I can’t believe I lost so much time daydreaming today.

I’m actually kind of embarrassed about it; you know what my classload is like this semester, Sylvie. I don’t have time to daydream, especially not with finals coming up. Remember how I told you I was going to the library today and I was going to really hit the books hard for at least five hours?

Shyeah. Like that happened. It’s not fair, having weather this nice when we’re trying to study! And it’s extra not fair having a library with big, wide, panoramic windows that show the whole freaking campus! Here I am, staring at engineering textbooks that can make a student’s eyes glaze over at the best of times, and what am I looking out over? Hacky sack, frisbee, and sun-tanning! I think I got about two paragraphs in before my eyes wandered up over the textbook to stare at the warm, sunny afternoon.

I tried to keep my focus at first, I really did. I dragged my eyes back down to circuit diagrams and tried to calculate resistances, but every few minutes my pencil would just start doodling and my eyes would drift back out to gaze aimlessly. I could just picture it in my head, the lazy heat of late spring and the breeze just strong enough to cool that heat off. It just felt so vivid to me that the real world of the library just sort of faded away, and the only thing I saw was the picture inside my head.

I was sun-bathing. I don’t really tan, actually; I’m an engineering student, I think it’s in our contract that we have to have milk-white skin regardless of gender. But in my daydream, I was in a tiny little electric blue bikini, and I was spreading out my towel, and everyone was looking at me–and not in that creepy, weird, “Does she know she has that mole there?” sort of way, like I always worry everyone’s looking at me when I’m showing any skin. No, they were looking at me like I was actually pretty–oh, shush, Sylvie. You always say that.

And in the daydream, I lay down on my towel, and just as I got out the suntan lotion, one of the hacky sack players broke away from the game and wandered over to me. And he knelt down next to me, and he said, “Do you need any help putting the lotion on?” He had just the tiniest trace of a French accent, and he looked…don’t laugh, okay? He looked like Adrien Brody in ‘King Kong’. And I looked at those long, slender hands and I gave this tiny little nod, because the sun was so warm and I was already so relaxed and it just felt like too much effort to move, even in my daydream.

I could imagine it so perfectly, Sylvie. It felt way more real than the library. I could actually feel the coolness of the lotion as it dribbled out of the bottle onto my back, and I could feel the warmth of his hands as he worked it into my skin. It felt so good, like all my muscles were melting, and I let out a little whimper.

Then I realized I’d actually whimpered out loud. That snapped me out of the daydream pretty quick. I know I was blushing as I looked around, but it must not have been that loud because nobody was glaring at me or anything. I tried to refocus my eyes; I must have sat there blinking for about a solid minute before the text looked like anything but blurry squiggles to me. I’m sure it was totally obvious to anyone who looked that I was off in la-la land.

My trip back to reality didn’t last long at all. I read about six pages before I realized that I couldn’t actually tell you what was on any of them; I’d just been sitting there, turning pages and staring at the text without really taking any of it in. My eyes were seeing the words, but my mind was seeing the warm towel again, and feeling the hands on my body rubbing and massaging the lotion in. The campus had totally vanished, now; I was on a sandy beach, somewhere in the Mediterranean, staring off at that warm water that’s such a bright shade of blue that it almost seems fake. I didn’t know why my brain had decided on the Mediterranean, but a little voice in the back of my head kept describing it, and it sounded so good that I found myself going right along with the idea. The waves kept washing in onto the shore, making that dull crash that fades into a dull roar, and it all felt…perfect.

And after a while, the water seemed to float in, like the tide, but it was okay because I was on a raft. It felt even better that way, because I could actually feel the waves as well as see them and hear them, and it felt like I could drift and float that way forever. Those fingers kept rubbing and rubbing, and my eyes slid closed, and all I felt in the dream was warm sunshine on my back and warm water rippling against my fingers. All I had to do was relax and take it all in. All I had to do was let myself feel everything. All I had to do was lose myself in the fantasy.

That’s when I heard a little whisper tell me, “Why don’t I take your top off so I can rub the lotion in everywhere?” And it seemed so natural; even though my body was sitting there in the library, and on some level I knew that, on another level I knew that nobody would know what was going on in my mind’s eye. I could let the daydream become a little bit sexy, and that was okay. Nobody would know. Nobody would mind. I heard the whisper again, saying, “It’ll feel so good to let me rub the lotion everywhere,” and if I was melty in the daydream before, I was absolutely liquid now. I didn’t even nod, I just knew that they’d know, because we were all alone together and there was nothing at all wrong with letting whatever happened just happen. All I had to do was know that, and go along with that, and everything would be wonderful.

It was wonderful. I felt the fingers pull at the string that held my top on, and again at the strings that held my bottom on, and my bikini seemed to sort of…melt away, as those fingers found their way everywhere. It’s weird to think about how totally and completely I lost myself in that fantasy. I mean, there might have been anything going on around me, and there I was, just staring vacantly into space as I imagined a stranger petting my ass and rubbing my pussy. I probably wouldn’t even have noticed if someone had shouted, “Yo, Erica!” at me.

And I rolled over, and that felt even better, because those hands could get everywhere now. I felt fingers strumming my nipples, and I bucked upwards just a little and spread my legs wide open so that my pussy was wide open for them. And I knew that everything was alright, everything was perfect. I was just going along with the flow, going along with the fantasy, and that was fine. That was exactly what I needed to do. All I needed to do was let the fantasy take me wherever it took me, and know that deep down, that was what I secretly wanted all along.

I…um…it’s kind of weird saying this, Sylvie, because I know we’ve been friends for almost a year now and I don’t want to wreck that, but…in the fantasy? I’m not sure when it happened, but the person putting on the suntan lotion stopped being Adrien Brody and started being you. And the person fingering me and rubbing me and leaning down to lick my tits…that was definitely you.

It really weirded me out at first. I sort of lost the fantasy, but my brain didn’t really want to go back to reality, either. I was still too dreamy and unfocused and…um, yeah. And horny. I sat there for a while, looking out the window but not seeing anything, not sure really what to think about at all. I kind of drifted into a different fantasy; this time, I was lying on a waterbed, and the motion of the bed reminded me so much of the motion of the raft that it sent me right back into that same drifty, floaty state of mind. Looking back, I’m not sure I ever really left it.

And then I felt someone crawling into bed next to me, and even before I looked, I knew it was you–the way you just know things in daydreams without needing to see them, you know? And we were both naked, and your skin felt so fucking good against mine, just a little cool from the air conditioning but warming up so fast wherever I touched it, and there was that little voice in the back of my head again telling me, “This is what you wanted, this is what you secretly wanted all along…”

And I remember blinking, like I couldn’t really believe it was happening, but I felt your fingers stroking the back of my neck and it felt so real to me, Sylvie! It felt so real that I just sank back into the daydream, only this time we were on a camping trip together. And we were sharing a sleeping bag, and I was lying on my back, looking up at the stars while you reached down and fingered my pussy. And you were whispering in my ear, telling me how hot it was, telling me how good it felt, telling me how all I needed to do was just give in and believe it, and the stars sparkled and danced and I felt myself drawn into them like my body was blazing just like they were…

But it still didn’t feel right. It still didn’t feel like what I secretly wanted, even though everything in my mind was telling me that it was. I let go of the fantasy, but I couldn’t let go of the thoughts of you. I was still in the library, but it was just another daydream. In this daydream, you were sitting right next to me, like the person who was there had gotten up and you’d sneaked in and sat down while I was staring off into space, and you were talking to me. And the weird thing was that you were saying exactly what I was thinking. Every time you spoke, it was the exact same thing I thought in my head. And that was so cool, and so weird, that I forgot to even think about exactly what it was that I was thinking and you were saying.

And suddenly, in the daydream, I thought about how horny I was, and how sexy you were, and how hot it would be to sneak off and find someplace to have sex. And I took your hand, and it felt warm in mine, and everything seemed so totally real to me. It felt totally real when we stood up and you started to lead me off towards the stacks. And the whole time, I kept thinking, “Sylvie’s so hot. This is what I secretly wanted. This is going to feel so good, better than the best sex I ever had,” and this time I knew it was true. I couldn’t deny it anymore. It felt too real to me. I could even see your lips mirroring my thoughts, and I just couldn’t fight the truth of it anymore.

You led me down into the stacks, deep down into the archives until we couldn’t hear anyone breathing but us anymore. It felt so right, so magical and charmed as you pressed me back against a bookshelf and kissed me so hard it took my breath away. I heard myself moaning into your mouth, and I felt you unzip my pants and reach inside the waistband of my panties. They were soaking wet, Sylvie. Wetter than I’ve ever been in my life. I was totally lost in the fantasy, lost in the daydream. I knew that the voice in the back of my head was right. I wanted you. I needed you. And I realized right then that you’d wanted me ever since you first saw me.

It felt absolutely fucking perfect, Sylvie. You pulled up my t-shirt, undid my bra and dropped it on the floor, and then you pressed my hands to my own tits. And I knew as soon as you did it that they were locked there, that they wouldn’t be able to move until I came, and your words echoed my thoughts before I even thought them and that felt so utterly right that I almost came right there. But I didn’t, because I knew you wanted to lick me first.

And you did. You dropped to your knees and buried your face in my panties, inhaling my scent and rubbing your face against the damp fabric until I moaned in utter, aching need. Then you pulled my pants and panties down and licked and licked and licked, and I knew that anyone walking by would see me with my pants around my ankles and my shirt around my neck, bare-ass naked and getting eaten out and that was so fucking hot and sexy and I came and I came and I came. I couldn’t stop. You didn’t want me to stop, and in my daydream, everything you wanted was the right thing for me to do and say and think and feel.

And when I finally sagged down onto your face enough that you could tell I couldn’t come anymore, you stood up and kissed me, and I could taste myself on your lips. And I suddenly wondered what you tasted like, but I also knew I’d have to wait to find out. I’ve been thinking about it all day, Sylvie. I haven’t been able to stop. I hope that doesn’t creep you out, because I really…I just really need to taste you. I really need to lick your pussy.

That was why I wanted to tell you about all this, Sylvie, because I realized that the feelings I had in the daydream are real. I know it now, deep in my deepest self. When I fantasized about you, that was just my deepest self telling me what I secretly wanted all along.

And you were so sweet in my daydream, helping me get dressed, walking me back up to my chair, sitting me down…you gave me the tiniest little caress on the back of my neck, and somehow I knew it was a promise of more. And then, in my daydream, you walked away, and I sat there for a while before I finally refocused back on the real world and started to get into my textbook again.

I wish I knew what I did with my pencil while I was off daydreaming, though.


Alice rapped sharply on the door, privately wishing she was anywhere but here. In general, working in Human Resources wasn’t that bad of a job; she liked to think of herself as being good at solving problems in ways that made both Future Technologies and its employees happy. But sometimes you couldn’t have it both ways. Times like those were filled with ugly confrontations, people shouting or weeping–or, on one memorable and terrifying occasion, hurling small objects across the room. Those were days when Alice had to be the villain. Alice hated being the villain.

For some reason, Doctor Claudia Burkitt seemed to draw those kinds of incidents to her. She seemed to enjoy them, in fact; Alice always felt like Claudia privately reveled in the tension between her and the rest of the staff in Research and Development. She never overtly showed it, though. Alice felt certain that part of the enjoyment to Claudia was the way she never did anything quite wrong enough to prove that she was being difficult on purpose. But whether it was part of some secret head game she was playing with her co-workers, or just the way that she was a spiky, arrogant–Alice vigorously censored the rest of that train of thought, knowing it wouldn’t help her one bit in the coming confrontation–whatever it was, Claudia’s file crossed her desk way too often, and in ways that usually led to unpleasant meetings. Alice always dreaded dealing with Claudia. She suspected the woman hated her, and was punishing her for some imagined offense by making her job difficult. And today was probably going to be the most difficult yet.

“Come in!” Alice heard brightly from inside the office. She opened the door to see Claudia sitting behind her desk with a sweet, cheerful grin on her face, dressed in a stylish floral dress. “Alice! So lovely of you to stop by,” Claudia said, beaming. She gestured to a small jar on the desk. “Care for a lollipop?”

Alice almost did a double-take. It took all her professional composure not to dart back out of the office and check the nameplate to make sure she was talking to the right person. “Um, sure,” she said, her brain functioning on auto-pilot as she pulled a grape sucker from the jar and unwrapped it. “Thank you.” Was this like that ‘Sliding Doors’ movie? Had she accidentally stepped into a parallel universe where Claudia was her best friend or something?

“Please, please, sit down,” Claudia said, waving towards the other chair in the office. “I got your email. You said there was something you wanted to speak to me about?”

Alice had just popped the lollipop into her mouth when Claudia asked the question. Awkwardly, she pulled it back out again. “Um, yes, Doctor Burkitt,” she said. “It’s about your research project.” Alice chose her words carefully. No point in antagonizing Claudia on what seemed to be the happiest day of her life. “Frankly, your supervisor has been having a very difficult time getting any kind of status report out of you. You’ve been spending company money at a fairly alarming rate–according to our books, you’ve already spent the entire year’s budget for your project, and it’s only March.”

Claudia looked contrite. Perhaps a little too contrite, Alice mused; she looked like a bad actress in an employee training film on solving disputes. “Oh, I understand completely,” she said. “I do wish Frank had come to me with these issues, of course, instead of having to involve you, but now that you’re here, let’s go ahead and set your mind at ease.”

Alice looked down at the file she’d brought, suddenly flustered. She pretended she was just sucking on her lollipop again, but she was actually scanning through Doctor Marlen’s reports at a frantic pace. Finally, she took the sucker out and said, “Um…Claudia, according to Frank–um, Doctor Marlen’s reports, he has tried to come to you with these issues. But you’ve been either sequestered in your lab–” Alice tried not to think about the number of confrontations she’d had with Claudia about her obsession with privacy, and her habit of installing additional security systems to keep her bosses from snooping– “or doing work at an off-site facility.” Which was strictly forbidden, too. “And you’ve been…a bit defensive in your emails to him.”

“Well,” Claudia said, smiling wryly, “let’s just say that I haven’t seen much point in explaining the details of my work to Frank. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he’s a wonderful administrator, and it is nice to have a supervisor who can understand the rudimentary concepts behind the projects he’s assisting with…” Alice mentally winced at every single veiled insult, while simultaneously being surprised that the insults were at least veiled this time. “…but he’s a bit limited in some ways. If I were to spend my time boiling down the ideas behind my new breakthrough to the point where he could understand them, I’d never have time to actually work on it.”

Which, once you stripped out the niceties of it, was the same complaint Claudia always had whenever Alice had one of these little meetings with her. ‘Why should I have to justify myself to tiny little minds?’ She’d never actually added the ‘like yours’ at the end, but Alice knew it was always implied. If that was what she thought of Frank, who had a PhD in molecular biology, what could she possibly think of Alice’s MBA?

“I understand your point of view,” Alice said, once again trying to placate the temperamental genius. “But unfortunately, I can’t support it. You’re using company money, company facilities, and company equipment, Claudia. That means that the company has the right to know, and more importantly the right to approve of what it is you’re doing.”

Claudia stood up abruptly. “And they will,” she said, crossing over to the window. “I promise, Alice, soon enough this company will know exactly what I’m doing. And I guarantee, they will approve.” Alice blushed bright red as Claudia stood silhouetted in the bright beam of afternoon sunlight coming into the room; perhaps it was the other woman’s inexperience with dressing in something other than frumpy sweaters and utilitarian slacks, but she’d chosen a dress that was far too sheer for the office. The light passed through it in a way that made her look like she was wearing nothing at all over her underwear.

Alice must have coughed or something in her shock, because Claudia turned away from the window to face her. “Alice? Are you alright? You look flushed.”

“Um, I…” Alice clamped her mouth around her lollipop for a moment to hide her momentary consternation. “Nothing,” she said through clenched teeth. “Just swallowed funny.” She looked down studiously at her notes, more than a little embarrassed on Claudia’s behalf. The poor woman tried to dress nicely for this appointment, and the least Alice could do was not let her know how badly she’d failed. (Well, failed as far as propriety was concerned. There were quite a few men in the office who’d be pleasantly surprised to find out just how shapely Claudia’s body was without all those dowdy clothes in the way.)

She took the sucker back out of her mouth again. Still looking down, she said, “I’m sorry, Claudia, but we can’t operate on promises here. Especially not given your, um…past history with your colleagues.” She blushed even harder, making her face feel hot and tingly. She’d been trying so hard not to bring up all the other incidents in Claudia’s file, hoping that this miraculous stretch of calm politeness would last, but she should have known better.

“Oh, let’s not discuss past history, Alice,” Claudia said, patting her on the shoulder. Alice looked up sharply; she’d been so intent on not looking at Claudia that she hadn’t even noticed her crossing the room. “It’s so unfair, really, to put you in the middle of all this. You’re just doing your job, and Frank always has to come and ask you to arbitrate our little disputes? Honestly, if he was really performing his managerial duties properly, you wouldn’t even have to get involved.”

Alice shifted in her chair uncomfortably, not sure whether it was Claudia’s digs at Frank or her disturbingly extreme closeness making her feel awkward. Possibly both; Claudia acted as though she didn’t even know what personal space was. “Part of my job is arbitrating disputes between employees and management, Claudia, especially ones that seem intractable. I’m well aware of your contributions to this company–” She broke off, mentally kicking herself. Why did she have to phrase the ‘you’re both valued employees’ speech like that, knowing what a sore spot it was for Claudia? She braced herself for the tirade of abuse that was sure to follow.

“Why, thank you, Alice!” Claudia said, filling the sudden conversational gap. “It’s always nice to feel appreciated, especially when it happens so rarely.” She leaned down and gave Alice a brief hug.

Alice froze, unable to respond verbally or physically. The last time she’d mentioned ‘value’ to Claudia, it had caused a five-minute obscenity-filled rant about how she single-handedly saved this company with her research and got nothing but nit-picking complaints about her attitude in return. Now she got a hug?

Claudia looked down at her as she pulled away. “Alice, are you sure you’re alright?” she said. “You really do look a little funny.”

Alice stood up. “Um, I, um, I’m fine,” she said. Her face felt far too hot, now, and she was sure she must be blushing furiously. “I just didn’t expect you to take this so calmly.” She wanted to smack herself the moment the words came out of her mouth. The last thing she wanted was to admit that she expected Claudia to throw a fit. But Claudia’s behavior had left her so off-balance that she couldn’t collect her thoughts properly.

“Well, I do feel a little sheepish about that,” Claudia said, leaning back against her desk. Alice felt another rush of prickly heat against her skin; this close, under the bright light of the fluorescents combined with the sun, Alice could see straight through Claudia’s dress. “I suppose I’ve just been frustrated, you know? It’s a difficult situation, knowing you’re right but not having any power to control events. I’ve taken it out on you, but it’s really just anger over being so powerless.” She took a deep breath, causing her breasts to heave upwards dramatically. Alice never realized just how well-endowed Claudia was under those bulky sweaters.

Alice knew she must be beet red by now; her whole face felt like it was boiling from forehead to chin. “I, um, I mean it’s nice of you to say that,” she stammered, waving her folder back and forth to fan herself, “but it doesn’t really resolve–” She broke off sharply as Claudia took a cherry lollipop from the jar, unwrapped it, and slowly, sensuously ran the tip of her tongue all the way down its side.

“I’m sorry,” Claudia said between licks, “you were saying?” Alice honestly didn’t remember; every inch of her skin felt like it was burning now, and her head swam as she watched Claudia work her tongue over every inch of the sweet surface. It shone and gleamed wetly wherever she licked, and Alice waved her folder back and forth even harder in an effort to cool off her feverish skin.

“Saying, um, yes,” she said at last. What the hell was wrong with her? Why couldn’t she concentrate on anything but the way Claudia…the way Claudia uncrossed her legs, then teasingly crossed them back over each other so that Alice couldn’t help but look all the way up their length to the place they met. The way Claudia’s panties were so light and sheer, just like the way the dress was light and sheer, and Alice could see her dark pubic hair right through the layers of fabric. She could imagine it tangled and matted with the dampness of her arousal and it would…it would taste…

Alice shook her head sharply, blinking her burning eyes again and again. “I was saying, I…I’m sorry, I can’t let you just…” Just stand there, teasing with that body and that tongue and that voice and she felt flushed and hot all over, so hot every time she looked at Claudia and Claudia was so hot every time she looked at Alice, and Alice didn’t know what was going on but she had to get out of here now, before she did something foolish like kiss Claudia, tasting the cherry sweetness in her mouth and feeling those breasts press against her and oh fuck, she couldn’t get it out of her head now, the fantasy making her dizzy and feverish and it was so hard to think, the room was spinning and her head was spinning and she couldn’t find a way out of the thought that–

Alice stood up abruptly. “I have to go,” she said in a tiny voice. She didn’t dare say anything more, not with the heat of her body increasing with every pounding, throbbing beat of her heart. She clutched her folder tightly in her hands as she staggered towards the door.

Behind her, she heard Claudia’s voice, thick with triumph. “Always a pleasure, Alice,” she said. “Come back anytime!”

Alice slammed the door shut behind her without responding, walking as fast as she could away from Claudia’s office. She somehow couldn’t believe she’d managed to get away; somehow, she expected Claudia to have locked the door so she could ravish her…and Alice wasn’t sure which of them would be the ‘she’ and which of them would be the ‘her’ in that sentence. Even now, her body felt like it was burning up with sexual heat, and the corridor seemed to sway in her field of vision as she tried to banish lustful visions of Claudia’s tongue finding her nipples, Claudia’s fingers on her clit.

Frank came around the corner, and she almost stumbled into him. “Hey,” he said, catching her as she lost her balance. “How’d it go with Claudia? I expect she must have been ready to shit bricks when you told her that she had to have all her research materials on my desk Monday or else…” He trailed off, peering at her curiously. “Alice?” he asked. “Are you alright? You don’t look so good.”

Alice felt the heat spiking even higher, the dizziness cresting in wave after wave as her head swam with random, disjointed images of Claudia. “Oh, thank God,” she whimpered, feeling her legs give out from under her. “I thought I was falling in love…”

Then she collapsed to the ground and passed out.


Alice dreamed fever dreams. They blurred the edges between dream and nightmare, each dream reflecting the delirium in her waking mind and the burning, relentless heat in her body. She dreamed of being back in the office with Claudia, and the heat of her skin burning away her clothes so that she stood naked and helpless in front of the other woman. Claudia looked so deliciously cool and refreshed in her sheer dress, but when Alice touched her, she felt so sticky hot and wet and then…

Then the dream melted away into another, one where she was in bed with Claudia. But the laws of perspective seemed to warp and melt in an endless, sickening haze until either Alice had shrunk down to a tiny doll or Claudia had become a giant. She was so much smaller than Claudia, powerless next to the other woman, and she wasn’t sure whether it was erotic or terrifying when Claudia grabbed her and jammed her feet-first into Claudia’s cunt like a dildo. But Claudia’s pussy was so hot, so hot that it felt like it smothered her with burning, aching, feverish heat…

And then it was the two of them in a sauna together, but Alice couldn’t move. Claudia had bound and gagged her, Claudia’s fingers had found her pussy and were teasing her relentlessly. It felt so good, so right, so sexy, but she couldn’t take it anymore, she couldn’t take the heat, and she tried to beg Claudia to stop but it just came out as a muffled gasp of arousal until Claudia frigged her to orgasm and she felt the wave of heat crest and she was burning up, burning up with fever and it wouldn’t stop, the dreams wouldn’t stop, they kept coming the way Claudia kept her coming…

Alice awoke in blessed darkness underneath cool sheets. She shivered uncontrollably despite the feverish heat, her body somehow managing to feel freezing and burning at the same time. She hugged herself underneath the bedding, realizing only then that she was naked. “Wh-where am I?” she asked, stunned at the weakness in her voice.

“In the infirmary,” a woman’s voice responded. “They considered moving you to a hospital, but there are already twenty-five other people down with your symptoms, and more with every passing moment. They’ve decided to quarantine you all for the time being.” The voice sounded achingly familiar. “I technically shouldn’t be here, but I decided to sneak down and take a peek at my handiwork. Just to see how you’re coming along.”

Alice whimpered out, “Claudia?” She tried to sit up, but the room was still spinning nauseatingly. “You…did this to me?”

“I did tell you I’d had a breakthrough,” Claudia replied. “It just wasn’t the one you were paying me to have.” Alice could picture the other woman’s face, and the smug, arrogant smile she’d have on her lips. Her soft, ruby-red lips…

“Don’t…I don’t understand,” Alice said, her voice shaking with effort. She still felt so weak. Just thinking felt exhaustingly difficult. “How…why…?”

“Don’t take this as a shock, Alice,” Claudia responded, “but I’m not exactly surprised you don’t understand what’s going on here. Frank’s got a background in RNA transcription, and even he wouldn’t begin to understand the complexity of the retrovirus I engineered. You wouldn’t stand a hope in hell of picking up anything other than the ‘For Dummies’ version.”

Alice heard Claudia’s chair squeaking as she moved it, and realized that Claudia must be sitting right next to her in the darkness. The understanding sparked another wave of heat up and down her body. “But if you’re asking about the mundane details,” Claudia continued, “the lollipop I gave you actually contained the virus, mixed into the sugar as it crystallized. When you licked it, the sugar dissolved, the virus got loose, and it penetrated the mucous membranes in your mouth to get into your bloodstream. Elegantly simple, if I do say so myself.”

Alice had to admit, it was clever. Cruel, but very clever. “But…why?” she asked, her voice trembling. Not just with exhaustion this time, but with something else, something even Alice couldn’t quite define. Sorrow? Shame? Alice wasn’t sure; she only knew that she felt strangely, indefinably hurt at the thought of Claudia trying to kill her. “I know you don’t like me, but I never thought you’d do…this.”

She felt Claudia’s hand gently stroke her forehead. It felt surprisingly good. “Oh, Alice,” Claudia said, “I told you back at the office. I don’t hate you. I hated the situation I was in. I hated that someone so self-evidently inferior–not bad, you understand, just inferior to me–had power over me. But now all that’s remedied, and I can appreciate you for what you are.” Claudia’s hand moved down to caress Alice’s cheek. “Attractive, well-organized, sexy…”

Alice tried not to feel a warm glow of pride at Claudia’s description of her. “Then why…why the virus? Why did you try to…” She choked back a sob. “…kill us,” she finished in a small voice.

Claudia laughed. “Kill you? Oh, it’s not fatal, dear. The fever, the chills, those are just side-effects. They’ll pass soon enough.”

“Then what…?”

Claudia pressed a finger to her lips. “Shhh, little one,” she said. “Questions aren’t the best use of that pretty tongue of yours.” Alice felt the mattress shift, and realized that Claudia had climbed onto the bed with her. “I’ve got something much better for you to do with your mouth.”

The mattress shifted again, and suddenly Alice felt her face surrounded by the warmth of Claudia’s skin. She felt slick, warm flesh pressing against her mouth, and no sooner did she realize what it was than she began to lap at Claudia’s musky slit with an aching, instant devotion. “That’s right, pet,” Claudia husked out, her voice shivery with lust. “Mmm, been waiting for this for three days now, ever since you left my office.” Alice was stunned to hear how long she’d been out, but she didn’t let it distract her from licking Claudia’s pussy.

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