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I come home late and exhausted after a long day at work. I have to get some sleep tonight or tomorrow will be a nightmare. The house is cold and dark and it could only mean one thing, she is out with HIM. I try to put it out of my mind, I need sleep, and I can’t allow myself to dwell on what my wife is doing. So tired, I undress and crawl into bed without even showering or brushing my teeth.

Yet there it is, that knot in my stomach, gnawing at my insides churning up the bile in my stomach so much I can taste it. My much-needed sleep evades me as my mind keeps spinning around, as my fears grow. What if tonight’s the night she doesn’t come home, this is has become my biggest concern. Ellen has already told me that if HE asks her to she will leave me for him and the look on her face confirms that she would. What could I do to keep her that I don’t do already? I not only earn more than enough money for us so she doesn’t need to work, I also do all the cooking cleaning and laundry so she is free to do what she wishes.

I tell myself to grow a pair and just leave, and then we’d see if HE would put up with her. Yet I know I won’t, even the little we have left is something I don’t wish to lose. Besides, it’s all my fault; I’m the one who kept urging her to find a lover. I wanted to be her cuckold and when I first told her of my fantasy, she was repulsed and called me sick. However, slowly she let me introduce it as roll play as we made love and soon she even joined in with some ideas of her own.

The first time we put our fantasy into reality was when an old school buddy came to town and stopped by to visit. I invited him to dinner and we all drank a little too much. We both could tell that he was interested in Ellen, he flirted with her while touching her as he sat close. I thought to myself that it was now or never, so I excused myself to go clean up the kitchen leaving them alone. I took as long as I could to give my friend the opportunity to make a move and then made sure to announce my entrance back into the front room. I could tell something had happened by the looks on their faces and it caused my dick to throb. I asked if anyone would like coffee and then Ellen said she would help. Once in the kitchen she announced that Walt had kissed her after I left the room. She told me it had excited her and she asked me what I thought. As my answer, I put her hand on my erection, causing her to smile. She asked me how far should she allow my friend to go, and I answered as far as she wanted. I quickly devised a plan and put it in play.

“I sorry Walt but we out of coffee, I’m just going to run to the store. Honey you entertain our friend while I’m gone.”

I drove the car around the block then parked and walked back to peek in our window. I was surprised but aroused to see that Walt hadn’t waited and was now making out with my wife on our front couch. When he put his hand on her breast, she didn’t try to stop him and that seemed to give him the green light. He soon had her top pulled down and her breasts exposed to his kisses as Ellen had her head tilted back and her hands running through his hair. She brought her head up and looked me right in the eye as I watched through the window she smiled then winked. She then said something to Walt who then stood up and undid his pants letting drop to the floor. I too had my pants down around my ankles jacking off as I watched the two fondle each other. Walt sat on the couch, Ellen sat on top of him, and I could tell that he was inside her. As I watched her ride him I shot my sperm on the ground. He didn’t last too long either and I watched him thrust one final time as he came. Ellen kissed him, and then jumped up cupping her pussy with her hand while she ran to the bathroom. Walt not even bothering to clean himself pulled his pants up and then sat on the couch. When Ellen came back out in the room, I went to my car and called. I told her the store had closed and that I would have to go to another one. She told me not to bother because she was tired and that Walt had to leave.

When I got home he was gone, I ran to our bedroom to see my wife lying there naked and waiting for me. I crawled on top of her and put my dick in her wet pussy.

“Does it excite you to put you dick in your wife’s already fucked pussy?”

All I could say was, “Yes, yes,” I came adding my load to Walt’s. We fucked twice more that night, each time my wife teasing me about getting sloppy seconds from her. Each time she would say it I would cum as the thought excited me beyond control.

The next morning we talked at breakfast about our special night. Ellen said she became really turned on when she saw me watching but that she was disappointed with Walt as a lover. She said that next time she wanted to pick whom she would sleep with and I told her that anybody she fancied would be more than fine with me. I went to work walking on cloud nine and I felt like the luckiest man in the world.

The following year was a whirlwind of new lovers for Ellen as she tried different men around town. We would go out to the bars and with her good looks and healthy body, she had no problem picking up men, often leaving me there alone as she walked out with them. A few times, I was allowed to watch but we found most men feel uncomfortable with the husband watching while they fucked their wives. Ellen always included me after, telling me all the details as we fucked.

That leads us to HIM; I wasn’t with her when they met. She called me at work and said she would be home late and that she would bring me a surprise. This was our code for her coming home well fucked and it always excited me. However, she didn’t come home until the following morning. I told her I was worried sick but all she said was that she had so much fun that she lost track of time. That was the first time with HIM and my life has never been the same. At first, she would tell me how good a lover HE was but lately she refuses to talk about HIM.

Now all I can do is lie here feeling inadequate, humiliated, and helpless. She goes to him whenever he calls not caring about our plans. I feel jealous and yet have no one to blame but myself. Still the idea of my wife spreading her legs for this faceless man excites me as much as it ever has. To know that she would do whatever he asked is like being kicked in the stomach and I am ashamed of my feelings.

Suddenly I hear a car pull up in our driveway and I go to the window to peek. I don’t know if it is HIS or not as it just sits there idling but it is too dark to see in the windows. Finally, I see the passenger door open and now I can see Ellen get out and run to the house. I jump back in bed as she comes into our room. She comes to me and kisses me on the lips and then she offers me her tongue. As I open my mouth, she feeds me her lover’s spunk that she collected from him in our driveway. I swallow her gift trying not to gag as she cleans her tongue on my face. I am disgusted but I can’t tell if it is from what she has done to me, or the hard-on it has given me. Ellen then gets up, takes off her dress, I notice is naked underneath it and then climbs into bed to sleep. As for me I lie there with the knot in my stomach growing.

As soon as I graduated, mummy put me to work in her company; it was a job with a title, a corner office, and even a staff. I was in charge of a division that I knew nothing about and therefore, I was relieved that mummy had hired an administrative assistant named Daphne Russell who knew the business and ran my office with an iron hand. It didn’t take long for me to realize that my degree in nineteenth century poets did little for me in the business world and so I deferred to MS. Russell when decisions needed to be made.

MS. Russell would never be called handsome but every time I was near her, I could feel my pulse rise and a tingling in my loins. She was a large full figured woman with large breasts and a plump round derrière so erotic that even in business attire her assets seemed to me to be on display. As she was older than I was, it just seemed natural that although I was the boss, she called me Roger and I called her MS. Russell. I remember one day she was in my office awaiting my signature on some projects she started and as she sat there, I couldn’t help but notice that her shoe was dangling off the end of her toes. I can’t explain it but I felt a moment of intimacy and I let my eyes travel up her leg to where I could see the suspenders attached to her stockings. I heard her clear her throat and looked up to see her watching me. Completely humiliated by my oblivious intrusions on her privacy, I rushed to sign the papers and then excused myself and fled to my private bathroom.

I had a throbbing erection and as I had done as a boy, I relieved myself into the sink. When I came out of the bathroom, I was surprised to see she was still in my office, she had a wry smile on her face and as she got up to leave she said,

“Well I hope you enjoyed yourself.”

After that incident, our dynamic changed dramatically as I could feel the sexual tension rise and everything we discussed appeared to have an innuendo hidden in it. She may have talked business but all I could think about was the thought of burying my face between her large bosoms.

One night as we worked late, she took off her jacket to get comfortable; she was wearing a sheer blouse that showed off her brassiere. She must not have noticed that the top two buttons were undone exposing a lot of décolleté. I know that I was starring but I was helpless not to, I was snapped back to reality when she said,

“Do you not know how disrespectful to women it is when you ogle them like that? If I were your mother, I’d take you over my knee and give you a good paddling. Tell me; didn’t your mother ever spank you?”

I was overwhelmed as my mixed emotions got the best of me,

“Yes Mam, whenever I was naughty my mummy would make me take my pants down, lay me down across her knees and then spank my naked behind.”

“Is that what I need to do to you to get you to behave?”

Completely out of control now, I fell to my knees in front of her,

“Yes, yes, that’s what I need, it’s what I want.”

“Roger stand up, now unfasten your pants and let them drop to the floor, good now slide down those silly little boys underwear you’re wearing. Now walk over here and lie across my lap.”

With my pants around my ankles I even felt more foolish as I had to sashay over to her. She hiked her skirt up and I could see her naked thighs spilling out of the tops of her stockings just like my mother’s did. She said nothing about my erection thank god, for I’m not sure if I could have survived the humiliation. Naked and exposed across her lap first I felt my manhood slip between her thighs and then she closed her legs trapping me. With each slap of her bare hand, I found myself thrusting between her stockings and suddenly I climaxed. My punishment for lack of control was to be forced on my knees to lick my deposit from her stockings and thighs, as I licked higher up her leg my nose brushed against a wet spot on her panties. She grabbed me by the hair and held me still as she rutted against my nose for a while and then she pushed me away. MS Russell stood, adjusted her skirt, then she picked up her coat and walked out of the office. After that day, these dalliances of castigation occurred from time to time and I relished each and everyone.

When mummy passed away, it seemed only natural that MS. Russell would move into the mansion with me, after all it was much too large for just me and a year later when we married, I was the happiest man alive. Although my bride enjoyed my nurturing of her most private spot with my lips and my tongue she felt that sexual intercourse was a vulgar display, however we did consummate our marriage. We both have learned to enjoy our little punishment sessions along with my oral massages to her vulva more than the actual sex act. She instructed me to call her mummy and I took to it with ease. My wife officially took my job and title and I stayed home and took care of the house. For her administrative assistant she hired a man named Chuck, he was a burly man but my wife said she needed strong man to assist her. She told me that he was a lot of help to her but it seemed to me that since she hired him she was is spending more time at the office instead of less.

I remember the morning Daphne summoned me to her bedroom where she was sitting on her bed, leaning back against the posh brocade headboard she had her gown pulled up and her legs spread so far apart that her slit was exposed to me. She had her hand to her sex and was casually rubbing herself,

“Roger dearest would you like to kiss mummy’s clitoris? I can feel it throbbing and in need of attention.”

Oh yes I wanted this dearly but as I crawled between her legs she put her hand to my head to stop me.

“Yes, yes I want you so much, but first I need you to sign these papers for me.”

She pulled some legal papers and a pen from under her covers and put them before me. Mummy, I mean my real mother had always warned me to never sign anything before I read it but no matter hard I tried I could not concentrate on anything but the exposed treasures between her thighs. I finally gave in and just signed them, I mean it was my wife after all so why not. I gave them back to her and while I did my best to orally please her she read through the papers as though I wasn’t even there.

It was only after she moved her assistant into our house did I learn what I had signed. I told her it was unacceptable for him to be living there, she told me I could leave if I didn’t like it and then she showed me the papers I’d signed giving her all my assets. I was now trapped in my own home and without a penny to my name; I couldn’t leave or change my situation. Daphne and Chuck began to behave more as lovers than as boss and assistant even going as far as him openly fondling her in front of me. At night I would lie in my room and hear them doing things I had only dreamt about, I would become so aroused I would abuse myself as I imagined it was I not him in her bedroom.

I know that if I were more of a man I would stop this ruffian from molesting my wife instead of listening through the walls like a voyeur, but alas, I am not. Much like men facing long prison terms I have learned to survive my lot in life, nothing more than a servant in my own house. If I were to be allowed one wish, without a doubt, it would be once again stretched across mummy’s lap with my penis squeezed tight between her stocking covered thighs as she delivers a spanking to my bare bum.

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