Chapter 04: Hawaiian Style

DISCLAIMER: The entirety of this story is fiction and all the people involved are over twenty-one.

A/N: This could be read as either the final Jay Cult story or just a season finale of sorts. I’m going to focus my time on other stories for a while, though I am confident I will return to Jay.


‘Good morning,’ she said softly as my eyes started to open.

‘Great morning,’ I commented as I looked into her half sleeping eyes.

‘Big day today,’ she said as I wrapped an arm around her, caressing her naked skin.

‘You got that right,’ I said as I attempted to kiss her lips, missing by a mile and hitting her nose.

‘You’re too sleepy,’ she giggled as she righted my wrong and kissed me on the lips.

‘Even your morning breath tastes good,’ I said after we separated.

‘I wish I could say the same for you,’ she laughed.

‘Sorry,’ I said, some what ashamed of myself.

‘That’s okay, I’d rather kiss somewhere else anyway.’

Amanda Seyfried smiled at me before crawling backwards underneath the covers, her large tits grazing my chest and stomach as she did so.

‘Good morning,’ she spoke softly, her lips inches away from my cock, which was already fully erect in anticipation of my morning blowjob.

‘He’s happy to see you,’ I said, the sensation of her breath against my cock almost too much to bare.

‘The feeling’s mutual,’ she said as she lightly licked the tip of my dick, practically sending shivers down my spine.

It was still dark outside, but we had to catch an early flight and if we wanted to get there on time and still have fun in the morning, sacrifices had to be made.

‘Thank you for this,’ I said as she ran her tongue up the base of my cock, my hands running through her long blonde hair.

She moaned in appreciation and took the head of my cock in her mouth, keeping a hand around the shaft and one rubbing my thigh. I closed my eyes again with pleasure as she sucked my cock, it felt like I might still be sleeping, her soft lips wrapped around my dick as she rubbed the shaft.

‘Fuck yeah,’ I moaned, slightly bucking my hips as she took more of my cock in her mouth.

She let go of my shaft and instead put more of my cock in her mouth, moving her hand down to my balls, lightly massaging them as her other hand found it’s way down to her thigh. She moaned on my cock as she put two of her own fingers in her pussy, getting her self off as she sucked harder and harder on my morning wood.

‘Take it all,’ I said as I gripped her skull through her blonde hair, forcing more of my cock in her mouth.

She gagged a little bit, still able to keep my cock in her mouth, but enough that I backed off a bit. If it were any other of the slut’s that I’d been fucking the last few days I would have just held her skull down and bucked my hips so hard that my cock slammed into the back of her throat, but not with Amanda, for some reason she was special.

She moaned in appreciation, sucking on my cock harder and taking more of it in her mouth to try and make it up to me, all the while still fingering herself into oblivion. I kept a hand on the top of her head, but let another wander down to her soft cheek, caressing it softly and smiling to myself.

There was a soft knock on the door, just as I could feel I was about ready to cum. I ignored it, hoping whoever it was would get the hint and leave us alone. They didn’t though, they knocked again, this time though they whispered my name. I was so close to cumming that I fooled myself into thinking I was hearing things.

Amanda moaned on my cock again, harder than ever, clearly having made herself cum as she brought her hand back up to my dick. The person at the door lightly opened, obviously under the assumption that I was asleep, I opened one eye and saw that the intruder was Scott.

‘Get out!’ I mouthed to him, his eyes widened as he realized what he was seeing, apologizing as he closed the door quickly, causing it to slam.

Amanda moaned and paused. ‘It’s nothing, keep sucking!’ I said gripping her skull harder.

She instantly got back to business, now bobbing up and down on my cock, taking all she could in her mouth, bringing me closer and closer to the edge as she sucked harder and harder. One of her hands on my balls and the other around the base of my cock, both of mine firmly planted on the top of her head.

‘So close.’

She gripped my thighs, now bobbing on my head like an animal, absolutely going to town on my cock, causing me to literally writhe in pleasure, banging my head back against my pillow as she sucked the life out of my cock. Suddenly the bouncing stopped as she took the entire length of my cock in her mouth, cum now shooting out of it down the back of her throat, my hips now shaking as the entire contents of my reproductive organs filled her.

‘Holy…’ I panted. ‘…Fucking shit…’

She swallowed hard and brought her self back up to my level. ‘Better than a coffee to wake you up huh?’

‘Are you kidding me?’ I panted, sweat gripping down my face. ‘I’m gonna need two coffee’s just to have enough energy to get out of bed.’

‘Are you finished yet?’ Scott’s voice came from behind the door. ‘Because there is something you should know.’

‘What is it?’ I called out, Amanda giggling beside me as she kissed my cheek.

‘Just come out here!’

‘Fine!’ I responded, looking at Amanda and smiling. ‘I’ll be right back.’

‘I’m gonna have a shower, maybe you should join me when you’re finished?’ Amanda said as I stood up and picked up some pants.

‘You got yourself a deal,’ I said as I pulled them on and headed for the deal, looking back and smiling before opening it and leaving.

‘Okay what the fuck man?’ I asked Scott, who was looking worried urging me to come to the front door.

‘Ashley is here, she thinks she’s coming to Hawaii,’ Scott said as I reached the front door.

‘Oh fuck! I forgot!’ I exclaimed, eyes widening in terror as I hand clenched the door knob.

‘You’re a fucking idiot,’ Scott said shaking his head as I twisted the knob and pulled the door open.

‘Hey Jay,’ Ashley Benson said, a broad smile on her face.

‘Bye!’ Scott exclaimed as he walked past Ashley out the door and headed for the elevator.

‘What the fuck?’

‘Vanessa,’ he said simply as the elevator opened and he stepped inside.

‘You ready for our vacation?’ Ashley asked, putting a hand on mine.

‘Look, Ashley…’ My mind was racing, trying to think of something to say.

‘What, what’s wrong?’ Ashley asked.

‘Well…’ My mind was at a blank, I was apparently one of the greatest living freestyle rappers and I couldn’t think of a goddamned excuse.

‘Kanye won’t let me come will he?’ Well that was fucking convenient.

‘How’d you guess?’ I asked, still technically not lying.

‘It was written all over your face,’ Ashley said, her smile having by now turned into a disappointed frown. ‘Plus, it makes sense, your first week of recording, you don’t want your girlfriend there to distract you.’

‘Yeah, it’s probably for the best,’ I said, choosing my words. ‘I’ll be back in a week anyway.’

‘Maybe we can say our goodbyes right now?’ Ashley said, placing a hand on my cock.

My cock though, after having been decimated by Amanda’s insane blow job less than five minutes earlier, was not having a bar of it.

‘What’s wrong?’ Ashley asked, frowning as she squeezed my flaccid dick.

‘I’m just caught up thinking about recording,’ I lied. ‘Today probably isn’t the best day.’

‘That’s okay,’ she said, grabbing my hands and placing them on her tits. ‘Think of these while we’re apart, and bring back your A-Game.’

I have her large tits a quick squeeze before she pulled them away again, kissing me on the lips and turning to walk away.

‘I’ll see you when I get back,’ I said, getting excited at the prospect of touching those breasts again.

‘I’ll be waiting,’ she said as she entered the elevator.

‘Fuck,’ I exhaled as I closed the door, relieved at how well it all turned out. ‘Shower time.’

After a lengthy shower, the two of us got dressed and packed for Hawaii. Amanda’s suitcase thankfully seemed to be filled with mostly bikini’s. Eventually Scott came back with Vanessa and the four of us made our way to the airport, where a private plane provided by Kanye West was waiting for us.

Scott and I were at a loss for words as we boarded the large private jet, having never even been on a commercial flight before let alone a private one.

‘This is fucking crazy,’ I managed to say to my longtime best friend as we marveled at the inside of the vehicle, the girls not far behind us.

‘I know man,’ Scott said, unable to contain himself. ‘I know.’

‘Well if it isn’t Jay Cult himself,’ a loud voice called out from the back of the large plane.

‘Holy shit it’s Big Sean!’ Scott exclaimed as we got closer to my soon to be label mate.

‘And Naya Rivera,’ I muttered as I noticed Big Sean’s long time girlfriend and Glee star sitting next to him a warm expression on her face.

Sean and I shook hands as I introduced him to Scott, Amanda and Vanessa. ‘And this is Naya, the love of my life,’ Big Sean said as he kissed her on the cheek.

‘Ready to go?’ An incredibly recognizable voice from behind us called out.

Scott practically fainted as we turned around to see Kanye West standing close to the cockpit. ‘I think we’re good to go Ye,’ Sean said, shaking his head at Scott’s uncouth reaction.

‘Let’s hit it,’ Kanye said as he opened the cockpit door. ‘Next stop Hawaii!’

Over the next couple hours the six of us had quite a few drinks together, the more we drank the more comfortable we got with each other, and the more comfortable we got, the more affectionate we got, soon enough Scott and Vanessa we re full on making out in front of everyone.

‘Get a room you two!’ Amanda called out, her hand resting on my thigh, a champagne glass in her had.

‘Would if we could,’ Vanessa said while kissing Scott.

‘Why don’t you take the bathroom, I doubt Kanye would mind,’ a female voice from behind us said.

It was Kim Kardashian, walking out of the cockpit towards us. ‘Good idea,’ Scott said as he and Vanessa got up and headed for the bathroom.

‘Yeah, no problem,’ Kim said sarcastically as they closed the door behind them, loud moaning immediately emanating from the small room.

‘Sorry about them,’ I said, exchanging eye contact with Kim. ‘You want a drink?’

‘I can’t drink, I’m still breastfeeding,’ she said, and it was pretty obvious she wasn’t lying, her tits had grown to a ridiculous size, and although she hadn’t lost all the baby weight yet, with tits that big I couldn’t help but be envious of her daughter.

‘I didn’t even know you were here,’ Big Sean said, his arm wrapped around Naya’s back.

‘Kanye has been keeping me in the cockpit, and also I’ve been watching North, I can’t stay out long,’ Kim said as Naya and I exchanged a long charged look.

‘Fair enough,’ Amanda said. ‘I’m Amanda by the way, I’m here with Jay.’

‘Nice to meet you,’ Kim said. ‘I should be getting back.’

‘Bye!’ Naya said, clearly drunk.

‘Later,’ Kim said back and we all watched her ass as she headed back towards the cockpit.

‘Be honest with me Jay,’ Sean started as soon as Kim was back in the cockpit. ‘You’d still hit that.’

I looked at Amanda for approval and she smiled, clearly not minding. ‘Fuck yeah you know I would, did you see those tits?’

‘Yeah man, I wish I could tear that ass apart!’ Sean exclaimed. ‘Yeezy has his rules though.’

‘What do you mean?’ Amanda piped in, not understanding the last bit.

‘You didn’t tell her?’ Sean questioned me.

‘I honestly forgot all about it, you should explain,’ I said, wanting to avoid telling her myself.

‘What is it?’ Amanda said, confused.

‘I ain’t tellin her man, that’s on you,’ Sean said, backing off.

‘Can someone tell me what the fuck you’re talking about?’ Amanda exclaimed.

‘They get to fuck each other’s girls,’ Naya piped in. ‘You guy’s are fucking pussies.’

‘Really?’ Amanda asked.

‘I guess,’ I said, looking into her eyes. ‘But you don’t have to.’

‘Yeah obviously no one is gonna force you,’ Sean said.

‘I might,’ Naya said. ‘I’ve been waiting all day to get my hands on your man.’

‘Naya!’ Sean exclaimed. ‘Now she’s uncomfortable.’

‘No I’m fine,’ Amanda said. ‘It’s fine.’

‘What’s fine?’ I asked, placing a hand on her arm.

‘I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes,’ Amanda said.

‘I don’t want you to feel like you have to,’ I said, wanting it to be crystal clear that if she wasn’t game neither was I.

‘No no,’ Amanda said. ‘I want to, I think it’d be fun.’

At that moment Amanda lent over and kissed Sean on the lips, showing off a crazy amount of cleavage as she did so.

‘Finally!’ Naya exclaimed, getting to her feet and grabbing my hand. ‘Let’s go upstairs and leave these two alone.’

‘Upstairs?’ I questioned as I stood up, looking down momentarily to see Amanda’s hand on Big Sean’s dick.

‘You’re going to love it,’ Naya said, forcing me to look into her beautiful eyes.

We gripped my hand tighter and pulled me dragged me across to the where the bathroom was. We heard Scott and Vanessa still going at it while we climbed up a set of stairs right next to it. The stairs lead us up into a bar like area, which was fully stocked and ready to host a party with at least a hundred people, it was like something out of that terrible movie ‘Soul Plane’.

‘Do you want a drink?’ I asked.

‘I’m already drunk enough,’ she said pulling me close, grabbing my hands and placing them on her perfect ass as my cock pressed against her pussy through our clothes.

‘Cut right to the chase?’ I questioned as she kissed my cheek, squeezing my shoulders as I squeezed her ass cheeks.

‘Mmm,’ she simply moaned as we kissed passionately, not with love but with pure lust.

She quickly unzipped my jeans and shoved her hand down my underwear, gripping my cock and jacking it without even bothering to take it out. I pulled her skirt up and launched my hands down the back of her panties so I could grip her naked ass as she jacked my cock hard into my own underwear.

‘Fuck,’ I said though kissing. ‘Take it out.’

‘Shh!’ She commanding, ignoring my pleas for her to take my cock completely out of my pants.

‘Hmpf’ I moaned, no longer caring, more focused now on ripping her panties off.

‘Yes!’ She moaned, my cock was now smacking against her pussy.

‘Fuck!’ I exclaimed as I ripped her panties off, letting them fall to the ground, where my jeans and underwear fell, glad that we were both finally naked down there.

‘Shove it in!’ I said as I pulled her skirt up even more.

I gripped her ass tightly as she wrapped her legs around my waist, the momentum of which sent my cock deep into her soaking wet cunt.

‘Fuck me!’ She practically screamed.

‘Shh!’ I said as I covered her mouth, afraid Amanda would hear and get jealous while I pumped my cock in and out of her.

‘Ahh!’ She moaned through my hand, the force of our fucking was starting to shake the bar we were leaning against.

‘Does Sean fuck you this good?’ I spat as I gripped her ass cheek tighter, ramming my cock into her harder than ever.

‘Mmpf!’ She tried to answer but could through my hand, I already knew the answer though, I didn’t need her to tell me I was giving her the fucking of a lifetime, it was written all over her face.

I was having the sort of sex with her that I could never have with someone like Amanda, the sort of rough banging, that always led to someone getting bruised. Before long the pleasure was getting to Naya as she came for the first time, biting my hand as she did so.

‘My ass!’ She exclaimed, now that my hand was free.

‘In your ass?’ I questioned, excited at the prospects.

‘No! You’re hurting my ass!’ Naya exclaimed. ‘My asshole is for Sean only!’

‘Whatever,’ I grumbled as I covered her mouth again, my cock still slamming into her hard.

She moaned as we got back into the routine, seemingly content with the pain that her ass was enduring for my pleasure. It was rough though, so I thought I would give her a break, slowing my speed down slightly and removing my hand.

‘What the fuck are you doing?’ Naya asked furiously.

‘I just thought-’

‘Stop thinking!’ She yelled before pushing me so hard that the two of us fell onto the floor of the plane, her pussy still containing my cock.

‘Fuck!’ I exclaimed, the pain in my back now immense.

‘I got the power now you pussy,’ she seethed, bucking on my cock like she was riding a mechanical bull.

‘Ah shit!’ I moaned my hands around her waist as she bounced on my cock, her hands firmly planted on my chest.

‘How do you like this?’ She exclaimed, sweat dripping down her forehead.

‘I’ll like it better once we get this shit off,’ I said as I ripped her top off over her head, revealing her tits encased in a satin black bra.

‘Don’t let me stop you,’ she said, shooting me a devilish grin.

I shoved my hands underneath her bra and felt up her tits, rolling her nipples in my fingers while she continued to ride me. Not wanting to bother with unclasping her bra I simply pulled it down and let it wrap around her waist. She shot me a look as if I’d been caught cheating, and preceded to ride me even harder like it was a punishment and not a reward.

‘Mmm, fuck yeah!’ I moaned as I took her hard nipples in my mouth, licking and suckling them as I bucked my own hips into her.

She squeezed my back hard as she came again thanks to my own additions to the situation. ‘Are you ready to come yet?’ She moaned.

‘Not yet,’ I said her tits still in my mouth, her ass in my hands. ‘Soon though.’

‘Don’t cum in me!’ She exclaimed, biting her lips.

‘Gotcha,’ I said gripping her ass even tighter as I bucked my hips harder, practically lifting us off the ground.

‘Fuck!’ She moaned. ‘I’m cumming again!’

For the third time she came hard on my cock, her juices flowing out to serve as extra lubricant. By now I was starting to feel it, I had survived so long now, mostly because I had gotten that powerful blowjob from Amanda.

‘Where do you want me to cum?’ I asked, taking her tits out of my mouth and looking at her in the face.

‘My face, cum on my face!’ She yelled as she climbed off my cock, crawling back as I jacked my cock, unable to do anymore than sit up and aim due to the pain.

‘Are you sure?’ I asked, I was jacking my cock so close to her face that it was just touching her soft lips.

‘Yes! I can wait to feel your cum!’ She shouted, my cock touching her teeth when she opened her mouth.

‘Fuck!’ I shouted as cum shot out of my cock and covered her face, mostly around her mouth and chin, but a little bit on her nose and cheeks.

‘Mmm,’ she moaned as started licking it off, rubbing it with her hands and drinking it.

‘Do you think they’re done yet?’ I asked as I zipped up my pants.

‘Oh yeah,’ she said as she drank the last drop. ‘They’re done.’

We walked down stairs together to find Big Sean fully clothed and Amanda putting her bra on. I stared at her big tits and then up to her smiling face as the two of us walked towards them. We smiled at each other and kissed deeply and passionately like two lovers who had been separated for years.

‘Wait,’ I said, taking my mouth away from hers. ‘You didn’t suck his dick did you?’

‘No,’ Big Sean said cutting in. ‘You’re fine.’

Immediately I went back to kissing her, her tits pressed against my chest as our tongues danced joyously.

‘I love you,’ I said once we came up for air, shocked at the words that just came out of my mouth.

‘Wow,’ Amanda said. ‘I think I love you too.’

We had only known each other for two days, and the way we met was questionable, after all I did find her naked on my front lawn after a night of being gang banged by a group of men, one of which was my best friend. But that didn’t stop me from feeling the way I felt about her, I don’t think anything could have.

The plane eventually landed and I had to say goodbye to everyone almost immediately so that I could make it to the venue in time for Katy’s show. Amanda and everyone else headed to the hotel with Kanye and Kim, where as I quickly found myself backstage minutes from getting on.

‘So basically you have forty-five minutes, then there’s a thirty minute break and I go on for an hour and a half and then… Well we can do whatever we like after that,’ the beautiful busty Katy Perry informed me, wearing an outfit that did nothing to prove that description wrong.

‘Forty-five minutes huh?’ I said while absentmindedly staring at her tits.

‘Jay, up here,’ Katy said, snapping her fingers. ‘You do have forty-five right?’

‘I do, I just usually do thirty so I’ll had to add some new shit,’ I said, moving from staring at her breasts by staring into her other beautiful pair.

‘Good,’ Katy said. ‘It’s not a big deal if you can’t I just need to know.’

‘I’m fine,’ I said.

‘Great, now you have a few minutes before you have to go on, let’s talk about tonight,’ Katy said. ‘The real main event.’

‘What do you mean?’ I asked, trying to think of what songs I could bring out of my back catalogue to complete the forty-five.

‘Well you know, I’ve been waiting for days to get a real go on the Jay Cult ride,’ Katy said. ‘That shower was fun and all…’

‘I can’t do tonight,’ I decided I would just freestyle an extra verse with every song. ‘I’m here with my girlfriend.’

‘Your what?’ Katy asked, clearly shocked.

‘I have a girlfriend now,’ I said. ‘Shit I have to go on.’

‘We’ll figure something out,’ Katy shouted. ‘Girlfriend or no girlfriend, we’re fucking!’

I ran out on stage, her promise still lingering in my ears as the crowd roared in surprise, they did after all expect Kid Cudi to come out tonight. They seemed to be just as happy with me though, they knew all the words to my songs (except for the extra verses of course) and by the time I got off stage forty-five minutes later, they seemed to be more ready than ever for Katy Perry.

‘Great show Jay!’ Katy exclaimed before giving me a huge hug.

‘Thanks,’ I said, smiling at the sensation of her famous tits pressing against my sweaty chest.

‘So why does it take thirty minutes before you get on stage anyway?’ I asked as the two of us separated.

‘Usually it’s just because they have to readjust the sound, set up for the show,’ Katy said.

‘Usually?’ I questioned.

‘Well tonight it’s because they have to wait for me to fill an entire nights worth of sexual plans I had for us into thirty minutes!’ Katy said as she grabbed my hand and started to drag me to her green room.

‘Well we better get started,’ I said, unable to keep my hands off her as we move through the labyrinth of corridors.

‘Here!’ She exclaimed as we slammed against a door with her name printed on it, passionately making out, on of her hands rubbing my hardening cock through my jeans and the other opening twisting the other knob.

‘Fuck!’ I yelled as I fell backwards into the room, hitting the floor with my ass.

‘Don’t get up!’ She moaned, kicking the door closed behind her. ‘Let’s do it here.’

‘I like the way you think,’ I said grabbing her tits and squeezing them as she unzipped my jeans.

‘I like the way you feel,’ Katy said, pulling my rock hard cock out of my jeans and stroking it.

‘If you think it feels good you’ll love how it tastes,’ I said, removing my hands from her tits and placing them on the top of her head, urging her downwards towards my cock.

‘We meet again old friend,’ she said to my cock, her lips now inches away from it.

‘Suck it,’ I insisted, my hands now tightly clenching her skull.

‘Mmm,’ she moaned, her lips now wrapped around my cock as it slowly slid up inside her mouth.

‘That’s the way,’ I exhaled, letting go of her head and laying down, giving her mouth a chance to do what it does best.

I was immediately rewarded for my trust, as she quickly took two thirds of my extremely large cock in her mouth, sucking hard as she did so. It seemed though that was as far as she could take it because as quickly as she got there was as quickly as she started going back up. She slowly lifted her mouth of my cock, creeping up the shaft until only my tip was left in her mouth.

I opened my eyes to see her staring into them, her tongue lightly circling the tip of my cock as it rested between her soft lips. She smiled at me and slid back down, this time running her tongue down my cock as she went, it was a feeling of pure bliss.

‘Fuck yes!’ I said, sitting up as she repeated her actions, slowly bobbing up and down on my dick, my fingers now running through her hair.

I looked over Katy as she continued to suck my cock like a pro, running my hands along her arched back. For a moment she paused at the tip in order to suck it extra hard, causing me to jerk slightly so my cock slammed the roof of her mouth. She didn’t seem to mind though, and she certainly didn’t mind when I squeezed her ass, my hands now deep in her shorts.

‘Better get this off,’ I said as I tugged on them hard, revealing her thong beneath. ‘That’s right,’ I said more to myself as I lightly slapped her ass cheek.

‘Mmm,’ she moaned, unable to speak due to the cock that was inhabiting her mouth.

‘And this too,’ I said, pulling her thong down and rubbing a finger along her backside until it reached her dripping wet pussy.

Katy kicked her shorts and thong away as I rubbed her moist cunt, all the while still sucking my cock. Luckily I’d had a full day of fucking, so I wasn’t really getting close to cumming, which meant I had plenty of time to spend as I shoved two fingers deep inside her pussy.

‘Shit!’ She exclaimed, momentarily letting my cock out of her mouth as my thumb circled her clit.

‘Shhh,’ I said, using my other hand to press her head down. ‘Get that cock back in your mouth.’

‘Mmm,’ she moaned, taking more of my cock in her mouth than she had ever taken before.

The two of us spent quite a while in this position, what felt like to be a sort of an inverted sixty-nine. The longer we spent, the harder we tried pleasing each other, until I was jamming four fingers in her pussy, and she was bobbing harder on my cock than my cock was willing to take.

‘Hold up’ I said, quickly pulling my fingers out of her pussy.

‘What’s wrong?’ Katy asked, slowly rubbing my cock with an adorable confused look on her face.

‘Nothing’s wrong,’ I said, kissing her on the forehead. ‘I just don’t want to come yet.’

‘Good, neither to I,’ she said, pushing me back on the ground and crawling up my body. ‘Because I still haven’t taken the ride.’

‘Ride me you sexy bitch,’ I exclaimed as she lowered her pussy on my stiff dick.

‘With pleasure,’ she said slamming her cunt down on my cock with enough force to make my whole upper body jerk, nearly forcing me to headbutt her.

‘Ahhh fuck!’ I exclaimed as she gyrated, twisting her cunt around the base of my prick.

‘Yes!’ She moaned, as I gripped her ass cheeks, attempting to regain some form of control over the situation.

She continued to gyrate faster, as she arched backwards, now also bouncing up and down my cock, gripping my chest for support. All the while I was gripping her soft ass and staring intently at her heaving sweaty chest, which unfortunately was still being covered by a tight tank top.

‘I fucking love your tits,’ I exclaimed as I placed my hands on her waist, forcing her to bring her body closer to mine.

‘I know you do,’ she said the two of us now wrapped around each other, her pelvis pumping up and down harder and almost mechanically as she kissed my neck.

‘Remember in the shower,’ she moaned, I was now kissing her cheek, my hands focused on digging underneath her incredibly tight top. ‘You were drawn to these tits immediately, it was almost like you didn’t give a shit about the person attached.’

‘That’s because I didn’t, I wanted your magnificent tits and I still do,’ I said, now resigned to attempting to rip through the top.

‘You groped them and sucked on them, you came all over these things,’ she said, now kissing me on the lips and nose, messily as the two of us were being taken over by lust, my cock entering and reentering her soaking cunt.

I ripped through the evil tank top, splitting it down the middle, sitting up, our mouths and chests still locked together. She was now sitting in my lap, the fabric of her top slowly slipping away as we felt each other’s bare chest. I could feel her hard nipples pressed against my chest as I pumped my cock into her hard.

We slowly separated our mouths and chests, her tits sagging slightly down, my eyes went from hers immediately to the main event. ‘We meet again,’ I said to her giant tits as I stared at them.

‘They’re all yours,’ she said. ‘And they’re happy to see you.’

I wasted no time, shoving my face between the enormous pair, motorboating them, and gripping the sides with my hands. My heart full of glee like it was the first time I had ever touched a womans breasts.

‘I’m cumming!’ She exclaimed, I was so preoccupied with her tits that I didn’t even acknowledge she was talking.

I licked her nipples as she dug her finger nails into my back, screaming and begging me to fuck her harder. My pelvis was on automatic at this point, it picked up it’s pace and she hers, causing her to scream louder and louder, scratching my back until it was bleeding.

‘Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!’ She screamed as she came hard on my cock, I was now squeezing one tit and suckling another.

‘Oh shit!’ I exclaimed, cum shooting from my cock into her pussy, my face buried deep within her tits.

‘Fuck!’ Katy yelled. ‘I’m not on the pill!’

‘Shut up!’ I exclaimed, covering her mouth as I kissed her tits, begging god for this moment never to end, the last of my cum draining from my dick.

‘Seriously though…’ Katy said, kissing my forehead as I licked her nipples.

‘Maybe it’s a good thing,’ I said closing my eyes and resting my head in her tits. ‘If you got pregnant these tits would get fucking huge.’

We both laughed, and before long we were passionately kissing each other. ‘Why aren’t you on the pill?’

‘Before you, the only man I fucked was Russel and… Well of course I made him use a condom,’ Katy said as the two of us rolled over, my shrinking cock leaving her soaking pussy.

‘So you’re not the super slut you make yourself out to be huh?’ I said, kissing her softly.

‘Only for you Jay, only for you,’ Katy said smiling. ‘Well… You and Rihanna, we fuck all the time.’

‘That explains a lot,’ I said as I pulled myself away from her. ‘Now, you have a show to get to.’

‘Fuck! You’re right!’ Katy said standing up. ‘And my costume is fucked up!’

‘You could go out there wearing a plastic bag and they’d think you’re hot,’ I said, smiling as I stood up.

‘What am I? Gaga?’ She joked, throwing on a random assortment of clothing.

‘When are you getting back to LA?’ I asked as I put my pants back on.

‘I’m going on a world tour for the next few months,’ she said. ‘But I will be there for the VMA’s.’

‘I’ll see you then,’ I said as the two of us walked out the door.

‘You got it,’ she said, kissing me on the lips.

‘Bye,’ I said as we separated.

‘See ya,’ she said, turning around, walking towards the stage as I watched her ass jiggle.

I made a mental note to fuck her in the ass the next time I saw her and turned around to head towards the exit. I got a text from Amanda as I left the building, telling me to meet her at the beach near our hotel. A strange request considering it was the middle of the night, but I obliged quickly catching a taxi to the hotel, walking around the side so I could meet her out the back.

The beach was pitch black, I found it incredibly hard to believe that she was out here waiting for me, as apposed to resting in the comfort of our hotel suite. Eventually though, I managed to spot the shadowy form of someone sitting along the beach and admiring the ocean.

‘What’s this all about?’ I called out.

She stayed silent, waiting for me to make it all the way across the sand to get to her before she would even acknowledge my presence.

‘Seriously what is this?’ I asked as I reached her, admiring her revealing bikini top in the dark.

‘Sit down with me,’ Amanda said, turning back from the ocean to look at me, a broad smile painted on her face.

‘Am I in trouble?’ I asked as I sat down in the sand next to her, placing my arms behind me as I leaned on them.

‘Of course not, I just wanted to share this with you,’ she said, resting her head on my shoulder, staring back into the ocean.

‘I’m really glad I brought you here,’ I said as I wrapped an arm around Amanda, pulling her closer to me.

‘You should know,’ Amanda said, running a hand along my chest. ‘The morning we met, the reason I was like that…’

‘I think it’s pretty obvious why you were like that, naked and covered in semen, not exactly hard to figure out,’ I said, chuckling softly as I kissed her forehead.

‘It’s not just that,’ Amanda started. ‘One of the men… I didn’t remember at first… But one of them was Scott…’

‘I know.’

‘You already know?’ Amanda asked, looking into my eyes with confusion.

‘Scott told me the night I found you,’ I said. ‘I honestly don’t give a fuck.’

‘What? Why not?’ Amanda asked.

‘Because I like you,’ I said. ‘And I love the way you fuck.’

She looked at me like I was crazy for a moment. ‘I love the way you fuck too.’

We kissed, and for some reason, it felt almost like it was our first kiss. In a way it was, for the first time in my entire life, I felt like I was truly with a girl and not just because I was fucking her, or I wanted to fuck her or I was gaining something from her. It was like a teenage love story for me, something that in my youth I had been denied due to an insistence to achieve.

‘Why don’t you prove it,’ I said once we finally separated, a hand pulling the string down on her bikini bottom.

‘Right here?’ Amanda asked as I ripped the whole thing off.

‘Why not?’ I questioned as I rubbed her pussy. ‘You’ve been fucked in more public places.’

‘I have no idea what you’re talking about,’ Amanda joked as I slipped a finger in her moistening cunt.

‘Scott told me he fucked you in the middle of the street,’ I said as I kissed down her neck.

‘Oh yeah… That,’ Amanda said, shooting me a knowing smile.

‘Besides,’ I said as I kissed past her large tits and down to her stomach. ‘I never repaid you for this morning.’

Instantly I took her pussy in my mouth, licking circles around the sides as she placed her hands on my shoulders. ‘You are a good boy.’

‘Mmm,’ I moaned as I kissed the edges of her pussy.

‘Just shove your tongue in already,’ Amanda moaned, gripping my skull.

I didn’t reply, I simply did as I was told, stretching my tongue out and shoving it deep into her box. I bobbed up and down, making sure to suck her lips as my tongue penetrating her. She had removed one hand from my head, rubbing her chest with pleasure as I continued to eat her.

‘Yes!’ She exclaimed as I rubbed her clit with my thumb, bringing her to the precipice of ecstasy.

‘Oh my fuck!’ Amanda moaned as she squirted in my mouth. ‘That’s the quickest I’ve ever cum before.’

‘Don’t worry, it’s not the only time you’ll be cumming,’ I said as I kissed up her stomach, digging my hands into the sand.

‘I’m not worried, I guess I should’ve known a rapper would know how to use his tongue,’ Amanda said as I kissed between her tits up to her gorgeous lips.

‘Fuck me in the sand Jay,’ Amanda moaned, laying back down onto the sand. ‘Fuck me right here as hard as you can.’

‘Take my jeans off and I will,’ I said as I kissed her on the lips, our bodies pressed together.

‘Yes sir,’ she said, quickly unbuckling my belt and sliding my jeans and boxers down my legs.

I kicked my clothes off so that now my rock hard cock was resting in the sand. ‘You ready to get fucked?’

‘You know I am, fuck me!’ Amanda exclaimed clenching my bare ass cheeks.

‘First I wanna see those titties, then I’ll fuck you harder than you’ve ever been fucked,’ I said, pulling her bikini off and revealing her gorgeous tits.

‘You like my titties?’ Amanda moaned. ‘If you make me cum two more times with your cock I’ll let you drench them.’

‘Hard offer to refuse,’ I said as I kissed her nipples. ‘So I’d better get started.

I grabbed both her legs in my arms and immediately shoved my cock deep inside of her, causing her to gasp.

‘Fuck!’ She moaned as I pulled my cock out, readying to slam it in again.

‘You like that?’ I questioned as I slammed my cock back inside her, going balls deep and pulling back again.

‘Fuck yeah I fucking love it!’ Amanda moaned, barely able to speak she was in so much pleasure.

‘Beg me to fuck you harder,’ I commanded, pulling back and fucking her again, picking up speed.

‘Fuck me harder!’ She moaned as I continued to pile drive her.

‘Louder!’ I ordered, pulling her legs over my shoulders.

‘Fuck me fucking harder!’ Amanda screamed, as I grabbed on of her big tits.

The echo of her scream travelled down the beach, but we were alone as far as I could see, so I didn’t put much thought into whether someone would investigate or not.

‘I hope they fucking hear!’ Amanda exclaimed as I fucked her harder and faster. ‘The world should know how good I’m being fucked right now!’

‘Don’t worry about that,’ I said as I leaned closer and kissed her tits, fucking her more rapidly.

‘Oh god! Oh god! Ahh!’ Amanda moaned as I sucked on one of her nipples.

She screamed as she came this time, now shaking from the pleasure as I pulled my cock of her. ‘Let’s turn this shit around,’ I said as I aggressively flipped the love of my life over and readied my cock outside of her pussy.

‘One more and you get these tits,’ Amanda said, her breasts and chin flat in the sand.

‘Fuck that,’ I said as I gripped her soft ass cheeks. ‘I have something else in mind.’

I squeezed tightly and shoved my cock inside her pussy, now on my knees as I fucked her from behind. She simply moaned in response, clearly too tired out to really give me anything else.

‘Yeah, I bet you like this don’t you,’ I seethed as I gripped her soft ass tighter, ramming my cock into her harder.

‘I live for this,’ Amanda moaned, turning her head back and looking at me as I fucked her from behind. ‘This is my favourite way to fuck.’

‘What a coincidence,’ I said as I lightly smacked her ass cheek, digging my cock into her as deep as I could.

‘Jesus Christ!’ Amanda moaned as I slapped her harder.

‘Nope.’ I said as I fucked her slower and harder, making sure she felt every movement. ‘Jay Cult…. Although I understand the confusion.’

She managed a laugh that mostly the sand heard as I rammed her. ‘It’s fuck!’

Amanda came again, this time more quiet and dignified, clearly too tired to scream in passion. ‘Time for my prize.’

I pulled my cock out of her pussy and lined against her asshole, lightly squeezing it between the cheeks. ‘My ass? What about my tits?’

‘I’m really feeling the ass tonight,’ I said as I pressed my cock against her anus.

‘You earned it,’ Amanda said.

I slowly dug my cock into her asshole, not wanting to go to fast or too hard for fear of hurting her. It’s not like I thought she’d never done anal before, because let’s be honest if you’ve been fucked in the middle of a street by more then five men without condoms, it’s pretty likely you’ve dabbled in anal. It’s more that I just sincerely didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable.

‘You can go a little bit harder,’ Amanda said. ‘I’m a big girl.’

‘It feels pretty tight,’ I said as my cock reached halfway down her ass.

‘It’s a rare gift,’ Amanda said. ‘Well depending on my mood…’

My cock was now fully inside her asshole, she didn’t look too uncomfortable so I figured that she could take a little more abuse. With drive I pulled my cock out of her and jammed in it as hard as I possibly could, this caused Amanda to squeal.

It was in early July of 2007, when I rented a mega mansion in East Hampton, NY for a week and invited my closed friends to hang out with me. This time was different because I did not invite any of my women, but I did invite this attractive brown-haired woman named Bracha. She was of part African American, German and Native American descent. Bracha had me smitten, and I often had vivid images in my head of fucking her.

I was so happy to see all of them especially Bracha. Her new golden tan complemented her hair really well. She wore a blue short top with matching tight jeans. Bracha hugged me and gave me a nice soft kiss on the cheek. I told her how much I appreciated her for coming down and hanging out with me for a week of partying, fun and sun.

All of us decided to play war games, a more fun version of tag in which players find players from the opposing team, shoot them with paint guns, and try not to be shot. The last player standing unmarked was the winner. It was going to be Men vs. Women. Bracha gave me the vibe that she could not wait to get me in the woods. We all went off into the woods in different directions, once the instructor blew the whistle; it signaled the start of the game.

I was creeping through the woods like an assassin in the dark. I heard guns going off and laughter. I managed to shoot one woman in her ass when I caught her climbing a tree. She called me an asshole and walked back to the base. As I laughed to myself, someone on the woman team suddenly tackled me to the ground. She took off her mask and it was Bracha.

She laughed and said, “I got cha baby.”

“Are you going to shoot me?” I asked with a smile.

Bracha took a moment and said, “Not if we work something out.”

I knew exactly what she meant as I smiled.

Bracha led me to a nice secluded area with a nice view of the mansion. Without saying one word, we kissed and stripped out of our gear. I was surprise that Bracha was not wearing any panties. Seeing her sexy ass nude out in the woods was so exotic!

Bracha sat on a fallen tree trunk and spread her legs; I had a full view of her shaved pussy. She signaled me to come to her; I walked to her kissed her lips and breasts. Then I kneeled down to give that pussy of hers some tongue action. I licked, sucked and kissed her love tunnel. Bracha squeezed my head and trying her best not to scream. I felt her body trembled, and she was release her pleasure.

“God, you’re good!” She says, “Put your dick in me. I am nice and wet.”

“Let’s do this!”

I pushed my dick inside her pussy, and made her jump a little. She was not lying about being nice and wet. I slide in and out of her very smoothly. I loved the way her body moved up and down on my dick. Bracha moaned and groaned with pleasure. I put my hand on her mouth to stop her from making noise. We both laughed at this. Bracha was too fuckin’ good to be true!

The only thing left for us to do was climax, which we both did in seconds. I rested my head on her stomach trying to gather up some energy. I could not believe how drained I felt.

Bracha stood up and said, “We’d better cover up before somebody catches us.”

We both got dressed quickly like fashion models doing a show. Before Bracha had any ideas to shoot me, I raised my gun and shot her twice in her chest. She gave me a look of disbelief that had me laughing.

“Gotcha,” I smiled at her. “I see you at the base.”

“You asshole,” Bracha said, as she walked off. “I’m going to get you.”

Lucky for me, I won the game and all the women were mad! The men cheered for me and lifted me on their shoulders. I felt like a basketball player who hit the game winning shot at a championship game.

It was close to the evening and we had a little cookout by the pool area. Everybody was still having a great time, enjoying the food and rap music. Bracha sat on the edge of the pool with her feet dangling in the water. Her breasts were so great, and her nipples were visible through the damp blue bikini top.

I jumped in the pool and swam to her. I saw her smile getting bigger and bigger as I got closer.

“It’s nice and breezy out here. Look how hard your nipples are!” I told her.

“How do you know it’s the weather that’s causing them to be hard?” Bracha flirted.

“Well, you know I have that special effect on women.” I confessed.

“We’re going to finish what we did in the woods later on, handsome.”

Bracha gave me a nice wink and walked over to the table to have a drink. Wow, I like the blue thong that was between her ass-cheeks. Bracha’s ass was there for all to see, and she do not know how bad I wanted her right now. I felt like I was out on the beach in Miami enjoying the view of sexy women.

Later on that evening, we were all in the living room relaxing, laughing, and listening to some classic 90s hip-hop and R&B music. I observed everyone and noticed that some of my guests were anxious. To break the ice, I suggested we all play a game of strip poker. The rule was simple, the winner was the person with all their apparel on, and they can pick a “special prize”. I took out a clean deck of cards, and we began playing like a bunch of professional gamblers.

After a few rounds, it was between Bracha and me. We were going at it, and I was so surprised how much of a card player Bracha was. I was down to my pants and Bracha had all her clothes on. She had that Kobe Bryant desire in her to win this game by any means necessary. Finally, Bracha won and she jumped up hi-fiving everyone in the room and looked at me seductively.

“Alright, Bracha, what do you want your special prize to be?” I asked.

Bracha smiled coyly, and said, “I want you to make out with me right now.”

I got up and sauntered up to Bracha and we kissed. We were really into it. After a while, my guests scattered around, kissing and making out in dark corners. Bracha pulled her shirt over her head and followed me upstairs so we can have some privacy of our own.

We were in the master bedroom kissing and touching. We paused for a minute and listened to the squeaking sounds of bedsprings and passionate sighs. It came from beyond the walls and I felt like I was in a state-of-the art erotic theater. I could not even lie; listening to them turned Bracha and me on.

We jumped in the bed and got into some intense lovemaking. Bracha’s legs were around my waist and I was pumping away as I squeezed her breasts. I gave Bracha some good deep fucking. She proved to be one hell of a sexual dynamo! She really could not get enough of my dick.

“Yes, fuck this pussy, daddy!” Bracha grunted. “Your dick is so big!”

“You like this big dick, baby?” I asked.

“You know I do, handsome.” Bracha responded.

The rhythm we have had the whole bed rocking like a club. We were doing our best to “out fuck” the other guests in the house. It felt like a competition with all the loud moaning, bed springs squeaking, and headboard bumping.

“Let me ride that big bad boy.” She yelled.

“Yes, punish this dick.” I suggested.

Bracha leaped on top of me, and slowly rode me. She increased the tempo and the faster she went, the louder she was. Bracha was crying out, groaning and grunting.

“This is some good shit, yes!” She hollered.

I watched her rocked me in circular motion as she pinched my nipples. She soon let out a scream of ecstasy as she climaxed intensely. Her body shook for a moment, and then she collapsed on me. Bracha was motionless, as I lay there looking up at the ceiling with a satisfied expression on my face. I heard nothing but silence. My guests fucked themselves to sleep, ha-ha!

Lately, I had been having dreams about this woman that was so vivid that I felt it was real. She was gorgeous and voluptuous. In my dreams, this woman and I have incredible sex at various exotic locations. I could not stop thinking about this woman no matter what I was doing. Something told me it was destined for me to be with this “dream girl”.

For fourteen straight nights, I was lonely. It was such a miserable feeling. With no woman to call, I decided to get dressed and go out. I went to a club in midtown Manhattan, and as usual, it was packed. People were dancing and having a great time. Some of the women that recognized me freaked out and took pictures. I kept it cool with my gold Gucci shades on, and enjoyed my free Jack & Coke. I saw some of my friends that I went to college with and decided to chill with them in the VIP section.

I looked down to the dance floor and saw an old friend of mine named Marissa. She was petite; about five foot six inches tall, pale complexioned and long dark hair. She was a successful Hollywood actress and screenwriter. Marissa looked good in her royal blue short top, tight jeans and matching boots. It was good to see that she maintained her nice physique. I took one last sip of my drink and headed to the dance floor to get a dance with her.

Marissa noticed me immediately, and pulled me to the middle of the dance floor. I felt almost all the eyes in the club were on us. The deejay put on the classic song “Poison” by BBD, and everybody went crazy! Marissa and I were dancing really dirty, grinding and touching. I loved every moment of this, as I squeezed her hips, tits and kissed her neck. Marissa turned around and slipped her wet tongue into my mouth, and our tongues danced in unison. The feeling was indescribable, as I knew we were going to fuck before the night was over.

After a few hours of dancing to the latest hip-hop and R&B tunes, Marissa whispered to me that she wanted to leave to have sex. Therefore, we left the club and hopped in my Viper SRT-10 Coupe. Marissa was so hot and horny; she unzipped my jeans and started sucking. Marissa savored my dick like a lollipop, and marinated it until I ejaculated. My body tensed as I filled Marissa’s mouth with my warm golden semen. She swallowed every drop as if it was her medicine.

Marissa and I ended up going to one of the most extravagant hotels in Manhattan where she stayed. I felt like I was in a movie, as we strolled through the lobby. I noticed three very attractive female workers standing there smiling. The woman in the middle definitely had my attention because she was the woman in my dreams. I was overwhelmed and could not believe we were in the same place at this very moment. The woman was about 5’5 with hazel eyes, olive-skinned, long reddish-brown hair, a flawless baby face and a goddess-like body. I did not want to be obvious that I was checking her out, so I continued to walk to the elevator. The three women snickered and the hotelier looked at them as if they were on drugs.

Inside her elegant suite, we showered, and then we got it on. I fingered her clit, and then I put two fingers in her moist hole. The more I licked and sucked her, the wilder she got. Marissa moved around, squeezed her breasts, and screamed her excitement.

“No, no fuck me.” She panted. “I want you to fuck me hard, baby.”

Willing to give her what she wanted, I rammed my dick into Marissa’s wet pussy. She let out the most intense scream I had ever heard. The bed was rocking, and I pounded Marissa’ pussy hard and fast. With her eyes closed, she climaxed repeatedly telling me not to stop. I looked over at the window and saw the woman with the red hair standing there watching. I gazed as she touched herself and licked her lips. I waved to her to let her know that I acknowledged her presence and then I focused back on Marissa.

We went at it nonstop, displaying our amazing sexual stamina. After a series of continuous orgasms, Marissa finally passed out in the middle of her intense orgasm. I was fatigued and could barely move. Soon I got out of bed and open the sliding glass door leading to the balcony and step out. I looked both sides and felt almost disappointed, as I stood there nude and erected, that there was no sign of my dream girl.

Later that morning, I took a nice hot shower and Marissa decided to call room service and order breakfast for us. We had pancakes with scramble eggs and bacon. I was surprised that the nourishment tasted this good. I still had my dream girl fresh in my head and hope to run into her. I told Marissa I was running late for an appointment and had to leave. After we embraced and a kissed, I left.

As I left the room, my dream girl dressed in street attire walked passed me with a big smile on her face. I knew this was a pivotal moment for me to holler at her. We got on the elevator and I decided to make my move.

“Good morning, gorgeous?” I said to her.

“Good morning, how are you doing?” She replied.

“Didn’t I see you on the balcony last night?”

“Yeah,” She giggled. “I was on the balcony watching. I must say you know how to handle your business.”

“Oh, so you liked my performance. I am glad it turned you on. I called myself the Nature Boy. What is your name, sexy?”

“Sasha,” She answered with a laugh. “Why you call yourself the Nature Boy?”

“I got the name from my favorite wrestler, Ric Flair.” I continued. “He was the man! I thought he was flyest dude in wrestling, and I love his whole persona.”

As I walked her to the subway, we exchanged numbers. I was not only blissful to get her number, but that she was single. We promised to talk later and set something up. I prayed that Shanice was the woman I needed in my life.

A few weeks later, Shanice and I finally decided to go on a date. I waited for her in the lobby of her Riverside Drive condominium. I was clad in all white attire and Air Force Ones sneakers. Shanice came off the elevator, and I was speechless. She looked stunning in her gold dress and matching heels. I moved close to her and our moist lips touched as if we were lovers. Her breasts pressed close to my chest, and I knew by our body language that this was going to be a night to remember. The concierge complemented how nice we looked together.

We hopped in my brand new silver Lamborghini Reventón, and I knew Shanice was very impressed with the car. Shanice decided to have some fun as she directed me to our destination, her favorite restaurant. She turned the music up, moved her head around and made funny facial expressions. It was crazy!

As we walked down the street, people stopped and turned their heads. It was clear to them that Shanice and I make a nice couple. I took Shanice to her favorite restaurant, Gramercy Tavern. We sat at a table by the window and I think we both were still a bit anxious. We had red wine, which took the edge off and helped ease the anxiety. Things progressed smoothly after we tasted the wine. We ordered seafood and flirted. I felt we had natural chemistry. I was so fascinated with Shanice’s beauty. We talked and laughed as though we had been best friends for many years.

“Shanice, I’ll die if I don’t tell you this. Not too sound crazy or if I am losing my mind, but I have been having dreams about you for days. Dreams that were so vivid it felt real. I know you are my soul mate! I’m not interested in any woman, but you.”

“That’s how I feel about you.” Shanice continued. “When I first lay my eyes on you that night at the hotel, I instantly had a strong connection to you. I feel in my heart that you are the man for me. I can’t even lie when I watch you have sex with that girl I visualize it was me you were fucking.”

“We need to make that into a reality.” I responded with a smile.

Later on that night, we went to my penthouse. While Shanice was taking her bubble bath, I decorated my place with candles and flowers. I knew tonight was going to be a special one for me. Shanice came out the bathroom dripping wet and nude. We started kissing and her body melted into mine. Her right hand found my dick and she wrapped her tiny fingers around it. Smiling, we were both naked and very pleased at what we saw.

As I lay her softly on the bed, her sex body sparkled in the moonlight. She had the sexiest pierced navel I had ever seen. I spread her legs and kissed my way up to her pussy, and then I entered her. First, I rocked it slow, then gently pressed harder, bringing her ecstatic pleasure. Shanice’s moans of pleasure told me she was getting close to orgasm, and she did with a loud cry.

She got on top of me and rode me like a wild cowgirl. She definitely knew how to fuck! We made loud noises and talked dirty as if we were shooting porn. We climaxed one last time. The sexiest odor on earth, the aroma of passionate sex filled my bedroom.

“Whoa, I feel like I lost my virginity to you, boo.” Shanice sighed. “I’ve never had multiple orgasms like that.”

“It was great.” I expressed, and then kissed her softly on the lips. “The sex was incredible, baby girl!”

“What is going to happen next? Is this going to be the last time I’m going to see you?”

“Of course not, you’re the only one for me.” I told Shanice. “I don’t want to be with other women. I’m through with that player shit.”

“Are you serious?” Shanice asked with a smile.

“Yes, I just want to be with you.” I responded.

As the room got darker and darker, we made love again. It was the perfect way to end a perfect night.

Dear Readers,

Thank you for all your comments. I have edited Part 1 to take into consideration some of the errors you pointed out… Sorry for the confusion about the first name… I was getting ahead of myself. Ben is the man in the story and the girl who had remained nameless in the first part of the story is Sam (Samantha) the narrator.

Again, I hope that no one will be offended about the love that develops between a disabled man and an able bodied woman. Please let me know if you think that what I am describing is improbable.

Special thanks to Lindsay44 for editing this story.

Without further ado; Please enjoy. . .


Part 2 – Love, Lust and Intimacy.

I collapsed onto Ben’s chest completely satisfied.

Seconds passed; then minutes.

A whirlwind of emotions surged through me as I started weeping like a baby. I was sobbing on Ben’s chest uncontrollably with his half erect penis still deep within me.

“Sam . . . Samantha . . . What’s wrong?” asked Ben.

“I’m sorry . . .” I sobbed concealing my face in his muscular pectorals.

“Sorry?” He blurted.

“Yes, let me finish . . . please . . . hear me out because my brain is spinning I’m so confused I, I put us in danger last night . . . then this happened! What if it doesn’t work out between us,” I stammered. “You’re my best friend and I am just this silly girl; I’m afraid I’ve ruined it all.” My words came through the tears streaming from my eyes, not knowing if I was making any sense.

I was still crying uncontrollably and my body was convulsing and shaking with every breath. My vagina was flexing as I sobbed and Ben’s monster cock started reacting and growing within me. I had mixed emotions, loving the feeling, but feeling guilty at the same time about the feelings that I was enjoying. I slowly tried to lift myself up and off of his hardening member. Ben grabbed me in his arms and pulled me down gently; his manhood sliding to the depths of my cunt once again. My whole body trembled; he was fully erect; I felt so full. I was still wet and slick with the juices from our earlier lovemaking.

He spoke, “You are silly. . . Sam . . . You are silly to think that this ruins anything. Last night was the best night of my life. You don’t know how happy I am right now.”

I sat up feeling the full length of his shaft splitting me open. With a smile I replied, “You do seem very happy indeed!”

“I’ve loved you for so long . . . I am the one who is sorry,” he continued ignoring my smart remark. “I feel as if I abused your trust when I undressed you and showered you last night when you were passed-out.”

His declaration of love sent shivers down my spine. I was starting to sway very slowly and timidly on his erection. I don’t think I was even fully aware of my actions at first it just felt so natural to have him inside me.

“You mean you love me?”

“I do”

“Then there is nothing to be sorry about.” I moved forward feeling his sex pushing back inside me. “I love that you took care of me.” I moved backward enjoying the feeling of restraint that his aroused love muscle provided. He was so big that I could not really move much. I was pinned to Ben’s body. “I love that you rescued me and made me feel safe in your arms. I have never been so scared in my life until you came to my rescue.” Another shiver ran down my spine as my body started humming with the heat of desire. “I passed out in your arms knowing that I had nothing to worry about.”

“Yes, but I took advantage of you while you were out cold.”

“You helped me out of my puke. You took care of me. There is nothing wrong with what you did.” I could not believe that I was having a conversation while this man’s sex was bringing me closer and closer to the edge of orgasm. I was starting to loose my concentration and did not know if I would be able to make sense much longer. I closed my eyes as I was drifting away to a very erotic place in my mind. “What you did was kind and sexy. Ahhhh!” My heart was going wild and my breathing was affected by what this man’s sex was doing to me. ” Uhhhhhh, It is so sexy when I think of you undressing me.”

I was having visions of myself being naked in his arms while he washed me. I was also having vision of his monster cock and of the blowjob I had just given him.

“So sexy, ahhhhh!” I whispered while I started accelerating the rhythm of my slow pelvic grind.

“I am the one who raped you in your sleep. ahhhh!” I exhaled. “Not the other way around.”

“I was not asleep,” he admitted.

“Oh! You sneaky Perv!” I smiled and my eyes focused deeply into the depths of his eyes; revealing his love for me!

By then, my little pussy was soaking wet. His was the biggest male member I had ever had the pleasure of humping and my body had produced an abundance of my love liquids to lubricate our intimate coupling. A mixture of sweat and cum were pooling over the curls that covered his pelvic bone.

When I looked into his eyes another delicious jolt of carnal desire and heat flooded over me. My body had become a bundle of nerves. My engorged clit was sticking out more that usual because of his girth. Ben had been chastely resting his hands on my legs. When he noticed my impending explosion of pleasure, he moved them to torture my pussy with the pleasure of his touch. His magic fingers brushed against the labia of my cunt, they gathered the mixture of our love fluids that had been gathering on his pelvis and brought his fingers to his mouth savoring the flavors and lubricating them further with his saliva. When he brought them towards me, his hands were glistening in the moonlight with moisture.

He smiled at me and I smiled back anticipating his touch. Both hands reached their destination simultaneously. He pressed his left index finger at the entrance of my rectum, gently rubbing this very sensitive spot. He gently pinched my swollen clit between the thumb and index fingers of his right hand.

“Oooh!” escaped my lips as my body surrendered to my second phenomenal climax of the evening.

My heart was dancing and jumping in my chest as I fought to get my breath back. Like a runner after a marathon race, I struggled to calm myself. I could feel my pulse in the tender flesh of my stretched labia, still drenched with my fluids.

The euphoria I had experienced from the orgasm was quickly dashed as I realized that Ben hadn’t orgasmed. “Had he shared in my pleasure?” I was suddenly worried.

“Are you ok?” I asked. “You didn’t come! What’s wrong?”

I was still very ignorant of his physical condition as it pertained to sex and I was afraid that he had not enjoyed himself.

“You know that you just gave me a wonderful gift a few minutes ago right? I am just a guy being a guy right now; I can last longer the second time around,” came his reassuring words with a smile.

“Are you sure?” I had so many questions about his condition and no answers. Mostly, I wanted to make sure that he would share the pleasure that I was enjoying. Despite my limited experiences in bed, I had always been a considerate lover and I needed to know that my lover experienced at least as much pleasure as I had in order to really enjoy myself.

“How does it feel for you?” I asked. A simple question but one fraught with many nuances.

Ben looked at me with hesitation. It felt as if he was trying to figure out how much he should say or not say. He was still hard within me since he had not climaxed, but at that point, I was trying to establish another form of intimacy with him. I did not know if he would let me in and, if he did, I did not know what to expect.

He inhaled deeply and started talking, “I have erections, I ejaculate, and I orgasm like everybody else.” He paused and inhaled again. “The thing is that I don’t have as much sensation in my lower body as I do with my upper body so sometimes I come but I don’t orgasm, or I orgasm without ejaculating. The orgasms are intense for me too; you know what they say, that 80% of sex is in the head.” He smiled.

“What about erections? How is it that you are still so hard right now?”

His smile broadened. “That’s not usually the case. Erections are physiological reactions and sometimes I don’t even know that I am “sporting wood” and they don’t usually last very long if they go un-stimulated. But then, I usually don’t have such a hot, sexy naked girl, to help me maintain my boners!” He winked at me.

“So what does that mean? Are you enjoying this right now? Why haven’t you come yet?” His hard shaft was still within me, pressing against the interior walls of my cunt! Somehow my state of arousal was almost as high as it had been prior to my last sexual peak and I was getting anxious to get off again. I did not want to be selfish and wanted to make sure that he would enjoy it this time.

“You want me to come?”

“Yes! Damn you!”

“You want to go again?”

“Yes!” I was panting, begging.

“Can you go again?”

I grabbed his right hand and placed it against my smoldering sex.

“Can you feel that? You are driving me nuts with desire! I am dripping! I don’t think my pussy has stopped leaking since we first started. Ooooooh! This is crazy!” I was not aware but I had started rocking back and forth on him yet again.

“Ok sweetie here I come”.

Ben grabbed my hips the way he had earlier in the night and started lifting me along the length of his shaft. He was very gentle. I had reached my second orgasm by grinding on him and his cock had remained deep within my love canal the entire time we had been talking. It felt like a part of me. I wanted to keep his gorgeous huge love tool in me forever!

When he lifted my hips, I started feeling a sense of loss as his cock departed the sheath of my pussy! It was delicious to feel the softness of his skin, every bump, and every vein pulsing with blood. The friction between him and the wet walls of my vagina produced a delectable heat that lingered. He raised me until the crown of his penis passed my lips. He held me there for a moment that felt like an eternity. I was already longing for him to fill me again. He took his sweet time, and as he had done earlier that night, he lowered and lifted my body on his penis.

This time around, he was moving me very slowly and driving me insane with desire in the process. I abandoned all control to him. He was really getting into it and I wanted him to come. As far as I was concerned, my body was at his disposal. I did not think that he could do anything wrong by me; I felt like a marionette; only it was not his hand controlling me… I loved it!

He released my hips for a second and I opened my eyes wandering what was going on. I felt filled to the hilt. Before I could understand what was happening, Ben lifted me again, this time lifting me by grabbing me under the thighs. He once again raised me to the tip of his penis. But this time, he pivoted me on the way down making me face his feet in reverse cowgirl style. The shift was sublime and, as he lowered me in this new position, I began feeling the approach of yet another orgasm. He was filling me again but it felt new and different. This new position made the curvature of his shaft touch new spots within me.

This time the orgasmic wave built slowly as he kept on lifting me up and down on his shaft at a very slow and leisurely pace. He was driving me insane and I wanted more.

“Hhhh! . . . I am about to come again . . .” I pleaded. “Please come with me,” I begged.

Ben increased the tempo of my stride. He was gently pushing on the small of my back making me rise up on my knees and then pulling me back down to sheath his cock completely. He started stimulating my very sensitive asshole with one of his thumbs. The extra stimulation made me take controls of the reins for a moment while I increased the speed of my pace up and down.

Ben did not want to relinquish control. He gently pushed his thumb past my sphincter. This was not new territory to me. One of my past boyfriends had driven me crazy one night when he discovered by “accident” how responsive I had been to his touch. His hand had slipped lower than usual during our lovemaking. To my regret, he had been too shy to try that again.

I loved the added sensation and I froze while accommodating the additional penetration. I felt a lump form in my throat as my breathing was starting to be labored. The fever was again rising in me and the need to come was becoming more pressing. Ben seized the opportunity to retake control of my body using the invading digit to slow down my stride.

“Shhh!” he whispered as he slowed me down further. “Breathe.”

He waited for me to take control of my breathing and my level of excitement fell down just a notch. Just as my heartbeat was starting to slow down he once again increased the tempo. The sweet vaginal friction of him imbedded in my cunt drove me to the edge again.

“Ben . . . Please!” I pleaded.

This time he would not stop and I started shouting my pleasure.

As my orgasm erupted, he lifted me off of his pole. My pussy was shaking and quivering and the spasms made me squirm. I was too enthralled with mind numbing pleasure to realize what was happening to me.

He lowered me to his mouth and his tongue went directly to my pulsating clit.

Another orgasmic wave washed over me with this new sensation.

My body responded so naturally to his ministrations, I lowered myself onto his torso and took his tool in my mouth. I began humming my pleasure on his sweet meat. I was sucking him as if his shaft was giving me the air I needed to live. I savored the taste of our juices as his mouth dug wave after wave of bliss out of me. Every time I would start to come off my cloud, his oral prowess would lash out at my sensitive flesh to prolong the ecstasy.

I could not tell you if I had multiple orgasms or one long never ending one; I was a mindless bundle of nerves just enjoying the delectable state of bewilderment. I was in a sexual trance and time stood still.

Could there be more?

Ben pushed an index finger into my ass. My orgasm soared to a crescendo. The vibration and spasms that originated in my loins spread to my whole body. My entirety was now shivering, shaking and squirming.

Ben brought one of his hands down and caressed the length of my rib cage with the tips of his fingers. My body had become one giant clit and this touch made me convulse with pleasure.

When Ben sensed my ultimate peak, he finally exploded into my mouth. His body responded to mine and began echoing and resonating to my vibrations.

Ben’s pleasure made me quiver yet again as we shared the exquisiteness of the orgasm. It lingered and spread from him to me and back to him circling between our bodies as we kept on quivering to its pulse. Like aftershocks after an earthquake, the waves propagated between us and we absorbed them as they weakened over time.

We ended up falling asleep from exhaustion at some point after that.

I was the first to wake the following morning (or maybe it was already the afternoon?). Ben was erect again and I decided to wake him with a treat.

When he finally emerged from his slumber with a smile, I rose to stare into his eyes and told him, “I love you too.”

Disclaimer: None of this is true, all of the people in this story are over 21.

A/N: The computer troubles that I have been having are not over, so there’s a delay on the next Film Buff. I do have this other non-related story to share though, I hope you enjoy it.


I hated my job. Plan and simple, I hated the fact that I was a film producer. I didn’t always think that way though, when I first started in the business I thought that it was all about art. I naively thought that money wasn’t the most important thing; it was all about how good the film turned out. I was wrong. Proof of that fact is the film I was casting for on that fateful day, that day when it all changed. I was casting for yet another horrible and boring romantic comedy, not only that but the two people the studio had sent to audition for it were Katherine Heigl and Jennifer Aniston. It almost felt like they wanted it to bomb critically, not to mention financially.

Yes I hate my job, but that was before this day. No it’s not like that on this day the studio system suddenly changed and I would be able to make whatever films I wanted. Nothing like that, I would learn to love the job as it is, mostly because of the perks that come with it. I’m getting ahead of myself a little bit here… I was sitting in an empty audition room, on the phone to my then co-producer.

‘But this is ridiculous!’ I said.

‘Sam, it’s not ridiculous, it’s what’s financially viable at the moment,’ my co-producer said.

‘Financially… do you realise it will bomb in the box office with either of these women!?’ I asked.

‘Of course it will bomb in the box office; it’s the DVD sales we’re after.’

I was stunned. ‘You don’t even want-’

‘It’s not about what I want, it’s the studio Sam, my hands are tied,’ he said right before I heard a knock on the door.

‘I gotta go Barry, one of them showed up, I’ll call you later,’ I said as I hung up the phone. ‘Come on in!’ I yelled.

The door opened and Katherine Heigl walked in. ‘I’m not late am I?’

‘No…’ I was stunned by her outfit; she was wearing a tight button up white blouse with most of the buttons undone, showing off her huge tits. ‘…you’re right on time,’ I finished.

‘Great!’ She said. ‘When should I start?’

‘Start uh… start whenever you want.’ I managed to get out.

Katherine smiled and turned around, stretching her arms and legs. She bent down to touch her toes, her short black brown skirt tightening up against her ass as she did it. I just gawked at it, it was pretty much right in my face, it was like she wanted me to stare at her body. She turned back around and lightly bounced to signify that she was energised, this made her tits jiggle just a little bit.

She performed her surely well prepared monologue for me, but I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t catch one word of it, nor did I catch any expression on face. My eyes were focused entirely on her large tits, they would jiggle with every movement she made, it was getting to a point where I was getting hard. Luckily though when she finished her monologue, she shouted the word finished to signify that she had done so.

‘Wow Ms Heigl, that was brilliant,’ I lied as she walked closer to the desk I was sitting behind.

‘Brilliant?’ Katherine said. ‘Thank you Mr Chadstone.’

‘You have only yourself to thank, that was a fantastic audition,’ I said as she put lent over the desk revealing a massive amount of cleavage to me.

‘Do you think I’ll get the part?’ Katherine asked as I continued to stare into her breasts.

‘We still have one more audition, but I honestly think you’re the breast- uh- best for the role,’ I said managing to pull my eye line to match her own.

‘Thanks Mr Chadstone that really means-’ There was a sudden knock on the door behind her.

‘That must be the other woman auditioning,’ I said as she straightened up. ‘Come right in!’ I yelled.

‘I’m sorry if I’m a little bit early…’ Jennifer Aniston started as she walked in before noticing Katherine. ‘Oh my god, I’m not interrupting an audition am I?’

‘No no, that’s quite alright I had just finished mine up,’ Katherine said as she walked towards the exit, before shooting me a sexy look back. ‘I’ll be leaving now.’

‘I’m sorry about that,’ Jennifer said as Katherine walked out the door.

‘It’s really no problem,’ I said as I examined Jennifer’s outfit. She was wearing a simple black tank top, with skin tight jeans.

‘So when did you want me to start?’ she asked as I my eyes reached her face.

‘You can start whenever you like,’ I said as she nodded and closed her eyes.

Jennifer performed her audition piece, but I could not for life of me focus on her, I was too busy thinking about Katherine. She seemed to be really flirting with me back there, and in what world was that a proper way to dress at an audition, with her tits practically bursting out of her top like that. She was clearly trying to get me to cast her based on sex appeal alone, the sad part was that I cared so little about the movie I was casting for that I probably would have.

Before long my attention drew back to Jennifer, who was very actively performing her monologue. She had a beautifully athletic build, with a sexy tan to go with it. She was quite a bit older than we were shooting for to cast, but I still felt like she could draw in the teenage boys we so desperately needed attend this film. I especially thought this once I got a decent look at her tight ass, which was being held together very nicely buy her skin tight jeans.

She finished up and I lightly clapped. ‘That was very good Ms. Aniston.’

‘Please call me Jennifer,’ she said walking towards my desk.

‘Okay Jennifer, I really enjoyed your take on the character,’ I said as she sat up on the desk, looking down on me.

‘Yeah, I think I really nailed it, I’m good at that,’ she said as she moved her face closer to mine.

‘Good at what?’ I asked.

‘Nailing things,’ she said as she gently bit her lower lip.

‘I’m sure you are,’ I said, not really knowing what I was supposed to make of it.

‘Keep that in mind, are you coming to the Milton party tonight?’ she asked moving away a little bit.

‘I don’t think so,’ I said as I stood up. ‘Those things really aren’t for me.’

‘I really think you should try to get there,’ Jennifer said standing up also. ‘I have some character things I want to talk to you about.’

‘I guess I could pop in for a moment… if it’s for work,’ I said putting my arm around Jennifer’s waist as I walked towards the door.

‘Exactly,’ she said as she walked out the door. ‘It’s for work.’

I watched her ass as she made her way out to the car park for as long as I could before I turned around to walk to my office. Certainly an interesting day at work if there ever was one, two girls who seemed to be flirting with me, one who seemed to be actively setting up a fuck session. The film fan in me made me feel disgusted that this is the reality of how most films are cast, but the green producer in me felt turned on at the prospect.

I had to be quick in my office, I would have to get all my paperwork done quickly if I wanted to get home and get ready for the party by a decent time. All I could think about though was what would happen if I went to that party and Jennifer was true to her word. That would surely mean that I would have to cast her in the film, Katherine Heigl wasn’t offering anything nearly as good as that. I turned the corner and opened my office door to find Katherine Heigl herself sitting with her legs crossed on my desk.

‘What can I do for you Ms Heigl?’ I asked as I walked over to my desk.

‘I need you to give me that role Phil,’ Katherine said as I sat down at my chair.

‘No no please, call me Phil,’ I said sarcastically.

‘My career hasn’t been so amazing lately, this role could change all that,’ Katherine said as she swung her legs around to hang off the desk in front of me.

‘That’s not really a good enough reason to cast someone Katherine,’ I said.

‘Please, call me Ms Heigl,’ she said sternly.

‘Alright Ms Heigl, why are you even doing this? I told you that you pretty much had the role,’ I asked.

‘That woman is going to let you fuck her, then you’re going to cast her, trust me, she’s damn infamous for it,’ she said as she opened her legs a little bit.

‘Really?’ I asked hopefully. ‘I mean, that’s not how I make my casting choices.’

‘You say that now,’ she said as she leaned forward, exposing her cleavage and opening her legs enough to feasibly allow me to see her panties if I leant back. ‘But when she’s got her cunt wrapped around your cock you won’t know what to think.’

‘So if that’s true,’ I started as I sneakily leant back to see she wasn’t wearing panties at all, giving me a clear look at her pink pussy. ‘Then what’s the point of you being here?’

Katherine leapt down from the desk and fell to her knees grabbing my cock through my jeans. ‘It’s called a pre-emptive strike.’

I was speechless. ‘Don’t worry,’ Katherine started as she unzipped my jeans and took my half erect cock out of my boxers. ‘I’ll show you why I’m perfect for the role.’

Without a moment’s hesitation she took the head of my cock in her mouth and stroked the shaft. ‘You’re certainly showing initiative,’ I said as I ran my fingers through her long blonde hair.

‘Well I know the competition is stiff,’ she said as she pulled my dick out of her mouth and licked the head like a lollipop.

‘That’s not the only thing,’ I said as I rubbed the actress’s cheeks.

‘Shh!’ Katherine hissed as she lowered her mouth deeper onto my cock.

I moaned. ‘Yeah baby,’ I placed my hands on the top of her head. ‘That feels so good.’

When I wasn’t talking, all that could be heard was the sound of sucking. ‘You’re doing a really good job baby,’ I said as I pressed my hands on her head harder forcing her to suck lower down my cock. ‘But I still don’t know if you’re right for the part.’

She pulled her head up. ‘I think I know a way to prove it to you.’

Katherine unbuttoned the rest of her blouse and threw it to the side, revealing her huge tits encased in a bra. Their entrapment didn’t last long though because Katherine took her bra off almost immediately, which released her nice big breasts. They sagged a little bit, but this was only natural for her size, to top it all off she had beautiful pink nipples that I just wanted to shove in my mouth.

‘Have you ever done this before?’ Katherine asked as I took her tits in my hands.

‘No… of course not,’ I said feeling the soft skin of her breasts. ‘Have you?’

‘This is my first time as well, I usually try to get roles on my own merits but that cunt Jennifer always takes them by fucking! I just had to do something,’ Katherine ranted on about Jennifer Aniston but I couldn’t keep focused on anything besides feeling her beautiful breasts in my hands.

‘Hello?’ Katherine said, pulling me back into the real world.

‘Huh? What?’ I asked, sort of annoyed.

‘Dude, I just asked you if you wanted to fuck my tits,’ Katherine said, bewildered.

‘Oh uh sorry! Yes… yes of course! Please!’ I said as a look of desperation struck my face.

She simply smiled. ‘Then fuck my tits you shall, but only on one condition, that you give me the role you know I deserve anyway,’ she said as she wrapped both hands around my cock.

‘Yes! Yes! Anything! Please just wrap your tits around my cock!’ I yelled.

Katherine moved her tits closer to my cock, until they were right on top of it. She looked up at me and smiled as she wrapped her fun bags around my hard dick. She pressed them together and gently moved them down my cock, before lifting them back up again. The way her tits felt around my cock was unimaginable, they were so soft and huge that it was like my dick was right at home.

‘You like that Mr Chadstone?’ Katherine asked as she picked up the pace.

‘Yes Ms Heigl I like this a lot,’ I responded as I placed my hands on her tits, giving her a slight hand.

‘I love it when I get my tits fucked, it makes me so wet!’ Katherine shouted at me before I took control of the tit-fucking, allowing her to shove one of her hands in her wet pussy.

‘Your tits are so soft; I could fuck them all day! I need to feel your tongue Ms Heigl!’ I yelled down at the star of 27 Dresses, who was now playing the role of my personal whore.

Katherine started to lick my cock as every time it poked through the top of her tits. ‘You’re dick tastes so good!’ She said. ‘I can’t wait to taste your cum!’

That nearly set me off so I quickly let go of her tits, knowing I’d be remiss if I didn’t fuck her. She looked at me confused as I simply patted my lap, a clear gesture that she should climb on. She smiled at me and pulled her fingers out of her pussy and stood up. She stared down, deeply into my eyes as she made to pull her skirt off.

‘No!’ I said putting my hand over hers. ‘Leave the skirt!’

She nodded in agreement before she climbed on top of me, making sure to slowly lower her sopping wet cunt over my cock. I held onto her thighs, guiding her pussy over my cock so as to maximise the combined pleasure. Before long her pussy was now completely covering my cock and she rest comfortably sitting on my lap facing me.

‘Yeah, that’s the stuff,’ I said as Katherine commenced lifting her pussy up and down on my cock, holding onto my shoulders for leverage while her floppy tits waved in my face.

‘Your cock is so big!’ Katherine moaned.

‘Your pussy is so tight!’ I exclaimed as she steadily moved her pussy up and down my cock.

‘What and that’s a surprise?’ Katherine asked.

‘Shh!’ I hissed before picking Katherine up by the ass and laying her against my desk.

‘What the-’ I covered Katherine’s mouth with my hand and proceeded to fuck her hard against my desk.

‘Take it, yeah fucking take it you slut!’ I yelled as I railed into her soaking wet pussy.

She just moaned in pleasure and bit into my hand as I continued to fuck her. ‘I’m gonna cum soon bitch!’ I yelled.

My free hand was focused on feeling up her right breast; I also used that as leverage while I pumped my cock into her harder and slower. My pace continued to slow down as my cock went deeper inside of her. After a few more pumps I blasted cum all up into her and let go of her mouth. I pulled my cock out of her and left her lying on my desk as I pulled my pants back on.

‘That was hot,’ she said as she sat up. ‘Really fucked up and out of nowhere… but I came.’

I nodded as I thought about what had just occurred. ‘I don’t know what came over me.’

‘It’s okay, you’re just lucky you were with me and not some posh bitch, you wouldn’t be able to pull that sort of shit with Jennifer Aniston I’ll tell you that,’ she said as she put her bra back on and buttoned up her blouse.

‘Well, you definitely have the part,’ I said as I fixed up my clothing.

‘You’re damn fucking right I do after that,’ she said as she walked out the door.

As I drove home I still was unsure on whether I was really going to go to this Milton thing. On the one hand I had a lot of work to do and I hated parties, but on the other hand I got the impression that Jennifer Aniston would probably fuck me for the role if I went. That raised another dilemma entirely though, if Jennifer fucked me for the role then it would be difficult to fire Katherine in place of her or difficult to just lie and keep Katherine anyway.

Once I got home I found myself automatically changing into my going out clothes without really thinking about it. It seemed that my brain, or more likely my cock had made the decision for me. It didn’t really matter to me what the consequences would be, all that mattered was that I got my dick wet, with sexy celebrities. All of a sudden that’s what my job had become entirely about, a new world opened up where the job I disliked actually gave me power over some of the most attractive women on the planet.

I didn’t drink so I drove my Mercedes to the hotel, it wasn’t a very long drive I lived pretty much in the city. Once I got there and looked at all the people walking in through the front entrance I decided to pull into an alleyway and go through the back. I passed by a limousine that was emitting a whole heap of smoke on the way in, but I thought really nothing of it, it was common knowledge that most limo drivers smoked weed on the job.

Walking through the back entrance proved to be much more trouble than it was worth, annoyed bartenders and cooks were abound. They kept giving me the stink eye until I eventually found myself out onto the floor where I bumped into none other than Amanda Bynes, who was on her way to a table to meet some guy.

‘I really enjoyed that film we worked on together!’ She shouted over the music.

‘Yeah, it was really great, we should work together again!’ I yelled in hopes that she could hear me.

‘There’s actually a role you’re producing I might be interested in!’ She yelled.

‘You look really nice!’ I pretended I misheard her previous sentence, Amanda was a nice girl and everything but she was a real pain in the ass to work with.

‘Thank you!’ She shouted, it was then I noticed just how slutty she actually looked, wearing a short dress with a very tight bust.

‘Why are you so dolled up?’ I asked.

‘See that guy over there?’ She pointed as a guy sitting alone sipping a beer.

‘Yeah?’ I replied.

‘His girlfriend just dumped him,’ she started. ‘So I’m going to suck and fuck his brains out!’

I was shocked and didn’t know what to say, luckily I didn’t have to say anything because she walked away, not without “accidentally” grazing her hand on my junk. ‘Bye.’

I shook that awkward moment off and glanced around to see if I could find Jennifer Aniston somewhere. It didn’t take me long because she was making a very loud ruckus over at the V.I.P. area. She noticed me looking at her so she smiled and gestured with her hands for me to make my way over towards her.

Once I made it over there I was instantly stopped by a security guard. ‘It’s fine, he’s with me,’ Jennifer said.

The guy waved me through. ‘Thanks for this; I’ve never been to a V.I.P. section of a club before.’

‘It’s pretty much the same as any club really,’ up and coming rapper Jay Cult said from the corner of the room.

‘Except you can get away with more,’ his apparent date Zoe Kravitz said as she took a drag from a fat blunt.

‘It’s pretty fucking awesome!’ Some drunken guy said as he put her arm around Blake Lively.

Blake lively whispered in the guy’s ear before getting up to leave the V.I.P. area with a mischievous look on her face.

‘What do you think?’ Jennifer asked as I sat down next to her.

‘I think I love it here,’ I said as Jay Cult looked back and forth between me and Jennifer before giving me a knowing grin and patting Zoe on the shoulder to leave.

‘All alone,’ Jennifer said as the Jay and Zoe left.

‘Not quite,’ I said, gesturing towards the drunken guy on the couch.

‘Hmm…’ Jennifer pondered before leaning into my ear. ‘Meet me in the ladies bathroom,’ she whispered.

‘Okay…’ I said, making sure to watch her tight ass as she walked away.

After a couple seconds I looked at my watch and got up, I quickly rushed out of the V.I.P. room, passing Deborah Ann Woll from True Blood as she walked inside, clearly in a drunken stupor. I made a beeline for the ladies bathroom which was inconveniently on the other side of the dance floor.

‘About damn time,’ Jennifer said as I opened the bathroom door.

‘I got here as quick as I can,’ I said as we walked towards the empty cubicles.

We entered into a cubicle. ‘Alright,’ Jennifer said as she locked the door. ‘Let’s get down to business.’

Jennifer planted a passionate kiss on my lips. ‘So far so good,’ I said.

We kissed each other passionately. ‘I am the best person for the role.’

My hands felt up her full breasts. ‘I have a dedicated fan base that will see this film.’

Disclaimer: None of this is true, and everyone is over 21.

I was awoken by the sound of my alarm clock, it took me a few seconds to really register what was happening, but as soon as I did I hit the snooze button, after all I usually showed up to work late, why should this day be any different. The morning carried on like that, the alarm would go off and I’d hit the snooze button until about 11am when I got a phone call from work.

‘Jesus Mitch, this is the fourth time this week!’ A voice yelled thought the phone.

‘Huh, oh, sorry I’ve been sick,’ I said as I rubbed my eyes.

‘Sick my ass, you’re just too lazy to get you’re fucking ass in here,’ the voice said angrily.

‘No I’ve actually been-’

‘I don’t want to hear it Mitch! You better get in here by the end of lunch or you’re fired!’

The man hung up the phone harshly.

I climbed out of bed and walked out to the living room, I decided that seen as I didn’t have to be at work for another two hours and I didn’t life far away I had time to kill time watching TV. I sat down on the couch and started flipping through channels; everything on TV was boring, just crappy day-time television. I almost gave up on my quest to find something to watch until the TV landed on a channel that was showing ‘Savages’.

I decided to let the film play out until it was time to go, it was only at the beginning and I had plenty of time. I was completely captivated by Blake Lively in the film; she was just so hot, I couldn’t contain myself when it got to the bathtub sex scene. There she was pretty much naked riding a guy in a bathtub and here I was holding my erect cock in my hand jacking it to my heart’s content.

‘I wish there was a way to fuck her,’ I thought to myself as I felt ready to cum. ‘Or at least something that could put me in the movie.’

Before long I came all over my hands, I grabbed some tissues to clean it up before getting ready for work. Work was so boring, I hated the fact that I had to do it, honestly I always thought I’d much rather being like a personal assistant to the stars or even a paparazzo, anything that would get me closer the sexist women alive.

I grabbed my coat as I walked out my apartment door and down the stairs, I was wholly consumed by my thoughts. I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I disliked my life, how I wished something would come along and change everything. In movies sometime something happens that changes the course of an ordinary characters life, I always wished that would happen to me, and little did I know it was just about to.

‘Gimme the money you fucker!’ I head someone yelling.

‘You don’t understand I need this, it’s not mine!’ Another voice yelled back.

I looked around the streets, for some reason it was completely deserted. ‘Don’t you get that I’ll fucking kill you!’

The voices seemed to be coming from an alley way. ‘I will die worse if you take this from me!’

I walked towards the alleyway where the two men were arguing, and when I turned the corner I saw exactly what was going on. One man who was wearing a business suit, was being mugged by another man who was wearing cheap shaggy clothes he might have just cobbled together from the garbage. In the business suit guy’s hand was a briefcase, probably full of drug money and in the mugger’s hands was a gun, pointed right at business suit’s heart.

‘I have a family,’ the guy in the business suit pleaded as I walked up behind the mugger.

‘You should have thought of that before messing with drug dealers,’ the mugger stated as I got closer, putting my finger to my mouth to keep business suit quiet.

‘It’s not as simple as that,’ business suit said as I picked up a piece of wood from the ground.

‘I don’t-’ I smashed the mugger in the back of the head with the piece of wood and threw it to the ground.

‘Holy shit!’ Business suit exclaimed. ‘Thank you so much!’

‘You gotta do what you gotta do right,’ I said turning away. ‘Call the cops or something.’ ‘Hey, you saved my life,’ business suit said.

‘Yeah it’s no problem,’ I said turning back giving him a thumbs up.

‘I think you deserve an award,’ he said with a cheeky grin on his face.

‘Look dude I’m not gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that,’ I said backing away slightly.

‘No… what?’ He said. ‘No, there’s a party tonight at the Milton, I was going to skip it anyway, I’m giving you my V.I.P. pass.’

‘Whoa!’ I said. ‘Who are you?’

‘I’m a behind the scenes financier of a lot of films, if you catch my drift,’ he said with a wink.

I did not catch his drift. ‘Awesome, thanks for the pass man.’

‘No problem, thank you for saving my life,’ he said as he handed me the pass.

I looked at the card. ‘Forty-Fifth anniversary huh? That’s kind of cool.’

‘Yeah, anyway have fun with that it grants you access to the V.I.P. booth and a free room for the night, amongst other things,’ he said as we walked out of the alley way.

‘I’m going this way,’ I said as I pointed left.

‘Ah, I’m going that way,’ he said pointing right.

‘Thanks again man,’ I said as I put my hand out.

‘You too dude, you too,’ he said as he took my hand and shook it.

Eventually I made it to work, and it was just as boring and uneventful as it always was, only now I had the added pressure if knowing how much I had to look forward to. I spent the entire day on the internet looking at pictures of the celebrities that showed up to the last Milton Anniversary. Work couldn’t end soon enough, and when it finally did I rushed out of the office as fast as I could.

Once I made it home I immediately started to dress myself, even though I still had hours until the party started. I had always been pretty terrible at picking out clothes to wear for myself, I looked ridiculous at my brother’s wedding and I was the laughing stock of my senior prom. I decided that I should just try to keep it simple; everyone else would be wearing a suit and tie, so that’s what I should wear as well.

After a few hours had passed I called a cab and sped down stairs as fast as I could in order to wait for it. The cab arrived and I climbed in, and a funny thought occurred to me after I told him wear I was going, I would be the only person showing up to this party in a cab not a limo. I was proven right as we had to wait behind a stream of limousines for a good ten minutes before we could even get to the entrance.

‘That’ll be twenty bucks,’ the cab driver said as he put we pulled up to the curb.

‘Twenty bucks? For that trip?’ I was stunned.

‘Don’t act like you can’t afford it,’ he said gesturing towards the hotel.

‘I’m not… whatever, take your money,’ I said as I threw a twenty dollar note into his direction.

I climbed out of the cab to find a sea of people whose faces were cameras, none of them were flashing though, because they could tell I wasn’t really important enough to take photos of. I enjoyed this, it meant that I could walk straight into the building with no hassles, I flashed the security guard my V.I.P. pass and he let me in immediately.

The lobby of the Milton was incredibly nice, it sort of seemed like it was a mansion or at least housed someone famous. I guess it was housing everyone famous that night, so the grandeur seemed fitting. I walked into the party hall and immediately walked to the bar, intending on getting as drunk as humanly possible as fast as humanly possible.

‘What’ll it be?’ The bartender asked me as I sat down.

‘Is it all free?’ I asked as I gestured towards the top shelf.

‘It certainly is-’

‘Hennessey, neat,’ I said cutting right to the point.

‘Of course,’ the bartender said.

After two or three drinks I finally realised that I had been sitting next to Amanda Seyfried this entire time, and she was getting wasted. The girl was obviously going through something because she was downing shot after shot of vodka. I leaned in to say something, but I found myself tongue tied, I had never talked to a celebrity before; I had no idea what to say. My decision was made for me when Amanda left the bar announcing she had to leave.

‘First time?’ The bartender asked, noticing my anguish.

‘Is it that obvious?’ I asked him as he poured me another drink.

‘Well, it’s my first time as well,’ he said handing me the glass.

‘Whoa, how do you handle talking to all these celebrities?’ I asked him.

‘For one thing, I’m not trying to have sex with any of them,’ he said as I downed my drink. ‘Also though, and more importantly, you can’t think they’re better than you.’

‘But they are though, aren’t they?’ I asked. ‘I mean, this is their domain.’

‘It’s all an illusion…’


‘It’s all an illusion Mitch, these people aren’t really better than you or I, the mere fact that you’re here proves that… why are you here?’ He said.

‘I’m here because I saved a producer’s life, I think he was a producer at least,’ I said staring into my empty glass.

The bartender took the glass from my hand. ‘See, you’re a hero and if it was a producer you probably have a V.I.P. pass which means you can go into the V.I.P. section.’

‘I didn’t realise there was a section…’

‘There is, and you deserve to be there, because you are a very important person,’ the bartender concluded as he pointed at the V.I.P. section.

‘You’re right! Thanks…’


‘Thanks Simon, I’ll see you on the other side,’ I said before marching toward the V.I.P. section.

The bouncer gave me a once over as I walked up to the V.I.P. section, but he let me in as soon as he saw my pass. Getting inside I realised that it was basically a series of crowded booths, with what appeared to be the who’s who of Hollywood, all the booths though, were occupied so I was at a bit of a lost at where to sit.

‘Yo, come sit with us!’ Rapper Jay Cult yelled out.

‘Me?’ I asked.

‘Yes you, ha ha!’ The up and coming yelled out.

I walked over to his booth and realised he was sitting next to Zoe Kravitz and Blake Lively, I took my seat next to the latter. ‘Thanks a lot, it’s so packed in here.’

‘Yeah it kind of defeats the purpose right?’ Blake said as she looked me up and down, sizing me up.

‘I think it’s way better than being on the dance floor,’ Zoe said as a wait brought around shots.

‘My names Jay, by the way,’ the rapper put his hand out and I took it.

‘I know your name! My name is Mitch,’ I said before shaking each girls hand as well, saying their names to them as I did so.

‘You’re very well versed,’ Blake said. ‘Who are you?’

‘Mitch…’ I said.

‘No I mean, what are you doing here?’ Blake asked.

‘Blake?’ Jay said, shooting her a dirty look.

‘Earlier today, I saved a guy who was getting mugged and it turned out he had a V.I.P. pass to this thing and he gave it to me as a thank you,’ I said.

‘Wow, so you’re a hero?’ Blake said as she put her hand on my knee.

‘Well I don’t know about that,’ I said bashfully before putting an arm over Blake.

Simon was right celebrities are just like normal people, I had just built them up in my mind because of the media. They proved this by getting just as drunk as me, and saying just as much dumb drunken shit. Jennifer Aniston joined out booth a few drinks in, and a few drinks after that she’d brought in some producer character. I was barely noticing any of this though, because Blake and I were starting to get really close.

‘It’s pretty fucking awesome!’ I blurted out to the whole table, before putting my arm back over Blake.

Blake leaned in close and started to massage my cock through my trousers. ‘I’ll be right back,’ she whispered. ‘I’m going to score us some coke, I have a hotel room, so tonight this,’ Blake said before grabbing my dick. ‘Is mine.’

Blake got up and left the V.I.P. section, soon after Zoe and Jay left. It was just Jennifer, the producer she was with and me before long, but they too left after a few moments leaving me completely alone, the entire V.I.P. section had cleared out in the last few minutes. I laid back on the couch, knowing Blake would be back any soon, I was so drunk that I couldn’t control my cock getting hard at the thought of it.

‘Trust me!’ A loud voice yelled out. ‘I’m supposed to be here!’

‘It’s empty any way!’ The security guard yelled out.

‘Whatever!’ The voice yelled again.

I was so drunk that I didn’t notice when Deborah Ann Woll had walked in to the V.I.P. section. She was so drunk that she didn’t realise that the booth she was about to sit in contained someone else. She sat down on the other side of me and put her head on the table, clearly in need of some alone time.

‘Hey? Huh? Who’s there? Blake?’ I rambled, giving Deborah a scare.

‘What the fuck?’ Deborah stated to move closer until she was sitting at my feet. ‘I thought I was alone.’

‘Oh, sorry so did I,’ I said looked up and realising who I was talking to. ‘Whoa! I love your show! You’re so hot!’

‘You think that I’m hot?’ Deborah asked getting on all four crawling closer to me.

‘Fuck yeah!’ I said. ‘Beautiful red hair and those tits are like… wow, you know?’

Deborah was now straddling me. ‘No, I don’t know.’

‘They’re so round and big, I just want to kiss them and lick them and shove my cock inside them, don’t even get me started on the mouth,’ I said as drunkenly as I have ever said anything.

Deborah unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off, revealing her magnificent tits encased in a black bra. ‘Here’s your chance,’ she said as she grabbed my hands and placed them on her tits.

‘Holy shit!’ I yelled out, confused all of a sudden, but incredibly happy that I could feel those mounds of flesh in my hands after years of jacking off to her character on True Blood.

I took her bra off and she leaned down lower so that they swayed in my face. I kissed and licked her nipples, keeping them both in my hands at all times. It never even crossed my mind that Blake could walk in at any minute; I was too busy dry humping her pussy and motor-boating her tits.

Deborah placed a hand down on my cock and unbuckled my belt. ‘Let’s get this bad boy out of its cage.’

‘That’s a great idea!’ I said still kissing and licking her glorious tits.

‘You are a big boy!’ Deborah said once she pulled my cock out of my trousers and gripped it in its fully hard glory in her soft hand.

‘It’s waiting for you,’ I said as I removed my hands from her tits and placed them at the top of her head.

‘You’re forward,’ Deborah said as he crawled backwards until she was staring at my cock in her hands.

I simply just kept my hands on her head, hoping she would get the message without me having to drunkenly spurt it out. Luckily she did, I watched her look up at me licking her soft red lips before she licked the head of my cock. She kept stroking it with her hands and licking it at the top like and icy-pole.

The entire time that she was licking my cock she was giving me eye contact, it was one of the sexiest things I’d ever seen in my entire life. My hands were running through her soft red hair while she took the head of my cock inside her mouth. I placed my hands on her cheeks and could start to feel my cock inside as she took it deeper inside her mouth.

‘Fuck yes! Oh god!’ I said barely able to contain myself as she just took it deeper and deeper, not breaking eye contact for even a moment.

I gripped her skull tightly with my fingers as she bobbed up and down on my cock. ‘This is insane!’ I yelled in spite of myself.

She would suck as she bobbed which created a powerful friction, making for a truly intense blowjob from the redheaded actress. She took my cock as deep inside of her soft mouth as she could before she slowly slid off, sucking hard as she did so. The feeling was powerful and I was so drunk that I thought I would cum right then and there.

‘You aren’t gonna cum yet are you?’ She asked as soon as my cock was out of her mouth.

‘I was close, I was real close,’ I said panting.

‘Well allow me to bring you closer,’ she said as she wrapped my cock in between her large pasty white tits.

‘I don’t deserve this!’ I said as I ran my hands through her mane of red hair.

She stared deeply into my eyes as she slid her tits up and down my cock, lubricated by her own spit and my pre-cum. ‘Are you close now?’ She asked me.

‘Oh god, pretty close!’ I said as my cock poked through the top of her tits.

‘You want me to lick that cock while you fuck my tits?’ She asked poking her tongue out at me.

‘Lick my cock,’ I said before she playfully licked my cock as it shot through her large breasts.

‘With pleasure,’ the True Blood star said.

Before long she had engulfed the head of my cock. ‘Yeah, fucking take it.’ I started to buck my hips to let her focus on keeping her tits and mouth around my dick.

Feeling the pressure mounting I pulled my cock out of her mouth and started jacking it. ‘Cum on my tits baby,’ she moaned as she held her tits together in front of me.

I came almost immediately and drenched her white round tits in my seed. ‘How do you like that?’

‘I liked it a lot, I just wish I got a turn,’ she said.

‘Sorry about that,’ I said zipped my pants back up.

She wiped her tits and licked her fingers. ‘Your cum tastes so good.’

‘We should do this again sometime,’ I said as I sat up and watched her put her clothes back on.

‘Yeah,’ she said somewhat amused. ‘We’ll do this again when I’m sober and I’ll show you a really good time.’

‘Great,’ I said. ‘What’s your number?’

‘It’s… Oh fuck…’ Deborah got up and headed for the balcony, probably going to throw up. I would have followed her to grab that phone number had Blake Lively not re-entered the V.I.P. section seconds later with a broad smile on her face. ‘I got it,’ she said. ‘Great I can’t wait to-’

‘Did you just have sex?’ Blake interrupted.

I was at a loss for words momentarily. ‘No, I certainly did not have sex just then.’ It was technically true.

She sized me up for a moment. ‘Great! Let’s go upstairs.’

I followed her outside of the V.I.P. area and then outside of the main hall until we reached the lobby. She grabbed me by the hand and led me to the elevator, once we got inside she held my hand in hers tight and kissed me on the cheek. We stood comfortably until the elevator opened again and we walked to our bedroom, it was 204 or 205 or something, I’m bad at remembering that sort of stuff.

‘Mi casa es su casa,’ Blake said after we walked inside of the luxurious suite.

‘Wow,’ I said admiring the décor. ‘They don’t really fuck around here do they?’

‘No they don’t, but someone is,’ Blake said gesturing to the fair left wall.

‘What are you-’

‘Shhh!’ Blake hissed.

We walked up to the wall and pressed out ears against it. We could hear the sounds of two people having the loudest sex imaginable. The girl was screaming for the guy she was with to fill her with his cum and the guy was yelling loudly about fulfilling that request. All the action next door seemed to be exciting Blake because she had her hand up her dress.

‘You better fuck me that hard,’ she said as she shoved her fingers in and out of her pussy.

‘You’re damn right I will,’ I said stepping closer to her, putting my hands on her hips.

I kissed her hard on the lips, and she passionately reciprocated. ‘That’s a good start,’ she said.

‘How’s this?’ I said as I joined her fingers and shoved mine inside her pussy as well.

‘Oh fuck, yeah that’s the spot,’ she moaned.

She placed her hand down my pants and tugged at my cock. ‘Take that cock, baby it’s all for you,’ I said into her mouth as we kissed.

We moved over to the bed where she sat down. ‘Fuck me, I need you to fuck me now,’ she said pulling her dress up.

‘Not yet,’ I said as I ignored her and got on my knees to licking her soaking wet pussy.

‘Oh god!’ She exclaimed as I licked her pussy lips.

‘Mmm, your pussy tastes good,’ I said before shoving my tongue inside her box.

All characters are and were 18 or older at all times where there were any sexual feelings or contact.

Growing up I had two sisters, one a year older and one a year younger. We grew up in a conservative part of the Midwest with our mom and dad. I was a fairly normal guy, though a little bigger than average, who was so devoted to sports I came upon other things in life a little later than most.

My mom and dad were pretty normal conservative folk; they and I sometimes thought my sisters were from a different planet than we were.

My older sister Jill at 19 was tall (about 5′ 11″, only about 3 inches shorter than I am), had an athletic build, long blond hair, and steely gray eyes in an otherwise very nice (though not gorgeous) face. Also – I only started noticing this when I was 18 – she has very shapely legs, a bubble butt, and high poke-in-your-eyes tits. She is a perfectionist, and was also a late bloomer. She works at something until she gets it right, and has from the time she was a little kid. Two examples:

She had a volcano as a science experiment she designed when she was about 10. She made, at one time or another, every member of the whole family help her set up and test her volcano at least 20 times over a three day period before the science fair. Of course it worked perfectly then, and she won 2nd prize.

As a second example, when she was 14, though she had never played softball before, Jill decided she wanted to make the high school team. She made our dad, me, or both of us play catch with and/or pitch to her at least an hour every day during the entire summer. Sometimes she would have me and some of my friends out there three hours playing with her even though her skill level was way below ours. But she was always kind to me and fun, and my friends always liked her, so there was no problem. Needless to say she not only made the team but ended up the starting first baseman.

Jill was also outspoken, and had no problem saying what was on her mind. This sometimes got her in trouble in school and with our parents, but she was always sly and smart enough to get out of it without significant consequences.

My younger sister, Kate, is very different. She is short, about 5′ 3″, with short brown hair with natural streaks of red, green eyes, a beautiful face, totally curvatious, and top heavy (her tits were way too big for her slim waist). She is usually a typical follower. Not as smart or as talented as Jill, she still wanted to do most of what Jill did, and succeeded most of the time (although to a lesser extent) in school and sports, and was probably the most popular girl in her class.

Soon after Jill turned 19 I started noticing changes in her behavior. She started wearing makeup and skimpier clothes, seemed to grab her crotch and breasts a lot around the house, and often asked me weird questions about guys at school. My mother apparently noticed changes in her too. One day when I was going through the medicine chest in the bathroom I shared with my sisters I came upon some prescription pills of Jill’s, each pill separately packaged in a blister pack. She walked in about that time, took them from me, and said something like “Mom said you’re not supposed to see these pills she got me from the gynecologist,” and walked out with them.

One summer day before Jill’s senior year and my junior year in high school, our parents went for an overnight at some relative’s house, and we three kids were alone for an entire Saturday and Sunday morning. We did our own thing during the day Saturday, Jill and I cooked dinner, the three of us ate together, and since none of us had any plans with friends we played some video and card games, and then decided to watch a DVD. Kate didn’t like our choice and said it was that time of the month for her anyway, so she went to bed about 10, leaving Jill and I with the movie.

The movie had many sex scenes and sexual overtones, and Jill was acting weird, including rubbing body parts, and squirming around, apparently immune to the fact I was nearby. At one point she said she had to pee, told me to put the movie on pause, and came back wearing only – as far as I could see – a long T-shirt. Her constant rubbing of her crotch and tits were too obvious, and I didn’t like the effect it was having on me, so I asked her “What the hell are

you rubbing yourself for Jill?”

To my surprise she put the movie on pause, turned to me and said “Tom, have you had sex with any of the girls at school?”

I wasn’t sure I wanted in on this conversation, especially knowing her characteristic directness, so I said “Should we really be talking about this?”

She then turned the movie off, sat next to me on the couch with her legs crossed and her T-shirt hiked up near her crotch, and made it clear that we were going to have a discussion about sex. So I swallowed hard and primarily listened, because even when she asked me questions she rarely waited for an answer.

In her typical direct manner she said she had started to really badly want to have sex, but thought she was way behind other girls, and didn’t want to make a fool of herself with sexual partners. She told me I should be interested in that too, and that the best way for us to go about it to gain some experience without being buffoonish was to experiment with each other. She said she had gotten as much information as she could from reading, and now needed some actual “field work”.

With that, she stood up and pulled her T-shirt over her head, exposing her glorious – My God was it Glorious – completely nude body. My dick was instantly rock hard.

She apparently was a little non-plussed by my wide eyed, gap-jawed, staring, and barked – “I know you’re on porn sites all the time; you’ve seen naked women before. Now I need your help because I don’t have a dick, or a tongue that will reach the places I need, so you have to help me out. Now close your mouth and take off your clothes.”

To be honest, I felt like a zombie at that point, my mind shanghaied by the site of her breathtaking body. Knowing how relentless Jill was and how anxious I was to see where this was going, I did as instructed. But I was still inhibited and undressed hesitantly, so she got impatient and started pulling my clothes off faster. Her first

comment when my boxers dropped was,

“Wow, is your dick always like that?” to which I replied “No, only when it’s aroused.”

Her next comment, “Alright, I want to give you a blow job. You critique me as I’m doing it and let me know what I can do better”.

Without waiting for a response from me, she pushed me down on the couch, knelt down between my legs, and started sucking and tonguing my dick like it was the last ice cream cone on earth. Holy shit did it feel good! I had only two other blowjobs in my life, and this was off the charts better than either of those. I could barely breathe, let alone talk, as she ran her lips, tongue, and lightly her teeth, up, down, and around my head and shaft, every once in awhile sucking so hard and long she looked like she wanted to siphon a swimming pool. At the same time she was massaging my balls – WOW, what magic fingers!

It wasn’t long before I told her I was about to cum. She immediately stopped, and unemotionally said, “Not until we talk about what I do with your ejaculate.” Her sudden stoppage and words made my dick and balls calm down a little, but my brain was still spinning.

“Why didn’t you give me any advice while I was working on you?”

“Geez, Jill, you did it so well I didn’t know how you could possibly do it better. That’s why I didn’t say anything.”

She smiled but then quickly got back on topic, “What do guys want girls to do with the cum when giving a blowjob?”

“Well, uh, most guys would love the girl to swallow it, but it may be difficult for the girl to do. You could spit it out if you chose, or just pull your mouth away and let it hit where it might.”

“Would I appear more experienced if I swallowed?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“That’s what I’ll do then,” she matter-of-factly shot back.

Without further hesitation, she started back on me and had me rocketing my wad in less than a minute. It felt SOOO much nicer than masturbating or the other blow jobs I had gotten, and I produced a much bigger load; but she sucked the entire blast down like a pro. After she was sure she had gotten every drop, she let go of me, licked her lips, and pronounced “That wasn’t hard and it was really fun. Did you like it?”

Laying almost comatose on the couch I said “Sis, that was by far the best experience of my life.”

She jumped up, clapped her hands, and said “Great. Tom, now I want you to fondle me and eat my pussy. I want to know what it feels like to have a tongue and fingers on my pussy lips and clit, and my nipples massaged and squeezed. Do that for me now, will you?”

At this point all my inhibitions were gone. The only thing in my mind was that I had to do whatever I could to please her so that I could fuck her tonight. I had concluded that her “experimentation” idea was worthy of a Nobel Prize. Bringing myself back to alertness the best I could, I laid her on the floor with her legs open and got to work.

Having eaten only one other pussy before, but considering myself a book knowledge (actually Internet knowledge) expert, I enthusiastically went to work. I first licked her pussy lips up and down, then sucked each into my mouth for a few seconds at a time alternating from one to the other, while at the same time massaging both of her conical turgid breasts with my hands, occasionally lightly twisting a nipple. I don’t think she was really ready for the effect it would have on her – up until now she had an almost clinical approach – but she sure knew this was going to be a different experience when I started tonguing her clit.

Her clit was hard to miss. However, since it was longer than any I had seen on the Internet at first I wasn’t 100% certain it was the erectile organ of her vulva. But when I put my tongue to it I knew instantly it was since she stuck her fist in her mouth to muffle a scream (so Kate wouldn’t awaken) and involuntarily bucked her hips up in the air, causing me to apply even more force to her clit. I tormented her for a good twenty minutes. Being no actual expert I wasn’t sure she was having multiple orgasms, but I concluded it couldn’t be anything else when on three occasions she went rigid, covered her face with a couch pillow, and started leaking pussy fluid.

Suddenly, I don’t know why, I remembered reading about something called a G-spot, and actually seeing a You-Tube instructional video. “Why not try and find it?” I thought, “after all this is The Great Experiment.” So I went looking for it with two fingers. Unbelievably, just as related by the video, I found a rough patch about a finger’s length into her cunt.

I started a “come here” motion with my fingers, and at first was worried I had done something to hurt Jill since she started writhing around screaming into the pillow and almost convulsing, so I stopped. Virtually out of breath and sweating she lifted the pillow off her face and blurted out

“What are you doing – don’t stop – keep going and going.”

Now knowing I had found the magical and sometimes elusive area on my first try, I vigorously punished her G-spot with my fingers.

After a good ten more minutes of near convulsions, she finally almost completely stopped moving and panted “Please stop now, I can’t take it any more.”

I immediately withdrew my fingers and must have had a Cheshire-cat look on my face because she looked at me with her steely gray eyes, smiled the best her weary facial muscles allowed her to, and said “You have every right to be smug. Holy shit was that off the charts amazing,” then she held her arms out to me.

I laid on top of her, snuggling her, and we started kissing for the first time. Though her body was wasted and lethargic, her kisses were passionate, more amorous than any in my humble experience at the time. Ten minutes or so of lip-locking seemed to perk her up. She stopped for a moment, penetrated my brain by staring at me with her steely gray eyes, smiled, and said,

“Now we need to fuck!”


I convinced her we needed to go to my room to be on a bed, and as far from Kate as we could get. Once we got there, giggling like a little girl waiting to see Santa, she said “Now I know the three main positions are missionary, doggy, and cowgirl. Which do you want to try first?”

FIRST? Holy shit, my virgin penis wasn’t sure it could do one, let alone “first.” Thinking that doggy looked the most interesting on the web sites I had seen I said “Doggy, but first you need to suck me hard.”

With great alacrity she started sucking my dick, and in less than a minute I was hard again. I put her on her hands and knees, knew enough to finger and tongue her cunt for a minute or so before porking her, and then slowly inserted my dick into her pulsating pussy.

Sweet moans burst from her mouth as I continued to bury my tool, until I bottomed out. I then slowly started banging her. To my surprise, every one of my forward thrusts was met by a back thrust from her. We were in perfect sync as we picked up the pace and soon she had an over the top climax and shortly thereafter I blew my wad into her tight vagina. It was clear it was the best experience of both of our short lives, as I lay on top of her back panting while I massaged her tits, and she emitted low guttural sounds as she reached back with one hand and massaged my balls. After about five minutes of this bliss, we collapsed on the bed, and faced each other side-by-side with big shit-eating grins on our faces.

“I had no idea fucking was so emotionally and physically draining,” Jill said. “I don’t know if I can do missionary or cowgirl right now.”

I laughed and said, “Jill you would kill me if we tried. Let’s go to sleep and maybe we can try another position tomorrow morning.” She gave me a big sloppy kiss, put her head on my shoulder, and in seconds we were both in dreamland.

I got up about 8 Sunday morning. Jill was in the bathroom, and I went to check on Kate. Kate was snoring away. I got back to the bathroom as Jill was exiting looking like Lady Godiva with her glistening vivacious naked body and long blond hair. She smiled broadly at me and gave me a little smooch.

I went to the bathroom and then went back to my bed to find Jill happy as a clam laying on her back with her arms open and her legs far apart exposing her divine fuck hole. As I quickly and joyfully got on top of her I said “Missionary or cowgirl?” She playfully bit me on the nose and said “Missionary.”

I got in a 69 position, licked and flicked her clit and pussy lips, and more gently than the day before massaged her G-spot, as she sucked my hog. We were both raring to go in just a few minutes, and I flipped around, penetrated her in one thrust as she squealed, and then started acting like a jack hammer as I banged the shit out her while she wrapped her creamy long thighs around my waist. The relative movement between my rock hard dick and her moist soft cunt was so erotic my mind was flooded with endorphins. I instinctively simultaneously sucked a nipple as I was rhythmically hammering her, while she rubbed her hands over my back and occasionally dug in her nails. We had another almost contemporaneous over-the-top orgasm, and then just lay with our bodies interlocked until finally my totally flaccid penis popped out of her leaking vagina.

We didn’t get to experiment with cowgirl that weekend because Kate woke up and our parents got back home about an hour after our joint climax. But we found time to do cowgirl during the week, again with a 69 prelude. Jill was totally magnificent – a veritable rodeo champion. She bounced on me so vigorously I couldn’t reciprocate, and just laid back and enjoyed it as she vacuumed every ounce of cum out of me.

While Jill and I always had a great relationship, it was now phenomenal. There is nothing we wouldn’t do for each other. Our family members noticed the change, but didn’t know why.

I knew that our fucking sessions wouldn’t continue because Jill obviously was interested in fucking other guys (the whole reason for the experiment), and I had a number of girls I really wanted to poke. By the time Jill left for college after the next summer she was considered the sex goddess of our high school idolized by every hetero male there, and her fame rubbed off on me. In large part due to Jill’s fame, I had no trouble getting laid almost whenever I wanted.

To commemorate our wonderful experimentation, and because no one either of us knew was close to Jill in blowjob ability, or close to me in G-spot activation, every week or so Jill and I would surreptitiously get naked together for an hour. She would give me a blowjob and I would stimulate her G-spot, and we would gently massage each other. We never fucked again – except for a consummate doggy style good-bye fuck two days before she left for college, the highlight of my life.

While I have had more than my share of ass, no other woman up to this point in my life ever held a candle to sister Jill when it came to providing carnal pleasure. I love her dearly.

No one ever found out about the details of our relationship – or so I thought.

I was totally depressed at the start of my senior year after Jill left for college. I was laying in my bed early one Saturday morning with the drapes closed and wondering how I could possibly get past my blues and do something constructive, when the door opened. Kate, now 18, snuck in, and closed the door behind her. She saw the puzzlement on my face, sat down on the bed, put her hand up to the side of my face, and smiled.

“I know you and Jill learned how to make love with each other’s help,” surprising the shit out of me, “and I need your help now. There are a couple of guys at school that really turn me on, and I want everything to be perfect with them; but I don’t have any experience or confidence. You have to help me, please?”

With that, she stood up, removed her robe exposing her sublime naked body with unmatched tits and tiny slit, bush-less except for a reddish hair landing strip. With an expectant smile on her face, she then pulled the sheet off my bed, exposing my quickly rising cock.

Needless to say my depression instantly flew out the window, not to reappear until I had to leave for college myself the next year.

We’d been at it for almost two hours, so I decided that we all needed a break to get cleaned up and grab a simple snack.

Removing Silly from Amy’s sweet pussy and the butt plug from her ass, I patted her bottom, and not with not a little sadness, I said, “Jim, I think it’s time to take a break, get a bite to eat, and get cleaned up. I think we should all get our own snacks. … Does that work for you?”

Jim removed his cock from Amy’s mouth, bent down and kissed her forehead, and replied, “Sure. … It makes sense. What do you have planned next?”

“Once we’re ready we’ll meet over there on the mattress. But, right now, let’s free my sweet Baby Girl.”

From my stash of tools and toys I retrieved two small scissors and handed one to Jim. He cut the zip strips holding her wrists, while I cut the ones holding her ankles. Then, I helped Amy off of the sawhorse and, after kissing her softly on the lips, I asked, “Did my sweet Baby Girl have a good time?”

In an exhausted whisper, she answered, “Yes … Sir! … It was wonderful. …Thank you Sir for giving me such a wonderful experience.”

In a laughing voice, I responded, “It was our pleasure, Baby.”

Amy giggled.

About an hour later we were all seated on the mattress and I began to describe what I’d planned for our next adventure.

“Baby, I’m going to tie you down again. I want you face up with your legs spread. As far as your arms go, we can tie them above your head, like I did the first time, or we can tie them spread out, you’d be tied to each corner of the mattress. I want you to choose.”

“Sir, I’d like to try something new. So, tie me to each corner of the mattress.”

“Okay, Baby. … Jim, you take her left side and I’ll do the right. Here’s two pieces of rope with end loops, see the eye screws attached to the floor at each corner of the mattress. … Loop the ropes around her wrist and ankle and then secure them to the eye screws. I’ll do the same and then my sweet Baby Girl will be under our complete control … Right Baby?”

Amy nodded with enthusiastic approval.

Once we finished securing Amy to the mattress, I stood back and, from the bottom of the mattress I admired what I have come to believe is one of the most exciting sites in the world, a beautiful naked woman tied down, spread-eagled, with her marvelous body displayed to view and ready to be devoured; like a delicious Thanksgiving Dinner.

Jim joined me, supporting my opinion by saying, “So beautiful! She looks good enough to eat.”

“Sounds like a plan.” I replied. “But first, we’re going to oil her down real good.”

I went to my stash and got two bottles of Johnson’s Baby Oil and giving one to Jim, I said, “You take the left side and I’ll take the right. Don’t be skimpy, the more oil the greater the sensations. I learned this trick from a masseuse over 20 years ago … you’ll be surprised at how much it will heighten the sensitivity of our skin.”

(I should mention here that when I first experienced this it was right my partner and I had shared an exciting, sexual shower and I was told not to dry off, that the sensation was greater if the oil was applied to a wet body. That didn’t seem entirely possible with Amy tied down. However, if you want to try this with your partner, it would be better if you applied the oil to your soaking wet bodies.)

We spent a long time just massaging her, from head to toe, not missing a single square inch of her beautiful body. I loved the feel of her breast and thigh covered in oil, the silkiness of her skin was increased tenfold.

“Baby, I can’t tell you how much pleasure this is giving me.”

“I love it … Sir … when you get so much pleasure … pleasuring me!” she replied with an enthusiastic sigh.

We had been careful to stay on our own side of her body … but when it came time to oil up her sweet pussy, Jim looked at me and said, “Jon, I guess this part of her body is yours to play with right now.”

“Why not share it … my baby will get double the pleasure if we both get involved.” And, that’s what happened, we both caressed and finger fucked her, making sure that she was well oiled in that special of all places. Amy’s moan and sighs only got louder and more frequent.

“Jim, I want us both to experience what I experienced with that masseuse so long ago. Making love to a beautiful woman when you are both doused with baby oil is something you’ll never forget. So … this is my plan. We will each spend an hour having our way with her. I want you to go first and while you use my baby’s body to fulfill all of your repressed fantasies, I will sit right here and watch. Any questions?”

“I have a whole hour?” he asked incredulously.

“Yep. … And, when you’re through it will be my turn. I only ask that you bring her to climax a maximum of one time … I don’t want to wear her out too early.”

“Should I start now?” He still hadn’t quite accepted the reality of what he was being offered.

“Well, it might be a good idea to douse yourself with oil first, and don’t be skimpy, remember, the more oil. the better the total skin-on-skin experience.”

Jim quickly covered himself with oil and then, standing at the foot of the mattress considered how he wanted to start. It was obvious that my final comment had had an impact, as he quickly decided that skin-on-skin was what he wanted.

“Here I come sweet Amy,” he said (she giggled).

He got to his knees between her legs and then stretched out on top of her, inserting his cock into her pussy. He laid on top of her for quite awhile, relishing the feel of his skin on her skin as he used his entire body to massage her, her breasts crushed beneath his chest, his pelvis pressed hard against hers, and his cock buried deep in her pussy. He moved his oil covered body sensuously against hers and she responded by moving her body against him, copying his rhythm.

Then, he began to slow fuck her, I knew he was enjoying the feel of his slippery cock going in and out of her sweet, slippery, pussy. He glanced over at me, looking for approval, knowing how precious my baby was to me.

I smiled and nodded okay.

Slowly his movements gained more passion and he began moving in and out faster and faster. Amy moaned, and the sound of that drove him to kiss her. Their mouths opened wide and their tongues explored each other’s mouths frantically.

Soon, Amy began her move toward her climax, but Jim was having none of that, and he slowed down. She moaned in disappointment as Jim whispered, “Not yet Sweet Amy … you’ll know when it’s time.”

I nodded my approval … but, Jim never saw it, he had other things on his mind.

Two more times he brought her close to orgasm and both times he slowed down and didn’t allow her to experience it. After the third time, he pulled out and moved above her head and began to mouth fuck her.

She accepted his cock with the same passion she had accepted his kisses. He continued to mouth fuck her for awhile … and then, seeing that I was holding up 10 fingers (10 minutes to go) he moved back to her pussy, laid on of her, kissed her passionately, and then began to fuck her slowly, building to crescendo of passion. He tried to thrust his cock deeper and deeper into her pussy, pounding harder and harder.

Amy began to scream, hollering, “Don’t stop … please, Sir Jim, please don’t stop … Oh God … Ohhhhhh Gauuuud!!! … Ohhhhhh … Yesssss!” And she kissed him hard on the mouth.

This was the first time I’d watched as my Sweet Baby climax … I found it to be very exciting. Maybe this MMF stuff isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, I thought. Although, I will have to chose very carefully and my baby needs to have full veto power.

Jim pulled out and stood up … his cock still rock hard, it was obvious that he wasn’t ready to climax quite yet. Jim and I shared this talent, the ability to withhold our orgasm and yet keep our cocks as hard as a rock. It was a talent the women in our lives seemed to appreciate.

“Jon, I’ve never experienced anything like that in my life. You are absolutely right; I will never forget this hour that I just spent with your sweet baby girl.”

“Join the club, I’ve never forgotten a single minute I’ve spent with her. She pleasures me greatly and loves doing it.

With that I moved over to the mattress and began covering myself with oil. To tell the truth, I’d much rather lay back and have Amy do it … but … alas … she was no position to take on that task at the present moment.

Finished I considered how I wanted to start. I knew I, too, wanted skin-on-skin … but I really didn’t want to copy what Jim had done. I decided on approaching it the other way around. I laid down on my sweet Baby Girl in the 69 position, with Silly at her mouth and my mouth right above her pussy. Her breasts were tickling my lower belly and my chest was rubbing her abdomen.

I lowered my cock into her waiting mouth, buried my face in her pussy, rested my body on hers, began massaging her ass.

Amy was fucking Silly with her mouth while I was devouring her pussy, licking her clit, and massaging her ass with one hand and playing with her asshole with the other. Then I stiffened my tongue and began to tongue fuck her pussy, as the same time I began finger fucking her asshole.

Amy made a quiet moan … with Silly deep in her throat, that’s all she could manage. As her mouth sucked hard on Silly, her lower body began to thrust against my mouth and the hand that was finger fucking her. It was obvious that she was coming close to another orgasm …

Not yet! I thought, and pulled my fingers out of her ass and my tongue out of her pussy. Then I said, “Baby, you can only cum with my permission. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir, I understand … but, Sir, I was so close. … Sir … can I please cum now, Sir?”

“No baby, not until I say so. I will tell you when you can cum.”

“Yes, Sir, I understand, Sir.”

I reached back, put Silly back in her mouth and said, “Take good care of Silly now Baby. … He’s looking for special treatment, since you interrupted his pleasure with your attempt to cum without my permission.” And I dove back into her pussy, and pushed two of my fingers deep into her asshole. Then … I lost track of time as I lost myself in the total experience, an experience greatly enhanced by the skin-on-skin sensitivity from the baby oil that covered us from head to toe.

After some time, I pulled myself away from her body and moving up, I whispered in her ear, “I’m going to fuck you now, Baby … I’m going to put my rock hard cock deep into that sweet pussy and slow fuck you until you can’t stand it anymore. And, at the same time, I’m going to suck on your beautiful breasts, kiss your sweet neck, as well as your waiting mouth. … all the time slow fucking you. And … I am not going to allow you to have an orgasm … you may get close, but you cannot orgasm … is that clear, Baby?”

“Yes Sir, that’s very clear. Please fuck me … I love it Sir when you put Silly inside of me and fuck me. I don’t care if it’s slow fucking or hard fucking … I just love it when you fuck me. Please fuck me, Sir.”

“Okay, Baby,” and I kissed her on the forehead.

I shifted my body over hers and reached down and put Silly just inside of her pussy. Then I bent down and began kissing her breasts and sucking on her nipples. Slowly, very slowly, I began to push Silly into her pussy. God how much I loved the feel of her wet, oil soaked, pussy as it enveloped Silly.

Amy moaned as Silly slowly entered her, I knew, if her hands were free, she would have grabbed me and pulled me closer. I needed to be closer, so I collapsed onto her chest and began nibbling on her neck … Silly still moving slowly, deeper and deeper into her pussy.

Finally, my pelvis moved tightly against hers and Silly was as deep as he would go. Keeping Silly deep inside I raised up, looked her in the eyes as we smiled at each other. Took a long look at her beautiful breasts and then moved down to give her the most passionate kiss I could achieve. As our tongues danced together, exploring each other’s mouth, I began to pull Silly slowly out. He came out a bit faster than he had gone in and I shortly could feel her pussy lips caressing him. I wasted no time in pushing him slowly back in again.

The kiss continued through three entire cycles … kissing and slowly pushing and pulling Silly in and out of her sweet pussy and losing myself in the kiss of the century.

My how time flies when you’re having fun, it seemed like only minutes before Jim was letting me know that I had 10 minutes left. I whispered in Amy’s ear, “I’m going to fuck you hard now baby, but … you still do not have my permission to cum. Enjoy the fuck, but control the climax … here we go, Baby!”

And … I started fucking her hard. She responded by thrusting her pussy hard against my cock and crying out, “Fuck me harder … fuck me harder … Oh Daddy, I love it when you fuck me hard … Daddy … I want so much to cum … so much … Oh Daddy, what I really want is for you to cum inside of me. Please Daddy, fuck me hard and cum inside of me, please cum in me … Please.”

“Not yet, Baby … all in good time, Baby … right now, it’s just a real good fuck … God, how I love to fuck you,” and I kissed her once again.

It was difficult, but a few minutes later I rolled off of her and laid down next to her with my head on her shoulder, my leg laid across her body and my cock was pushed hard against her hip. I kissed her on the cheek and caressed her breast as I whispered in her ear, “Baby, where did the Daddy come from? You’ve never called me that before.”

“I’m sorry, Sir, it just came out … I won’t do it again.”

“No … I was just curious where it came from. Actually … I liked it a lot … in fact; I want you to call me Daddy from now on. I like it and it fits so much better when I call you my sweet Baby Girl.”

“I’d like that, too, Daddy!” Amy responded enthusiastically.

“I’ve got something very special planned now. (A soft kiss to her cheek) And I promise you, I will give you permission to cum … at the exact moment when you want it more than anything in the world.” Then, I gave her a final kiss.

Turning to Jim I said, “It’s time to untie my sweet Baby Girl,” which we quickly accomplished.

“Daddy, may I go to the bathroom? … I have to pee.”

“Okay, Baby … but, promise me that you won’t touch yourself. … Remember, that body is mine and you can’t orgasm until I tell you to.”

“Yes, Daddy … I wouldn’t have touched myself, I know this body is yours and I wouldn’t bring it to orgasm without your permission.”

“You are a very good girl for respecting my control over your body.”

When Amy had left for the bathroom, I turned to Jim and said, “Amy going to ride me and I want you to come up behind her and begin playing with her asshole, take your time, put lots of baby oil in her ass. Then, when you notice that things are getting hotter with my baby and me, put lots of oil on your cock and start fucking her asshole while I am fucking her pussy.”

I laid down on the mattress, added some more baby oil to my cock, and waited for Amy to return. When she got back, I said, “Baby, climb on me … ride me like a cowgirl on a bucking bronco … I’ll be the bucking horse of your dreams.”

Amy climbed on top and began to ride me, “Not so fast, Baby, I’ve got a present for you.” I reached to the side of the mattress and pulled out the nipple clips that I’d used on her when we’d had our first time with Lisa.

“Oh Sir … I was hoping you’d brought those along!”

I attached them, she threw her head back and began to ride me with all her might, while I tugged on the nipple clips. Jim had began playing with her asshole, oiling it up real good.

Very soon, she began to hold her breath and I could feel her pussy begin to tighten on my cock, so I grabbed her arms, pulled her down till her breasts were crushing against my chest, gave her a big hug and told her, “Not yet baby … I haven’t given you permission.”

She sighed, and I gave Jim a nod and he began fucking her.

“Oh Daddy, is Jim fucking my asshole … Oh God … Daaady! Oh Daddy, that feels so good!”

I continued to hug her and kiss her neck as I began slow fucking her while Jim was following my lead and slow fucking her asshole. Very soon … my baby was very hot, extremely horny, I wasn’t sure how much longer she could last … I began to fuck her harder (Jim followed suit). Then I grabbed the chain of her nipple clamps and began tugging on it.

I could feel my climax coming, so I whispered, “Okay, baby, cum for me, cum for me now baby, now is the time. Cum baby. Cum!”

“Ohhhhh God … Daaaaaady … I’m cuming Daddy, just for you Daddy, I’m cummminng, Oh, Gauuuud!” And we came together.

I hugged her tight and whispered in her ear, “I love you baby, I want to fuck you, play with you, for the rest my life.”

“Me, too, Daddy … Me, too!”

We all laid there for awhile. Jim was the first to pull out and then collapse to the mattress on my left side. I scooted over and then set Amy down between us. Then the three of us cuddled for the next half hour or so; relishing the experience of Amy’s body binding us together as we snuggled up on either side of her.

“God … Jon … that experience was everything you said it would be. … I will never forget this last hour together. Thank you so much for inviting me.”

“Don’t thank me. It’s my sweet Baby Girl we need to thank, she could have stopped the action anytime she wanted.”

“Daddy … I would never stop you from having your pleasure … but, this time … It would have been impossible for me to stop it … it was absolutely the most exciting, erotic time I’ve ever had in my life. Thank you, Daddy!”

“What’s next, Jon?” Jim asked.

“Well, I think it’s time for some normal activities. First, baby will make us a picnic lunch, then I thought we’d take a boat ride around the lake, take our time, eat our lunch, and just be together. Baby, you’ll find a bikini in the top dresser drawer, I wouldn’t want you to be naked in public; there will be other boats on the lake.”

“Daddy, I’d love a boat ride. I’ll make a real good lunch for us.”

“It will be getting dark when we get back, this is a big lake. So I thought we’d sit by the fire pit and just be together talking and sharing.

Amy looked great in her bikini and the boat ride around the lake was wonderful. We actually got back to the marina just as it was getting pretty dark. My boat has a light on it, but I really don’t like being out on the lake at night … things happen.

Amy made us a nice dinner and we ate it sitting around the fire pit. All-in-all it was a very nice late afternoon and evening.

About 10, Jim said, “This has been a wonderful experience, but it’s worn me out. I’m going up to bed, I’ll see you guys in the morning,” and he got up and went into the cabin.

Winking at Amy, I said, “Baby, why don’t you go tuck him in, and then come to my bed, I promised you a wonderful time tonight and I plan on delivering it.’

Smiling, Amy replied, “Yes, Daddy, I’ll see you as soon as I can … I can’t wait … I can hardly believe that we get to spend a whole night together!”

Amy left; I put out the fire and then went inside, took a shower, and got into bed.

It wasn’t long before Amy returned, kissed me and said, “Daddy, can I take a shower, I want to get all squeaky clean for our night together.”

“Sure, Baby. I’ll be waiting right here for your return.”

A few minutes later she returned and jumped into bed with me. Very quickly she found Silly and began stroking him while she was kissing my neck.

“No baby, I want to pleasure you tonight … make sweet love with a few surprises. Just lay still while I kiss your body.” In many ways this was a little fib. I knew I was pleasuring my baby, but my greatest joy comes from doing just that … so this night was really very much for both of us.

Some guys who are married to “hot” women always have a nagging feeling in their gut that she will have so many opportunities to stray that it may eventually happen. I was one of those guys.

While not chopped liver myself I have always felt that my wife Jill is significantly better looking than I am; in fact I have had this observation more than subtly pointed out to me by a dozen or so tactless and/or drunk guys during the two years that we were dating and our six years of marriage. A few of them made the mistake of making the observation in front of Jill and she verbally cut them to shreds.

One feature of Jill’s personality is that she is extremely loyal and forthright, and doesn’t mince words. If you ask her a question she will give a brutally honest response or refuse to answer at all — I’ve never caught her in a real lie.

I truly loved Jill, and I firmly believed that she loved me too. Our sex life had always been between very good and near-great since our male and female parts seem to be perfectly sized and shaped for each other and we both are passionate. She wasn’t significantly adventurous, however, so there were only a few positions that we normally had sex in. and while she was not averse to sucking me off she avoided ass fucking and didn’t swallow. Our love making was normally slow and deliberate and I was essentially always the one to initiate sex, although to the best of my recollection she never said “no.”

I first started worrying, however, not because our sex life started getting worse but when it went from near-great to completely over-the-top fantastic!

We moved to a new city about a year before my nagging fears began emerging in earnest. We slowly developed a good group of friends from our neighborhood, work places, sports interests, and hobbies. Most were married, some were single. At least four of the guys, two married, two single, were very good looking, athletic, and self-confident, with a good sense of humor. Josh and Jeremy were the married guys, Alfred and Russell the single ones.

There was no doubt that all four guys — as well as many other of our male friends who I didn’t pay much regard to — found Jill attractive. Who wouldn’t; she’s 5 ft. 7 inches tall, 133 pounds, long blond hair, intoxicating azure blue eyes, killer thighs, a round firm butt, movie-star beautiful face, and big tits.

The first time that I really noticed the intense interest Jill was drawing occurred when Russell and his girlfriend Sybil and Josh and his wife Beth accompanied us to a local lake for a day of swimming, sunning, and boating. When Jill took off her cover-up, displaying her bikini, Russell and Josh dropped their jaws then quickly put wrap-around sunglasses on. Beth saw Josh’s reaction and gave him a “friendly” poke in the ribs, causing him to shrug his shoulders and mouth “What?”

During the day both Russell and Josh paid rapt attention to Jill’s “needs,” getting her beers, sunscreen, and snacks. Russell suggested “chicken fights,” with alternating partners, and both he and Josh seemed much more animated and motivated when Jill was on their shoulders and they gave her a big hug when each contest was over. They were the only two people of our group to wear their sun glasses when we played three-on-three beach volleyball even though it was cloudy, and they were the first to compliment Jill every time she got the ball over the net no matter how skilled or clumsy her effort.

Jill clearly thoroughly enjoyed the attention and to my shock once when Josh and Russell were on the opposite team after she hit Russell in the head with a spike she actually turned her butt to them, exposed an ass cheek, and slapped it. This caused both of them to utter wolf whistles.

While Jill was enjoying herself Sybil and Beth were slightly non-plussed, but I buoyed their spirits by making friendly and encouraging comments to them.

When we left for the day the hugs Josh and Russell gave Jill were a little too long and extreme for my tastes, so I tried to do the same with Sybil and Beth although they didn’t seem to enjoy my hug as much as Jill enjoyed hers.

The night that we got back from our adventure Jill was especially bubbly while we ate take-out pizza and she drank her fifth beer of the day, two more than I remember her ever having before. She insisted on showering together — the first time in a couple of years — and “turning in” early. When we got into bed she was the aggressor for the first time that I could remember as she started vigorously sucking my dick while handling my balls.

Jill normally liked foreplay; that night she apparently had no use for it. Once my dick was one hundred percent hard she climbed on top of me and buried my cock in her pussy with one push. Riding cowgirl was not a usual position for her and she ground much harder than the few other times she had ridden me, causing me to inject her with a larger packet of cum than normal while she made more noise than usual. After we both stopped shaking from our orgasms she lay on top of me until I went completely flaccid and popped out of her.

It was one of the ten best fucks we had ever had and I was completely sanguine, the slight disturbances from earlier in the day shoved to the back of my mind as I descended into a deep slumber with naked Jill lying on my shoulder with her hand on my chest.

The very next weekend we went to a rock concert with Alfred, who was one of Jill’s co-workers, and a female co-worker of hers who went by the name “Missy.” I was led to believe that Alfred and Missy were on a date, but it soon became clear that that wasn’t the case. Alfred barely talked to Missy, but was totally chatty with Jill, constantly looking at her as we stood and moved and sang along to the music. After the concert Alfred suggested going to a bar. I wasn’t really excited by it, but Jill wanted to go.

The bar had a band and dancing. Missy stayed at the bar for only one drink and a couple of dances, one with Alfred and one with me. After that Alfred danced with Jill more than I did, which I didn’t mind too much except for the two slow dances, the second of which he appeared to be all over her although I didn’t have a good vantage point from which to observe them. I finally convinced Jill to go, but she got a long, tight hug from Alfred just before we left.

I was a little miffed on the way home but Jill seemed to be oblivious to my situation as she enthusiastically chatted about the concert, dancing, and her co-workers, and giggled when I mentioned the slow dances.

Jill walked into the house before I did as I rearranged some things in the garage that had fallen over. When I got into the kitchen from the garage Jill was totally naked and rubbing her crotch. She gave me an extremely seductive look and grabbed my crotch as she passionately French kissed me. Shortly after that she was on her knees, apparently unbothered by the hard tile floor, unceremoniously pulled down my pants and boxers and sucked my cock with great alacrity, staring up at me with eyes even more intoxicating than normal.

Just like after the day with Russell and Josh once I started groaning she eschewed foreplay, put her arms around my neck, jumped into my arms, wrapped her powerful thighs around my torso, and when she was sure that I was holding her ass up with both my hands used one of hers to maneuver my dick into her pussy.

I instinctively pushed her back against the refrigerator, spilling the fridge magnets all over the place. While biting my neck she undulated her pelvis so vigorously that I thought that she would knock the entire appliance over. Apparently in this position my dick was really working over her G-spot because she soon stopped biting and started moaning, then screaming. By the time that I started ejaculating into her she was shaking uncontrollably.

Her orgasm was so intense that she became dead weight; mine was so powerful that I almost collapsed onto the floor but was able to steady myself on the kitchen counter and gradually lowered both of us onto the cool hard kitchen floor. Once we separated for the first time that I could remember she sucked my dick after it had just ejaculated in her; and it was no sluggish slurp, either. She deep-throated me, did a vacuum pump imitation, and ran her tongue over every square millimeter of my entire cock.

As a result of her fervent activities my dick never did completely soften, but she finally released it when she had removed every bit of my cum and her pussy juice from it. Giddy, she jumped to her feet, pulled me up, and shepherded me to the shower where we engaged more in a grope session than a cleansing one.

When we were done showering and stumbled to bed she begged me to eat her, which I did through two more of her orgasms, after which she almost instantly fell asleep with her head on my chest and a hand on my balls.

Jeremy and his wife Candice were the most adventurous of our friends. Both were very smart, funny, and good looking (they were our best looking both male and female friends), and had the attitude that they needed to get the most out of life. Their intelligence combined with real business acumen made them boatloads of money so they also were our richest friends, although they never flaunted their wealth. In fact I almost never heard them talk about material things.

Candice called our house one Monday night and Jill answered. I could only hear one side of the conversation so I wasn’t quite sure what was being said, but Jill got very animated and giggly. When she got off the phone I asked what the story was.

“Candice invited us to go with her and Jeremy to the seashore this Friday afternoon after work, stay overnight in their cottage Friday and Saturday nights, and return Sunday afternoon,” a giddy Jill replied.

“Hey, sounds great, but the closest seashore is two hundred miles away. How are we going to arrange this without spending half of the time travelling?” I replied, not trying to put a damper on things but just posing a practical question.

“Their cottage is on the beach about two hundred fifty miles away but Jeremy will fly us there in his private jet to the local commuter airport where he keeps a car. The trip will take less time than a drive to the closest lake,” she enthusiastically replied.

“Sounds like fun,” I retorted, “when and where do we meet them?”

“At the commuter airport just ten miles from here at 5:30 Friday afternoon.”

The plane trip with Jeremy and Candice was extremely pleasant. Their private jet was a Gulfstream 150 which fit the four of us very comfortably with every luxury and had a cruising speed of Mach 0.75 so we barely got to full altitude before we started descending. One thing that Jill got wrong was that Jeremy was not piloting the plane — he had two professional pilots doing that for him. They dropped us off at a commuter airport near the beach, returned home, and picked us up Sunday.

When we got to the “cottage” we found out that “cottage” was a misnomer. I’d call it a luxury chalet. Three bedrooms housing four poster beds with firm pillow top mattresses, a private bathroom with a steam shower for each bedroom and another bathroom on the first floor, a hot tub, a modern well-equipped kitchen, an exercise room, an office, an entertainment center, and a living room, all tastefully decorated and highly functional.

Jill and I were both a little awe-struck but since neither of our hosts made any big deal about the surroundings we said nothing, just gawked. Before that day we hadn’t realized quite how wealthy Jeremy and Candice were; they had to be the most unpretentious loaded young people we had ever met. Though mesmerized by the opulence of their digs I do remember being slightly surprised when Candice put us in the bedroom closest to theirs rather than the one furthest away.

Friday night we had a wonderful dinner that all four of us helped prepare, watched a recent movie in their entertainment center that had to have the largest in-home screen I had ever seen, then went to bed since we all had had a long day at work since we got in early to make sure that we got everything done so that we could take-off from the commuter airport at 5:30 and enjoy the weekend.

Despite our fatigue I sensed that Jill was anxious for sex so I ate her to one orgasm and then fucked her in our conventional deliberate manner in the missionary position.

After breakfast the next day Candice made comments to Jill that indicated that instead of going to the beach right outside their house we were going to their favorite beach a couple of miles away. “What makes it so special?” I naively asked.

“Silly, didn’t Jill tell you that it’s a nude beach?” Candice giggled.

I glanced over at Jill with what I’m sure was a wide-eyed, gap-jawed look on my face. She just smiled and said “I thought for sure I told you that Blake,” as she stuffed sunscreen and towels into a beach bag.

I couldn’t believe how nonchalant Jill was about this. While she was not the slightest bit prudish and was justifiably proud of her body, I never thought that she was the least bit exhibitionist. Despite the fact that most people would consider me to have a muscular body with little to no fat, and I am pretty well hung, I’ve always been reserved and certainly never displayed my junk in public, or went to a nude beach, before.

Given the enthusiasm and casualness of my hosts and wife I decided just to grin and bear it; but I made sure to take my mirrored wrap-around sun glasses with me.

When we got to the beach I couldn’t believe the alacrity with which Jill and my hosts disrobed. I was a little slower. Fortunately for me the beach was not particularly crowded, nor were there any totally awesome dudes that I would feel uncomfortable being compared to. It was clear that the four of us were surreptitiously checking each other out and I am embarrassed to admit that I was relieved that Jeremy’s cock and testicles were about the same size as mine.

Jill was the sexiest woman on the beach, closely followed by Candice, both significantly ahead of any other women there even including a troika of big-titted eighteen or nineteen year olds.

I spent quite a bit of the first half hour in the water for two reasons. One, I was still a little uncomfortable displaying my junk, and two I was embarrassed that my dick was two-thirds hard from looking at naked Jill, Candice, and the three big-titted teenagers. I was finally able to concentrate enough to reduce my boner to an acceptable one-quarter hard but I had to be careful not to look too closely at those five women. To help me “keep it down” I would occasionally look at a grossly overweight grandma who was nearby.

I was really surprised at how relaxed Jill was, especially since she and Candice got lots of male attention including from a number of early twenties guys. Thankfully, the only guys that Jill paid any attention to were Jeremy and me. However, to my displeasure, she seemed to pay a little more attention to Jeremy than to me.

By liberally applying sunscreen to ourselves and each other, and by pitching an umbrella, we were able to spend a good seven hours at the beach without getting burned. At one point when Jeremy and Jill were playing Frisbee in the water Candice placed her towel right next to mine, lay face down on it, and asked me to apply some sunscreen. When I applied it to her back and arms then stopped she said “Hey, Blake. We’re at a nude beach. I need it applied to my legs and buttocks too, don’t be shy.”

Just as I was applying sunscreen to Candice’s right thigh, trying as hard as I could to suppress a boner, Jeremy and Jill returned from the water, toweled off and immediately started applying sunscreen to each other’s backsides chatting with each other and with Candice as they did so.

I had to be really careful applying sunscreen near Candice’s crotch. She had the most prominent pussy lips I had ever seen and they looked moist — and not from sunscreen or sweat. At one point she moved her body as my hand was adjacent her bulging pussy lips and contact was made. She looked at me with dancing eyes and laughed “Watch it big boy!” and continued chatting. I know that I turned completely red, however.

Once I was done Candice nonchalantly said “Thanks, now turn over and I’ll return the favor.” Since that gave me the perfect opportunity to hide my boner I quickly did as told. From my face down position I got a good look at Jill straddling Jeremy’s back as she rubbed sunscreen onto it while she chatted with Candice, and I almost shot my wad when Candice did the same thing to me.

Once Candice finished application to my back she “dismounted” and started on my buttocks. When she — whether inadvertently because she was too busy chatting away with Jill, or intentionally, I don’t know — moved a finger or two over my ball sac on three separate occasions it took the most concentration of my life to not move, moan, or say anything. I just hoped that Jill wasn’t as “careless” with Jeremy.

Once we were beached-out we put on our swim suits and we actually went to a water park, like a quartet of teenagers, for an hour or so before we returned to the beach house. By the time that we got back we were physically tired though still emotionally charged.

We again made dinner together but unlike Friday night the booze was flowing while we did. It continued to flow after dinner when Candice put on her favorite dance play sets at high volume. The music seemed to give each of us our second wind physically and we probably danced for an hour straight before the booze started to catch up with us.

Things got strange when Jeremy and Jill went to the kitchen to make rum drinks — like we really needed them — leaving Candice and I alone. Despite the fast pace of the music Candice insisted on dancing a slow dance. Although she was fried she was also undoubtedly being honest.

“Say, Blakey-baby; ya know I really — hic — like being with you and Jilly,” Candice thought she was whispering although she was in fact almost yelling.

“Why is that, Candy-baby?” I laughed back.

“Wella, firs of all youse fun, an seconds youse ‘venturous; and thrd I likd lookin’ at yer cock.”

I smiled at that though my face flushed.

“But doya wanna know whass bess?” she slurred out.

“Can’t wait to hear,” I chuckled.

“Hic, cause whennever Jerrme is round Jilly he fucks me sooo good that night, shit I orgasms over and over agin and agin!”

Though my socks were almost knocked off I was proud that I nonchalantly replied “Well I’m glad that she can help.”

Then I thought it was just the booze talking when she said “If he don’t do me then ya will right Blakey-baby,” as she stuck her tongue in my ear.

“Whatever you say, Candy-baby,” I shot back and helped her sit on the couch. She was almost passed out.

Right about then Jill and Jeremy came into the room with some rum drinks. I laughed, subtly pointed at Candy and said “I don’t think we’re going to need anything else, and Candy certainly doesn’t.”

Jill walked up to me, gave me a seductive look, and said “Then let’s go to bed and fuck our brains out.” There is no doubt that Jeremy heard what she said as he pulled Candice off the couch, but neither he nor Jill showed even the slightest embarrassment so I decided that I wouldn’t either.

When we got into the bedroom we heard the shower running in Jeremy and Candice’s room. I thought it was just my imagination but it seemed that we could clearly hear what was going on in their room whereas the night before we heard nothing. At first I thought “How can that be?” and just ignored it. I was sure that Jeremy was showering Candice to wake her up.

Jill’s libido had obviously skyrocketed. As soon as the bedroom door closed she ran her hands all over me while we French kissed. I finally convinced her that we needed to get the chlorine from the water park off of us, but she agreed only if we showered together. Once the shower was over all hell broke loose.

She pushed me down on the bed and got on top in a sixty-nine position. She sucked me vigorously and was passionate in grinding her pussy into my face, but it was clear that she didn’t want me to blow too soon since every once in a while she released my cock from her mouth and just kneaded my balls with her hands. She did have a small orgasm from me tonguing her clit and fingering her pussy, though.

At some point Jill turned around and impaled her soaking wet pussy on my saliva-coated cock. She bounced enthusiastically as I squeezed her ample boobs. However the activities of the long day, the sun, and the fact that she had consumed about three times as much alcohol as I had seen her drink in a twenty-four hour period before, started to take its toll on her. Her bouncing became less forceful although it was clear that in her mind she wanted to figuratively rip my dick off.

Jill had only slowed down for a short time when we heard the sounds of hard fucking next door. Not only did we hear the sound of the bed creaking and bed posts banging against the wall but both Jeremy’s and Candice’s voices were loud and easy to discern.

Once she heard Jeremy’s and Candice’s voices Jill seemed to get re-energized and despite her fatigue started bouncing energetically again. She went supersonic, however, when between swear words I clearly heard — and she had to also — Candice moaning: “Yeah fuck Jilly, yeah fuck me, fuck your Jilly, fuck my big titted brains out.” While Candice was almost continuously gasping those words over and over as the bed posts in her room thumped against the wall almost in cadence, suddenly Jeremy’s groaning voice was heard.

“Yeah, I’ll fuck your brains out Jill, you big-titted prick tormentor, I’ll fuck you into oblivion Jill.”

By the way, while Candice is an extremely good looking woman she has small tits, about a third the size of Jill’s big ones.

By the time Jeremy had repeated “I’ll fuck your brains out Jill,” or groans to that effect, a half dozen times Jill came so hard I thought that she would have a coronary. Even when she was feverishly climaxing, however, she was still humping me like a frenzied rabbit until I unleashed a monstrous squirt of cum into her vagina. After a few “Oh fuck yeah,” screams while she twisted like a twig in the wind, she collapsed on top of me.

Both Jill and I groaned like rusty water wheels as I slowly bucked up into her even after the last bit of goo had exited my penis. I heard Candice let out a howl as Jeremy obviously had just blasted her thick-lipped pussy. Soon, however, both of our rooms fell silent as Jill and I more passed out than fell asleep, and I’m sure that Candice and Jeremy did too.

Physically that was the best fuck in my life up until that time, although even as I slept swishing around in the back of my mind was that Jill went supersonic once she heard the fantasy groaning invoking her name from next door.

In the middle of the night I woke up in what I though was a dream. I felt a wonderful tingling at my crotch, and when I opened up my eyes Jill was holding my dick in one hand, my testicles in another, and tonguing the helmet with her mouth. When she saw my eyes open she started sucking in earnest.

While I was conscious of the slurping sounds she was making as well as my own unconscious “Oh fuck yeahs” I started hearing another sound. At first I wasn’t completely cognizant so I couldn’t make it out or where it was coming from but I soon realized that it was Jeremy and it was coming from next door.

“Oh yeah, such my cock, Jill, deep-throat me while your big tits caress my legs, oh fuck yeah.”

There is no doubt that Jill heard Jeremy too because within seconds of me first hearing Jeremy Jill had deep-throated me and seemed to be trying to suck my cock to her stomach as she simultaneously manipulated my balls. I warned Jill I was about to cum, sure that she would release me and finish me off with her hand as she had many times before. About the time that I warned her from next door I heard Jeremy moan “Swallow it, oh fuck yeah,” as he was groaning obviously as he ejaculated into Candice’s mouth. Jill never released me and for the first time during our relationship swallowed every drop of the copius amount of cum my over-stimulated balls produced.

Even after sucking every ounce of cum out of me, and swallowing it, Jill continued to suck my cock until it finally went flaccid. While Jeremy was still moaning next door she shinned up to me, planted a zealous kiss on my lips, then buried her head in my chest. Again we more passed out than fell asleep — at least I did.

The next morning Jill was as smiley and bubbly as could be. “That was some awesome sex last night, huh Blake,” she said on several occasions while stroking my balls. The only honest answer I could give was “It was fantastic — other-worldly in fact!”

None of Jeremy, Candice or Jill was the least bit chagrined the next day even though we had almost participated in each other’s fuck sessions, but I felt flushed and was sure that I was red. As Jill and Jeremy were straightening out things from the night before and Candice and I were rinsing off the dishes for the dishwasher she whispered to me, with the smuggest of looks, “Sounds like you got properly fucked last night, huh Blake? I know I sure did!”

“All four of us did,” was my halting reply, trying to avoid eye contact.

I tried to play it cool as we had a low key day, going ocean kayaking, walking along the beach (NOT toward the nude beach), and playing a rubber of bridge. Although I don’t think that I showed it praying on my mind the entire day Sunday were two things. The first was Jeremy and Candice obviously getting off by Candice pretending that she was Jill, and Jill getting off hearing that Jeremy was pretending that Candice was her. The second was how we could have heard nothing in Jeremy and Candice’s room the first night, and almost everything the second.

I couldn’t yet really do anything about the first thing troubling me, but I could the second. Sometime during the day I was able to break away from the others and go up to Jeremy and Candice’s room. I was shocked when I opened the door and peeked in. There was an accordion double wall between their room and ours. Clearly when they wanted good sound insulation they closed the accordion wall; when they wanted to hear and be heard they opened it. It was still open from last night so it was easy to see what was going on.

“Those little devils,” I thought to myself.

When Jeremy and Candice’s private jet dropped us off at the commuter airport after our trip we gave big hugs all around. It seemed that everyone had thoroughly enjoyed it, although because of their personalities the other three had apparently enjoyed it even more than I did. One thing that was ridiculously awesome for me was the sex with Jill Saturday night, despite what motivated her to become an aggressor and to swallow for the first time ever.

After that trip even a moron — and I hope that I’m not one — in my position would be able to see that while our normal sex was still near-great that over-the-top sex with Jill never occurred except when we had done something with one of the four hot guys that we knew. While I certainly didn’t want to do anything to cause Jill to stop our extreme sex sessions, I was perturbed by the apparent motivation.

On a number of occasions I tried to bring up with Jill the subject of where her mind was during sex.. As I mentioned before her character was such that she always either gave a brutally honest answer to a question, or avoided answering it. Every time I brought up the subject she did the latter. She skillfully avoided answering my inquiries either by asking questions in response like “Do you like it when I fuck your brains out or swallow your cum?” changed the subject, started to snuggle up to and tantalize me, or all three.

I was still deciding whether I would force Jill to give answers to my questions when there was a big party with many of our friends at Josh and Beth’s house. It was one of those times when everyone seemed to be in a good mood, booze was flowing but not many people were actually drunk, there was good music, good food, and very “friendly” behavior by all.

Of course Jeremy was there, and he, Josh, and Russell, three of our four best looking male friends (Albert wasn’t at the party since Josh and Beth didn’t know him), gave Jill more attention than any other female. She seemed to love it.

I hadn’t seen Jill for a while, and after just having danced about five very vigorous dances in a row with Sybil and Candice, I got another drink and went looking for her. Josh and Beth had a garden trestle with thick ivy, and flowering plants that I didn’t recognize, growing on it between the back walkway out of their house and a bench. As I walked outside I could hear voices coming from the bench area but because of the trestle and plants couldn’t see who was there.

As I walked closer to the bench I recognized the voices as Jill’s and Jeremy’s. I fortuitously got there at just the right time.

“Look Jill you’re well aware that you turn me on, aren’t you?” Jeremy asked in a seductive tone.

“Of course,” Jill laughed, “especially since you were calling Candice ‘Jill’ while you were fucking her brains out when we visited you at your beach house.”

“Well, isn’t there some way we could hook up in real life instead of just in make-believe?” Jeremy continued.

“Hey, Jeremy, I fantasy fuck you too; you’re a good-looking, smart, funny guy. But I’m married to Blake and he’s the only one I’ll be fucking in real life.”

“I know that Candice would enjoy fucking Blake almost as much as I’d enjoy fucking you. Can’t we do a swap for just one night.”

“So you two have talked about it, have you?”

“Yeah, Candice is entirely happy with me calling her Jill as I’m eating or fucking her after we’ve been around you and Blake since that is the best sex she gets. In fact she once told me that I better not fuck around but if I do it better be with you, but I’d have to expect that she’d fuck Blake at the same time?”

“Oh really,” Jill laughed, “God, you guys really do have a no-holds-barred relationship, don’t you.”

“Yes, that’s one of many reasons why I love Candice.”

“Do you think that she was serious about Blake?” Jill teasingly inquired.

“Oh yeah; after you guys visited us at our cottage she point blank told me that she loved how Blake’s cock and ball sac looked — although after I gave her a hang dog look she said ‘but of course they’re not as nice as yours, Jeremy,’” Jeremy said as they both laughed. “Then she said ‘if you do convince Jill to let you fuck her you better convince Blake to fuck me too.’” They both giggled.

“I’m not fucking anyone else in real life, and Blake isn’t either. If he fantasy fucks Candice that’s his business, but if he fucked her in real life I’d cut his nuts off,” Jill replied in a tone that was half-joking and half-serious.

“God, but you’re so sexy, and you inspire me so much,” Jeremy pleaded, almost begged. By this time I was peering through the plants which, though thick, did allow a restricted view of Jeremy and Jill sitting on the bench.

“Hey, you can fuck me in your imaginary world as much as you like, Jeremy, and I’d be honored to be your fictional partner. But no matter how much you beg,” then Jill started cackling obviously trying to make the conversation lighter, “you’re not sticking your nice dick into my lovely twat in the real world, simple as that.”

“Can I at least have a French kiss and tit squeeze; you’re tits are so fantastic,” Jeremy beseeched this time actually on his knees, as far as I could tell.

From my perspective it appeared that Jill pinched his nose and chortled “You can once it your life. If you do it now you won’t be able to at any other time, so choose wisely my little grasshopper.” With that she stood up and with her hands on her hips looked down at Jeremy said “Well is it going to be now or do we go right back to the party?”

It was clear that Jeremy was thinking about it carefully because there was a long pause. He finally stood up, appeared to give Jill a peck on the forehead, and said “I’ll wait for a more pleasurable situation.”

“Good choice,” Jill laughed, “now let’s go find our spouses. I’m so hot now I need to get Blake somewhere immediately and fuck his brains out.” After Jill said that she appeared to give Jeremy a quick kiss on the chin and said “Maybe I’ll be fantasy-fucking you when I do, Jeremy” she laughed as she started heading toward the other end of the trestle. When I saw that I quickly turned and ran inside. I disappeared into the crowd and was certain that I hadn’t been noticed.

What I had surreptitiously heard three quarters pleased me and one quarter disturbed me. I was just standing at a counter in the kitchen trying to sort my feelings out when someone grabbed my arm.

“Hi big boy,” Jill said looking at me with her mesmerizing eyes and smile, “let’s go somewhere private.”

She didn’t give me a chance to respond, but just purposefully dragged me away. When we got next to Beth she turned to me and authoritatively said “Stay put, don’t move,” and gracefully interrupted Beth’s conversation with a mutual female friend. Jill whispered something into Beth’s ear, Beth got an evil smile on her face and nodded her head to the stairwell, and obviously followed us with her eyes as Jill retrieved me and pulled me up the stairs.

When we got upstairs Jill opened the first door on the left, which looked like it was Josh and Beth’s guest bedroom, pulled me inside, locked the door, threw her arms around my neck, and started passionately kissing me. While I was enjoying it I was still conflicted about whether I wanted to be a Jeremy surrogate, but when she quickly removed her top and her big, gorgeous tits flopped out, pushed me down on the bed, and stuck a tit in my face, I started to come around.

By the time that we were both naked and in a sixty nine I was really getting with the program, especially when she sucked one testicle, then the other, into her mouth while stroking my cock. Her pussy tasted so good and was leaking so much juice that I was really ready when she impaled herself on me and rode me cowgirl as I massaged her bouncing boobs.

That fuck was so fantastic that all thoughts of being a Jeremy surrogate washed out of my mind and I became splendidly content. However, the Jeremy-surrogate thought flashed through my brain again when after we got dressed and were leaving the guest room Jeremy and Candice appeared exiting another upstairs bedroom with the same “freshly fucked” look that I’m sure that Jill and I had. However, I was so sanguine that I just laughed along with the other three, we danced one more dance, and then went home.

When we got home that Saturday night Jill gave me another unsolicited blow job where she manipulated my balls and swallowed when I discharged a full load into her mouth.

Sunday I was both enormously sexually satisfied and agitated at the same time, but didn’t know quite how to feel, or what to say, if anything, to Jill. Without any prompting as we went to bed that night Jill left a low light on and turned my face to look directly into hers.

“Blake, I know that you’ve asked me some subtle questions about my sexual behavior over the last year or so. I feel that I need to honestly answer them.”

“OK,” was all that I said in reply, propping myself up on one elbow.

As Jill stroked my face and shoulder she continued to peer unflinchingly into my eyes. “I get turned on by some other handsome guys when they pay attention to me. In my fantasy world when I’m fucking you sometimes I’m thinking about them. I wish that weren’t the case, but it is.”

Again all I said was “OK,” but despite the fact that Jill’s tone or gaze didn’t change I think that she was pleased that I had no anger whatsoever in my response or body language.

“I want you to know, for certain, however that regardless of what my fantasy world is I want only a monogamous relationship with you in the real world. To be honest, so that you know everything, all of Jeremy, Josh, Russell and Albert have propositioned me and I turned them all down even though…” and here she looked down away from me for a few seconds before looking up and continuing. “Even though I’ve fantasized about fucking all four of them. Saturday Jeremy even offered a swap telling me that Candice really liked your cock.”

“What did you say?” I responded with a totally calm, non-judgmental tone.

“The only pussy I’ll allow your cock in in the real world is mine! And in the real world no other cock will be shoved up my pussy either.”

I’m sure that I got a subtle smile on my face, which I think reassured Jill. She concluded her frank elucidation with “Can you be satisfied for me to be yours, and yours alone, in the real world and not be concerned about fantasy? I really hope so, because I love you so much….” at which point Jill, uncharacteristically, started crying.

As I wiped away her tears I consciously smiled broadly and said “Jill, there is no straight guy in the world that wouldn’t want to have sex with you, and I feel so lucky and grateful that I’m the only guy who can. I love you with all my heart and if I’m your one and only in actuality then I’m not going to concern myself with the imaginary.” After a pregnant pause during which she stopped crying and smiled, with a Chesire cat grin I continued, “Plus the sex with you after other guys have hit on you is so phenomenal I have no right or desire to complain!”

Jill then proceeded to frantically fuck me with as great an intensity as ever, the first time that I was sure that she was thinking only of me when she initiated the sex and bounced up and down on my cock while she ground her pussy into my crotch and balls.

After Jill’s physically and emotionally draining uber-fuck that Sunday night as she lay with her head on my chest she meekly said “In the interest of full disclosure, I need to tell you one more thing. Promise that you won’t get mad?”

“Jill,” I replied, “at the present time you could tell me anything and it would so pale in comparison to the fantastic fuck we just had that it would be impossible for me to get mad.”

“Well, Saturday night to assuage Jeremy after I turned both him and a swap down he looked so sad that I agreed that once in our lives he could give me a French kiss while squeezing a tit.”

I smiled to myself. Jill was obviously about as honest as a wife could be. All I said in response was “Then he’s the second luckiest guy on earth next to me.”

Jill kissed one of my nipples, gently squeezed my balls, and then pressed her tits even harder into me and pulled me even tighter to her. We were asleep — at least I was — within seconds.

After that outwardly I gave every indication that I had come to grips with and accepted being Jill’s only actual sex partner although she had several imaginary ones. While I can’t say that I ever liked the idea the sex that resulted from it was so fantastic that I didn’t want to jeopardize it in any way, so I just played along.

I was pleased that despite the fact that Jill shot Jeremy (and Candice) down for a “swap meet” that they remained some of our closest friends and in fact about a year after our first visit invited us to their beach house again, this time with Josh and Beth. By then, as if they needed to, they had upgraded their private jet to a Raytheon Premier 1 which fit the six of us very comfortably, and had a cruising speed of 450 mph.

After a pleasant Friday cookout and poker game, which determined who had to do what odd jobs for the weekend, we went to bed in the same room we were in before, between Jeremy and Candice’s room and Josh and Beth’s. I subtly determined that there were accordion walls adjacent ours in both of the other rooms. The same as the last time the accordion walls were closed because we heard essentially no noise from the other rooms as Jill and I had a very pleasant, loving, calm fuck before going to sleep.

I can’t seem to stop thinking about you. All I can think of are your lips on mine, your hands caressing my body, your flesh pressed tight to my own. Tonight, I’m taking you from your dreams into mine.

I’ve prepared myself specially, just for you. I seem to do it anyways, whenever you’re on my mind. I subconsciously dress sexier, use more “va-va-voom” make-up, and have a particular sway in my hips that makes me feel like a sizzling temptress. I’ve put on my favorite scent, all the right places are shaved smooth, and I’m wearing my sexiest lingerie.

With careful hands, I lift your comforter and sheets and slide in beside you, taking care not to unduly jounce the bed. I want to keep you asleep for as long as I can. I snuggle close, barely touching, but enough to breathe in your scent as I press feather-light kisses along the nape of your neck, trailing down your spine and back up. My fingers gently rub your shoulders, and I hear your murmur quietly in your sleep. My touch eases, but stays steady and constant, and soon you are at peace again, relaxed and comfortable in your warm cocoon.

My fingers ease down your side, reaching your bare hips. I smile in delight, knowing that you haven’t disappointed me in your habits. Tonight, as usual, you are sleeping nude… which gives me wonderful access. Draping my arm lightly over your waist, I let my fingers dangle temptingly at your groin. My sensitive fingertips brush your velvety softness, and I chuckle quietly as your member jumps as if in surprise. In a teasing mood, I let my finger circle the tip gently, over and over, with just enough firmness to not tickle.

You respond easily, your breathing already getting deeper and rougher even as your cock begins to harden, thrusting into my hand in eager anticipation. You shift, rolling onto your back, and my breathing quickens as my imagination runs more wild than the throbbing in my pussy. Eager to wake you, I move carefully on your bed to position my moist hotbox over your face, hovering in the perfect spot for you to inhale my feminine arousal. Too horny to go slow, I lower my head over your rapidly growing cock and breathe hot air onto your tip. It jumps, and opening my mouth, I engulf your head into the wet heat of my mouth, cradling your entire on my tongue, my lips kissing the skin at your base.

I pause there, your shaft half-flaccid in my mouth, and let the situation sink into your dreams. I don’t even have to wait, for you continue hardening, and I moan in delight. I feel you shift again beneath me, and I gasp through your cock, legs wobbling slightly, as I feel your tongue follow the deep crevice between my smooth pussy lips. Heat washes through my core, almost making me black out, but your tip butting against the back of my throat keeps me in reality, and I swallow reflexively, trying to keep from gagging.

My knees almost buckle as your talented tongue finds my swollen clit, swirling and suckling it. In a desperate attempt to keep you going, I begin deep-throating you, rising up to your tip, swirling my tongue, then delving back down, kissing your base, before rising up again. My hips buck against your mouth, grinding your lips in near ecstasy. I shudder as your tongue sheathes itself inside, pistoning in and out of my delicious depths even as I bob on your shaft.

I moan as best I can through my mouth-ful of cock, and grab your hands to place them on my breasts, having you cup their heavy fullness in your palms, letting you feel my pebbled nipples. I can feel your guttural moan vibrating my pussy, and I raise my head, licking my lips. “You like this for an alarm clock, baby? You enjoy waking up to a bare pussy straddling your face? Or do you just like that I was swallowing your cock?”

You don’t answer, and I collapse onto my elbows as you give my nipples an extra hard pinch while nibbling my sensitive clit between your sharp front teeth, shuddering from the onslaught of sensations. “Oh fuck, baby… you always know how to get me going.” I grind into your mouth, greedily begging for more, but you turn your head in denial. It’s okay; I know what you want. I know you want to pound my tight cunt… I know you want my luscious tits hanging above your face while I ride you… I know, quite simply, that you want me as much as I want you.

Swinging a leg over, I turn to face you. Kneeling by your side, I lean down, kissing you, letting my nipples scrape against your chest. You give a guttural grunt, saying to me, “Take off that fucking nightgown, sexy.” I oblige immediately, peeling it off over my head and tossing it to the floor. Not saying a word, you grab my hips, and looking into your eyes, I straddle you, slowly impaling my dripping wet cunt with your rigid shaft, throwing my head back in delight as I release a long, low moan. Seated, I rock forward and back, my nails raking across your chest as I make a tempo. Your hands hasten my journey, and soon I’m riding you fast, flesh making a slapping sound as it meets your own.

Your hands slide down to my asscheeks, cupping them firmly, as you adjust and guide my movements to meet your own firm thrusts. Soon, this isn’t enough, and you twist, turning us together so that now it’s my own back on the bed, while you are on your knees, pounding yourself into my eager body. I grab your wrists firmly, staring at you as I groan and writhe with your movements. My hips rise to meet yours, and I move your hands to my tits, begging you, “Please, baby, grab me, squeeze me. I need your hands on me!” You oblige, a wicked glint in your eye as you roughly knead my mounds. I throw my head back, an almost feral cry emerging from my throat followed by frenzied, heavy breathing as I try to stave off my orgasm.

“Don’t fight it, babe,” you urge me, “I’m aching to feel you.” Encouraged, I tighten my insides, gripping you tightly, enjoying the feel of you pumping in and out. “Look at me,” you whisper hoarsely, and I open my eyes half-way, trying to focus on you, but before I can, convulsions wrack my frame, and I shudder ferociously, my head thrown back to release loud cries of ecstasy. Barely have I drift back to earth before your hand reaches between us to stimulate my already highly-sensitized clit. I cry out again, going straight back to my orgasm, my legs wrapping around your waist to pull you in closer. Dimly, through the haze, I feel you reach your own release, made more recognizable by the way you twist my breasts in your palms.

Panting, you rest on your elbows, kissing my face and nuzzling my neck, and I turn tiredly to kiss your lips. “Give me half a hour of sleep,” I whisper with a smile, “and I’ll give you another good ride.”

June 2018
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