There’s a room in the house that I’ve never been in, I don’t even know if the door is locked or not because I’ve never tried to open it. The door has always been kept shut as long as I’ve lived here. I figured if you wanted me to know what was behind that particular door you would have left it open, after all it is your house. I just live here with you.

Well all of that changed today you called me and told me that you had a surprise for me when you got home tonight and for me to be ready for a night of fun. I hang up the phone after your call leaving me wondering just what you have planned for me this evening. You told me that you would be home at 8 and to take a long bath making sure that I’m very clean everywhere. You also told me that you had already picked out my clothes for tonight you had left them in the closet in your office. Just wondering what you have in mind for tonight has gotten me excited already.

The hours in the day pass by quickly as it soon becomes night the sun sets and I know that I need to get in the tub and get myself ready for you and your surprise. I undress and slip into the warm water, I need a bath again anyway I’ve been busy cleaning the house today. It seems that I usually take two showers or baths these days; I always want to look and smell my best for you. I clean myself thoroughly following your instructions making sure that my legs, underarms and cunt are clean and shaved smooth for you. I take special care making sure that my ass is clean too I never know which hole you will take your pleasure from. I climb out of the tub and dry off, lotioning myself everywhere making sure that my skin is soft and smooth for you.

I wander off into your office to find my outfit for tonight festivities. I open the closet to find it hanging there. Hmm, I like this thinking to myself, he has such a good taste and it’s oh so sexy. The top is pretty skimpy and made of black leather it shows off my breasts but not my nipples. It’s a very small corset like top. The very short black velvet mini just about covers my cunt. No thigh hi stockings this time just a pair of black spike heels. I’m not sure if I would want to wear something like this in public it doesn’t cover much but I would if you told me to, above all I only want to please you. It’s about what you what and pleases you, what Sir wants Sir gets. Besides I love making you proud of me knowing that you are pleased is the very best thing in the world. I finish getting dressed passing by the mirror in the hallway, damn I look good just wait until Sir sees me in this.

I finish getting myself ready in the master bath making sure that I look perfect for you. The final touch is putting on the new collar that you left for me along with my outfit, oh its soo pretty. I just love it; he’s just too good to me sometimes. My new collar is black velvet with short rows of rhinestones around the ring where the leash attaches to, and of course I also have a new matching leash. I keep a close eye on the clock as I make my final preparations; I need to make my way to the door that goes to the garage so I can greet you properly tonight. I wait for you on my knees, my ass resting on my feet, thighs slightly spread which exposes my cunt my mini is so short, back straight, and my hands resting on my thighs palms up. My leash is attached to my collar per your instructions hanging down from my collar and between my breasts.

I don’t have to wait long as I hear the garage door go up and your car drive in and shortly after that you enter the house smiling as you see me there waiting for you on my knees.

“Ahh My sweet pet, I see that you are already for tonight. Such a good girl I have.”

“Thank you, Sir, I only want to please you.”

“And you have my special slut, what plans I have for you tonight and I know that you will enjoy it all.”

“Well, Sir, I have been looking forward to tonight ever since you called, wondering what you have in mind as gotten my very excited.”

“Hum, well my sexy pet, you will find out soon enough.”

You grab my leash and pull me to you; my head and mouth are near your now hard cock that I can see the outline of in your pants.

“You want my cock slut?”

“Oh yes Sir, please may I have your cock?”

“Beg for it slutty whore, tell me how much you want my cock.”

“Please Sir, I want your cock, I’m your naughty cock sucking, cock hungry whore. Please allow me the privilege of sucking your cock. Please…I crave your cock and cum Sir. Please.”

“Good enough slut, you can have my cock. Take it out and enjoy it whore.”

“Yes, Sir, and thank you, Sir.”

I take your cock out of your pants, kissing every inch and then licking every inch of your cock, worshiping at the altar of your cock… savoring it. I love to suck your cock so much. My cunt is dripping now so excited to be able to suck your cock, wishing that it was getting fucked like my mouth is, but all in good time. I bury your cock deep into my throat trying my best to get every inch in my mouth. Your grip on my leash tightens keeping your cock deep in my mouth as you fuck it. I feel your hand in my hair holding me there also knowing that you are about to cum soon.

“Oh god baby, soo good…. Mmmmm…you’re such a good little cock sucking whore…. mmmmm…. I’m going to cum slut. MMMMM yessssss,” you growl as you cum.

Your sweet cum floods the back of my throat almost making me choke but I manage to swallow it all like the good little slut that I am.

“Thank you for letting me have your cock and cum, Sir.”

“You are welcome my naughty little slut. And may I say that was awesome my pet.”

“Thanks Sir, glad that I pleased you.”

You pull upwards on my leash and I stand up, you take me in your arms and kiss me. You tell me that you have a few things to do before I get my surprise for this evening. I ask you if I should prepare us something to eat while you’re taking care of business. You tell me that something light to eat would be a good idea that we will both need our strength for tonight. Makes me wonder what’s going to happen tonight. Hmmmmm.

You take care of whatever you need to do and I make us a little something to eat, and finally its time for my surprise.

“Come, My pet.”

You lead by my leash to in front of the door that I’ve never opened, the room that I’ve never been in. You grab the doorknob and twist it, hmmm it wasn’t locked after all, the door swings open you reach just inside to turn on the lights. And then the room is revealed to me.

I stand there in wonderment, I cant believe my eyes before me is a play room filled with all sorts of things: chains hanging down from the ceiling, low long tables with restraints attached to them, a St Andrews Cross, something that looks like a saw horse, not sure what that is, and a swing hanging in the corner. And then there’s a wall filled with whips, floggers, crops, a tawse, spreader bars, restraints, paddles and even a cane.

I’m almost speechless as you ask me what I think.

“Wow, Sir, it’s pretty awesome but kind of scary at the same time, a lot of take in at once.”

“I’m glad that you like it my pet. I’ve been working on this room before you even moved with me and I didn’t want for you to see it till it was finished. And now it is and we can play properly. And there is nothing to be afraid of my sweet pet anything that you are not familiar with I will explain to you like I always have.”

“Thank you, Sir; you have been really good about explaining things to me, helps me a great deal when I understand what it is and how it’s used. And of course I know that you would never hurt me either.”

We stand there in the doorway for a few moments I’m still taking it all in, so much to look at. You suggest that I take a walk around the room touch and feel things get familiar with everything and of course ask any questions that I may have.

I do as you suggested, walking around with you very close behind me as I touch and feel the smooth wood of the tables, the soft leather of the restraints and I cant help myself but to go over to the wall and touch the soft tails of the suede flogger. I imagine what they are going to feel like on my skin, my bare ass as I let the tails run through my fingers.

“I knew that you would love that flogger my pet, I picked it out especially with you in mind, and you’re going to love the way it feels. Now my sweet girl what do you want to try first? I know that it’s a tough decision to make so many things in here to play with and try out.”

“Well Sir, what is that saw horse looking thing over there?”

I point towards the saw horse looking thing in the corner.

“That My pet is a spanking horse and how did I know that you would pick that one first. You naughty girl.”

My eyes light up like a kid on Christmas morning as I smile.

“Reaaallly Sir?”

“I’ll take that as a yes pet. Come over here and we will get you some wrist and ankle cuffs first, then we’ll get you all settled in on the spanking horse.”

We walk over to the wall where everything is neatly hung and organized; you take down the cuffs and fasten them around my wrists first. You take me by my leash and tell me to follow you that you will put on the ankle cuffs when you get me positioned properly on the spanking horse.

“Hum I guess we’d better get rid of some of these clothes first before I get you all fastened down to this thing, huh, pet.”

You pull my very tiny top up and over my head. My pierced nipples harden even more in the cooler air.

“A bit chilly my pet?”

You giggle your eyes locked on my nipples,

“Well I think that I can get you all warm really fast.”

You instruct me to get on my hands and knees on the padded side rails spanking horse, the center-padded beam supporting my body as you clip my cuffs to the already attached eyehole screws.

“Now is my pet all comfy? But just one extra added thing tonight, a blindfold.”

“Yes, Sir, I’m comfy. And I will do whatever you wish, Sir.”

“Good girl.”

You come to my side admiring your work as you slip the blindfold over my eyes.

I’m so much more aware so every sound now trying to figure out what’s coming next. I hear your footsteps walk away and then come back to me wondering what I’m going to get spanked with first. There are so many things on that wall that you could have chosen to use. I flinch at first as your hands touch me, caressing… teasing my naked skin. The feeling of being very vulnerable and helpless right now, knowing that you could do anything that you wanted to me and I would have no way to stop you. Well actually I do, but I would only use my safe word if I really needed to.

My mind races as your touches stop, wondering what’s coming next. I soon find out as you hand makes contact with my ass as you start to spank me. I can feel myself getting wetter. You’ve pulled my very short mini up so my ass and now dripping cunt are totally exposed to you.

“Damn slut you’re so fucking wet and I’ve barely spanked you. Such a dirty little slutty whore I have.”

“Yes, Sir, I’m your dirty little slutty whore that likes to get her ass spanked.”

“Well slut lets see what else I have for that slutty ass.”

I hear your footsteps again walking away and coming back again, I can barely make out swishing sounds as you approach me.





You smack me again on each ass cheek with the paddle, making them sting and burn even more. I moan and whimper the pain is more intense than I’ve ever felt before but my slutty cunt betrays me, as it gets even wetter.

“Now for my good girl’s favorite thing.”

I feel the suede flogger tails hit my back, thighs and ass. You’ve taken off my velvet mini it was getting in your way. The flogger tails caressing my skin, this flogger is more thuddy than stingy and thank goodness for that, I don’t know much more I can take my ass really hurts, but I’m so turned on the hot at the same time.

“Hum, my pet I think that it’s time for something else, think your ass has had enough for awhile, it will be a nice shade of red for some time.”

You unfasten me and help me up; removing my blindfold once you get me to my feet again. Now that I’m standing up again, my ass is quite sore. You tell me that you get to pick the next thing for us to play with. You’ve left my cuffs on so it makes it very easy for you to attach them to the St Andrews Cross, you’ve positioned me so I’m faced forward this time, my arms stretched above my head and my legs spread far apart. My heart pounds in anticipation of what’s next as you place the blindfold over my eyes once again.

I know that you’re standing very close to me I can smell your cologne, I hear you whisper in my ear in that voice THAT takes me to THAT special place.

“I’m going to tease you slut until you are begging me to let you cum, and then maybe I will allow you to cum and maybe I won’t.”

You begin my nibbling my neck you know how sensitive it is and how hot it gets me. My cunt and clit are throbbing and aching to be touched…licked.. anything. My wetness runs down the inside of my thighs as you kiss and lick your way down to my pierced nipples. They are so much more sensitive than they used to be since I’ve gotten them pierced, one lick or suck and the pleasure rushes straight to my now sopping cunt.

My moans and whimpers of obvious excitement have gotten you aroused as well; your nibbles and licks on my nipples have increased in intensity your hunger and lust for me growing. You move quickly down my body nibbling, kissing, and licking pausing briefly at my belly button your tongue playing with my piercing there as well. Your hands cupping my red, tender ass as you position yourself between my bound spread legs, I gasp as your tongue slips between my engorged cunt lips and makes it way to my swollen clit. You begin to lick it with just the tip of your tongue, making me moan and whimper; my hips moving with your mouth fucking it and needing and wanting so much more right now.

“Please Sir; please let me cum… fuck me anything. I need your hard cock deep inside me…pleeassseee.”

“No, you may not cum, slut, not yet, but don’t you worry slut you’re going to get my cock.”

Your tongue continues to ravish my clit bringing me so close to cumming, but then it all stops I feel the breeze in the air as you get up and move away from me, I whimper in frustration. But soon I hear you come back your footsteps coming towards me again. I jump and strain in my bonds as something rubs against my nipples and I whimper as they are both smacked with whatever it is you have. I feel that same tip moving down my body caressing my curves, down the front of my legs and then back up the inside of my thighs. I finally figure out that it’s your crop that you have when my cunt gets smacked hard making me cry out. You continue to tap my cunt with the crop making sure that your aim is good hitting my swollen clit over and over

Tap, tap, tap, tap tap, tap, tap, tap.

“Slut, you still need to cum?”

“Oh yes Sir, please… please allow to me cum. Please.”

“Hum well, I guess you’ve been a good girl so far, ok cum for me.”

I begin to cum releasing all the pent up sexual energy just as you shove two fingers into my soaked cunt and start to fuck it roughly.

“Ohhhhhh… mmmmm Mmm oh goddddd. Sooo good……yesssssssss!!!!.”

I cum hard, my juices run out of me and all over your fingers. While I recover from my orgasm you stick your fingers in my mouth for me to clean them off, which I do eagerly.

“Thank you, Sir, for letting me cum.”

You whisper in my ear again how much you want me; your growing need of me and how hard your cock is for me right now as you unfasten my cuffs from the cross. You guide me carefully to another place in the room and tell me to lean over but not to worry there’s a low table underneath me and that I’m not going to fall. My thighs soon hit the edge of the table and I lean down till my breasts are the tabletop, making me wince as my sensitive nipples hit the hard cold wood. I feel something cool and maybe leather slide around my waist and feels like it’s connected to the table keeping me securely in place, you also fasten my wrist cuffs to it so my arms are restrained to my sides. You place a spreader bar between my ankle cuffs and attach it to the table legs; I’m not going anywhere now. Not that I would want to anyway.

I hear you take a few steps back to admire your work.

“Mmmmm, you look so yummy slut, good enough to fuck and I think that I will.”

I jump once again when I feel something cool and wet being rubbed on my ass.

“This slutty ass is mine whore, and I’m going to fuck it good.”

“Yes, Sir, it’s your slutty ass to do with what you wish.”

Your shove your cock into my tight ass all at once your need for me is so great. I cry out in pain at first but it soon turns into moans of pleasure as you thrust in and out of my ass. Your cock filling me and fucking my ass hard, I hear your grunts of pleasure from behind me and I know that you are pleased and enjoying yourself. Your own pent up lust coming out as you ravish my ass with your cock.

“You liked getting your ass fucked whore? You like the way my cock fills your tight ass up?”

“Oh yes Sir, fuck my ass. It’s there for your pleasure, Sir. Fuck it…use it. I’m a just a naughty whore that likes getting her ass fucked.”

“Well my little anal slut, I’m going to fill that tight little ass up with my cum right now,” you growl at me as I feel you cum in my ass.

I feel you pull out and your cum dripping out of my ass.

“Damn baby, that was awesome, you ok my sweet pet?”

“I’m no worse for the wear, I’m good Sir. And you’re right that was quite awesome, so many fun toys to play with and I’m sure we will have lots more fun in this room.”

“I’m glad that you enjoyed it so much, so many possibilities for the future in this room, I know that we will enjoy it for years to come.”

As you unfasten me from the table and help me to my feet you tell me how proud you are of me and that I’m such a good girl. You finally remove my blindfold it takes a few minutes for my eyes to readjust to the light as you hold me stroking my hair, kissing me gently and praising me. My body relaxes against yours as you hold me I breathe in your scent that I love so much, so very content to be right here in your arms even though I’m pretty tired from this evenings activities.

“What do you think my sweet girl shall we go sit in the hot tub or just go straight to bed?”

You kiss my forehead gently.

“Hmmm tough choice, but my muscles could use some relaxation, I vote for the hot tub.”

“Good choice, I was thinking hot tub myself my sexy girl; you know what they say great sexy minds think alike.”

And to my surprise there’s a door that I hadn’t noticed until now when you opened it that goes outside and just outside that door is…. the hot tub. You do think of everything… I guess that’s why you’re the Dom.

Angie squirmed and wriggled, testing the restraints as she reveled in the sensation of her captivity. Vanessa had tied her to the fucking table, and she was helpless to do anything at all, which was just the way she liked it. The panties had been replaced with a ball gag, because they wouldn’t have been nearly enough to stifle the screams the machine would draw out of her.

Vanessa struck her with the crop, savoring the different noises she made. Angie writhed and pushed her breasts forward as best she could, loving the bite of a crop as precursor to pleasure. After a small set of strokes, Vanessa set the crop down and started to tease and caress her lovers body with her hands. Angie moaned as her fingers pinched her nipples. Vanessa stroked her all over; slipped a finger between the gag and her cheek. Finally she rubbed her wet cunt lips, lightly but firmly, tracing a small amount of her juice over her clit. Angie strained against her bonds and panted with lust. Vanessa grabbed her hair. “You’re really in for it now, slut, you’d better fucking hold still or else.” With that, she powered up the machine and sat down on her cushioned bench off to the side to watch.

The phallus started slow, pressing against her lips and sliding inside. Angie sighed, enjoying the feel of the dildo rubbing inside her, Within a couple of minutes, Angie was very excited, dripping wet, and very nearly ready to cum- but the machine was still going too slow for her to orgasm. Vanessa watched her from her seat, with a finger rubbing her hardening clit and a wicked glint in her eye. She fingered her pussy lightly, delighting in Angies frustrated, eager writhing. Slowly, she slid her finger to her mouth, licking and sucking her own juices, never taking her eyes off her bound, aroused lover. She stretched sensually, then turned up the speed.

Angie gasped and writhed, struggling against her bonds. Within seconds she was cumming. The dildo kept fucking her, as she had expected. She knew she was far from done.

The dildo fucked her for several long minutes before she came again, and then again, her pussy growing more tender and sensitized. Vanessa sauntered over to pour lube on the dildo, watching it batter her lovers wet, tender cunt. “Now,” she whispered to her, leaning close to her ear, “The REAL fun starts now.” She set the machine to the highest possible speed.

Angie screamed into the gag, wailing as she came hard on the dildo. Vanessa watched her for a while, her own cunt growing wet as she watched her lover writhe and cum uncontrollably. She straddled Angies wet pussy and started rubbing her clit hard, masturbating astride her so she could see and feel her cum too. In Vanessas excited state, she didn’t last long, and sprayed her cum all over her lovers sweating body. She sighed with release, and leaned forward to tenderly kiss Angies forehead, but she did not shut off the machine. Instead, she slid off her and lowered her head to her soaking wet, smooth and delicious pussy.

Vanessa licked her slowly at first, then quickly started lapping at her in earnest, drinking up her flowing juices. Angies pussy spasmed with pleasure as she screamed her enjoyment of Vanessas hot tongue. Angie squirted onto Vanessas face, not a lot, but enough to catch her attention. Vanessa licked her lips as her eyes rolled back in her head with satisfaction. “Mmm,” she said. “That was nice, but you’re still not done yet, girl.” She walked over to the toy chest, and returned with their Hitachi wand, which she then plugged in and held over her struggling lover. “Do you want it?” Angie nodded her head furiously and made desperate noises of affirmation into the gag.

Vanessa turned the wand on low and rubbed it over one of Angies nipples, and then the other. She slid the wand over Angies body, lower and lower. Then, she held it over and above her pussy. “Are you ready to cum your brains out now, you whore?” Angie thrust her body upward, struggling to reach the toy with her clit as she wailed her want into the supressing gag. “I guess you are.” Vanessa flipped the speed to high, then pressed the head of the wand to Angies clit.

Angie arched her body, pressing herself into the toy, cumming harder than she had in weeks. She screamed and screamed with pleasure, and squirted uncontrollably, until finally she couldn’t take anymore and Vanessa removed the vibrator from her spasming pussy. She switched off the Hitachi, powered down the machine, and tenderly caressed her lover before taking off her gag and kissing her passionately, juices mingling in their mouths. “Did you enjoy that?” Vanessa asked her softly, teasingly.”I did.” Angie responded, gazing longingly at her lover. They shared another kiss, and Vanessa set to work undoing her bonds.

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