2 Three Some

He watched a shadow of light go inexorably across the wall, it was upstairs in the house, and early in the day. He laid in bad and watched the light. Kate had gone downstairs to make tea. He had to get up and go to his job as an electrician’s assistant, but he waited a minute or two watching the sun light.

Caleb ate fairly quickly then walked out of the house to his pick up truck that was parked by the street.

As he walked down the sidewalk there had been woman that had been sitting in a car, she had been parked under a tree next to the street, then she got out and walked by Caleb as he went in the opposite direction.

The last few months, Kate had been working in a catering and cake making business that her sister had, This morning one of her sister’s friends/ acquaintances was coming over to talk about a dessert that she thought the sisters could start selling.

Holly Haviland had driven up from Alton and had parked in the space between the street and the yard next to Kate Ramson’s house. Holly knew Kate’s sister and she was the on who had suggested making a dessert for the two. As she was walking up the sidewalk to the door she watched the door open and a young kid come out and walked down the sidewalk to a truck parked aways from hers, he got in and took off.

Holly watched the young boy as he went past her, he looked young, as in high school, tall, with dark straight hair. She watched with unabashed interest until he took off.

Holly looked quite a bit like Kate Ramson, nice looking, pretty, thick silky shoulder length light brown hair, about the same age, which was mid thirties, the main difference was that she was about three inches taller than Kate, which made her five ten. She was dressed conservatively to talk to the caterer about business.

She rang the door bell and waited for Kate, who she didn’t know to answer.

The door opened and she said, “Hi I’m Holly Haviland.”

“Good come on in.”

Kate said, “I’m got some tea made, do you want some?”

“Sure,” Holly replied.

There was a small table in the kitchen, they sat down there, the sun was coming in the window. It was a warm day but not terribly hot.

“I like your house here,” Holly said.

“Thanks I had a lot of remodeling done when I moved in.”

“Here’s some sugar if you want it,” Kate said.

“I also had to take out a lot of over grown pants and trees when I got here,” Kate said.

After a few seconds Kate said, “What have you got for us?”

“Oh,” Holly said, “it’s basically an ice, and I say that to mean that there’s no cream in it at all.”

“Yeah,” Kate replied and drank some tea.

“It’s a lot of pulped oranges, bananas, then maybe a lime or two thrown in and then it’s frozen, like in an ice cream freezer,” Holly said.

“Well that sounds great,” Kate said, “it would be particularly good in the summer but sounds like you could have it anytime.”

“You like it then?” Holly asked.

“Well yeah.” The conversation paused for a bit, Holly looked a little embarrassed but then said, “I don’t want to pry or be out of line but who was that guy I saw coming out of your house today?”

Holly was interested, she wanted to find out who that guy was, she was hoping a nephew or younger brother or something.

“Oh that’s Caleb Wade, he’s a friend of mine,” Kate said blandly.

“That guy I saw coming in here, I thought maybe he was your brother or cousin or something, he seemed very nice looking, I thought you could introduce us or something,” Holly said diplomatically.

Kate looked around the room with an odd expression, Holly was making her uncomfortable. She had not told all of her friends or other people about her ‘cougar conquest’, fearing they wouldn’t understand.

“I don’t mean to upset you,” Holly said diplomatically, “I didn’t know who he was.”

Kate said, “Well actually he’s my boyfriend.”

“Oh wow,” Holly replied with an embarrassed look and quickly drank tea.

“Sorry I said anything,” Holly said.

For a few seconds nobody said anything then Holly said, “Every now and then I try to meet a younger guy.”

Kate looked at her, she seemed embarrassed.

“I try to get my hands on one if you know what I mean,” Holly said.

“I think I know what you mean,” Kate replied arching her eye brows a little.

“I heard you were married,” Kate said.

“Me, no,” Holly replied.

“That’s what Corrine said when we talked about you coming up here.”

“I’m not married,” Holly replied, “I like to get a young kid now and then, particularly if they look like they haven’t been with every woman on earth.”

“Yes, that sounds fine,” Kate said, “I understand.”

“That’s how I got Caleb,” Kate said.

Kate wasn’t sure what to say, she had been embarrassed about the two young boys that she had seduced over the last two months, but on the other hand she was proud of herself for doing it, and for being able to do it. Also she had thought about Celeb with another woman.

The two women sat without saying anything for a brief period of time, then Kate said, “I wouldn’t have problem with introducing you, I’m okay with that.”

“You’re okay with that,” Holly asked with a surprised look, “because I’m definitely interested.”

“I’ve even thought about another woman, like a threesome or something,” Kate said and then giggled.

“Really,” Holly replied with a surprised tone.

Holly said, “Lots of times I go with first impressions, and he looked like a real hot kid to me, cute, sexy but at the same time he hasn’t banged half the girls at school.”

Kate said, “He looks like just a kid, but don’t let that fool you.”

“What?” Holly asked.

“I had him most of last night,” Kate said bragging, “God it was wild!”

Holly felt a pang of jealousy hit her.

“He fucks like a Roman soldier,” Kate said.

“Great” Holly replied, then she said,”I try to be careful, I don’t like meth heads, I won’t go near a guy if I think he sleeps with prostitutes, and if I think he’s bi sexual, forget it.”

“I totally understand,” Kate replied.

“I love to meet him,” Holly said with enthusiasm, “he looked awesome!”

“Would you be up for a threesome?” Kate asked.

“Sure,” Holly said.

Kate said, “I’ll try to set it up and we’ll meet here one night this week.”


The conversation continued about Holly’s desert idea and she left around thirty minutes later.

Kate showed her to the door and then smiled and ground her hips together. Great! Her little hottie with another woman.


Caleb had gotten a text message from Kate saying that she would like to have him come over in the evening on Thursday around eight o’clock, she wanted him to meet somebody, that’s all it said. he wrote back saying that yeah it was okay with him.

He liked to dress up well for these little parties with Kate, he had on dark dress trousers, a white shirt and a dark tie with dress shoes. “As long as I have my white shirt and tie,” he said.

So, he got in his truck and and went over to Kate’s house. Caleb rang the doorbell, heard a voice say come on in and walked inside. When he walked in he noticed Kate’s cat Alexander had come to the door to greet him. He reached down and petted the cat. “Hi Alexander,” he said.

Alexander was an orange cat and it brushed up against Caleb’s leg.

He could hear two women talking and they were sitting in the living room, then he went to where they were.

They were both drinking beer, then Kate got up and said, “Come on in, I’d like you to meet somebody.”

Caleb looked at her, she seemed to have a big wardrobe of sexy outfits, this time it was the tight hip hugger jeans, and a red blouse with a plunging neck line. To show off her tits.

“Caleb this is Holly Haviland,” Kate said.

He looked at a sideways glance, and thought this is the same chick I saw a couple of days ago! What’s up?

Caleb walked to where she was sitting and looked her over, it was another hot thirty something, short skirt, high heels, nice revealing top, and, pretty!

“This is Caleb Wade,” Kate said.

The new woman came over and stood right in front of him.

She grinned at him, stuck her tits out and said, “Hey baby, I saw you coming out of Kate’s house a few days ago in the morning, and I was impressed boy.”

Caleb didn’t say anything, just blinked.

“Wheet wew,” Holly said like a wolf whistle.

Caleb didn’t know what to do, what was up? If he showed interest, it might piss Kate off.

This new chick was totally hot!

Caleb stood there not saying anything.

Holly’s grin dropped off her face, he didn’t like her! It was obvious.

“Goddammit,” Holly said.

Kate was standing on the other side of the room.

“Get over here Caleb,”

When Caleb came over she began talking, “We talked about this, Holly and I, it’s okay, you can fuck her I want to watch.”

“Really?” Caleb asked surprised and confused.

She put her arm around his shoulder, “It’s okay, she’s my friend and it’s fine with me.”

“Okay,” he replied.

Kate kissed his cheek, “Good, now get over there and fuck her!”

Kate giggled at her salacious remark and Caleb grinned at her.

“Go on honey,” she ordered.

Holly was standing on the other side of the room with an unhappy look.

Caleb walked up to her.

“I just don’t think this is working out Caleb,” Holly said petulantly.

“I’m sorry Holly,” Caleb replied, “I thought Kate would be pissed off if I liked another woman.”

“We talked about that earlier,” Holly said abruptly, “Kate and I.”

“You didn’t seem that into me,” Holly said with an odd tone.

“Not true,” Caleb said heatedly, “I thought you were amazingly hot, when I first met Kate, I just couldn’t believe how sexy she was, I felt the same way when I met you.”

Kate stood there grinning at Caleb’s remark.

“Really,” Holly said looking over at him.

Caleb said, “I came in and you were here I was like wow! I thought my eyes were gonna fall out of my head.”

Holly grinned at him suddenly, her eyes snapping.

She came to where he was standing and put her arms around his shoulders, she said, “Okay Caleb, you’re forgiven, now give us a kiss.”

Her lips met his and the burning hot feel of a sexy kiss started.

“Uhmmm!” Holly exclaimed after the kiss.

“That’s it Caleb,” Kate said encouraging him.

After the fourth kiss Holly said, “We need to make up for lost time baby.”

Holly could feel that Caleb was getting hard, she stepped back looked down at his groin then stuck her tongue out, “how about that?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Caleb replied.

Holly got down on her knees and pulled Caleb’s zipper down, pulled down his boxer shorts and took the erection in her hands. She eagerly took it and put her head down. Another eighteen year old cock to suck!

She kissed the tip and ran her tongue over it.

Kate watched them, this is what she had wanted, before long she would be masturbating along with it.

Holly took her tongue and ran it from the base to the tip, this brought a groan of gratitude from the young kid. Then she kissed it again, swirling her tongue around the swollen cock head.

She stared at the erection, breathed out and thought, excellent!

She couldn’t wait to give it another kiss.

How she wanted to have that nice cock hitting the back of her throat, she jammed it in her mouth all the way until it went back and choked her.

Caleb felt like he was having a sort of mystical experience, this was completely unexpected, another hot ‘cougar’ who had come into the picture and now he was getting a fantastic blow job.

Holly had both her hands around the bottom of Caleb’s cock, she was running it in and out of her mouth, then she put it half way in and sucked hard.

She was a swallower and she would have Caleb’s cum before long.

Caleb got more and more turned on as he worked himself up to orgasm, all the pleasure in the world seemed to be in his cock right now. There was a painting on the wall, he stared at it, it was a fish jumping up out of the ocean, all blues and greens.

Kate watched them and ground her hips away in a pantomime of a fuck, as though Caleb was inside her getting ready to fire away and give her a hot orgasm.

Holly’s own cunt was glistening and wet under her skirt, she had worn no panties and anticipation of how the evening might go.

She let Caleb’s cock go straight up and then put it half way in and sucked on it, then kissed the tip.

Holly grinned, he can’t last much longer, then she sucked again.

She took his penis out of her mouth and smiled up at him, he was a cute young boy and Holly liked him and wanted to please him, “Come on baby,” she said,” encouraging him to orgasm.

Then she put his cock back in her mouth again and gave it another good suck.

Caleb was close to a satisfying mind blowing orgasm, he could feel it. This had been an freaky, another eager beaver cougar showing up, where had Kate met her?

“Come on baby,” Holly said again.

He thrust in her mouth and she let go all the way back to her throat.

Then Holly felt a throb, here it comes, here it comes! she thought. Then she pulled it half way up in her mouth and let her tongue catch the cum. Then the hot jizz began blasting her mouth and she swallowed it. Fiery shots of wet cum hit her tongue and the inside of her mouth and she swallowed as quick as she could. Holly continued to suck between swallows to get every last bit out. An orgasmic wave came over her and she shuddered, it was not long but hot and intense.

He shot away finding the intense satisfying release of sex, the orgasm was amazingly hot, Holly had given him a great blow job!

Then he was spent and standing there sweating.

Wow, Holly thought, I’d like to fuck!

That throb between her legs needed a nice hot cock to take care of it. She pulled Caleb over onto the couch and tried to get him on top of her.

“Wait a minute,” Kate said breaking them up.

“My turn,” Kate said.

“Oh alright,” Holly said pulling away from Caleb.

“Are you ready to go again?” Kate asked Caleb.

“I’m not sure,” he replied.

She put her arms around him, “Well lets just see.”

There was something that she had been wanting to try, she had done it before but not with Caleb.

“Have you ever shot a load on a girl’s tits?” she asked.

She began kissing his neck and running her tongue along his ear.

“No I haven’t,” Caleb said.

“I’d like to try that,” Kate said.

Kate kissed him then she said, “You’ve got more of an audience now to check out that fucking cock.”

She continued kissing him.

“Spray your cum all over my tits,” she said.

Kate got down on her hands and knees in front of him, she stared up invitingly.

Caleb got hard again in not too much time and stood over Kate masturbating away. His cock was wet anyway from cumming and it wasn’t difficult to get into a rhythm. Holly clapped her hands and said, “Stroke, stroke,” in time to his masturbating.

Kate had pulled her blouse down but not all the way off, but Caleb was getting an excellent view of her tits.

“Come on honey,” Kate said, “come on shoot it,” she said encouraging him to shoot onto her boobs.

“Yeah baby do it,” Holly said loudly, then she whistled, “come on Caleb.”

With his erection pointed right at her, Kate had an excellent view of Caleb’s hard on, and it seemed to be swelling up and getting bigger as he went along. It was a big turn on for her, and wanted to put her own hand down to her pussy.

“I’m getting a great look at that cock, wow!” Kate exclaimed.

“Stroke, stroke, stroke,” Holly said again in time to his masturbating.

Then Kate chimed in with the chanting of stroke, stroke.

Kate thought he was close and she said, “Come on blast me honey.”

Caleb was really excited, it was a kind of voyeuristic sex of the type he’d never experienced before, having women watch him perform, he would have cum before now, except that he’d already orgasmed once from Holly’s blow job. He was close again and he kept at it.

The women chanted, “Stroke, stroke, stroke,” as Caleb jerked away straining to cum.

Holly masturbated too along with Caleb.

Then Kate started chanting,”shoot it, shoot it.”

Kate watched closely and then the big cock opened up and shoot cum right at her!

A shot of cum came and hit Kate’s blouse then another and another, they ran down to a spot between her tits.

“Wow!” she said as the cum hit her.

She loved watching that ejaculation, and she stopped breathing hard long enough to say, “Cheerio.”

Caleb looked over at the same painting he’d looked at before, “Don’t leave me broken hearted,” he said loud enough for nobody to hear.


It was late now, and Caleb laid in bed looking at the wall, the light creeped along as it had in the morning, only it was a light pale color now, instead of the yellow it had been before. And the wind was blowing outside, leaves on the trees made designs as the light flashed. He heard an owl hooting. The light was pretty and Caleb looked at it between closing his eyes. The moon made a pale white light that danced on the wall, he looked at it as long as he could.

My sleep was deep and waking up I took stock of what had happened over the past couple of days. The first night in the new house I had gotten to see Erica playing with herself while her mother got me off. The next night I had incredible sex with Jackie, and then the following night with Erica. Part of me never wanted my father to come home if this was what it was going to be like.

Looking beside the bed I picked up the silky pair of panties Jackie had left under my pillow the previous night with the note attached, showing that she knew what was going on with her daughter. It remained to be seen if she was going to be mad or just ignore it and continue as if nothing had happened. Bringing them to my nose again I inhaled her scent. It made my cock stiffen slightly just remembering the way her hot body looked when she was riding me.

“David! Breakfast!” I heard a call from downstairs that jolted me out of my fantasy. Of course – it was a long weekend and today was a holiday as well. I quickly pulled on some clothes and walked downstairs to see both Jackie and Erica cooking breakfast and dancing to music in the kitchen. They seemed to be in really good spirits.

“Hey there sleepy head!” Jackie was wearing a simple satin pajama set that draped her frame nicely. “The girls thought that they might take care of breakfast today.” I glanced over at Erica, who was standing at the counter wearing a simple pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt. I relaxed because it seemed like they were both in good spirits and nobody was in the mood to disrupt that with any kind of awkward conversation.

“We’re planning on having a pool day if you want to join us.” Jackie mentioned. “One of my girlfriends is going to come over later and Erica is going to have a friend for dinner as well. You’re welcome to join us.” A house full of beautiful women by a pool on a sunny day and they thought I wouldn’t want to be there all on my own. I almost laughed. I thought about my fraternity brothers back at school who probably would have cut off a finger to be here to hang out with me today.

We chatted and ate and I found out all about the wedding plans coming up in a couple of months. Erica was going to be the maid of honor at their wedding and was excited about the typical wedding things like dresses, flowers and music. After a really nice breakfast Erica announced that she was off to the gym. I decided not to join her this time so that I could be alone with Jackie. We needed to have a conversation about the night before.

I knocked gently on Jackie’s bedroom door once Erica had left.

“Come in, David.” She said. I opened the door and was treated to quite a sight. Her voluptuous body was encased in a bathing suit, but it was a one piece style. The top had a zipper in front that was undone just enough to show most of her large breasts. The bottom was cut perfectly to frame her round ass cheeks. Her large breasts were barely held by the cups of her top and she was standing in front of the mirror turning to be able to see herself.

“What do you think?” She said. Naturally I was almost speechless.

“It’s…nice.” I croaked. Immediately all of my thoughts about not wanting her flew out of my mind.

“I don’t know…” she said almost absentmindedly. “Maybe the other one.” Quickly her hand moved to the zipper of her top and peeled it down, allowing her breasts to spring free. They barely moved due to their firmness and it was delicious torture watching her peel the bathing suit slowly down her body, ending with her bending over to give me a clear view of her ass as she stripped it off and threw it on the bed.

She grabbed a small piece of material off of the bed and slid on a skimpy pair of thong bikini bottoms. Again, it was like she was deliberately going slowly to torture me. As she grabbed the top and started to tie it up around her breasts she spoke to me, jolting me out of my stare.

“My friend Sarah should be here soon. Did you want something?” she asked. The top she was putting on barely covered her breasts and her nipples were already hard. Did I want something? I wanted to throw her down on the bed and fuck her. My cock was already responding in my pants to her body blatantly naked in front of me.

“I thought maybe we should talk about last night.” I stammered. “I mean…”

“You mean the fact you fucked Erica?” the bluntness of her voice was shocking to me. Tying up a sarong around her waist, she walked towards me. Her flat stomach and gorgeous eyes just added to the effect of her body on me. Her breasts bounced slightly and I could see her hard nipples right through her bikini top. With her hair down around her shoulders she was one of the hottest older women I had ever seen.

“Jackie…I didn’t…” I stammered. The words I wanted to say jumbled in my mouth.

“What? You didn’t mean to fuck my daughter? Do you remember what happened the first night you were here? I found you watching her naked and got a handful of your come.” Erica’s show had been too much for me that night and Jackie had certainly helped me out.

“Yes, but then…”

“Then we had an amazing evening together. I still get wet thinking about it. You were a perfect gentleman.” She gave a shudder and suddenly I noticed how close she was standing to me and caught the faint scent of her body lotion. She was close enough to just reach out and touch and my hands were screaming for another handful of her breasts and pussy.

“And then I got to watch you fuck her last night.” I was surprised. My brain had been entirely focused on the incredible sex I was having with Erica, but I had no idea that we had an audience.

“What…what do you mean?”

“Oh, come on. Those panties I left under your pillow were soaked for a reason. Just like you watched Erica that first night, I watched the two of you after finding out you weren’t in your bed. That cock was just as hot going into someone else as it was going into me. It was all I could do not to walk in and join the two of you.” Her eyes flashed with desire.

“Join us? What do you mean?”

“David…haven’t you figured it out yet? Didn’t Erica tell you that she and I share everything?” I nodded.

“Well maybe later you’ll find out exactly what that means.” She leaned in and lightly kissed me on the lips. “Mmm…” she reached down and placed her hand on my cock, which had grown just from seeing her in the bikini she tried on. “I think you might need something here.”

She suddenly yanked my shorts down and my cock sprung free. Grabbing it with her hand she leaned in and kissed me hard, shoving her tongue into my mouth and pushing me back against the door frame. She dropped to her knees in front of me.

“I bet you would love to fuck these big tits of mine, wouldn’t you? Does my boy want to slide his cock in between Mommy’s tits?” Reeling from the feeling of her body again, all I could do was nod and groan agreement.

She pulled her bikini top down around the underside of her breasts and gently maneuvered my cock into the space between them. Looking up at me from her place between my legs, she slowly let a trail of spit slide out of her mouth and fall onto my cock, lubricating it further with her hand. The underside of my cock was rubbing gently against the soft skin of her firm breasts.

She leaned in further and was able to squeeze me between her chest and started to slowly slide up and down the shaft of my cock.

“Mmm…this cock is just so spectacular. I can’t wait to feel it fill me up again baby…” she moaned, looking me straight in the eyes. The conversation about us fucking had quickly turned the way I was hoping it would. “I think I need some lotion on me. Do you want to cover Mommy’s tits with some lotion? Give it to me baby…yes…” She started to slide faster. The friction was perfect and just the sight of her eyes and her large breasts wrapped around me made me explode quickly.

I grunted when my orgasm hit and pulled back a bit, letting my cock free of her breasts. With the first hard spurt I covered her breasts and neck and then continued to paint another shot in between her large mounds. Her tongue licked her lips as she moaned, watching me shoot onto her hot body.

“Hello!? Anyone home?” A voice suddenly came from downstairs suddenly as the front door opened. I immediately stiffened and quickly pulled my shorts up with a still shocked expression on my face. Jackie just giggled at my feet and quickly kissed my softening cock.

“Hi Sarah! Just getting ready, I’ll be right down!” She stayed on her knees and I got to watch her rub the streams of my come into her skin slowly. It made her dark skin glisten briefly. She stood up and winked at me.

“Thanks for the lotion. I might need some more later though. Come down and join us by the pool.” She adjusted her top, walked to the bed and picked up a towel, kissing me lightly on the cheek as she left the room. I heard her greet her friend downstairs and they walked into the kitchen, chatting at top volume.

So all that had happened was that I found out Jackie knew I had sex with her daughter, and she didn’t seem to care. In fact, she seemed to want me even more. And all this talk about sharing had me confused. Did they share my father as well? This whole thing was really strange.

Still, the day promised to be pretty amazing. I was at a house soon to be surrounded by women both young and old. Also, there were worse things than being able to ogle Jackie in her tiny bikini by the pool knowing that her breasts were well oiled with my recent load.

I changed into some board shorts and after a while headed downstairs and out the back door. Jackie was reclined on a lounger looking absolutely spectacular under the sun.

“David! Come and join us! This is Sarah.” She said, indicating the woman lying beside her. Sarah lowered her sunglasses and gave me a long look. She was a petite blonde with small breasts and short cropped hair wearing a simple one piece suit.

“Wow, Jackie you weren’t kidding.” She smiled at me.

“What do you mean?” I said with a smile.

“She told us you were in good shape. If I had a cabana boy that looked like you I’d never leave my house.” She laughed.

“Come and join us.” Jackie said. “But I have to warn you, we’re planning on putting you to work.” She waved a lotion bottle at me.

As I had already said to myself, there were far worse ways to spend a day. I grabbed a chair and as we sunned ourselves we talked about Jackie’s business, and I learned more about Sarah. She was part of the wedding party of the upcoming wedding as Jackie’s bridesmaid so most of the talk centered on that. An hour had passed in the sun and Sarah grabbed the lotion bottle, waving it towards me.

“Oh, cabana boy? You have a client in need of your services.” The two of them giggled.

My cock stirred in my shorts thinking about getting lotion of another kind on any part of these women. I stood up and took the bottle, indicating to Sarah that she should sit up.

“Do my shoulders first.” She said. Turning her back to me she slid the straps of her bathing suit top down on either side. My hands started at her neck and worked their way down and across her shoulders. I also traced my hands down her arms and she shivered. After a few minutes she was giving light moans when my hands moved up and down her neck. Slowly the top of her bathing suit had inched lower, just shy of exposing her small breasts. I decided to be bolder and moved my hands around to her chest.

“Mmm…” she said. “I guess I need full coverage.” She lowered her straps even more and her small pert breasts popped into view. She had small nipples that were rock hard. I looked over at Jackie who was pretending to have her eyes closed. Moving my hands lower on Sarah’s back, I took advantage of my position and then slowly slid them around her body to cup her breasts in my hands covered with lotion. Her back arched into me when I did that and she moaned louder when my fingertips brushed her hard nipples.

“You need to really cover me all over.” She said. Without pulling her top up she lay forward on the lounger and gave me a view of her tight ass. Beginning at her calves I squirted lotion up the back of her legs. She shivered. Starting to rub up her legs I gently slid my hands up the backs of her thighs and stopped just short of her ass. When she felt my hands stop she turned and gave me a look that told me I could continue.

Not needing any more encouragement I put lotion on my hands and placed them firmly on her ass cheeks, sliding them across. It was firmer than I thought and the line of her suit barely hid her pussy, which became more visible as I separated her cheeks. I was sure she could feel my hardness rubbing against her leg.

As I moved my hands higher I could feel her breathing get a bit faster and her legs started to squirm, which were definite signs that she was getting horny. I turned to look at Jackie again and saw that she had her eyes open and a hand moving slowly between her legs and was watching me massage Sarah’s ass. She smiled at me.

“God, Jackie.” Sarah said. “I could get used to this. Now I’m jealous you get this boy all to yourself.” She smiled at me, still on her stomach.

“Actually, he already helped me earlier.” Jackie laughed. “You guys don’t think I haven’t put him to work, do you?”

“Well…” Sarah said. “I know another way you can get to work, cabana boy. We need some margaritas out here!”

Walking inside and pulling out the blender I poured a generous portion of alcohol into the blender to see what might happen if these women got a nice buzz going. Jackie and I had enjoyed quite a bit of wine on the night we had together. Holding a pitcher I walked back out onto the patio. Sarah had turned over but hadn’t bothered to pull her top back up so her small breasts were exposed to the sun. Jackie had also removed her top while I was inside.

“We hope you don’t mind some topless sunbathing.” Sarah said.

“I’m the luckiest cabana boy in the city right now!” I returned with a smile.

As we sat there and continued to sun ourselves, I couldn’t help but position myself so that I had a good view from the front of both women. Watching these two lying there mostly naked with their breasts in plain view just made me wish that I was bold enough to take my flirtation to the next level. Even their pussies were nicely outlined in their bathing suits. My cock was in a state of semi hardness the entire time fantasizing about having both women in a hot threesome servicing me right there by the pool.

After a few more rounds of drinks we were all feeling very good. I headed inside to replenish the pitcher and poured another generous amount of alcohol into the blender. As I turned the blender on after a few seconds I felt a pair of hands encircle my waist and caress me through my shorts. Turning around I was not surprised to see Sarah, still topless with her bathing suit top around her waist in front of me with a hungry look in her eyes.

“I thought I might…help you out?” she said, gently stroking me through my shorts. “Want to go upstairs and fuck my brains out? I’m so horny I could scream. Feel how wet I am?” She pulled my hand to the crotch of her suit, which was damp with lust. When I started to rub her there she moaned and pushed her crotch into my hand.

“Jackie’s right outside…probably not a great idea.” I said, although my hand betrayed my words by sliding her suit bottom to the side and one of my fingers easily slid inside her pussy. She moaned again.

“Okay then you can just fuck me right here. I don’t care if she sees us. I’m just so horny…” She was really bold and obviously extremely turned on. Her pussy was soaking my hand as I gently slid my finger inside her. When I added a second finger she shuddered and leaned against me, fucking my hand gently. From where we were I could keep my eye on Jackie on her recliner through the window while I fucked her hot friend with my hand.

Just then we heard the front door open. I quickly removed my fingers from her pussy and she grabbed both sides of her top and slid them back up so her breasts were covered. I could see the obvious disappointment in her eyes. I quickly looked to see if there was a wet spot on the front of my shorts. Sarah quickly moved away from me across the kitchen.

Erica walked into the kitchen. Trailing behind her was a girl who, if I didn’t know better could have been her twin sister. The other girl also had long black hair but was a bit bigger than Erica, with larger breasts. She had the same pouty lips and narrow hips, but her ass and breasts more resembled Jackie.

“Hi guys!” Erica said. “I see the party started without us!” Sarah greeted her and gave her a strong hug, then gave me a smile and grabbed the blender. When she did so she had to reach across me and her breasts brushed my hand.

“Hi. I’m Rachel.” Erica’s friend said, holding her hand out. She was dressed in a long summer dress just like Erica was wearing but just filled it out a bit more. Both of them looked very cute. I took her hand and gave it a light kiss. She giggled.

“Oh, that’s soooo chivalrous.” Erica punched me on the arm. “I hope you made enough drinks for everybody.” We all walked out onto the patio where I noticed Jackie had also pulled her top back up.

The only problem was that Sarah continued to drink. After dinner she announced that she wasn’t feeling well, probably due to a combination of too much sun and the alcohol. She needed to go home, but obviously couldn’t drive. Erica volunteered to drive her home because Rachel had to leave anyway. I was happy about the situation because it allowed me to be alone with Jackie.

Once they left we started to clear up the dishes. Jackie was still dressed only in her skimpy bikini and the thin wrap around her waist and it was hard for me not to just throw her over the counter and fuck her hard right there in the kitchen. I was incredibly horny from all the gorgeous female flesh around me all day and the encounter with her and her friend. Her round ass was teasing me every time I watched her move, and all I wanted to do was bury my face in it and then fuck her from behind. But I wanted to find out about what she meant earlier about her and Erica.

“Jackie? I need to ask you something.” I said with a serious tone. “You know that Erica and I…were together… last night?” She nodded. “And it doesn’t matter to you?”

She took a deep breath.

“Listen, there is something you need to know.” She began the story. “A few years ago there was a really troubled street kid that I found squatting in one of the houses I was selling. She was from an abusive foster home and didn’t have anywhere to stay, but seemed like an okay kid and just needed help so I told her she could stay with me for a while to get back on her feet. I got her back into school and after a couple of months passed we both agreed it was better if she lived with me.” I was wondering where the point of all this was going.

“What does this have to do with Erica?”

“After a long time, it just seemed natural to start calling her my daughter.”

My mind raced. Did that mean…?

“Erica isn’t actually your daughter?”

“No, she’s not. I know she has some issues still but she’s the closest thing I’m ever going to have at this point and I love her dearly. She’s a great kid, doing well and I’m proud to be the one taking care of her. She’s really turned her whole life around. I asked her a while ago if she wanted me to adopt her but it wasn’t necessary. She’s called me Mom for years now.”

“But after you and I…and then you saw me with her…” I stammered, still trying to make sense of it all.

“You’re a good kid too. She could do a lot worse than hook up with the son of the guy I’m marrying. It just means we can be one big happy family. Your father and I have an arrangement where it’s don’t ask, don’t tell. In fact, if I was going to have sex with anyone he would probably be happy I was keeping it under our roof.” She laughed.

“So then when you said that you two share everything, what does that mean?”

“Well, once she moved in with me after a couple of years I found out she was doing shows on her web cam to make money. I walked in on her one night and got to see how beautiful she was.”

“…So you started doing them with her?” I blurted out. It was the only thing I could imagine in my horny state.

“No, silly. But she came to my bed that night to talk and I couldn’t resist how beautiful she was. So we became lovers that night. Even though it felt wrong at the time we both knew that it was inevitable.” She sighed after that statement and I could tell that revealing the truth wasn’t something that came easily to her.

“Does my father know?” I wondered out loud.

“No. Erica and I talked about it, but once I started seeing your father she thought it was better that we not continue in case things got awkward, plus she didn’t want to hurt me by messing up a good relationship. He doesn’t know anything except that she’s not my real daughter but he loves her just the same.”

“So then why…?” My mind was reeling, but I had to know what triggered that first night when she found me watching Erica for the first time.

“When I found you in the hallway it brought up all those old memories of the first time I watched Erica. I just couldn’t resist, even though I had always promised myself that I would never do anything with your father in the house. After that happened I talked to her and we both agreed that while your father was away we could both do whatever we wanted to you. That’s why I let you seduce me that night. But as soon as your father gets home, it’s over with me in this house. I need you to respect that.” I understood.

“What about Erica?” I wondered. Did that rule apply to her as well?

“She obviously makes her own decisions. She seems to like you a lot and I know if you’re anything like her father you will treat her like a queen. You certainly have my blessing if the two of you want to be together.”

“I never thought anything like this would happen when I came home.” I said, and she smiled again.

“Well, enjoy it because after tonight it’s back to regular mother son stuff!” She laughed.

“Now, I’ve seen you watching me all afternoon and flirting with my friend. Did Sarah get you all hot and bothered? I know she’s a horny woman and probably wanted to get a piece of you before she drank too much.” She stepped closer to me around the island in the centre of the kitchen. Suddenly her voice took on a low tone and she completely changed. “She told me you knew how to use your fingers. My pussy has been wet for something inside of it all afternoon. Want to use them on me?” Her tone became seductive suddenly and it was just too much to bear.

Instantly all of the horniness that built up during the afternoon crashed into me in a flood. With all of the teasing, and now knowing that she didn’t mind my advances I threw caution to the wind. Reaching forward I roughly pulled down both sides of her bikini top, exposing her large breasts. She gasped but a smile danced across her lips and she bit her lip seductively, standing in front of me breathing hard. It was time to take her the way I had wanted to since I saw her changing that morning and almost threw her on the bed.

I leaned in to take first one nipple in my mouth, then the other and sucked hard. My tongue swirled around the sensitive tip and I used my hand to massage the other breast. Alternating between the two I also started to squeeze her round ass, pulling her thing bottom to one side. As I sucked I slid another hand down to her bikini bottoms and violently pulled them off, breaking one of the strings. She gasped again. Sliding not one but two fingers deep inside her she squealed and wrapped her arms around me.

I stood up to shove my tongue into her mouth hard while my fingers plunged inside her pussy. Lifting one leg up to give me better access she wrapped herself around me and started to grind her pussy against my hand. I felt it getting wetter and wetter and soon she cried out and leaned against me as she came on my hand.

It still wasn’t enough. I pulled my fingers out and turned her around roughly; putting her hands on the counter behind her and pushing her head down to make her round ass stick out towards me.

“Oh God, yes! Get that big cock inside me David… “She cried. “I need it! Fuck me hard!” She didn’t have to ask twice. Quickly I pulled my shorts down and positioned my cock at the entrance to her dripping wet pussy, rubbing it up and down and then sliding it deep inside of her with one stroke. She screamed out and clutched the counter with her hands as I fucked her.

Stroke after stroke I kept pounding inside of her until her cries became grunts in rhythm with my thrusts. The sound of our flesh slapping together and the sight of her tits swaying while her ass flexed with every thrust was incredible.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” She grunted, pushing her round ass back into me with each thrust. Every time she came she would tense up and then let out a small wail and I would feel a firm tightness grip my cock briefly. It seemed like it never stopped but had probably only been a few minutes. I felt my load start to build and grabbed her ass cheeks, squeezing them tightly. As I reached the second orgasm she had given me that day my cock burst and my come shot deep inside of her wet pussy. My final few thrusts made her groan even louder. Pulling my cock out I saw my come start to slowly drip from her pussy.

She turned around and gave me a deep kiss. “Mmm…lover, that was amazing.”

“Yes, it was.” I heard the voice from across the room. Erica stood there watching us. We had been fucking facing away from the doorway and she had quietly walked in while I had just shot a huge load into Jackie’s pussy. She was biting her lip and gently rubbing her hand between her legs.

Jackie just smiled, still standing there naked while my sperm slowly dripped down the side of her leg. Suddenly Erica broke the silence.

“So he knows?” she said, looking at Jackie.

“Yes, dear, he definitely knows.” She said with a smile, still panting.

“Oh, thank God. I’m so sick of sneaking around. I even brought Rachel over here to take care of me earlier just so I wouldn’t jump you in the middle of dinner.” She was so bold with her words. So obviously her friend Rachel was also more than just a friend. Both of these women were insatiable. I was a very lucky man.

She crossed the room and dropped to her knees, sliding herself between Jackie’s legs, which she spread wide. My mouth hung agape suddenly realizing what kind of sexual relationship these two women had. Erica’s tongue slid out and started to lick up the inside of Jackie’s legs. I watched as her tongue gently caught my sperm and transferred it into her mouth, which she swallowed. Jackie’s hands entwined in Erica’s hair and she closed her eyes, leaning back and enjoying the sensation.

After spending a couple of minutes licking at Jackie’s thighs, Erica stood and I watched the older woman embrace the younger one. Their mouths merged together in a passionate kiss and I saw their tongues gently lick at each other with obvious desire.

“Remember when I told you we share everything? Just for tonight you get both of us.” Jackie said looking at me. All I could do was nod because I had lost all my words with the spectacle in front of me.

Erica quickly walked over to me and kissed me as well, grabbing my soft cock in her hand and gently tugging on it.

“This had better get hard again soon because I want to feel it inside of me.” Even as she spoke my cock flooded with blood and started to recover. Even after already having two orgasms today my body was so turned on it was almost ready to go again.

Erica and I let our tongues do battle in each other’s’ mouths until Jackie suggested we head upstairs where it was more comfortable.

We all quickly stumbled up the stairs and into Jackie’s room. I turned to Erica and grabbed the bottom of her dress, slowly sliding it over her head and revealing her almost naked body underneath. She turned her back to me and I wrapped my arms around her, playing with her small nipples and massaging her stomach and back. Her back arched into me. Giving her nipples a playful pinch I made her gasp with surprise.

Jackie was already naked and reclined back on her bed, watching the two of us embrace. She smiled at us. Her legs were spread and I could see the moistness of her pussy glistening in the crack between her legs. Her hands idly traced her own nipples.

Erica turned and looked at me with hungry eyes.

“I told you this would be a night to remember.” I could only smile at her through a haze of lust.

She slowly dropped to her knees and took me in her hand, looking up into my eyes. I was already mostly hard again even after having shot a huge load into her mother just a few minutes before.

“Do you want to watch me suck his big cock?” She asked, turning to look at Jackie.

“Oh yes, baby.” Jackie purred. “Make his cock nice and hard for me.”

Erica’s mouth slowly descended over my member. She took her time slowly getting me completely into her mouth and every inch felt like delicious torture. The warmth of her lips would envelop me and then loop around the sensitive underside and I could feel her tongue tease, then she would take me just a bit deeper. As she started to suck on me in earnest I locked eyes with Jackie, who by now had a finger in her pussy and was slowly masturbating.

It was so incredibly hot watching one woman masturbate while the other had my cock in her mouth I almost let go again right away, but realized that this night needed to last a long time because it likely wouldn’t happen again. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, letting the sensation of Erica’s warm mouth and tongue teasing my hard member just wash over me.

Erica used her mouth like she had the day before in the change room at the store, but this time she was taking her time. She would dip her mouth down to suck on my balls briefly and gently stroke my cock while she did, then bring her mouth back up again and slide it all the way down until I could feel her nose buried in my pubic hair.

She took her mouth off of me and looked over at the bed, licking her lips. Jackie slowly removed her finger from her wetness and beckoned us over to the bed with it. Erica, still on her knees crawled towards the bed, and Jackie positioned herself at the edge with her legs spread wide. Before letting Erica move between her legs she offered her finger to her, which Erica hungrily sucked on.

Lying back on the bed with her legs dangling over the edge, Jackie beckoned me closer to her as I watched Erica lower her mouth to Jackie’s pussy and start to gently lick and suck at her folds. Kneeling on the bed myself I positioned my cock close to Jackie’s mouth and she eagerly took it inside. While she continued to suck on me just as slowly as Erica had, her hand moved to entwine in Erica’s hair and I took the opportunity to gently massage her breasts and nipples, knowing she was probably ready to explode again.

The only sounds in the room were gentle sucks and licks and the occasional moan from each of us. Erica finally slid two fingers inside of her mother, using them to stimulate her from inside and that put Jackie quickly over the edge. Releasing my cock she grabbed my hands to squeeze her tits hard and arched her back as she lay down and let another orgasm rip through her body. As Erica lifted her face from Jackie’s folds we were all panting.

We exchanged looks with each other but no words needed to be said at that point. Lying down on my back lengthwise on the bed I indicated for both women to climb on top of me. This time it was Erica who decided to take the pleasure position and mount my cock. As I felt her tight pussy slide onto me my lips were occupied with Jackie’s kiss. We were fiercely making out at that point just like we had in the kitchen only minutes earlier and she was panting into my mouth.

Erica had her hands on my chest and started to ride my cock faster, starting to groan every time she dropped down completely and my cock filled her up. Her gorgeous long hair draped my chest and started to tickle it as she rode me harder and harder. Her groans soon turned into grunts every time she took another stroke inside of her. Jackie broke our kiss to watch her daughter riding me and smiled at her, then at me and gave me another tender kiss, sealing her approval of the nights’ events.

Finally Erica sat back and exposed her pussy to us both and Jackie reached forward to massage her clit, which by now was fully swollen and stood out proudly. I was in the perfect state of bliss with just enough stimulation to stay fully hard but again not go over the edge just yet. As Jackie massaged her clit Erica started to cry out and shudder on top of me and I could feel her pussy start to contract as an orgasm hit her.

She came hard and then leaned forward, breathing heavily and kissed me again. My cock was still hard and ready for the next phase of whatever these two women wanted to do with me.

Jackie finally broke the silence.

“Keep him hard for me. There’s one place that I haven’t had filled up yet.” I knew that meant I might get to experience fucking her in that gorgeous round ass of hers and it almost made my load explode just thinking about it.

Reaching into her side table she pulled out a tube of lubricant and handed it to Erica. She squeezed out a generous amount and slowly applied it to my cock; stroking it just enough to keep me rock hard. “Stand up.” Jackie motioned.

After I stood she turned over onto all fours and presented herself to me. Bending forward and spreading her legs her round ass opened for me and I took my first good look at her puckered rosebud. Erica slid her hand onto Jackie’s ass and started to massage her pussy, then leaned in to lick her other hole gently. Jackie moaned when her tongue hit the sensitive area. I kept gently stroking my cock to keep it hard, enjoying the spectacle in front of me.

“Now, Erica.” Jackie said. “Put him inside of me.”

Erica gently gripped my cock as I moved forward and traced it around the edge of Jackie’s ass to spread the lubricant and ease the entry. I saw Jackie brace herself and pushed forward, watching just the head of my cock penetrating her and spreading her asshole wide.

Jackie let out one long sustained groan as I slowly moved my cock in and out, barely moving until her opening relaxed and allowed me to slide in even further. She was so tight it felt like a vise around me. After a few more strokes I could bury myself completely and watch my cock deep in her ass, feeling the pulses of her muscles contracting while I was deep inside of her. As I moved inside of her Erica slid down between my legs and positioned herself so that she could lick Jackie’s pussy at the same time.

Jackie started to cry out once I started to stroke into her ass harder and Erica started to suck on her sensitive pussy.

“Aaahhh! Aaahhh! Oh…my…God! That’s so good! Suck my pussy! Fuck me! Yes! Ooooohhhh…I’m….going….to….come!” Her body bucked hard and she screamed with orgasm. Erica reached her hand to gently squeeze my balls and that was just too much. The combination of Jackie’s tight hole and Erica’s hands pushed me yet again over the edge and Jackie squealed as she felt me pump another load of sperm into her, this time deep into her bowels.

I pulled slowly out of Jackie’s ass and stood swaying behind her while she collapsed forward onto her stomach, panting and moaning. Erica sat on the floor in front of me and smiled, looking almost drunk with desire. I could see the residue of Jackie’s juices on her face and her hair was draped around her face. She looked incredibly sexy but was still ready for more.

“Let’s get in the shower and wash that off. Just make sure you save another load for both of us.” Erica squealed and bounced off of the bed, letting her firm ass sway as she disappeared into the small ensuite bathroom. I heard the water start to run while I attended to Jackie on the bed. Lifting her head, she rolled over sideways and we started to kiss again. Feeling her warm, soft body against mine and knowing that I had only one more night to experience her gorgeous body just made me want all of her. I hoped that the night would never end.

“Water’s ready!” she called out. Taking Jackie by the hand I led her towards the bathroom. Inside was a small stand up shower stall with a large head above us that was streaming out hot water. There was barely enough room for all of us. With all three of us inside we finally all merged together, sharing lips and tongues and caressing each other. Both women paid special attention to me and especially to my body, and I felt like I was getting worshiped.

Seeing both women with their gorgeous bodies both dripping wet was a vision. Jackie’s large breasts and round ass were a perfect contrast to her daughter’s long black hair, thin frame and tight, firm buns. We generously shared the soap and washed each other off, paying special attention to each other’s respective genitalia. As we washed each other there was constant touching, kissing and gentle moans from the two of them.

Finally my cock started to rise again after Jackie was caressing it with a soap covered hand. Noticing it start to get hard she shut off the water and we all dripped out of the shower and back onto the bed, quickly letting the sheets underneath us soak up the water.

Jackie reached again into the table beside the bed and brought out a large strap on dildo. My eyes widened in surprise. Erica smiled at me and pushed me back on the bed but left enough space for the two of them to embrace beside me.

“Enjoy the show. But then you’re ready we both want you to share yourself with us.” She said with a purr.

Quickly Jackie strapped on the large member and Erica laid down beside me on the bed. Climbing on top of her, they kissed passionately as Jackie gently eased the dildo into the younger girl’s pussy. Erica groaned loudly as I watched it penetrate her fully. Quickly they eased into a rhythm where Erica arched her hips into Jackie’s thrusts as they kissed.

The two women almost melted together as they made love, a squirming mass of flesh with breasts pressed together and stomachs sliding over each other. They didn’t seem to be able to get enough of each other and had obviously been lovers for quite some time.

Jackie had a hand between her legs and started to move faster while she stroked the large dildo in and out of Erica’s pussy. I was close enough to be able to see Erica’s pussy lips stretched around the shaft, which pulled them back and forth with the delicious friction that Jackie’s thrusts were creating. I lost count at how many times Erica squealed out that she was coming, and Jackie was moaning right along with her, stimulating her own pussy to orgasm.

After watching and gently stroking myself for a little while finally my cock was hard again. I climbed up beside Erica’s head and offered it to her. She sucked it in eagerly. Jackie touched my chest and I reached out to do the same, gently pinching one of her large nipples so that she gasped. Their rhythm continued, adding Erica’s wet warm mouth eagerly devouring me at the same time.

It was finally time for one last movement of this symphony of sexual activity we had created over the course of the weekend. Pulling my cock out of Erica’s mouth I moved myself behind Jackie and gently pressed her forward. Her dildo slid completely into Erica and buried itself. With her in that position I mounted her from behind and was able to slide my cock into her pussy from behind.

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