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Her spirit was unchallenged. Desires known only to her had ravaged her mind from the beginning. Her soul was lost in amongst the helpless mortals she had been forced to live with. In an arrangement so ironic, much like that of Adam and Eve, she was at the mercy of the forbidden fruit.

She thought to herself as she reclined into her leather high back chair of the time she spent in the past desperately trying to find herself. She smiled as the thought of those last few years past. Her sex pulled tight to her body as though to shrink away from those experiences which had not enlightened her. How naive she had been.

She toyed with the thought for another moment and in her daydreaming the leather riding crop in her hand became an object of focus. How smooth the handle was, the length on it just right to deliver sharp snapping commands. She remembered the first time he had used it on her. He was so scared to hurt her that he had failed to inflict any sort of marking what so ever and when they were done he curled into her from the spoon position holding her as tight as he could and drifted off to sleep.

She stayed awake that night, the crop just out of reach as her arms were trapped in the affection of her lover. So new was this to both of them that neither knew what to expect, or do. She woke him the next morning with breakfast in bed and a warm oil hand job. She remembered smiling at him with nothing but lust and love in her eyes. He was so responsive, so caring. She remembered leaving the room to wash her hands after he had spewed his jism everywhere whilst moaning and screaming how good it felt.

When she came back he was nearly asleep again. The thought had lingered in her mind to let him sleep. She knew that eventually they would experience everything together that they so desired. A wicked smile passed over he lips and she let the leather crop snap down lightly onto her sex. His surprise had been more than genuine when she came back into the room. Matter of fact he had been shocked. Upon seeing him sleeping she just couldn’t help herself. She needed to try that crop out and since he hadn’t on her, she had to on him.

Climbing onto the bed beside him she struggled out of his grasp that threatened to take her to sleep with him. It had always been like that. Their bodies were like great suns that were pulling each other towards one another. Only that morning the pull had shifted to her favour. She smacked his hand away when he reached for her again. Then in a move that shocked her she reached out and gripped him forcefully by the hair.

He sprung awake and his eyes met hers with defiance. Quickly she brought her hand across his face with a loud slap. He was struggling to get off of the bed and assume a defensive position but she was on his shoulders and he failed to remove her in his weakened post orgasmic state. Her flesh stung as she lashed out again striking his face with even more authority than before. Eyes burning now with rage he yelled and screamed for her to stop it.

So exhilarating was the experience that she could not. She slapped him again and again repeatedly saying things to him that were speaking the very opposite of the action she was performing. “I love making love to you” slap “your cock fills me like never before and your hands express themselves on my flesh like I have always dreamed hands could”

His face was reddened and he had turned his head from her trying not to look in her eyes but she reached out and pulled his chin towards her so she could see him.

Her lips longed to kiss him, to kiss the reddened cheeks she had given him. As she leaned down to bury her desire onto his lips he surprised her and struggled free.

He was across the room in a flash and put his back against the wall. He asked her is she liked that, if she liked to slap him. She answered that she didn’t know. As if her answer of uncertainty was less than acceptable he marched across the room and told her to slap him again. Se reached out without thinking and smacked his face again. A tear had welled up on the corner of his eye and she felt her compassion rise. She wanted to kiss that tear to taste it’s salt, to drink him and feel him inside of her.

As she had raised herself from the bed he gripped her forcefully by the wrists. He pulled her off of the bed and sent her sprawling across the carpeted floor. Her sex throbbed at the physical force. The way his body moved when he was determined to do something. She tried to struggle to her feet but before she was able to he had taken her long sock from the floor and pulled her arms behind her back. With a force she had not experienced in a man he tied her hands tightly together. She was on her knees and her was exploding with sensation. This is what she had wanted him to do last night. This is what she had always wanted someone to do to her.

He took hold of her under her armpit and pulled her off the floor. Mumbling to himself about proving he was man enough to do this he pushed her over the short chair that was in the corner of the room. She squirmed and struggled but inside she had released herself to him already. He told her that she was to get what she deserved and what she wanted from him. The crop was in his hand and he ran the supple leather down her back and over her buttocks. He walked around in front of her and let her look at him for a moment. His sex was becoming hard again and the veins were very visible. His breathing was quick as though he had scared himself. Stepping very close he pushed his half hard sex against her closed mouth. The scent of the oil and the slickness of his cock made her sex burst in ambrosia. As she opened her mouth to receive him into it he had of course pulled away.

The crop started cracking across her buttocks after a moment of total silence.

He had told her later that he was thinking about what he was about to do. That the thought of it turned him on so much he wasn’t sure if he could do it for fear that some unknown variable would ruin it for them.

They would laugh about that in the time to come she mused as her hand slid up and down her leather-covered sex. It had become a regular thing with them. The dominance had allowed them to unleash their most wild desires. The pain brought with pleasure only enhanced the people they had become. In some cases it had toughened them up and in other had brought about a compassion that neither had experienced before.

Up and down her ass the crop struck her. It was not the same as the night before she remembered. It was perfect. He had started slowly and without much pressure. Her hands tied behind her back had left her helpless and her moans of pleasure were not orchestrated for his pleasure but were genuinely hers.

He had stopped and ran the crop over her sex. The long thin graphite shaft that split her sex felt amazing. She could feel it twist and turn it whilst he was watching her sex become redder and more swollen. Behind her she could feel him pulsate. In the next moment she felt a surge of pleasure pour into her body. His hips pressed firmly against her ass and his sex flexed within her. He was whispering in her ear that she should remember what this feels like, that he wanted her to concentrate on this until it happened again.

With that she felt him begin to slide out. Her cries of protest went unnoticed and when she felt his swollen head pull from her clasping sex she felt empty.

In her daydream state she had pulled her leather panties of and placed a mirror in front of her sex. Her black glove covered hands rubbed her clitoris as she looked on in wonder. The sensation of watching herself while she dreamed of him often took her to realms of pleasure that not even he could take her to. An intimate self pleasure. With no emotions involved but the act of orgasm.

The silence had consumed her and she screamed out for him. Still hanging over the chair her breasts dangling against the rough fabric swollen and her nipples were now tight and hard. She heard him enter at last. It had seemed like an eternity to her and the blood rushing to her head had begun to make her dizzy.

She felt the crop run up her back again and even though she didn’t want to feel more pain her sex opened again and ambrosia poured forth from it. It was a carnal feeling that she couldn’t resist. He laid the crop down on her back and she felt him move his hands through her hair. His lips came very close to her ear and she felt his hot breath. Her response was to moan softly hoping to entice his sex back into her. “I have wanted to give this to you for awhile now” his voice spoke to her. She felt something being brought around her neck and then it was tightened to the point the she felt some pressure in her head, like a light choke. She had known he wanted to give her this, as she loved her throat to be held while he entered her sex. She thanked him with soft whimpers of pleasure and had writhed her ass cheeks in the air to coax him into letting her show him her appreciation.

He was not swayed though by her beautiful buttocks dancing in the air. To her surprise he pulled roughly on the arms tied behind her back and brought her to her feet. His lips ravaged her mouth and his tongue probed deep into her tasting the whole mouth. She felt him press his hard sex between her legs and she bent at the knees trying to put pressure on it so she could feel it’s hardness between her thighs.

He stepped back and reached under her chin grabbing what was a ring on her collar. Pulling her forward to his mouth he kissed her one last time and then with a forcful jerk pushed her to her knees. His delicious smelling sex had been right in front of her then and she had opened her mouth to take it in. Her need to feel it in her grew steadily as he held her by the chin looking into her eyes.

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