construction worker

Some readers already know about my wife. She is hot and sexy and we love to live out fantasies. She is normally a very proper Southern lady and very professional. However, she can also be a bit slutty and she always tells me about her adventures. This is one of them.

You are in Washington, DC for three days of meetings. You were already horny when you went to Washington but on this morning you woke up in great need. After stirring around, brushing your teeth and having a Coke Zero to get the day started, you dig into your suitcase and find some “toys” you brought along to satisfy your needs.

It is a cool morning with sun streaming in your first floor hotel room. The French doors open onto a small terrace giving you a good view of the pool and some construction work on a brick wall surrounding the pool. As you open the sheer curtains and then the doors you are struck by the appearance of a tall, lean, blonde construction worker who is walking past your room. He does not notice you but you check him out from head to toe.

He is tall, maybe 6’2″ tall and wiry….lean and fit. He has surfer boy blonde hair worn long….touching the collar of his shirt. He has his sleeves pushed up revealing tan skin from working outside all day and muscular arms from the gym or from his work. He moves with the grace of an athlete and you are intrigued. Viewing him from your room only serves to exacerbate your deep carnal needs.

You are wearing a short, white negligee and lay down on the bed, toys nearby along with a bottle of water. You leave the doors open with the sheer curtains parted in the middle giving you a view of the workers and the pool area.

You begin by rubbing your clitoris lightly and as you close your eyes your mind wanders to me, past lovers, hard cocks and the growing wetness between your legs. It takes only moments before you have your first glorious climax. You spread your legs wider and dip your finger into your wetness.

You hear the voices of the workers but with your eyes closed you have no idea if they can see you. In fact, you hope they do. You don’t mind putting on a show and the thought of someone or a few men watching you bring yourself to orgasm after orgasm thrills you even more.

Before you know it you are close to another climax and you dig your fingers into your wet vagina. You cum with a loud groan and your body shudders and trembles with the release. You are unaware that the hunky blonde construction worker is watching silently outside your doors. He heard the noise as he was walking by to get some water and peeked in through the doors and curtains.

Watching you with fingers inserted stopped him dead in his tracks as he waited silently for you to reach that magic moment. He moves closer to the doors to get a better look. He cannot believe what he is seeing and he is mesmerized by your body and the actions on the bed.

You slowly open your eyes, aware that someone is watching. You see him looking in boldly making no attempt to hide his actions. You raise your head slightly and smile sexily. As you pull your fingers out of your sopping pussy, you move them to your mouth and lick them slowly. He continues his stare, smiling and moving closer.

You crook your finger and motion for him to come closer……or is to come in? He moves to the doors, tentative and not wanting to trespass if he is not really invited. You spread your legs wider giving him full view of your wetness and motion again with your fingers. Come in, come on.

He moves silently and quickly to the bed dropping his tool belt and shirt as he moves to you. The sight of his tanned body, muscular torso and blonde hairs on his chest excite you beyond measure. He does not speak but drops to his knees and grabs your ankles, gently at first and then moves you to the edge of the bed.

He kneels beside the bed and spreads your legs as wide as they will go. You pull the negligee over your head fully exposing your beautiful breasts. You are naked and give in to the moment. He stares at your pussy and then moves his tongue to your sex. He laps slowly from your anus to your clitoris and then reverses the motion. He uses his tongue in a flat, lapping motion up and the down, lingering on your anus. This stimulates you beyond belief.

He finally begins to nibble on your clit and it takes you only seconds to cum loud and long on his mouth. He slows, allowing you to recover slightly but then he quickly inserts his long tongue into your vagina. He begins tongue fucking you slowly at first and then with an urgency. You return his motions by rotating your hips and pushing up onto his mouth so that he obtains maximum tongue penetration. He plunges his tongue deep into your sex and you reward him with a gushing climax. Your juices spray his mouth, lips and face and runs down your legs to your ass.

He moves back slightly and admires the view. Your eyes are still closed as you come down from the enormous orgasm. You are aware that he is standing up. You hear the zipper on his trousers and cannot help but open your eyes to see what gifts he has brought you.

He drops his work pants revealing red bikini briefs. They look so sexy on his tan, muscular legs. The blonde hairs on his chest and legs makes you think of a California surfer. His blue eyes burn a hole in your body as he stares hungrily down at you. Your eyes move from his briefs to his eyes and you lock on to his gaze. You lick your lips never saying a word.

He slowly lowers the briefs but you already know there is a wonderful prize under the fabric because you can see the large bulge pushing the fabric obscenely. You cannot wait to see it. Finally he lowers the briefs and an enormous cock pops out of them. It is thick with veins bulging on either side. The head is large and shaped like a helmet. His pubic hair matches his blonde scalp hair and you cannot wait to feel him close.

He is now completely naked and his body is gorgeous. You look him up and down and smile waiting to see what he does next. He leans down and picks up your legs and moves them back to the bed. He climbs onto the bed beside you and kisses you deeply. You taste your climax on his lips and it is delicious, spurring you on to want more and more.

As he kisses you deeply you reach for his cock and cannot believe its girth and hardness. It is velvety to the touch but hard as steel. You rub its entire length loving the feeling of hardness in your hand. You move up and down and continue to kiss him deeply.

He rolls on top of you and you feel the hardness pressing into your thigh. He spreads your legs and moves lower, his cock pressing against your outer lips. You spread wider, wanting him inside you now. You reach down and spread your pussy lips for him. He grabs his cock and guides it straight between your fingers and waiting vagina. He pushes in slowly and the feeling of his large and engorged cock is more than you can stand. He pushes in about 2 inches causing you to cum out loud and gush wetness onto his cock.

He takes this cue and pushes in deeply plunging all 9 inches deep into your vaginal cavity. The feeling is heavenly. You grab his shoulders and pull him to you so you can kiss him again. He pulls his cock back slightly and then plunges in even deeper as his tongue finds your waiting mouth.

You raise your legs into the air wanting him deep inside you. He moves back slightly and puts your legs on his shoulders. He pushes back and your legs are almost over your head allowing him to drive deeply into your vagina. You love the feeling and soon the pace quickens as you begin fucking each other with a sense of urgency. He pounds you in and out and in and out with your legs splayed wide. You return the urgency cuming once, twice, three times more. Each climax seems more intense than the previous one. Each time you cum you hope that his release is near but yet he keeps pounding and it is you who keeps on cuming over and over. Finally, he slows and you know he has not cum. He gently rolls you over onto your knees and you eagerly await his next plunge into you.

You raise your ass high in the air giving him unfettered access and an enormously sexy view. He admires your ass and moves his fingers to your anus. He pushes very gently with his fingers already wet with his own saliva. He pushes first one then two fingers into your ass and you push back.

Soon he moves up and you are expecting his cock in your ass. You are somewhat disappointed when he enters your vagina with a hard plunge pushing all the way to his balls. It feels heavenly and you push back hard. He strokes you slowly in and out, in and out and you are near another climax. Soon you are both rewarded with a deep, wet climax. You gush onto his cock dripping down your legs.

Slowly he withdraws and you realize what he was doing. He wanted you to cum on his cock again so it would be good and wet for the anal penetration. You push your ass higher in the air, knowing what is coming next. You feel the large cockhead pushing against your outer ring and you push against him to help. He pushes slowly but steadily and soon the helmet shaped head pops into your anal cavity. It feels heavenly in your aroused state. He pushes slowly but surely until it is all the way in. You can feel his hairy balls against your ass. He is deep inside you.

He slowly moves back and you want him to stay deep inside. You are rewarded with his next thrust as he plunges all the way in again, and then slowly back out. Soon the pace quickens and you feel another climax coming. You know these are different than the vaginal or clitoral climaxes and you anticipate the feeling. You are so horny and push against him urgently. You quicken the pace wanting to feel it all, feel it deep inside you and most important, you want to cum on that cock.

Soon you explode with a deep guttural yelp and the climax comes from deep, deep inside you. It grows as you climax and it continues for what seems like minutes. You push back as he pushes into you and the climax lasts for an eternity. It feels soooo good. As you return to the moment coming down from the high of the climax you are aware that he has not climaxed yet.

Although not a word has been spoken between you to this point, you look back over your shoulder and say, “What about you? How do you want to cum?” He smiles and looks down at you telling you he wants to cum in your ass. You ask him to be gentle but please cum in you now.

He moves again, slowly at first and then faster. His cock seems to grow in length and width. It feels huge in your ass. You suddenly realize that you feel another climax building and cannot believe it after the enormous and gut-wrenching climax you just had. But it builds deep inside you and you hope you can cum before he does. You need another one.

His pace quickens and he is pounding into you with a fury. You push back with an equal momentum and you are both sweating, needy, driving to that moment of mutual pleasure. He says he is close and you reply that you are too. Lets cum together. You can tell he is close and you cum first, loudly, screaming with pleasure and release. Soon he begins with a deep growl, like a giant animal cuming for pure release and pleasure. He gushes deep inside you and you can feel the hot cum pouring into your bowels. It feels wonderful. Over and over he spurts into you and you feel every drop. It adds to the wonderful feeling of your post climax relaxation.

He slowly pulls out of you and rolls you over. He lays down beside you and kisses you deeply. You reach down to grab his cock and to your amazement, it is still rock hard. You grab its girth and slowly begin to stroke it. He remains hard and if it is possible, he seems to grow in your hand. You ask him to bring a warm wash cloth so you can clean his cock and he does so willingly.

He cleans his growing cock with the wash cloth. He then slowly moves your head to his cock and you get the chance to see it up close for the first time. It is beautiful and you love the feel of it. You like the blonde pubic hair and twirl your fingers in it as you move your lips to his cock. How can he still be hard?

Your lips move down the shaft and you cannot believe how good that giant cock feels between your lips. It is thick and long and wonderful. You move up and down, slowly at first and then eagerly wanting to see if he can cum again. After all the climaxes you have had, you certainly want to return the favor as often as he can stand it.

His fingers are in your hair and you move up and down as your hand grips his cock and follows your wet lips up and down, up and down. Soon his cock seems to grow in your mouth and in your hand. You quicken the pace sensing that he is close. You want him to cum in your mouth and you suck harder.

Soon you are rewarded with an enormous climax. You cannot believe it because he just came hard and long in your ass. As he explodes you savor the salty taste and swallow the enormous load in one, two and then three mouthfuls. It tastes heavenly.

You move back up to his chest enjoying the view. You don’t even know his name and you don’t care. You move up to kiss him and he returns the kiss deeply. As he rolls over to look at the clock you are both surprised to learn that over an hour has passed. He tells you he is sorry but he must return to work.

As he kisses you once more and climbs out of bed to retrieve his clothes, you hear laughing and clapping. The entire work crew is outside your French doors laughing and applauding the performance. You smile but are somewhat disappointed that you did not know they were there.

Once he is dressed and you have your negligee back on you stand to kiss him and he pats you lovingly on the ass. “Do you come here often?”

You smile and say, “Not likely I will ever be here again. But thanks for everything. You were wonderful.”

He says, “By the way, I did not even get your name.”

You smile and say, “Don’t worry about my name. Just remember the moment. It was wonderful. Thanks.”

He strolls out to the patio and looks back and smiles over his shoulder. He cannot believe what has just happened and as you close the doors and the curtains you smile, wave and blow him a kiss. A hot shower is going to feel really good. And you can’t wait to tell me the story of how the fantasy of the construction worker has finally come true. Delicious!! And you don’t even have to send a thank you note since you do not know his name.

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