Alice let out a sharp hiss as she pulled her nipple and a sigh as she engaged the clamp. Sitting topless at her vanity she could not believe how aroused those fiendish devices made her. Even the knowledge that she was preparing herself for the benefit of another woman failed to keep her from becoming moist. Per Nicole’s instructions her hair was done up in a tight chignon near the top of her head, a green ribbon wrapped around its base, her makeup light, glossy pink lipstick and eyes in shades of green with gold glitter.

Nicole had given very specific as to how she was supposed to look and had spent most of the day getting to this point. Rising off the stool Alice walked to her bed wearing a skirt made of light and dark green tulle in the shape of leaves, the tips ending just before her pinkie. Per Nicole’s rules Alice remained pantiless, with sheer gold stay up stockings ending at her crotch, and on her feet, dark green ballet flats with a large puffy gold ball.

“Mother I’m ready,” called Alice as she regained her composure and moved to cover her chest with a green leaf-patterned corset.

“Then let’s get you laced up!” sang her mother as she eagerly strode into Alice’s room, ready for her evening in a figure hugging black sequined halter evening dress, the deep neckline exposing the valley between her breasts. The dress hugged her hips tightly and would have been impossible to maneuver in were it not for the slit running from her ankle, half way up her hip exposing the top of her nylon stocking as she walked.

Alice wanted to criticize her mother for wearing something so revealing but given the way she now had to dress felt she no longer had the grounds. “Yes mother,” replied Alice turning her back to her mother.

“You must be so excited, your first true formal event and a costume one at that,” chirped Janet as she began to weave the green satin ribbons at the back of the corset.

For Alice it was just another of many firsts she had to endure. At this time last year she spent the night with her best and only friend Kim. Wearing party dresses purchased for the occasion at H&M, they had sat in her living room watching the countdowns cross the country, eating party snacks until they had their own midnight countdown, capped off with a pretend kiss at midnight. Everything seemed so peaceful and innocent then: Kim had not yet met David and Susan and Nicole were strangers to them.

Now Kim had a boyfriend and wanted nothing to do with her as she appeared to be dating a very kinky and demanding girl. So much had changed that everything seemed different. Most of her old clothes, including the dress she wore last New Years Eve, were gone, replaced with a wardrobe more acceptable to her lover. Her room and her house were now equipped with video cameras to satisfy her girlfriend’s voyeuristic desires.

Even her room was redecorated to her girlfriend’s liking, with her parents blessing. While the walls remained a soft pink, her furniture was painted lavender and the hardware replaced with chrome rings, the same rings that Nicole installed near the top of her walls. Affixed to each ring was a pair of ballet slippers either tied off in a bow or the satin ribbons extending down to hold one of many new pictures that adorned her room. This theme extended to her bed now decorated with four pairs of slippers, one tied to each of the bedposts, their extra long satin ribbons wrapping around the bed frame. The room even had what looked like an overly wide chrome ballet barre held out by leavers across her closet. An extra set of leavers were at the top of the mirrored doors to hold the barre when not in use.

Looking around the room one could be confused just who the occupant was, judging from the style and content. The bedroom was obviously designed for a girl in a modern ballet theme but the decor was that of an adolescent teenage boy obsessed with women. The bed was fitted with pink satin sheets sporting a large black Playboy bunny symbol in the middle, which Alice covered with her blanket every morning from embarrassment. The only items resting on the bed was a large teddy bear saved from her childhood, a battery powered vibrator now embedded within his nose, beside him a log pillow with a similar device designed for straddling. Hanging on the wall over her desk was a playmate of the month calendar opened to January.

All of her old decorations were gone, except for the portrait of a ballerina wearing a tutu, bent at the waist, retying one of her slippers. The rest of the decorations were a collection of sexy to erotic pictures: pictures of the University of Arizona and Arizona State cheerleader and dance teams, the Arizona Cardinals and Phoenix Suns cheerleaders. But the worst for Alice was the pictures of two young girls lying in bed, in a romantic embrace. This picture, along with the large portrait of Nicole in her volleyball uniform, was constant reminder of what her life had become.

The unconventional mix matched what her life was thought to be, a young feminine woman with an open and lustful attraction to women. However it was the other elements that were the most uncomfortable for Alice.

Nicole’s perverted imagination hid the true, kinky nature of her room in plan sight. The chrome rings were set to be just out of Alice’s reach, if she stood with her arms stretched above her head. The ribbons from the ballet slippers could then easily secure her wrists and the extra ribbon could be wound down her arms to be knotted either in front or behind her neck. The length of the ribbons also allowed her to be tied spread eagle. The oddly sized ballet barre was actually a stripper pole that could be installed in front of her closet; the levers anchor points for Nicole to secure her in front of her closet mirrors.

But the worst for Alice was her bed. The satin ribbons attached to those slippers were long enough to secure her in multiple positions. One of Nicole’s favorites was to bind her spread eagle with the ribbons securing her wrists and ankles. The extra ribbon would then wrap around her arms and legs cress crossing until they reached her torso. There the ribbons would be tied to form a satin ribbon bra and panty set with ornate bows between her breasts and above her pussy. Alice remembered lying naked and blindfolded by a red satin scarf held tight by her satin restraints. Even the slightest movement caused the ribbons to tighten across her body as Nicole’s camera clicked away.

The only piece of furniture added was the jewelry armoire. However this one held a more perverted collection. The drawers of the armoire had sex toys, all kept neat and organized, resting on black velvet. The side cabinets, designed for necklaces, held leashes and whips, including the riding crop April had given her to give to Nicole for Christmas. But the worst section was the center cabinet. The two doors opening like an alter reveled the hip section of a mannequin, wearing the harness for her strap-on with attachable dildos lining the sides of the cabinet, like perverted soldiers guarding the throne. All of which remained unlocked and potentially visible to her parents.

“That is tight enough mother,” gasped Alice, pulled back to reality as her mother tugged on the strings of the corset in an attempt to make them perfect.

“You have a lot to learn about wearing a corset,” grunted her mother accepting nothing less than perfection from her daughter for her date. “Not only does it give you a feminine curve but shows a sexy bit of skin all trussed up in the back. If the lines aren’t symmetrical or the ribbons twisted the look is wasted.”

Alice simply grunted as the air was forced out of her lungs as the corset tightened its grasp requiring her to breathe a little shallower. The corset ended high on her chest with padding built in that pressed against her clamped breasts and gave her the appearance of a B cup. This outer layer sloped down to a level below her shoulder blades in back were the corset worked to tighten her waist, crushing her lower ribs as it anchored itself to her body giving her a noticeably curvy look. Alice still did not like another woman, her girlfriend, insisting she make herself as beautiful as possible but the fact that her mother wanted her to please Nicole made her even more uncomfortable.

“There, perfect,” announced Janet as she ran her hands along the sides of Alice’s waist. “With your hair up and such a delicate little waist you truly look like a little fairy.”

“Yes I do,” squeaked Alice as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. With her long flowing red hair, round face and big blue eyes everyone associated her with Ariel. But with her small frame and long legs now in her green costume she was the spitting image of tinker bell, if not for the red hair pilled on top of her head.

“Now let’s get your wings,” stated Janet as she turned to get the delicate gold item lying on Alice’s bed.

Alice stood motionless as her mother held the final piece of her transformation in her hands and began attaching it to the back of Alice’s corset. Patterned after the fairy’s, the prop was made up of two large transparent gold wings ending points well above her head with two small round wings poking out around her waist, a small motor in the middle allowed the wings to be remotely opened and closed.

“Now why don’t you wait up here for your date to arrive,” suggested Janet as she walked towards the door. “I’ll be happy to watch out for her while your father is getting ready and will call you for your grand entrance.”

Janet’s heart jumped like a schoolgirl seeing her crush when she spotted Nicole’s car pull into the driveway. Wanting everything to be perfect, she had picked a very sexy and revealing evening gown, not for her New Year’s celebration with her husband, but for the arrival of her daughter’s girlfriend. As a result she made sure she was dressed and made up in time for the young beauty’s arrival and not the party being held by one of her husbands fellow professors. Keeping Alice out of sight, Janet felt like she was meeting her own date and a thrill of excitement ran through her body.

“Happy New Year Nicole,” greeted Janet as she stood in the open door and looked over the young woman. In keeping to the spirit of the celebration and the theme set by Alice’s costume Nicole was dressed as a pirate. Her head adorned with a black velvet Jean Lafitte hat with black lace trim and a large white feather. A black lace Kato mask covered the top of her face highlighting her brown eyes and lush red lips. Her silky black hair falling around her shoulders and over the long red velvet coat that clinched at the waist and flared out to end at the knee, the red satin Basque she wore underneath displayed her ample bosom quite nicely. On her feet, instead of the customary pirate wear, were a pair of black stiletto heels. A set of knee high lace stockings creating the illusion of boots as fishnet stockings disappeared under the black pleated skirt filled out by the white petticoats.

“Happy new year to you too Janet,” answered Nicole as she placed her hand on Janet’s shoulder and leaned in to give her a kiss on the cheek, her hand sliding off her shoulder letting one fingernail gently trace a line between Janet’s exposed breasts as she withdrew from the kiss. “And may I add that you are looking incredibly sexy tonight.”

“Thank you Nicole,” stammered Janet still trying to catch her breath from the sensation of having Nicole’s nail tease her flesh, “and I must say you are looking incredibly sexy in that costume. I assumed that you were going to come dressed as Peter Pan but the pirate look is so much more fitting for you. I’m not sure if I should call you Nicole or captain?”

“For you it’s Nicole,” laughed Nicole as she strutted past Janet and into the foyer, “but for Alice it’s captain. I have always felt more in common with the dear captain than Peter. I mean he is just a little boy and should be no match for an adult. I felt if I were Captain Hook I would have bested that self absorbed little twerp in the first fateful duel when he lost his hand. I’d have fed him to the crocodile and taken Tinker Bell as my prize.”

“So my daughter is your prize,” teased Janet as she ran her nail along the path Nicole had recently traced down her chest.

“Of course,” answered Nicole, turning to face Janet, “after all she is my girlfriend.”

“Yes she is one lucky girl,” replied Janet, focused only on the fact they were lovers. “I wish I was going with you to instead of with my husband and a bunch of English professors discussing the latest books.”

“So you think your husband wouldn’t mind if you went off and kissed someone else, a woman, at midnight?” inquired Nicole in a sultry tone.

“My husband would thoroughly enjoy watching me kiss another woman,” purred Janet as she thought about Peter watching wide eyed as she kissed Nicole. “I think he would….”

“I’m glad to hear that,” interrupted Nicole as she walked over to Janet, her eyes locked with that of her preys.

Janet stopped mid thought as she watched the young pirate captain remove her hat and walk towards her, the silence of the moment only disturbed by the sound of Nicole’s heels echoing throughout her body. Ever since meeting Nicole she had wild thoughts about the girl. Fantasies that aroused her beyond belief but were strictly forbidden on many levels. So many things ran through her head as she tried to come to terms with what was happening and what she should do: that she was an adult and Nicole was barely a woman, that she was married and this was her daughter’s girlfriend, that she had already made choices in life and she so deeply wanted the young woman before her.

Now Janet knew that those boundaries were about to be crossed and those fantasy’s were about to start to become reality and she would no longer just be playing and flirting. Janet could feel her heart beating as Nicole came close enough to smell her perfume, an exotic spicy sent, their eye contact broken as Nicole moved her head beside hers and a jolt passed through her body as Nicole slid a hand along her hip and lower back, coming to rest at the top of her ass. Janet shivered at her touch, her eyes closed, as she tried to come to terms with what was happening. Was this was what she really wanted or did she want to pull away and keep the boundaries intact.

Her inner turmoil ended as she felt Nicole’s hardened nipples come in contact with her own and Nicole’s soft hair brush against her cheek. Lifting her hands to grab the young girl’s firm waist, her body shuddered as she felt Nicole plant a soft kiss on her ear lobe.

“As much as I would love to be your first kiss of the year,” whispered Nicole as her moist warm tongue danced across Janet’s ear. “I have a much more delicious game we can play.”

Janet could only whimper as Nicole pulled back until they were again face to face.

“I’m not going to give you your first kiss of the New Year, I’m going to give you your last kiss of the year, explained Nicole. “Your lips will then be lesbian until midnight. You will go off with your husband and me with your daughter. You will tease him and point out all the sexy women at the party. Describe to him how much fun and exciting it would be if one of them joined the two of you for the night and in the end convince him to kiss you through a woman at midnight, meaning you will share a passionate kiss with her and she with your husband and then back to you.”

“You want me to kiss a stranger at midnight instead of my husband?” asked Janet nervously.

“It doesn’t have to be a stranger,” replied Nicole, “it just has to be a woman. And with that kiss your lips will become lesbian once again, this time for the whole year.”

Looking at Janet’s face Nicole could not help but smile. The look of desire mixed with fear, the yearning mixed with guilt, morality in conflict with wickedness. She knew she was at the cusp of capturing Janet. All she needed to do was solve her dilemma and push her over to the other side.

“It would be so exciting to think of you kissing another woman at midnight,” purred Nicole as she once again began to run her finger gently along the space between Janet’s breasts. “Knowing that you and your husband will have another playmate and that you would then be a lesbian and he just your beard would make things perfect. I will have to find Alice another playmate also so we could then spend time together as well. Don’t you want that Janet?”

Nicole was right, she did want that and everyone else would be happy too. Alice would get another lover in her open relationship, she and her husband will make the choice of bringing other woman into their relationship, with a little convincing, and she would get a relationship with the beautiful young woman she desired and desired her.

“Yes Nicole, I want that,” stated Janet as she looked into her new lover’s eyes.

“That’s ‘captain’,” directed Nicole as she pressed a button on a small remote and leaned in for a passionate kiss.

The fluttering of her wings alerted Alice that Nicole had arrived, taking a breath to steady her nerves she carefully placed the green sequined mask over her eyes and nervously walked out of her room to greet her lover. Alice moved silently towards the stairs, the green ballet slippers masking any noise from her steps, only the quite whisper of her nylon covered thighs rubbing against each other gave away her presence. Reaching the top of the stairs she was greeted by the sight of her mother, with the look of excited anticipation on her face, and Nicole wearing a pirate costume and holding her camera to capture Alice’s descent. Like her mother Alice too was surprised by Nicole’s costume but while her mother was taken by Nicole’s commanding sexiness Alice was nervous of the symbolism of there two costumes.

“There’s our Tinker Bell,” announced Janet as her daughter descended the stairs accompanied by the flash of Nicole’s camera.

“Yes, a worthy prize,” added Nicole as she reached out to take possession of her costumed lover.

“You look very good in that costume Nicole,” greeted Alice she was taken in Nicole’s arm.

“That’s ‘captain’ to you Tinker Bell,” growled Nicole as she playfully slapped Alice on the ass.

“Yes captain,” screech Alice dropping her hands to make sure her skirt stayed in place, “sorry captain.”

“Yes, that is a good fairy,” replied Nicole, her blood red painted lips forming a smile.

“How about a few pictures of the happy couple,” injected Janet, “Peter will not be ready for awhile.”

“Excellent idea Janet,” replied Nicole.

So for the next fifteen minutes Alice was forced to pose with Nicole as her mother snapped picture after picture. Pictures of her in Nicole arms, one foot kicked up with her head resting on Nicole’s chest. In a lovers embrace with her arms trapped between hers and Nicole’s bodies, her hands on Nicole’s breasts as they kissed.

The pictures continued and became more fanciful with Alice playing the shy fairy to Nicole’s strong pirate. Alice even had to stand on her tip toes with her legs together bent at the hips and blow a kiss to the camera. However the photo session came to an end as Peter’s loud footsteps could be heard coming down the steps.

“Hello Nicole,” announced Peter and he appeared at the bottom of the steps still fixing his sport coat, “you sure do make a lovely pirate.”

“Why thank you,” replied Nicole in a serious manner. “You’re just in time. Could you please take a picture of the three of us before we leave?” Her choice of words noticed by both Janet and Peter.

“Yes, I would be happy to,” answered Peter the disappointment in his voice noticeable.

“Here’s the camera,” stated Janet. “Just look at the screen and press this button.”

Janet slid her arms around the waist of each girl as she positioned herself between the two girls. A shiver running through her body as she felt Nicole’s hand slide across her ass increasing her arousal level. A naughty smile appearing on her face as Nicole groped her right cheek as they stood next to her daughter and before her husband who was taking far more time than was necessary to take the picture. As soon as Peter was finished Nicole thanked him and, as she reached for the camera, quickly kissed Janet goodbye before pulling Alice towards the door.

The masked ball wasn’t his kind of thing, but he had been talked into going by some friends of his, after weeks of cajoling, he had given in. The costume he had hired from a local shop made him look like an extra from some Jane Austen novel, long boots, tight britches and filly shirt with oversized cuffs. Looking at himself in the mirror, he put on the mask and thought to himself what a dick he looked! But hey ho, it might push some fair maiden’s buttons!

The taxi pulled up at the hotel entrance and after paying off the driver, he climbed the steps to the imposing building. As he entered the lobby, he was glad to see plenty of other people dressed in a similar fashion to him milling around and heading towards the function room.

It was all very well done, the room had been decked out as it should be for the period, with a group of musicians at one end playing the kind of music he assumed was fitting. There seemed to be broadly an equal numbers of men & woman in the room, with a smattering of suitably dressed male & female servants mingling amongst the guests, distributing drinks & nibbles.

The one thing that caught his eye about the female costumes was the abundance of bosoms on show. Looks like our ancestors had got one thing right about the dress code, he thought! Out of the corner of his eye he spotted someone waving at him and after a few seconds he recognised his friends, the masks were effective in disguising your features.

The main part of the evening was spent mingling with them and some acquaintances of theirs, a few dances, which he wasn’t too keen on, a few drinks and the occasional visit to the buffet table. After a couple of hours he was feeling a bit hot and decided to pop outside to the veranda for some fresh air.

He closed the French doors behind him, sucking in a deep breath of cool air, before exhaling slowly.

‘It was getting a bit warm in there wasn’t it?’ a female voice remarked. He turned to his right and could just make out the shape of someone leaning against a wall smoking a cigarette, a few feet away.

He walked towards the figure and responded, ‘Sure was, don’t think these outfits help!’

She laughed, ‘Your right can’t wait to get out of mine!’

As he got closer, he saw she was wearing a black evening dress with a scooped neckline, which showed off her magnificent bosom, a man could die happy in there he pondered. Long black silk gloves covered most of her arms and as his gaze dropped lower he could just make out her feet, she was wearing strappy sandals.

She saw that he had noticed her chest and she smiled to herself and thought she might tease him. ‘See anything you like?’

What the hell he thought nothing wrong with a flirt. ‘For sure, what red blooded man wouldn’t notice your considerable assets!’

They both giggled, ‘Kelly’ she quipped.

‘Chris’ he responded.

They chatted, finding out a little of each other. Both there after persuasion of friends, both single, he divorced, she separated. She in her forties; he early fifties, they hit it off really well and the eye contact was great, she was definitely into this scenario. After 15 minutes or so of chatting & flirting, she said she had better get back to her friends and they made their way back through the French doors into the main room. They shared one dance together, before going their separate ways.

He caught glimpses of her over the next hour or so, chatting with people, dancing, it seemed she was really getting into the whole affair. He checked his watch it was approaching 10pm and he was becoming bored with the evening and began to consider making an exit. Just then he spotted Kelly standing near the French doors again, she was obviously going for a cigarette break he thought, then he realised she was beckoning him, curling her finger at him, inviting him outside, he was curious as to what she wanted.

He made his way across to her and as he got nearer, he could make out the curve of her hips under the dress, her blonde hair pinned up so he could see nape of her neck, the ribbons criss crossing over her back on her dress.

He stood next to her and was about to speak when she put a finger to his lips and said ‘Follow me!’ slightly taken aback, he nodded his agreement and followed her through the French doors.

She headed across the veranda, out onto the lawn and into the darkness. She was a few paces ahead of him and as they got further away from the hotel, out of the darkness loomed a domed marble structure. He saw her climb the steps, before momentarily disappearing from his sight,

he looked back to check they’d not been followed by anyone, before climbing the steps himself. Kelly was seated on a marble bench in a small alcove….. He moved towards her, she looked up and smiled at him.

‘What’s going on?’ he asked.

‘Chris, just go with it, I promise you won’t regret it!’

‘Ok’ he replied.

Kelly swung her feet off the bench and onto the floor, holding out one gloved hand to beckon him closer. He walked towards her, his eyes raked over her body, looking her up and down now that she was closer, her blonde hair pinned up off her neck, her large firm breasts encased in the restricting black dress that curved in to her waist and back out over her hips. The layers of fabric making up the skirt had risen up and revealed her feet with dark red painted toenails, covered by sandals

He could only see her lips clearly, they were glossy and full ……the rest of her face was hidden by the ornate mask, he stared into her blue eyes as she met his gaze and he sensed her excitement.

Once he was in front of her she slid her hands up his legs to the front of his britches before unbuttoning them, smiling again as she realised he wore no underwear, then sliding one hand inside to caress his cock. Chris was already aroused but the unusual sensation of a hand covered in a silk glove closing around him was so good that he immediately grew harder.

Kelly remained seated in front of him, she freed his hard cock from his britches and ran a gloved finger from his balls to the tip before cupping his balls in her hand and squeezing…then she leant forward and ran her tongue along his shaft before closing her mouth over his cock and sliding it down him in one long movement. He breathed in sharply, her hands were squeezing his balls, her tongue rubbed along his length and he could feel the head of his cock sliding towards the back of her throat. Her full lips were closed tightly around him and he could feel his whole cock being engulfed by her mouth. She held him there, sucking, biting lightly and squeezing him….he looked down at her……and watched as this masked woman sucked his cock passionately.

It had been a few months since Chris had been with a woman & the urge to bury himself deep into Kelly’s hot, wet pussy was overwhelming and he grabbed her arms, pulling her to him to kiss her. He forced his tongue into her mouth, kissing her deeply………then he pushed her back against the wall of the small alcove, hearing her gasp with surprise at his quick movement.

He ran his hands up her legs, pulling the soft layers of the dress up roughly over her thighs and using his knee to spread her legs apart. He kissed her hard again, sucking her tongue and nibbling her bottom lip as he held her against the wall with one hand and ran the other up her inner thigh to her pussy. He was surprised but turned on to find that she wore no panties and had a shaved pussy. He ran his fingers over her bare lips, they were already wet and he slid one between them to stroke her clit.

Kelly moaned at that and he kissed her again to muffle the noise. She pushed her hips back against him and he slid his finger lower, resting it against the entrance to her pussy. Chris could smell her arousal, this woman was soaking wet, as horny as hell and so ready to be fucked. He plunged a finger into her pussy, as deep and hard as he could, testing to see how easily his cock would slide into her……she was tight, her pussy gripped at his finger but he added a second to stretch her and moved them in and out, enjoying her obvious pleasure.

He removed his fingers, licking her juice off them as she watched him, then he turned her around to face the wall. She pushed her hips out back toward him, almost presenting her bare ass to him. He spread her legs apart with his knee and pressed against her so he could rub his hard cock along her pussy, parting her lips with it then moving back to rest the head of his cock at her entrance. He held his cock and guided it into her, just a little way…….then he pushed her arms up above her head against the wall and placed his hands over hers, holding them flat. Kelly was pinned against the cool marble wall with nothing to do but allow him to control her as he held her in place.

Once he was ready, Chris pushed a little more into her, feeling the head of his cock stretch her and slide into her wet pussy….then he thrust forward in one hard movement, filling her and burying his whole cock inside her, till their bodies met and his skin smacked against her rounded bare ass.

Kelly moaned long and loud when he surged into her, this is what she wanted, to be taken by her man, to submit to his desire. Chris ground his hips against her, moving his cock slightly inside her to rub her g-spot. He moved her hands together above her head, holding them with just one of his, then moved the other one down to stroke her clit.

He pressed his finger between the lips of her wet sex and rubbed over her hard clit firmly then began to pump in and out of her body, fucking her deep, hard and fast. As he fucked her hot, soaking wet pussy and rubbed her clit he bent down to suck and bite her shoulder…….he closed his eyes, focusing on the feeling of her pussy gripping his rock hard cock. Kelly was moaning constantly and he felt her clamp down on him as she began to orgasm. He felt his cock swell and next his hot cum was racing from his balls, through his cock and into her hot, wet pussy.

Chris leaned against the Kelly’s back, placing his hands on the wall so he didn’t crush her against it. His breathing was fast and deep, he could feel his heart racing and his cock beginning to soften and slide out of her. He stepped back and buttoned himself up, then turned her around……….he couldn’t see much of Kelly’s face as her mask was still in place but he could see her lips were swollen and she was breathing heavily.

He knelt down in front of her, raising her left leg over his shoulder…..he leant forward and began to run his tongue along her pussy, licking their combined cum from her as it trickled out of her pussy. Chris continued with slow soft strokes until she grabbed his hair and held him in place, shaking as she came one more time, a short and noisy orgasm onto his tongue.

He gently placed her foot back on the floor, pulled her dress back down over hips and legs. They kissed passionately, their tongues duelling, she could taste their juices. This was just the beginning of the night she thought…. wait till she got him back to her room!

It was Halloween night and Gia was at home handing out candy, bored. She had no where to be tonight besides here. All her friends had spouses or boyfriends to be with. And here she was by herself, living alone. She was 19 years old, you think she would be happy about that, but she wasn’t, she wanted a man, a man to love her and be with her.

She loved Halloween though so she decorated the entire little house she was renting, even the outside. It looked like a creepy haunted house you would pay to visit but still not many people visited since it was so far away from the other houses on the block. She sighed, depressed that it was almost time to clean it all up. Just than her doorbell rang.

Excited for trick or treaters, she got up straightened her costume. She was dressed up as the slave Princess Leia. The skimpy costume was only a brass brassiere fastened over the neck and behind the back with string, a brass thong g-string panty, a red silk loincloth, and leather high-heeled boots. There were other various adornments she added, including a snake arm-wrap and two bracelets. Last, there was the chain and collar. She knew she looked good, her body was in great shape, her tits were big but firm. She was hoping a single dad may show up with his kids and they would hit it off.

She hurried over, expecting, “Trick or Trick!” to be called as she opened the door.

Instead she saw not children but a man. A big man. A man that was pushing his way into her house.

“Hey, buddy!”

She was scared.The man was big and muscular, at least 6’4, towering a good foot over her own slight body. He dressed in all black, and had black hair and gorgeous black eyes. Looking into those eyes, she could only stare, no longer pretesting his invasion of her house.

“W-what do you want? You cannot be trick or treating.” She whispered, unable to move.

The dark man smiled, his white teeth flashing in the dark, “Oh I do want a treat and I definitely will show you some tricks.”

He circled slowly around her body. “I’m glad you are already dresses as a slave, since that is the role you will be playing tonight. Without touching her he brought his hand up. Suddenly Gia’s arms were over her head and she was on her tiptops as if she was tied but there was nothing touching her body.

“What the hell-” she started to say angrily, trying to move her arms, but the invisible bonds held.

The man moved closer and whispered in her ear, “I picked your house, because I could smell your blood and your pussy. I need both to survive, slave.”

Gia’s green eyes widened. The intruder brought his hand up and move her long black hair away from her neck. He pushed her head to the side, exposing the long graceful arch of her creamy skin. The man moved back an inch and flicked his hand again and her red silk loincloth ripped off, fluttering to the ground. She gasped in horror, as she stood there exposed in only the bra and thong.

“Much better. Slaves never wear much clothing and are always ready for punishment, fucking or to be fed from. I will save your punishment and fucking for later since I’m famished.”

With that he drew closer once more toward her arched neck. She whimpered knowing what was to come.

“Shh…you will get used to it…eventually.”

With that he lowered his head and sank his teeth in her neck. He sucked hard, drinking her blood eagerly. She moaned at the pain and the pleasure of it. He brought one hand up to her throat to force her head to the angle he deemed best and the other hand cupped her bare ass. His fingers played with the string of the thong.

“Your blood is so sweet, so fresh. And your body is tight and perfect for fucking.

With those words she suddenly felt his huge cock spear into her tight pussy. He was fucking her and feeding from her at the same time, she realized. Her pussy was stretched tight, as his cock was so large. He wasn’t rough as he was slowly drinking. Just then his drinking began frenzied as did his thrusts. His thick long cock was thrusting crazily into her, making her weakly cry out in pain. He continued on that way for while until she started to feel dizzy. He began to come hard, when he finished he released her. She was limp in her invisible bonds. Her toes still barely touching the floor.

“Hmm, that was very good.” He said, wiping his mouth clean. “Your blood is sweet, and your pussy is hot and tight. You will make a very good slave.”

The doorbell rang just then and she began to cry out for help. Before any noise could emerge she felt a hand around her neck, tightening. “You will not cry out. You’ll pay for that later, slave.”

He turned slightly and waved his hand and the people outside said, “No one is at home, I guess.” Gia heard their footsteps fading away.

He turned back to face her. “Now, for your punishment…”

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