knob-end.

“Mmmmmmm… Yes!” Anne replied with a broad grin, “I do!”

“Well put my knob-end into your mouth, and as you suck me, I’ll toss myself off into it for you!” Michelle smiled, “Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when I’m gonna come!”

Anne did as Michelle had suggested as she started to toss herself off — her fist sliding rapidly up and down her shaft as Anne sucked noisily on the massive knob- end that was filling her mouth! Only a minute later I heard Michelle telling Anne that she was near to coming and to get ready for her cum. A few seconds later I heard Anne spluttering and gagging on the massive load of cum that was being spurted into her mouth by Michelle’s throbbing cock — several wads slithering from her cum-filled mouth to drop onto my suspender- belt and pubic hair!

She manfully fought to control her gagging and succeeded in swallowing almost all of Michelle’s cum before dropping forward onto her hands as she cleared her throat.

“Christ… That was some fucking come!” she finally gasped, “I nearly drowned!”

For the next hour we fucked and sucked each other in every position possible until we laid back to recover with a much needed cigarette.

“Wow! How the hell can you follow a session like that?” Anne gasped.

“We’ll show you!” I smirked at her, “C’mon Anne, we’re going for a walk!”

“Okay, won’t be a minute! Just give me time to slip into my skirt and top!” she said.

“You won’t be needing those!” I smiled, “Just a light lightweight raincoat!”

A quizzical look crossed her face as I went to the wardrobe and returned with two lightweight raincoats — one for her and one for me.

“Michelle’s got her own, so these are for us!” I explained.

“And… and nothing else … underneath, I mean?” she asked.

“Nope!” I grinned, “Just the undies you have on!”

Obviously unsure as to what was happening, Anne slid the lightweight raincoat on and tied the belt — all three of us now ready for our walk in the park.

A few minutes later we were driving along the country roads in the fading light with a very confused Anne sitting beside me.

“Okay, here we are!” Michelle said finally as she pulled up outside the park gates and switched off the engine, “You ready for a little walk through the park Anne?”

“Hmmm… I think so?” she replied somewhat uncertainly.

“Good!” Michelle replied, “Let’s go!”

I’d described on the drive over what Anne was going to do, and at first she thought I was joking — then I reminded her that she wasn’t wearing any outer clothes under her raincoat, only her undies!

As Anne got out and walked to the gates she turned with a broad grin.

“Fucking hell! I never thought that not wearing panties could make me feel so fucking horny!” she beamed, “I’m already juicing up like hell, here!”

“Hmmm, just wait till you take your coat off!” I grinned back at her.

Michelle locked up the car and we set off through the gates with Anne chattering nervously about what we were doing.

Because we’d both done it many times before, both me and Michelle immediately undid the belts on our lightweight raincoats — Michelle completely exposing her sexy ½ cup bra, suspender-belt and massive erect cock, and me exposing my firm 36b tits, suspender-belt and my own, very rigid and erect cock!

“Jesus, look at you two horny bastards!” Anne gasped as she saw what we’d just done, “I’ve gotta try that for myself!”

So saying, she quickly undid her belt and let her lightweight raincoat fall open to completely expose her own firm tits and very erect nipples, and her suspender-framed hairy cunt to the world!

“Like it?” I grinned at her.

“Fucking hell yes! What a fucking turn-on!” she beamed back at me, “I especially like the way your rigid cocks are swinging from side to side and slapping against your thighs — that looks fucking fantastic!”

“Mmmm, it feels fucking fantastic as well!” Michelle smiled, “I particularly like to see Suzy’s tits proudly jutting out, and her erect nipples!”

“Yeah, I see what you mean!” Anne agreed, “They look really sexy — especially with her rigid cock jutting out from between her nylon-clad thighs as well!”

“That’s because I really get turned on doing this!” I explained, “And… this!”

Looking her straight in the eye, I slid my lightweight raincoat off my shoulders so’s I was walking along wearing nothing other than my suspender-belt, nylons, and heels.

Michelle immediately followed suit with Anne doing the same a few seconds later!

“How d’you feel?” I asked her.

“Alive!” she answered after a few moments, “Alive and a whole lot fucking hornier than I’ve ever felt in my life!”

“I think me and Michelle can do something to make you feel even hornier!” I smiled.

“Oh?… and what’s that, then?” she grinned.

I stopped and threw my folded lightweight raincoat down onto the path — Michelle stopping with me and doing the same.

“Get down onto these — on your hands and knees!” I said slowly and deliberately.

She looked at me a little uncertainly… and then slowly sank down onto her hands and knees — her exposed hairy cunt pushing out proudly from between her nylon- clad thighs like a split peach!

Because Anne had sucked Michelle off earlier, I elected to be sucked off whilst Michelle knelt between her legs — her massive knob-end pressing against Anne’s cunt- lips and gently parting them as Michelle slowly pushed forward!

I heard Anne moan softly as her lips wrapped around my knob-end and felt her being repeatedly pushed deeper onto me, as Michelle fucked her massive knob-end and thick shaft deeper into Anne’s freely-juicing cunt!

“You watch behind me for anyone coming along the path Suzy, and I’ll do the same with you!” Michelle breathed as she took hold of Anne’s hips and started to rapidly fuck her slick cock into her.

“Will do, Michelle!” I breathed as Anne slurped noisily on my cock.

Anne knelt there on the path and took us at both ends until Michelle gasped that she was near to coming. Anne then repeatedly rammed her hips backwards — impaling herself on Michelle’s massive cock as she felt the first spurt of Michelle’s cum blasting up against her cervix! My throbbing cock slipped from her mouth just as I started to come — spraying my sticky load all over her face and chin!

“Oh yessssssss!” she hissed as Michelle’s cum filled her cunt to overflowing and oozed past her thick shaft to dribble off Anne’s thick mass of pubic hair and run down her nylon-clad thighs, “Fuck me you horny bastards! I want your cum!”

Michelle remained kneeling behind her with her cock sticking deep inside her, as Anne clawed her way upright and looked into my eyes.

“Lick it off!” she breathed, “Lick your cum off my face and save me some to eat!”

Doing as I was told, I slowly licked all of my cum from her cheeks and chin before leaning forwards to kiss her on the lips — Anne throwing back her head and opening her mouth wide so’s my sticky mouthful could slowly dribble into it!

“Mmmm, that tasted… beautiful!” she whispered softly as Michelle slid out of her and I helped her to her feet, “Now, shall we continue?”

We picked up our lightweight raincoats and set off along the path once more — Anne giggling like a little girl as she spread her knees and showed us the copious amount of Michelle’s thick and creamy cum that was liberally dripping onto the path from her gaping cunt and also slithering down her nylon-clad thighs!

“Mmmm, I feel like I’ve been really… used! Used… and… delightfully soiled!” she smiled at us, “Soiled with two delicious loads of thick and creamy cum!”

“Mmmm, and they certainly won’t be the last, tonight!” Michelle laughed, “No way!”

Totally ignoring the sticky mess that was draining from her, Anne smiled and set off again with me and Michelle walking alongside her.

“God, I feel fucking horny!” Anne gasped before reaching down between her legs and scooping up a load of Michelle’s cum then tipping it into her mouth, “Jesus, to think I’ve been missing out on this all these years!”

We hadn’t walked three more steps when I saw someone approaching in the fading light, and told the others to quickly put their coats back on!

As the figure approached us, I saw that it was a guy on his own, with him bidding us a cheery “Good evening girls!” as he came up to us and passed by. We all responded with a “Good evening!” and quickly relaxed — allowing our coats to flap open again!

“Phew, that was close!” Anne grinned as we walked on and soon came under the deeper shade of the trees.

“Yeah, but I don’t think he saw anything because we all had our coats pulled to with our hands in our pockets by the time he was near to us!” I assured her.

A moment later we reached a bench that me and Michelle used regularly when we went out for some outdoor fun. It was set back slightly and you’d a real good view up and down the path, which meant you’d plenty of warning if anyone was coming.

“How about a ciggy before we start?” Michelle suggested as we sat back on the bench with our coats draped wide- open so’s everything we had was totally exposed.

Anne was exposing even more than us because of the unladylike way she was sitting. She was perched on the edge of the bench and had her knees spread wide apart, so’s the highly erotic sight of Michelle’s thick and creamy cum could clearly be seen, as it continued to slowly slither out of her suspender-framed hairy cunt, and drop in sticky viscous strings onto the ground between her feet!

“Hey Anne! It looks like you could do with a bit of a clean up!” I grinned, “The use of a large box of tissues wouldn’t come amiss!”

“You offering?” she grinned back at me.

As I got off the bench and squatted between her splayed knees — my mouth clamping over her gaping and drooling cunt-lips, Anne laid back on the bench and closed her eyes in utter contentment and satisfaction!

“Oh yesssssssssssssss!” she hissed quietly, as her hand strayed to Michelle’s erect cock and she started to slowly wank it, “That feels… beautiful!”

“Hmmm, and it looks beautiful!” a strange voice suddenly added.

We all spun round to see a guy standing amongst the deep gloom of the trees behind the bench — his cock out and him slowly wanking it! I recognised him immediately as the guy we’d met on the path!

“Sorry if I startled you, but I just had to admit — it really is a beautiful sight!” he smiled, “And I do mean… all of it — including you two guys!”

“You’re the guy we met on the path!” I told him as I pulled away from Anne’s drooling cunt and then stood up between her knees — not bothering about him seeing my suspender-framed erect cock or how I was dressed.

“That’s right!” he replied as he came down the grassy slope and joined us — his rigid cock jutting out in front of him and still poking out of his jeans, “I had a feeling there was something odd about three girls walking through the park at this time of night, and dressed the way you all were. So, I thought I’d double back and see if my suspicions were justified — and it looks like they were!”

“And what d’you think of seeing us dressed like this?” I asked.

“Like I said before… beautiful!” he replied with a smile, “I’m bi myself, and I’ve often seen guys back home in undies before!”

“Back home?” Michelle asked.

“Yeah, I’m on holiday with the wife.” he replied, “I found out about this place from the internet and thought I’d have a look. The wife doesn’t know I’m bi, and so when she said she was going to have a bath and a quiet night in, I told her I was going for a quick stroll in the park before I took back some fish and chips for our supper!”

“Well d’you feel like working up an appetite?” Michelle asked him.

“Mmmm, I’d love to!” the guy grinned, “I’m Phil, by the way!”

“That’s Suzy, that’s Michelle, and I’m a new girl to the group, Anne!” told him, “How about you fucking me, while Michelle stands alongside us and fucks Suzy?”

“Sounds good to me!” Phil replied, “Do I need a condom or can I let fly inside you?”

“If Suzy’s gonna suck me out after, you’d better fuck me bareback!” Anne grinned.

Without waiting for him to answer, Anne got up and slipped her lightweight raincoat off her shoulders before going over to the railings and leaning against them — pushing her ass back to completely expose her drooling hairy cunt to us all!

I followed suit and leant against the railings alongside her — both Phil and Michelle getting behind us and feeding their rigid cocks into our waiting holes!

“Christ, that looks fucking sexy!” Phil gasped to Anne as he looked across at Michelle fucking me and he steadily fucked into Anne, “I can’t get over Suzy having such a pair of beautiful tits and such a decent cock as well!”

As Michelle thrust her thick cock and massive knob-end into my squelching ass I thrust my ass back to meet her thrusts and felt her knob-end swelling — she was very near to coming!

A few seconds later she let out a little moan and I felt the first enormous spurt of cum blasting against my insides! It was quickly followed by over a dozen more and I could feel my ass stretching to accommodate the immense bulk of cum it contained.

The pressure of her cum was soon released however when it spluttered loudly, and seeped past her tightly fitting shaft each time she thrust into me, and her cum then began to run down the insides of my nylon-clad thighs!

Seeing this was too much for Phil, and I heard him telling Anne that he was about to come inside her. She quickly begged him to fuck her harder and to fill her cunt with his cum — Phil immediately spurting everything he had, deep inside Anne’s sloppy and suctioning cunt!

I hope you enjoy the kink.



Lilla flicked back her brilliant shoulder length red hair in that way women do and laughed. “Aww, poor baby.” She set her coffee on the end table.

“Not funny,” I said. I was sore that I had lost our latest bet and a little afraid of what she had in store.

“Is too,” Lilla said and straddled me. I was sitting on the sofa looking up at her. “Oh baby, we’re gonna have such fun!” Her bright green eyes sparkled and she made several small claps, her hands held upright.

“Fuck. So what’re your plans this time?”

“Hmmm, let’s see.” She tapped a finger on her chin, looked up and pretended to be thinking about what she would do with me. She finally shrugged. “Oh well, I’ll think of something.”

“Oh, man,” I said.

“I think you mean ‘Oh, woman,’” Lilla said with a smirk and wriggled against me.

“Not again,” I whined.

Lilla began to grind on me. “Yes, again! Oh my god! It was so much fun! Don’t you remember?”

“How could I forget.” I adjusted my cock.

Lilla giggled and said, “See?”

“What do you expect? You’re sitting on my dick!”

“Nu uh, can’t fool me, sugar. Oh! I just adored you in those girly outfits! They were so pretty!” She took my face in her hands and looked me in the eyes. “I bet you’ve missed the Hurley’s, haven’t you?”

“No,” I said a bit too quickly, “I do miss the girls when you’re away, though.” I untied her cobalt blue satin robe and pushed it off her shoulders and let my hands slide down her arms and to the side of her breasts. Lilla straightened her arms and let the robe slip to the floor. She wasn’t wearing panties.

I leaned in and Lilla pulled her head back, said, “No motorboating!” so I did and she laughed and grabbed my head, pulling my mouth to a nipple where I bit and chewed and licked and nibbled and until she moaned softly.

Lilla shifted and raised and I pulled down my black nylon gym shorts. She sat down on me with a “Woof,” taking me deep into that velvety place, so tight, so hot.

Lilla slowly rotated her hips, her eyes closed, lips slightly parted. I watched her head tilt to one side then roll forward, her blazing hair gently flowing, and in a soft voice, “God, that’s so good. You fill me up, baby.”

“Mmm,” I said and let her work me. She flexed a muscle and tightened around me and smiled, rewarded by my moan.

I clenched a muscle and my cock twitched in her. “Ooh! Nice one, dollbaby. Now just sit back and let me do the work. You’ll be getting busy later.”

I watched with lust and love as Lilla rotated and ground and snapped her hips and rubbed her pussy and finally threw her head back and stiffened and cried out and collapsed on me. “Whew, that’s some ride there, buckaroo,” Lilla said, her head on my shoulder.

“Hey, what about me?” I said.

“Oh yeah,” Lilla said and began bouncing up and down on my cock, her hair and breasts jiggling and swaying.

“Boing, boing, boing,” Lilla said and laughed and I laughed with her and met her landings with hard thrusts until I flexed and cried out and came deep inside of my precious Lilla.

She pushed me over so I was lying on the couch and crawled up my body. “Okay, darling, you know what to do. Get it all.” She straddled my face, her bare pussy over my mouth and I licked her.

“Oh yes. You’re so good at this. Mmm.” She placed a hand on my head to guide me. “I’m so glad you like this, honey. Cleaning me up and all. I know I do.” She sighed, then, “Ooh!” when I hit a sensitive spot.

“Kind of funny that this is one of the things that stayed with us after a bet, huh. You cleaning me up. And the occasional strapon. God, I love that. Pounding into you with my big cock and watching the pleasure on your face. Oh, and sex in public, that’s always a gas. You ever think about it, baby? What sticks? Or why?” Her voice was low and thick. I licked and chewed her lips and lapped my cum that dribbled out of her. I didn’t mind the mixture of smells and flavors anymore. I kind of liked it, looked forward to it, wanted to please her. Lilla brings out both my dominant and submissive sides.

She stroked my hair and my cock as I licked my cum out of her pussy. “Oh sweetheart, it makes me so happy to know that you care for me so much you’d lick cum out of me and clean me up like this.” I sucked her hairless pussy, drawing the juices out. She looked down at me, her fingers entwined in my hair, pulling me against her.

“Do you ever pretend it’s someone else’s?” My eyes widened and I looked up at Lilla, her eyes boring into mine, a smirk on her face. She rotated her hips a little. “You know, pretend it’s someone else’s jizm? That you’re licking another man’s love honey out of my used pussy?”

I shook my head. “Liar,” she said. “I bet you do. Maybe not all the time, but I bet you have at some point. Pretended that you’re cleaning me up after another man has fucked me.” Lilla giggled. “Not that I’d fuck another man, of course. Unless you wanted me too, darling. Unless you want to lick another man’s splooge from my pussy. Or my ass. I’d do it for you because I love you so much. Ooh! Your boner twitched. I wonder what that means.” She laughed. “But really, you’re the only man for me. Ohh! Yes. Right there.” She squirmed on my face. “But am I the only woman for you?” I nodded.” She smiled a curious smile and said, “Finish me off, lover.” And I did.

Lilla lay beside me on the couch, one long leg over mine and stroked my cock. “I have some planning to do, honeybear. And I have to get you some new clothes, new shoes and accessories, of course.” She popped up on an elbow and put a hand on my chest and drew in a sharp breath. “You could shop with me! Wouldn’t that be a turn on?”

“I think not.”

“Would too! Just imagine it. Just a couple of girls out for a shopping spree, trying on clothes, looking at lingerie. Watching the boys drool over us. You’d get into to it, I know you.” Lilla said and lay back down and stroked me, her small hand soft, but firm.

“Ugh. Do we really have to?” I said.

“Do what, honey bun?”

“You know.”


“All that fem stuff.”

Lilla smiled. “Of course not.”


“But we’re going to, aren’t we, baby.” She kissed my cheek. “You lost a bet and you have to do what I say.”


“Now, now, sugar. As I recall you had a grand old time the first go ’round. You took right to my cock, well, your cock,” Lilla giggled. She had made a mold of my erection and made a dildo from the mold, then fucked me with it. She fucked me with my own cock, telling me it was what she felt when I fucked her.

“I bet you miss that pecker, don’t you, hon. God, I can’t wait to get back in that saddle again,” she said and squeezed my cock.

“I can hear you, you know.”

Lilla stroked me, scooped up some precum with a finger and I opened my mouth as she brought it to my lips. “Mmm, I’m so lucky to have you, sweetie. I bet a lot of men wouldn’t be up for this kind of play. I bet most men wouldn’t enjoy their cum as much as you do. Or getting all dolled up like a woman and beg to be fucked in the ass with a strapon.”

“I didn’t enjoy it that much. I lost a bet and you made me do it. And I didn’t beg to be fucked in the ass with a strapon.” I remembered bending over the sofa with my skirt flipped up, begging Lilla to fuck me.

“You having memory problems, boy?” She laughed and squeezed my cock again. “Way I recall, as I was fucking you with the strapon in your girlie outfit, was you begging me to fuck you harder and not stop and to make you come. Like this,” she said and swooped down on me her hot mouth closing around me like a satin vice. Her tongue hard then soft as it swirled around my head and glans. The sensation was glorious and I moaned. She swooped down then up, used her hand to compliment her mouth. Lilla wet a finger and I felt her probe my rear. I raised my leg to the back of the couch to give her access and thought I heard her say, “Good girl,” as her finger penetrated me and I moaned.

Lillia sucked and stroked my cock and finger fucked me. I pinched and twisted my nipples and felt that sweet pleasure as she pressed my prostate and an image flashed though my mind of a pretty girl dressed in lingerie spreading her legs for Lilla’s cock and I moaned as she sucked me and jacked me and her tongue swirled and I grabbed her hair and thrust and came in her mouth.

Lilla raised back up and kissed me, letting me taste myself, the residue that she hadn’t swallowed. “Two weeks till showtime, sport. I got some planning to do,” she said as she twirled my long hair in her fingers.

She got up and said, “Shower time. Come.” She held her hand out to me. I took it and I admired her slender body from behind as she led me upstairs to our master bath. In the shower Lilla got me hard, put some lotion on me, her rear, and presented herself by bending over and leaning on the small built-in seat at the back of the shower. She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled then her mouth formed an ‘O’ as I entered her ass, her eyes finally closed and she let her head drop and as I fucked her I couldn’t help imagine it was me bent over and taking it, taking it, taking it. With one hand against the stall wall and the other supporting her, Lilla cried out to me to fuck her faster and harder and faster and I did and I came with a roar.

I gently slid out and Lilla turned with a smile and hugged me and kissed me as we stood under the running water, momentarily imagining ourselves to be under a tropical waterfall. We washed each other with tenderness.

Lilla got dressed and in the kitchen she gathered her gear and said, “Gotta run, toots. Got places to go and dainties to buy. For you, that is.” She giggled.

As she skipped out the door she trilled over her shoulder, “And take off that Friday. And Monday.”

“Uh oh,” I thought as I went into the den, reached for the television remote and began the countdown until Lilla sprang her plan.

The first lash of her whip hurt like hell—much more than I expected. Looking at mistress sites on the Internet always stimulated me through my eyes—the whip of the dominatrix symbolized her authority—and the visual thrill put me in a submissive mind-set before rushing down to my groin. Then I’d take care of my groin.

I know that sounds repulsive, but until I met Catherine the Great, I couldn’t find a real woman to punish me. Mrs. Roman also gave me visual, symbolic stimulation by letting me watch her glee in the mirror while she imposed her will on me. But I never imagined the pain she so obviously delighted in inflicting on me. Admiring her in the mirror and simultaneously feeling the sting of her wrath immediately achieved the effect she desired: If she enjoyed hurting me, I craved her abuse—just to watch her ecstasy.

Her expertise revealed extensive practice. Her strokes picked up a rhythm that, incredibly, grew faster! I lost track of time, the number of lashes, and nearly everything else. The constant elements of our bond prevailed—her body, writhing sensually in shiny black latex with each lash—the cruel, fierce beauty of her face: her piercing eyes, with just a hint of slant, her aristocratic cheeks, her lips forming an O, as if on the constant verge of orgasm—and the mounting, throbbing pain, so intense I wanted to cum. She artistically whipped me into maximum arousal.

When she wound up for a dramatic, unbelievably strong lash, I thought this last blow would climax her performance. But, still shuddering from her whip-wielding denouement, I watched, transfixed, while she seized her real climax. Quickly stripping off her right glove, she plunged her hand up her dress and rapidly brought herself to orgasm.

She slinked over to the ottoman, wearing the exquisite expression of a self-satisfied lady, and sat on the edge beside me.

“So that’s why your hand was wet before,” I noted.

“Think of it as my ‘whip hand’—meaning I’m in control.” She held out her moist hand in front of my mouth. “Go ahead,” she coaxed, “and then I’ll take care of you.”

Anticipating her ultimate treat, I eagerly lapped her hand. “How’s that?” I asked after the last lick.

“Okay,” she said, wiggling her glove back on. “Turn over and put the back of your head on the ottoman,” she said. After I complied, she knelt beside me and began to stroke my cock with her gloved hand—sexier than tossing me off bare-handed, but …

“Oh …” I said slowly.

“I told you it was the whip hand,” she winked. “I’m whipping you off. But don’t worry. I’ll screw you like you’ve never been screwed before.”


“Just watch. If you can.” Abruptly, she rose with her back to me, straddled my head, and sat on my face, leaning forward so that most of the contact was with her vagina and not her ass.

I tried to thank her but couldn’t speak. Her thighs, firmly pinning down my shoulders and upper arms, prevented me from moving. When she leaned forward farther and resumed stroking me—the second time she whipped me that evening—I settled resignedly for masturbation instead of intercourse.

She knew exactly how to manipulate me. I heard the tinkle of ice in a glass and then felt her left hand press frozen cubes against my scrotum while her right hand continued jerking. The friction of her gloved hand heated my cock luxuriously, and the contrasting cold around my testicles propelled me toward ejaculation much sooner than I wanted.

With impeccable timing, she leaned back slightly, smothering my face with her rump and vagina, and said, “Call Grey Templeton tomorrow. You’re resigning from Federal National.”

I struggled to speak. She pressed down so hard I couldn’t breathe. Even if I freed myself, her hard-pumping hand lured me away from my last hope of resistance.

She calmly said, “I interpret your silence as ‘Yes.’ If not, I’ll call him.”

Her autocratic pronouncement triggered my climax. She expertly drained my cum and energy.

Swinging her left leg back over my head, she finally rose from my face and stood beside me. She squeezed off the condom and dropped it on my chest. “I told you I’d screw you like you’ve never been screwed before. Get dressed, Princess.”

Holding the used condom in my left hand, I picked up her clothes with my right and stacked them on the ottoman. Then I put the condom on top of her girdle and decided to wear Catherine’s dress by itself. By the time I slipped it on, she presented me with the notorious sanitary napkin box again. Depositing the used condom, I groused, “That gets old.”

Without a word, she returned to the fireplace and picked up her whip. Walking back to me, she commanded, “Kneel with your back to me and bow your head to the floor.” After I obeyed, she pulled the skirt of the dress up and administered three quick, hard lashes on my exposed rear end. “And here’s for not dressing up for me.” She whacked me three more times. “When I lend you clothes, wear all of them.”

The pain, on top of my previous beating, caused my eyes to tear.

“What do you say, Princess?”

“Thank you for disciplining me. I am sorry I disobeyed you.”

“Look at me when you speak to me!” She lashed me with the whip again.

I stood and faced her.

She peered at me intently. “Are you crying, Princess?”

“No—I mean, yes, Your Majesty. I really want to be your wife. I crave it so much I can’t control my emotions. Please take me!”

Even after she’d physically sat on my face, I could make Her Majesty smile by verbally kissing her ass. “Be a good girl and we’ll see. Now, put on your girdle and stockings. It’s unladylike to go without underwear. And your shoes, too.”

This time squirming into my Goddess’s girdle hurt because of the welts on my behind. Drained of sexual energy, I found no joy in sliding her stockings up my legs and hooking them onto garters. And when I squeezed into her shoes, the tightness irritated me without arousing me. “How do I look?” I asked dutifully.

She pinched me on the cheek. “Precious. Now, come join me while I snack.” Still carrying her whip, she led the way to the kitchen. Martin had laid out a small tray of caviar and crackers, a chilled bottle of champagne, and two glasses. Catherine the Great sat down, placed her coiled whip on the table, and gestured for me to be seated. “Show me how you spread caviar on a cracker.”

I picked up a cracker and applied a thick layer of the rich caviar.

“Perfect,” she said, snatching the cracker and putting it to her mouth. She took a generous bite and chewed it slowly, sensually.

“May I—”

“Yes, you may have all the champagne you want.” She poured a glass and slid it in front of me. “Watch me eat, and I’ll watch you get drunk.” She chewed thoroughly. Her decadent expression displayed more joy in tasting caviar than she had shown during sex with me.

“Please. I’m hungry.”

“You can eat after I’ve finished the caviar and crackers.”

“Eat what?” I asked, exasperated.

She stood up, turned her back to me, bent over, and patted her beautiful derriere. “Drink up!” she laughed, sitting down again.

Even then, Catherine the Great was irresistible. I was addicted to her. Besides, if I miraculously broke her spell, she’d humiliate me with the video to regain the whip hand. I realized at some point I’d have to draw the line at what I’d do for her, regardless of who saw that video.

Meanwhile, I downed my glass of champagne and poured another.

“Martin,” Her Majesty called. He appeared at the swinging door between the kitchen and the dining room. “Before you turn in, Martin, please bring our guest more vodka. A bottle, no decanter. Princess insists on being a slut instead of a lady.”

When Martin retreated, I noticed tightness in his eyes, signifying anger. He wouldn’t look at me when he returned and placed the vodka on the table. To Mrs. Roman, he said politely, “If there’s nothing else, madam, I shall retire.” He glided out quietly.

“Thank you, Martin.” She turned to me. “You may drink all the champagne first, or all the vodka. Or mix them. I don’t know which method is most lethal,” she confessed. “Either way, I’ll intoxicate you thoroughly and quickly. You shall have the biggest hangover in history.” She uncorked the vodka bottle and nudged it in front of me. “Drink,” she said.

I chugged a couple of swallows—liquid flames roaring down my throat. “You don’t need alcohol to intoxicate me,” I said, my head swimming. “Being with you makes me high.”

“That’s sweet, but drink up. I will totally incapacitate you.”

Even that thought aroused me: getting wasted on Catherine the Great’s whim. She would inflict severe cruelty on me, and my last remnants of self-defense would crumble. I guzzled vodka and champagne until most of the events blurred together. I recall that when my speech was slurry and my movements erratic, my irresistible tormentor handed me part of a caviar-smeared cracker from which she’d taken a large bite.

“Thank you!” I went to my knees, hardly able to hold the precious food.

She kicked it out of my hands and laughed derisively.

I crawled toward the cracker smeared with caviar, but she overtook me and dug the heel of her boot into the top of my outstretched hand. Lying prostrate at her feet, despite my buzz, I felt blasted by her power—and the sensation electrified me. When she stepped on the cracker with her booted foot, even in my near-stupor, I cringed at the waste of food.

I needn’t have worried.

Sitting on the tile floor, she raised her boot to me. The caviar attached the cracker to the sole of her boot. “Eat!” she demanded. I reached for the cracker on her boot. “Don’t touch it!”

And so I knelt on my hands and knees and tried to get my teeth into the cracker while she playfully swung her boot around to taunt and tease me into making a complete fool of myself. When I finally flicked the cracker off her boot with my tongue, I bowed, as if bobbing for an apple, still fearing her admonition not to touch it.

Just as my lips made contact, I felt the heel of her boot on the back of my neck, slowly but firmly pressing my face into the sticky cracker. Apparently tiring of her sport, she said, “Lick the caviar off my boot, and I’ll feed you the rest of the cracker.” She picked up the cracker, walked back to her chair, and sat down.

Sitting at her feet, I cleaned her boot thoroughly, continuing to lap away long after the caviar was gone, glancing up occasionally into the cruel beauty of her face to reinforce my feelings. “You’re humiliating me thoroughly, I said, “but I can’t get enough! Not because of your punishment, but because it’s coming from you!”

Eating from her hands, further subservience, solidified my bondage to her. Totally abdicating to Catherine the Great gave me the greatest rush I’ve ever had, or will ever have, in my life.

When she handed me the vodka bottle, she commanded, “Drink up!” and reached for her whip. I took several healthy belts and meekly got on my hands and knees to absorb the punishment that she thrilled in delivering. I wondered if she intended for the alcohol to anesthetize me so that I could endure more pain. But I concluded that she intended to tranquilize me in order to destroy my resistance.

When I finally, clumsily raised my hand in self defense during one of my numerous whippings that night, Catherine the Great tossed aside her whip and began slapping, punching, and kicking me—further igniting the passion of her savagery—for both of us.

She’d beat or whip me until she was too exhausted to continue. Then she’d ask, “Had enough?” And I’d shake my head, No. After each performance, she’d peel up the skirt of her latex dress and finger herself to orgasm while placing her right boot in my face or on my throat.

Through the alcoholic haze, I vaguely remember arriving at her room, soaking in a bubble bath, and going to bed with her. Although thoroughly inebriated, I recoiled from her ultimate edict: licking her anus while she lay on her side and diddled herself. I came so close because I was drunk with champagne, vodka, and Catherine the Great’s power.

Inches away, I stopped. Despite my previous bravado about kissing her rump, I couldn’t actually go through with it. I drunkenly provoked her wrath. “I said I’d kiss your ass, not French kiss it.”

She beat me furiously, arousing both of us. When I again refused to lick her tail, she philosophized, “I’ll save that conquest for another day.”

And then she let me suckle her breasts while she fingered herself to sleep.

* * * * *

I awoke the next morning with the horrific hangover Mrs. Roman had promised me, and I was wrapped in the pink nightgown she made me wear. My body throbbed with pain.

Martin brought me a breakfast tray, scraps from Catherine the Great’s meal, complete with her lipstick print on a cup half full of cold coffee. I cherished the remnants as tokens of her dominance, more binding than love.

Before departing, Martin pulled back the curtains to what appeared to be a window—actually the two-way mirror providing a view into the parlor.

And what a view!

Catherine the Great sat on the edge of the leather couch under the circular window, with the hem of her dress pushed up to her waist, while a naked blonde with her back to my pressed her face into Catherine’s nest. Noticing a condom on the table, I surrendered to my Goddess’s premeditated, visual seduction.

My racing pulse amplified the pain and pounding in my head. Opening the condom, I slid it on. The pear shape of the blonde’s ass made me think of Suki Swisher, the office cutie I wanted to bang from the day I met her—and the devious bitch who wanted to overthrow me at Federal National Bank. Fatalistically, I knew if I ever screwed her, she’d screw me out of my job. She was that cunning.

When she tossed her head while pleasuring Mrs. Roman, the birthmark on her cheek convinced me she was Suki. She brought Catherine the Great to an orgasm before I ejaculated, but her next gesture ignited my climax. She reached down, picked up a stack of money that looked suspiciously like the amount I’d brought with me, and gave the money to Catherine.

Mrs. Roman’s nearly palpable domination jolted me with currents that alternately stirred rebellion and hopeless capitulation in me. I wailed a guttural cry, celebrating Catherine’s might and lamenting my futility in resisting her. My cock erupted into the condom.

Catherine touched a button on the wall behind her. The two-way mirror panel slid down, and I was suddenly face-to-face with them—feeling ridiculously silly in Mrs. Roman’s pink nightgown, mentally and physically impotent with my spent, limp cock in my hand.

“You belong to me,” Mrs. Roman smirked, “and so does Suki.”

I felt crushed. The physical beatings I’d endured, though sexually arousing, wouldn’t get me an executive position at Mrs. Roman’s Savings and Trust Bank. Suki had, indeed, shafted me out of a job—at Mrs. Roman’s bank, not Federal National.

But I also felt liberated. “Maybe Suki is the banker you’re looking for. Martin can still be your wife.” And, although I didn’t tell her, I planned to return to Federal National, sadder but wiser.

Her mouth turned down in anger and her eyes narrowed. Her wrath awed me. “Are you saying,” she spoke in measured tones, “that I don’t need you?”

And so she nailed me. If she said I was expendable, I was free. But she forced me to decide and take the responsibility. “I want to stay, but you don’t need me.”

“You can’t take it. And I thought you were a man!”

“Is that why you made me wear your clothes?”

Wrong comment.

“You’ll regret that.” Her expression chilled me. I was torn between escaping and crawling under her heel. “Martin will return your clothes and drive you to your house. Suki and I will return to my study to plan the future of Savings and Trust Bank.”

Suki gave me a triumphant smirk, unaware she was just another pawn in Mrs. Roman’s game.

Martin and I were soon on the road. He thanked me profusely for delivering him from the clutches of Honey Bates, the New York mistress he’d been sold to. He reiterated Honey’s suspicion for murder, adding, “Honey will buy her way out of this mess.”

I didn’t have long to ponder his narrow escape. I had troubles of my own. As soon as I returned home, I phoned my boss, only to find out Federal National had let me go.

And Mrs. Roman had blacklisted me from every bank I could think of. In the two hours or so it took Martin to deliver me to my doorstep, Mrs. Roman had phoned all of her key contacts, who in turn called their contacts, to shut me out of banking. She had essentially ended my career.

That’s when I realized how thoroughly Catherine the Great held the whip hand over me. Later Suki would betray me into the hands of Honey Bates, whom Martin feared for his life, and Mrs. Roman would storm in and reclaim me—not necessarily because she liked me, but because she resented anyone else tampering with her property. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Being completely at Mrs. Roman’s mercy both aroused and disgusted me—not that my feelings made any difference. Catherine the Great demanded that I be her little girl until she tired of using me. My only responsibility was to live my personal and professional life on her terms.

End of discussion.

The End

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