There is already someone bent over the open vending machine when I creep down the empty hall with my quarters. Cursing my bad luck, I stand a few yards away, weighing my options: I can wait until I get home, another five hours and a midnight away, or I can wait until the vending machine attendant is finished and get my goddamn peanut M&Ms.

I watch for another moment. The man is black, clean-shaven, and appears to be well-built, even squatting down with junk food scattered around him. I’ve seen him before—he’s our regular stocking guy. I wonder if I’ve smiled at him or just ignored him like I do with the rest of the night workers. Perhaps, I think, guiltily palming my quarters, he’ll trade me something for an extra fifty cents. If I smile this time.

The coins jangle and the man perks up. I grumble, but it’s too late. “Hi,” I say.

He sizes me up, getting in an extra long, lazy look. The back of my neck warms. “Well hello there,” he says, grinning to show very white, very straight teeth. “I didn’t think anyone was workin’ this late.” His eyes say something else entirely.

“Just me,” I say with a dramatic sigh to hide my body’s bold response to his unspoken invitation. A nervous chuckle. “Normally even I don’t indulge in night-owl shifts, but this project has to get done.”

“Ahhh.” He straightens up, and I realize he is much taller than I am, and that his hands are rough but the calluses are worn down. “Need some relief?”

“What?” I almost don’t comprehend what he’s saying, but then I do, and the absence of my jacket is suddenly obvious. “Oh. Heh.” A nervous laugh. “I mean, I’m at work. You don’t think—I mean, I guess no one’s—yeah. Yeah.” My hands go to my button-down shirt and flick open the top three. “Take me against the vending machine.” I kick my flip-flops against the wall.

His whole face beams. “Yes ma’am.” He undoes his pants, drops them down to his feet, extends his hand. “I’m Trevor.”

“Michi,” I say.

He tries out my name and it sounds good coming out in his honey voice. “Michi. Pretty name, pretty lady.”

I’m down to a cami and skirt. The latter I hoist above my waist, revealing the pussy I remembered to shave this morning. Trevor gazes at it, gives an admiring nod, and then squats down just like he was when I first saw him. Only this time his mouth is level with my clit, and he takes advantage of this fact. In seconds I have one hand in his short hair and the other against the wall, and I’m moaning as he swirls my whole lower business with his tongue.

He strokes to both sides of my labia; he pinches my clit between his thick lips and makes me squeal. Finally, panting, I tap the side of his face gently. “My turn.”

He obliges, draping his massive, cut cock over the top of his boxers. I gaze at it for a moment, imagining taking its bulk in my tiny Asian cunt. “Mmm. I’ll manage.” I tilt my eyes upwards and give him a conspiratorial look before taking as much in my mouth as I can. I gag and he sighs, hands to my hair. He rocks that way for a while and I experiment with my teeth, my tongue, my palate.

Trevor is grunting with every movement now and he knows he’s close. He pushes me away and then grabs my wrists, pulling me up and turning me around so my back is to the vending machine in the same movement. One hand toys with my breasts and the other brings his cock to the right level and he hovers there.

“Ready?” he asks, and I nod. He pushes in. He fills me completely; I can feel him pushing into the back of me. I feel gloriously helpless, pinned against the warm glass of the vending machine. Trevor flicks wildly at my nipples, his other hand massaging my mound, and then he comes, leaning into me. I lean back and we feel like one creature, shaking together.

After a second, Trevor plants a kiss on the top of my head. “Best day at work ever.”

“Agreed.” I squeeze his elbow and, when he lets me go, start to collect my clothes. “Hey, maybe I’ll start working later more often.”

“I’d like that,” he says, grinning, and rips the tape off a box of peanut M&Ms.

I laugh and hand him five quarters. He hands me back a packet and tips an invisible cap. I head back to my desk with new energy.

Andrea lounged on the super-king hotel bed beside Derek, her friend and colleague. Their notes were scattered around them. She frowned and chewed a pen absent-mindedly.

“I still think the conclusion of my presentation needs more work,” she sighed.

“Nonsense,” Derek declared. Resting on his elbows, he lay so close their noses almost touched. “It’s perfect the way it is.”

Andrea narrowed her eyes. “You’re just saying that because you don’t want to do any more work tonight.”

“Guilty as charged,” Derek grinned. He sat up and stretched cautiously, then winced.

“Is your neck bothering you again?” Andrea asked in concern. “Here, let me help.”

Derek sat on the edge of the bed and she scooted over to sit behind him and started kneading the tight muscles on his shoulders. He sighed in appreciation and leaned back. “Thanks. Working on a bed doesn’t exactly promote good posture.”

“It was your idea,” Andrea reminded him, amused. She closed her eyes and breathed in the musky smell of his cologne. His back was surprisingly muscular and she could feel the heat of his skin through his shirt. Derek was a very good looking man. Tall and lean, with curly dark hair that hung over the square rims of his glasses. Unfortunately for her, he was also gay.

Andrea started working with Derek two months ago and they had clicked immediately. He was smart and funny and so easy to talk to, unlike her ex-boyfriends. If it wasn’t for that one little problem, he would be her ideal man. As it was, she had to be content with a platonic relationship. What went on inside her head, however, was a different story.

“This would probably work better without your shirt on,” she said casually.

Derek wasn’t the type to be shy. He whipped his shirt off and leaned back again. Andrea tentatively touched his bare skin. It was smooth and warm and slightly tanned. She continued massaging his shoulders and he groaned appreciatively when she found the tight spots.

Eventually her hands got too tired to continue. She leaned against his back and rested her head on his shoulder. “Better now?”

Derek smiled and turned his head to kiss her on the cheek. “You’re an angel,” he said cheerfully. He was very affectionate like that, often putting his arm around her or hugging her or kissing her like just now. Andrea certainly didn’t mind. She just smiled guiltily. With her breasts pressed tightly against his back and her legs straddling his hips, her thoughts were anything but angelic.

“Can I return the favour?” he asked.

Andrea was sorely tempted but she was also afraid that if she got too relaxed she would do something stupid and reveal that her feelings for him went beyond friendship. That would be awkward. She shook her regretfully. “No, I’m good thanks.”

Derek almost seemed disappointed as she moved away. “How about we stop working now and order room service for dinner,” he suggested.

“Room service, huh. That sounds so decadent.”

Derek shrugged. “Just because this is work-related travel doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves.”

Andrea grinned. “Ok, but I want the New York cheesecake.”

“Anything for you, my dear.” Derek planted another kiss on her forehead.

Andrea blushed slightly and pretended to be busy collecting the reports and notes that were scattered across the huge bed. Derek found the room service menu and placed an order by telephone.

“I might take quick a shower before dinner arrives,” he said, picking his shirt up off the floor.

Andrea stood up and realised she could do with freshening up as well. “Good idea, I’ll have one too. I bags the big bathroom.”

They were staying in a two-bedroom hotel suite far from home, in order to present some market research to clients in the morning. The master bathroom had a luxurious spa bath while the ensuite had a smaller, but still serviceable shower.

Derek made a face. “You can’t ‘bags’ the big bathroom when it was my idea first,” he admonished her.

Andrea smirked at him. “Maybe not, but I can if I get there first.” She made a dash for the master bathroom. Derek was on the other side of the bed and had a distinct disadvantage. But he hurdled the bed at super speed and tackled her before she could close the bathroom door.

“Hey, put me down, you cheater!” She struggled against the strong grip around her waist. But he was taller and stronger and easily lifted her off the floor. Derek dumped her unceremoniously on the bed and made his own dash for the door. But he wasn’t quite fast enough and Andrea slipped in behind him.

Derek turned around in surprise. “It seems we’re at an impasse here,” he observed.

Still breathing heavily, Andrea put her hands on her hips and grinned triumphantly. “I guess we are. But I’m not leaving.”

He looked her up and down. “We could both fit in the tub at the same time,” he suggested.

Andrea’s confidence deserted her entirely. “Wait, what?”

Still holding her gaze, Derek began to unbuckle his belt, as if issuing a challenge. Andrea bit her lip. “You’re bluffing,” she said finally.

“Am I?”Derek finished taking off his belt and dropped it on the floor. His torso was muscular with a fine layer of dark hair. His hands moved slowly down to the zipper of his pants. Andrea could see the outline of a firm bulge underneath. As much as she wanted to see his cock, she knew it was wrong, very wrong, to lust after a gay man. She suddenly realised she was ogling him and lifted her eyes back to his face. He smiled knowingly and she blushed at being caught.

“Ok, you win,” Andrea exclaimed. She whirled around and practically ran out the door, her cheeks flaming. She headed for the poky little ensuite bathroom and grumbled under her breath. It was so unfair of him to flaunt his body like that. It was like giving a box of chocolates to a diabetic.

Soon Andrea was standing under the steaming hot water. She ran her hands down her body. At twenty-seven years old she was reasonably happy with her toned figure and firm, round breasts. Certainly no man would have any complaints in that regard. But the one man she wanted didn’t want what she had to offer.

Andrea soaped her breasts and watched as the nipples hardened. She thought about the man in the next room, who was no doubt just as wet and soapy as herself right now. Her hand dipped between her legs and she shuddered in pleasure as the lightest touch almost brought her to the edge. She forgot about having a quick shower and instead decided to relieve some tension with an orgasm or three.

Eventually, Andrea stepped out of the shower and dried herself off. She didn’t bother getting dressed again; just wrapped herself in a warm fluffy bathrobe. If she was staying with any other man she would have brought some sexy nightwear but it wasn’t like it would have any effect on Derek. She padded barefoot into the other room. Derek was already lying on the bed watching the large LCD TV, dressed in a matching bathrobe. He smiled and patted the bed next to him. “Hey gorgeous, dinner’s here.”

Andrea glanced at the covered dishes on the bedside table and her mouth watered. “Shouldn’t we eat out there on the couch or something?”

Derek shook his head. “More comfortable on here,” he said cheerfully. “I think this bed is bigger than my whole apartment.”

Andrea shrugged and sat cross-legged on the bed with the dinner tray in front of her. They shared a large helping of crispy fish and chips while watching The Mentalist on tv. Mesmerized by Patrick Jane, she unconsciously licked the salt off her fingers. The Mentalist was the only tv show she made an effort to watch these days. Luckily Derek liked it too.

Andrea noticed Derek glancing sideways at her several times. “What?” she finally asked in exasperation.

“Nothing,” he replied with an enigmatic smile. “I just think it’s cute that you have a crush on Simon Baker.”

She rolled her eyes. “I do not.”

“Oh? Why do you stare so intently when he’s on screen then?”

Andrea blushed slightly. “Ok, so I think he’s hot but I bet you do too.”

Derek raised an eyebrow but said nothing. Relieved, Andrea licked the last few crumbs off her plate and leaned back into the voluminous mass of pillows. He casually put his arm around her shoulders and she snuggled closer while they finished watching the show.

Andrea suddenly realised they hadn’t discussed sleeping arrangements yet.


“Hmm?” he replied, still watching the screen.

“Since you got the bigger bathroom, I think I should get the bigger bed tonight,” she suggested.

He turned to face her. “But the bed in the other room is only a double. I’m taller than you and my feet would stick out.”

Andrea sighed at his pleading expression. Damn those puppy-dog eyes. “Well, I suppose…”

“Yes?” he prompted her.

“I guess we could share this bed,” she said finally. He looked surprised at her suggestion, perhaps considering she refused to share the bath. But sleeping in the same bed was a bit different to being naked in a bath together. She innocently slept over with friends plenty of times while at college. Granted, none of them had been men but it was the same thing really…

“I mean, it’s plenty big enough for both of us,” she explained. “I promise I’ll behave myself.” She blushed slightly when she realised how that sounded.

Derek raised an eyebrow again. “Me too, then.”

Andrea wasn’t quite sure what he meant by that statement. Not the same thing she meant, surely. Maybe he was a snorer or a restless sleeper. Still, if it turned out to be too bad she could always move to the other bed later.

“So, that’s settled then.” Her colleague smiled and jumped up to fetch the last dish from the nightstand. He uncovered it with a flourish. “New York cheesecake, as my lady requested.”

Andrea stared at the huge slice of cheesecake in dismay. “I couldn’t possibly fit that in now.”

“Not to worry, I’ll help you out,” Derek offered gallantly. He held up the plate and gave her a fork.

Andrea took a small bite of the cheesecake and it melted in her mouth in an explosion of piquant creaminess. It was drizzled with some kind of citrus sauce and tasted absolutely wonderful. She closed her eyes to savor the flavor and then smiled at Derek.

“Maybe I can manage a bit more after all. Here, try some.” She held up the fork with another piece of cheesecake and Derek carefully took it in his mouth.

“Delicious,” he agreed.

They took turns eating mouthfuls of cheesecake until it was all gone. Andrea had to resist the urge to lick the last of the sauce from the plate. She didn’t usually even have dessert but this was so good…

She noticed Derek had some cheesecake smeared on his lower lip. Without thinking, she reached out a finger to wipe it off. His lip was hot and soft to touch. He stared at her with an odd expression on his face. Andrea lifted her finger to her own mouth and slowly licked it clean.

“You have some on your lips too,” he said huskily.

“Where?” she asked.

He leaned closer as if to examine her face. Then, unexpectedly, his lips brushed hers. Andrea forgot about how wrong it was and leaned into the kiss to return the pressure on his lips. Damn it, if a gay man had the audacity to go around kissing girls he could hardly blame them for getting a bit excited by it.

Derek’s lips became more insistent and she opened her mouth to give him access. His tongue gently probed hers and saliva mingled with the creamy remnants of their dessert. Eventually he leaned back, his face expressionless.

“Wow,” Andrea said breathlessly. “You must really like that cheesecake.”

“I did, but I like you even more,” he said tenderly. Andrea was confused. “I…”

Derek silenced her with another kiss. He pushed her back into the pillows and rolled on top of her. Andrea moaned in pleasure at the feel of his hard body pinning her down. She returned the kiss eagerly, and when his hands went roaming she shifted to give him access inside her robe. Her senses were overpowered by the warmth of his body, and the combined scents of cologne and citrus.

Suddenly she realised she could feel evidence of his arousal poking her in the hip. She froze and pushed him off.

“Look, Derek, I’m getting mixed signals here,” she complained.

He stared at her with a hurt expression. “What do you mean, mixed signals? I thought I was being pretty obvious really.”

Andrea bit her lip. “Are you…bisexual then?” she asked hesitantly.

“No. Why would you ask that?” he said in surprise.

“Oh, I don’t know,” she said in exasperation. “Maybe because most gay guys aren’t nearly as affectionate towards women as you were being.”

Derek sat up straight. “You think I’m gay?” he asked incredulously. Then he started laughing. “That explains a lot. Thank god, your reticence was driving me crazy.”

“So…you’re not?” she asked in bewilderment.

“No, of course not. Where did you get that idea?”

Andrea frowned. “Sarah and Rachel, from the office. That’s what they said when I asked if you were single.”

Derek stopped laughing and looked decidedly guilty. “Oh. I guess it is kind of my fault then.”

Andrea waited for him to elaborate. “It happened last summer,” he explained. “The CEO’s daughter was working in our office as an intern. She had a bit of a crush on me.”

He looked embarrassed but Andrea was nonplussed. “So you told everyone you were gay to get her off your back?”

“Well, I tried to let her down gently at first but she was very insistent about trying to change my mind. I was worried she would get me fired,” he said. “So I took her aside one day and told her I wasn’t attracted to women. And I asked her not to tell anyone,” he added in a miffed tone.

Andrea laughed. “Well, she obviously told enough people for the rumor to get around.”

“Still, I can’t believe you didn’t realize I wasn’t attracted to you when I first asked you out,” he said.

“I thought that was just as friends,” she replied defensively.

“I kissed you. Several times in fact.”

“I thought you were just being friendly. And you didn’t try to take things any further.”

“I didn’t go further because I thought you wanted to take things slow,” he complained. “Do your other friends – female friends – kiss you then?”

Andrea thought for a moment. “Some of them, yes.”

Derek’s eyes widened. “You’ll have to show me some time. I think I need to meet these girls and see it for myself.”

Andrea laughed and punched him in the arm. “Jerk. Still, I guess that’s not something a gay man would say.” She grabbed the front of his robe and pulled him close. “You can forget about taking things slow now.” Then she kissed him passionately.

Derek responded with equal enthusiasm. His hand slipped into her robe and cupped her left breast. She moaned as he gently pinched her nipple. “If I’d realised you didn’t have any underwear on under that robe I don’t think I could have made it through dinner,” he said huskily.

Andrea smiled. “I was fantasizing that you would find out.” She slipped her own hand under his bathrobe and discovered he was wearing light cotton boxers. She trailed a finger up and down the hot, hard bulge of his cock.

Derek groaned and pulled her robe open further. But Andrea had a sudden thought and restrained him. “Wait, how do you explain your ex-boyfriend, Sam? Did you just make him up?”

Derek sighed in exasperation. “I never said Sam was a man.”

“Oh. Carry on then.” He pushed her robe back off her shoulders and stared at her hungrily. Andrea felt her exposed nipples harden. She felt an unbearable ache between her legs. The tension she thought she had relieved in the shower was back with a vengeance. “Take your pants off. Now,” she commanded.

Derek grinned knowingly and shrugged the robe off his shoulders. “As my lady wishes,” he replied. Then he slipped out of his boxers and Andrea got her first look at his completely naked body. It was even better than she imagined. He fell on her and his mouth and hands seemed to be everywhere at once. There were no more words after that, only the sounds of two bodies moving together as one

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