I knew I got the spa for a reason. I’d just spent a pretty rare afternoon at the pub and came home to see my wife Jean with 2 of her sexy mates reclined comfortably in our new spa. Luckily for them they were all sipping on a couple of glasses of champagne. As I came into view her Friend Stacey saw me first and in her usual outgoing manner told me to get my kit off and jump in with them.

Now they weren’t naked mind you, from what I could tell they were all in bikinis. This was just Stacey’s way of talking and I kind of obliged by grabbing a beer, stripping to my undies and hopping in.

In front of me was my wife and beside me was Stacey and Jean’s other friend Emma. All 3 you would recognise as good looking women and they had the kind of breasts that always made bikinis look a bit small and men look a bit too long.

I realised pretty quickly that they had consumed a fair amount of champers when Stacey being Stacey blurted out

“You know we don’t have any pants on don’t you?”

I didn’t know that, and actually I didn’t quite believe her, telling her so as well. “Steve” she said, “such a non believer, what can we do to convince you?”

Now to me that was pretty obvious. Standing up would have helped but I had a feeling Stacey was playing a game here so thought I’d give her her lead.

“I don’t know Stace, what could you do to convince me?”

“Well, how about Jean comes over and sits on your lap. If she doesn’t have undies on then it’s a fair bet we don’t either, so then you’ll know. Before she starts though you have to take your pants off first!”

The girls were all grinning to each other and I wondered if there had been some pre-planning on their part here. I looked at my wife who just smiled and I proceeded to take off my undies, albeit having to lift them over a pretty erect cock.

Jean came over and facing me squeezed herself right up against me. Even under that hot water and bubbles I could well feel her beautiful pussy pushing itself up against my cock, completely uninhibited by clothing of any sort. We stayed like that a while and I was able to slowly grind myself against her, thoroughly enjoying the feeling.

After a minute or so, Stacey was up to her tricks again. “Time for you to see if Emma has any pants on Stevie Boy!”

Straight away my wife hopped off and resumed her seat. Emma didn’t hesitate either and came straight over, sitting right on top of me and placing pressure straight away on my cock, her beautiful big tits pushing into my chest. This time I’d been had (kind of).

“She has pants on,” I said “you guys are cheating!”

They all laughed. Emma just smiled at me and in a jiffy had whipped her bikini top off. “Sorry Stevie, will this make it up to you?” She smiled as her now naked breasts were pushing against my chest while her clothed pussy pushed itself hard against my large erection.

“Yes it will,” I said, in seventh heaven as I had my wifes beautiful mate practically fucking me in front of the 2 other women. I got a bit game and bent my head down to take one of her big nipples into my mouth giving it a glorious suck as I wondered what it would take for me to cum all over this woman.

“Hey naughty boy?” Stella said, “that isn’t in the rules. Its time you checked if I was clothed now.”

With that Emma released herself from my mouth and sat back beside me grinning. Stella came across and being the stirrer she was turned her back to me as she sat on my lap. As she did this she somehow grabbed my cock with her hand, moving it downwards, and with some pressure on her knees on the seat either side of me had her body in between my cock and my chest.

“Now you are definitely naked,” I said as I felt her pussy lips pushing against me, “you also shave don’t you?”

“Your dead right,” she replied as she stripped her bikini top off to ensure that all of herself was free from clothes. She kept her hand under the water and as we all just sat back relaxing she was pushing my cock up against the lips of her pussy and gyrating slowly.

“You can feel her tits you know Steve,” my awesome wife Jean said, and with that type of permission I put my hands around her to squeeze and play with her lovely breasts. Whilst this happened the ever inventive Stacey pulled her hips up slightly and before I knew it had placed my cock right inside her, allowing herself to lean back against me, full of my cock as I fondled her tits.

I couldn’t quite believe it. Here I was in a spa, with my wife opposite, a mate of hers only in her bikini pants beside me and another smoothly shaven friend secretly fucking me in front of the both of them. It was excruciatingly hot, especially as we couldn’t move too much for fear of giving the game away. Just to heat things up even more I put my hand around Stacey’s waist and found her budding clitoris standing out waiting to be fondled. As I did I immediately knew I had hit a nerve as Stacey tightened up with a real hint of ecstasy.

“Stacey, you’ve gone all red.” Emma said.

“I know Em, steve here has found my clit and I think I’m going to cum,” the ever shy Stacey replied.

“That’s not fair,” Emma said, “what about me?”

In response I saw my wife slip her hand across and with Emma pulling her pants off she started to slowly masturbate her. Emma, in turn started exploring my wife and they both sat back watching us as they enjoyed each others touch.

“Who will be the first to cum?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” Stacey said “but I reckon the winner gets to dictate the next rounds play”

This was like turning on a tap and the girls as if they were competing for some sort of Olympic prize started concentrating entirely on their own orgasmic pleasure.

While Emma and Jean looked pretty happy, I alone knew that with my cock deep in Stacey and having had a good few minutes start, she was the short priced favourite in this sweet race.

My theory was confirmed as Stacey started thrashing around on my cock making the most of its length as I rubbed her beautiful clit with my fingers and squeezed her hard nipples. In less than a minute she yelled out that she was going to cum and as she reached her climax her pussy clamped my cock as hard as I could imagine and she shuddered for what seemed like a full minute on top of me.

Her orgasm seemed to create some momentum as both Jean and Emma started to really react to the touch of each others fingers. They had turned slightly to face each other and were now kissing passionately as their breathing increased and they looked to get each other off.

Finally, Emma could take no more and with a primal scream her body shuddered into the most intense orgasm I had ever witnessed. Jean didn’t let up through the whole orgasm, kissing and touching Emma for over a minute as she lost herself in a wave of orgasms that rendered her completely incapable of returning the favour.

After what seemed like minutes she came down from her high and we all just smiled at her, amazed at how intense her experience had been. Emma obviously felt the same as she told us that she had never experienced anything quite like that. She turned to Jean and thanked her with a big kiss on the lips.

Stacey took charge again telling us that as she was the winner she was now also the boss. I wasn’t sure it had ever been any other way. The action in the spa had allowed Stacey to bounce around nicely on my cock and by now it was pretty obvious that she was riding me.

“Stacey, you horny bitch. You’ve got Steve’s cock inside you haven’t you?” Jean wasn’t angry with this development, she was turned on and hearing that I’d been inside Stacey all this time had her going even more.

“Okay,” Stacey said “Your turn then Jean, and we need to get you off. I say Steve sits on the edge of the spa, you ride him like I am and Emma makes up to you for the joy you gave her.”

Now this was Jeans idea of a good time. Having never been in this position before, Jean and I have often fantasised about her being on top of my cock while another women licked her to orgasm.

Stacey hopped off me and I sat on the edge of the spa. Jean hopped out and raised herself above me slowly lowering herself over my cock. Her pussy was so wet my cock slipped nicely inside her and we enjoyed the feeling as she gyrated slowly on top of me.

Emma, ever keen to please, moved over and wasted no time in taking Jean’s clit inside her mouth, sucking and licking her with real enthusiasm. She only stopped to give my nuts a lick and helped me out by squeezing them with her hand as she licked my wife.

Stacey had meanwhile moved herself out of the pool and came across to me, spreading her legs, a perfect height away for me to find her pussy with my tongue and enjoy the taste of her in my mouth. Being the shy girl she is she assisted me by putting her hands behind my head and pulling my mouth into her pussy really firmly.

Whilst this was happening my wife started moving herself crazily on top of me yelling at Emma to suck her clit harder as she reached her orgasm. Emma did all she could to keep up with Jean’s movements and in response I witnessed the most amazing orgasm my wife has ever achieved.

Similar to Emma my wife’s orgasm was a series of thunderous pleasures as her pussy contracted heavily on my cock. Her whole body shuddered as she absolutely lost control on top of me and I held her steady as her entire body ended up limp in my lap. She’d almost collapsed as Emma looked up smiling, knowing that she had returned the favour in full and then some.

As my wife rolled off me back into the spa Stacey disengaged herself from my tongue thanking me and telling me in no uncertain terms that she would need more of my mouth very soon.

The 3 girls lay back exhausted in the spa and I took the opportunity to fill their glasses again as well as get myself another beer. It was clear that all 3 had experienced something extremely powerful and their bodies were now basking in the afterglow.

I, on the other hand, had thoroughly enjoyed myself but was yet to cum and could feel my still raging hard on trying to tell me something.

Stacey, god love her, hadn’t forgotten about me and as she gripped one hand around my cock it was her suggestion that the next stage should be all about me and my pleasure. I think her exact words were “Now, how would you like to get off Steve?”

It’s not like I had previously ever considered what I would do in a situation like this but my wife and I have a very active sexual imagination and had discussed during our lovemaking, possibilities like this before. The scenario that always had us both rocking was one where I was on my back with a pussy on my mouth, a women facing me and riding my cock with my wife drilling her ass from behind with her favourite strap on. We’d cum many times talking this one out and as soon as I told my wife to get the strap on, she knew exactly where I was headed.

“Strap on?” Stacey obviously hadn’t considered this one. I hopped out of the spa and laid some chair mattresses on the ground motioning for Stacey to hop on top of me while we waited for Jean. She did immediately and before I knew it was riding my cock beautifully while I squeezed her breasts. I told Emma not to waste her time and that I wanted to taste her so she squatted over me and lowered her beautiful pussy onto my waiting mouth.

While we were enjoying this wonderful threesome, Jean had quietly returned and with her favourite custom made lubricated strap on around her waist (designed specially to stimulate her clit) made herself known to Stacey and her sweet ass.

“Hang on,” Stacey said, “I’ve never done that before.”

I was amazed. I would have been sure that some bloke had poked Stacey hard up the ass before but apparently we had ourselves an anal virgin. Jean being the not so aggressive aggressor pacified Stacey telling her to relax, she would take it easy on her.

Stacey to her credit did so and Jean slowly filled her ass with one of her favourite toys. After she was right into Stacey, Stacey was able to once again start moving slowly on top of me whilst Jean moved her hips in time with Stacey, letting her dictate the pace.

Emma meanwhile seemed to get jolted into action by the view and started telling us how fucking beautiful it looked from up there. She was getting off big time on seeing Stacey double teamed and she let us know in no uncertain terms. The whole thing was having a big impact on her and I continued sucking her clit into my mouth while the rest of her pussy seemed to be fucking my chin. I could feel her love organ increase in size as she once again succumbed to an amazing jolting orgasm causing her pussy to squirt love juice all over my mouth and face. As she slowly came down she moved off me kissing and tasting herself on my mouth.

Stacey seemed to take the opportunity to renew the focus on herself and started moving faster on top of me. Jean took it as a sign and began really fucking Stacey’s ass while Stacey grunted with pleasure.

The harder Jean fucked the better the feeling on her clit and I knew she wanted to really drill into Stacey. As the pace increased Stacey seemed to really start loving it and even began telling Jean to fuck her harder. Emma had meanwhile made herself useful and got behind Jean doing her best to rim her ass while somehow finding mine as well inserting a well lubricated finger right inside me.

The overall effect had the 4 of us virtually ripping into each other as we rode each other to the roughest of possible orgasms in the best of possible ways.

I was finally at breaking point and yelled that I was cumming with Stacey screaming at me to cum inside her and Emma enticing my orgasm with her exploratory finger. My orgasm came with an absolute animal grunt as I drove my cock deep and hard into Stacey’s pussy giving her all of my cum in 3 massive jolts. The 3rd jolt seemed to set both Jean and Stacey off as they both screamed they were cumming and did so driving their bodies on top of me and each other. It was the hardest possible fuck and it ended as the hardest, most incredible orgasm I had ever had.

It seemed to take more than 5 minutes before any one of us was able to move, let alone talk, and as Emma, then Jean, then Stacey disengaged themselves, we all lay there in exhausted bliss.

It was only Stacey who had the energy to state the obvious, “We should do this again sometime!”

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