(Of course, everyone here is over 18. He was 22. I was 21. So, it’s okay to talk about sex. He agreed to share these letters we saved with you.)


Dear Boyfriend,

Don’t think because I don’t use your name that I’m recycling this letter. I have only one boyfriend, you, and I know your name. I said it in your ear last night, just before I bit your earlobe when you made me come. Thank you, BTW.

Also, I think it was a good idea that we adopted the rule that we thank each other when we give each other an orgasm. It never hurts to be polite and they are nice, aren’t they? I’m not keeping score, so don’t worry about keeping up, okay? We’ll just play and have a good time and I enjoy everything you do, except, well, I’ve told you and you’ve respected my wishes so far. Maybe on your birthday, I’ll let you play _there_.


I know you love my pussy. Let’s get it out in the open. I, as a complete woman, could never compete with the pleasure that you find in that part of me. I have kept score. So far, every finger you’ve got, your cock, and your tongue have been in there and it’s been nice for me, too. I can’t help but be the least bit jealous, though. It’s like I’m supposed to feel lucky that I’m attached to it.

You are such a troll. I let you name it because I didn’t want you to think that was all I was when you said MY name. Of course, you love my boobs, too, and etc, etc, but I refuse to let you name them. I have, but I won’t tell you. Girls have to have some secrets. You keep trying to give me an orgasm by kissing them and maybe I’ll tell you, someday.


You’re a lot closer with one of them than with the other. Think about it.

Just keep trying. I really, really like it.

You’ve had a good time with my mouth, too. You are an excellent kisser and I don’t mind you trying out new techniques, too. Lots of kissing is the way to my heart. Of course, I love you, already, but you need to kiss me more. More often, for longer.

Rub my back some, too.

I hope you don’t mind limiting the practice of my mouth on your thing to just one night a week. I think that makes it special. I just love doing it and I know you would let me do it all the time, but if we just do it one night a week, it gives us something to look forward to…there are things I could do while I’m doing it that I think you would like but I want you to do things while I’m doing it that I’ll have to tell you about. We’ll talk, soon, sweetie…

Kiss Kiss and more

Your Girlfriend.

PS, what is ’69′? Why don’t you google it and tell me on our next BJ night? If it’s not too gross, you could even show me :^) Love, Me

PS I love being your girlfriend. Get a haircut and I might marry you.


Dear Girlfriend,

I have only one girlfriend and it’s you. I love your name and if you’d let me, I’d get a tattoo of it on my arm. Would you get a tattoo of my name? I’ll tell you when we go out next. I want some of my friends from work to meet you – can we go to the bar they hang out in? Will you wear that blue dress that you know i liked when we went to the concert? Of course, please wear underwear this time – talk about trolls! I’ll make sure the guys are gentlemen and ask you only about polite things. They say all I talk about is you. I want them to see that I’m not lying.

I DO NOT love your vagina more than you. If I spend a lot of time there when we’re alone, together, it’s because I think you like me to do what I’m doing. I love the noises you make when I , you know, kiss it. I will kiss you more and more and lots and lots and longer and longer since you mentioned it. On the lips, I mean. On your mouth, I mean. I love you and I love kissing you and I want to make you happy that I’m your boyfriend.

I’m wondering if we could have 2 blow job nights a week? I mean, it wouldn’t keep us from doing it, too, on the same night, if you like that better. It’s not like I’m too old to do it twice. But of course, you already know that. :^)

I will look up ’69′ and let you know what I find out.

I do not want any secrets from you. I will tell you if I play with myself between our dates and what part of you I was thinking about while I did it.

I am totally in love with your eyes. They’re so pretty and shining and intelligent. I think of them all the time, except when we’re together.

Wait, that doesn’t sound right. I will kiss them, specially, on our date tonight to say I’m sorry. It’s just that when we get excited, I noticed you close your eyes a lot. Should I be worried, BTW? Just kidding. I know you love me.

I love you too and will have a special gift for you tonight. I know you don’t know I know that you want it and I know you wouldn’t buy it for yourself and I think you will really, really like it.

Maybe we could pretend it’s my birthday if you really like it?

This letter may be exchanged for two hours of my kissing any part of you that you like. I still wonder what to do, sometimes, and I get so excited when you tell me what and where and for how long. I mean, it’s fun to guess, but a little dialog doesn’t hurt, either.

Please tell me if this offends you in any way.

Love and Kisses and Everything!!!

Your Boyfriend.

Boys don’t do PS’s, I think. I mean, we read them and like them from our girlfriends, but we don’t write them. Is that okay?

BTW, I’d like a tattoo on you right at that place I kissed for a little too long last time. I’d like that mark to be permanent, to remind us.

Please tell me if that’s too much, I mean, writing it down.

Talking about your breasts made me aroused. I’m going to have to deal with that after I seal the envelope. You are so precious to me.

I love being your boyfriend. I tell you stuff I’ve never told anyone else. Here’s one: I don’t mind that you used the word ‘marry’ in your letter.

Not right now, but … sometime.

I’m going to seal this up and think about your … neck.


Dear Boyfriend,

Girls do it, too, you know, I mean, play with themselves. If you’re super-sweet and buy me flowers sometime, I might let you watch me do it. Of course, I only think about you when I do it. I’ve never talked to anyone but Esme about doing that to myself. Girls do NOT do it together, I mean at the same time when they’re together. I think. Maybe Esme’s two friends she works with that are a couple do that and more though…DO NOT THINK ABOUT THAT. I’m sorry I mentioned it. I forgot how much men like the idea of two women together.

I don’t mind the idea of lesbians but I hate the idea of you thinking about other women, even lesbians. Especially of other women and lovemaking.

Sometimes I’m sorry we promised to never scratch out stuff from our letters, or start over.

If you stop by to see Esme, I’m going to know why, so DO NOT.

Our date last night was so sweet. I love the necklace you gave me and the heart with our initials in it will be special to me always.

I love that you kissed me so long and were so sweet and tender and gentle and loving and how you undressed me so, so slowly and kissed each part that you revealed. I will definitely keep telling you what to do and when, sometimes. Sometimes, thought, I want you just to do it to me. It makes me feel all womanly for you to take me, sometimes, but other times, I will tell you what to do and for how long.

I like it both ways.

You obviously do, too.

Don’t think that Thursday is our new 2nd blow job night. We still have just one. (That’s tonight, isn’t it? Hmmm, I’ll have to think about THAT.) I think about you all the time, anyway. I look in the mirror to fix my hair or my face and I see the chain and I take out the heart locket and I feel, well, let’s say, very, very affectionate about you. I confess, I think about your hands. Hands and fingers. Remind me to kiss them tonight? A full confession, I think about your hands and fingers on me. On my bare skin….oh, baby…(INSERT PAUSE HERE – I”LL BE BACK)

Told you girls do it, too.

Don’t’ worry, I’ll tell you all about it tonight.

I love you so much I want you to love me too. I know you do but I want you to say it. A lot. To me. In my ear, softly, and out loud, in front of anyone. I promise to look you in the eyes whenever you say it. I keep count, you know, of how many times you say, “I love you,” and that’s how I know how many times to kiss you. Times a million.

OMG. Now we know what ’69′ is. I had to think about it so we couldn’t do it last night. You just had to make do with a BJ from me and then putting your thing in your favorite place in the world. Don’t worry, it was a very nice night for me, too. I think the physical expression of emotional intimacy is heavenly, isn’t it? I feel so close to you during and after. You make me feel so special, like I was made for you and you were made for me, except, we both have to try to keep it that way, don’t’ we? I love being special for you and making out and then you …A kiss becomes me being all sticky and happy and folded into the arms of the man that I love. Yes. Please do it again, tonight. Tomorrow night. Every night, forever? You don’t have to say…just know that I want to.

I like it when you kiss me down there, I like it a lot. I’m just not sure I can concentrate on pleasing you with my mouth while you please me with yours? I mean, let’s try, not tonight but tomorrow night. It might take lots of practice. I’ll tell you what, I won’t count it as a BJ night if you’re kissing me down there at the same time. If we like it, we can have a ’69′ night as well as a ‘BJ’ night. To keep it special, you can’t do me the normal way on our ’69′ night. Your thing will have to make do with my mouth on that night.

Oh, yes, we can do ’69′ more than once in a night, can’t we? Please let me know, soonest.

I love you.

Your Girlfriend.

PS – Esme says it’s okay for boys to do BTW but not PS. PS is definitely feminine, only :^) I like it when you do BTW and end with ‘I love you.”

PPS – If you like, we can have ’69′ night tonight. If that’s what you want, stop by the mall and buy me that red lipstick you said you liked.

PPPS -If we’re going to spend the night together, tonight, buy 2 lipsticks. Second color, your choice. :^) Did I mention that I love you?


Dear Girlfriend,

Please let me watch you sometimes, I mean, Re: Your Last Letter.

Do you want to watch me, sometimes? I mean, tell me if you’re offended. You don’t have to do anything that makes you even the tiniest bit uncomfortable. I want you to be happy you know me, not mad. Ever. Forgive me for asking if that’s all weird.

I can’t go by Esme’s salon, ever, now. I mean, it wouldn’t bother me, but I worry that it might bother you. I only think of you when I , you know, and I don’t ever want to think about anything else, ever. Just you.

Did I mention that I love you? I do.

I think about your hands, too, and your fingers. I like it when you touch my face with your fingers. They’re so soft, so warm, and I feel like we’re connected when even one fingertip touches me. I go to sleep at night thinking about it.

I never think because we do something that it means you have to do it ever again. I always want our time together to be pleasing for you, to show how much I love you and respect you. I could never make you do anything that you didn’t want to.

Hurting you is like hurting me,now.

Your tears wet my face.

I mean, I read that somewhere, it’s just now, I understand what it means.

I promise to say ‘I love you’ a lot, over and over, whispering into your ear and also out loud, so that everyone can hear. I want everyone to know how I feel about you, because, how I feel about you is me, now. I am my love for you.

I want everyone to know that I am yours, given willingly, lovingly, totally.

Lovemaking has become so special for me, too. I long for the opportunity to express what I feel in my heart with my body to your body. When I come inside you, I ache because I feel so in love with you and I don’t want that special instant to end. It’s not the physical pleasure, it’s the connection, the attachment. If I want to do it over again, it’s because I want that total connection with you. I do so love you, my darling, my baby, my girlfriend.

Every night, forever? Yes. Every night, forever.

I promise to just take you, the way a man takes his woman, without pause or thought. I’m happy you love me to do it that way. Sometimes, I like you to take charge, to tell me what you want, to tell me what to do and when to start and when to stop. I love it when we do that. We’ll try to mix it up. I think we’re learning to talk about our intimate times together, to enjoy that as much as we’re learning to enjoy the things we do when we’re alone and the pleasures we find in each other.

There’s no part of you I won’t kiss and love to kiss. I look forward to our new night together and I promise to do my best to please you and to love you in that way. I think it will be hard to concentrate, too, but maybe if we try very hard and don’t give up and just practice, practice, practice :^)

Yes, we can do ’69′ more than one time in a night. I’ll show you, tonight.

I think you’ll like the other lipstick I picked out. It’s called ‘Blue Rose Passion Flower’.

I love you.

Your Boyfriend.

BTW – I bought two other colors, too. Just in Case. We Need Them.

I confess, that I’m thinking of the part of you I plan to kiss tonight. That’s what it is, you know, part of the woman I love. I love it and I like the happy things we do with it, together, but it’s not my favorite part of you. That part would be your mind. The you I see sparkling out when I look deep into your eyes, that I know is the you deep inside. The you that I love, and that I know loves me. My favorite part is…you.

Saturday night, will be the night that I surprise you.

I mean, every Saturday night, forever.

Love, Me.

BTW: I Love You.


(We’ve been together for years, now, and things continue to evolve. We still do special nights every week and, of course, we’ve learned to deal with disappointment when events prevent the specific fulfillment planned. We’re quite adaptable now. :^) I still have that necklace, though.)

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