cousin love

All characters are 18+

Chapter 6: Fight For Your Right To Party; Or, Three Is Never A Crowd

I woke up the next morning, and I was having the best dream ever. I was sitting in the garden at aunt Ruby’s with Julia, just like we had been sitting a couple of weeks before. Julia sat on my lap, and we were making out pretty heavy. My cock strained against the fabric of my pants, and she ground her pussy mound against it. She slid off of my lap, and I felt the warm, wet feeling of her mouth engulfing my erection. God, it felt so good, so right. But something was odd; I hadn’t taken off my pants. Dreams are like that sometimes. I was also lying on my back. Then it hit me, I had just woke up from a dream, and Julia wasn’t here. My mood fell. I was alone, but strangely enough, my cock still felt wet and warm. I lifted my sheet, and peered under it, and saw a mass of curly red locks centered above my rock hard shaft.

“Well, good morning, sunshine!” My sister’s green eyes peered up at me through her wild hair. She pushed the sheet over her head, and off of my body. There was a distinct sucking sound as her lips released my spit-slickened cock.

“Good morning, handsome,” Katie said with a smile. “I needed to taste your cock all night, and I just couldn’t wait anymore for you to wake up.” Her hand was wrapped around my cock, and stroked it lazily. “You called me Julia when you were asleep. Were you dreaming about her?” I wondered how to diplomatically answer this question. My sister had a fiery disposition, which matched her hair.

“Yeah, K, I was dreaming about her. I’m sorry.” She smiled radiantly at me. This didn’t mean that I was off the hook, but I was hopeful.

“Don’t be sorry, love. We are all three together. It’s ok if you dream about her when you are with me, or if you dream about me when you are with her. It’s natural to dream about the people that you love.” Her lips parted around my cock; and just like that, the conversation was over.

I was already very excited when I woke up, and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to last long up against my sister’s cock sucking abilities. I moaned softly, and she took this as a cue to quicken her pace. She bobbed frantically on my cock, her right hand counter stroking my cock from the bottom of my shaft all the way to where her lips stopped. I felt that familiar tingling in my balls that meant that I would cum soon. The sensation built and built, like waves crashing over each other on the ocean’s shore. I exploded in Katie’s mouth. The rush of cum from the head of my cock was so great that she couldn’t contain it all in her mouth. It squirted out of the corner of her mouth, and dripped on my stomach. I never actually felt it at the time, because I was lost in the white hot fire of an intense orgasm; all rational though had left my mind, and my entire world existed between my legs, and inside my sister’s sweet teenage mouth.

My orgasm wound down, and I was left sweating, and panting. It was a good thing that I was lying down, because my knees were shaky. Katie sucked the remainder of cum off my now too sensitive head, and released it with an audible pop. She moved to the glob of cum that had escaped her and landed on my stomach, and began to slowly lap at it with her tongue, like a kitten; a sex kitten.

“God, K. That felt so fucking good. Thank you!” I was very sincere in my gratitude. The last few days had been difficult around the house. Things had been tense ever since we returned from Aunt Barb’s funeral. I suppose that a great deal of the tension arose from the fact that my parents now knew that my eighteen year old sister was pregnant; although they didn’t as yet know that I was the father.

“You’re welcome, Jack. Damn, you sure do cum a lot. I’ve never seen anyone get the volume that you do.” She was giggling as she said this. “Not even the guys that I’ve seen in porn.” I thought that she was maybe bullshitting me a little bit, but I decided to let it slide. She slid up next to me in bed, and cuddled up close. She still wore a ratty white tank top, and a pair of yellow cotton panties. I thought that this was entirely too much clothing for what I had in mind.

“You are way overdressed, little sister.” She giggled.

“I just want to cuddle, love. Mom is in her office, working. We both know that if you do anything to me now, she will hear it for sure.” She was right. We had two things working against us. My mom’s office was located right across from my bedroom, and my sister was very loud, and seemed to be unable to be quiet with any amount of reliability.

“So what do you have planned today, Katelyn?” She giggled at my full use of her name. I never used it, instead preferring to call her Katie, or just K.

“Nothing much today, Jackson.” She grinned widely at me, and it was as if the sun shone directly on her face, instead of just streaming in weakly between my closed blinds. “Tonight Becky Sorenson is throwing that party. Julia and I are going, and I hoped to talk you into going with us.” I never liked parties. There were always too many people there for me, and at least one drunken brawl broke out. I preferred to hang out with just a few close friends at a time, rather than a bunch of people that I barely knew. Things had been weird between my friends and me lately anyway. I knew that it was the secret of my relationship with my sister and Julia that had driven a wedge between us, but they didn’t understand. My best friend Murphy even asked me if I was on drugs. Drugs? Really? That was his answer? I ached to spend time with the girls, and I knew that if I didn’t accompany them, I would be in the dog house.

“Sure, K, I’ll go with you girls. I’ll probably get into a dozen fights trying to keep guys from hitting on you two, but I’ll go.” She giggled at that. I don’t know what she thought was funny about it. It was the truth. Anytime that those two went anywhere guys hit on them. I didn’t mind that much, because they are both ridiculously hot. Hell, I was related to both of them, and it didn’t stop me.

“It’s not going to be that bad, Jack. We will turn down everyone, and will just spend time with you, and some of our girlfriends.” I hoped that it would really be that easy, but I was skeptical. “What do you have planned for today?”

“I’m going to take my car out for a long drive.” I guess Katie heard the sadness that tinged that sentence. When I turned sixteen, my parents offered to buy me a new car. I’m sure that my parents had a nice family car in mind when they made the offer. When my sister turned sixteen ten months later, they bought her a Chevy Malibu. This is a nice, sensible car that is appropriate for a new driver. I’m sure that this is what they had in mind. When they presented me with the idea, I asked them for an approximate price that they were willing to spend. After giving me the number, I found the car of my dreams. It was a triple black 1991 Porsche 944 Turbo S. It was only $15,000, which was quite a bit less than my sister’s Malibu. My parents argued against it, citing the exorbitant cost to repair such a vehicle, and the astronomical insurance rates. I agreed to get a part time job in order to help pay for the extra insurance, and they bought the car. It was worth every hour that I spent washing dishes in the back of Casa Blanca. The first time that I pulled up in the school parking lot was like a scene from an eighties teen movie. Every head turned in my direction, and people’s mouth’s even hung open in amazement. I had fifteen guys standing around it, admiring it from every angle within seconds. That was my claim to coolness in high school. After that moment, I was elevated to at least middling popularity. If nothing else, I was the guy that drove a Porsche.

I knew that I would have to sell my car soon. I had a baby on the way that I would have to help support, and I couldn’t afford to insure and repair my black beauty. Katie had argued against my selling it vehemently. She knew how much that my car meant to me, and recognized the sacrifice that I was making for her, and our baby. I knew that we would be living together in the fall, and that we probably really only needed one car between us. Her Malibu was much more family friendly than my Porsche. Where would we even put a car seat? It had to go, and I would use the money for stuff for the baby. She argued this point too. She said that mom and dad would help out with the baby expenses. It was true, but dad was also determined to find this National Guard soldier who knocked up his little princess. I suspect that my dad has employed a private investigator to find this Corporal Bill Wallace. The level of originality of that lie left a lot to be desired. I hope that my dad didn’t recall Katie, Julia, and I watching the Blu-ray of “Braveheart” the week before she told that big whopper. The truth has a way of coming out in the end. I am painfully aware of this, every second of every day. If the worst happens, and we are found out Katie and I will need that money. I’m hoping that I will be included. I guess that depends on whether my father murders me with his bare hands, or not.

“Please don’t sell your car because of me, Jack.” Tears leaked out of her eyes onto my pillow. I appreciated that she was thinking about me first, but I knew in my heart what I had to do.

“It’s not for you, sweetheart, it’s for the baby. Money will be tight for us, and I doubt that I could keep that car while in college anyway. That is all without little Epiphany.” She smiled at my use of the name. I had started calling the baby Epiphany because when I found out about it, I had a moment of revelation; an epiphany. Sure, it didn’t happen at an opportune time, but that is frequently the case with babies. The responsibility of it all caused me to momentarily freak the fuck out, but after I got my head around it, all that mattered was that I loved this young woman, and that I would love our child. That was my epiphany.

“I love you, Jack.” She held be close, and nuzzled her face into my neck. I still felt her tears; falling wet against the skin of my neck. “I love you too, Katie. I will always love you.” She kissed my neck gently.


“Yes, K.”

“You need to shave.” She slowly sat up, kissed me on my lips softly, and got up out of bed. I loved the way her curly red mane flowed over her shoulders, and down her back. Her hips swayed enticingly as she walked to my door. I felt my cock twitch. Today might be a very long day.


I returned from my car ride in a bit of a melancholy mood, but my mom had news that raised my spirits instantaneously. A letter had arrived from Northwestern University Department of Admissions. It read simply:

Dear Mr. King, We are happy to invite you to attend Northwestern University. Your admission has been granted, and you can register for classes starting August 25th at 12:00am CST. Please confirm your attendance at your earliest convenience at the web link below. Sincere Regards, Sylvia Tanner, Dean of Admissions

My mom watched me read this letter with trepidation. She knew that although I had already been accepted to the University of Michigan; I really wanted to go to Northwestern.

“Well?” She didn’t know how to interpret the stupefied look on my face.

“I got in, mom.” I jumped up and down with excitement. “I GOT IN!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. My mom screamed with joy, and grabbed me in a bear hug. This is an impressive feat for a barely five foot tall woman. I heard a commotion behind me.

“What the hell are you two so excited about?” It was Katie, and she looked slightly irritated by our shouting. She had been in the other room watching videos on her laptop.

“Jack got into Northwestern, Katie.” My mom let go of me, and we both stood waiting for her reaction. The smile that spread across my sister’s face would have made the noon day sun in the desert pale in comparison. She launched herself into my arms with such force that it almost threw me off balance. A fine boyfriend I would be if I dumped my pregnant girl in the floor. She clung to me with a ferocity that I had not heretofore experienced. She was actually crushing my ribs a little. “I’m so happy for you Jack! I’m so happy for us.” My mom smiled, totally misinterpreting the meaning of this touching exchange.

“Now you two can go together. You could even share an apartment. I bet that it would be cheaper that way than it would be to pay for two separate dorm rooms.” Katie pulled back, and smiled at me when mom said this. Her eyes danced with mischievous fire.

“Yeah, mom, I sure bet that it would. It will be even cheaper, because Julia is going to split it with us too.” My mom smiled to herself. I bet that all the money that she was saving was dancing a jig inside her head. She was a strange lady. She loved bargains, but never minded buying quality, or spending the money that it took to get that quality. I think that she ended up with some kind of sweetheart deal on her Cadillac. It saved her almost $10,000.

Later, Katie and I went to get ready for the party. She took the first shower, and I took the second; figuring that she would need the extra time for her makeup. She rarely wore more than just lip gloss, and a little eye liner, but I knew that she would wear more to a party; even if the dress was casual.

My taste in clothes has always been simple. I never usually follow the latest trends when I pick my clothes. I choose quality merchandise, and I usually stick with a few popular brand names. I get a little excessive with my choice of shoes, but everybody has to have at least one weakness. I pulled on a pair of loose-fit black Levi cargo shorts, and slipped on a white tank top, and tucked it in. I put on a black Detroit Red Wings jersey. I always loved this one, because the team never actually wore it to play in; but it never failed to draw attention because it was so bad ass. I slipped on a pair of ankle socks, and looked through my shoe organizer in the closet to choose a pair that would match the rest of my outfit. After some consideration, I put on a pair of retro Air Jordan 4′s, in the classic Chicago Bulls motif of white, red, and black.

In the days since I returned from my vacation, I have felt a new confidence that I had never felt before. No matter where I am, I always feel that I should be the center of attention. Katie told me the other day that she like the new “swagger” in my walk. She said that it was sexy. I agreed. I felt sexy, and I think that my two wonderful ladies are to thank for it. I always felt cool pulling up somewhere in my car, but once I got out, I felt a little dorky. There never seemed to be much carry-over. Now I walked into a room like I had the biggest dick, the most beautiful women, and the coolest car; and basically all three were true. I was sad that I would soon be selling my 944. Damn, I loved that car.

I sprayed on a small amount of Issey Miyake cologne; a little cologne goes a long way, in my opinion. I put on my watch; a simple titanium Movado, and walked down the stairs for the inevitable wait for my sister. My sister wasn’t the high maintenance type of girl, but she was a girl; and high maintenance, or no, it took a bit of time for her to reach perfection.

I only waited about fifteen minutes before she emerged from her room, and walked down the stairs. The sight of her took my breath away. She was a vision in all white, like an angel. She wore tight white leggings that accented the curves of her ass, hips, and legs. She wore a white micro tube top that seemed to barely hold her large breasts in place, and left her flat freckled midriff bare. She had a beautiful stomach, and I knew that she wore this sexy outfit for my pleasure alone. Over the tube top, she wore a very sheer, see through white blouse. I was so in awe at the rest of her body, I almost failed to notice that her cute little feet were clad only in white strappy sandals.

“So what do you think big bro?” Her words seemed to jar my mind back to reality.

“Wow, Katie. Just wow. You look awesome.” She reached out, and took my hand, and slowly spun into my arms. She smelled wonderful. Her perfume was fruity and musky at the same time. I wished that my mind could have actually said how I felt at that moment. “You look awesome” was a vast understatement. I never have been much of one with words though. “I am the luckiest man on Earth, Katelyn King.” Her smile warmed my soul again.

“You look pretty good yourself, Jack.” She giggled a bit. “You look like you might be dressed for pickup basketball, but you do look good.” I knew that compared to her, I was underdressed, but I knew that I was dressed pretty much like every other guy would be at the party.

Katie was our designated driver, since she obviously couldn’t drink. I would be glad when she went to the doctor on Tuesday, that way we could officially confirm her pregnancy, and make sure that everything was ok. We got in her Malibu, and drove the half a mile to Julia’s house. We let ourselves in, because Julia was still getting ready. She was not “putting her shoes on” getting ready; she was “I just got out of the shower, and I’m deciding what to wear” getting ready. My sister pushed me down on the couch, put the remote in my hand, and gave me a loving kiss. She then scampered upstairs to help speed the process up. Julia was ordinarily low maintenance, except when it came to social functions. The girl that took thirty minutes to shower, and dress for school, took four times that if it were a party, or a special event. I flipped the TV onto WWE Friday Night Smackdown, and zoned out while watching wrestling.

The girls came downstairs some time later. I heard their quiet conversation, and turned around to see what Julia was wearing. Katie looked angelic in her totally white outfit. Julia went to the opposite extreme. She wore a very tiny red dress that clung to every curve. It was so thin that I could almost make out the tiny bumps on her engorged areolas. She wore no bra, and her nips stuck out like two brand new pencil erasers. It was so short that when she turned to show it off, I could see the bottom curve of her ass. The outfit was finished off by a pair of five inch red sparkly heels that would have shamed half the hookers that worked Woodward Avenue. If Dorothy was a total slut, then her ruby slippers would have looked just like those. She posed one way, then the other; allowing me to check out every curve of her lithe teenage body. My cock immediately doubled in size inside my shorts.

“You look great, Jules.” She smiled at my sister when she said this. I was still too dumbfounded to talk at how incredible that my girl looked in that red dress. At first glance I had only noticed how incredibly short and tight that it was; now I got a more in depth assessment of it. It was short and tight, but probably the sexiest thing about it was the two triangular shapes that were cut into the design of the dress. In the front of the dress was a long thin triangle that went from below her naval, all the way up between her breasts. This almost gave you a pussy view at the bottom, and it displayed the inside swell of her pert teenaged breasts at the top. In the back of the dress, there was a long thin inverted triangle cut into the fabric. It ran from a couple of inches from the top of the dress, and ran down so that the bottom point of the triangle intentionally showed the top of her butt crack. This was so sexy that I really just wanted to tear the dress to shreds, and fuck her senseless right there. The dress was made of some stretchy material, because as she moved, and posed, the triangles kept her covered at all times, and the skirt barely rode up at all.

“I think I might have died and went to heaven. I can’t believe that I’m with the two most beautiful women that I’ve ever seen.” Both smiled at the compliment, knowing that I was totally sincere in what I said.

“Thanks, handsome,” said Julia with her trademark crooked smirk. “Why are you dressed like that though, Jack? You are going to show up to this party with the two hottest girls there on your arms, and you look like you are about to go to a sports bar, or to shoot some pool. Shouldn’t you dress up?” Katie laughed at this, because in essence, she had told me the exact same thing.

“Fuck no! There is no way that I’m going to be the only douche bag at the party that is all dressed up. I will get there, and all the guys will be snickering behind my back.”

“Suit yourself, stud, but I would at least like you in some khakis, and a polo shirt.”

“He’s not going to change his mind, Jules. I already tried earlier. I even offered to turn the car around so he could change.”

“Whatever,” Julia sighed. “I don’t give a fuck about these dorks anymore. They can think whatever they want about me. I’m going to have a good time with my girlfriend, and my boyfriend, and they can all fuck off.” She had a dangerous glint in her eye. This night could turn out really badly. I hoped that Katie and I could keep our cousin in check. “Why do you two look so shocked? We leave for college in three weeks, and we will probably never see any of those stuck up bitches, or those limp dicked knuckle-draggers again. Fuck ‘em all.” Julia walked over to her mom’s bar, and picked up a fifth of dark rum that was almost full. “I’ve got the drinks, let’s get going.” Julia turned, and walked out the front door. Damn, she looked good in that red dress. I looked at Katie, and the look that she had in her eyes echoed what I was feeling. This party was turning out to be a colossally bad idea. We followed after our cousin, but it was with some trepidation.

We all got in Katie’s Malibu, and Julia immediately popped the top on the rum, and took a huge swig. She squished her face up at the taste, and handed me the bottle.

“Your turn, cowboy.” I took the bottle from her, and took two big drinks, steadying my face against outwardly portraying the burn that I felt as the potent liquor burnt its way down my throat, and into my stomach.

“Take it easy on that, Jack,” Katie warned.

“Fuck that K!” Julia said vehemently. “We are only going to be young once, and I want to feel alive tonight. You two both might even be able to take advantage of me later.” Katie laughed aloud.

“Whores like you can’t be taken advantage of, Jules; it’s not taking if you give it freely.” My sister did have a point there. I looked at Julia in the back seat, and she rolled her eyes so hard that I could practically hear it.

“We’ve already been over this, K. I’m a slut, not a whore. Whores get paid, but sluts give it away; we’re sluts.” My sister snorted at that remark.

“I am not a slut.” Katie said this flatly, like there was no reason to get excited about such a bogus accusation.

“Bitch, you got knocked up by your own brother. On what planet does that not make you a slut? Oh yeah… maybe the planet Denial.” Julia passed the bottle back to me, and I took my drink, and passed it back. I could already feel the alcohol beginning to have its effect on me. I was very relaxed, and was on my way to feeling fuzzy already. I knew that I should stop, but I figured that I might need some liquid courage tonight.

“I got pregnant by the man that I love, who loves me in return. That isn’t slutty, it’s beautiful.” Katie’s tone was as self-satisfied as the expression on her face. I wonder if Julia could see it in the mirror.

“That’s funny,” my cousin said dryly, “I seem to remember you begging Jack to ‘make you his little cum slut.’ Those were your exact words, I believe.” I thought that my fiery sister might take offense to this, but she laughed again.

“Ok, I admit it. I am a slut for Jack, and maybe even for you, but I don’t advertise it by wearing dresses like that; if you can call that tiny scrap of fabric a dress.” Julia smiled widely at my sister’s comment, and instead of passing me back the bottle, she made a motion for me to look back. I turned around farther in my seat, and Julia pulled her legs up a little bit, exposing her completely naked pussy. Not only was she not wearing panties, but I could see the wetness reflecting the light from the streetlights. I had never gone fully soft, and my cock jumped to attention at the sight. Julia slid her skirt up a few inches, showing me her entire cunt. She had shaved the small triangle of light brown hair at the top, leaving her slit completely hairless.

“What do you think, lover?” Julia’s blue eyes were piercing, even in the semi-darkness.

“It’s beautiful,” I breathed, barely audible.

“Oh my god Julia, don’t tell me that you didn’t wear any panties with that dress.” Not it was my sister’s turn to roll her eyes.

“I can’t wear them with this dress. You can see them in the bottom of the back cut out, and it makes it look funny.” Julia was still fully exposed, and I snaked my hand between the seats, and ran my middle finger up her slit. She was soaking wet, and her slit was very slippery, and her clit was very erect. She moaned at the lightness of my touch.

“You are going to show everyone at the party your pussy, you know that, right?” Katie said this, but seemed unsurprised my Julia’s outrageous behavior. I know that Julia had done some crazy things in the past, and I figure that I didn’t even know a fraction of the things that my sister had witnessed. Katie had admitted that sometimes Julia had seduced guys, and let her watch. This was before she and I had ever thought about being together, so I really didn’t let it bother me much. I lightly strummed my thumb across her clitoris, slowly, and rhythmically.

“So what, K? I don’t care if they see it. The only two people that I care about are you and Jack, and I kinda hoped that this dress would make you guys horny. It seems to only be having that effect on one of you though.” She was right about that. My cock was as hard as a steel rod inside my shorts. Julia guided my middle finger down, and slid it inside of her scalding hot opening. Her silky walls gripped my finger tightly, and I couldn’t help but imagine what it would feel like on my cock later tonight. I knew by her wetness that it was a sure thing; I just hoped that she would want to wait until we were back at her place. My cousin did seem to have a fondness for having sex in inappropriate places. She moaned softly, and her pussy made wet noises as I slowly fingered her.

“God you sound wet, Jules,” Katie said, her voice sounding far away. “That is making me super horny.” The way that my cousin moved her hips seemed to indicate that she wanted me to speed up, but I slowed even further; I didn’t want to make her cum, I just wanted to drive her crazy with lust. That would make the sex much hotter later. I slid my finger out of her sopping wet slit, it glistened with her juices. I showed it to my sister, who immediately grabbed my wrist, and popped it into her mouth. She sucked and licked at it lustily, which made my cock jump again in my pants. I could feel the pre-cum that I had been leaking in my boxer briefs. Maybe we should have just stayed at Julia’s house and fucked each other silly; her mom was at work, and it would probably have been more fun that this lame party would be anyway. We were only a couple of blocks from Becky Sorenson’s house, and I doubted that the girls would agree to going back after they went to so much trouble buying outfits, and getting ready for the party.

We pulled up to where the party was taking place. There were cars lining both sides of the entire long street, so we had to park around the block, and even then, it was a long walk to Becky’s house. Julia exited the back seat, and took an extra-long swallow of rum, and handed the rest to me. It had about two fingers width left in the bottom.

“Kill it, Jack. Don’t be such a fucking pussy about it.” I paused, thinking that I probably already had plenty to drink; but I didn’t want to hear an argument, so I went ahead guzzled the amber colored liquor down. Julia smiled, took the bottle from my grasp, and tossed it into a nearby shrub. I’m sure that the neighbors would be complaining about this tomorrow. Julia did her best to adjust her dress to cover all the important parts. Even when it covered all her goodies, it really didn’t leave much to the imagination.

“Wait a second.” Katie opened her door back up, and leaned inside. She came out holding a couple fast food napkins, and handed them to her cousin. Julia looked at my sister as if she was crazy.

“What the fuck do I need these for, K?” Julia’s legs looked very long with those high heels, and that short skirt. It really used her height to great advantage.

“Wipe your thighs off, you skank. You’ve creamed all over yourself, and it won’t be hard to guess what it is. Julia looked down, and my eyes followed at the same time. I probably would have found it hilarious if my head wasn’t so muzzy. She had large wet spots on both her thighs where her pussy had leaked during my fingering. It was smeared, but it was undeniable what it was. I took the napkins from her limp grasp, and wrapped my left arm around her shoulders. I wiped a long swipe directly up her cleft, which completely soaked the two napkins. Julia let out a soft moan at my businesslike treatment of her dripping wet snatch. Katie handed me a couple more napkins, and I wiped her thighs clean from both the front, and the rear. It was lucky that her skirt rode up so far when she sat down, otherwise the crimson fabric would have been soaked. I remembered how she has insisted that I wipe her pussy after she peed that day on vacation, and how hot that it made her. I think that if anything, I probably made her wetter in the long run.

“God, that was hot, Jack.” Julia sighed, while she was still enclosed in my embrace. “Have I told you that I love you already today, baby?”

“No, Jules. I don’t think you have.” I said this quietly, right into her ear. Her back was against my chest, and the feel of her body against mine made me want to do all sorts of wicked things to her.

“I do, Jack. I am madly and deeply in love with you.” This was something a little different. She had told me that she loved me before, but all this lovey-dovey shit was something new. Maybe it was the liquor talking. I squeezed her tightly against me.

“I love you too, Jules… madly and deeply.” Katie smiled at this, and it almost looked like she was about to cry. I released my cousin, and moved around to her side, and offered her my arm. She took it. It was a long walk for her to make in five inch heels. I suppose that I could have given her a piggyback ride, but I imagine that would have showed everyone a little too much of Julia to be a valid mode of transport. I offered my other arm to my sister, which she gladly accepted, and I walked to the party with the two most beautiful girls in my former senior class on my arm.

The party was very crowded, and hip-hop dance music blared from the stereo. It looked like her dining room had been cleared, and converted into a make-shift dance floor. People were packed into the living room, and family room, all with red plastic cups in their hands. Someone must have been able to get ahold of at least one keg of beer. The crowd was a good mix between females and males. Thank god it wasn’t a total sausage-fest. The guys mostly stood around together and talked, and the girls did the same with the other girls. I saw, much to my satisfaction, that almost all of the guys were dressed in a similar manner as I was myself. The one notable exception was a douche in a three piece suit. He looked really out of place. The girls were all dressed to a much higher standard than the guys. None seemed to look nearly as good as my vision in white, or my devil in red; I must admit that I was a little biased though.

I saw my best friend Murphy, and greeted him with a fist bump. He tried to say a few things to me, but his eyes were locked on Julia’s fabulous body. I told him that I would talk to him later, and moved down to a mostly vacant piece of the family room wall that we could claim as our own real estate. The room was very crowded, and a very pretty girl bumped into me by accident. It was Sandy Curry, and a bright smile lit up her face. She had cut her chestnut brown hair short, in kind of a pixyish cut. It was very attractive on her.

“Hi, Jack. How have you been?” She had to get very close to me in order for me to hear her. She rested her hand casually against my chest, in a very flirty manner.

“I’ve been ok, just busy trying to get all the last minute things together before my first semester of college.” I saw Julia behind her, and her face was a thunderhead. She clearly didn’t appreciate the possessive hand that she had on me.

“So where did you decide to go? The last time I heard anything, you were going to Michigan.” She had perfume on; it was delicate, and fruity. I was also the perfect height to look right down her top. She had ample cleavage exposed, but the way that her top pushed her smallish breasts up left them almost totally exposed when viewed from the top. I could see her areolas quite clearly. I kept trying to look away, but every gesture that she made while talking pushed her boobs right into my line of sight.

“All three of us are going to Northwestern. Julia and Katie both got academic scholarships. I will have to do a work-study program, but that helps so that my parents won’t be so financially strained.” Someone moved behind Sandy, and she moved out of the way by molding her entire body against mine. I could feel her erect nipples poking my chest through both her shirt and mine.

“So you will be in Chicago? That’s awesome, Jack.” She leaned up so that she could whisper in my ear. “I’m going to Western Michigan; you know that’s only a couple of hour drive from Chicago.” Katie was now looking indignant. I did nothing to encourage this behavior. I had just been ambushed by her.

“Yeah,” Katie said dryly, “That’s really fucking awesome.” Apparently her attempt at whispering where I could still hear her above the music meant that my sister heard this too. Julia looked like she had enough. She reached in, and grabbed me by the hand, and started pulling me toward the dance floor.

“Sorry Sandy, this is my jam, and he promised that he would dance with me when it came on.” I couldn’t say a word to the obviously dismayed Sandy as I followed wordlessly behind my fuming cousin. Sandy frowned, but turned and walked over to the makeshift bar. “Sorry Jack, but you didn’t seem to want to end the flirt-fest back there, and I figured that this was more polite than punching her in the face.” The dance floor didn’t seem as crowded as when we had arrived.

We reached the dance floor, and began to dance to Trey Songz hit “Bottoms Up.” I can dance a little, but Julia is a natural. She took dance classes for years to help with her cheerleading skills. Her red encased body moved erotically to the beat, and I forgot all about Sandy Curry. Julia flipped her hair towards me, and then started dancing with her back towards me. That skirt was something else. It was so short that it actually showed a little butt cheek, and the way that she was popping her hips to the beat made my cock instantly rise in my pants. She backed up, and began to grind her ass against my crotch to the beat of the song. My hands grasped her waist, and we moved in rhythm to the music. It was amazing how close this came to fucking. The way that Julia was grinding against me, while bending over, meant that the only thing that actually separated us from fucking were my shorts. After a couple of minutes of being lost in the song, and dry humping my cousin, the song ended, and another began. Katie took this chance to hop in next to us, and begin dancing. She crowded her head in between ours, and drew us in with her arms.

“You guys have to cut this out. You guys are practically fucking each other out here in front of everyone.” Katie had that dead serious look in her eyes, and I know that she meant for us to obey what she was saying.

“So what? I don’t care what these people think, K. We’re leaving in a few weeks anyway.” Julia seemed to be missing the point that I had just considered. I felt really slow witted because of the alcohol, and I bet that Julia was feeling the same effects.

“What about your mom… and what about my mom and dad? Do you think that they won’t hear about you two acting like a couple of sexual deviants here? I guarantee that people will be talking just because of that one dance. We don’t need this hassle. If you want to fuck, then let’s go back to your house where we can be alone.” Julia only seemed to get one thing out of that entire emotional plea from my sister.

“Sexual deviant? Is that what the fuck we are, K? We’re sexual fucking deviants for being with the people that we love? Is that really what you think?” I could tell that Julia was pissed. She was speaking much too loudly, and none of us were dancing.

“No Jules, I don’t think that. I’m saying that most, if not all of these people here will see it that way though. Please. Let’s go.” My sister’s eyes were pleading, and she looked like she was about to start crying.

“Fine, K.” Julia huffed, “one more dance, and we’ll get the fuck out of here.”

“Please keep it clean.” Katie rolled her eyes, and I could tell that she didn’t think much of the idea of us dancing one more song. I just felt horny, and was fine with doing either thing; just as long as it ended with me sticking my dick inside one my smoking hot girls in the very near future. Julia guided me over into the farthest, darkest corner, just as the song changed to a slow song. More couples came onto the floor, and Julia wrapped herself inside my arms. Mentally, I knew that I shouldn’t be dancing so close with my cousin; the only way that we could have been dancing any closer was if we were Siamese twins. Julia looked in my eyes. Her blue eyes were beautiful, as always. She leaned close to my ear, and I bent down a couple of inches, so that she wouldn’t have to yell.

“I think Katie might have been right about me wearing panties. My thighs are soaked again. I’m so wet that it feels like it’s running down my thighs.” I ran my hand over her tight ass, and brushed my fingers between her thighs about three inches from her pussy; sure enough, it was slick with her lubrication. It took all my self-control not to shove my fingers inside her, and finger fuck her to insanity right there on the dance floor. Julia rested her head on my shoulder. This was probably better than us dancing while staring into each other’s eyes like star-crossed lovers.

I saw this guy named Brandon talking to my sister at the edge of the dance floor. I didn’t know the guy personally, just by reputation. He was offering her a red cup, and she was politely shaking her head. Julia’s hands cupped my ass, and squeezed it tightly. Brandon pressed the cup into my sister’s hand, and she shoved it away, causing it to spill on the floor. His reaction was lightning quick, he yelled something that was drowned out by the music, and he pushed Katie to the floor.

Something snapped inside of me, and I lost all control. I spun out of Julia’s arms, and charged Brandon. If it wasn’t for my cousin’s perfect balance and reflexes, developed through hundreds of hours spent doing gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance, she would have been in the same position as my sister. I reached Brandon in three quick steps. On my fourth stride, I drew back, and stepped in with a huge haymaker. Brandon barely recognized that I was even there before he was blasted off of his feet by my vicious punch. I pounced on top of him, almost before he hit the floor, and started pummeling his face with both of my fists. He seemed to have just enough consciousness left after my first punch to instinctively try to cover his head, but he had no fight left in him.

“HOW DARE YOU PUT YOUR HANDS ON MY SISTER, YOU LITTLE PUNK ASSED BITCH!” The entire party had stopped, music included, and everyone watched me pummel this guy. I felt someone grab my arm. I shook them off, and smashed Brandon’s nose flat with a stiff right hand.

“JACK! STOP IT, HE’S DOWN!” Katie wrapped her whole body around my arm, and Julia had ahold of my jersey, and was trying in vain to pull me away from the object of my wrath. I took a few deeps breaths. If I kept swinging, I was in real danger of hurting one of the girls. I released my grip on Brandon’s shirt, and allowed the girls to raise me to my feet. Brandon was definitely out cold. He was still breathing, but his nose was broken, he had a cut above his eye, which was already almost swollen shut. The rage that had burnt white hot inside of me just seconds ago smoldered, and then winked out. I immediately felt sick to my stomach. It was like I had blacked out in some kind of a psychotic rage. I flexed my right hand, and it ached. I looked down, and saw my entire hand was smeared with blood. If they hadn’t stopped me, would I have snapped out of it before I killed him? Julia continued to pull at me, this time she was pulling me toward the front door of the house.

“C’mon, Jack. We need to get out of here.” She said this slowly, while looking directly at my face. I almost laughed. I was angry, not deaf. I realized the wisdom in Julia’s words, and within a few seconds we were out of the house. Jules kicked off her heels, and we hurried to Katie’s car. I heard no police siren, even as we were driving off, but that doesn’t mean that someone wasn’t in the process of calling the cops even as my sister pulled away from the curb.

“Holy fuck!” Katie muttered. I couldn’t tell if this was aimed directly at me, or not. I had climbed into the backseat with my cousin. She took my right hand, and started examining my knuckles.

“Are you ok, Jack? Flex your hand.” I flexed my hand into a fist. It hurt a little, but I didn’t think that anything was broken. Julia ran her fingers across the skin of my knuckles. There were a couple of spots that burned, and I suspected that I had lost some skin in my frenzy to put my fist through Brandon’s face. “It looks ok to me,” my cousin pronounced. “It just looks like you cut your knuckles a bit.” She got some more napkins from my sister, and she started trying to wipe the blood off.

“I’m sorry.” I sounded flat and dejected, even to my own ears. “I know that you girls were looking forward to that party, and then I had to lose control like that. I’m sorry.” Julia looked at me, eyes wide. Katie actually looked back while she was driving, and she was an ultra-careful driver.

“What are you talking about, Jack?” Katie said. “You stood up for me. Who knows what that creep was trying to get me to drink? He pushed down the mother of your unborn child, and you came to my rescue. Don’t ever be sorry for that Jack. Please.” I really didn’t know what to say to that.

“Honestly, I didn’t know that you had that in you. You just went ballistic, and beat that guy to a bloody pulp. I can’t say that I condone violence in general, but it was called for there. I heard that he slipped Sarah a roofie, and raped her. She couldn’t really prove anything, and I think that she never reported it because it was embarrassing. That is how those guys work. He would have done the same thing to Katie, Jack. You saved her.” Julia leaned over, and kissed me softly on the cheek. “Plus that was so goddamn hot. I think I had an orgasm when you pounced on him. You were like some kind of dangerous jungle cat. I bet that any guy who was there will think twice before ever crossing you.”

I thought about what she said. I had been right to defend Katie; either as my sister, or as my pregnant girlfriend. It wasn’t the fact that I had done it that bothered me; it was the fact that I had totally gone ape shit, and lost control. I really think that I would have beaten him to death if it wasn’t the girls physically stopping me.

Julia must have seen that dark thoughts were running through my mind, because she crawled onto my lap, wrapped her arms around my neck, and kissed me soundly. I wrapped my arms around her, and I began to return her kisses with gusto. That stupid rapist didn’t matter. He was just another scumbag. The two things that mattered were the girls that were with me in the car, and both of those girls were safe. I felt my cock begin to rise in my shorts. I tried to unwrap my right arm from around this sexy crimson clad nymph, but she wouldn’t let my hands stray.

“No way, big boy. Kissing is all that is allowed until Katie can join in. I hope that you ate your fucking Wheaties this morning, because you are going to need your energy.” Julia resumed her kissing, while Katie drove, giggling musically. Katie briefly called our mom, and explained that we would be staying the night at Julia’s. Our mom readily agreed, and had actually sounded kind of happy that her and my dad had the house all to themselves.

We piled out of the car at Julia’s, and hurried up the drive. My legs still were a bit wobbly from the alcohol. The momentary surge of adrenaline seemed to have killed the greater part of my buzz, but my cousin and I had drunk the better part of a fifth of eighty-proof rum between us. She seemed the worse for wear, since she only weighed about one hundred and twenty pounds. Julia’s room was on the second floor, and I helped her drunk-ass navigate the stairs. One day, I really want to be rich enough to have an elevator in my house, for just such an emergency.

“God,” exclaimed Julia, “I’ve got to piss like a big fucking dog.” My sister made a disbelieving huff.

“Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?” I wasn’t even looking at my sister, but I could almost feel her roll her eyes at my cousin.

“No, but I eat your twat with this mouth; and if you’re lucky, maybe I will stick my tongue up that pretty little asshole of yours.” I laughed so hard at my sister’s expression that I almost took Julia and me both to the floor. I knew that this was just Katie’s way of busting my cousin’s balls about her getting so drunk, when she couldn’t have a drop. I guess that the saying about it being no fun to be the only sober person was true.

“So you are gonna toss K’s salad, Jules?” I was still laughing at the look on my sister’s face. Apparently, this act seemed to cross a line with them.

“Yeah,” Julia said seriously, “That way I can loosen her up; so you can shove that big long cock of yours straight up her asshole. There’s nobody around to hear you scream tonight, princess.” My cock stood at attention just thinking about that. Neither of my ladies had been virgins, but this was at least something that I could say that I would be the absolute first to do with one of them.

We entered Julia’s bedroom, and she immediately headed for the bathroom. I was helping her to keep her balance, so I just naturally followed her in there. She unzipped her dress, and slid it all the way off. She sat down on the toilet, eyes focused on me, to see if I was watching; which of course, I was. I was just bent that way, and it happily enough coincided with my cousin’s particular fetish. She spread her legs wide, so that I could get a really good view of her newly bald cunt. She tensed, and a hot stream of piss sizzled into the toilet. She sighed contentedly, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her for a second. This was something that she and I would have to explore to a much fuller extent very soon, preferably while we were alone. When she went for the toilet paper, I blocked her access, and unrolled a good portion, pulled her to her feet, and wiped her pussy with a few firm, smooth strokes. She moaned as I manhandled her pussy. Yes, we would push this envelope, and see where it went very soon; the expression in her eyes told me that she was of the exact same mind. We washed our hands, and returned to her bedroom.

Julia’s bed was a big oak four poster monstrosity. Katie lay on it, as naked as the day that she was born, fastening a long black something around one of the bedposts. On closer inspection, it was a long nylon bondage strap. They would just loop around the big oak post, and they had padded Velcro cuffs at the end. They could be adjusted to whatever tension was desired, and if something went wrong, the wearer could, with a bit of dexterity, free themselves. My sister was looping the last one around the post, and let it trail off towards the middle of the bed. She beamed a huge smile at me.

“These are for you Jack. Take off your clothes.” I didn’t need to be asked twice. I stripped off my clothes as quickly as possible, leaving them in a rumpled pile on top of my shoes. Katie patted the bed beside her, and I crossed the room, erection swinging, and sat laid down on the bed. Katie positioned me, and she and Julia fastened the Velcro cuffs around my wrists and ankles. The girls used small ratcheting clamps on the straps to adjust them tightly. They didn’t hurt me, but they were effective; I couldn’t really move my arms or legs. I suddenly felt a bit vulnerable. I trusted these girls with my life, and I knew that they would never hurt me, but I wasn’t totally sure that I liked feeling this helpless.

“Katie, I think it’s time for us to take a shower.” My cousin flashed a knowing smile at my sister as she said this. They both looked at me, and grinned wolfishly. I guess I wasn’t invited to participate in the shower. My two girls walked out of the room, and I watched their beautiful naked asses as they went. The shower turned on in Julia’s adjoining bathroom, and the water ran for about fifteen minutes. Those damn girls sure did take their sweet time.

Katie walked back into the room, gloriously naked, and positively glowing from her recent shower. I always loved her hair when it was damp. The water emphasized the natural curl more. God she was sexy. She saw me watching her, and tried to walk a little sexier. I loved this girl with every fiber of my being. I can’t believe that I lived with her my entire life and never saw what an incredibly sexy vixen that she was. Sure I thought about her occasionally that way; but I always felt guilty afterwards, so I tried not to think about her like that. She slinked to the bed, and glided down beside me.

“Look, Jack,” she showed me her now entirely bare pussy. “What do you think?” She was excited about this, so how could I not be?

“It’s sexy as hell, K; I think that I might be a little biased though.” She giggled musically, and idly began to run her fingers up and down her slit. “I think that you would look sexy even if you had a huge red bush.”

“Ewwww! That’s gross, baby. I love the way this feels.” She was still stroking herself, and I could see how much she liked it by how wet she was. “Jules went downstairs to go get something; she should be back in a second.”

As if she had been waiting outside for her cue, Julia appeared; carrying a spray can of whipped cream, and a bottle of chocolate syrup. Katie met her in the middle of the floor, and they flowed into an embrace. They kissed passionately, and the bottle of chocolate hit the carpet as Julia used that hand to caress my sister’s heavenly ass. My cock had softened somewhat during their long shower, but between my sister rubbing her pussy inches from my face, and these two naughty nymphs making out, it was rock solid again, and pulsing with every beat of my heart.

I must admit that it was a bit frustrating not to be able to join in on the action, even if it was just to touch them. After a couple of minutes they both turned to face me, and Katie picked the syrup off the floor.

“I think we should make a banana split out of Jack,” my sister said with a devilish grin. The girls sat down on the queen-sized bed, one on one side of me, one on the other. I could see my erection throbbing at the bottom of my field of vision. Katie ran one pearly white painted fingernail over my swollen scrotum, up the bottom of my shaft, and then she circled the head with it slowly. It made me gasp, but I was totally unable to do anything but shiver because of the tightness of the bonds. I saw Julia’s head bend down towards the steel pole between my legs, and I felt the very tip of her tongue run up my shaft, and circle the head, just like my sister’s fingernail had done. It wasn’t enough to really get me any closer to any kind of release, but it made me excited as hell.

“Look,” Julia said in an amused voice, “He is already leaking precum.” She gripped my cock gently, and poked the pointy end of her tongue into my pee hole. It made my cock jump in her hand, making both of the girls laugh. It felt strange, but in a really nice sort of way. “God, he had a beautiful cock.” Julia said this a bit wistfully, as if she was stacking my man meat up against all of the others that she has seen and touched. I was curious of the actual number, but I wasn’t going to ruin the mood with a dumb ass question like that. “It’s so big.”

Katie uncapped the chocolate syrup, and I felt the cold liquid drizzle over the steaming hot flesh of my dick head. I would have thought that the cold would have made me softer, but it had the exact opposite effect; I was harder than an Alaskan railroad spike in January. I felt my scrotum tighten, and a dull ache came from my balls as they screamed for release. Julia took the can of whipped cream, and sprayed a generous amount up one side of my shaft, then on the other, and then she sprayed a small dollop on top of my chocolate covered purple mushroom.

“Now that’s a sundae fit for a couple of hotties like us to eat.” My sister said it in a humorous way, but her eyes stared at my cock with a hunger that had nothing to do with her stomach.

“All that it’s missing is a cherry on top,” said Julia. “We should have bought some. I could have demonstrated for Jack how I can tie a cherry stem in a knot using only my tongue.” I pictured Julia doing this, and I knew that I would be buying a bottle of maraschino cherries in the very near future.

“We have a cherry, but I will give it to him later on,” My sister said. It was strange that they were talking about me like I was just a dick, and not a person. So this is how women must feel when men talk to their cleavage.

“So you are finally going to do it? You seemed dead set against it when your other two boyfriends brought it up.”

“That was with them,” my sister said in a no-nonsense tone. “Jack is different than them.” Julia laughed at a joke that must have been shared only by them. After a few seconds, Katie joined in.

“What’s so funny?” I asked, with a bit of trepidation. This made them laugh even harder. Finally Julia got enough control over herself to answer.

“She said that you are different than them,” she was interrupted with another riot of giggles. “I guess that is fair to say, I guess the difference between you and that last loser is about four inches.” That statement made both the girls howl with laughter again. I hope that Amy doesn’t sit around with her new boyfriend and make fun of how small my cock is. It almost was enough to make me feel sorry for Katie’s ex-bastard. Almost.

Gradually the laughter died, and my sister began slowly stroking my entire ball sack with her nails. I felt so good that it was trying to crawl its way up into my stomach. I moaned softly. I think if I still wasn’t slightly drunk, I might have already erupted like Vesuvius. One girl nodded to the other, as if it was a prearranged signal, and they both lowered their faces to my engorged man meat. I felt both of their tongues, one on each side, begin at the base, and work their way up my shaft. They did it very slow, and with a lot of tonguing action on the top side, and quite a bit more on the sensitive bottom side of my cock. They both seemed to linger quite a while on the most sensitive spot, and their tongues dueled with each other, right below the head. I moaned, and began to grunt in pleasure.

“I get his cum, bitch.” Julia sounded very adamant about this. “You get to get fucked up your ass for the first time, so you will get that cum, so I want this one. He can’t be far from blowing his wad.”

She was right, I wasn’t. One of them started rubbing my balls gently, and I kind of thought that if Julia didn’t get her mouth on my cock, she just might miss catching this orgasm too. I felt my body tensing, starting in my toes. I knew that this would be a really powerful nut. Julia heard the change in my breathing, and locked her lips around my head, and began to bob up and down, taking about half of my cock in at a time. I had already begun to lose it, but this sent me totally over the edge, big time. All four of my limbs jerked against the bonds, and sperm exploded from my cock, filling Julia’s mouth completely in one big gush. She tried to swallow it all, but before she could, another massive geyser erupted, and cum squirted from the sides of her mouth, onto my flat belly. I’m not sure if I ever had an orgasm this hard, or had ever cum that much in my life. With every throb of my dick, the corners of my vision darkened, like I was about to pass out.

Finally, after a few seconds that seemed like an eternity, it was over. My body was covered in a thin sheen of perspiration, and my arms and legs trembled slightly. My breaths came in pants, and I barely felt my sister licking the runaway cum that had escaped to my stomach.

“God, Jack! That was a lot of fucking cum.” I finally got my eyes focused on Julia again. “You cum like Peter North.”

“Who?” I asked, puzzled. Was this an ex-boyfriend?

“Just Google it, lover.” She had a smug look on her face, and her full lips still glistened with my slippery seed. My sister moved in close to her, and kissed her passionately on the mouth, while pulling her head close. I could see from the way that their mouths were moving that they were French kissing, and savoring the taste of my baby batter. Their kissing went on, and on, and was finally broken by Katie; who pushed Julia back onto the bed next to me, and began kissing slowly down our cousin’s tight teenaged body. I wished that I was at a different angle, so that I could see a bit better. If I pulled at my wrist bonds, I could see a bit more, but then they dug into my wrists. My sister started focusing her attention on Julia’s perky breasts, but apparently my cousin wanted something different.

“Lick my cunt, slut. I want you to lick and suck me until your face is slippery with my juice.” Between watching the girls go at it, and the dirty talk, I was as hard as Chinese calculus again. Julia roughly pushed Katie’s face down to her sopping wet snatch. My sister attacked her pussy with gusto, and soon had Julia shaking, and moaning through three or four orgasms. Julia finally released the back of my sister’s head, and when she sat back up, her face was covered with girl cum, just like my cousin had mandated. I wished that Julia could squirt like my sister. I loved the feeling of Katie’s cum spraying out with tremendous force against my face, or around my cock. I had read online that any woman could be taught to do it, but my sister had said that so far they had been unable to make Julia squirt, despite more than a year of trying.

“Now eat my pussy, Jules. God, I am so fucking horny.” Katie sounded like her patience was running out quickly. First I got to cum, and then Julia, now she figured that it should be her turn.

“Uh-uh, skank. No can do.” I saw my sister’s face fall at Julia’s response. “I will lick your asshole, and lube you up nice so that you can get corn-holed by your brother. If you are nice, maybe I will diddle you a little.

“Please, Julia. Pretty please, I need to cum so bad.” My sister practically whined. I could definitely see who was the dom, and who was the sub in their part of our relationship.

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