I walk five steps behind, carrying her bags. She speaks to the taxi driver in a language I do not understand and she tips him with my money.

She takes me to a bar you know, a place that is packed with people. I order a glass of wine for her and bring it obediently. She takes a sip and frowns at me.

“What is this filth? This is terrible! Bring me something else.”

“Sorry, Mistress Sofia. Yes, Mistress Sofia.”

I bring her a more expensive glass. She wrinkles her lips again.

“This is awful! You are lucky I do not spit it in your face! You should be grateful for my mercy, cursed slave.”

“Thank you, Mistress Sofia. I am eternally grateful to you, Mistress Sofia.”

“You must go over and complain. Do not buy me and more of this slurry.”

She tells me to repeat a phrase in German to the staff.

“Yes, Mistress Sofia.”

I quickly memorise her words and speak them to the barman. Dozens of Germans laugh, repeating my words in mockingly effeminate accents. Mistress Sofia is rocking with laughter, her boots propped up on my chair.

“You called yourself a weak cocksucking bitch in front of all those people you idiot!”

I blush profusely.

“Stand, slave! I will get us a proper drink.”

She brings back two glasses of wine. I reach out to pull one out of her hands but she snatches it away.

“No! You must only stand and be quiet.”

“Yes, Mistress Sofia.”

She drinks her wine slowly, barely looking in my direction. I get more eye contact from the people who are staring at me.

Eventually, we leave. Mistress Sofia takes me on the U-Bahn to go to a restaurant. It is very formal and expensive, and I half-expect to be turned away for not wearing a tie. As usual, everything is done in German. I sit in silent obedience as I did for so many years while my Mistress flirts with the waiter. As he leaves, she finally speaks to me.

“You’re paying.”

“Yes, Mistress Sofia.”

We are given an incredibly expensive bottle of wine. She bats the waiter away when he puts out a glass for me.

“You need your sobriety for what I have in mind for you.”

My excitement rises when she is brought oysters. Mistress Sofia eats them with seductive relish, letting each one slowly slip down her throat. I watch closely, and she knows it.

When her enormous steak comes, I am given a tiny plate of undressed salad. Her meat is so tender and rare enough for blood to cascade across the plate when she cuts into it. She makes orgasmic moans with every bite, laughing when I pick up a fork-load of green leaves. As she finished, she sticks the heel of her boot into my shin. The total cost of dinner is €250, charged to my card.

We go back to our hotel room.

“You will wear your collar like a good slave.”

“Yes, Mistress Sofia. I am honoured to wear it.”

She hands me the collar.

“Now, back to your room.”

I am bundled out of the room and dragged down the corridor, confused. She pulls a card out of her coat pocket and opens the room.

“You are to spend the night here. I will keep the card so you can not re-enter if you escape.”

“Yes, Mistress Sofia.”

She undresses me, puts the collar around my neck and leaves with my clothes and the card. I sit naked on the bed, satisfied by my service.

The next day, she wakes me at 9am.

“Come, slave. Crawl!”

I get on the floor for my Mistress. She clips my leash onto my collar and leads me naked down the hallway for anyone to see me. I look up as she drags me. She looks incredible, wearing leather boots with the tallest heels and a tight black dress that pushes her breasts right out. She is a goddess. Mistress Sofia catches me looking and turns to kick me in the ribs.

“No staring! Get on with your pathetic crawling, insolent slave.”

“Yes, Mistress Sofia.”

Looking straight ahead, I see a figure in the distance. The cleaning woman is walking towards us. I try to hurry up but my Mistress stands still. We wait for the cleaner to walk past, giving me a dirty look. I blush, but I know I should feel proud that the world knows I am loyally serving my Mistress.

When we reach her room, she lets me go inside. There is a room service tray on her side table.

“Slave, you may now eat your meal.”

She picks up the plate, which contains a few scraps of scrambled egg and a slither of toast.

“Beg, slave.”

Still attached to my lead, I beg like a dog. She graciously drops a few morsels of food into my open mouth.

“Thank you, Mistress Sofia.”

“No more for you! We do not want you getting fat, vile slave. Now, I have a task for you. I was walking back with my gentleman friend last night and we took a short-cut through the park. My boots got dirty and they need cleaning. This is new leather and only human saliva will do the job properly.”

“Yes, Mistress Sofia.”

I throw myself at her feet and begin licking. The taste of the leather is wonderful. I lap at every sublime millimetre of its surface until my mouth is filled with dry dirt I can barely produce another drop of saliva. Mistress Sofia laughs because she knows my cock is rubbing against the floor and she knows I can barely contain myself. I know I have to lift myself up to avoid any more making a mess of the floor so I turn on my side. As I get to the back she lifts her boot off the ground, allowing me to suck its stiletto heel. She applies the tiniest amount of pressure, cutting the inside of my cheek as I wrap my tongue around the long, slender spike. My mouth is so dry I struggle to do as well with the other boot. My tongue has become a useless sponge as if all its moisture has travelled to my pulsing little cock, which is still squirming in the air under my Mistress’ gaze. I start kissing the toe of the boot and find I can summon up just enough wetness to clear the mud and dirt. I have swallowed so much grass and filth I am starting to choke and gag but I carry on, desperate to do the job. Finally, I pull my mouth back round to the front of her shiny boot and look up like a pleading dog.

“There’s a good slave boy. You have done well. You may now put your clothes on.”

“Yes, Mistress Sofia. Thank you, Mistress Sofia.”

She reaches into the wardrobe. She pulls out a pair of pathetically tiny spandex shorts I have never seen before.

“Put these on.”

“Yes, Mistress Sofia.”

I pull them up, struggling to slip them above the thighs. My cock presses right against the fabric, still rock hard.

“Come on, slave. We are going for a walk.”

Mistress Sofia tugs on my lead.

“Mistress Sofia, where is my shirt.”

She slaps my face.

“No! I have given you clothes and you should appreciate them. You are nothing without me, slave scum.”

“Sorry, Mistress Sofia. You have given me everything, Mistress Sofia.”

“I like to hear that.”

She purrs. I can see she is pleased with me and I am pleased too. I see the outline of my scrawny ribs in the mirror and try not to think about what the population of Berlin will see today.

Down at street level, I am ordered to crawl by my Mistress, still attached to her leash. She pulls harder and harder on the leash and I struggle to keep up with her walking pace. Her leather jacket makes a lovely creaking sound when when she swings her arms. My naked knees dirty and grazed from grinding against the floor. I want to ask for something to protect them but stop myself, knowing such a question will incur the wrath of Mistress Sofia’s whip later. Whenever I cast my eyes from the ground, I see people laughing and mocking me as every part of my body drags through the detritus of the street. She is laughing with them for most of the way. Finally, my silence gives way.

“Mistress Sofia, where are we going?”

She stops dead, grinding the sharp heel of a boot into the small of my back.

“As you have been such a good slave, I am taking you for a treat. I am going to buy you a new mobile phone.”

I am confused. My Mistress has never bought me anything before. She has given me more valuable gifts like training me to obey and sharing her infinite wisdom with me but this is very unexpected.

“Thank you, Mistress Sofia.”

Pleased at her generosity, I start to crawl faster, easing the grating pain of my legs in my mind. When we reach the shop, she even allows me to stand, unfastening the lead.

“They will not allow to come inside without a shirt on but don’t worry, slave. I will buy you a good one.”

I stand outside, dripping with sweat even though the air is freezing cold. People keep staring but I ignore them, knowing I must be doing the right thing to be rewarded so graciously by my Mistress. The longer she spends inside, the more I start thinking about what will happen when she decides I have served her enough to have earned sexual privileges. The more I think about it, the bigger the bulge in my tiny shorts becomes. The looks on people’s faces are turning from amusement to disgust as they see the foreign man in minuscule spandex shorts is getting so turned on even his pathetic little dick shows. The little movements it makes rub it against the shorts, and I have to use all of my mental strength to stop myself from coming. Mistress Sofia has banned me from coming without her permission and she would punish me severely if I did it right here in the shorts she had bought. It would be an act of desecration. When she emerges clutching a box between her long leather gloves, I have to restrain myself even more.

“Here is your new phone, slave. You can change the SIM card when we get back on but I got one for the German network so you can try it now. All I ask is that you allow me access to it at all times.”

“Yes, Mistress Sofia. You may look at it whenever you like.”

She turns the phone on and thrusts it into my hands.

“You are a sexy little slave in your shorts. I can see your little cock trying to wriggle out of there. It looks ready to explode!”

“Thank you, Mistress Sofia.”

She laughs, giving my groin an agonisingly ephemeral stroke.

“I think you might get another reward if you keep being a good slave.”

Mistress Sofia is being very kind to me today. She clips my lead back on to my collar but she does it gently, letting her gloved fingers rub against my neck with love and sensuality. She allows me to walk behind her this time, and eventually leads me back to the hotel, where I am allowed to change clothes.

“But first of all, a shower for you. Tidy yourself up, too, slave. I want you to be smooth all over.”

I am dispatched into her bathroom with a razor. I am not a hairy man but I shave off the stubble on my face, the small patches on my chest and legs and my pubes. The sight of her dress clinging to every curve fills my eyes when I walk out, giving me an erection which I cannot hide. She laughs at it. Mistress Sofia reaches into the wardrobe, bringing out my clothes. To my amazement, she pulls out a tiny pink minidress.

“I like your new dress, Mistress Sofia.”

“It is not mine. This is for a slave of mine who needs a new image. She should get ready to put it on.”

Mistress Sofia goes back into the wardrobe, taking out a pair of falsies, a little pink bra and matching panties, and a pair of very high heels, also pink. She comes over and dresses me. I want to say no but every time her body presses against me I become mute. Her hands do not linger on my flat body but I savour every touch. If only I could ever touch her without being asked first. As she puts on the final touches of blusher and fixes my long blonde wig, I look in the mirror and see an incredibly hot woman.

“You look like such a slut! Slutty women like you just want to fuck all the time, don’t you.”

“Yes, Mistress Sofia.”

“Higher, slut!”

I strain my voice as high as it will go.

“Yes, Mistress Sofia.”


My new phone beeps to say it has received a text message. Mistress Sofia looks at it.

“It looks like you have met a man, you slutty little whore! He says he will come to see you with his big juicy cock. I will tell him the number of your room.”

My heart skips a beat. Mistress Sofia grabs me and pulls me out of her room. We walk down the corridor to my prison of the previous night.

“When he arrives I will open the door and introduce you. Do not speak and do as is expected of you. Any indiscretions will be punished very severely. Understand?”

I stall. My devotion to her has led me to undergo many sacrifices and humiliations but this is a step too far. I have never even kissed a man.

“Yes, Mistress Sofia.”

“Good. Are you still a virgin girl who has never felt a hard dick?”

“Yes, Mistress Sofia.”

She cackles. I start to feel sick as we sit here waiting. After an eternity, there is a knock on the door. I am sat nervously on the bed, trying to get a glimpse of the man. He looks fat and middle aged. I want to get out but there is no turning back. Mistress Sofia would never forgive me if I betrayed her here. I pledge to lie back and think of her.

Mistress Sofia and the man speak in German, so I do not understand their brief conversation except her saying “her name is Agnieszka.” The ugly man waddles over to me, draping his arm around my bony shoulders. He makes throaty noises and talks to me in German, knowing I do not understand. Mistress Sofia is still in the room, sitting in the armchair with a cigarette in her hand and smiling sadistically at me. The man takes a huge hand against me, pressing me off the edge of the bed. I kneel. He stands up, unzipping his jeans and revealing a massive baton of a cock. He thrusts it brusquely into my mouth and I almost start crying. I tell myself I am doing it for Mistress Sofia and my nerves begin to calm. My lipstick-coated lips glide down the meaty bulk of his cock and he starts to breathe heavily through his disgusting nose. I roll my tongue around the tip and he moans. Through the corner of my eye, I can see Mistress Sofia is turned on. I keep going until he explodes, erupting huge spurts of cum in my mouth. He zips up almost as quickly as I swallow it, though I can feel some of it dribbling down my chin. Making a quick getaway, the man drops some money with Mistress Sofia, sharing a joke with her and leaving the room.

“You are quite the expert cocksucker, you little whore. You were so good I think I might let you have some fun after you have given me mine. As he said, the tranny bitch knows what she’s doing with a big, hard dick.”

My cock is almost bursting, but I know it will spoil it if anything happens as it rubs against the inside of my panties.

“I want you to go back into the bathroom, take your clothes off, take your make-up off and come back in here. Stand still and wait for my instructions. I have a plan for you!”

Mistress Sofia has a strange smirk on her face. I slink off into the bathroom and do as I am told. Seeing my feminine face in the mirror gives me a huge kick, and I feel sad to wipe the blusher away. Taking the clothes off is a delicate task, particularly when it means pulling my tiny panties off my cock. Things are getting damp down there, and the pre-cum leaves a little stain on the pink fabric as I ease them down my legs. I throw the clothes to the floor and rush into the other room, where I stand with my legs together. Mistress Sofia is spread across the bed, all of her soft curves finally revealed to my eyes. She licks her plump ruby lips and looks down, inviting me to gaze at her abundant round tits, at the contours of milky flesh that cascade to a narrow waist, at those big jutting hips, at her strong, smooth thighs. Most inviting is her cunt, broad but taut and dripping with moisture, shiny in the light.

“Come here and get your tongue out, slave.”

I bow down to her altar. I start lapping my tongue on the outsides, flicking gently. I build in intensity and work my way in, taking instructions from her little noises of pleasure when I get it right and boredom when I do not. As with her boots, I cover every millimetre I can with my tongue. Once her breathing gets heavier, I work harder and harder on her clit, hearing louder and louder sounds until, finally, the loud shrieks begin. We are working together now, her body rocking and convulsing, my mouth starting to ache from being worked so hard. Mistress Sofia comes and throws herself back on the bed, pushing me away. After some time, she catches her breath.

“You have been a very good slave. Very very good!”

Mistress Sofia pulls me back on the bed and starts stroking my hair. I cling to her, my arm against her tits, my dick tapping against the warm edge of her thigh.

“Tomorrow. Tomorrow you will get your own pleasure. The day will be yours.”

She moves my cock away with a soft hand. It almost explodes with the ecstasy of being touched and the joys of having served Mistress Sofia so well. Only one more day and my release will come.

“You are my best slave. You have pleased me immensely.”

“Thank you, Mistress Sofia. How many slaves have you had?”

“Many. They have all learned to serve so well that I do not need to instruct them any more. They are still my slaves, but they are so disciplined that they keep themselves enslaved in their own minds. You will soon reach that level.”

My heart sinks. Although I am always pleased to serve her, Mistress Sofia is my life. Now I have touched her body, I can not serve her from afar again. Although I have never disobeyed my Mistress, I know I must keep myself within her close control. I must prove I need more discipline.

“Would you like your clothes back, Mistress Sofia?”

“Yes. Bring it for me.”

I walk sheepishly into the bathroom, plucking the bundle of clothes up from the floor. I feel the dampness of the panties again, rubbing them against my cock to lubricate them more but it is barely noticeable. Unable to contain myself any longer, I come inside them, making a thick stain that she cannot miss. I throw them in between the other clothes, taking the bundle through to my Mistress.

“Thank you, slave.”

“Would you like to inspect them, Mistress Sofia.”

“Why all the questions? I will look later.”

My heart races as I think about the panties, about the drying cum stain, about Mistress Sofia’s retribution when she sees I came without her permission and did it in the clothes she bought for me. She sits watching TV and looking bored. After a few minutes the tension becomes unbearable.

“Mistress Sofia, would you like me to pack the clothes away in my room?”

“Yes, you should keep them with you. They are your clothes, you little sissy boy.”

“Then may I pack them away now, Mistress Sofia?”

“Are you hiding something, slave? I will inspect them now and I will find out if you have damaged them. If you have, you will be punished accordingly.”

Almost sick with excitement, I hand her the pile of women’s clothing. She investigates every inch of the dress, holding it up to the light and rubbing it against her body. Once satisfied, she picks up the bra, which looks tiny against the extravagance of her own tits. She pulls it between her fingers but finds nothing. I look into her eyes as she picks up the panties, getting a disapproving glance back. She toys with the waistband before looking inside the flimsy fabric. My heart beats faster and faster as I get harder and harder, knowing what is coming next. After what feels like a year, Mistress Sofia puts the pink panties down on the bed and stands up, her naked body tightening with rage.

“What the fuck is this? You came in your panties, in the panties I bought for you. You came when I had banned you from doing so without permission. Disgusting slave! You’ll be lucky if I ever let you come again.”

Mistress Sofia is furious. I am delighted.

“Sorry, Mistress Sofia. I betrayed your trust.”

“Shut up you cocksucking little tramp! Don’t you dare move a single fucking muscle or say a word until I have punished you.”

She dresses and slips out of the room. I begin to feel guilty for disobeying my Mistress, but I know I can serve her better in the long run for this transgression, especially once I have felt the wrath of her punishment. My whole body hardens and tenses when I think of what she might do to me. She keeps me waiting and waiting and waiting.

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