Rainsford City Council’s appointments panel selected Darcy le Green as the mayor’s replacement chauffer from ten applicants. Unlike other applicants Darcy passed the driving test without losing marks, had no drug or alcohol convictions and was well groomed and looked trustworthy.

The previous chauffer was found knocking on the door of the apartment by a very jealous husband who wasn’t to know the chauffer was attempting to find why the mayor was taking so long. The unfortunately chauffer was being warned to leave town or die and while having his head partly reshaped with a flowerpot wielded by the foul-mouthed husband, the mayor jumped off the balcony of the second-floor apartment to land without harm on the backyard compost heap.

The sated wife denied she’d been playing around and would have got away with it except the husband found four used condoms on the beside cabinet. She was smacked around the room and next day filed for a divorce and all that left the husband more than a little emotionally unstable.

Darcy knew nothing of this and when he met the mayor for the first time had no idea the jerk had abandoned his last chauffer.

Mayor Bryan welcomed Darcy warmly and told Darcy to call him Alan.

“Okay Alan but I ought to also know you real name.”

The mayor looked surprised and said, “But my real name is Alan Bryan?”

He then saw the smile and grinned and said Darcy appeared to be rather sharp with some wit.

“What do you know about me?”

Darcy thought it best to ignore all the gossip and recalled the counter-interrogation techniques he’d been taught when in the Special Services.

“Not much really apart from people say you are one of the most effective mayors we’ve had in years, that you are decisive and fair and there’s no smell of corruption on your watch. Oh and that you’re very popular.”

Mayor Bryan beamed.

“Oh sit down son. Now let’s run through my usual routine so you get an idea of what you and I will do together. I work hard and I play hard. You drive me where I want to go and bring me back again and keep me out of trouble. I sometimes have a little bit of time with the ladies. You keep your mouth shut about that. If you have my wife in the limo and she wants sex, then oblige if you wish because half the city appears to take that liberty.”

For a moment Darcy thought his hearing had become defective but then heard the mayor say that his wife only took it anally.

A small ground floor apartment with a secure lock-up for the white Ford limo went with the job as well as quite a hefty salary because the work hours were shit.

The mayor was a bore to drive. He sat in the back either reading reports or dictating or talking on the phone and rustling through the newspaper.

Marlene the wife was a different personality. She sat in the back and talked non-stop, even while applying make-up.

“I suppose my husband told you it was okay to have sex with me?”


“And what did you think about that Darcy?”

“I thought of entrapment.”

She laughed and said that was a novel reply.

“Most chauffeurs would believe they are not worthy of me. Are you in that category?”

“Hell no, if you paid enough I’d fuck you.”

That reply appeared to astonish Marlene.

“Are you saying you would truly engage despite being rather young and rather attractive? What about this joke of my husband’s that I only take it up the back passage?”

“That would be stated to try to scare off the guys but I would go for clean anal.”


There was silence until Marlene asked, “How much?”

“Five grand a session.”

She snorted and said she’d never pay that.

“Thanks Marlene,” he smiled.

The 57-year old laughed and called him a scumbag and from that moment they became good friends. They rarely talked about her husband except to refer to him indirectly and that’s how Darcy thought it should be. Darcy was not family.

Five months later Alan and Marlene’s thirty-four year old daughter Sophie was kidnapped without any demands being made. The police mounted a huge search that included radio and TV appeals for information. The mayor and his wife were terribly upset.

After three days without any developments the police admitted. The mayor asked Darcy to stop at a bar on the way home.

“Don’t hit the bottle Alan; the police may call and you’ll need a clear head.”

“Agreed so don’t allow me to have any more than two beers. Drink with me pal.”

They each had a bottle of light alcohol beer and talked for more than an hour.

Alan sighed as he lowered his bottle, “Someone is doing this to get at me.”


The mayor looked at Darcy and said, “Don’t you think I’ve told the police everything and they will have sifted through that information and followed up on anything suspicious? You ought to have guessed that by your special training and deployment.”

“Yes Alan,” Darcy said. “So it boils down to what you haven’t told the police… your secrets.”

“What secrets?”

“Someone you crossed badly, a guy catching you with his girl, a gambling…”



“There was an incident before your arrival.”

“Then call the cops, now.”

Alan licked his lips. “Disclosure could cost me my wife, my career.”

“And possibly your daughter.”


Darcy persuaded Alan to tell him everything,

After relating the story about almost being caught committing adultery and looking even more worried, Alan said, “Well, that gives us two suspects. What do you think?”

“Actually I think it’s only one suspect. Tell me everything you know about my predecessor.”

Alan did that and waited anxiously for the response, one that would please him.

Darcy said, “In all probability Jack Green has returned to the city and has your daughter and is making you suffer like he suffered when being wrenched out of his job and out of his city. As I see it the motive is revenge. You left him there in the lurch. I read the newspaper report of the kidnapping. It stated your daughter worked in a bank. Is it possible Jack Green had an account at that bank and would have known your daughter?”

“Very possibly. The council pays wages and salaries into that bank into the accounts of our employees and automatically transfers the payments to employees with accounts at other banks. Ah yes I remember once, no at least twice when I called at the bank to operate my account, Jack did the same thing. He did or does have an account at that branch.”

“Jesus Alan this probably confirms the breakthrough we need. Here’s what you do. You give me Jack’s former address and you give me the use of your wife’s car. I just could have this cleared up by dawn. Just tell Marlene we are working on a hunch. Your alternative is to go straight to the cops.”

“No stealth would be best. I reckon you are figuring Jack had retained his old address. It’s a house he shared with his mother until he became my chauffer and about a month before he fled the city his mom was admitted to a home for the aged with medical facilities.”

Darcy had everything was adding up. “Give me a description of this Jack Green.”

“I’ll do better than that. When we get home I’ll print off his CV and profile from our secure website. I’ll also give you a photo of Sophie.”

Darcy said that would be of great help.

“If I can get between Jack and his apartment then all good and well. If not the risks escalate and I may have to call in the police. Whatever happens just remember to say to investigators I reckon I had a theory about the kidnap motive and went to take a look and asked to borrow Marlene’s car.”

Alan said carefully, “Look this is putting you into the realms of unacceptable risk and…”

“Let’s go Mr Mayor. We are wasting time here. I’d like to think that after watching TV evening news Jack will go out to buy dinner for two. Oh give me the name of your ex-girlfriend’s husband and telephone number will you? I might be able to use him.”

“Without revealing my involvement?”

“Absolutely Alan.”

* * *

Darcy had been trained to predict with greater accuracy than most people about how careful people, such as people suspecting they might be under surveillance or were being stalked, would move and ways they might react. He figured the kidnapper would be an ordinary civilian, with no past experience in the crime and because of that would be feeling guilty, afraid and taking care to do nothing stupid.

The events that night unfolded like something well rehearsed.

Once Darcy had Marlene’s car he went home and changed into dark clothes and prepared a pair of her black stockings that Alan had sneaked for him to use as a head mask.

He staked out the former chauffeur’s apartment from the side of another small apartment block opposite and just after 8:00, as it was becoming dark, he watched Jack Green appear and walk down the street a little way to a store specializing in take-outs. Darcy had followed on the opposite side of the street and as soon as Jack entered the store Darcy called the aggrieved husband.

“Benny speaking.”

“Hi Benny, this is a friend. You know that bastard you ran out of town after you beat him up for lining up to fuck your wife, well he’s back in town.”

“Who is this?”

“A friend Benny. You can catch him now if you hurry and really boot him in the ass. The guy is laughing at you and intends to fuck the next woman you line up with.”

“Where it he? Give me the address. I’m already running to the car.”

Darcy gave Benny the details and urged him to hurry.

A car arrived and parked almost where Darcy was standing the deep shadows when Jack appeared and began walking home with two packs of food.

The guy in the car started the motor and drove over to the wrong side of the road and Darcy thought oh crap, Jack would be run down but he breathed easier when the vehicle didn’t mount the pavement. Instead the vehicle stopped and the driver jumped out wielding a baseball bat. He slugged Jack and hauled him into the back seat. The doors slammed and Benny drove off sedately. There appeared to be no other witnesses apart from Darcy. The containers of food lay on the ground.

Jesus, Darcy thought. Benny was professionally trained or else someone used to operating aggressively such as a gym trainer.

He hurried back to Jack’s ground floor apartment and, despite wearing gloves, opening the locked door was not problem to him. Darcy pulled the stocking over his head with slits cut for his eyes and mouth. He found Sophie gagged and with her hands bound and a chain attached to a dog collar around her neck and the other end of the chair was circled around a pot-bellied stove and padlocked.

She looked terrified.

“Keep calm baby. I’m here to help,” Darcy said quietly.

He undid the dog collar and when he was untying her hands Sophie asked, “Who are you?”

“It’s best you don’t know.”

He’d already told Alan and Marlene it was best she never knew of his involvement.

She cried, “Hurry, that awful man will be returning? He hasn’t harmed me but has repeatedly fingered me in a disgusting manner.”

“Right we need to get well away from him.”

Darcy thought of trashing the place but the noise of that might attract attention and anyway he wanted this to appear as a clean escape by the victim, a victim who had cute tits. Hey what was he thinking about at a time like this?

Although Sophie was walking a little unsteadily she made good progress.

He shut the door but didn’t lock it and took Sophie around the corner to her mother’s car and handed her the keys.

“Have you got enough circulation in your hands to drive safely?”

“Yes. God I wish to get away from here fast.”

“Go home and figure out with your parents what to tell the police. I suggest you say you escaped but have no idea where you were being held. Say it was too dark to see until you got closer to home. This is the north area of the city. Tell them that. I had an accomplice lure Jack Green away.”

“How can I thank you?”

“A friendly kiss on the lips would be nice.”

“It will be emotionally charged. I’m running scared.”

Darcy believed he was the kind of guy who would handle an emotional kiss very well.

They kissed and he said that was beautiful and she stared at his mask as if trying to see through it.

“Go,” he said gently. “Remember you are agitated and your adrenaline is flowing. Try to drive very carefully. You are safe now.”

She drove off with just a brief wave, having just kissed him again and thanking him profusely.

Darcy regretted he hadn’t asked for sex and thought she’d behaved very bravely. There could have been a faint chance of getting it. She appeared to be a sexy although how the hell could he tell that when she was so teetering on an emotional overload? Well Darcy le Green usually had a hunch about things.

* * *

Sophie drove up the house, horn tooting but not too loudly.

Her parents practically tumbled out of the house, competing to get to her first.

The women hugged and cried and Alan pulled out his phone and called the special number the police investigation team had given him.

Captain Rogers and a team were at the house within minutes.

“I repeat my daughter is unharmed,” Marlene assured them.

“How did you get away?”

“I escaped. I had been unchained to go to the bathroom.”

“What chain?”

“The chain connected to my neck with a dog collar and locked around a stove.”

The captain inspected the mark of the collar on Sophie’s neck.

Photographs were taken of that and of the red marks left by the rope on her wrists.

“What is the address of the place where you were held?”

“I have no idea.”

“What part of town?”


“What part of north?”

“I have no idea.”

The captain turned red-faced. “Young lady if I suspect you are impeding the police in their enquiries…”

The mayor said in his sternest voice, “Captain Rogers my daughter has cooperated fully. Two of her colleagues returning with her from lunch witnessed her being apprehended and it was the police who first used the work kidnapped.”

“Yes Mr Mayor. Quite right. Well it appears your daughter was kidnapped. Would you now please excuse us. Our morning detail will resume this enquiry at little after 9:00 tomorrow morning. Perhaps after a good night’s sleep your daughter will have a refreshed memory?”

But to the frustration of police Sophie was unable to contribute anything further of use to the enquiry.

The next day, however, two youths reported sighting a body at the foot of cliffs. The deceased was identified at the mayor’s former chauffer Jack Green and a post-mortem found all the marks on the body consistent with a headlong fall on to rocks.

Suicide was suspected and the mayor was unable to help the police in their enquiries except to say he hadn’t sighted Jack Green since his unexpected disappearance from the city several weeks earlier.

When Sophie arrived home that evening, her first day back at work as an internal auditor, her parents told her of the finding of the body.

“The guy is my former chauffer,” said her father. “This morning the police found signs of your confinement at his home including the chain and dog collar. There were no signs of any other person involved. Jack Green’s and your fingerprints were the only fresh prints found. The chief of police and I believe that Jack Green may have become deranged over the expenses mounting over his mother’s illness and he planned to hold you a bit longer before making financial demands on me.”

“Oh daddy,” Sophie cried, hugging her father. This also has been an ordeal for you and mother.”

“Yes,” her mother said. “But you know what darling? That bastard in eliminating himself means he doesn’t pose a future risk to us. I’m so happy about it but I wonder if his real target was asking the bank for a ransom?”

The mayor said briskly. “God that’s great thinking Marlene. Better than the theory the chief of police and I came up with. Your theory is far more credible.”

* * *

Next morning the mayor had an early appointment and Darcy arrived to collect him. Sophie had still not returned to her shared apartment and this was the first time she’d seen the new chauffer.

“God is he the chauffer?” she said her mother. “He looks more like a bank branch manager.”

“And he’s also handsome.”

“Agreed mother, almost handsome.”

“Then ask him for a date. You have been struggling to find a guy you find likeable through and through.”

“Oh really mother? He drives you about. Have you two been naughty?”

“Well I made a cheeky suggestion and he said yes, a five thousand bucks a shot. I said thank you very much and we both laughed and have become quite good friends I think.”

Darcy walked in and walked over and kissed Marlene lightly and appeared to only then see Sophie.

“Oh hi.”

“Hi,” she said. “You are the chauffer and you kiss my mother?”

“I would do the other but the asking price is five thousand bucks but she’s tight-fisted.”

The two women clutched each other, laughing.

Alan arrived ready to go and kissed his two women.

Before turning to follow the mayor Darcy said to Sophie, “Dinner Saturday night?”

She eyed him studiously. “How much?”

“Oh no charge for you because you are around my age.”

The mayor growled, “Come on Darcy, don’t make me late.”

The blue eyes of the honey blonde younger woman smiled a little as she said, “Yes Saturday night but we’ll eat here. Mom will want to check your table manners and I’ll want to learn if you can hold a conversation.”

Darcy blew a kiss and the mayor scowled.

Walking to the car Alan asked was Darcy attempting to come on to Sophie.

“I might. It depends how deep her attractiveness dwells.”

“Eh?” said the mayor, being one of those guys ready to launch whenever a female showed a bit of leg, whether or not directed specifically at him.

Darcy didn’t reply as the car began to move off Alan made a call.

“Hi do you think Darcy is attempting to hit on Sophie?”

Darcy couldn’t hear the response.

“Oh you think that’s okay. Well then have a nice day. Oh you might like to invite Darcy to stay on Saturday. We have been uptight about him not accepting our offer of a reward.”

“You being his anal reward? I don’t think so darling but I enjoy your dry humor.”

Darcy drove onwards with a big grin and Alan made no effort to discuss the conversation just completed.

Darcy tailed the mayor into the office lugging the overnight attaché case of papers the mayor was meant to read. Apparently he looked at some of them during the evening when TV ads were running.

A police lieutenant and a sergeant closed in behind them as they walked though the mayor’s department to the office, Alan and the Lieutenant Brown of Special Investigations greeting one another with familiarity.

“Keeping busy Ted?”

“Yeah attempting to wind up this mess surrounding you. The chief has managed to hold off the Feds saying it’s and open and shut attempt to exchange a hostage for money.”

“I’ll go,” Darcy said casually.

“You stay here buddy,” the beefy sergeant said and shot out a hand to block Darcy from reaching the door.

In a flash of movement the sergeant’s right arm was forced up between his shoulders and he leant back gasping in agony and was practically immobilized. He croaked, “Lieutenant.”

Lieutenant Brown looked around and smiled. “Let him go, you are not engaged as a military assassin these days Private Darcy le Green, dishonestly discharge for one too many acts of insubordination and being absent without leave and interfering with daughters of senior officers.”

Darcy let go of the sergeant, watched by his gaping boss.

The police sergeant asked, “Do we book him for assault and obstructing the police in the execution of their duty?”

“I didn’t see any assault of obstruction taking place, did you Mr Mayor?”

“Who me?”

The lieutenant smiled and asked, “Well Philip?”

“I must have been mistaken. My hand got caught when I had it up high scratching my back.”

“Good man. You are staying here le Green until I say you can go. We searched your matchbox apartment this morning when you left in the limo and we found absolutely nothing that interested us, apart from a lusty bunch of adult videos, and that makes us mightily suspicious. You see we discovered the body at the bottom of Well’s Cliff is that of your predecessor.”

“Oh is that where the guy went?”

“Oh yes but 54 hours ago le Green, not just before you got his job. Perhaps you can enlighten us?”

Darcy smiled, “Do you think I’d bother with a cliff?”

The lieutenant said, “No and that’s what puzzles us. We found a baseball bat in the rocks not far from the body with plenty of fingerprints and a re-examination of the crushed skull found a depressed fracture consistent with the unlucky strike of a baseball bat so unless you are very stupid at being deceptive we don’t believe you struck the poor guy down and dumped the body. The media has not been advised yet that the victim was killed elsewhere and later dumped over the cliff. That’s pretty routine for a guy who fell out with a pal or had a deal do sour or had his wife or daughter seduced without his permission.”

“Or had his son defiled.”

“Don’t be disgusting le Green unless you possess that information.”

“No and I didn’t bash the victim who was standing outside for a smoke or a breather and cart him off, a sheer coincidence that allowed Miss Bryan to escape.”

“Ah so you admit being there?”

“Are you crazy? I was trained to never admit to anything even under duress. I was also taught to analyze as you have been done to piece together the modus operandi.”

The chauffer and the lieutenant stared at each other. Finally the lieutenant said he was inclined to believe le Green who ought to be working for the police.

“The escape during a murder was a coincidence?” gaped the sergeant.

Darcy smiled. “They do happen sergeant otherwise that word wouldn’t exist.”


When you two finish sparring, we’ll hear this,” the lieutenant said, placing a digital recorder on the mayor’s desk.

He added, “The caller’s voice is muffled, making it impossible to identify. The call was made at a public call box not far from where the victim lived.”

‘Benny speaking.’

‘Hi Benny, this is a friend. You know that bastard you ran out of town after you beat him up for fucking your wife, well he’s back in town.’

‘Who is this?’

‘A friend Benny. You can catch him now if you hurry and really boot him in the ass. The guy is laughing at you and intends to fuck the next woman you line up with.’

‘Where it he? Give me the address. I’m already running to the car.’

The lieutenant said the unknown caller gave Benny the details and urged him to hurry. At present the police had no idea who Benny was.

“Christ that’s fascinating,” said the mayor, looking a little pale. “If you manage to track down the caller you’ll be on your way to solving this.”

The lieutenant sighed and said, “It’s likely we never will identify that caller unless there is a confession.”

“Gee boss, that caller was setting up a guy to get a beating or even something much worse.”

“Yes sergeant. And how about an even more complex scenario? The caller wanted the man of the house physically immobilize, but not murdered I would suspect, to allow the caller to enter the house and release the young woman.”

“Jesus that’s clever.”

“I agree sergeant,” said the mayor, “but how would the caller know my former chauffeur had been committing adultery with the assailant’s wife?”

“A great question Mr Mayor and one we would like having answered,” the lieutenant said. “Are you okay? You look very pale?”

The lieutenant appeared to be waiting for Darcy to answer on the mayor’s behalf but it was the mayor who finally said, “Yes I will. God this is bringing everything back with vengeance. I knew my daughter would be in possible danger but nothing like this.”

The lieutenant looked disappointed to have received such a lucid and believable answer.

Darcy said, “The assailant’s wife, she would know who’d shafted her to cause this mess?”

The mayor’s mouth dropped open and then clamped shut when the lieutenant sighed and said, “Quite so le Green. Perhaps you could put a name to the assailant and that would lead us to his wife.”

“Benny lieutenant?”

The lieutenants hands opened and closed as if imitation strangulation.

Darcy turned to the mayor and said, “Who was your former chauffer fucking boss, a wife, a girlfriend or both?”

The mayor caught Darcy’s almost imperceptible nod as the police officers turned to look at the mayor answering.

“He wasn’t married as the police should have established. I’d seen him a couple of times with a woman and he confided to me when I asked him about her that she was married.”

“Give the cops her address.”

“Mrs Susan Walsh. Her husband is a drunk and a brawler who works on maintenance of street cleaning machinery. Council records will have his address.”

“Off you go sergeant. Take her in and I’ll see you at the office. Take Williams with you. I’ll ride back with the mayor.”

When the door closed behind the sergeant, the lieutenant looked sternly at the mayor and his chauffer. “I smell a conspiracy of sorts.”

“Yeah well I can understand that when you have what appears to be an unsolvable crime on your hands. The conspiracy theory is the last straw for police to grasp.”

“Le Green, perhaps a little time in our custody might help to turn you into a more sociable person. You have a cute way of keeping me on edge.”

“Mr Mayor, if that happens brief you legal guys seeking my release from unlawful detention to also include their concerns about police brutality.”

The lieutenant sighed, “See what I mean Alan? This character will be a great guy at shielding you. You might have to pay him a premium salary.”

“Thanks for that useless suggestion Ted. But what the hell is this conspiracy thing?”

“I would suggest Alan that you don’t get too cute otherwise you might slip up.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“Mr Mayor shall we go?”

The Mayor looked at his chauffer. Do we take him?”

“Yes sir. We don’t wish to be accused of upsetting a police investigation and having the lieutenant in our care means some protection from police brutality and wrongful arrest.”

The mayor laughed nervously and the lieutenant appeared to be counting to ten.

That evening when Darcy arrived home with the mayor the two women were already waiting as they had received a phoned request to be ready to do out. They got into the car and Darcy took them down to a railway line pedestrian over bridge at their local station. They parked and went to the middle of the bridge.

“This is only me being cautious,” Darcy said, as after work computer trains roared under their feet. “This morning the mayor and I were interviewed at length by the police. They suspect we might have been involved in a conspiracy to set up the abduction of the kidnapper to allow me to free you Sophie but have no proof of that and we admit to nothing. Of course what action the abductor would take would be unknown to anyone, perhaps even to the abductor until he thumped the kidnapper and took him away and then found he had the problem of knowing what to do with his trophy.”

“Omigod,” Marlene sighed.

Darcy chipped in. “Yeah well the police checked me out and found I was thrown out of Special Forces for bad discipline and having this tendency to um er date the daughters of officers. Unfortunately I mistook the young second wife of a new colonel as being his daughter and she blabbed.

“Omigod,” Sophie giggled.

“Well you are here to hear this, Alan said. “We got you back in one piece Sophie and really that’s all that matters. The abductor was given no instructions what to do with the kidnapper because the briefing was to get him away from the scene temporarily to avoid placing the hostage in danger.”

Darcy added sternly, “Now to avoid trouble all we have to do is not talk about your ordeal Sophie to anyone, not even closest relatives, and whenever the police speak to us we deny any knowledge as innocently as possible. If we do this well we leave the police holding an unsolved crime. I have brought you to this spot because we don’t know whether the limo is bugged or even your house is bugged or cops following any of us have long-range listening devices. Any questions?”

There were none.

Darcy said, “Right, let’s now we look down and point at trains and look at our small local station as if we are talking about modernization because we might be under surveillance.”

Pointing to a train Alan asked his wife, “Marlene are you comfortable about this?”

“Yes darling. A bit of intrigue always stimulates me and you know I lie expertly.”


“Yes daddy,” Sophie said pointing at the train station. “You and mommy have inadvertently taught me all about deception and to lie expertly.”

“God that makes you lot sound like a dysfunctional family,” Darcy said. He caught the angry looks and hastened to say, “But of course I see how you love each other.”

“God you were just saved by the bell,” Sophie gritted.

But she redeemed herself by whispering into Darcy’s ear as they walked back, “Are you interested in having sex?”

She caught up with her parents before Darcy could ask with whom and when? He looked at her beautifully founded ass and then had to cough because he felt a boner beginning to rise to the occasion.

That night Darcy thought he must kill the abductor because if apprehended he could blow open the whole thing if his wife had confessed the adulterer had been the mayor and not the chauffer. But then it occurred to him the police had a copy of the recording of the phone message and there would be no evidence that he and the abductor had spoken to each other at any other time. In fact even now he didn’t know the guy’s surname.

And then two mornings later when he arrived to pick up Alan, the mayor asked had he read the morning’s newspaper.

“Yeah and most of it is bad news for most people.”

“Well the guy who threatened to jump off the top of the United Bank building, and finally did and fatally so was another coincidence.”

“Why’s that, was he the abductor?” Darcy asked slightly sarcastically.

“Yeah as a matter of fact he was the guy who mistakenly beat up Jack Green.”


“Yeah and there will now be no need for his wife’s divorce. The widow is back a thousand miles away in her old hometown. She was one of my personal assistants, a woman with really great legs. It was her fault; she enticed me.”

Darcy sighed. One would think a mayor would accept some personal responsibility for such an unfortunate chapter of events.


Smelling of roses because he was carrying some for the mom, Darcy rang the bell answered by Sophie, wearing a tight, very tight green silk dress with fancy bits attached.

They kissed and he said, “Hi when do we fuck?”

She scolded, “Darcy le Green, you step back four paces and approach the door again and greet me and when you say something foul like that add please because it’s how polite people talk.”


“Well go on. Do it.”

He shuffled back four steps, returned to the doorstep, said hi and kissed her and said, “Please when do we fuck?”

“That’s very much improved,” she smiled, pulling him in by the arm, taking care to avoid the roses, and asking, “If those are for mommy what do your have for me?”

“A bulging seven and a half inches that’s dripping…”

She let go of his arm and step away one pace.

“Darcy le Green. You simply cannot speak to me in that manner when I’m not heated up and anyway you have no status with me. I have a boyfriend who loves me.”

His eyes flashed after he mumbled well yes but did she love that guy. She frowned and murmured something that sounded like ‘Oh shit’.

Darcy threw an arm around her and cupped a breast.


He ignored her and squeezed and said, “So you want to dump him?”

“I didn’t say that.”

He thought it would be cruel to squeeze harder and dropped his arm and stepped away.

She moaned, “I wanted you to squeeze again, hard.”

Darcy almost dropped the roses just as Marlene arrived, eyed the flowers and cooed were those for her.


“What did you bring for Sophie?”

“Sexy talk.”

“Oh my I’ll leave you two hotbeds of passion alone for ten minutes.”

“He speaks to me about that aggressively and moves on me aggressively mom.”

“That’s wonderful darling, you’ll know exactly where you stand with him.”

Sophie stood with her mouth wide open for at least two seconds.

Her mom smiled at her encouragingly and walked off talking to the roses about being lovely nice girls.

“Don’t they have boy roses?”

“What?” was the vague answered and Darcy didn’t see the need to repeat his comment.

Sophie eyed him speculatively.

He said softly and with a beautiful smile, “May I feel your tits properly?”

She lowered her head a little shyly and said yes.

Darcy had just pressed his big mitts around them when her father appeared.

“Hi you two, busy I see.”

Both held their nerve and Darcy held on.

“Dad is it okay if Darcy stays the night um and shares my bed?”

“Yeah but confirm with your mom will you? Come with me pal and I’ll show you around.”

“What do you approve?” Sophie gasped but by then the two guys had turned away and her dad was rabbiting on about something to her pending seducer.

Sophie was aware at her approach to mid-age she didn’t have to ask them for approval to have sex but if the venue was her parents’ house she should seek approval.

“Mom can I have Darcy in my bed tonight?”

“Do you mean before or just after dinner and later for the entire night?”

“Oh I didn’t realize there was more than one option.”

“Goodness girl, what’s wrong with you? Your thinking appears all muddled and you really shouldn’t plan to have sex without being in possession of details.”

“I want him with me all night.”

“That’s fine darling but check with your father for confirmation. He likes to know what goes on in our house.”

“Thanks mom,” Sophie said, knowing her prospects of having noisy sex without undue detection were better in this vast house than in her shared apartment where she was about to reside once again.

When her father returned with the visitor and went off to fetch drinks, Sophie whispered to Darcy both parents had said it was okay if he decided to sleep with her.

He said gravely, “If I do decide to share your bed what will we do while we are still awake?”

She blushed orange.

She gurgled if she had some idea what they ought to do then why didn’t he?”

He replied he was shy with new women preparing to do it for the first time.

She gaped, “You are shy?”

He had the grace to look like a caught-out liar.

They sat in a moment of silence and she said, “Is it true you have seven and a half inches and it’s fat?”

He teased, “How is it you possess such intimate knowledge about me? Part your thighs and pull your panties aside. It’s only fair I should have equitable information.”

Puffing like a runner ascending a huge hill, Sophia with her eyes skiing all over the place like an airborne moth blinded by light, parted her legs and pulled her panty leg aside.

“God how I look forward to sinking my teeth into that fat-lipped hospitality center.”

Aghast, eyes almost rolling out of sight and breathing through a wide opened mouth Sophia slammed her legs together and jerked down her skirt just as her father entered with drinks.

“You two appear awfully quiet,” Alan said. “Haven’t you anything to talk about?”

“I’d just asked had she a pussy,” Darcy said somberly. “The question appeared to throw her.”

Alan laughed and said Darcy ought to know how nubile women thought. “Yes the family cat is a shy tabby.”

He handed Sophia a martini and she gulped it down in three rapid glugs and held the empty glass out to her father.

“Wow you must have been dry. Here have your mother’s drink.”

The next big crisis for Sophie, who thought perhaps she was just beginning to understand Darcy’s aggression, came when from the kitchen Marlene called to Alan to come and cut the meat.

With two martinis and two white wines under her belt, it was not surprising that Darcy, sitting beside her at the table looking out at the view, roamed and arm and found her legs spaced apart lethargically. That allowed him to push forth a hand to brush aside a panty leg, scoop up a fingertip of pungent moisture and be back out from between her knees before they slammed shut.

Darcy held that finger under her nose.

“Omigod,” said she.

She opened her mouth to berate him when into that cavity filled with acute tasting sensors popped the aforementioned finger.

Sophie then must have realized she should act like a good girl and so sucked and withdrawing off the finger smacked her lips noisily.

“Good girl,” he said, approvingly. “It’s pleasing you appreciate a scent that is quintessentially part of your very being.”

If Sophia rejected that as typical male baloney she didn’t show it. Instead she leaped at him and bending his head back in that impact rammed her tongue deep into his mouth and…

“Sophia darling, please tidy up for mains,” her mom said mildly, entering the room with two big plates of roasted root vegetables and steaming greens.

As if unwilling to panic, Sophia said, “Mom…”

“I know darling. Your hormones are screaming at you to lay this hunky man. Ride with it but do try to tone it down a bit huh? You won’t wish to embarrass your father.”

Sophia walked from the room to the bathroom with great dignity, aware her nipples were out like stalks and her breast was heaving.

She returned thankfully before her father did because her mother smiled reassuringly and said, “Undo the two top buttons of your silk shirt darling. The top is so tight you’re showing everything as if magnified.”

Darcy smirked and Sophia cringed.

Alan joined them and that brought relief for Sophie because her parents worked in tandem to squeeze information out of Darcy, much of which she found interesting.

They each had two red wines and during dessert her father said, “This colonel’s wife that you shafted not knowing she wasn’t the colonel’s daughter.”

“What’s that about a wife?” Marlene slurred.

Alan related what he’d heard when the police lieutenant was interviewing he and Darcy.

“So you just slung the married women over your shoulder and went off?” Marlene suggested.

But Darcy protested it wasn’t like that, at least initially.

“Then how was it?”

There was a table packed with daughters, several of whom I’d um….”

“Known carnally?”

“Er yes. Anyway this new arrival, partly Asian she was, slipped down under the table and the next thing I knew she was unzipped me and began sucking to get me erect.”

Marlene’s eyes practically popped as she said, “Omigod I’ve never had that happen to me.”

Darcy said gravely, “You have to get your legs opened wide Marlene.”

The family cracked up and both women were dabbing at their eyes.

“Well I took her into the kitchen storage room and gave her what she wanted, twice I think and next morning I was arrested to interfering with an officer’s wife and apparently that was the final straw. I appeared before a bunch of jealous officers in the military court and was thrown out without additional penalty because of my quote, significant acts of bravery inside hostile territory, unquote.”

“Examples please,” Alan said.

“Oh just doing this and that while alarms were going and enemy guys were running around shooting and trying to find me, rescuing a captured fellow lieutenant and humping a shot up comrade with a shot-up hip and taking the straight line home through a known minefield to get him to the medics because we couldn’t completely stop the blood flow because no choppers were available. You know, the sort of things guys do because it’s part of the job.”

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