If you enjoy Panty Husband’s stories you know that my wife went from not wanting me to wear panties to offering me her panties and loving when I wear them. You also know that my wife went from not liking anal sex at all to falling in love with fucking my ass while I wear panties. My wife is so sexy and I love everything we do to pleasure each other.

One night we were getting ready to go out to a romantic dinner. My wife came into the shower and said, “I hope you don’t mind. I want to wear our matching Victoria Secret leopard panties with black lace trim tonight.”

I replied, “You know I love leopard as much as I love pink. I always love wearing matching panties because it’s a good sign the sex will get wild and crazy.”

My wife wore a see through white blouse with her sexy lace bra under it. You could see her 36D tits very clearly in her blouse. Her ass was so amazing in her skirt. It was a light silky skirt that floated on her ass. Her big ass bounced in that skirt. I didn’t want to walk next to her holding her hand. I wanted to watch her walk from the car to the restaurant.

We ate at one of our favorite romantic restaurants with low lighting and a view of the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico. We enjoyed the evening and talked a little about what sex each of us wanted that night. My wife finally said, “Why don’t you ever ask if you can fuck my ass?”

I was a little surprised. I hesitated and then said, “You know I love fucking you from behind. I fuck you standing up with my hands on your hips. I fuck you doggie style on your hands and knees and I usually cum with you on your side and me kneeling behind you so I can play with your ass with one hand and your tits with the other while I slowly stroke you.”

She said, “I know that. We fuck like that all the time. I mean fucking my ass hole, not my pussy.”

Now I really was shocked. I said, “We discussed this when we bought the butt plug I love so much. You said because of your time as a nurse you never wanted anything up your ass.”

I added, “I agreed not to force the issue and make you uncomfortable. Why are you bringing this up now?”

She seemed to hesitate and then said, “I’ve been wondering why you love anal sex so much. You seem to get so much pleasure out of it. You scream and holler and push your ass back against me as much as I drive that black cock in you. I have really gotten to love fucking your ass and now I wonder how it feels to be on the receiving side.”

This was very interesting. My wife actually was asking for something I had dreamed about, but never thought I would get to feel. I thought it might be a good idea to go real slow so my wife’s apprehension did not stop us from enjoying this newest fantasy.

I said, “Why don’t we just go step by step. Tonight let me play with your ass while you ride my cock cowgirl style. I’ll rub your ass hole through your panties and then pull them aside and lube your ass. I’ll go real slow and insert a finger in you while you pound your pussy onto my cock.”

She said, “I’d really love that, but can you eat my pussy and finger my ass first? Maybe if I’m getting ready to cum and I feel your finger in my ass it will feel real good.”

We agreed to just try a finger and see how she liked it.

As I undressed my wife that night I whispered that I loved her and would be very gentile with her. I expressed how much her pleasure meant to me and I wanted only the most possible pleasure for her. We kissed and I could tell she was very excited. Rather than move to quickly, I tried to drag things out so she got more and more eager.

Eventually she lay down on the bed. I sucked her nipples and kissed my way down to her nectar region. Instead of going right for her pussy, I kissed her stomach and then her legs up and down. Finally, I put my face on her panty covered cunt. I kissed and licked her panties. They were wet with her nectar. She was ready so I pulled her panties aside and started licking her pussy lips. I put them in my mouth and pulled on them. I stayed away from her clit and focused on everything else. I tongue fucked her. After all that I licked her engorged clit. She moaned and went a little stiff. I pulled her clit into my lips. She was moaning louder. During all of this I was rubbing her ass hole lightly through her panties. I had the lube close by and quickly got enough on my finger to rub on her ass. Her moans were real loud now. I just put the tip of my finger into her pussy. She screamed, “Oh yes baby. Yes, yes yes.”

Her orgasm was very, very strong. My finger was in her ass as she recovered from the orgasm. She said, “That felt good. I want to ride you. Get out the butt plug out just in case I want to try it.”

I said, “I’ll do whatever you want, but let’s be sure we are going slow enough to maximize your pleasure.”

My wife, said, “I appreciate your concern for my pleasure, but that little finger in my ass was great. I want more.”

I pulled my cock out of my leopard panties and lay down on the bed. My wife mounted me and inserted my cock as quickly as she could. She slid down on me to get me deep into her. I said to her, “Ride for a few strokes and enjoy it.” I was rubbing her ass hole through her panties again.

She rode me for about five minutes with some pounding strokes and some slow strokes. Then she said, “I’m ready. Try your finger first.”

I pulled her panties aside and placed my lubed finger in her ass. She said, “Oh that’s nice. Move it around a little.” I did and stretched her out just a bit. I added a second finger.

She said, “I feel really good. I need something just a little bigger. Try the butt plug, but very, very slowly.”

I placed the tip of the butt plug in her and she said, “Wow, move that in and out of me just a little, not deep.”

After another five minutes she said, “I want all of the butt plug, but go at my pace. I’ll coach you.”

I said, “Put your tits on my legs so you are bent over and I can get at you real easily. Ok, here it comes, tell me what you want.”

As the butt plug slowly slid in her she kept saying, “Yes, a little more. Oh baby, a little more.” She took the entire butt plug with no pain at all.

She then sat up and took the time to enjoy a thick cock in her pussy and a butt plug in her ass. She said, “Please don’t get offended, but this is a fantasy come true. With you in my pussy and the plug in my ass I feel like I’m getting fucked by two men. I love the feeling.”

She then said, “I want you to give me some action like I do when you are taking the butt plug. Go fast and slow, fast and slow.” I did as I was told and she was screaming so loud I wondered if the neighbors might hear her.

Eventually, she said, “That was great. If you don’t mind I’m good for today. Let’s give you a big orgasm.”

We fucked like crazy until I had a big cum load. We lay in bed together. I stroked her tits and rubbed her butt checks. We talked about how much fun we had. She said, “How do I take your thick cock in me? You are so much bigger than that butt plug.”

I said, “I think we should do the same thing we just did. I’ll get you ready with a finger, then use the butt plug and then follow real slowly and gently with my cock. What do you think?”

She said, “I absolutely agree. Promise to be gentle just like tonight and you can have my ass tomorrow.”

That next afternoon, I went to Victoria secret. I bought my wife a new bra and panty set with matching panties for me. The girls there know me by now so it’s no big deal for either of us. I can home to surprise my wife with the bra, panties and flowers. I said, “This is a night for us both to cherish. I love you.” We went out again and returned to our pleasure palace.

I’d like to say the evening was very romantic, slow and gentle, but my wife wanted none of that. All she could talk about at dinner was how great the anal sex was. She even added, “Why didn’t you get me to let you fuck my ass earlier. I want your cock in me so badly.”

We got home and my wife was throwing her clothes off as soon as we got in the door. She was pulling me into the bedroom. She wanted to suck my cock and it was extra good. Eventually she said, “I want your cock in my ass doggie style, no finger first, no butt plug. Just go slow and don’t force yourself into me until my ass is ready.”

My wife jumped on the bed with her ass in the air and her head on the bed. I positioned myself behind her, but decided to give her a treat. I kissed her butt cheeks and then licked her ass hole. I had my tongue all over her ass. She went crazy. She said, “I love this. I need your cock in my ass. Please fuck my ass.”

I dripped lube onto her ass and got behind her beautiful ass. I used a finger to make sure she was lubed well. I put the head of my lubed cock right on her ass hole. I tried to go slowly, but my wife was pushing her ass back at me to take my cock faster. My cock was lubed and so was her ass. Her ass was so tight on my cock head. I was getting squeezed with pleasure. I quickly went in her to my balls in seconds. My wife said, “I want to be pounded. Fuck my ass hard. I don’t want a long romantic fuck. I want you to pound my ass and cum a massive load in my ass. I want cum dripping out of my ass. Come on baby, give me all you have.”

I went crazy and gave my wife some hard strokes and some slow soft strokes. She was insane. She kept screaming, “Fuck my ass. Fuck my ass. I want your thick cock to explode cum in my virgin ass.” I was fucking her ass, but I had also placed a dildo under the pillow. I pulled it out and put it in her pussy. She now had a cock in her pussy and my cock in her ass. She went wild.

She was screaming. “Fuck me panty boys. Both of you fuck me tonight. Take me like your whore.”

Our love sessions are usually pretty long. My wife’s first ass fucking went less than ten minutes. She was in heaven. Now we both know how much pleasure anal sex can give us. My wife said, “Thank you baby. You are great. That was a lifetime fantasy fulfilled by you. I love our sex life even more now.”

Chapter 2: Strapon

The first night my wife’s friend, Zoey, stayed with us was an adventure I had never experienced. Led by my wife Jessie we talked about my love of panties, showed her me wearing panties and finally had a gigantic cum all over my wife’s panties as Zoey cheered me on. For a conservative couple with a great sex life this was definitely new and adventurous. (See Chapter 1)

I woke the next morning, rolled over and cuddled my wife. I had a hard on she could feel poking her ass cheeks. I simply said, “Jessie, I love you so much. Thanks for last night.”

Jessie said, “I loved last night as much as you. We are very private about our sex life and I really prefer it that way, but last night was so much fun and no harm was done to anyone with Zoey there to see everything.”

I went to do my normal morning routine. I put on gym shorts and a T-shirt and went to the kitchen for a Monster drink. Jessie joined me and made coffee for her and Zoey. Not more than ten minutes later Zoey walked out of the guest room and Jessie offered her coffee.

We sat and talked. No one mentioned the night before. It seemed as though the three older, conservative friends were a little embarrassed to have had an enjoyable evening of panties and orgasm. Eventually, Jessie said, “I’m going to wash our matching panties on delicate. Is everyone willing to wear them tonight again?”"

Zoey and I answered exactly at the same time, “I’m ready.” The three of us had a good laugh and the conversation was right back to sexual issues just like the night before.

I said, “I’m heading for the shower. Is it safe to leave the two of you alone?”

Zoey said, “Well, we may be planning some fun for tonight. I doubt you will mind that.”

I finished my shower and was drying off. Jessie came in and said, “Zoey asked me if you will wear panties all day and if she can pick which ones. Is that OK?”

I said, “Sure, I wasn’t planning on wearing panties until tonight, but that’s fine with me.”

Rather than bring my panty box out to the living room, I wrapped the towel around me and said, “Jessie, tell Zoey to come in here.”

Zoey walked in and took extra time looking at each pair of panties. She was really into this. She said, “I know you like the stretchy silk the best so I want you to wear this leopard pair with aqua lace trim on the waist.”

I said, “You get your wish.” I dropped the towel right in front of her and slipped on the panties in front of Zoey. My cock got hard as I put the panties on just like every time I put on panties.

Zoey said, “This may be a very good sign. You look so hot in panties. I had no clue how sexy it can be for a man to wear panties.”

I went to our walk in closet to finish getting dressed. Jessie walked in and said, “Last night was so innocent. It was so comfortable knowing Zoey wouldn’t try to have an affair with you or compromise our marriage. I really enjoyed the three of us having orgasms.”

I agreed and said, “Zoey is so much fun, but honestly I am not attracted to her sexually. You satisfy me so much I can appreciate her without caring much about her sexually.”

Jessie said. “I’m glad you said that. I have an idea for tonight. I want to ask you before I say anything to Zoey. In fact, if you agree I want to talk to her with you there.”

I said, “Now what has your devilish mind thought up.”

Jessie said, “Have you ever fantasized about a three way?”

I said, “Actually, I’m sure every man thinks about it, but you are more than I can handle and I love what you do to me. That’s enough for me.”

Then Jessie added, “Well, I’ve fantasized about giving you a day with me and another girl. I would never just do it, but after last night I think we can ask Zoey and it will be all good with no negative side effects.”

I said, “My cock is for you, no one else.”

Jessie said, “What if we told Zoey her job was to pleasure you and I let her wear my strapon. You love getting your ass fucked and now you can fuck me while she fucks you.”

I said, “Now that’s an idea I can eagerly agree to, but how does Zoey get some satisfaction?”

Jessie suggested I could lick, suck and finger Zoey, but not fuck her. She felt that should be fun for Zoey and thought she might even orgasm fucking my ass. Jessie said, “Let’s go talk to Zoey. Let’s not bring this up right away. Maybe we can work together and make her think tonight is her idea.”

We walked out into our living room together. Zoey was just walking out of the guest bedroom. We talked about normal everyday things, but after a few minutes Zoey said, “Something Jason said yesterday has my mind spinning. Do you mind if I ask a personal question?”

Jessie and I agreed no conversation was off limits and Jessie said, “After last night I think we can talk about anything. Our friendship is stronger than ever before.”

Zoey said, “Do you mind telling me every little detail about the day Jessie dressed Jason as a woman in Key West. The idea interests me so much. I’m getting wet just asking the question.”

I started the conversation by saying, “Well that was an amazing day that I will never forget. When Jessie fulfills a fantasy not much is left to chance and the sex is over the top. What interests you the most?”

Zoey said, “Tell me about dressing as a woman and why you enjoyed it so much.”

I replied, “I never thought about dressing as a woman. My fantasy was Jessie wearing a strapon and getting my ass fucked. It just so happens that Jessie never just does something. She is so dedicated to my sexual satisfaction that she took the idea and made it into a day rather than a sex act. Her planning and creativity made the sex better than anything I could have hoped for so when she had the plans so well organized and detailed I eagerly did my part.”

Zoey was squirming in her seat. She was so fired up and wanted to know everything and all at the same time. I said, “Let’s just relax at the pool and we can take the time to go over everything. Do you want to know about dressing up first or the strapon idea first?”

She wanted to know everything so we agreed to start at the beginning and save the sex for last just like that day.

I realized Zoey knew my wife and I well. She was in our wedding almost 30 years ago. In spite of that I told Zoey that the most important element of amazing sex in a marriage is communication.

About ten years ago I was in Asia away from Jessie for a month. We communicated by email and phone. Those conversations ended up being very sexual. I asked so many questions about what Jessie wanted when I got home. We talked constantly about what satisfied us the most. We came to the conclusion that if I focused on her sexual satisfaction before mine and she focused on my satisfaction before hers we would have a magical connection. We were right. Those thirty days of phone calls turned into regular texts, emails and conversations about sex. It never ends. The communication takes both of our sex lives to new peaks, but also improves every other aspect of life as well. We communicate so well nothing is out of our reach sexually.

On the other hand, without communication your sex life is limited to whatever happens when you are lucky to try to fuck your wife when she is interested. So the first way to get to wild and crazy sex is to ask your spouse what they like sexually. Understand their desires completely. Then ask about fantasies and talk about making them come true. Keep talking and learn everything you can. Things get so hot sex gets beyond anything you can dream about enjoying.

Zoey said, “Sounds good. Sometime this afternoon I’m going to call my husband and ask him what he wants the most sexually when I get home. After he answers I’m going to ask him if he has any sexual fantasies I can fulfill for him.”

Zoey was learning and ready to take the first steps to unlimited pleasure.

The Zoey said, “OK, how did this dressing as a woman happen?”

I said, “Well Jessie introduced me to prostate massage on our first trip to Key West. We went to the adult store in Key West and bought a butt plug. I was so very nervous, but Jessie was very understanding and went very slow. I had more sexual pleasure getting my ass filled up than anyone can imagine.”

Jessie was on the edge of her seat. She was getting into the story. Then she said, “I’m so fucking wet. Do you mind if I undress down to my panties and rub my clit once in a while.”

Jessie said, “Enjoy yourself. After last night we are all very understanding of each other’s pleasure.”

I continued, “We got home and used the butt plug. It wasn’t a regular thing. About once a month or so I asked Jessie to use it on me and it was amazing. It’s a change of pace for me. I love getting on all fours and having Jessie use the butt plug to do my ass. It really feels good. Sometimes I leave it in and have her ride my cock cowgirl style. Whenever we use the butt plug the prostate massage produces massive cum loads.”

Then I went on to add that one day I Googled Wife uses Strapon on Husband. I was watching this guy get fucked by his wife. It looked interesting. Jessie walked in and said, “What are you watching, porn?”

I said, “Yea, watch this. This wife is using a strapon on her husband”

Her reply was, “You want me to do that to you don’t you?”

I said, “Well, I’m intrigued. It looks interesting, but the strapon is much bigger than our butt plug.”

Jessie simply said, “Take me to Key West on vacation and I’ll do it to you. Other than that, not until I get my trip to Key West.”

We saved and planned. I had no idea what Jessie was planning. We talked about going on a three day trip and saving the strapon until the last day. We went and bought an eight inch black cock with balls and a harness that fit Jessie well. The cock seemed so big. She would not let me see, but in anticipation of the trip actually told me she was practicing her strokes and I was going to be very happy with her performance in the Keys. Again, I had no idea what plans she was making.

We arrived in the Keys and did our normal thing. We enjoyed Duval street. We went to sex shops. We bought clothes and got a henna tattoo each. Mine was the loyalty sign in Chinese above my cock. I shaved the area clean. Jessie’s was a dolphin near her partially shaved pussy. She had her pussy hair in a Mohawk.

Finally the day came and Jessie asked if we could get back to the room extra early, right after lunch. I agreed and had no idea what was coming. Jessie always brings new panties and bras on trips. When we returned to the room I took a shower and walked out into the room. The bed had brand new sexy panties, bra, skirt and blouse displayed on the bed. I said, “Wow you have sexy things to wear tonight.”

Her reply was, “These are not my things. They are all yours.”

She explained that she had planned an evening with her as a man and me as a woman. This is not that big a deal in Key West. No one we knew would see us anyway so she suggested we role play. I wasn’t sure at all. I’m not a cross dresser. I really wasn’t comfortable. I said, “Are you sure? This seems a little weird.”

She said, “Trust me. This is the place to play around with this kind of fantasy. I promise you will enjoy it and for sure not regret it.”

I simply replied, “OK, I’m all in.”

She told me to go shave my legs and clean up my nipples, balls and cock. After I did she followed me back to the shower and cleaned up my butt cheeks with an electric razor. My lower body and my nipples were baby soft and feeling very different. When I put on the panties, lace top stockings, pretty lace bra and then the skirt, blouse and wig I felt so good with no hair and my body covered in silk. I was quickly getting the idea that Jessie knew what she was doing.

Jessie sells Mary Kay so she did a beautiful make-up job on me. I do have to say my lips were very beautiful in a whorish red. Jessie was so into the fantasy that it turned me on a lot. The simple idea was Jessie was going to use a big black strapon cock on me, but she turned the entire day into a sexual adventure. I can say with all honesty that it is unlikely I will ever cross dress again, but if Jessie has another fantasy to fulfill I will be dressed like a woman any day anytime.

Jessie opened doors for me, pulled my chair out at dinner and basically every courtesy a man gives a woman. She even ordered my meal for me. She constantly whispered into my ear what she was going to do that night. Finally we walked home holding hands. When we arrived at the hotel she asked me to wait outside for a minute. I did as asked and my cock was rock hard with anticipation.

Jessie opened the door and had the strapon over her panties. That was it, just panties and strapon. She pulled me into the room and said, “Baby, I need to fuck you so bad. I have waited so long for this night. I’m going to treat you really good. I need my cock in you.”

I dropped to my knees and licked and sucked her big black cock. She held the back of my head and thrusted her cock into my mouth. I held and stroked her panty covered ass as I sucked her cock. She said, “Oh baby, you suck cock so well.”

Jessie pulled me up kissed me and said, “I have to have your nipples in my mouth, baby.” She ripped my blouse off and then my pretty lace bra came off. She ravaged my nipples. At first she licked. Then she sucked. I was moaning and then she started biting my nipples. My moans became screams of pleasure. Jessie had her hand under my skirt on my cock in panties. I never felt so sexually excited. She took off the skirt. All I had left on was the lace top stockings and the panties Jessie gave me.

She said, “I know you want this cock as much as I want to fuck you, but I’m going to go slow and prime your ass. My cock is real thick and extra hard tonight for you. I plan to leave your panties on all night and your stockings too. I want to feel your stocking covered legs around my head as I fuck you.”

I got on my back on the bed. Jessie pulled my panties to the side and teased my ass hole. I was going crazy. It felt so good. She lubed my ass hole. She put one finger in me, then two and then three. I could feel my ass relax. Jessie said, “I think you are ready baby. I’ll go slow so you can enjoy every second.”

She put my legs over her shoulders. She placed the big black cock at the opening of my ass. She moved it up and down to tease me. I said, “I want cock baby. Give it to me. Give it all to me. I want to feel your balls against my ass cheeks.

She put in the head and it went in easily. She asked if I was OK. All I said was, “I love you baby, fuck me. Fuck me please.”

She slowly buried her cock into me. I moaned with pleasure. She stroked my ass in rhythm. First she used two or three real slow strokes followed by two real fast strokes. I screamed, “Give it to me baby. Fuck me hard.”

She pounded me real hard for a lot of strokes. I was gasping for air. I said, “More baby, more.”

She pulled out of me and said, “Stand up so I can give your ass a good work out.” I stood up and bent over the bed. Jessie pulled my panties aside and put her cock in me again. This time she held my hips and pulled my ass to her as she pushed forward. I could hear and feel her skin slapping my panty covered ass. She slowed down and spanked my ass, one side then the other. At first the spanks were light and then hard. I loved it.

Finally Jessie said, “How do you want to cum baby?”

I said, “Put me on my back and tease my pleasure spot until I cum.” Many female pleasure experts call the man’s frenulum the male version of a clitoris. Jessie was using my version of the clit to give me an orgasm while she fucked me

I had one of the largest cum loads of my life. It shot all over my chest and stomach. Jessie licked some of it off and kissed me so I could taste my cum. I said, “Feed me more love juice.”

She used her fingers to scrape up the cum and put it in my mouth.

That was a wild and very, very enjoyable day.

By now Zoey was on fire rubbing her own clit. She said, “What a story! I am so jealous.”

Jessie signaled to me to leave for a second without Zoey seeing her do it. While I pretend to be in the bathroom Jessie said to Zoey, “I have another fantasy and I think you are the perfect person to help me bring it to life.”

Zoey said, “I’m all ears with a really wet pussy.”

Jessie whispered, “I’ve always wanted to give Jason a night with two ladies working him into sexual ecstasy. After last night I know Jason trusts you. How about you and me double team Jason tonight? You wear my strapon and I’ll do everything I can to compliment that. For sure, I want Jason to fuck me from behind standing up while you fuck him from behind at the same time.”

Zoey said, “Oh my gosh, I just died and went to heaven. Can ask one question?”

I said, “Sure, what is it?

She eagerly said, “Is there any way Jason could dress as a woman for a while. Could we make this night, maybe just for a portion of the time, three woman all over each other?”

Jessie thought it sounded like a good idea, but told Zoey to stay quiet for a while so we can work our way into the conversation.

Jason returned and Zoey said, “Jason, that is one of the most erotic stories I have ever heard. I might not believe it if it wasn’t about you and Jessie.”

Jason said, “Anything is possible if you love each other enough to communicate what you want.”

Zoey blurted out, “Well how is this for communication. I want to fuck you tonight.”

Jason looked at Jessie and said, “Honey, I want what you want. If this is the best way for the three of us to end a very special weekend then you set the ground rules and I’ll do my part.”

Jessie said, “Well I never expected this, but I do have another fantasy I’d love to fulfill. How about if you dress up in lingerie, your wig and make-up for Zoey tonight and the two of us try to give you more pleasure than you can handle?”

The Jessie added the ground rules that Jason only fucks her. Zoey can have a dildo, tongue or fingers, but not Jason’s cock. Other than that anything goes.

Zoey jumped up and said, “My panties have been soaked since Jason started his story. Can I pick out Jason’s lingerie for tonight?”

Jessie and I walked to the kitchen while Zoey played with herself to the last orgasm until later that evening. Jessie said, “I told you she would think it was her idea. Good job. Now let’s make this a night to remember just like Key West.”

A few minutes later Zoey walked into the kitchen looking relaxed and satisfied, if only temporarily. She said, “Jason and Jessie, I realize I’m just the guest in this house where fantasies come true, but I have a couple of suggest as the new lady in the group.”

Jessie said, “I knew you would get into this in a big way, really fast. Just remember this all starts with communication with your husband and asking what sexual things he enjoys and wants. You need to call him in a few minutes. Before you call your husband go ahead and make your suggestion.”

Zoey said, “You are right. I am excited to make a sexual phone call to my hubby. My suggestion is that we have a group shave before the activities start. I’d also like to paint Jason’s fingernails. What do you think?”

Jason replied, “I love the idea. I want my entire body shaved below the waist to enjoy the feeling in lace stop stockings and panties. Anything else you want me to wear just give it to me. I’m happy to make everyone else happy, but for sure a smooth ass will make both Zoey and me happy.”

Jessie added, “Zoey you shave Jason’s nipples and ass. I’ll shave his cock and balls. He can do his own legs. Do a good job on his ass because you will be fucking it. Just a suggestion, be gentle getting started, but feel free to wear his ass out once he is comfortable. He loves a good hard ass fucking.”

My limousine pulled up outside the gated, Spanish colonial mansion in the Hollywood Hills just after 8 pm. I was a little early, but that was fine with me.

“Alicia, hold on a minute,” I said.

“Take your time,” responded the young black woman in the chauffeur’s cap.

I checked myself out in the mirror admiringly. If there was another like-minded, disinhibited woman dressed like this at Club Orquieda, I’d be in luck tonight.

I reapplied my red lipstick and added some eyeliner for a heavy, sensual look. I relished the thought of how shocked everyone back home would be if they knew how I’d spent my day here in Los Angeles…and how I planned to indulge myself until the wee hours here in the California swingers scene.

For the second straight year, I’d been invited by German fetish photographer Ute Freiberg to participate in a shoot for her annual coffee table book published by Taschen, “Latex and Leather: A Celebration.” I’d picked up a copy at a San Francisco sex toy shop called Babes in Toyland back in 2007, and eventually Googled Ute. We exchanged explicit photos and she eventually invited me to come to Los Angeles.

She told me that what convinced her was a shot I did with a friend in a local chapel I rented out. In the photo, I crouched, nude except for a black leather mask, red elbow-length gloves, and a realistic strap-on cock between my thighs, over a bound and gagged Hispanic woman in her early 40′s. I was meticulously dripping hot wax from a church candle on her rope-entwined tits as she moaned and writhed in bondage. In the background, you could see a crucifix on the wall and the blurred figure of a nun with her habit pulled up high and one hand frigging.

Today, I’d been supposed to dominate Ute’s cousin Anja in an outdoor forest shoot about two hours outside the city. I’d worked with Anja the year before — young, blonde, cute gap between her teeth, very submissive and svelte. The plan had been for her to kneel amid the tall ferns and for me to whip her with a flogger while wearing silver-framed sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat. Then Ute would photograph me leaning back against an giant redwood, legs in a wide V, as Anja submissively ate me out. I was especially excited to hear that the area we were shooting in attracted a lot of hikers, so there was a good chance I’d be seen showing off and receiving worship.

But Anja’s flight out of Frankfurt had been canceled due to a wildcat strike. So instead, Ute took me shopping for fetish clothing at the sleazy boutiques on Hollywood Boulevard, and we took some stills for another section of the book at a recording studio owned by a friend of hers.

Gazing in the limo mirror, I adjusted my top to emphasize my cleavage. I was still wearing the full latex dress I’d donned nearly eight hours ago. The feeling of the black rubber on my skin was just indescribably good. My nipples had been so hard when I first put it on at the studio, and reclined across the top of the Steinway grand piano, lifting up my leg to let Ute photograph my hairy cunt in full, explicit detail. We did some very graphic insertion shots too: I particularly enjoyed one where I pulled the latex panties aside and inserted a full bottle of Chardonnay up my slit as deep as it would go, my mouth grimacing with pleasure beneath the masquerade half-mask I wore.

The only frustrating part was that Ute had instructed me not to come during the shoot. I’d been dying for an orgasm since I was profoundly aroused the whole time. We even went out for dinner afterwards at a small Italian restaurant off Hollywood Boulevard, and I wore the same dress. It was exciting to see the men — and many of the women — checking me out with lustful eyes, and to get dirty looks from conservative wives who could easily sense, as they passed by our table, just how aroused my cunt was.

Ute had to work late and do a conference call with her German layout designers.

“But Frederika, I have now a membership for a swingers club not too far from here,” she added. “Give them my name. It is all taken care of. Perhaps you will find what you need?” She kissed me on the lips and hustled off down the street. Moments later the limo arrived.

And now I was here. I tipped my cute young driver with a crisp $20 bill (Ute always paid me cash, new notes) and got out of the limo to press the buzzer at the gates.

I felt confident, powerful, and seductive as I strode up the stone steps and knocked on the thick oak door. “Ute,” I told the doorman, and he stepped back to let me pass.

Gripping my handbag, I strode into the intimately main room with a circular bar beneath a crystal chandelier. There were people here, but no action yet. I sat down at the bar on a stool, ordered a glass of water, and purposefully positioned myself with my legs in a wide V.

Everyone was welcome to look up my skirt and see what Mama had to offer. But I wasn’t here to service flakes, fuck-ups, or losers. I was here to get my needs met. To get off hard with another woman, or maybe in a group if the opportunity arose.

But it wasn’t looking good early on. Two middle-aged guys in suits made separate timid approaches toward where I was sitting, but I shook my head and waved them off without making eye contact.

I scanned the room. There were two tall blonde women sitting on a chaise together, but they appeared to be glued to their husbands. What was I going to do.

I felt a hand tap me on the shoulder. I turned my head.

“Hi, I’m Aaron and I was just wondering — “

“Sweetheart, if you want to talk to me, it’ll cost you.”

“But I only — “

“Double vodka on the rocks. You want to talk or not?”

Aaron, who appeared to be in his early 20′s, tall and well-built, acquiesced and got me the cocktail.

I sipped it. “Honey, I came here tonight to fuck other women. That’s my number one priority. Capische?”

“Actually, I came over here on my wife’s behalf,” Aaron said. “She’s a little shy.”

He pointed across the room and waved to a 30-something, dark-haired, curvy woman with a blue silk skirt, a leopard-print handbag and a shy smile. She waved back.

“Why don’t you bring her over here?”

She sidled up shyly moments later. “Hi, I’m Ariella. We’re in town for my fashion design conference.”

I leaned in and kissed her on the mouth. “Hi, Ariella. I’m Frederika, and when I’m in Los Angeles, I’m a professional fetish model. Do you like my dress as much as I like yours?”

Ariella blushed deeply. She had a little mole next to her left ear that added to her cuteness. “I do, actually. You’re very provocative, Frederika.”

“So what can I do for you?” From my previous experience at the clubs, I’d learned not to fuck around. I enjoyed being the aggressor with men, women, couples, and groups.

Ariella took a deep breath, and blushed even more deeply. The words weren’t coming out.

Aaron put his hand on her shoulder. “Honey? Are you OK?”

I could feel interest growing around the room as people craned to watch our conversation. I smiled and put my arm around Ariella’s waist. “Come here, Ariella. Tell me your fantasy. You can whisper it in my ear.”

My cunt clenched with excitement as Ariella told me what she wanted in a hushed voice. I felt incredibly heated up. My pussy had been soaked all day and now I wanted to grind my pussy hard into the leather stool I was sitting. Or take something right up my cunt.

I stroked Ariella’s hair as she poured out her secret to me, talking to her all the while.

“Yeah, baby, is that what you want? That must turn you on so fucking bad. You know I’ll be on top, right? Are you ashamed of what you want? Then you need to play with me, Ariella. You need to let Frederika fuck you good. Because I’ve got no shame. I’m one of the nastiest girls you’ll ever meet. Do you know what I did before I flew down here? I went to a church, right before Holy Mass, and sat in a pew at the back. Then I slipped a vibrator out of my bag, put it under my skirt, and pushed it into my cunt. I fucked myself and I put the vibe right on my clitty until I had a good, fuckin’ hard orgasm, right there in church with all those people around. So I’m going to give you your nasty little slut fantasy — for my own pleasure.”

My hand caressed Ariella’s tits through her silk dress. I glanced off-handedly at Aaron.

“Outside. On the lawn,” I said.

Minutes later, I was down on my hands and knees on the lawn, getting fucked hard from behind by Aaron while Ariella lay on the grass underneath me and lapped eagerly at my soaked cunt. They were both naked, while I’d simply rolled down my latex dress and yanked off my latex thong.

Ariella’s tongue felt so good on my clit — I’d been dying to flick my bead all day. I was even more excited by the fact that she’d said she was straight and had never eaten a bi woman’s cunt before. I let out a loud animalistic cry of enjoyment. A group of swingers was standing around us, watching and encouraging us on. I could see a black couple off to the side, with the wife sucking off her husband on a chaise and watching me out of the corner of her eye.

“Oh yeah, fuck her!” someone yelled.

“Eat that pussy!”

“Eat that motherfuckin’ pussy!” It was one of the tall blondes. She’d stripped down to a red baby doll. I nodded for her to come over and join in, and her tropical-scented perfume aroused me further as she kissed me on the mouth and then started to fondle and squeeze my exposed tits.

“Ah, fuck!” I screamed. “Fuck me and suck me! Fuck me and suck me!”

“How does she feel, baby?” Ariella quavered to Aaron. “Is she a better fuck than me!”

“Oh God, yeah,” Aaron moaned. I was turned on by the age difference between the two of them and I could feel his young dick get harder inside me when she asked her question.

“You want to shoot a fuckin’ load inside me, Aaron?” I demanded in a rough voice. “You want to show your little wifey how good it feels to fuck a real woman’s cunt? Blow your load! Let it fuckin’ go. I want Ariella to eat your come right out of my cunt.”

His hard dick banged hard against my G-spot. I felt a surprising gush of liquid and it wasn’t Aaron’s cock — it was me squirting, coating Ariella’s face with my juices. I screamed out and I could hear Ariella slurping them up. The tall blonde was squeezing my nipples, pinching them the way I like. I loved hearing the cheers from the group.

Moments later, Aaron grunted loudly and shot an enormous load inside me. “Oh fuck yeah!” he gasped. “Fuck!” I couldn’t even speak. As he pulled out of me, I groaned hard and then jammed my ass down over Ariella’s face, forcing her to suck the cum straight out of my motherfuckin’ slit.

“Ah, shit yeah, put your tongue up me,” I rasped. I wasn’t done with her yet. I forced my fingers inside myself and brought them out dripping with cream and cunt juice. I smeared it all over my body, savoring the applause. I realized there was a balcony on the neighboring house and now I could see two girls up there, silhouetted, watching my raunchy performance.

I moved off Ariella’s face and then inserted my fingers into myself again. Dripping. Hot. So nasty. I pushed two fingers into my ass…and then said: “Get behind me, Ariella.”

She pushed her dark hair back from her face and then began to lick and tonguefuck my asshole obediently. It felt so good to get anal worship from another woman at a swingers club with dozens of people watching.

“Straight up my asshole, baby,” I told her. I could see people standing around masturbating, including Aaron, who was already rock hard again watching his wife tonguefuck my ass. “You into that nasty stuff, Ariella? You like to fuckin’ lick out my asshole? You should, you little cunt.”

Ariella continued until I was satisfied. Then I told her she could come lie on a chaise by the pool with me, and we stroked each other’s trembling bodies until it was time for my limo to arrive. I wish I had time to tell you about what my driver Alicia proposed to me when I climbed back in, but that’ll have to wait for another time.

A couple weeks after my wife and I returned home from a trip to Key West where she fucked my virgin ass real good things were calming down. My wife gets wild and kinky in Key West for some reason. We have a great sex life at home, but other than me wearing her panties and us fucking four times a week, we are pretty normal.

Then I got a text from my wife. It read “I really want to fuck your ass again. How about tonight Panty Husband?” My heart started racing.

I was shocked. I thought that fantasy of both my wife and me was in the past. What was she dreaming up now? My wife and I communicate well. It’s the main reason we have such a great sex life. We talk and do our best to satisfy each other and as long as it’s just the two of us anything goes.

I called my wife on the way home in my car. I said, “What are you thinking about for tonight?”

She admitted that she really loved fucking me with a strapon and wanted to do it again. She even thought she might be able to orgasm while fucking me if we planned everything just right. I said, “I love your fucking me and am ready any time you are.” Let’s talk more when I get home.

I arrived home and there was no need to talk. My wife greeted me at the kitchen door from the garage in a see through silk robe. It was very easy to see black tanga panties, a matching black bra and her strapon harness with her 8 inch black cock attached. She said, “I’m really horny for your ass. Can we fuck now and have dinner later?”

I said, “I’m all for that. Let me go change.”

She said, “I already have some things on the bed for you. Just put them on, please.”

I got to the bedroom. The blinds were closed tight. Twenty candles we lit. Incense was burning. Our fuck palace was ready for action. The master bathroom light was on with the door open so it was relatively well lit. I saw a red pair of panties, red lace top stockings, a black garter belt and a red Victoria Secret bra with the tit inserts from Key West next to it making me a 38C. I noticed the bra was the style that bragged to increase your cup size by two cups. I put it on and was transformed from a flat-chested guy to a 38DD as soon as I put the inserts in.

I have no idea why she wants me dressed in lingerie to fuck me. It’s her idea. As long as it’s our secret I love it because I get my ass stretched and pounded for the second time. The first was great.

I got dressed, closed the bathroom door and the scene was set in the fuck palace. It was very romantic. I walked out and my wife’s eyes lit up. She was so ready.

She came over and kissed me and had her hands all over me. She was rubbing my panties on my ass, my legs with the stockings and squeezing my bra. There are really no titties to squeeze, but VS does and amazing job making their push-up very soft. The only other time I saw my wife this wild was in Key West. She was ready and she was in control.

She whispered to me, “I want you to ride my big black cock Cowgirl style. We didn’t do that in Key West. While you ride my cock I’m going to do everything I can to have the harness and cock hit my clit. I want to orgasm as I fuck you.”

I said, “Baby, I’ll do anything you ask. Just coach me as we fuck.”

She played with my cock in my panties. I was as ready as she was. She held my hand and walked me to the bedroom. She told me to bend over the side of the bed. I did and she pulled my panties to the side just like I do to her. She lubed my ass and placed her finger in me to get me ready.

I said, “Honey, I am so hot I am ready right now. Tell me what you want.”

She said, “I’ll get on my back. You straddle me. I’ll help you slide your panties to the side and get the cock ready for you to sit on.

She took the lube and squirted a big wad into her hand and stroked her cock. She said, “Let’s get to the fucking. Ride me panty cowgirl.”

I straddled her thighs with my ass in the air. My wife quickly moved my red panties to the side and placed her big black cock right on my ass hole. I slid back on it and it went right in all the way to the balls. I put my hands on her legs and started sliding up and down on her. Man, was this good. I now see why women love being on top. I was fucking her cock, but I was in control. Fast or slow, deep or short strokes were all my choice. I was great.

My wife started saying things like, “Ride my cock, baby. Fuck yourself real good. Your ass looks so good. Your panties are so sexy.”

I’m not sure what happened, but suddenly my wife said, “Pound my cock, I am going to cum. Pound it baby, pound it hard.”

I immediately started thrusting myself down on her as hard as I could. It was enough for me to hear, “Oh baby, I’m cumming. Don’t stop. Don’t stop.”

The ride was enough for my wife to have two orgasms close together. I loved pounding her cock into my ass as much as she did.

Eventually, she said, “Please slow down. I need a short rest.”

I twisted around and sat facing her with her black cock still in me. We relaxed. As she recovered I said, “Can I pound you one more time?”

She said, “Sure, enjoy yourself.”

I got up on my feet using the headboard. I was squatting on that big black cock and balancing myself. It seemed to open everything up. I gave myself a long slow set of deep strokes and then stopped. While I was doing this I screamed out, “I love you baby, fuck my ass with your big black cock. Fuck me good baby.”

I slumped onto my wife’s chest. I was still hard. I asked my wife, “How would you prefer I cum? I really need to get off a big load.”

She said, “It may change in the future, but today I am not willing to let my wife put her real cock into my pussy. I want to take care of you by titty fucking you. Lay flat on the bed and let me do my job of getting you off.”

I laid back. My wife dripped lube onto my cock and rubbed it all over her titties. She placed my cock between her 38D tits and stroked me. I loved her tits, but it took her hand to get me off. I had a massive load of cum all over her tits.

My wife is the best ever. I have a great life.

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We’re a pretty average 90′s couple; two cars, a house in the suburbs, no kids, lots of tech toys. If we had kids, we’d probably be active in the PTA and Little League, but since we don’t, we’ve had to find other ways to amuse ourselves.

Sex has always been pretty good between us, but it got REALLY interesting about a year ago when we discovered that she got out of her mind horny after watching me show myself to another woman.

We were at a beach near our house, playing a game where we made believe that we met each other randomly, went back to my place and screwed. Sometimes she’d play willing and pliable, other times reluctant and standoffish, but it was always hot.

We arrived together, but set up our blankets about 50 yards apart. While she lathered herself with suntan lotion, I decided to go for a swim. Feeling a little devilish, I’d gone out earlier in the week and purchased a pair of thin white cotton shorts to wear that day. They were solid enough dry, but once they got wet, you could see absolutely everything!

I made sure that I spent enough time in the water to get my shorts good and wet, then returned to my blanket, where I picked up a towel and started toweling my head. I made sure that I was facing in my wife’s direction as I covered my face and head and took a good five minutes to work the ocean out, the sun in back of me leaving nothing to the imagination. As I rubbed dry, I thought about the show I was giving my wife, and started to grow hard.

Removing the towel, I realized that an incredible looking woman had positioned herself on a towel between my wife and me, and was sitting eye level with my crotch. My wife noticed that the woman was staring at my cock and hung back, waiting to see what would unfold. She motioned me to come forward, so I made my way over to the woman’s towel.

I could not believe she was alone. Sun bleached blonde hair, tiny little waist with no hint of flab, grapefruit sized tits, and a deep tan that, from the looks of things, did not end at the skimpy perimeter of her bathing suit. I stopped on the sand a few feet from her and looked down.

“Hi,” I said. “Was it my imagination, or were you looking at me?”

She responded without looking away from my crotch. “Well, that depends. Was it MY imagination, or can I see your cock through your shorts?”

Is spite of myself, I blushed at her directness.

“Mmmm,” she continued, her voice pleasingly husky. “That’s pretty thick. How well do you use it?”

I could not believe this. I was rock hard, being hit on by this gorgeous creature, and my wife was less than three feet away. I looked over at her, and she nodded, indicating that I should continue.

“Pretty good, I think. The only complaint I’ve ever had is that it didn’t fit in easy.”

Luckily, it was still early enough that this part of the beach wasn’t crowded yet. Actually, the reason we’d originally chosen it was because the sun came over the cliffs later, so fewer people came in the morning. I was hoping that we might get a little in behind one of the rocks just for the rush of doing it outside.

“Mind if I check?” she asked, reaching out to trace the ridge of my cockhead with her hand. “Oh, that’s wonderful. I don’t know how easy it would fit, but I’d love to try.”

She rested her hand on my shorts and started to slowly rub me. I know how it felt to me, but apparently, it also felt pretty good to her. Her bikini bottoms were starting to darken in the crotch, and she was pressing herself into her blanket, trying to scratch an itch that needed a little more than a long finger. With her free hand, she reached down and pulled her bathing suit to one side, giving me a view of her clean-shaven pussy. Moisture had collected on her swollen, outer lips and I could see her clit peeking out of its hood as it grew hard. Quickly, she looked around and spied my wife, who had anticipated the movement and turned away only a moment before, feigning a search for some elusive seashell in the sand. The woman turned back to me removing her hand from my shorts.

Looking at my face for the first time she said, “We really don’t have any privacy here.” She reached over to her beach bag, pulled out a paperback book and a pen, and scrawled something on the book’s title page. “Here’s my number. Call me tonight and we’ll pick up where we left off.”

As if to seal the deal, she leaned back on the towel, removed her top, and proceeded to sun those glorious tits. I was done. Turning around and making my way painfully back to my towel, I collected my things and almost ran to the parking lot. I leaned against our car and waited for my wife to join me.

Normally conservative in public, she hadn’t even bothered to throw a cover over her bathing suit as she came rushing over to the car. Without saying a word she began kissing me, first on the lips, then on the neck, then down my chest and along my stomach. Not caring who might see, she continued down, sliding my shorts down over my hips as she dropped to her knees. My cock sprung out gratefully, happy to be free of the confines of my shorts. But freedom was short lived; in one gulp, Sara, my wife of seven years, engulfed my cock with her mouth and began to work it down the back of her throat. I could not believe that this was my wife blowing me in the parking lot at 9 o’clock on a Wednesday morning.

She choked hungrily on my cock, mashing her nose in my pubic hair as her throat muscles strongly massaged my cockhead and shaft. Normally she has trouble deep throating me because I’m so thick, but today she went at it with all the energy of a seasoned pro. I was so horny I didn’t care who saw either, leaned my head back on the car, and started fucking her face, reaching down to control the movement of her head as I pushed my cock further and further into her mouth.

Her enthusiasm proved to be too much for me, and I came in minutes. My load seemed to fuel some fire deep inside her, because at the first shot of cum, she reached down and started tugging on her clit, firmly pinching it between her thumb and forefinger as she pulled. With my cock still in her mouth and pumping cum down her throat she started to cum herself, causing my cock to vibrate in her mouth as she screamed with it still in her mouth.

When she was finished she stood up and leaned against me, my pants still around my ankles, breathing heavily. I waited for her to regain some composure before I started in with the questions. “What the hell was that all about,” I asked, the shock evident in my voice.

“I don’t know what came over me. I was all set to start playing our game when I noticed that woman staring at you. I could see your cock so clearly through your shorts! And then something about the fact that she could see you got me excited.” She stopped and took a deep breath. “By the time she started rubbing your cock, I was soaked; if she had pulled it out, I probably would have cum right there. By the time I got to the car, I couldn’t think straight. I had to have your cock in me. The blowjob was just the quickest way.”

She’d never come before without getting fucked, at least not with me. I had to admit, it was hot. She made me drive home with my pants off so she could stroke me the whole way home (thank God we didn’t get pulled over for speeding or anything!). Once we got home, she spread out on the trunk of the car and begged me to fuck her in the garage. I still can’t remember how many times we screwed that day, but it was definitely the beginning of a new chapter in our life.

After that day, Sara’s whole outlook changed. She threw away all of my underwear, so that I would be free to flash whenever she wanted me to. She started nagging me to go to the gym so that I stayed in shape, and would sometimes “accidentally” rip my shorts in the crotch so that she could masturbate to the thought of women looking at me. When I got home, I was in for hours of sexplay. She also bought me tighter, more revealing clothes for when we went out together, and on more than one occasion we had to excuse ourselves from a party so that we could go outside and fuck because she was so worked up.

The one place we drew the line was actually cheating. I did not sleep with any of the women who approached me, and I don’t think that she ever slept with any other guy. In fact, I don’t think that she even looked at another guy. Neither of us really ever had the desire to be with anyone else.

One day, after I’d been out for a run (wearing only form fitting lycra running shorts and running shoes, the way Sara liked), Sara met me at the front door and asked me to hurry up and shower, because she wanted to go eat. She’d finally gotten reservations for a new restaurant in town that she’d been dying to try. When I got out of the shower, she’d already laid out my clothes for me, her signal that this was going to be one of our “adventures”. I quickly pulled on the sweater, but almost put my foot through the rip in the crotch of the jeans she’d picked out.

“Sara!” I yelled. “How the hell do you expect me to wear these? There’s nothing bloody to them!”

She appeared around the doorway with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye. “They’ll be fine once you get them on. The sweater hangs down low enough, at least until you’re aroused. Then you might peek through,” the twinkle got a little brighter, “but that’s OK.”

Shrugging, I pulled on the pants, because I knew better than to argue. She was horny, so I just figured I’d strap in and enjoy the ride, wherever it might take me. She was right, you couldn’t see anything under the sweater, but I felt a helluva breeze! In the garage, she tossed me the car keys.

“You drive. I want to relax.”

In Sara speak, that meant she wanted to play with me so that I’d be hard and horny and would put on a good show. While we drove, she gave directions, and played with my cock through the hole. In almost no time I was hard, especially since I’d just finished my run and the testosterone level was pretty high. By the time we got to the restaurant I was Rock hard and sporting a tent. Of course Sara wouldn’t hear of letting it subside before we went in.

The hostess had to have seen my hard on, but was too polite to say anything. Sara had already been here, and knew exactly which table she wanted: one in the back of the restaurant, on a raised platform. Anyone approaching the table from a particular direction would be eye level with my crotch.

After we were seated, Sara leaned over to me and whispered, “Those pants must be terribly uncomfortable. Why don’t you slip out the hole? You can cover it with your napkin, and I bet it’d feel better.” The pressure was getting unbearable, so I took her advice. She was right; it felt a whole lot better.

As our waitress walked toward the table, Sara reached over and snatched away the napkin. The girl’s eyes arched in surprise, but that was the only indication that she had seen what was under the table. To Sara’s delight, she began checking on us quite often, and each time we gave her a show. It was just like any other time until Sara reached under the table and started to stroke me slowly. God it felt so good to my aching cock! After a few pumps, I didn’t care that we were in a restaurant. I leaned my head back and thrust my hips into her hand until she stopped suddenly. I opened my eyes and there was our waitress standing over me, and there was no mistaking her thoughts.

She was a pretty girl, built like a dancer. She had very long legs, accented by the skimpy skirt that she was required to wear as part of her uniform. She wasn’t wearing stockings, so we could see all the ripples in her legs that started in her calves and went up under her skirt. Her uniform blouse was tunic style, cut loose (after all, this was a classy place), which normally would have hidden her breasts (if I had to guess, I would have put her at a 34 C), but I guess our show was affecting her as bad as it was affecting me. Her nipples were sticking out prominently, like two pencil tips, and they burned deep red through the white of her blouse. Her brown hair was pulled back, which just emphasized the flush in her face. She was softly biting her bottom lip, like she was trying not to scream. She leaned close to us, so that she had a bird’s eye view of my cock. Even though she was talking to Sara, her eyes never left my lap.

“Ma’am, I have to ask you to stop that,” she said shakily.

Sara was the picture of innocence. “Stop what, dear. We’re not bothering anyone, are we?”

The waitress closed her eyes for a minute before she continued speaking. “No, you’re not too loud. In fact, I’m probably the only person who knows what’s going on back here. But I can’t take much more. At first it was kind of freaky, but when you started to jerk him I had to go back into the break room and take my bra off because I was getting so horny I almost came from the friction!”

Sara smiled wickedly and looked the girl straight in her eye. She grabbed hold of the hole that my cock was hanging out and tugged violently, fully exposing my cock and balls.

“Oops,” she said softly. “Did I hurt you?’ she asked. “Let mommy kiss it and make it better.”

Then she leaned in and swallowed my whole cock down to the balls. She must have been really hot, because she’d never done ANYTHING like that before. I was putty, submitting to whatever whim she had. I looked up at the waitress, who was unconsciously tweaking her nipple through her uniform blouse and panting softly.

Sara gave several long sucks and sat up. “We’ll take our check now. Unless you’d like to show us something for desert.”

The girl didn’t even hesitate. “Wait here. I’ll be back in a minute.”

Quickly, she disappeared down the steps and into the kitchen. Moments later she returned, but she wasn’t carrying any menu or dessert tray.

“Follow me,” she whispered. “Hurry!”

Sara got up and followed the girl, with me close behind. Trying to attract as little attention as possible, the girl ushered us past the kitchen and down a long corridor toward the bathroom. Mercifully, we didn’t run into anyone, because in the condition my pants were in, it would have been awkward. At the end of the hallway was an unmarked door, which the waitress opened and rushed in, motioning us to follow. If Sara hadn’t stopped short I would have gone tumbling headfirst down the stairs. Guiding me with her hand on my cock, she led to the bottom of the stairs, where our waitress was stripping off her uniform in front of several sacks of rice.

“That fucking blowjob put me over the edge,” she said, kicking off her skirt and dropping down on top of the rice sacks, vigorously fingering her pussy. “I don’t care who, but somebody has to help me or I’m going to die!”

I thought that was my cue, but Sara beat me to the punch. Throwing a leg over each shoulder, she spread the girl’s pussy as far apart as it would go and plunged her face between her legs. I couldn’t see much, but I could hear the wet sloppy sounds of Sarah’s tongue attacking. The girl responded in kind, humping Sara’s face, trying to get more tongue inside.

I couldn’t take it any more and bent down in back of my wife, pulling down her slacks and trapping her legs. I stuck a finger in her pussy and almost slid my whole hand in, she was so wet. With barely a push I slid in from behind up to my balls and started fucking Sara slowly, ignoring the pace she was keeping on the girls pussy, because I wanted it to last. As the girl’s orgasm started to build, she began pushing her hips harder into Sara’s face. Never having been with a woman before, I don’t think Sara had a lot of experience with what to do, so she did what she’d always felt me do; suck on the girl’s clit. The girl must not have had a lot of experience either, because as soon as Sara got her button between her lips, the girl stuffed her hand in her mouth to keep from screaming as she started to cum. Almost simultaneously I felt Sara’s pussy clamp around my cock, which signaled the start of her orgasm. I had to pull almost all the way out to keep from cumming myself, leaving just my cock head in for her to wrap her pussy around.

“Uuunnnhhhhh,” Sara moaned from between the girl’s legs. Looking past her, I could see that the girl’s eyes were clamped shut and she had cum so hard that tears were rolling down the side of her face. The two women collapsed in a pile.

“Hey,” I called out. “What’s your name, anyway?” The least I could do was find out who my wife’s first woman was.

“Jenni,” she breathed heavily, her eyes still closed. “But you two can call me what ever you want.”

“Good, because what I want to call you now is on my cock.” Both women looked up at me. “She, ” I said, gesturing toward Sara, “will not be having all of the fun today.”

Quickly stripping off my clothes, I sat down next to Jenni. “Up and at ‘em, little girl. You’ve got a ride ahead of you.”

And little she was. The poor girl was very slender hipped, which usually meant a narrow pussy. Years of practice had made it easier for Sara to take me, but for the uninitiated, it was going to be tough. Fortunately, Sara’s tongue bath had loosened her up.

I had Jenni straddle me with her back toward me, and slowly squat down. I felt her shiver when my cock made first contact with her outer lips, and used it trembling to my advantage. I jabbed quickly, and my cock head slid in with a pop.

“Oh God, oh Jesus, Jesus, wait!” she screamed. “It feels like you just rammed me with a baseball bat! Please, just wait a second!”

But I was long past waiting. I was hard, and I was horny. “Sara, help her out, please.”

Sara was like a kid in a candy store, pulling one of Jenni’s rock hard nipples into her mouth and sucking deeply. I felt her juices flow over my embedded cock, and I worked more of it in.

“That’s it Sara, make her wetter! I’m almost in.”

Sara heeded my urgings and started to really work on Jenni’s tits. Jenni began whimpering as I worked deeper and deeper into her, splitting her in two. The muscles on her thighs stretched taunt as she tried to balance herself on my cock, hoping to control how fast I plunged it. I had an idea how we could move this along.

“Sara, honey, lick her like you did before.”

Sara dropped down between our legs and started to lick my shaft, getting the part that was exposed nice and wet. She then lapped at the place where Jenni’s pussy met my cock. I was able to slide in a little further, but Jenni was still resisting. Then Sara started sucking on Jenni’s clit, and her control failed. I could tell it was slipping because her pussy, already tight as a vise, started to clench my cock like she wanted to pull it off, drawing it deeper inside. With a final push, I was in up to my balls.

Justin and I had been fucking around with each other for a few weeks now. To me it was just that. Fucking. To him it was something else and something he wanted to build on. I suppose I am an asshole because I knew that and I passively lead him on. I’ve always been pretty private and slightly ashamed I like to fuck men. There’s is definitely no way I wanted to go out with him in public even if he was semi passable in drag. It was becoming a sore spot between us.

We had plans to meet that night at his apartment. Earlier over the phone he had hinted around that we should go out for a few drinks at a gay bar he knew, but I ignored him and got him to settle on just staying home. I was supposed to show up at 8pm but I’ve always hated waiting around so I showed up fresh from the shower at about 7:30. After knocking on his cheap apartment door I waited for him to open it. I could feel him peering out of the eye hole at me. When he opened the door I could tell he was pissy.

“Your early.” He said flatly.

“Yeah. I was ready so I figured I’d just head over.” I could see I had caught him before he was ready. His natural dark brown hair was still slightly damp and slightly curly. He had already put on his make up but he was only dressed in a tight v neck white tee shirt and a pair of cut off gray sweat pants. Justin was taller and skinnier then I was. On it’s own his body never appeared feminine or sexy to me, but he had this way of standing and moving that seemed to accent everything and turn me on.

“I’m not ready yet.” He kept his voice low and he cocked his hip the slightest. I knew he was still touchy about our “relationship”. I briefly wondered if tonight might not even happen.

“Hey come on. Look I brought some wine.” I raised the bottle lamely and smiled my best smile. I could tell it didn’t work but he moved aside to let me in anyway.

“Open it if you want and have a seat while I finish getting ready.” He raised his long left arm and pointed a skinny finger towards the small economy kitchen while he walked back into his bedroom. I watched him go and felt my cock twitch as I looked at his small butt in his tight old sweat pants. Walking into his tiny but immaculate kitchen I fumbled around for a corkscrew and let the wine breathe. I walked towards his bedroom and glanced in.

“Hey. I’m sorry if…” I stopped mid sentence as I caught him peeling off his tight sweat shorts halfway down his bare ass. He stopped and stood there looking back at me over his shoulder. His clear blue eyes were still annoyed with me but I just briefly glanced at them. Instead I focused on his tight smooth butt.

“Um, I’m dressing here. Do you mind?”

“Yeah, sorry. But your so fucking hot in those shorts.” I could feel my chest getting tight and I felt my cock nod it’s approval too.

“These? Please. Now go away so I can finish.” His voice lost a little of it’s annoyance and his eyes softened a bit at my compliment. I walked into the room and reached out and put my hand on his thin hip.

“No I’m serious. Your so fucking hot.” I tried to pull him backwards into me, but he resisted and pulled up the shorts. I could smell his light fruit-like perfume. Justin was about 7 inches taller then me. I leaned up and kissed the back of his neck softly.


“Shhhh.” He didn’t resist when I pulled him back into me this time and I felt the top of my rock hard dick nestle in the bottom of his sweat pant clad butt cheeks. I had both my hands on his hips now.

“No.” He said as I kissed him again, a little longer and gave him a light lick. I could feel his small hairs as the tip of my tongue found the soft skin on the back of his neck.

“No. Stop.” He brushed my hands off and spun away from me. He looked at me fully from a few feet away. “Jay stop and let me get dressed.” “Undressed?” I asked hopefully arching an eyebrow. “Not amusing. You know how much time I spend getting ready? You don’t see it and you don’t even care. You just show up, want to have sex, mess everything up, then leave. It’s like all that time is for nothing. It doesn’t even matter to you.” He threw his hands up as he spoke to me. I’d heard this speech before from past girl friends. But I also knew that he was right.

“Okay. Your right about some of that, but your wrong about me not caring. I do care. I just think you look really sexy right now. But I’m sorry.” I reached out and grabbed him by one of his thin elbows and pulled him closer to me. I looked up into his eyes. “I’m sorry I came over early and I’m sorry I don’t tell you how much I appreciate you taking your time to look your best.” These were lines I’ve said before but I meant them this time. “I know I’m kind of an asshole sometimes. I’m not good with this…this stuff.”

I don’t know quite what I meant by that line. Was it the fact that he was a biological male, a part time transvestite, or did I really mean I wasn’t good at emotional connections? Maybe it was all of it.

“Thank you. Did you ever think that maybe “I” feel better if I’m dressed?”" He leaned down and gave me a brief peck on the side of my mouth that I found incredibly sexy. I wanted to grab him and kiss him, but I let him go and stepped out of his way.

“No. Do you remember the part where I said I was an asshole sometimes?” He laughed a little at this and turned his back towards me. I started to turn around to leave the bedroom when I felt him grab my wrist in his long thin fingers. “Who said you could go?”

“I was just going to wait in the living room.” I pointed backwards over my shoulder with my thumb as if he didn’t know where it was.

“No. Your going to stay and watch but you stay put unless I need your help.” Justin and I always had an odd relationship. He was very feminine most of the time and I preferred to be what I considered a “normal” guy, but sometimes when it came to sex he had a slight edge about him.

“You don’t have to tell me twice.”

He leaned in close to me and breathed into my ear and whispered softly. “And after that your going to take me out for some drinks or your never going to fuck me again.” I’ve never heard anyone make the word “fuck” sound so utterly filthy and naughty as he did right then. He kissed the bottom of my ear lobe and sucked it slightly to punctuate his point. He stepped back and smiled at me. I knew he was giving me a choice. I’m not good when people give me ultimatums. I almost always act contrary just to spite them. I surprised myself when I spoke.


“Good. Now that that’s settled…” I watched as he cocked his hip slightly before turning around facing the wall. He arched his back a bit, making his ass look even sexier then it had before, and slowly he pulled down the pair of old cut off sweat pants he was wearing. I watched paralyzed as his bare ass emerged. I wanted to run over there and bury my hands, face, and cock in it. As if he was reading my mind, he spoke up in his best silky feminine voice. “Ah ah. Remember I said you are only here to help.” I watched as his shorts slipped down his long skinny legs and piled up at his bare feet. He stepped out of them daintily and I saw a glimpse of his long, thick, limp cock as it swayed with his movements. When he was fully erect it was a solid 10 inches, ram rod straight, and thick. He kept himself nearly neatly shaved including his big heavy balls. He walked over to his dresser and bent a knee slightly, jutting out his hip to show off his ass. “Can you pick those up for me?” He looked down at his discarded shorts.

I nearly leapt across the room to get them, keeping my eyes centered on his ass, wanting to plant kisses all along it and the small of his back. Instead I tossed the shorts casually on his low bed. I watched as he reached into a drawer and pull out a pair of gorgeous lacy panties. He then gracefully stepped into them and began to pull them up over his butt cheeks. The tight material lifted and held his smooth white ass for a moment before letting go and sliding into place. He looked back over his shoulder at me, his blue eyes clear and confident. I glanced back down at his beautiful ass, my cock rock hard, as I saw the smooth curves of the panties accent his slender pelvis. His milky white skin poked out from beneath the lace and I would have given anything to feel his pantied crotch against my cock right then and there.

“Pretty.” I mumbled out thickly and stupidly.

“Mmhmm.” He agreed before reaching back into the drawer and getting a pair of black sheer thigh high stockings with lacy tops. I stood there stupidly as he sat on the bed and pulled them up over his long feet, slender legs, and up to his thighs. I wanted to feel my hands on those thighs. I looked at his crotch and saw his huge balls and cock straining against the tight lacy fabric. In the times we’d been together I never had sucked his cock, but for the first time I was finding myself wanting too.

“Your so goddamn sexy.”

“You keep saying that, but thank you.”

“You could a least pretend to blush while I’m drooling over you.” Once the last stocking was in place he stood up and reached down with both hands and peeled off his tight v neck tee shirt. His chest was smooth and toned. He surprised me by covering his bare nipples with one of his arms in a gesture I found surprisingly sexy. He then smiled at me and turned around and retrieved a matching bra from his drawer. He put it on smoothly and peered back at me somewhat shyly.

“Can you fasten it for me?” I quickly stepped forward and attached the hooks into the catch. His skin felt smooth under my fingers and his perfume was alluring. Ever so slightly he leaned back and bumped his ass into my crotch before pulling away.

“Remember the night we first met?” He asked almost teasingly.

“I do. I remember how good you felt.” I quickly thought back to that night at my brother’s Halloween party where I first saw him in drag. He had given me the hottest bare assed lap dance I’d ever had.

“You must have thought I was a slut.”

“Actually I did.” I teased and moved towards him. “I still think your a slut.”

“Says you!” he feigned offense and danced away. “I can see your cock is rock hard you know…”

“That’s your fault.” I reached out for him.

“No I said.” He slapped my hand away playfully. “I told you you couldn’t touch. I never said I couldn’t.”

“Touch all you want then.”

“Show it to me.”


“Your cock. Show it to me.”

I quickly undid my belt, pulled out my shirt, unzipped my jeans, and pulled my underwear down to my knees. My average, curved dick, was nearly at it’s fullest. I noticed a small drip of precum in my underwear and on the tip of my cock.

“Your so nasty.” He said before he squatted down and put his pretty face inches from my displayed cock. “You’ve made a mess before anything even happened.” He leaned forward and breathed hot air on my cock, his mouth open as if he was going to suck it. Quickly he took just the barest bit of it’s tip in his warm mouth, cleaning off my precum, then stood quickly and kissed me deeply. His tongue meet mine and I could taste my salty peppery cum on his tongue. I kissed him fully and deeply as if I was trying to drink him all in. My hands went to his wet damp hair and pulled him in tighter, before he broke away and hoarsely spoke.

“No. Not yet.” I watched crestfallen as his took a finger and wiped the smeared lipstick off his face. “Alright now I’ve got to fix this. Go on and wait for me in the living room.”

“I don’t think I can sit with a hard on like this.” I bent down pulled up my clothes before leaving his bedroom. A few agonizing minutes later he emerged from his bedroom in complete drag.

“You look beautiful.” My eyes swept over him staring at his black high heels, slender legs, and up to a tight skirt that barely covered the tops of his thigh high stockings. Up top he wore a a tight short sleeved blouse. His dark curly hair was just brushing his shoulders, and his eyes shone fiercely. He gave me an exaggerated puckering of his red lips.

“Thank you. I feel better now. You ready to go?”

“Yeah, uh where exactly are we going?”

“I figured I’d be easy on you. Let me get my purse and I’ll give you directions on the way.”


Justin was being easy on me. He knew I was still uncomfortable with people knowing about us so we ended up in a gay friendly bar the next town over. The entire 35 minute ride there I snuck perverted glances at Justin while we made small talk. The anticipation was killing me. As we pulled in and parked he spoke in his sexy sultry voice. “Relax. This is just a normal place. Drinks, a little dance floor, stuck up bitches, just your normal type of bar.”

“I am relaxed.” I lied. “But I was expecting a place with wall to wall cocks and ass.”


We headed into the bar, getting pummeled in the face immediately by it’s annoying pop music. As I looked around, I noticed that all in all it did seem like a normal place. There were quite a few male couples sitting at booths, at the bar, and on the dance floor. I noticed there were quite a few actual women intermixed, but I only spotted one other guy in drag. Hand in hand we made our way to the bar and ordered a drink. The music was loud and you had to yell to be heard, but soon enough Justin saw a few people he knew and we joined them at their table. We ended up staying only a few hours total. It wasn’t exactly my cup of tea but all in all it was a lot better then I thought it would be. Soon we said our goodbyes and I was out the door with a half drunk Justin. Once we got to the car I unlocked his side as he steadied himself on it.

“Have fun?” I asked as I opened the door.

“Yes. Yes I did. Thank you.”

“Me too.”

“Your such a liar. You hated every minute of it.”

“I did not!” I feigned injury.

“Yes you did. You probably would have been better off if it was cock and ass wall to wall.”

I laughed out loud at this. “Not true, but I’m glad you had a good time.”

“I did. And I really appreciate you going with me.” He tried to say this as sober as possible. I could tell he was being serious and it made me uncomfortable. Unsure of what to do I leaned up and kissed him fully on the lips. I could taste the slight, but not unpleasant, sourness of the wine he’d been drinking. Eager, he kissed back hard and pressed himself into me. I broke away after a few moments.

“Lets go.” He nodded agreement and slide into the car. He looked up at me happily as I shut the car door and got into my side. By the time I was climbing in, he already was reapplying his make up.

“There’s no keeping my girl from looking pretty is there?”

“Nope.” He laughed as I started the drive back to his apartment.


About 5 minutes into the ride home I told him again how sexy he looked tonight.

“Thanks. I bought these panties just for you, you know.”

“I like them even better then I think. But I can’t be too sure you know.”

“Oh really?” He turned his head sideways and narrowed his eyes feigning attitude.

“At least not unless I see them again.” I smirked predictably at him.

“Hmph. Pervert.” I glanced over at him as he turned back towards the front. Looking down in his lap I saw how far his skirt had ridden up exposing his smooth creamy thighs.

“I mean it. Show them to me. Pull your skirt up.” He looked back towards me and into my eyes before he realized I was serious. Never taking his eyes off me he reached down with both hands and pulled his skirt up towards his hips. I made sure I watched the road as best I could.

“Like this? Is this what you wanted to see?”

“Higher.” I commanded and he obeyed.

“Like this? Do you like looking at my panties?” I did. His big ball sack and fat cock sat hugged perfectly by the black lace.

“Now take them off and give them to me.” Knowing this was pay back from earlier he nodded solemnly, arched his hips, and slide his panties down and off. As he handed them over, his bright blue eyes looked into mine. I took them with a free hand and shoved them into my pants pocket.

“Now what?” He asked innocently.

“Spread your legs. Put your right foot on the dash.” I’d be lying if I didn’t mention how hard it was to keep the car going straight at this point. He complied and I looked down into his lap. His ball sack was resting heavily on my leather seats.

“Jerk yourself off.”

“Your so nasty.” He said as he reached down and filled his skinny fingers with his big soft cock. “Your so bad, making me touch my cock. Is this what you want me to do? To get my big cock hard?”

“Yes.” I kept an eye on the road and an eye on him as he squeezed his dick with his pale hand. It was starting to stand up and get harder. “Both hands.” I commanded and watched as his second hand joined in stroking in time, up and down his shaft. “Jerk that big cock with both hands.” He nodded at me and begun. Soon he was leaning back into his seat and breathing heavy.

“If you cum, I’m going to stop and leave you out here.”

“I’m going to come if I keep this up.” He whined in his sultry voice.

“You can stop.” He settled back down and I looked over as his cock lay diagonal in his lap. Impulsively I reached over and grabbed it in my hand.

“Ohhh.” He gasped.

“Hush.” I started to stroke his dick, feeling it swell and grow in my clenched fist. I squeezed it hard every now and then and watched his breath catch as I did it.

“What kind of slut takes her panties off and gets jerked off in a car?” I asked him.

“A nasty girl like me.”

I had his cock almost fully hard by this point so I slide my hand down his shaft to the base as far as it could go and squeezed hard.

“Oh shit. Pull over and fuck me.” He looked at me pleadingly.

“No.” I let go of his dick and put both hands on the wheel.

“That it?” He asked incredulously after a few moments.

“For now.”

“You big fucking tease.” He exhaled loudly.

“I’m keeping the panties.”

“No I want those back.” He whined.

“Shh. I don’t talk to half naked, drunk girls, who make messes in cars.”

“But I didn’t…” He trailed off as I pointed out the line of precum his cock had left on his pale thigh.

“See what did I tell you?”

He gingerly reached down with one finger and wiped it up before sticking it between his painted lips. “Mmmm. I want more. Can’t you drive any faster?”


I had his skirt up over his bare ass as he tried to get his key in the apartment door. Somehow with me grinding into him, he managed to get the door open and we were inside. Turning around to face me he bent down and attacked me with his lips. We could barely keep up with each other and I felt his cock head pressing into my stomach. He kicked the door shut, fumbled with the lock, and we made our way into his bedroom and landed on the bed. I kicked my shoes off as I climbed on top of him. His skirt was in disarray still pushed up around his waist. I felt my shaft connect with his through my clothes and he moaned as I ground against him. Breaking free from his mouth I made my way along his ear and planted hot kisses on his perfumed neck.

“You feel sooo good, I want you to fuck me.” He purred into the side of my head. I sat up, straddled him and pulled off both my shirts in one motion. He pulled me back down to him and I let him roll on top of me. He kissed his way down my chest and sucked and bit my left nipple. I felt his thin fingers at my belt and fumbling with my zipper. I reached down to help him and we yanked my pants and underwear off together. He scooted down and straddled my leg with his half naked body. I could feel the warm softness of his cock and balls on my shin and the heat that radiated out of his asshole on my ankle. He bent down towards my dick when I softly reached down and tilted his head up by the chin.

“Look at me.” I told him. He stared up at me with those pretty blue eyes of his. Then he gently removed his chin from my hand and brushed it lightly across my cock.

It had been a difficult month for our family. My wife was working some odd shifts, and when some other family obligations were factored in, we were both either working, watching the kids, or too tired to do anything else. There had been little time for us to spend together all month, and my wife was thankful to me for all of the helping out I had done around the house.

“I want to give you a blow job tonight, for all you’ve done this month,” she said one evening.

It didn’t happen that night, we were both too tired.

The next day, “I really do want to give you that blow job I promised. Maybe tonight,” but it wasn’t to be that night either.

“It’s going to happen, I promise,” she said the next day. “You are going to get a really enthusiastic blow job .. as soon as we get the chance.”

I wasn’t annoyed; we were both being run ragged with our everyday life. But after a couple of weeks of no sex, and then three days of promises like that, the desire was building up inside me. I really wanted that blow job.

The next night, we finally had a normal family evening. After putting the kids to bed, I was finishing cleaning the kitchen and taking the garbage outside. Sex wasn’t even on my mind. From the bedroom, she called for me to come upstairs.

I walked in, and immediately remembered how much I had missed touching her all month, how much I had forgotten about the heat and passion we loved to share because we had been so busy for the past few weeks.

She was sitting in the love seat in our bedroom, wearing nothing but an open bathrobe and a pair of green lace panties. She was cupping her breast with one hand and tracing her other hand up and down her leg.

“Remember that blow job I’ve been promising?”

“Of course.”

“You always tell me that the thing that turns you on the most is seeing me turned on. I want to turn you on. And I want to be really enthusiastic about that blow job you are going to get. You think you’d like to watch me first?”

She knew darn well that the thought of watching her touch herself — something she had only done one other time in front of me — drove me crazy.

“It’d be a dream come true to watch you.”

“My pleasure,” she said, as she had begun brushing her nipples between two fingers and sliding her hand across the top of her panties. “Hmm … I was getting turned on just sitting here waiting for you to come upstairs.”

She tickled her breast and slid her fingers between her legs outside her panties, spreading her legs to give me a better view. I had settled on the edge of the bed, mesmerized by the beauty of my wife pleasuring herself.

She leaned back in the chair, inhaling sharply and exhaling slowly … my favorite sound in the world, the sound she always made as she started to get turned on.

“FFfffffhhhewwww”…. She was slipping two fingers up and down outside her panties, pushing her lips apart and slipping up to rub against her clitoris. She continued rubbing and twisting her nipples, arching her back and twisting in the chair. She began pressing her fingers side to side between her legs, pushing harder, and moaning a little.

I was mesmerized, and could feel my desire for her growing. I was getting harder and harder as I watched, but I was so enthralled with what I was seeing that I felt as though I could not move.

She stopped touching herself and lowered her panties to the floor and shrugged her robe off, leaving her body bare. Then she leaned back in the chair, lifted one leg over the armrest, and pressed one finger inside of herself, returning the other hand to cup her breast as her thumb brushed the nipple. She twisted her finger and withdrew it, gasping at the sensation, and slipped the moist finger back over her clitoris, lubricating her lips and letting her finger stimulate her most sensitive parts. She pushed her body deeper into the chair, her wet finger slipping side to side, creating some noise from the suction. She twisted and pulled slightly on her hardened nipples. Her breathing was quicker and quicker, a mixture of quick gasps and a moaned “oohhh … yes …”

I couldn’t stand just watching any more, I wanted to participate in creating her orgasm. I stood and unzipped my pants, letting my fully erect penis fall out as she lifted her head to watch. I stepped over to her, leaned in and kissed her forcefully as she pressed her face toward mine. As our tongues mingled, her hand dropped away from her breast and found my cock, gently squeezing and sliding upward.

I could hear her other hand still slipping across her clitoris even more quickly as I broke our kiss and slid my hand across her stomach, resting my fingers on her breast. I leaned lower and took her other breast into my mouth, swirling my tongue gently around her nipple as I more roughly squeezed the nipple my fingers found.

Like an electric shock went through her, she leaned back and gasped loudly, moving her fingers between her legs even quicker, pushing them downward to draw more moisture out of herself and then returning them to her clitoris. Her hand on my penis squeezed and relaxed in time with the shivers that were running through her body. She started to gasp more and more, and her breathing became more of a pant.

“Ooohh … Oohhhh …. That feels so good …. Wait .. wait .. you sit here …”

I lifted my head and helped her stand, then helped her undo my pants and let them fall. I sat and leaned back in the chair and as I settled myself, she kneeled between my knees, taking my cock back in her hand. As she stroked it gently, she leaned in and kissed the head and underside of my penis, as she raised one of her knees, put her foot on the floor, and reached down and reinserted a finger into her vagina. In the same rhythm, she stroked my cock and circled the wet finger inside herself, spreading her moisture around the outside of her lips as the feeling of having her touch me surged through my body.

She opened her mouth, and slipped it over the top of my cock, licking her way down the shaft. My nerves screamed out in pleasure from the warmth and complete stimulation of her breath and tongue. I felt her tongue circling around, her hand pressing against the base of my penis, and a slight sucking as she breathed in. I could’t tell what to look at, there were too many things to see. I ran my hands through her hair as I watched her head rise and fall, craned my head to the side to see the movement of her hand between her legs — where she had removed the fingers from her inside and had resumed pressing her clitoris side to side, the pressure still making a wet suction sound.

The sensation of the blow job was also coursing through me, making me lean back and close my eyes — but as soon as I did, I wanted to sit up again and keep watching. The pulling and circling warmth on my penis, the feeling of her body moving between my legs, the humming vibration from her breathing.. It was almost too much to bear.

“Oh …. This is incredible …. Almost too much …. Oh, this is perfect … ” I started to whisper, all the noise I could manage with the overwhelming sensations running though my body.

She started using her hand on my cock a little more, as I could feel her arm starting to shake against my leg as she touched her herself. Then she lifted her mouth away from me, leaned her face into the crook of her elbow, and pushed up a little on her feet.

“Oh.. Oh …Oh … I’m going to cum … “

Her finger circled her clitoris faster as I tried to cup one hand under her head to support it and reach toward her breast with my other hand. She pressed her head against my hand, removed her hand from my penis and pressed, palm down, against my stomach, standing a little more.

“Oh … ooohhhhh ….” And she was silent, her body shaking, mouth open, her finger still circling her clitoris.

She hovered in this limbo for three seconds, then the orgasm passed and she crashed back to earth, exhaling loudly, twisting her body to kneel on both knees, then lifting her other foot to try and shake the last spasm of the orgasm out of her. Her hand gripped my cock again, and she aggressively put me back in her mouth, sucking with more urgency. I could feel the heat of her breath and the tongue on the bottom of my penis, urging me to reach my release. She wanted to make me come, and I was ready to let all of this energy out.

I leaned back, looking down at her as my hands ran through her hair once again. She wasn’t touching herself any more, concentrating fully on me. I started to feel my cum surging inside of me, I was about to release.

“Oh baby … Oh baby … Oh! I’m there!!!”

I was on the edge and waiting for her to lift her head, but to my surprise she didn’t — she kept me in her mouth, sucking harder, I could feel her tongue probing the base of my penis, slipping up the side. I couldn’t believe she wanted me to come in her mouth.

“Here I come …” I said, as one last warning.

Then I let the orgasm wash over me, feeling the energy build up and pour out, my penis pushing and pushing bursts into her as she continued to lick the shaft, smartly avoiding the super-sensitive head as I exploded. The warmth and sensation from the pressure of her mouth made me continue feeling surges of pleasure far after I had ejaculated all I could.

“Oh … thank you baby …” I whispered as I fell back.

She sat up and swallowed. “Glad you liked it.” She stood and kissed my cheek, whispering into my ear; “I don’t think I’m done yet, though.”

She stepped back and lay on the floor. I hadn’t noticed that she had returned her fingers between her legs, and now she pressed two inside her and removed them, still drawing moisture up toward her clitoris, circling slowly, then pressing downward to slip them in again. She had brought her other hand back to her breast and was once again pinching her nipple. She writhed on the ground, trying to find the perfect position, as she opened her legs further and cast her head back, moaning once again.

I sat and watched, mesmerized. Hearing her breathing, watching her body react to her touch was intoxicating. But the urge to touch her myself was growing inside of me. She opened her eyes, looked at me, and our eyes met. Our gaze locked on each other, as she non-verbally asked me to touch her.

I leaned over her, placing one arm next to her head to support myself and tracing my finger inside her knee. I bent down and kissed her, the kiss lingering for several seconds as my fingers worked their way down her thigh, closer and closer to her vagina. She withdrew her hand as my hand reached between her legs, and I slowly swirled my finger around the outside and parted the swollen, wet lips to reveal her clitoris. At the first sensation of my touch, she gasped for breath and flattened her body against the ground, hissing a moan of pleasure between her teeth.

As I lowered my head to her breast, I pressed two fingers inside her, feeling the moisture and warmth pulling me in. Her insides clenched against me, and she rolled back, letting out a moan as my tongue brushed her nipples. My fingers circled and her insides tightened with each swirl. I drew my fingers out and up, exposing and brushing her clitoris, pushing gently against it. She lifted her leg in response to the energy surging through her and grabbed my shoulder.

I wanted to do more than touch her; I wanted to make her fly into orgasm again. I kissed her stomach, replacing my tongue on her breast with my fingers, twisting around her nipples. I moved my body down and used two fingers to spread her lips apart, exposing her clitoris, and I leaned in to touch her most sensitive area with my tongue.

As I lightly brushed her clitoris she laid still, breathing heavily, eyes closed tight. I moved my body lower, releasing her breast, positioning my head to get a better angle and pressed my tongue into her, exhaling warm breath onto the top of where her lips opened, the warmth flowing down and around her clitoris. The sensation made her squirm.

I repositioned my fingers, reaching down so my two fingers kept her clitoris exposed to my probing tongue, while I was able to press my thumb inside her vagina. Unable to penetrate her too deeply with my thumb, her insides tried to pull me into her, as moisture flowed and the opening grabbed and held my thumb. I slowly moved my tongue upward, mimicking the motion of my thumb — slowly up and around the top of her clitoris as my thumb moved out, down and around the bottom as my thumb pressed in. I could feel more and more clenching coming from inside her, more moisture being pulled out with every stroke, and she started moaning louder, twisting her body more.

It felt as though her clitoris was growing against my tongue, seeking more and more pressure. I kept my thumb inside her a little deeper, started pinching my fingers together around her clitoris, brushing ever more gently with my tongue to keep the sensation going.

“Oh yes … oh … ohhhhh … that feels so good …,” she started to pant. She pushed her body up toward mine, and I reached under her with my free hand to support her bottom off the ground. She pushed against the floor, arched her back, and lifted her pelvis into the pressure of my hand and tongue. I could feel and hear her insides getting ever more wet; I could feel the orgasmic energy building up inside her.

“Oh my oh my oh my oh my,” she started to pant, pushing against me. “I’m going to cum … Oh!!!” And her body went taut, shivering with delight, suspended against me. I swirled my thumb inside her and pressed my tongue under her exposed clitoris, licking the underside of it, touching the soft skin between her spread lips and out to the end of the hard bundle of nerves.

“Aaahhh ….Ahhh….,” She had her mouth open, trying not to scream, trying to prolong the passion bursting from her. The orgasm burst through her as I felt her insides clench against my hand and remain still for three seconds, momentarily frozen in time.

Then she collapsed, her breath coming in hyper bursts.

“Oh, Oh, Oh … Oh stop … oh stop,” she breathed, as I lifted my head and withdrew my finger, sliding it to cover her clitoris. She closed her legs on my hand and rolled toward me, as I slid my body up along hers, wrapping my free arm around her and pulling her close to me.

We laid still, totally spent, the energy from our orgasms both gone but remaining within us at the same time. Our bodies felt melted together. We laid there, enjoying the closeness, about to fall asleep.

“Being with you is worth the wait,” I whispered.

“I agree,” she whispered back.

Writer’s block had engulfed me and I felt like I may not survive the tidal wave of blanks. My life had become so routine, yet so full of undesirable drama that all of my fantasies and dreams seemed to be inevitably put on hold. Somehow I had to drag myself out of this abyss before the boredom and resentment began to leak into my other personal and professional arenas. But (I am smiling as I write this) I had a master plan.

I used the tingling in my panties as a cue that I was on the right track. Sitting at the computer and pretending to be pecking away while my spouse looked at TV series after TV series was getting old quick. Actually it had been old. I realized that this was my moment, and I had prepared myself for the worst while hoping for the best. I took a deep breath and went into the bathroom, armed with smell-goods and the striptease gear that I hoped would convince the old man to see things my way. I took extra care in the shower, clearing the fields of glory and allowing my baby smooth skin to escape from the pubic jungle.

With all skin now cleared and scrubbed properly, I began to lotion down with my layers of sensual scents. I had purchased this scent after smelling it on a stripper during my first official lap-dance. That woman had smelled like a mouthwatering feast, and I knew that in a moment my husband would be smelling and thinking the same thing! I pulled on my netty, ribbony brainwashing gear and exited the bathroom, glancing to the right to see where his eyes were looking. He was obliviously staring at the television, as usual. I waited a moment for the scent to drift out of the bathroom. Meanwhile, I casually tossed my former motherly clothing into the dirty clothes basket in our walk-in closet.

“What are you doing?” he called out, my signal that the scent had appropriately wafted into the area of his sensitive sense of smell.

“Getting ready to blow…your mind,” I teased, walking casually out of the closet, enjoying the look of confusion, pleasure, and curiosity that appeared on his face as his eyes took me in from my stilettos to my choker-laced neckline.

“Well, well, well,” he muttered. “Bring that shit on!”

I walked over to the computer to exit the screen of misplaced metaphors and turn on a playlist I created just for this moment. I titled it “Freaknight” with the effects in mind that it would have on both of our senses as the first chords and bass notes leaped from the surround sound speakers into the heated air.

I had made up my mind that if tonight didn’t work at getting his attention, then I would make it work for me anyway, by any means necessary. By the look on his face, I think that at least part A of the plan was already successful. I slowly walked over to the television and stood right in front of it.

“That is no problem, Shay!” he remarked, as he grabbed for the remote and cut it off without a second look at the screen.

“I didn’t think it would be,” I smirked. I walked seductively to the side of the bed that he called his, and leaned in to give him a closer sniff. I knew that his senses of sight and smell were on overload by the tremendous bulge that had developed in his pajamas. He leaned into me without touching me and I heard his intake of breath. Ha! I recalled how I did that same thing when that woman had gotten so close to me. I could feel myself getting wetter just thinking about that moment when her skin brushed across my shoulders, and her body glitter transferred onto my skin. To think that Nick was destined to feel this incredible sensation and have this as a memory until his last moments almost made me tip over the edge…but I knew that I must wait. “Good things come to those who wait,” I murmured to myself as I brushed my upper body across his chest. I reached out as if I were going to stroke his face romantically, then changed my motion to a quick shove, knocking him backwards onto the bed. His eyes registered shock, and my eyes felt like lasers as I stared into his eyes, taking in his emotions, even the ones he tried to hide.

As he lay back, arms to his side, I straddled his hips. Grinding into his groin gently I gently fingered his undershirt, then snatched it violently until it was torn and lying on both sides of his body. Once again my laser eyes pierced his own shocked ones, as I read his thoughts, “I can’t believe that she just ripped my shirt off!”

I was tired of his lies and games. I was tired of being the wife that had to compete with the fantasies, compete with the videos. This was the endgame maneuver. After today, I would no longer find random phone numbers, text messages, and social site messages in his cell phone, as well as dick pics emailed to random women outside my knowledge. What was crazy about this whole thing was that I had told him that he could have the freedom to do whatever he wanted, as long as he gave me freedom (which I didn’t plan to use, just enjoy having the toy upon the shelf to occasionally tease) and let me share in his activities. I was the kind of wife that wanted to sit right in bed next to him while he sexted some hottie from a social site, then become the woman that he would act out his live action with. I would allow him to call me her name, taking the line seriously from the song that said, “I’m every woman; it’s all in me!”

I didn’t care about his porn collection either. We would enjoy watching and sharing videos frequently. I thought that our love and friendship would go beyond all limitations, but that was MY fantasy, not his. He, like other self-centered and selfish men, wanted his cake, frosting and candles and all, and all the ice cream and hot coffee on the side that his dick could handle, while I was left supposedly to be satisfied with whatever slice of the cake he was willing to cut me each day. Well…tonight, he would learn about giving his woman what she wanted or stepping aside to let someone else who can handle the job to do it!

I kissed his face all over, letting the love that I felt for him drip from my lips. My hands gently moved up his chest, pausing at his nipples to gently pinch them. I licked my forefingers to increase the transmission of sensations from my fingers to his nipples, and I circled them feverishly while continuing to roll my hips, the friction between my legs was building me to my first orgasm, and I was going to take as many as I could manage, not holding back one pleasurable sensation. As the build continued, I slid my tongue into his mouth and sucked his tongue, allowing him to gently suck mine. We continued the probing and teasing, and my tongue treated his tongue to a preview of what his beautiful dick would experience momentarily. The circular motions and tongue lashing wasn’t lost on him as I felt the moisture of his pre-cum leaking through the pajama pants that I would soon take off. My hands continued to explore his entire core while my mouth left his and ventured to his neck and chest, I felt my orgasm coming and began to howl slightly as I scooted my pussy backwards in order to free his Willie.

My feet found the floor again and I grabbed his pants and drug them down to his ankles. He kicked them off creating a bouncing show for me with that beautiful tool. He grabbed at the ribbon and untied it, pushing it aside as it swirled around un-tangling itself from my breasts and exposing my swollen clit. I kneeled down at the same time that he stood up, and my tongue stuck out hungrily as his hips pushed forward to feed me. I teased the tip with my tongue, then without any prior warning plunged his dick down my throat. I felt his balls smack my chin, and I glanced up to see him lean his head back and howl into the ceiling to show his appreciation. I let my lips grip fiercely as I pulled away from him. I could feel the external skin sliding along his rod. I grabbed his hips, then moved my hands toward his buttocks. Grabbing them with force, I pushed him back into my mouth. He hit the back of my throat, and my gag reflex was tempted to trigger, but I held my breath until the sensation subsided, then slowly let him exit again, feeling my lips’ tight resistance. I felt his body tremble in my hands, as I grabbed him and made him light into me four more times, each time adding more flicks of the tongue and lip pressure mixed with head and face twists on his way out. I was dripping pre-cum and natural mouth lube, and I took my left hand to capture some of this moisture to play with his balls. I pretended to be his favorite pet and licked his balls as I had seen so many dogs do after making out with their favorite pillows or stuffed animal. He began whimpering, but his instincts let him know that we weren’t through yet.

He grabbed my locs and began guiding my head as he fucked my face, slower on the outtake, enjoying my skills at responding to every extra sensitive spot on his fantastic member. I took my face away and pushed him back onto the bed. I stepped onto the bed and guided my body down onto his dick, which slid in easily. With a combination of squats and bounces I moaned as I enjoyed the sensation of being full of him. In my imagination, I became a hip-rolling porn star. I felt the tip of his penis massaging my sweet spot as I felt climax number two building, and the hot liquids trying to force their way out.

“Damn, girl!” he exclaimed as he felt my climax clenching and drenching his dick. I pulled up and he fell out as the gushing hot liquid squirted out, relieved to find an out.

“This pussy loves to fuck you and so does this ass!” I grunted, moving to my knees and crawling seductively to the headboard. I grabbed the headboard with two hands and stuck my ass out to let realization dawn upon him that this was where I wanted his dick to pay a visit next. He quickly got the hint and crawled up behind me. I felt him smacking my asshole with his tip, then pushing his head into my waiting hole. After he popped in, he reached forward and tried to grab my breasts. This action forced him in a little further and my “Oh!” leaked out as he went in further. After fingering my nipples with wet fingertips, he grabbed my waist and slowly filled my ass. After a few moments, he exited slowly, letting his dick pop out. When he entered again, it was with a professional smoothness. He used my waist to push himself in and then almost out, and I could feel my g-spot stimulation working to produce more juices. I took one hand off the headboard and massaged my clit. He snatched my hand away, and took over the motion, and I used that free hand to grab feverishly at my nipples. It didn’t take long before climax number three began squirting out like a fountain, and his dick was forced out my ass due to the extreme clenching and throbbing.

I turned onto my back pulled him forward until he was straddling my face. I could smell pussy and ass on him, and the scent made my pussy feel neglected. I licked him clean with one hand grabbing his balls while the other played with his asshole. I felt him filling my mouth and I knew that he had been tortured enough for now. I pushed him out and made him back up on his knees until I could lift my stiletto-wearing feet onto his shoulders. He pushed forward and entered my pussy banging at full force. I played with my breasts and looked into his eyes while licking my lips. After a few minutes, I felt his stroke quicken and I reached down to caress his balls, feeling them contract to prepare to fill me with life’s best milk. His eyes closed and he looked up, but I yelled at him to open them and look at me as his moment of truth came. He stared into my eyes and came hard with an animal growl that turned me on yet again. I guess I would give him a small break before turning on him again. He collapsed onto me, and I slowly moved my legs off of his shoulders and to the side as we lay catching our breath.

“Now don’t tell your wife,” I whispered in his ear.

“Wait. What!?” He turned and looked at me.

“Your job, Sir, is to pick the next video that we will act out.” I felt my laser eyes boring into his soul. “And then, your job is to make the video I pick happen for me.”

I could see his brain taking in the pros and cons of this information. I could sense his wonder and his resistance grappling within his imagination. Looking away from me, he said, “NO man is going to EVER be with you.”

“Fine. Then you have to be EVERY MAN that I need.”

“How can I do that?”

“Oh, you’ll find a way. You can start by cutting off that TV more often and attending to my needs. Just pay attention. You already know what I need, but you have been resistant in giving it to me. Unfortunately, I am tired of waiting.” I reached over and drew his attention to the fact that the computer had been recording our activities. As I replayed the video, a surprise occurred. I had a special overlay playing during our carefully planned romp. As the video layered itself, he could see two other people participating in our two-person party. He sat up fast, knocking my arms off, and looked around the room, as if he were expecting to see the actual people in the room who had been transplanted into the video.

“They’re not really here, Sir,” I drawled slyly. “But don’t you like the way she is licking your nuts while you are banging my face?”

“Unbelievable!” He couldn’t take his eyes away from the screen. “I have my own porn star…as my WIFE!” Out of the corner of my eye I could see his Mater jumping with the excitement of what he was seeing on the screen. I spit into my hand, and then reached over and began massaging it. “Let’s make another movie…what’s your name?”

“Claire Voyeur,” I whispered, as he turned me over onto my stomach to begin round two. Plan B, executed. My husband left the land of doubters and entered into the realm of the believers. He had married THAT MOTHER FUCKER. I would love him forever and we would give each others’ fantasies a chance to come to life.

Amy’s Demise: The Decadence Of Stateroom M-34

Chapter One of Two Chapters

Welcome Aboard!

Seven days.

Seven wonderful days. No job. No children. No cell phones.

Just Steve and she. Finally!

It wasn’t the most luxurious liner in the fleet but it was fine with them. Amy was pleased that Steve had gone to such lengths to find the perfect ship, the perfect room. Although she didn’t care at first, he had insisted on finding the perfect situation, a stateroom with a private balcony overlooking the ocean. There was nothing between their balcony and the ocean except a sheer drop of several stories.

Now, she was glad he had been so relentless. He was right. It was perfect! Being so high on the ship, their room had sliding double glass doors that led out to the miniscule balcony. They could leave their curtains open and have a beautiful view of the sea. On each side of the balcony there were small partitions that blocked them from the adjacent cabins. Well, almost. It would only keep honest people honest. Amy knew that if one really wanted they could easily see into each other’s cabins.

But, who cared? They would just take it all into consideration.

They were both anxious for some down time, some relief from everyday life and the two children that were like sponges, drawing every breath from the couple with their demanding schedules. Amy would never have dreamed that two preschool children could be so involved, so much in need of their parent’s time. Between the kids and their jobs there was nothing left for the young married couple. Nothing.

And that’s exactly what Amy had been getting…nothing. The thirty two year old wife still had the same voracious sexual appetite that she had five years before when she was twenty seven, prior to electing to start a family. She wasn’t surprised that with children their love life would have slowed down. It was a shock to her system that it had totally disappeared.

Over the years it had slowed a little, then over the past year even more. Finally, a few months before this cruise, it suddenly ceased.

Amy had not taken a cock in almost three months. Oh, there had been heavy petting, a never ending stream of “almost” where their hands and mouths tantalized each other to the brink.

But then it would end. No screwing. No cock for Amy. Steve would sort of just walk away and leave her to later finish up by hand. She often wondered why it didn’t seem to effect him at all.

But not her. She wanted it and she wanted it bad!! And she was absolutely sure the time was now. Tonight!!

She was flowing between her legs, the anticipation almost as pleasurable as the act itself.

But at the moment it was only four in the afternoon. They had not even pulled away from the dock. Each of them understood that sex would come later, would be excruciatingly anticipated before being consummated.

But even before then there would be surprises. For both. Hers would be immediate and overt, hung out for the world to see. His would be cloaked, a carefully concocted fragile situation with little chance of success but, if fortunes turned his way, would produce a payoff like a sexual Fort Knox!

Amy sent him down to the pool in advance to “save” them some lounge chairs. No use losing the nice sun that would be theirs for hours. Steve was surprised that she sent him ahead of her but wasn’t going to question. He had a little chore to take care of and she had just made it much easier.

Twenty minutes later his cock was standing at full staff, his swim trunks unable to contain the bulge. So was every other male on the pool deck.

Amy had just stood above his lounge chair on the pool deck and casually dropped her transparent white swim cover to her feet, exposing a black string bikini that totally revealed an absolutely perfect body that belied her thirty two years. And certainly it denied the birth of two children.

No extra tummy…no nothing.

Amy smiled at their reactions. For all her other trials and endeavors, one thing that she enjoyed was working for a company that was keen on fitness and health. She was allowed thirty minutes a day in an outstanding company gym and she made use of it. Every day!

What the admiring crowd could see was the perfect body…five feet seven inches with nice firm breasts escaping in every direction from a scanty top that did little more than cover her hardened nipples. Perfect legs and ass protruding from the tiny “tell all” bottoms. That’s what they could all see. What they couldn’t see and only Steve knew was that under that tiny strip of black cloth was a carefully trimmed blonde thatch.

Yep! That ultra short cropped blonde hair on her head was the real thing! And in between those gorgeous thighs were matching soft curls, their abundance curtailed only by a carefully wielded razor.

Steve was stunned. And proud. He knew she was perfect but to have her suddenly reveal herself as she did blew him away. Everybody was looking, each admiring.

Some with more interest than others. For two of them, it went well past interest. It cascaded into anticipation!

But first, a drink. Barrier breaking alcohol masked with a funny glass and an umbrella. It wouldn’t take Amy more than two of these to make the deck roll even more than that caused by the gentle seas.

Then, the introductions of those sitting near them. Amy knew that Steve mingled well. He knew no strangers. It wasn’t a surprise at all that he already knew somebody.

But what was a very pleasant surprise was who he had met. About Steve’s age, Robert and Cathy Dorsett were in their mid thirties. Cathy was just gorgeous. Breathtaking full breasts, nice legs coming out of the bottom of a reveling white one piece suit. Still, both Steve and Amy knew that the younger wife held her own with Cathy. Amy was hot!!

But Robert was a different story altogether. Over the next few hours Amy couldn’t quite put it together. It wasn’t so much his good looks. (Yeah, she’d give it to him that he was more attractive than her own husband or, for that matter, any other man on that sun deck.) There was something else, though. His attitude? His self assurance?

His absolutely unmasked and totally undivided attention to her?

At the moment Amy was so sexually saturated, so hungry for satisfaction, that her mind automatically wandered to sexual thoughts. Robert looked at her straight on, making no attempt at all to hide the huge bulge in his tight swim suit. Slowly, his eyes totally undressed her time and time again, his uninhibited stares and her imagination allowing him to slowly strip her of even the tiny attire she was wearing…one tiny string at a time.

She was correct in her assessment of him. Mentally, Robert Dorsett could easily envision her wet pussy, a sensitive clit stiffened by all the attention she was receiving. Especially from him!

And he was right. Amy could swear her pussy was contracting and releasing, trying to capture and fold into her wet crevice all the openly lurid looks she was getting from him.

She was thrilled.

Steve was very proud and pleased. This was going well.

Three hours of the sultry atmosphere did little to suppress Amy’s sexual excitement. Instead, she found herself constantly squeezing and adjusting her legs, a vain attempt to send relief to a clit that had gone from full and anticipating to outright begging.

They had the late sitting for dinner with an eight o’clock appetizer. If Amy had her way about it they would have deferred, settling instead for a sandwich sent to their room that she would munch on while she was slowly riding Steve’s rigid cock.

But Steve would have no part of it. Instead, once they were back in their cabin he selected a very reveling dress from her closet. She had brought it with her but had little intention of actually wearing it. Short skirted, the top was extremely low cut and was way too revealing for her taste. It had hung in her closet for years, waiting for her to gather the courage to wear it in public.

Steven laughed and encouraged her to step out of her shyness.

“Hey, this place is like Vegas. What happens here stays here.”

It didn’t help any to find that they were assigned seating at the table with Robert and Cathy Dorsett. Robert immediately stood up when they arrived and hustled Amy into the chair adjacent to his. He had been on these cruises before and knew that, for some reason, people always returned to the exact same chair at each seating. Always.

For the next six nights he would be shoulder to shoulder with the voluptuous Amy. If all else failed, that in itself was worth the price of the ticket!

Amy didn’t exactly shy away. Already fully primed with alcohol and mentally prepared and anxious for a sexual explosion, it didn’t bother her any to be gently brushing arms and legs with a great looking gentleman. The occasional brush under the table with his hand on her exposed legs didn’t go unnoticed but was quickly dismissed without concern.

That was hidden…that was under the table. Above it, Amy’s breasts were brazenly on display. The front of her dress was so low cut that that it openly advertised her bra. What she exposed as a supportive garment was really nothing more than just a low cut transparent symbolic gesture that supported nothing and provided tiny glimpses of nipples. When she leaned over (and it was often) she was there for the world to see.

At those times Amy Matthews was on display, from her short cropped hair right down the front of her dress almost to her belly button. For those lucky few at the table, in front of a proud and anticipating husband, there could be no denying the sexual electricity that buzzed from the lady from stateroom M-34!

Amy was in mental turmoil. It was both breathtaking and frightening that she was displaying herself with such abandon. For the moment, she was a totally unrecognizable, brand new Amy and everybody at the table was a source feeding her pleasure. Men and women alike!

Her confidence grew by the minute. The conversation was as varied and exciting as the food. Although all eight people at the table were friendly and chatted casually, to Amy it was obvious the real attraction was between the Dorsett’s and the Matthew’s. As they chatted she never asked which room they were assigned. She assumed it was one much more expensive than theirs so why bring it up. At the moment, she felt like a queen. No use in spoiling it by presenting themselves as a poor cousin!

Finally, they all agreed on one thing. It had been a long day, with all of them traveling on airlines before arriving at the ship terminal. For Amy and Steve, the day had started at five in the morning.

At least, that was the situation as presented to each other. For the other two nice couples who shared their table, it was enough for them and they cheerfully bid a pleasant good evening. For the other four, the Matthew’s and the Dorsett’s, it was another thing altogether.

The sexual tension was high. Very high. Amy knew where her own mind and body was…a sexual volcano about to explode. She also surmised that her presentation, her frame of mind, was like hot lava flowing down and engulfing all in her presence.

That’s what she knew. That’s what she felt. That’s what she saw.

She never saw the looks passing among the other three. The slight of hand passing from Robert to Steven followed by a quick touching to Steve’s mouth. A small swallow of water.

The clock was set. Time was clicking.

As they left the table it was a cheerful Cathy who suggested they give the ocean view a last minute quick glance from the upper front deck. The men quickly agreed.

Amy relented. This burning body thing wasn’t just consuming her soul, it was draining her strength. Were they ever going to get to their cabin and fuck? Or was she going to be mentally and physically depleted to the point that they would instead hang a note on their cabin door that read, “Unable To Perform!”

She had no idea this was a stall, a necessary ruse to allow technology to have enough time to work and overcome nature’s fragilities. Viagra doesn’t work instantly.

The information Steve and Robert had received prior to the trip had been right. With the ship going in and out of Mexico on a weekly basis, Viagra was easily and cheaply obtainable from any number of crew members. Every cabin boy knew where to get it.


Who would have thought it would be so windy up top. With very little lighting it was hard to see but the drafty gusts took both women’s skirts and sent them well above their waists. Amy quickly grabbed hers, holding tight while fighting a futile battle with the wind.

The men weren’t stupid. They both stepped back a few steps, enjoying the dim view while the girls fought the blustery wind. Even in the diminished light the glimpses of thongs were abundant.

It was a relief when Amy suddenly felt the presence of a body pressing against her back, stopping the wild fluctuation of her skirt while at the same time introducing to the crack of her ass the presence of a hard cock. An extremely hard cock!! She moaned quietly and gently reached back to feel his presence, pleased that he was so hard. The fact that he had caught the back of her skirt just as it had been caught up in an upward wind only added to the sensuality. Her miniscule skirt was bunched up in the back above her waist, leaving nothing between the ominous cock in his trousers and her ass except the hidden tiny string of her thong sliding down between her cheeks.

She closed her eyes to enjoy the hands sliding slowly up her stomach before cupping her swollen breasts.

Suddenly a deep gasp and an involuntary twisting, Amy escaping from both her thoughts and her position.

She had just dared to glance sideways and realized that Steve was standing right behind Cathy. It was Robert, not her husband, who was leaning so closely against her with his hard cock so apparent against her exposed ass!

It was her sudden gesture of escape, not any spoken words, that announced the end of that little episode.

Steve and Robert shared quick glances at each other in the darkness and shrugged. Who knows what she was thinking about what had just happened…what the two of them had allowed to transpire.

Amy didn’t want them to know. She preferred them to think that she was irate about it. Embarrassed! Instead, like everything else, what had just occurred in the windy darkness had only added to the fire between her legs, her burning anticipation.

Thine Eyes Have Seen The Coming…

There was no possible way she could be more ripe, more willing, more agreeable to anything Steve wanted. There could be nothing that could surprise her, nothing that she couldn’t handle.

That’s why, fifteen minutes later, as she stepped out of the small bath room wearing a wispy, transparent red and black top with a matching nonexistent thong she never protested at what she saw. He was lying on the bed, the biggest hard she had ever seen on him waving in the air…and every light in the room was on. Not only were the curtains wide open but the sliding door was fully opened as well.

Her immediate concern was squelched when he offered his hand, inviting her into the nuptial bed she had been so long denied.

Over two hours later an exhausted Amy closed her eyes and molded her limp, depleted body to his. She was asleep in five minutes.

For a full one hundred and twenty minutes she had been nibbled, kissed, fingered, sucked, fucked, massaged, complimented, softly made love to, and plummeted unmercifully with a cock that showed no exhaustion even after his obvious orgasms!!

It had started well. Soft kisses, foreplay well beyond what she could endure, slow kisses from her feet to the very top of her cropped head.

Nipples fondles, kissed, sucked, admired.

Pussy licked, sucked, fingered, teased, foraged, filled, led to blissful explosion after explosion…only to start all over again.

But then, it took an unexpected turn. The sensitive nether crevice just scant millimeters away was not forgotten, either. Amy was amazed how sensual, how sexually delicious a ten minute delicate licking of her anus could be. Even before he shifted his attention to her ass it had been totally saturated with her come, the gushing moisture running freely from her pussy down her nether crack. Unlike in the past, though, tonight when he teased her with his fingertip there was no discomfort, no complaining, no objections. Only pleasure.

The first digit that he eased into her was wonderful as well. It was slow, very slow. Even then, she still may not have been able to accept the entire finger if he hadn’t entered her pussy with his cock once again, causing her sensations to bounce from one raiding appendix to the other. But she did. After all those years of his futile attempts to extract anal pleasure from her, this time the soft sounds he heard escaping her lips were definitely moans, not groans.

And what was amazing was that they did it sitting on a stiff chair right in front of the open window! Steve was sitting on it, looking out the window. Amy straddling him stomach to stomach. His cock was slowly gliding in and out at her own speed, his finger molesting her well lubricated ass in the well lit room. If there had been anybody outside looking in, his forbidden foraging would have been easily detected.

Oh, yes! The open window, the well lighted invitation for a visual intrusion, had not been totally forgotten.

For Amy, the exposed window had quickly become a passing thought that drew an occasionally whispered, “The window,” as she pointed towards it with a weak gesture. It never failed that her concern was answered with an especially hard suck, a sudden quick pounding, a deep kiss …each action quickly quelling her concern and quelling the concerned distraction.

They had started on the bed. During the two hours they had moved to the floor and every piece of furniture imaginable. Several times, including that luxurious stint with his finger pleasing her accommodating anus, they were right in front of the window almost begging to be seen. He never suggested moving to the balcony. If he had, she would have been in no mood to say no.

But now it was over. As her eyes closed and gave way to her much needed rest, Amy smiled one last exhausted little curl of her lips. It could have not been better. It had been perfect.

Minutes later, Steve removed her leg that curled around his and slipped out of the bed and onto the balcony. It was late. All lights were out by then, the moon coming across the water in an unending light.

Steve stood silently for a minute or two. Then, out of the darkness and around the abbreviated panel that separated the cabin next to theirs, a silent hand came across, palm out and fingers up. Steve tapped it gently with a “high five.”

On the other side, an excited and exhausted Robert Dorsett gave him an additional circular touching of the thumb and finger, quietly signaling an “A-Okay” signal.

It had gone perfectly. If nothing else went as planned or hoped, this evening had been utterly fantastic!

For the past two hours Amy Matthews had been fucked and sucked like never before.

For that same two hours a cautious Robert and Cathy Dorsett had watched her from around the inadequate partition. Looking constantly and carefully around for incidental intruders that might detect their voyeurism, they were totally spellbound with the highly erotic show the young couple in the next cabin had presented in the well lit atmosphere.

Through the open door, even the smallest of Amy’s sounds had been there for them to capture. And capture they did, not only with their eyes and ears but with two high dollar digital cameras. They wouldn’t just remember Amy’s fantastic sexual performance…they owned it!


It never crossed Amy’s mind. At the moment it just wasn’t where her mind was and wouldn’t be for many days.

Robert Dorset. Robert DO-O-O-R-R-R-sett. Heavy emphasis on the “Dor” with the “sett” almost an afterthought. That was the stranger’s name.

Bob Dorsett. Bob DorS-S-E-E-E-T-T. The “Dor” merely an invitation to the “s-e-e-e-t.”

Robert. Bob.

Dorsett. Clearly could be pronounced two ways. She should have caught it. She didn’t.

Robert Do-o-o-o-r-r-rsett was the gentleman stranger at their table who lived about a hundred miles away from them and, at one time that first night, had his hard cock pressed against Amy’s windblown naked ass.

Bob Dors-e-e-e-e-t was a name mentioned many, many times in the Matthew’s conversations, a very close friend of Steve’s who had shared his room in college along with many other things.

Including women.

Oh, yes! “Sowing wild oats” would have been an understatement for these two. Both of them barely graduated, not even in the top thousand in their class. But their sexual antics became known campus wide. It was bad enough that, even as freshmen, they could so easily seduce an unwary coed. But, as the years went by, they gathered such a reputation as master cocksmen that even the leery experienced upper-class female students would give way out of curiosity and willingly become their sexual prey.

At first it was as much luck as experience and technique. Two great looking boys would always get their fair share of pussy. By their second year that changed. Both found that the concept of “sharing” went far beyond pizza. At first it was a gentle and concealed passing of girls to each other. That second year, out of the twenty or so girls each of them seduced, fifteen of them were the same girls.

Neither of them could really explain the attraction. They never compared notes, never made small of the girl involved. Instead, each of the twice satisfied ladies were almost put on a pedestal by the two roommates…held in special esteem.

Both were too young to understand where it would lead, that it was only the first step of a lurid path. By their junior year it all came out, more by accident than any special planning. Steve was suppose to be out of town but his plans failed and he arrived unexpected back at their room. In a moment of embarrassment, he caught Bob almost mid air giving a long stroke to a young willing lady that they had both already had several times.

In order to break the ice, to sooth the awkward situation, Steve playfully jumped in bed with them while fully clothed. There had been no intent, no malice. He was just going to tease them out of an embarrassing situation.

For some reason, some unknown quirk of life, it just happened that it was the exact three people, the precise personalities, and precisely the right time that made none of them flinch. Instead, the light laughter and playful insinuations slowly turned into sexual teasing.

Maybe none of them wanted to be “chicken”, to act like they weren’t sophisticated enough to be able to handle the situation.

Over the minutes the teasing became a little quieter, a little more intense. Without any spoken permission, any stated intent, the mouths became three…not two. For the innocently seduced girl, slowly there were four hands, not two, to extract simultaneous sensations from her quivering body. What would have been a two hour sexual coupling for two people turned into a ten hour sexual escapade for three, the two men giving each other equal time one-on-one with her at first, then slowly proceeding until they were sharing her at the same time.

It wasn’t a race. They all rested, stepped back at times, respected each other’s situation. There was no intent on their part to force anything. Through the grace of the sex gods, Steve and Bob had just happened on the right woman at the right time to fuse this impromptu desire.

Later that next morning she left them to their own vices only to return again and again over the next two years. For the first two months, when the two were lucky enough to have a woman simultaneously in their clutches, they only passed the girl back and forth, teasing and then pleasing them with alternating sex acts. Of coarse, both men were involved in the intense foreplay each time. But one night they found a girl who, after the two boys had gained confidence and technique, cautiously allowed them to enter her simultaneously. It was she who would allow them for the first time to penetrate a woman with both cocks, she who relented to their gentle urging until she allowed Steve to gently take her in the ass while Bob was enjoying her constantly pulsating pussy.

After the initial pain, the expected discomfort, she had not just relented. She had swooned! The sensation of having two cocks inside her at the same time, being able to feel them through her thin membrane as one pushed in while the other came out was too erotic to imagine or explain.

Both men innocently assumed their foraging would be kept secret. There was very little the pleasured woman would ever admit to another. What college coed in her right mind would tell anybody, even her closest friend, that she had been screwed and sodomized simultaneously…that she had been willingly coerced into such depravity?

They obviously didn’t understand the mind of a college coed in her early twenties, a young woman who’s goal in life was to learn and experience…and not necessarily just in the classroom.

Although the two friends didn’t totally give up having one-on-one sex with women, it was obviously their greatest pleasure when they were sharing the same girl. After each episode, after each rotation where they each had the same girl by themselves on a one-on-one situation, the discussion took place. Was she or was she not a likely candidate for their special club? Some were yes, others obviously no.

Over the next two years over twenty women fell into the “yes” category. In their youth and lack of foresight, it never crossed the two boy’s minds that their naïve assessment that the young women willingly involved would keep their mouths shut was invalid. One out of three of the girls couldn’t hold it back, couldn’t keep it secret during an all night “tell-all” conversation with their best friend.

Steven Matthews and Robert Dorsett were the unknown benefactors of some very quiet, very discreet advertising. There were those young ladies who secretly had always wanted to know what it would be like, who had a latent desire, but certainly had no intention of airing that primitive notion in public. And they sure as hell wouldn’t be able to fulfill the notion later in life with a husband! But all of a sudden it was there! Relent to each man, get a special situation in return.

To the two men, other sex became irrelevant. Knowing this special situation wouldn’t last, they gorged themselves on the willing women. Then one day it was all turned off like a light switch.

Graduation. Even as poor a student as they were their parents insisted on at least SOME return on their money and they reluctantly gave up the good life for the drudgery of the work force.

As they packed their stuff and hugged each other good-bye, the bags of wild oat seeds were left at the campus door. The legacy of Bob and Steve was no longer more than a secret memory on a lot of women’s minds. As the years went by no telling how many grateful husbands benefited from the two men’s sexual excursions.

Steve fell into an everyday job. Very steady, small raises, it was his notch in life. Bob threw caution to the wind, accepting a volatile job that paid well and sent him scurrying all over the world. As it turned out they couldn’t be more different.

Oh, even though a half world apart they kept in touch. Sharing their dreams, Bob laughed lightly in a well meant congratulations when four years later Steve announced he had found “the one,” a quiet innocent natural blonde with the body of Venus. Of course, only Bob would do as a best man. Unfortunately, that was not to be. Bob was entrenched in a situation in Central America that he could not leave.

If he had been able to attend the small wedding there would be no doubt that, while Steve mingled and received congratulations, Bob would have been trying his best to hide the massive hard-on that would have appeared each time he was in proximity of the new bride. He would have been absolutely blown away with Steve’s excellent selection of a mate.

Amy was fabulous!!

And surely he would have only imagined what it would be like to share the new wealth with his old buddy, to slide gently in and out of that perfect ass while his best friend paid homage to her demanding pussy! Just like the old times.

But that was not to happen. Instead, there were only pictures. First of the sexy fiancé, then the blushing beautiful bride, finally the proud mommy of two. All of them led Bob to one thought…the woman was gorgeous!! Steve must be as proud as he was lucky.

Four years later the tables turned. A hot redhead six years his junior turned Bob’s attention enough that he relented. Thinking it was an end to his sexually loose lifestyle, he dedicated himself to Cathy, throwing all else away as he caved in to her voracious sexual appetite and her willingness to recognize no sexual boundaries.

He soon found that he was wrong about her. Once she had him safely in her clutches he realized that everything was still on the table…that even after marriage nothing would be off limits with Cathy.

They were married in a civil ceremony in Paris. Steve was aware of it and congratulated Bob whole heartedly but, of course, could not attend. He would certainly have liked to. Who was this hot redhead who had tumbled his hard living friend?

For the next few years their correspondence became nothing more than a quick e-mail at Christmas and on birthdays. Steve’s life was a safe job and even safer wife and children. Bob’s was still the fast lane, big money coupled with occasional firings, an exciting sex life that often had nothing to do with the flaming redhead he had married. For them, it wasn’t cheating…it was an agreement.

Then it came. Instead of an e-mail, a phone call. After two hours on the phone it was if they had never separated. Close friends are like that. Now, Steve learned that Bob and Cathy were only hours away by car. In fact, he routinely went up there on business.

For some reason, and he couldn’t seem to explain to himself why, he didn’t share that bit of knowledge with Amy. He had spoken of Bob many times, sometimes when they were deep in sex and were whispering little tidbits that would excite the moment. At those few times, an innocent young Amy got a fleeting glimpse of her husband’s sexual past. Most of the time, however, Bob was presented as a best friend who’s funny antics molded a friendship that would be never ending.

Steve had no idea why he didn’t share this new revelation, this new reconnection, with her. He just didn’t.

Two months later he was in a restaurant staring at the most vivacious redhead he had ever seen! He was certain the bright amber was a direct result of the heat caused by the smoldering woman.

Cathy Dorsett was hot, hot, hot!! Unlike Amy, there was no pretense whatsoever to hide it. Short skirt, low cut blouse, ripe breasts with nipples coming at you like bullets! But most of all, her mouth.

It was so hard to describe her mouth. Through the beautiful open smile all Steve could think of was those lips wrapped around his cock.

At first the conversation was casual. Family, friends, jobs, old acquaintances. Then it turned to the college days. In thirty minutes it became very apparent to Steve that, unlike himself, his best friend had hidden nothing from his bride. Robert had totally revealed their sexual antics while in college. Steve was certain how negatively Amy would have reacted to his antics in college but Cathy was obviously turned on by the lurid saga.

Cathy didn’t push it. Neither did Robert. This was delicate. They needed to see where the world had turned concerning the two best friends. They had both seen pictures of Amy. She was, without any stretch of imagination, an absolutely and incredibly sexy woman, two children or not. As a matter of fact, the “mommy” thing just seemed to add to it.

One good meal with friends, four drinks to lighten up the situation, and two hours to ease into it. By that time all conversation had turned to sex. And there were definitely two different worlds sitting at one table.

Oh, Bob and Cathy didn’t just spurt out that they were swingers. Instead, as they had done many times before, they slowly and expertly eased the conversation over to alternative life styles. This was not the first time the scheming couple had approached a unsuspecting male about exploring a new sexual lifestyle. And, as many times before in the past, they knew they had their idea of sex and Steve would have his.

After a lively and very funny bantering for an hour it all quieted. Finally, Cathy softly smiled at Steve and laid it on the table.

“So, Steven Matthews, you say that you are so happily engrossed in your wife that there is no circumstance where your attention might be averted?”

My goodness, her mouth was absolutely gorgeous when she was talking.

“Yeah, I guess that kind of wraps it up,” he shrugged and admitted.

Hair stood up on the back of his neck. Where was this going? His cock was as hard as a rock as he spoke.

“I’m so happy for you. I’m glad you’ve found it all,” she quipped and nodded to an agreeable Bob.

Bob asked for the check, waving Steve’s objection aside. He was already staying at their house, saving him a hotel bill.

He followed them home in his car. As well as he tried, while he was saying goodnight to his bride on the cell phone he couldn’t help but release his hard from the confinement of his trousers, wrapping his hand around it to at least temporarily relieve the pressure caused by the hot redhead and her teasing insinuations.

As expected, the Dorsett’s home was a mansion in comparison to Steve’s modest abode. Cathy immediately excused herself and Bob fixed them “one last drink.” Steve had already had enough and, in retrospect, was criticizing himself for even driving his car over there. He normally didn’t drink much any more and one more might push him over the edge. He didn’t want to make a fool of himself.

Actually, his host’s idea of offering “one more” wasn’t meant to reduce Steve’s capacity but rather to allow him to become uninhibited. A cautious Robert was about to test the strength and moral aptitude of his best friend, to see what years of the quiet life and marriage to a voluptuous albeit innocent wife had done to the man.

They leaned closely together and, heads only inches away, their whispers carefully navigated them back to the old days. While Steve had never forgotten them, Bob had very obviously never stopped living them!

Cathy watched from a hidden perch, moving around the house just enough to make sure that Steve would recognize her presence. And making sure that that she could recognize, without a doubt, how that flirting presence was affecting his current condition.

She timed it perfectly. He was mellowing from the booze yet was nowhere near out of control. Most of all, he had a hard on so big she could easily see it from the next room.

It was time. Here goes nothing. Or, here goes a friendship to never be recovered. Or, and this was the Dorsett’s wildest dreams, here was the start of something big. Really, really big!

Bob was the first to stop talking, to look up and shut up. Steve finally followed his silent gaze.

Holy shit!

It was the closest he had come to fainting since the birth of his first child.

Holy shit!!!

Standing ten feet away from him, a smiling Cathy was dressed in a sheer white ankle length gown that displayed every freckle on her body. In addition to her perfect large breasts and those frozen nipples there was something else that obviously stood out.

A huge, totally untrimmed mass of dark red pubic hair shining deeply through the transparent cloth! That mass of red curls on her head was definitely real!

She walked up to where he sat and spoke softly, almost a hushed whisper.

“So, Steven Matthews, there is no way you would possibly sway from your marriage?”

He looked at Bob. All he got there was a raising of an eyebrow.

Without a word, Robert Dorsett was saying, “SO?”

Without him answering and without another word from her, Cathy reached up and released a simple clasp that allowed the thin cloth to slowly slither down her body.

Many exhaustive hours later the two men laid quietly in a huge round bed, an appreciative and equally exhausted Cathy in between, two cocks slowly losing their hardness even as they were both still in her.

There had been no mention of Steve’s young wife. It was way, way too soon. That would come three months later, after two such sessions were repeated. Each with a special scenario, and each assisted with both men taking an illicit pill to enhance and sustain their performance.

It was in the middle of the last of those sessions that the sexually uninhibited couple first suggested to their new partner that maybe, just maybe, his young wife might not be as sexually inhibited, as morally set in stone, as he might think.

They weren’t making accusations or passing judgment. Heavens no! Only that, giving the proper chance, given a chance to “lighten up,” just maybe Amy might succumb to the right circumstance.

And wouldn’t he, Steven Matthews, be open to the idea that all at once he would be the recipient of a new sex life that, given no boundaries, would be a mind blowing experience? To both he and his bride?

They didn’t push. Instead they only suggested, pointing out the possibilities. They let it stew inside of him, festering an erotic vision of what could be.

It took another three months and several more sessions before he finally succumbed to their wanton plan. By that time they had seen Amy in person at a mall. Amy had no idea she was on display but even in a pair of jeans and a sweat shirt she passed their inspection with flying colors. The photos had not lied…Amy Matthews was one hot mommy!

Instead of being devised in a board room or a meeting place, the idea was laid out in a round bed, two cocks slowly and in an alternating fashion penetrating a willing and grateful woman. Even though the couple didn’t share all of their experiences from their past with Steve they made sure that he knew the rules, the process that would best accomplish their erotic mission.

And what to expect.

Stage one was to deny. As painful as it was, Steve was going to have to abstain from any type of sex with Amy. He would tease, intentionally elevate her libido only to leave her hanging. It wouldn’t be easy and it wouldn’t be fast. Three months at least.

Then step two. The real thing. The test. Then hopefully the graduation.

They had to put her in a romantic, sexually saturated atmosphere where she could be induced and seduced into trying anything, providing to her a totally uninhibited sexual smorgasbord from which she could not refrain.

When they stepped aboard the ship step one was over. Step two was hanging in the air.

Robert Do-o-r-r-r-rsett. Bob Dorse-e-e-e-t-t-t-t.

Amy should have caught it.

She didn’t.


Amy didn’t want to get out of bed the next morning. After the sexual slugfest the night before she was wonderfully surprised when Steve was right back in it as soon as she woke. He used his tongue to clean her from the night before, then put her on her knees on the edge of the bed. With her arms pulled back to him through the inside of her legs, she was helpless to move as he stood feet on the floor and pounded her relentlessly.

For the first time in a long time he was able to naturally delay his orgasm, allowing him to stay well past hers, her cries of release filling the room if not the hallway before building again to yet another. As well as he tried, Steve couldn’t escape this second one. By then he had her on her back with her legs thrown over his shoulders. His unbridled pounding was too much…for both of them.

But when he blew into her with a mutual explosion he kept his stance, his composure. It was very, very important that she be sexually saturated every waking hour. There was to be absolutely no chance for her to think straight, to have any thoughts whatsoever that were not consummated by sex. Her sex.

Slowly, his mouth on her clit, then slow movement of that same tongue to find her forbidden zone…to again please and excite her ass. Again, Amy was astonished at how absolutely wonderful that vulgar act could be. She had denied it so long. Maybe it was the slow, mind-blowing tongue on her anus and then back on her clit that teased her to the point that when a seductive digit slowly sneaked in and invaded her rectum it was not just acceptable but had somehow become a powerful aphrodisiac.

But to her dismay the teasing stopped, again leaving her on the brink of yet another orgasm. She would have laid there all day, coming again and again for hours if it were her will. Instead, he reminded her that they had paid well for the trip. They could screw at home.

Right now, it was time to eat!!

It was another full day of lounging lazily at sea. They knew tomorrow morning would find them in a small village in Mexico but today it was just the pool, luxurious meals, and a late night show in the lounge.

And again, miraculously, the poolside appearance of Cathy and Robert. It was uncanny how they always appeared. And it was another full day of Robert paying undivided and unmasked attention to Amy and her body. Having the inside knowledge that she lubricated very easily, Robert correctly guessed that she was dripping come and knew she would spend the day in a constant state of wetness. It wasn’t at all a surprise how often she hit the pool.

Amy reveled in the luxury. Both the activities on the ship and the attention she was receiving from all the men. Steve and Robert went out of the way to make sure she soaked up the attention. At this junction in their plan, “sexual excitement” was “sexual excitement” when it came to the young mom, no matter the source. That it also came from the other men around them fit their plan wonderfully.

It worked perfectly. Amy Matthews spent the entire day right on the verge of coming.

By the late afternoon the conversation turned to the evening’s activities. It was “Captain’s Night” in the dining room. Formal dress, special menu. Because they were the late seating they all had the pleasure to watch the earlier crowd arrive and then dine. Amy smiled at the beautiful people, all dressed as well as they could. Or dared!

Even that somehow turned sexy. Being away from home and out to sea, there was an obvious loss of inhibitions. Some of the women’s attire was downright naughty.

As was Amy’s.

She had brought a short, demure black dress with her to wear that special night. However, the sexy selection Steve had made for her the night before and the attention she had received allowed her to hesitate, her hand hovering over the short dress before moving on down to another.

It was a borrowed dress, something expensive that had been secretly offered by a good friend at work. Steve had never seen it until he stepped back from the balcony and she was standing fully dressed in their cabin.

He let out a long, low, whistle.

“You look great,” he admitted. Was that a hard cock surging again?

She was wearing an ankle length black dress. Simple enough.

Amy never said a word. Instead, she gently and slowly moved her left leg away from her body in a slow side step.

Steve’s mouth dropped. Almost her entire leg became exposed. Even though she had a decent tan the dark lacey material at the top of her thigh high stockings made her exposed thigh look white in comparison.

“You like that?” she teased.

“I like that,” he breathed.

Slowly she brought her leg back in and let her right one slide out. Like the left one, it was exposed almost to her hip.

Steve sat down. Was this hussy his Amy?

Slowly she turned. He realized that the long dress was tight fitting until about three inches below where her crotch would be. Then it was nothing more than a series of overlaying panels that dropped down from just below her hips. No matter how she walked or sat the folds would give way, baring her shapely legs almost all the way up.

“Is it too much?” she softly asked. She wanted to tease, to stimulate. Not to embarrass.

“It’s perfect,” he admitted.

This was definitely a new Amy. Maybe Bob and Cathy had been right. Maybe he had just never reached far enough. Maybe HE had been the one who was had sexual limitations, not Amy!

He wondered about what else was under that dress. Amy knew. It was a personal surprise, a gift to herself!

And that was the presentation that greeted Robert and Cathy Dorsett as the couple approached their table. Cathy’s eyes flew wide. Robert’s cock went hard.

As did dozens of others in the room. As lavishly and sexily dressed as the other women were, Amy still stood out. There was no way you could miss the brief exposure of the tops of her stockings each step she took. It wasn’t just sexy…it was downright bawdy.

Cathy didn’t just exchange glances with the two men. She stared openly at them and nodded her head. It certainly wasn’t a done deal but there was definite a change in the wind.

Of all the others, Cathy was the one who could tell when a woman had totally released her moral inhibitions and let her sexual desires take control, even if that woman herself didn’t know. She still wasn’t saying Amy was a “gimmee” by any means, but there were certainly all the signs of a woman making every effort to fulfill an explosive internal sexual appetite. Their planned sexual “starving” of the thirty two year old had worked!

Dinner was wonderful. Pretty people, great food, witty conversation.

Wine. Lots of it. More than Amy could tolerate.

She didn’t get sick. It wasn’t her stomach she was losing.

It was her conservative manner.

She felt good about herself. She knew she looked good, she knew she was holding her own with their conversation and, most of all, she knew Steve was very proud of her. It was obvious in his manner, his attention to her.

She also knew that, once back in their cabin, the fever pitch she was failing to mask would be totally consumed and then doused, a reward for her new aggressiveness. She knew she was sexy as hell tonight and she was going to get another great fuck for her effort!!

She couldn’t wait.

Well, yes she could. There was still a show to attend, a musical in the Starlight Lounge. They all knew it would be less than topnotch but, what the hell, it was entertainment on the high seas. It seemed like the delay was torture but, unlike the night before, Amy was no longer concerned about “if” she was going to be sexually teased and tormented before being consumed. It was instead a matter of “when.”

A little more attention from the men to elevate her libido wasn’t going to exactly quell her evening any!

They waited too late. The lounge was full. At last they found a small booth in the very back. Robert hurriedly assisted Amy to her seat on the small bench then sat beside her, not giving either Steve or Cathy a chance to do so. Amy shrugged. So what! There was no denying that the man’s suave attention had been going straight to her receptive pussy all night. A little bit more teasing wasn’t going to kill her!

The other three mentally nodded in approval. Tonight was going well. Very well. Even their late arrival for the show fell into their hands. They would know exactly how well in about an hour.

They were all facing each other with Steve and Cathy’s back to the stage. Suddenly the lights dimmed and a spotlight came on. With a quick twist, the seat Cathy and Steve were on was spun around so that all four were facing the lighted stage, Amy and Bob seated in the darkness behind the other two almost as if in the rear seat of a car at a drive-in theatre.

The show was as expected. What the aspiring entertainers lacked in skill and polish they made up with exuberance. Flashy, downright sex driven costumes with a lot of thong type apparel was presented with a small live band.

Scheduled to be a fifty minute show, it was fun from the start.

It was about ten minutes into the show that Amy first felt it.

Over the past two nights she had come quite accustomed to Robert’s quick feels, the gentle but obvious grazing of her legs and arms by their handsome new acquaintance. But that had been pretty well in open view. Although hidden under the dining room table it was still well lighted and there were other people around. There was no danger, no alarm. Instead, just a bit of harmless and excitement between strangers.

But this was different. This time the sudden appearance of his delicate fingertips on her knee where her parting skirt had laid bare her stocking encased leg was very slow, very discreet.

And very much not by accident. Even in her innocence Amy knew that. There was a difference between an accidental brushing and a slow, adventurous sexual advance. One might make one shudder…the other, in the right frame of mind, would make one catch their breath.

Amy Matthews was definitely in the right frame of mind!

There was a quick jerk of her body. His foraging fingers had extracted an immediate response from her and the quick intake of air was obvious. She felt it, he felt and heard it.

She didn’t move, too stunned to offer immediate resistance to the intrusion. Steve was right there, not more than three feet in front of her bare knees.

The kids danced. His fingers danced.

They all cheered, applauded the effort on the stage.

On the back row, it was a little more subtle. To a hopeful and wise Bob, Amy’s lack of negative reaction to his attention was the same as being cheered, being applauded.

The fingers slowly crept up. Amy flinched but didn’t move. What to do? Ruin a perfect night. Make a scene in front of everybody. Kill off all her sexual expectations for the evening and maybe the entire cruise by complaining to her unknowing husband?

Her pussy was already on fire. Much to her chagrin his soft manipulations only fueled it. Still, it was not acceptable. She was married and her husband was only feet away.

She finally, slowly reached down and softly grasped his wrist. She couldn’t just let him wander up her leg. She held a secret. There was something he didn’t know but, if left to his vices, he would certainly find out in a few minutes.

One would think that, all things considered, that in her present dire circumstance this would have no importance. But for a sex drugged Amy sensing the creeping fingers, it did.

Amy Matthews knew that above the thigh high stockings there was nothing else. She was wearing no panties. It had been her secret, her seductive gift to herself.

Bob looked about slowly. They were so far in the back that the stage lights were actually in front of them, only masking the couple even more. Amy had no way to know that there was absolutely zero chance that their partners would turn around and rescue her, that they would not interfere with what they anticipated and hoped would be a gentle seduction.

But Robert Dorsett certainly had that inside information. As far as the two sitting in front of them, he knew that he not only had permissive free range but was fully expected to take it as far as Steven’s bride would allow.

With her hands gently riding his, the fingers crept up. The loose folds of her skirt readily gave way, falling to the side to expose her legs from her toes almost to her crotch. Each inch, each tiny upward movement, caused Amy to catch her breath. She desperately needed to be rescued.

Robert smiled at her dilemma. He knew Amy was fighting her own mind and sexual innocence even more than his escalating fingers. There were signs to look for, little indications of what was to be, where she was at the time. Robert Dorsett had been there before, many times.

Amy hadn’t.

She closed her eyes and looked away as if it would all disappear. It wasn’t so much his fingertips caressing and escalating slowly up her leg that bothered her so. Instead, it was the very distinct, very recognizable reaction from within that was causing her so much misery.

His uninvited attention, the slowly rising fingers searching her exposed legs, her husband sitting only feet away. Through it all, even though her mind desperately cried, “NO!” her receptive body whimpered softly in anticipation.

She was so sexually saturated it seemed that her only choice was to ingest the pleasure, no matter the source. Right and wrong would have to be in the next booth. Where Amy and Robert Dorsett was seated, all thoughts were on the fingers slowly advancing up between her quivering legs.

Bob not only knew where he was with her and where she was with herself but also approximately where the show was going. The slow, excruciating ascent had been wonderful. As much as it had already been advertised by Amy’s sultry walk, when he reached the top of her stockings and his fingers met her bare flesh they both reacted to the sensuality of it.

He desperately wanted to linger, to torment her into submission. But a clock was ticking. He didn’t have all night. He needed to move on, to complete his mission.

A few inches higher they both sucked in their breath. He in surprise, she in anticipation! Instead of finding the anticipated abbreviated tiny strip of cloth that would be her last defense, his hand had found an uncovered and unencumbered wet crotch hiding a swollen, sensitive clitoris.

He wanted to toy with her, to make her life a sexual misery for a few minutes. But it was time. They had minutes, not hours. “The show must go on” had an all new meaning for the two.

He wasted no time, slowly stroking the wet, exposed crevice. She reacted, her hips lurching up to meet the violation and then back in a vain attempt to escape.

The fact that, long ago, her hand on his had become that of an accommodating guide rather than a deterrent had not gone unnoticed.

Robert stroked slowly. Amy reacted with a small circling of her ass. As forbidden and uninvited as it was, the end result was marvelous.

From the darkness and somehow through the loud music, a whisper.

“I’m going to make you come.”

Amy thought she heard it. Surely not!

“I beg your pardon?”

“Come for me, Amy.”

It was like a bombshell in her ear, no matter that it was gently spoken through a very loud band.

Amy hesitated, then shuddered. Deny…deny…deny! That’s what she should do.

But she knew he was right.

As it was, she was barely hanging on…barely able to keep from becoming vocal from the pleasure she was feeling from his slow touch. The man knew what he was doing. Without ever having touched her before, he knew her body very well.

She slid down in her seat.

O-o-o-h-h-h-h-h. The fingers…the foraging thumb.

Her eyes closed, unable to compute or absorb any other than the sensation at hand. His hand.

She wasn’t aware when her legs spontaneously opened slightly to accommodate his hand.

In minutes she fluttered her eyes, looked about, shuddered, and in that hidden, darkened, loud booth did the unimaginable.

As Robert Dorsett had promised, Amy Matthews came. She straightened her legs and lifted her rotating ass off the seat. Grabbing his foraging hand with both of hers, her receptive pussy rode the fingers of the total stranger straight through all of her moral objections, his thumb playing havoc with her swollen clit.

Oh, it was not totally without noise but her low moans were heard only by her partner and the excited two sitting only feet away. But it was an explosion, nevertheless. A gratifying gift to the man who had so carefully planned and extracted her sinful orgasm.

For the two in front of them, it could only be some cocked ears, a huge effort not to look back behind them, and a knowing look at each other. The little nods were as hidden as Steven’s hard cock and Cathy’s wet pussy. To make sure Steve understood where she was with the activity behind them, Cathy looked around before cautiously sliding his hand under her short skirt. Her tiny thong was soaked and even his quick touch revealed a pussy that was in a slow convulsion.

The action under the two skirts was almost as muted as the final number being performed on the stage was animated! Too fast for either to reach any further sexual conclusion, the lights suddenly came on to douse any chances of the deeply desired completions.

Instead, two hard cocks and two begging pussies bid goodnight. One couple to go directly to their room. The other, an intentional delay to mask the fact that the four of them were virtually roommates divided only by a thin wall and an abbreviated partition.

Amy was certain that, once she gained her senses, her lifelong modesty returning, she would be totally distraught, so embarrassed, so sorry for her lascivious actions with a stranger. Surely she should be devastated.

Any time now, Amy. Any time now!!

She owed her innocent and trusting husband. Big time. For the first time since they had met she had cheated…had succumbed to another’s advances.

Where, then, was the deep remorse she should feel?

Instead, they weren’t even in their room before she reached back and unzipped the back of her dress. Still in the hallway, she looked about for strangers and then playfully let the front of her dress fall down and dangle from her hips, exposing her ripe breasts to him. As soon as they got in the room the sexually gushing wife never finished undressing, instead pushing the flabbergasted and pleased husband on the bed. She had a few things to say to him and had no intentions of even saying a word.

The lights were still all turned on, the curtains left wide open.

There had to be remorse. She demanded it of herself!! She owed him!

She felt that way. She had wronged him. There needed to be payment. She didn’t bother to remove her dress when she straddled him and lowered herself onto his waiting cock. His sudden realization that she had worn that revealing dress without any panties only seemed to add to it all!

For the first hour, it was all Amy. He only reacted to her movements. For the second hour it was a repentant Amy that opened herself up to anything. He needed only to suggest. She was all too eager.

What did he want? Oral? Sixty nine? She on top…or bottom. The floor? A chair? The shower?

She considered everything to be open for his pleasure! No boundaries…no denying!

There was no way she could still be shocked, totally caught by surprise at his requests…his demands. No way.

Steve Matthews knew he had capital to spend…a naive sexually saturated wife who felt she owed him a debt that could never be repaid.

Amy had accepted the thought of doing anything he asked.

Except being guided totally naked to a small straight on the small darkened balcony patio outside of their room.

Except being requested by her excited husband to sit in it after he had turned off all lights, being urged through the open, darkened sliding door to slowly rub herself to yet another orgasm.

The exposure was frightening at first, her naked body exposed to any that dared to peek. If detected, what the invading voyeur would have seen was Amy’s back to the sea, her legs wide open and extended out, her gyrating crotch totally exposed to her hidden husband sitting in the darkness of their cabin slowly stroking himself back to life.

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