cream pie

Stacy couldn’t believe what she was doing, returning to work following a day full of being gang raped and humiliated at the hands of her own coworkers. She did have a lot of loose ends that needed to be covered off on though with all the work that was left undone the day before. She had to go in and finish up her responsibilities, besides, what happened yesterday had to be a one time thing right? I mean they wouldn’t just jump on me and use me for their own pleasure again right?

Stacy was wearing a cute navy blue one-piece short dress with a pair of high-heeled shoes. She walked quickly to the front door of her office building and carried with her, her purse and her briefcase.

Stacy walked in and the first desk that she had to pass by was Janie’s who noticed Stacy walking in and stepped out and stood before Stacy like she was there to collect something. “Give me your panties Stacy. Remember the rules Stacy, or should I say Fuck Slut. When you come in every morning you have to take your panties off at my desk and hand them over to me for the day. If I have to tell you again, you have to strip down and spend the day working naked. Now, give me your panties.” Janie smirked.

“I can’t believe you’re really doing this. Fine.” Stacy drew up her skirt and pulled her lacey red boy-shorts panties down to her feet, stepped out of them and then slapped them in a crumpled ball into Janie’s waiting hand. “There. Now leave me alone!” Stacy started to walk to her desk.

“Where do you think your going!? I had to tell you twice to give me your panties. You’re going to strip down and work naked today, slut. GUYS!” Janie reveled in her control of Stacy.

Randy, Steve, and John came running over.

“What the Hell’s going on here?” Randy yelled jokingly as he cupped and lifted his now bulging male package with his left hand. Steve already had his cock out, semi hard, sticking through the open zipper in his pants.

“I had to tell Stacy to give up her panties twice. She has to strip down and hand me her clothes. She’s working naked today.” Janie chimed in.

Stacy tried running for the door, but Steve and John grabbed her and pinned her face first down to the floor. “You knew the rules Fuck Slut, now WE’RE gonna take your clothes off for you, and fuck you good for being disobedient.” Steve said as he struggled to hold Stacy down.

Stacy couldn’t believe she was about to be raped by her coworkers again. Janie had quickly pounced on Stacy’s legs and began pulling off Stacy’s high-heeled shoes. Randy was already undoing her outfit’s back zipper as Steve and John held her down. She tried to struggle but could do little else but begin sobbing out loud as Randy opened the back of her dress and undid the back of her racy red bra. Within seconds with Steve and John’s help Randy had Stacy’s dress pulled up over her waist exposing her tan bare bottom and pussy to everyone assaulting her. Stacy couldn’t believe it but even though she was scared and mortified, being dominated like this was turning her on. She could feel that her pussy was becoming drenched as Randy pulled her crumpled dress and now bra up past her bare breasts to her armpits. The scent of her wet pussy was beginning to fill the air around her and her attackers. Janie got up off Stacy’s legs and walked over to her desk and began going though one of her drawers.

“Come on you guys! You can’t do this! Please!” Stacy sobbed as Steve and John forcibly moved Stacy’s arms up and over her head allowing Randy to slide Stacy’s clothes completely off her now completely vulnerable and naked tan body.

“This is part of your training. You little fuck slut.” Randy said calmly as Janie came walking back with a ring mouth gag.

“What do you mean, training!? C’mon you guys. Augh! Come on. Don’t do this to me! What do you mean?” Stacy said now in a panic.

“We. Are going to turn you into a full-blown sex slave. For real.” John said as he fought to keep Stacy from breaking free from their collective grasp.

“I’ll never go along with it. You can’t make me!”

“Ryan’s already set things in motion to make sure this happens, slut. You’re going to become a living sexual plaything, and there’s nothing that you can do about it.”

“Bullshit!” Stacy shouted back at John.

“Fuck this. Let’s get that ring in her mouth! Then we can fuck her mouth all we want.” Said John. Randy pinched and twisted Stacy’s right butt cheek making Stacy scream out in pain.

“Ahhhow! Aughh.” Stacy exclaimed and Janie slipped in the ring mouth gag in place pinning Stacy’s mouth open.

Now totally naked and helpless John and Steve picked up and walked Stacy over to Janie’s desk bending her over the desktop and pinning her torso and one side of her head down onto the desk. One of John’s hands held Stacy’s head down so her face stuck out over the side of Janie’s desk. Randy and Janie started to take their clothes off gleefully looking forward to ravaging Stacy again.

With his almost fully erect cock already out, Steve began to fuck Stacy’s open mouth. “Oh yeah. You remember this cock in your mouth from yesterday, don’t you whore? Ahh!” Steve began to pump Stacy’s mouth harder as Randy got in position behind Stacy’s fully exposed pussy and asshole.

Randy grabbed one of Stacy’s round tanned butt cheeks and one side of her pussy’s vulva with one hand, opening her moist tight pussy with his thumb as he guided his fully erect cock in between Stacy’s meaty pink pussy lips with his other hand. “Ahh come on. Get. In. There… There we go! Oh my God Stacy. You must be a total prude at home. Your pussy is waaay too tight. We’re gonna change that for your Hubby too. Ha ha ha ha! It’s going to be great watching you descend into being a sex object. God I love this!” Randy now gripped Stacy on each side just above her curvy hips as he plowed her pussy with abandon.

As Randy and Steve ravaged Stacy’s defenseless pussy and mouth, Janie approached John from behind and reached around him resting her naked breasts on his back and began to undress him. First undoing his belt and pants, letting them fall to the floor and then sliding down his designer briefs helping him step out of them and his pants. John’s erect penis now swinging free, Janie then started to unbutton his shirt to get him as nude as his coworkers so he could help gang rape Stacy.

“Thanks Janie! Way to be a team player!” John smiled as she slid his shirt off one arm at a time to allow him to keep Stacy from slipping free from her double penetration.

Stacy could hear more of her co-workers entering the office and murmuring things as they walked by her being gang raped. She felt mortified but something in her body was coming to life. Her pussy really responded to her being dominated and used. Even now she could feel herself getting close to cumming as Randy and Steve invaded her pussy and mouth.

Steve began pumping Stacy’s mouth even harder and she could see Steve’s ball sack contract upward, and suddenly… “Ahh! Ahhh! Ahh! Oh Yeah!” Steve exclaimed as he pumped his seed into Stacy’s mouth.

Stacy couldn’t believe how much hot thick cum Steve shot into her mouth. It seemed to her like he came forever. It had to have been almost 10 shots of cum. There was so much cum in her mouth and with the mouth gag in Stacy could do little else but just let the cum pour out onto the floor.

Steve withdrew his cock from Stacy’s open mouth and She could feel John letting up the pressure on her back and head. She propped herself up by her own arms and let Randy continue to fuck her pussy. Her beautiful C cup breasts now hanging free of the desktop in the open air began swinging and swirling wildly with Randy pounding her from behind.

John and Steve weren’t switching positions like she thought they might. Janie suddenly sat herself on her desk top in front of Stacy, reached out and undid the ring mouth gag. “Guess what fuck slut? You’re going to finish what you started for me yesterday. Eat my pussy! Janie grabbed Stacy by the back of her head with both hands and pulled her face down to her eagerly moist well-trimmed pussy.

The scent of Janie’s pussy filled Stacy’s nostrils as her face was pressed into Janie’s vulva. Stacy stuck out her jizz coated tongue and began to part Janie’s engorged pussy lips. She began to lick Janie’s pussy trying to mimic the way she liked having her Husband Chad lick her.

Randy was able to hold off from cumming up until now, but once he started watching Stacy being forced to eat Janie’s trimmed brunette pussy he couldn’t hold out any more and felt his rock hard penis prepare to launch a massive load of cum. He really wanted to stick it to Stacy though so Randy pulled out of Stacy’s violated sloppy pussy, SMACK! Slapped Stacy’s left ass cheek really hard and began to jack off his hard pussy juice coated cock with his right hand.

“Ooowwwll!” Stacy almost lost her footing and fell to the floor, but Janie quickly grabbed her by the base of the head and chin, and John was quick to catch her by the torso and shoved her back up into place, bent over Janie’s desktop before punching Stacy lightly in the side of her rib cage causing her boobs to hypnotically flail left and right.

“Get back where you belong Fuck Slut!”

Just as Stacy’s tan bare ass came back right in front of Randy’s cock he began to shoot his load in big long streaks hitting Stacy from the top of her ass crack all the way up her back to her neck and getting into her hair. “Holy shit! Ahhhh ah ah ah ah ahhhhh! Yeah! Oh my God you guys. I’ve never cum that much.”

Stacy could feel Randy’s huge warm cum load stretching up the full length of her back. She never felt more used and defiled. It’s not like her Husband Chad hadn’t cum on her before but she never cared for it and she only tolerated it because it was early in their relationship and she was trying to rope him in to be her man. She would never be okay with Chad cumming on her like that now that they were married. What was worse is Stacy had no idea how she was going to wipe that cum off her back. She could feel it begin to ooze down toward her ass and she could feel it begin to pour down her ass crack over her anus.

Keep going Slut, I’m near! Janie moaned as Stacy continued to lick Janie’s pretty little pussy. Stacy noticed that Janie’s pussy was not as meaty as hers and she was actually enjoying herself a little exploring with her tongue in the inner sides of Janie’s little vulva cheeks and her cute little labia and clit. She began to concentrate more on Janie’s clitoris now and began to press hard on it with her tongue between bursts of little licks.

John stepped in behind Stacy stroking his hard cock. “Looks like I’m going to plow Randy’s sloppy seconds.” John cupped Stacy’s pussy with the palm of his right hand and plunged his thumb into her warm wet vagina parting her pussy lips. He guided his fully erect cock in with his other had and was delighted to feel how easily he slid right in. “Oh yeah, fuckin’ A! This slut is actually pretty tight. We are going to loosen you up real good for your Hubby. How’s it feel to be dominated and taken? I bet you have guys fawning over you every day of your life up until now. Well guess what? We’re gonna own the power now. Get used to it Slut! Ahh! Yeah! Nice! Talking down to you bought me a few more minutes Stacy. I’m so going to top off your tank and pump your juicy pussy full of cum. Ahha ha ha ha! I love it!

Janie really started to respond to Stacy licking her pussy. “Oh my God! I’m cumming! Ahhhhhhhh! Janie’s back arched and her pussy launched a messy flow of cum out of the base of her pink opening hitting Stacy on and in the mouth with the rest smearing onto Janie’s wet vulva. Janie pushed Stacy up and away from her and got up off of her desk. Thank you Fuck Slut, I will definitely be back for more of that oral attention. Mmmmmhhmmmm. Janie said with a grin as she opened a baby wipe canister and began to wipe off her pussy, ass, and the inside of her legs.

Janie then began collecting Stacy’s clothing articles and effects off the floor and locked them in one of the large drawers in her desk. “You won’t be needing these today, Slut. Ha ha ha ha ha! We so own you now.” Janie was grinning evilly from ear to ear as she looked a Stacy being ravaged.

Stacy, defeated propped herself upon Janie’s desk by her elbows and let John finish inside her. She could feel Randy’s cum running down her back toward her ass now. John colliding with her ass cheeks repeatedly has his rock hard manhood plowed her female mound made the cum on her back run down even more and caused her bountiful C cup boobs to really swirl and bounce through the air. John saw Randy’s cum all running down Stacy’s back too and took the top of his right hand and scooped up a good portion of Randy’s jizz on his index and middle fingers and popped them into Stacy’s unsuspecting mouth. As he withdrew his fingers, Randy’s cool dollop of cum scrapped off on the inside of Stacy’s right inner cheek and poured over her tongue and in between her right cheek and gum. John immediately cupped Stacy’s jaw with his right hand and clasped her mouth shut with his thumb pressing down over the ridge of her nose.

“Swallow the cum bitch! It’s gotta go somewhere and what better place than down your throat.” John said with an evil grin as he continued to plow Stacy’s sloppy violated pussy. John was really going now causing the flesh of Stacy’s ass cheeks to ripple rhythmically with each thrust and her round soft breasts were flailing beautifully with abandon.

John could feel his loins prepare to launch a monster load of cum. “Here it comes Slut!” John stopped thrusting and pushed his rock hard cock as deep into Stacy’s pussy as he could go. “Ahhhh! Ahhhhh! Take what I give you Slut! Oh my God Yeah!” John Slowly withdrew and grabbed Stacy by the neck bringing her head up to his with her back still to him. “Tell me you want me whore!” John said and he sucked Stacy’s left ear lobe into his mouth and bit down.

“Oww! I want you!” Stacy cried out.

John grabbed the container of baby wipes from Janie’s desk and slammed it into Stacy’s mid section into her hands. “I thought so. Now go get cleaned up and get to work. Ryan says we have a meeting in the conference room at 10:00 am.” SMACK! John slapped Stacy’s right ass cheek and shoved her forward. “Get over to your desk! Go!”

As Stacy walked across the office to her desk she could feel John’s huge cum load draining out of her meaty pussy lips onto the inside of her legs. As she scurried toward her desk she left a trail of semen dollops on the floor. Her tanned breasts and ass cheeks wiggled and wobbled before everyone’s eyes as she walked. To everyone’s delight she began her humiliating day of working completely naked already looking like a used cum-slut whore.

Stacy was stuck. God only knows how many photos they had of her appearing to enjoy yesterday’s sexual encounter. Not to mention being surrounded by her sexually dominant bully coworkers with no clothes, no shoes, no purse, no car keys, and no cell phone. Only left with her jewelry she was wearing, and the semen and pussy juices some of her coworkers left on her face, back, ass, and in her mouth and pussy. Defeated and humiliated Stacy pulled some baby wipes from the canister John shoved in her hands and began to wipe her vulva, labia, ass crack, and inner thighs clear of semen. She pulled another two sheets out and wiped off her face and chin. She couldn’t wipe out the smell of Janie’s pussy completely as some of Janie’s pussy juices managed to ooze up into Stacy’s nostrils while she had worked her tongue and mouth from Janie’s clit to the base of her vaginal opening while eating her out. Stacy couldn’t believe this was happening to her. All the while she was wiping herself clean, standing there completely naked, Alison, Matt, and Chet worked at their desks only feet away normally as free people. Why was this happening to her? She tossed the used baby wipes into her trash basket at her desk and walked as quickly as she could to the restroom without causing her breasts and tanned ass cheeks from wobbling and jiggling too much for everyone to see. She had to relieve herself before the 10 AM meeting that was less than 10 minutes away from starting. “God! How am I going to sit at the conference room table completely naked with everyone else fully clothed!? How could they do this to me!?” She thought.

Stacy finished using the toilet and washing and freshening up and came back into the office. “Shit! They’re all already in the conference room waiting for me.”

Stacy scampered to her desk, grabbed a large notepad and pen and scurried to the conference room at the back of the office. Her breasts and ass cheeks jiggled fantastically the whole way there. She entered the conference room meekly clutching her pen and notepad to her chest in a poor attempt to cover herself. Both of her nipples were peeking around the sides of the notepad, and she could do nothing to cover her blonde well-trimmed fuzzy womanhood below.

“Nice of you to join us Fuck Slut.” Ryan snapped at her. I heard about what happened this morning, and LOOK AT YA NOW! Working stark naked for the whole day because you wouldn’t give your panties up as you came in. If you’re late to another meeting you’ll be working bare naked for a week.”

“You know, I think we need to add something to our meeting today. We need some entertainment for the team, I mean it is a whole hour. I think we need to have our budding sex slave whore, play with herself for the duration. Stacy, get up from your chair, go to the wall over there. I said get up and get over there, Slut! Matt! Grab her naked ass and get her over there!

Matt quickly stood grabbed Stacy under her left arm and hoisted her up and drug her half stumbling to the far wall in front of the whole team her boobs swinging wildly all the way there.

“Augh! God! Okay.” She stood before them trying to cover herself.

Ryan stood and pointed at her from across the table. “Now, face the wall, put your left hand on the wall, and bend over, stick your bare ass and pussy out toward us and start playing with that blonde pussy of yours, and don’t stop until I tell you.”

Stacy turned and positioned herself as Ryan ordered her, and reached between her legs with her right hand and parted her vulva and labia with her middle finger and began to rub her clit slowly. “Uhhh. Mmmhhhh.” Stacy was shocked that she made noises of pleasure while being humiliated like this.

Alison and Chet, seated closest to where Stacy was standing could already catch the scent of Stacy’s open vagina in the air, smirking gleefully as they watched her.

“Are you a little dry down there now? Here let me help you out whore.” Ryan stood and made his way to the corner of the room and produced a bottle of lube from behind a potted plant in the corner. Ryan then approached Stacy as she pleasured herself and held the bottle of lube about 2 feet above her bare bottom arched out for all to see. He then gave the bottle a generous squeeze unloading what felt like a tidal wave of lube to Stacy pouring down from the top of her ass crack, over her anus, and down into her spread labia and vulva over her hand. Feeling the additional lubrication, her fingers began to really rub and caress her exposed womanhood. “That’s it, now you’re wet again. Now give us a nice hour-long show. Don’t go too fast now.” Ryan sat down and got to business.

“Now, we are going to figure out what we are going to do with the sales commissions for Stacy’s accounts.”

“Hey, that money is from my hard work! It belongs to me!” Stacy yelled out as she stood and turned facing Ryan with her fists clenched at her sides.

“All right.” Ryan stood, and began to get undressed laying his clothing over the back of his chair. “Turn around and keep playing with yourself! Obviously you have forgotten what you are. We, are, making you, our, sexual, plaything.” Ryan slid his boxer shorts off, his cock now exposed and becoming erect pulsing with each of his heartbeats. “Now like I was saying. I think Alison and Matt will take those commission payments, and Stacy here will remain on a comfortable salary, but will be taking on a new role. …Permanent Sex Slave. Since you don’t know your place yet Stacy, I’m going to take that asshole of yours. Oh and ah, keep playing with yourself while I’m using your asshole to get me off.”

This is chapter 3 of a series, All characters in this story are 18 and up in age

Johnny stood just outside the door to his girlfriends house for what seemed like forever as he tried to gather his thoughts. “I can’t believe that all just happened! I had sex with them and I let a guy suck my cock.” Johnny was not disgusted with himself but rather shocked that he did all that. “I don’t know what has come over me.” He stood there talking out loud to himself as the he could begin to hear the familiar sound of sex again. He turned back to see in the picture window Ashley taking Joe’s cock inside her. Johnny fought back the urge to go back inside and instead jumped off the porch and started his jog again. The last few days had the 18 year old’s head spinning he had gone through so many changes all at once.

Johnny’s cock still semi hard made his jog a little difficult as he headed back down main street passing all the local shops. He could not help but smile at all the team pride the town had and how often someone would honk their horn and yell good game at him as he jogged towards his house.

While all the debauchery was happening at the Watt’s house things were also heating up at Johnny’s. His Mom Karen had just put all the dishes in the sink and was beginning to wash them as her husband came from the shower.

“Hey where are the kids at?”

“Jay, how many times have I told you to not just walk around the house in a towel? Johnny is out on his jog and Hanna is out shopping for scrubs.”

“Well since both John and Hanna are out the house why don’t we have some fun?” Jay Keller asked his wife as he stood behind her in the kitchen reaching over her as she did the dishes to massage her big d cup breasts. His cock beginning to peek out of the towel as he made sure to push it against his wife’s firm heart shaped ass.

“Well aren’t we just ready to go?” She purred as she bent over the sink a little more. Her tight firm ass sticking out as she felt Jay’s cock rub up and down against her yoga pants.

Jay took this as an invitation and slowly rolled the pants down exposing his wife’s ass. He gave her a firm slap on the right cheek and then one on the left. “Oh you are a naughty girl.” Jay slowly slide his hand between her legs and start kissing the back of her neck. “Oh my Karen, you are totally soaked.” Jay was shocked to find her absolutely dripping wet as his fingers explored her pussy.

Karen quickly turned to face her husband causing his hand to quickly slide out of her pants. She leaned against the counter her butt cheeks exposed on the cabinet doors as she grabbed her husband and kissed him deeply.

Jay slightly pushed her away, he was not sure what was going on but something did not feel right. He grasped his wife’s arm and led her to the living room, where he pulled her close enough to plant a kiss on her lips before pushing her with just enough force she had no choice but to fall on to the couch. He knelt in the floor and took his time kissing her bare feet taking individual toes into his mouth. He knew this was driving her crazy but he took his time, he finally reached up to find the half removed yoga pants and jerked them off her body forcefully. He licked his lips as he eyes his wife’s waxed pussy. He slowly lowered his head to her lips gently spreading them apart.

Karen was in bad need of relief and Jay knew it. He blew gently onto her clit, the warm air from his mouth making her claw the armrest of the couch. His tongue barely grazing her clit just teasing her as he gave her the tip of his finger inside her. “Now young lady tell me why you’re so turned on?”

Karen could barley speak her hands ran over her husbands hair as she tried in vain to push his face into her hot wet pussy. “It is because I want you baby.”

Jay smiled and let out a little laugh as he heard the answer. He pushed his tongue hard against her clit to give her a moment of what she wanted. “Bullshit we been together to long you have gotten wet for me but never like that”

Karen knew this game and knew it well, Jay had always teased her like this when she was trying to hide something. She knew it was not going to be battle she could win as she moaned from what little contact he was giving her she confessed. “Okay please just lick my pussy and I will tell you.” Her own hands trying to rub her clit for relief as her husband continues to slap them away. “It was Johnny!”


“Yes I saw him nude this morning and well I liked it.”

“You liked Johnny’s dick?” Asked Jay as he pictured what his 18 year old son’s cock must look like to get his wife so worked up.

“Yes I did.”

Jay after hearing her words buried his face into her pussy sucking and nibbling his wife’s swollen clit. Karen let out almost a howl of relief as she was instantly cumming on her husband tongue. Jay was working her clit like he never had before as he inserted 3 fingers inside her pussy. “You want Johnny’s dick?”

Karen moaning hard as she pinched her own nipples tried to answer, but could not she barely mustered a nod. “Answer me slut!” Commanded Jay in a booming voice he never really used.

“Oh fuck yes I wanted his cock!” Karen screamed out loud. She had many fantasies in her life and she often never spoke of it but incest was one of them.

Jay’s cock was throbbing hearing his wife profess her desire for their son turned him on also. Jay had ideas that his wife wanted to explore fantasies such as this through viewing her web searches and the stories she read online. He like her rarely admitted it but incest was a taboo he was more then interested in also. He pulled off the couch letting her bare ass crash to the floor as he pulled her legs up and pushed his cock inside her. “You like this dick?” He asked as he fully inserted himself into her pussy.

Karen let out a deep moan as she loved the feel of his cock she closed her eyes as she thought what it would be like if it was Johnny there instead. She felt her energy building she knew it was close as her husband drove himself in and out of her with great force. She was deep in the imagery of Johnny in her mind as her orgasm exploded through her body. “Oh yes Johnny fuck mommy!” She screamed out as the euphoric feeling washed over her.

Jay not bothered by the comment actually played along with it. “You like it don’t you mommy? You your like your sons big dick!”

Karen snapped back to reality when she heard Jay’s voice. She was relieved that he was not mad and instead was going with it. She pushed Jay back just far enough to allow herself to roll over, she got on her knees and placed her head on the floor. Jay just looked at her tight ass up in the air and could not decide if he wanted to fuck it or lick it. The moment of thought did not last long as Jay buried his face into his wife’s ass licking her ass hole. He ran his tongue back and fourth from her pussy to her ass.

Karen moaned hard as her asshole was being probed by her husbands tongue. She was on fire inside and wanted to be fucked she pushed back and grinded her bottom on Jay’s face, as she wondered if she could take this twisted fantasy further, what was the limit to the role play. “Oh yes daddy tongue my ass.” She moaned out almost shocked that the words came from her own mouth as she wondered if she had really said it or just thought it.

Jay jerked his head back shocked at what he heard as he answered Karen’s question quickly as to whether or not he heard the daddy comment. He without hesitation forced his cock into her ass. “You want daddy to take your ass baby/” he growled as he did not allow Karen any time to adjust to his cock.

Karen’s hands furiously worked her pussy as Jay pounded her in the ass. The married couple was so worked up in the moment they never realized Johnny was home and standing in the doorway. He looked at his parents in the middle of having sex and unlike many who would have freaked he instead was aroused. He watched from the door as his dad emptied himself into his mom’s ass. He fought the urge to just walk in and demand they let him join, as he fought the urges that had been driving him lately he slipped back from the living room door undetected.

He crept to his room trying to not alert anyone to his presence in the house, as he reached his room he realized all the moans has stopped. He sat on his bed his hands over his face. “What the fuck was that?” He questioned himself out loud. “They were pretending they were fucking me and Hanna?” Johnny shook his head back and fourth as he grabbed the bottle of water from his nightstand and downed it all in a large gulp. Johnny was genuinely shook up even with all that had gone on recently the idea that he wanted to fuck his mom was messing with his head. His cock throbbed so hard it felt as if it would rip threw his sweats if it did not get relief. Johnny’s thought pattern was broken as he could hear the sound of car doors closing he rushed to the window to see his parents had not only finished but had dressed and were leaving. “What the fuck how long was I day dreaming this time.”

Johnny walked to his bathroom and turned on the shower, without even waiting he climbed straight in the cold water sent shock waves through his body. His raging hard on seemed to relax a little as the cold water soaked his naked body. He quickly soaped himself up washing away the smell of sex and sweat. He ran his hand across his nearly limp cock as he covered himself in soap. He grasp his soapy shaft in his right hand as it was starting to come back to life. He rubbed his hand up and down his shaft as he grunted loudly. He jerked his cock almost as if he was angry at it his had moved fast and hard up and down, but just as before he wasn’t getting the sensations he craved.

He quickly just rinsed off and stepped out the shower after a little effort he managed to get himself dressed and he returned to his room. He laid back on his bed and turned on the television hoping that maybe he could get his mind back in order and off what he had witnessed. As Johnny laid there flipping channels he was startled by the familiar ring tone of Carly. “Hey babe what’s up?”

“Oh nothing much just wanting to see how you are, I miss you.” Carly spoke with such an enthusiastic tone as she sat in her hotel room. “We are finally at the hotel and I just wanted to say hi.”

“Well I am glad you called. I really am missing you too.” Johnny laid his remote down after turning off the television so he could focus on his girlfriend.

“So how are we doing?”

“Well I guess I am good just having some issues.” Johnny spoke with a long sigh at the end.

“Oh baby what is wrong?”

“I am really damn horny all the time and well jerking off is not helping.” Johnny’s face red with slight embarrassment over what he just confessed.

“Oh wow, I am not sure what to say babe. You know I told you to do whatever it takes to fix that while I am gone.” Carly sat mouth hanging open slightly with a bit of shock at how open and honest Johnny was being with her.

“I know you did. I know I am just home alone and..”

Carly clears her throat and cuts Johnny off mid sentence. You are to focused on it right now just relax a bit and maybe you can finish that job off yourself later. I really cannot talk about it now Johnny the class is about to go to get something to eat. I love you baby!”

“I love you too.” Johnny tosses his phone back on the nightstand as he rubs his eyes as he wonders what he should do now.

“Hello anyone home?” Yells Hanna as she shuffles into the house with a handful of shopping bags.

Johnny rolled off his bed and headed to the stairs. “They are gone but I am home!” He yells as he jogs down the stairs. He is greeted by the sight of his older sister and her friend Andrea standing in the kitchen clutching several colorful shopping bags.

“Hey poor little brother did you get any rest while I was gone.” Hanna spoke with a sarcastic tone as she was still a bit bitter over her taking the grief from her mom. “Andrea this is Johnny. My poor tired brother.”

Andrea laughed at the comments her friend was making. She smiled at Johnny in a way that said she knew all about what Hanna was speaking of as she waved at Johnny. “Nice to meet you.”

“Like wise.” Johnny said as he couldn’t help but check Andrea out. She was a red head with a few freckles and she looked as if she could have been a modeling friend of Hanna’s. Her curves were amazing and she spoke with just a slight European accent. “Look Hanna I didn’t know what to say okay. What did you want me to say no mom it was okay because it was me fucking Hanna when she was making that noise.”

Andrea’s face turned a small shade of red her green eyes widened as she looked back and fourth between her friend and Johnny’s face wondering what would happen next.

“Well Andrea I told you I fucked him last night. She didn’t believe me.” Hanna said as her sarcastic tone changed to one of confidence as her brother just proved her correct.

“Look I thought we were getting along better and I don’t want things back the way they were before. I am sorry about what I did to you and sorry that mom put all the blame on you for the noise.”

“He is sorry?”

“Shh!” Hanna quickly quieted her friend as she smiled at Johnny. “It’s okay really it is I understand and in all truthfulness it is probably better I took the blame. If you go and put my bags in my room I will forgive you.” Johnny picked up the colorful shopping bags with ease and went to carry them away when Hanna paused him for a moment.

“Not this one.” She removed a small black and pink bag from Johnny’s grasp and sent him on his way.

“So you haven’t told him it was the best orgasm you ever had? I mean you barely have shut up about it.”

“No sweetie I am keeping it a secret, at least for now. So just keep it quiet. Do you still want to see if he wants to go out with us tonight?”

Andrea nodded her head yes as she heard Johnny returning. “Okay all done.”

“Thank you my dear boy.” Hanna said with a fake British accent as she laughed. “Hey me and Andrea are going to dinner do you want to join us. It will get you out the house tonight and you can stop thinking of Carly.”

Johnny thought for a few moments before speaking. “Yeah sure why not.”

“Well jeez don’t do us any favors.”

“Yeah bro you got 2 older hotties asking you out and that is the best answer you can give us.”

“Sorry Andrea and Hanna it would be my pleasure to escort you 2 lovely ladies out for the evening.”

All 3 shared a quick laugh at the rephrased response Johnny gave. They all 3 parted company temporarily to prepare for an evening out. Johnny sprinted down the steps and took a seat in the living room as he awaited the girls to return. His thoughts wandered to what he seen earlier with his parents. He could not get the image of his mom’s naked body out of his head. He could feel his cock becoming hard again as he thought about it. His thoughts were soon interrupted by his sister and Andrea returning to the living room.

“Okay bro you ready?”

Johnny looked over at the steps to see Hanna and Andrea standing there together. The two 20 something year old women both were dressed in almost identical outfits. Johnny’s cock which was slightly hard became steel like as he looked over both girls from head to toe. Both girls were standing there wearing black heels, black stockings and the smallest skirts possible. Johnny’s mouth dropped open slightly as he checked them out.

“Well Hanna I think he approves of our clothes.” Laughed Andrea as she tossed her long red hair back and walked to the front door.

Hanna followed close behind her sexy friend. The sound of their heels clicking on the tile floor as Johnny snapped back to reality.

“Come on lets get some drinks to get this party started early.”

Andrea follows her friend behind a small bar in the living room grabbing 3 cups off a shelf as Hanna pours some Jack Daniels into each glass. “Come on Johnny! Drink with me and your sister.”

“I don’t drink I never have.”

“Well you are tonight baby brother.” Hanna said with a certain authority to her voice as she poured twice as much into his glass as the others.

The girls easily downed their beverage as Johnny chokes and coughs managing to get his down as he felt an unfamiliar burning in his throat.

“Okay people to the car.” Said Hanna as she put the bottle back under the bar and led everyone out the door.

Andrea drove as Hanna and her gossiped about various topics. Johnny could feel an unfamiliar dizziness filling his head as he leaned back in the car not really paying attention to the conversation going on upfront.

“Here bro drink this it might make you feel better it looks like that Jack isn’t agreeing with you.” Hanna said as she pulls a small bottle from her purse and hands it to Johnny.

Johnny reaches up and without giving it much of a thought downs the small bottle and hands it back to his sister. “That tasted like shit!”

“Holy shit he drank it all!” Said Andrea with a bit of shock in her voice.

“Johnny baby that was tequila I thought you would say no.”

Andrea turns the car into a parking lot and lets it glide to a stop in a close parking space.

Johnny sits up in the back seat feeling even more buzzed then he was earlier. He squints his eyes tightly as he looks at a sign hanging on the outside wall of the building. “Well it has been fun but I can’t go in there its 21 and over.” Johnny said as he pointed to a sign prominently displayed in the parking lot.

“Oh he is so cute!.” Said Andrea as she put the car into park and along with Hanna exited the car. “Well come on!”

Johnny reluctantly followed the girls past a collection of people waiting outside the bar and straight up the a large tattooed guy standing at the door collecting money.

“Hey Ken, you want to let us in?” Asked Hanna as she leaned in really close to the door man making sure he could see all of her ample cleavage.

“Well ya know I will let you 2 any day of the week, but that kid ain’t 21. So go hit up the other clubs girls.” The burly doorman said as he pointed right at Johnny.

“Oh him he is cool baby. Besides don’t you know that is Johnny Keller my brother.”

“Oh shit yeah I recognize him, Yeah boy I seen you pump in like 35 points the other night. Okay yeah just keep it quiet.” Ken opened the door and motioned for all 3 to enter, taking the time to slap both the girls on the ass as they walked by.

“See Johnny use that local celebrity crap to your advantage.” Said Hanna as she led the group to a small table and then motioned for the bartender to bring 3 bottles of beer.

Johnny sat at the table sipping the beer with his 2 companions trying to enjoy himself but much like the other places they had been to tonight nothing was keeping his interest.

“Wow it is a dead night everywhere isn’t it.”

“Yeah I thought at least here we could get some drinks.” said Hanna as she pulled her jet black hair back as she took several large gulps from her beer bottle. She sat the bottle back on the table as she motioned toward the dance floor with her head.

Andrea needed no words to respond as she took Hanna’s hand and lead her to the floor just as a new song started. Johnny turned to face the dance floor and watched as his sister and her friend grinded on one another to the beat of the music. They took the time long enough to kiss one another deeply as their tongues swirled together. A small crowd gathered to watch as the 2 carried on grinding and groping one another.

Johnny smiled as he too enjoyed the show they were putting on. He drank his beer faster before finishing it off and then starting on another. He could also feel the familiar stirring in his pants. He was almost fully erect again as he watched. He looked around the room for a bathroom thinking maybe he could just relieve himself finally. As he stood to walk to the bathroom he felt a hand grab his shoulder and stop him.

This story is a little different than my others. This was written as a favor for a friend, who the Dee character is modeled after. This is in 3rd person, and is much longer than my other stories. I hope the length doesn’t put too many people off.

This story has been bouncing around my head for a while and I had to get it out before I could get back to my other stuff.

As always, I love getting feedback and hearing from people who enjoy my stories.

Thanks for the ratings!


Dee wasn’t sure exactly when she started looking at her husband Paul’s coworker Mike a little different. Mike would come over to their apartment once in awhile, usually to pick up a dime bag of weed, although sometimes, just to play a couple games of Madden.

Sometimes, if Paul was working late and Mike needed to make a pick up, he would just leave the bag at the apt and Mike would pick it up directly from Dee. It was around then that things started changing for Dee.

Mike stopped by one day, and said he had to take a wicked piss, he had a beer after work and it was running through him quickly. He hurried down the hall to the bathroom, closed the door and sat down to relieve himself. When he got up and left the bathroom, she was walking by and glanced in, “Oh, how considerate,” she joked, “you left the seat down.” “What?” He replied, genuinely confused.

She pointed to the toilet, with the lid down. It took him a moment to realize what she was talking about, and then it hit him. “Oh! Oh….I always leave it down at home. I generally pee sitting down.” He could see Dee eyeing him skeptically, “Well, you know I’m pierced, right?”


“You heard me, pierced, as in I have a Prince Albert piercing in my cock. It’s great for sex, but it tends to make it difficult to aim. Kind of like putting your thumb over the end of a hose; tends to cause it to spray a little. So, I sit. No muss, no fuss.”

“Okaaay” she said, still sounding a little confused.

“Look, I can show you if you’d like.” As soon as he said it, he realized how that sounded, “I mean, if you’re curious, I’m not trying to sound like a creep, ‘Hey, let me show you my dick’, and all that. You know what, never mind, I shouldn’t have said anything, I’m sorry, let’s just forget it.”

“No, well….look, now you got me curious…can I?”

“Okay, but look, let’s keep this a secret, shall we? I don’t need your husband thinking I’m going around flashing his wife.”

“Ooooo, a secret…..” she giggled, “No worries, that’s the LAST thing I want to do, ‘Oh by the way dear, when your friend stopped by to pick up his weed, he whipped out his dick for me!’” she said mockingly.

“Good point. Okay, here goes.” and with that, Mike unbuckled his belt and opened his pants his exposed his prick.

Dee’s eyes involuntary shot open, “whoa…,” she quickly tried to regain her composure. Sure enough, through the head of his cock was a thick, silver ring. It went in through the urethra, and came out through a hole on the underside of the shaft about an inch or so below the urethra itself. Now, while the ring was indeed fascinating, as she had never seen one in person, and she could see that having an obstruction passing through his pee hole could cause the usual stream of urine to sprayed like a ‘thumb over a hose’, but that was not why she gasped. It was his cock itself. A “hose” was indeed a good reference. He was big. Maybe not by porn standards, but was he was long and thick. Probably bigger in this flaccid state than her husband’s was fully erect. She noticed along the underside there were several rows of small indentations, 4 sets of two each, running down the length of his shaft.

“What are those?” She inquired, mesmerized.

“Those are other piercings; I normally don’t wear the barbell studs in those, unless, well, I’m planning on using them for sex.

“Whoa…” She muttered again. “That’s, uh, that’s impressive. And you wear all them when you have sex?”

“Sure, that’s pretty much why I got them, the Prince Albert, the ring I’m wearing, tickles the inside of my urethra quite nicely. Plus it rubs the inside of the woman’s pussy, giving her a thrill too. And when I wear all the barbells, well, it drives them crazy in Doggy Style! It’s called a ‘Jacob’s Ladder,’ all the studs hit the clit and the ring at the end can stimulate the G-spot. But, there are times when I’ve got to take them out though.”

“Yea? Like when? Why?” she was trying to carry on a normal conversation, but was having a hard time not staring at his cock.

“Well, there are times when they just get in the way…”

“Like…….?” she pressed.

“Well, oral, for one. They get in the way and the ring can gag.”

“And…..?” She did not want to drop it obviously.

“Well…..anal. It’s just too much.”

This caused her to pull her attention away from his penis and look him in the eyes, “You like to fuck girls in the ass?”

“Any chance I get,” he said slyly, momentarily forgetting he was talking to a woman married to someone he considered a friend. The talk of blowjobs and anal sex, not to mention just standing there with his dick out while she stared at it was starting to arouse him a little, and his prick had began to thicken. Dee’s eyes opened wider at the sight of it starting to grow. Mike noticed what was happening, “Oh shit, I’m sorry. I’ve got to put this away.” And quickly tried to stuff in back in his pants, although it was a little stiff and took some effort to get it tucked back away.

“I’m sorry about that,” he apologized, red-faced. “I didn’t mean for that to happen, just the talk of anal, and blow jobs….you know. Sorry though”

“That’s alright,” she said, “I understand.” But in her head she was thinking that is she wasn’t married, she would love to get that thing inside of her. “Anyway,” she said, trying to change the subject and clear her mind of what she had just seen and heard, “I suppose you’re here for……”

“Oh yes, did Paul leave something for me?” With all the blood rushing to other areas, he had momentarily forgotten why he was here.

“Yeah, let me just go grab it.” And with that she turned away and disappeared into the bed room before reappearing a few minutes later with a small baggie. “Here you go.”

He gave her some cash, and mumbling an unnecessary apology, he turned to the door. “I should go.”

“Okay, well, see you around?”

“Sure.” And with that he left the apartment and headed to the street where his bike waited.

He probably wasn’t even to the street before Dee had hurried back into the bedroom, had her hand down her pants and was fingering herself to a quick climax.

As she laid there recovering from her self induced orgasm, she thought to herself, “What the hell is wrong with me? I’m a happily married woman. I shouldn’t be looking at other men’s pricks and frigging myself off thinking about them!” But the truth was, she wasn’t that happily married, hadn’t been for quite some time. Paul barely touched her, and when he did, it was on his terms, over quickly and usually leaving her unsatisfied. Hell, he hadn’t even gone down on her in close to a year!

Try as she might, she could not get the thought of Mike’s prick out of her head. She wanted it, wanted him so bad. If her husband wasn’t going to take care of her needs, maybe Mike would. What did he say there at the end? “Any chance I get?” Well, maybe she would put that boast to the test.

Next time Mike came over, she had a hard time not staring at his crotch. How had she not noticed the way his pants bulged like that before?

Curious if he was doing the same thing, she had stopped and bent over to pick up a cat toy on the floor and when she stood up and looked back, he caught him turning away from her direction, he had been checking out her ass! The thought of him checking her out, became such a turn on that when Mike left that day, she practically attacked Paul and fucked his brains out, all the while thinking of Mike, and that beautiful, steel laden prick of his. It was the first time in a long while she orgasmed with her husband’s dick inside her.

Time went on and they became aware the other was watching and flirting. Paul remained oblivious to what was going on, spending his time getting high and being glued to his game. If he noticed Mike wasn’t buying anything, just stopping by to hang out, he never said anything about it, just kept on smoking and playing.

Dee began to text Mike when Paul was at work, first it was pretty benign stuff, then they became laced with little innuendos and flirtatious comments, progressively becoming more graphic. When one day she asked if she could see his penis with all his jewelry, he boldly sent her a picture of his cock, not only with all the studs in, but fully erect to boot. He added the message; “Your turn.”

His heart raced as he awaited her reply. Would she reply? What would she send? His cock started to swell with anticipation. Finally his phone beeped.

She had sent a reply.

He quickly opened it, and was blown away at what he saw. She sent him a picture of her pussy, but it was special. She apparently had not followed the current trend of so many women these days, she left herself naturally hairy. He was in heaven! Hairy pussies were so rare these days, so many women shaving their lips, and many even just kept the whole area void of any hair, but he loved the hairy ones. The hair helped to keep their natural scent. There was nothing like the smell of a hot, wet, furry box.

The line was crossed, from that point on, their texts were now almost exclusively about sex. Occasionally, she would even call him and they would have some pretty hot conversations, they talked about things they liked, things they had done, fantasies they had, and what, but not who, they thought about when they masturbated.

It turned out, she loved talking dirty, and her main fantasies seemed centered around rough sex. She so desperately wanted to be just man-handled in bed. “Treated like a little fuck toy” were her words.

She lamented that her husband wasn’t willing to indulge her in those things, and to be honest, he came up a little “short” in other areas too.

“You mean he’s got a small prick?” Mike asked when she told him that.

“Well, maybe not ‘small’, I mean he’s around six inches, that’s average, right? But it is, well, kind of, skinny; I guess that’s the best way to describe it. Which is okay, because every once in a while he’ll want to put it up my butt, and it doesn’t take me long to get used to it when he does. I just wish he’d lick me sometimes before he just rams it in there. I asked him once to do that, and he got grossed out. ‘I ain’t putting my mouth where you shit!’ Whatever, I told him, as long as it’s clean, hell, I even offered to do it to him if he wanted. It turned him off so much, he lost his hard. Said only fags like their asshole played with.”

“Well it’s just common courtesy,” he replied, “I mean, I will do whatever the woman asks if she’s willing to let me fuck her ass. If she asks me to lick it, I’m going to lick it! Besides, you’ve got to get her to relax, and a nice long, rim job is just the thing. And the other thing, having your asshole played with does not make you gay, trust me, I love it when my backdoor is licked and fingered, hell, I’ve even had girls who liked to work it with a dildo, big deal, it feels great and trust me, it hasn’t made me stop loving pussy! If that were me? If I had a hot wife like you at home, and you asked me to lick your asshole, my face would be between those beautiful butt cheeks of yours before you could blink.” There, he said it. He said “you.” They were no longer talking about other people; they were talking about each other.

“Are you serious?” she asked softly. “I mean, you said, ‘if YOU asked…,’ do you mean it? Do you mean me?” he could feel the trepidation in her words. She wanted to know, but was afraid if she was wrong, and if he was serious, was she?

“Look,” he began carefully, “like I said, I think you’re hot. You have an amazing ass, your tits are huge, and honestly, you’re beautiful. I mean, you have amazing eyes, a wicked smile, and I think your freckles are sexy. And yes, if you were single, I would jump at the chance to get in your pants.”

He heart leapt into her throat at the bluntness of his confession, “But since I’m married, to your friend, no less, you wouldn’t fuck me if I asked?” She asked.

“Well,” he paused, not quite knowing how to respond, “I guess I would be wondering what your end game was. I mean, I do not want to be the cause of someone to be splitting up, and honestly, I enjoy being a bachelor too much to be looking to take on the role of husband….”

She cut him off, “I’m not asking for that, and besides, things aren’t that great between us now, if I wanted to leave him, I would, and it would have nothing to do with you. Besides, there are things that make me think he’s probably getting some on the side anyways. So yes. I am asking you, you wanna fuck me, or not?”

“Of course I do,” he stammered, still a little unsure if she was being serious or if this was some kind of set up, “if you’re sure you’re okay with this.”

“Look,” she said forcefully, “I’ve rubbed myself raw masturbating about your cock, my husband barely ever touches me anymore and when he does, the only way I can cum is to think it’s your dick inside me. I’ve had him fuck my ass more in the last couple of weeks than I’ve let him in the last year, just to get myself ready to take that monstrous cock of yours up there. So yes, I want you to fuck this neglected pussy and give my tiny little asshole a good stretching too while you’re at it, okay?!!” She was surprising herself with own bluntness, and was getting wet just listening to herself. “Are you in, or not?”

She slid her hand down the front of her pants, and began frantically rubbing her wet pussy in anticipation of his answer. “I’m touching myself right now,” she panted, “tell me you’ll fuck me…..I’ll make it good for you. You’ll never have someone worship your cock like I will. I’ll be your little cock whore, if that’s what you want. I’ll take that prick of yours like a champ, up my ass, in my mouth, every way you want.” She was breathing heavy, he wanted to answer, but didn’t dare interrupt her as she played. Her panting and gasping those filthy words was getting him hard, his dick staring his pants, begging to be released. He pulled it out began tugging hard on it, listening to her get herself off for him.

“Please……I want you so fucking bad….I know I can make it good for you.” Her breath was shallow and quick, he knew she was about to cum. “I’ll suck you good, I promise, I’ll lick your balls, I’ll even lick your ass if you want, oh pleeease let me show you how dirty I can be…please…please?” He knew she was close, and he knew just what she wanted, what she needed to hear.

With a grunt, he gave it to her, “Yes! Yes! Oh fuck, I’m cumming! I’m cumming for you!” He exploded all over his hand and stomach, his hand flying up and down, milking out his thick, creamy load. He heard her squeal on the other end of the phone, his orgasm and his agreeing to give her what she begged for being what she needed to get off. “Oh fuck baby…damn…that was hot.” He panted, trying to catch his breath, “Yes. I will fuck you.” He said with conviction. He knew if she could be that enticing and dirty on the phone, she would definitely be one hell of fuck. He had to give her what she wanted.

“And yes, before you ask, I am going to want you to wear ALL those glorious rings and studs in that dick. I want you to make me feel things I have never felt before.” She was still panting, recovering from her quick, self induced orgasm.

Neither of them said anything, just listening to the other’s breathing, not wanting to be the first to break the silence and ask the obvious question.

Mike spoke first, “So, um, when do want to do this?”

“Fuck honey, I would love for you to come over now and clean me up,” she giggled a little, “but there’s just not enough time. Tomorrow? Paul’s working 10s this week, so we’ll have all fuckin’ day to, well, Fuck. He leaves at about 4am, won’t be back until late in the afternoon. He sometimes goes over to one his boy’s house and gets a couple games in before coming home.”

“Probably John’s.” Mike guessed. John was another gamer coworker who lately had been boasting about his 50-whatever inch TV w/3D and new 7.0 surround sound he would not shut up about.

“Yeah, that sounds about right.” She could care less whose house it was as long as it meant another hour or two to explore her debaucherous side with Mike. “How about I text you when he’s gone. Sooner you show up, more time we have to play.”

“Okay. Look, I will totally understand if you have a change of heart and…”

She cut him off again, “Oh hell no. You are coming over in the morning and you are going to fuck me. I’m going to ride that magnificent fuck stick of yours until I soak your balls with my cum, then I am going to roll over and let you plow that thick beast right up my butt! You got that?”

If he harbored any doubt about her willingness to go through with this, it was gone now. He agreed and hung up.

The prospect of what the next day would bring was so much he worried he would be able to perform to her expectations. Fortunately, he kept a small bottle with a couple of internet ordered Cialis. Just in case. He put them in his jacket pocket as insurance. “Better safe than sorry,” he thought. He turned in early to get as much rest as he could get, he was going to need it. He tossed and turned for awhile, ending up masturbating before finally falling asleep.

The next morning, he woke up, and got himself ready, shaving and putting in those studs and ring that he knew would give her something to remember, then he made sure to give himself an extra thorough scrubbing downstairs, if she was planning on playing at his backdoor, he had better be good and clean.

He fixed himself a big breakfast for the energy, and then got on his motorcycle and rode into town. There was a coffee shop not far from their apartment he would sit and wait.

His dick jumped when his phone chimed that he had a message, and after confirming it was her, he leapt from the table, threw some cash down, and hurried to his bike.

It wasn’t long before he was pulling onto their block. He quickly parked and rang the buzzer. The elevator ride up to the 8th floor had never felt this long. A few more minutes and he was in front of their door. He had knocked on it dozens of times before this, but his heart had never raced like it did right then. He knocked, and the door opened. They stared at each other for what seemed an eternity before she motioned him inside.

As soon as the door closed, they were on each other. It was impossible to tell who was the aggressor, who started it, who was to blame. They were both on fire and raging with pure Lust. Lips were mashed together as they explored each other’s mouth with their tongues. Hands slid up and down each other. His hands running through her short, almost spiky hair as her hands slid over his smoothly shaved head.

Dee leaned into him and pushed him against the wall, momentarily gaining the upper hand. He kept a hand on the back of her head and neck, just to enjoy and explore the feeling of such short hair, and let his other hand slide down her back. Down to the small of her back, where it curved out and her ass began. That wonderful ass. He could not help himself and he grabbed a handful of her magnificent cheek and pulled her hips tight to himself, grinding his hips to hers.

She pulled her mouth away and looked into his eyes, “I was wondering how long it would take for you get your hands on my ass.” She said with a smile. As their jean covered crotches made contact and pushed together, her eyes slowly closed and she let out a low moan, “Damn baby, I can feel you through your pants.”

Mike pulled her face towards his again and began kissing her once more, this time with more tenderness than before, but even though there was less force, he seemed to convey just as much power. He kissed her lips, and then moved to her cheek. His soft lips gently brushing her jaw line as he moved up to her ear and took her lobe in his mouth. Gently nibbling on it before tracing the outline and curves of her ear with his tongue. “Yea?” He softly breathed into her ear, “you feel me huh? How do I feel?” He pulled her tighter against himself and flexed his pelvis as if to increase the sensations. “Tell me, let me hear it.” He goaded her, knowing she had a filthy mouth when she wanted to.

Hell, wasn’t that what made her emails and texts so fucking hot to him? Using such dirty words, words that he hardly ever heard women use. Words like ‘cunt’ and ‘cock’ and ‘fuck toy’. Words that struck him with such intensity that he got hard almost as soon as he heard them. Although now there was a new element, now he could her in her own true voice. Not the tinny reception of a cell phone, but in his ear. Hearing her voice added a level of excitement he could not even measure. She had a hot voice. The kind of voice that seemed perfect for talking dirty. A bit soft, but with an edge to it, and a husky, almost smoky quality usually heard in jazz singers as they leaned against some piano in a smoke filled bar and sang ‘Fever’.

“Tell about my cock, baby. Let me hear your sexy voice.” Mike begged, trusting against her as if to emphasize, and with a moan uttered, “Please.”

“Oh fuck…your cock, it feels so… thick! Oh damn. I feel it pulsing against my leg. Just thinking about that fuck-stick sliding its way up inside my tight pussy…” She gave a shiver, “oh fuck, honey. I cannot wait for that beast to fill me up.” He knew she was exaggerating, but he didn’t care. He just kept kissing her face, listening to her soft, silky, voice as his mouth ran down from her ear, following her jaw line. Dotting it with little kisses as he went lower, brushing his wet lips and hot tongue across her throat, kissing along her sensitive neck line. “Ohhh….lover….that feels soooo amazing…please, don’t stop…don’t ever stop kissing me like that.”

The sound he made in response must have pleased her because she let out a playful giggle and ran her hand down the front of him. Sliding her hand up and under his shirt. Rubbing across his belly, she gripped her hand and dug her fingertips into his soft flesh at his hips. “I love man with a belly.” He slowed his kissing, feeling embarrassed and a little ashamed of his recent weight gain. When he shifted and brought his hand to hers, trying to move it away, she protested. “Look, I meant that as a compliment, you know I consider myself a chubby chaser. A few extra pounds is hot to me. It is so nice to touch and feel someone so…..large. I can just imagine how it will feel to have that extra weight on top of me, pushing into me,” she pulled his face up to look into his eyes, “feeling that extra power as you pound into me from behind, slamming me down and pinning me to the bed…”

With that, he lost his momentary reluctance, and began to attack her with renewed passion. Her hand resumed it’s venture upwards inside his shirt, and was joined by her other. Now, she had both hands up his shirt, pushing against his chest as she leaned into him. With an upward motion, she lifted her arms and took his shirt with them, forcing him to again break contact with her lovely neck. She removed his shirt over his head and grabbed his wrists to hold his arms above his head, against the wall. Then, lowered her head into his chest and began kissing him down his chest, until she reached his nipples. First one, then the other she took them into her mouth and sucked them greedily, nibbling gently with her teeth, biting down on the thick metal rings in them and pulling until he cried out.

“Damn baby, I love that you are pierced like this. Please tell me, tell me you are wearing ALL you jewelry…” A naughty grin flashed across his face.

“Maybe” he smiled.

With that, she took him up on his challenge. Releasing one of his wrists, she dragged her hand down, fingers tracing his lips, the curve of his jaw, his neck, running through the blonde patch of fur on his chest, “a hairy chest too….fuck, I have missed feeling that…” Trailing over his ringed nipple, twirling it slightly as she did, and dropping it lower, further down, rubbing in circles over his equally hairy belly until her finger tips brushed the top of his belt.

Mike closed his eyes and tipped his head back in anticipation, “oh don’t stop there, I have waited too long to feel your hand on me. On my……cock.” She smiled a little on hearing that, and emboldened by knowing he had waited so long to feel her touch on his manhood, lowered her hand once again. As her hand reached his straining manhood, they both let out a gasp. Her for feeling this thickness for the first time with her own hand, he for the feeling of her fingers gripping his shaft. She squeezed him tightly through his pants. And gently rubbed up and down his shaft. Down his leg, until she felt the outline of his bulbous head. She closed her eyes and bit her lip as she squeezed the tip of his cock, and squealed in joy as she felt the unmistakable contours of steel jewelry running through the soft tissue of his dick head.

“I….I….,” she stammered, “I think I just came a little.” She sheepishly admitted as she continues to fondle the rings she was feeling. “I have never been with anyone with rings in their dick. You’ll leave them in right?”

“Of course.” He reassured her.

She pushed her mouth back onto his and once again they were kissing deeply. “Good,” she muttered as their tongues danced together, “I have waiting to feel that thick, steel tipped, prick of yours for so fucking long.” That pushed him right towards the edge. With a grunt, he pulled his hands from her ass and took hold of her shoulders and rolled her off him, pinning her to the wall now as she had him.

“My turn,” he grinned as he took control. With one hand he held her wrists together, as he cupped her face with the other, holding her chin and directing her mouth onto his. He pushed into her with his hips, a knee pushing Dee’s legs open so he could step between them and rub his pelvis into hers. He was so hard, it seemed he was about to rip out of his pants, and she was so hot, he swore he could feel a dampness through the crotch of her jeans. Keeping his mouth glued to hers, damn he probably hadn’t kissed someone this much in years, he moved his free hand down her neck, tracing with his finger tips along her sensitive neck lines.

Moving lower until he reached the top button of her blouse. His fingers were trembling at first, but soon he regained his composure and in minutes began to finger open her buttons. He moved his mouth down so he could kiss and explore each new inch of her skin as he slowly undid her top and began to expose her heavy breasts. As he undid each button, he gently kissed the newly revealed flesh as he opened her top, lower and lower, no longer holding her wrists, he used both his hands to unfasten and open shirt, until he had reached the center of her cleavage. There he focused his attention. Lavishing the deep chasm of flesh with kisses and licks, he pushed her shirt back over her shoulders and let it fall; she was now clad only in the bra from the waist up. And what a beautiful sight it was, the fabric was a light purple satin, edged with a black lace. The cups were filled to capacity and he swore he could see her nipples straining through the cups as her chest heaved. The light color of the bra contrasted nicely with the brown skin it held, her light brown skin, covered in a faint dusting of freckles.

“Fuck…,” he exhaled more than spoke, “you are lovely, your skin is so unbelievably sexy. I have never seen anything like it.” He dived into her deep cleavage again and began kissing up the center of her chest, moving towards her shoulder. “I want to kiss every inch of your flesh,” he whispered, “I want my lips to grace every single one of your sexy spots. You are so beautiful, so graceful, like a powerful cheetah.” She sighed deeply at that comment, “yeah, like a powerful, untamed animal.” He added. At that she seemed to sink into his arms.

“Nobody has ever told me that,” she confessed, “no one has ever told me they were beautiful.”

“They are,” he whispered between kisses across the nape of her neck, “they are beautiful, each one is special, and they form such a one of a kind pattern.”

Dee was melting after that, she had never been told how her freckles made her special, and he was telling her all the words she needed to hear. Her body was on fire for him. She had never wanted another man before. Not like this. And here she was, pressed against a hallway wall, another man pressing his erect dick against her deeply wet crotch as they grinded together, his mouth trailing kisses over her tender shoulder, leaving a glistening trail of wetness in it’s wake. She ran her hands over her lover’s bare back, one sliding down to cup his butt, one sliding up and over his freshly shaved smooth head. Mike’s body was such a combination of sensations, a field of contradictions. His chest and belly were covered in a soft blonde fur, but his head was completely void of a single hair, so opposite of what she was used to: smooth, hairless chest, and a head full of long, thick, wavy hair to run her hands through. She wondered about the rest of this new lovers’ body, was his shaft buried in tuft of light hair? Were his balls, smooth and silky? She grinned to herself, knowing she would know soon enough, and fresh rivulet of pussy juice escaped and continued to dampen the now sodden crotch of her panties. She could wait to find out how that beautiful, thick, white cock looked; close up, and in her hand.

He turned her around, so she faced the wall, palms flat, elbows bent, she rested her head against the cool wall as he kissed and licked across the back of her neck. She shuddered with newfound pleasures as he ran his mouth over her body in ways she had never had experienced. He even kissed up the back of her head where she had cut her hair so short. When his mouth reached the top of her spine, her began to travel south, his hands reached around and began to paw roughly across her chest, his kisses were becoming nibbles as she felt his teeth across her back and down her spine.

His breathing was becoming more pronounced and jagged. His breath was hot across her neck and back. His hands had found her breast, and his fingers were exploring the new flesh. He delighted in feeling her nipples, thick, and fat, now hard with her excitement. Mike had never felt nipples like this, he desperately wanted to feel them with his own mouth, run his tongue over them, but that would have to wait. Now he had other goals to work on. The prime goal being what she kept in her pants.

He kept kissing her back and ran his hands down her chest, over her soft stomach, and down to her pants. She pushed her hips back to grind her beautiful ass against his straining bulge, and groaned in approval as his hand slipped between her legs, he swore he could feel her heat and dampness through the heavy denim. Dee gyrated her hips at his touch, trying to get the most out of his fingers rubbing between her legs and the rod she felt rubbing between her cheeks.

He moved both hands to top of her pants now and began to unbuckle her belt. He actually had a little difficulty, as his hands were beginning to shake a little. He, they, had talked and fantasized about this for so long and now, he has moments away from pulling her pants down and having his face between those luscious ass cheeks of hers that she had tempted him with for all this time.

His mouth working overtime to make good on his intent to kiss every one of her spots as he traveled lower down her back, his mouth reaching the waistline of her jeans just as he unclasped her belt, popped her button, and undid her zipper.

His hands gripped the hips of her jeans and he began to pull them down, his lips kissing each newly exposed inch of skin as he exposed the ass he had jerked off to in his dreams so many times. At the first sight of her crack, he lost all control, forcing her pants and underwear the rest of the way in one frenzied motion and burying his face between her perfect globes of flesh.

She squealed with surprise as he orally attacked her bottom. She could not even remember the last time she had been rimmed, but she was positive she had never had such an enthusiastic and frenzied lover go after her from behind like he was right now. “Oh fuck, baby! Damn that feels amazing! No one has ever licked me like that before….oooooohhhh….honey, please, don’t stop. Don’t ever stop! Lick my tiny little asshole, rim me good…that’s it baby, right there….get it in deep…” Her dirty voice spurred him on, she had such a rich, sexy voice, and she knew just how to talk to drive him crazy.

He was nose deep in the cleft of her buttocks now. Kissing, licking, nibbling, and at times, outright biting at the flesh between her cheeks. Lust driven fingers pried into her soft cheeks, opening her for him, spreading her ass obscenely for his inspection. He paused to relish this moment. He was now staring at what he had lusted for, for so long. His face, his eyes, his mouth was inches from her sweet treasure, her most intimate of orifices. He was finally, eye to eye, with her asshole.

He fell forward onto it, mouth wide open, his lips formed a tight ring over it, and his tongue began to dance and circle it’s entrance. Tracing her intimate contours with it’s tip, probing gently at her tight ring of muscle. Feeling it tighten and relax almost in sync with her breathing.

She was on her toes now, making sounds she hadn’t heard herself make in a long time. His tongue covered her most private area thoroughly, from probing her tight ring like a tiny finger, to rubbing it’s contours in a soft circle, to flattening out and covering her backdoor in one long, wide lick of the tongue, over and over, his tongue cleaning her better than she could probably do herself.

He opened her up again to gaze upon her backdoor. He blew a puff of air across it and she flinched, her involuntary movement caused her tight ring to contract, making it look like it was winking at him. He loved every second. Her perfect circle exposed to him as it was, glistening with his saliva, and ringed with a tuft of dark fur. Yes. Fur. A trail of soft, curly hair circling her tiny, tight hole, spreading down to cover her thick pussy lips. Lips he now feverishly went after with his tongue. He knew she didn’t shave, but it was the sight of it that captivated him. He hadn’t seen a hairy pussy in years. She could tell he was now lapping for her sweet snatch, and she lifted her leg over his head and turned so her back was against the wall to give him a better view and access to her pink folds.

She reached down and taking him by the temples, rubbed his face back and forth across her thick patch of soft curlies that began between her legs and blossomed out like a dark fan across her brown skin, ending in little wisps trailing towards her navel.

“You like that huh?” She chided, “Been awhile since you’ve eaten a hairy pussy huh?” His mumbled response was lost in her thick muff, “I remember you seemed to get off on me being so fucking hairy. I even stopped trimming up the sides. Just for you. Do you like it? Do you like my hairy pussy, lover? Do you like how it tastes? How does it smell? Smell better than a shaved one? I bet it does, all that thick, rich hair down there, trapping in all my essence, all my scent. I bet it tastes fantastic too!! Doesn’t it?! Tell me, tell me how good my hairy pussy tastes!”

“MMMMmmuuumm! Ooootttssst oOooO” He mumbled, his mouth obscured by her thick bush.

“Didn’t anyone tell you not to talk with your mouth full?” She mocked as she lifted his face from her crotch.

“I said, you taste wonderful! So rich and tasty! You’re so wet! Thick…creamy…damn! I fucking love the way you taste!” Mike was trying to get his face back between those creamy brown thighs and get back to that hot, spicy pussy, but her grip on his head kept him where he was, barely out of reach. “Please…let me back at it. I…I want to; no I NEED to taste you again! Please!!”

“Oh, alright. Since you asked so nicely!” Dee laughed as she moved her hand to the back for his shaved head and firmly planted his face square between her legs. “Eat up baby, eat mama goooood…” She purred the last as her fingers traced around his ears and across his jaw as he was again allowed the pleasure of tasting her sweet, sweet pussy. She was right, it had been a long time since he had his face buried in an unshaved pussy, and she was also right about the taste. And the smell. His head was swimming with the pungent aroma of her sex. It was so rich and complex, he could smell and taste hints of her sweat, from the heat of the day, and of course, there were other natural smells and tastes buried in that thick hair as well.

She was ripe, over flowing with excitement. She had spent the previous evening on the edge of arousal, and she was soaking wet for it. Her clit was large and swollen; he could hardly ignore it as he worked his mouth between her legs. His nose rubbing across it as he ran his tongue up between her furry lips. What a sight her sex was, her own mocha brown skin, peppered with sexy freckles, was the perfect complement to frame the dark patch of her pubic mound, which was highlighted by her thick, brown outer lips protruding through the curls and in the center of those, a bright pink line right down the middle where her pussy lips slightly parted exposing the soft, wet, inside of her glistening wet sex.

With near animalistic passion, he dove back between her parted thighs. His mouth engulfing her box, his lips against hers, his tongue tracing every crease and fold of her skin as he licked her from her tight, puckered, little starfish, up to her swollen clit. It stood out from it’s fleshy hood, erect and throbbing as he wrapped his mouth over it sucking on it, almost like it was an undersized cock, his lips sliding over it’s surface as he pulled it into his mouth over and over, occasionally pulling complexly off with a loud *slurp!* causing her to shiver with delight. But what she truly seemed to enjoy was when he would pull her clit deep between his lips and danced over the sensitive bud with the tip of his tongue. Darting around it like a berserk butterfly. He knew he was doing something right by the way her breathing became deeper and her legs began the quiver at the knees. It was then that she pushed against his forehead, breaking his contact with her hot box.

“Whoa, lover….calm down, I’ll cum that way if you want, but I’d rather cum with that thick, white, cock of yours deep inside of me. Stretching me wide. Fucking me good and hard.”

He looked up at her, over the dense forest of dark curls, over her round, speckled belly, over her heaving chest and between the lovely valley formed by her heavy, thick nipped breasts, past those beautiful, red painted, parted lips, up to those deep, brown, smoldering eyes, and told her, “As you wish…” And stood up to kiss her full on the mouth.

As he began to rise, he started to kiss her belly, but she held him by the face, and brought his lips directly to hers, kissing him deeply and with all the passion of a horny teenager about to cop their first feel.

Her hand slid down between them, her finger tips trailing across the straining bulge in his jeans. “Besides,” she whispered, “I haven’t even got to see this beast yet. And you’ve already had your tongue up my snatch. Not to mention what you were doing to my ass.” She almost seemed to blush a little when she mentioned it. “Why don’t we move out of the hall here, and let me return the favor?” For the first time since the front door closed, he looked around. She was right; they had barely made it inside the apartment before losing themselves in each other.

Picking up her discarded clothes, she led him into the bedroom. “Are you sure? I mean, in here?” He asked before crossing through the doorway into their bed room. She continued walking in; removing any remaining pieces of clothing she still reached the bed, turned to face him and sat on the edge of her mattress.

“Yes. I’m going to fuck you, and I’m going to fuck you here, on the bed I share with him. So that every night, as he pokes his little dick into me, I can remember lying here, with your thick cock, pounding the living shit out of me.” As she spoke, she slowly parted her legs and dipped her hand between them, as she ran her other hand to her breast and took her nipple between her fingers and gently rolled it back and forth, closing her eyes and seemingly losing herself in her thoughts momentarily. “I want to remember being on all fours, or better yet, just bent over the side here, my face buried in these pillows as you slide in and out of my little asshole, stretching me wider than any dick ever has…..mmmm, yesss,” she seemed to enjoy that thought as she increased the tempo she had going on her furry slit. “…yes, I defiantly want to fuck right here.” With that, she seemed to snap out of it a bit and looked me right in the eyes, “so get the fuck out of those clothes, get over here and fuck me!”

He kicked off his shoes and started across the floor towards her, unbuckling his belt as he walked. Her eyes were fixed on his crotch as he approached and her hand never stopped it’s frantic frigging of her hairy box. As soon as Mike was within reach, Dee grabbed at his waist band and pulled his pants down franticly. Her eyes bulged widely as his cock sprung to view. At last, she was eye to eye with the member she had masturbated about so many times.

It was so beautiful to her. Nearly 8 inches in length, it stood out proud and hard, twitching ever so slightly. The shaft was shaved to the base, and slightly beyond, and while he kept a small patch of pubic hair above his rod, it was trimmed nicely and kept very short. She ran her hand over his smooth, hairless scrotum, rolling his large, tender orbs between her fingers, she smiled when she let one finger drift back under those heavy balls and found he was smooth back there as well. How far back does he shave? She wondered, knowing she would be finding out soon enough.

They often talked about his penchant for anal play, and she knew he loved having his pucker fingered and licked. Almost as much as he loved to finger and lick tight little buttholes himself. She was never allowed near her man’s backdoor, and on the rare occasions he buggered her, it was quick and clumsy, with little warning, and even less foreplay.

She kept rubbing her snatch, as she almost reverently reached up and wrapped her fingers around his stout shaft, gripping that dick at the base.

“Whoa, mama…” She exhaled, “those pictures do NOT do this thing justice! It’s so *thick*!” She practically squealed, “I can’t get my fingers all the way around this thing!” It was true, while they were close, her thumb and finger still had a sizable gap before they could touch. He looked down and smiled. The expression on her face was amazing. She was captivated by the dick in her hand. Dee had been with Paul for nearly 20 years now, and the experience of holding a new cock was amazing and quite arousing.

But this one, this one was special, and the glazed look on her eyes showed it. Not only was it the thickest she had ever held and he was easily a couple inches longer than her husband’s, it was what was at the tip that made it special. His piercings. Not one, but multiples. Through the head of his cock, he wore a thick ring. He said this was a ‘Prince Albert’, she didn’t care what it was called, she just couldn’t wait to feel that steel ring rubbing the walls of her pussy. But the jewelry didn’t stop there, below the twitching silver ring that crowned this Prince of Cocks, were 4 more piercings. Each ran horizontally to his shaft, and each was filled with a barbell style post, with large, silver balls at each end. They progressed in length and size with the smallest being at the top, and the largest and thickest stud being near the base.

Her hand slowly ran up and down the length of this tower of flesh and steel. Feeling the contours of his both what was his hardened flesh, and what was hardened steel. “And you’ll keep them in, right? When you fuck me?” She seemed to be entranced with what she was seeing; maybe it was that she had never seen anything like it in person. Noses, nipples and navels were common to almost being passé, but she had never seen anything like this, at least not held it in her hand, or maybe she was just amazing this moment finally was here. Either way, she was speechless, sitting there absent-mindedly stroking her furry box, as she stared at his throbbing hard-on, slowly running her hand up and down it’s turgid length.

“Uhh huh”, he answered as he looked down at her and stroked her cheek, “that’s what you want right? For me to fuck you?” She murmured a yes as he guided her face closer to the object she held on to. Soon she close enough and she began to rub that steel studded fuck rod across her cheek, feeling the soft, sponginess of his head in contrast with the metal ring running through it. “Yea?” He asked, “that is what you want isn’t it, to feel this cock deep inside you. Filling up that tight little pussy. That poor little, neglected cunt of yours.” He was teasing her now, no longer asking a question, simply stating a fact. She wanted that cock inside her and he knew it. “Say it.”

“Yes, I want it. I want you to fuck me. Here. Now.” And with that, she laid back and opened her legs wide. “Fuck me.” Climbing up on the bed and settling himself between her legs, he readied himself and placed the throbbing head of his raging hard-on up against her eager, dripping, hairy, pink lips. After so long of them texting and talking back and forth, flirting with each other at any chance, he was finally at her gates. Her eyes were closed as she held onto her knees, keeping her long legs held open wide for her new lover. Her lips were moving but he could barely hear her whispering a repeated, “fuck me fuck mefuckmefuckme….,” as he dragged his cock up and down the length of her pussy lips, coating both her entrance and the head of his cock with her slippery wetness.

With one hand on her shoulder, and the other aiming his steely dick at her fleshy hole, he slid into her with one, long, slow push. Her eyes growing wider as he eased himself deeper and deeper into her furry valley, so desperately wanting just to slam into her all at once, but enjoying every new inch as it slips inside her hot, wet folds.

Their eyes locked together as she let go of her ankles and held on to his ass, keeping him firmly planted where he was. “Don’t move,” she breathed, as he felt her inner muscles contract and release, slowly getting used to this new intruder. “Oh shit….honey. THAT is a fucking lot of cock! Damn, that’s it…..go ‘head baby, fuck me, and let me feel that beast sliding in and out…” He slowly began to withdraw, the studs along his shaft rubbing along her pussy walls and popping past her tight lips as they slid out giving her sensations she had never imagined. In all their talks, she always wondered how getting fucked by a steel enhanced dick would feel, and now she knew, she knew her husband’s thin, short, unpierced, little dick could never get her off as good as this one was about to. She egged him on, begging to feel him deeper, begging to feel his superior weight slamming into her. “That is SO! DAMN! GOOD!” She was practically shouting with each thrust of his hips. His thick cock filling her up more than she had ever been in her life. “Such….a…..big…..fucking…. beautiful cock!!!! I have never felt like this before!! Fuck me….fuck me honey….damn…I need this cock; I want to be your bitch. I want this cock in every fucking hole…I want to be your whore. I’ll do whatever you want…..anything thing you want….just please, let me show you how nasty I can be for you…..”

This was the girl he knew, this foul mouthed, self professed Bitch, she was a cock lover and she fucking didn’t have a problem saying it. Her foul mouth spurred him on; he thrust deep and hard into her wet snatch, pushing in and holding, rotating his hips while he was balls deep in her cunt. His motions were causing his dick to hit every angle he could, his steel rings and studs rubbing areas inside her she had never known to exist. Grunting with each pelvic thrust, he egged her on, “Uh! You like that? You like my thick cock do you? Tell me! Tell me you fucking love it!”

“Oh, I do!” She moaned back, “I do I do I do… I love your cock…so…….fucking much.” He pushed himself up so he could look at her body as he fucked her. Her brown skin quivered beneath him, in sharp contrast to the pale sheets, not to mention his own white complexion. Each driving thrust of his hips caused her body to shake and jiggle; her breasts were large and bounced wildly as she was impaled by his driving cock again and again. Her nipples were thick and distended the result of breast feeding. He had never seen a mother’s breasts and what her husband had grown tired of was a fresh new and exciting sight to him. He lowered his head and took one in his mouth, sucking it deep between his lips and flicking at it with his tongue, before holding the rubbery flesh between his teeth and slowly lifting his head. “Oh….shit yes….” She moaned louder as he held her nipple in his teeth as he rammed his cock inside her, causing her large breast to shake and pull against his bite. “I love it…bite my titties….bite ‘em….do it…treat me rough…..fuck me like the whore I am….”

He released her breast and it slapped down hard, “hard huh?” He grunted at her, “You want it hard huh? You want me to fuck you like a whore huh? Rub that cunt!” He grabbed her hand and spit on it before roughly shoving it between her legs. “Finger that clit of yours while I fuck you. I want to look onto your eyes when you cum.” And with that he pulled her legs up, flipping them over his shoulders and put his weight fully into her. He could hear the wind being knocked out of her as he held her, practically bent in half with her knees near her ears as he continued his thrusting. “Keep rubbing that cunt!” He scolded.

“Oh damn,” she gasped. “Hard….to breath….” And with that he quickened his pace, fucking her harder and harder. Literally fucking the breath right out of her. “Can’t breathe….” She gasped again.but he could feel her fingers between them, still working, moving faster. He knew she was getting close to another orgasm. He would pull up, releasing the pressure on her chest allowing her to take a breath, but when he slammed down, she was forced to exhale, all this breath play was beginning to make her light headed. Just how he wanted her. Combined with his steel-studded prick thrusting inside, stimulating her pussy like never before, her fingers rubbing her clit and the intensity of having sex with a man not her husband in her own bed, her blood was almost boiling. Then she said the words he was working for, “I’m…I’m going to cum….”

He quickened his pace, “…yea? You gonna cum for me? Cum for your new fuck-toy?” He loved every second of this. Her legs high over his shoulders, her big tits bouncing and jiggling as he trust inside her. Her moaning and grabbing at him, obviously loving his cock, and only too happy to show her appreciation to getting a good dick. He was lavishing attention on her like she hadn’t had in years, and she was going to make sure he remembered her cunt. She could be a real whore when she wanted to, although her husband never seemed to appreciate that gift. He did though, so she was giving it to in full.

“Yes,” she grunted. “Yes….yes! Fuck me like I need it! Fill my fucking cunt with your big fucking dick! Yes!” She exclaimed with every trust. Each time his thick cock pushed in deep, each time his smooth balls crushed against her hairy backdoor, every time their hips slammed together, she grunted, “YES!” Her fingers were circling her clit like crazy as he brought her closer and closer to the brink of orgasm,

She was feeling things she had never felt, the ring, the studs, the round steel balls rubbing against her tight walls, stimulating areas never before touched, rubbing her in ways she would never forget. Not to mention his girth and length being so much more than she was accustomed to, her sweet little pussy was getting a fucking it had been needing so badly.

“I’m….I’m…oh fuck…here it isss!”

And with that her body tensed up, her legs clamped around him and her hands flew to his face. Her eyes locked with his as she held him, her body tensing and relaxing as waves of pleasure ran through her and she surrendered to having her first real orgasm in a long time. Even when her husband put in the work to get her off for real, it was never like this.

Her genuinely loosing control drove him wild, as she franticaly writhed beneath him, he drove into her with new vigor, as he felt he pink pussy spasm around his dick, and he felt something new. A wetness he had never known. Was she squirting? He had never been with one who had, all he knew was she was she was cumming so hard, he felt a wetness flooding between them as he pussy convulsed around him. The sound of their bodies slapping together took on a new, sloppy sound. It was too much for him; he drove into her one last time and cried out, “Oh fuck!” As he also was overcome with orgasm. His prick pulsated as it shot a thick load of cum deep in to her now sloppy cunt. His balls tingled as they released their creamy white cum. He felt her wetness between them, spreading down his legs, he was sure some of what was leaking out of her snatch was his, but not much.

“….hold still….” She whispered as her hips bucked against him, pushing his member deeper inside her, grinding herself against his slowly weakening staff. “Ohhh…Ohhh…OOHH!!” She cried out as the last wave pulsed through her, her pink pussy gripped and released his dick like a furry fist.

She held him in close and his eyes bored into hers. He saw the little flecks of green amongst her brown irises, almost flicker as her eyes widened and stared into his. Her cheeks were flushed and had bright pink hue to them as she felt the last little trickles of her cumming wash over her body. “Holy. Fucking. Shit. That was the best orgasm I had had in a long, long time. Damn honey. You are amazing.”

He stayed like that for as long as he could. Her legs now hung loosely around him, his hips still pressed against hers, keeping his softening dick inside her as long as possible. They looked into each other’s eyes between kisses. It wasn’t long before his prick had shrunk enough to be expelled from her dripping snatch with a wet ‘plop’, followed by wet glob, presumably of some of the cream he deposited into her leaking out.

“I hope you’re not done yet…” She smiled.

“Not by a long shot,” he smiled and leaned in close to kiss her. As their tongues swirled together, he reached between them and began to finger her sloppy, wet, fuck hole. His fingers easily slid inside her and made lewd squishing noises as he finger fucked her, scooping out his cream and covering her hairy crotch with his sticky load. Paying special attention to her tight little rosebud he intended to assault next. “There is still so much I want to do.” He smiled wickedly as he slipped a cum slicked finger up her tight bung.

“Ohhh fuck yeah, honey,” Dee moaned as she wiggled at little, letting the new intruder slide a little further inside her dark entrance, “that is exactly what I hoped to hear. Why don’t you lay back, let momma take control while you relax a bit,” she slid her hand between them and wrapped her fingers around his slick and now almost completely limp dick. “Looks like you could use a little re-energizing huh? To tell the truth, I have thought long and hard about sucking your cock. You have no idea how many times I’d be sucking my husband off and wonder what it would like to have my mouth just FILLED with dick…” She knew how turned on Mike got hearing her talk dirty, and combined with her hand sliding up and down his shaft, he was slowly starting to stir. “What do you say? You want me to suck your dick?” She said this with a little lilt in her voice and a raise of her eyebrow. Making it sound both innocent and dirty at the same time.

“Oh hell yeah…” He said and was already rolling over and trying to find the best position for them to continue to play in.

“Yeah? You going to put that dick of yours in my face? Make me lick it all clean? Damn baby, you’re half hard already just from me stroking you. Maybe you don’t need my lips around it after all….”

“Fuck that!” He replied, almost panicking. “Suck my cock!” He was almost pleading, “I have got to feel your mouth on me, after hearing to talk so much about it, I have been dying to get a blow job from you.”

“Yeah?” She continued to tease. Her lips leaving small soft kisses on his chin, his neck, his chest, as she slowly descended towards his meat. “You want me to suck you huh? You want me to be a nasty little whore and suck another man’s dick in my marital bed? The same bed my husband fucks me in? Does that turn you on?” He could barely speak, only able to moan a reply as her mouth got close enough to his cock to feel her breath against it. “I have been waiting for this…” And then he felt it, her tongue at the base of his dick. She began to slowly, deliberately, lick his shaft like a damn ice cream cone. Long, flat strokes of her tongue, almost cat-like as she cleaned any remaining residue of his and her cum off his now fully erect cock. She stroked it up and down while she lowered her mouth and took one of his heavy, shaved balls into her mouth and moaned loudly on it. “….mmmmmm……” She pulled away and his nut came away from her lips with a loud “POP!” Causing him to wince a little in pain. “Oh I’m Sorry,” she pouted, “just got carried away. You want me to stop?” She had known she was driving him crazy.

He replied by reaching down between his legs and holding on to the back of her head and pushing her face back into his balls. He spread his legs wide and lifted his knees. “Hell no, you ain’t stopping,” he paused, “….whore…” At the sound of that word she responded so well and began licking his scrotum with new passion. He knew she liked to called names, but he was still not entirely used to it. He held the back of her head and rubbed it back and forth between his legs. “You like that, don’t you? You like having my balls in your face don’t you, you little whore!?”

She mumbled a reply he could not quite make out….

“I’ll take that as a yes. Let me feel that tongue again….” He kept her head pushed down and could feel her tongue slide over his smooth balls. Running over them, taking them into her mouth and sucking them. She had never liked licking balls before, but his were the first smooth ones she had ever encountered. Testicles were to her, usually covered in wiry hair, and always seemed to have a slight foulness to them. But not these, there were perfectly smooth, much larger that the little ones she had to fondle and feel bumped against her as his short dick bottomed out too soon in her needy cunt. These felt heavy as they rolled over her tongue, warm as she slid them into her mouth. And the only smell they had was of her own pussy juice they had recently been smeared with.

“You’re not used to smooth nuts are ya?” He chided her. She could only mutter a muffled sound he took to be a ‘no’. “You like ‘em?” He asked. Again, she couldn’t reply, but she nodded her head vigorously.

“Well then, here’s something else new for ya…” And with that, he pushed her head even lower, forcing her mouth to make contact with his equally smooth anus. Here was the test. Dee had told him before that her husband refused any butt play, saying ‘that kind of shit’s for queers…’ Yet he would on occasion, ride her Hershey highway if the mood struck him. What would she do?

The moment her tongue touched his tender ring, she hesitated just a second. Her tongue tentativley circled his tight pucker several times, licking over each wrinkle, savoring this new feeling. As she became more comfortable with what she was doing, she began to increase her pressure and speed. She could feel his muscles flex as she drove him a little crazy with her tongue. She had never been this close to someone’s ass hole. The fantasy always appealed to her, it seemed so decadent and kinky. But she never was allowed. Probably for the best, Mike had much better hygiene. He was completely free of hair down there. A little tuft above his cock, but that was all. His shaft, smooth. His balls, smooth. Under his sack all the way and including his asshole itself, totally shaved smooth.

She was loving it! She ate Mike’s ass like she herself liked to be licked. She took long, wet licks, her tongue flat. Getting him slick with her spit. She held her tongue ridged and poked the tip against his back door. Her finger dug into his cheeks as she opened him as wide as she could and dove in, pushing her squirming, pink tongue deep up his backside. Mike howled in approval as she entered him with her tongue, sliding it in and out, turning it around and around. She pursed her lips up tight against his puckered ring and tongue fucked him like a natural. Making lewd slurping and sucking sounds as she noisily kept licking and eating and at his asshole. While she had never done it herself before, she tried to do what felt good when done to her, and she so desperately wanted to please her new lover. She lifted a hand to his cock and was pleased to find it fully erect.

“Looks like I’ve done good…” She says, momentarily removing her tongue from his brown eye. She griped his shaft, and slid her hand up and down his renewed strength

“Yes you have, now get up here and bend over like the little fuck toy you are.” He grabbed her by her shoulders and pulled her up, kissing her deeply on the mouth. His tongue danced with hers, the one that had so recently been up his own ass. “You are such a fucking amazing little thing!” His praise meant so much to her. Dee hardly ever heard any herself, and when she did, it seemed hollow. But now, his praise felt so genuine she wanted to do so much more for him.

“But I didn’t get to….”

“Oh, you will” he cut her off. He didn’t know exactly what Dee was about to say, but there was still so much he intended to do with and to her. Whatever she was about to do, he was sure they’d get around it to it before long. Besides, after her submissive behavior between his legs and her enthusiastic rimming, Mike was beginning to enjoy the commanding role.

“Right now I’m going to fuck you. I want to see that beautiful brown ass of yours as I slide between those cheeks. Get up here and bend that ass over this bed!” She meekly obeyed, crawling off the bed and standing next to it, she leaned forward only slightly.

Looking over her shoulder, Dee asked, “like this?”

“”You know damn good and well what I mean!” With that he grabbed her shoulders and forced her over so her upper body was flat on the bed, grasping her hips, he put his foot between hers and pushed them aside, widening her stance. “Get those legs wide, I’m coming in…” He put a hand one each of her ample, brown ass cheeks and spread them wide as he lowered down to put his face in line with her crotch. He inhaled deeply and enjoyed the scent of her cream filled, just fucked cunt. Her sex was literally dripping wet. Red, puffy lips were visible through the thick mat of dark public hair, still shiny slick with her cum. A small line of his own making was visibly seeping out from between her meaty lips. Her clit was fat and engorged, poking out from a nest of matted hair, seemingly throbbing with excitement. He extended his tongue and took one, long lick starting at her erect button all the way up and to her sweaty brown eye dipping in deeply as he passed over the opening to her tunnel. As he presses his now cum slicked tongue up her ass, she wiggled and pressed back, desperately wanting more.

He backed off, “All in due time, baby.” And with that, he stood up, and aimed his ringed dick at the valley between those luscious, big, freckled ass cheeks. He rubbed the pierced head of his cock up and down her soppy, wet slit. Spreading her juice and natural lubricant a little more, also knowing the sensations of dragging the steel rings and studs across her already sensitive clit would just juice her up more. As he pushed himself into her, she grunted as his thickness again stretched her beyond what she was used too, and he sighed with the pleasure of her wet walls gripping him, “Damn honey, your pussy sure is fucking tight! Yea…..such a nice small pussy, you sure my dick isn’t too much for you?” He teased her a little as he held on her hips and settled into a nice rhythm, fucking her from behind.

“Oh, believe me…… I can……….take any…….thing you can……..give…..” She was panting like a bitch in heat as he rode her sweet behind. Each thrust of his hips into pushed her into the mattress. She gave up even trying to support herself and just stretched her arms out the sides and surrendered to him and let him take her as he wanted.

Occasionally Mike would pull back a bit and use his hands to her spread her open as he fucked her. He liked to hold her cheeks open and watch his hard dick disappear inside her hairy pussy. His pale pink flesh contrasting with hers. Dee’s ass was a rich deep brown, her bush almost black, and even though her cunt lips were bright pink, their edges were a few shades darker. And the ring of her puckered asshole was darker still. As he stared at it, he could see her flexing as she gripped her pussy to his dick, flex and release, flex and release, over and over; her cunt was more talented than any he had fucked. He was loving fucking this hot little firecracker. He leaned over her, pressing his body onto hers, bringing his mouth to her neck and kissed her gently as his engorged cock slid in and out of her.

“Fuck me……..just …..use me….I am yours…” She muttered. She knew just how to excite him. “Fuck me….make me your bitch….” With that he raised a hand high and brought it down hard on her ass with a “SLAP” she bolted upright with a shock, “what the Fuck?!” She exclaimed.

“You want to be my bitch huh?” Another “slap” across her ass. “You really think you can handle what I want to do to you?!” He began to fuck her harder. Pushing her hips down and standing a little higher, he changed the angle of his thrusts directing them more downward than before.

“Oh shit!” She cried out. He was fucking her slower now, but there was so much more force in his thrusts. He would pull almost completely out of her and then almost fall against her, driving himself deep into her all at once and with enough force to push her hard into the bed. And his angle had changed too, now each deep push was making contact with her G-spot. The big metal ring on the head of his prick was hitting it’s target with every thrust. Again and again.

Her body was covered with a layer of sweat, causing it to almost shine as she laid there under his assault. Every time he entered her, a grunt escaped her lips and she rose up just a little to meet his cock. Her whole body shook with his movements. She turned her head and caught his eye. Her hair had fallen over part of her face, and her sweat was making her makeup run just a bit. But there was a fire burning in her eyes. And he recognized it. She was loving every smack, every inch of him, and every movement. She was truly able to submit to him and let her lust take over. She believed she had found the man she could be a whore for. She loved his cock. And maybe a part of her was falling in love with him. She looked him in the eye and almost whispered, “get rough….let me show what I can be for you…..let me be your whore…do whatever you want…I can take it….”

With that, something inside him caught fire and burned with a passion he had not felt for a long time. Something changed and he knew what she wanted, and he knew he could do it. She wanted it rough? He could be that.

“Is this what you want?” He drove into her as he asked. Their bodies making a wet slapping sound as they collided.

“Oh…yes!” She gasped as she was impaled over and over on his thick tool.

“Tell me you love it,” he grunted though clenched teeth.

“Oh…I do.” She managed to get out between gasps.

“Do what? Tell me, you fucking whore!”

“Love it”

“Love WHAT?” He demanded, with another Slap to her ass.

“Love. Your. Cock!” She grunted it out as she pushed back hard against him as she felt the beginning of another orgasm. “I Love Your Cock… your cock…..” She repeated in time to his pounding, “….your cock…..beautiful cock….love it…..I love your cock…..I love yoooooouuu!” At that moment she grunted and surrendered to another orgasm. “Fuuuuuck! Don’t Stop! Keep pounding my little twat!” She shook and shuddered under his weight as her body rocked with orgasmic release. He was working his magnificent prick inside her in ways she had never experienced before; she knew she would let him fuck her again. She had to. The thin, little dick she would be getting from here on would never be able to make her feel like his did. So fucking completely filled. She was in sexual heaven.

When her body stopped shaking, he withdrew himself from her with and audible “Slop” as his dick fell from her dripping snatch.

He grabbed a shirt near the bed, her husband’s maybe? Who cares? And dried his wet dick with it. Once he was dry, he began to remove the heavy ring and studs from prick. She saw what he was doing; removing those lovely pieces of metal that had made her cum like she never had in her life.

“Why?” Was all Dee could manage to ask, her body still recovering from her orgasm.

He leaned over and kissed her ear and whispered, “Honey, I’m about to put my dick in your sweet little backdoor. And trust me, that’s one area you don’t want to feel this hardware.”

She smiled, “Oh baby, I do trust you….fuck my butthole as good as you’ve been fucking my pussy and I am yours forever….” She almost regretted the words as soon as they left her mouth. Would he freak out? Think she was going to go all Fatal Attraction on him? Who cares, she thought, they were honest words. She would he his if he wanted her, for as long as he did. And if he didn’t, well then, his cock would be the one she masturbated about for the rest of her life.

Once he removed the steel from his dick, he lowered himself down and again put his hands on her magnificent butt cheeks and held them open. Only now, it was his face he held between them. Her pussy was a thing of beauty. Black curly hair matted down from his fucking and sticky with her cum. Her pussy lips were puffed up and bright pink from the abused as they hung only slightly open. Little ribbons of her juice ran down her thighs as well. Simply put, she looked used. Where many women would look wrecked, she still had something about her; she was still hot as hell.

“Your pussy looks so fucking hot, YOU, are fucking beautiful. Did you know your cheetah spots frame your little asshole? You have one on each side. Perfectly spaced. Beautiful.” And with that, he pressed his mouth against her wet box, licking and sucking at her like a mad man. His tongue covered her from her clit to her puckered backdoor. She shivered with pleasure. Her man never told her was beautiful anymore, never told her how sexy her spots were. She hadn’t even known how far they covered her down there.

Not only did Paul never tell her these things, he never put his mouth where Mike’s was right then. Making little circles around her freckled asshole. He slurped and licked and sucked that puckered starfish of hers as she squealed with delight. Her sphincter twitched and her felt her relaxing as he slid his tongue past her muscled entrance and up her most intimate hole. Liking at the smooth, inner walls, he darted his tongue in and out, mimicking the fucking he was so desperate to give her with his cock. He pulled his mouth from her ass with a wet “pop!”

“That ass of yours ready for my cock?” He asked. His voice thick with lust and desire. She couldn’t bring herself to speak, only nodding wildly, as his finger began teasing the hole in question. “Yeah?” He teased, putting a little pressure right at her tender entrance. She nodded vigorously.

“Yes yes yes…..oh fuck yes…..”

“Then climb up on that bed. I want you on all fours so I can fuck your ass doggy style. Fuck you like the bitch you want to be. Like a bitch in heat.” He dipped his fingers down and traced along her cunt and found it newly hot and wet. “Ummmm, you are in heat aren’t you?” He smacked her ass again, watching her soft, round behind jiggle with his hand. “I cannot wait to be balls deep up that shit hole of yours girl. Now get up there and let me have it!”

“Yes sir….” She panted as she climbed up on top on the bed. She assumed the position just like she was told, knees placed wide to give him space to kneel, shoulders down at the head of the bed, resting on the pillows to position her ass up in the air, putting it on display for him. She slipped a hand under and began toying with her cunt from underneath. “Like this?” She quietly asked, “is this how you want me?”

Seeing her be so submissive was turning him on something fierce, and she knew it. All their “sexting” and phone sex, she knew what turned his crank, what made him pop. Her being a bad little girl. A filthy, filthy, fucking whore. The nastier the better. Nothing was too taboo. The dirtier she got. The hotter it made him.

“You going to fuck me like this?” She mewed, “…gonna put that big bad dick of yours up my butt?” With that, she pushed her ass up and with the hand not rubbing herself, she grabbed an ass cheek and pulled herself open, showing off just where she wanted him.

He climbed up behind her, his raging hard cock pointing out from his body like a fuck missile aiming at her brown eye. “Hope you got some lube handy, I’ll fuck your ass dry if I have too, but I think you would rather I not.” She quickly produced a small, fresh bottle of lube from under her pillow. She had planned ahead; he thought and smiled a bit to himself. He took the bottle and popped the seal, and dribbled a bit down the valley of her ass. His fingers trailed up and down, spreading the slick gel all around her about to plowed butt hole.

He put the tip of his middle finger against her holiest of holies, and with just a slight push, slipped right up her tail pipe. She flinched only slightly but inhaled sharply at the anal intrusion. As he slowly worked his finger the rest of it’s way inside her, she slowly exhaled. “That’s it baby,” he encouraged, “nice deep breaths….just breathe…” He twisted his wrist, turned his finger one way, then the other before slowly beginning to pull it out. She let out a small whimper at his withdrawal. Pulling out his middle finger, he crossed a lubed forefinger over it and like a corkscrew, he entered her again, her rectal ring felt tight around his fingers but as he twisted them slightly, she accepted his fingers deep up her dirty vault. He continued to work his fingers, clockwise and counter, in and out, occasionally pouring a little more lube as they twisted inside her. He worked her good, making sure her backside was open to him.

“Fuck me already will ya??” She gasped. “Quit teasing me, I want your cock…..” She reached back and grabbed his dick. Stroking it, “I will do anything, I mean ANYthing you want, just put this big, fat hard cock up my tiny, tight ass!! I want it rough,” she was almost growling now, “Do to me what you can’t do with any other woman…..”

He retook his position behind her and poured some lubed into the palm of his hand before coating his throbbing member with the slick liquid. He rubbed his cock head up and down her crack and she moaned gratefully. An animalistic sound coming from deep inside her. He had already fucked her, now it was time for something tighter and dirtier. Something even more forbidden. It was time to sodomize her. At long last, he was about to dip his cock into her shit hole. Over a year of fantasizing and masturbating was about to be fulfilled.

Taking aim, he pressed the swollen, purple mushroom head of his cock against her tight little asshole. He felt her flex a little, and it felt like her asshole was pursing it’s lips and kissing the head of his cock. He began to push.

“It’s okay, you won’t break me…” She whispered as she pushed back against him slightly.

Then, it happened.

With a grunt, it popped inside.

A tiny scream escaped her lips as his shaft began to slide it’s way inside her dark canal, pushing deeper into her bottom.

Dee started rocking back and forth allowing his thickly greased cock inside. Opening her up like it was her first time, his cock feeling more like a fist than a dick. So much thicker than anything she had up her ass before. Her anal ring was blazing with fire.

She grunted and grimaced as her new lover continued to slide inside her, one agonizing inch at a time. His thick cock stretching her ass far more than she had ever experienced. She wiggled her hips grinding her ass against the swollen anal invader, getting more and more inside her with every motion. Her little puckered hole was now stretched to it’s limits and her poor little rectum was nearly packed full. She felt what she hoped was lube or maybe just her own excited juices leaking down her thighs. She hated to think of anything else leaking down her legs as she’s being butt fucked.

She realized she didn’t care, “Fuck my ass! Do whatever you want. Make me dirty, I’m all yours…..your little dirty cock whore….push it in….FUCK it’s so tight!! So big…..keep going, fill me up…” She was almost babbling, her head was spinning with Pleasure and Pain, with Lust and Humiliation. So many new sensations, she was almost out of her mind.

After what felt like and eternity, she felt the unmistakable sensation of smooth balls against her pussy. He had finally bottomed out. He had filled her anus with every inch of his cock. He held motionless for a moment to allow her to adjust.

“Breathe, baby….just relax…”

As she breathed, she could feel his pulse. She felt it in her ass, the rhythmic throb of his penis deep in her butt. Throbbing inside her most sensitive tissues. She could feel his every twitch, she could feel his heat radiating from his hard-on, filling her with his heat, relaxing and loosening her muscles. The pain was subsiding, and in it’s place, pleasure like she had never felt. She was ready. Ready for whatever he could give her.

She resumed rocking back and forth, encouraging him to work his tool in and out of her sweet ass. He began to ease into it, moving slowly at first, before picking up speed and momentum as his hands gripped her hips for leverage and she again lowered her shoulders down and buried her face in the pillows. She moaned, deep and low, pressing her ass upwards giving him a better target for his tool.

Small movements became longer as he worked his prick back and forth, loosening her a little, getting her accustomed to him before he gave her the butt fucking he was dieing too. He pushed into her, bottoming out again. His belly leaning into the ample cushion of her round butt, the curly hairs of her pussy rubbing against his smooth balls as they were pressed together.

She moaned slightly as he pulled back, and as he got to where just the crown of his prick was still imbedded in her perfect circle, he pulled all the way out of her ass. Her ring snapped shut and she gasped in surprise, he drizzled a little more lube down her crack and over his tool before placing his back into position and slowly penetrating her backdoor again. He groaned with pleasure as he sank into her heated grip again. He loved the feeling of her tight ring as his head passed through it, and he repeated this move several times, sliding all the way out and reentering her, getting pleasure from conquering her ass over and over. Her dark hole has warmer than any mouth and that tight ring was tighter that any hand, barely seeming to open at all as he forced his way past that outer ring again and again. He pushed deep into her again, his hands sliding over her ample and down under her feeling her round belly and heavy tits hanging below her.

He leaned down to kiss her on the back of her neck. That simple act of compassion turned her on more than he could imagine. “Are you okay?” He asked softly, “Are you ready?” She nodded vigorously.

“Yes,” she grunted, her breath ragged, “you’re fucking huge….it fucking stings so bad when you pull out…hurts….but, don’t stop…make my ass remember your cock, give that ass a fucking it won’t forget.” Her voice was close to breaking, and he knew her butt was stuffed near it’s limit, and yet, she was game for more. Well then, he would give it to her.

He pushed himself up, and grabbed hold of her wide hips, settling in between her legs. He was deep up her butt now, and he pulled her hips in closer, gyrating his hips against her, moving himself inside her in ways that made her back arch up against him.

He pulled back again, and she readied herself for him to withdrawal again, but instead, just as his dick was only tip-in, he slammed into her. Deep and hard. Her body jumped forward against the unexpected anal assault, and had he not been hold on tightly, she might have slipped off his dick completely.

“Yooowwww!” She howled as he drove into her. “Whoooooaaaa! Mmmama!’ She muttered as he flexed his stiff rod in her bowels. She pawed at the sheets, and bit down on the pillow hard to keep from crying out. He churned his thick cock in her ass, around and round, pushing in deep, before a slow withdrawal. He took his cues from her body, and although he wanted to ride her like a prison bitch, he could tell she needed a little more gentle touch for now. This time, when he thrust into her, he went a little slower, still giving her his full length, just not as fast, he was met with a low, “oh yeah….oh yessss…”

With that he found his rhythm, pushing in deeply, enjoying the feeling of her hairy pussy against his hairless ball sack, slow, but steady. Soon he could feel her loosen up just a little, and her hips began to meet his own thrusts.

She eased herself back up on all fours and dipped her back low prompting him to rise above her a little so he get drill into her even deeper, she began to squeal, “Fuck me baby…fuck me harder…c’mon….give it to me…..Fuck me harder!” Best of all she was acting like a Hot Bitch should, thrusting her ass up against him, meeting each trust so he was balls deep in her ass.

“Fuck yeah Baby!” He called out, “you’re starting into the spirit of this now aren’t ya?” He grabbed at her ass, pulling it apart so he could get a nice view of his cock as it plunged in and out of her tight ass hole. Her ring stretched taunt as it was forced open wide to accommodate his girth.

“Yes,” she grunted, “do it, use me….use my dirty fuck hole….”

“Yeah? Use you, huh? You want me to use your asshole for my cock? Use this dirty little shit hole of yours for my pleasure?”

“Oh yes…please…..” She could be such a dirty little girl when she wanted to, and right now, she wanted to be so bad for him. She wanted to be his whore, his dirty little secret, and would do anything she could to prove she was worth it. “Yes…stick your dick in my dirty little hole, my tight, shitty hole….fuck my big fucking ass….fuck the shit out of me….make me suck you clean……just fuck me….please….”

“Whose dirty fuck hole?” He asked her through clenched teeth. “Tell me whose ass this is….” She was driving him crazy; he had never lusted over someone like this before. She was offering so much, and he wanted it all.

“Uh…uh…yours…’s yours now!” She managed to get out as he reamed her.

“Damn straight it is!” Then he unleashed everything had been holding back and began to fuck her ass as hard as he could. She had pushed him to the edge and he was beyond control now. Beneath him, she cried out, moaning and gasping. A chain of dirty words flowing from her mouth, no longer making sentences, just words.

“Fuck…yes…..shit….fuck…ass…. fuckfuckshitfuck…….cock in meeee!”

Dee was loose enough that her anus no longer caught on the cock ridges as it slid in and out of her. Every few thrusts his dick came completely out of her and he saw her asshole gaping open before ramming back inside.

He was showing no mercy on her asshole, fucking her hard and fast, ramming her sweaty ass over and over. The sounds they were making by now were more and more animal as their wet flesh slapped together, she was screaming to fucked harder while she rocked on all fours with his dick in her ass.

Mike began to pound into her so hard Dee was nearly laid out flat against the bed while he continued to pound her ass from the top.

“Fuck. That. Ass.” She was moaning in time to his movements.

Leaning forward his mouth was inches from her ear, “such a sweet, fuckable butt you have dear…” He kept moving his pelvis as he lay on top of her, his motions shallower, “I want this ass to be mine.”

“It is….,” she grunts under his weight, “it is…”

“Anytime I want it?”

“Yes yes yes. Anytime!” she squirmed to get a hand under her belly and rub at her clit. “Anytime…just keep fucking me…” She is squirming to get his dick in back in motion…

“Your husband doesn’t deserve this sweetness.” He emphasized his words with a slow grind against her, causing her toes to curl under.

“No….” She whispered, “he doesn’t…”

“His dick can’t fuck you like mine does…can it?” He knew he was embarrassing her, talking about her husband while inside of her the way he was.

“No” she whispered.

“My dick is better than your husband’s isn’t it?” He asked as he pushed against her, driving himself deeper inside.

“Yes” the word barely audible.

“My dick is bigger than his isn’t it?”

“Yes,” Dee whispered.

“What’s wrong little whore? Embarrassed? ” Mike teased.


“Why? You wanted this. To be treated like a little whore. To be my fuck slut. You wanted this right? Right?! You wanted this and you’re loving it aren’t you? You’re fucking loving having your tight butthole stuffed with my dick, aren’t you?!” He was rocking nice and deep now. Her fingers mashing against her clit and he filled her rectum with his thick cock.

“Yes” she muttered, “yes, I did…” Her panting was picking up speed to match his thrusts, “yes…. I do…I do love it.”

“Good honey,” he purred at her. “Good. Because I want to keep fucking you. Just. Like. This.” Deep thrusts causing her to raise her hips up to meet his.

“Such a good little butt-slut.” He kissed her neck as he said it. Pushing his upper body up on his arms, he renewed his plugging away at her used asshole. She was in heaven. Her body was sore and she needed a rest, but she had never felt so damn sexually needed before. He was telling things she had never heard. Doing things she never felt. He called her sexy and she felt it. He called her ‘his whore’ and she wanted to be it. At that moment, she would have done anything for him. Anything at all. As it was, she laid there squirming under him, fingering her furry box and letting him pound her butt. Just like a good whore should.

Her gasps and moans became louder and more audible as her dirt box was stretched and stuffed with his thick, strong tool. “…love it…such a good cock.” she moaned as her hips pushed back against him, “so thick….fuck, I love it….love it…..I Love your cock in my ass! I fucking love your cock baby…” She talking into the pillow now as he carried on sodomizing her without mercy. His grunts were animal like as he pounded at her ass. And she took it all; she loved very push, every twitch that wonderful cock made in her bowels. And then something happened. Something she had been afraid of since she first felt the head of his cock at her backdoor.

The sweat, lube and spit, along with the loosening of her now fucked-out asshole combined to cause lewd sounds to begin to come from her. From where he was fucking her. All those small pockets of air he trapped inside her dirt box every time he pulled out and re-entered her were now being squeezed out past his shaft as it slipped and slid in and out of her anal canal, making wet, sloppy noises. She was mortified. She tried pulling away saying, “oh no…I’m sorry…” But he would have none of that. Most people would have been put off by this, but not him. He took it as a badge of honor. He took it as he had fucked that tight asshole of hers loose, that he had opened her up like no one had before. That he had given her butt a fucking that she would remember for a long, long time.

She moaned and cursed loudly, and began urging him to finish inside her. She pushed back and stuffed her fingers in her cunt, getting them sloppy wet and slippery. Then she brought them up to her stiff little rocket ship and began to rub herself into orbit. He felt her knuckles turning circles against his nuts. “Oh baby,” she moaned, “let me feel you cum…. Fill me up with your cream….”

He picked up the tempo, “you going to bring me off? You want me to pop inside your shitbox?”

“Yes, yes” she cried out, her finger moving quicker and quicker, “do it….let me feel you explode up my tight butt. Cum for momma…..cum for me….I’ll suck you hard again….let you fuck my shitty ass again if you want, or cum in my mouth…you know how bad I want to taste that cream of yours….” As she learned to do during their phone sex, she was trying to get him off by telling him how much she wanted his cum, and by being as dirty as she could. “Shoot that load inside me honey….let me feel that hot cum.”

His breathing picked up, and he could feel it. Could feel the beginnings of his orgasm start low in his balls. A tingling feeling that quickly began to spread. Faster and faster he plugged away at her butt.

“Here it..,” he panted, “…here it…..oh shit, here it comes!!”

With a grunt, his prick twitched and jerked excitedly inside her round butt. Her head snapped up as she arched her back when she felt him explode up her rectum. Pulse after pulse shot out his shaft as his balls emptied their heavy load, filling her anal cavity with his sticky, white hot cum.

Feeling him shoot off inside her asshole send her over the edge of her own orgasm, causing her to have what sounded like the most intense orgasm of her life, hips bucking frantically against him, arms shaking to support her and her body flushed with orgasmic pleasure as the waves flowed through her. As her orgasm subsided, she fell forward, unable to support her own weight, collapsing in exhaustion. As she fell forward, he fell with her, keeping himself inside of her as long as he could. She could feel the warmth expanding throughout out her bowels, as his thick cum spread out and flowed inside. He held her and gently rolled them both to the side, spooning, his dick slowly getting softer inside her cum filled butt. Finally, he grew soft enough that his prick slipped out of her now slick anal ring. A small puff of wet air bubbled out, following his dick, and again she turned away.

He turned her head slightly and kissed her gently on the cheek. “Look, as far as I’m concerned, I just rode you hard, gave your sweet little butthole a nice deep, fuck. And that just then? That’s just your asshole, blowing me a kiss, thanking me for the great lay.”

She rolled over, looked at him and laughed, “That’s just gross!” And playfully smacked him on the chest.

“Maybe,” he replied, “but you know what? It comes with the territory.”

They lay there together, his strong arms wrapped around her, she holding on to them. Her eyelids were heavy and she was still breathing a little heavy from her orgasm. She laid as still as she could and tried to remember everything about this moment, of course the obvious thing she would be remembering is the way her asshole still stung, a dull, throbbing pulse as her hole slowly retracted to it’s normal size. But there were the other things she wanted to remember; the rhythm of his heart as she felt it on her back, the sound of his breathing in her ear, feeling his breath on her neck, the way his hands and fingers lazily played over her body and rubbed over her belly and caressed her heavy breasts, exploring her soft curves in a gentle way so opposed to the heavy handed ass fucking he just subjected her to. Holy shit, she thought, he could treat he rough in sex and yet, still be gentle after. She finally under stood the much talked about “whore/Madonna complex”. A girl could get used to this, she thought.

“How much time do we have?” His voice broke her out her little dream land, bringing her crashing back to reality.

She glanced at her watch, and reluctantly reached for her phone on the night stand. She felt a small twinge of guilt as she lay there in bed with another man, his soft dick resting against her, his semen, now a little cold, still smeared between them as they lay together. Clearing her head, she checked her phone for messages from her husband. When she didn’t see any, she sent him a quick text: “Hey honey, about to go shopping for dinner, what’s your ETA? Any special requests from the store?”

A moment or two later, her phone pinged with a response: “usual time probably, John has new Call of Duty, might go to his house and game a while. Will call L8r.”

She returned her phone back on the stand and settled back into his arms. With a long content sigh she told him, “We have hours. Plenty of time to rest a bit, maybe recharge those batteries, huh?” She teased a little and wiggled her bottom against him, “I’ve got my alarm set for a couple hours. Let’s rest up a bit, I could use a little chill time.”

With that she snuggled down and they dozed off together.

A couple hour nap must have recharged his batteries nicely because his cock was awake before he was. As the beeping of her phone pulled them both out of their slumbers, the first thing she noticed was the hard-on rubbing against her tush. “Well somebody is wide awake!” she teased as she jiggled against his erection.

“Mmmm…..yes, indeed.” He groggily replied as he turned her face to his and, kissed her softly on the lips. “Very awake” he chuckled as he flexed himself against her. “I would love to pick up where we left off, but I think nature is calling.” He reluctantly left her bed and made his way to the bathroom.

Out of sheer force of will, he managed to get his dick to soften enough so he would relieve himself. He went to the sink and splashed some warm water on his face, “mind if I come in?” She asked from the doorway. He hadn’t bothered to turn on all the lights in the small bathroom, and as he turned to her, he saw her standing in the door frame almost silhouetted from the hall light, the brightness of the wall behind her forming a contrast to her dimly light shape in the door. She stood there, beautifully framed and practically posed. With one hand on the frame of the door, the other at her waist. She stood at a small angle, her hip to the side, and one foot slightly raised. The roundness of her hips, the strength of her thighs, tapering down to almost dainty calves and ankles. Her heavy beasts hung low, but were large enough to be seen extending past her ribs as she stood there. She was gorgeous. He was glad he already urinated, because his cock started to thicken again as he stared at her wonderful form.

“Of course,” he managed to say.

As she sauntered in, she walked past him standing at the sink and her fingers brushed his semi erect member. “You think he’ll be ‘up’ for round 3?” She asked with a wicked grin, the tip of her tongue tracking along her lips as she smiled.

“Oh yes…yes he will, just give him a few moments” his hand absently started stroking himself.

She pushed passed him to the sink and dropped a washcloth in the basin and started the hot water. “I hope so,” she said as she leaned in and kissed him softly on the mouth. “Because I don’t want to be done yet…” Turning off the water, she wrung out wash cloth and turned to sit down on the toilet. Putting her hands on her knees, she held her legs wide and looked at him. “Come here,” she beckoned.

He stepped between her legs and using the warm cloth, she began to wipe his penis off, washing away the coating of her pussy and ass juice, cum, lube, spit, sweat, all the that funk was on his cock and balls. After a once over on his shaft, she ran the rag along his undercarriage and up his ass crack.

After rinsing it off, she stroked it and admired it. Holding it up, turning it, and looking at it from every angle. “I still cannot believe I took this beast up my ass. Such a wonderful cock,” she looked like someone appraising a fine piece of art, “it’s just so…thick. Mmm. Love it. I love it!” she griped the base and shook it. “A fucking perfect penis.” That was the last thing she said before wrapping those sexy lips of hers around his shaft.

He closed his eyes and leaned back against the sink as she took him in her mouth. Slowly, she sucked him in, seemingly enjoying every inch that went into her mouth. Her tongue dancing wildly across the underside of his shaft as he entered.

“Damn, baby, your mouth is so hot….” He told he as he brushed a hand over her short hair and rested on her neck.

“Mmmm Hmmm” she moaned in reply, as she seemed to get to her limits. Barely half of his length was past her lips and she didn’t seem to able to take any more. A small gagging sound came from her mouth as she slid off him, her eyes starting to water. “Whoa. I guess I’m not used to something so big in my mouth. It does seem to be responding nicely though.” She smiled a little weakly as she stroked his wet shaft. She was right in that aspect; his cock was getting hard again and would be ready for another round very soon.

She stuck him back in her mouth and went back to sucking. What she lacked in depth, she made up with in enthusiasm. Up and down, in and out, her head bobbed and lips slid over his dick. Her mouth was full, but she made muffled, humming noises as she sucked, occasionally pulling completely off with a wet slurp, or striking the back of her throat with his bulbous cockhead, causing her to gag, making her eyes water more.

He played with her hair, as he kept a hand on her shoulder and one loosely on the back of her neck. “So fucking good…” He whispered as she gave him head. “You like fucking my cock with your mouth?” Her mouth was far too busy to answer, but he didn’t care, “I can tell you do. Such a good little whore your turning into. Taking up the ass like a champ, and now sucking my dick, as you sit on the toilet? What a good little bitch. Good little cock sucker!” At the mention of the words like “whore”, “slut”, “cocksucker”, she seemed to increase her work. She was enjoying his verbal treatment. Something about submitting to him like this was such a turn on for her. He was right. She did feel like a slut, sitting there on her toilet with his dick in her mouth and her hand on his balls.

His dick was totally hard by now, but she was loving her role to much to stop. What else could she do? What other perversions could she perform with her new lover to show the depths she was willing to go just for him? Then, it came to her. Removing his tool from her mouth, “Turn around,” she said, “and grab that sink.” As her turned his ass toward her she grabbed his cheeks with both hands and spread him open wide, “I want to show you how dirty I can be…” And with that, she drove her face between his buttcheecks licked that ass of his from his balls to the top of his crack.

“You like that?” She mocked his earlier questioning of her. “You like having my slutty tongue up your crack? Let’s see how much you like it,” she reached under his hanging balls and grabbed hold of his shaft, now steely hard in her grasp. “Oh yeah, you like it!” And she returned to giving him a loud, slurping rim job and she stroked his shaft at the same time. She pulled back and spit a healthy gob on his puckered hole, “turn around and get that dick back in my mouth!” He did as he was told and as he felt her lips wrapping around his pole, he felt her finger against his backdoor. She traced around his sensitive little ring with her finger tip, putting a little pressure, then, with a grunt, she pushed up and in.

My Master sits comfortably in his chair somewhere behind me. I am strapped to the table. It feels cool against my bare back. I have been fully prepared. My legs are held spread and strapped in by the stirrups. My pussy and ass are spread and accessible. My hands lay at my sides but are not tied down. My upper body is free to move and my head is unrestrained. My lips are glossed a pretty shade of slut red. My hair is brushed until it glistens as it sits like a halo around my head on the table. My nipples are as hard as rock and pointing at the ceiling above me. I have been completely shaved and waved smooth from the neck down. My hair on or under my arms. No hair between my legs or around my asshole. No hair on my legs.

My Master has given me two enemas to make sure my asshole is completely clean. He has also fully stretched me using a large dildo. He has fully lubed my asshole and pushed a great deal of lubricant into my anus. Being a loving Master he also lubed my cunt, but I am wet anyway. My heart is beating hard in my chest. I am ready and soon the guests will arrive.

I have been instructed not to speak at all. Moaning, screaming, crying, grunting, panting is all acceptable. Master never told me how many guests there would be. I know it won’t be a simple number like five. I suspect it will be upwards of fifteen. I feel a pang of fear mixed with my extreme excitement. I trust my Master that he will look out for me if it becomes too much.

There is a knock at the door. My Master calls for them to come in. I lay there on the table like a Thanksgiving turkey. I watch between my legs as they file in. I count them – one…two….three… I take a deep breath.

Nine…ten….eleven….More. Finally when my count reaches twenty the stream of men stops. I look at them all and they’re all staring steadily at me.

I almost want to cry. Twenty? He wants me to take twenty men? I know I can’t do this. It’s going to be too much. Tears fill my eyes. I am just a fuck toy to all these men. I am not a person. They don’t care about me, they only care about pleasuring their cocks using me. I am a cum dumpster to each and every one of them.

“Gentlemen! Welcome…” My Master says. I can tell he has stood and is somewhere close to my head. I don’t dare try to look back at him.

“This is your cunt to use for the next several hours. You will continue to use her until you have all had your fill – unless I call a stop to the festivities. Even if the whore on the table says enough, you don’t stop. I decide when she has had enough. Understood?”

There was a rumble from the men. I watched some shuffle uncomfortably. My Master chuckled.

“You need not worry. She wants this, but just to make sure we are all on the same page let’s all clarify.”

My Master came up next to me. He placed his hand on my face. “My dearest cunt, do you wish to be used by all of these men? You may speak.”

I glanced down at them between my legs. “Yes, Master.” My voice shook.

“Do you trust me to decide when you have had enough cock?”

“Yes, Master.”

He turned back toward the men. “There you have it. So, is that portion understood?”

The men all readily agreed now. “Now, to be clear on both sides. You have all provided STD testing and you are all clean. My pet and I have also supplied you with proof we are clean as well. We have also provided proof that my pet is in birth control. So, no protection will be used today. If you are not ok with that please leave now.”

I watched the men. No one left. “Are you okay with that, Cunt?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Gentlemen, take your clothes off and use this Cunt! Her pussy, ass, mouth, and hands are fully at your service. Cum anywhere you wish. Enjoy!”

I barely suppressed a cry. My Master moved back to his chair. I couldn’t see him but I was sure he also removed his clothing. He wouldn’t use me while the men did, but he would surely stroke his massive cock while enjoying what I was about to go through for the next several hours.

Once again I looked between my legs at all the men as they hurriedly stripped off all their clothing. I see one after the other bring they hard and semi hard cocks into view. So many cocks! all different sizes and shapes. The men are of all different backgrounds. I am still scared but the slut in me feels her cunt start to throb and leak cream. They almost all immediately start to stroke themselves while looking between my legs. I feel like pray.

Finally one of the biggest cocks gets brave and approaches. He’s a tall back man with a very large hard cock. I send a silent call out that he plans to use my cunt and not my asshole. I feel the thick head poke into the folds of my pussy and then in no time he plunges deep into me, right to the hilt. I gasp in shock. I am suddenly so full it hurt. Before he can even start a rhythm I find a cock being brought to my mouth. I turn my head to accept it. It is slid deep immediately and I gag.

My hands are lifted and wrapped around two more cocks. It has officially started. I am impaled on a cock, sucking a cock and stroking two more all at the same time. The other men circle like predators waiting their turn. I work hard on sucking the cock in my mouth and stroking the cocks in my hands. Between my legs I can only take one he is giving me. It hurts and feels good every single time he plunges deep.

Finally, the big cock inside my cunt goes as deep as possible and fills me with a huge load. I hear the big man grunt with his release. “Uh….take all that cum you fucking cunt!”

He moves away and another takes his place. I can’t look down since my mouth is still sucking cock. I think the man in my mouth is close to cumming. I will swallow my first load. One of the men using my hands pulls back and then moments later I feel hot cum erupt all over my belly and tits. Almost instantly the one in my mouth goes off and hot jism shoots down my throat.

“Swallow it you dirty whore!”

The man still using my hand changes places and puts his cock in my mouth now. My hands become filled with new cocks. The man between my legs explodes another load into my cunt. They’re all calling me names like whore, cunt, slut, cum dump, bitch. Another man steps up between my spread whore legs. He roughly shoves a finger into my asshole, then pulls it out and replaces it with his huge cock. I cry around the cock in my mouth. There is no mercy for me though. He is going to fuck my asshole without any gentleness.

My body bounces with the hard thrusts up my asshole. It hurt and I am crying in earnest now. However, I also know given the option I would not stop what is happening. The cock in my mouth pulls out suddenly and explodes all over my face. I feel the hot cum splash all over my face. It will stay there exactly where it lands. No one will clean me up.

My hands are sticky with cum now too and more has landed on my stomach and tits. The man reaming my asshole finally cries out loudly and dumps a full load into my intestines. My ass steadily gets used for the next several cocks, before someone finally uses my gaping cunt again. I swallow load after load as well. Some don’t last long at all before they are pumping cum down my throat.

Cock after cock uses my now surely gaping asshole and my cunt. I feel stretched and used. I have had several orgasms from the rough use. My body, hands and face are covered in cum. I can feel so much cum leaking from my pussy and asshole.

“Gentlemen, do you wish for a break and to freshen up before another go?” My Master interjects.

I hear the men mumble in agreement. The whole room smells of cunt and cum. I know what is coming. There is refreshments in the kitchen and two washrooms that you may use to clean up in. Relax in the den while you regroup. However, before you do so, would you men like to see this cunt drink the cum you put inside her?”

They all cheer appreciatively. My Master appears beside my head holding a champagne flute. “Oh my Cunt, you’re rather covered in a lot of cum! Well, you need a taste of the mixture directly from your used whore hole.”

I watch as he moves between my legs. He gets in good and close and places the champagne flute at my gaping opening. Using what feels like a spool he brings cum out of my cunt and into the glass. I feel humiliated more by this than by them being allowed to use me as they have. Once he has gotten plenty he stands up and shows us all a half full flute.

“Up!” He orders me. I raise myself onto my elbows.

He brings the glass to my lips and I can smell their cum and mine. “Drink.” He orders.

Without hesitation I drink all the cum down. The men cheer and high five each other. I drain the flute and lick my lips.

“Say thank you, Cunt.”

“Thank you, Master. Thank you, Gentlemen.”

It took a long time, but I finally managed to get my wife to try some adventure. We had been married for eight years and our sex life had become rather predictable. Once a week or so, she would relent and we would “be together.” This usually meant her sucking my cock to get it hard and then laying down on her stomach and letting me pound away until I had my orgasm. Occasionally she had one too but more often than not, it seemed like sex with me was just one of the many things on her list of things to do.

That all changed the night she discovered I had been online looking at websites devoted to voyeurism and exhibitionism. She was strangely fascinated by the idea of allowing strangers see her in a way that only I should see her. She asked if I would consider the idea of letting her try it out. “Are you kidding,” I asked. “I would love for you to give this a go.”

“Ok,” she said, “but there is no getting mad later because you are jealous, ok?”

“Have no fear sweetheart, I am all about it.”

I couldn’t believe it. My conservative wife was going to expose herself to a stranger. I asked what she had in mind and she said she hoped I had some ideas. I told her one thing we could do rather safely was to drive down the interstate and let her flash her breasts to passing truckers. She thought that was a good idea and off we went one Saturday afternoon. She wore a pair of short shorts and a tube top. I had passed two or three trucks before she worked up the nerve. Finally I slowed a little while passing one and I told her we were staying right there until she did it. She was still hesitant. She glanced up at the driver and gasped. She said he was asking her to show him her tits. I said, “Well that is why we are out here isn’t it?”

Then without further delay, she grabbed her top and pulled it down, exposing her little 34a tits. They were so perfect, with small, dark brown areolas and prominent nipples. Wow, were her nipples ever sticking out. I guess that answered any question about her enjoying what she was doing. I reached over and gave one a squeeze as the trucker hit his horn and I thought she was going to cum right then. She let out a little moan and threw her head back.

“Damn, whore, what the hell was that?” I asked.

She just looked at me and smiled an evil little smile. “Where has this been all my life?” she asked, “I want to do it again.”

So we drove around for two more hours and she showed her delicious little tits to a few dozen more horny truckers. I was horny as hell and told her as much. She said she was too and we went home and fucked like we hadn’t fucked in years. She even swallowed my cum for the first time in what seemed like forever. We kept right on fucking and she had seven orgasms by the time I nutted for the second time right up inside her tight little shaved cunt. Afterwards she noticed I was looking at her messy slit and asked me what I was looking at. I told her I was looking at the cream pie we had made. “What is a cream pie,” she asked.

I told her it was a used cunt with cum dripping out of it.

“What is the big deal about that?” she asked.

“It is becoming quite the popular fetish,” I answered.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Well, it seems that some guys like to watch their cum ooze out of a girl they’ve just finished fucking. Some like watching it leak out of a pussy and some like it from the ass. Hell, there are even some guys that like to lick it and suck it out.”

“Really,” she asked, “They lick their own cum from their woman’s cunt?”

“Yes,” I said, “And some guys suck another guy’s cum.”

“No way,” she said, “You have got to be joking.”

“No,” I said, “There are even websites devoted to that just like the ones for exhibitionism. Some guys even have other men fuck their wives so they can suffer the humiliation of having to watch and made to ‘clean her up’ after the guy is finished using her.”

“Wow,” was all she said. I would have thought she would be disgusted or at least act like she was. “Is that something you want to try? To eat my pussy now that you have filled it with your hot cum?”

I think I took a little too long in telling her no, because she started rubbing her clit and telling me she needed to get off one more time and could I please go down on her sloppy slit to help her get there. I told her that I couldn’t do it now that I had got off. I confessed that I fantasized about it and even wanted to do it right up until I shot my load and then all my desire went away. “I think it is a common thing among men,” I said. “We are willing to do just about anything in the time leading up to an orgasm, but once we get there, all bets are off and we tame down quite a bit.”

She seemed to understand and we got ready for bed. I had dreams that night about going down on my wife and eating cum from her well used pussy.

After breakfast the next morning, I said, “Let’s raise the bar a little. What do you think about going to a public place and make this exhibition thing a little more personal?”

“Oh yeah, let’s do it,” she replied. “I like that idea. Where did you have in mind?”

I suggested we find a library or bookstore since that would give her a reason for a lot of bending over and squatting down. She thought it was a great idea and we picked out an outfit for her that would facilitate our plans. She put on a short skirt and a low-cut top that fell away from her chest very conveniently when she bent over the slightest bit. She wore a red satin thong but we decided to forego a bra all together. I couldn’t wait and neither could she.

We drove about 45 miles to a nearby city and went to a busy plaza with one of those coffee shop/bookstores that are so popular these days. It was moderately crowded which is just what we wanted. We had already decided to go in separately so we wouldn’t spook any guys that were there to look at sluts like her. She left on her wedding band though. She said it made her feel even nastier to have guys leering at her even though they knew she was married. Let me just say I was thoroughly enjoying this change in my previously bland wife.

Our plan was for her to walk around until she saw a guy or guys that she wanted to expose herself to. She would then slowly move closer until she was “in position.” She would start by bending over so they could see either her tits or her ass depending on which way she was standing.

Her first target was a young man about 18 or 20 checking out the porn magazines. She made sure she had his attention and then very deliberately bent over and gave him a perfect view of her perfect little breasts. The boy literally jumped as if someone had goosed him. He couldn’t take his eyes off my wife’s chest and she did not change her position for about 30 seconds. What she didn’t know was that another guy had walked up behind her and was getting a great view of her tight ass with nothing but a thong to hide anything. Both guys were mesmerized and didn’t seem capable of moving. She finally had mercy and straightened up. She stole a glance at me and I made a subtle sign for her to look behind her. She did and immediately realized what had happened. Her nipples were about to poke a hole through her thin shirt. That didn’t go unnoticed by her new friends either.

She casually walked away and moved near me. “I am so fucking hot right now. Was that other guy looking up my skirt?” she asked.

“He sure was you nasty whore,” I replied. “Let’s do some more.”

She moved on to another part of the store. This time she picked an older man who was kneeling down in an aisle. She made her way closer to him and when she was only a couple paces away she acted as if she noticed a book she wanted on the other side and bent over straight legged to grab it. He had already seen her coming and when she bent over he was ready and looked straight up at her ass. She “dropped” the book and bent on over to get it. Of course it took her a few seconds to get it and he had a good long look at her crotch. She pretended to be looking at the book while he moved a little so he could continue looking her up. She acted as if she didn’t notice and after a few moments, she bent over again to replace the book. The guy was so close by now that when she bent over, her pussy was only a few inches from this guy’s face. You could see the ecstasy on his face as he caught the scent of her sex while she held her position for several seconds. I think he finally came to his senses and realized his risk as he quickly stood and walked out of the aisle. Then again, he also could have been headed to the men’s room to rub one out. I walked up and told her what all had transpired. She was elated.

This went on a few more times around the store. Finally she walked up and asked if I had seen enough of if I wanted her to do it some more. “I want you to do it some more. But, I want you to do something else for me.”

“What is that dear?” she asked.

“I want you to take off your thong you cheap slut.”

“Ooh! I thought you would never ask,” she shot back.

She didn’t even bother to go to the bathroom. She just reached up her skirt and pulled her thong off right there in the aisle. I was so fucking turned on by this woman. She handed me her panties and I couldn’t believe how wet they were. They were fucking soaked with her juices. She walked around a little more, obviously enjoying the feeling of being virtually naked in public. She finally decided on her next “victim” and moved in without delay.

This was a man about 30 years old, athletically built and handsome. He was in a similar position as the older man from earlier. He too saw her coming and was watching her out of the corner of his eye. She used the same maneuver except this time she started by showing him her tits with the classic lean over. After giving him a good look at her delicious little titties, she moved on past him a couple steps and again bent over without bending her knees to retrieve a book from a lower shelf. She had approached him from the side opposite of me so I couldn’t see his face when he was looking at her breasts, but I could see his expression perfectly now that he was gazing at her naked cunt. What a view he must have had from behind her like that. I just knew her cunt was juicy as hell right now knowing that this handsome stranger was looking at her bare slit. I think if the guy had started eating her she would have backed up on his face. He didn’t know that of course and could only stare as he held her position for 10 or 15 seconds as she pretended to be looking for a particular book. When she stood up and walked away I noticed that he finally started breathing again.

She walked around a bit and showed her tits and pussy to a few more guys and one woman. Believe it or not, she seemed to like what she saw as much as the men; taking a long hard look at my wife’s slick cunt lips. We couldn’t stand it any more and went out to the car. We got right in the back seat and started fucking as soon as the doors were shut. She had her first orgasm as soon as I entered her and two more before three minutes had passed. When her third one hit I had had enough and I blew my load right up inside her soaking wet slit. As I pulled out of her she got something like a butt plug out of her purse and shoved it up inside her. I asked her what that was about and she said, “I want to enjoy being full while we drive home.”

“Ok baby. Whatever floats your boat.” I replied.

“Really, do you mean that?” she asked.

“Of course my love,” I answered.

“Ok, just remember you said that.”

That was an odd thing for her to say, I thought, as we sped through the night along the interstate. We talked about what had happened in the store and we were both getting very excited. Her earlier statement had me curious as hell and I was in a state of high anticipation by the time we were home. As soon as we were out of the car she was stripping off her skirt and top. She got naked right there in our damn driveway! I couldn’t believe how hot she was. I was hard again by now and we started kissing as soon as we were inside. She had me naked in record time and right way she knelt down and started sucking my throbbing cock. After a few seconds of that, she looked up at me and said, “Your cock tastes so fucking good right now with our mingled juices coating it.”

She went back to sucking me and I told her she had better stop or I would cum in her mouth right then. Not only did she ignore my warning, she seemed to redouble her efforts. You would have thought she wanted me to cum in her mouth. Just when I thought I was going to go over the top, she stopped and looked up at me. “Oh, no you don’t. Now it is my turn.” I thought she wanted me to fuck her again but she had something else in mind. She sat on the couch and opened her legs. “Come over here you worthless piece of shit,” she ordered. I was turned on as hell so I just did what I was told. “Pull the keeper out,” she said. When I hesitated, she pointed at the plug in her pussy and repeated, “Take it out!”

I quickly obeyed and as soon as I did, my load from our earlier fuck began to leak out. Now I understood what she meant by the term “keeper.” Its job was to keep my cum inside her until a later time. “You know what to do, don’t you?” she asked. I did indeed know just what to do and thanks to the time that had passed since I deposited the cum (not to mention her expert cocksucking), I was easily horny enough to follow through. I dove right in and immediately realized what I had been missing all this time. I had never tasted anything so good. Our mixed cum was easily the most delicious substance I had ever had in my mouth. “You like my lover’s cum you whore?” she asked. “Are you getting off on sucking a stranger’s cum out of my used fuckslit?”

“Oh yes mistress,” I played along. “It is the best thing I have ever tasted.”

“I knew you would like it cumslut. I always knew you were a cum loving bitch.”

I couldn’t believe the change that had come over my bride. I wasn’t complaining mind you. I was very turned on by her role playing and rough language. I continued eating her until she came two times. By then she was begging for my cock and I gave it to her. Within a few minutes I was spraying the inside of her cunt with my hot sauce as she came again and squeezed my cock with her pussy muscles. I had no inhibition this time and when she shoved me on my back and sat on my face, I was only too happy to suck her sloppy slit clean.

Afterwards we were sitting out on the back porch (in the nude, of course) and having a drink. She told me she had really gotten off on the idea of me sucking some anonymous guy’s cum out of her. I admitted it made me hot too but that is as far as the discussion went. Over the next six months, we continued to play around with this exhibition and cream pie eating phase of our sex lives. We always played together until one evening she came home from a shopping trip and said she had shown her cunt to a shoe salesman. She was very hot and we had some hot sex that night.

More and more often she would come home and tell me about her “sexploits.” It always ended up with us fucking like porn stars and me eating my thick cum from her hot cunt as if it had been put there by some stranger. I guess I always knew it was going to happen for real eventually but I had never really faced the truth or had the courage to say anything to her. Finally it happened. She came home with a story about how she had exposed herself to some men at a hardware store and how they had taken her in the back and used her like a cheap whore. This was not unusual and I didn’t really think anything about it. She then told me to lie on my back and proceeded to crawl up until she was squatted over my face. I noticed a strangely familiar smell and that is when I saw the keeper. This was very unusual since we hadn’t had to use it since I learned how much I love the taste of our mingled cum. “Take it out whore,” she ordered me. “Take it out and suck the stranger cum out of me.”

It hit me like a ton of bricks. My wife was not kidding this time. She had been fucked by a group of men just like she had said and they had shot their cum inside her slick cunt. I knew I should be furious; I should be outraged. But I wasn’t. I was hard as a rock and I found myself wanting to take out the keeper. I wanted to taste the cum that was being stored inside her smooth sex. I wanted to swallow the cum that had been put there by, according to her, three anonymous strangers just 30 minutes before she got home. I wasted no time in these contemplations. It all ran through my mind in an instant. In that same instant, I was pulling out the keeper and opening my mouth to the flood of thick, hot cum that was gushing out of her beautiful, thoroughly used cunt. I was swallowing as fast as I could but I couldn’t quite keep up and by the time I had sucked the last drops from her fuckhole I had stranger cum all over my face. She was calling me cumslut whore, cocksucker and many other nasty names and had two orgasms while she rode my face. After I drained her, she sucked me off and swallowed my load.

When it was finally over she asked me how I was. I told her I was great and that I had rarely ever had so much fun. “So you aren’t angry with me for fucking those men?” she asked.

“No,” I told her, “I am still horny just thinking about it. I really loved eating you knowing that I was also tasting the cocks that had fucked you and swallowing cum from some stranger’s fuckstick.”

“Ooh, you are a nasty whore aren’t you, talking about tasting cock and eating stranger cum?”

“I am your nasty little whore baby. I will do anything you ask.”

“Oh you will, will you? What if I ask you to suck a cock for me?”

“Sweetheart, I am so happy that you have come out of your shell I would suck ten cocks if you asked to show my appreciation.”

“I see my little cumslut. Let me think about this and see what I can think of for you to properly show your gratitude. Oh, I know what I want you to do for me. I want you to…”

That is another story.


She wanted her story told and yet she wanted to keep her identity secret. She understood that there are a limited number of wives of winning Superbowl quarterbacks and that her tale would lead to a lot of speculation about her identity. For some reason this did not bother her as much as people knowing who she actually was and so I agreed to print her story, in her own words, for the world to see. As to where I fit in with this tale of love, lust and depravity, I was the man she dumped for the quarterback and she knew I understood her. So here it is in her own words:

I knew right away that the Quarterback was the kind of man I desired and it wasn’t hard to steal him away from his baby’s mama. He is just the kind of man I need in my life, someone who is known as a manly man, ruggedly handsome and a leader of men, yet to me he bows to my every whim. I love to sit my ass on his face and then as I rub his little dick between my fingers I call him my little pussy boy. This always makes him cum for as he and I both know, the only thing that turns him on is humiliation.

I saw it right away and it makes sense if you think about it, his whole life he has been praised and put on a pedestal but what he craved was to be degraded and belittled. He refused to marry his baby’s mama saying marriage wasn’t his thing but when I told him we were getting married he said yes Mam. At our small ceremony, he on his knees at my side I looked him in the eyes and told him I was carrying another man’s baby and this child would be his responsibility his look of shock gave me such a rush I almost orgasmed. To make sure the world would know, I even named ‘our’ son after his father. I make all the decisions in our household, from where we live to how long his hair should be.

Of course, the quarterback is my cuckold as his manhood is far too small to please my voracious appetites. Although I want a hubby to bow before me and to serve me as I see fit, I want my lovers to be real men who take me for their pleasure using me in whatever way they wish. I think my desires to be a wanton slut further degrades my Hubby and that in turn excites us both. He tells me he hates this but his worm proves to me he is lying, as it gets so hard while he helps me prepare for my nights out with my many lovers. He is such a perfectionist and he works so hard and takes pride in how sexy I look when I’m ready to leave.

With all this said I want it understood that I love my hubby and even if I don’t consider him a man, I do love him as a mate. It was this love that made me want to help when I saw how concerned he was about the Superbowl he was about to play in. I instructed him to invite the whole team over to our house for a barbecue. I thought he would weep as he got on his knees to thank me for allowing this to happen.

The afternoon of the party my house was filled with so much testosterone it was making my panties wet. While hubby was outside in the cold cooking our dinner, I tried to separate the team into their respective groups. First, I gathered the offensive linemen; I invited all five into my bedroom. I took off my sweater to expose my cute breasts and then on my knees I invited them to form a line for one of my special blowjobs. I have always been praised for my skills in the art of oral, except from my hubby, for I have never allowed him that privilege. It didn’t take long to drain all five of them and then I informed them all that if they helped hubby win his Superbowl I would allow them to have me any way they wanted. I went through the whole team this way with a BJ and a promise; of course, I made mental notes of equipment as I’m always looking to increase my stable of studs.

This was by far my most exciting Superbowl and as I cheered for my hubby’s team, I kept hopping for a chance to be a real slut and gangbang queen. Well they did win and I couldn’t wait to keep up my end of the bargain. I rented the royal suite at the big hotel down town using hubby’s credit card. The room was filled with big hairy men all horny and looking for their reward. I gave it to them all, I let them have all my holes as many times as they could go sometimes I had every hole filled with cock and both my hands full as they used teamwork to make sure I was properly fucked. We all went all night long until everyone was satisfied and the last man left me lying on the huge bed in a pool of sweat and cum. I had been covered in cum as well and I could feel it drying on my face, my body, and matted in my hair. My body was bruised, I had teeth marks on my breasts, and I was sure my backdoor was bleeding. I had never had so many orgasms and even wondered if I’d ever cum again. I called hubby and told him where I was and to come get me. I allowed him to use his tongue to sooth my torn and worn out pussy but was surprised when he coaxed yet another climax out of me. He really is my good little pussy boy and as a reward I let him put his little dick inside me, I think he lasted about twenty seconds.


This was her story, as to whether or not she should get credit for her husband’s Superbowl win I will leave that to the reader. I found her tale as fascinating as I found her beautiful. This very complex woman with different demands from her lovers and her mate knows what she wants only accepting what satisfies her desires. I feel she is happy with the lifestyle choices she has made and I can only assume her husband is as well. I wish them both luck and I can’t wait until he gets his team back into the Superbowl. I am sure the quarterback and his wife will feel the same way.

Are you sure this is alright with you? Sue asked her new husband. “Still have a chance to back out. We can go to a regular camp ground.”

Sue and Walt James had stopped their rented motor home just before the gates to “The Bare Bears” a nudist resort off in the woods of upper New York state.

A week at the resort had been one of the many gifts they received at their reception. After being the butt of tons of ribald jokes, bets were made about them being brave enough to go and spend the week running around naked in the woods. The deciding item was that the brave couple would receive $1000.00. They only had to bring back proof with enough nude pictures to show they had been there and went naked interacting with other naked people.

“Get your camera ready! Here we go!” Laughed Walt. “Show them your tits hun.”

Entering the grounds after giving their names and being buzzed in they were met by a couple standing in front of the office bldg, dressed in only bright smiles. Later he learned they were Nancy and Jim, managers of the resort. Stopping next to them Walt saw them to be about fifty or so, Nancy wore her grey hair shoulder length, 5’5″ tall, medium body with slightly drooping breasts. Jim, taller by several inches, partly bald and what was left gray. Both very tanned.

They both knew that they would see naked people but were surprised to see their hosts so totally exposed. and so calm about it. Walt suddenly realized that he had a hard on. His cock had reacted automatically to the sight of a naked woman. He turned to one side hiding it from Sue. He needn’t bothered, she was busy staring at Jim’s six inch cock. She had seen very few cocks, and eagerly wondered how many more she would see before the week was over.

Nancy invited Sue into the office while Jim directed Walt to a site to set up and came over to help get the camper settled.

Nancy and Jim gave Sue and Walt the same talk and advice they used for newbes.

“I know this is your first time at a nude camp ground. The rules are simple. Total nudity required in the pool, hot tub and main area. Optional in dining area and on the trails. No sexual activity in the open, if you must fuck, use your camper. The only exception is dance night. I’ll explain that later. Carry a towel to set on and to hide any embarrassing moments if necessary. On this your first day you may wear shorts if desired. Have fun and enjoy your stay here. Remember we all had a first time to be naked. This is yours. Make the best of it.”

“Which way do we go? Sue asked Walt. “Naked or shorts?” Monuments later they were approaching the pool and hot tub area. Walt wearing shorts while Sue proudly displayed her lovely body, totally naked in public for the first time. 5’6″, 34C breasts, light brown shoulder length hair, high firm ass, pussy lips hidden by a medium growth of fine hair. She had given Walt her cherry just last month, but hadn’t been seen naked by any other man, or ever seen a naked man. She was eagerly looking forward to seeing some

As they neared the public area they saw some thirty people, all sizes and shapes. To Walt he was in tit heaven. Sue was totally enthralled by the sight of so many naked cocks. Both noticed that most of the women and a lot of men had no body hair, bald pussies and bare cocks in full view. Walt took lots of pictures. Sue almost moved her hands to cover her tits, then realized how silly it was, they were naked too. Nancy made introductions to two couples. “Hi kids. Meet Ruth, her fella, Bob. Mary and Jack. They also were newbes at one time, now totally with the nudist program. As they gave and got hugs all around Sue dropped her eyes to the dangling bare cocks of these two nice looking guys. Soft they hung about five inches, she wondered what they would look like hard.

Bob spoke up. “You can drop the shorts Walt. The girls won’t bite, they might just nibble a little bit if you give them a chance .” Everyone laughed.

“Come on Sue, you know why!” Walt whispered to his wife’s ear.

“If you have a woodie we understand and if I caused it I’m flattered.” Said Ruth. “It happens to most men here. Just look at what your wife is doing to these two guys.”

Glancing to their groins Walt noticed Ruth was holding both men by their, now, very stiff cocks.

Sue gasped at the sight and murmured. “Oh my-yy.” Blushing brightly as she gazed at the two hard, seven inch cocks aimed toward her. “Their nice, so-o-o nice and big-g.”

“Sue, change places with Ruth for a pix. Walt said.”Now that’s a picture that can prove we came here, and interacted naked with others. You fellas wouldn’t mind, would you?”

“Our pleasure.” Jack happily said as they moved next to Sue. Each taking a hand and placing it on their rigid pricks. Sue’s hands automatically wrapped around these huge cocks. They felt so nice to her, so firm. Her pussy juices began to flow. Since losing her virginity last month she had become almost a sex maniac, Walt had trouble keeping her satisfied. She started moving her hands on the hard cocks in her hands, slowly jacking them off. She wanted some sex, no matter who with.

Walt, surprised at her actions watched as his wife masturbated Bob and Jack. He continued taking pictures of her lewd actions.

“I can tell she likes them. Get a picture of her kissing them.” Ruth told Walt.

“Ok, Sue kiss them.”

Sue bent down and kissed the head of both stiff cocks.

“Not their cocks, I meant the guys.” Walt yelled, but still took several shots of her lips on their hard pricks. Sue turned to Jack still holding tight to his cock and kissed him on the lips while Bob pressed his stiff cock to the crack of her fine ass,

“OK kids. You know the rules. No sex outside. If your going to fuck go indoors.” Nancy admonished them as she strolled away, calling back to them. “Have a good time.” “Alright. We will.” Bob said as he and Jack took Sue’s arms leading her to a near by camper. Ruth and Mary also led Walt away but to a different camper.

Sue eagerly entered the cabin with the two men.

“But-t-t they went in there. Shouldn’t we go there too?” Walt hesitated before entering with the girls.

“Don’t worry, she’ll be fine.” Ruth told him. “The guys will take good care of her while we see to your needs.”


“Shush-h.” Mary whispered, kissing his lips while Ruth pulled down his shorts freeing his stiff prick from its confinement. “That’s what we’ve been looking for, a nice hard cock.” Ruth exclaimed as she closed her lips over the head of Walt’s prick.

Pushing him back to the floor Mary sat on Walt’s face, lowering her pussy to his mouth. “Eat me lover, I love to have my cunt eaten.”

Still concerned with the fate of his wife with the two studs Walt knew that there wasn’t much he could do at the moment. They would sort things out later. Meanwhile.

As his tongue worked further into Mary’s hot dripping pussy he felt the heat as Ruth lowered her hot body down over his stiff prick. When her pussy enveloped his stiff cock in its wet embrace Walt sighed. He had always wondered about a group sex party, now he knew just how wonderful it could be. Ruth was fucking him with all her energy. Riding his throbbing cock, which had been stiff for some time and needed relief her eager cunt squeezing the shaft coaxing his seed to shoot into her. Feeling his balls tighten he spewed forth gobs of milky cum to her waiting womb.

Sue was in a sexual frenzy as the two horny studs led her into the camper. She realized the results of her going with these two well hung men, she went willingly. She knew what she wanted. SEX, lots of glorious sex. Figuring that Walt was being serviced very well by Mary and Ruth next door she decided to let go and enjoy what ever Bob and Jack had to give her. They had between them a lot to give, fourteen inches of lovely cock, just for her pleasure. She laid back on the bed, spreading her legs and said huskily. “Please!” The two eager men began making love to her willing body.

As one man began kissing her lips the other started sucking her toes. Both used mouths and tongues to explore her exposed flesh. Sue didn’t know which was where and cared less. Kisses rained over her face and neck. Hands lightly caressed her body. Not neglecting any part of her. Two, three, four, more, who could count. While one nipple was being tweaked the other was being sucked on. Fingers gently parted the sparse hair over her mound and spread her pussy lips and a mouth covered her sopping wet vagina. Her ass rose to greet the invasion of the eager tongue. Wrapping her legs over the wide shoulders she urged her pussy eater on.

Ruth and Mary switched positions. Mary moved down and licked Ruths and Walts mixed juices from the still firm prick then set her ready pussy down over it, getting her share of his cock. Ruth straddled Walts head. Lowering her cunt, dripping with fresh cum, over his mouth. Having no choice he began licking the juices, his fresh cum and hers combined. Much to Walts surprise he liked the taste. Suddenly he could feel the urge to cum again. Thrusting hard he shot a medium load deep into Mary just as she shuddered in her own climax.

Disengaging himself from the girls Walt started to the door.”Got to check on Sue! See if she’s alright.”

“Better take your camera. You’ll definitely want pix of what you find.” Mary told him.

Totally shocked at the sight as he entered the cabin. Sue. His wife of just yesterday was on her knees on the messed bed. Her mouth sucking eagerly on Jacks seven inch cock while bob was fucking her doggie style, plowing deep in her pussy from the rear.

Mary, who had followed him, whispered. “Take that picture. Go ahead take it. You’ll both want to remember your first threesome and orgy” Walt and Sue took lots of picturers of all six that afternoon in as many different combinations possible

Some time later Nancy stopped by their camper. ‘Hi kids. Having a good time yet? Meet any more couples?

Sue laughed at her remark. “That four kept us so busy we haven’t had time to mix more.” She then asked. ” Any more like them here?”

To Be Continued.

Seated behind the wheel of my Audi, I slowly turned the corner from Hyde into the slim alley behind the club. It was dark, around 10 at night, and there was no sign over the door. The club was called “Lily”, an appropriately vague name to a club determined to remain anonymous. The valet recognized my car as I cautiously approached. He took a few steps from the shadows to alert me where to stop. Damn. Blood rushed to my head. I felt a woozy. I loved being here, but it also scared me to death. My heart was racing and, although the seat belt still strapped me into the warm leatherette driver seat, my body was trembling.

“Good evening, Sara,” the valet said as he opened the door. Both his professional demeanor, and that he remembered my name made him seem more like a high-class concierge than a valet. Yet his thuggish appearance and scar across his cheek told me he’s known violence and was likely an ex-convict. Exactly the type of guy Mason would want guarding his very unique, clandestine club.

Mason had suggested I choose a fake name to go by while I’m performing here. It’s against my nature to choose anything too “Strippery”. I have never been to a proper strip club, and all the names I could think of — “Roxy” “Jade” “Angel” etc all seemed both cliché, and a name for a dancer both younger and thinner than I. “Sara” was a stage name that suited me. It was familiar, unassuming, and fit well for a middle-aged mother of two boys.

I met Mason when my friend Julia brought me here earlier this year. She was my still-happily-single, more adventurous friend and because she was fucking one of the bartenders she was able to get us in. More and more lately I’d been enjoying living vicariously thru her stories, and soon enough I found myself asking (or begging, if we’re being totally honest) Julia to take me with her on some of her outings. The thrill of going to a secret strip club intrigued me. Mason was very kind to Julia and I, giving us free drinks and escorting us through the club. Julia and the bartender have long since broken up, but Mason gave me his card in the event I ever wanted to return. I hid the card in the very back of my underwear drawer in my closet. It excited me. As if it were a key to a secret life, not belonging to me.

Over the next month I absolutely could not get the club out of my head. I wanted to leave it in the past, but it was impossible. I was obsessed with it. Sleepless nights led to quiet midnight searches for information on it on the internet. I found nothing. Later, the searches turned to erotic costumes, which led to downloading pornographic erotic images. I try to avoid alcohol as much as possible, and use working out as a stress reliever. I mostly enjoy pilates and yoga, with a training session here and there for weights. Still, at 36 years old and after having two kids, my body isn’t what it used to be and no amount of training can change that. My thighs are a bit bigger, and it infuriates me that I can’t lose the last little bit of my tummy. I can admit I’m a little vain and, although I’m happily married, I enjoy the attention I get from strangers who sneak a second glance when they pass me on the street or out shopping. I especially like it when they are with their own wives and sneak a glance at my ass. I’ve always had a round, firm backside, and I focus on glute and hip exercises during workouts to make sure I don’t lose the one asset which has consistently provided me attention from men.

I remember the affect I used to have on men, as does my husband. I used to love the control I had over them. Despite trying to turn back the clock with vigorous training, it’s just not quite the same. My husband often has to go to Los Angeles for work, and more and more I’ve been staying home, in San Francisco. I just can’t compete with Southern California girls in Santa Monica, Hollywood or Beverly Hills. Even the ones my age there somehow still look just as they did in college. Lately my husband has been encouraging me to dress more provocatively in my daily activities, likely because he too used to enjoy the attention I used to get and longed for the old days. It used to come naturally, and now if I want the looks and attention, the best way to get it is to dress a bit more like a slut. I hated that I had to resort to such measures, but as soon as I feel strangers’ eyes on my body, I don’t care about what I had to do to get it.

What my husband does not know is that this exhibitionism has lead to my posting nude photos of myself (face blurry, of course) on the internet. I like to masturbate while reading the comments.

That’s a very nice dress, and sexy body!

Wud luv those sexy legs wrapped around me!!

that really is a beautiful ass…just want to hug it and nuzzle my face into it!

So inviting! Would eat that pussy and tongue that ass all day!

god I need to fuck that pussy

so hot.. wish my cock was inside you

Great pic……..would luv 2 fill ur ass with my cum!

Sure, you have to get passed the bad grammar and first grade spelling mistakes, but when I’ve got a few fingers up my pussy, it’s easier to overlook certain trivial elements. And, I’ll admit, as a middle aged woman who used to turn heads a little easier, hearing nasty, filthy comments about my current body make me feel young again. It’s shallow and vain, but it’s just the way it is. I love their anonymous appreciation, and I love hearing about the affects my current womanly body has on men. Lately I’d been posting more and more. Like with any addiction, it escalates.

All of this, of course, began with the club, “Lily.”

I looked up, into the eyes of the rugged valet as my long leg reached out from the car, and my heel hit the asphalt beneath a small puddle of dirty rainwater. My little cocktail dress pulled away from my thigh, revealing quite a bit to the valet. With him standing over me, holding the car door open, he also had an excellent view of my breasts, hanging freely inside my dress. I don’t dress every night like this, mind you, but tonight, knowing where I was headed, I allowed myself to push it. Strangers were going to see my naked body soon enough, so why not give the valet a peek?

Seeing the hunger in the valet’s eyes, his inability to hide his lust even if he wanted to, my power to throw his sexuality into over drive simply by revealing patches of my bare body was exhilarating.

I waited in that pose for a few seconds, letting him look, my heart instantly pounding blood throughout my veins. My increased blood pressure gave me a warm and cold chill. I felt night air on my hard nipples inside my dress.

When my eyes met his, after he had taken a good, hard glance, I felt my pussy tingle. To be totally honest, I would’ve let him grab me, throw me over the hood of my own car, yank my dress up over my ass and forcibly fuck me. Thank God he didn’t.

With that powerful, split-second fantasy playing in my head, he extended his hand, helping me out of the car. As he opened the unmarked heavy metal door to the club, I felt his eyes on my ass and thighs as I walked away, down the narrow, dark hallway. I shot him a quick, sharp glance over my left shoulder. Yep. He may as well have been stroking himself. Before we were married, I was sincerely shocked when my husband casually told me that likely men masturbated to thoughts of me. I turned red, and thought he was just trying to embarrass me. He said it’s not a big deal, but certainly men who saw me at the gym, or even work associates used me to fantasize to. Of course, that was ten years ago now, and I’m sure it is no longer the case

Still, looking into his eyes, my mischievous glance told him to “have fun with me” if he uses me to fantasize to later. Perhaps you think this makes me arrogant, but tonight I wanted to let myself go and feel sexy like I used to.

The club itself was behind another large, metal door at the other end of a little hallway, but the staircase leading up to Mason’s office was here. I heard the muffled sounds of loud, dance music from behind the door. Louder was the sound of my hard heeled shoes hitting the tile floor beneath me.

Despite my nerves, a guilty, anxious smile came over my face as I ascended the wooden steps of the staircase leading up to Mason’s office.

I raised a delicate fist to the door and knocked, lightly, twice. My hand was trembling. Perhaps there was some hesitation or anxiety left in my bones that night, or perhaps it was excitement masquerading as fear. My psychiatrist would likely tell me it was both.

Mason opened the door. His blue eyes, only slightly visible thru his messy grey hair, gave me a quick up and down. His office smelled of cigars and rum.

Without saying a word, he stood at the doorway and watched as I approached the old, oak wardrobe inside his dark office. I loved the smell of this antique, worn furniture piece. In less than an instant, I always seemed to muse on which European countries it had lived, and what it had held, in the centuries since it’s birth. Now it lived here, in modern day San Francisco, and housed costumes of secrecy for those of us who wished to taunt and indulge our sexual tendencies. I opened the doors and began looking through the masks. I selected a dark blue Venetian masquerade mask, the type that covers only around the eyes and nose, and features a large decorative feather. I next chose a long, black wig to hide my blond hair.

Mason was excellent with using more than enough snap clips and pins to fix the wig solidly to my own hair. Mostly this was because he very much enjoyed looking me in the eyes as he gave it a few hard tugs. He knew secrecy was extremely important to me, and that absolutely no one in “real life” could find out what I was doing here. This was the excuse we both used to allow Mason to really tug on the black wig, yanking the roots of my blond hair beneath. He liked watching my mouth and eyes wince from the little, sharp pains.

I loved this part: The coach smacking me on the ass before sending me into the game. I knew he wanted to fuck me. I could feel the burning lust in his eyes. His fucking would please me enough so that he could hurt me, just a little, and I wouldn’t mind. Mason didn’t fuss with romance or love. Another performer who fucked Mason told me that he both savors and enjoys women sexually. As she put it, it’s like the more he indulges his desires with her body, the more she enjoys it. And from the blushing face on this particularly trashy stripper, I’d have to guess she agreed.

My husband, although rather conservative, is very attentive sexually. He comes from an extremely wealthy, Christian family, and was raised to be very aware of appearances. We did not live together before marriage, and we did not have sex before our wedding night. Having only had three sexual partners in my life, I’m certainly not as open as some of my friends were, but I was worried that our sex life would go lacking. At first, I was so grateful that he was so preoccupied with my orgasm and my pleasure over his own. I appreciate the concern, but over the last few years, I’ve been frustrated with the realization that deep down, I may be a girl who just likes to be fucked.

Looking at Mason, my mind playing out imagined scenes of him using up his sexual partner, I wanted him to hurt me. That is, I wanted him to hurt me while he made me cum until I ached and begged him to stop.

“Room 5. It’s ready for you now. Curtain at 11,” he told me. I believed he knew what I was thinking. I was afraid he could read my mind.

Part of me wanted to fall back on that awful green thrift store love seat in the darkest corner of his office and finger myself for him. Not say a word, just part my fleshy white thighs, toss my skirt up above my waist, look him dead in the eye and watch him watch my pussy eagerly accept two little fingers inside it’s wet, warm environment. Standing in my masquerade mask and black hair, in character, “Amy” asleep somewhere deep inside my psyche, I very much wanted to see how I could affect Mason. Would I see his heart thumping underneath his skin tight V-Neck? Would I see his cock growing when I began to whimper as my hungry orgasm woke within me? Would he be forced to drop his pants and masturbate when I licked my own juices from my fingers, then used one to trace the stiff bud of my asshole while fingering myself with the other two (One of many masturbatory “party tricks” in my arsenal, only seen by my own eyes thru a mirror)? Would he stumble forward as his orgasm peaked and discard his cum on my low-cut dress? Spilling himself on my pale white cleavage? Would he ejaculate his warm, salty seed on my face? My lips? My cheek? Perhaps I would involuntarily open my mouth for him…

No. Not tonight. There were rules. I always need rules in situations such as these. Once the hunger for “newness” and “danger” is fed, the desire calls the shots.

Unfortunately the intrusive erotic thought of Mason watching me finger myself was very much alive and needed some attention. This was a test. How do I feed the little beast without going too far? Remaining silent, I chose a black, lace slip from the oak closet.

Before Mason could turn his back to give me privacy, I was quick to nonchalantly drop the shoulder straps of my cocktail dress from my frame, allowing the dress to spill to the ground around my heels.

I stood still, allowing Mason to look at my naked body. I desperately wanted to fondle my little breasts for him. To allow him to watch me delicately run my fingers of my left hand around the nipple of my left tit. I wanted to ask him about his cock while I squeezed my breast with right hand and only slightly fingered myself with my left.

“God, how badly do you want to fuck me right now, Mason?” I wanted to breathe to him. I wanted to laugh and taunt him. To languidly inquire: “You want to know what my pussy tastes like? Once and for all? Do you think you’ve ever tasted a pussy like mine before?” I wanted him to consider the question. “What does a girl with my thoughts — my eyes, my feelings, my hopes, and my dreams… what does her pussy taste like?”

“You’d remember the faint, sweet taste of my pussy forever.” I wanted to threaten as I looked into his eyes. “You’d crave a second taste, but I’d never give you one.”

After only a few seconds of silence, I turned around, stepped into the lace slip and pulled it snug over my skin.

I had the urge to touch my hot, moist pussy inside the lingerie. I wanted to comfort myself, and at any time of high excitement, it always grounded me to touch my pussy, even over my jeans if I was in public. But right now, I wanted to stroke my soft, bare lips.

I masochistically enjoyed denying myself this pleasure.

I walked out of his little, bleak office overlooking the club. I heard the hard stem of my heel hit each of the seven wooden steps on the way back down the cheap staircase, echoing loudly in my brain off of the dingy tiled hallway. I felt as though I was in a dream as I continued to the door leading onto the floor of the strip club.

The main floor of “Lily” was an entirely different vibe. Lit entirely by candlelight and a few large fireplaces, it was like stepping into another world: Elegant yet peeling brown wallpaper clung to the walls. Dark red velvet booths were scattered throughout, each grouping of them in front of one of five display rooms. “Lily” was a throw back to classy “peep shows” of the past. It was also a rum and cigar bar, a very expensive one, and it was easy to feel like you stepped into the movie Casablanca. I loved the mood and tone of the place.

I always cut through the crowd and headed straight to performance space. I didn’t drink or chat with anyone. I felt the eyes looking at me, my attire giving me away as one of the night’s performers. I loved the attention, but keeping up the mystery was very important to me.

“Room 5″ was my favorite room — a freestanding, ten foot by ten foot glass box, sound proofed, surrounded on all sides with tables and chairs for the audience. Inside the room was a small couch for the dancer to lounge on in between performances. Mason provided magazines and a laptop inside the box for us to use to kill time before the show. There were only a few candles lit in the room, and the exterior lighting around the floor of the space was very dim. All of this made the experience more erotic rather than the typical strip club.

A lot of people enjoyed this voyeur element more than the typical strip-show itself. They liked seeing a pretty girl in a mask and lingerie hanging out in a display case surfing the web or flipping through magazines. As if the dancer were a pet they kept for light masturbatory entertainment. I never made eye contact with the guests. I enjoyed keeping “the fourth wall” intact. I liked giving them the ease to relax, as if I didn’t know they were watching me.

Showtime was 11pm, and the cold chills of my nerves were in over drive. I muttered a customary “oh fuck” to myself when I heard the cue:

Ladies and Gentlemen: Sara will now begin in Room 5.

Yet, just as the lights went down I saw something that truly terrified me. For whatever reason, I broke my own rule and quickly glanced out over the crowd. Standing near the front and to the left was my husband’s brother, Eric, and his father, John.

Typically, in these few moments of darkness, I’d stand from the couch, so when the lights softly came back up, I’d be ready to sway with the music and discard my clothes. But now, I was fucking panicked. I was visibly trembling.

“Oh fuck,” Could they know? Could they know it was me behind the black wig and mask? What were they doing here?

It had to be a coincidence. My husband’s brother, Eric, was not religious. He was the black sheep of the family, using family money to produce low-budget “indie” movies. Some made money, most didn’t. Eric’s relationship with his and my husband’s father had been strained. I knew they were trying to bond again, but I’d never think Eric would bring his Dad to a place like this. Still, from the look I remember on both of their faces before the lights went down, clearly both were excited for what they thought was to come. They just had no idea it was going to come from me, John’s son’s wife.

I steeled myself, insisting they had no idea it was me. Then, I allowed myself to enjoy the secret sickness of it all. I would be the only one who knew about this. I would excite both my father-in-law, and brother-in-law, likely give them both erections as they looked over my naked body. At future family gatherings, they will treat me just as “Amy”, the reserved wife of their conservative son / brother. Yet I will know about this night. Would they masturbate to thoughts of me? I was suddenly very excited.

My dances were usually no more than a few minutes, just the length of a song. I know that sounds like not enough time, but when you’re in there, removing only a few little pieces of lingerie for strangers, it feels much longer. The thought of John and Eric watching me made me very wet.

I was sure not to look for them again as I slowly pulled my panties down around my ankles, and removed my bra. I always left my heels on. Usually I prolonged this stripping and made more of a show out of it, but given the unique circumstances tonight, my kinky side was in overdrive.

Naked in heels, I poured myself a glass of wine from the bottle of red sitting on the little table. I took a drink and sat down on the love seat. John and Eric’s presence for my show that night had encouraged me to go a little farther. Being nude wasn’t enough.

I began to finger my pussy for the crowd. With the room being soundproofed, I heard absolutely nothing. Some girls liked to hear music, I enjoyed complete silence.

I pictured John and Eric in my mind while my little fingers ran up and down my wet slit. I thought of kissing Eric as two of my curved fingers slipped between the slick walls of my lips and entered my pussy. I slid in and out, my body trembling with a mounting orgasm.

Based off a true event in Brooke’s life. I altered a few things from that night because she wanted it dirty. So I gave her dirty.


My father was having a client meeting and insisted I go, or rather made it mandatory. At first I didn’t know why he wanted me there, but soon I realized it was a set up all along. He made me wear this dress that was so tight I couldn’t wear any panties or a bra, and he knew it.

“Are you ready yet, Brooke?” my father asks from down the hall.

I look at myself in the mirror and smile. The dress wraps around my body like a glove. I hate to be cliché but it does. Anyhow, I’m twirling around in the mirror, not really listening to my father calling me when suddenly he is in my doorway.

“Yes, that will do nicely,” he says pulling the zipper up for me. “I need you to entertain the guests Mr. Douglas has over while I speak business to him.”

We pile in the Mercedes and head out to the beach.

“This potential client is important Brooke and his friends are highly influential on him. So it is very important you keep them entertained and make a good impression of his friends. While I’m in the main house, you’ll be in the guest house with his friends. Now don’t worry about a thing, they are all in their forties and married, you’re going to just be their eye candy. Make them feel young again.”

“I can do that Daddy,” I say.

The drive doesn’t take too long and soon we are pulling up to a very nice three story beach house. We get out of the car just as Mr. Douglas is walking up.

“Good evening,” the man says. “I see you brought your lovely daughter.”

“I did,” my father says. “You need to keep your friends busy while we talk.”

Mr. Douglas smiles, “That I do. Why don’t you go ahead in and I’ll take your daughter to meet my guests.”

My father nods and leaves me alone with the Mr. Douglas. As soon as my father is in the house, Mr. Douglas turns to me and says, “Right this way young lady.”

I follow him around the beach house to a fairly large guest house separated by a smell stone walkway. He takes me in and standing around with drinks in their hands are seven black men. Each one has a predatory grin on their face when they see me. I know want my father wanted from me and it brings a smile to my face.

“I’ll leave you to it,” Mr. Douglas says before walking out the door.

Once I am alone with these friends of Mr. Douglas, one of them approaches me with a drink in both his hands.

“Hi, I’m Jackson. Would you care for a drink?”

I take the glass and put it to my lips, sucking it down quickly. “I’m Brooke,” I say putting the glass back into his hand empty. “May I have another?”

Within a few minutes I meet all of Mr. Doulas’ friends and it long before the real party gets started.

I sit my glass down on the table just as Jackson leans in to kiss me. Luis moves up next to him and starts massaging my breasts through my dress. I moan into Jackson’s mouth when Luis finds the slit in my dress. His hands roam under, gently squeezing and massaging my ass.

He pulls away as I break the kiss with Jackson. I pull them into the room toward the bed and the rest of the friends follow us in. When we reach the foot of the bed, I stop and turn to face Luis and reach in to kiss him as Jackson searches for the zipper to my dress. Jackson guides my dress down my legs to the floor. I kick off my shoes and step out of the dress.

I move back to Jackson, kissing him deeply and that’s when his pants hit the floor, around his feet. I start to rub his growing cock through his underwear. Luis meanwhile, undresses and kicks his clothes off before leaning forward to kiss each of my ass cheeks. He stands up behind me and grinds his hard cock into my ass. I moan again into Jackson’s mouth.

Reaching behind me, I take the length of Luis’ cock in my hand and stroke it gently. I break the kiss with Jackson and moan, “I can’t wait to feel that inside me.”

I lean forward and give Jackson’s cock a quick kiss through his underwear while giving Luis free access to my now very wet pussy from behind. I grab Luis’ waistband and free his cock, groaning as Luis’ cock penetrate me. I take Jackson’s thick cock between my lips and Luis plunges his cock into me. He holds my hips and drives his cock into me balls deep, over and over, shifting my body forward with each thrust. The movement drives Jackson’s cock into my mouth further each time. I moan around his cock as my saliva pours from my mouth around his thick cock.

Jackson smiles at the other four men standing and watching Luis pounding his cock into me. I take Jackson’s cock out of my mouth just long enough to say, “Get your asses over here and fuck me.”

Eli, Jayden, Samuel, Mason and Henry don’t waste any time. Before anyone, Eli is naked and standing next to Jackson, his thickening cock dangles before my face.

“Just a minute,” I say, slowly standing up and forcing Luis to withdraw from my pussy. “I need to lie down and let you guys do this right.”

I crawl onto the bed and lie on my back. Samuel tosses his underwear into the corner and crawls up onto the bed between my legs. He positions himself and his tongue slides inside her pussy. I let out a deep groan as his tongue penetrates me. He switches back and forth between licking my pussy lips and letting his tongue dance over my clit and it drives me wild.

Jackson and Luis stand back and watch, each man stroking his thick cock as Eli positions himself above my face and guides his cockhead into my mouth. I suddenly let out a deep moan as Jayden and Mason each climb onto the bed and take a nipple into their mouth. Their hands roam freely over my body as Samuel continues to lap away at my wet pussy. Eli holds onto the headboard with his eyes closed as he slowly rocks his hips back and forth, making his now rigid cock glide smoothly in and out of my mouth.

I suddenly drop Eli’s cock and say, “Okay, it’s time to fuck me.”

Eli doesn’t waste any time at all. As Samuel stands up and begins stroking his cock to its full hardness, Eli positions himself between my wide spread legs. He pushes my legs apart and reaches down between them and works his cockhead up and down my slit, coating it with my juices. Then, with a push of his hips, he slides his cockhead into my hot pussy. I groan as the thick cockhead slides into me. He grabs my ankle, pushing my leg up and over his shoulder and drives his cock into me repeatedly as I buck my hips upward into him. Within moments he is fucking me hard and fast.

Jayden and Samuel stand at the foot of the bed, each of them stroking their hard, thick cocks. Jackson, Luis and Mason gather at either side of the bed, also stroking their cocks just enough to maintain their full hardness.

Eli holds my hips and plunges his cock into me repeatedly, pounding my clit with the base of his cock with each wild thrust. I move my hips upward to meet each thrust as I feel him work toward his climax. He lets go of my leg and I drop both legs to the bed, rocking my hips from side to side, guiding his cock into contact with my clit as it plunges in and out of me.

With a sudden intake of air and a loud groan, Eli drives the entire length of his cock into me and explodes. He continues to thrust, although a lot more slowly as his hot cum pours into my hungry pussy. I rock my hips back and forth, trying to get even more of his cock inside me as it sends rope after rope of cum into me. When Eli finally stops, I hold him tightly, enjoying the sensations of his thick cock and warm load of cum deep inside me.

As Eli slowly withdraws his cock from my pussy and scoots over and off of the bed, Luis gets into position between my legs and slides his cock into me. We both groan in unison as his cock penetrates me to the base in one smooth stroke. He withdraws until just his cockhead remains hidden and then he drives his cock into me even deeper. He withdraws and again, the he seems to go even deeper than before into me.

My hips begin to respond. I meet Luis’ thrusts with equal force as he repeatedly drives his cock into me, picking up speed with each thrust. I feel every inch of his thick cock plunge in and out of me. Our pace quickens to a fevered pitch. My hips move up and down and from side to side as I feel his climax rapidly approaching.

The first volley of Luis’ cum hits my cervix as he floods my clutching pussy. My inner muscles grip and milk his shaft as my hips wiggle from side to side. My legs wrap around his ass, locking his body in place, holding him deep inside me as the last of his cum fills me up. My body shakes beneath him as he finally collapses on top of me. I hold him tightly as he lay panting in my arms. When he returns to his senses, he pushes himself up and off.

Luis and Eli sit in a couple of chairs away from the bed and catch their breath. Mason climbs up onto the bed and slides his cock into me. His length makes me gasp as he thrusts deep inside me on the first slippery thrust. He begins to fuck me with long, deep strokes. My ass is soon coming off of the bed as I meet each thrust. His cock is long and thin and I feel it reaching areas inside me that aren’t often reached. I am soon once again wiggling my hips from side to side as he plunges himself into me harder and faster.

After a few minutes of wild fucking, he begins to moan loudly. I wrap my arms around him and drive my hips upward, capturing the entire length of his cock inside my quivering pussy as his load of cum erupts inside me. I rock my hips up and down violently as Mason freezes above me, his cum flooding my already cum filled pussy. Once again I hold him close to my shivering body as he recovers from his climax while still buried completely inside me. As soon as Mason can move enough to climb out from between my legs, Samuel takes his place.

He moves over my body and slowly enter my cum filled pussy. I push my hips up against him as he enters, burying his cock deep inside me. He starts moving it in and out of me, making me groan. The seat is now pouring off my skin as I hold onto him tightly. He starts rocking his hips into me, fucking me with deep thrusts. In no time at all my hips are once again rocking from side to side. I close my eyes and concentrate on feeing his cock as he repeatedly plunges into me, forcing more of the combined loads of cum out of me and onto the bedspread.

Soon, we are working in unison. Samuel fucks me hard and fast as I push my hips up into him and meet every stroke with a thrust of my own. He lifts his body up over mine and drives his cock into me with unbelievable power. Samuel puts my legs up onto his shoulders and plunges into me even deeper. Our groins slap together hard as he pummels my pussy from above. I moan and groan as I take his assault with ease, milking his cock with my inner muscles, attempting to make him cum inside me, wanting his cum to fill me.

I again slam my hips upward against his as my muscles milk his cock and he explodes, sending his hot load of cum deep into me. Samuel continues to thrust into me, a little more cum trickles out of me each time he withdraws. When her finally puts my legs back down onto the bed and collapses on top of me like the others I see Jackson and Jayden stroking their cocks.

Finally, Samuel gets up and rolls off of me. Jayden crawls onto me instantly and sinks his full length all the way into me on the first plunge. I let out a moan as his cock pumps deep into my pussy. He has a little self control and is quickly fucking my pussy like a wild man. I take his cock with ease as I concentrate on his wildly pumping cock.

I concentrate on the sensations I feel and move my hips around to guide his cock to exactly where I want it. Jayden can’t control his excitement and he arches his back, plunging his thick cock into me and pumps his load of cum into my pussy. He collapses on top of me, his cum seeps into my quivering pussy.

Jackson moves over to the bed as Jayden rolls over from between my legs and collapses again onto the bed. Jackson climbs onto the bed and lies down next to me. He reaches over and takes hold of my breast. I quickly crawl on top of Jackson, taking his cock in my hand and guiding it into my slippery pussy. I groan as his thick cock fills my cum flooded pussy. I lower myself onto the thick cock until I sit on his lap. His massive cock fills my completely. Jackson wraps his arms around me and pulls my upper body down to his chest.

I feel so full from Jackson’s cock and I start moving my hips around, rubbing myself into the base of his cock. Henry climbs onto the bed behind me and lines up his cock with my ass. I reach around and pull her ass cheeks apart to give him better access to my tight ass. Streams of cum seep from my pussy and he rubs some of the slick juices around my asshole. He takes position behind me and slowly eases his cock into my ass.

The three of us stay still, allowing me to get accustomed to the fullness of being so stuffed with cock. I suck in air through clenched teeth as my inner muscles begin to relax. For a full minute we don’t do anything and then I begin to slowly rotate my hips, putting both of their cocks into motion inside me.

“Now,” I say. “Fuck me.”

Impaled between their cocks, I flop around between them as they fuck my pussy and ass in unison. Henry plunges his cock into me from behind, which drives me down onto Jackson’s cock even harder. I moan and groan as they pick up the pace, driving their cocks into me as I shudder and shake above them.

Henry holds my breasts in his hands, offering them to Jackson. He sucks at my nipples, causing me to groan even louder. They keep up their alternate plunges into my body. Each thrust brings the three of us closer to climax. I can feel their cocks inside me, separated by thin tissues deep inside me. It is completely mind blowing.

With a loud groan and sudden deep plunge into my ass, Henry erupts, sending hot cum deep into my bowels. My spasms drive me down onto Jackson’s thick cock even harder. Henry climbs off the bed and steps away. Jackson rolls himself and me over, placing me on my back. He looks down into my eyes and begins to rock his hips, driving his thick cock into me to the base.

I close my eyes and rock my own hips from side to side, concentrating on the sensation of this huge cock. Jackson picks up the pace, plunging his cock into me harder and faster with each stroke. I reach up and grab his forearms, grinding my pussy into his as his pace increases. Jackson repeatedly pounds the entire length of his rigid cock into my hungry pussy, sending sensation through my body. My hips grind into his, my body writhes beneath him as I rapidly approach orgasm. I suddenly inhale deeply, letting go of Jackson’s forearms and scream as my orgasm bursts from deep inside me.

Jackson continues to pump into me as my orgasm rips through me. My inner muscles clamp down hard on his cock as spasm after spasm tears through my body. Sweat pours off of him and onto me as his own climax quickly approaches. I grunt and groan in rhythm with his thrusts into my still climaxing pussy. With a sudden groan, his first gush of cum splashes into me, coating my cervix and inner wall with cum.

I grab his forearms again, riding his pummeling cock. Again and again his load of cum erupts into me. My hips continue to grind into his groin. I jerk and twitch as his till exploding cock continues to apply friction to my throbbing clit. As our orgasms come to a halt, Jackson collapses on top of me. I keep moving y hips, gathering every ounce of pleasure as possible from his thick cock. He soon rolls of off me and collapses on the bed next to me.

I get up after several long minutes and get dressed. My father and Mr. Douglas knock on the door shortly thereafter. I slip out side looking up at the man and my father.

“Did everything go well?” Mr. Douglas asks.

I smile at him and say, “I think we all had a good time.”

“Excellent.” He lifts my hand and kisses it then turns to my father. “I look forward to doing business with you again.”

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