cow girl

I awoke at around 3 a.m. to Noah’s erection pressed into my back, and his hand on my pussy, rubbing in lazy circles. I craned my neck to see he was still sleeping. Horny bastard couldn’t get enough, even in his sleep. I thought I’d take advantage of the situation, so I put my hand over his, bringing his fingers right over my clit, rubbing with the perfect pressure. After a few moments, I felt him shift, and his hand moved to my breast.

“This is a nice way to wake up.” He placed kisses all over my shoulder blades.

I turned to face him, taking his face in my hands and kissing him hard. His tongue invaded my mouth, and it made me moan.

“Actually, you woke me up. You horny fucker.” I winked.

“I don’t hear you complaining.” He climbed on top of me.

“Believe me, I’m not.” I smiled.

“You have the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen.” He caressed my cheek.

“And those eyes. I missed those eyes so much.” He kissed between them. Putting his weight on one hand, he brought his free hand up to my hair and caressed it, kissing my forehead.

“I love you so much, Jess. I’m so lucky to have you.” I felt a tear escape my eye and he wiped it away.

“I don’t know what I did to deserve you.” I choked out through tears.

“And I you, my love.” He trailed kisses from my forehead over to my ear, nipping at my earlobe. Feeling his warm breath on my skin made me tingle in an incredibly sexual way, and I felt myself instantly get wet.

“Please fuck me.” I breathed.

“In time.” He whispered in my ear. Kissing and licking my neck, he was driving me absolutely crazy.

“Noah, please!”

He placed a finger over my lips. “So anxious.” He brought his mouth to my throat, knowing how much that made me want to fuck him. Then I got it, he was going to make me wait as long as possible.

“Your skin is so soft.” He took his sweet time nuzzling my chest, before he finally got to my breasts, kneading one, he took the nipple of the other one in his mouth, making me cry out.

“Ugghhh, please! Noooooaaahhhhhhh…” My voice trailed off as he tugged my nipple between his teeth, reaching down to caress the line where my pubic hair would start, if I had any.

“What do you want?” He stopped everything, looking up at me.

“For you to fuck me!” I screamed.

He laughed. “Just enjoy it. You’re so beautiful when you come, and I want to make sure you come hard.” Just the thought made me tingle everywhere.

Without warning, he opened my legs and started attacking my inner thighs with kisses and licks, before dipping a finger inside me.

“Wow. You’re really wet.” He seemed shocked.

“I’ve only been begging you to fuck me for an hour!”

“Be patient.”

“Can I at least suck you?”

He shook his head. “This is about you.”

He inserted a second finger, while spreading my lips open and flicking my clit with his tongue. He always moaned when he tasted me, and that turned me on more than anything else. He licked up and down my slit, motioning toward himself as he fingered me, hitting my G spot every. single. time. By the time I was ready to come, I was pretty much incoherent.

“Mmmm, Noah. Yes. Yes, yes yes!”

“You like it when I lick your pussy?”

“Yes babyyyyy!” He blew on my clit and that was it. I exploded.

“Oh Gooooddddd! Yes! Fuuuuuuuuuck meeee!” As I rode out my orgasm, he kept licking my clit, and thrust his fingers harder. Within seconds, I was coming again.

“You are so incredibly sexy.” He kissed me, and I tasted so good. His entire mouth and chin were covered in me, and it made me giggle.


“You. I love you.” I kissed him again, tasting the sex and sweat.

I sat up, pushing him down and grasping his cock.

“What are you doing?” He looked concerned.

“I’m going to suck you until you come as hard as I did.” I lowered my mouth onto him, but he stopped me.

“No.” I’m sure I looked upset, because I kind of was. I’d never met a man who didn’t love having his cock sucked, and I’d certainly never been rejected.

“I want to come inside you, not in your mouth.” He grabbed my hand, releasing his cock from my grasp and pulled me up to kiss him.

“Fine,” I pulled away. “But I’m getting on top.”

“No complaints here.” He put his hands behind his head, and watched me lower myself onto him. When he was completely inside me, I audibly gasped.

“I love watching you baby, you’re so hot.” That was all the encouragement I needed, and I started lifting myself so that only the head was inside me, and then coming back down. Every time I did, it was almost a shock to my body. He was so big, and I loved the way he stretched me.

“God, you’re so tight.” He had his eyes closed, and I knew he was close. I put my hand over his heart to feel when it started beating quicker, a way to tell how close he was. He put both of his hands over mine, and started thrusting up to meet me. His cock was slightly curved forward, which made me come so hard in this position, and I was so close I could taste it.

“Fuck, yes! I love your pussy. Nobody can fuck like you.” That was all I needed to hear. I started moving my hips in a circle and leaned down to kiss his neck.

“I love you.” I whispered into his ear, and it completely set him off. He came with a loud, primal growl, and thrust up into me, trying to get out every last drop.

Feeling his hot cum inside me sent me over the edge, our orgasms only seconds apart.

“Ooooooooh baby, yes! Yes! YES!!!” I exploded around him.

Completely wiped out, I collapsed onto his sweaty chest, listening to his heart beat.

“I love you,” He pulled the blanket up around me. “More than you could ever know.”

I tried to say it back, but I drifted off to sleep before I could form the words, completely comfortable, in the arms of the man I love. It doesn’t get much better.

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