Author’s Note: This story continues the story of Vance, Marcia’s friend introduced in “Marcia Goes Back to School”. I have made an effort to make sure that this chaptered story can be read as a stand-alone or as an episode in a continuing series of stories set in the fictional town of Torquay, Connecticut. Readers of my earlier works will be familiar with Mistress Carol Carson and her sexual family of cuckold husband Jack and submissive housewife Irena. I will issue one of my typical warnings as the story tags are at the end; This work of erotic fiction contains graphic depictions of sexual activity between men and women, men and men, men and feminized men, and women with women and women with feminized men.

There are strong themes of BDSM, Femdom, cuckolding, forced feminization both willing and coerced, younger (NOTE, all characters in this story are 18 and over) people sexually active and even in love with older married people, interracial sex and romance, bisexuality and gender role reversal. There are scenes with graphic depictions of erotic watersports and related fetishes. This story contains a theme of castration which is dealt with “backstage” in deference to the gentle reader’s stomach. Many of the characters depicted are highly amoral people and should not be viewed as role models for appropriate behavior. Furthermore, the characters depicted in the story to follow engage in behavior that is very illegal. If you behave like the Carsons you will likely do hard time or possibly be deported. Seriously, don’t do ANY of this at home, and if you do, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Things were tense at home for Vance Vaschon. He’d been coming home late every night smelling of stronger men’s sweat and spunk for three days running. This was not uncommon behavior for the eighteen year old sissy. He’d been spending a lot of nights out till the wee hours since he’d been introduced to black cock by his Master, St John’s star shooting guard Marcel DuBois. Vance’s deflowering occurred in early January and it was now almost May.

He couldn’t hide the fact that what he’d been out doing after school was having a lot of sex with bigger males. He would shamble in after midnight wearing pink lip gloss with his clothing reeking of marijuana and covered with cum stains. He’d even shown up one night with a pink barrette in his long, curly hair.

His deeply religious parents had barely tolerated the long hair and the heavy metal. Vance was eighteen and they were under no legal obligations to give food and shelter to a promiscuous homosexual. His parents knew it was only a matter of time before word got around that their son was running around like a little slut; having sex with the boys who had always bullied him growing up.

Marcel was aware the situation was close to the breaking point. This was exactly what he wanted. His plan all along had been to separate Vance from his family and force him to become his full time girlfriend. He had already transformed the boy into a feminine sissy and a slut for big black cocks. If he could get Vance kicked out of his home it would be no problem having him completely feminized by Mistress Carol Carson, a Domina who specialized in feminizing young boys completely.

Marcel waited in the park for his bitch as was his custom. He was attended by his whole posse, including DaShawn and Marcia. Marcia was DaShawn’s sissy girlfriend and bottom bitch. Vance thought back to the days when Marcia had been Marcus and they had been awkward best friends. Marcus was the uptight, clean cut straight “A” student and Vance was a pot smoking metalhead. They bonded because both were skinny white boys who had been bullied by black boys all their lives.

The oldest of Marcel’s buddies, Jackson, had a tattoo gun handy. Vance was going to be disowned that very night. The beautiful, long haired and effeminate boy would be strongly encouraged to take up residence in Carson Manor as a sissy maid in training. This was DaShawn’s dictate. He was the leader of the gang and things happened on his timescale.

Mistress Carol Carson was DaShawn’s married white lover and a strict Dominatrix who specialized in force feminizing Sissy boys to the point that they would gladly agree to gender re-assignment surgery. She had transformed straight laced Marcus into the beautiful blonde Marcia, castrated her and would be sending her to Thailand for her final surgery after her graduation from St. John’s.

Mistress Carol believed all white males needed to submit to their natural craving for black cock. She had turned Marcus into Marcia and made her a slave to DaShawn’s big beautiful black genitalia. She had also turned her husband Jack into an avid cocksucking connoisseur with a strong preference for hot chocolate. She would not have to train Vance to crave it. Vance had been obsessed with black men and what was between their legs for as long as he had been sexually aware.

Vance approached his Dominant lover slowly and respectfully. He knelt in front of Marcel and waited for the dark black boy to kiss his forehead tenderly. That gentle gesture was followed with a deep soul kiss. Marcel helped the sissy to his feet and sweetly ordered, “Take off your clothes for me baby!”

Vance slinked out of his school clothes. He made a great show of removing the pink panties Marcel was making him wear. He spread his arms out and presented his fleshy bottom to his ebon skinned Master. Marcel was pleased by Vance’s deep level of submission and he told the cute white boy, “Good bitch! I love to see you bend over for my ‘lucky 13′”.

Marcel drove his well lubed cock deep into his sissy lover and two of his friends held the boy’s arms tightly. Vance’s seven inch cock spurted as his prostate emptied to make room for the monster invading the curly haired boy’s guts. Marcel played with his sissy boy’s nipples and Jackson began to draw with his pinprick pain inducing tattoo gun upon the supple flesh of Vance’s belly.

Marcia sucked DaShawn’s big cock and took two of his friends on anally while they watched Jackson emblazon the legend “Black Cock Slut” on Vance’s belly. Marcel was fucking the beautiful boy royally while the body art took form. The work took forty-five minutes and Marcel fucked his pretty sissy the whole time.

As the tattoo reached completion so did Marcel deep in Vance’s bowels. The sissy was required to satisfy all of the crew with his holes starting with Jackson’s eleven inch cocoa colored cock. Vance sucked the older tough to erection and was rewarded with an hour long ass fucking for his trouble. All of the crew took their time getting their rocks off in the gorgeous young boy and by the time he was sent home the sun was rising on a hazy Saturday.

Vance was woozy and barely coherent from all the sex and blunts he’d had with Marcel and his buddies. He didn’t realize he was walking home in tight pink shorts and a tube top that left his fresh tattoo quite visible. He was just aware that he was heading home so late it was early. He had no doubt he’d be disowned and be crying on the cell with Marcia within the half-hour.

Vance was so focused on his impending homelessness that he was oblivious to the stares and jeers of the paperboy and a group of seniors out for a morning power walk. Vance hadn’t even realized his tattoo was visible or even what it said until a man who looked old enough to have been nursing a grudge since Lee surrendered to Grant screamed racially charged homophobic slurs at him best left to the gentle reader’s imagination.

Vance briefly contemplated administering a beat down and the consequences of doing so. If Vance gave the racist octogenarian the beating he deserved it would humiliate the old hater unbelievably. There could be no worse emasculation than being bested in fisticuffs by a sissy. Vance giggled at the thought of pounding the old bastard with a flurry of sissy slaps until he croaked from a heart attack.

When he considered the possibility of real jail time he had to fight temptation with all his might knowing a “Black Cock Slut” would have a lot of fun as a guest of the criminal justice system. He unclenched his puny fists and remembered he belonged to Marcel. His Master would want him free and able to tend to his “lucky 13″ and to his buddies cocks as well.

The already exposed sissy satisfied himself with a taunt of his own, “You’re just mad because I said no to your wrinkly pinky dick ’cause you ain’t nothin’ but an ugly old cracker! You just keep walking or my boyfriend will come beat your ass!” Vance punctuated his angry words with a bright finger snap in the air like he’d seen the sassy black girls that followed Marcel’s crew use. The Geritol patrol picked up the pace and cut the bedraggled sissy a wide berth.

Vance swallowed hard and put his key in the front door. Before he could turn it over in the lock, the door flew open and Vance was confronted by his red faced father. “I don’t even want to know where…” the irate Mr. Vaschon began his rehearsed lecture and was stalled by his son’s tattoo. “Oh for the love of Jesus, Vance what in the fuck is that on your chest?”

Vance looked down, gulped hard, and having no good option, doubled down. “It’s a a a ….um…it’s my mission statement and it should be every white person’s mission statement. After what white people have put black people through, we owe them anything they want as reparations and they want us as sex slaves. You and mom and Judy should all give yourselves to our Black Masters as well, Dad!”

Dirk Vaschon couldn’t believe his ears. He’d tried to raise his son to be a proper Christian and proud of his white heritage. The angry father blamed his son’s love of heavy metal for this corruption of the boy’s immortal soul. The ruddy faced Canadian ex-pat bellowed, “You leave your mother and your sister out of your perversions, fairy!”

“I see,” Vance began to sway his hips and wave his index finger around like a sassy black girl, “So you admit you want to suck a big black dick with me Daddy?”

Mr. Vaschon wrapped his big hands around his son’s neck. The red faced Canuck raged and screamed, “I’ll kill you, you little puke!”

Dirk Vaschon heard the distinct click of the hammer of a handgun cocking and felt cold hard steel against his temple. “You get your cracker hands off my girlfriend, bitch!” Marcel had followed Vance home and was prepared to kill to protect his lover.

The bald Canadian immigrant put his son down on his feet and spoke his last words as the father of a male child, “I don’t ever want to see either one of you faggots again. Just go, get out. I have no fucking son! I never wanted one anyway!”

Vance’s father slammed his door shut and that was that. The sissy put his tired head on his lover’s strong shoulder and had a long cry. Vance Vaschon had no father and could only look to his boyfriend for moral and financial support from now on.

Having saved Vance from being disfigured by his conservative father’s rage, Marcel walked his sissy lover to his ultimate destination; Carson Manor. Marcel put his strong arm around Vance, and kissed the tears off his tender white cheeks. “It will all be ok baby. You are my GIRL and you will be taken care of.”

“Buh buh buh but Master, I am really a boy. I’m a girly boy, but I am a boy. This is bad. Nobody will accept us!” the beautiful, bedraggled sissy panicked and cried.

“Shhhhh, baby, Miss Carol is gonna fix you like she did Marcia,” Marcel comforted the blubbering Vance. “You are gonna be my girl and we are gonna be together forever,” the ebony stallion continued, “Babygirl, I love you!”

Vance went white as a sheet and squealed, “You mean she’s going to…”

Marcel interrupted, “She’s gonna make you a girl so you can be my woman, which is what we both want, right?”

Vance gulped, choked back his tears and said cheerfully as he could muster, “Yes Master!”

Vance and Marcel were met at the ornate doorway by a glowing Latina in a maternity French Maid uniform. The always voluptuous Irena was four months pregnant after the breeding party Mistress Carol had thrown her the day after Christmas. “Mistress Carol will see you now, sexy man!” the corpulent beauty flirted with handsome Marcel.

Marcel’s cock became erect in his pants when he laid eyes on Mistress Carol Carson. The imperious Auburn haired woman was wearing a floor length Ermine coat, the shiniest thigh high leather boots he’d ever seen and a wicked smile. By miracle of genes, exercise and a surgeon’s touch Carol Caron was a model of physical perfection. Her generous bosom poked pertly skyward and drew the sperm from the black jock’s balls.

“I have been expecting the two of you,” Carol began without preamble. “Vance, you are a lot prettier already than I expected. Who has been teaching you?”

“Umm, Ma’am, ummmm Marcel’s big sister Bethany and her friends play dress up with me twice a week,” Vance enthused. “They love to dress me like a sassy little slut and watch me suck their boyfriends off.”

“Outstanding!” Carol exclaimed with glee. “They have given you a real feel for urban styles and it works for you!” Carol was in fashionista mode and Vance had a lot of potential to really evoke the look of the inner city. The sissy already had a butt only a black man could truly appreciate and knew how to shake it.

“Irena, take Vance upstairs and clean him up,” Carol instructed the pregnant housewife. “When you bring him back down we will give him a female name and begin his training. Until then, I agreed to feminize Vance in exchange for something,” Carol scoped the beautiful black athlete with hungry cougar eyes. “Are you ready to fulfill your end of the deal Mister DuBois?”

Marcel licked his full lips and said, “You know I am!”

Carol grabbed him by the stiff cock in his baggy pants and led him into the master bedroom. Carol’s husband Jack was waiting for them there with drinks. The handsome lawyer was in red lipstick and frilly pink panties that barely concealed his stiff cock. The getup was completed with a pair of fuzzy reindeer horns that seemed out of place in late April to anyone not in on the joke.

The regal beauty produced a perfect Cuban cigar and clipped the tip with a small novelty guillotine. “Cucky boy, light my cigar then help Mister DuBois out of his clothes and fluff him like a dear for me.” Carol ordered her husband in a chipper, even tone. The regal Cuckoldress sat down on the bed and took a long sip of a pink martini before putting the cigar to her lips and puffing as Jack provided the fire from a rhinestone encrusted Zippo. “Give your wife a good show,” Carol sneered, “you cocksucking bitch!”

Jack helped Marcel remove his clothing as he’d been doing for DaShawn every night for months. He dropped to his knees and looked up at the striking young stud, “Please Mister DuBois, may I suck your big black cock for you to prepare you for my wife?”

Marcel gave the emasculated Mr. Carson a friendly pat on the head and nodded his head and spoke kindly, “Yeah baby, suck that big ol’ dick! I know you white boys love to taste a real man!”

Jack eagerly sucked the dusky cock in front of his face. He took all thirteen inches down his throat. Mistress Carol’s husband savored every subtle nuance of flavor, scent and shape as it passed down his eager gullet. He’d become addicted to black cock ever since Carol had forced him to suck DaShawn’s monstrous wang.

Jack barely got the taste of precum on his desperate tongue before his wife ordered him to stop. “Bring that gorgeous cock over here cucky boy!” Carol cackled at her pathetic husband, “I need him inside me NOW!”

Jack knew what he had to do now. He looked up pleadingly at Marcel and said the words Carol had taught him to say to her black lovers, “Please Sir, please fuck my wife with your superior black cock!”

Marcel patted Jack on the head and said, “Ok little buddy! I’ll fuck your pretty wife, but I want you to get your bitch ass over here and put my big cock right in her tight white pussy for me!”

“Yes Sir! It will be my honor Sir!” Jack replied with honest enthusiasm. Jack loved holding a big black cock in his hand and guiding it into his wife more than he loved guiding his own cock into her. The orgasms she felt were so profound that Jack’s experience of his wife’s pleasure put his own puny orgasms completely to shame. No orgasm could match the pleasure Jack felt every time he held Carol’s dainty hand as she spasmed in delight with a black man inside her.

Meanwhile in the master bathroom Irena was bathing Vance in fresh milk infused with rose petals. The scented bath would cut the smell of the depilatory that had removed what hair was present on Vance’s tender body. Irena hummed a jolly tune and thought of the milk her breasts would soon pour out for her Mistress as she scrubbed the pretty boy.

Vance emerged from the tub glowing white with pretty dark pink lips and nipples. His cock was large but elegant and its erect length positively gleamed. The sissy’s buttocks were the envy of any sane girl, so full and round. His curly hair flowed naturally in all directions from his angelic face.

The boy was a vision worthy of Italian Renaissance statuary. Irena thought it would almost be a shame to see Vance fully feminized. The rotund maid imagined the ravishing she-male Vance would make with the mere addition of breasts.

Knowing this was her last chance to interact with Vance as a male, Irena took a shot in the dark. “Vance, you are such a pretty boy. Before my Mistress makes you a girl forever will you fuck me?”

Vance’s penis twitched. The beautiful boy stammered, “M m m m Miss Irena, I I I I’ma virgin!”

Irena erupted into a belly laugh and shook her finger at Vance, “Don’t you give me that bullshit! I know Marcel has had you and all of his friends have had you. What you mean is you are a virgin to sex with women, and I also don’t believe that!”

“I I I…” Vance attempted to speak but was cut off.

Irena smiled at the pretty boy and chided him, “I know you never put that pretty dick in a girl; and by the way that’s damn big for such a sissy white boy.” Irena gently grabbed Vance by his chestnut curls and pushed his face into her copious breasts making the boy feel smothered yet comforted as she continued, “We both know you have been eating pussy at least as much as you been sucking cock! It’s ok to love to eat pussy whether you are male or female. I love to eat pussy best when it is full of hot cum. Have you had a creampie Vance?”

“Y y y yes. Marcel’s big sister and her friends like to sit on my face and make me eat their boyfriend’s cum from their pussies,” Vance paused and bit his bee stung lower lip, “and their asses.”

Irena smiled warmly and pushed Vance down to crotch level, informing him that, “There isn’t any cum in there yet, but if you lick me good and get me ready you can make a nice big creampie with me and eat it when you finish.” Vance coiled his tongue into Irena’s fleshy pregnant pussy and they both sighed with delight.

Back in the master bedroom Jack squealed with delight and squirted precum like a real sissy as he guided Marcel’s massive cock into Carol’s smooth cunt. Carol gasped as she took the thirteen inch monster. It was a little smaller than DaShawn’s, but it was much more perfectly formed and she climaxed immediately. Jack thrilled as he saw his wife’s hole twitch on the massive black member.

Marcel sensually commanded Jack, “Lick your wife’s clit while I fuck her good!” Jack eagerly lapped at his wife’s well stretched slit and clit while Marcel lovingly fed the white Cougar’s snatch his delicious black meat. Carol moaned and sang Marcel’s praises as he made sweet love to her and even treated Jack lovingly in his role of cuckold. The Carsons could really get used to this.

Carol wailed as Marcel drove deeper and harder and really started to fuck her brainless. “Suck my balls cuck!” snarled the ebony stud at his new lover’s husband, who eagerly put the big aubergine testes in his mouth. He was really starting to feel for the Carsons. DaShawn didn’t appreciate what he had here. He should be Carol’s bull, not DaShawn. He felt it and hoped the attractive white couple felt the same way.

In the bathroom Vance licked Irena to several thunderous orgasms. The corpulent Latina shuddered and ejaculated right in the pretty boy’s mouth. Vance swallowed it hastily and kept licking as the fat woman screamed in pleasure. She howled like a cat in heat and pushed the beautiful lad away.

Catching her breath, Irena said. “Ok baby, let’s go to my room and fuck!”

Irena led the eager Vance to her room and playfully tossed him into her cozy bed and began devouring him with kisses. The lusty Latina took the boys big throbbing cock in her hand and asked, “Tell me Vance, have you ever had a blowjob?”

Vance turned bright red and answered honestly, “Ummmm, Marcus and I used to…ummm just before she became Marcia, Marcus and I sucked each other off after school every day for a while.”

Irena lit up with a wicked smile, “That little bitch never even mentioned that to Carol. I’m sure that will earn her some kind of punishment. Mistress said I could administer Marcia’s next punishment session, and I just got this new paddle. I’ll show you later. Don’t worry baby, I would never beat you with it. I can tell you don’t like pain one little bit and I like you a whole lot.”

With that Irena took all seven inches of Vance’s young meat down her throat. The brown Goddess pulled up, grinned at the astonished boy and proceeded to give the boy a deep throat blowjob that had him spurting in seconds. The pretty boy’s eyes filled with confused tears as he ejaculated harder than he thought was possible.

The jism was thick and hot as it ran through his piss slot and the orgasm seemed endless. Vance cried aloud as his testicles emptied themselves into Irena’s warm mouth. He’d thought of himself as mostly gay in his private thoughts since the first time he’d felt Marcus’ small dick in his eager hand. Before he had fallen in love with his Master, Vance had figured he would try sex with a woman to make sure. Since he’d been claimed by Marcel, the sissy had figured that the extent his sexual contact with women would be eating black men’s cream from dominant black women as part of a gang ritual.

He wasn’t so sure anymore. He’d just been given the best orgasm of his life by a beautiful older woman. He was beginning to like Irena as much as she seemed to like him. His cock got hard again almost instantaneously when he saw the woman open her pussy for him and ask, “Do you want to spunk in there next baby?”

Carol was screaming in the master bedroom as Marcel stuck his big thumb all the way up her asshole and he drove deeply into her birth canal from behind. Jack was beneath lapping at his wife’s juicy clit, savoring the mingled flavor of pussy juice and spermy pre-cum. The three lovers were glowing with the synergy. There was no doubt DaShawn would have to go now.

The young black stud had been fucking Carol for twenty minutes straight and was showing no signs of slowing down or losing his load. Jack had cum in his panties three times without having touched himself. The cuckold was so aroused by his wife’s behavior and by her lover and by his own role in their sex that his cock wouldn’t stop exploding of its own volition.

Carol dug her nails into the sheets and bit her lip. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she sunk into a haze of multiple orgasms. Periodically she would be brought out of this trance like state with a new peak of pleasure and would let out gasp and a moan. Marcel smacked her on the ass and she cried out.

“Who’s your new Daddy, bitch?” the dusky athlete demanded of Carol.

“You are Daddy!” Carol cheerfully replied and Jack creamed his panties in celebration. Mr. Carson had learned to love the taste of DaShawn’s cock but actually preferred Marcel’s flavor and there was no contest which bull had a better touch with cuckolds.

Irena whispered in Vance’s ear, “You just relax and don’t worry about a thing. There is no rush, no pressure. I know this is your first time so don’t worry about it if you cum too fast. You are young and I know you’ll be able to fuck me over and over until you get it right. Carol will not be upset if we leave her and Jack and Marcel alone for a good long time so you lie back and let Mami take you right to heaven.”

Vance sighed and relaxed with his large cock pointing skyward. Irena gently mounted the pretty boy and slid down with her heavy hips. She moaned, grabbed her breasts and began riding up and down on the young fuckstick. She pinched her nipples and repeated mantra style, “Feels so good! Feels so good! Feels so good!” She began to grind her pelvis as she rode up and down on Vance’s long cock. It wasn’t long before the two reached an early but simultaneous climax.

“Shhhhhhhhh! It’s okay baby. I came too. Now you just stay inside of me and you’ll be hard and ready to go again in no time, I promise,” Irena said to the blushing Vance with a confident wink. He felt his penis expand in the large and lovely Latina’s vagina as she worked her muscles to draw the blood back into her young lover’s cock.

The sexual virtuosity of the cheerful Latina bypassed the whole refractory period all together and in moments she was riding Vance’s hard cock and giving herself over to the throes of multiple orgasm. “Mmmmmmm yeah baby, you are doing great. Keep going…ohhhh yesssssss!” Irena murmured as her eyes went fuzzy and her chubby clitoris sang a cheerful tune to her pulsing bloodstream.

Vance grabbed Irena’s gyrating hips and drove hard into the voluptuous golden skinned Goddess. He began driving his big white cock into her boiling brown pussy. Irena began screaming, “Dios Mio! Yesssssss! Fuck me Vance! Gimme that big young cock baby!”

A wailing sound woke Carol briefly from the zombie state Marcel’s masterful fucking had induced. The auburn haired cougar overheard Irena screaming Vance’s name in sexual bliss. The Dominant Hotwife had a wicked grin thinking that she would not only be depriving Vance of his manhood; she would be depriving Irena and any other woman with a fancy for pretty white boys with big cocks. The sensation of her own malicious intentions gave Carol a different kind of orgasm, one that started in the center of her being and she could only give to herself.

Marcel quickened his pace inside Carol’s boiling cunt as Jack eagerly licked and lapped at his shaft and her slit. Carol squealed with a blissful pressure that seemed certain to blow the top of Carol’s skull wide open to let the sweet kiss of celestial light play music directly on the tender folds of her brain. The head of Marcel’s sacred black cock swelled and became hotter and Carol’s patience was rewarded with several minutes of continual rhythmic spurts filling her entire birth canal with hot syrupy cum.

Jack orally worshipped Marcel’s cock where it met Carol’s cum oozing pussy. When the black snake finally stopped spewing actively in Carol’s stretched out cunt it was Jack’s honor to suck it clean and back to erection. Carol and Marcel were cooking the mother of all creampies for Vance.

For now, Carol and Marcel cuddled while Jack sucked his new Master’s cock lovingly back to a mighty erection. They laughed as they eavesdropped on Irena and Vance fucking noisily in the other room. They knew this would be Vance’s final action before being renamed and placed in feminization training by Mistress Carol.

“I was thinking we should name her Vanity, do you like that lover?” doe eyed Carol asked handsome Marcel.

“That’s perfect, my Queen. Her name will be Vanity DuBois and she will be our little black cock slut,” Marcel agreed with his new lover. He gave her a big sloppy kiss as her pantied husband sucked at his monster cock.

Carol nuzzled Marcel’s neck and confessed, “You are much sweeter to me than my current bull. You are also a better lover. I want you to be my bull now.”

Marcel snuggled the now tamed cougar and asked, “What we gonna do ’bout DaShawn? We gotta get that big ass fool out of this situation, know what I mean? Fool is armed and dangerous if you feel me.”

Jack took a break from sucking Marcel’s delightful cock and chimed in helpfully, “Technically, whoring out Marcia the way he does is a felony. We COULD get him arrested and sent to prison.”

“Dude would just spend about five years getting real good at turning the white boys in prison into white girls then be out there looking for revenge,” Marcel cautioned. “I think I should put a cap in his dome.”

“I’m not sure I could guarantee you wouldn’t do hard time for that Master,” Jack informed the protective black stud. “I still think using DaShawn’s own illegal actions against him is our best course of action.

Carol lit up with inspiration and spoke up, “It is very simple. Jack is right about using DaShawn’s criminality to extricate him from our lives, but instead of prison we will offer to keep him out of prison if he co-operates with us.”

Marcel asked, “Co-operate? How?”

“You’ll see,” Carol said teasingly, “but we are going to get him out of this country and the gene pool once and for all.”

Marcel grasped what Carol meant and shot a load down Jack’s throat. Jack gleefully gulped down the unexpected treat. Marcel patted the blushing husband on the head and said, “Good boy!”

Irena stopped Vance short of climax, dismounted him, and bent over in a perfect curve for the sexy boy. The sultry Aztec Goddess looked over her round shoulder and beckoned Vance, “Fuck me hard little Papi!”

Vance screwed up his nerve and grabbed Irena’s big ass and drove his sizeable cock deep into her pregnant cunt. He plowed her with remarkable vigor for such an effeminate boy. Vance’s heavy balls slapped against Irena’s big clit sending powerful shockwaves of orgasm through her big body.

Irena’s pussy walls constricted around Vance’s cock trying to milk the spunk from his balls, but the boy was determined to show off. This was Vance’s last hurrah as a male and he was determined to show himself and Irena he had what it took to make a woman yield to him. He grabbed Irena’s swollen breasts in his soft hands and whispered in her ear, “I know you like this, don’t you Ma!”

“Yessssss! Milk me little Papi! I’m your little vaca lechera!” Irena said sweetly.

Vance fiddled with Irena’s long chubby nipples and felt them begin to secrete something. He tasted one of his fingers and detected the distinct and strangely familiar taste of mother’s milk. Pregnant Irena was beginning to lactate as she made love with young Vance. Vance began to squeeze and tug at Irena’s nipples and the milk started to flow as the gloriously corpulent woman lowed and mooed and came her brains out.

“That’s a good little heifer!” Vance encouraged Irena in her bovine behavior, “mmmmm! Too bad we don’t have a bucket to milk you into.” With that Vance dismounted and sat up in the bed. Irena cradled him in her arms as she mounted his stiff cock and Vance put a chubby nipple in his mouth and began to nurse from the rotund woman’s massive milky breasts.

The boy loved the taste of breast milk and found it enhanced his sexual arousal and stamina greatly. Vance spunked deep in Irena five more times, barely losing erection at all and remaining inside the whole time suckling at her teats. The two remained close for some time not tremendously concerned what might be going on in the master bedroom.

“Suck your husband’s little white dick while I fuck him up the ass like the bitch he is!” Marcel directed Carol. The beautiful Cuckoldress took the first cock she’d ever loved into her mouth with all love and savored the semen that poured into her mouth the moment Marcel’s big black cock pressed against the older man’s prostate. Jack let out a moan and his wife milked his cock as his world changed forever.

Jack had always loved it when Carol reamed him with her strap on and Sanya or later Marcia sucked on his cock. This was sheer bliss. Jack succumbed to his new Master completely. If the only sex he ever experienced again was being penetrated by his black Master he could live with that. He could especially live with it if that involved Carol sucking on his cock with such loving expertise.

“Fuck me Master!” Jack shouted, “Fuck me with your big black cock! Make me your bitch! Ummmmmmmm oooooo owwwwwwww! YESSSSS! FUCK ME JUST LIKE THAT DADDY!”

Marcel picked up the pace and really started pounding Jack without mercy. The big black sex god grabbed onto Jack’s sandy brown hair for balance and said in a low tone, “Yeah! That’s a good bitch! You know your place serving your black Master! You know a superior cock when you see it and now you are ready to be my bitch just like your Wife is now my Queen!”

“Yes Master! Thank you for satisfying my wife and letting me realize my place being pounded by your holy black cock!” Jack rhapsodized as cum poured into his ass and out of his seemingly useless cock.

Carol drank Jacks hot cum like it was a rare delicacy. Truth be told Jack’s cum was uncommonly delicious. His spunk had a strength she found lacking in most white men. Her mind drifted to pregnant Irena and she felt an utterly irrational pang of jealousy toward the fat bitch.

Carol wondered why she was thinking of the obese but striking woman she considered her best friend as well as her slave and lover in such nasty terms. Why was the physically perfected Mistress Carol jealous of her housewife? Speaking of which, where in Satan’s high holy name was Irena with Vance?

Vance and Irena were entwined in Irena’s mussy bed discussing music and philosophy and boys and girls and puppies. They exchanged sweet kisses and made silly jokes. After a while they drifted off into a satisfied drowsy torpor. “I like you a lot, Vance,” Irena said with a touch of sorrow in her voice.

“I like you a lot too, Irena,” Vance returned the sentiment. They cuddled sweetly and Irena began to cry. “What’s wrong lover?” Vance’s concern was genuine.

“I mean, I really like you, little Papi! I don’t want you to become a girl.” Irena sobbed inconsolably.

“My Master says it is my destiny to become a beautiful woman and become his Queen one day. I want that, or at least I think I do,” Vance tried to comfort his female lover, “Oh fuck me, now I am not so sure. I think I love you Irena!”

“Don’t think Papi, just love me,” Irena gained strength as she contemplated a life with Vance as her boyfriend. “I’ll find a way to make Carol let you stay a man, at least part of the time,” Irena’s voice was hard as iron as she contemplated divorcing that useless prick Tyrone and making Vance her new husband.

In her mind, Vance and Irena would raise the baby Carol had arranged for the Aztec beauty to conceive. The bovine Goddess hoped the beautiful young man would milk her daily to nourish their family. Her next child would surely have Vance’s chestnut curls and blue eyes with the soulful shape of Irena’s own.

Vance and Irena made love again. Each of the anxious lovers took one of the large woman’s breasts in their mouth and drank the sweet milk that flowed from the chubby nipple. The two were in a state of bliss they hoped would never end but knew all too well would become impossible to re-create unless Carol and Marcel showed them unexpected kindness.

Marcel chose not to show Jack very much kindness. No sooner had the Dominant young stud filled Jack’s anus with spunk than he demanded a blow job. Jack sucked Marcel’s cock clean of cum and the musk of his own asshole and felt himself invaded at Marcel’s laughing behest by his wife’s gloved fist.

Jack wailed as his beloved wife punch fucked his lights out. The pain and pleasure were exquisite and all of the remaining sperm ripped itself violently from his balls. Jack groaned and went limp as a rag doll.

Jack was emptied of his manhood and needed to feed on Marcel’s. With Carol’s mighty little fist still reaming him mercilessly the cuckold devoured his Master’s massive meat. Jack’s talented tongue coaxed Marcel’s massive cock for what felt to the older white man like an hour until his taste buds went to heaven with an ocean of sweet African semen.

Irena and Vance entered the room just as Jack was finishing up cleaning his cummy mess off the floor with his tongue. Carol glowered imperiously at the pair and Marcel gave Vance a look of severe disdain. If the pair had hoped for any slack from their respective owners those hopes were dashed.

There was only one possible way this could go well and it would require Irena to break Carol’s icy exterior down and relate to the Domina as the friends they had become outside of their sex play. “Carol please listen to me for a moment,” Irena begged of her stern Mistress.

“Irena I listened to you more than enough in there to know exactly what you are going to ask for and I’m going to save us both a lot of hassle and say no right now.” Carol replied curtly.

“But Mistress, please,” Irena turned on the water works. Through blubbering sobs the corpulent beauty announced to all assembled, “I love this boy! I don’t want him to become a girl!”

“Don’t be ridiculous. I feel your pain honey. He’s a cutie and I know you have an irrational attraction to pretty white boys, but Vance here wants to be a girl. Don’t you sweetie?”

“Ma’am…” Vance started to speak but was interrupted by a stern swat on the wrist by Mistress Carol.

“Don’t you dare call me Ma’am you little bitch!” Carol snapped at the sissy. The mature Auburn haired seductress continued, “That makes me feel like an old woman, and I have been thirty nine for a few years now and have no intention of growing any older. You shall address me as Mistress Carol or QUEEN Carol, do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Queen Carol!” Vance replied with a hint of sarcasm. This was met with a flinty gaze from Carol and a nigh unto murderous stare from Marcel.

“You show my Queen some respect, Bitch,” Marcel snapped at Vance, “or I’ll put you to work on the motherfuckin’ street like Marcia has to for that lazy motherfucker DaShawn.”

Vance thought long and hard. He was sure that if he defied Marcel and was no longer under his protection he’d be beaten nearly to death daily at school. Worse still he would be homeless. He bowed to his Master and to his Queen and spoke reverently, “Yes Master, thank you for correcting me. I honor you Queen Carol. Accept my most humble apologies.”

Carol stroked Vance’s chestnut curls and cooed, “Good slave! Tell us all pretty one, you do want to be a girl, don’t you?”

“Muh muh muh Mistress, I I I I’m not ruh ruh really sure, re really,” the shy young man stammered, “I mean, I love serving my muh Master, ummm sexually and being a g g g girly sissy for him, but I love Irena and I think I want to be her ummmm buh buh b b b boy fu fuh f….”

“Her boyfriend?” Carol finished for the stammering sissy. The stern Domina continued with a derogatory laugh, “Don’t be ridiculous Vance. You are a sissy little white boy. Irena needs a real man, a black man, like Marcel and so do you. Trust me, you are better off as a girl and it will also be a whole lot safer for you.”

Irena blew her stack. The voluptuous and usually jovial Latina felt her Aztec warrior blood announce itself. Her beautiful face screwed itself into a violent corruption of itself and the rotund pregnant woman began removing her outlandishly large hoop earrings. “Bitch, you can’t do this! I’ll fuck you up, come on now, I will fight you for my little Papi!”

Irena’s fists balled up and she was pacing like a wild animal. Carol laughed maniacally. This was not the first time Irena had challenged her in this manner. Usually Carol would meet the would-be tough girl on her own terms and had never failed to best the fat one time chola. This time she merely sneered, “I don’t want to do anything that would harm the baby you are carrying. Stand down now and your punishment will be reasonable.”

“Fuck that shit, puta!” Irena snorted, “Let’s go!”

“If you miscarry it’s on your conscience then,” Carol said with resignation and dropped Irena to the floor with one unexpected sweeping kick to her legs. Thankfully the impact was mainly on the pregnant woman’s sizable buttocks. There was no real possibility of harm to the infant in Irena’s womb.

Carol quickly maneuvered the luscious Aztec Goddess into a figure four leg lock applied just hard enough to assert domination over the bigger woman. Irena squealed “Uncle!” and Carol helped her up lovingly.

Irena sunk into a warm fog of deep submission as Carol held her gently and kissed her tender neck. “You know what I have to do now, right?” the Dominant older woman cooed into the Latina’s sensitive ear.

Irena shuddered a little and nodded. She knew that she would be beaten for her insubordination. Her pregnancy would earn her gentler beatings for safety concerns. This meant that Carol would have no choice but to multiply the usual number of lashes fivefold.

Carol secured Irena in bondage by handcuffing her to the bedpost and placing her legs in a restraining bar. She selected her second lightest single tail whip. “The punishment will be five hundred lashes. That will be two hundred and fifty on each buttock,” Carol explained dispassionately. “You can make all the noise you want and I will not stop unless you give your safety word. If you give your safety word, which I will remind you is ‘watermelon’, I will stop beating you and you will be placed in a chastity belt until you go into labor. Is that understood?”

“Yes Mistress!” Irena sobbed knowing she had failed to earn Vance his freedom to remain male.

“Before I discipline Irena, I have a happy order of business,” Carol announced cheerfully. She turned and addressed Vance directly, “As you already know you are here because your Master has asked me to make you into a girl. There is no point arguing any more. This is going to happen one way or another and believe it or not you will beg me for each new phase of feminization.”

Carol paused and examined the soon to be feminine body in front of her. She looked right into Vance’s soft blue eyes and spoke lovingly, “We will begin today by renaming you. Marcel and I talked it over and we have decided your full name is Princess Vanity DuBois, but we shall address you as Vanity from now on. Does this name please you my sweet?”

The newly christened Vanity was sobbing. “Yes Queen Carol, you honor me,” the crestfallen sissy replied. The poor creature was standing nude and exposed, weeping openly and with a dripping erection.

“Tsk!” Carol disapproved of Vanity’s leaky boner. “It’s better to be a girl, Vanity. Consider this your first lesson in the concept.”

With that, Carol cocked back her boot clad foot and kicked Vance hard in the nuts, stopping his erection in its tracks and eliciting a high pitched scream. Carol deftly put the crying sissy into a chastity device. “This will keep you from getting any more nasty erections, Vanity,” Carol instructed.” If you are really good I will let you out in a week and give you a day to work out your sexual frustrations,” Carol taunted the sissy, “but you will have to obey my orders to the very letter.”

Vanity was in excruciating pain and her eyes stung with tears. She did her best to compose herself and muster out a feeble, “Yes Queen Carol. You honor me Queen Carol!”

“Good Girl!” Carol praised the girl in training for her obeisance and gave her smarting nuts a love tap with the handle of her whip, “Just a little reminder of why you would be very smart to beg me to remove those obnoxious things.”

Carol made her way back over to the bound Irena. She announced, “Let this serve as a warning to anybody who might defy or contradict me!”

Mistress Carol did a bit of a dramatic wind up not unlike a baseball pitcher before leaving a wicked scarlet welt on Irena’s right buttock. The big beautiful woman let out a sharp cry and ejaculated. The pain was so intense it had triggered a powerful orgasm. Carol grinned and gave the left cheek a similar decoration.

Irena shuddered from the pain of the second swat and lost control of her bladder. Jack was Johnny on the spot with a bucket and a mop. “Do you want to go ahead and give the safe word now?” Carol taunted plump Irena, “Save me the effort and yourself a lot of pain and humiliation.”

Irena looked over her shoulder at her Mistress and got a demented grin on her cherubic face. “Pain makes me cum!” the Golden Goddess growled defiantly.

“All right then,” Carol said, quickly collecting herself, “Let’s see what you are made of!”

Carol quickly gave the right cheek fifty stinging lashes, counting aloud in groups of ten. She paused to examine her handiwork and interrogate Irena. “Do you give up, you obese cunt?” the Dominant Hotwife sneered at her cuckquean housewife. “Say the safeword and the pain stops.”

Irena laughed and proudly announced, “No Mistress! Pain makes me cum, please beat me more!”

Carol tested Irena’s hot pussy and felt just how aroused her beatings had made the Aztec beauty. Carol became soaking wet herself and Marcel’s cum leaked out of her slit onto the floor. “Very well, Irena. I will really get you off, but I am afraid Mistress needs to be cleaned up first,” Carol said in a husky voice fell of love and lust. She regained her Dominant demeanor and barked, “Cucky boy, lick up the cum I just leaked on the floor. Vanity, please lie down on your back and try to relax.”

Jack said nothing and rushed over to lick up his reward. He loved the flavor of cum that had been inside of Carol more than any delicacy known to the world of cuisine. Even when licked off of the floor, it made his taste buds sing to devour the vaginally marinated sperm.

Vanity obediently assumed a position face up on the floor. The sissy had done this many times. He’d always enjoyed it in the past. It was not that long ago that the boy had eaten his own cum from Irena’s well satisfied pussy. Now “he” was becoming “she” and was about to clean Master’s cum from Mistress’ cunt.

Vanity’s cock tried to twitch in its cage as Carol lowered her meaty labia to meet the sissy’s pretty mouth. “Lick it all up like a good girl, Vanity and I’ll let you sleep on the chaise lounge you see over there,” Carol spoke soothingly. “If you fail or refuse to lick me completely clean or to as many orgasms as I desire you will sleep on the floor.”

Vanity’s tongue snaked deep into Carol’s body. The girly boy was an expert at cleaning black cum from deep inside women’s bodies. The auburn haired Domina closed her eyes and went into a state of sheer multi-orgasmic bliss as young Vanity licked her deeper than she’d ever felt.

“Sooooooo good!” Carol groaned. She stroked Vanity’s chestnut curls and fed the sassy sissy an invigorating cocktail of Marcel’s spunk and her own pussy juices. She gave the soon to be feminized youth’s hair a tug as she dismounted to return to her task.

Carol gazed upon Irena’s supine flesh and took stock of the woman’s constitution. She took aim with her whip and lavished fifty stinging lashes to the corpulent woman’s left buttocks; again grouping them by ten and counting aloud as she went. Irena screamed in pleasure and pain as she again was thrust into powerful and immediate orgasm.

Carol stood back and took a moment to admire her work and frig herself at the glorious image of Irena’s backside cross hatched by severe red welts. She took a moment to adjust her aim and lavished one hundred strokes upon Irena’s lower left buttocks. These were broken into four groups of twenty-five each and as was her custom the wealthy Domina counted aloud.

Irena wailed and spasmed in orgasmic bliss as the whip savaged her sensitive dimpled backside. Her pussy squirted musky ejaculate all over the floor. Jack had taken to licking it up from the floor rather than mopping. This was at Marcel’s command and to Jack’s surprised pleasure.

Carol gave Irena a moment to catch her breath and repeated her beatings on the right side. One hundred more lashes administered to the lower backside. Irena howled and big beads of sweat formed on her golden forehead and hit the floor with a smacking sound.

Carol surveyed Irena, pacing back and forth. Suddenly as a cat pouncing upon prey, Carol began a final flurry of lashes in a “figure eight” pattern. She counted quickly two hundred lashes completing Irena’s punishment.

Irena broke into a crying jag as soon as her ordeal was through and Carol unbound her and cuddled her closely. The Domina was as tender with the submissive Aztec Goddess as she had been severe earlier. Carol kissed Irena’s tear streaked cheek and spoke gently, “Mistress is very proud of you my pet!”

Irena’s sobbing calmed and she replied in a shaky voice, “That was five hundred and two lashes, Mistress.”

“I know my pet. I did that for my own pleasure,” Carol confessed. By Carol’s own rules, if she ever beat a submissive more than she had warned them, she would receive ten strokes with the same instrument she had used for every extra stroke of her own. Carol had earned twenty lashes from the single tail administered by Irena. The anticipation of pain had her knees shaking and her loins dripping.

“As soon as you are together I will present myself for punishment, Goddess Irena” Carol demurred. Until Carol received her beatings, Irena was in charge up to a point. She wouldn’t be able to unlock Vanity’s chastity device or restore the sissy’s male name, but she could have a little fun.

Irena pulled herself up and announced, “I think I want to get laid first, kitten.” Irena presented her generous backside to Marcel and in a voice oozing with sass and honey, “you wanna tap that ass for me, Papi?”

Marcel’s cock sprung to rock hard attention immediately and he barely was able to get the words, “You know I do!” out of his mouth before the vivacious Latina had impaled her spicy pussy on the stud’s “lucky 13.” She got herself into a good rhythm and started to cum on the huge cock. “Come on Jack!” Irena called out, “take off those panties, man up and let me suck that tasty cock right now!”

Jack didn’t have to be asked twice. The sandy haired lawyer ripped off the pink panties and stood proudly in front of the big beautiful woman. His stout cock stood proudly at attention.

Irena backed her ass up until Marcel was in her balls deep and grabbed Jacks pink cock in her hand. The large and lovely Latina got a wicked grin and looked over at the supine Carol Carson. The raven curls on her head snaked as if alive and the Aztec Goddess snarled, “Who’s the Fem-cuck now, bitch?”

Carol couldn’t help herself and began to masturbate as she said in her best little girl voice, “I am Goddess!”

“Damn right you are!” Irena said matter of factly. She began to pump away at Marcel and put Jack’s thick cock in her mouth. The three found a rhythm and began to make sweet sensual music together.

Carol masturbated furiously as she watched her full figured lady love milk the men in her life of what likely remained of their spunk. Carol’s fingers grew sore from frigging herself as Marcel pounded three hot loads into Irena, followed up with several quick loads busted into her already filled snatch by Jack.

Having enjoyed an earth shaking threesome with the men in the room, Irena stood over Carol and taunted her, “I bet you think I’m gonna let you have their cum back, huh kitten?”

“Please Goddess, let me lick you clean,” Carol begged.

“Nope!” Irena said pertly and she twisted on her heel and walked over to lovely Vanity. “Lie back and let my pussy feed you sweetest,” Irena said soothingly to her young lover. She squatted down and covered the sissy’s loving mouth with her sloppy cunt and had multiple thunderous orgasms as she was licked clean of strong cum.

Irena bent down and kissed Vanity deeply; savoring the flavor of comingled sex in his sweet mouth. The warm hearted beauty took Vanity’s hands in her own and said softly, “Never doubt that I love you. Boy or girl, you are mi Corazon.”

Irena slowly and menacingly walked over to Carol. “Stand up, bend over and take it!” the Golden Goddess spoke with the heart of a warrior. She inserted fingers into the older woman’s vagina until she had her entire hand inside.

Irena made a fist and asserted her sexual dominance over Carol. “I’m sexier than you, I’m younger than you and I’m going to have a baby,” Irena used a derogatory tone, “You never had a baby. You are hardly a woman at all. You are a dried up old bag full of silicone and you aren’t even anybody’s mom. No wonder all of the men in your life line up to get their hands on me. I don’t blame them. I’m a flesh and blood woman and you are just an old skeleton with fake tits.”

“Goddess please, please punish me and let’s move on, I do not wish to…”Carol began.

“What bitch, throw a safe word and look pathetic?” Irena’s tone was a challenge.

“Fuck me, Goddess, make me cum, but please…do not leave me seeking revenge.”

Irena immediately realized she’d hit too many of Carol’s nerves at one time. Carol was pathologically sensitive about her age. It stood to reason that had been her final straw.

“Very well, we are both sexy women these men enjoy fucking, but admit you envy me!”

“Yes Goddess, I wish I had your lack of concern for your body image. Some days I wish I felt good about eating two churros with my morning coffee every day.

Irena angrily removed her fist from Carol’s birth canal and picked up the whip. Carol had provoked the exact response she’d wanted. Sometimes a Dominant with Masochist tendencies had to play mind games like these with a would-be switch. True satisfaction was imminent.

“This will hurt you a lot more than it will hurt me, puta!” Irena shrilled. On the wind up for her first lash the Aztec Princess nearly hyperextended her shoulder. The whip felt like a superheated piano wire as it made contact with the older woman’s alabaster ass. Carol wailed in pained delight as she had a different kind of orgasm. Irena pulled back and issued another lash just as hard to the opposite side. Carol shuddered and came in a gusher on the hardwood floor.

Irena smirked. She knew she’d been tricked by Carol into giving her a harsh beating for the crafty older Domina’s own sexual pleasure. If she played her cards right, she might be able to give her Mistress such delightful pain that she’d…she put the thought aside. In order to turn the tables in a meaningful way Irena would have to accomplish two things: The Golden Goddess would need to cement Jack’s support and eliminate her own emotional ties to her own husband, Tyrone. Carol had used her sexual wiles and money to make a pawn of Irena’s husband in her game to control the Aztec beauty.

Irena took her frustrations out on Carol’s muscular buttocks lavishing eighteen more wicked welts upon the perfect white skin. The voluptuous mother-to-be then tenderly kissed the scarlet streaks. She returned the whip to the Auburn haired cougar and spoke with love, “I am yours, Mistress.”

“Then lie back for your Mistress!” Carol ordered in her customary no-nonsense tone. The statuesque Domina straddled her submissive housewife’s face and commanded, “Pleasure me with your mouth!” Carol pressed her pussy down on her submissive lover’s face so hard it smothered her. Irena would have to bring Carol to orgasm to earn a breath of air.

Irena began to lap at Carol’s well stretched pussy. The Latina savored the flavors of the cocks that had rubbed her Mistress pussy so raw. Carol sighed with delight as Irena soothed her overused cunt. She collected herself and prepared to speak to Vanity. Carol came and allowed Irena to breathe for a moment.

“Vanity, I understand that you and Marcel didn’t get any sleep tonight,” Carlos speech was remarkably even considering she was receiving expert oral attention from Irena. “You two may take a nap for as long as you want in my bed. Irena will remain here recovering from her beatings and will tend to any needs you may have. Jack and I will run a few errands including picking up your new wardrobe, yay!”

Carol clapped her hands cheerfully and allowed herself an orgasm and Irena another quick breath. Carol smothered Irena again for a whole minute before rising and giving a command, “Irena, dress me!”

Carol and Jack were helped into the black Rolls Royce by a new employee, Juan Carlos Guererro. The driver was stocky and muscular with deep, soulful brown eyes that looked with open hunger at both Carol’s cleavage and Jack’s backside. The mustachioed servant gave Jack a flirtatious pinch on the ass as he helped his employer’s husband into the car.

The engine keyed to life and the car made its majestic way out of the Carson’s garage onto the winding private road that would lead directly to the public road into the fashionable uptown district in Torquay, Connecticut. After a short drive they arrived at the private clinic where Carol would purchase the mega dose of feminizing hormones that would cause Vanity to blossom in a matter of days.

“I think I should also pick up a few doses of propophol,” Carol verbally outlined her plans with Jack. “Vanity seems squeamish so I’ll want her out when I cut her and I think we are going to want DaShawn unconscious when we — errr — dispose of him.”

“I think that’s a good idea, “Jack agreed, “The Sheik will pay you a small fortune for DaShawn, but he’ll never go voluntarily knowing his fate will be as a eunuch guarding beautiful wives and concubines he’ll be unable to screw,” Jack, Carol and Juan Carlos shared a hearty laugh.

“It will serve him right,” Carol opined, “he’s been taking horrible advantage of us and what he’s been doing with Marcia is becoming unacceptable. I didn’t make a woman out of her for him to make a streetwalker out of my creation.”

“Can we trust Marcel not to use the girls the same way?” Jack’s concern was genuine.

“I think so,” Carol felt confident she had a more equitable relationship with her new bull, “and after he sees how I handle DaShawn I don’t think we will have anything to worry about.”

“I think you are right, dear,” Jack squeezed his wife’s hand and their eyes met in deep affection. The car stopped in the basement garage beneath the fashionable medical complex where Carol had much of her outpatient cosmetic work done. Carol kissed Jack on the cheek and spoke to Juan Carlos, “Why don’t you get in the back seat and fuck my husband up the ass?”

The handsome African pharmacist was crooked and would provide Carol with any number of drugs she shouldn’t have had access to without a prescription. The drugs were sold at a substantial profit and in exchange for sexual favors. Carol regularly returned from the clinic with a pussy full of African seed and a purse filled with a diabolical pharmacopeia of feminizing hormones, general anesthetics, truth serums and pharmacological grade cocaine.

He stood before Carol and unzipped his white slacks. He pulled out his wine bottle thick pitch black cock and it sprung to erection in Carol’s hand. He carefully laid out a line of crystalline white snow onto his rigid prick which Carol horned enthusiastically. Her eyes went wide as saucers and she grinned at the Ghana born Pharmacist, “Ok Kwame, let’s fuck! Give me that fat cock!” Carol chortled as she positioned herself on the waiting room couch.

Kwame Mahama plunged his impossibly thick cock into Carol’s pussy and she cried out in sublime joy. Her wired nervous system enhanced her experience and the gorgeous cougar went into gushing multiple orgasms immediately; soaking the leather couch, her lover’s fit body, and herself. He laughed aloud and replied, “Them cleaning costs are going on your bill woman! No worries though, that good pussy is worth it to this man! The blow is on me now!”

Carol groaned and closed her eyes. Money and drugs were far from her mind. She was fixated on the only thing she really cared about more than wealth and power; big black cock. The only thing more prized by Carol than the sacred black phallus was her relationship with her cuckold husband.

Jack was in the spacious backseat of Carol’s Rolls Royce with his pants off and his pink panties around his knees with Juan Carlos fat brown sausage stuffed deep in his tight white buns. “Yeah bitch, I like that culo!” the swarthy driver taunted his boss’ wimpy husband. “I like the way it feels to fuck a white sissy hard! Take it! Your wife is right, all you white boys are better off being girls!”

Jack gulped hard. He’d seen what Carol had been doing to these boys. Could she be scheming to feminize her husband as well? Jack was distressed to find the thought had hardened his cock and caused it to drip thick precum all over the leather seats.

“I always thought all white boys were gay, and here you are proving me right like a good little bitch!” Juan Carlos taunted Jack. Jack’s response was to start fucking back like a hungry slut. Jack was getting himself off pleasuring his sensitive anus with the driver’s fat tool. In a matter of minutes both men spewed cum from their thick cocks and collapsed in a heap in the big leather backseat.

Carol dug her red lacquered nails deep into Kwame’s back and cooed into his ear, “That’s right, fuck me tiger! Mate with me and really tame my ass!” The massive jet black cock deep in her body swelled and started a series of powerful spurts. The African pharmacist continued to pump madly at the Germanic cuckoldress’ well-seasoned twat. The strong man cried like a babe in arms as he spunked and slopped around in his own gooey cum.

“Shhhhh,”Carol comforted the emotionally fragile stud, “That’s all right. Mommy forgives you for making such a sticky mess.”

Carol dried Kwame’s copious tears with her satin panties and then put the musky, salty undergarments in his mouth. She duct taped his panty filled mouth shut and diapered the grown black man. She pulled the violet wand from her purse and grazed the man’s ebony nipples with a bracing electrical current.

Kwame tried to scream through his stuffed and sealed mouth. His bladder emptied into his diaper and his fat cock sprung back to life. Carol grinned and put the electrical device away carefully. “That didn’t take very long, did it baby boy?” the bemused Domina chortled. “Ok, let’s get that mouth uncovered so mommy can give you a drink.”

Carol roughly removed the duct tape, yanking the silver strip along with her red panties out of the way. The smolderingly beautiful older woman stood over Kwame’s grinning face. She peered down at him, her long auburn hair a cascade. “Open wide baby boy!” Carol cajoled the blissed out African.

Back at Carson Manor, Irena couldn’t get comfortable anywhere. Her butt was too raw to sit down or lay on her back and her breasts were far too heavy. She massaged them to try to alleviate the soreness and they leaked warm milk. She grinned and went into the well-appointed kitchen. She pulled a pitcher from the cupboard and squeezed her tender breast into it. A nice spray of milk foamed at the bottom of the pitcher.

Irena smiled warmly. Mistress and her husband would return home to a pitcher of fresh milk sweeter than that available in any store. The corpulent woman mooed with satisfaction as she milked herself for her owner. She was really becoming the human cow she’d seen in her dreams.

Kwame Mahama was spread eagled on the floor of his office with the tantalizing Carol Carson standing over his opened mouth and pissing into it. He savored the complex flavors in the cougar’s fresh pee. He could identify sex pheromones, scotch, cocaine and caffeine in addition to the expected notes of urea, salt and womanhood. He was fairly sure she’d had asparagus with dinner the night before.

“Thank you Mommy,” the soft spoken African demurred, “I needed that drink of your fine water.”

Carol patted him on the cheek and told him, “You just keep that wet diaper on under your trousers until you get home. Send a picture to my phone of you in them when you get home and I promise I will stop by tomorrow afternoon and show you about pegging.”

Carol decided to take her time on her way back to the car. She caught sight of Zachary and Joe Jr. Dalton. The twins were the 20 year old sons of one of Carol’s best friends, Zoe. The boys had been conceived on Zoe’s honeymoon with husband Joe. Neither of them had a clue which one of the ten black studs who had consummated the marriage in Joe’s stead was the biological father.

The entire affair, including the scandalous wedding ceremony in which Joe had to make his vows to a bride who was making out with the black ship captain marrying the couple, was Carol’s brilliant idea. She’d been present as the boys were bred into Zoe; mashing Joe’s prostate hard with a massive strap on dildo.

The Dalton’s were easily the happiest married couple in the Carol’s circle of friends. Joe’s friends hazed him hard for his easy acceptance of his black sons and it only made him love and desire Zoe more. The constant humiliation kept his unused dick straining at its chastity cage and this pleased Zoe as it kept her circle of close female friends highly amused.

Zoe’s cuckold took a certain strange satisfaction in having never lost his virginity in the conventional sense for a man. He’d been in chastity since his wedding night and only allowed out once a week for cleaning. His only allowed means of climax was the regular pegging to which his wife and her female friends subjected the wimp. Carol particularly enjoyed strapping on a large dildo and hammering it deep into Joe’s asshole as it always resulted in a huge sticky mess on the floor for the humbled husband to lick up.

“Zacky! Junior! Hi! How are you both?” Carol called out to the attractive young twins.

The boys turned around and gave her identical warm smiles. “Hello Mrs. Carson,” the twins spoke in unison as was their slightly eerie habit. “We are doing very well. How are you and your husband?”

“Oh please, call me Carol and don’t worry about Mr. Carson. He’s like your so-called daddy, only half a man.” Carol began giggling like a schoolgirl and was joined in the laugh by Zack and Junior. The café latte colored twins were highly visible living evidence of Joe Dalton’s status as a cuckold to a black cock craving Hotwife. They had grown up hazing their own “daddy” along with everyone else.

“So you married a faggot too?” Joe Jr. asked innocently

“No honey, I turned an upstanding white professional into a panty wearing cocksucker,” the striking cougar spoke candidly with her friend’s sons, “Aunt Carol is an artist, sweeties.”

“That’s so cool!” both boys spoke as one. “Does that mean we can fuck you?”

“Babies, I put together the breeding party that resulted in you two mochachino angels and I pegged the hell out of your so-called daddy while your mother was being filled with gallons of black men’s cum,” Carol’s freshly fucked cunt twitched and a spurt of her juices and Kwame’s jism audibly hit the pavement. “Your mother would kill me, but…” the auburn haired libertine ran it over in her mind for a moment, “if you guys can handle slopping around in a freshly fucked older woman’s pussy and promise to make this just our little secret, let’s go! I keep a small suite on the third floor here for just these kinds of occasions.”

Irena filled the pitcher with her warm milk and put the pitcher into the refrigerator. She was very happy with herself and the whole experience left her sexually aroused. She knew Marcel and Vanity would still be sleeping off the previous night’s excesses. She knew Carol would be gone for several hours.

Irena had the freedom of the unobserved. She pulled out her cell phone and for the first time in nearly a year called her estranged husband, Tyrone. Carol had conducted separate romantic affairs with Irena and her husband which had resulted in their estrangement as part of one of Carol’s byzantine games of Dominance and submission.

A woman’s breathless voice answered Tyrone’s cell phone. Ever since Carol had dumped Tyrone without allowing Irena out of her sight, the man had seemingly behaved in a perfectly expected manner. It seemed Tyrone was sticking his beautiful black penis in every White, Latin or Asian girl he could get his big lazy hands on.

Irena hung up without speaking and went red in the face with embarrassment and anger. She checked her contacts, found Tyrone’s younger brother Riley’s number and hoped it hadn’t changed in the time she’d been out of contact. Riley had always had a crush on Irena and it was past time for Irena to hang a pair of horns on her flaky husband’s head. Irena’s heart pounded as she heard a cheerful voice interrupt the ringtone, “Whazzup Irena!”

“Are you alone right now?” Irena asked.

“You don’t waste time, do you girl?” Riley sounded like he’d found a golden ticket in a candy wrapper.

“No I don’t,” Irena agreed, “so are you alone or am I gonna have to have a cab pick you up so you can come fuck me?”

Carol unlocked the generic looking door to her private suite on the third floor of the office complex. Inside was a boudoir of oriental splendor. The central point was a sunken king sized bed. Carol let out a chiming giggle, deftly removed her clothes and assumed a perfectly alluring position on all fours. “Well boys,” the beautiful older woman’s voice was like bourbon kissed with honey, “time to spit roast Auntie Carol!”

The twins dropped their pants revealing identical foot long mocha colored cocks. Zack and Joe Jr. had a playful Ro Sham Bo to determine who would get to fuck their Mom’s best friend and who would get the blowjob. Rock beat scissors and Joe Jr. earned the right to plow the woman who had arranged their conception. He drove his long prick easily into Carol’s well used pussy. His twin soon found that his cock was all the way down the auburn haired cuckoldress’ throat.

Irena took a cab to Riley’s apartment. On the way she passed through the motel district. The Aztec beauty’s big brown eyes spotted something that confirmed her very worst fears. Marcia was standing on a corner wearing nothing but a frilly pink teddy, white mesh stockings, pink panties and pink high heels. A potential john passed on the ersatz female and DaShawn was on her in a flash.

The brutal young pimp slapped the taste out of Marcia’s mouth. Irena saw the girl say something the bastard must not have liked in reply because the overbuilt young athlete’s right fist made hard contact with the blonde tranny’s left eye socket. Irena insisted the driver pull over at gunpoint.

Irena leapt from the parking vehicle and fired wildly at DaShawn, screaming incoherently at him in a mixture of Spanglish and animalistic growls. The shot winged the muscular lout and he ran like a coward. Irena tenderly helped the crying Marcia into the cab.

She called Carol and got voicemail. She called Jack’s cell and was advised by the savvy if sissified lawyer to get Marcia home and that he would handle the rest. Irena then called Riley and explained why she’d be unable to visit him and arranged a rain check for the following afternoon.

Irena ordered the shell shocked cabbie to rush Marcia and herself to the Carson Manor. She was fairly certain with a little first aid the brutalized blonde would be fine. If not she would call for an EMT once situated at home as advised by Jack.

Jack went from blissed out sissy to efficient lawyer in seconds. He immediately got on the phone and put the Torquay PD in motion to apprehend DaShawn. He made sure that arrangements were in place to have the thug released into Carol’s custody. The crafty lawyer then arranged for a man sized live cargo crate to be delivered to Carson Manor overnight.

Upon arrival at Carson Manor, Irena tended to Marcia’s wounds. She had one hell of a shiner and a swollen lip. Marcia was a bit beaten and bruised, but was blessedly unbroken and Irena’s first aid skills and tender loving care were more than adequate.

“Why did I fall for him?” Marcia cried like a child whose parents had been murdered in front of her. “Why did Mistress let this happen to me?”

“Shhhhhh child!” Irena consoled, “Everything’s going to be ok, I promise.” Irena put one of her large breasts into the poor girls mount and let her take soothing sustenance from her milk. “Carol let a big cock rule her life. I did that and I ended up living in a castle with a woman who stole and dumped my man. No more. We aren’t getting hurt any more now. DaShawn is never going to hurt anyone ever again and if Carol don’t get her shit together I’ll find some way to get all of us out of this nightmare. I’m not fabulously rich, but I promise to keep you and Vanity safe.”

The commotion had roused Vanity and Marcel who walked in on the warm hearted Irena literally nursing the battered Marcia back to health. “Who did this shit?” Marcel demanded of Marcia.

“It…it was DaShawn,” Marcia said through hot tears. The buxom blonde sissy began weeping inconsolably again.

Marcel saw blood red and shouted, “Fuck!” The lean muscular stud balled his hands into fists and he growled, “I’m going to kill that lazy motherfucker! I told him turning you out was too fucked up. I guess I’m just gonna have to cap his ass!”

“No Daddy!” Vanity shrieked girlishly, “You’ll go to prison, and NO!!! I need you!”

Marcel stroked Vanity’s curly hair and kissed her forehead as Irena explained Jack and Carol’s plan. Marcel would be denied his chance to kill his one-time friend and associate, but he would have ample opportunity to get his licks in.

Well over half an hour had passed and Zack and Joe Jr. were still taking turns emptying their balls into Carol. The boys could not get enough of her cum filled cunt and added to the already massive creampie. Carol recognized Jack’s emergency text chime and announced to the twins, “Last round boys! What say you put both of those big cocks in my pussy at the same time?”

Zack and Joe Jr. grinned widely and said in unison, “Game on, Aunt Carol!” The oversexed older woman purred like a kitten as the two young men drove their identical cocks into her vagina side by side. She moaned with deep pleasure as her friends sons double fucked at her pussy. It didn’t take long for the excited twins to explode in unison inside the gorgeous cougar.

Carol had a massive gusher as the boys cocks grew inside her and exploded their twin loads deep into her womb. The boys fell away in a heap on the bed and Carol chuckled as her pussy contracted to something resembling normal.

With a grin wider than the twins had gaped her pussy, Carol sprung up and hastily dressed. She fixed her hair and makeup to a minimum standard and bade the twins dress and move along as if nothing had happened. They waved to her as they made their way out the door and chimed as one, “Thank you, Aunt Carol. Your pussy sure felt great!”

About five minutes after the boys left, Carol sauntered out looking freshly fucked. Her hair was disheveled in places and her makeup looked rough by her usual standards. This was cultivated to some extent. She wanted to make certain Jack and Juan Carlos knew that she’d been out giving others the pussy she was denying both of them. Jack would get it eventually; after much humiliation. Carol had no intention of ever having relations of any kind with Juan Carlos.

Carol walked up to the car and opened the rear left door. “Get out Jack!” The Dominant Hotwife barked at her sissy husband. “Lie down right here cucky boy, right on the blacktop in plain view of anyone who might happen to be in this nice smelly parking lot.”

Jack had embarrassed tears in his steel blue eyes as he lay down in the parking space adjacent to the Rolls Royce. Carol straddled her husband’s face and gave the order, “Lick up every drop and make me cum three times, then we can talk about your emergency.”

Jack head a chorus of varied footfalls as his tongue expertly opened the folds of his wife’s cum stuffed vagina and his lips sucked the gooey nectar into his eager mouth. He heard astonished gasps and cries of “Don’t look down!” “Crush that male good, Sister!” and “Get a room you two!”

The happy cuckold tuned out all distractions and put all of his attention to the task of cleaning and pleasing his lovely wife. Jack could not tune out the familiar unison chirping of the Dalton twins tittering at him and saying, “Enjoy our cum much, faggot?” The embarrassed lawyer’s erect penis creamed in his slacks in response to the twins’ taunt.

Aware of their growing audience, Carol rose up just enough to let the crowd watch her squirt cum from her strong pussy into her loving husband’s open mouth. She drew catcalls and applause. The sight caused one of the less restrained men to stroke his meat visibly through his khakis.

A youngish woman in the crowd noticed the tall hunk’s lust. Emboldened by Carol’s show the brunette girl unzipped the ginger stud’s pants and whipped out a long, elegantly shaped ivory cock. Her wedding ring was conspicuous as she stroked and sucked the big cock right in front of her.

Carol smothered her husband with her cock ravaged cunt and growled at the woman on her hands and knees worshipping at the altar of big white cock, “That’s right Suzy! Get him hard and then let him fuck you good right here. Doctor Clarke’s patients need to know their proctologist is also a pathetic cuckold!”

Suzy Clarke bent over in front of the young Norse stallion and gave her fertile cunt over to him. Her husband was upstairs with his hand up some other man’s asshole and she was going to try to give the short little bastard a tall child that couldn’t possibly be his. Whether or not she became pregnant she was going to have that orgasm her husband had failed repeatedly to give her.

Carol was a trendsetter in Torquay and the trend she was working hardest to spread was cuckolding. All of the fashionable women were cheating openly and reveling in the emasculation of their formerly well respected husbands. The time was coming to spread this trend to the little people. Nothing delighted Carol more than the deconstruction of marriage into the kind of high art form that suited the superior female intellect. The rule of men was becoming a thing of the past and Carol Carson was doing her part to hasten the demise of the patriarchy.

Carol felt clean and reached the requisite third climax. She dismounted Jack’s sweet face and helped him up. She pulled a nice Cuban cigar from her Prada bag and clipped the tip off with an ornate antique cigar cutter. Jack immediately had the Zippo ready to light Carol’s cigar. She took a nice long puff and blew it out in her cuckold’s face and the couple watched the petite brunette hotwife and the alabaster bull copulate.

“Things are worse than we thought with Marcia,” Jack consulted with his wife, “DaShawn has been making her turn tricks in the motel district and Irena caught him beating her in public.”

Carol did her best to keep her public composure but was unable to keep her eyes from tearing up. “My baby girl,” the cougar’s compassionate side finally emerged. “That horrible animal beat my little baby girl? That does it! Please tell me he’s sitting in a jail cell, Jack.”

“Not yet my Queen,” Jack replied. “There is an APB on him and I have made arrangements to have him released into our custody. I’ll get a call the moment he’s apprehended. I assume that you still plan to sell him to the Sheik?”

“Yes, but I think after this latest development I will soften him up for my old friend first,” Carol’s words were icy. “Let’s watch while these two love birds finish up their display then go shopping. When you get the call we will head to the police station and I’ll put that bully of a bull in a ring gag and milk your sissy prostate right into his mouth. I think DaShawn will remain in bondage and fed only cum for three days before I process him for shipping. The Sheik will receive an ox whose spirit is truly crushed.”

Carol puffed on her cigar and directed her attention to the two lovers rutting in the parking lot for her entertainment. The tall red haired stranger had a big, powerful frame and rippling musculature. His elegantly curved cock was massive. Suzy was a slightly built brunette Jewish woman with a perfect ass and not a bit of fat on her body. Their dance of mating was a display worthy of the Bolshoi Ballet.

The former Suzy Rabinowitz had been married to Doctor Ryan Clarke for five years without bearing his child. She’d always claimed she wasn’t ready for a family and required her small cocked husband to wear a condom on those occasions she consented to sex with him. Doctor Clarke was a good provider but his physique was laughable and his personality insufferable. He was also old enough to be her father and this made her feel dirty every time she performed her marital duties.

Suzy didn’t know the name of the man plowing her, but she knew he would be her first extra-marital affair and the father of her first child from the moment she spotted him stroking the massive boner in his pants watching Mrs. Carson publicly shame Mr. Carson with a massive creampie. She’d let a complete stranger do what she had no intention of letting her husband ever do to her; the red headed stranger was fucking the newly minted slut-wife bareback.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Suzy howled, “Breed me baby! Fuck as much cum as you can into my pussy babe! Mmmmmmmm! Oh yes! I haven’t had a real cock since I got married!”

“Unggggh!” the big Norse stud grunted, “I’m ready to bust, where you want this load?”

“Cum in me baby!” Suzy said breathlessly, “Make me pregnant! My wimp husband will raise it because he’s just a pussy and now he’s my cuckold for life!”

Suzy felt the big white cock in her body swell and explode a gusher of spermy goo. She came her brains out and shouted at the top of her lungs, “Doctor Ryan Clarke is my cuckold for life!”

Carol led the assembled crowd in a round of roaring applause. “Brava!” Carol cheered, “Brava darling! Welcome to the club. Make sure you measure Ryan for his chastity device tonight and I’ll have it overnighted as my gift to you!”

“Thanks Carol, you are the best!” Suzy gushed, “I have to thank you so much for the encouragement. Your guidance has been such a mitzvah. I feel a million times better having had a proper fucking and knowing I’ll be having a strong, healthy baby by a real man.”

“You come over for tea tomorrow and we can talk all about it and I will introduce you to the joys of feminizing men,” Carol’s tone was hospitable and gracious. “I’ll also teach you about edging. I have a bull to dispose of and I want him completely frustrated before I leave him hanging permanently”.

“Kisses sweetie!” Suzy pecked at Carol’s bony cheeks, “I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

Suzy turned to the grinning man still gripping her slender hips with his big, gentle hands. She gently pulled his face closer to hers and kissed him, “I’m Suzy, and you are?”

The good natured Norse hunk replied with slight trepidation, “My name is Varg and I come from Norway, but I’m not the guy who burned down those churches.”

Suzy was too sexually satisfied to worry about the fact that she had not one little clue what her bull was talking about.

Carol and Jack got into the Rolls, and Juan Carlos pulled out carefully. They departed to cheers from the enthralled crowd. Their next destination was Pristine’s Closet, a boutique specializing in little girl clothing for grown up sissy boys. Vanity needed training clothing. There was a rough side to her that needed to be broken before she could be made into a ravishing slut. It was also her intention to purchase a nice new outfit for Jack to wear around the house.

Carol quickly purchased three frilly frocks for Vanity; a blue one to match her pretty eyes, a pink one to prove she really was a girl and a lovely lavender one just because she thought it would look darling on the sissy. Regular panties would not fit over Vanity’s chastity cage so Carol selected three packs of special “peeny pouches” in colors to match the lovely frocks. Adorable white buckled shoes and perfect white stockings completed the ensemble.

Next it was time for Jack to try on his frock. Carol had selected a nice electric blue frock for Jack. She would want him in stockings and shoes identical to Vanity’s and in regular panties as his sissy cock would not be in chastity for now. Jack emerged from the fitting room blushing and with a shocking erection.

“I think you like being frilly and feminine, Jack!” Carol drawled soothingly. “Let’s try on wigs now; what say Jacqueline?”

“But Carol,” Jack started to protest and was interrupted by his Hotwife.

“That’s Mistress Carol, Jacqueline dear!” the Auburn haired Cuckoldress corrected her sissy husband.

“Mistress Carol, I am a man,” Jack stomped his feet and pouted like a child, “I don’t want to dress like this and wear a wig!”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Jacqueline!” Carol snapped. “Marcel is a man. You are a sissy. Don’t fret dear. I won’t put you on hormones or make you go out in public as a girl just yet because I need you credible in court. I just want you to be my girlfriend around the house for now when it is just you me and our Boyfriend.”

“You are right Mistress Carol,” Jack demurred, “I do want to be yours and Marcel’s girlfriend now that you put it that way.”

Jack tried on a variety of wigs and enjoyed experimenting with his look. He was partial to an ash blonde bob that really brought out his eyes. Carol preferred a canary blonde wig with long braided pigtails. She purchased both with the understanding that “Jacqueline” would need to earn the right to wear the more attractive wig.

The blushing lawyer changed into his street garb and accompanied Carol to the car. Jack heard his cell phone ring and saw that the call was from the Chief of Police himself. He answered the phone, “Jack Carson speaking.”

“Mistah Carson, this is Chief Carter Ramsay. Our officers apprehended one DaShawn Morris after an incident involving firearms. The perp himself appeahs to have been unarmed but the boy has a gunshot wound to the upper right bicep. It was my understanding, Sir, that you and your lovely wife Missus Carson would like this boy released into your custody pending his trial?”

“That is correct Chief Ramsay.” Jack answered.

The Chief chortled and informed Jack, “If you are willing to post the bail of fifty thousand dollahs then you can do what you want with the rotten bastard!”

“That we can and will do, Sir.” Jack replied.

“Very well then,” said the Chief, “Your prisoner is waiting at the station. As per your wife’s standing instructions for these situations he is in full riot restraints. I would suggest you allow one of our officers to administer a tranquilizer for the trip home so that you can restrain him as the Mistress sees fit when you get there. Please give my deepest respects to Queen Carol. My Wife and her lover send their regards as well.”

“I’ll see you soon, Chief!” Jack signed off.

Jack and Carol arrived at the Torquay Police Department main precinct downtown. The officers there were prepared to transfer DaShawn to the Carsons’ custody. Before the handover a police medic administered a powerful tranquilizer shot to the struggling thug. The black brute sagged into the arms of two strong officers who dragged the slumbering giant into the open trunk of Carol’s Rolls Royce.

The Chief half-assedly gave the usual speech about the Carson’s surrendering the bail amount should DaShawn fail to appear for his court date. There were no illusions on anyone’s part. The Carsons were essentially purchasing DaShawn for their fifty grand. Carol would break his spirit in record time and ship him off to Dubai as livestock.

Carol called home and asked to speak to Marcel. “Marcel loverboy, I need you to be ready. I have DaShawn on ice and we are bringing him home. I think you and Juan Carlos can muscle him into the basement and help me get him all secured down there but I want a special welcome ready for him when he wakes up. Call all of your friends and make sure they are ready to spill some seed.”

“Anything you need, my Queen!” Marcel’s tone was just submissive enough to make Carol swoon, “I’m down to do what it takes to be the man in your life.”

Marcel assembled the whole gang. Everyone was sick of DaShawn’s bullshit. DaShawn had begun to warp a close knit circle of friends who liked to play erotically charged intimidation games with pretty little white boys into a real criminal gang. His brazen ineptitude was making everyone fear for their futures.

Most of the crew was planning to attend university on some sort of athletic scholarship or to take classes at Torquay Community College. DaShawn’s pimp act was threatening to derail many of their hopes and dreams. Every last one of the boys as well as Marcel’s sister Bethany and her friends wanted to get their pound of flesh.

Carol and Jack entered their palatial home through the front door. Jack was carrying the packages from Pristine’s. They were greeted with great fanfare and many kisses by Irena, Marcia and Vanity. Carol ordered Irena and Marcia to help Vanity and “Jacqueline” into their frocks and to paint their faces like the sissy little girls they were. Irena took great pleasure making up Vanity. They were going to be best girlfriends from now on.

DaShawn was dragged unconscious from the Rolls’ trunk by Marcel and Juan Carlos. He was bound into a heavy wooden chair that had a hole in the seat through which the immobilized criminal would be able to defecate should the need arise. Heavy hemp rope dug into his deep bronze hide and would immobilize the thug when he came out of the medically induced coma. A ring gag was placed in his mouth and buckled securely behind his head.

Carol, Irena, Marcia, Vanity and “Jacqueline” came down the spiral staircase into the basement dungeon. Carol was wearing a smart red leather corset and matching boots. Irena was nude. Carol’s sissies were dolled up in their prettiest frocks. Marcia was radiant in her yellow frock despite having to glow through what felt like a pound of makeup hiding her bruises.

Marcia and Vanity were carrying antique photographer’s tools. Striking in her new blue frock; “Jacqueline” had a set of clippers ready to do their worst to DaShawn’s ego. Irena had a leather bag with a variety of useful items such as spray paint and silly costume pieces. At Carol’s direction the young girls set up the camera and her sissy husband and her housewife made DaShawn over as a laughing stock.

His head was shaved except for one very effeminate looking curl right in the front which Irena skillfully braided. His opened mouth was painted red and the phrases “cum bucket” and “piss pig” were painted on his barrel chest in white and yellow spray paint respectively.

A jolly purple ribbon to represent domestic violence awareness was tied around his big cock. A tight steel band was locked around the base of his scrotum behind his balls. Attached to the ring were two chains, each of them attached to a ten pound lead weights. As a final touch, a ridiculous plaid elastic bow tie was placed around the once proud bull’s thick neck.

Marcia and Vanity were all giggles. Marcia was preparing to take an old time photo of her former pimp in his predicament and Vanity, who was dressed in the new lavender frock, was on the spot with the flash powder awaiting Carol’s cue. The two sissies were giddy to see their one time tormentor looking absurd and vulnerable.

Carol removed a cigar from an antique gold case and cut off the tip with her most ornate cigar cutter. Jack lit the fine Cuban and Carol puffed at it furiously, superheating the tip. “It’s showtime people!” the Mistress of the Manor announced.

Carol sauntered over to the still tranquilized lummox. She put her right spike heel in position to stab DaShawn’s once beloved cock and faced the camera. “Here’s comes the money shot girls!” Carol announced. Marcia opened the shutter, Vanity ignited the flash, Carol jabbed the lit end of her cigar hard into DaShawn’s left nipple with a grinding motion and stomped his penis with her stiletto heel.

DaShawn screamed open mouthed through the ring gag. “Oh, you are awake now?” Carol chided. “It’s so nice of you to join us here tonight. Not that you had a choice in the matter, but still it’s the thought that counts.”

“Do you know why you are here and not in jail right now?” Carol asked rhetorically. “Don’t try to answer, dumbshit. You can’t talk with that mouth. You also can’t bite, which will come in very handy when feeding time comes, but you definitely cannot speak for a change. Don’t look at me like that.”

Marcia, Vanity and Irena watched Carol in rapt fascination. It was like watching a cobra hypnotize its prey. Carol paced around DaShawn; starting clockwise, then returning counter clockwise. She had the air of a military intelligence interrogator from NAZI Germany or the old Soviet Union. DaShawn’s sweat was hitting the floor with an audible, echoing slap.

“I bailed you out and had you tranquilized for a very simple reason; I think prison is too good for you after what you have done to my family. I was good to you, DaShawn. I gave you money and let you play with my sissy all you wanted. You didn’t need to whore Marcia out for money. You did this strictly as a power trip. I could almost forgive that, but then you did the stupidest thing anyone, and I mean anyone I have ever tangled with has ever done. You hit my little baby girl.”

“Now you suffer, DaShawn,” Carol’s speech was matter of fact. “You are going to spend the next three days here tied up like this in my basement to break your spirit and then I am selling you right into slavery, yes I am! The only food you will get will be cum; and the source,” Carol’s laughter was fearsome and evil as the dark Lord she worshipped, “you’ll find out.”

Carol walked away from DaShawn to examine Marcia’s camera work. The developing image would be quite a souvenir. Carol faced DaShawn and addressed him, “Before I allow you a feeding, I think Marcel has a few things he’d like to get off his chest and I think the rest of us are just going to sit here and enjoy the show.”

Marcel approached his one-time best friend slowly and menacingly. He pounded his left palm like a drum with his right fist. His was the visage of pure anger as he stared down into DaShawn’s frightened pig eyes.

“I done told you it would end like this, you lazy motherfucker. Didn’t I?” Marcel snapped like a firecracker in DaShawn’s sweating face. “I done told you not to fuck up a good ass thing. You didn’t need money, you stupid fucking bitch, did you? Shit, this woman, no, this Queen here would have bought you an NBA team to play on. Hell yeah, and if you was too lazy to play she would have just let you stay home all day and fuck around because she loves the black cock.”

“But you just had to go on some kind of power trip to feel like a man,” Marcel continued. “Do you have to be a criminal to be a man, DaShawn? Huh? I know you can’t answer me, but on the real dog. Why did you have to use that nice little white sissy like trash and make her your street walking whore? Is it so you feel like a man around your broke ass family who would call you a fag for having a little white girlfriend with a dick?”

“I should kill you just for that shit right now. You realize that just being your friend has all of us looking suspicious. We have our lives to consider and you wanna make sure we end up as low down as your ass would be without basketball. I should shoot your ass right here.” Marcel pulled out his Glock and pressed it to DaShawn’s sweating forehead.

“I should, but I won’t” Marcel put the gun away as quickly as he’d produced it. “You are gonna have to live knowing you fucked up. All of your friends ain’t your friends no more. I ain’t your friend no more. You are just a fucking bitch to all of us from now on.” Marcel spat in DaShawn’s eye.

“Just one more thing,” Marcel said as the only preamble to driving his fist hard into DaShawn’s already spit irritated eye.

“That was for hitting my homegirl Marcia!” Marcel’s voice was righteous.

“Well darlings,” Carol’s voice was like a cascade of wind chimes, “I think we should let the guest of honor build up his appetite while we entertain the arriving guests upstairs. Ta ta for now, DaShawn. We’ll be back with a banquet for you shortly.” Carol blew her former bull a sarcastic little kiss.

Carol and her attendants made their way upstairs and prepared to receive DaShawn’s entire former crew. Vanity and Irena made themselves busy rolling blunts while Marcia and “Jacqueline” got the bar ready for them to serve drinks.

Carol quickly threw on a black mini skirt. She didn’t want to limit access to her always hungry pussy, but she didn’t feel right answering the door with her shaven snatch exposed for the world to see. Irena’s nudity was of no real concern to Carol’s mind. Her housewife’s in house nudism was a quirk the golden skinned beauty had picked up long before her exposure to the Carson’s sexually charged world.

Hoots, hollers and laughter preceded a loud knock on the door. Carol threw open the door and saw Malcolm, Jeremiah, Jackson, Bethany, and the entire crew. Thirteen big black cocks, six studly young Latinos and five sassy black girls in all. Carol graciously bade everyone enter.

The statuesque hostess walked to the bar and picked up her trademark pink martini. She clanked at her glass with a small spoon to get everyone’s attention. “Welcome everybody! We are here to celebrate DaShawn’s gracious decision to abandon his career as a petty street pimp and to pursue an upright and chaste life in a highly religious society. Our dear friend DaShawn will abandon his life of crime and douchebaggery for a life ensuring the fidelity of the wives and concubines of my dear friend Sheik Ali Akbar ibn Khayyam al Barsha.”

“I’m throwing him a nice party here and he’s down in the basement. We’ll go see him soon, but first enjoy the drinks and the drugs on Aunt Carol. I want everyone to get good and worked up sexually but no ejaculating just yet boys. DaShawn is on an all cum diet and I want you boys to help me feed him.”

Drinks were drunk and blunts were smoked. Cocks found their way into cunts and mouths and asses. The party was a crashing success. Vanity’s blowjobs were especially popular. In the end, everyone honored Carol’s request to refrain from spunking.

When Carol had determined that sexual tension had peaked enough she clanked her glass again. “Everybody, hi!” the festively drunk cougar announced. “Ok, now let’s all go see how DaShawn is doing. I’m willing to bet he’s weak with hunger.”

The party moved down into the basement. None of the guests were prepared for the ridiculous spectacle awaiting them. The laughter was hysterical and sincere. Carol made her way over to the prone DaShawn.

Carol addressed the assembled, “As you can see here, DaShawn is hungry for your cocks. His mouth is painted red and held open for your pleasure by this handy dandy ring gag. You don’t have to worry about him biting you or even dragging teeth. You just step right up and fuck this cocksucker’s skull.”

Marcel decided to step up and be the first. Big tears filled DaShawn’s eyes as his former friend eased his thirteen inches down his throat. The humiliated athlete could do nothing to stop the invasion of his oral cavity. To his absolute horror he found he was becoming sexually aroused. By the time he felt Marcel’s big balls on his chin, DaShawn’s cock was fully erect.

“Well well well,” Carol chuckled to her little sissy baby girl, “look at that Marcia, we thought DaShawn was a real alpha male but he’s just faggot. If I’d have known this I would have made him my sissy Amazon, but it’s too late now!”

Marcia and Vanity giggled mercilessly as their Mistress gave a running commentary of DaShawn’s reaction to feeling his mouth violated by his friends’ huge cocks. Carol pointed out repeatedly the fact that DaShawn had managed to deep throat all of the cocks without gagging. “This can’t be the first time he’s blown these guys, can it Vanity?”

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