Today, like most days, seems just the usual routine, the daily schedule, wake up, shower, kids, work, eat, and so on and so forth. But, today is special, as you may not realize, but today is the anniversary of our first kiss, and not just any kiss. I remember it like it was yesterday… ahh the memories… That is only just the beginning of our memories together. Today, I want to make another memory together, one that will stay with us for many years to come. Today, the weatherman forecasts a raging storm, and I forecast a raging passion between us. I know its been some time since we have had “us” time, but you will soon find out I have arranged something special, kids are away, and its our time, tonight.

You drive home from work, already the skies are darkening, filling with storm clouds. As you pull into the drive you notice that my car is there, already home and waiting on you. Coming up the path, you notice that no lights seem to be on and wonder if there is another power outage. But, as you open the door, you see many candles lit, and leading a path down the hall to our room, and with the hardwood floor covered with petals from tulips of every color, making this entryway a path to remember that’s for sure. Taking off your shoes and walking through the tulips, while smelling the sweet scent of the cool water candles we purchased together because we loved the scent.

Coming up to the door of our room, you hear soft music playing, and slowly open the door. You find me laying there on the bed, freshly showered and shaved, in my silk robe you bought for me. You look around the room, astonished by the number of candles and tulips spread throughout, making a warm and special place for just the two of us. I look up just in time to hear you gasp at the sight of what is laid before you. I walk up to you, ‘baby, tonight is just about us” I say as I look deep into those beautiful eyes that only begin to describe your beauty.

Wrapping my arms around you, feeling your heart race as you anticipate what is to come of this evening. Running my fingers through your hair, softly caressing your soft cheeks, pulling you in close to me, so close, I can feel the warmth of your breath on my skin. It has been so long, and I just want it to be us, be able to pamper and love you tonight in the way I know how. Go slip into something more comfortable. You head into the bathroom, as I now wait for you to come on out, so ready for you baby.

You throw open the door, and believe me, it was worth the entire wait as I feel my pulse start to race. Seeing you in the black silk robe, with that sexy zebra striped bra and black lace bikini panties, be still my heart, before I race over and devour you. I slowly walk up to you, admiring your heavenly beauty, looking into your eyes once more, I could get lost here forever. I pick you up gently in my arms, holding you so close, forgetting the world around us if only but for a moment. I lay you down on the bad made for us, running my fingers through your silky hair, still looking into your eyes, lowering my head to yours, as you grasp my neck.

Our lips so close, pecking, kissing ever so gently, nibbling on your lips, savoring your taste, oh how much I want you right now. Our hands start roaming each others bodies, as you rub my chest and my hands work their way down your neck, as our kissing becomes more urgent. I can feel your breath quicken, see the passion building in your eyes, feel the heat from your skin, oh baby… we don’t need to rush, we have all night, as I reach over and pull a bottle of lavender oil I have been heating in some water. I want to pamper you a while first. As you recall I have been taking a class in massage and aromatherapy, and you will be my first and only woman to feel my new techniques. Turn over..

I gently slide the silk robe down your back as you lay there on your stomach, revealing your soft skin of your back and what your bikini lacks to hide with those ever so sexy legs. I pull off my robe and sit beside you on the bed in my boxers, grabbing the bottle of oil, ready for your massage. I start by moving the hair off your neck and pouring the arm oil over your neck and shoulders. The oil has a soothing affect with the warmth and scent or this lavender. I gently place my hands on your neck, slowly rubbing the oil into your soft skin, as I knead and massage tenderly. Caressing your shoulders as you moan out, enjoying every moment my hands work the oil into your sensual skin. Moving lower I unclasp your bra, not needing this any longer, and pull it off as you rise up off the bed to allow me to do so. But doing so allows me to see just a glimpse of the sides of your sensual breasts, and you already have me going.

I pour more oil down your spine, and over your back, the heat soothing as I spread it over your shoulder blades and down your spine. As I spread the oil and massage into your skin, some trickles over the sides of your body, over your sides of your stomach and breasts, making you tingle even more. Slowly I massage down your spine, putting pressure in just the right places to soothe and relax you. My hands roam all over your back, leaving no skin untouched. My fingers trail over the sides of your tummy, hands working up over the sides of your breasts, massaging, you let out a moan. I can tease, but will definitely please in time.

I move my hands to just above your panty line, moving my fingers just under the hem. I have to remove them down a bit. I slide your panties down just enough to reveal your upper buttocks, so sexy, allowing me access to your lower back and upper bum. I pour more oil, spreading it over your lower back, rubbing it in, and over your sensual upper butt, making me want you even more. The oil slides between your cheeks and down your crack, tingling and making you want more. You spread your legs ever so much and the warm oil trickles lower and lower, as if your panties weren’t already damp. I massage lower, over your whole buttocks, under your panties, cupping you so sexy butt, making you squirm in anticipation of more. How can I resist just ripping off your panties now?

But I do, still a tease, but certainly going to please. I move down to your feet, pouring oil over your feet and calves, working my fingers into your skin, soothing your aching feet, your toes, your ankles. Working my hands up your calves, putting pressure just enough to soothe while my hands work wonders on your lower legs. I pour more oil over your thighs, and the back of your knees, caressing up over your knees, massaging into your thighs, getting higher and higher up your legs. I brush my hands so close to your panties, you can feel as my fingertips massage in between your thighs as you spread your legs more for better access. I decide to take down your panties, now soaked from so close to teasing, pulling them gently down over your feet and off. I reveal all of your sensual ass, looking up in between your legs realizing you are already wet. Moving my hands up your thighs once again, so close to your pussy lips, you feel the warmth of my fingers, so close, teasing you as I just brush past your clit, oh baby, making your quiver.

You turn over, look at me with a passion in your eyes, relax baby, I’m not done, wink. I remove my boxers, revealing how mush this teasing is actually having an affect on me as well. I lay you back down on your back, telling you to relax as I see the fire in your eyes. I pour oil over your neck, and upper chest, moving my hands to spread the oil, massaging into your neck. I massage deeper as I lower my lips and start kissing your cheeks, your ears, nibbling, as my hands work lower. I spread more oil over your sensual breasts, oh my god you are sexy, massaging all around but not touching your nipples, as my lips nibble and suck at your neck. You tilt your head back, loving every touch, every kiss, every nibble I have to offer.

My fingertips gently flick over your erect nipples, making you jump and moan out. I slowly circle my fingertips over your nipples, as my lips suck, kiss, and nibble down your neck, getting closer and closer. Its amazing how turned on I can make you with just flicks of my tongue and wisps of my fingertips. I lower my lips to your nipples, blowing cool air over them, making you tingle even more before I take each one in my mouth and suck on them. I hear you moan out as my hands cup and massage your breasts, licking, sucking, nipples so hard in my mouth as I myself am so hard for you. Working my hands and lips down lower, you bite your lip and spread your legs, wanting me to pleasure her more than anything right now.

My lips moving lower and my fingers massage your sexy thighs, lower and lower, seeing you arch your back, just wanting your hot clit to be touched. I spread your lips with my fingertips, revealing how wet you truly are, and blow several cool breaths over your hot clit, sending you over the edge as you moan out. I gently flick my tongue over your clit, I hear you scream out as my tongue works over your erect clit, sucking, licking, and making you wet. My tongue slides up and down your pussy so slowly, you feel every moment of pleasure as I slide my tongue, a little faster with every lick. You place your legs over my shoulders, not wanting my tongue to go anywhere as my rhythm matches yours. My tongue darts in and out of your hot pussy, coating my lips with your warm pussy juices, diving right in and wanting you to orgasm over and over. I lick faster, up and down your hot pussy, nibbling on your clit, moving my fingers over your pussy as you grind your hips into my face.

I place two fingers inside your wet pussy, as my lips suck hard on your clit. My fingers arch up to reach your g-spot, making your scream out as you start to grind harder and harder against my fingers and lips. Faster and faster, my tongue licks up and down, spreading your pussy lips with my tongue, my fingers deep within your wet pussy, reaching your g-spot with every thrust, sending you over the edge over and over. Feeling your legs shake, as your thighs grasp hard against my head, still licking and sucking till you go limp, your orgasm passed and I licked up all your sensual juices, oh baby, mmmmm…

You look down at me and I think I am in trouble now, I see a fire in your eyes and a passion that hasn’t been awakened in a while. You tell me it’s my turn, throwing me on the bed on my back. You straddle my hips, teasing my so hard cock with your wet pussy, asking me what it feels like to be teased, I love it. You reach down, stroking my hard cock, rubbing over your clit, asking me to beg me to fuck you. I don’t beg, usually, but with your hands on my hard cock, teasing me by slowly placing just the tip inside you hot wet pussy, I have to have you, and now. I scream out, baby, you know I want you more than anything, make me yours. You give me that look, that devilish look, like you are going to have fun with this, you are in control now.

Slowly sliding your wet pussy down my hard shaft, feeling every inch enveloped deep within you, omg it feels so good. You rock your hips slowly allowing my so hard cock to slide in and out. I look up at you, your eyes filled with fire, so sexy in this position of domination. I reach up and caress your sensual breasts, nipples so hard, looking up into your eyes, as you rock back and forth and I thrust up to meet you. You start your rhythm just a bit faster, coating my hard cock with your pussy juices, taking it almost all the way out and thrusting back down again. I grab your sexy ass, guiding it faster and faster on me, trying to control but losing control every time you thrust down on me hard.

Of course, I can see this is also pleasing you, you throw your head back as you really start to ride me faster and faster. My cock thrusting deep and hard, reaching your g-spot and you scream out as you arch back so far. Then you throw yourself down on top of me, our lips lock, kissing, nibbling, passionate feverish kissing. My hands still guiding your sexy pussy down on my hard cock faster and faster, you bite my lip hard ready for yet another orgasm. I can feel your pussy muscles clench over my hard cock, and your hot cum drenches down me. Harder and harder, faster and faster, thrusting down on may hard cock as we passionately kiss and bite, grabbing your hair as I feel you explode on top of me, cum dripping, mmmmmm…

Now it’s my turn to be in control. Still hard for you and you not wanting it to end, you slide off of me and get in the doggie position. I so love looking at your sexy ass this way, gently rubbing my fingers up and down your sweet ass, feeling your wet pussy and asking you if you want more. I get up behind you, my hard cock at full attention of your dripping hot pussy, slowly sliding it up and down over your hot clit, you start to scream out, your clit so sensitive. I allow the head of my hard cock just to penetrate enough to make you want more, then thrust in hard and fast making you scream out once again.

Slowly we get into a rhythm again, thrusting in deep with every stroke, your head in a pillow moaning deeper and deeper. I grab your so sexy ass and guide my cock deeper into your hot pussy. I feel your hot cum dripping down with every thrust. Faster and faster, screaming out, harder and harder, our bodies meshing together as one as you grip the pillows hard, screaming out my name with every thrust. I reach down and move my fingers over your clit, sending you ever the edge once more, your tight pussy muscles clenching my hard cock, trying to send me over the edge, so wanting to cum deep inside you. So sexy, so hot, you thrust back on my hard cock, making me penetrate deeper and deeper and this time it’s me who screams out. Slamming back harder and harder, making my cock throb and your pussy muscles tighten, I can feel your orgasm coming on and I’m going to release.

You look back at me, with passion and fire in your eyes, begging me to cum now, cum hard deep within you, and this sends me over the edge. I feel your pussy muscles tighten once again as my cock releases its hot cum deep within your pussy. You feel every throb of my hard cock deep within you, feel every drop of my cum fill you up, feel my knees buckle as you bring me to ultimate orgasm. We fall onto the bed together, having spent these last few hours pleasing and teasing one another, feeling the passion of making love with one another. I hold you in my arms, cum dripping down our legs but not caring, looking deep into your eyes again, the fire subsided, but the passion still there. Moving our lips to each other, kissing ever so gently, as I run my fingers through your now wet hair, baby, did you like the massage?


Dear Reader- to best understand and enjoy this story, I recommend you first read “Kitten is a Tease”. If you chose not to, here is a quick summary:

1. My wife Cindy and I are in our 40s. Cindy was away on a business trip. While away, we engaged in some hot teasing phone sex and sexting, leaving us hungry for her return home.

2. Cindy came home and I was waiting for her in a formally set dining room to serve her a romantic candle light meal.

3. Dressed in vintage stockings and high heels, she curls into my lap and regales me with a story of how she teased a total stranger- “Mr. Sexy”- on the airplane ride home, first exposing her breast, then her stocking clad legs, and then, mistakenly, her sex.

4. I know Kitten never strays and likes a good fantasy to ‘spice’ it up. Kitten also like it rough and will do anything to get me riled up for a good taking.

5. During her “confession” Kitten stands, bends over the dining room table, asks for punishment, and then continues her teasing tale, trying to work me into a raged frenzy as I viciously take her. Here is where our story continues:


Panting. Furiously panting, our animal moans still echoing in my head, the post climax haze descending on us, and my body draped over my wife Cindy, or “Kitten” as I affectionately call her, she pushes up her ass trying to keep me deep inside her. I rise up, my chest still heaving, and slowly remove myself, my cock anointed with our licentious nectar. Kitten remains bent over the dining room table.

“Honey, don’t forget,” she says in a throaty voice, “I’ve been a naughty girl…. You know what I want… just like we discussed….”

Forget? Never. And, not because of the temptations Kitten desires, but, because Kitten takes such good care of me that I gladly indulge her desires. Now, some of you might think, based the way Kitten teased me into climax with her story of exhibitionism with another man that I am a submissive cuckold. That is far from the case. Like I said before, I know Kitten never strays. She is perfectly faithful but likes her fantasies vivid and erotic and uses them for what they are best worth- playful exploration and gratification.

Silence and anticipation hang in the air as Kitten waits. I lay my hand on her ass with playful force. Kitten flinches. I say just before slapping her ass as second time, “You’ve been a naughty kitten, a very naughty one at that…” This one makes her yelp and ass ripple. Then another.

“You know I really didn’t do it, don’t you? Its just another one of my fantasies… you know that, right?” she asked sounding a bit insecure.

Intentionally, I do not respond. Rather, with a staccato pace, I gently spanked her right cheek into a light pink hue. “Oooh… that’s so hot,” Kitten moans, “keep it up…”

I notice the first nectar droplet rolling from Kitten’s hairy sex and take the warm viscus pearl on my finger tips. With the other hand I ball Kitten’s short hair in my fist and pull her head back. Kitten knows what is next and eagerly opens her mouth.

I gently offer my fingers. Kitten’s wet warm lips close on them and she ever so tenderly suckles.

“Mmmm,” she muses as I slowly withdraw, the cum rolling across her tongue and down her throat.

“Who is my naughty girl?” I asked playfully administering to her left cheek, her soft ass rippling and now equally hued light pink just like the other one.

“Me,” she proudly says.

“That is right, Kitten. But don’t think your punishment is over just yet. There are other ways to torment the disobedient…”

“Honey?” she asks wanting to know more. A few more precious droplets begin to roll from Kitten’s honey pot and I gather them before they slide down her inner thigh.

“Turn around,” I say as I kneel before her, “Hold up the dress and show it to me.” Kitten does as asked and looks down watching me with anticipation. I bring my fingers to her and slowly spread it, working it into her, the droplets clumping on her bushy pubic hairs.

“Oh Honey,” she gasps as I gently touched her sensitive lips. We both love the taste and smell of our mixed cum- its sensuousness represents the culmination of our love. I noticed a bit more sneaking from her, take it in hand, reach up and gently apply it to her nipples, at first spreading it on them in a slow circular motion, then mildly pulling and twisting the nubs pert. Kitten has very sensitive nipples. “Oh yes,” she gasps and I pull away, not eager to go to far to fast.

I take Kitten’s ankle in my hand and slowly caress the vintage silk stocking before leaning forward and kissing her. “Fool for Your Stockings,” the song sums me up. I don’t know why I fixate on a woman in heels and hose but I do. Maybe its because Kitten dresses up just for ‘me’ and it strokes my ego. Maybe its because the lingerie represents a woman perfectly packaged in a most feminine way- a perfect gift for unwrapping before tender defilement. Or maybe its just the “forbidden” nature and “Ooo La La” of it all. I just don’t know why but what I do know is that I find extreme pleasure in my fetish, Kitten knows it and gladly indulges me, just like I oblige her fantasy play. We both appreciate our mutual willingness to please one another without question or judgment. It draws us closer and into a deeper relationship. That is the way it should be between committed partners.

My hand firmly holds Kitten’s ankle as I slowly kiss upward,, slowly in worship of her body, my lips and cheeks softly brushing against her sexy silk clad leg, her calf, her knee, past the reinforced stocking top to her thigh. I smell her scent and know it all to well. It always excites me. I feel her warm flesh and find comfort in it. I hear her sigh and relish in the fact that I pleasure her.

“Kitten,” I start as I kiss her inner thigh, “Would Mr. Sexy do this to you?” I ask referring to the fantasy man she claims to have teased, exposing herself in the darkened first class cabin of an airplane.

“Maybe,” she says.

I drizzle more kisses on Kitten’s inner thigh. My hand moves to her pubic mound and a thumb comes to gently rests against her dewy furrow. I continue kissing, carefully moving past Kitten’s mound, tracing along her hairline until I reach the top edge of her hairs and kiss horizontally.

“Would Mr. Sexy kiss you like this Kitten?”

“Maybe, Honey.”

I apply a little more pressure with my thumb and teasingly move it up and down the edges of the slick slit.


“Yes, Honey?” she asks.

“And did Mr. Sexy give you the children who came to life right here?” I asked tenderly kissing her taught lower abdomen. Kitten momentarily freezes at the question, the juxtapositional nature of it jolting her from fantasy.

“No, Honey,” she meekly says taking her dose of reality.

“That is right Kitten,” I say, “… Kitten, do you want me to eat you?”

“Please,” she says.

“Maybe,” I reply as I gently press my face forward, my warm breath caressing her sex as I nuzzle my face against it, musing over her scent.

I wait a bit before slowly barely dragging my tongue through her slit. “Oh shit,” she quips.

“Kitten, who is the only one to ever taste you?”

“You Honey,” she says in a confessional whisper.

“That is right Kitten,” I say just before slowly dragging my tongue through her furrow again, this time slightly deeper, parting her thick hungry lips, her salty juices gracing my senses.

“… and who is the only one to ever touch you?” I ask.

“You know, it is you…” she replies and my fingers part her and my tongue tenderly, lazily lashes her swollen aching bud.

“… and who is the only one to ever be inside you?”

“You Honey,” she barely says, the intensity of the moment taking hold of her as I draw her bud between my lips and suckle it, making her softly moan as my tongue rolls around it.

“Kitten, do you still vividly remember the first time?

“Of course,” she gasps, throwing her head back as I taunt the bud again.

“… and Kitten who is the only one to ever cum inside you?”

“You…” she barely states, her knuckles white as she grips the edge of the dining room table, slightly raising her hips so she meets my face, eager for me to give her release.

“Do you want me inside you now?”

“Please… yes,” she replies in a mesmerized voice thinking it will be my cock. Instead I insert a finger.

“Oh,” she cries in a warbled hushed tone. At the sound of her impassioned voice I grow hard. She is at my mercy as I gently tease her with tongue and finger until her abdomen tightens and breath quickens and hands come to rest on the back of my head as I play with her.

Then I stand, keeping my hand on her sex, a finger inside and a thumb on her button. I kiss her lips, soft kisses ans we sink into a pool of tender passionate kisses. Kitten mutters three simple words, “I want you.”

“But Kitten… you can’t have me just yet,” I say as I remove my finger and run my hand through her thick bush, my fingers finding the base of her hairs. I slowly draw them into a fist, grasping her hairs tight at the base. Kitten moans as I pull up, tugging her hairs, pulling her lips. I release and repeat the motion, slowly, over an over, each time pulling up on her harder.

Kitten groans with pleasure. My mouth next to her ear I whisper, “… you want me buried in that hot mess now?”

“Please…” is all she manages to say.

“So, is Mr. Sexy this good?”


“No what?” Kitten.

“No, Honey.”

“That’s better Kitten,” I say as I lean Kitten back on the dining room table and pull her sexy ass to the edge, her feet flat on the table, knees up and thighs spread, I stand towering over her looking down and bring my swollen hungry head to rest on the edges of her salacious rose. Kitten raises her hips teasing, trying to coax me to enter. I reach out and grab her tits, squeeze and ply her erect nipples and watch her face contort in pleasure.

“Kitten, who owns it?”

“You do Honey,” she says and I reward her by slowly passing into her until we join, the base of my shaft meeting her greedy lips. My fingers gently rub her swollen bud, the slick tender flesh begging for attention. My other hand goes to her face and I offer her two fingers to suckle, which she takes without hesitation. My fingers strum her clit and the ones in her now closed mouth feel the vibrations of her low moans as her tongue dances around them as I look down at the woman who gave herself over to me in marriage, committed herself without knowing any other. Blind trust and faith- powerful and intoxicating blind trust and faith.

I pull out, push Kitten back onto the table, climb between her spread thighs and place my swollen head against her wet waiting lips, momentarily keeping it there, making her wait with anticipation for my entry.

“Oh please,” she impatiently begs as I rub my swollen head up and down through her wet furrow.

“Where is the rush Kitten?” I ask just before I lower myself into Kitten’s hot sex. Her stocking clad legs greedily wrap around my hips as I slowly slide deep into her. As I begin to ride her, the long stem glasses on the table begin to wobble. My eyes are closed but my body feels every inch of Kitten’s warm body. We move in a synchronized rhythm. I’m now hard and close. I open my eyes to gaze down on my beautiful sexy Kitten. The palms of my hands flat on the table, elbows locked and chest upright as I look down at her face, eyes closed and deep concentration on the intensity of the moment as the light from the fireplace and candles flicker, throwing shadows, veiling her beauty- she is just as beautiful as they day we met, the time I first had her and every day thereafter…

My short shallow strokes across her entrance tease her wanton body. “Yes,” she quips feeling my passion as I push myself deeper with each penetration, to join with her, meld as one, deep inside her warmth.

“Kitten, would it be this good with Mr. Sexy?”

“No,” she whispers, “I just want you…” she says, hands gripping my shoulders, holding on as I increase my pace. I slowly push as deep as possible and then hold still. Kitten’s legs, wrapped around me tighter, trying to pull me closer, deeper. She thrusts her hips up, hungrily impaling herself on my steel hard cock.

“C’mon Honey, fuck your naughty Kitten,” she begs frustrated, her lips clutching at the base of my sex.

“You want me, Kitten?”

“Yes,” she says and I thrust hard, driving myself into her, seeking to control and dominate. Kitten cries in a high pitch and I split her again.

“Give it to me…” she says in a ragged voice.

I thrust hard and deep again. Kitten cries out in passion. I thrust again and she screams “Oh yes, more.”

“You want me to cum in you?”

“Yes…” she hisses, her body on the edge, quivering in rapture.

I lower my torso and bring my head to the crux of Kitten’s shoulder and neck and continue rutting, hard measured deliberate paced thrusts, slamming my pelvis against hers, my head buried deep in her womb. I feel Kitten’s hot breath crossing my ear and I hear her ‘oh yes’ quips with each thrust, her arms now around my shoulders, long thin delicate feminine fingers gentle draped across the back of my neck. I catch a glimpse of our joined image in the dining room mirror- Kitten’s hot stocking clad legs now straight upward, sexy high heels pointed skyward and swaying with each penetration, her body submissively beneath me, a flower waiting for a seed. I surge forward and explode. Kitten feels me climax, raises her head, bites into my shoulder and whimpers as we climax together.

Yes, Kitten is a tease, and I am too…. are you?

I see you sitting on the couch and walk up to you. I straddle your lap, grab the back of your neck with one hand and start kissing you hard, deep, passionately. My tongue plays with yours. You grab my ass and pull me tight against you so I can feel your hardening cock through our clothes. I moan and wiggle my hips a little. I trail my hands down your chest to the bottom of your shirt. Sliding my hands underneath, I want to feel your bare skin. When I reach your nipples, I tweak then lightly, making you moan. I then pull your shirt off.

You start to kiss my neck, which elicits a moan from me. Your hands grab the bottom of my shirt and you take it off slowly, watching the skin that’s revealed along the way. When you see my tits sitting pretty in the black lacy bra I’m wearing, you groan and reach for them. Feeling, caressing, squeezing. You go back to kissing my neck and earlobes while your hands are busy. My head rolls back as I moan at what you’re doing to me. Moving your lips to the other side of my neck, you reach behind me and unhook my bra and take it off. Grasping my bare tits in your strong hands, you trail your lips and tongue towards my aching nipples. Taking one into your mouth, you tease me lightly, then sucking hard, then back to lightly using your tongue. You gently bite down causing me to writhe and groan. You repeat the same on my other nipple, giving it equal attention.

Lifting me off your lap, you lay me back on the couch and reach for my jeans. Unbuckling my belt, then undoing the button and sliding the zipper down, you can’t wait to get in my pants. You slide one hand inside and realize I’m not wearing any underwear. Grasping the waistband, you slowly pull my jeans down my legs and off. Tossing them off to the side, your eyes zero in on my pussy. Shaved but for a strip of hair leading the way, you push my thighs apart to take a better look. You can easily see how wet I am. You lean down and tease the outer lips with your fingers. I moan, hips moving, wanting more. Taking a few teasing light licks, you still avoid where I want you most. I groan in frustration.

You take a deep breath, inhaling my scent. On a moan, you start licking my clit, alternating between circling it and long strokes with your tongue. I groan loudly and my hips jump at the contact. Your finger meanwhile teases my hole, which is growing wetter by the second. You slide one finger in a little, then add a second. Finger fucking me while licking, nibbling and sucking my clit. By now, I’m sopping wet, my juices covering your fingers, face and trailing down my ass crack. Following that path, your finger starts to play with my ass. My hips lift in invitation. You apply slight pressure and your finger easily slides in, with the lube of my juices and because I’m just so fucking turned on.

Wanting to feel you, I sit up and slide to my knees on the floor in front of you. I pop the button in your jeans and slowly lower your zipper, feeling your hardness beneath. You lift your hips slightly so I can strip you completely. On a groan, I grasp your hard cock in my hand and take the head into my waiting mouth. Licking, teasing the ridge a bit before sliding my lips as far onto you as I can. Sucking up, then back down again. Up, then down again. Lightly grabbing a handful of my hair, your hips buck and I moan.

You pull me off you as you have other thoughts on what you want to do to me. Putting your hands under my arms, you pull me up. You hold your cock upright as I straddle you again, lowering my dripping pussy onto your hard, throbbing cock. We both moan as you slide in and fill me up. You grab the back of my head and pull your lips to mine again. Kissing you back feverishly, I slowly grind my hips on you, making us both crazy.

Soon I can’t take it anymore. I grab the back of the couch and just ride you. Feeling you deep inside me. Feeling my clit rub your pelvic bone with every thrust. I love the way your cock feels fucking up into me, I’m moaning continually by this point. I can feel my orgasm come closer…closer…rushing up and through my body with every move I make. I open my eyes and look into yours when I finally fly over that peak. Feeling my pussy convulse around your fat cock, you can’t take it any longer and on a groan, let yourself go, cumming hard deep inside me.

I lean forward, resting my head on your shoulder as we wait for our heartbeats to slow and our breathing to return to normal.

Twenty-six year old Michael had just gotten off work and walked through his front door when his mobile rang. He sighed and put his keys on the island in the center of his kitchen.

“Can’t they give me any bloody peace?” he said as he pulled his mobile from his pocket. To his surprise, however, it wasn’t work calling him like they usually did when he walked through the door. There was no contact information for the number, but he recognized it anyway. “Good afternoon, Nicole,” he said as he answered the phone. Nicole was his ex-girlfriend who worked in an office on the other side of town. They had broke up over a year previously, just before Christmas. Since then, his life had turned around completely and he was doing quite well for himself. Last he had heard, she was not. In fact, this is the first time he had heard from her in any form since they had broken up.

“Hey Michael, how are you?” Her tone was casual, but she couldn’t hide the nervousness in her voice. Michael could tell she wasn’t sure how he’d react to her calling him out of the blue.

“I’m fine. How about yourself?”

“I’m okay.” There was a long pause on the other end of the mobile. The kind of pause somehow does when they’re trying to think of the best way to say something. “Listen, I know this is sudden, and you probably will say no, but would you mind grabbing a coffee with me or something? I just… I really need to talk to someone and you’re the only person I could think of.” Michael was silent for a long time. What the hell could she possibly want to talk to him about after forgetting he even existed for nearly fifteen months?

“I actually just walked through the door after working all day. Was going to put on dinner and relax.”

“Oh,” Nicole said. The disappoint in her voice was clear. “Okay, well, I just thought…”

“But if you want to come over, I can make some extra and we can talk about whatever you’d like.” He wasn’t sure why he said it. He wanted to see her, regardless of what had happened in their past. His biggest flaw was that he was too nice, too forgiving. His friends had always told him that.

“Sure,” she said another long pause. “I’d like that.” Michael gave her his address, one of the only things that had changed since they had broken up. “You live there? Wow, that’s incredible.”

“Just give my name to the guard at the gate; I’ll let him know that you’re coming and he should let you in without any trouble.”

“Okay,” Nicole said, a hint of anticipation in her voice. “I’ll see you in about an hour, okay? I just need to finish up a few things at work.” Michael held his mobile to the side of his head for several minutes after she had hung up. Her voice had been the same as ever, sounding just like she had when she was a teenager. He had missed those days.

Nicole and Michael had met when they were fourteen years old. At the time, Nicole had been dating one of Michael’s friends, but they had never even kissed. They’d broken up shortly after and Michael’s friend had introduced them. They hit it off nearly instantly, but didn’t start “officially” dating until Michael’s homecoming his freshman year of high school. They spent the next ten years together, through high school, his college education, and most of hers. Then, two Christmases prior, she had suddenly decided she didn’t want to date him anymore and had simply told him that she was done and left. He hadn’t heard anything from her, even by proxy, since.

Michael put the mobile next to his keys on the island and walked towards the master bathroom on the eastern wing of his house, just off the master suite. He had wanted to get a smaller house, but since the president of the company he worked for had given it to him as a work perk, he didn’t complain too much. Sure, it was expensive to maintain and the taxes were higher than he would have liked, but he made more than enough to manage it. Thoughts of his time spent with Nicole flowed through his mind like an ocean in a storm as he stripped naked and stepped into his shower, hoping the hot water would soothe away the weariness and trepidation. As steam filled the shower and the hot droplets cascaded down his back, Michael lost himself into memory.

He was jarred out of his memories by the sound of the doorbell ringing. It was a deep, two-note sound that echoed throughout the empty house, reaching Michael in his solace. He turned the water off and held his breath, wondering if he actually heard it or if it was just his thoughts running wild. The bell sounded again, sounding louder now that the water wasn’t running.

“Damn it,” he said, grabbed a large, black towel from the towel rack and wrapping it around his waist. He slipped his feet into a matching pair of polyester bath slippers. He shivered slightly as he opened the door, his wet skin hitting the cooler air of the hallway. The doorbell rang a third time and he hurried down the hall and through the parlor to the foyer. He reached out towards the double doors and turned one of the handles, pulling it open towards him. There stood Nicole.

She was just as beautiful, if not more so, than Michael remembers. Her thick, curly brown hair hung around her shoulders, draping slightly over a powder blue button-on shirt with darker horizontal blue lines. Michael’s breath paused in his throat. It had been his favorite shirt that she owned. Her deep chocolate eyes stared at him from beneath her bangs. They had that same innocent twinkle he’d seen in them when they first met. As his eyes slid down her body, taking in the fullness of her large breasts, the slenderness of her hips and waist, to the black skirt with matching stockings that she wore, Michael felt a sudden deepness in his heart. Sorrow.

His eyes dropped to her black high heels and then shot instantly back to her eyes. He noticed that her eyes were just coming to meet his as well. Michael started breathing again when their eyes met and she flashed him a smile. It made his knees weak to look at.

“Hi,” he said, staring at her some more. “I was, um, in the shower. I guess I lost track of the, um, time.” Nicole smiled again, revealing her perfect white teeth once more. Michael opened his mouth to say more and closed it instantly.

“So are you going to invite me in or just stand there in a towel?” she asked. Michael looked down.

“What? Oh, right.” He backed away from the door. “Please, come in. I’m sorry. Let me just change quick.” He led her into the parlor before continuing on into his bed room. Closing the door behind him, he pressed his back to it and ran a hand through his wet hair. “Bloody hell,” he said out loud. “Pull yourself together.” He swallowed hard and moved over to his bureau, pulling out a plain black t-shirt and a pair of grey cargo pants. After putting on a pair of socks and leather work boots, he took a deep breath and stepped out into the hallway. “I’m sorry about that,” he said as he came into the parlor. “I was in the shower and thinking about…”

“Me?” Nicole interrupted. Michael stared at her with his mouth open. Nicole laughed slightly. “That’s what I would have been doing if this had been the other way around. My old flame calls me after a year and a half without so much as a word and he suddenly wants to see me? I’d be thinking about it in a long, hot shower, too.” She laid back into the couch, sinking slightly into the plush blue velvet. “You’ve done well for yourself,” she said, looking around the room.

“I guess,” was all he could say. He had never liked showing off. Nicole turned back to look at him.

“I saw the car in the driveway. Your dream car isn’t it?” Michael nodded. “I’m happy for you,” Nicole said, beaming. “Really, I am.” Nicole crossed her legs and the two fell into a long silence.

“What do you want for dinner?” Michael asked after five minutes. Nicole closed her eyes. Michael saw that she was wearing just a hint of purple eye shadow. That was unusual. He had never remembered her to wear makeup.

“I’m fine for anything,” she said. Michael smiled at her and walked into the kitchen, opening a few cabinets and taking out some pots.

“We’ll go with a simply spaghetti and meatball dinner then,” he called into the parlor. He filled the largest silver pot nearly halfway with water before placing it on the stovetop and turning it on. The much smaller pot he put the tomato sauce in, but didn’t turn the heat on. Lastly, he put a dozen meatballs into the oven.

While he was preparing dinner, Nicole got off the couch and slowly walked around the parlor, looking at everything. She could probably fit her entire apartment into this one room. There were two large couches, one a sectional sofa and the other a simple loveseat. They were a dark blue, contrasting the beige carpets but somehow looking good with it. Along the wall with the windows was a fireplace that stood at least as tall as Nicole. The opposite wall, the one with the kitchen on the other side, displayed a plasma television. The last wall, to Nicole’s right, was line with a dozen bookcases that were filled with books ranging from such things as “Lord of the Rings” to “War and Peace.” One thing that bothered her, however, was that there wasn’t a single picture in the room. While she hadn’t expected any of her, naturally, she thought he might at least have a picture of his friends or family.

“How do you like it?” Michael asked, coming back into the room. Nicole turned to look at him. His black hair was still wet and slicked back. He wasn’t wearing glasses like he used to, but his eyes were still that shade of silver she had adored for so many years.

“You’re not wearing glasses,” she said, blurting out her first thought. Michael smiled.

“I had laser surgery a few months ago, shortly after my mother had it. I still wake up freaking out that I lost or broken them or something, but then I realize I can see properly now.” He chuckled slightly and walked forward, handing her a glass of red wine. Nicole took the glass with a slight nod of thanks and took a sip. “So what did you want to talk to me about?” he asked. She stood facing the window and took another sip of wine.

“Do you remember that time,” she began, “when we had a huge fight at my parents’ house. After it was over, I ran down to my bedroom and sat on the floor under the window and cried while you sat on the couch and stared out the window.” She smiled slightly. “I thought you were going to leave. I didn’t expect you to come down to the bedroom and…” she let the sentence hang. Michael fully remembered that time, and what had happened next.

Nicole had just woken up not ten minutes before Michael had come over. She was wearing a plain cotton t-shirt and white pajama pants with hearts on them. No sooner had he walked in the day than had she started on him about spending time with another girl instead of spending time with her. His counter-argument had been that she had plenty of male friends. He should be allowed to have female friends. The argument had spiraled down from there with neither side wanting to give in for the sake of ending the argument.

Michael walked into Nicole’s bedroom and looked around. She still had the balloon he had given her for her eighteenth birthday; somehow it was still floating even though her birthday had been three months previously. He glanced down at her. She was curled up on the floor under the windows to the right of the door, hugging a teddy bear he had gotten her for her sixteenth birthday. She wasn’t crying; the fight wasn’t that bad. She looked up at him, brushing a few strands of her unruly hair away from her face. She opened her mouth to say something angry, but closed it.

Michael moved closer and dropped to her knees. Reaching for the waistband of her pajamas, he pulled them down to reveal her plain cotton panties. His eyes locked on to hers as he pulled these down as well. Both her panties and her pajamas were around her feet now. Michael still remember that her mother and brother could be home at any moment and wanted her to be able to dress quickly if she had to. Being angry at someone wasn’t a good enough reason to get them both into trouble.

He licked his lips as he stared at his girlfriend’s pink pussy. It was bare, as it had been since shortly after they had met, and was just as inviting as ever. Michael dropped to his stomach and pulled her legs up. Her legs were on either side of his head and her fingers tangled through her hair as he buried his tongue in her pussy. Her back arch as his tongue explored her, swirling around her insides. He rubbed her clit with his thumb as he continued to eat her out, eliciting various moans from her lips. Nicole squeezed her legs around his head, but he kept licking the inside of her delicious pussy. Pushed her thighs higher, Michael moved his tongue to her ass. He had only licked it twice when Nicole pulled him up to her, slipping her own tongue into his mouth.

The two let their tongues dance as Nicole fiddled with Michael’s pants, finally undoing his belt and zipper. As his hard, six-inch cock dropped out of his pants, Nicole took it into her hand and pumped a few times before positioning it in front of her eagerly awaiting pussy. With their tongues still intertwined, Michael moved forward, his cock spearing into Nicole’s pussy. Both of them gasped at the sensation into each other’s mouth. No matter how many times they had sex, the first penetration was always the best.

Nicole ran her hands under Michael’s shirt as he began to thrust in and out of her, his balls slapping loudly against her ass. The only sound they had to compete with was her moans of pleasure as his cock went deeper. She dug her nails against his skin, pulling him as deep into her as she could. She moved one of her hands from him and slid it down her front to tease her clit as his cock slid in and out of her rapidly. Michael looked down. Her large breasts, still covered by her shirt, were bouncing freely in time with his thrusts. Michael kissed her again before pulling away.

“Where do you want me to cum?” he asked. It had been a few weeks since they had sex last and he wasn’t able to go as long as he usually could. Plus, it was angry, make-up sex. Nicole pulled her shirt up, revealing her D-cup breasts. Her nipples were dark and large, but Michael loved them.

“Here,” she whispered softly, turning her head to the side. A look of pure ecstasy was on her face. She furrowed her brow, beaded with sweat, and moaned again. Michael pulled out of her and pointed his cock at her breasts. Three large spurts landed on them, one covering her right nipple entirely. He sat back on his heels, watching as Nicole pulled her right breast up to her mouth and sucked the cum off her nipple. She looked at his cock when she had finished and crawled closer, lowering her mouth over it.

Michael moaned as his cock hit the back of her throat. Nicole had never really been one for giving blow jobs, but on the rare occasions that she did, they were amazing. She rubbed his balls as her head bobbed up and down, her tongue running along the underside of his shaft as she pulled up and swirling around the head before she went back down. She pulled away, taking his balls into her mouth and sucking gently as her hand wrapped around his rigid shaft and pumped up and down. His balls tightened and she enveloped him with her mouth again as he came, a much smaller load than previously, but still enough to cause her to cough. They looked at each other as Nicole drew away from his softening cock. She ran her fingers over her breasts, scooping up every last drop of cum and licking her fingers clean.

“That was incredible,” Michael said breathlessly. Nicole smiled and nodded.

“But I’m not done with you yet,” she said, pulling him back down to her. He slipped his cock back into her eager pussy and began to thrust. It hurt at first because he had came so recently, but he was used to things like that. Their lack of their own living arrangements and parents who tended to be nosy and untrusting made sex a “whenever we can the chance” thing. Michael groped her breasts, biting lightly on one of her nipples. He could feel Nicole’s pussy quiver around him as she came. The slamming of a car door stopped not only the sex, but Michael’s memory of the event.

It has been a hard day at the office. For the past few weeks, Ben and Patricia have been working on a project together and, at just past six thirty that evening, they put the finishing touches to their work. To celebrate the project’s completion, Ben suggests they go our for a few drinks.

The walk to the nearest bar and celebrate by sharing a bottle of champagne. They move on to a restaurant for some food and wine. The conversation flows and they find each other to be pleasant, easy company. As the evening draws to a close, Ben walks Patricia home.

“Well, here we are.” Patricia announces as they reach her home. “Thanks for a lovely evening.”

“Yeah, I had a really fun time.” replies Ben. Chancing to fate, he ventures “So, can I come in for a coffee or something?”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Okay, you’re right. Perhaps just a goodnight kiss then?”

“Well, okay. I guess I don’t see any harm in that!”

The two embrace and fall into a deep, passionate kiss. Ben backs her up and presses her against her door as they kiss. Patricia pushes her body up against Ben in response. His arms envelop her as his left hand moves down towards her firm, round rump.

“Well, maybe you can come in for a little while.” concedes Patricia. “But only for coffee. I’m not the sort of girl who has sex on a first date!”

They move inside and Ben joins Patricia in the kitchen as she makes the coffee, still a little flustered from their kiss. They move over and sit down next to each other on the couch. Ignoring their coffee, the conversation continues as they edge closer to each other. Until they are once again locked in a passionate kiss. Although this time slower and less urgent than the previous one.

Ben leans over, easing Patricia into a reclining position on the sofa as they continue to kiss. He slides his hand up her leg, over her knee and pushes her tight pencil skirt up a few inches as he slips his fingers underneath it.

Patricia pushes him off her and sits up. “I told you, I’m not that sort of girl.” She notices the bulge in Ben’s pants and can’t stop herself from reaching out to touch it. “Maybe there’s something I can do with this though….”

She fondles his stiff cock through his work trousers. Running her hand along the length of it, she reaches his zip and pulls it down. Ben shuffles in his seat to make room for Patricia’s hand as she reaches inside his gaping trousers and pulls out his thick, stiff dick.

She runs the tips of her fingers along it and then grabs hold of it towards the tip. She slowly moves her hand gently all the way down the shaft, then back up and down.

“So what do you want to do with it?” asks Ben.

“This is nice,” says Patricia as she continues to stroke his achingly hard dick. “Maybe there’s one thing more that we could do with it though….”

Patricia moves down to her knees in front of Ben and pulls his balls out of the opening of his trousers. She licks his scrotum as she continues to stroke his cock. She licks up the shaft to the tip of his dick, tasting the wetness that had seeped out it it. She licks her tongue around the head of his cock before taking it into her mouth. She sucks and licks him enthusiastically, taking him as deeply as she can into her mouth, although she struggles to wrap her lips fully around his girth.

“Oh, that’s amazing.” says Ben. “I want you. Let me fuck you.”

“I said we can’t. I don’t want you inside my pussy tonight. Although my mouth is getting sore.”

“Maybe there’s something else we can try? Climb onto the sofa.”

Patricia kneels up on the seat cushion and bends over the back of the sofa. Ben stands up behind her and hitches up her skirt all the way over her round hips to her narrow waist. He sees she is wearing hold up stockings and beautiful, expensive looking panties. He slips them down over her firm ass and down to her knees.

“What are you doing? I said….”

“Don’t worry, I won’t touch your pussy. Although I can see it is very beautiful.”

Patricia blushes as Ben grabs her ass cheeks and eases them apart. He admires her pretty, neatly waxed pussy and perfect, tight ass hole. He runs his tongue along the inside of her right cheek, before pushing it against her ass hole.

“Oooohh!” groans Patricia as she feels the tip of Ben’s tongue against her ass. He licks around her ass hole before pushing his tongue into her. Her ass gives way and the tip of his tongue enters her without difficulty. “Mmmmm, yes. You can put yourself inside my ass. I want your dick inside my ass.”

Ben positions himself behind her and slowly enters her ass. He pushes himself inside her, his stiff cock meeting no resistance from Patricia’s relaxed, accepting ass hole. He fucks her with long, slow strokes as Patricia pushes back against him, forcing him deeper into her. He increases the pace and power of his thrusts as Patricia’s pleasure grows. She shrieks and grips tightly to the back of the sofa as she climaxes hard.

She pulls herself forward and off Ben’s dick and turns round to sit on the sofa. Brushing a lock of her shoulder length, impossibly dark hair behind her ear, she leans forward and takes him in her mouth. She licks and sucks at his cock, then takes a breath and opens her mouth wide to deep throat him.

She takes him all the way into her mouth and into her throat, until her nose presses against his stomach. She moves her mouth up and down his length in this fashion until she runs out of breath and has to move back. When she recovers, Ben pulls her head towards him and she takes him into her mouth again. This time she doesn’t have to move as he fucks her throat until she runs out of breath again.

He sits down next to her on the sofa and she climbs up and straddles him, pushing her ass hole down onto his stiff dick. She rides him hard and fast, bucking her hips into him. She comes again and flops down onto Ben, exhausted. He gathers her in his arms and stands up, still inside her. She grinds herself onto him and, still shaking from her last climax, brings herself to orgasm once more.

Ben turns and lays her down on the couch. He looms over her, pushing her knees up to her shoulders as he pounds himself into her ass at a ferocious pace. Patricia’s eyes roll back with pleasure as he declares “I’m going to cum!”

He pulls himself out of her and moves himself up to her. Patricia grabs his cock and directs him as he splashes a jet of cum over her pretty face, which streaks from her forehead to her chin. A second stream lands on her cheek and a third over her mouth. He thrusts himself forward and Patricia takes his still throbbing cock into her mouth as he releases more sperm, which she swallows down with a big gulp.

Patricia groans with pleasure as she sucks on the tip of Ben’s dick and strokes gently along it’s length. Ben stands up and fastens up his trousers.

“So, see you at 9 o’clock tomorrow?” he smiles.

This is a continuation of a story posted years ago. Enough people were curious to see what would happen next, I finally got to it. Sorry for the delay. Love the feedback and always welcome suggestions.


For a while, we didn’t hear anything from Sharon or Manny, although we saw them from time to time in the neighborhood. Audrey fretted somewhat about the box they had, but it seemed almost minor compared to what had happened to us that night. The humiliation we’d undergone was so complete, it was hard to imagine anything worse. That couple had literally owned us sexually, making us do stuff we’d only imagined before.

Though we didn’t speak of what had passed between the four of us, my nights with Audrey were passionate and uninhibited. Images of our submission at the hands of our neighbors were unshakeable for me during sex, as was the shameful craving for more of the same. I guess Audrey was thinking about the same thing but I didn’t want to ask how she felt about repeating the experience. For now it didn’t matter. Sex between us was suddenly more intense and frequent than it had been in a long time.

Days turned into weeks and we became more settled in the neighborhood, meeting new people and chatting casually with them, though we hadn’t yet invited anyone else inside our home. However, we carefully avoided contact with Sharon and Manny. I guess neither of us were sure how we’d handle that inevitable encounter.

Then, one Saturday afternoon the call came. Audrey answered the phone, but Sharon, on the other end of the line, demanded that she turn it on speaker so I could hear, too.

“Greetings, you two. Keeping out of trouble, are we?” We stammered a response of some kind and she plowed on, “go to your computer and check Patrick’s email right now.”

“Ah, ok.” I said and hit Send/Receive. Immediately an email popped up from Sharon with a URL link inside and a password.

“Click on the link. Take a look and call me back.” Sharon said before hanging up.

I opened the link and saw a black screen with a password prompt. I typed in the password. What we saw next shocked us. An image appeared on the screen, the picture Sharon had taken of Audrey and myself right before they left our house. It was Audrey and myself, naked and tied together on the floor with cum all over our faces. After a moment a title was superimposed, “The Depravity of Patrick and Audrey Robbins.”

“Oh god.” whispered Audrey.

A text box appeared with a message inside: “Welcome. If you are looking at this, you have been given access to the humiliation of Audrey and Patrick. Perhaps you know one or both of them casually or from work. You may even be related to them. You’ve probably wondered what sort of twisted kink goes on inside (and outside!) their bedroom. Enter and learn more. Inside you can look at steamy pictures, read torrid love letters, and watch some truly shocking videos. Coming soon, an interactive web cam where you can tell them exactly what to do (don’t worry, they like it – hint: if they won’t cooperate, you can always threaten to pass on the password to even more people). More features soon to come. Enter and enjoy.”

My whole body was in a cold sweat. Trembling, I moused over the “enter” button and clicked. Sure enough, the site was built with everything the note promised. The “videos” section had several titles, with stills from our home videos and a note promising more titles to come soon. The picture gallery was loaded with stills from our night with Sharon and Manny (I had no idea Sharon was taking so many shots that night) showing Audrey and myself in varying stages of undress doing the various degrading acts that they’d put us through. Including one of me getting fucked in the ass by Manny. Finally I went the “live cam” page and blinked again. There we were, live, looking at our computer. I quickly covered the built-in cam on my laptop with my thumb and turned to Audrey, who was pale as a ghost.

“We’re so fucked,” she whispered.

The phone rang. Dazed, I picked it up. “Hello?”

“You were supposed to call me back, assholes! Patrick take your god-damned thumb off the web cam and turn on the speaker phone”

“Sharon, how could you…?”

“If you don’t shut the fuck up and do as I say, I’m going to send that email to five people you know right now.”

Quickly I did as she said.

“I have all your email contacts.” She continued, “We took the liberty of hacking your computers before we left your house last night.”

“Last night?, but…”

“We were quiet. Didn’t want to wake you. Please don’t interrupt again. Now get undressed, both of you.”

We were so off-balance we just stared at each other for a moment.

“Was I not speaking slowly enough for you guys? GET NAKED. NOW!”

Half-heartedly I began to unbutton my shirt.

“You guys don’t get it, do you? I’m composing a message to, let’s see, Janet Simpson, Graham Walsh and three others. If you can get naked before I press “send,” I might hold off.”

In a panic, we scrambled to get our clothes off. In seconds, Audrey and I were standing naked in front of the computer, breathing heavily.

“Finally,” came the voice over the speaker phone, “It seems like you get it now. Stay obedient and we won’t have any further problems. But I should let you know, I did, in fact, have time to press ‘send’ before you two were completely undressed…”

“No!” squealed Audrey in despair.

“Didn’t I tell you not to interrupt me, you dumb bitch? I was about to say that even though I had time to send those e-mails, I was going to let you off with a warning. But since you opened your mouth I’m going to go ahead and send them anyway. And if you speak out of turn again, I’ll be sending out more. (Click) There. Done.”

Audrey struggled to contain herself; a tear rolled down her cheek. Graham Walsh was an old ex-boyfriend of hers from high school who had recently looked her up. Janet Simpson was a receptionist from a place I had worked at years ago. She was cute, but not a person I’d trust with a secret. We could only imagine who the other three invitees were. The humiliation we felt was unbelievable. We could see everything we were doing played back on the monitor of the computer, so there was no question – we were live.

“Now Patrick,” Sharon continued on the phone, “Stand tall and put your hands on the back of your head.” I complied, feeling totally exposed. “Not too bad, but I want you to start working out a little more often, at least three days a week from now on. And I want the body hair shaved – everything below the neck, by the next time I see you, which will be later today. Now step back, your turn Audrey. Same drill.”

Audrey trembled as she took my place in front of the webcam and posed naked. She received very similar comments from Sharon.

“Patrick, stand right behind her.” I moved. “Closer. Put your hands on her tits.” I pressed myself against Audrey from behind. My semi-rigid penis, enfolded between her buttocks, began to harden against my will. Her chest was heaving and her nipples were hard between my fingers.

“Oh goody. Someone just logged in. Would you like to know who it is?”

Knowing what the consequences would be, we struggled to maintain control, to keep from bolting out of the room. I could feel my skin burning with embarrassment and Audrey’s neck and face were almost as red as her hair. We didn’t know how to answer Sharon’s question, so we held still.

“Never mind. They’d prefer to remain anonymous for now. Let’s give them a show. Patrick, slowly draw your right hand down to Audrey’s pussy.” I obeyed, feeling Audrey’s skin respond as my fingers brushed across her tummy and came to rest over the moist thatch of red pubic hair. “Now tease her gently with one finger. Slide it between those lips.”

Sharon shuddered as I glided my finger past her clit. She swayed slightly and moaned when I gently pushed it in to her cunt.

“Audrey, if that feels good, say ‘yes, mistress.’”

“Yes, mistress.” Audrey breathed.


“Yes, Mistress.”

“Is your pussy soaking wet?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Taste it, boy!”

I withdrew my finger and sucked on it.

“Taste good?”

“Yes, mistress.” I answered, trying not to let my voice falter.

“You think your slut wife likes being an internet porn star?”

There was only one acceptable answer, “Yes, Mistress.”

“Slut, is your husband turned on right now?”

“Yes, mistress.” Audrey answered without hesitation.

“How do you know?”

“His…cock… is hard.” she breathed, shuddering as she spoke.

“Where is his cock now?”

“Against…my ass.”

Hearing Audrey talk like this, publicly, was pushing me over the edge.

“By the way,” Sharon continued, “We have two watchers now. And one of them is messaging a request. They want to see you suck that cock, Audrey. Get on your knees.”

Sharon directed us to position ourselves to maximize our visibility. Audrey knelt beside me and took my raging cock in her hand. Audrey had never really gone in for giving blow jobs but she had little choice now. The stakes were so high, I was already ready to explode.

“Put your finger against the end of his dick and wipe up that drop of pre-cum.” I barely controlled myself as Audrey did this. “You can either put that finger in your mouth or his; your choice.”

Audrey hesitated, then put the finger in her own mouth. She followed Sharon’s orders now willingly.

“Now lick that hard cock from the base to the head like a big popsicle. Then close your lips around just the very tip of it. ” The relative novelty of the blow job would have been stimulating enough, but, under Sharon’s expert instruction, I was feeling things I had never felt before. I couldn’t help watching the scene on the monitor, as though it were a porno movie. But I was consistently reminded that it was a movie I was starring in. That combined with the circumstances of this act made it impossible for me to hold on.

When it was clear I was about to come, Sharon ordered me to spray it on Audrey’s face and into her open mouth. I couldn’t believe how much spewed out of me. Audrey blinked as jet after jet rolled off her forehead, over her nose or onto her waiting tongue.

Feeling weak, I was relieved when Sharon ordered us to switch places. I fell to my knees and Audrey, face still covered with cum, stood, lifting one leg onto a nearby chair. We were told another viewer wanted to see me eating Audrey’s pussy. “Actually they wanted to see her fuck herself with a vibrator, but I realize we took all your toys away from you, so you’ll have to do the honours, Patrick.”

By now Audrey’s pussy was drenched, but Sharon guided me, step by step, on how to properly use my tongue to tease her and finally bring her off. By the time that happened, Audrey was oblivious to the public display she was making, pulling my face into her snatch and screaming. I thought I might suffocated as she clenched my head between her thighs, her whole body rocking with orgasm. Just as I was about to pass out from lack of breath, she relaxed and we both slumped back, panting heavily.

“Ooh. Nice one guys. We’re getting a number of messages of wild approval.” A number? I wondered, how many people were watching us right now? “Alright, on your knees, both of you, facing each other with your hands behind your backs.”

We arranged ourselves as instructed and looked each other in the eyes. Audrey’s hair was ragged, her skin slick with sweat and her face still wet with my cum. Her eyes were half open, pupils dilated with sexual passion. Kneeling in this pose of submission, still breathing heavily, she was as beautiful as I had ever seen her.

“Patrick, someone wants to see you lick the cum off her face.” Past the point of self-consciousness now, I accepted this degrading order readily, shuffling forward on my knees and tenderly licking my lovely wife’s face. Our bodies being pressed together, I could feel her hard nipples stabbing my chest, and my own cock was stiffening again. We were exhausted, completely drained of dignity, and still horny. When my lips met Audrey’s we couldn’t help but kiss, first gingerly, then with force.

“And fade out. Well done, you two. For a first foray into live cam, that is. It seems like you made a splash among your select audience. Do you wonder who was watching you? I think we’ll keep it that way. Now when you see people on your e-mail contact list, you’ll be forced to wonder, won’t you? What they know about you, what they’ve seen you doing, and if they passed that info along to anyone else. What delicious torture!

“Still,” she continued, “you can put an end to this website, eventually, if you want to. You’ll just have to earn that privilege by being very obedient for a little while. Today, you showed that you can follow orders very well with the right incentives. When you come over, you can choose something from your box to have back – you’ve earned it. Now do a few more tasks of our bidding and we’ll have settled things. Sound good?”

“Uh… well, what sort of things?” I asked, hastily adding, “Mistress? More web cam shows like this?”

“Oh all sorts of things,” Sharon chuckled, “perhaps more live internet shows, but not like this one, we have better video equipment at our place. And besides, that show was a little…tame for our liking. But we may ask you to do numerous other things, and we’ll expect your complete obedience, or else we’ll invite more of your acquaintances to view this site.”

“Other things?” asked Audrey.

“Oh, yes. We have many other interests, and some of them might even shock a couple of sex fiends like you two. For instance, we know you like gambling. Perhaps we’ll offer you certain challenges to win your things back more quickly. We like games of all kinds.

“Now, enough chit chat. You two need to get cleaned up and get some rest before tonight’s activities. When we end this call I want you both to shower and shave your body hair. Help each other out if you like, but you are strictly forbidden to have sex of any kind. Trust me, you’ll need your strength later. When you are finished take a two-hour nap. Patrick you’re to use the spare room so there’s no hanky panky.

“At six o’clock get up and get dressed. There’s an outfit laid out for each of you in the bottom drawer of the dressers in your respective rooms. Then you’ll wear the track suits provided over top. Do not look at each other’s outfits. Have a light meal and then walk over to our house at 7:30 sharp for further instructions. Any questions?”

Actually I had about a hundred questions but none appropriate so I kept my mouth shut. It seemed like we’d completely lost control of our lives. And yet, strangely, I didn’t feel unhappy. Nervous, yes, but also curious and excited. Even a bit relieved. After all, as humiliating as this could be, we weren’t really responsible. Someone was taking care of us. All we could do was wait and see what Sharon and Manny had planned for us next.

“Whose ass is this?” Nancy screamed at me as she had me bent over the edge of the bed and fucking me in the ass with her 8″ strap-on dildo.

“It’s your ass Mistress; it has always been your ass!” I replied through gritted teeth.

Earlier that evening, my loving wife, came out of the bathroom with her jet black hair pulled back into a bun and wearing black rimmed glasses, letting me know she was in the mood to dominate me. She was also dressed in her shinny black teddy that pushed her large milky white breasts together, causing her cleavage to look even deeper than it already was, and her polished knee high boots, which added her another four inches to her 5’6″ frame.

At first she had me crawl off the bed and work my way to her feet. Once I was there, she made me polish her boots with my tongue, making them even shinier. After several minutes of worshiping her boots, I slowly worked my way up her legs until I reached her groin.

Nancy had grabbed the back of my head and buried my face against it. I could tell that I was pleasing her from the heat and juices pouring out from underneath the leathery material that was covering her pussy. I ate her pussy through her lingerie, nearly suffocating in the process, until she came. Her pussy sprayed her cum through her snug fitting teddy, which spilled on my chest and ran down her legs.

After she was done with me, she made me crawl back to the bed and lay over the edge. I watched her out the corner of my eye as she walked to our dresser where she retrieved her favorite strap-on dildo and a bottle of lube.

As soon as she was done donning her fake cock, she walked over to me and applied the lube to my begging ass. Then slowly she worked the thick rubbery cock into me until it was buried deep inside of my tight tunnel.

Once she was comfortable with her dominance over me, she began to drive her dildo deep and hard into me, which brings us to the present.

“Damn right your fucking ass belongs to me! Tell me how much you love to be fucked by me! Tell me you fucking worm!” Nancy yelled at me as she held onto my hips and piled drove me.

My cock was rubbing against the soft comforter and leaked gobs of hot, sticky precum each time Nancy slammed her hips into me. “I love it Mistress! I love your cock inside of me!”

I could tell that Nancy was close to cumming again. My ass cheeks were being covered by her gooey pussy juice and she was breathing hard. “Mmmm…fuck! I love seeing… my cock…in you!” she said between gasping breaths.

“Fuck me Mistress! Fuck me hard!” I screeched over my shoulder. “Use me as your ass slave!” Nancy always loved it when I begged her and I knew that would be the preverbal nail to push her over the edge.

Then she pushed her dildo deep inside of my ass and grinded her hips against me, causing the base of her phony cock against her clit. “Oh fuck… I’m cumming!” she yelled out. I felt her whole body shake behind me as she lay on top of me and bit at my upper back.

With her lying on top of me and shaking violently, my cock had the extra pressure it needed against the bed to cause me to cum. The tip of my cock became instantly sensitive and began to twitch uncontrollably. My sticky cum ran the length of my shaft and erupted out of the tip, covering my stomach and the comforter.

“Oh fuck! Thank you Mistress, thank you for making me your bitch!” I cried out as more of my cum seeped out of me. Nancy didn’t speak but rather grunted and shook as the last of her orgasm subsided.

After several minutes, after we were done shaking from our shared orgasm, Nancy slid her dildo out of my ass and laid onto the bed. I crawled up to her side and softly kissed her cheek. “I would do anything for you,” I said softly.

Nancy turned her head and faced me, “Anything?” she asked.

I looked into her eyes and saw something a little twisted in them. But I was completely in love with her and I wanted to do anything to make her happy, regardless if it made me uncomfortable. I softly caressed her cheek and replied, “If it makes you happy, then yes, I would do anything you want me to do.”

Nancy rolled onto her, causing her strap-on dildo to poke me in my belly, and said, “Well I have been watching shemale porn when you weren’t around and seeing a chick with a dick fucking a man really got me turned on. So I got to thinking how hot it would be to invite a shemale or cross-dresser into our bedroom.”

At first I was a little shocked that Nancy suggested that we have a three-way with a dude in a dress, but at the same time I had seen some shemales that were beautiful and I began to see Nancy’s point of view. “So what did you have in mind?” I asked.

Nancy rose up onto her arm and looked into my eyes, “So are you saying you would do it for me? You would let me watch you with a shemale?” she asked.

“I would, if it makes you happy. But ‘she’ has to be pretty. I don’t want some NFL Linebacker in a dress with more hair on his body than me!” A big smile expanded on Nancy’s face and I could tell she was beyond happy, she was ecstatic.

“Don’t worry Steve, she will be pretty and you will love it!”

After I agreed to her fantasy, Nancy let me do whatever I wanted to her for the rest of the night.

About a month had past, in which Nancy had spent a considerable amount of time looking at a transgendered dating website, and she finally found someone we both agreed on. Her name was Alex. She was 5’8″ with long red hair. She had large breast, almost as big as Nancy’s, that were surgically implanted and more curves to her body than a formula-one racetrack. Her skin was smooth and milky white and she looked a little gothic. To tell you the truth, if you were to see her walking down the street, you would have never guessed that she was packing a cock.

Nancy contacted Alex through e-mail and eventually over the phone. It was another month before we finally arranged to meet in person. The three of us agreed to meet at a gay friendly bar in the downtown district on a Saturday night.

When that big night came, Nancy and I got a room at a very posh hotel nearby. We went to dinner then returned to out room to get ready for the night. I did an enema, just in case the three of us ended up back here and took a shower. After my shower I dressed in a nice gray pinstriped suit, Alex said she loved a man in a clean suit, and waited for Nancy to finish getting ready while I sat in the room adjacent to the bedroom.

About twenty minutes later Nancy came into the room. From top to bottom, her outfit screamed pure sex. Her long black hair was styled and laid seductively over her shoulders. Her makeup was done to perfection, from her eyes to her full, red painted lips. She wore a black cocktail dress that had a neck line that plunged down to her navel, removing any doubt if she was bra-less. The hem of her dress ended high on her thigh and barely covered the tops of her stockings. I was pretty sure she wasn’t wearing any panties either.

I stood up and walked towards her. “Holy shit! You look absolutely amazing!” I said when I reached her.

She grabbed my hips and pulled me in close. “I was going to ask if you were excited about tonight, but feeling that big hard cock growing in your pants has already answered my question.” She was right, I was very excited. The mixture of seeing my wife in such a revealing outfit, the idea of having a three-way with a hot shemale and the knowledge that after tonight my wife was going to be the happiest person on the planet had me walking around with a hard-on.

“Yeah, well you have a way of making things very,” I paused for a moment, and then said, “exciting.”

We decided to take a cab to the club, since we knew that we were going to be drinking. Once the cab pulled up to the front door, I paid the man driving then we entered the place.

The club had an industrial setting. There was a large dance floor that was already packed with people. The tables looked like 55-gallon drums with a smooth black table top welded on top and the chairs around them resembled something that a mad artist would had made for a post-apostolic Sci-Fi movie.

At first, I thought I was going to stand out, because of my tailored suit, but after looking around I noticed that I wasn’t the only one dressed in one. A matter of fact I was pleasantly surprised by the collection of people there. I saw people dressed like Nancy and me; there were Goths, punks, old, young and everything in between. See such a large diverse group of people made me feel at ease.

“Nancy, Steve is that you?” a voice rang out from behind us.

Nancy turned around to see who call our names. It was Alex, and when I saw her in real life, well needless to say I was very pleased.

Alex was standing by a booth just off to the side of the front door and she looked stunning. Her red hair was pulled into a tight bun and was being held in place by highly decorated chopsticks. She was wearing a gray pinstriped skirt that came down to her knees and flared out slightly. She also wore a match vest over a simple white blouse. Even from across the way I could see her piercing emerald green eyes and her red, pouty lips beckoned me to kiss them.

Nancy and I walked toward Alex and extended our hands. “No-no, no hand shakes here you guys,” Alex said then she gave Nancy a hug and then me. When Alex hugged me, I felt her ample breast push up against me and smelt her perfume. I wrapped my arms around her small waist and inhaled deeply. “Wow, we finally get to meet and I must say you are more beautiful in person than in your photos.” Nancy said.

“I was about to say the same thing!” Alex said laughing. Then she looked at me and said, “And you mister, you are truly a hunk of man.”

“Well thanks,” I said with a blush. “I do workout at least four times a week.”

Then Alex looked down at the semi-erect cock that was growing in my slacks, “That’s not what I meant.”I smiled and felt a wave of blood rush to my face.

After the initial small talk, we sat down and got to know each other a little better. Nancy and I found out that Alex was a female impersonator at a different club, she likes both men and women and her favorite thing to do is to paint landscapes.

“I like to make jewelry,” I said to Alex.

“Oh he does and he’s very good at it, see,” Nancy said showing her the wedding ring I made for her. Alex took Nancy’s hand and looked at the one carat diamond ring I had made her five years ago. “Wow! That is gorgeous! You need to make me one!” she said to me.

“Well I don’t know if I can make you one like Nancy’s but I could possible do something for you.”

Alex smiled and replied, “That would be great, I would appreciate that.”

In the background, a different song came on and Alex got excited. “Ooh I love this song,” she looked over to Nancy and asked, “Do you mind if I steal Steve here?”

Nancy looked at me and smiled, then said to Alex, “Don’t hurt him too badly.”

Before I could say anything, Alex had me by the arm and was dragging me onto the dance floor. The music was driving and had a beat that forced your body to move and the dance floor was crowded.

As soon as we were on the dance floor, Alex lifted her skirt up slightly, revealing the tops of her stockings and slid her body close to mine. She grabbed onto my lower back and moved her right leg between my legs. Then she began to grind against my groin to the rhythm of the music and look me in the eyes. I was surprised how quickly I became aroused by Alex’s dance. My cock began to swell in my pants and I felt something hard poking me each time Alex’s body came in contact with my hips.

As Alex and I danced, I looked over to Nancy and saw that she was getting turned on by what was going on. She was massaging her left breast with her right hand and her other hand was under the table. I could only imagine what she was doing to herself.

Then Alex slid her right hand up my back and then used her fingernails it softly caress the back of my neck. Chill bumps ran down my spine and straight to my cock, causing it to twitch.

Alex leaned in, and over the music, said, “Ooh I felt that.”

I looked down at her and gave her a soft, teasing kiss. I teased her tongue with mine for a fraction of a second then I said, in her ear before nibbling on her lobe, “I feel something a little hard myself,” referring to her hard-on.

While I nibbled on her ear and neck, Alex pressed her body closer to mine. Her breast were mashed against me and they felt both firm and soft. I knew that I would have to lick them tonight, amongst other things.

Another five minutes or so past when the song that we were dancing to changed, “Well I think we should get back to Nancy, don’t you?” Alex asked. I nodded and we walked back towards my wife.

Along the way, I excused myself to go use the restroom. Not so much because I had to use the toilet, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t have a big wet spot on the front of my slacks.

I spent a few minutes in a stall, wiping the large amount of precum that had soaked my silk boxers. Then I went to the sink to put some cold water on my face. While I looked into the mirror I was pleasantly surprised on how turned on I was by the idea of me and my wife sharing our bed with a shemale. After being in my own little world for a few minutes, I decided that I should return to the two.

When I got back to the table, I saw Nancy and Alex kissing each other deeply. Even though I couldn’t see their hands completely, I could tell by the way their arms were moving they were playing with each other under their skirts.

“Ahem,” I said. The two looked up at me a smile broadly. “So, are we going to call it here and get a cab?”

The two looked at each other, then back at me. “We were thinking the very same thing.” All three of us left the club and caught a cab at the front door.

Alex was the first to get in, then me followed by my wife. As soon as I gave the cabbie the address, Alex started to rub my groin and leaned towards Nancy. Nancy leaned in as well and began to feel up Alex’s breasts as she kissed her deeply.

I watched the cabbie adjust his rear-view mirror so he could get a better view of the show going on in the back seat. The only thing I thought was if only this guy really knew who was who.

It was about a ten-minute drive to our hotel, thank god it wasn’t any longer. I was so turned on by the time we reached the hotel that if the cab ride had been any longer the cab driver would have gotten a real show.

I pulled out a fifty-dollar bill, handed it to the driver and told him to keep the change. Then the three of us entered the hotel lobby and made a beeline to the elevator. As soon as the door shut we all began to hug each other and took turns kissing.

Once we reached the tenth floor, the doors to the elevator opened and we composed ourselves long enough to get inside our room. I was the last one to enter and before I could shut the door Nancy and Alex were at each other.

They kissed each other deeply and ran their hands up and down each other’s bodies as they walked blindly towards the couch. When they reached it, Nancy softly pushed Alex onto it.

Then she looked at me and said, “Steve, I need you to keep Alex entertained for a minute. I need to go slip into something more comfortable.”

I slid my jacket off and laid it on the back of recliner that was on the other side of the room. Then I sat beside Alex and watched my wife go into the bedroom of our suite.

Once Nancy was gone, I turned and faced Alex. My heart was pounding so hard that I could feel my heart beat in my head. I was so turned on and so scared at the same time. Alex was extremely sexy and any man would love to be with her, but in the same breath, I knew Alex was really a man. A hot, sexy man that I was about to have sex with.

Then Alex grabbed my silk tie and pulled me towards her. Our lips pressed against each other’s and parted, letting our tongues meet. Her lips were full and soft. Her tongue was warm and filled my mouth and I pushed my tongue into hers. We kissed for several minutes and I played with her nipples through her blouse. They were stiff and felt like they were as big around as my pinky finger. When I pinched them, Alex broke our kiss and took in a deep breath and then moaned softly as she exhaled.

I looked down between her legs and saw her cock pushing the fabric of her skirt, making a large bump between her legs.

“Oh god you got me turned on!” I said as I continued to pinch her nipples softly.

“You… have no… idea… how … turned on… I am,” she said between gasps of breath.

“Oh I think he does!” Nancy said.

The two of us hadn’t heard Nancy come back into the room nor knew how long she had been standing there watching us but we were glad to see her standing there.

Nancy had changed into a black silk corset, with matching stockings elbow length gloves, knee high boots and no panties. “I think we should move to the bed,” Nancy said authoritatively.

Both Alex and I stood up and walked towards Nancy. When we reached her, I slid behind her, pressing my hard cock against the small of her back and Alex moved in the front of her and pressed her body against Nancy.

“Oh god!” Nancy said in a long sigh. The three of us quickly move to the bed.

Once we got to the bed, both Alex and Nancy pushed me onto it. Then the two started to undress me. Alex went straight for my belt and Nancy pulled my shoes off without untying them.

“Mmmm…” I moaned out as Alex began to unbutton my pants.

As soon as Alex unzipped my slacks, she reached in and grabbed a hold of my cock and freed it from its silk prison. “Oh Nancy, you said he was big but you didn’t say just how big he was!” Alex said with a little shock in her voice.

Nancy crawled beside Alex and said, “Mmm … wait until you feel him inside of you!” Then she took my cock from Alex’s hand and took the tip of my cock in her mouth.

I looked down my chest and saw the two prettiest ladies I had ever been with playing with my cock. Alex was beside my right hip and Nancy beside the other, parting her red painted lips and wrapping them around my cock.

“I want to taste him too!” Alex said pouting.

Nancy took my cock out of her mouth and pointed towards Alex. “Be my guest,” she said.

Alex reached over with her soft hand and opened her mouth. Then she lowered her head until at least five inches of my cock was in her hot, wet mouth, leaving the other three to four inches out so she could stroke it with her hand.

I had to close my eyes and think of baseball to keep from cumming right then and there. Alex’s mouth was hotter than Nancy’s and she was a lot more aggressive with her sucking. Alex sucked so hard that each time she would pull her head back; she would make a loud popping sound when my cock came out of her mouth.

Nancy saw me squirming and said, “I want to make him squirm too!” Then she took my cock from Alex and impaled her mouth with my precummed soaked cock. What Nancy lacked in sucking power, she made up with the tightness of her throat. She was always very good at deep-throating. She took every inch of my hard cock deep into her mouth, until her nose was grinding against my pelvis. Nancy would hold my cock in her throat for a few seconds then let it slide out revealing the thick, sticky spit that only came from deep inside of her neck.

“Oh fuck! If you two keep that up I’ll cum!” I screamed.

Nancy took my cock out of her mouth and said playfully, “Well we can’t have that now, can we?” “Oh no, that wouldn’t be good,” Alex said sarcastically.

Then Nancy smiled and said, “Why don’t you two show me who’s better at eating pussy then.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said.

“Same here,” Alex replied.

Nancy rolled onto her back and slid up the bed. Alex and I moved so we were both between her legs and were kissing our way down to her shaved pussy.

Very happily married to my gorgeous, intelligent, witty and extremely sexy husband Jon for over 11 years (who also has the most glorious cock ever!). I am so grateful we found each other, he has helped me explore my sexuality and satisfies my sexual urges and kinks at every opportunity…


Lying on the beach drying off after a swim, eyes closed from the glare of the sun, my mind drifted back to the night before.

As those images crowded my mind, I felt the familiar tingle between my legs. While I had been very satiated the night before, the memories flooding into my mind were brewing a whole new hunger inside of me.

I could feel the warmth between my legs grow. Had my bikini bottoms not been already wet from the sea, they soon would be. I resisted the urge to slid my hand down my oiled body and slip my fingers into my bikini to see how wet I was. I didn’t need to check, getting very wet was never an issue for me and I could feel my juices beginning to trickle so I just enjoyed the sensations of my juices flowing again.

I toyed with the idea of telling Jon how wet I was getting again, how the memories of his glorious cock dripping pre-cum on my nipples and lips before I gratefully took him in my mouth were making me want to take him right now. God how I loved his cock!

While we both enjoyed fantasies of public sex and I loved seeing his cock rise to attention, mid afternoon on a busy family beach in Spain was not the place. It would be cruel to tell him how wet I was when he wasn’t going to be able to do much about it.

I decided now was not the time so I focused on oiling myself so we wouldn’t have to deal with any nasty sunburn later. This really wasn’t helping me to get my inner slut to quieten down. My hands slowed as I gently poured oil across my stomach, pausing as I rubbed the oil generously across my bare breasts and nipples, feeling the tingle as my nipples hardened under my fingers.

I moved my hand slowly down to my legs, allowing my hand to drift, very briefly, over my clit, sending shock waves through my body as I felt the pressure on my clit. I lay back feeling the sun on my body and allowed my thoughts to drift between the memories from previous night, and the possibilities for the coming night. I would fill Jon in on the walk back to the hotel. While we had sex outdoors the odd time at home, the weather was not as forgiving! But here, with such hot days and nights, the feel of the sultry warm breeze on my pussy as he drives his cock in and out of me is too good to miss out on. I let my mind drift back to some holidays we’ve had in the past.

The first foreign holiday we went on ended up being quite a sex fest.

Having the advantage of being naked constantly in our apartment, it was impossible for me not to see when he was turned on; and therefore impossible for me not to take advantage of it. After one night out; and a few drinks later, Jon took a chair out onto the balcony and asked me to join him. We were both naked at the time so putting on clothes was not in the equation.

I eagerly followed him out. Our balcony was facing into a square with apartments on all sides, but we were also at the end of our block so within clear view to the left was a public road where the noise of crowds had often woken us in their drunken stupor walking home. We were on the 3rd floor and the street lights to the left were enough to keep our balcony out of complete darkness. I can’t even remember now giving a passing thought to being seen, or at least I tell myself that! My inner slut was a bit shyer then, so while I always loved the idea of being watched, I would have been coyer back then.

Either way it didn’t hold me back, I couldn’t wait to kneel before Jon as he sat on the chair, legs spread open so I had full view of his thick, large, beautiful cock and balls.

He knew I loved seeing his cock when it was that engorged. While I was busy tracing my tongue over his balls and trailing up to tip of his cock to taste that delicious dribble of pre-cum that was just beginning to appear, Jon had the camera out and started to photograph me pleasuring him. Jon knew that I was pleasuring myself just as much; to say I love sucking his cock is an understatement, but I was also turned on by the flash.

Every time he took a photo; and he took quite a few until he got too carried away to hold the camera; my face was illuminated for all to see. His huge shaft disappearing and reappearing from my wet lips.

After a while he knew that what I really needed was his cock inside me, so I bent over the balcony rails offering him my soaking wet pussy, eagerly awaiting and perfectly situated for him to drive his cock into me so I could feel his balls hitting against my pussy. He fucked me so hard it was impossible to hold my groans of delight in, but nothing compared to the noise Jon made as he filled my sweet pussy with his juices.

When we were both spent, he stood back to admire his work, watching his cum spill out of my soaking wet cunt and drip down my inner thighs. We had such a laugh the following day trying to explain the bruises on my upper arms where he drove me into the railings, fucking me so hard while people walked home below us, on show for the whole apartment complex.

We learnt a few things from that holiday.

Firstly iron railings were out, so I wouldn’t have to make up stories of slipping on the side of the pool as I tried to lift myself out (thankfully a somewhat likely story for the position of the bruises, beyond that I couldn’t think of a reason to have two very distinct bruises halfway up my upper arm!).

Secondly, that was back when we had to get photos developed in a shop, thankfully we got those done while on holidays, I’m sure the shopkeeper recognised me from the look in his eyes and big smile on his face before I even gave him the slip to collect the photos. So we moved to a Polaroid camera for a few years before the gratefully received introduction of digital cameras!

But back to the beach (if I went into every holiday we had this would be one long story!).

All those memories made me seriously horny. Inner slut was back and she wanted to play. We were going to dinner in the local village and planned on walking back along the beach that night. By this stage I had decided that a couple of detours on the walk home were definitely in order.

We headed back to the hotel and got changed for dinner. I had planned on telling Jon my thoughts from earlier that day, but decided against it. I would much prefer to tell him when we went for a drink before dinner so I could see his cock engorge before me through his light shorts.

I knew those light shorts wouldn’t be able to hide his huge erection. I had already planned what I wanted him to wear, not that he would be in the clothes for long; it was more about access for me. I knew one of his ¾ length shorts had a hole in one pocket; just a small hole, but enough for him to be able to gently collect some pre-cum on his finger from his moist cock so I could enjoy tasting it while we were out.

I looked forward to watching Jon slip his hands into his pockets to gently stroke his cock as we sat outside the bar watching people walk past as I was retelling him my tale. Jon never had a problem being turned on in public, often at home if we had been sending each other saucy texts during the day; he would stroll home with one hand in his pocket gently playing with himself. His jeans and heavy overcoat gave him that option at home, but here it was much harder to hide it from others.

“You haven’t worn these yet this week, throw those on with a white shirt as it is just a casual restaurant we’re heading to.” I said to Jon as he came out of the shower as I handed him his light khaki shorts.

Jon always liked to look good, but with looks like his it came naturally so it didn’t really matter what he wore, it was just window dressing on a build like his. 6ft 4″, Jon was the classic tall, dark and handsome with piercing blue eyes to finish it off. I can never remember a time in all the years we’ve been together where I haven’t been incredibly attracted and turned on by him… fact my friends had often told me how lucky I was that my husband was so sexy!

Jon was about to throw on the shorts when I noticed he had already put his jocks on. I would normally be very in favour of the gorgeous white tight boxers which really showed off his bulge, but they would only get in the way tonight.

“Why not go commando tonight honey?……I will if you will?”

Little persuasion was needed and he whipped of his boxers, giving me a lovely flash of his cock in the process.

What I really wanted to do was to take him there, to take his soft cock and slip it into my mouth, feel his cock grow as I sucked and licked his shaft, being able to trace my tongue over his balls while he was still completely in my mouth. Loving the taste of his pre-cum as it dribbled down the back of my throat, feeling his cock enlarge as I hungrily sucked him and feel his dick slip gently down the back of my throat with ease.

But I held firm, inner slut was insatiable, but I had better plans to focus on, and waiting was just adding to the experience.

I had already planned what I was wearing earlier that day and threw on a long flowing white dress. A foot smaller then my husband I was petite in height but this dress really showed off my curves nicely with the added advantage of buttons running down the whole length of the dress, allowing me to decide how conservative or slutty I wanted to look.

Underwear would only get in the way so no need for my bra and I had already agreed to go commando. But in certain lights the dress was almost see through so not wearing underwear made it very clear which look I was going for tonight.

I hadn’t planned on wearing it too long but depending on how many people were on the beach, it did allow me to open all the buttons down the front so he could had full access to my body. If I straddle him he has full view of my naked body, allow him to caress my rounded breasts, kiss and suck my nipples (he knows how much I love him playing with my tits) and watch as his wonderful dick slips into my waiting pussy. For passers by it would appear that I was just sitting on his lap fully clothed…or at least I let myself believe that!

When we arrived at the bar Jon went in to get the drinks and I choose a table outside, but to the back, away from the road, so no one would be sitting behind us or overhear. It wasn’t long before I was explaining in vivid detail what I had been musing over at the beach.

He laughed at first saying “That explains why you were so quiet…I thought you were asleep…..but why didn’t you mention it on the beach, I could have serviced you before we left for dinner?”

I explained why, detailing exactly what I wanted him to do to me on the beach later that night, as promised his bulge started to push out his shorts.

“Ah, that’s why you wanted me commando in these shorts!” he smiled as he saw me staring down at him intently. “I know you love watching me get hard, but I can’t take it out here, so tell me more of your plan?”

I detailed exactly what I wanted him to do to me later, all the while enjoying his rising cock which as I had hoped, he did little to cover up. I slid my hands up his leg to caress his engorged cock as we chatted.

I watched as his hand slipped into his pocket to deliver me so of his juicy pre cum that was starting to moisten the head of his cock. I love being able to hold his hard cock while passers by think we are just a lovely young couple enjoying our holidays; if they only knew how much we really did enjoy our holidays.

At this stage we were both extremely horny, but we had taken a few minutes talking about every day things to allow him soften up so we could walk to the restaurant.

We had a lovely meal, but neither of us really cared about what we ate; both of our minds were on how we would service each other later on. We finished quickly, and realised that it was still too bright to head to the beach right away so we went for a drink in a different bar, much more upmarket, that was along the marina.

It appeared everyone else had also decided to go for a drink but just as we arrived a group of four patrons left and we quickly grabbed one of the two seaters they had just vacated.

We continued our conversation once we received our drinks. We had a perfect vantage point in the bar; sitting against the back wall facing out to the rest of the bar. But we could have been on our own for all we cared as I gently played with Jon’s dick through his loose shorts. At this stage he was under no illusion how wet I was, especially since I had been so reserved at keeping inner slut at bay when she had the chance to play earlier.

By now most of the lower buttons had been opened and as I crossed my legs I felt the material drift to each side as it revealed my bronzed thighs. People in the bar wouldn’t be able to see what was clearly on view to Jon.

The only part of my body that hadn’t seen the sun was my recently waxed pussy, which glowed white in the bar lights. Jon kissed me deeply as he slid his hand up my inner thighs and thrust his fingers in-between my legs.

It was hard not to gasp as I had been waiting all day for him to feel my soft wet swollen lips. He glided his hand across my smooth lips gently flicking his fingers over to dip into the warm juices that had collected there. Tantalising my clit but never fully entering my pussy, he could feel me arch my back and try to grind my pussy into his hand but he always moved it that little bit further out to keep me in suspense.

As we both heated up, I forgot…or didn’t care… where we were and unzipped his shorts so I could feel his warm throbbing cock in my hand. I slipped my thumb over the head of his cock and felt a shiver down my back as it gently slipped over the precum dribbling gently from the tip. I wanted to suck him off right there, to get down on my knees and suck him dry under the table.

Jon could feel my grip getting harder and knowing I was getting very hot said, “Not yet my little slut… have to wait a bit longer before you can take me.”

He pulled his wet fingers out of my cunt and moved them up to my face, gently smearing my juices along my lips then softly placing them in my mouth. I sucked my juices from his fingers, he knew this was driving me insane, he also knew if he kept it going that I wouldn’t care where or when he would fuck me later as long as I got the cock I was longing for.

As Jon faced me I swung my leg over his lap, partly covering his huge erection and also allowing my dress to fall right back showing my tan lines. This also gave Jon a great view of my gaping pussy which he eagerly started to work on with his hands.

Pushing my head back to allow him kiss my neck he began to slide his finger into my waiting pussy. I let out a moan of delight as I finally felt him penetrate me. I ground down on his hand and knowing that I wanted more he pushed another finger, then another, then another into me.

I can normally only take two fingers but I was so wet and so turned on that the four fingers easily slid into my waiting pussy. I began to slowly fuck his hand as his other hand grabbed my breast and started to knead it. How I wanted him to just rip my dress open and lay me bare and allow me to be the slut he knows I am.

Just as I was coming close to climax, he pulled his hand away with a cheeky grin said: “I think I need to get another round in?”

Jon would often bring me close to climax then pull away to see the disappointment in my face, knowing that behind it was a seriously hot woman just begging for it to continue. He went to get another drink and it was only then we noticed the attractive couple across from us.

I knew they were far enough away from us not to have heard or seen anything and they seemed to be caught up in their own conversation. As the male stranger moved his chair to allow Jon squeeze back in with the drinks I noticed the huge bulge in this stranger’s groin.

I thought I must be getting obsessed until Jon mentioned it too when he sat down. We were so engrossed in our own conversation and play earlier that we hadn’t given much thought to how loud or obvious we were. It was a busy bar, packed to the hilt so we had been louder then we normally were so we could hear each other over this din. Jon lent over and kissed me along my neck finishing at my ear lobe.

“Does it turn you on that they could be watching?” John whispered.

“You know it does, I love being your slut in public.” I replied.

We’d fantasized about this before but we had never been so blatant in our wanton lust. I figured they couldn’t see exactly what we were up to so I didn’t feel I was on show so didn’t pay it much heed. But once I had seen this strangers engorged cock I realised they were either as horny as us and in their own world, or we were more obvious than I had planned.

I enjoyed allowing myself pretend they had seen us and it only served to turn me on more. Anyway they didn’t look offended and we were both too turned on to stop playing now.

As I kissed Jon I suddenly noticed a mirror that was to his right. The couple were enjoying their own conversation but while watching Jon stroke my pussy! Jon laughed noticing my surprise

“I didn’t want to ruin your fun, and they’re really enjoying the show….you are so sexy I want them to see your wet pussy, want them to watch as you fuck my hand; you are my little slut and I want them to see what a glorious slut you really are…”

“Put your fingers back inside me, slip them into my wet pussy so I can fuck your hand again!” I moaned.

Without delay his hands were back inside me and I arched back as they entered me. I fucked hard against his hand, part of me felt I should stop but the feelings were too good to ignore. I had never felt sexier. I stretched out my legs so Jon; and whoever else, could get a better view. Jon slowly undid some of my top buttons as one of my breast slipped out of the dress.

As I became more relaxed with the situation, I needed his cock back in my hands. I eagerly grabbed at his groin and to my wonderful surprise his huge wet cock was standing to attention. I glanced across at the couple across from us and I could see they were as impressed by Jon’s hard member as I was.

“Why don’t we show them a bit more? You are so beautiful when you are this turned on, so sexy!” Jon whispered, catching my glance across the table.

“What is it you would like your slut to do?” I said with a coy look after kissing him hard as drove his fingers deeper inside me knowing I couldn’t resist this.

“Suck my cock for them, show them how skilled you are at giving head, and let them see how much you love sucking my cock.” Jon replied without hesitation.

At this stage the couple were no longer content with merely being spectators. His cock was out of his pants and she was rolling her hand across his moistened shaft. His hand was between her legs pushing her short skirt way up to her hips, we were no longer the only ones on show. Not that anyone else in the bar really noticed, but there was one very eager waiter who was by now transfixed staring in to the mirror then quickly back at us.

The waiter, a Spanish guy about 20 years old, was in no rush to move away from our corner. Jon noticed him and called him over to take an order for drinks. As he stood closer to us he could clearly see me rubbing Jon’s huge moist cock as he drove his fingers deeper inside my pussy.

The waiter just stared taking all this information in as Jon gave him our order. The couple across from us ordered drinks from him too so he also enjoyed taking in the show they were equally giving. You could see the bulge in the waiters trousers as his focus moved from one couple to another.

The week has been ripe with sexual tension. Whether morning or night, we’e exchanged knowing glances and flirtatious gropes because it’s Saturday, and you’ve planned a game to tease and delight us.

Just this morning as we cooked breakfast in the kitchen, I made you tingle to set tonight’s mood. Cutting fruit at the counter in your robe, I glide behind you to innocently ask a question. Slowly pressing my body into yours, I grind my hips against your ass. I can tell it’s working because your hands don’t move, and your torso eases back into mine. Casually reaching under your arms and to the front of your body, I squeeze both breasts for a moment. As I move backward, I see your right hand move down and behind you to feel my parts below. A soft fondle has me wanting to rip the clothes from your body. But, it’s only 9:30, and we have about twelve hours until our erotic journey begins.

With the sun long set and wine in our glasses, there is a loose and tender energy to our night. The kids are away at the grandparents’ house, and the quiet soothes us both. While you sit on the couch reading Lit on your iPad, I travel upstairs to our bedroom. In need of refreshment after the day, I fill the bathtub and consider the possibilities–could we start in the tub? Would you hear the water and know what I had in mind? I decide to build a mood around a bath for two.

I light a candle and turn out the lights, but I leave the fan running for good measure. I gather wash cloths, a bar of soap, two towels, and our robes. Arranged on the rug by the tub, we have everything we need for a fun soak. Curiosity hasn’t drawn you up yet, but I know you will be here soon, so I discard my clothes and slide into the bath. Easing my body, part by part into the hot water, I finally settle on the far end as the water reaches the middle of my stomach. With a warm and wet environment, I can see my manhood stirring to life, slightly swollen and eager for your perfect touch. I close my eyes and remember last weekend’s adventure, and the images bring a smile to my face–the back seat, walking from the car, kneeling and receiving oral pleasure, my tongue and hands satisfying all of your needs. I recall entering you from behind, and my body starts to feel electric. One final flash brings me fully erect as I think of the total body orgasm I had.

Opening my eyes, I see my full seven inches extend from the water, and I hear the door creaking open. Too turned on to be shy, I don’t hide myself when you walk into the room.

“Did you start without me?” you ask pointedly with your hands on your hips.

“No, just thinking about last week,” I say with a smile.

You head to the toilet and return in a moment to stand next to the tub.

“Good to see you’re ready,” you declare as you pull your shirt over your head to reveal a red bra. Your jeans come off one moment later, and I see the matching red panties. I can’t be quite sure, but it looks like a wet spot is in the middle, and I’m curious if your reading has brought forth the reaction. Undoing your bra and tossing it to the ground, your breasts hang lusciously, only a few feet away. Using your thumbs on the sides, you ease your sexy red bikini panties down your legs, and with your right leg, you give them a flick toward the dirty clothes basket. Not quite making it inside, you stroll over and bend to pick them up. My mind captures your movements in slow motion so I can savor them. Your lean gives me a small peak at your prize–tucked neatly under the shadow of your ass, I love to see your soft pink lips and imagine my hardness separating them.

Four quick steps, and you’re back at the tub, stepping your left foot in, then your right. As you squat to lower your body into the water, I slide back to give you more room. Now we’re both in the bath, facing each other from a slight recline. My legs are open, your are between, and I catch you staring at the stiff object protruding from my groin.

“So what do you have planned tonight,” I ask in an effort to see where we’re headed.

You finally glance up. “Truth or dare. I read about it in a magazine and thought it would be fun.” Then your eyes dart downward again.

“Ok, how do we play?” I am nervous but excited about the idea. What will I ask her? What does she want me to do? Are there new boundaries we will cross tonight?

“I get to start. Truth or Dare?” you ask, and our adventure is almost beginning.

“Wait. Are there rules or something?” I want to be sure I don’t cross a line or ask the wrong thing.

“The ‘truth’ questions are open to anything. The dares have to be reasonable. And safe. Nothing weird or creepy,” you laugh a bit as you say it.

“Ok. Now what?”

“Truth or dare,” you posit playfully.

“Truth,” I safely and confidently select.

“Um…what was your favorite part of last weekend?” A fair question, and one that doesn’t dig too deeply from the start.

“I don’t know. It’s hard to choose one thing,” I’m stalling a bit to search for an answer that I think you will like. The anxiety and adrenalin coursing through my body have brought my parts to a flaccid state, not the impressive red rocket it was before. When you notice what’s happened, your feet inch closer to my body. My pulse races as I anticipate the touch of your toes, but they slide past my sex and up my stomach to my chest. A few gentle circles from your warm, pink toes has me erect again in a flash. You pause your movements and look at me directly, waiting for my answer.

“I had a great orgasm. All the things you did to me made my whole body shake. I had fun doing stuff to you too, but if I had to pick one thing, it would be the way you touched me at the end.”

You smile, content with my answer, and your feet start to play again. I enjoy the moment, but then realize what I need to do next.

“Truth or dare.”

“…………” I can tell you’re thinking, trying to decide if you want to take the plunge. “Dare,” you finally declare.

“I dare you to touch yourself while I watch.”

“Really?” I’m not sure if you’re disappointed or shy about the request.

“Yes, really. I love to watch you play with your own body. Start at your chest and then move between your legs.”

Surprisingly, you oblige, and quickly. Closing your eyes to concentrate, you bring your hands to your breasts and grasp each nipple. A slight pinch and then rolling them between your thumb and finger show me that you’re getting hotter by the second. It doesn’t take long for your desire to spread lower, and your right hand is the first to explore. A light caress with your middle finger along the slit and then a lingering circular motion at your clit make your breath grow heavier. I then see your finger between the lips seeking the opening near the bottom. One finger slips in, and you open your eyes–passion-filled and glassy, they lock on me to share you intimate moment. In and out, from the bottom to the top, you stroke and rub, bringing pleasure to us both. You drape your right leg over the edge of the tub, and your left moves to the windowsill. Your mouth open almost panting, you then plunge two fingers inside and stretch your tight hole. Two, three, four thrusts, then you withdraw to circle your clit again. Excited and unaware, I’ve been stroking myself as well, sharing the moments of self-pleasure.

Slowing to a light touch, you seem to have fulfilled the request and want to move on. “Truth or dare,” she offer while your face reddens with each minute longer in the bath.

“Truth,” I say, unwilling to take the plunge.

“Ok, but you’re going to have to play next time around, or it’s over.”

“Are you making up the rules as we go?”

“Yes! It’s my game!” you laugh. “You picked truth, so…….um……..what’s a position you want to do tonight?”

“I don’t know…….I guess……you on top?”

“That’s all?”

“You on top, but facing away from me,” I say to provide a better picture.

“Why do you like that?” you ask quizzically since it’s not a part of the standard positions we use.

“I have better control with you on top, and it will give me a good show to watch things.”

“Tell me more. What are you excited about seeing? What about it will turn you on?” you say in a push to get me to reveal more.

“You will be leaning over, which means I will get to see everything from behind. I love to watch me slide in and out of you, your pussy so wet and juicy. And I can touch your ass if you want. You will be able to touch yourself too, which will help you have fun. I think we will both like it.”

“Mmhhmmm,” you moan in agreement, and I see your hand at work again. It’s clear you enjoyed the sexy talk, and now my turn has arrived. “Truth or dare.”

“Dare,” you are losing all inhibitions and have a glimmer of adventure in your eye.

“I dare you to give me a blowjob.”

You roll your eyes, sit up, and scoot forward. “This isn’t very original, but I’ll play along.” I guess you were hoping for something more dynamic, which means I need to start thinking about more elaborate dares. Meanwhile, your hand wraps around my shaft, and you begin stroking to bring about my full erection. In a matter of seconds I’m standing tall, protruding from the water, the veins throbbing and the head turing reddish and purple. You lick your lips and descend upon my member without hesitation. Rather than start with gentle kisses or a teasing tongue, you’ve started to suck vigorously, your mouth covering the tip and first few inches. After a moment or two, you pause to keep me inside your mouth, and I can feel your tongue rolling around, its soft and slippery underside sending shivers through my body. You inhale me once more, this time taking more of me into your mouth until I feel the tip of my cock reach the limit of your mouth. And then you take me deeper. For a few seconds I feel you swallowing me whole, the full length of my sex in your mouth and down your throat. The tight, wet sensation is amazing, and if you don’t release me, I might send something more down your throat. You finally withdraw and breathe deeply after your hard work. Coming up for air, you lean toward me and kiss me gently, just open lips to start, until I bring my tongue to your mouth to share a lasting, passionate kiss. Satisfied, and perhaps a little tired, you recline again in the tub, and offer the nexts round of options.

“Truth or dare?”

I guess it’s my turn to be bold. “Dare.”

A smile grows on your face, and I’m dying to know what you have planned. Leaning back, you open your legs, hoisting each on the sides of the tub. “I dare you to play with my body. Touch me and turn me on.”

I’m a little relieved because it seems like a regular request, and I waste no time setting my hands in motion. My left hand roams up and down your slit, hovering for a moment on the bump that needs more attention. Despite being under water, I can still feel your special, slippery juices as a finger on my right hand searches for the deeper prize. Finally at the door, I slowly insert one finger while my other hand continues to rub gently above. You slide you bottom forward, giving more access to your body, and your hands clasp your breasts. With three of your spots fully stimulated, I keep the pleasure steady with circular motions and a rhythmic fingering.

“Oh…..oh…..oh….ohhhhhhh,” I hear you moan, and I know your passion is growing. Not sure if you’re interested, I slide a finger down below and begin lightly touching the soft flesh of your bottom. Your eyes part just a bit, and I think I see you nod your head, so I start rubbing purposefully around the tight muscle until I feel it relax, and then the tip of my finger peeks inside.

“OHHH,” you gasp as my hands continue to work. I remember that this is supposed to be foreplay, so I slow down the pace and start to remove one hand at a time. You relax a bit, though your chest and face show the pink glow of success.

“Truth or dare?” and I wonder what could happen next.

“The truth is, we need a break. Can we wash and get out of the tub?”

“Ok,” I say, more than willing to move to the bed for the next adventure. We both sit up, and you grab the soap from behind you. A quick lather, and you are cleansing your body–your arms and shoulders, then your breasts, which you circle many times with your foamy hands to my delight. Down your stomach and to parts below, I can hear the swish and squish of your work. You reach behind and under to clean one more special spot, and then begin rinsing off. I’m quick to follow, although I pause for a few extra strokes when cleaning myself. You pull the plug and the water drains, so we stand to get towels and robes. Seeing your body and sensing your passion, I lean down to kiss you, a simple kiss with just enough tongue to say I love you and I want you.

Out of the tub, drying off, and quickly under the covers where you struggle to shake the chills. I move in next to you and huddle to create more warmth. We kiss again, this time a deep, long kiss that doesn’t break or pause. Our tongues dance together for hours, it seems, until we cease and come up for air.

“So it’s your truth or dare still.”

“Oh, right. Ummmmm…” you are thinking, considering the options, deciding what pleasure path we will take. Our bodies are warm, yours feels soft against my skin. Savoring the moment, I see you pull away from me and turn over to face the other way. You inch back towards me, so we are spooning, and you reach to pull my arm around you. “My dare is spooning foreplay.”

“How much? Or what do I…?” I’m unsure what exactly you expect me to do, although the sensation of your soft bottom pressed against my loins has me filled with lustful joy.

“You know what to do. I love it when you touch me like this.” Hearing you say it sends a jolt through me, and I withdraw my hand from your grasp to caress your back. Up and down I rub and lightly scratch, trying to relax you. I ease down to your hip and feel your goosebumps rise, which gives me a smile. Still taking it slow, not inching toward a more sensitive part, I focus on your back, your side, and the top of your behind. I think your frustration must be growing because you slide your arm forward to give me access to your breasts. Tracing the tips of my fingers over your side to your stomach, I can feel you breathing deeply in anticipation. Moving in circles, I inch up your chest to reach your left breast. With a feathery touch, I gracefully drag my fingers across it, barely touching a firm nipple as I pass.

Back down your stomach to your belly button, I still rub in circles to bring the pleasure higher. Your body rolls back toward me a bit, which gives me full access to your chest. I respond quickly, sending my hand to greet them with the a gentle but firm squeeze–first the left, carefully kneading your flesh from the sides, and then the right with the palm of my hand covering the nipple and rubbing all around.

I’m so turned on and want to give you more, so I start rubbing my body against yours, noticeably moving my erection to the soft space of your ass cheeks. Still playing with your chest, I slide the throbbing member up and down, and I can feel you pressing your ass against me. The heat is building, and you ache to be touched Sliding a leg up and bending your knee finally opens the door, and my hand moves directly below to your warm and amply wet pussy. Separating the lips, getting my hand lubricated, then I start to circle your clit.

“ohhhhh….” you moan and turn your head to kiss me. Your hips move slightly to force my fingers deeper inside you. Breaking from our kiss, you turn away and your hand reaches back to find my hardness. Only a stroke or two before you angle it down a bit, below your ass, to the opening that wants to be filled.

Pulling my hand back from your sex, I concentrate on the work at hand as you grind yourself against my shaft. Using your fingers to press it firmly against the surface of your pussy, your body slides against the thick veined cock. At any moment I could plunge deep inside you, as I have so many times, but then I remember the game.

I pull away, roll on my back, and exhale as I say, “you did say foreplay, right?”. You roll over to face me, a red flame in your cheeks, and you smile. “I guess so. But that means it’s my turn, right?”

“Right,” I say, more than curious about your plans.

“Then Truth, or dare,” you add.

I could answer truth to give us a little break, but I’m too horny and ready for more fun.


“I dare you to try the position you mentioned in the tub.”. With that you climb on top and lean down to kiss me. My hands grasp your breasts, and yours check to see if I’m still hard. Finding it firm and willing, you swing a leg over and begin to position yourself facing away from me. You straddle my waist, and inch a bit lower to make sure our bodies meet in the right place. Then you raise up and lean forward, giving me a full view of your gorgeous pussy and ass. I grab my cock and send it to meet the wet lips that yearn for penetration. You start to arch up and sit down on top of me, sliding my hardness gently inside you.

“Oh, fuck……ohhhhh,” I moan as you start to move up and down on me. I have the sexiest view of the act–a primal, lustful scene of cock and cunt, like my own private movie–and it drives me wild. I survey the rest of the area to notice the sides of your breasts bouncing with each thrust and your right hand seems to be down below, working to keep your clit engaged in the stimulation.

“Uh…oh…Oh…OH,” with each movement you let out a bit more noise to demonstrate your pleasure. You are pushing down harder, sending me deeper into your cavern. I see your white cum rolling down my dick, and I rub my thumb across to get it wet. My next move parts your ass cheeks to expose your glory hole. I go to work right away, rubbing firmly and then pushing inside. It’s more than you can take as you exclaim, “Oh…feels so good…keep fucking me….oh god!”

In a matter of seconds I feel your insides clench, and one more deep thrust is all it takes. Pushing down hard to take all of me inside you, I’m buried deeply, the head of my cock grazing your cervix. A few wiggles back and forth, and your hand in a blur between your legs, I know you are ready to explode. A moment later, your body starts to shake, as you exclaim, “OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

The gush of your climax has soaked my groin, and it cools my body just a bit. Keeping me inside, you slump forward onto your hands, then elbows, finally pulling off of me to lie on your stomach, still panting to catch your breath. A shiny hard, red cock stands ready for more attention, but not quite yet. A few deep breaths starts to relax it a bit, yet my balls are aching for release.

Your legs still extend over my body, toward my chest, and I take time to rub and massage them. A gentle caress of your toes brings you back to life as you turn your head to look at me–your hair tussled, your face flush and sweaty, your eyes glossy, and your mouth dry. A sweet smile shows me your unspoken love. You are the sexiest woman In the world right now, and my passion for you is endless. You inch your right foot backward, gliding those succulent toes right to my mouth. I give them a gentle kiss, sliding my lips down and around them. Unable to control myself, I finally take them all in my mouth, sucking greedily, rolling my tongue between each one. Wracked with pleasure, I glance to see your face again–mouth agape, eyes open, looking turned on again. Feeling a little awkward, I finish my feast of your feet, and I slide my body back a bit.

“Now what?” You ask innocently, but with a hint in your eyes.

Amber sighed with contentment as she submerged herself underwater. I watched as she stretched her naked body out at the bottom of the pool and began massaging her tits softly. She was clearly out to tease my still erect cock as my balls began to ache. Amber was in no rush to relieve my pain as she slid her hands down her body and began writhing in lust, sliding one finger deep into her pussy. I watched in agony as she surfaced up to her chin and gave me a look filled with lust. Amber moved slowly toward me as we began to hear what sounded like a group of people coming in our direction.

“Times up!” Amber squealed as she turned away and jumped out of the pool. I followed as we both looked around for our clothes. I scrambled around and finally was able locate my trunks as Amber snatched up her shirt and panties.

“Where do we go???” Amber asked, still naked and with a tone of urgency. We both looked around for the best direction to go as the voices sounded like they would arrive any second.

“Over here …” Amber yelled in surprise as we turned around to see a member of the hotel staff speaking and pointing us in the right direction. Moving quickly, we headed towards the staff member to try and get out of sight. As we approached, it was clear this staff member was beyond ridiculous (in a good way). She was wearing a pair of light-blue low cut shorts and yellow t-shirt with what looked to be a red bra or bikini underneath. She looked about 5’4″, with dark hair down past her shoulders, amazing blue eyes, a curvy figure and a pair of tits to rival Ambers.

“I’m Krista. Stay here for a few minutes and I’ll try and get you out of trouble,” Krista winked at us, grabbed a key from her pocket and opened up the door into what looked to be the lifeguard shack. Amber and I quickly slid inside as the voices sounded like they were almost on top of us.

“Oh, by the way, we have cameras watching the pool. Don’t you worry … I was the only one watching. You two definitely put on a good show.” Krista quipped as we both blushed.

Krista tossed Amber a bottle of body lotion as she slowly closed the door to the shack. “Sorry, that’s all I have. After watching you too in action, I thought you might want it.” Krista paused, took a long hard look at my cock, gave Amber a wicked grin and closed the door.

As soon as the door closed, I grabbed Amber and slammed her back against the door. Immediately dropping to my knees, I lifted her left leg up onto my shoulder and slowly licked up the length of her inner thigh.

“Fuckkkk…” Amber moaned as she grabbed her tits and squeezed them tightly.

With a surge of lust, I lifted Amber up so both her legs rested on my shoulders and took a nice slow, wet lick up the length of her pussy. Amber tossed the lotion to the ground as she grabbed my head in response and ground her pussy into my face. As part revenge for her earlier teasing in the pool, I continued to slowly work Amber’s pussy by licking it from top to bottom over and over. Amber groaned loudly in frustration and pleasure.

“Please eat it!” she cried.

Amber screamed as I slowed my pace and sucked her pussy lips into my mouth. I worked up the length of her lips, teasing her with my tounge as I approached her clit. My tounge slid around in circles as I softly began to suck it. This elicited another loud scream as I started sucking harder and harder. Amber began to shake and started bucking against my face as her orgasm was clearly close at hand. I grabbed her ass tightly and shoved my tounge deep in her pussy.

“Fuck!” Amber yelled as she arched her back and began to explode. I grabbed her hips tightly as she slammed me back onto the floor and finished cumming while sitting on my face.

“I want more.” Amber moaned in delight as she looked down at me and grabbed the bottle of body oil. I continued to lick her pussy softly as she began rubbing it all over her body. “Krista seems to be a naughty girl. Did you notice how hard her nipples were?”

I responded with a long slow lick up Amber’s pussy as she finished with the oil. “Like what you see?”

“Fuck yes.” I replied as Amber stood up.

“Good.” Amber spoke as she spun around, giving me a great look at her firm ass. I groaned as she stood over my face, giving me a direct line of sight to her pussy. I figured out what Amber was thinking as she kneeled down over me. Showing no hesitation, I continued where I left off and immediately started sucking her clit.

“Ohhhhhhhh yesssss …” Amber moaned as she bent over and took my cock into her mouth.

I groaned loudly into Amber’s pussy as she assaulted my cock and took it to the back of her throat. Amber giggled as she licked down the shaft and made a loud slurping sound while sucking my aching balls into her mouth. I upped the ante as I slid one finger slowly down the crack of her ass. “Naughty boy.” Amber spoke in a muffled voice as she pushed her pussy against my mouth and moved back to deep throating my cock every five seconds. We continued going at one another in this way for what seemed like an eternity as I reached for the body oil and poured it down the crack of Amber’s ass.

“That’s it …” Amber whispered in shy support as she seemed to know what I was thinking. I was in a state of utter lust as Amber continued to suck my cock. I think Amber sensed I was a suddenly feeling a bit nervous about the next step as she sat up a bit and started stroking my cock with both hands.

“Slide it in … I’ve never tried before.” My cock started to throb even more as I took my index finger and gently applied pressure to the entrance of Amber’s ass. Amber let out an uncomfortable sound as I continued to press gently. The body oil definitely seemed to help as the tip of my finger slid past her opening.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm …” Amber moaned.

I left the tip of my finger stationary for a minute as I continued eating her pussy. Amber stretched in pleasure as she bent over again and started licking my cock up and down the entire length of the shaft. I continued to push ahead and started sliding my finger deeper into her ass.

“Fuckkkkk ….. yesssssssssssssss!” Amber screamed out in pleasure as she surprised me with a quick and violent orgasm. Her whole body shook as she pressed her pussy against my face and sat up, holding my cock like a support as she pounded it hard with her hands.

“I want more …” Amber growled softly as she slid off my face, pulling my finger out of her ass. Standing up, she walked over to the desk in the room and pushed everything off into a heap on the ground. I stood up and hopped on top of the desk, lying down on my back. Amber quickly climbed on top and positioned herself above my cock in reverse-cowgirl position, giving me a great look at her. I slapped her ass hard and grabbed her hips in support.

“Ouch!” Amber squealed as she wasted no time and impaled herself on my cock. Amber and I both groaned loudly as we started to fuck. I slapped her ass again as she started sliding up and down on my shaft. Amber clearly was intent on putting on a show as she kept lifting up and slamming her pussy back down on my cock, sending ripples through her ass cheeks for me to see. She continued relentlessly in this way for several minutes as we both started groaning loudly.

“Harder!” I moaned as I started helping Amber slam down onto my cock each time. Her moans turned to screams as she leaned back and slammed down on my cock over and over.

Amber let out what sounded like a surprise squeal as she screamed out.

“I’m cumming …” Amber yelled out as she started shaking on my cock. It was all I could handle as my balls released and began shooting deep into her wet pussy. Amber stretched back as I braced myself underneath and continued pumping my cock into her before I was fully spent.

“No more?” Amber laughed as she sat up, wiggled her ass and bucked on my cock, making sure I was fully spent.

“That was yummy …” she whispered softly, leaning back while remaining impaled on my now spent cock.

“That is an understatement.” I replied.

“Oh, what was that surprised squeal you let out earlier?” I asked

Amber laughed as she pointed to the door.


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