cross dressing

This is a product of my brain, and nothing else. There is cross dressing, bisexual contact, anal, bondage, swapping and probably some other fetishes in there. If this bothers you, why would you keep reading?


Spanking and bondage came next as a direct consequence of that first night with Sue and John. Nicole and I had been having hot sex all week after the 4 some, but on the weekend, I really got into calling her a dirty little slut who was cock crazy.

“All you want is big hard cock, don’t you my dirty slut” I whispered to Nicole when we were in bed. “You have been such a nasty wife, you should probably spank you for being such a slut!”

“Are you going to spank your slutty wife?” Nicole teased, her ass squirming in front of me.

“Gawd you are such a tease, you hot little bitch,” I hissed as I pulled her over my knees. She was already naked, so I brought my hand down hard on her bare cheeks a couple of times. My hand prints showed up red on her sexy white ass.

“Ouch,” she screamed and tried to put her hands over her ass. I grabbed one of her thigh high stockings and wrapped it around her hands to tie them up. Then, I beat her ass about ten more times. A funny thing happened on the last swats, Nicole had an orgasm.

“Oh, fuck yes, spank your slut wife, yes, I need it. Do it to me. Ahhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrggg.”

“Babe, you just came, didn’t you, you dirty slut,” I asked.

“Oh yea, I did. Really really hard too. You have to try this honey, it really is something.”

So, Nicole tied my hands behind my back and spanked me. I didn’t have the kind of hot reaction she got out of it, but I did have a raging hard on when she finished. I threw her on her back and fucked her for about a minute before I came.

Later that week, I tied Nicole face down and spread eagle to our bed. I slowly teased her running my hands over her hot flesh, taking my time to sink one then two fingers up her soaking wet pussy. When she was finally squirming all over the bed, I pulled up her hips and stuff a pillow under her, raising her ass for my assault.

I beat her ass again, stuffing a large black dildo up her cunt as I did. She came again, harder and deeper than she had the first time. As soon as she came, I mounted her and fucked her till I pumped a huge load into her soggy pussy.

Spanking and bondage entered our lives as part of our expanding sexuality.


The next part of the puzzle was the cross dressing. The interesting thing about cross dressing is that only men can do this. Women already dress in about any clothes style they want.

The cross dressing started with me hounding Nicole to dress more and more slutty when we went out. As she got into sex more and more, it was a little easier for her, but at that time she still was somewhat uncomfortable in short skirt, platform shoes, garters and fishnet stockings.

After one of my bouts of badgering she finally announced “If you like that stuff so much, you wear it for a change.”

“Why the fuck would I dress up like that, and where would we go if I were dressed that way?” I laughed.

She must have thought about this in advance, since, not surprisingly, she is usually one step ahead of me.

“Halloween is coming up in a couple of months. We could go as matching hookers, or hooker and cop. Guess who would be the hooker,” she smirked. Not the most original idea, but it did make her point. “You have been running for years, and you legs look good,” she added. “I bet they would look good in heels and thigh highs.”

“And just why do you think I would agree to let you put me into women’s slut clothes?” I smirked.

“Well, you have great legs from running, you have a nice ass, which you like to get fucked, so who knows, you may just like to feel what it’s like to wear some sexy things,” she answered.

“Maybe, but I don’t feel comfortable going shopping for my own femmy clothes. So how would we get all this stuff for me anyway?”

“You know I like to plan ahead,” she said, and she went to her closet and pulled out a shoe box. She opened it up and there was a pair of black patent leather shoes and a pair of fishnet thigh highs.

She had thought ahead and gotten a pair of 5 inch Mary Jane platform shoes in my size already without me knowing. And since I am 5’8″ and weigh about 155, she was able to get a regular pair of thigh highs. “Come try them on, hot shot. Let’s see how you like them,” she challenged.

“What the fuck,” I thought. Maybe if I put on these dumb stockings and shoes she might be hotter in bed later. It was worth a try, anyway.

“I guess if this gets you into sluttier clothes, I’ll give it a shot, honey,” I said. I put on one of my pairs of black running shorts, and then Nicole helped me pull up the stockings. It felt kind of funny pulling up stocking over my knees, but I must admit it felt kind of sexy, too.

Once the stockings were on, I slipped my feet into the shoes and tightened the strap around the ankle. When I stood up, I got another shock. My legs looked fucking hot. It didn’t look like me at all. I couldn’t believe how a pair of shoes and shoe socks could change my look that much. Damn.

I might have guessed at this outcome. I have an identical twin sister, well, almost identical. In the pictures of us as babies, only my blue blankie versus her pink one show us to be different . She is a bit of a tomboy, about my height, probably 20 pounds lighter with a nice rack. But, when she wants to dress up, she can look really hot.

“Wow, baby, you have fantastic legs, and a great ass,” Nicole said. “I think I am jealous. Walk around a bit.”

Wobbling a bit, I tried to walk around, but I was real unsteady. But, in a few minutes, I was able to strut my stuff. By strutting my stuff I mean not falling or breaking an ankle when I walked.

“Put your legs closer together, honey. Don’t walk like a hooker who just got laid. You look like a drunken sailor,” Nicole laughed as I wobbled around. I was starting to get into it, not so much because I liked it, but because Nicole really seemed to get off on it.

“Come on, let’s try some other stuff,” she sort of panted.

“What other stuff? What the fuck have you been up to, woman?” I demanded, trying to act like I was pissed.

She just smiled and got another box from the closet. “Take off those stupid shorts and put on the little black skirt and the mesh top,” she said.

I dropped my shorts over the shoes, sat down and pulled up the skirt careful not to catch my heels in the fabric, next I pulled on the top. Again, I stood and looked in the mirror. Damn, when I didn’t look at my head, I was kind of turning myself on. This was hilarious, unnerving and kind of erotic, all at the same time.

“Damn your legs look better with the skirt on and just your stocking tops showing. The top looks OK, but you need some boobs, baby,” Nicole critiqued.

I had to agree, from the waist down, I looked pretty good. I actually thought I would find myself attractive if I saw myself in a club, I laughed inwardly. But, from the waist up, I needed help.

“Let’s see what else I can find to make you look like a slut,” Nicole commented as she went into her closet again. This time she came out with a lace bra and some rubber looking boobs. “I thought you might need these, too.”

“How fucking long have you been planning this?” I asked. “It must have taken you some time to get all this stuff together.”

“Not so long as you think. You know once I set my mind on something, I can be pretty fast if I want to be.”

I took off the top and put on the bra with her help. Then she stuffed the bra with the fake boobs and we put on the top again. Again, wow. We seemed to be making a woman out of me from the ground up. I was getting interested just to see how far we could go now. I think if someone saw me from the back, they wouldn’t know, as long as I didn’t walk too much.

“You know, from the neck down you do look like a pretty hot slut,” Nicole gushed as she looked at me.

“Thanks, I think,” I replied.

“Come on, let’s see what we can do for your head,” she said as she motioned me to sit at her vanity.

“Are you talking about the inside, or outside of my head? Or is this about my other head? This is right up your alley now, babe. You are always trying to mess with my head anyway,” I kidded her.

All this was having an effect on me. I had a noticeable bulge growing under my skirt now.

She noticed the bulge. “We will have to do something about that, won’t we,” she mentioned looking concerned. I was thinking of her giving me head, she was thinking about tight panties or something to keep me down.

She sat me at her makeup table, and proceeded to start working on my face with a bunch of stuff that before now I had only noticed in passing. I started to realize why it takes her so much longer to get ready than me. Base, blush, lip gloss, eye liner, eye brow pencil, glitter and a bunch of other stuff went on my face. I started to feel plastered over, like I was in a movie. She had me face away from the mirror so I couldn’t see what she was doing. Finally she got a blond wig she had used before and put it on my head. And then she turned me around.

“Oh my gawd,” was all I could say. It literally did not look like me at all. It was as if I were looking at a picture of some else, actually my sister, when she was a blond. There was a hot blond looking back at me, ready to head out for a night at the clubs. I mean it was weird. I was getting hot looking at the woman in the mirror. It was like I was the canvas for this hot painting of a gorgeous woman. It wasn’t me, but a picture of a sexy lady painted on the frame.

“I thought you might be presentable as a woman, baby, but this is fucking ridiculous. You are fucking hot. Damn, I want to put the moves on you, as a woman,” Nicole mused looking at me, lust in her eyes.

Nicole then came over and started kissing me very aggressively, like she was the man and I was the woman. She pushed her hand under my skirt and started stroking my cock. Just thinking about that got me excited, HER hand under MY skirt. I was rock hard and wanting some place to put my cock, but she had other ideas.

“Get on the bed, slut,” she said to me. I looked at her like a deer in the headlights for a moment, but I got on the bed as she asked. “On your hands and knees, bitch,” she ordered. Now, of course, I knew what was coming. And, I wanted it.

I got on the bed and Nicole took her strap on cock out of her sex toy drawer and slipped it on. She slipped the smaller cock into her pussy and started to lube the other end of it up as she walked back towards me.

“I’m gonna fuck your brains out, you fucking slut. You want that, don’t you slut,” she hissed.

“Yessss,” I hissed back. “Fuck me, baby. I want your cock in me.”

And, she did. I felt her ‘cock’ press into my ass, like is has many times before. I moaned as she started fucking me harder and deeper. I fucking loved it.

“You know, bitch, all the men you meet will want to fuck you if you are dressed like this.”

Gawd, I hadn’t had time to think of that, and the consequences of being dressed like a hot slut started to sink in. I would be a sex object to men. As I looked at us in the mirror, I realized that guys like me who looked at women dressed like me who would want to fuck me. I wanted to fuck me. Fuck this was confusing. And hot.

“Yessss, I want to be fucked hard,” was what came out of my sex crazed mouth. Did I really want to be used as a fuck toy for men? I don’t know, but I did want to get fucked by my wife now.

I felt my balls start to tingle as Nicole rammed my ass with her ‘cock’. I rotated my ass back against her hips as my balls started to churn harder and deeper. I was going to cum just from getting fucked, again.

“I’m gonna cum, baby,” I told Nicole.

“Me too, honey,” she said in a hoarse whisper.

Then my cock exploded as I came hard from the fucking I was getting. Damn that was hot.

“Take my cock you fucking bitch,” Nicole yelled as she came hard. Then she fell on my back.

“Damn, that was fucking amazing, honey,” she said. “Holly shit, baby. That was really intense!” I added.

The rest of the weekend I was in drag trying to get the hang of walking in heels and without looking like a cowboy just getting off a horse. By Sunday night I was doing pretty well, but my feet were killing me. Over the next couple of months we worked on my balance and walking technique and applying my makeup. Both got better, along with the hot sex Nicole and I had that went with it.


Halloween was the next week, and Nicole got both of our costumes. She got me a couple really hot tops and skirts for me to wear. The skirts were short and tight, and she bought bebe tops that were shiny, silver and black. She bought herself a police woman outfit which was basically a really short skirt and crop top. I have never had a prominent Adam’s apple, so that wasn’t an issue either.

She bought garter belts in similar style, fishnet stockings and new shoes. My shoes were the 5″ chunky heel ankle strap platform sandals I mentioned earlier. Hers were again similar, but with spikier heels and different straps. With full make up, we looked like a couple of really hot women.

Lipstick, nails, toe nails, some added hair, false eyelashes, and full makeup. Once again, I was surprised at how good I looked completely made up as a woman. She had a gaff for me so my hard cock wouldn’t show in the front of my tight skirt.

The party was going pretty well when we showed up. This was somewhat planned, as we not so much wanted a grand entrance, which we got, but we wanted the partiers to be in good spirits before we got there. That was the thought, anyway, and along with taking extra time for two sluts to get ready, that’s what happened.

With my over the top slut makeup on and her barely there cop outfit, we were the center of attention for a while until everyone got to make the expected stupid comments.

“Babe, I told you this would work. Everyone thinks you’re hot,” said Nicole.

“Well, at least they aren’t punching me out,” I replied.

“Honey, I don’t think any guy wants to hit you, probably hit ON you is more like it,” added Nicole.

We drank and talked for a couple of hours, and soon everyone was getting pretty tipsy, ok, drunk. As I walked around the house, I got a lot of ribbing, which I expected, and several hands on my ass, pinching or touching, which I didn’t expect. From both men and women.

There was a guy there, Wayne, who was a friend of John and Sue, along with his wife, Angie. They were dressed in old English Tudor style clothes and looked pretty authentic. Wayne had almost movie star good looks, but, I caught Wayne looking at me several times during the evening. More like he was leering at me. I wasn’t sure if he was pissed or what. I kind of tried to avoid him most of the night.

Just after midnight I came out of the bathroom to find Wayne standing there waiting to go in. I don’t think it was a coincidence.

“Hi,” said Wayne. “Hi,” said I.

“You really look hot in that outfit.”

“Thanks, but Nicole deserves most of the credit. She bought the stuff and put on the makeup.”

“Yea, but that is your body she put it all on, isn’t it?” Wayne said as he moved in closer to me. He was about 5 inches taller than me, but with my heels, we were closer to the same height.

“Thank you. I do run a lot, and do yoga,” I replied. Why the fuck did I say that and not just ‘thanks, man’. For some reason I seemed to be reacting to the compliments of another man like a woman. Also, I noticed my cock starting to harden as Wayne moved way into my personal space right now. This might have been trouble and under normal circumstances, trouble like this would have made me think of decking a guy this close to me, or at least pushed him away. Or, maybe this was trouble, just a different kind of trouble.

“You are a gorgeous sexy looking woman, if you don’t mind my saying that to you,” he said, his mouth just inches from mine.

Then, he kissed me. And, he slid his hand around behind my head to hold in place me as he did.

I didn’t know what to do. I know my eyes went wide when he did that, like what the fuck? But, I didn’t move away. Maybe it was the booze, or the clothes, or the fact that this handsome man wanted to kiss the transformed me. But, I didn’t move.

My eyes closed slowly as he slid his hand to my ass and pulled me tighter too him. I felt his tongue brush against my lips, and my eyes opened again, but quickly closed as I opened my mouth to accept his tongue. I was melting into his kiss, kissing him back with the same kind of intensity he was giving me. I didn’t know what was happening to me, but I was really enjoying kissing him. I felt like a woman, or what I thought a woman would feel doing this.

His hands then moved to the hem of my skirt and pulled it up in back. I felt his fingers slide up my garter straps in back to cup my panty covered ass.

I can’t really explain what happened, but it just felt hot to turn this guy on this much. I guess I kind of felt I was like I was playing the role of a hot sexy slutty woman. I wrapped my arms around his neck and returned his deepening kiss. My legs spread a little and his leg went between them as our crotches moved together. I was a willing participant now, kissing him with as much energy as he was kissing me.

We were really getting into it, mouths wide open when from behind him a male voice said “Hey, let someone else in on the fun. I’ve been watching her all night too.” It was John.

We broke our kiss and stepped away from each other a little sheepishly. Being part of two guys kissing was somewhat embarrassing, once we were caught. Wayne kind of looked guilty then moved off to the bathroom. He was a little drunker than I thought.

John wasn’t that drunk, and he didn’t waste any time. He looked at me with lust filled eyes, walked right up to me and kissed me. I made no attempt to even try to resist him. I just opened my arms and wrapped them around his neck and opened my lips to receive his tongue. He kissed me deeply and long. And his hands were under my skirt in seconds, running over my ass and along the garter belt and straps. I could feel his hard cock pressing into me.

“I have wanted to do that since you walked in the door,” he said taking a break. I just looked at him, smiled and kissed him deeply again. Long slow deep very very wet tongue kissing. I was so turned on right then that I wanted to be kissed like the slut I was pretending to be.

He kind of guided me into the bedroom next to the bathroom, and pushed the door with his foot, almost closing it. He never took his hands off my ass or his tongue out of my mouth.

I took my hands from behind his neck and slid them down his chest toward his crotch. He got the message and gave me some room so I could run my hands over his pants. He was wearing an orange prison jump suit, and I ran my fingers over his cock outlined the cloth. I could tell he wasn’t wearing underwear.

I also knew I was going to suck him off.

I reached for his zipper and unzipped the jumpsuit. I pushed it off his shoulders, and he finally got his hands off my ass long enough to work his arms free of the orange fabric. The obnoxious looking suit fell to the floor as I worked it down his body.

His cock looked like I remembered it when he fucked Nicole. It was gorgeous. And now the passion he had for my wife he had for me. That thought made my cock throb.

“I need to suck you,” I said as I broke our kiss. “I want to make you cum with my mouth.” I don’t know what made me say that, but it was what I had fantasized about. I wanted to be a slutty cocksucker tonight. And, I was going to be one.

“Yes, I want that too, you sexy bitch. I’ll pay you $50 to suck my cock, you whore,” said John, talking to me in my character.

I love my sex life. My wife is the best wife ever and really enjoys sex. She wants to try new things and is very adventurous. It’s not always been that way. In fact, my wife and I have talked about how great our sex life is and have wondered why our sex life has had its ups and downs.

I went back over my literotica submissions. My first was almost a year ago. It was about my love of panties and my wife’s path to really enjoying me wearing panties. She didn’t start out loving it.

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t absolutely love panties. In fact, my wife and I met over 30 years ago. One of the things we did the first month we dated was walk through the lingerie portion of a department store, I told her what I thought was sexy and we both enjoyed ourselves.

I remember the first time we made love my wife was wearing a very sexy, silk pair of burgundy panties and a matching bra. The contrasting color looked so good on her.

Fast forward to about a year ago. My wife and I were enjoying sex a lot, but the frequency was around one or twice a month. We’d fuck daily on vacation, but that was once a year at best. We started going into Victoria Secret regularly at a new mall and I started buying my wife see through blouses and tight pants. My wife created a special date night or fuck me panty box. Sex started to become more frequent. Both my wife and I enjoyed deciding which panties she would wear out to dinner. She had been letting me fuck her wearing panties for years.

There were times I slipped a pair of my wife’s panties on when she was not home. I loved the feel and look. I was afraid to tell my wife I wanted to wear panties, not just the new man panties available on the Internet.

My wife and I had conversations about now much I loved panties. When I traveled she would give me one of my favorite panties to take on the trip. My wife enjoyed the man panties I purchased from Internet sites. Finally one night before we went out to dinner I took a big risk. I walked into the kitchen where my wife was waiting for me. I was wearing my favorite leopard with aqua lace trim pair of her panties. She looked and said, “No I don’t like that. I want my man to be masculine. Take those off.”

I took them off and was disappointed. That night we talked about the fact that wearing panties did not change how masculine I was. I told her it was a very strong fantasy of mine to wear panties, but I wanted to do what she enjoyed more than anything.

I told my wife that when a man wears panties they get more sexual both in bed and out. I told her that wearing panties has been known to bring out the softer side of a man and make him more patient and understanding. I told her that it made me very hard just thinking about wearing panties. I also reminded her that I was rock hard when I showed her I was wearing her panties in the kitchen.

A few weeks later we bought a see through white blouse and a white lace bra for my wife to wear under it. As we left VS with the bra to go to dinner I said, “My dream is to someday buy myself a pair of sexy panties in VS.”

My wife said, “What are you waiting for? Do it now.”

I could not believe my ears. All I could talk about at dinner was sexy panties and me wearing a pair. I asked my wife to please allow me to go buy a pair of VS panties for myself. My wife finally said, “Why go buy new panties. Just wear mine.”

I said, “I can’t wait to get home. I know exactly which pairs of your panties I want to try. Thank you so much. You won’t regret this.”

We got home. My wife was in the kitchen and I brought her fuck me panty box for us to pick a couple pairs for me to wear. We picked out three pairs for me to try. She said, “Go try on one of these right now.”

I had a peach pair, a white pair and a black flowered pair, all very silky. I tried on the older peach colored pair that my wife had before she lost almost 30 lbs. They fit perfectly. They were an older style, but the silk was very stretchy. You could see every vein of my dick. The head of my dick looked massive. I walked out and my wife said, “Wow, you look really good. Your ass looks so good in that pair of panties and your cock looks so thick. I want some of that cock, but first I want to play with your cock in those panties.”

She walked over and started playing with my cock that got hard as soon as I slipped on the panties. That night was one of the most passionate nights we have had for years. We fucked nine out of the next ten days with me wearing a different pair of panties each night.

Our sex life exploded from there. The sex has been better than any time in my life. We were fucking four or five times a week. My wife has surprised me with new panties at dinner and started dressing sexier and sexier. It all started with me wearing panties. The stories are here on literotica.

One night my wife and I were out to dinner at our favorite restaurant. The lighting is low and it’s very romantic. Last Valentine’s Day my wife handed me a bag at this restaurant and said, “Go to the restroom and put these on right now.” She pulled a pair of sexy panties out of the bag.

I said, “Don’t hold them up for everyone to see.” and quickly grabbed the panties.

She said, “I’m proud you wear panties and we have a great sex life. I don’t care who sees your present.”

I went to the restroom, put them and the night was filled with wild sex when we got home.

We went back to that same restaurant last weekend. My wife and I had picked out panties for each other. I picked out a stunning purple pair for her with pink lace trim that we bought at VS the weekend before. My wife picked out a red satin string bikini pair for me.

Not too long after we had ordered our food my wife again handed me a bag and said, “Go put these on just like last Valentine’s Day.”

I looked into the bag. As I was trying to see exactly what was in the bag, a red garter belt fell onto the table. I quickly tried to get it back in the bag and my wife grabbed it and held it up saying, “I know you love garter belts and stockings when I wear them. I think it’s time I fuck you wearing a garter belt, lace top stockings and your red panties.”

I said, “OK, but don’t show the entire restaurant.”

She said, “Nobody in here fucks like us. They are all jealous. Go put on the garter belt and lace top stockings. I’m fucking your brains out tonight.”

I went to the rest room and returned with a big smile on my face and a bulge in my pants. My wife said, “It’s pretty obvious you like your surprise present.”

I said, “I never thought I would be wearing lace top stockings and a garter belt. I love it. I may like them on me as much as I like them on you.”

My wife said, “That’s great. I’m wearing the same thing under my skirt. I can’t wait to get home and fuck you. Move a little closer to me.”

We were in a booth that was a half circle. I moved closer to my wife Jessie and she unzipped my pants. Before I knew it she was playing with my cock. Our dinner was served and Jessie was rubbing my cock in my red satin panties. Somehow I lost all interest in eating. I did finish my meal and paid the bill.

Jessie said, “Let’s get going. I want to suck your cock so bad. I have to have you in my mouth right now. Let’s get to the car.”

We got to the car. I opened Jessie’s door and walked around to the driver’s side. As I slid into the seat I noticed Jessie had a small package of lube and a new small butt plug in her had. She said, “Come here baby. I want to suck your cock and play with your ass. You are going to enjoy fucking my mouth while I lube your ass and insert your new toy. Pull your pants down around your knees so I can see your present and get to your ass.

I slid my pants down and Jessie said, “Wow your cock looks so good and your legs look so very pretty in stockings. Recline your seat, sit back and enjoy this.”

I did as I was told. The excitement was at a peak. I said to Jessie, “Please be careful. You have me so excited, but I don’t want to cum. I want to give you the fucking you deserve at home for this special night and my present.”

Jessie had the plug in my ass and said, “Here, take this Viagra, fix your seat and let’s go home. I love sucking your cock and teasing your ass. Do you want the strapon tonight?”

I replied, “I want the strapon every night, but I do not want to cum quickly. I’m so excited I need to try to relax which is always a challenge when you are so wild. Please let me lick your pussy juices and fuck you for a while first. If I focus on your orgasm I might have time to relax. If I can calm down we have all night.”

I licked Jessie’s nectar. I love her taste and smell. She had three orgasms. We fucked for a while and she used the vibrator for a fourth. She finally said, “Time for you to bend over the bed and take my big black cock in your ass.”

She had the strapon on her night stand. I helped her put it on. She looked so hot in her purple and pink panties, a garter belt, lace top stockings and her big black cock. I like her strapon and sucked it. Then I rubbed lube up and down it making sure it was very well lubricated.

I said, “I love your cock baby. You look soooo hot. I can’t wait for you to take good care of my ass.”

I turned and bent over the bed. Jessie said, “I can’t believe how sexy you look. Your pretty panties, your garter belt and stockings all look so good. I want to fuck you wearing all of it.”

Then Jessie said,”I intentionally pick these red satin string bikini panties for you tonight because I knew I could pull them to the side and fuck while you wore them. I want to fuck your panty cover ass. I’m removing the butt plug and replacing it with this big cock. You should be stretched enough to take it all right from the first second.”

She was right. Her cock slid in the full length with her first thrust. Man, it felt so good. She was fucking my ass so slowly with a hard thrust every once in a while. She fucks me so perfectly. I was feeling so wild and crazy. I said, “Your cock feels so good in me. I want the entire length in me. I want my ass stretched with you thick black cock. Fuck my ass, baby. Treat me like an animal and pound my ass with your gigantic cock. Your cock is so hard. I live it so much. Fuck me hard.”

Jessie said, “I love the feel of these stockings and garter belt on you. Your legs are so smooth. Get on all fours so I can ride your ass.”

I got on all fours and Jessie got more aggressive. She loves this dominant position so much. She takes control and really pounds my ass. Then she said, “Get on your back on the bed. Slide your ass to the edge of the bed.”

I got in the position I love to use to fuck Jessie. Jessie added more lube. She put my legs over her shoulders and inserted the big black cock back in me. I was still wearing my red satin string bikini panties. I was in heaven. Everything felt so good. Jessie pulled my cock out of the left leg hole of my panties, put lube on my cock and stroked me so well. She said, “Your legs feel so smooth and sexy on my shoulders. This feels amazing to me. How do you want to cum, baby?”

I said, “This all feels so good, but I want to fuck you from behind on your side.”

She said, “Great I love that position. You get real deep in me. Let me give your ass a couple strokes like that before I take my strapon off.”

I moved to the center of the bed and got on my side. Jessie slid the big black cock in me one last time. It went so deep in this position. I was moaning. It was the best fucking I have ever had. Between moans I said, “Oh baby, you fuck so perfectly. Your cock is so deep in me. Fuck me hard baby. Give me that cock.”

She did exactly as I asked and rolled off, slipped the harness off and lay on her side. Then she said, “Come on panty husband. Do your thing. Fuck me like I know you can. Give me that thick cock of yours.”

Jessie was squirming, moaning and screaming. I lasted another ten minutes and gave her a massive load of cum. We lay together on the bed cuddling. Our lace top stocking covered legs were rubbing on each other. I put my panties back over my dick. Both of our panties were wet and filled with cum. I was lightly stroking Jessie tits.

I said, “I can’t believe how great sex is with you. I love you so much. Thanks for my own garter belt and stockings.”

Jessie said, “You might think the gift is for you, but it’s for both of us because every time I get an idea like this we both get amazing sex. I thank you for tonight and love you much.”

I wonder what is next. I have no idea, but I can’t wait.

Author’s introduction.

I’ve not published to for long, with just two stories up. I’m pleased with the views, the hits my work gets. I’d like to see more comments. I’ve received some nice letters.

I’ve been writing in open forums for about a decade, so I’m used to ignorant comments, somehow the reader mistaking my characters for me. I write social commentaries, stories about human beings in their natural habitat.

Some of my literary fiction is also erotic, or deals with erogenous subjects. These are the stories I’ll submit to

I write objectively, journalistically. I believe in allowing my characters to tell the story, without interference from me supplying needless voice-over explaining what should be obvious to the reader. My writing is subtle, nuance. “Real” is a word I see often in comments.

Here, I offer my third story: “Planting Trees.” The story is a conversation between two co-workers. It’s not stated, but we can assume they know each other, though not well. Many things not stated can be gleaned from the conversation.

Jacky peeled her sweatshirt over her head, looking toward the sun, squinting. “Hot day.”

Kevin treated himself to a quick up-down. “You’re looking sweet in your husband-beater.”

“Thanks,” she answered flatly. “I live to have my eye candy status affirmed.”

Ignoring the quip, he asked: “Do you have a confidant?”

“Yeah. My teddy bear. No one wants to hear the shit going on in my head.”

Smiling sardonically, he put the shovel aside. “I actually like your attitude.”

“I’m a real Dale Carnegie girl. We need get these maples in the ground, else Donny’s going to have one of his many pissy fits, yell at me again, maybe piss his pants, stomping his feet like Donkey Kong.” She produced a pack of cigarettes. “Got a light? Of course, you don’t.”

“Fuck Donny.”

“Not with your dick, pal.”

Again, the smile, rolling off his knees, sitting. “Maybe about a million years ago, I was seeing this guy.” He squinted, counting in his head. “Thirty-odd years.”

“Oh, we’re sharing now?” She sat.

“He liked to blow me.”

“You were seeing?”

“I guess you could call it dating, kinda.”

“You’re gay.” The inquiry was a statement.

“That’s a complicated question.”

“Tell me about it.” She rolled her eyes. “Sometimes it takes a lifetime to come out, even to yourself.”

“Funny thing is, I never told him I was a cross dresser.”

“Oh, now we’re really sharing. Shouldn’t you start out by saying: ‘Father forgive me, for I have sinned?’”

He chuckled bitterly. “Yeah, maybe. I’ve not told many people over the years I was a cross dresser.”

“Do you cross dress still?”

“That’s a complicated question, too. Cross-dressing is, I hate to use the word disorder, but I will, a compulsive disorder. Like smoking, or drinking for the alcoholic. We just gotta do it no matter what.”

“OK. I’ve wrestled with that demon once or twice. What was his name?”


“The guy who liked to blow you.”

“Oh, right. Richard. I met him through a guy I knew. I was stuck for a ride one night, and he really bailed me out. He told me he liked me and asked to do me.”

“You were oh, so young and innocent, him older and experienced?”

“I wish. We were the same age.” Kevin sighed deeply. “I’d been done by guys before, the oh-so-young-me-him-older years before.”

Jacky nodded, affirming knowledge of a world many people are not privy.

“I felt I owed him, and I’ve always loved a good blow job.”

Again, the nod. “So, you dated.”

“Not by the slimmest definition. He’d call, we’d get together, he’d blow me. One night when he called, I suggested I make dinner. I do a shrimp and scallop scampi that’s to die for. I had the night all planned out, flowers, candles, music. He said if I were hungry, we could grab a quick burger.”

“Well, he was a man, you know.”

“It wasn’t about the dinner.”

“I know. He never took your hand? Never kissed you? Never had a real conversation?”


“You wanted a human relationship. He wanted to suck your dick.”

“Pretty much.”

“Did you tell him you wanted to be his girlfriend, not just a popsicle?”


“Why not?”

“I didn’t admit it then. I was afraid he’d say no.”



Jacky narrowed her eyes, fiddling with a cigarette. “What kind of cross dresser were you – are you? I mean. I’m not sure what I mean.”

“Again, a complex question, its answer has changed across the decades.”

“Things are often clearer on the other side.”

“I never thought I was born a woman in a man’s body, if that helps.”

“I knew a guy, I mean girl like that.”

“Me, too.”

“I had this boyfriend years ago, who’d like to dress up and jerk off.”

“I’ll admit that’s sometimes the case.”


“Yeah. When I was much younger, I used to dress up and go out all the time, and not masturbate.” He squinted toward the sun. “There was something overwhelmingly fresh, peaceful about it, like when a violent storm passes in the middle of the night, stepping outside, breathing the humid air, watching the clouds race across the moon.”

“You passed?”

He shrugged. “Oh, don’t be misled by what time and flesh has stolen. I was such a pretty little girl.”

“I can imagine,” Jacky said, raising an eyebrow. “I’d do her.”

He laughed subtlety. “You weren’t even born yet.”

She closed her eyes. “Ah, but I can imagine.”

“So can I.”

As a transvestite, it had always been my dream to be a bridesmaid. My elder sister had known about my love of feminine things since we were tiny; indeed it could have been her love of dressing me up as a girl when we were children that influenced me in the direction of transvestism. So you can imagine how delighted I was when she told me that she was getting married and that she wanted me to be her chief bridesmaid. I had ‘come out’ as a transvestite to some of my friends and to my immediate family but there would be many people at the wedding who were unaware of my secret and who would discover it if I accepted this role. However the possible fulfillment of a dream was so strong that I threw caution to the winds and accepted her generous offer.

All the bridesmaids were to wear matching pale pink satin dresses and as chief bridesmaid mine was to be a little more flamboyant than the rest with extra bows and frills. I well remember going to the wedding shop to be measured and later to try the dress on and to have it adjusted to fit me perfectly. I wondered whether to wear male or female underwear when visiting the shop as the staff would be bound to see my undies. As I was to be fitted for a dress, I decided that feminine underwear was appropriate and I chose a pair of black control panties with extra padding round my hips and bum which would add feminine curves, minimize any masculine bulge and wouldn’t show any slight leakage which was likely to ooze from the tip of my penis with the thrill of being attended by women intent on getting the fit of my beautiful dress just right. It was wonderful being treated as a woman and none of the staff at the shop expressed any surprise or other emotion at the choice of a man as ‘Maid of Honour’, so I suspected that I may not have been the first male bridesmaid they had supplied with a dress.

The day of the wedding arrived and I was very excited but also very nervous. One potential problem was toilet access. If I were to use the Gents, I would cause quite a stir but if I were to use the Ladies, I could be breaking the law. I decided to eliminate the problem completely by wearing a thick nappy and a pretty frilly pink satin rubber lined waterproof nappy cover over it in case anyone happened to lift my skirts. Also, although the bulk of a nappy would have been very noticeable in trousers, under the bridesmaid’s dress, it simply enhanced my hips and bum giving me a more feminine look. As I had worn padding under my control panties at the fitting with a view to a more feminine look, the dress still hung perfectly.

At the church I received many complimentary remarks on my appearance and Janet, my sister, explained to those previously unaware of my transvestism that she thought I’d make a good bridesmaid and didn’t they think so too, thus implying that it was her decision to have me dressed in such a delightfully feminine outfit. One or two expressed disapproval but overall the mood was favourable and I began to feel very relaxed.

It was about halfway through the service that I became aware that my bladder was becoming full and I thought how convenient it was that I’d decided on the nappy as otherwise I would have had to embarrass myself and others by having to make my way to the toilet and so disrupt the service. As it was I just relaxed and let my bladder empty into my nappy. It felt so deliciously naughty, wetting myself in a dress in public, that I got an erection which fortunately was sufficiently contained within my nappy that there was no unfeminine bulge visible at the front of my dress.

The other bridesmaids were all girls, ranging in age from 5 to 18, all of whom thought it a giggling matter to have a man as chief bridesmaid. At the reception, it was wonderful to be seated with the bride and groom at the head table and to be given a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for fulfilling my role as head bridesmaid. I said, “Thank you”, and gave a little curtsey as I was handed the bouquet,

After the meal came the dancing and after the bride and groom had had the first dance, the Best Man invited me to dance; I was in heaven as I danced in the arms of a handsome young man, my skirts swirling as I twirled in time with the music. My partner’s hands had been exploring a little more than I thought they should during our dance but I was so happy to be treated so thoroughly as a woman that I welcomed the extra attention, and when he suggested we go outside for a breather, I welcomed the opportunity to be alone with him.

It was dusk by now as he led me across the lawn to a secluded summerhouse in the woods. It was there that he told me that he found me irresistible and before I could comment his lips were on mine, his tongue was exploring my mouth and his hand was under my skirts. I was wondering what his reaction would be when he encountered the nappy but all he said was, “Ooh yes, a naughty little girl who wets her nappy. How utterly delightful!” The summerhouse was too public for anything other than fondling and kissing but he told me his room number (we were all staying overnight) and begged me to come to his room after the reception. I was a little doubtful – was I gay? – but the chance to be treated entirely as woman, even to the point of being fucked by a man, was just so irresistible that I acquiesced to his pleadings. I was in quite a state of anticipation as the reception drew to a close and we all retired to our rooms. Once I had made sure that the coast was clear, I made my way to Tim’s room, not even taking the time to remove my (by now well soaked) nappy as Tim had expressed an interest in wetting fun.

He opened the door immediately to my tap and hurried me inside. Once again I felt his lips on mine and his tongue inside my mouth but this time it was a relatively brief kiss as he wanted to get under my skirts as soon as possible. He pulled down the waterproof frilled satin nappy cover and then carefully undid the safety pins before removing the sodden mass of towelling. It was only a moment as he dumped the nappy in the shower before he was under my skirts again. I soon felt his mouth sucking my penis which rapidly grew very hard, at which point he turned his attention to my bottom. I had never before experienced a tongue probing my anus but it was certainly a feeling I wanted to last and to repeat. I felt his lips surrounding my rosette as his tongue did its best to get inside, licking, pushing and probing, giving me the most exquisite sensations. If this was what being gay involved, then I was all for it.

After some time he emerged from under my dress with a very prominent bulge showing in the front of his trousers. By now I was willing to do anything and I immediately reached for his zip. I undid his trousers as quickly as I could and then lowered his figure-hugging spandex underpants to reveal his magnificent manhood which I couldn’t resist taking into my mouth after dropping to my knees. A few minutes of oral manipulation were all he could stand before he pulled out and commanded me “On the bed on all fours!” I obeyed and there was a little struggling to free the skirts trapped under my knees to give him full access to my bottom. Once again I felt his lips and tongue on my rosette but then I felt an exploring finger work its way right inside me before I felt something much bigger and thicker than a finger pushing at my anus.

By now I really wanted him inside me and I pushed back in response. There was a moment of discomfort as I felt my sphincter yield to our combined efforts and it was a glorious moment as I felt him slide inside me, inch by inch until I felt his pubes against my cheeks. A repeated slow partial withdrawal and reinsertion then began, giving me tremendous pleasure from the sensations in my anus and rectum. This slow fucking rhythm continued for about fifteen minutes before his excitement got the better of him and his tempo increased. I was in heaven and had no idea that the pleasure could reach even greater heights but as his thrusting became more urgent, I found myself involuntarily tightening my sphincter until with a couple of final deep thrusts and a long “Aaaaahhh”, Tim pumped me full of his love juice at which moment I too spurted a large quantity of cream onto the bedspread. I didn’t want him to pull out but he softened and with a slight plop I felt his cock slip out of me soon followed by a trickle of his cum which ran down the back of my balls. Being well and truly fucked by a handsome man who really fancied me was by far the high point of the wedding and we’ve agreed that we want to repeat the experience as often as possible.

It’s great to have found a man who appreciates my transvestism and enjoys treating me as a girl in every respect.

Alena tipped the server well, as Neil waited at the door. He glanced back at them and they seemed to be sharing a good laugh and his cheeks burned red again as they both glanced at him with amused smiles. The corset kept him rigid, but despite the tightness, he found it erotically comfortable; prophetic of what he hoped awaited him tonight. In consideration of what happened to him last weekend, he was in a quandary as to how he was going to navigate this evening, but despite that he found himself aroused. Damn it, he thought; he had to end this.

After tonight.

A limo was parked outside the arched entry to the restaurant, black, shiny, and absurdly large and pompous. Neil wondered what kinds of people would be so rich as to keep a chauffeur driven car for personal use, when suddenly the driver exited and went straight to the back door, opening it and standing back to allow Alena to step in. She sat, smiled, and said to Neil, “Come on; don’t look so stupid. Get in!”

He awkwardly said thank-you to the chauffeur and stepped in, sitting beside Alena, the girl in a leather corset sitting on a plush leather seat in a mobile living room. She scrunched up beside him and all he could feel was her; all he could smell was her; all he could sense was her. Pheromones misting from her face, she permeated his being like engulfment in fog.

“Ms Alena, where to tonight?” the chauffeur asked.

“C2 Paulie, C2.”

“Yes ma’am. Is there a hurry tonight ma’am?”

“No, no hurry. Just drop us off and return to C1. I’ll be in touch.”

Neil stared at her in awe and disbelief. She had said that she was independently wealthy and she had meant it.

“I don’t mean to pry, but what do you mean by C1 and C2?” he asked.

With nonchalance born of wealth, she responded, “I have several residences. C3 is where you were last week; C2 is where you will be this weekend. It’s where I live most of the time. You’re moving up baby.”

Neil thought about this for a few moments as they headed west out of the downtown area and then asked, “What’s the significance of the “C”?”

“C stands for Calgary. No big mystery.”

She smiled and hugged him close while reaching for a cigarette out of a dispenser to the side of the seat.

Neil was thinking. This woman always kept him off balance. The key to his chain was at C3; they were going to C2. He stayed silent as the Lincoln floated over bumps in the road that mere mortal cars would have disappeared within. Alena rubbed his corset-taut belly and playfully massaged his upper thigh. Putty; he felt like putty.

There was no conversation; just a heat of lust and passion in the limo, and for Neil the added heat of fear. Finally he asked, “The key to my chain; what about that? You said it was on “my” table. That’s at C3 then.”

“What about it? You’re correct; it’s at C3.”

“Well,” he responded, “I’ve been wearing this all week, and frankly, it’s annoying. Plus, it hurts. And what’s at C1?”

Alena snuggled up against him then and mocked, “Aww, muffin. Little girl doesn’t like the chain? Worse than the corset; is it? Poor baby. Surely you remember what real pain is, don’t you baby? C1 is where I keep my broken toys or nostalgia items; that’s all.”

Neil was being humiliated again and he didn’t like it. The burn in his face was starting to feel normal as he abruptly stated, “Look Alena; this is fun and all, but this seems just a bit over the top, don’t you think? I’m not sure this evening shouldn’t end. I feel a bit out of my league here. You’re kinky; I’m not. Let’s just let it go okay? Get the key and take me home.”

Alena pulled away from him then. The smell of her swirled away, and he immediately missed it.


“Yes ma’am?”

“C3 first please.”

Neil glanced at her and felt a pang of fear. She had that same look as when he refused to take that dildo into his mouth. She became silent and distant. The street lights blinked on as the sun set and they pulled up to the place that he only vaguely remembered from last week. Not entirely true actually; he had vivid memories of the inside, the table, the whip, the orgasms, the endless charting of new territory in an unknown land. He wished he had dropped bread crumbs to find his way back.

Abruptly she said, “So, you’re not kinky? I could have sworn you put on a bra and garter belt last weekend and let me tie you down. I could have sworn that you had three or four orgasms while I humiliated you and fucked you from behind. Could have sworn you had a hard on after I beat the shit out of you.”

She sighed and looked out the window at the city lights as they ascended the Sarcee Trail hill and then turned to him, saying, “You know what I think? I think you’re afraid. You’re not afraid of me exactly; you’re afraid of yourself, what you really are under your vanilla surface. Afraid you might like it, aren’t you? Well, I have news for you; it’s too late; you do like it; you just haven’t formally admitted it to yourself.” Alena slumped a little bit in the seat and then said in a low voice, “Look, maybe I should take you home.”

Neil listened and understood all that she was saying. It was true, every bit of it. But the last statement caught him by surprise.

“You know what I think?” he said as a retort, “I don’t think you are a psychopath like you said earlier. A psychopath is a person who has a lack of empathy and remorse for antisocial behavior. I think you do care; you just need control. It doesn’t have to be either/or, you know. And one more thing…I bet you have a red door, not a black one, like you want people to think.” He lost his thought then and looked down at his lap and then out the opposite window, stammering, “I, umm, look…I don’t want to go home.”

If there was a trigger on their gun of lust, this was it. They glanced at each other and melded together, lips on lips, tongues on tongues, hands on secretive areas, rustling and thrusting at one another. It was passion neither of them had felt in a long time, and they reveled in it. Finally they noticed the car was not moving any longer and they peeked out of the fog.

“Ma’am?” came a cautious query from the front seat.

Alena was flustered for the first time in Neil’s acquaintance with her and she responded with short breaths, “Yes Paulie?”

“We are at C3 ma’am.”

“Oh…oh yes, umm, so we are. Wait here; I’ll be right back.”

She got out of the limo with a flushed, but stressed look, went to the door and disappeared inside. Neil’s breathing returned to normal, but he was flushed as well, and certain parts of him remained engorged with heated blood. This woman was sexy, literate and intelligent. Suddenly he realized he wanted to be with her. Period. That epiphany burst upon him like orgasm as she returned to the car. He was glad to see her.

She took his hand, and within it was the key to the chain, but she pulled it back, saying, “I’ll set you free when the time is right. I decide.”

“C2, Paulie.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Now,” she teased, “little girl with a corset on, you are in for an interesting weekend.”

“I suspect I am. I do suspect I am, ma’am.”

“It’s Goddess.”

“Oh, sorry…Goddess,” he corrected with a comfortable smile.

“That’s better my weak little man-girl,” she said as she pulled his head to her breast, knowing full well that this was a man with strength, who relinquished it to her on demand.

The musk of her was overpowering and he stayed there, sapped of strength, until the limo made its final stop.

Paulie opened the door for them and when Neil stepped out, he noted the elegance of the street, mostly ornate houses built with what appeared to be brown sandstone. Only a geologist like himself would notice that, he chuckled to himself. Between the houses and looking east, the city lights lay beneath them, like a discarded sequined gown, glittering in the moonlight. It was cold. There would be frost on the grass tomorrow.

Alena unlocked the door and typed the code for the beeping alarm. She turned to Neil and, with the return of the sultry woman in charge, she said, “Come in my dear; come in and relax; you’re in for a long weekend.”

The inside of the home was cavernous, at least what he could see. The front vestibule opened into an open-concept living room, dining room, and kitchen, that area alone larger than most homes. The fifteen foot ceiling capped a bank of windows looking east over a large deck and the city. The floors were a deep reddish-orange hardwood inlaid artfully with stone tiles in strategic places. He was left breathless.

Neil stood at the door in awe when she commanded, “Take off your clothes at the door.”

“What? No way.”

She stood at the widened area entering the living area with her hands on her hips, staring at him in silence. Neither moved. Her laser eyes melted him like wax and without even being totally aware of the action, he removed his shoes, socks, pants and shirt. Remaining was the corset and his boxer shorts. She pointed at his shorts and motioned downward. He did as she indicated.

Satisfied and smiling at his bashfulness and humility, Alena said, “Some more Fess Parker for you?” as she poured wine into two glasses. He took the glass from her and padded silently over to the sofa to sit down.

As she sat down she ordered him to stand, as he should not under any circumstances sit nude on her furniture.

“But you told me to strip,’ he complained.

“That’s right. I did. You will stand while I sit.”

Well, this was awkward, he thought, standing semi-nude in front of a fully clothed woman who was seated. It felt very much like a mistress-slave arrangement and he was supremely dismayed that certain parts of his anatomy betrayed his enjoyment of it. His cock pulled at the chain imprisoning it. They were awkwardly staring at each other when suddenly Paulie entered the room saying, “Will that be all tonight ma’am?” He glanced, unconcerned, at Neil’s corseted nudity.

“Umm, yes that should be all for tonight Paulie. No, wait. Grab Mr. Webber’s clothes when you leave. Thank-you.”

Neil thought nothing of it until a few moments later when he realized that Paulie had backed out of the driveway and left. He didn’t stay here, he thought with panic.

“Wait. Does he have my clothes? Shit!”

“Why yes, as a matter of fact, he does. Pity. Come over here.” She watched him walk to her, sipping on his wine, stopping in front of her. She was at eye level to his bobbing member and despite herself started to laugh. She recovered, partly angry at herself for spoiling the solemnity of the moment. Reaching out to him she unlocked the chain from around his genitals. He bowed and she unlocked the other end of the chain around his neck.

“You are free. You may leave if you wish. If you do not wish to leave, you are mine, and I have strange tastes.”

Neil stood there silently for perhaps minutes. The Grandfather clock near the entry tick-tocked an unnerving rhythm as he tried to think. Things had changed and he was confused, very confused.

“If you choose to stay, turn around and put your hands behind your back.” Alena sat back and crossed her legs, those beautiful legs, and sipped her wine, waiting.

“Oh God,” he said out loud, as he turned around and gave her his hands, his heart racing. He felt the leather cuffs being fastened and locked on his wrists, and then the final click of the lock which bound his wrists together.

“It’s Goddess,” she said with disdain, as she slapped his black and blue bruised ass and spun him around to face her, “Say it.”

He had allowed it to happen again. He was hers. He stared into her eyes with a fixed but glassy-eyed expression and said, “Yes Goddess.”

“That’s better. Now come with me.”

She stood up and took him by the arm like the prisoner he was and led him to her chambers. It had been a “thrust and parry” type of evening and she had won. Now she was going to give him what he wasn’t sure he wanted.

There was a sharp, heavy rap at the door. Mandy scrambled out of bed as Mistress Charlotte pushed the door open, hastily smoothing the tiny, soft, pink and green nightdress that barely went past her hips and surreptitiously tugged the matching knickers down from where they had ridden up into her bottom. As Mistress sashayed past to the throne like chair in the corner next to the window, Mandy curtsied deeply, her eyes slipping across the white and pastel pink room to the dressing table where her Goldilocks blonde wig sat next to her makeup. She wondered why, only an hour after sending her off to bed, Mistress had come to the tiny room she had allocated Mandy when she had arrived this morning.

“Mandy, come here.” Mistress instructed. Her voice was calm and warm, not at all like the constricted strictness some Dominatrix’s used on their charges. All the same, authority dripped from Mistress’ mouth; concentrated somehow by her slight Scottish accent. Mandy hastened across to stand demurely in front of her the way she had been taught. “Kneel down.” She smiled as Mandy obeyed her, and lifted her feet to place them in her servant’s hairless lap. “Have you enjoyed your day Mandy?”

“Yes thank you, Mistress,” Mandy answered, keeping her voice soft, submissive, the way that Mistress had taught her to in the webcam lessons they had had over the past year. It had taken a lot of practice to be able to project her voice loud enough to be heard easily when she spoke this way, but it was worth it.

“Good. I’m pleased with your work today and with your progress over the past few months. You’ve worked very hard, my dear and tonight, well, you’re going to get a reward.” Mistress lifted one of her feet; Mandy caught the scent of leather and sweat. Mistress had changed her shoes, from a pair of Manalo Blahnik black pleat court shoes to an anonymous pair with a wicked looking heel. “Worship,” Mistress instructed.

With no further prompting Mandy began to kiss and lick at the leather, worshipping with her lips and tongue. The shoe filled her nose and mouth with its strong taste. She could smell the familiar scent of Mistress too, the way she had smelt it before in the zip-lock bag preserved items Mistress had sent her; gifts of stockings and old shoes, even a few pairs of panties to be placed on the little shrine that Mandy had in her bedroom at home. Mistress had delighted in having her take out each item in turn and appreciate them when they had spoken over the internet teasing her with her scent and taste; hinting that in time Mandy might be permitted to worship her in person.

Something stirred in Mandy’s panties, a sliver of desire; she moaned a little as the plastic prison she wore caught it, preventing her from growing any larger.

“Do you like worshipping my shoes Mandy?” Mistress asked sweetly. “Does the taste of them make you excited?”

“Oh, yes Mistress,” Mandy answered. “I like them very much.”

“Perhaps tomorrow I should have you clean my entire collection then.” Mistress mused. “You’d like that wouldn’t you Mandy?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good.” She pulled the shoe away and lifted the other for the same treatment. “I knew you were a good girl from the moment I got your application to serve me Mandy. All you needed was a little guidance and training to help you realise your true potential. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes Mistress.” Mandy answered and, feeling that perhaps a little more was required, “Thank you Mistress. It was so kind of you to train me.”

“It was, wasn’t it? And you’re going to repay me by being a good, obedient girl aren’t you?”

“I try to be, Mistress.” Mandy fought the urge to look up at Mistress. Her words filled the slave’s heart with joy but at the same time, somehow, she felt a tiny stab of trepidation.

“That’s enough,” the foot was removed and Mistress rose. She reached down, took the little ring at the front of Mandy’s pretty choker and led her to the bed. “Get up on there.” Mandy obeyed and felt Mistress’s hands running over her body, moving her limbs slightly, positioning her on all fours, pulling her legs apart, pushing her head down to the duvet with its white and pink floral design. She pushed the nightdress up; revealing the knickers Mandy wore and tapped her lightly on the ocks. “Hold that position dear, that’s a good girl.” Without waiting for an answer she moved away.

Mandy heard her walk around the bed, the click of a lock turning; the scrape of a drawer opening in the dressing table. She had noticed that one of the drawers had been locked when she had unpacked this morning, parcelling up her street clothes into a bag for Mistress to take away and pulling on the pretty pink uniform Mistress had instructed her to buy soon after her application to enter the maid training programme had been accepted. Perhaps as a reaction to the fact that Mandy mostly wore black away from serving Mistress, all but two of her uniforms were in very soft colours, pinks, pale greens and blues. Even her underwear was seldom black.

She had arrived at Mistress Charlotte’s home that morning, from a nearby pub where she had spent the night. The visit had been arranged weeks ago, a stark email had arrived in her inbox announcing that she had reached the point in her training where her tasks had been completed satisfactorily enough to be granted a weekend audience at Mistress’ home. There had been a range of instructions contained in the announcement, aside from travelling clothes only uniforms were to be brought to the house; under her street clothes Mandy was to be already clad in her sissy underwear, indeed she was to be as ready as possible to begin work almost as soon as she arrived, even to the point that Mistress included a series of plans of the house and the contents of each drawer and cupboard that Mandy was to learn off by heart before she arrived. Tribute was to be brought to show how grateful she was for the opportunity to serve Mistress in person and at home. The email repeated several times that Mandy would be expected to work and that if she failed to do so to a satisfactory standard, her punishment would be swift and terrible. It had even offered her the chance to refuse the invitation if she felt unable to fulfil Mistress’ requirements, though Mandy felt that such an action would lead to her being required to leave the Maid Training Programme with a very poor reference, or worse, no reference at all.

She had booked the day before the audience off from work and spent it in preparation, packing, making sure that she was presentable, that the gifts she wanted to give Mistress Charlotte were wrapped perfectly before driving down from Warwick into the heart of Oxfordshire. Once at the pub she had gone straight to her room and made sure that she was freshly shaved and that she rubbed a pleasant lotion into her skin to make it soft. She had set the alarm early; Mistress had specified an eight o’clock start, and gone to bed soon after eating and lain awake worrying that the patrons of the pub somehow knew exactly what she was there for.

Even so she bounded out of bed as soon as the alarm went off, quickly prepared herself and hurried down to eat a small breakfast, careful not to overfill herself because of her corset. To be fair, a fluttering nervousness had filled her tummy anyway and a couple of slices of toast had been about as much as she could eat. Once she had eaten Mandy made herself as perfect as she could, packed up her belongings, paid the bill and drove the short five miles down the road to the address she had been given.

Mistress’ house was a beautiful old building, set back from the road and partially hidden by trees and bushes. As instructed as she approached Mandy pulled over and made a quick phone call to inform Mistress that she would be at the house imminently. Then, she started the engine again and drove the short distance and up the driveway. Mistress had been waiting for her on the porch and even though it was early she looked exquisite. She directed her where to park, running her eye over the unfamiliar clothes that Mandy wore, with a touch of distaste. She had visibly relaxed when the maid was indoors and as she put it “properly dressed for work”; her street clothes confiscated and her car keys, wallet and mobile phone all handed over into Mistress’ safe keeping.

After that the day had been spent in a whirl of cooking, cleaning, ironing and polishing, all interspersed with displays of female authority. Mandy had waited on Mistress hand and foot, fetching and carrying, waiting in the corner as her owner ate, ready to bring more food or to refill her glass of wine. By evening her tummy had been rumbling and it was a tremendous relief when Mistress finished her dinner and instructed her to go and eat the leftovers. As it was it felt like she barely managed to gulp her meal down before Mistress had rung the bell to summon her for more tasks, in this case singing a song about how happy she was to be a maid, in what felt like the strangest moment of a day that had already gone from extremes of hard work, beating carpets in the back garden, to moments of what felt like severe female dominance, as she had received twelve strokes of the cane after lunch for failing to curtsey low enough when bringing Mistress’ glass of water. Privately Mandy was proud that she had come through the day with only the one mishap; her bottom had been sore enough after that caning that she did not even want to dream of what it would have felt like if she had angered Mistress more than once.

Now, Mandy raised her head slightly, peeking out as Mistress straightened, lifting a harness from the drawer, a large rubber dildo dangling from the ring that sat in the centre of the straps. She turned and Mandy ducked her head back down into the sheets again. She heard Mistress cross the room again and then the sound of clothing falling to the floor as she undressed. There was a slight clink and the sound of the brush of leather. Mandy tried to look down between her legs to see if she could see what Mistress was doing but the nightdress hung down too low, blocking her vision; she did not dare to lift it in case her action was noticed. There came the sound of what sounded like a condom being rolled down the dildo’s shaft.

She started as a hand was placed on her bottom and Mistress tugged her knickers down, exposing her rear. The plastic prison hung down between Mandy’s legs in an uncouth manner. “Nice and smooth, just the way I like my girls.” Mistress murmured approvingly running a hand over Mandy’s ocks, slapping them lightly until they were warm. “Tell me Mandy, do you like being a girl?” There was a snapping sound and a hand reached down between Mandy’s legs, caressing the prison and its contents. Mandy realised the Mistress had pulled on a pair of rubber gloves and moaned at her touch.

“Yes Mistress, I do.” She lisped.

“What do you like about being a girl Mandy?”

“I like the clothes Mistress and the feeling of dressing up in something special.”

“That’s not all is it though? There must be something else you like about being so pretty and frilly, or you wouldn’t have come to me, would you?” Mistress spanked Mandy’s bottom again; her ocks were beginning to feel very warm.

“No Mistress.” Mandy swallowed. “I, I like being your slave Mistress, and being under your control.”

“There that wasn’t so hard to say was it Mandy? In fact I think you rather enjoyed confessing that to me.” Mistress Charlotte cooed. There was a squirting sound behind Mandy. “Now dear, there’s one more step that I want you to take on your delicious journey to being a girl. Would you like to guess what it is?”

“Is it being fucked Mistress?” Mandy asked, trying to keep her voice from trembling. She had enjoyed the lessons Mistress had given her over the internet, instructing her on how to penetrate herself with plugs and dildos whilst she watched through the webcam, giving her words of encouragement. Mistress had told her from the outset that when the time came for her to be taken then she would know about it because she would be fucked very hard indeed. It sounded like it was time to find out if Mistress had been telling the truth.

“That’s right dear; it’s time for your first real fucking. No more messing about with your little toys, I’m going to really take your cherry and you are going to love it.” Something cold and slick was rubbed into Mandy’s anus and then something hard was held up against it. It felt huge against Mandy’s entrance and she tensed instinctively, clenching her muscles to try and keep it out. “Don’t be a silly girl Mandy. Open yourself to me. Let me inside you.” Mistress’ voice was still calm, “I’m not going to hurt you, angel. I promise you that this will be the best fuck you’ve had in your life.”

“Sorry Mistress.” Mandy took a deep breath and slowly relaxed. The tip of Mistress’ cock slipped inside her. Mandy gasped and felt the cock slowly, oh so slowly slide forwards until Mistress’ hips rested against her buttocks. “Good girl, that’s my good little sissy girl,” she coaxed. “There, that wasn’t so bad was it?”

“God, you feel so big inside me Mistress,” Mandy moaned. It was true, the dildo had filled Mandy right up, her sissy pussy felt stretched by its presence, but not painfully so.

“I know Mandy, but I know you like it, don’t you? I bet you love having your sissy hole filled with my big hard cock.” Mistress’s voice took a firmer tone as she thrust into Mandy. “That feels really good doesn’t it sissy? You love the way it feels, don’t you bitch?”

“Oh yes Mistress, it feels lovely.”

There was the sound of Mistress removing her rubber gloves and then the same snapping noise as she pulled on another pair. Suddenly she reached around Mandy and took hold of the plastic prison. There was a snipping sound as she cut the plastic lock free and discarded it; then she gently tugged the chastity device free.

“When did you last cum, sissy?” Mistress asked as she covered her palms in lube and took hold of Mandy’s sex, cupping it gently between her hands. The heat from her palms warmed the lubricant quickly making Mandy’s skin feel moist and warm. Mandy grew in between her hands, rapidly reaching her full length.

“It was six months ago Mistress.”

“That’s right, the day I made you put yourself in chastity for me. And you’ve been such a good girl since then haven’t you; a chaste girl waiting for Mistress to give you release, haven’t you?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“And it’s been hard hasn’t it? Staying chaste all that time, especially as I’ve sent you so many things that have made you all excited.” Mistress rocked back and forth slightly, moving both her hands and the strap on.

“Yes Mistress,” Mandy replied breathlessly as the sensation grew. She forced herself to relax, to let Mistress control her totally, after so long in chastity she wanted her orgasm to be special.

“And I’ve made you take a photo of your parts every week and send it to me, haven’t I? I wonder what was worse for you, being kept locked up like that, or having to buy a copy of the Daily Mail once a week.” She rode Mandy’s sissy hole hard as she spoke. “Would you like to know a little secret Mandy?”

“Oh, oh, oh,” Mandy panted. “Oh yes please, Mistress Charlotte.”

“I thought you would.” Mistress purred, leaning forward as she did so, putting more weight on her maid, driving the dildo deeper inside her. She twisted her hips as she did so, making the phallus rub the walls of Mandy’s back passage and pressed her breasts against the soft fabric of Mandy’s nightdress, enjoying its soft touch against her nipples. “I fucking loved seeing those pictures, they made me so wet, my darling little bitch. Knowing that you were there waiting for my word before you even dreamt of having release just made me so horny it was amazing. I had so much sex, picturing you all alone in your bed with your clitty restrained, just waiting for me.” She laughed suddenly, loudly into Mandy’s ear, “And from the feel of it, that is as much a turn on for you, sissy, as the pretty girls’ things that you wear. It is, isn’t it Mandy?”

Mandy’s cheeks flushed scarlet and she stammered out an admission that it was true; the idea of Mistress Charlotte being sexually sated whilst she, the maid, was kept chaste was hugely erotic to her.

She moaned slightly as the cock slipped in and out of her , harder and faster now as Mistress picked up the pace, pinning her to the bed with her body. At the same time Mistress’ hands rubbed over her penis, which felt so big after its imprisonment that Mandy could not remember it being so hard before.

“Oh yes, you like that don’t you. Come on baby push against me, work for me.” Mistress stopped thrusting, holding herself stock still against Mandy’s body. “Come on ride my cock, sissy girl. Pump for Mistress Charlotte, show me how much you want me to fuck you.”

Mandy obeyed vigorously, pushing back powerfully against Mistress Charlotte’s unyielding form, hard and faster, lost in bliss as her pussy was filled by the dildo and her sissy stick was held in the Dominatrix’s rubber clad grip, thrusting back and forth. Mistress gave her encouragement as she thrust back and forth, telling her what a precious little sissy she was and how much she loved her little sissy girl, her little sissy bitch; her little sissy slut. Finally, with a most unfeminine cry of pleasure Mandy came hard into Mistress’ hands and fell forwards onto the bed; spent.

Mistress let her rest for a moment before she gently pulled away, tugging the dildo free. “Sit up.” The sissy obeyed and found Mistress standing naked in front of her with the six inch dildo still jutting from her loins; an Amazonian lover full of power and virtue. She placed one of her rubber clad hands over Mandy’s mouth. “Lick up your mess Mandy, there’s a good girl. Don’t worry about the lube, it won’t hurt you.”

Mandy pulled a face but diligently began to lap at Mistress’ palm, cleaning it of sperm and lubricant. After she was satisfied with her work Mistress pulled the first hand away, replacing it with the other, which was less pleasant to clean; the sperm was colder with a consistency like thin rice pudding; Mandy swallowed the last bit with quiet relief that it was all gone.

“Good girl. Now show yourself to me.” Mistress instructed, pushing Mandy back on the bed so that her privates were exposed. “Aw, it’s all tired out isn’t it? How sweet it looks, Mandy.” She handed her a baby wipe. “Wipe all that goo off yourself dear, that’s right. I want you to be nice and clean.” Moments later, satisfied that Mandy was clean, she took the wipe and put it in the bin. “Now you realise that I’m going to lock you up again don’t you? I hope you’re not going to be a silly sissy about it.”

There was a steely tone in her voice and a similar look in her eye that told Mandy that any attempt to resist would be met with stern and unpleasant punishment. Mistress Charlotte’s punishments were always inventive and never arousing. Mandy counted herself as fortunate for only having been punished twice before during her servitude, aside from the caning earlier. Three hours kneeling naked on a tray of uncooked rice had made her realise that disobeying Mistress Charlotte was a very bad idea indeed.

Mistress picked up the chastity cage in one hand and took Mandy’s sex in the other. Calmly she pushed the cage onto the exhausted member and, producing another plastic lock, she snapped the chastity device shut. A serial number was starkly printed on the white lock.

“I’ll take a photo of that tomorrow dear so that so that I can check that you’re not fiddling with it when you’re away from me.” Mistress reached out and stroked Mandy’s face. “I’m very proud of you dear; you took your first proper fucking very well. You’re a very good little sissy. Now take the condom off my cock and put it in the bin.” Mandy peeled it off, deposited it and when she turned back, Mistress’ hands pushed her down on her shoulders, forcing her onto her knees. “Show me how much you enjoyed me fucking you Mandy. Let me see how much you love being my sissy, both maid and slut.”

I was short $300 on rent and the ladies who lived next door had to move. They offered me $300 to help them move, so naturally I accepted.

I woke up at 6 am and had their truck loaded by noon. It was a six hour drive, but I needed to be back before the end of the weekend so I proceeded to unload everything as soon as we got to their new home. It was a secluded old house far up in the mountains, so when I was done I decided to stay the night and wake up the next morning and make the drive home.

There were three of them: the mom, Lorraine, in her mid forties, her sister Susan, the same age, and the daughter, Diedra, who was 19. Since I didn’t feel comfortable sleeping in the same room as any of them, I agreed to sleep in the basement on a futon they had me move down there earlier.

In the middle of the night, I woke up terribly thirsty so I went up to the kitchen. Diedra was there was well, and offered to get me something to drink. I sat at the table and she brought me a glass of what looked like water and I downed it with one gulp. She giggled a little as I finished and told me to go back to sleep, as I would need my energy for the next day. I agreed and went back down to the basement.

When I awoke the next morning, I didn’t feel like myself. I chalked it up to being tired and went upstairs to collect my money and leave.

When I got there, the three women were sitting in the living room.

“Looks like our laborer has awoken” Lorraine said as she lounged on an overstuffed chair near the door. “I guess he wants to get what he has coming now” The three women looked at each other and laughed.

It made me feel uneasy so I said “Yeah, I need to get back so I can use the money to pay my rent.”

“Not so fast” Diedra said. “Don’t you feel an overpowering need to take off all your clothes and get on your knees?” The three laughed again. “Not really…” I started, but the next thing I know I was naked on my knees in the middle of the floor as the three women looked at me smiling.

“What the hell…” I started again, but was cut off by Lorraine.

“I bet he didn’t even suspect we were witches. Ill bet he still doesn’t even know that what he drank last night was a mind control potion.

Don’t worry, you will accept your fate soon enough.” They all laughed again and I was starting to get a little frightened.

“What do you mean? Witches? That’s ridiculous. Witches don’t exist, and neither do mind control potions!” I was pretty sure of myself, though still didn’t know why I was naked on my knees in the middle of their living room.

“HA, of course you don’t believe it, but its true.” Susan spoke up. “You are going to be our new slave, and if you think you worked hard yesterday wait until what we have in store for you for the rest of your life!”

“This is crazy, just give me my money and Ill go.” I said, getting rather tired of all this nonsense.

“Oh, trust me, the potion works,” Diedra said smiling. “I guess he needs more proof”

She pointed her big toe at me from her comfy position on the couch. “Suck my toe.”

I couldn’t believe it, but the next thing I did was crawl to where her foot was pointed at me and stuck her big toe in my mouth and started sucking!

“From now on, you will only answer when we tell you to.” Susan said smugly. “I give you permission to answer. Do you like women’s feet? Do they turn you on?”

“No!” I said disgusted at what I was doing.

“Then why are you down there?” Lorraine asked me. I couldn’t answer.

“Because of the potion, or does my toe just taste that good?” Diedra said giggling. Susan spoke up: “Tell her because her toes taste good!”

“Because your toes taste good.” I couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of my mouth! These women were serious, and whatever they did to me, I had to obey. This was not good.

The three all laughed. “He does look really cute sucking on my toe. And it feels great! Mom, can I keep this one, or do we have to bury him in the backyard?”

This scared the shit out of me, but her mom nodded. “Of course you can honey, he will be your first slave, but of course he will also be our slave as well.”

I tried to speak but I couldn’t because I hadn’t been told I could talk. All I could do was suck her dirty toes like my life depended on it.

“I hope you know now why we had you do this, move our stuff for free.” Susan spoke up. “Because Diedra needed a slave, and she thought you were cute. So for her birthday present, we decided to get you for her.”

“You will obey every order she gives you,” Lorraine chimed in. “No matter how humiliating it is. You will be her slave from now on. Diedra, you want to give him your rules?”

Diedra smiled smugly down at me while I sucked her big toe. “Might as well let him know what he is in for” she giggled as I swirled the toe around my mouth.

“First, I like to play dress up, always have, and I outgrew dolls a long time ago so you will be my new doll.” Susan left the room and came back with a slutty dress and high heels. “Put these on, but be careful not to take my toe out of your mouth while you do” Diedra ordered.

I did. So there I was, kneeling before this red headed 19 year old, dressed as slutty as any whore has ever dressed, with her big toe in my mouth.

“As you can see, I have a fetish for my having my toes sucked. Especially by a cute guy like you. You will be doing that a lot. I hope you like the taste of dirty feet, and even if you don’t, you will tell me you do.”

“I love the taste of your dirty feet” I said, realizing even a suggestion could be construed as an order and I would be forced to follow it.

The three women laughed. Diedra spoke up again:

“You will refer to me as princess and every time I give you an order, you will say ‘Yes Princess’.”

“Yes Princess” I responded.

“My little toe is jealous. Suck that one now.” She said. “Yes princess” I responded as I stuck her second toe in my mouth and began sucking.

“This is going to be great!” she exclaimed.

“Thanks mom!”

“It is the least I can do for my only daughter” she said as she smiled.

She then attached a collar around my neck and hooked a leash up to it. “Don’t just suck, make out with my toes, all of them, NOW!”

“Yes Princess” I said and started passionately making out with her entire foot. It was so humiliating, but this was just the beginning.

It has been two years now. My daily routine, which I have now settled into, sadly, is as follows:

I cook breakfast for the three witches and sit under the table sucking Diedra’s toes as she eats. Then I do all the dishes, clean up the rest of the house, of course wearing the most slutty outfit they can find, and wait by the front door. I am then led outside by Susan while Diedra takes a nap and forced to do any manual labor that needs to be done. Sometimes it is mending a fence, others it is digging a hole that doesn’t even need to be dug.

She enjoy watching me toil, as her ex husbands have all been lazy. As soon as she is satisfied, she makes me crawl on my knees through gravel to her lawn chair on the porch. I then have to lick her feet clean of all dirt, and there is a lot of it since they all walk around barefoot all day.

When she has enough, she kicks me hard in the balls and excuses me to go awaken Diedra by sucking her toes. Diedra will then wake up, pick out a new outfit for me to wear, force me to put it on and walk around her room like a fashion show, and then ties me to the end of her bed.

Then I get lashes with the whip, more or less depending on her mood, and then she has her morning pee, in my mouth of course.

Her mom then uses me for a few hours to do various humiliating tasks, such as licking her feet, kissing her ass, or sometimes she even makes me lick the sweat from her armpit! I am use to it, however, as Diedra makes me do all that and way worse.

At night Diedra has me solely to herself, as her mom and aunt have taken their own slaves from the nearby town. I spend most of my time in her room, either sucking the dirt off her toes, licking her filthy heels, or washing her dirty socks with my mouth.

I have no hope of escape. I am now nothing but a toe sucking slave to a young, red headed witch who hates men and is also my princess, with the constant taste of her dirty feet in my mouth.

“You look ravishing,” my wife Ivana said as I stood before her in a short red velvet dress with white tights and black Blahnik mary janes heels. She walked over to put a hair band in my long black hair. It was down to my shoulders now, flat-ironed straight.

We stood together in front of the mirror after she was done. In her heels, Ivana was four inches taller. We looked like the perfect man and wife, except I was the wife.

Ivana was stunningly svelte. She exemplified grace in her fitted shirt, tailored wool slacks and leopard pumps. No matter the situation, Ivana, in dress, manner and demeanor left no doubt who ran our relationship.

“What’s wrong, Leslie?” Ivana asked as I helped her on with her coat.

“This is the first time I’ll be wearing a dress,” I said following her out to the car. “There will be fifty couples. All the other executives and their spouses, we’ve never met many of them. I’ve never had to attend a party in a dress before. These people are all rednecks. This isn’t Napa Valley. They use the N-word like it’s no big deal.”

“Baby, where is all this coming from?” Ivana asked as she started her Aston Martin. “All the girls are so excited to see it. You worked for months making it. Your girlfriend Karen would be so disappointed if you didn’t wear it. We’ve been here six months now and everyone has been really accepting of your feminization.”

That word, that terrible word. Ivana bandied it about like it wasn’t in any way evocative.

“The guys ignore me,” I said as the pressure of a freak out built inside me.

“Normally, I’d cut you off and that would be the end of it,” Ivana reminded me then turned to look at me as we waited at a stoplight. “Leslie, I’m a little hurt. We’re a team and you’re excelling at the submissive role has vaulted my career. Don’t you think showing up in this pretty dress sends a message about me, about us? Don’t you still want to be a team?”

“I’ll quit whining,” I said though my insides churned at the idea of parading in front of people in a dress. “I’m sorry, Ivana.”

“No, Baby,” Ivana said. “I’m allowing you to say your peace. But, wasn’t I right when I told you that you couldn’t handle the stress of being the leader in our relationship? Don’t you feel better with all the pressure on me?”


“Wasn’t I right when I told you that you’d make a great homemaker? Wasn’t I right when I said that you’d feel much better in panties and with smooth skin?”


“And when your ass was filled with that first big black cock, didn’t you cum harder than you’d ever cum before? Aren’t you a little black cock slut now?”


“Is there anything more fulfilling that submitting to a thick black cock?” Ivana asked. “Can you please a man wearing a stained t-shirt and five o’clock stubble?”

I giggled.

“So what’s all this boy talk, Baby?” Ivana asked. “Are you going to try to pee standing up? Are you going to start eating Doritos and drinking beer? I bet you’d love all that orange gunk on your manicured hands.”

“Stop teasing me about wanting to be so prissy and tidy,” I said. “I’m sorry for freaking out. You’re always right.”

“Baby, don’t slouch,” Ivana said to get me back into line.

“I’m sorry, Ivana,” I answered and bowed my head.

“I’m very proud of you,” Ivana said as she lifted my chin. “Your yoga studio is doing so well right now. Looking so great in that dress, you should be able to lock up some new clients. Everyone is always complimenting your pretty little body.”

“I do like hanging around with the girls,” I said.

Ivana laughed and squeezed my hand.

“I’m not going to let your craving to be on your knees for cock fool me. You’re still a little pussy hound,” she said before poking my ribs until I let out a girlie squeal. “You’ve got over a hundred hot women paying you a hundred eighty bucks a month to put your hands all over them under the guise of it being a yoga session. All the other wives ask you out on day dates and hug and kiss on you. Karen is the hottest piece of Asian ass around and she’d fuck the cock off of you. What guy at the party has more pussy on their hands?”

“I’m sorry for not being able to overcome my fear of humiliation,” I said.

“No,” Ivana said. “I know it’s hard, Sweetie. You’ve got all those silly man notions in your head, but seeing you in that dress soaks my panties.”

Suddenly I felt emboldened. “It does?”

“It’s not the dress,” Ivana said. “You’re acknowledging how much you love me by willingly suffering extreme humiliation to make me happy. These bitches all want to steal you away because they see that devotion. Those assholes that tease you are just jealous.”

Ivana was right. I sucked at being a man and did have women hanging all over me. It made me grin. All men talked nonsense about doing anything for their wives, I was about to prove it. I could endure stares and comments. It was no big deal. Karen’s constant promotions and fat salary proved that my being the sissy behind the woman worked.

“There’s my happy girl,” Ivana said as we pulled up next to the curb in front of Mary and John’s house. “You are so fucking pretty and have been a girl so long, you really trick me sometimes. The girls and I forget you have a cock. Then something like this happens and you’re spouting off, being all macho. We still have so much work to do. This is all my fault, baby. I promise to keep pushing your limits.”

“It’s my fault,” I interrupted.

“Shhh,” Ivana scolded. “Stop your impertinence or you’ll wear a handprint on your cheek. This is my fault and I promise to redouble my efforts to keep pushing you until we wring out all of that miserable fuck clinging to the walls inside you. I’ve just been too easy on you because I love you so much and you’re so fucking pretty.”

Karen turned off the car and let out a breathy sigh. “Damn, all this fag talk about your love of cock has gotten me horny. Let’s go inside before I have to put you on your back and fuck you in the car. I’m going to have to keep my mind on ways to push you or I’ll end up humping some husband in the corner tonight.”

As always, I should have just kept my mouth shut. It wasn’t good for the last thought in Ivana’s head being about breaking down my barriers.

My nerves were ragged again by the time we reached the door. Some stuffy jerk I’d never met answered the door and launched a disapproving stare at me when Karen referred to me as her spouse.

My whole body blushed and I averted my eyes. I wanted to die. There was no way I could make it four hours.

Then I heard the sound of Karen’s voice. As the traditional Japanese wife, we shared so much in common, we instantly bonded. In our area, there were few other Asians for her or submissive feminized husbands for me to relate to, so we stuck together.

Her husband, Burke, was a hairy, hulking brute that ran one of the hospitals in Ivana’s company. Like the other husbands, he mostly ignored me and since I was always grouped with the women, we rarely did anything but greet each other. Back during the summer at a topless pool party among the five couples in our inner circle, I caught him staring at my little A cup breasts a couple of times, but never thought any more of it. I guessed he liked them since I was slender and small up top like Karen.

Because I’m such an anomaly in the South, and I play the role of the traditional Southern Belle, women take right to me. The new ladies welcomed me into the group. The guys split off to go watch football downstairs and we gathered around the kitchen and everyone helped.

They were blown away by my culinary skills. In addition to two years of culinary school, when we were in San Diego, Ivana’s boyfriend, CP, who was an award winning chef at a local restaurant, used to give me private lessons three times a week. To tell the whole truth, most of the time, he had me on my knees or was up my ass during the private lessons. He kept me in nothing but an apron so there was easy access.

All the new faces got us gabbing too much and drinking too much. We were late getting everything started. The girls sent me downstairs with chips and dip to hold off the guys for a while longer. On my way back to the kitchen, I passed through the archway under the mistletoe at the same time as Karen was rushing toward the pantry.

She was a buzzed. She stopped and kissed me on the lips a little too long.

“Lezbos,” Mary joked as Karen broke off the kiss.

Everyone laughed.

“We all want to do it,” Cindy, one of the new wives said. “Leslie’s just so darling.”

The women had danced around it before, but once they saw I took teasing without getting angry, they unleashed a barrage of questions about my lifestyle. Soon it worked its way into a discussion about Karen and me and our crush. Finally, the alcohol took over and many of the wives admitting to wanting to catch me under the mistletoe. Inhibitions vanished.

The word worked its way down to the guys and people became acutely aware of passing each other under the arch.

The drinks kept coming and without any substantial food to sop it up, the party had the feeling it was on the verge of getting out of control.

Karen’s kiss started all the women getting a little handsy with me. When a bunch of repressed women got the green light to explore their sexuality, it quickly escalated into going overboard. They kept corralling me under the mistletoe to get a taste of my lipstick and I can’t say that I was resisting. Somebody was going to end up getting fucked before the night was over.

As the end of halftime neared, the hot food was finally ready. The guys all rushed upstairs to fill a plate before the third quarter started. I was hurrying to get some of the guys a beer when Burke passed me under the mistletoe. His mouth was on mine before I knew what was happening. I had a beer in both hands and he had me gathered up so I couldn’t get away until he was done, and believe me, he explored my mouth thoroughly.

People didn’t know what to say. It sobered everyone and for a while the girls talked around it. Ivana saw the whole thing but never said a word.

I don’t know. I was a little buzzed too so I didn’t get freaked out about it once we started eating and the conversation eased back to normal.

The party was supposed to be over at ten and a few people went home but the house was still packed and the booze recklessly flowed. The guys played pool and video poker and watched the second game while a few of us girls decided to dance.

Sheila was a tall skinny blonde and she was fascinated with me. She wanted to lead and kept running her hands over me. During a slow song, she pressed against me to feel for my cock. Somewhere in the middle of a song, Burke tapped on Sheila’s shoulder and started dancing with me.

The three girls with me took off upstairs to get the rest of the wives. I was trying to be nice about it, but Burke was rough and controlling. He moved me over until we were next to the bathroom door then pushed me inside and pinned me to the wall with one of his huge hands.

After locking the door, Burke slammed all his weight against me and went for my mouth.

I don’t like white guys or hairy guys or guys with average size cocks. Burke had his out and was trying to tug down my tights as he roughly bit at my neck and tried to kiss me. Outweighing me by at least a hundred and fifty pounds, there was little I could do. Once, early on, I got my hand on some shelves and pulled them down, but he locked me up tight from then on.

As Burke ripped a hole in my tights, there was a knock on the door. Burke kicked my legs apart and pulled me up off the ground to sit me on his cock, but stopped when someone shouted for him to open the door.

When he didn’t respond, Ivana kicked it open.

“Get off of Leslie,” was all Ivana had to say to make Burke put me down. No one ever fucked with her.

Before too many stares and too much gossip killed the mood at the party, Ivana led all of us to one of the spare bedrooms on the top floor.

Karen was there and so were Mary and her husband, John.

“We’re all drinking,” John said. “Boys will be boys. I’m sure Burke is sorry for any misunderstanding.”

That fight instinct in a male surged up in me. If I’d had a gun, I would have shot Burke. That fucker tried to rape me and John’s bullshit comment made it worse. I was ready to call the police.

“Take a deep breath, Baby,” Ivana said to me then looked over at Burke.

“Leslie, I apologize,” Burke said staring right at me.

He did seem sorry.

“You’ve been at all these parties dressed up and looking pretty,” Burke said. “Tonight, you’re so demure and elegant, so diminutive and graceful. I got so drunk I started wondering what it would be like to fuck you. Then you let me dance with you.”

“That sends a message to a man,” John chimed in. “You have to be careful.”

“You did let him kiss you for a long time,” Ivana said.

I wasn’t having it and Ivana immediately sensed me about to tell everyone to fuck off. Burke was drunk and full of shit. They were making it seem like it was my fault.

“Leslie does look very pretty tonight,” Ivana said to get everyone in the room to acknowledge it. At that moment, I knew Ivana was about to test my limit. I was as scared as I was insulted and angry.

“And you are sorry, aren’t you?” Ivana asked Burke. “There’s no excuse, right?”

“Oh, you’re right,” Burke said. “Leslie, that was totally uncool of me.”

“Leslie,” Ivana said. “Do you accept his apology?”

“Yes,” I said having no other alternative.

“Mary and John, I think we can handle this,” Ivana said. “We don’t want to keep you from your guests any longer.”

I had to hug Mary and shake John’s hand before they left.

Burke stood with his hands on his hips at the end of the bed. I was on the opposite wall pressed against the curtains. Ivana and Karen stood next to each other at the door.

“Leslie, go ahead and pull off your tights,” Ivana instructed me. “Karen, let’s leave the boys alone and let nature take its course.”

A wry grin sprouted on Burke’s block head. Karen looked worried and resisted a little until Ivana moved her out of the room. I was so mad and so hurt I didn’t know what to do first.

“Are you wearing a bra under that dress?” Burke asked me. “Do you need a bra for those perky little titties?”

“Yes,” I said as I stooped to unbuckle my shoes.

“No, Leslie,” Burke said as he walked over and sat in a chair and crossed his legs. “Strip for me like a pretty girl. Show me how a yoga girl can do it. I love to watch you be so feminine.”

I just wanted to get it over with. There was nothing sexy about it. I sat up on the bed and put my legs under me and unbuckled my shoe then twisted around running my hands down my leg to remove it.

“You fucking cunt,” Burke said uncrossing his legs then putting his hand over his zipper. “You move that little body better than Karen. Do you take cock?”

“Yes,” I said as I undid the other strap. With my shoes off, I put my legs together and held my feet so that he could see my painted toes.

“You little whore,” Burke said. “You always have your toes painted like a hot fucking bitch. You think you can take this cock? Is that why you were afraid?”

I wanted to tell him I could five cocks his size at the same time but I batted my eyes and said, “Please be easy with me, Burke.”

“Go on and take those tights off,” Burke said. “I want to see your little pussy.”

My job was to submit to Ivana’s desire. If Burke didn’t walk downstairs with a king-of-the-world strut, I was going to be severely punished.

I took it slow and slid the tights down one leg then the other. Burke couldn’t take it. He pulled out his cock and stroked it as I daintily removed the material from my feet making sure to keep my legs in the sexiest position and turned so he could see my red thong.

“Hold on,” he said as he stood and walked toward where I sat. “Get down on your knees and suck my cock with your pretty dress on, Baby.”

I got down, but Burke caught sight of Mary’s glasses on the nightstand and made me put them on.

A few seconds later, Burke proved why I hated white cock.

The guy had no ability to control himself. He clumsily crammed his five-incher down my throat and pumped away. His cock was so hairy I’d still be picking his pubes out of my teeth a month later. So much for the sexy striptease, he was leaking pre-cum like a teenager. It was all going to be over in a few seconds because after letting him fuck my mouth a few more times, I planned to suck him so good he’d nut in less than a minute.

“Oh Jesus,” Burke blasphemed as he pushed away from my face. “Baby, not like that, you fucking whore. Damn you look so fucking sexy in those glasses. I’m so fucking wasted I can’t believe I’m going to pop my wad from a blowjob.”

He was done talking. He grabbed me and threw me on the bed on my stomach. He pushed my thong to the side and tried to ram me as he climbed on top of me.

“Let me get wet,” I said so he’d move enough to free one of my hands.

Ivana always made me lube so I’d be prepared for cock at any time. All I needed for a thin reed like his was a touch-up with licked fingers.

I guided Burke to my opening. “Be easy with me, Burke.”

The big ogre got off on thinking I was scared.

“Girls have always been afraid of this big monster,” he assured me as he ran his hands over my ass and stared at my opening. “We’ll take it an inch at a time, Leslie. I’ll be good to you. I never meant to hurt you, Baby. You just got me out of control. You are such a submissive little bitch. It drives me crazy that you’d let Ivana run you around. All she had to do was tell you to take off those tights.”

Burke pushed inside me until I was opened but it was him that let out a huge moan.

“Shit!” he grunted. “That is damn good pussy. Fuck me, I can’t believe I’m fucking a girl in the ass.”

“You feel so good,” I said. “But I’m so scared.”

“Think you can take a little more, Babe,” he said as he cock continued to thicken. It wasn’t the biggest cock in the world, but that thing was hard as steel.

“Yes, for you I can,” I said. “All this time I’ve been watching you staring at me, I’ve wondered what it would be like.”

Burke pushed in an inch deeper and that craving for cock that I could not quell aroused in me. Suddenly, my pussy took over and I was into it. When I gripped him to pull in more, Burke lost his fucking mind.

He pressed his full weight on me and rammed all he had inside. He put his hands up under my arms and locked over mine. His whiskey breath heaved out as he pounded away on my ass.

It wasn’t going to last very long.

He started saying, “I’m sorry, Baby, but it’s just too good. Damn, I fucking your ass and you’re just laying there taking it so pretty for me. Take my cock you little faggot.”

“Cum inside me,” I said. “Please, I want to feel you filling me up.” That was all it took. Burke blew his load making so much noise people a block away heard it.

He pulsed inside me for quite a while. I have to admit that the feeling of him burning up my pussy with cum got me leaking.

I laid there under him, feeling his weight, knowing that everyone at the party was talking about me being Burke’s bitch. I was sick with humiliation thinking about having to go back downstairs with Burke’s load inside me. This was a new low that I might never recover from.

“Shhh, Baby,” Burke whispered into my ear. “I didn’t hurt you did I, Baby?”

“I can still feel you cumming in me,” I said. “You were cumming so strong. That makes me feel good that I was pleasing you. It feels good with you on top of me.”

Burke kissed my ear and said, “Is there anything I can do for you, Leslie? I don’t know what I’m doing here but just tell me and I’ll give you anything you need.”

The sweetness in his voice made it hard to hate him. A bull would have made me clean him up and walked out as soon as I finished.

As the water poured over me, washing away the remaining cum and pee from my young, nubile body, I stood up and removed my drenched clothes placing them on the floor of the shower. I grabbed the girly body wash and lathered my body down, making sure every inch of my man-pleasing body was squeaky clean especially my “pussy” as I was positive it was going to be used extensively by my men.

I washed and conditioned my hair, rinsed off and got out. I wrapped the towel around my chest like a real girl would and immediately went to drying my hair. 15 min later, my hair was pretty much done. I had 10 minutes left to get ready. I applied young-smelling lotion all over my body, applied eyeliner, mascara, peach “wet” lip gloss and then dropped my towel and started getting dressed.

A new, satin white thong went on first followed by a new white bra. Then I put on the baby doll pink tank top. It was trimmed in white and was a little shiny. It had jersey-style numbers on the back which said 69. It may be cliché but it was still fun. The shirt came down just above my bellybutton leaving my flat tummy exposed. Next was the matching skin-tight skirt. I slipped it on and the tight material encased my tiny, round ass stopping maybe an inch below the bottom of the curve.

I pulled my hair back in a high ponytail and secured it with a matching pink and white bow like you see preppy cheerleaders wearing. I pulled on some knee high white socks with three pink stripes at the top, put on my white and pink low-top girl sneakers and looked at myself in the mirror. The illusion was done and I looked like some sexy high school slut that every guy and every teacher wants to fuck.

I bounced out of the room and into the kitchen where I removed a blow pop from the pantry, unwrapped it and then walked into the living room. “Did you naughty boys miss me,” I asked and then stuck the blow pop in my mouth and began to tease them with it.

“Hell yeah we did,” said one of the new guys. I sauntered into the room and dropped down on the couch between two of the new men and crossed my legs like a girl and decided to play the little school girl role while watching the beginning of the game with them.

“I always like going to the football games at school. I’ll usually grab some luck guy and go behind the stands and let him eat my tasty pussy and then fuck it till he cums inside me. Half the time i don’t even know their name,” I said and continued seductively sucking on my blow pop.

“Is that right,” the guy on my left said, “that’s really naughty of you.”

“Yeah, and this one time, I like totally sneaked into the locker room after a game, and I like totally just walked into the showers and totally did the whole team and some of the coaches.”

“You did? That’s really naughty,” said the guy on my right.

“Well, duh, but, like what else was I going to do? They won and deserved a reward and I mean, O.M.G., there were a lot of cocks there and like, what’s a girl supposed to do?”

“I bet your dad wouldn’t be to happy with your behavior,” said the guy on my left. I could tell they were enjoying the role playing so I decided to continue my made up debauchery.

“Pshaa, whatever, he like got all mad one time and like totally called me a slut and everything and even put me over his lap and gave me a spanking. A SPANKING, like I was 10 or something, but then I felt his cock get hard so I totally like sucked his fat cock and now, he totally doesn’t care because now, whenever he can, he like totally fucks my tight pussy or has me suck him off. My mom’s a fat prude so he like totally always wants to hit this,” I said and then jumped up and showed off my tight body and sexy ass to all of the men. “I mean, c’mon, I’m totally a daddy’s girl and besides, can you really blame him, I mean, wouldn’t you all, like totally want some of my pussy too?”

“Fuck yeah we do,” exclaimed the third guy and my master laughed and they all did. I was still sucking on the blow pop and looking all sweet and innocent with a devilish gleam in my eyes.

“Well then, who like totally wants to eat my pussy first?”

“I do,”said the guy who had been on my left when sitting down. They were all dressed in only their t-shirts and boxers.

I started jumping up and down doing a mini cheer, “I’m gonna get my pussy licked, I’m gonna get my pussy licked!”

They had me get on the couch with my face lying on the cushions and my ass pointing up and the guy on the left came over and hiked my skirt up and pulled my thong down to halfway down my thighs. He began kneading my ass and it felt so good. He pulled my ass cheeks apart and started licking my puckered asshole, licking, sucking, all while cupping and squeezing my ass. I moaned as he continued his oral assault on my ass. He stopped and then I felt him removing my blow pop from my mouth. He took the blow pop and ran it up and down my crack before going back and licking some more. He then did it again and this time, he pushed the blow pop against my hole and inserted it into my ass. He began fucking me with it and then pulled it back out, told me to open my mouth and put the blow pop back in my mouth before going back to eating my ass-pussy.

All four of them did this to me, eating my ass, fucking it with a combination of their fingers and my blow pop and each time, they would give the sucker back to my hungry, waiting mouth. I was squirming and writhing as these men ate my ass for a good 20 minutes and I couldn’t wait for them to fuck me. I needed them to fuck me. Sucking their cocks all morning, having them cream my face and then piss on me had already made me so incredibly horny, so full of lust and now with them eating, licking and toying with my ass was now literally driving me wild with passion. I started to ask them to use me.

“Please, please, use my tight ass and fu..,” I started to say and then the doorbell rang.

Damn it I thought to myself as they stopped.

“Ah, that must be the pizza,” my master said. ” Straighten up and go get the door slut.”

I did as I was told and went to answer the door. I opened it and a cute college age boy was standing there with three boxes. He looked at me and was obviously pleased with the hot girl who had just answered.

“Um, uh, three meat lovers,” he asked.

“Actually, there’s only one MEAT lover here, but if you are referring to the pizzas then yes, come in,” I teased and went back to sucking on my blow pop.

He stepped in and saw the guys and looked slightly disappointed. “So, um, that’ll be $27.50,” he said and my master walked to get his wallet off the counter. “You all just watching the game?” he asked.

“Well, actually they were all taking turns eating my pussy and fucking it with this,” I said matter-of-factly in my best girly voice while showing him the blow pop before sticking it back in my mouth and started sucking on it again.

“Woah, wait, what?!” he said shocked and surprised. “Are you serious?”

“Well, of course, silly,” I said, ” I mean, it’s like, only totally fair since I let them face fuck me till they all came on my face.”

“Are you serious?” he asked. “You gave them all blow jobs?”

“Well, I wouldn’t say she gave us blow jobs as much as I would say we raped her mouth and throat and she took it like a good little girl,” said my master as he handed $30 to the stunned pizza guy. “If you want, you can drop a load in her mouth real quick before you take off.”

This all felt like a cheesy porno, but truth be told, it was getting me excited.

“I, I don’t know, I mean, really, that would be awesome, and I love getting a blow job, but are you sure, I mean, that’s really ok?” he stammered asking my master.

I just stood there sucking on my blow pop as they talked, smiling away. This guy really thought I was a young, hot, slutty girl.

“Hell yeah, it’s ok, just don’t expect a blow job. You have to fuck her face. Get on your knees little girl. Take the sucker out of your mouth,” my master commanded.

I did as I was told and got on my knees and looked for a place to put my blow pop.

“Stick it in your ass while you let the nice boy use your mouth,” my master said.

I smiled and reached back, pulled my skirt up over my perfect ass, pulled my thong aside, pushed my ass out and then pushed the blow pop into my horny hole. I believe this action made the unbelievable scenario more real in the cute pizza boys mind.

“Fuck,” exclaimed the boy.

“Now, when I say use her, I mean it, she can take it,” said my master and stepped up, pulled his semi-hard cock out of his boxers and shoved, and I mean SHOVED, his cock into my mouth and viciously fucked my mouth and throat a few times before pulling out and putting it away. The other guys were standing around watching everything.

“Now be a good little girl and put your hands behind your back while this nice boy uses your mouth and make me proud,” my master said, “in fact, while he uses your mouth, I want you to fuck your ass with your sucker.”

I reached behind my back and grabbed my left ass cheek with my left hand and the stick of the blow pop with my right hand and began fucking my ass with it. I then looked up at the boy, opened my mouth and stick my tongue out giving him a warm, inviting place to stick his cock.

He quickly undid his pants and quickly pulled out his hard cock which was smaller than the men who had used me, but was still a nice, 6.5-7 incher. He came up and slowly slid his cock in my mouth, slowly pumping in and out.

“Don’t be a pansy,” said my master, “fuck her face like it’s the best pussy you’ve ever had.”

“Yeah man, give it to her hard. She can take it and she loves it,” said one of the other guys.

He got the message and grabbed my ponytail with his right hand and the back of my head with the other and started slamming into my mouth, quickly, with no style, just a yearning to take full advantage of this erotic scenario that he had stumbled upon.

Faster and harder, his hard cock plowed in and out of my willing mouth. His balls would slap my chin and his stomach was pounding my forehead. About a minute in, he started shaking in his legs and gripped my head harder and unloaded several blasts of hot cum into my mouth and down my throat.

It was so yummy and I started using my mouth and tongue to milk the last out and clean him off. He finally pulled out and put his cock away and I looked up at him, smiled and said, “thank you, that was fun and very yummy.” I then pulled the blow pop from my ass and put it right back in my mouth.

“Thank me? No thank YOU. I’ve never had a girl suck me like that,” he said.

“No, most girls can’t or won’t let you do to them what this little thing will let us do,” said my master, “which is precisely why we like getting sissy little boys like this to fill in the gaps that our normal tail won’t do.”

The pizza guy looked confused and puzzled by the statement from my master.

“Little boys?” he asked.

“Yeah, that’s a nineteen year old sissy boy’s mouth you just unloaded into,” said one of the other guys.

“Yeah, see,” I said before thrusting my hips up and releasing my tiny clit-cock for him to see and then smiled.

He looked mortified. “WHAT THE FUCK?!” he said, “you all just tricked me into some gay shit?!”

“No, we let you get the best cock sucking from a hot little piece if ass,” said my master, “and I suggest you not raise your voice in my house and show some gratitude or you will find out the meaning of doing some ‘gay shit’ as you put it.” The other men gathered around closer and I just stayed on my knees smiling up at him, licking on my blow pop.

“Uh, th-thank you,” he said before moving towards the door.

“You’re welcome young man,” said my master in a commanding yet mellow tone. “We will be fucking this hottie all day today, so once you get your head clear and you get off work, feel free to stop on back by for another face fucking or to fuck. We’ll be here finding all sorts of ways to use and humiliate this bitch.”

“Uh, uh, thank you, I mean no thank you, I mean, I gotta go,” he said before bolting out the door.

All four of them laughed like it was the funniest thing in the world and then my master told me to go and bring the pizza boxes in so they could eat and he told me to go get them more beers.

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