Chapter One

Leigh Grayson was in her bedroom looking at her own face reflected in the body length mirror. Her beauty was oblivious to her. She could make her presence known anywhere she entered. Her long black hair complemented a perfectly heart-shaped face. But her dark chocolate eyes reflected all the sadness she felt inside. She missed her parents terribly.

Her parents would have been proud of her, she thought. Her mother, Maria, was always supportive of her passion for art. Maria, a sensitive and loving woman who also appreciated art herself encouraged Leigh to express her feelings through it. She died of cancer after two years of suffering; Leigh was only sixteen years old. Then a week before her eighteenth birthday, her father William was shot on duty. The perpetrator had also been killed during the heist.

Leigh was positive that her father had been victim of foul play. He had been oddly withdrawn weeks before the fatal day. He wouldn’t talk about what was disturbing him.

But there was no way she could prove Michael’s involvement. The officers involved in the operation refused to help her. They dismissed her allegations straight away. She knew at least two of them were dirty; she’d overheard her father mentioning their names during a heated phone conversation once.

Five years ago

Assistant Chief William Grayson was a very loyal and dedicated officer. Michael’s father had been William’s first partner, before getting killed while on duty. He took Michael under his wing and guided him through training and his first years on the force. He saw Michael mature as a man and a cop. He witnessed Michael advance higher in the ranks and soon Michael had become part of the family and that made it almost impossible for William to conceive any idea that Michael might be involved in illegal activities. The fact had come alight after he’d witnessed something that made his stomach turn with disgust. Michael was on the payroll for the mob. That was a stab in the heart.

What William didn’t know was that taking money from the local mob boss was child’s play compared to what Michael was really capable of: Murder. Assistant Chief William Grayson had found this out in the worst way and the most treasured thing in his life would suffer the consequences of his naivety. He thought of Leigh, a child, who had known the truth about Michael’s character all along, and yet he, who was supposed to have been a perceptive man never saw what was in front of him. He was utterly blinded by his trust in the only person who had ultimately betrayed him…

Detective Michael Tempton hadn’t been involved in the incident, but was promptly on Leigh’s side ready to offer his sympathy, one she refused blatantly. She never liked him. She never hid the fact from her parents or anyone for that matter.

Michael Tempton was a gentleman, an outstanding member of the community, the perfect partner a police officer could have hoped for. Well, at least that’s what everyone had thought. Her father held Michael in high esteem, making sure Michael felt part of the family.

She would feel a chill in her body every time he was near. When he spoke to her she would either ignore or reply curtly. She couldn’t bring herself to even look at him. She didn’t like him at all. Her father took it as normal teenaged behavior, juvenile, but the fact was, Leigh wasn’t rebellious, she had no reason to be. Her parents were loving, considerate and, supportive. She responded to their love by being a helpful, responsible daughter. However, when Michael was in the picture, her mood would change completely. She couldn’t help it, and he made sure her displeasure for him was shown in front of as many people as possible. He would play his role brilliantly, feigning hurt but forgiving her for her attitude. He would just smile and dismiss it as a teenager fit of temper when her father would apologize on her behalf. She had no chance to make her father believe her.

But Leigh knew what Michael was really like, because she saw through his charming demeanor. She was young but she was no fool. He was cunning and deceiving. Why could nobody see that was beyond her?


“Damn it!” Leigh was late and she hated being late, but last night she couldn’t sleep; a certain pair of green eyes were in her mind the whole night, keeping her from falling asleep. It was around 5 A.M. when she managed to drift into a deep and wonderful dream. “Damien;” that was his name. In her dreams, she watched him cross to her, entranced by his magnetism. There was something about him that made her let her guard down. She would have gladly lost herself in those arms, those lips.

I couldn’t. I can’t, she thought sadly as she grabbed her car keys and headed to the door. She knew Michael was watching her like he had every day for the past year. He waited in his car and watched her get into hers. Every single day she ignored him. She couldn’t help it today. Today she felt powerful. Thoughts of Damien and how his touch felt on her skin made her feel brave and in control. She looked back, facing those icy eyes with all her strength and defiance, only to regret. She wasn’t strong enough. She felt a chill pass through her. He was grinning, acknowledging her challenge. He seemed quite amused; perversely amused.

When she arrived at the gallery Lucy came running up breathlessly waving her hands at her. She knew she was late but not that late. So, why was Lucy so eager to speak to her?

“Sorry I’m late,” Leigh said nonchalantly. She knew her friend and owner of the gallery where she gladly volunteered to help twice a week wouldn’t care if she was late or not. Lucy simply dismissed her apology impatiently.

Okay, that’s odd, Leigh thought. She knew for a fact that her friend never lost her patience which made Lucy look so funny at the moment.

“What on earth is going on?” Leigh asked, trying hard to hide the laughter in her voice.

“Well, I knew it was going to be a success but I didn’t anticipated this much!” Lucy said in a rush, hardly containing her excitement.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, let’s just say that you are a huge success. You’ve done it!” Lucy said with pride. She was truly happy for Leigh. Lucy had been trying to convince Leigh to display her work for the past year and she had finally been successful the previous night. Although Leigh had always dreamed of displaying her work she didn’t feel it was time yet. She needed to focus on a more important task. She needed to put all her energy to bringing Michael Tempton to justice.

“Really? How many?”

“All of them!”

“All of them? Oh my God, Lucy! This is incredible!” She was beyond happy. She was ecstatic!

Leigh began jumping and hugging Lucy, expressing how thankful she was to have such a wonderful and supportive friend.

Not that she doubted herself but to sell all of her pieces was a bit too much to expect. Leigh didn’t know what made her finally give in but the decision was made a few weeks after she’d found a letter her father had written her just before his death. She had no proof yet but she vowed to make Michael Tempton pay for the deceit and corruption.

He had started to become more and more intrusive since she started working for the Office of Citizen Complaint, a team of civilians who’d never worked in law enforcement investigated complaints made by other civilians, and she’d felt she couldn’t do anything without him harassing her. He was everywhere she went, he was watching her moves. She was aware that he knew she was closer to gathering all the necessary evidence against him.

To make matters worse, Michael had begun to inquire about her personal life. She didn’t like it. She didn’t like it one bit. They never talked about anything; she made it clear she didn’t want him to know her or anything to do with her life.

That was why she had been so adamant to wait until she had rid him of her life. Regardless, she had accepted Lucy’s request to put her work on display in the gallery during a private showing by a local and respectable artist last night. She’d put off her dreams long enough and decided not to wait anymore, she had to know if she was really as good as Lucy had constantly told her. She just had to know.

Leigh had been nervous and anxious the entire day. She wasn’t going to attend the showing but decided that she needed to be there to help Lucy as she always did. Deep down she wanted to pretend the show was all hers and not that she was just a small aspiring artist borrowing a corner of the gallery.

The previous night

She went shopping that afternoon and bought a dress that would make her feel beautiful but not stand out. She only wanted to be there to watch people’s reactions and to listen to their comments of the pieces displayed. She even asked Lucy not to divulge her identity to anyone if asked. She wasn’t ready for that yet.

So, there she was, happily sipping her glass of champagne and, watching and listening to the buzz around her. But there was something missing. There was no one there with her, by her side to share the great moment in her life. Lucy had been great, very encouraging and supportive but at the moment she was all business; seeing to the guests and possible buyers, and Leigh craved some support on a more personal level.


Damien Crook was tired. It had been crazy at work, especially with the last case. It had taken them over five months of gruesome work to investigate, suspend the officer involved, deal with the appeal and finally apply the disciplinary charges. Now with the case closed, he felt he could finally wind down. Brian Howard, his best friend and partner had been seeing a young artist for a few months now and she’d invited him to attend an exhibit of a prestigious local artist. Not wanting to disappoint her but also not wanting to be bored to death, Brian had convinced Damien to go with him.

Damien noticed her as soon as he arrived, how could he not? She was so alluring. His attraction to her was instantaneous. He was having hard time concentrating on the conversation with Brian. She looked stunning in an elegant black tailored dress that molded perfectly to her body. It was a v-shaped low cut that showed the right amount of cleavage and made her look very sophisticated and sexy. But there was something that was disturbing him about her. Her smiles were not quite reaching her eyes. It made him want to reach out and give her the comfort she seemed to need. He felt the urge to keep her safe, to protect her.

I think I need a drink, he thought. He grabbed a glass from a waiter and continued to watch her, then she met his eyes. It was an immediate feeling that shot through his body, he could sense she felt the same. Her eyes were gleaming, his were hungry. He started slowly in her direction, still holding her gaze.

They were standing close to each other, neither speaking. Damien felt like he was under a spell.

“Hello,” he said in a whisper and made her shiver. “I am Damien”

He lifted his right hand, burning to cup her face and bring her lips to his. He touched her arm trying to bring her closer to his body. Leigh couldn’t move; but she wanted to. She closed her eyes and felt him move closer to her. She felt his fingers lightly touching her cheek, and she opened her eyes and saw the desire in his.

“What’s your name?” Damien asked softly almost timidly.

Leigh could only stare, entranced by the feelings he was inciting in her. She opened her mouth to answer him but no sound came out. Her heart was beating so fast, and she almost forgot to breath. This man made her feel completely warm inside and she couldn’t describe the intense sensations shooting through her.

“I…uh…my.” Leigh mumbled but didn’t have a chance to finish it.

“Damien!” Brian called to him. “You need to come and have a look at this.”

Startled, Damian released Leigh and turned to face Brian. He turned to briefly acknowledge his friend but when he looked to where the most beautiful woman he had ever met was standing just a few seconds before, she was gone. He felt empty. “Damn it, Brian!” He didn’t even have the chance to get her name.


It’d been two months and he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Briefly when he touched her, her skin felt so soft, he ached to feel it again. And those big chocolate eyes haunted him day and night. But he had to get himself together. He couldn’t concentrate on anything, even Brian noticed it.

“What’s up with you, Damien? You have been withdrawn lately. Come on man! You left last night leaving Laura feeling completely humiliated! And I never saw you ignore pussy. Now you got me worried. Spill it!”

Damien was starting to get on Brian’s nerves with all the sulking. Brian decided to do something about it to save his own sanity. He had managed to convince Damien to go out and hit the bars for a bit of distraction, only to bump into Laura, Damian’s ex-girlfriend, which she wouldn’t have been if it had depended on her. Last night she had made that very clear.

“It’s nothing. I have been tired lately. And come on, Laura, seriously? It probably didn’t take her five minutes to find someone to console her”

“Two actually” Brian murmured.

“I just need a new assignment, you know, something to help me get me out of this funk. I need a bit of action, I am getting bored, and you know me, Brian.”

“Whatever you say, Damien. But since that night at the gallery when I unfortunately stopped you becoming acquainted with a certain ebony goddess…”

“What the fuck, Brian…you—”

“Crook! Howard! In my office…NOW!” Chief Harrison shouted.

Damien perked up instantly; whenever Chief Harrison called them in the office it only meant one thing: business. They had a new assignment. There is a God, Damien thought. It was all he needed right now. Action would rid all thoughts of her. Well, that’s at least what he hoped for.

I had been taken to the police station by the highway patrol cop, with the sexy mouth, and cum fuck me eyes; his mouth and tongue my pussy had juiced onto out on the highway. My body is still throbbing from the explosive orgasm, and had leaked onto the backseat of his patrol car.

As he takes me into the station, I am feeling somewhat slutty and a little dirty. I sneak a look at his name tag – Patrol Officer Mike.

“Can I have a shower and freshen up please, honey?” I say with a pouty look and a lick of my luscious red lips.

He takes me to the showers and un-cuffs my wrists while handing me a towel, a bath sponge and tells me to strip.

“I have to stay here and watch you, in case you try to escape,” he says with a wink and a small laugh.

“I can’t get my dress off, can you unzip me officer,” I ask smiling sexily.

As his hand unzips my satin red dress, he caresses my skin down my spine sending sexual shivers all over my body, from my head to my toes. I turn around and move my dress slowly down giving him a strip tease. Undoing my lacy French bra, and sliding off my matching lacy knickers, showing him my tits and smooth shaven pussy, I throw them onto the floor; as I climb into the shower and turn around I see him stripping and throwing his cop uniform on top of my clothes. I gasp with pleasure at seeing his hard sexy body.

“I told you I was going to make you my cum slut whore, and now you will do what I tell you; start by sucking, licking and mouth fucking my body cock and balls.”

The shower water is running down his body as I am soaping up the sponge and rubbing it across his hard nipples. I suck his right nipple into my mouth, my teeth scraping his skin, and I see his cock hardening as I move to the other nipple and suck it hard while massaging and playing with his chest.

He puts his hands on my arse pulling me in closer while squeezing my bum cheeks. As he is sucking and kissing my earlobe, he is saying dirty things in my ear.

The soap is getting foamy running down his sexy body, down his chest across his stomach, and between his legs. I get down on my knees running my hands around to his tight sexy arse, kneading his bum cheeks, as my eyes roam all over his body.

“Mmm,” keep going don’t stop, you fucking cum slut,” he growls in that sexy voice.

I move to his cock while my hands are still kneading and squeezing his arse cheeks. My tongue trails down his right side to the crease between his leg and cock causing him to tense, waiting. I give him a long luscious lick, feeling him shudder. As my hands caress down his legs to his knees enjoying the texture of his skin, I move my mouth to his left side and run my tongue between the crease and his cock causing him to tense again. I flick my tongue on his skin harder and I feel his hands in my hair. My pussy is throbbing with excitement and my juices are flowing.

My lips lick and suck their way to his cock as my hand tightens around him, caressing him with soapsuds. I slide his cock into my mouth, and use my tongue to swirl around the nob probing and sucking. He groans and spreads his legs and leans back onto the shower wall, as he grips my head running his hands through my hair.

“You love sucking cock baby, mm you sure know what you’re doing with that cum slut tongue,” he moans very loudly.

My mouth sucks him harder, as I taste drops of his sweet pre-cum in my mouth. He moans and jerks as my teeth scrape his cock skin. He shudders from the slight pain and pleasure, while my mouth and tongue milk his hungry member.

As my mouth starts its rhythm on his cock, I am sucking it in further until it hits the back of my throat; his cock is getting harder and ready to spew its creamy cum. I increase the pressure as he arches his back trying to force his cock into my mouth deeper, needing to cum soon.

I feel him throbbing, tensing. I look him in the eyes as I receive his sweet cream and show him my tongue before I swallow. He suddenly jerks with excitement, his cock is spewing his seed; his juicy cum flows in huge orgasmic spasms down my chin, down my breasts and between my legs. I use my hand to rub it all over my tits and between my legs. My pussy is ready, needing to be fucked by this very sexy highway patrol cop.

His cock is still hard as he pulls me up off the shower floor, turning me around he grabs my hands holding them up on the shower wall.

“Spread your legs cum slut, I’m not finished with you yet.” I can feel his throbbing dick between my arse cheeks, I gasp as he slides into my very wet slit.

“Oh fuck you bastard, fuck me harder,” I yell very loudly.

I feel his prick on my tight pussy walls. He is sliding in and out making me very wet and juicy. Taking his cock out of my throbbing cunt, which is lubed with my fuck juices, he slides slowly into my arsehole, while squeezing my tits and frigging my clit with his hands and fingers.

“Oh fuck that feels soo good honey,” I moan and groan.

I was coming very loudly from the thorough fucking I was receiving from the sexy highway cop. I had been arrested for speeding and lewd behaviour.

I am now being fucked rudely, in the shower and making lots of noise, when there was knocking on the door. As it burst open, an officer barged in to investigate.

“What the fuck is going on in here, we heard lots of moaning and groaning,” he yells as he is pointing over his shoulder at – Search and Rescue.

Fuck! I am hot and wet, moaning and groaning for more. I see them lined up outside the door, along the wall. Oh god, my pussy gives a spasm; throbbing with pleasure, as the highway cop is jerking and spewing his cum into my very wet arsehole.

“Who called those pussy lickers, we don’t share fucking information,” he is shouting.

I cannot stop moaning from the pleasure of the highway cop with the throbbing cock…

Oh, fuck me, sexy men in uniform again… That is another fucking fantasy story…

I found myself walking across the street from my neighbor’s house with the taste of cum in my mouth. I walked into my house, not my house, but my wife and I’s house. I was married, my wife is out of town for the weekend, and after helping my neighbor with some yard work I end up sucking his cock and being his pussy boy. What got into me, other than my neighbors cock that is?

I have three hours to make up my mind. Dave, my neighbor who lives across the street, a cop, and one of the most beautiful specimens of a man you could possibly think of, tall, hairy, masculine cop. After fucking me and making me his pussy boy he wants me back at his house by 9pm to have sex games with him and his friends. If I don’t go will he tell my wife that her husband sucks cock and likes getting fucked? My marriage will be over.

I get in the car and head to the local big department store, the one that starts with a T. I fill my cart with a few things, disposable enemas, KY jelly, disposable razor, and then I headed over to the women’s clothes. I wasn’t sure what pulled me over there, but I started to walk through the lingerie section. I could feel my heart start to race as my hand glided along the silky fabrics. Then I spotted a black French cut lacy baby doll three piece set. The set came with panties, bra, and see threw cover. I grabbed it and ran to the check out. I went to the self-check-out and scanned the items. Thank goodness I had enough cash on me otherwise I would never be able to explain this receipt to my wife. I put the items in the bag and headed out the door. Of course my luck the damn security buzzer went off going out the door. A big security guard came over and asked me for my receipt and to look in my bag. I was so screwed. I handed him my receipt and the bag. He looked in the bag, counted the items and did the same to my receipt. He looked at me with a big grin “It looks just fine but we need to take the security tag off of your outfit. Follow me.”

I felt like the entire store was looking at me, but the guard did, what I thought at the time, a good thing by taking me to customer service out of sight of everyone. He casually started to talk as we walked, “The trouble with self-check-out is that the customers never remove the security tags from the clothes. It happens all the time, no worries.” Instead of going to the counter we continued past the doors, that said ‘Employees Only’ and to a small desk in the back.

The guard turned to me “I will take the tag off here and let you out the side door, I don’t think you want any more attention brought to you do you sweety?” I lifted my head and looked at the guard, “No sir, thank you.” I wanted to crawl into a hole right now. The guard was about six feet tall, with tree trunk arms stretching his short sleeve shirt and his 50 inch chest pushing his buttons to the max.

The guard pulled out my outfit and whistled, “Damn this is pretty, bet you will look sexy hot in it too?” He moved the outfit to the desk and removed the security tag. Then he held the outfit up against my body. “Oh ya, this will look really fine on you. Wish I could see you model it. Bet you will get all the nice bulls to fight over you?”

I blushed and thanked him without lifting my head. My eyes focused in on the large lump in the security guards pants. This guy had a major hardon thinking of me dressed up, or bent over offering my ass to him. I felt the guard’s finger under my chin as he forced my head up to look at him. When our eyes met the guard smiled at me “See something you like baby?” The guards hand moved down my shirt and rubbed my hard nipple through my shirt. Oh god now, not that. My eyes rolled back and a moan escaped my mouth, “mmm.”

“Look at you, you like your titties played with don’t you baby?” He didn’t wait for an answer from me; he just grabbed both of my nipples in his fingers and pinched them right through my shirt. My knees went weak and I fell against him. I heard a soft laugh and then he pushed me to my knees with one hand as he unzipped his zipper with the other. “Suck my cock bitch. I need a nice little pussy like you to drain my man meat and you look like the slut that wants it really bad, aren’t you?” I felt my eyes glaze over as this nice big white cock flipped out of his pants. I licked my lips and whispered “yes, yes, I want to suck your cock sir.”

“I knew you were a panty pussy when you walked in the store, and when you bought the products to clean yourself up and I knew you wanted to get fucked later. Let’s get you nice and primed for whatever you got going later. Suck my cock bitch. We will get your mouth already for more cock tonight.” I inhaled his nice clean cock smell and started to use every skill I just learned from Dave.

The cock was soft and smaller than Dave, but nice none the less. The guard opened his pants and allowed me better access to his cock and balls as his pants slid down his legs. His cock and balls were clean shaven and his legs were naturally smooth, I think. I ran my tongue along his shaft, feeling his veins swell along the shaft. He is head was started to drip precum that I licked up and swirled on my tongue, taking in the test and feel. I was lost in lust again.

“That’s it baby lick it all over, don’t forget my balls, kiss them, lick them all over.” I did as he said. I pressed my face against his soft ball sack searching out my prize. I sucked in one of his balls and ran my tongue over the smooth skin that surrounded it. I was doing good by the moans I was hearing above me and the gentle caresses I felt on my head.

I moved to the end of his cock and started to work it down my throat. My hands moved back to find a taught ass cheek. Another moan from above spurred me on. I was now bobbing my head up and down his shaft and my fingers glided up and down his ass crack. I was searching for his hole to work my finger in like I had done with Dave.

“Oh ya, that’s the spot, push it in baby.” I started to wiggle the tip of my middle finger into his tight ass until I was up to my second knuckle. Another moan of encouragement made me really start to suck his cock and finger his ass. I wanted him to cum. I wanted to taste it, to compare to Dave’s cum, to my cum. I felt the guard press his hand against the back of my head and hold me on his cock. His cock head flared out and I knew what was coming.

I shoved my finger in as deep as it would go and felt the nub of his prostate. I massaged the nub from the inside and pushed on it. The guard stifled his scream as to not have anybody hear. But I could tell he was biting his lip hard to hold back that scream as he released his cum into my mouth. His body jerked and tensed up as he release each spurt of cum down my throat. My mouth filled with his cum as I gave every effort to swallow it all. His cum leaked out down my shirt as the pressure was too much for me.

As I sucked the last drop of cum from his softening cock, the guard released the pressure from my head. I pulled my finger out of his ass as he fell onto the chair behind him. The guard pulled me up and kissed me hard. He searched my mouth out to taste his cum. “That was smoking hot baby. I want to fuck you but I have to get back out on the floor. Here is my card with my cell number on it, call me when you have the time to really fuck.” He gave me a card that I didn’t even look at, I just slipped it in my pocket. I had cum dripping down my shirt that the guard scooped up and fed me.

He got up and pulled up his pants then he directed me to a side door out to the parking lot. “Don’t forget your pretty little outfit.” He said as he patted my ass. I walked out to my car and kept tasting his cum. I looked down at my shirt and there was still a little cum on it, so I pulled my shirt to my mouth and sucked it clean.

I grab some fast food and headed home. I barely could eat my dinner as I watched the clock, 7:45pm. I better start getting ready for my night. I grabbed my bag from the store and headed to the bathroom. I stripped naked and lay a towel on the floor of the bathroom. I pulled one of the enema bottles out of the box, removed the cap, and attached the nozzle. I got on all fours, reached back and slipped the nozzle in my ass. Feeling the nozzle work its way into my ass caused me to get hard. I am turning into such a pussy boy. I squeezed the contents of the bottle into my bowels and started to wait the five to ten minutes. When I couldn’t hold it anymore I jumped up on the toilet and relieved the contents. I did this three more times to be sure I was nice and clean.

I turned on the shower, grabbed my razor and stepped in under the warm water. I turned it up to as hot as I could stand it. I lathered myself up and gave my cock and balls and nice shave. For some reason I shaved under my arms, not thinking of how I would explain this to my wife, but I wanted to feel sexy and more feminine. I got out of the shower and toweled off. I shaved my face and brushed my teeth. The air on my freshly shaved balls felt great. I moved to the bedroom where my new outfit lay. I slipped on the panties first and just about came when the lace hit my shaved cock and balls. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked and felt so sexy. I then slipped on the bra and clipped it in the front. I rubbed my nipples with the lace of the bra. My nipples instantly got hard. It felt so good. Then I slipped on the wrap and felt the black silk cascade down my back and shoulders. I was in heaven.

I glanced at the clock, 9pm, time to go to Dave’s. Then it hit me, how was I going to cross the street dressed like this? It was still twilight outside, damn summertime. I grabbed the largest beach towel we have, wrapped it around me, and looked in the mirror. Well, if I don’t bend over then I think I am pretty covered. I slipped on my sandals, held my breath, and stepped outside. I looked up and down the street, all quiet. I walked fast across the street to Dave’s door to find a sign, ‘Guests please use the side gate entrance to backyard and enter the changing booth. Your Host’

Great, now I have to leave the darkness of the porch and walk across the front driveway to the side gate. I hurriedly walked to the gate. When I came up to the gate I was forced to reach over the gate to unlock the latch. When I reached over the gate my towel fell off my shoulder exposing me in my outfit. I quickly pulled the latch and stepped into the backyard, shutting the gate behind me. I hope the neighbors didn’t see me.

I stepped into the backyard to find it blocked off at the side garage door. The side door had another sign, ‘Changing Room. No clothes beyond this point.’ My heart sank; I wanted Dave to see me in my pretty outfit. I stepped into the garage, it was dark but you could see a table with boxes on it, I guess to put your clothes into? Just then the door leading to the house opened up and Dave stood there in the doorway.

The guy took my breath away, again. He had on a leather strap around his large cock that made his cock swell and look bigger than I remembered. He looked at me all dressed up and I heard a whistle come from the doorway. “Don’t undress. You look perfect for the evening. Leave the towel and come with me.” He reached out his hand and I dropped my towel, kicked off my sandals, and took his hand. Dave pulled me to him and gave me a nice tongue bathing kiss. My knees went weak in his arms again and my hardon was poking out the top of my panties. I felt Dave grab my ass and give a nice firm squeeze as he guided me into the house.

There were several men and women mingling around, all naked. I looked to the backyard and there were partitions set up blocking any views from the neighbors. People were outside drinking. One guy was fucking another guy while a couple of women watched and played with each other’s pussies.

In the house it seemed a free for all of men getting blown by either another man or a woman. On woman was lying on the couch with another woman sitting on her face getting a nice pussy bath. This was going to be a fun night. Best of all, I didn’t recognize anyone.

Dave quickly gave me the rules. “No means No. No hard feelings with this group, if you don’t want to play the just say ‘no thank you’ or ‘stop’ and they will. On the other hand, you will be offered to partake in some fun activities that I am sure you love. Grab a drink and feel free to mingle. If and when you want to strip, just go to the garage and put your things in a box and place the box on the wall in one of the cubby holes. Your stuff is safe here; most of the men and women are cops from all over the county. We meet and different homes every other week.”

Just as he finished giving me the low down, a naked woman came up to us, “Oh Dave who’s your precious little friend?” This woman had very short hair, was about five foot eight, small perky breasts with large nipples, a shaved pussy and the bluest eyes. She had defined muscles in her arms and legs. She didn’t look butch at all, but I wouldn’t want to get in a fight with her either.

Dave introduced me to Cheryl. Cheryl was very forward and kissed me right on the lips and I felt her hand rubbing my ass. My cock instantly got hard. When Cheryl pulled away from our kiss she squeezed my ass cheek and said “I love a man that shows his feminine side. I would love to take you into Dave’s room and show you how a woman makes love to her man. Do you want to play with me little boy?” With that she grabbed my tit and pinched my nipple. She knew she had me when I moaned from the nipple workout.

She grabbed me by the hand and pulled me down the hall. “Come on honey, Cheryl is going to rock your world.” I followed her down the hall like a puppy dog. We got to the master bedroom and headed for the king size bed. Cheryl spun me around and used her body to push me down on the bed with her body falling on top of me.

There I was, on my back in a black lingerie outfit with a woman rubbing her naked body against me. Cheryl looked at me “Oh baby, your pretty little girlie outfit feels so nice against my tits. We are going to have some fun.” With that she planted her mouth on mine and forced her tongue in. My head was spinning again as her tongue massaged my tongue and gums. Her hands were all over my body, exploring every inch. I could feel the heat of her pussy against my panty covered hardon and her pussy juice soaking through my panties.

Cheryl lifted her body up and, scooting up my body, placed her tit in my mouth, “Nurse baby, suck on mommy’s titties and make her feel good.” Her nipple was hard and large as I sucked it into my mouth and started running my tongue all around the hard nub. Cheryl moaned, “That’s it baby suck my tit. God that feels good. Bit it baby, mommy likes it rough.”

Cheryl’s pussy was dripping all over my stomach. I gently bit down on the nub and pulled my head back, stretching her nipple. Cheryl squealed in delight, “Oh YES! That’s it baby work mommy’s nipples good.” Cheryl then sat up and looked down on me, “You are one hot little thing. Your bra is so lacy, like a little girl.” Cheryl started to play with my nipples through my bra. I writhed and bucked under her as she teased my nipples.

“You are a wild one aren’t you baby? Let’s get you out of this sissy outfit and really make your toes curl,” with that she unsnapped my bra, from the front, lifted me up enough to slide it off my shoulders along with my sheer cover-up. Then she dragged her pussy down my body, leaving a wet trail along the way that she licked up off of me, as she scooted down my body and pulled my panties off. My clothes went flying into Dave’s open closet. My cock stood stiff as a board ready to explode.

Cheryl slapped my cock and in a firm voice said, “You aren’t going to cum until I tell you to cum.” Then she reached over to Dave’s night stand, opened the drawer, and pulled out a leather cock ring with snaps. She quickly wrapped it around my cock, pulled tight and snapped it on. My cock doubled in size, or so I thought. The blood was trapped in my cock causing it to swell; the skin was pulled so tight that it shined. Then she took another strap and wrapped it around each of my balls then she snapped the ends to the cock ring around the base of my cock. WOW! What a sight. My balls turned bright purple.

Cheryl looked at her handy work and gave my balls a slap. I saw stars, but it felt good at the same time. “Now you will cum when I am damn good and ready for you to cum.” Cheryl leaned over and started licking my balls. They were so tide up that they became really sensitive to her warm tongue. I wanted to cum, but I couldn’t. I felt Cheryl grab each of my thighs and lift my ass off the bed just before her wet tongue started attacking my ass. “Nice and clean pussy you have here, I guess you were ready for tonight. Let me be the first to break you in.”

I was confused at her statement, as she walked into Dave’s bathroom, but figured she needed a break to pee. She came out of the bathroom with a strapon dildo hanging from her waist. She was a goddess, nice firm tits, and an eight inch cock. Standing on the side of the bed, Cheryl grabbed her cock and rubbed the head on my lips. “Dave told me your nothing but a big pussy that loves to take cock, is that true? Do you want Cheryl to fuck you with my cock?”

I licked the tip of her cock and told her “Yes, god yes, please fuck my pussy Cheryl. Break my pussy in for all the cocks out there.” Cheryl stepped back and reached in Dave’s drawer again, this time retrieving a bottle of lube. Cheryl stepped up on the bed and in between my legs. She squirted some lube on her finger and I instantly grabbed my legs and pulled my knees to my chest, exposing my pussy to my new lover.

Cheryl looked at me and smiled, “What a nice tight pussy you have here,” she said as she pushed her lubed finger into my tight pussy. My eyes rolled back and I willed myself to relax my ass muscles and allow her entrance. Cheryl continued to move her finger in and out of my pussy. At each stroke back in I attempted to push back against her finger wanting her to fuck me faster. Cheryl caught on to me right away as she slapped my ass hard, “Calm down bitch, you’re going to get the fucking you want so badly. But you I’m in control here, I’ll fuck you at MY pace.”

With that Cheryl pushed the head of her strapon dildo into my awaiting pussy. The pressure of the big blunt cockhead was painful at first. I relaxed my muscles and pushed out like I was taking a shit. My pussy opened up wider to accommodate the intrusion. I felt the cockhead push past my ring muscle and accept my lover. Cheryl froze and let the pain in my pussy subside. I didn’t want to wait anymore so I pushed back trying to get more cock in me. This pissed her off and I dearly paid for it. “If you can’t wait for me to give it to you then you might as well have it all right now bitch.” Cheryl slammed all eight inches of that beautiful cock right into my gut. Thank goodness I cleaned myself out because there was no room for anything else but this big fat cock in my pussy. I bit my lip and took the pounding. Cheryl didn’t wait for me to adjust, as punishment for wanting it too soon I guess. Cheryl went right into long dicking me. She pulled her cock all the way out and slammed it back into until the plastic balls pressed into my ass cheeks.

I was seeing stars, but loving every minute. A pool of cum was forming on my stomach as it dribbled out my cock. Every time Cheryl pushed that monster cock back into me another drop of cum was pushed out my cock. I was only semi hard, but I was still cumming.

We were really getting into the fucking. Cheryl was building a nice sweaty glow about her, when another woman walked into the room. “Hey Cheryl. Who’s your new fuck toy?” Without skipping a beat, Cheryl responded, “Hi Jewels, this pussy boy here is Tony, Dave’s neighbor. I am prepping him for all the guys to fuck him and fill him up with their man juice. Want to give me a hand on getting him ready?”

Mike pulls the leather jacket down off her shoulders, leaving her arms imprisoned in their sleeves, tightly zipped, and then exposes her lush full heavy breasts, and her hugely hard nipples.

“Glad to see you wore nothing underneath,” he observes, before pulling her long thick hair and head back hard.

He kneels in front of her, and sees she has soaked the leather pants in her crotch area, evidenced by the dark patch on the leather.

“No panties too, well done.”

He pulls her leathers to her knees, and leaves them there exposing, yet imprisoning her even further.

Her pussy is on fire, and producing cum spurts uncontrollably, as her head is exploding with pleasure, at being treated this way. Her eyes follow him, watching what was to come next.

He covers his hand with Slick lube, the ultra slippy one, and then plunges three fingers into her pussy. The pleasure/ pain causing her to come again uncontrollably, as he works his fingers deep inside her to the knuckle, and then curves them; right onto her g-spot.

Debs could feel his long fingers going into her pussy very deeply, hitting that g – spot ruthlessly, causing her to moan very loudly, and thrash around, while humping his fingers.

“Fuck me now, please, please fill me with your fucking big pussy fucker, please Dom Mike.”

He slips the ball gag on before she has time to say anything more, and then puts the Japanese clover nipple clamps on.

“Be careful, the harder you struggle the more they tighten.”

She screams at the painful sensations, but loses control of her pussy immediately, and spurts her cum juices in a frenzied orgasm that has her knees like jelly, as he turns her around, and gets behind her.

Mike strokes Debs hard and aching pussy, and her throbbing clit. Just long, enough to get it wet, then pulls out, and presses against her ass. She knows he is too large for her to take easily, but her gushing wetness gives her excitement away totally, and lubricates his rock hard ramrod cock.

“Oh, no, please, don’t,” she tries to say, shaking her head, but he was already pushing through her clenched muscles.

Debs fought to relax, to keep the pain away, she whimpers, and then Mike’s hand wraps around her hip, finding her clit again.

“Come again Debs, my hot little fuck-slut, like you did the last time. Loud and wet, spurt your cum juices all over my cock, and then you can clean it all off with your mouth.”

At first all Debs could focus on was the pleasure/pain in her ass, but as he slowly strokes in and out, the pleasure returns with a vengeance, and hits her like a steam train.

His fingers spread her wetness on her clit, pinches, and then moves back to fill her pussy, Three fingers spread her, and curves inside, finding the spot that always makes her hornier; she bucks forward on his hand, and back on his cock, the need building quickly.

Mike’s size and his dirty talk just encouraged her to let go, and surrender to the sheer ecstasy of his big cock inside her ass, and his fingers deep in her hot fuck-slit. He fucks her harder, faster, and she quickly orgasms; harder than she has ever known.

“Debs, such a fertile and ruthlessly orgasmic brain you have.”

“I want to get it so all you think about and live for is sex, and pleasure.”

“I want you to be permanently on heat, wet and throbbing – aching deep in your pussy, and your bullet hard clit.”

“I want you to be touching your sex constantly, and unconsciously, in your need to be fucked, and orgasmic.”

“Your nipples should be hard and super sensitive 24/7, the slightest touch, or brush against them causing your cum juices to run freely from your molten pussy.”

“To wear your metal slave collar as a symbol of your total wantonness, but also your unavailability to any sexual demand, but mine.”

“Ideally I would take you to have your nipples and your clit hood pierced, ringed and then a fine chain to link them, so it constantly jolts you with the pure sex of your being aroused; yet belonging totally to me, and submitting willingly to anything I demand of you.”

“Just imagine the thrill of being brought to orgasm in public by me, knowing people are around us, but them not knowing you are under my complete control.”

“I think a riding crop for chastising your breasts and nipples too,… as well as your pussy and your gloriously spread ass.”

“As I plunge my cock into your fuck-slit, and then into your ass, dominating and controlling you totally, but making you cum, and spurt your juices on demand, for my pleasure, as well.”

“And then me spurting my hot creamy cum into your mouth, and over your face.”

Oh God, yes,! she thinks, as her body shatters, and ecstasy spreads over her.

Hips rocking, she rides Mike, as he yells his release, filling her gaping ass with his hot cum.

She collapses against the car, her legs too weak to hold her when he steps away. She lay there in the light from the police car, her legs spread wide, cum and her juices spilling down her legs;another car could have driven past at that point, and she would not have cared.

“Just a little taster for you, my cum-slut queen,” he says.

“Totally submissive fucking at my time and place of choosing, and you submitting totally, as any well brought up, and schooled fuck-slut would,” he says as he undoes the ball gag, and puts it away.

As Dom, Mike starts zipping his black leather pants, while pushing his still cum dripping cock away; Debs does up her leathers, and goes down on her knees; grabs his cock and drags it toward her waiting wet mouth.

“I’m not finished yet,” I want to suck your balls, and lick all that cum and juice off.”

She grabs his black leather pants, yanks them to his knees, gets her head up under him, and starts sucking on those sexy hardening balls.

“Mmm, so delicious, mmm, they fill my mouth;” the vibrations cause Mike to draw in a sharp breath, and moan very loudly.

“Suck on my balls harder; stroke them with your fingers, fuck-slut.”

Deb reaches under Mike’s balls just at the back, and scrapes with her fingernails, while her wet hot mouth sucks them in even further.

Mike thinks for a moment, they may be sucked down her throat any second now…

Mike grabs her long dark hair, bunching and pulling it back, watching what she is doing to his balls with her mouth; he is shaking from the pleasure, as she sucks and licks her way up his cock.

“Mmm, I love the taste of our mixed fuck juices.”

Then her tongue snakes out, and flicks across his hardening cock head, and underneath to that sensitive spot, causing Mike to tense, and his cock to get even harder…

Even before the second shot of absinthe has finished burning its way down my throat, I can feel the first one beginning to take hold of me. Its vapours rise up my throat, I’m struggling not to cough and to remain steady. Its hardly the psychedelic dissolution of reality that LSD tends to bring about, which is what I’m used to with this kind of shit after all – but its enough.

That other part of me – the weird side of my brain begins to unfurl. The little whispers of sensation around me blossom and acquire something like tangibility. The crumbling ruin is no more. The dank smells of mildew and damp are replaced by a warm, summery breeze wafting in from a nearby window. The imprint seems like it must thirty years old at least… I try to look around, but I can’t see. There’s something over my eyes – a blindfold, or the memory of one, anyway. Then, at the same time, my awareness of my clothes drifts away, bit by bit. My biking leathers, boots, even my underwear, until I’m standing stark naked, nervously curling my toes into the floor. I’m not myself by this point of course. I’m someone younger, my breasts a little smaller, perkier. My skin is soft and sensitive… I bet I’m ginger, probably even have freckles. Thin, cute, late teens – probably quite hot. Blossoming femininity and all that.

Of course, that none of that makes what is to come any less twisted and sick. There’s a lump in my throat the size of a Buick… No, not my throat, the girl’s throat. Fear occupies her body like some eldritch god, she can scarcely move. Well, not all of that is down to fear I realise soon enough. Her hands are bound, handcuffs tightened way too tight around her slim, bony wrists.

I struggle, whimper, unsure now which sounds and actions are hers and which are mine. Her pulse drums in my ears. I hear footsteps and it quickens. There’s that undercurrent of arousal of course, too… that’s not hers, that’s mine. Fuck knows why this shit turns me on so much, but it does. Guess its a coping mechanism? The mind’s gotta do some crazy shit to deal with crazy shit, right? Feels to me like that’s how things usually go. Or, hell, I don’t know. Maybe that’s just me. Maybe I’m the same kind of psycho sicko myself, like all those ones I see in my visions. One day I’ll snap, go on a little spree of my own… naw, that thought’s just too morbid.

By the time I’m paying attention again, someone’s pushing me to the ground. Large, firm hands. A man’s hands. Familiar hands. Not to me, obviously, but to her. I know this routine. Usually its the umpteenth asshole boyfriend, but no – these aren’t some dumbass teenager’s hands, not even those of some shithead college jock. This guy’s way older, so that means the truth is far more sour still – he’s a relative, I bet. Some fucker she’s trusted, once. That’s painful. The cacophony of emotions begins to make a little more sense to me. There’s that quivering strand of confusion running through it all – betrayal. The absolute, fundamental, world-inverting betrayal you only get when you are deceived by that which you relied upon most. Its a gut-wrenching, sickening feeling that makes me nauseous. Not nauseous enough to counteract my own sick feeling of arousal though, dammit.

Shit, I can feel bile in the back of my throat and its not just the absinthe. These always give me flashbacks to my first trip… If that weren’t bad enough by itself, having two violent flashbacks at the same time is overwhelming even for me.

I gasp for breath. Once the trip’s started, there’s no easy way to get out of it. Best I can do is see it through to the end. I try to push the memories of my first time out of my mind though. By sheer misfortune, that one’s still one of the most brutal experiences I have seen. Perhaps this one won’t be nearly so bad, at least then I could cope with just the one sexual assault in this memory. Experiencing two rapes at the same time would probably hospitalise me for good.

There’s talking going on now. It generally sounds like a wailing trumpet, like how you had the adults talk in those old Snoopy cartoons. Unless I’m exceptionally lucid and blitheringly tripped out of my mind, I get little more than the gist of the conversation anyway. In these cases, there’s nothing else I want to know, anyway. I’m sure whatever he’s saying would just make me cringe all the more. My body hits the carpet and the next thing I know, I’m violated.

He’s not pulling punches. His two fingers roughly squeeze into my ass, feeling like something’s burning. He doesn’t care that lube is something that’s a thing. I squeal, writhe, but I’m helpless. He twists them back and forth and I can feel him searching for a way to get the most reaction out of me, dragging his fingernails across my rectum. I want to kick him, but I can’t, this girl is a victim and she knows it, she’s already given up. I mean, I can’t blame her. Whoever the motherfucker was, he was her guardian, pretty much a paragon of stability for her… you can’t just recover from a sucker punch like that. Not that fast, maybe not ever. Its vile and violent and he’s enjoying himself like hell.

This is where things start to get fucked up. He pushes his fingers into her mouth, making her suck them after he’s had them in her ass up to the knuckles. But that’s not the sick bit. I mean, that’s horrid… but the worst of it comes when I’m starting to feel him, too.

See, my shtick is that I can read emotionally charged experiences from places and things. Negative ones about ten times as strongly as positive ones cause hey, ain’t life a bitch? And sadistic glee… Oh yeah, that’s pretty negative. And its pretty fucking strong. The girlie begins to slip and I start to feel both of them now. His own sickening excitement is running through me and… God, his fucking arousal. It’s not like a girl’s arousal at all. Masculine, fierce, almost savage in its intensity. It doesn’t roll and ebb and it just… builds up.

The next thing I know, I’m screaming. He begins raping her, anally, cause that’s the kinda fuck he is. I scream in real life… I’m the rapist and the victim at the same time, I’m fucking sodomising myself. I don’t know how long this goes on for and then I come.

And I come fucking hard. It’s both me and him, the male and female orgasm layered on top of each other, a mind-fuck in and of itself.

I hate this most of all. All the fucking violence, the abuse, the insane, warped psychological torture – it makes me cum harder than anything or anyone else ever has. Part of it is the rapist’s sadistic… release. He chokes her, making her scream across the entire house, then drowning her voice entirely amidst his fingers, partially crushing her windpipe. I can feel the tightness of her anus, rectal muscles spawning and clutching around his cock as he repeatedly violates them, forcing them painfully open again and again. And I can feel my seed evacuating into her bowels, surging forth from an organ I don’t even have. But that’s a shadow of a memory. Its there, but doesn’t even feel quite real. No, most of my climax now is my own. Its fucking arousing. All of it, from the carpet burn I’m getting on my bare knees, the burning deep in my ass, the throat throbbing against my calloused fingertips, the blood on my lips as I bite into her ear, the way his fingertips dig into my breast… and more. I am overloaded with sensation, sex and violence. It awakens both the hunter and the prey in me, like a snake devouring itself.

What happens next, I’m only faintly aware of. The absinthe is starting to fade and I’m on my back, gasping as smaller fireworks continue to go off in my cunt. He pinches her, slaps her, spits on her. She takes it, she’s so broken now it barely registers. I feel disgusted at myself for enjoying it, but there’s only so much self-hate you can muster when you’re orgasming like a motherfucker.

Gradually, I come to. He drags her out of the room and they don’t come back. I blink my eyes open sober. There’s no carpet under me, just bare, dusty concrete. The window that provided my rape with such a lovely, pleasant breeze, hasn’t held a pane of glass in decades. The moon stares down at me accusingly. Firelight flickers shadows across the wall.

I groan as I sit up, my body still aching with the fading sores of phantom abuses. My anus burns, filled with a stranger’s cum until I remind it that it it not. I pull my leather jacket back up, panting softly, and lean against the wall.

Oh yeah, I’ve got a audience tonight. Nearly forgot about her.

She’s sitting on the far side of the fire, half-cloaked in the shadows of the abandoned building. Her badge glints in the firelight, just a little bit brighter than her eyes. She swigs from her beer, something cheap and American, never quite taking her eyes off me, like she’d just seen a ghost.

“That’s all, folks,” I croak, managing a good-natured smirk. I’m vaguely aware of having narrated the experience for her. Its funny, talking out loud kinda seems to come naturally with psychic experiences. Don’t have to focus on it, you start blabbering all the nasty shit in your head anyway. I hand her the bottle of absinthe and she takes it from me, fingers trembling a little.

The sheriff is a fine woman with her long dark hair, curly and lustrous, and her little badass motherfucker of a magnum and her leather jacket a few sizes too big and that lickety-spit shiny badge that just screams at me to be licked and kissed. Yeah, I got a thing for gals in uniform, alright? Sure, she’s an older lady, but I’m not counting those years against her. The way her pretty little freckled nose wrinkles when she smiles makes her look as fair as any summer’s day. She’s as dangerous a cougar as they come. Don’t try to catch her from behind, that chiselled ass of hers, all wrapped in shiny leather, has been known to kill lesser girls. TRUE story.

I crawl over to her, still a little shaky myself. “Lin?” I whisper, concern quaking my voice for a moment.

She finds herself though, looks up with that spark in her eyes, cups my chin and kisses me on the lips, making me lose my train of thought for a few blissful moments as I suckle on her tongue-tip. “I’m okay, Panda,” she tells me, pulling away. “Just a little shook is all. You’re… You’re good. That’s some gift you got there, babydoll.”

I can’t help but giggle. She’s adorable, I’ve never met anyone who called anyone ‘babydoll’, let alone done so sincerely, yet here she is, lighting up a cigarette like she’s straight of some 70s lesploitation flick, giving me that sultry look.

“Told you it can be kinda intense.”

“No shit cutie. You got all the details. The bad man was the girl’s uncle, she was an orphan after her parents died when she were twelve. He took care of her, like the upstandin’ member of the community and family-man that he were. Then, after she had a fight with her boyfriend the night before the prom – just a couple months after her eighteenth, somethin’ snapped in the old guy. He went an’ drove her out here, raped ‘er, bid she not tell a soul, then went back to normal,” the sheriff explains. She wets her lips, “The girl stayed real quiet for a few years, ‘fore she gone an’ went to the police. ‘Course, wasn’t anythin’ ‘nybody could do by then,” she shakes her head, the woman’s lips trembling for a moment. “That…”

“That girl was you,” I finish the sentence for her. She gives me a sullen look, then softly nods. “Damn. I-I’m sorry Lin, I… I had no way of knowing. if I…”

“Naw, it’s okay babydoll,” the sheriff takes a long drag on her cigarette. “It’s okay. I knew what I was getting’. This is something I wanted for a lon’ time. I never did get my own back on that ol’ cunt. He passed away lon’ ‘fore I got into law enforcement, y’see. Lon’ ‘fore I could do ‘nything about it. Did get away from ‘im though, it never happened again. But I just.. I wanted to come back here. Been meanin’ to do it for a long time, really. And then you came along, tellin’ me all about your gift an’ all…”

My fingers curl around her hand. “Did it help?” I ask, chewing on my lip, wondering what the fuck she could’ve made of the spectacle. Me writhing on the floor, moaning as I recounted her brutal rape blow for blow. Oh and then cumming my ass off at the end. Jeez, even said in my head that sounds bad.

She just looks out into the fire and nods though, “Yeah, it helped,” she whispers and wraps her arms around me. And I feel better, briefly, relaxing in her arms. I want to ask which part of my awkward, groaning and moaning farce of a semi-reenactment makes it any better for her, but I see her tears in the firelight and I keep quiet. I’ve always been awful with emotions, comes from being a shunned recluse most of your life, I guess… but I need the warmth, I need the comfort. And I really need her right now. She buries her head in my shoulder and I feel just a little bit less shitty about myself.

A week later, the sheriff’s popped the back of her head open with her badass little magnum. I take it as my queue to get the fuck out of here. Let’s get this motherfucker on the road. Maine. Maine sounds good.

I like these long roads. You can go crank the throttle all the way up until you’re going so fast that you tear up. It’s okay though, the wind dries out the tears.

As usual, Tom Jordan was relaxing in his rather spacious TV room for the evening. The detective had just finished up some reports for the chief; he’d have to take them into his office himself in the morning, since his partner had some kind of doctor’s appointment that was supposed to last for a few hours – a physical or something. He didn’t really do or know much medical-wise, but he wasn’t concerned about it. They were partners, so he’d know if something was wrong with the guy.

Tom, on the other hand, had planned for some company this evening. He was a hard-ass at work, but he was good at being a hard-ass at home as well. Fortunately for his piece of mind, no one save a certain friend of the male persuasion knew about his very private night-time activities. That friend, however, was far more than a friend; he was an active participant. He wasn’t thinking about the company he’d be having within the hour at the moment, though; the recent string of rapes gripping the city had made women afraid to go out at night. It weighed heavily on his mind, both as a cop and as a human being. No one should suffer at the hand of a rapist – no one. It was more than just a physical rape, he knew. It was a mental rape, an emotional rape, and – for some women, at least – a spiritual rape. He could handle thieves, murderers, and drunken idiots; it was the rapists that pissed him off, and the serial rapists received the full force of his wrath when he chose to unleash it. The sad part was that Tom was one of the few hard-nosed cops left who subscribed to the old school of crime fighting: if they did something even you couldn’t live with, beat the livin’ shit out of ‘em.

Tom lit up a cigar and put leaned back on the couch, an old relic from the seventies when orange polyester was prevalent and popular. He didn’t really like it that well, but it was surprisingly comfortable and he wasn’t about to throw it out just because it wasn’t fashionable; that was a waste of money, after all. Why buy a new one when the old one was still functional and comfortable? If it wasn’t broken, he always said, don’t fix it. Fortunately, Steve – his friend for the evening – tended to solve his problems every few nights. That’s what boyfriends were for, after all. Oh, he liked girls well enough; what guy didn’t? Every once in a while, though – more often of late, perhaps because of all the hookers he seemed to keep running into that wanted protection in return for their ‘wholly unbiased opinions’ (yeah, right) – he needed something other than a cunt and a pair of melons. Every so often, he needed a cock.

Tom had met Steve at a crime scene about three years previous; he was an ME who’d come to examine the body of a young woman that had gone missing some four months previous. They’d gotten to be good friends pretty quickly. When Tom spotted the off-duty ME at a local gay bar, he knew then and there that he’d found someone he could confide in. After a couple of very discreet dates, they ended up fucking on the couch and things had gone from there. They’d only met a few times a month at first, but the meetings had eventually grown so frequent that they’d had to tone it down a bit.

It seemed that Tom was quite the little cock whore. He loved stroking and sucking, licking and kissing. He loved the feel of a long, hard cock crammed deep into his tight ass hole, pushing itself in and out of him with force. As his thoughts drifted toward his last meeting with the man, he found his cock getting hard inside his dark-grey slacks. He tried to think of something else; he was supposed to be relaxing, after all. But it was increasingly difficult, partly because the images were too tempting and partly because he didn’t really want to push the images out of his horny mind.

So, when Steven finally rang the door bell, it was all Tom could do not to jump up from his seat to grab it. They said their usual man-like greetings, grabbed a couple beers, and talked a while as some new batter they’d never heard of sent a homer flying. They both cheered for the Sox and then had a couple of burgers that Tom cooked up. But when they were all washed up and on their third beer each, there wasn’t much else to do except what they’d met up to do. All that guy stuff was just formality.

Another weird thing, and maybe this was a guy thing, was that Steve didn’t like to beat around the bush (so to speak). He liked to dive right into things, get them done. But, certain moments he liked to savor. So when he knelt down between Tom’s legs and started unzipping him, he wasn’t thinking about that new clerk causing trouble from within the oh-so-hallowed halls of the Globe. He wasn’t thinking about the media at all, or about the cases he was working. He was thinking only about the boxers he was pulling aside, their crimson revealing pale flesh the size of a jumbo dog. Some men liked to keep their tumbleweeds, but these two had agreed long ago that it was tastier not to do that. So, like Steve, Tom shaved regularly.

It was this pale, shaved muscle that Steve started in on with his hand first. He ran his fingers up and down the shaft, slowly goading it into a hard piece of delicious man-wood. Even after it was getting hard, though, he kept stroking Tom’s man-flesh. Finally, though, he couldn’t stand it any longer. He slipped his lips over the tender head as Tom closed his eyes and leaned his head back, enjoying the feel of Steve’s sucking mouth on his long, hard cock. Steve was probably better at this than he was at his job – which was saying something. He knew how to heat a guy up and he was doing that now, sucking Tom very slowly, almost torturously. But it was doing the trick and then some.

So, when he started massaging Tom’s balls, Tom was already moaning in pleasure. The wet sucking, the firm squeezing…these were the things he loved. He could feel his cock getting hotter and hotter, and his breathing was getting heavier and heavier. His grunts and moans were growing louder as his boyfriend gave him his blow job. He couldn’t wait to get Steve’s own cock into his waiting mouth, run that tongue of his over…oh, god, how good Steve’s tongue felt! No other feeling could have matched the one that Steve was giving Tom right at that moment.

As he started to squirm, Steve pulled Tom’s pants down a little. One hand still massaging Tom’s sac, Steve’s other hand went down Tom’s shorts and started feeling his crack. After a few seconds, he inserted a finger into Tom’s ass and started fucking him; then there were two fingers in there, and Tom was about ready to pop. With one last long suck, Steve’s head came up and a stream of hot white cream shot out at his exposed neck. It hit his chin, too, as Tom shuddered and grunted. And when it was done, Steve started licking that gorgeous, glistening source of infinite pleasure clean. It almost made Tom cum again.

Then it was Tom’s turn. Steve let his pants fall as Tom undid him and he straddled Tom in his armchair. Tom started sucking on Steve’s balls like there was no tomorrow, unable to contain his eagerness to please and be pleased any longer. Steve watched him and pulled Tom’s shirt off. He pinched Tom’s nipples and smiled down at his little man-whore.

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