“I can’t do a thing with this boi Lady Kay, if you want to train him you are more than welcome too!” Mistress Melanie said.

“After his training do you want him back?” Lady Kay asked.

“Nope I have had enough of that sorry one, do with him what you will!” Mistress Melanie told Lady Kay.

Lady Kay nodded, she had wanted another submissive boy in her stable.

Her boy could use a little help around the farm house and farm.

The boy had followed Lady Kay’s slut boy to the barn. He was stripped naked and a collar attached to his thick neck.

Mistress Melanie took her leave and Lady Kay went to the stables.

She walked in and her slut told the boy to stand with back straight and eyes cast down. He did neither.

Slut raised the cane that was in his right hand and started to raise it.

Lady Kay gave him a quick scowl and shook her head no.

Slut moved over to Lady Kay and waited.

She went over to her new trainee and ran a hand over his face.

“You are a feisty one , aren’t you boy?”

“YEAH!” He growled .

Her hand slide down and grabbed his balls, she twisted them.

“Yeah what?” She said with fire in her eyes and grit in her voice.

“Yes Lady Kay!”

“We understand each other now boy?” She asked him.

“Yes Lady Kay!” He said quieter and in less pain as she released his aching balls.

She took the cane from her sluts hand and walked around her new possession.

She let it whistle in the air behind him.

He flinched a little as he heard the whoosh behind him. It never touched him.

“My slut is here to teach you how to be a good submissive. You will listen and do whatever he tells you to do. If you have to answer to him first and then to me after he is done to you. Is that clear boi”

His eyes were now cast down , his back nice and straight.

“Yes Lady Kay.” He replied.

“Good!” She said and let the cane hit his ass.

He winched but he did not cry out.

She handed the cane back to her slut.

“Carry on, slut!” She said and headed to the house.

He was put through the paces of all slaves. The proper kneeling, the greetings. He learned how to serve Lady Kay properly when she required a beverage..

At the end of each day, he was chained inside a stall. It had a pillow , a folding cot and a pail for his waste.

“Once Lady Kay and I think that you are worthy to become a house slave , you will be allowed to come in. Until that time , this is your home. Not until!” Slut told him.

Slut would report the daily progress of Lady Kay’s new boi.

“He is coming along quite quickly Ma’am.” Slut told her as he put new red nail polish on her sexy toes.

“How much longer do you think he has before he is fully trained, slut?” Lady Kay asked.

“Another month Mistress.” Slut replied.

She nodded as she started thinking about having a party to show off her untrainiable pet to her friends.

After two weeks Lady Kay went into the barn. Her new boi was kneeling down his arms out straight before him , his face touching the hay covered floor.

She knew the hay was pressing hard into his knees and face. She smiled down at him.

“Stand?” She commanded.

He stood straight with his eyes cast down as he had been trained.

She took her crop and pushed it under his chin.

“Slut tells me , your training is coming along wonderful!”

He nodded.

“You may speak little one?”

“He is a wonderful teacher Mistress!” He said rather quiet.

“Quite a difference, then just a few weeks ago!” She thought to herself.

“Keep up the good work boy!” She said as she walked out of the barn.

It was finally time for her new boi to come into the house.

He took the cleaning the house with relish.

He was kneeling at the door with her wine glass in his hands and eyes cast down.

“Well what do we have here?” She cast an eye at Her slut.

“We have Your new boy willing to serve you in any way that you wish Mistress.” Slut said,

She smiled.

“What else can this boy do?” She asked.

“He cleaned the house from top to bottom Ma’am!” Slut said.

“I will be the judge of that slut!” She growled .

She patted the boys head and thanked him for her wine.

She walked slowly through the house. Running her fingers over things.

She had slut bring her new boy to her side.

“You have done a very good job my boy.” You shall be rewarded tonight.”

She had Slut and boy get a mattress from the den and put it on the floor next to Sluts.

Slut took boy to the tattoo parlor and had Lady Kay’s drawing put on boys right butt cheek.

A few weeks later Lady Kay held an intimate dinner party at her house.

Kaysboi as he was now called , served appetizers,, beverages and dinner.

His cock was now encased in CB-6000 cock cage.

As he passed by Mistress Melanie she examined him very coyly.

“Kay I am impressed with what you did with him. She said.

“I cannot take all the credit, Mel. Slut did all of the work, and boi was a quick learner.” Lady Kay said.

Melanie sighed.

“No Melanie you cannot have him back.”

“Oh please Kay , I promise I will take good care of him.!” She laughed heartily

“Well maybe for a weekend.” Kay said.

Melanie clapped her hands.

As the evening died down Kay and Melanie made arrangements for the weekend.

That weekend Kaysboi went to Melanie house , upon his return Slut inspected him and found him all scarred up.

Lady Kay called up Melanie and screamed at her.

“How dare you do that to my property. You will never touch him again.” I am informing the Society of your abuse of my slave.

She slammed down the phone.

Slut helped boi into the whirlpool and let him soak there for awhile. Then he puts some salve on his wounds.

Lady Kay let him lie next to her on her bed for a bit.

She stroked his face and told him that she was sorry. She would never loan him out again.

Upon waking the next morning Lady Kay was rewarded to the sight of boi kneeling at her bed side , a cup of coffee in his hands.

She smiled and stroked his cheek

“Oh such a lovely boy you are. I am so lucky to have you,”

He broke protocol and said in a whisper

“It is I who is lucky to have You as a Mistress Lady Kay.”

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